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File: fb4101b7d2a8f8b⋯.jpg (180.63 KB, 428x640, 107:160, 4634225981_f0512b20ee_z.jpg)


So it's been 8 years since I graduated elementary school, and yet I still have dreams about that time.

I was around so many interesting kids back then, and I was the least athletic and artistic of them all. Needless to say they thought I was the lamest and I was bullied. Nowadays when I look at their facebook profiles and photos and compare their lives at the time of the photos and my own life at the same time one thought comes into my mind: what the fuck did I do during my adolescence?

I of course know the answer: play vidya and be alone. Make no mistake, the bullying stopped after 2 years since I left elementary (so 6 years ago) and I've been well-adjusted ever since. Life has been easy and pleasant and not at all demanding.

Literally all my wishes when I was 14 were granted: my commute to school has never been more than 20 minutes in low traffic, lived in good places, well respected and not bothered by anyone, money is more than enough, got into a good university.

Yet at the core I'm still that kid from elementary school: no creative ability whatsoever, absolutely zero friends (Can't even remember the last time I hung out socially), stay inside all day


File: bd70710ea587973⋯.jpg (83.22 KB, 698x400, 349:200, maslow.jpg)



Days go by like minutes: I awake then I go to sleep. I have no obligations except to study, eat, sleep, defecate and breathe. I think many of us here are at most, at level 2 of the maslow pyramid.

My life feels so empty and selfish. What's the point if I just study and play vidya? Is this how the rest of my life is going to be like? Mild obligations with decent comfort but absolutely devoid of meaning? When I'm 30 will I get home from work and just play vidya and eat at restaurants alone at weekends? Will I still get 3 phone calls per week and all of those would be from my mother????

Things have gotten worse as my life continues in this mundane and easy trajectory: I now regularly have dreams regarding my loneliness, lack of friends, my last year of elementary. When I drive alone in my car this subject always comes to mind, ALWAYS. Everything feels hollow and pointless because I have no one to share it with or to talk about my life with IRL. I feel so insignificant and alone, and everything in my life is so pointless.

When I was being bullied, when my life was hard I dreamed of living like this. But when I wished all those wishes in my heart, for a car, for a decent allowance, for people to just leave me the fuck alone, for health, I forgot to wish for one extremely important thing:

To not be lonely.

Sorry for the tl;dr, feel free to call me ungrateful or incoherent.


I too have zero friends and live indoors, and constantly dream about being a kid back in school, a time when I still had friends. Unfortunately I can't drive, I'm not in education/employment, and I'm certainly not well-adjusted, so you can at least keep in mind you've got those things going for you.


I can only say, at your age I halso had thoughts of "what the hell have I done during my teenage?". I was obsessed with the idea of having wasted lots of time and opportunities.

But a couple years later it all went away. Believe me, it will for you too, so you could as well giving up that unproductive thought right now.


I still dream about elementary school too, specifically 6-8th grade. I think it's because It was an incredibly traumatic time for me, I was bullied severely and constantly, it felt as though everyone hated me. So when I dream about it, it's always along there's lines. It feels as though there's a constant air of hostility and malice emanating from those around me and I feel scared.

Then again, I also still dream about high school as well. A more likely reason is because I'm a shut in who hasn't done anything at all in life since graduating several years ago. With no new memories to replace the old ones, my mind is drawing on all it knows.


You aren't ungrateful or incoherent anon. Just because there are starving kids in Africa doesn't mean that your feelings and experiences aren't valid. A life devoid of meaning is a hard life to live.

File: a56fd911c606149⋯.png (17.43 KB, 509x619, 509:619, 8e8.png)


>That feel when no GF

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File: 7d0e50960c1bef0⋯.png (418.65 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1447306155635.png)



Gross. I did not need to see that. If you're into robots, at least make them attractive.



You chose to click on the spoiler :^)


I just managed to get over my feel of no gf but then I had a dream last night in which I had a gf all I remember is lightly kissing her and saying goodnight while she was at work (my dreams have weird consistency) and we were both seemingly happy with each other, and she was a cute petite blond chick too. Even my subconscious hates me, fucking hell.

File: 84e1f9b11a33449⋯.jpg (86.14 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 70867277.jpg)


I've always strived to be the type of person I wanted to see in the world. I go out of my way to help people when they NEED it because, it has to be done, I don't do it for any personal gain, I dont even get a good feeling from it. A week ago missed the only social event I've had a chance to go to in a very long time, because some illegals decided to run a redlight and t-bone a car a few hundred feet in front of me. Everyone slows and drives around them, as the illegals run off across a field. I was 150 yards from this wreck and when I get there no one was helping. Dozens of people witnessed this crash and of them, a few people were pulled over on their phones. I can see the driver feebly trying to get his door open with blood streaming down his face and no one is helping him. With little thought I pull over, pull out my first aid kit and run through the rain to help this guy, and he is pretty fucked up, bleeding alot from several large gashes in his head, he can't even answer me when I ask him if he's ok, just claws at the door latch. I pry the door open and he immediately grabs my arm with a blood covered hand. Great. By the time the ambulance gets there I've calmed the guy down, I've patched him up pretty well, his bleeding has mostly stopped and I prevented him from getting up and stumbling into traffic, he even manages to tell me his name. When the medics finally roll him away I look like a civil war doctor, soaked by rain and covered in blood. Talking to the cops takes a while, and by the time I get home and take a shower, I notice the party will be over by the time I get there. Fuck me.

Now I even feel like an asshole for bringing this up to anyone, I really helped this guy, what does it compare to a party. But I really needed that party, my life has been shit recently, I live out in the sticks and have very few chances to meet people, and like most people on here I'm depressed, lonely, single, and have little direction in life. This party would of ment alot to me. I find myself wishing I had been like everyone else, and just driven by. I could of told everyone at the party about the crash I saw on the way here. But no, I had to be a decent fucking person and help someone else in need.

This is just the most recent event like this, now I'm not going around and looking for problems to fix or let people take advantage of me. I'm not a white knight in the least. It jPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Not everyone can be strong all the time. Sometimes you need someone else and that's pretty normal.



The people that everyone looks up to and rely on all the time can end up being some of the loneliest people. They have no one to fall back on themselves and don't want to lose the respect of the people who already hold them so highly.


File: 3907850f8066833⋯.webm (1.91 MB, 580x300, 29:15, jazzy feels.webm)


>The people that everyone looks up to and rely on all the time can end up being some of the loneliest people. They have no one to fall back on themselves and don't want to lose the respect of the people who already hold them so highly.

Thanks for reminding me.


No. You will hate yourself tenfold because you know better. The normalfags will never see it, that's how they function. If breathing wasn't automated I am sure they would die of suffication. I am fighting that feeling 24/7 and you will never forgive yourself if you slip. It will be one of those memories that jerk you awake before falling asleep.



Honestly I think that's pretty badass, dude.

You should find a place to hang out or be social more often than parties if you crave human contact.

Also don't drink if you're depressed, bro.

File: 8d0b63aff5564c0⋯.jpg (53.48 KB, 768x767, 768:767, Rapist.jpg)


Is there any advice that couple be given on extreme safety and precautions that could be taken against this sick fuck, online and in person? We fear he may come after my friend, or some of the other boys and girls who have come out against him. Anything and everything is appreciated.

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File: 89a82b1a863936f⋯.jpg (264.47 KB, 1300x956, 325:239, IMG_0844.jpg)


Get a gun, cap his ass if he so much as looks at you wrong.

sw shield's are a great choice right now.


Find scary friends. I happen to be several peoples scary friend, I've prevented many problems before they turn into problems.

I told that advise to someone in person, they thought I was a hitman. I'm not, I've never even touched anyone, I just have an intimidating personality.


File: e81aa7df9643098⋯.jpeg (61.93 KB, 540x706, 270:353, 6177efe71f7c8ac6c0d7f67e1….jpeg)

I advise that you, and anyone you care about, arm yourselves. In the event that this lowlife strikes, there is a 10-15 minute delay for the police to get to your area. Get a gun and sleep with it close. I have seen too many people get hurt because the law could not get to them in time. Since I live in Canada, it is illegal to defend myself, but I'll still kill anyone who intends to harm myself or anyone I care about and I advise you do the same.


>tfw I let a drug dealer rule three families because of my depression and inability to stop him

Don't let anything stop you from doing the right thing OP. Don't fall into the same trap I am in.

File: 5b2b51a04b485dd⋯.gif (432.46 KB, 500x394, 250:197, agitation intensifies.gif)


>work at sams club overnight

>extremely understaffed

>part-time but given full-time hours with no benefits or extra paid time off

>forklift driver that gets away with doing absolutely nothing but making the stockers job a living hell, then disappearing from sight for the rest of the night

>physically and mentally exhausted after just a couple days into the week

>dont want to quit cause the pay is actually decent compared to everywhere else (10.72/hr)

what the fuck do i DO about this shit


I'd throw that forklift driver under the bus figure of speech. Try to get an audio and/or idea recording of him not doing his job and reporting the evidence to your supervisor. Even better would be obtaining a forklift license and taking HIS job. Can't play fair with these people.



I assumed OP was the forklift driver.


Welcome to Sam walton's family. You missed the boat. Walton died and his kike friendly kids began treating employees like goyim. Tell your boss that Sam didn't die for this. That line cuts deep the older they are.

t. Ex Walmart employee that learned too much

File: 6eee19aca321710⋯.png (406.15 KB, 500x422, 250:211, 8801c23961eb1f96c0ea6b1eea….png)


Anyone have any advice for starting up relationships/first dates?

A few days ago I asked out a girl, and she said yes. Originally we planned on going on a date last weekend, but due to some complications on her end we couldn't manage it. We're planning on going out next weekend, but in the meantime I'm still getting to know her and having some brief conversations with her. Any advice on getting to know girls when initially dating them? We're still pretty much strangers.

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Great advice.


You're in the early stage. Just keep your spaghetti in your pockets and you'll be fine. Find some way to casually chat about little things. I got my girl when Miitomo launched. I knew it was sleazy Nintendo datamining, but some female friends were playing with it one weekend, she was too, she was hanging out with them, so that was my in. I commented whenever she'd coincidentally give a similar answer to a question, or answered in a way I was considering, I made small talk whenever I could irl, and before we knew it, we both knew each other extremely well on a superficial level. By the time I finally took her on a date, she was ready to marry me, never had been with another man in her life. Around 3 months in I started showing special interest in her personal life beyond "what's the future look like", and started trusting her with my personal baggage, one little thing at a time only when she asked, with each bit chained to the last for easy acceptance. The point I'm at now, we both know all each other's hopes, dreams, flaws, and insecurities, all from questions we've initiated ourselves, out of our own interest, and she still wants to marry me after just shy of a year. Good luck m80



Why the emphasis on marriage? It's a trap m8




only if you pick a degenerate/are genuinely an inexcusable fucknut

File: bb0d0e13fd607ab⋯.png (2.21 MB, 1132x1200, 283:300, 47861357196571.png)


This thread is for discussing what the meaning of life is, and related subjects.

I saw something which said there are only three main ways to deal with how life is:


>Religion, or something similar

>Embracing the absurdity of life

I'd like to know what you all think as well. Do you have existential thoughts commonly, or are you depressed? How do you deal with life, if you do at all?

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>meaning of life

I have had one recently, "to crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women." I understand if most can't relate but it's something that gets me out of bed.


I'm…experimenting with the radical side and I'm not sure how to feel about it. Still somewhat of a collected/reclusive person,

And nothing short of some paradigm shift could change that, but I'm slowly coming to terms with it. If only others could do the same.



The first redpill I had was when I was 10 years old: life is meaningless, there is no god or devil and we are abandoned at our luck. The second redpill was religions were invented to give life a meaning and guide people, I understand and respect that, it's a necessary evil. I respect suicide too, I saw my loved ones die of cancer or become crazy, nobody should suffer in body and mind for so long.



> The second redpill was religions were invented to give life a meaning and guide people, I understand and respect that, it's a necessary evil.

Vid related; you're right on the money.



File: caa33508908c5c3⋯.jpg (63.05 KB, 700x325, 28:13, universe.jpg)

I believe we have to find our own purposes in life. However, my problem is that I can't seem to find mine, and it's causing me to become lazy. I just can't seem to push myself to work without a purpose. I've even begun to consider suicide for the first time in years, but I'm kept alive by my goal to "go out with a bang." I'm still young (19), so my hopes to leave some kind of legacy behind when I die aren't too in vain, but I've found myself unmotivated right now. I want to join the military, but that isn't really for any purpose other than my stupid idea that joining will somehow "light a spark" in me and I'll find something actually worth fighting for. It's either that or I die trying. I have to wait to enlist though because of my family, so I'm kind of in a depression right now. The only thing that really distracts me from the depression is this girl that's two years younger than me that I like, but she's my only friend, and if I rejected I know I wouldn't be able to handle just being friends. So, I'll probably end up alone and depressed soon. I'll most likely never find a purpose worth fighting for considering the relatively peaceful times we live in, and I'll end up committing suicide. I feel like a prisoner of my time. It might sound bad, but I find peace such a bore. Makes me want to start a war.


>meaning of life

There's nothing that could even qualify as a "meaning" except a higher power. We know that our universe will crash with no survivors; there's nothing in it or about it that could qualify as meaningful.

The fact that anything exists at all is a good omen though, and that something as interesting as sapient shitposters when basically all possible universes are dead/black hole/preliminary heat death worlds. We're lucky; enjoy it.

File: 76cfac2c77db880⋯.jpg (32.86 KB, 480x516, 40:43, FB_IMG_1489372507576.jpg)


my first bf broke up with me 5 months ago and deep down I still miss him despite the relationship being really tumultuous and maybe borderline toxic. I have a crush on a guy right now but I'm scared to talk to him. I don't want to ruin everything like I always do. I'm scared of what happened last time to happen again, and I'm scared of being seen as a slut because I still miss the connection I had with my ex. How do I move on? And should I? Sorry if I'm rambling, I just don't know what to do.



Well, you can either go for this new guy, or not. It's up to you, but I'll tell you now that avoiding your fears usually just makes the fear stronger and more difficult to overcome.

File: f3def60fac2dd46⋯.jpg (51.65 KB, 512x337, 512:337, 1356493946197.jpg)


I haven't had real human interaction with other people my age for 3 or 4 years now. I never had strong friendships. I never had a girlfriend. I don't get along with my family whatsoever. I suffer with bad depression and anxiety. I can barely look people in the eye. I have no real skills that can land me a job right now. I can't handle college education. I'd have an anxiety attack in no time. Everyday I think about killing myself or running away from home. But I don't have a car or enough money to travel far. I don't know what to do with myself anymore. I wish I could just run away with a nice girl and start over completely.

8 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Find the right one. Sometimes they need to be more case-based rather than maintenance drugs. Do your research and try to go into the psychiatry appointment with an open mind. Maybe SSRIs don't work well for you, but there are plenty of types of medications.



Welp, I know every single one of those feels OP, except my "no interaction with my age group period" is now at 9 years. I'm 25 though, I'm basically just what you will end up as if you don't try to turn things around within the next 7 years (albeit I have been working on turning things around for the last 2 years, it's just a lot harder at this age and my progress has been slow).


Yeah I avoid meds too, they are mostly bullshit in my experience. They do far more harm than good, if they even do any good at all. I don't think psychiatrists really know what they're handing out, it's just written in their books so they're blindly following it, at least that's the impression I got from my own psychiatrists.



Psych meds are tricky. Sometimes it takes a long time to find the right one for your neural chemistry. Just be patient anon and keep going to a psychiatrist. Express that your meds aren't working, and if the psychiatrist is resistant to put you on another regimen then dump them and move onto the next psychiatrist.



I don't really have any intention of getting back on meds. I don't believe I've got some sort of fucked up brain chemistry, rather that a long history of inexperience, avoidance, bad habits, and various environmental factors are the reason why I am where I am today. I believe depression and anxiety are the natural responses to situations like I (and I assume OP) are in, and I think external improvements (going outside, being around nature, exposure to social situations, making friends, romantic relationships, having a decent job, good hobbies, having independence, etc) are the best way of bringing about internal improvements (positivity, confidence, mental stability, willpower, etc).

Anti-depression/anxiety meds often just kill any motivating factors to improve yourself, as you become content or indifferent to the problems in your life. Sure, they might numb the depression and anxiety while you're on them until you inevitably build up a tolerance, but they also numb the positive thoughts and feelings, and they don't fix any of the underlying causes, the sources of our problems. So for me, the horrifyingly sober route with no chemical influences is the one I have chosen to follow.



As a 23 year old who was in your position at your age it's paramount you get ahead of this without wasting any time because the more and more behind your peers you get the more and more impossible your situation will feel to escape from. That and the mental health problems (in my case, degraded social skills, difficulty with focus and memory) that come from extended periods of isolation are not something you want to have to deal with and they'll make it even harder for you to escape your situation.

It used to be I could pass for normal, and it was just my awkward and uncomfortable behaviour that made me stand out. Now just the way I look has me catching stares in public and I can barely hold a conversation anymore.

File: 49d46ee00fb76a3⋯.jpg (38.79 KB, 327x669, 109:223, 49d46ee00fb76a33005fc2ba67….jpg)


i fucked a girl raw and theres a chance i might have a disease.

8 posts omitted. Click reply to view.




Use condoms in the meanwhile.



This. Don't get scammed.

If you have HIV, you're probably a faggot and it's best that you take poor medical advice, ignore the doctor and just die you worthless piece of human shit.


I may have one and I'm a virgin (dick touched toilet rim whist taking a dump in a high STD area). Whenever I piss, I keep dripping for a good few minutes after I'm done. Pls halp.



Thats not the drips, you sperg. Its if your dick leaks when you arent pissing AND if it burns. Most likely you just have UTI. Rare in dudes but common in chicks.

Wash your cock and drink a large bottle of 100% cranberry juice. Be good in like two days.


a man is more likely to infect a woman than the other way around

File: 58084e3cb47a252⋯.jpg (20.13 KB, 600x600, 1:1, jelqing your fuckstick.jpg)


I don't want to be one of those people who's stuck with a porn addiction and erectile dysfunction in my mid-20s, I'm finding it harder and harder to stave off the urge to pop open a tab of porn and further poison my brain.

I've looked into the NoFap movement, but I feel like I can do something better.

I know there must be some way to improve erection quality through some kind of massage or stretch like jelqing, but I hear some people destroy their dicks doing that crap. I need advice, lads.

4 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



>basically fapping isn't bad (in fact it is unhealthy to avoid natural sex urge), but over ejaculation is, so you strive to masturbate without ejaculation (edging)

Bullshit. What you strive for is to not let your penis control you, so you can think with a clear mind.



>virgin-boy training

Sounds kinda gay tbh



No kidding lol. Kinda interesting though.



Recognize that porn is mental heroin and will kill your sex drive.

Move your computer from your room or basement to a high traffic area in the home. If you are in college, only use your computer in public places or if your roommate is around.

Install pornblocker software if need be and give a teusted friend the pass to lock your pc as necessary.

If you have a smart phone, downgrade it to something terrible for surfing, like flip phones.

Talk to a mature person in your life about your struggles. Sometimes talking it out helps a lot.

Pursue real goals during the time you'd be masturbating like exercise, hanging out with friends at places not online or developing a new skill or hobby.


Don't collect porn, its a trap>>1760


File: dafd6b474951ac5⋯.jpg (85.9 KB, 550x412, 275:206, paranoidandroid0.jpg)

File: 9b63248c50b1a97⋯.jpg (73.89 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, paranoidandroid1.jpg)

File: 97700e38615016a⋯.jpg (17 KB, 480x360, 4:3, paranoidandroid2.jpg)

File: c6b375bdba3161e⋯.jpg (6.8 KB, 480x360, 4:3, paranoidandroid3.jpg)

File: acedfe31e8212bc⋯.jpg (10.3 KB, 480x360, 4:3, paranoidandroid4.jpg)


>Was a nice day, so I went out

>Talked to someone I might see this week before going out. I don't know if it'll work, but whatever. It's not the first time a potential date flopped on me.

>Went for lunch, and said, "fuck it, I'll check out a strip club for some entertainment and a lap dance."

>Go to the club; seems promising after seeing a hot tattooed chick I wanted a lap dance from performed when I walk in.

>Never got the lap dance from said dancer because she only went to horny/lonely old fucks

>Rest of the dancers sucked

>Spent more time talking to a guy about clubs and March Madness than stare at the shitty dancers. We're amazed how a conversation happened at a strip club.

>Also talked to another guy next to me about the place in general.

>Only one dancer tried to get a dance from me, but she wasn't doing a good job enticing me, so I said no (She just wanted to make a quick $20 before she clocked out, and she sounded like a dying Kermit the Frog trying to be sexy). She goes to another lonely old fuck (She was 20-something by the way).

>I left in disappointment.

>On my way home, guild member from a game I play brings up how a Rapefugee creeped up on her in a park in Austria (I'm in the States).

>I'm reminded how the world is shit, my life is shit, and I still have depression (I've been working on trying to live a quiet, decent life with it)

I don't know what's the worse thing about this: feeling rejection and disappointment by people who probably have worse issues than I do at a strip club, or not getting a stupid lap dance. I haven't experienced anything like this in 2 years when I went to some shitty club near one of my old jobs (a stripper would nag for tips even while dancing, and forced herself to be sexy. It was annoying). Other dumb shit happened, but they're not worth bringing up. I don't think the date with someone I talked to will go through, but that's the least disappointing thing for me for some reason.

2 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


lol. You have to assert the initial 10-20 dolla when you approach them (2 $5 on top of a small stack of $1s) . Half the dancers hate me but the better half like me to the point where they are willing to hang out with me during intermission periods, for the same reasons. One in peculiar seems to really like me, despite other guys who fork over more cash. I basically get the genki girlfriend treatment at a fraction of the cost of what guys spend for a measly strip tease. On the other hand, I abhor clubs and bars. It's an abstract sort of feel.


>being a gentleman in a gentleman's club helps set you apart.

>make it clear you want a dance

>No touchie unless specified

>Talk to them like an acquaintance


Depends, I usually just play pool while staring at the occasional tig ol' bitty. It's ironic that these small town 4-8/10 exotic dancers are the only damn way I have a conversation with anyone that isn't about "weedsexbeerXD."




It's more that the club was pretty shitty overall (the advice thing helps when it comes to dances). I've had decent experiences in other places, but this one really sucked. At least the place had some decent beer, I guess. I wish the place had a pool table because it would have let me do something else.



Yes, dat pool table is sweet. Try to find one with some or a Metal Slug X machine.

Hope things go well with your potential Austrian sweetheart, perhaps you won't need to visit these places then. You could try enlisting and impress her by being

A professional kebab remover, even if you do deskwork. No, don't enlist solely for a grill, but if could be an incentive if you e ever considered it

The word does suck, but the best most of us can do is spread awareness. Best propaganda is coherent truth.



I'm not dating the Austrian guild member (she's in high school, and I'm a mid-30-something psychotic/chaotic fuck up with depression in the States). She's one of my guild members from the freemium game we're playing. I knew her from a different freemium I also play, so she joined my guild because Valkyrie's community is fucking terrible (I troll all of the players because 98% of them are sjw-weeabos that defend Rapefugees).

>Strip Club with a Metal Slug X machine

No strip club owns something like this.



OP, that was a joke. However, if I ran a strip club, it would have Metal Slug X and it would be the bee's pajamas. Believe me.

Wasn't aware about the guild thing. I envy that you have a committed group to such a thing. I roleplay countries (not a single RL soul knows about that) and it's an absolute pain to have anyone commit to anything.

If it makes you feel better, you seem like a decent person.

File: 8421c18b57f56f4⋯.png (531.66 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, really.png)


Diagnosed autist here. I'm on the low functioning side of high functioning, if that makes sense. My intelligence is normal but everything else is so below average that I can't really function without significant help. In addition to autism I have a slew of other problems (like prosopagnosia, alexithymia, anxiety disorders, phobias, obsessions) that make it hard for me to fit in anywhere where there might be other people. I can take care of myself well enough but when it comes to going out and interacting with other people, I really can't do much of anything.

Of course, whatever piece of my brain that allows me to feel desire for human companionship cruelly stays intact. I'm 26 and I want a qt. I don't mind having no friends, I have a dog.

As normalfags everywhere are so keen to remind me, I'm not "entitled to a relationship". Yeah, fine, I can't force qts to fall in love with me. Obviously I have to carry my cross and accept that I'll never have a qt or even that once my parents die, no human on Earth will have any kind of emotional attachment to me. I just don't know how to.

I remind myself of the evil shit women do to men every minute of every hour of every day. But then, there might be exceptions. I try to take comfort in 2D. It generally makes the longing worse. If I were religious I could at least take one of the numerous paths to holiness that include celibacy and delude myself that I'm doing it by choice, but I'm not religious.

I'm at a wit's end trying to deal with this bullshit. I just want the pain to stop. I don't even need to hold a 3D woman in my arms, or hold her hand, kiss her and have sex. I'd be plenty satisfied with an Internet long distance qt. I have no illusions that I am nothing else but a low value male, being an autist. I don't want a 10/10. I only ask that she be good-hearted and not repulsive. And I'd actually prefer her to be ditzy. You know, the girl next door type. All I want is to be loved in that way, feel needed and useful. I feel like I'm not asking for much, just the bare basics of the human experience. But I don't even get to have that much.

So since I'm stuck in that >tfw no gf loop, and that Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Well my prosopagnosia is pretty mild, I can see faces when they're in front of me, but it's pretty much out of sight out of mind. I can recognize people from their hair and their voices so it's not actually that big an impairment in day to day life, but unless I have a person in front of me I'd be hard-pressed to tell you how they look like and I can't recognize anybody out of context, sometimes even with hair info.

Since faces don't stick in my memory they're not that important to me. A plain girl with qt mannerisms is more than enough for me.

As for my perception of attraction, I have only this point of reference so I'm not sure whether or not I could explain it, but attraction and lust and love are all very easy to confuse. Basically my emotions are wide categories. I can say I'm happy, I'm sad, I'm scared, I'm aroused. But I couldn't describe the degree or the precise quality.



>Basically my emotions are wide categories. I can say I'm happy, I'm sad, I'm scared, I'm aroused. But I couldn't describe the degree or the precise quality

This must be more the autism side of things, because I've always had this trouble too. I couldn't describe how I'm feeling emotionally to save my life, it's basically just "very good feels" or "very bad bad feels", with a huge indiscernible grey area known as "okay I guess" in the middle.



>attraction, lust and love are easy to confuse

Well that's pretty normal I think, it probably becomes clearer with experience which you say you don't have. As for describing the lengths of your emotions I have that problem (probably something in the autism like the other guy says) but it's more that my feelings are inhibited away too quickly. I come off as unfriendly and it's definitely not untrue (I reserve endless love for the rare person who does make me happy and largely disregard others) but I find that people want to talk to some jerk like me because they see that I do try my best and give a damn at my job. People aren't all born as attractive as others but as cliché as it sounds I believe that being as genuine a you as you can be is the best road you can take. -that and confidence and hard work. I mean gaining companionship starts with letting people in and that starts with showing who you are. -but this is all the opinion of someone without friends to go be with and do things with himself.



You're not fucked though. Just work on it anon and friends will find their way into your life.



I'm trying man, I really am, but I've yet to get very far.

File: e87d197cad50971⋯.jpg (205.06 KB, 882x622, 441:311, 18.jpg)


I'm just so lonely.

I don't have real life friends, everyone my age does - they go hang out every week. I bet they chat about all sorts of stuff, play games together. and I'm stuck at home with an internet connection. Every day for years and years on end.

Sure it could be worse.. I'm grateful for what I do have. but it could be a lot better too. It hurts not having friends. I can't make any friends online because online people tend be weird or just rude and nasty. It just seems like I'm not compatable with other people or online communities and I don't know what to do.

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What does it mean to be lonely? I never gave it a second thought, but I'm in the same situation as OP. So I guess I should be lonely, but I'm not even sure what loneliness is supposed to feel like. Am I broken or something? The idea of some "friend" wanting to hang out every week seems like a huge pain in the ass.



force yourself to do things outside, like going to gym, martial arts, whatever

just get off the internet, this shit is the worst thing there is


I'm in the same position, OP. But I'm kind of glad I don't have to see anyone. I can't stand other people.

I grew up in a pretty shitty place where I never really fit in and there's no pressing want to get out and interact with the people here.

Podcasts really fill the void left by a lack of people in your life. And usually they're better company than you could attain in your everyday life.

>I can't make any friends online because online people tend be weird or just rude and nasty.

In my experience they're usually just boring. They're nasty in certain settings, like 8chan, but in my experience 1 on 1 they usually have nothing interesting to say. Or rarely they do and they're above my level and I feel uncomfortable and insecure.


>this shit is the worst thing there is

It is if most of your socialisation comes through imageboards. The people here aren't exactly high calibre human beings.



that last sentence hit me right in the feels anon.

maybe in the next watercooler discussion you casually ask if theyre busy next weekend, if they say no then you can at least say you tried. trust me you will regret not trying much more later than being to nervous too now.



This. You've got nothing to lose. It might lead to some social embarrassment if they brush you off, but fuck them if they do that to you anyway.

File: f26b7de05241a9f⋯.jpg (74.34 KB, 500x687, 500:687, tapVarX.jpg)


When should I fuck him?

Been talking to this guy since November. Went on a few dates and have hung out a lot. Around February he told me he likes me, thinks I'm cute blah blah the whole spiel. Says he wants to get to know me more.

We Have hung out even more since then and recently things have been progressing from no contact to full make out sessions.

It's nice I enjoy it a lot and his company. I'm looking for a relationship, we talked about it briefly without going to far into details. He told me he's only had casual relationships, had some disappointment in his voice when he told me the last girl he was with didn't want anything serious.

Is this enough information to assume he's looking for a relationship? Would it be weird to bring up a relationship before we have sex? Whats a good time to start fucking? Should I get to know him more? Help, I don't want to ruin this.

No meme responses like "it's up to you when you feel ready blahhh" or "doesn't matter if u fuck the first date or after marriage" please

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>from /pol/

That's terrible advice!


If you're already making out with him then I assume you do love him, and thus the next step isn't too far off. On the other hand, sex before marriage perpetuates the kind of hook-up culture which leaves people like you and him constantly disappointed.

Don't think of sex as nothing more than mashing genitals; sex should be the ultimate display of love between a man and a woman, and to engage in it willy-nilly (pardon the pun) devalues it on a societal level.


It's really up to you. If you are down, ask if he is.


After you marry him.


he seems to want a serious relationship, but you might want to talk more about it before having sex. Get both of your intentions clear before doing something so intimate, so both of you feel better about the relationship

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