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File: e87d197cad50971⋯.jpg (205.06 KB, 882x622, 441:311, 18.jpg)


I'm just so lonely.

I don't have real life friends, everyone my age does - they go hang out every week. I bet they chat about all sorts of stuff, play games together. and I'm stuck at home with an internet connection. Every day for years and years on end.

Sure it could be worse.. I'm grateful for what I do have. but it could be a lot better too. It hurts not having friends. I can't make any friends online because online people tend be weird or just rude and nasty. It just seems like I'm not compatable with other people or online communities and I don't know what to do.



I am in the exact same situation, and have been for many years too. I know everything you mention too well, the pain you feel when you think that nearly everyone on this planet currently has at least one or more friends, even the most mean or unfriendly people, and yet here we are with nobody. It's all I've really wanted for so many years, one person that I can hang out with, play some games with, walk around with, chat about random things with; but it always seems to be nothing more than a pipe dream. Every day the thought runs through my mind: "why did it have to be me that ends up alone? what did I do so wrong as to deserve this?".

As you can probably guess, I don't have any advice to offer you, being in the same predicament myself and all, but if nothing else you can know that you're not alone in being friendless. I want to ask if I could be your friend, but I'm aware that internet friendships are no substitute for real ones, and that I don't really know how internet friendships are supposed to work. I probably make for a fairly shitty friend in all honesty, but I can't reply to a fellow loner without at least making an attempt. So how about it, would you like to try being friends? Whatever that entails anyway, I don't really know.


>I can't make any friends online because online people tend be weird or just rude and nasty.

I know exactly what you mean. Most people I've gotten to know online turn out to have so much baggage that they're just emotionally exhausting and hard to deal with. How old are you? As long as you're not a middle-aged man yet, you still have hope to make friends. Even if you were, you might be able to become friends with an old drunk or two. What are some ways that you can meet people? Are you in university? Do you work? Do you drink? If you're more into video games, are there any clubs in your area?

Once you start looking for friends, you'll find them. You just can't be afraid of rejection.



yeah, sounds good!


I'm 26. Getting to the point I shouldn't be on chans anymore.. NEET just now. I have to change that asap though.



Awesome, do you have a preferred way of communicating online? E-mail, IM, discord, anything like that. I don't really have preference besides disliking skype and mobile-only apps.

By the way, what timezone are you in? That could be kind of important. I'm in bongland, so it's coming up for 1am right now, and I'll actually be heading to bed after posting this.



same here, i guess email me we can figure it out. mona.font at



>wage slave

>living w/ parents

>weekends inside my room

>terrible internet

I know this feeling. Almost 26, no friends, cousins and gf and to make it better vidya is dead to me. Like others say, finding a hobby probably will force you to talk/ask for info with strangers. There's a lot of rural areas near here, and i'm strongly inclined to buy a bow/x-bow, maybe learning about camping, local birds, etc, and there's no shortage for nature lovers.

Let's leave our rooms together, perhaps there's fun out there.



If you're interested, I know there's a pretty big survival community online. I know there's a subreddit called /r/survival (inb4 leddit) and a ton of nature-themed forums online. Hell, 4chan even has a board based on it, /out/


Try improv or dance classes. It's structured so people have to interact with each other, and you'll pick up skills you can use to meet new people and have a good time for yourself.



Me too.

It's been literally years since I went out socially….. I have a decent car, a nice place of my own, my studies are going well enough, don't need to work a job.

I've forgotten how to have a face-to-face conversation with someone socially. Aside from watercooler-tier conversation with classmates, I don't have any social interaction whatsoever.

I like to drive while listening to 80's and 90's music and think about things I'll probably never get to experience.


What does it mean to be lonely? I never gave it a second thought, but I'm in the same situation as OP. So I guess I should be lonely, but I'm not even sure what loneliness is supposed to feel like. Am I broken or something? The idea of some "friend" wanting to hang out every week seems like a huge pain in the ass.



force yourself to do things outside, like going to gym, martial arts, whatever

just get off the internet, this shit is the worst thing there is


I'm in the same position, OP. But I'm kind of glad I don't have to see anyone. I can't stand other people.

I grew up in a pretty shitty place where I never really fit in and there's no pressing want to get out and interact with the people here.

Podcasts really fill the void left by a lack of people in your life. And usually they're better company than you could attain in your everyday life.

>I can't make any friends online because online people tend be weird or just rude and nasty.

In my experience they're usually just boring. They're nasty in certain settings, like 8chan, but in my experience 1 on 1 they usually have nothing interesting to say. Or rarely they do and they're above my level and I feel uncomfortable and insecure.


>this shit is the worst thing there is

It is if most of your socialisation comes through imageboards. The people here aren't exactly high calibre human beings.



that last sentence hit me right in the feels anon.

maybe in the next watercooler discussion you casually ask if theyre busy next weekend, if they say no then you can at least say you tried. trust me you will regret not trying much more later than being to nervous too now.



This. You've got nothing to lose. It might lead to some social embarrassment if they brush you off, but fuck them if they do that to you anyway.

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