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File: c3de90c2c5590e5⋯.jpg (118.59 KB, 1000x887, 1000:887, IMG_0817.jpg)


Anybody else like to download/pirate obsessively?

I have USB's, disks, and even a laptop devoted to collecting online stuff. It's usually films, TV shows, Anime, books, videos, music, Video Games, Pictures, and other misc media and stuff, but I've also started adding leaks, hacks, doxes, Documents, webpages, and other stuff like that to my collection.

I like to call it "archiving" and fancy myself a sort of scholar, but it's more like digital hoarding of some sort. I'm barely even interested in the stuff that I have, it's just cool to say that I have all of it, more so with this TPP trade deal threatening to take down content en masse.


As long as it's not negatively impacting the rest of your life then there's no problem.



I've recorded my entire life ever since I was 14 years old. That means desktop screenshots, journals I've written, websites I've visited, comments I've made etc.

Don't let it run your life though, trust me most of the stuff you document is going to be forgotten.



I consider myself very fortunate to be a data collector, because data is essentially free, while things like coins, stamps, legos, those stupid bobble-head looking things, nendroids or wtf, 1/8th figures, etc. can cost a shit ton of money and take up a shit ton of space over the years.

500gb SSD as a boot drive, then 3x4tb drives. Full backup set. Laptop with 2tb hdd is my piracy machine.

Beginning to run out of space.



Are you a member of any private trackers?



Thats a sign of OCD. Seek therapy


>digital hoarding

Much much healthier than actual hoarding. Cheaper too.



Trips confirm. What do you have in the way of movies hoarderanon? Been looking for some decent movies to watch if you're willing to share.


I don't hoard digitally or otherwise. I'm actually very picky on what I keep.




I guess I have this thought that I will some day pass my hoard on to my children.


Nothing wrong with hording data in an age where those that are losing their power is trying to memory hole bad goy shit by "rebooting" shows left and right or even removing parts of the media and rereleasing it for maximum shekels.


File: a5f212cfa78bd36⋯.png (26.52 KB, 390x254, 195:127, ara shrug.png)


I have a modest collection of images and webms, but only a few games and pdfs. Other than that, I don't really have anything to brag about.



Holy trips


File: c48b72b26c48e8d⋯.jpg (78.83 KB, 600x454, 300:227, ttl_lf10.jpg)



5Tb of movies/music/tv-series/anime/books

1Tb of old PC HDD dumps, my previous hoard from USB HDD and other assorted junk (including 40Gb of more-or-less sorted images/webms)

2.5Tb of 'bulk' data (web traffic recordings, archived data, scraped media from imageboards)

800Gb of porn



>TPP trade deal

The good news is that Trump killed that off months ago. The bad news is that he still might screw you over in some other way, so keep it up.


File: 8c60aba37630cf4⋯.jpeg (546.83 KB, 450x456, 75:76, 20th.jpeg)

sounds like you have some cool shit

i wouldn't worry about it

im in some weeb-type hobbies myself, all my drives have been lost as i've had to move around continuously ever since 2006 or so.

i wish i still had all the stuff from back then and earlier so badly. i really envy you.

also alot of stuff from my hobbies can't be found anymore. all the DCC bots and torrents that used to serve things that seemed so prevalent 10 years ago are gone, and those files, games, and albums have been lost to the ether.

you're doing a good thing. if you're stable enough to hold onto that stuff, i can see how it might feel boring. but you're doing something important. from the other side of the coin, i say, good on you and keep it up.

i kind of have a feeling the further time goes on, these things that we share for free will be worth alot of money, as digital backups are not as permanent as they might feel. the longer time goes by, the rarer copies of things become, bootleg or not. already people pay top dollar for arcade HDDs of games only a handful of people have the backups of anymore. i think these things that are now free will one day be very valuable as only a select few will be able to maintain their archives. if i was you i'd be putting things on tape, to be honest.


File: 9eb9ed274bbb45d⋯.jpg (45.38 KB, 425x426, 425:426, vlt.jpg)


I really got into hoarding Porn. It Reached a point that it got very time consuming to manage the collection properly, and the fact that i also collected almost every video of an actress i liked, with picture galleries, made the amount of files explode. I also had large themed content folders, with huge amounts of Video i mostly skimmed through to sort and make place for new files. That started to bother me because it wasnt that enjoyable anymore, it started to feel like work really.

So then i started to cease downloading and reviewing my collection, what was a lengthy process because i needed to sight alot, sort out alot, got "distracted" alot, had fallbacks where i found some really good stuff i forgot and just needed do get more.

Now I'm down to a (healthy?) 6tb, still in the loop of reducing, falling back to downloading too much new stuff. Its just not as fun anymore a sit used to be when it begun being a "hobby".

Oh well, its just a side stage of my many addictions, one just needs to be careful to keep it positive. Its not easy to really recognise when you are over the edge of doing it in a harmful way, i guess you just blend it out when you dig into your obsession.

I had a videogame and movie-collection too years ago, spent alot of time on it. The thing with the DVD-rips was that there was a point when my collection was just too bad in quality, meaning the video resolution. I didnt even watch most of the stuff and thought that it i already "wasted" alot of time hoarding stuff that somehow lost its value for me over time, I didnt want to go through the same again and donwload everything in better res. Then i deleted it almost entirely. It felt relieving in one way, but disillusioning in another, because i spend alot of time on creating local html files with movie posters and information about actors, movie reviews, background info etc., that i deleted along with everything else.

My digital music Collection is the most fun and pleasure for me at the moment. I just do it once in a while and my workflow is kinda ok so i dont need to spend alot of time completing the dataset i need to push it into the final archive, mostly scans, lyrics, tag data and a specific folder structure. I really like it to wallow in the pleasur eof just throwing the whole archive in a fresh install of musicbee and having it all sorted out and recognised perfectly.

The same with ebooks, though i dont spend alot of time on it, just every couple of months maybe. Calibre is such an awesome tool <3

Manga got a big thing too, I always keep the things i enjoyed reading and make a small html-file with a short summary and the best moments.



look into m-disks


File: 9c9ed8619459c86⋯.jpg (467.23 KB, 849x1200, 283:400, 14904517203390.jpg)


Not sure it's very useful for personal hoard, which is not large enough to require cold storage (tapes/disks).

Without reasonable duplication/scrubbing/migration policy, no magic disks will save you from data loss (if not from disk rot, it will be drive death, obsolescence, lack of software support or "I have no idea what lies in that box"); and with such policy, having hot (active disk array) and semi-hot (detachable hdds or unpowered arrays) storage is much more convenient and cheaper.



A part of my personal cyber-stalking obsession means downloading lots and lots of pictures of random girls I went to school with, most I didn't even speak to.


I have like a terabyte of the good kind of porn

I dont even fap to it because I'll get a new video and fap to it continuously for like a month then never see it again because it won't get me hard again

Liking kids is very hard because after a while NN shit just doesn't do it anymore and you need nude stuff. Then touching. Then kissing. Lesbian. Hetero sex. Gay sex. Adult/Kid sex

Then after a while hurtcore is the only thing that does it which is only like 5% of what users produce. Most of it is teasing/solo bullshit

Yet I continue to even download and hoard the shit I know I won't ever masturbate to anyway


I like gathering stuff from people I know in addition to hoarding my own. I've only done it twice, but I'd do it more if given the chance.

>first time was at my first job

>coworker I liked would bring a USB drive to read fanfics and stuff on during slow hours

>one day she left it here, immediately copied it to my own drive

>check her files when I get home, it's literally nothing but fanfics and a game I shared with her

>was hoping to find maybe an online username that I could search to find out more about, but there was no such thing

>second time was at my current job, a computer repair shop

>this girl had brought in her laptop to get some parts replaced

>immediately recognized her, back in high school she was friends with this one girl I had extreme oneitis for

>knew about their little social circle, every time I saw them they were talking about some story they were writing together

>brought my external HDD in the next day and copied all her stuff to it, hoping to see what they've been up to

>half of the stuff was stories she wrote, either on her own or with friends

>the other half was pictures and videos of her and her friends just hanging out and doing stuff together

>still couldn't find any usernames or anything like that, probably should have grabbed her browser settings too



I did something similar. There was a bitch at work who was married but I was sexually attracted to. She was also a bit of a horn-dog as I'd always overhear her telling the female coworkers her sex stories with her husband.

One day she is having a meltdown at work and locks herself in the bathroom but left her phone at her desk. Everyone else went to go try and cheer her up outside the bathroom but I stayed to work. Eventually I saw that everyone was gone except me so I quickly plugged her phone into my computer and copied all her files and documents to my phone.

When I got off work I went through them and found nude pics of her but not really what I had in mind. She was married with 2 kids. There was literally over 100 pics of her just of her and her kids in the bath playing or it looked like they were all naked in the bedroom having pillow fights. Her kids were toddler age btw. Nothing but naked selfies with kids. She did have a cute daughter and there was a lot of toddler vag so I jacked off to those but nothing "sexy" of the mom

Then her documents had all her passwords to various sites. Some sites I didn't know where it was. It was like in code I guess. Like for example



But order.com? Order what? What did order mean? I have no clue what some of the sites were but I did get her login/pass for 2 porn sites and her Victoria's Secret login. Thought I'd find some crazy IMs or some shit. Super vanilla stuff. She bought dildos and edible underwear. Nothing I cared too much about



and btw I was stalking her online for like 2 months. Each day I'd log in to her personal shit and read her e-mails and view her history

Did this for about 2 months before I fucked up and clicked on something which sent something out. It would have been obvious she didn't do it unless she was drunk on the exact same day at the exact same time.

About a week later all her passwords were changed



>downloading porn




Thank me later.



I do, too. It's kind of a pleasure to know you're bypassing an inflated cost or acquiring something that's hard to come by. Know what else is a thrill? Deleting 500 gb of useless shit at one go. Win-win, my friend.



I have over 30tb backed up on M-disc DVDs, Blu-rays, dual layer Blu-rays, and BDXLs, some of it is from rips of physical copies and everything else is pirated


I use DVDs, flashdrives and external solid state harddrives which last longer than typical hard drives.

Should have used M-disc DVDs but have not yet. Maybe someday I will invest in some.

I typically backup music, older movies and older sitcoms I enjoy. Some basic porn but nothing illegal or gross, just softcore.

I have a large music collection offline thats all backed up with hundreds of different discographies from various bands / artists throughout the years. Half of it traditional rock 'n roll, among some other genres like Jazz and Blues and Classical too. I have most of my stuff backed up on multiple mediums in cold storage (offline/unplugged). When I need any files I can get get them.

The only thing that concerns me is DVDs don't last over a decade, to every 5 to 8 years I have to re-burn my older collections and rotate them.



>The only thing that concerns me is DVDs don't last over a decade, to every 5 to 8 years

What the fuck are you doing to your DVDs? The only reason they should stop working that quickly is if they are RW


File: 5237a1b73164f1d⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 1598x2412, 799:1206, Hard_Lesson,_The,_William-….jpg)


I enjoy archiving data, to some extent I think most types of people that browse a website like this would probably be in the same camp. So far I have a collection of over 2,600 films, hundreds of tv shows and countless numbers of books and roms. Mostly it's just something I add to when i'm bored. Although I do have a nice collection of classical art that I'm fairly proud of. Although I've been desperately looking for some kind of archive of the works by Takato Yamamoto. If anyone has one please share. But It's kind of nice to have all my films and tv shows all set up to a media pc downstairs. I get a kick out of showing it to people whenever they come over.

If you care here's my list of films




I can't understand why someone would want to keep hundreds of GB of porn. Most porn isn't worth keeping. I mean, there's only so many ways someone can fuck someone else.


Who the hell takes naked photos of them selves in the bath with their kids?

>Naked selfies with kids

Who does that?


If you're that dead set on preserving your DVDs either get burn em on to M-discs or copy or rip em all onto a server with a dedicated backup. It's probably be cheaper in the long run




Youre a bigger degenerate than she is. And I dont mean that in a good way. But then again, this is 8chan. Why did I expect any less?



You are literally me in regards to digital hoarding. I download everything I come across, and have some weird idea that I'm going to pass it onto my kids in the future. I don't really see it as bad, but I guess it's not always the best use of time. My specialty is chatlogs. I'vd got GBs of them. Hell, I download thing I despise just to have them. Haha.



Huh, I never thought of that.


File: 1d864fdbcdcfa49⋯.jpg (18.26 KB, 353x352, 353:352, 1d864fdbcdcfa494e376c24799….jpg)

What are the best prices/brands/sizes for external hard drives? I still think that 2 TBs is the best size for my needs but I want some input.


File: 482b963433cfad2⋯.png (17.45 KB, 731x280, 731:280, Untitled.png)


Unless you're doing something fancy, most brands or drive types don't really matter. As for price to performance, 4TB drives tend to be the best value, although 8TB drives are coming close as of late. Unless you don't actually need that space in which go right ahead and find a cheap 2TB drive.


File: 9900a3c590cc177⋯.jpg (29.39 KB, 360x433, 360:433, elliott.jpg)

I've filled up multiple SSDs with video games and collections of other things I get from share threads. It's oddly satisfying.


File: 654616fd6c9327a⋯.jpg (70.38 KB, 1000x443, 1000:443, memories.jpg)

I think you data-hoarders, possibly with the exception of the porn guys (no offense, porn guys), are fulfilling the human need to preserve stories.

Everything in the modern world is so fleeting. For the most part, pictures aren't the forever keepsakes they used to be. Pictures used to be taken only at significant events, or when capturing freely experienced moments of joy or other emotions. Families, couples, children. Christmas morning. Your first car. Getting drunk for the first time at a high school house party. First apartment. First house. Wedding day. Your childs first steps. Grandfather out in the yard, teaching the grandkids how to throw a baseball

Getting everyone together, into the frame, to save a moment forever. Taking a polaroid at a dance. Or winding your disposable nikon as time flowed by you, forever capturing some important moment with a click of the shutter.

Even if it wasn't important, capturing it made it that way. No matter how mundane, it became one of a limited number of windows into the past. Shoeboxes of old pictures, leafed through with nostalgia in some distant future that somehow always comes to pass too soon.

We're so surrounded by cameras now, and the culture has become so painfully meta, that we've become perpetually self conscious. We take so many pictures now that they don't mean anything. The sushi you ate for lunch. Twelve slightly different selfies you took, trying to get that perfect combination of looking good without looking like youre trying to look good. Those fifty pictures and six second video of the inside of your pocket you took on accident.

Theoretically, it'll all live forever.

But it doesn't. When every single moment is captured- or at least capable of being captured- intention is lost in a sea of perpetuity. The significance of the moment is lost in our sense that each of them will be around forever.

With every moment captured, none of the memories feel precious. With all of them preserved, none of them are truly saved. Millions of tiny slices of life, lost with each harddrive failure. Each phone upgrade. Frozen in amber on every forsaken flash drive that lies forgotten in every drawer of every person's cabinets.

Some of us hoard every moment. Every digital cultural artifact. Every pdf. Every meme. In the silent hope that one day, we'll feel grounded again. That, one day, we'll be able to look back at every step of the journey we as a society collectively took through this cloud of meaninglessness.

Our collective past, frozen in amber.

In an unspoken desperate expectation that, one day, all of this will have meant something. That it will have mattered.

That we'll have a reason to look back at this time in our lives.

That one day, gathered around some happy campfire in some distant future…

That one day. Any of this will have meant something.

Anything at all.

And so I save it. I trap it all in amber. So that one day, someone who cares can look back at every painful step of the road we all walked.

Sometimes together.

Often, alone.

Because it has to mean something.


It has to.

It has to.



Holy wall of text. But I do agree, I love looking back at the small amount of Internet history we have now, listening/reading stories about what happened, lore, all that. I'm saving stuff in the hope that I can show others the good times and the bad back when I was younger. That's why I try to save every funny or interesting moment I can. I hope someone will care to dig around my TBs of videos, audio, and text someday.

I really got interested in this stuff when I found out about textfiles.com. Jason Scott inspired me immensely. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have such an interest and stuff. If you do think he's doing cool stuff, you should shoot him an email saying thanks, he enjoys those.


File: 2b326daf208fb37⋯.jpg (234.1 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, context.jpg)


I felt this just yesterday when my nana busted out some old photo albums and baby books. I thought

>the photos on someone's old iphone 3 are less important and won't be passed around at family gatherings



Music, images, and lately imageboard threads. Collecting them ever since 13 or something. Old songs from the olden days that would be hard to find even on the internet, let alone an authentic CD. Started collecting anime pictures shortly after because I can use them on my MSN profile or as a wallpaper (inb4 weeb, I am on the east side of the hemisphere, 3 guesses). Imageboard threads as of few years ago. Threads full of fun, laugh, and kindness shown by anons here.



Can you post pics of epic breads?

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