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File: 84e1f9b11a33449⋯.jpg (86.14 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 70867277.jpg)


I've always strived to be the type of person I wanted to see in the world. I go out of my way to help people when they NEED it because, it has to be done, I don't do it for any personal gain, I dont even get a good feeling from it. A week ago missed the only social event I've had a chance to go to in a very long time, because some illegals decided to run a redlight and t-bone a car a few hundred feet in front of me. Everyone slows and drives around them, as the illegals run off across a field. I was 150 yards from this wreck and when I get there no one was helping. Dozens of people witnessed this crash and of them, a few people were pulled over on their phones. I can see the driver feebly trying to get his door open with blood streaming down his face and no one is helping him. With little thought I pull over, pull out my first aid kit and run through the rain to help this guy, and he is pretty fucked up, bleeding alot from several large gashes in his head, he can't even answer me when I ask him if he's ok, just claws at the door latch. I pry the door open and he immediately grabs my arm with a blood covered hand. Great. By the time the ambulance gets there I've calmed the guy down, I've patched him up pretty well, his bleeding has mostly stopped and I prevented him from getting up and stumbling into traffic, he even manages to tell me his name. When the medics finally roll him away I look like a civil war doctor, soaked by rain and covered in blood. Talking to the cops takes a while, and by the time I get home and take a shower, I notice the party will be over by the time I get there. Fuck me.

Now I even feel like an asshole for bringing this up to anyone, I really helped this guy, what does it compare to a party. But I really needed that party, my life has been shit recently, I live out in the sticks and have very few chances to meet people, and like most people on here I'm depressed, lonely, single, and have little direction in life. This party would of ment alot to me. I find myself wishing I had been like everyone else, and just driven by. I could of told everyone at the party about the crash I saw on the way here. But no, I had to be a decent fucking person and help someone else in need.

This is just the most recent event like this, now I'm not going around and looking for problems to fix or let people take advantage of me. I'm not a white knight in the least. It just seems people have things go wrong around me and no one else will help them, so I do. I'm sure some people think I'm their guardian angel, but thats little comfort when my own life is so empty. I wish karma was real, maybe something in my life would go in the right direction.

I'm not normally this bitchy, I'm just drunk and more depressed then normal. So what do you think, should I just start ignoring shit and try and be like everyone else? Or keep being an idealistic moron?


File: 8f6f2534b32624d⋯.jpg (74.47 KB, 736x736, 1:1, christanon 3.jpg)

>So what do you think, should I just start ignoring shit and try and be like everyone else?

Absolutely not. That's what makes you different from everyone else. Even if no one else recognizes it, you know that you are good at heart. I'm sure that guy appreciates it, even if he doesn't know who you are. You're a hero, and don't forget that.


File: e1d30341cec654a⋯.jpg (29.2 KB, 500x500, 1:1, consider the following, ro….jpg)

Lay off the piss whenever you're analysing something as complex as your life's direction, for starters.

You very well may have just saved a life. You saved a life that might have been ended abruptly before its time; you saved whoever might've hit him again from mental anguish and self-hatred; you saved him and his family unnecessary suffering should he have gone untreated, or worse still, passed away; you showed those around you that there are still truly selfless people in this world. You should be proud of yourself, not wallowing in drink.


Also, here's a thought: see if you can find that dude again. I'm sure he'd want to meet the man who helped him when no-one else would.


>OP potentially saves a guys life

>missed out on a party

you patching this guy up after a car crash is way more interesting than going to a party. This is shit you tell people at parties.

do you not get out often since you're in the middle of buttfuck nowhere? it sounds more like you need a place to be social, hence why this party meant so much to you. are there any ways you could think to meet up with other people on a weekly basis? improv/dance class/singing class/karaoke/etc.?



>missed a party to save a life

You attended that guy's party where he needed you the most.



Parties happen every single weekend and have done so for decades, but the opportunity to help a stranger in need that is at risk of dying, when nobody else would, may never happen again in your lifetime. Be proud of what you did, and be sure to reward yourself by getting to the next party that comes along.



what did you gain by saving the person's life???



Injecting some good into the world and preventing undue sufferring.


You're a fantastic person, OP, and the world needs more people like you, willing to do good shit that just needs to be done. Just don't go so far as to exhaust yourself, you have to look after your own shit, too, or you'll have nothing left to give. That crash was extenuating circumstances and you VERY MUCH did the right thing, never feel bad for that. But if it's smaller shit, like Cathy the secretary wanting someone to cover her smoke break since she really needs one, weigh the consequences and decide whether or not you should intervene.

If you do need help, not everyone will notice since depression isn't visible like in the movies. Let your friends know that you're feeling a bit lonely and ask if they wanna hang out sometime. No friends? Ask around if there's gonna be another party soon. No? Maybe start one, even if it's small, all you need is some snacks and music or a movie. Start a potluck or a small thing in the park. Even if only 1-2 other people show up, it was still something. I'm sorry to hear shit's rough on your end, but the amount of effort you still put into being a decent human, and more, is very praise-worthy. You're a god damned superhero and I hope you find something good in your life.


No. You did the right thing. The party would have been nothing but degenerate peons taking about trivial shit. Ever listen to a conversation at a party, 75% of the time, it's nothing and you would have earned nothing but a hangover. This people at the party do not give 2 shits about you. The man you saved and his family will never forget what you did for him.

Look, last night, I saved a fellow brethren from killing himself at a bar club and got taunted by the normalfags because it got emotional. It's just how people like us are, but someone has to do it. You may have needed to be a degenerate for a few hours, I understand, but I may not live to see 2018 but I still the first to lend a hand if needed, even at my detriment, even if it would make more sense for me to be a hedonistic asshole like you seem to want to be. Please don't be a hedonistic asshole.


Thanks for the responses everyone. I guess I'll keep on being who I am. I normally don't let things get to me. I've always been very stoic, but sometimes things just break down. I need to work on making more friends or atleast someway to release stress more effectively. And perhaps lay off the booze for a while.




Could have been worse

You could have saved the life of a serial killer

>Let your friends know that you're depressed

Obviously you've never been depressed Anon. Even the kindest people slowly, subtly run away from a depressed person because they start to feel dragged into his state of mind.



Not everyone can be strong all the time. Sometimes you need someone else and that's pretty normal.



The people that everyone looks up to and rely on all the time can end up being some of the loneliest people. They have no one to fall back on themselves and don't want to lose the respect of the people who already hold them so highly.


File: 3907850f8066833⋯.webm (1.91 MB, 580x300, 29:15, jazzy feels.webm)


>The people that everyone looks up to and rely on all the time can end up being some of the loneliest people. They have no one to fall back on themselves and don't want to lose the respect of the people who already hold them so highly.

Thanks for reminding me.


No. You will hate yourself tenfold because you know better. The normalfags will never see it, that's how they function. If breathing wasn't automated I am sure they would die of suffication. I am fighting that feeling 24/7 and you will never forgive yourself if you slip. It will be one of those memories that jerk you awake before falling asleep.



Honestly I think that's pretty badass, dude.

You should find a place to hang out or be social more often than parties if you crave human contact.

Also don't drink if you're depressed, bro.

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