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File: 4a5af73c94449be⋯.jpg (209.07 KB, 750x948, 125:158, hobo.jpg)


When was the last time you cried?



When I saw how pathetic this thread is



Several months ago when my dad started getting frustrated with me and swearing at me down the phone because he was going through a stressful time at work. He thought I was fucking him around, I actually just wanted to ask him a genuine question but he thought I was taking the piss. I'm a grown adult and generally quite stoic with my emotions, but there's something about my dad sounding angry / pissed off at me just really set me off.

The thing that really hurt was that I never normally contact him, but I was worried about something and I thought "you know what, he always tells me I can contact him any time about my worries or problems, I'm going to make an effort and call him, he'll appreciate that I'm confiding in him". I couldn't have been more wrong, he lost his shit and basically treated me like a verbal punching bag for half an hour while I took it in silence. As soon as the call ended, I couldn't fight the tears and I spent the next hour or so crying my eyes out for the first time in a long time.

So yeah, next time I have a problem he's going to be the last person I go to.



Had it not been for last weekend, I'd have said 2 years. Through a stranger, I was merely reminded of how I objectively failed as a son and how heartless people can be towards those who need actual help, rather than virtue signal for our nation's enemies.


That really sucks, anon. Was your childhood like that? It's no fun having parents you can't talk to.


About 6 years ago, I was a senior in high school. My father came out as a degenerate, for most of my childhood he would meet other men at hotels and have them sexually use him. My mother finally cought him and he came clean. My mother left him, and started fucking a nigger who just got out of prison for arson and drug dealing. It was like losing both my parents over the span of a few weeks. I cried alot for a while, now I don't really feel much at all anymore.



That sounds rough anon. One of my parent's friends was supposedly arrested in a public restroom because he made a signal to a cop to fuck him in the ass. I think he clicked his heels twice or whatever. Fucking creepy and weird. The guy had a wife and kids too. Sorry that happened to you. I'd never look at my father the same way again.



Well my parents divorced when I was 7. I could never really speak to my mum, and I saw my dad every weekend until I was about 15. I didn't have a particularly bad childhood I don't think, but both of them have had a lifetime of financial and relationship problems, which means more often than not they're in a stressed out mood and often respond to others with anger and temper when it's completely unwarranted. I do think they've played a large part in me ending up a depressed socially anxious NEET hikki, and I know I'd be a lot better off in the long run if I just ran away. I can't bring myself to leave though, as I am entirely dependent on my mum, and I do feel emotionally attached to them. Maybe it's family love, maybe it's some sort of mild Stockholm's syndrome, I don't know. I don't have any friends or anyone else in the world to run to or confide in, that's why I spend all day here.


This morning. The drug dealer I am forced to live with decided 5o wake up early to get more shit from his nigger contact. I can't even leave my apartment when he is out. I hate how low lives like him run this entire town.

>tfw he deals to cops and city officials and all I can do is try not to mentally snap and deal with this problem permentally


2 years ago was when I really let it out, but since then I tried to hold back the tears (they'll come out when I'm really feeling sad). Crying does nothing for me because it doesn't remove the pain nor the depression.


Sometimes I sing a song and I'll space out for a few seconds. When I snap out of it, I'll wipe my eyes and they'll be a little wet, but I'm not sure why or what it was about.


When my dog died. One night, after taking him for a great walk where he was running with me and all excited, he started having seizures when I got home. I stayed up all night with him and every time he had a seizure it broke my fucking heart. He was 10 so I knew this could be fatal. I took him to the vet in the morning. They pumped him full of drugs and said they thought it could be treated but wanted to keep him there for a while. While driving home, they called me and told me to come back. I came into the room he was in, he was panting heavily and seemed really nervous. I patted him, knowing it would probably be the last time. I was told he had a brain tumor and had to be put down or else he would suffer from the seizures for the rest of his life. I held him in my arms as they injected the lethal stuff. I felt him go limp. Immediately I started bawling uncontrollably. I didn't want to cry until I got home, but I couldn't hold back. A vet even muttered "wow…" when I left the room. Within 24 hours the dog I had raised since he was a puppy had went from trotting along happily with me to being dead in my arms. This was 4 years ago. I can't even cry anymore.



Why can't you leave the apartment when he's out?


4 hours ago. Just out of frustration, despair and loneliness. Working from home and only getting negative feedback from incompetent people really wears you down. Also in the long process of adjusting my Effexor dosage, which always makes me a god damned mess. Fuck this drug.



Good luck with the shakes and brain zaps, bro. Im up to 225 mg. We can cuddle if you want.




My doctor wanted to give me that but I demanded another drug. I read reviews for it online and it sounded horrible.



>he deals to cops and city officials

I want this world to burn. Rats like this deserve a fate far worse than hell.


File: 12bc7986240bbc4⋯.jpg (57.84 KB, 497x497, 1:1, plsnobully.jpg)


pic related


if you mean full on crying and not just watery eyes when a dog dies in a movie then it was my junior year of high school, so like 5 years ago or something?



I'd say the cops and city officials are worse than the dealer, at least he's not violating his responsibilities to the public.



Get off of Effexor dude. I nearly killed myself while on that. I weaned myself off it by opening up the capsule and taking out an increasing amount of the little beads each day. Found a video of it on Youtube or something. It's probably better to go by a doctor's advice on how to wean yourself off it though. I was just pissed that my doctor gave me that crap in the first place. The withdrawal isn't that bad compared to benzo withdrawal.



Yeah, it is dangerous as fuck. I have never felt like I was truly mentally ill until trying to quit this drug. Full-on mania, crushing sudden depressions (I only suffer from moderate depression when unmedicated, nothing like this crap). The only way to prevent these problems seems to be ever increasing dosages.



>the only way to prevent these problems seems to be ever increasing dosages

Which is absurd in itself because increasing doses makes it even harder to taper and eventually quit taking the medication.


Yesterday. I felt fairly sudden and crushing despair at the prospect of not being able to have a family and children of my own.



Shiet, i do this three times a year. Terrible feel.



The last time I cried was this morning, because I can't stop thinking about vore.



I don't know why but I kek'd hard with this comment.

sorry dude


File: 189a0003f0e2a95⋯.jpg (38.17 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 12912781_1728820970667045_….jpg)


No lie, I kek'ed too. :3



Voreshit is disgusting.



Vore is fucking genius.



As genius as a 2 year old eating sand


File: 6d08420ddf6e967⋯.jpg (40.03 KB, 634x416, 317:208, mary.jpg)


whoa buddy you sound a bit racist and homophobic, shouldn't you be a little more understanding about your father exploring his sexuality? it doesn't mater gender or race a family can survive anything as long as there is love and understanding!

I am so sorry


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

it will be okay



I don't understand this story? I are you his bitch or something? I am not trying to sound mean I just genuinely do not understand.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I liek the Mountain Goats too



Anon has to stay behind and guard the guns, cash and stash when alone.


I almost cried recently while watching The Elephant Man because he was so happy that he was finally being treated like a normal human and decided that it is how he wanted to spend the rest of his life, so he chose to sleep in a "normal" way, resulting in his death. I wish I could be that accepting.



>tfw me and my gf are going to play this after the ceremony at our wedding.

I enjoy making guests uncomfortable.



A week ago when I remembered how empty my life is currently.


I don't know the story here, but you need to bail, fast.


File: 688ad6d53d44520⋯.gif (1.21 MB, 300x214, 150:107, 1463578584561.gif)


I vented out to my mom about all the punishments and beatings my dad would give me for petty shit as a kid. I was very scary in moments like that and never knew what I was in for when my dad would call for me.

Sadly, my sis doesn't remember much of it and my mom wasn't around for much of it either and for my dad to tell me that it never happened straight to my face makes me want to beat the shit out of him. I got the strength to do so, but I feel it's unnecessary.

To feed me the bullshit that I never experienced hell in one form or another (especially when he caused most of it) makes me want to exclude myself in his life. I didn't mention the past contempt. I was honestly glad for it made me thick-skinned and more motivated to seek for strength.

At this moment, I didn't cry because of the experiences. Not even from no witnesses being around. I cried because one of the big contributors to my pain told me that my hardships weren't legit and made-up. That the beatings and unfair punishment I received were not real.

I don't see what drives someone to just straight deny everything like that. I defended this man multiple times recently. I listened through his sob stories, gave him advice on how to do better, and help him overcome his diabetes despite the shit he has done to me, my mom, and sister. But yet at the end of the day, he'll never get better and wonders why nobody in the household has no respect for him. Hell, as I write this down, I'm starting to feel my blood boil over how much time I've invested in him to keep him going, only for him to constantly disrespect me.

What the fuck did I expect?



Don't toss your pearls before swine. Even if they're family.



Thanks for that advice, anon.

That quote is beautiful.



No problem anon. We're gonna make it. :)

Sometimes you just have to give up on people. It hurts when it's family, but it's true nevertheless.


was my birthday yesterday and I saw my ex in my dream, giving me a big hug that I have been wanting for years before our breakup.



Dreaming about an ex has to be the worst feeling in the world. You wake up and realize how lonely and pathetic you are.



it is indeed pathetic feeling especially on my birthday.

even more pathetic since I'm with someone now.


File: 088c91de5be42d8⋯.jpeg (189.64 KB, 1080x1028, 270:257, 151294015970409.jpeg)

right now :\

thanks for being here /qq/. sometimes the loneliness bites and i cant ignore how much i hate myself anymore

at least it's a break from the crippling anxiety that is all my anger telling me to quit while im ahead, that is because i should know by now how trying to be myself has only lead to isolation and a strong resentment of people who get to be themselves and have social interaction thats fulfilling

i still love people in general because i see some of myself in them and i'm happy they got something i can imagine enjoying, i just wish i wanted something different.

well i feel a little better now. thanks for making me feel like im talking to someone box. and anon dont respond because my insecurity will never let me see this board again



Damn, that makes it worse.


Recently, I admitted to my friend over text that I resented him for telling me not to apply to some tech job he was applying for a few years ago. I worked as a food worker, and he got the tech job. Few years down the line, I started to hate him, my best friend, just bit by bit. Not just for that but for everytime I had some good or bad news, great or devastating, he just didn't seem interested in what I had to say. As years went by, I started shutting myself off emotionally, not wanting to mention anything significant going on in my life. He wasnt the type to confide, unless he's really fucked up. And I know it's the way he is, keeps it inside. But finally, after a shit and disappointing week, and some angry messages, I apologized for holding it against him over the years and I started breaking down. At least he admitted he wasn't a good friend, but damn it, he's my nigga, we'll make it right.


Depending >>3146

on how bad he hurt you, it can be a hard thing to admit.


When my much older cousin hurt my dog a long time ago when I was a kid.


I haven't cried in over 15 years.


I'm male. My hormones are all fucked up so daily. Most recently this morning. I cry for no reason. I have no reason to cry, it just comes out.



I'm the post above that can't cry. What's that like? I can't really understand it. I can get really sad, down right depressed, but I never cry. Even if it's crushing my soul I never cry.


only today, over being an unemployable nobody, disappointment to everyone around me.



Do you have a prison record? Otherwise you’re employable.



I have no maths and english, which locks me out of anything skilled, and I have flat feet which locks me out of manual labour.



You could learn coding and get a job at a call center till you're better at it. I know it sounds like a soul crushing job, but it's on par with doing low task manual labor and it's not a long term job so you just need to handle it for a enough time to get the "real job"

Are you bad at math and English? is it your 2nd language? You could study more too I guess. I'm only making suggestions since I don't really know anything about you to help.

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