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I know this type of thread is probably posted here all the time, so sorry in advance if this annoys anyone but What happened to me? What happened to my motivation? I have none. The fact that I am even writing this out is frankly amazing me. I have no drive or initiative, I can barely even force my self to do necessary bodily functions like eat or go to the bathroom, I just lie in my bed almost all the time. I don't even do anything! I don't jerk off or go online or play games, I. Just. Sit. There. I don't know why and I don't know what to do or how to fix it. If any of you went through this in the past, have any tips on how to fix this, or anything else that could possibly help me in any way please share… I'm so tired of being like this I just want to be able to do things again but physically can't bring myself to do them



It sounds like you have depression. If you're so inactive that you don't do anything and find yourself laying in bed or just sitting around vegetating. I've been there before, and I hate that feeling. Have you thought about going to a psychiatrist?

And don't worry about posting anything unoriginal. This board has only been around for like two weeks lol.

Some tips that I learned from experience with this kind of general malaise:

1. Stay active. The worst thing you can do is just sit around thinking about how miserable you are. You won't get out of this state that way, and you'll just end up wallowing in your own self-pity. I know it's hard to apply this advice because of the way you're feeling, but it's really the only long term way to overcome depression.

2. Exercise. Even if it's just light cardio like walking or jogging. It will get your serotonin flowing and you'll naturally feel better. Maybe try to get a relative or friend to go with you to the gym or go on walks/runs with you. That will help with anxiety if you have any.

3. Try to find a hobby and make friends around that hobby. You'll keep yourself busy with it, and friends will pressure you to do things even if you don't feel like doing it. Any time someone invites you out, go do whatever they want you to do. It might be hard to put on a smile and pretend like things are ok, but things will get better if you remain active in this way. The best way to do things is to be pushed into doing them. Like I said, this isn't easy at first, but you'll become happier over time.

Are you NEET right now? Or in school? Try to keep up with whatever your obligations are in the meantime while you're trying to get your shit straight.


Force yourself to put on some active music.


What happened is that you've finally realized there is no point even trying. All your efforts will invariably be in vain.



So why not kill yourself instead of spreading despair to others?



Just because you don't see the futility of life doesn't mean you're going to go out and kill yourself. That's being narrow-minded.


Anymore context? Staying active and having obligations are the best ways to help combat that. If you're a NEET, especially not by your own doing, that can be tough to do. At the very least, some amount of physical and mental self-improvement will keep you somewhat busy. It'll feel like what you're doing is pointless, but down the line, when what you've been practicing is called upon in life, you'll be glad you suffered through all that practice, if only for a little bit. Also, do more "once in a X time" stuff, like concerts or annual things. That usually cheers me up for a bit, because I get to process new information and remember why I don't just swallow a bullet. Stagnation is an enemy.


>Have you thought about going to a psychiatrist?

This has varying degrees of success, and in my experience, is not worth it long term. Meds may work, but if they do, you're reliant on them. If they don't work, you'll get to experience side effects. The worst part about counseling and happy pills is that there's no reliable way to properly measure how effective treatments are and what you actually need to not be the way you are. Doctors basically ask "Are you sad?," you say "yes," and you get pills. Counselors don't actually have to give you good advice to stay employed either. You'll be dealing with misguided normies who don't "get" it with their shoddy advice at best, and at worst witch doctors and apathy.

If you REALLY can't do anything on your own, or if your depression is sabotaging your ability to be self reliant, go get drugs. With or without them, you'll still need to suffer and struggle to get out of where you are.



I hate this mindset towards meds. If you need help, get it. Doctors aren't just "normies," they interact with people 10x as bad as you are mentally on a daily basis.



>implying the majority is just looking for a paycheck since they couldn't cut in medical school

There areason a few that care but you might as well play the lottery, the odds of getting someone that gives a shit is around the same as winning. At least you will be finacaually stable and depressed.



It doesn't matter if they give a shit. What matters is that they can prescribe you life-changing medicine.



>life changing medicine

>tfw all they did was give me a stomach ulcer and debt

Fuck shrinks, the whole thing feels like a scam that was paved with good intentions. The ones that care tend to be pushed out.


Buy a heavybag and start hitting it. At first it might hurt your wrists but eventually you'll learn to punch properly. It's also a great workout. Listen to power metal if you need motivation.


Sounds like you're just depressed.

I personally think that taking meds is just bad for you, you get hooked on them, you become dependant on them to function in your day to day life, and in the long run they fuck you by giving you even more problems.

It's normal to have bad moments when this happens, everyone has them. How long has yours lasted?



Hi I forgot I made this thread, I don'e use this board very much so I didn't check it, sorry. Yes I am still in school I am not a NEET thankfully and I really don't see myself becoming one, homeless on the other hand is a very real possibility



Due to a mix of financial and religious reasons which I really have no urge to get into I cannot take med


This sounds like a great way to burn energy but I don't see it helping me very much or myself sticking with it


I've had this for a while now, Its gotten to the point where I will spend more time in it in my life than out of it I really can't give you a time period because I honestly don't know, but its been awhile



Life can be a chore. Want a recommendation?

Do something that raises your senses.

You live in a city with abandoned buildings? Climb over the fence and explore at 3 AM.

Live near nature or large natural parks? Go for a hike in the middle of the night. Don't take anything with you, not even your phone, and keep going until you feel "something".

Take acid or mushrooms. Hell do the things listed while on them.

Feel the world, rather than just looking at it.

I felt like you for a long time, but I experienced that danger (more than the things listed) would snap me out of it.

Modern life is like a vapid film of which you know both the plot and the ending. And it's all build around not doing anything legitimately dangerous. It's not surprising some people feel completely lethargic in the face of it.

What's the most dangerous or outrageous thing you've seen someone do these days? What's the most extreme thing someone can do in the mundaneness of modern existence? Earn a lot of money?

Separate yourself from the established dogma. Move outside the edge. You'll figure out eventually what I mean. And avoid pills if you don't want to become a complete zombie.

There's a whole world out there that modernity has made invisible.



You give good advice so thank you, but I've done the things you've said all ready and them some, I've been in a lot of weird or dangerous situations, but the effect never seems to stay afterwards, its only in the moment which is fine, but I need to make it go longer







I've been going through this for ~2+ years, since a lot of crazy shit happened in and out of my life. For some reason, I don't feel suicidal despite life feels pointless; like, I want to see how the ride completely ends, or if shit gets worse (or better…I can have a little hope, but I doubt it'll get better).

Two cats I rescued give me a little motivation to wake up, since I gotta take care of them. I've been seeing a psychiatrist, but I've hit a wall with my recovery. Try to do something active like exercising (I'm using DDP Yoga, since I got hurt in the past).


When my depression was almost making me unstable, my boss gave me the number for the Employee Assistance Program (look into this if your company has it). When I spoke to a counselor, they paired me up with a doctor who understood I don't want to be on pills to live some kind of decent life.

My advice on finding a good doctor: find someone with a forte on depression/depressed/traumatized clients, and actually has experience in the field. You don't want some fat, tattooed sjw bitch/numale cuck who never experienced any sorrow or sadness like the liberal schmuck s/he is. Also, drop a doctor who not only talks to you like you're his /her kid, but also automatically makes assumptions/"diagnoses" in the first five seconds in your session (I dropped one doctor when he tough I was autistic, and then suggested "autistic dating sites." The guy was a fucking ass-hole).

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