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File: 5890c9df9b3dabf⋯.jpg (56.35 KB, 493x480, 493:480, 1421728077791.jpg)


What's the point in doing anything when capitalism is going to destroy the planet and nobody cares enough to stop it?



The world is inevitably going to end at some time. What does it matter if that time is 100 years off instead of 10 billion years off? It is possible that environmental degradation may eventually impact your life, but just the knowledge of the possible demise of humanity in the abstract shouldn't effect how you live your life. The conditions under which humans flourish remain the same, no matter how great the prospect of our mortality.



I don't get how you could not care at all about our shitty future as a species. But maybe I could ignore it better if my own life was worth a damn.


The world as we know it is doomed to be destroyed the moment we define it. All of our 'worlds' are fragile and unstable, constantly changing and rarely having concrete consistent states, just significant events. Capitalism is an unstable, naturally occurring system that slowly overtook another unstable naturally occurring system. It's a change in a pattern that already existed, not something that was conceived of as a way of life and then implemented.



Well, our civilization wants to race mix into oblivion so I welcome the melting ice caps or winter chan.



Liberalism is also damaging the world too.

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