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File: 5811d44b5915a2a⋯.png (42.46 KB, 337x339, 337:339, 5811d44b5915a2ad49b0cc624a….png)


how do i focus on studying? i'm heading towards a failure in most of my exams, and i can't fix this shit

i've already deleted all my vidya and porn, but i still end up distracting myself with other shit since the reading material is horribly boring



(((school))) teaches you nothing. Dont waste your time with those braindead goyim. learn to think for yourself.



yea, but i need a diploma in order to work anything other than janitor work



Hi, 5/10 years younger me!

Give up all your social network accounts and distracting vices, and realize everything worthy in life is painful as fuck and concentration needs ALL your best efforts for prolonged and repeated times. If you don't, you'll face lots of problems in the future.


Keep the task which you have in mind and return to your work when your mind starts to wander. Find a place in which you won't be distracted and only allow yourself a break when you make serious progress.



Isn't there a study group you can join? I think you'd find it extremely helpful. Just cutting distractions probably won't be enough, you have to find a way to make the material interesting for you (since your discipline seems to be so weak). Search the 'feynman technique' on Youtube.

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