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File: 147802346859cab⋯.jpeg (36.36 KB, 473x473, 1:1, pepe-estrogen.jpeg)


>be me

>be 11

>puberty is about to start

>really want to be a girl

>can't be because i'm male

>always hang out around female family members and friends, never had a male friend for more than 4 months

>haven't developed sexuality yet or seen porn so it's not a weird fetish

>neglect this anxiety

>wait a year

>anxiety is inescapable

>talk to parents about it

>they're hostile as fuck and say the internet brainwashed/indoctrinated me

>they don't believe in doctors and only take homeopathic medication

>my mom has PCOS and tried to cure it with a gluten free diet so that's probably why i was born fucked like this

>gender dysphoria was apparently created by big pharma

>i repress

>i find /pol/ at age 12-13

>i call everything i don't like degenerate

>i am an absolute asshole to everyone on the internet and real life

>i still have a bad reputation for it and i completely accept that

>my life is at rock bottom

>the house looks like /r/neckbeardnests and my parents are ready to disown me

>be me

>be 14

>realize that i only use pol/cringeanarchy/what have you to make myself look better than others by comparison

>thought i was saving the world from liberal degeneracy but i was actually just being a faggot

>bone structure is now unpassable

>clean myself up

>talk to parents again about dysphoria

>they roundaboutly accuse me of watching trap porn

>say that if i ever "decided to be transgendered" they would have failed as parents

>i don't want to become a disillusioned retard again so i ignore what they say

>do what i can asap

>come out on IRC

>mixed response, 50% say i've been cucked by le jews xdd and the other half are cool with it

>order female hormones and androgen blockers on the internet grey market because i don't want to have to transition at 18

>still haven't shipped in

>all this time i've been undersleeping to stop bone growth and acting generally strange

>finally get the courage to explain everything in a video and then tweet the video

>the one IRL friend i have accepts me

>entire community of /pol/yps cite the time i acted terribly despite the fact that i actually acted exactly like them

>hypocracy aside they're kind of right

>i am a degenerate and the product of a mistake

>i don't see why i should put a burden on people

>i am an asshole for existing, nobody should have to deal with my conflict

i'm thinking of doing a cost-benefit analysis to see if there's more people who would be in favor of me being dead than people who want me alive, but i still have a tiny part of me with a will to live, although i have no idea what i could accomplish (if anything) if i stayed alive. that's why i'm posting here.


For fucks sake, man. Don't go down this road, become a faggot, and mutilate yourself. Take hold of yourself. Tell others go fuck off and go lift. You're a man. Act like it. Lift, eat your meat, throw off the faggotry before you fuck yourself up for good. Throw the hormones in the trash and fix yourself up, m8.



Let's be real for a moment and address this issue of faggotry and/or non-faggotry.

You are not your cock. And likewise, your cock is not you. Your sexual identity as a person is not the be-all end-all of your personality; just an aspect of it.

Secondly being gay or straight is not a state of being. Being gay or straight ARISES out of a state of being. Meaning, you can exercise limits of self-control when it comes to your desires. It doesn't make you a monk or a bad person for denying yourself sexual desires nor more than a bodybuilder avoids foods that will mess up his gains. The idea that you must indulge yourself in whatever or you're othereise not being true to yourself is preposterous.

Thirdly, you're young and honestly, the darkest parts of the internet raised you. I would at least wait until you could support yourself financially before embarking on any independent course as that will prove how responsible you are with something as major as transitioning.

Be who you are and not what society thinks you should be.



Have you considered the idea of talking to a psychologist/psychiatrist? Maybe they can fix you. I mean, looking at this rationally, you'll never be a girl. You can take hormones and cut your dick off but you'll still be biologically male. You'll never have a vagina/uterus. Since you can't change your biology, maybe you should try changing your mind.



>be me

saged and hidden


Kill yourself. Every tranny pill you take is a small step on the suicide ladder anyway. Be a man and hang yourself.



>i'm thinking of doing a cost-benefit analysis to see if there's more people who would be in favor of me being dead than people who want me alive

For as long as you hold the view that your worth is something determined by others, you will not only be the target of relentless bullying by other malformed individuals, but you will actively deny and prevent yourself from finding happiness. Learn to live for yourself. Putting oneself first is what healthy people do, until they become parents at least. Doing anything else invariably leads to physical and mental illness. You may objectively be a piece of shit right now, but if you let yourself go, because you think you're not worth it, you will die miserable and alone, having accomplished nothing.


Rage against the dying of the light.

Move somewhere else and make new friends.



I'm sure you have your shit together too m8


File: b9d728dc8688227⋯.webm (3.32 MB, 853x480, 853:480, shinjiwave.webm)

You willregret mutilating yourself. You're still young. Don't be reckless with this. If you go through with it, there's no coming back. I do believe you're mentally ill, and that you viewed the interwebz at an impressionable age, but that's besides the point. Let's say you get through with it, ever thought what's next? How will you afford the pads? Where will you live when your parents kick you out (they will)? How will you finish high school with this much drama surrounding you? Happiness is never achieved by changing your looks. The material world can never forever satisfy your mentality/spirituality. It comes from the heart, anon. Please, please, I fucking beg of you, don't do it.


You should visit >>>/mtf/. I feel your pain OP, I had to wait until I was 19. Ossification screwed me up good.


File: aa0acec4bf9055c⋯.jpg (104.46 KB, 750x591, 250:197, ben hitler.jpg)


This. Just don't. It's gonna fuck you up. I really wonder where these trannies will end up when they're 40 or 60, not common since most of them commit suicide.



This anon has it. The answer to not liking yourself isn't to ruin your body. Work out, or go to church, or expand your mind with philosophy and science - or do all three. Just don't destroy yourself.


>implying becoming a crude mockery of a woman will make everything better

You want to be a woman because you're fucked in the head. If you "transition" you'll realize that that wasn't the solution and you still feel like shit, only with a permanently ruined body. Instead, try to not be fucked in the head anymore. Figure out the source of your dysphoria rather than what the dysphoria wants.

Yeah, and you were cucked by the jews, faggot.

Or, you know, maybe you just like hanging out with women and doing girly things but you're such an autistic retard that you think that means you're actually le womyn in le mans body rather than just an eccentric. There's not really any reason why a muscular, well-groomed man can't go shopping, gossiping and trying on frilly dresses.


File: 811923b8e5b7561⋯.jpg (148.87 KB, 1199x544, 1199:544, loltranny3.jpg)

Do you really want to go through this OP?


Have you ever considered what you would look/feel like when you are 40 or 50?

Have you ever thought about the fact that your body will crumble into a deformed parody of a human being? Even if you don't cut of your cock the hormones will still fuck you over really hard.



That is perhaps the most vile thing I've ever seen.


File: 7f2d2f1f566455f⋯.png (879.93 KB, 1409x4383, 1409:4383, mtf postop.png)


same kind of thing in pic related. i feel terrible for this person actually.



Are you implying I'm a vile person for posting it?

I just want to know that if he mutilates himself this is what he will have to live with.



Before you try converting to being female, have you considered trying to build up your proper sex hormone?

I remember an anon that posted about how his lifelong friends was getting into the transgender quagmire and fixed him by taking him to the gym and helping him eat properly. His friend was low as shit on testosterone for whatever reason.

You might be the same. Switching genders involves going against the very foundation your body is built on.

Granted, there can be genuine cases for it, where someone has a biologically female brain in a male body or vice-versa.

But before going down that path, try working with the foundation you already have before trying to uproot and destroy it.



Who knew cutting your penis off in exchange for a gaping wound was a poor idea. I all honestly though I do feel bad that we live in a world that tells these people that getting mutilated is normal.


fixing 404, sage post

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