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File: 17aee4b502f2b1b⋯.jpg (173.88 KB, 860x1158, 430:579, a033c3e88b27030496e2a39157….jpg)

File: 3f2545a4416d566⋯.jpg (67.73 KB, 499x794, 499:794, hot-busty-girls-13.jpg)

File: bbe833c8432b2b0⋯.jpg (163.39 KB, 600x1375, 24:55, Magical-Fashion-Tips-and-H….jpg)


>be me

>slaving away at uni

>got a shitty casual job, looking for a better one

>live at home

>skinny, but work out from time to time, could do more

>no friends mostly, but eh, fuck that

>browse 8chan

>"nice pics, anon, reminds me of that hot girl at work that flirts with me"

>okay, whatever faggots.png

>another thread

>"hey anons, what's a good show to watch with a girl coming over?"

>fuck this, I'm out.jpg

>commute by train to uni

>some nerdy fuck sits in row in front of me with cute blonde giggling all over him

>must murder everyone.gif

>spend day at uni, ignore crushing loneliness

>trying to study at the library, sexy girls galore

>make accidental eye contact with some babe studying biology and hold it

>she actually smiles

>fuck me, what is happening.jpeg

>walking back to train station

>some fat pajeet trying to talk to tall hot chick as I pass by, she's smiling

>must stay strong

>get home

>still want girlfriend, can't concentrate on actual work

>fuck my life.png

Anons, I need some serious help here. No /r9k/ or /mgtow/ stuff, fellas that actually get girls without being Chads.

How the fuck do you do it? Social circle would be easiest, but as I said, I don't actually have any friends and I haven't the slightest clue how to go about breaking into those circles. I did join a Latin dancing club at uni, but I usually leave after the sessions end because I don't know how to talk to anyone.



If I knew how to go from having zero friends to having a girlfriend, I wouldn't be here, sorry lad. At least you get to see qt girls in the flesh, as a NEET hikki all I've got is the internet.



You much as nearly answered your own question in the OP.

>some nerdy fuck sits in row in front of me with cute blonde giggling all over him

>some fat pajeet trying to talk to tall hot chick as I pass by, she's smiling

Do you see the connection?

Be funny, engaging, and modest.

>trying to study at the library, sexy girls galore

>make accidental eye contact with some babe studying biology and hold it

>she actually smiles

>fuck me, what is happening.jpeg

Study up on body language and nonverbal cues.


If you aren't strapped for cash, volunteer work like at an animal shelter or for a local charity is a great way to meet new people.



>volunteer work like at an animal shelter or for a local charity is a great way to meet new people

I've thought about it in the past, but I've never been keen on the idea. I hated working for minimum wage during my brief stint in work, so signing myself up to work for free just seems a bit mental. I've also always imagined volunteers to be a combination of weird old people and legitimate retards too, certainly not qt girls or people I could befriend, but maybe that's just my preconceived notions.



>combination of weird old people and legitimate retards

thanks for the laugh

Volunteer work is to provide you with experience in meeting new people. That's the immediate objective.

It's like exercise. If you don't stress your brain with different experiences, it atrophies. The parts that concern with social interactions: the temporal and frontal lobes, these parts won't develop; hence it is retardation.

Volunteer work provides you an easy avenue to be put into social situations that stimulate your brain. (You generally don't need to apply and be hired. There is no stress of having to maintain the job to keep an income.) Once you become acclimated to socializing however, you continue to push yourself forwards with new social experiences. That's when you go out into the wild.

>maybe that's just my preconceived notions

Again, who is to say those weird old people or legitimate retards won't turn out to be very friendly people who reward your life with laughter and care like friends are supposed to do?

Seriously, if you don't get out, meet, and interact with people in a confined routine like work, school, or church, then you won't ever be able to move yourself to initiate any interactions with people that do become life-long friendships or relationships.


File: 1e0987bc872db61⋯.mp4 (2.9 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, drop_it.mp4)

In order to get a GF you have to improve your life first. In order to improve your life you have to go outside your comfort zone. Do some weed with some coworkers or go hiking once a week or aim to beat a PR at the gym. You can't get a GF when you're a sadcunt, so first you have to become happy, and when you're happy you'll have more confidence and grills will sense it and come to you for the D, anon.

Sauce: Was a fatass back in High School. I decided to get into shape my senior year, and even though I was still fat at the end of it all, I had a GF and three other girls ask me out while I was dating because it was the happiest I had ever been in my life. You know how I got happy? Lots of pain pushing myself to the limits and doing shit outside my comfort zone like being a male cheerleader for the girls' football games even though I looked autistic as fuck/felt stupid doing it.


File: dbbf6084b290c53⋯.jpg (51.04 KB, 744x425, 744:425, brads_wife.jpg)


This, anon.

Just keep in mind that you should be wary of certain volunteer experiences as sometimes they're just looking for free labor. Animal shelters/Homeless Shelters/Church functions and such are usually good. Anything for a PTA or School is likely just them looking for free labor. If you feel mentally exhausted from socializing it's ok, but if you feel mentally exhausted from the work and dealing with your supervisor at a volunteer experience, get the fuck out immediately!

Another good option are temp jobs. I work the Broncos and Rockies games every year two Sundays a month getting paid $15/hour direct cash, and it puts me in contact with all kinds of cool people I would have never known otherwise.


>Had dates and relationships

<Most of them went to shit because nothing cliqued, or one of us really fucked it up

>There's a coworker I liked, but she told me she has a boyfriend

<See her leaving with another coworker she fucked, and heard about/saw her getting flirty with other guys

<Last date I had from PoF was a horrible disaster, and made me swear off online dating

<Made me realize if I wasn't a depressed loser, maybe I could have been with said coworker

<Depression and shitty life experiences that happened to people I cared about and myself change my dating views, crippling me socially and mentally (struggling with wanting to be with someone, or avoid contact out of work or buying necessities)

How do you get back into dating, swearing off online dating for the rest of your life, or get over shitty things that cripple you (depression, life experiences)?



Get a waifu, it's better than 3D shit


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Go to Burning Man next year, do acid and get laid with one of those hot Californian chicks that comprise the typical population of such gatherings.

On a more honest note, I'm half-serious. All those "degenerate" festivals that give /pol/ a heart attack are actually great places to lose your virginity as long as you are not stupid about STD's and all that shit. And not everyone there is a drug-addled liberal hippie, so you don't have to mix with that crowd if you don't want to.



Best advice in this thread.



OP I advise you before making any pursuits on women to make a serious attitude change. Basically you sound like a needy bitch, and not only is that embarrassing and painful, it's completely counter productive to getting a girlfriend. Your first rule as a man is thus: you don't need a girlfriend. You really don't. When you acknowledge that you could live your entire life without one, and that it could be fun, industrious, and spiritually meaningful, you will have killed your crippling anxiety for social success. If you really think about it, there's no way a life with a girlfriend who isn't right for you outweighs a life alone. Life with a girl who is right with you is a luxury that maybe you will achieve, but it isn't something you should stake your happiness on. The golden quality about this attitude is that if women sense this quality in you, they find it attractive. After all, women don't want to be needed, because they need you, stupid!.

When you have attained this attitude, put your efforts into becoming a man for your own sake. That will be the road to your success.



>Your first rule as a man is thus: you don't need a girlfriend. You really don't. When you acknowledge that you could live your entire life without one, and that it could be fun, industrious, and spiritually meaningful, you will have killed your crippling anxiety for social success. If you really think about it, there's no way a life with a girlfriend who isn't right for you outweighs a life alone. Life with a girl who is right with you is a luxury that maybe you will achieve, but it isn't something you should stake your happiness on.

This is shit advice. I agree that OP sounds like a passive-aggressive little bitch right now and he needs to fix that attitude but you don't achieve that by trying to go full monk mode and pretending that one of the most fundamental needs of physical companionship for humans as social creatures isn't something he should put effort into pursuing and should calmly accept the possibility of never attaining. Contrary to what people may think, women don't fall into your lap just because you are successful, you have to have actual skills in that department to get a quality girl. And similarly, not having female companionship can really psychologically fuck you up unless you're mentally prepared for that kind of life.


You think you want a gf but trust me, you don't. Women are useless. They don't provide emotional support but demand it for themselves constantly. They will try to mold you to their liking and then drop you because you're "not the way you used to be" anymore. They will ask for help and support and then get angry when it's not exactly what they want to hear.

The fact that you started the thread with images of random roasties tells me you're just inexperienced.


File: 1e8849636543191⋯.jpg (71.07 KB, 850x1133, 850:1133, 1e8849636543191aceee8ebc66….jpg)


>trying to study at the library, sexy girls galore

OP I envy you, at least wherever you study or studied more likely since you posted this 2 years ago had attractive girls. 80% of the women at my uni are either hambeasts, purple haired sjw types, or really REALLY ugly foreigners. At best there's a small handful of cute asian girls and almost zero attractive white girls.

It sucks too since this has basically turned me off bothering to date anyone I meet here. In fact there were a few instances where some girls really came on to me hard. One was a half native girl who met me in class and seemingly fell head over heels for me when all I did was chat with her a little bit and acted friendly. She wasn't horrible looking but she was so annoying and obsessive and dumb as a bag of bricks, I couldn't stand her. In fact she was so annoying and awful that my grade went down in that class because of her. The moment term ended I got the hell away from her.

Another time this skinny sjw really took a liking to me seemingly out of the blue. I suppose it was because she thought I was charming and friendly or something. She was unbearable to be around, I tried to stay away from her as much as possible throughout that particular class.

Although I have been eyeing one particular girl who is unbelievably shy and non-talkative. It's hard to strike a conversation with her since she never speaks to anyone and doesn't seem to know many people. So this might be a big waste of time.

So far though, I've never met a girl at uni that was genuinely nice and pleasant to be around. Everyone acts like a vainglorious, selfish dipshit who don't know anything beyond the scope of Netflix, new movies, music videos and social media.

I'm sure this probably wasn't that helpful, but maybe it will give you perspective, since it feels like all the girls around me are the worst of both worlds, ugly and unlikable.



But you can't have biological children with your waifu!


File: 9cedaa9c2441507⋯.png (58.49 KB, 600x771, 200:257, ClipboardImage.png)

Been in a relationship for the last twelve years, married et all.

It's so easy, even an ugly bastard like me could do it and yet I see so many desperate people clinging on abusive relationships just to be in one.

>Actually GO to some local gatherings, like >>3147 said, instead of trying to find people on the internet or in places that are way out of your league

>Learn to mingle, which is much different from socializing: just ask questions yourself as topic starters and listen to everything the small circle of people you're talking to has to say, doesn't matter if it's stupid or you don't care, learn to read the mood by acknowledging their tastes as really good and only show some fracturing when it's on something meaningless or funny, people absolutely LOVE to hear themselves talk

>Find someone that shares some of your autistic hobbies first, appearance later; it seems obvious, but the dick is mightier than the brain, yet without fail the gorgeous looking woman acting coy to get you to buy drinks will peak at thirty and just crash and burn later, while having someone who enjoys embroidery, heavy metal and/or Local Sports Team #2467 at least almost as much as you is something that nothing can take away, not even time

>Learn that compromise is part and parcel of a relationship, but also learn that you HAVE to show some spine when either she steps over a line you're not willing to cross and that she needs to abide by your rule when it's very important to you (ofc don't act like a bossy jerk either or she's got every right to dump you then and there)

>Learn to love her unconditionally and expect her to do so in kind, this can be helped by asking her opinion on other, hotter women, rather than just oogling them yourself - you have no idea how important it is to get both of your viewpoint on the standard of beauty across, lest you want endless fights because that girl in tiny short looked at you and you didn't divert your eyes fast enough

If all else fails, consider entering a relationship with someone who is way older (but still nice enough, remember, nice beats intelligent beats sexy beats rich). At the same time, you should experience the humiliation of being turned down at least once in your life before you can truly be free of the spook of unattractiveness, so don't be discourage and DO ask out the woman who looks like she's out of your league, you may be surprised that some will find you even charming if you just use your personality and hobbies instead of trying to pander too much to them.

Oh and it goes without saying, you can never ever start loving anyone else if you don't start loving yourself too. Don't look at yourself as a failure, just a pile of little mistakes that you made across the road, it doesn't matter how many times you get it wrong as long as you get it right in the end.


File: 40a8dfc9dba0df7⋯.png (74.39 KB, 232x240, 29:30, tails_sweating.png)


>Go to Burning Man

>do acid

As someone with a great deal of experience with psychedelics, dropping LSD in such as crowded and unpredictable environment sounds like a recipe for an immensely unpleasant experience, especially if you're the usual socially avoidant person who uses this site.

Better to just smoke some weed or get wasted.


women are fucking garbage who cares


>git gud at something that isn't video games

>get /fit/


File: 81e72bc1e00a578⋯.png (246.82 KB, 453x435, 151:145, CantFindMyMotivation.png)

I also want an answer. It was easy in high school but fuck the adult world when it comes to this shit.

High School:

>See a cute girl

>Observe her for a while, learning her mannerisms and whether or not she's crazy

>After spending a week determining if she's worth the trouble, talk to her

>If she's cool, keep talking to her, if not, just don't talk to her ever again

>Wasn't necessary because every time it worked and we go out

I did this three times to great success and almost married my last gf but for some reason one day her disposition towards me just 180'd and two weeks later she left me for someone else. No idea what went wrong. Collectively I have 7 years of dating experience under my belt all because of how easy it is to meet girls in high school.

Adult World:

>Get on dating apps

>Get stood up multiple times, ghosted many times

>Stop using dating apps because all it does is hit me with thousands of girls, real or not, that I don't have a chance with

>Take the train to school every day, but I only ever see old people and homeless dudes on the train

>On the rare chance I do see a girl I'd like to talk to on the train or at the train she's either with her boyfriend or on the phone with someone who's obviously her boyfriend

>Decided to go to school in Salt Lake City, which I'd discover is a mistake because 80% of women out here are either Mormon or have a kid (It being a religious city seems to mean that you're dealing with pure religious girls or infidel sluts with very little in-between)

I'm starting to wonder if like the smart men in America, the smart women are also withdrawing from society. Just like how many men are doing just fine with anime and onaholes, many women are entertaining themselves with netflix and dildos.


File: 222aeba2c6c43a1⋯.jpg (23.14 KB, 305x380, 61:76, 087.jpg)



I've met a few nice girls online, and they're all pretty much like me, shut-ins who prefer talking online rather than AFK. I wish I could get through the LDR barrier.

Also fuck Utah as a whole. I was raised Mormon and don't want to deal with any more of them. Good luck having a good relationship with a Mormon girl as a non-Mormon.


Kill some muslims, then the women will love you.





Finding a girl can be a real ordeal especially when your not a nigger since yes these modern girl have been conditioned to crave one mass hipsteria THE KIM KARDASHIAN EFFECT as I well call it… Not sure if this post is on going and you or anyone else is actively seeking love by the end of my post you would have learnt how I cope with this modern delema… One things for sure being a degenerate has its draw backs I just ponder all the loop holes and trap doors that exist in just trying to coexist… I can only point the blame at a generation that is more interested in itself then in trying to persuade another into being a lover…when I was a youth I used poetry as a method this got me to the gate but never allowed me to bathe in the valley of pubes it was nearly a tool to one day wet my cane in her pool…we are caught up in a world of inequality decotomy where walking on egg shells is not enough to attract the lemming from the brink of death far be it for one to obscure such ravaged mentalities everything is everything and nothing means nothing when social media has made everyone less social when you can be all you can be on fakebook… By the time I turned 18 I had lived every fantasy I could ever imagine and in ghastly nostalgia I can see how I've corrupted my own mind picture if you will proverbs 7 crawling in the dead of night through the threshold of paradise praying that her father doesn't find me stuffing his only daughter till she folds over for seconds all in a haze of adders driven hysterics oh what fun it is to ride in a one whores open legs jiggle jangle dingle dangle and now she is a fandangled memory…but I learned about from that dummy that plowing her flesh up in her tummy now just seems funny started as friends ended as lovers and I'll never forget the first less the others…everything that is forbidden in which you can find fulfilment a smokescreen in a beehive these modern women don't know what they want…they all seem to have the same fashion choice monkey see monkey do…there they go every where I go everywhere I flee I blame the TV true love is hard to find when all these bitches are blind…the next generation will be fine because they are not of the same mind as to what I had to do to find I had to back in time.


File: 749b7e53e69e6a8⋯.png (220.11 KB, 490x356, 245:178, ClipboardImage.png)


Maybe I wasn't clear. But being Mormon or having kids is a deal breaker for me. So that means that there is roughly a 1/5 chance of a girl not immediately losing my interest. Then after that, half the girls out here are also ugly hambeasts with bad teeth. So in the end I'm only interested in 1 out of every 10 girls give or take a little bit. Finally, I seem to go through like 300 profiles before I get so much as a match. so there's like a 0.03 chance per profile that I will even get a match. I don't know why I bother because of aforementioned constantly getting ghosted and stood up.



in loving memory of Commissar Gulagstien



Why are her eyes glowing?


File: 51133ed7dd6fc9d⋯.jpg (25.37 KB, 494x334, 247:167, mormon.jpg)


By "good luck", I meant that it's near impossible to have a meaningful relationship with one if you don't convert over. Also, I think everyone knows they're all about having kids, so you're not going to have a good chance of convincing one not to. They're like normal Christian girls, but x10, which usually means they're pretty wholesome and traditional. That'd be good for me, except I cannot stand Mormons, and could not marry a Christian. Obviously if you're not planning on kids, that's going to throw out a great deal of Christian/religious girls in general.


File: 298e60ad40d1433⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, gridman04.png)


It's not that I don't want kids. It's that I don't want to enter a relationship with someone who already has kids. I'll settle and date women who have kids already if I'm still not settled into a "permanent" relationship by age 30(22 right now). But before then, the only kid that bitch will have will be mine.


File: 4102aab64a47d02⋯.jpg (76.03 KB, 460x1576, 115:394, Love trigger medium mentio….jpg)

OP, why the fuck r u obsessing over a GF especially in uni? Girls want a man who's getting good.

Youth is not a magical time/eternal kumbiya/era of adventure contrary to bitter boomers. Getting good is what it's all about.

Finding the "perfect girl" at uni?


SJWism is a law of physics on uni campuses so why bother?

Just pay a bitch to fuck you, 'cause in a relationship you end up spending a few hundred on your girl anyway.



You should only do that if you're willing to accept the fact that she will always be fictional.


You do it by talking to them without sperging out. They already invite you to talk to them by smiling, you fucking retard. If you have anxiety get one of the following, sorted by desirability: Betablockers, Phenibut, Benzos. These will make you not freak out when talking to girls. If you are a fucking autist on top that that has no charisma you will want to enhance that part too with either an amphetamine of your choice or for the pussies a mixture of Huperzine A, Kratom and caffeine.

The only thing holding you back is your stupidity to not outsmart your loser biochemistry. Me, I'm a normie who can get girls and I use these drugs mentioned above to give speeches in front of people and attend business meetings where I have to sell shit to shitheads I hate.


Check the dates before replying. OP is probably now married with grandkids.



Check the sage, faggot. I'm sure other losers like you will benefit from it regardless. Enjoy.



Listen faggot I'm an alien incarnated from higher dimensions here to help Earth transvibrate back into Love and Light and I didn't come here to be sage'd by some anonymous nobody on an obscure abandoned 8chan board, capiche?


it's called confidence bronon. you are obviously not so autistic that you can't pick up on cues, girls in the library smiling after a long stare, you are just too much of a pussy to capitalize on the opportunity. At that point you had already done the hard part without even realizing it, you got her attention and you got a cue that she thought you seemed decent. staring at a girl in a library can go one of two ways, you obviously didn't creep her out and have security called on you, so i really do think you're working with more than what you think you have.

if you're going to a reasonably size uni then that's great, university campuses are actually reasonably big places, don't be afraid to fail, you're not going to get better without trying, the fat fuck pajeet spitting game was likely fucked with mercilessly and has probably stuck out more than you ever will in your whole life no matter how much you try, yet he goes for it…..the alpha mentality isn't being a dick, it's being strong enough and having the balls to push all of the internal bullshit aside and just fucking capitalize..that's what you're missing and you're not going to get it without a change in the state of your mind, sports psychology has become a big thing for a reason, there is a mental attitude that separates people and it reflects itself in every aspect of a persons life. you need to find this shit bronon and nobody can tell you how to do it, it's a world view sort of thing, when you look at yourself you need to see yourself as the person that girl in the library smiled at, not whatever this shit is, you got a lot going for you, you're going to school you're not a fat fuck, apparently you're somewhat attractive. lean into that shit, i did a lot of extreme sports growing up and nothing will get you fucked faster than hesitating, you focus, then you commit and there's no looking back, it's all forward motion, if you eat shit, roll with it. picking up girls is no different, you're a guy, they expect you to say stupid shit, you have no fucking idea as women all of the stupid shit men have said to them over the course of thier lives, you this is true, a lot of us are fucking idiots, especially when it comes to talking to women. just go for it anon, introduce yourself, ask questions "what's your major?" has worked for generations, listen to what she has to say and just be you man, last thing you want is to pretend to be something you're not or even be a tryhard, as that's the standard you're going to set for the relationship…i'm telling you, literally the only thing stopping you is you and your unwillingness to start a conversation, sure you may fail, big fucking whoop, fail graciously and move on to the next attempt. as i was saying earlier, it's a skill, some people have just started developing it from a really young age and it has a lot to do with upbringing but that's another novel of a post.



I'm 42, kind of chubby, I'm going bald, I'm 5'8", nothing at all special about me. I look my age. I don't have money. I drive and old beat to hell ford ranger. I have no problems pulling in pussy from 18 to 80. Of course I rarely pull in any prime cunt any more, but at least I can get my weekly lay in without much effort or cash out flow. I also do not live near a big city. I live outside of a bunch of rural towns in the country. I live in a beat up mobile home to keep my costs low.

When it comes to females, all I do is act like I am interested in what they have to say. I do it with a smile and act happy. I act a little snarky and combative, just a little. I'm always a bit vague about my relationship status. If they think you're not at least seeing someone, then they feel you're damaged and no one wants you. It's easy to fake confidence when you know you probably won't see that person or group of people again. Where I am, there are plenty of places to go fuck without having to go to each others houses or buy a hotel room. I used to do that in my youth. A girl can cool off in that 10 minutes it takes to get the room and then refuse you your pleasure. Had it happen.



Pretty much this


This just happened, please advise.

>On tinder because I'm desperate to not die alone

>swipe right and match with a really qt girl

>honestly shocked because I get very few matches

>talk with her for a bit

>seems like she's interested

>she laughs at every joke I make

>find out she's a friend's younger sister

I'm 21 and she's 18. Should I do it? I'm in to her, but seeing as she's younger and a friend's sister I feel like it's kinda wrong, but I'm also desperate.



I don't see what's wrong here, there's only a three year difference and you're both legal.



The legal age parameters we set are actually for boys by default. Girls mature earlier, biologically and socially.

Plus, since girls have a womb, they're expected to sit down and look pretty, so they don't have to "prove themselves".

But, girls are desperate to grow up. We think that girls want to be treated as precious angels, which they do, but they want to keep it real.

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