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File: 8c04bf5bb0d1c2a⋯.jpg (120.77 KB, 800x800, 1:1, daa3cfd3be83211fe7880df361….jpg)


Do any of you anons keep a dream journal? If so, would any of you be willing to share any stories or memories you have? Also how often can you remember what you dreamt about after you wake up in the morning?



I kept one when I was young and foolish. I thought lucid dreaming = imaginary world where I can do all sorts of things, so I tried to train myself into being able to do it so I can get more time to practise skills in my dreams. I used every methods conceivable to be able to induce lucid dream on myself.

What they said about being careful of what you wish for applies 120% in this case. It is not what you think it is, no open-world that you can conjure anything you want. It is more like you are aware and awake in your dreams, whatever it is. Your control of it depends on your… what should I say 'dream controlling' skill? You cannot really hardcore conjure anything you want, it is sort of fuzzy, but it just happens.

Anyway. The side effect of it is that I can remember my dreams clear and well until my mind wandered off to the daily routine, but even so I can still remember it, not down to minute details, but I can still recall what was it about and such mostly. Oh, and I dream every night since.

As for the dream stories, varies. Some very eerily esoteric (journey across multi-verse like DnD Planescape, Nobilis-esque surreal conceptual), fun daily mundane (played in a band with my friends, performed 'Hurricane' by Scorpions in an actual Hurricane), some downright intimidating in many ways (straight out of the Holy Bible, facing adult fears like uncertain future), some are borderline premonitions if I think about it in a certain way and some actually came to pass. All in all, very interesting ride indeed. Forget the common imagery you find on internet when you search lucid dream, the real ride is much more fascinating in person.



I don't really dream anymore. I'm only ever able to dream when I get large amounts sleep, so the 3-6 hours I get each night doesn't cut it. I actually dislike dreaming most of the time because often I barely have any control, and end up trying to run away from something chasing me, but can't.



The 3280 poster here. Problems with nightmares? I dislike having no control and being chased too. I do not usually have nightmares where I am being chased though, maybe it is that I am subconsciously avoiding seeing that. Nightmares where I am stuck with things I am afraid though . . . Yeah, sometimes; but I do not usually go full panic over it because I have some control over it and just change it. Might be contradictory to what I have said above, while you cannot go absolute crazy in LD, you do have some modicum of control, just do not let yourself get overwhelm by yourself.

The most dangerous shit I have come across with LD, coincidentally is with last nights dream for a short period. I dreamed of being held down hard by the chest (think BJJ hold) in combat by some glowing golden in the dark esoteric thing I cannot breathe, then I realised that I am not breathing IRL either and has to struggle to change my dream to breathe again. It was probably sleep paralysis though.



3282 here, I don't have a lot of nightmares per se, but dreams often degerate down to me running away from someone or something, with the common fact being a feeling of some sort of throttle; like something out of my control is holding me back from running at my normal full speed. These always end up with me being about to be grabbed/caught by the thing I'm running away from, and then the dream ending.


I had a dream last night where a bird was walking along in a cave, picking up feathers and bones for sustenance. Lot was completely 2 dimensional and post apocalyptic. Life on earth had been reduced to rubble. Interesting dream.


I don't remember them most of the time. Even if I do they fade after a day or so. In the moments after I wake up that I remember it I might think "That was fucked up" if it was a bad dream, but by the time I get up I forgot it already.


Here's one I had that really stuck out to me.

>laying in bed

>ex-wife's cat jumps up

>starts being super affectionate

>after a while, turns around and shits on me

Kinda sums up that whole relationship, weirdly enough


File: 3b9deff1e2e7042⋯.jpg (58.17 KB, 720x711, 80:79, 1551024730314.jpg)


That doesn't sound like it was a great relationship then. But I guess that explains why she's your "ex" wife



Yeah…she was damaged goods. She threw herself upon me because I was the first half-decent guy who showed any remote interest in her and seemed like a good candidate for her knight in shining armor. At the time, it was nice for me because I was a depressed autistic misfit loner with no friends and finally was able to make a deep, meaningful connection with another human (one that was a member of the opposite sex, no less). We had a nice time for several years, probably because I was too enamored and stubborn to acknowledge I was being taken advantage of, but when we got married and moved in together, shit started piling up. Literally, in some ways. I would always come home to find her either still in bed or glued to her PC playing World of Warcraft or browsing Reddit, with dirty dishes piled up everywhere, garbage overflowing, clothes strewn about, some mess her cat made, and whatever nonsensical arrangement of objects she had to make because anything else made her anxiety act up or whatever. I made multiple ER trips because I'd find her catatonic and unresponsive, only for her to wake up as soon as they put us in a room like nothing ever happened, and each time, the doctors found nothing wrong. I just went with it because I'd convinced myself she needed time to get better, and there were some small aspects that did get better, but over time, the small improvements gave way to huge regressions, and the anxiety and other aspects worsened considerably. Eventually, her time on Reddit got her to drink some ultra-strength leftist kool-aid despite alleging multiple times she was "red-pilled", and then one day, she decided I just wasn't worth talking to anymore. I decided enough was enough at that point.

And so ended the story of my big tiddie goth gf.

Sorry for the blogpost…it just stings a little bit still.



>big tiddie goth with little to no personal accountability

sounds like one of my sister's tbh, useless cunt, at least you got to fug yours though.



Part of me wonders if we're talking about the same person.

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