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File: f065389ab711437⋯.png (515.88 KB, 680x755, 136:151, d45.png)


Why can't adults as a collective take responsibility for their shit? Why do they always blame the youths for everything that goes wrong?

People in the west flip out about teens jacking off to porn yet they see no problem with 40-something men drinking themselves stupid to the point where they require surgical intervention which will go shit because of alcoholism.

Grown men drop F-bombs all the day long but get pissy about some fourth grader makes one.

Or how about people getting angry about grade schoolers not knowing about pop culture from 20+ years ago yet these old farts don't even know what was popular in their grandparents' day?

I go on the Internet and see mostly people in their 20s, 30s and 40s whinng about not finding about the perfect mate with the perfect bod but they accuse teens of narcissistic thirsty virgins. (*cough* /r9k *cough* /cuteboys).

I mean adults nowadays really are just eternal older siblings. (Not that adults were mature to begin with.)

I notice adults get angry when a child doesnt say "please" or "thank you" but these same folks rush out of the place without a please or thank you. And when there's some tech the elders don't know how to use, they make smartass commemts, but when a teen criticizes the tech of their day they huff and puff.

When a child or young adult makes a mistake on a task, especially if they're male, the elders accuse them of being lazy or immature. Yet these same elders walk out restrooms without washing hands or they pick up food they dropped on the floor and eat it.

I know most of you will never agree bc we've been conditioned "criticism of your elders is disrespect." And thats why boomers can get away with recklessness over and over simply because theyre "too old to scold."


File: f86b090d60ee8f3⋯.jpg (66.4 KB, 881x843, 881:843, unsure shrug.jpg)

I think it's because society really does regress as the generations pass. With that said however, I think you answered your own question. As people get older they get wiser in other ways but they think they get wiser all around and that's not always the case. This leads to their ego inflating and simply thinking that their immune to criticism and anybody thinking otherwise simply has bad manners. It's easy to think you know better when you have more experience.

Or at least, that's what I think.



It's not just Boomers. 4chan and 8chan whine,bitch,and moan for hours on end about zoomers.

>"Why do zoomers do this?"

>"Is this what zoomers do in their spare time?"

>"What's up with zoomers and their slang?"

These same oldfags then use stale mes from 2005 and use exclusive slang and share gory body horror stories and brag about their dumb shit like they're on FaceBook,

They think that because 4chan and 8chan don't require usernames or face pics that they're more mature than FaceBookfags or Twitterfags.

They're just Gen Xers and old Millennials who failed adulthood 101 and are stuck in shitty apartments.



I never understood all out attacks on a generation. I've had this problem with Boomers for a while. They go after us, but they're the ones that raised us. I'm not better than someone for being born before them. I never put someone under me for not knowing about something that happened in 2003 when they were 5 or anything before 2000. At most it just makes me feel old.

Boomers lump us together regardless and dismiss us on the grounds that we "eat tide pods" or some dumbass shit like that,

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