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File: 05d35231eef66e1⋯.png (497.04 KB, 693x626, 693:626, 05d35231eef66e10f8fc7b2a81….png)


There are many times during the day where I feel like none of this is real. I feel like I'm just using this body as an avatar. It makes me lose focus and it's causing me trouble in my classes. I constantly feel like something in my body wants to float out and away from it.

What should I do? I want to get help but I want to get the kind of help that won't just throw pills at the problem and hope for the best


essential oils brah


Go talk to a psychiatrist. Tell them you are reluctant to use pills. They can help you in other ways. I can save you the trouble however and say exactly what they are going to say. Exercise more. Don't drink a lot, or at all if you can help it. Don't use drugs. Focus on your schoolwork but also do things you like in your spare time. If that means playing videos games or talking with people on imageboards, go wild.


Also it sounds like you might just be depressed. I have felt seriously out of sorts when in actuality I was just treating my body horribly and not getting enough sleep.

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