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File: 49d46ee00fb76a3⋯.jpg (38.79 KB, 327x669, 109:223, 49d46ee00fb76a33005fc2ba67….jpg)


i fucked a girl raw and theres a chance i might have a disease.


Blood test, everything should be detectable 3 months after infection.



Your only real concerns are herpes and HIV. Both are incurable, and of course, the latter is inevitably fatal. Everything else notable should show within a week or less and will be treatable with antibiotics.

HIV has a very low chance of spreading with vaginal sex, even lower assuming you're the dude, so you're probably good. Wait a week and check in with the doc, get a full STD test. After 3 months, get an HIV home testing kit if you're still concerned - just understand that you're talking about a 1/10,000 chance or so. I fully understand how the notion can make you panicky, been there done that.

post pics


Go for a blood test. I know it's embarrassing, but do it so you know for sure.



who the fuck dies from hiv these days??



…people with HIV. Did you srsly not get the memo on this.



Everybody with HIV will die eventually. :^)


Also nobody will judge you for getting tested, since they'd all be tested as well (assuming you go to an STD-specific department), and most of them are curable anyway. There aren't always signs apparently, so it's better to get tested after a couple of weeks. The longer you wait the more agonising your imagination will make it I waited a loooooooong-ass time. I hope it goes well.



Dont worry. HIV, and most other "conditions", is made up by the (((medical community))) to scam you into treatments that cost $250,000+ minimum.

Just stick to a good regminen of vitamins and minerals (not the big box store crap though). Eat the occasional cannabis edible (or rick simpson oil). You'll be fine.




Use condoms in the meanwhile.



This. Don't get scammed.

If you have HIV, you're probably a faggot and it's best that you take poor medical advice, ignore the doctor and just die you worthless piece of human shit.


I may have one and I'm a virgin (dick touched toilet rim whist taking a dump in a high STD area). Whenever I piss, I keep dripping for a good few minutes after I'm done. Pls halp.



Thats not the drips, you sperg. Its if your dick leaks when you arent pissing AND if it burns. Most likely you just have UTI. Rare in dudes but common in chicks.

Wash your cock and drink a large bottle of 100% cranberry juice. Be good in like two days.


a man is more likely to infect a woman than the other way around

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