Baking Bread

Baking Bread

In the earliest stages of this community, Q referred to his posts and informational hints as “crumbs” on a trail for those to find a way/connection between people, places, and concepts of interest. A crumb must come from somewhere, and so the general discussion threads were thereafter called “breads”. Q continues to post crumbs in the general bread, but may also post on his own board (currently /patriotsfight/) or on other threads where he deems necessary.

The general bread (Q Research General #XXXX) is seen as the primary source of information and discussion of pertinent and recent events related to outing the corruption of US and foreign governments at all levels. It is the most ever-changing thread of any thread on the /qresearch/ board, and the dynamism and frequency of posts increases significantly whenever Q posts or when major political events occur.

Each thread can only contain 750 posts, and the bread reaches this limit roughly every two hours. Unless another bread is created, or “baked”, the discussion cannot continue in a smooth and uninterrupted way. As such, it is the responsibility of Anons to take on the responsibility of baking a new bread that contains the information from the previous breads and allows the discussion and flow of information to occur unimpeded.

The Anon who takes up this responsibility is the Baker, the functionary who ensures that new breads are baked in a timely manner. Any Anon can be a Baker; the title is only functionary and confers only responsibility and not power over other Anons. When a bread is nearly entirely consumed (i.e., the thread nears the 750 post limit), the Baker creates a new thread and posts the required/requested information at the beginning of it, such that other Anons may quickly reference it during their discussion. Should a Baker need to leave for whatever reason, the Baker requests a handoff of the dough, the text of the first posts of a bread, to another Anon who is willing to take on the responsibilities and keep the breads baking.

Over time, the role of Baker has evolved to include managing archives (or the links to them) and gathering notable posts, or Notables, made by Anons within the bread. Notables include properly sourced information, recent news and current events, insightful or useful commentary from other Anons, or meaningful speculation with a clear direction that requires further analysis or review. The gathering and posting of Notables ensures that other Anons entering the bread can quickly bring themselves up to speed without wading through hundreds, if not thousands, of posts. Thus it is the responsibility of the Baker to use their wisdom and discernment to determine what is or is not Notable, such that other Anons do not waste their time on useless or distracting posts. These notables are added to the dough and baked into future breads, which are then archived by other Anons for future reference.

A Baker that fails to create a new thread in a timely manner is quickly replaced by another Anon who steps up to bake. A Baker that posts pointless information to the Notables without correction is ousted by the other Anons who make way for another to more responsibly collect worthwhile information. Should a Baker fail in his responsibilities for whatever reason, it is up to Anons to rectify the situation as needed. Any interruption of the discussion prompts Anons to bake a new “emergency” bread and to reorganize, and any Baker intentionally promoting garbage information is quickly ousted such that a new Baker may take their place.

Over 2000 breads on /qresearch/ have been baked, each contributing to a months-long discussion of global politics and the processes behind weeding out the corruption that has overtaken the United States and world governments for the past 100+ years.


( >>>/comms/154 , Bakers’ School, does the best job of this. It would be impertinent of me to try and outshine their already stellar work. I would defer to them or at least copy-paste their material here and give them credit, making appropriate edits and summarizing where necessary)


Any Anon can bake? Really?

Really. It’s intimidating, especially with a devoted branch of the Internet Hate Machine breathing down your neck if you mess up. After a few Bakes, however, it’s a matter of copy-pasting and being diligent about notable material.

How do you handle shills or ban people?

The Baker doesn’t handle shills, nor do they have the power to ban. “Baker” is only a functionary title.

I’ve noticed that one Baker talks a lot, another Baker lets people know about the Notables they’ve gathered from time to time, and one Baker is damn near silent every time he bakes. What gives?

Bakers are not autonomous robots - owing to the nature of gathering Notables, it is impossible for any robot or AI to do this job. As such, each Baker has their own personality, just like yours is different from mine. Over time, you may recognize some stylistic differences between Bakers, but the job is just the same.

This one faggot calls himself “Daybaker”, “NightBaker”, or “WorkfagBaker”. No namefagging!

No namefagging, indeed. This minor exception to the rule allows recognition of reliable names and the smoother transition of bread from one Baker to another. In the early days of the community, less scrupulous Anons attempted to form a “Baker’s Guild” whereby only a select few Anons could bake at all. This was met with disaster and resulted in the prevailing philosophy that anyone can bake. While this remains true, Anons have come to trust certain individuals recognized by their styling, time and presence on the board and, most importantly, their reliability and dedication. These Bakers are still just that - Bakers. They are Anons like any other, only recognized because of their frequency in contribution in the same way that Planefag, SpreadsheetAnon, or GermanArchiveAnon is recognized.

Why didn’t the Baker include my MyLittlePony fanfic in the Notables?

Bakers are trusted to discern worthwhile material from unimportant or distracting nonsense. In dealing with shills, most Anons can discern this and will quickly call out a Baker for including such nonsense in the posts. Highlighting your own material as notable or raising a fuss about your material not making the grade is usually a sign that you’ve posted something that is not worth discussing. The responsible thing to do in this case is to calmly and respectfully defend your information in the bread such that others might scrutinize it accordingly. Most other behaviors are signs of shilling and will result in immediate backlash, so be sure you are indeed posting worthwhile information.

Does the BO/BV know who you are IRL?

No. We’re anonymous.

Does Q know who you are?

Probably, but we don’t know them, so don’t ask.

Are you Q?!?!?!