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>>4771534 Mueller filing explains how Paul Manafort breached his plea deal

>>4771411 Dana Boente and SpyGate

>>4771376 Maxine praising Hussein for database: 'Information about everything on every individual'

>>4771143 , >>4771328, >>4771455, >>4771699 Moar Maher NPC billboard pics and video. EPIC!

>>4771224 MSNBC Anchor Suggests Lindsey Graham Being Blackmailed by Trump

>>4771253 SCOTUS discuss super secret GJ case (Mueller?) on Friday 1.18.19

>>4771157 POTUS_Press, Steve King and @NYTimes

>>4771150 Senior Trump Official: I Hope A Long Shutdown Smokes Out The Resistance

>>4771142 Good context to red pill new people on "The Hammer".

>>4771110 Sara Carter calls out James Clapper as the leaker

>>4771092 , >>4771106 POTUS_Press tweet re the @BurgerKing tweet

>>4771087 RBG is not dead. Honest

>>4771740 #6089


>>4770825 , >>4770867, >>4770883 TOP KEK: Bill Maher slams 'incels' for NPC'ing his face on billboard

>>4770801 Q Calander for Jan 19, including a GITMO habbening

>>4770672 Full article on possible POTUS' plan for the shutdown, ref pb >>4769947

>>4770657 The House Hearing Calendar for the next few months

>>4770597 Again, Maggie "Wendy" Nixon is NOT Mariah "Sunshine" Coogan

>>4770553 Palestine takes reins of UN coalition of developing countries

>>4770532 Bruce Ohr: FBI had 're-engagement' with Trump dossier author

>>4770512 Is this the 2 days ahead of schedule?

>>4770464 Golden Globe Awards→Attendees smirking publicly about eating birds or children?

>>4770460 Collection of historical front pages on Theresa May's epic defeat today

>>4770442 FBI releases new information on alleged Iranian deep-cover spies

>>4770350 , >>4770385, >>4770419 CNN Legal Analyst Accuses Black Radio Host of ‘White Privilege’

>>4770378 'Super Sanctuaries' list: DC, NYC, Chicago, California

>>4770317 , >>4770331 El Chapo Trial Witness Testifies to $100m Bribe to Mexican President

>>4770314 Refresher: CEO of New York Times Mark Thompson Lied for Pedophiles

>>4770313 Mueller plows ahead, issuing more subpoenas to associates of $ Corsi $

>>4770959 #6088


>>4770095 Clinton Foundation going BACK to PR: Call to dig

>>4770077 Positivity Post: 'The entire world is watching'

>>4769947 POTUS' plan for the shutdown?

>>4769899 As Germany and France Come Apart, So Too Will the EU

>>4769865 Moar on IRS encouraging illegals to steal social security numbers

>>4769856 Mueller Asks Judge to Delay Sentencing of Ex-Trump Campaign Aide Gates

>>4769839 , >>4770081 Is GWB the Black Eye? Theory

>>4769804 Democrats Who Have Expressed Support For Some Kind Of A Border Barrier

>>4769780 Gillibrand in for 2020 she tells Colbert

>>4769765 China, Canada and the Five Eyes Surveillance State

>>4769738 New filing in the US vs Manafort: Response to Order of the Court

>>4769716 , >>4769774 The most powerful person in Silicon Valley

>>4769534 , >>4769623 Whitaker to testify before Congress on Feb 8

>>4769523 , >>4769556, >>4769671 Bongino on Nunes dropping breadcrumbs & 5:5

>>4769518 , >>4769963, >>4769974 Fed Court to force HRC to testify regarding Benghazi Scandal

>>4769516 , >>4769543, >>4769554 Updates on the Danforth (Toronto) shooting

>>4769512 Chelsea's Cheese Pizza tweet and a recap on previous

>>4770179 #6087


>>4768742 Barr's exchange with Da Nang Dick Blumenthal

>>4768743 Putin Says Russia Doesn't Want Arms Race

>>4768800 De Blasio pitches plan to take buildings from landlords; critics cry socialism

>>4768818 Moar on James Baker under investigation for leaks

>>4768892 IRS Admits It Encourages Illegals To Steal Social Security Numbers For Taxes

>>4768956 Videe: Israeli Defense Force Chief admits supporting Syrian Rebels with weapons & cash

>>4769155 New Migrant Caravan Organizer Arrested in Honduras on Rape Charge

>>4769203, >>4769235 On US Attorney John Durham

>>4769226 Protests inside Pelosi and Schumer's offices

>>4769241, >>4769265 On Obama and Nadhmi Auchi

>>4769296 Trump's Shutdown Trap?

>>4769311 Gender Ideology Harms Children

>>4769435 #6086


>>4767950 Militants Preparing New Chemical Attacks In Syria

>>4767991 US Attorney John Lausch to oversee FISA warrant document release… back in April

>>4768009 New Poll: 65 Percent of Americans Support Overturning Roe v. Wade

>>4768089 Karen Pence Returns to the Classroom

>>4768119, >>4768261 Federal Court Orders Discovery on Clinton Email, Benghazi Scandal

>>4768166 Facebook to invest $300 million to help local news survive

>>4768221 Senate will not be in recess next week if government is still closed

>>4768113 IRS is recalling 46,000 workers from furlough to handle tax refunds without pay (60% of workforce)

>>4768393 Updated Lisa Page testimony article

>>4768649 #6085


>>4767175, >>4767192, >>4767201, >>4767211, >>4767290, >>4767500, >>4767638 Moar on May being btfo'd

>>4767188, >>4767216 John Bolton Wants to Bomb Iran

>>4767287 Former MLB pitcher charged with "continuous sex abuse of a child under age 14"

>>4767339, >>4767840 NSA OIG report released

>>4767390 Mueller still supoena-ing Corsi

>>4767460 Chelsea Clinton tweet on "Pizza"

>>4767518 Former FBI general counsel James Baker is subject of a criminal leak investigation

>>4767624 ZH Tweet: Witness at El Chapo Guzman's trial said they paid former Mexican President Nieto $100 million bribe

>>4767641 Vote of no confidence for Theresa May.. again

>>4767667 Merkels Secret Police Announces Plans to Spy on political party AfD

>>4767743 McConnell: Senate won't override Trump veto on shutdown fight

>>4767726, >>4767756 Anons on the UK's Rejection of May's [EU's] Brexit Deal

>>4767849 #6084


>>4766432 MCCABE TRIED TO CONTACT STEELE AFTER COMEY FIRING… was thwarted by Robert Mueller.

>>4766441 Barr May write report on Final Findings of Mueller Porbe. Stealth Bomber?

>>4766422, >>4766544, >>4766598 Who is THE HONORABLE ROBERT P. STORCH?

>>4766638, >>4766664, >>4766688 The FBI Poses the “National Security Threat”, Not Trump. Anons already knew this.

>>4766761, >>4766796 Brexit Vote Results. Mays deal is sunk.

>>4766925 MH Tweet: "Kushner is defacto Chief of Staff"

>>4766983, >>4767026 Moar RIF digs. Picture painted?

>>4766992 [RR] out and MSM reports Graphic. Noice.

>>4767105 #6083


>>4765589 Jordan and Meadows ask for US Atty John Durham Probe into James Baker…

>>4765598, >>4765637, >>4765639, >>4765780, >>4765797 Pi PIzza and BHO. Symbolism will be their downfall. LOTS of connections.

>>4765621 House bill removes liability protection from tech giants, forcing social media to pay for political discrimination

>>4765651 ECPAT Pedophilia normalization in overdrive. THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK!

>>4765757 Striking Los Angeles Teachers Bully, Threaten Substitutes Crossing Picket Line – Post Names of Subs

>>4765785 NOW: A federal judge in DC has *denied* motions for temporary restraining orders in litigation over the government shutdown.

>>4765801 Ex-top FBI lawyer subject of criminal media leak probe… BAKER. BOOM!

>>4765791 STAH Mom is an honarable pprofession. Here's why.

>>4766051 Prosecution Requests NXIVM Trial Be Delayed! Raniere’s attorney objects

>>4765769, >>4766016, >>4766040, >>4766052, >>4766216 Containment OP Complete? House Vacancies?

>>4765751, >>4766212, >>4765615, >>4766212 MOAR digs on RIF and why shutdown is good for this. Clean WH?

>>4766328 #6082


>>4764807 Monday HUBER testimony graphic. Time will tell.

>>4764818 Is the shutdown a setup to clean house by firing nonessential employees?

>>4764831 Democrats boycott White House border security meeting

>>4764828 Rod Rosenstein is exploring ways to make it easier to spy on journalists. How do you stop the LEAKS?

>>4764839 LUFTHANSA, GERMANY No Flights Due to Security Strike

>>4764992 NCCT: National Center for Compentency Testing per POTUS tweet caps. Interesting Coincidences.

>>4765012, >>4765023 Link to Baker testimony and Letter PDF. "Under investigation for leaks to the media". BOOM

>>4765044 Mark Robbins: attorney Trump just appointed to the OPM, will handle the Reduction in Personnel when the [30] furlough is up

>>4765081, >>4765161, >>4765173 Done in [30] Q drops.

>>4765102, >>4765305 Who is John Durham? IF you bake it he will crumb.

>>4765134 Live: Machete attacks break out in London. Hmmm

>>4765129, >>4765200 1000 hamberders. Master Troll? A lot of coincidences in POTUS tweets.

>>4765296 Gearbox CEO Accused Of Having "Underage Pornography" & Hosting "Peacock" Pedo Parties

>>4765541 #6081


>>4764120 Anon details Barr inauguration and PANIC in DC.

>>4764173, >>4764248 Chunck & Nancy, CNN?

>>4764320, >>4764326, >>4764339, Moar done in [30] theories from Anons. Interdasting.

>>4764255 POTUS tweet corrections with Graphic.

>>4764258, >>4764292 Watch CA: PG&E a part of the scam?

>>4764407 The 'Hot Dog Set Up' Graphic, how do you set a trap? Genius.

>>4764041, >>4764417, >>4764511, >>4764537 POTUS Tweets decode attempts. Time to FEED?

>>4764550, >>4764561 Reminder HUBER has to testify infront of Intel Com by 21st.

>>4764600 BNL News calls Mueller investigation Anti-Climatic.

>>4764756 #6080


>>4763272 Biblefag checks in with thoeries on bible things.

>>4763316 JamesAlefanits Instagram continues to push unconfortable posts of children. THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK!

>>4763334 Live Stream: Attorney General Nominee William Barr Confirmation Hearing

>>4763501, >>4763634 Can 30-day furloughs lead to RIFs? as this article claims? Done in [30]?

>>4763527, >>4763692, >>4763771, >>4763869, >>4763251 Moar Hamberder Digs ties to, spoopy board memebers etc.

>>4763598 New POTUS tweets vid.

>>4763662 Kenya Shooter Update.

>>4763664 Q Drop in relation to Missing 302's. Think timing.

>>4763777 PG&E Bankruptcy coming this month. Anons already knew this.

>>4763923 More than 42,000 immigration hearings canceled due to government shutdown, report estimates. How do you block MS-13?

>>4763986 #6079


>>4762482 Screencaps of POTUS tweets this morning.

>>4762500 Moar Corsi fuggery with Mueller investigation.

>>4762631 Russian church advises Poroshenko to switch history consultants. Clean up game?

>>4762637 Fed Board seeks to invalidate $6B worth of Puerto Rico's debt

>>4762667 Iran fails to launch satellite into orbit after ignoring warnings from US. My Sides!

>>4762687 Rudy hints at Clinton foundation investigation with tweet.

>>4762711, >>4762573, >>4762948 Anon analalyzes the hamberdererer tweet from POTUS. FF? (Not spell checking this)

>>4762802 Trump letter hand delivered to Kim with plans for second summitt. 5:5

>>4762830 Fresh POTUS tweet.. "Why is Nancy getting paid when those who are working are not"?

>>4762840 Planefags notice alot of F16 action going on in EU.

>>4762843 String of Indictments by DOJ Point to Multiple Global Operations

>>4762949 23andMe Is Terrifying, but Not for the Reasons the FDA Thinks

>>4762981 Terroist attack in Narobi Kenya. FF?

>>4763222 #6078


>>4761711, >>4761721 What Is Happening In Huntington, NY? (MS-13 As A Tool Of Political Terrorism)

>>4761712 Did HRC Receive The Email 16 Minutes Before Earthquake Happened? (Needs More Eyes)

>>4761792, >>4761802 Is Macron Dropping Tear Gas From Helicopters?

>>4761803, >>4761896, >>4761922 Source Of The Treasonous Activity By BHO Call To Dig

>>4761824 Model Who Claimed, Proof Of Trump Colluding With Russia, In Thai Court Accused Of 'Sex Training Course'

>>4761907 Liberal mayor of Poland's Gdansk dies after stabbing

>>4761919, >>4761961 Moar On Mind Control Warfare (article From 2012)

>>4761981 Pedophile Caught With 300,000 Child Porn Images

>>4761991 British Journalist John Cantlie Could Still Be Alive, Kurdish Forces Say

>>4762061 The US Government Has Amassed Terabytes Of Internal WikiLeaks Data

>>4762141, >>4762151 End The Barbaric War On Chronic Pain Patients!

>>4761926 , >>4762056, >>4762021, >>4761851 How Is POTUS Always 5-Steps Ahead?

>>4762311 Police In Spain'S Catalonia Launch Operation Against Alleged Terror Cell

>>4762316 Germany Detains Man Suspected Of Spying For Iran

>>4762417 #6077


>>4760975, >>4761056 Anon on the pic of POTUS and the fast food meal: 5:5

>>4761179 For keks: Al Jazeera thinks Ocasio Cortez will be our first female president in 2024

>>4761215 No clear path for California as massive PG&E utility nears bankruptcy

>>4761258 Plane is scheduled to travel from Gitmo directly to Joint Base Andrews

>>4761265 New Jersey Attorney General to Cops: Ignore ICE, Help Illegal Aliens Flee

>>4761319, >>4761338, >>4761381 Anon: National Safety Council is Illinois Obama Propaganda BS

>>4761346 Donations from Planned Parenthood to any Org from 2000ish-2016

>>4761451, >>4761486, >>4761528 Anon: Owl/Y head is related to Hyades/Taurus

>>4761558 Anon on the similarities between Puerto Rico and Haiti

>>4761628 [Batter's Box] graphics

>>4761640 #6076


>>4760166 The Syria Outcome Will Haunt Those Who Started This War

>>4760180 Maggie "Wendy" Nixon's imdb page

>>4760171, >>4760195 Q-Related news aggregate:

>>4760296 EST Q Map (12-05-17 to 12-13-17) (260-342)

>>4760327 Anonymous Twitter Guy Turns Out To Be Better Reporter Than Jim Acosta

>>4760382 Transcript of Bolsonaro speech

>>4760409, >>4760651, >>4760860 Moar on the Oregon proposal to require gun owners to obtain permits

>>4760451 US Navy commander hails ‘constructive and candid’ talks with Chinese counterparts

>>4760539, >>4760585 Gillette's "Toxic Masculinity" Ad Campaign Backfires Spectacularly

>>4760546, >>4760640 Reminder of POTUS' "Wendy" misspelling/correction

>>4760834 Defying US, Iran launches satellite, but it fails to reach orbit

>>4760866 #6075


>>4759408 "Lindsey Graham ‘hell-bent’ on replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg despite Supreme Court saying she is 'cancer free'."

>>4759409 This Proves the FBI was Tapping Trump Tower before they had a FISA.

>>4759480, >>4760032 McCabe's FBI sought to re-engage with Christopher Steele after Comey was fired, Mueller thwarted it

>>4759416, >>4759522, >>4759816 Papadopolous saying his tweets are "disappearing"

>>4759590 Three large asteroids prompt NASA to issue "near Earth object alert"

>>4759701, >>4759829 Anons: WTF was really going on down there (in Puerto Rico)???

>>4759725 RECORD: 771 Migrants Apprehended at Texas Border on Day After Trump’s Visit

>>4759847 Oregon proposal would require gun owners to obtain permits

>>4759869 Old Brock Heart Attack side by side

>>4759914 Swedish female Yellow Vest speaker: “Put feminism on hold for 10-20 years and reinstate the patriarchy”

>>4759955 Rachelle Chandler and Mariah Sunshine Coogan graphic

>>4760030 Maggie Nixon went to movie premiere in Nov with Lauren Hutton

>>4760046 Happy Birthday Dan Scavino

>>4760090 #6074


>>4758642, >>4758660 Kim Jong-un's Right-Hand Man 'to Visit U.S.'

>>4758844 House will be out of session Jan 17-28

>>4759001 Secrets Of "Invisible War" In Syria (zerohedge)

>>4759073 POTUS Schedule for tomorrow

>>4759046, >>4759008 How do you get media to report on Obama's pizza/hotdogs? >>4759098 side by side

>>4759232 Y and Owl bun, anon post, >>4758718, much replies

>>4759242 NPC billboard, kek

>>4759422 #6073


>>4757898 large comcast outage map from breaking911

>>4757869, >>4757896 WH press release, January 14, 2019, the President signed into law

>>4757891 moar sauce on Pelosi's party (crash) with illegals at her cali estate

>>4757918, >>4758098 POTUS talking food, big spread for Clemson, gives 5:5?

>>4758087 planefagging

>>4758184 syria update

>>4758560 #6072


>>4757088 Anon puts together Lyin' MSM graphic to spread for the normies

>>4757113 LA City Councilman stripped of his assignments after FBI investigation. Watch California?

>>4757152 Find the markers. Anon tries finding timestamps.

>>4756669 (lb), >>4756720 (lb), >>4757227 Moar Life through Arts Digs.

>>4757381 Zazzle emails anon claiming that No Q Related products can be sold on their site.

>>4757385 Kasich the Cuck looks to join CNN as rumors swirl.

>>4757521 Bill Barr has known Mueller for a very long time (30yrs). Think optics.

>>4757561 Pentagon extends DHS border mission 8 months to Sept 30th 2019. Was expected to end on Jan 31st.

>>4757612 First Graham, now Nunes. The counterattack may have begun

>>4757673 Millions of Illinois Facebook users could be part of class-action lawsuit over photo tagging

>>4757645 I’m A Senior Trump Official, And I Hope A Long Shutdown Smokes Out The Resistance

>>4757794 Pompeo to hold talks with North Korea this week: South Korean paper

>>4757815 #6071


>>4756431 ABC’s Karl: ‘Zero Evidence’ That Trump or Campaign Colluded with Russia

>>4756673 Brooklyn pastor’s son accused of raping 9-year-old relative at church

>>4756669, >>4756720 Life through Art Foundation digz. Weird incidents with actors/actresses.

>>4756788 Challenging the Invisibility of Smuggling and Trafficking Persons in Puerto Rico – Información al Desnudo

>>4756813 California Election Watchdog Celebrates Lawsuit Win, Plans ‘Deep Audit’

>>4756851 Andrew Wiessmann's misconduct as prosecutor on the Enron case now supposedly gone for good. Only redacted copies available.

>>4756859 55 Men arrested in historic child sex abuse case in UK

>>4756921 Americans more likely to die from opioid overdose than in a car accident. But 'muh immoral wall'.

>>4756942 POTUS team rejects Muellers requests for more questions.

>>4756400, >>4756978 Maggie identified?

>>4757045 #6070


>>4755628, >>4755693 Planefags get excited with Vegas planes and marshalls. Oh my!

>>4755666 Pelosi presses charges on illegals entering her property.

>>4755714, >>4755736 Anons give summary of NP's 501.3 C's and other fraud schemes the DS is using with current events.

>>4755741 Finland Upreme court rules 20yr old migrant having intercourse with 10yr old "Not Rape"

>>4755841, >>4755881, >>4755894, >>4756087 POTUS buys Clemson boys Wendys front and center on his own dime. MASTER TROLL.

>>4755856 (YOU) from POTUS tweet? 5:5 MAN OF THE PEOPLE.

>>4755788 POTUS live link from Dinner with Nat Champ winners. Who is Wendy?

>>4756102, >>4756151 Side by Side Graphic of POTUS Wendys dinner Front and Center and BHO ordering 65k of "Hot Dogs" email.

>>4756133, >>4756169 Think "Wendy" …. Coordinated - the "Awakening"?

>>4756111 Half chan fags file FOIA requests for info on C_A agents acting as congressmen. Get to it Anons.

>>4756270 #6069


>>4755470 Bake-the-Cake Baker ruled good to go to sue for Religious Prosecution

>>4755276 Spreadsheet Anon's update

>>4755210, >>4755271 New @DJT:

>>4755173 Why is Liddle Adam Schitt twatting about AI making "fake videos?"

>>4754827 Fla. Six arrested for Human Trafficking, 2 teen boys found kept

>>4754825, >>4754853 Finnish Pres Expresses "Disgust" at Migrant Grooming Gangs

>>4754821 Ouch: Furloughed Federal Employees are Still Paid More Than You

>>4754939, >>4755014 @PapaD throwin' down at NYT: "I trust they'll report truth"

>>4754890 Hill: Ivanka to help pick next World Bank pres, not be it

>>4754802 Fear the shutdown, fear it we say! (Poor Defense contractors habbin' chaos)

>>4754790, >>4754828 Pompeo: We'll Help Iranian Ppl Take ‘Control of Their Capital’

>>4754733 All your home surveillance footage is belong to Bozo's Employees

>>4755492 #6068


>>4754605 New @DJT

>>4754115 Re: pb's adrenochrome digg, was tested on pregnant women

>>4753996, >>4754117, >>4754065, >>4754655 House 411-1 for anti-Semitism envoy nom

>>4754281 Rockefeller Fnd'n faces $1b lawsuit for infecting ppl w/Syphilis?

>>4754352 MA. High School assignment: Is Trump Fascist? Time to Check it Out!

>>4754363 May takes another hit as pro-Brexit Tory whip Gareth Johnson QUITS

>>4754057, >>4754266, >>4754360 Planefags to Vegasfags: look up!

>>4754046, >>4754102, ( >>4753898 lb) Teachers striking in Calif.

>>4754042 Port Auth. Removes SA ‘Candy Flag’ Ground Zero Statue bc Backlash

>>4754037 Anon muses on the desperation in @Comey's recent twat (pb)

>>4754035, >>4754047 Epochtimes on Human Trafficing/SexAssaults & Border

>>4754033, >>4754572 Graphics SCOTUS: female nominee, & estimated terms

>>4754028 BB: Pro-Brexit Govt Whip Resigns to Vote Against May’s EU Deal

>>4754017 Hill: NYT report shows FBI employees working outside DOJ guidelines

>>4754013 What timeline are we in? CNN defending Cheney? KEK

>>4754682 #6067


>>4752587 Livestream: POTUS at the American Farm Bureau's 100th Annual

>>4752967 Moar on James Baker (Verizon, NSA, Bridgewater)

>>4752883, >>4752961 Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Leader to Support Turks v. Syria?

>>4752878 ZH on history of Gold & the FED

>>4752714, >>4752875, >>4752926, >>4753012 Moar diggin' on Dems PR trip

>>4752695, >>4752591 Cases of Sexual Misconduct in Mil being addressed

>>4752488 I'view: Sr. Trump Official hopes shutdown smokes out #resistance

>>4752563, >>4752641 A veritable cornucopia o' planes for da planefags

>>4752464 This OpEd says be berry afraid of the shutdown, for why tho?

>>4752418 Hill: AG nominee Barr, Ppl deserve to know Mueller probe results

>>4752415, >>4752505 'dasting @Rudy 'Y' typo: Strzok → StroYk

>>4752413, >>4752471 Fitton: never was a good faith reason for Muh Russia

>>4752406, >>4752450 Policing our own backyards: POTUS/Erdogan twats

>>4752394 OpEd/Review: How Public Schools Indoctrinate your kids

>>4752390, >>4752421 Graham calls to reopen government, POTUS said No

>>4752382 (fringe sauce): ATL flight accidentally allows firearm

>>4752374 Clinton Train donors also gave $20M to Young Turks?

>>4752369 Jordan, France, Iran follow Pompeo to Baghdad

>>4753098 #6065


>>4752048, >>4752077, >>4752083 Changes in half/QR shilling post-shutdown?

>>4752212, >>4752095, >>4752127 Planefaggin' & @POTUS_Schedge re: travels

>>4752191, >>4752225 Hill: SCOTUS refuses to review legality of acting AG

>>4752195, >>4752213 Anons discuss Dems' PR trip re: Enemy Combatants EO

>>4752087 Canada, for one, welcomes their new refugee overlords

>>4752091 OpEd: History of Hoover's pioneering of NatSec threat tactic

>>4752025 WaEx: Nunes's Counterintel = FBI had 'no real evidence v. Trump'

>>4752028 Russian Navy to put 30+ strategic underwater drones on duty

>>4752016 CNBC claims US-China trade defict grew worse in 2018

>>4751657 Huckabee Wants Politically Biased FBI Agents Prosecuted on F&F

>>4751655 @NickWeil, TGP: 4 separate probes to spy on Trump Campaign?

>>4751650 Planned Parenthood digg, Q-drop 2398 "D_insider_term: T_WASH"

>>4751648 Graphic compilations of Clockfag-related Q drops

>>4751629 UK: May urges 2nd look at her "Brexit" (light-on-the-exit) deal

>>4751623, >>4751653 Anons discuss Q gatekeepers, is Praying Medic one?

>>4751598, >>4751634 TGP Reviews James Baker's role in Comey/FISA/Leaks

>>4752648 #6064


>>4751060 @DJT's "Special Place" in Q drops re: Soros & Shutdown

>>4751321 Gillette Ad vs. "toxic masculinity" latest in cabal's war on men

>>4751332, >>4751351, >>4751425 Cal Gov. proposes water tax in 1st budget

>>4751344 Planefags got AF-1 heading south

>>4751156, >>4751184 DOJ exploring ways to more easily spy on journalists

>>4750817 Unverified reports of Hamas delivering ultimatum to Israel to release Qatari money

>>4750855 Explosion in Kabul wounds at least 40

>>4750863 ; >>4751096 Marketfag Updates

>>4750865 GAA Update

>>4750901 ; >>4750939 ; >>4750969 Planefag Updates

>>4750911 CA lawmakers vacationed to Hawaii during wildfire crisis

>>4750960 AF1 waits for takeoff clearance for 40 min before departing for NOLA

>>4751010 ; >>4751029 Updates on NJ UPS shooting

>>4751042 New DJT

>>4751092 On Bill DeBlasio and C_A family ties

>>4751095 Schiff threatens to subpoena translator notes from Trump-Putin talks

>>4751156 Opinion piece re: RR, DOJ “exploring ways to… spy on journalists”

>>4751197 2018/12 article re: Puerto Rican gangsters and banker murders

>>4751237 9th Circuit Court revokes nun charity’s religious exemption re: contraceptive healthcare

>>4751519 #6063


>>4750044 ; >>4750068 PG&E Shares Crash 50%, As CEO Quits Ahead Of Bankruptcy Filing

>>4750096 New DJT

>>4750099 ; >>4750145 ; >>4750501 Marketfag Updates

>>4750151 Wikileaks tweet re: HRC memo leading to deaths in Syria

>>4750153 FBI investigating widespread corruption of Los Angeles politicians

>>4750211 China re-tries Canadian man for drug charges; sentence changed from 15y to death

>>4750232 ; 4750512 Re: UK May and the Brexit situation

>>4750249 ; >>4750257 ; >>4750323 Gannett receives $1.36B takeover offer from MNG Enterprises/Digital First Media

>>4750342 ; >>4750488 ; >>4750595 SCOTUS rebuffs challenge to AAG Whitaker appointment

>>4750413 Shooter situation at UPS facility in NJ (developing)

>>4750418 Mark Meadows weighs in on NYT piece on FBI retaliation against POTUS for firing Comey

>>4750421 Follow up on “Dems in Puerto Rico” and shutdown duration (analysis)

>>4750477 Los Angeles teachers on strike

>>4750658 POTUS remarks before New Orlenas trip departure (recall of “Wendy” by Q: >>4750566 )

>>4750689 #6062


>>4749323, >>4749338, >>4749426, >>4749456 Who Is Melanie Shaw, Why Is She In Prison

>>4742196 (Pb) >>4749282 There Is Much More To Be Found On Ambani. Real Peace Of Shit.

>>4749435, >>4749443, >>4749900 Fiona Barrett - Witness Of Vip Satanic Ritual In Bathurst, 1985

>>4749506, >>4749807 Parliamentary Coup, Which Would Undermine The Will Of The British People

>>4749554, >>4749626, >>4749761, >>4749793 Washington’s Attempts To Derail The Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

>>4749775, >>4749873, >>4749643 Racehorse Owner Lady Rothschild Dies Aged 83

>>4749785, >>4749831, >>4749953 California Utility PG&E Replaces CEO Amid Bankruptcy Worries

>>4749810 Nancy Pelosi's Father Thomas D'Alesandro Jr. Was As Crooked As They Come

>>4749828 Lots Of Re-Tweets This Morning On A Busy Monday For POTUS.

>>4749777, >>4749845, >>4749951 Wave of violent daytime killings has Puerti Rico on edge

>>4749870 Russian nuclear firm wins contracts to clean up Fukushima

>>4749782, >>4749820 MNG, better known as Digital First Media, is offering $12 a share for Gannett

>>4749917, >>4749935 Hapless police vehicle captured on VIDEO damaging iconic Arc de Triomphe in Paris

>>4749927, >>4749930 Pawel Adamowicz was attacked on stage at the country's biggest charity event

>>4749968 #6061


>>4748458 Democrats Fighting To Protect 2,500 Illegal Aliens Locked Up For Molesting Kids In Texas

>>4748477 2010 story on the border

>>4748505 Definition of a chronograph

>>4748619 Huawei fires Chinese employee arrested in Poland for spying

>>4748651 Tweet on 'Instagram pedos'

>>4748657 Moar on 'Do not go gentle into that good night'

>>4748694, >>4748856 French riot police are now carrying semi-automatic weapons with live ammunition against Yellow Vest protestors

>>4748777 Scientist Frank Olson was drugged with LSD and 'murdered by CIA'

>>4748915 List of FOOD companies using FETAL CELLS from aborted babies to flavor.

>>4749112 Cap of In-Q-Tel and the CIA's partnership

>>4749179 #6060


>>4747756 Follow Huma

>>4747769, >>4748289, >>4748364, >>4748366 Plane crashes in the news today

>>4747814 Police plan AI experiment for anti-terror investigations

>>4747823 Reminder: FBI agents raided San Juan, Puerto Rico city offices in fraud, obstruction investigation

>>4747833 Resignations in the news today

>>4747955, >>4747973, >>4748261 On Q #1010: 23 Toxic Chemicals You Come into Contact with on a Daily Basis

>>4747987 Thread on a "DC Court Anon" on halfchan

>>4748016, >>4748220, >>4748369 Very Large Marina Fire in Seattle right now

>>4748153 Israeli cloud computing company acquired by Amazon for $250 million

>>4748256, >>4748294, >>4748352 Anons on "Reconquesta"

>>4748279 BOOM: 1 dead, several feared trapped after gas blast partially destroys residential building in Russia

>>4748550 #6059


>>4746949 Tulsi Gabbard Under Fire for Past Traditional Marriage Support

>>4746978 ZH: Powell may not know it yet, but the Fed is now trapped

>>4746984 Haberman back on POTUS's nuts

>>4747089 Q Clock Update for the night shift

>>4747168 Is GS dead? Anon's summary on tonight's twitter happenings

>>4747232 Anon reminds us that the Revolutionary War ended on January 14, 1784

>>4747017, >>4747033, >>4747257 Praying Medic had a fake crumb in one of his videos

>>4747275 Israeli Army Concludes Operation Northern Shield along Lebanon's border

>>4747403 @USArmy: Who thinks they know what the Joint Service Equipment Wipe is used for?

>>4747162 Pain @ 23 day shutdown? POTUS tweet "little remaining ISIS" matches "ISIS on LIFE SUPPORT" from Q post a year ago

>>4747428 Army timelines/milestones from @USArmy tweet

>>4747074, >>4747329, >>4747460, >>4747567 Bill Clinton spotted with what appears to be recent IV placement on his hand

>>4747574 Notorious celebrity faith healer John of God 'sold babies' to Australians

>>4747649 #6058


>>4746165, >>4746209 New POTUS tweets on Border Crisis


>>4746749 CDAN reveal on R. Kelly

>>4746758 Coincidence this came out today? NYT: A wave of violent daytime killings has Puerto Rico on edge

>>4746905 #6057


>>4745412 POTUS tweets delta - 23 min (PAIN?)

>>4745479 Amazon wouldn't have happened if it weren't for Bernie Madoff (from April 2018)

>>4745645, >>4745599, >>4745425, >>4745741, >>4745751 some dank Jeff Bozos memes

>>4745652 Bezos/DE Shaw/PayPal Mafia dig (2015)

>>4745827 China to reduce foreign investment curbs, tackle US trade dispute in 2019

>>4745882 POTUS deleted and reposted Pocahontas tweets [:44 delta]

>>4745663 Possible connection between @inthematrixx and Amazon Alexa clown fuckery. Notice the timing with POTUS tweets.

>>4745932 Houston Airport First To Close Terminal Over Shutdown-Driven TSA Worker Shortage

>>4745992 Another POTUS tweet trolling Pocahontas

>>4746109 #6056


>>4744616 Anon's theory on the timing of the plan (updated)

>>4744654 POTUS schedule Monday, January 14, 2019

>>4744670 Hedge-Fund-Backed Media Group Prepares Bid for USA Today Publisher Gannett Co.

>>4744673 CE: Survivor of elite child sex slavery discloses her escape and healing journey

>>4744706, >>4744804 PG&E CEO Geisha Williams exiting amid billions in fire costs

>>4744849 PG&E talking to banks on multibillion dollar bankruptcy financing

>>4744717 Trump threatens to ‘devastate Turkey economically’ if it attacks Kurds amid US withdrawal from Syria

>>4744743 Italy’s most-wanted fugitive caught after decades on the run

>>4744786 Anon theory: BOOM spacing points to dates

>>4744794 Panic in London?: Anti-Brexit MPs Plot Coup to Stop UK Making Clean Break from EU

>>4744796 Thousands of Los Angeles teachers plan to strike Monday

>>4744872 New POTUS tweet trolling Jeff Bozo

>>4744992 Haberman reveals National Enquirer for POTUS Tweet (call to dig)

>>4745194, >>4745258 New POTUS tweet trolling Pocahontas

>>4745252 PapaD tweet: The man who “started” the investigation, Joseph Mifsud, has been outed by his own lawyer as an FBI asset.

>>4745347 #6055


>>4743881, >>4744146 Potus Twat That Includes Theater, 'Special Place', Hamilton, And Pence. Interdasting… From 11.19.16

>>4743965 Maggie'S Tweet On Potus/Flotus Tweets Insinuating Potus Isn'T In The Wh?

>>4743996 Romania’s Anti-Corruption Chief Resigns

>>4744047 Update On Utah Active Shooter - 2 Injured, 3 Suspects At Large

>>4744026 :44 Minutes Stamp Bombs Away Marker

>>4744119 Graphics On Bho'S Funding

>>4743846, >>4743881, >>4743903, >>4743906, >>4743910, >>4744003 Anon'S Take On The Shutdown And Pr.

>>4744248 On What Grounds Can The Fbi Investigate The President As A Counterintelligence Threat?

>>4744323 French Anon Reporting.

>>4744338 The Mainstream Media Ignored A Democratic Party Trip To Puerto Rico Call To Digg

>>4744376 We Are Close To Tying Krassenstein Bros Call To Digg

>>4744550 #6054


>>4743131, >>4743149 PP Contributions to House Democrats 2018

>>4743244 Evil Planned Parenthood instructs child sex traffickers on how to get abortions for children 14 and under

>>4743265 US officials say California men were agents of Iran, working with senators

>>4743290 Theresa May ‘could be kicked out on Wednesday’ if she loses Commons vote on Brexit deal

>>4743294 The House Ethics Committee would be responsible for recommending expulsion to the whole House [or not]

>>4743352 Complete list of Donald Trump's potential nominees to the U.S. Supreme Court (Nov 2017)

>>4743388 Syria Update

>>4743522 Macron Pens 2,300 Word Letter To Yellow Vests Seeking To Turn "Anger Into Solutions"

>>4743418 New Evidence Links UK RAF Pilot to 1961 UN Sec Gen Plane Crash Death

>>4743422, >>4743747 "Racehorse owner" Lady Rothschild dies aged 83

>>4743683 Call to dig: background music in "This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected"

>>4743795 #6053


>>4742315 Former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson: It is “legally plausible” for Trump administration to use disaster funds for border wall

>>4742346, >>4742350, >>4742375, >>4742456 Q & POTUS on "Special Place" / GS

>>4742430, >>4742445 Soros in the news today

>>4742431 Q Clock Update

>>4742438 >>4742573 Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death graphics

>>4742502 Future proves past: "Insurance Policy" graphic

>>4742534 (Almost) 1 year delta - Soros gettin' No Named this week?

>>4742603 Iran exploring new uranium enrichment that could void 2015 nuclear deal

>>4742708, >>4742731 US-backed Syrian Force Declares ISIS Is in ‘Final Moments’ [1 year delta]

>>4742850 Moar on SDNY AG Berman, Oct 2018 case on Senior FinCen Employee, and Mueller investigation

>>4742870 June 2018: Director of the National Trade Office, pictured in Rose Garden, thinks Trudeau deserves special place (in hell)

>>4742778 Cardinal Comey pretending to be human

>>4742898, >>4743007, >>4743030 New POTUS tweets re: Syria and ISIS

>>4742967 Shooting at Utah mall video

>>4743035 #6052


>>4741554 @DeptofDefense Lights, camera, airmen! (Lights On?)

>>4741555 The power of Q: upswing in "conspiracy videos" after Q posts about RBG

>>4741559, >>4741651 Venezuelan Opposition Leader Juan Guaidó Pulled Over – Detained by Police + Media show?

>>4741600, >>4741624, >>4741678 Active shooter in mall near Salt Lake City, Utah + spoopy numbers = fuckery afoot

>>4741622 Pompeo Says Diplomatic Crisis in Qatar 'Has Dragged on Too Long'

>>4741752 Kek, ABC’s Karl: Sources Close to Mueller Say His Report ‘Almost Certain to Be Anti-Climactic’

>>4741641 Polish Mayor stabbed in heart - Condition critical

>>4741598, >>4741811, >>4741843 On US Attorney for SDNY Geoffrey Berman and important cases (CF, Manafort, el Chapo)

>>4741802 Another shooting in NC mall leaves 1 dead

>>4741896, >>4741953, >>4741994 Mass shooting reported in downtown Phoenix Hotel

>>4741902 NY Demonrat says he's shutting down terrorism subcommittee to focus on new POTUS investigation

>>4741927 Trump could end up replacing 3, even 4, Supreme Court justices in his first term

>>4742023 Ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick's key accuser has met with NYC prosecutors

>>4741921, >>4742027, >>4742066 GJ testimony underway in several states: Watch CA; Hawaii advertising for jurors

>>4742067 Bolton Had Pentagon Draw Up "Far-Reaching Military Options To Strike Iran"

>>4742024, >>4742094 Moar on SDNY, EDNY

>>4742196 Dig on Siddharth Yog, Rothschild partner, business dealings with HRC connected Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani


>>4742202 Lights on, lights off Q posts SbS

>>4742269 #6051


>>4740798, >>4740858 Q post exactly one year ago today

>>4740821 @USMC: Hold On

>>4740836 @USArmy: Discipline is the desire to do what is right even if the option is difficult or dangerous

>>4740837, >>4740863 Republicans uncovered secret FBI debate over Trump motivation for Comey firing during House questioning

>>4740844, >>4741036 Anon and exMil newfag on 2/3 rule and voting out bad arrested Senators

>>4740847 B-2 Stealth Bombers deployed to Hawaii "on watch" 24/7

>>4740854 90-day deadline for Transnational Organized Crime Prosecution Plans is tomorrow

>>4740866 National Freedom Day February 1

>>4740871 POTUS tweet "This is it" side-by-side Q post re: DECLAS

>>4740874, >>4741419, >>4740956 Huma on CDAN today

>>4740121, >>4740889 Links to Guantanamo Fair Trials Manuals. Used by Lawfags who visit Gitmo.

>>4740905, >>4740919 2019 brings changes to military justice system

>>4740939 Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci will join the season two cast of "Celebrity Big Brother.”

>>4740976 Pompeo: Idea that Trump is a Threat to National Security is ‘Absolutely Ludicrous’

>>4741040 France's Le Pen launches EU campaign with appeal to 'yellow vests'

>>4741041 Moar on Pittsburgh 2A rally

>>4741083 New York Gov Cuomo Demands Bill Allowing Abortions Up to Birth, Or He Won’t Sign State Budget

>>4741274 Our tax dollars at work: Reminder, we also help fund other countries' PP programs too

>>4741502 #6050


>>4740091 1 year delta - 23rd day of shutdown now CHECKMATE then

>>4740026 Anon shares Pittsburgh 2A rally experience/transcript

>>4740170, >>4740240, >>4740209 breaking 911 - mass shooting Phoenix

>>4740211, >>4740134, >>4740166, >>4740462, >>4740600 moar on expulsions from congress

>>4740034, >>4740128, >>4740132 more on Gitmo legal observer info

>>4740183 Comey now and DJT then FDR side by side

>>4740353 repost of old q post 1602 - LIGHTS OFF

>>4740441 Charlie Kirk twatter cap from new Q

>>4740592, >>4740522 planned parenthood related (new q)

>>4740674 #6049


>>4739257 US v. Khalid Shaikh Mohammad, Jan 28-Feb. 1 - DOD CCTV

>>4739409, >>4739450, >>4739625 Roth death - Lady Rothschild 1/13/2019

>>4739393, >>4739351 Kenvin Shipp drop (no sauce, so still just a claim)

>>4739387, >>4739308, >>4739381 Puerto Rico safe haven for human trafficking (touch of sauce, dig worthy)

>>4739570 LG proposal to trump - reopen for 3 weeks, if nothing - Declare

>>4739681 the tunnels though, drug tunnel found in Nogales to Arizona

>>4739657 US Ambassador Richard Grenell threatens German firms over Russian pipeline

>>4739953 #6048


>>4739085 Anon adds connections to "This Is It" dig + graphics

>>4739064 Harriet Miers Bush SC Nominee 2005 'forced' to withdraw

>>4739055 Trump has already issued 3 declarations of National Emergencies

>>4738982, >>4739060 U.S. Navy Chief Heads to China

>>4738943 News website for GITMO updates

>>4738896, >>4738815, >>4738928 Gunman who killed CA officer saying he was hit by 'sonic waves' Part II

>>4738792 William E Cassara expert on Military Tribunals and Law

>>4738708, >>4738729 Fake Q account ranks high on twatter algo - pushes Patreon and t-shirts, narratives

>>4738633 Official website for military tribunals

>>4738589, >>4738614, >>4738623, >>4738627 Important read on Alice

>>4738496, >>4738502, >>4738515, >>4738526, >>4738539 Doctrine for Joint Psychological Operations

>>4738489 Call to dig: Congressional Aid Jackson Cosko from Justice K hearing

>>4739209 #6047


>>4738323 Man who allegedly shot cop ranted about ‘ultra sonic waves’

>>4738139 Update on Anon's "This Is It" Graphic + Crumbs

>>4737847 New DJT: Walls Work!

>>4737736 How no border wall caused a homeless crisis 2,590 miles away in Maine

>>4738410 #6046


>>4737450, >>4737483 New DJT: Waiting in the White House

>>4737318, >>4737354, >>4737357 Anon theories: Watch image is the signal that it's BOOM TIME? Lining up with BOOMs in >>4724543 (pb)

>>4737273, >>4737334 3 Types of Courts-Martial, Explained

>>4737189 RBG's Gloves, re: >>4734928 Why was she (RBG) "selected" (pb)

>>4737126 Reminder: PharmAnon post

>>4737030 Twatter hashtag ideas for Chuck & Nan

>>4737608 #6045


>>4736594 French Yellow Vest act IX: Big numbers but but police violence continues against protesters

>>4736483 Judge Jeanine Talks with Trump about Russia Probe, FISA: transcript cap

>>4736505 Democrats Promise Probe of Trump Meetings With Putin

>>4736349 Dr. James Levine, on ICMEC board, Mayo Clinic professor, donated to CF, paper on Adrenochrome

>>4736348 Dig on Mata Amritanandamayi Center in the United States, connected to UN, Haiti, NGOs

>>4736385 Q #2647 Watch Graphic

>>4736314 Cohen's father-in-law loans money to owners of Chicago Medallion Mgmt

>>4736249 Dutch protests continue in Maastricht, Emmen & other cities

>>4736205, >>4736212 "The Dark Art of Interrogation" - Alice in Wonderland?

>>4736200 Welcoming Refugees receives DHS Grant for "community engagement" AKA to convince locals to accept new neighbors

>>4736089 $21 Trillion dollars is missing from the US government

>>4736108 Historical narrative on Benghazi

>>4736745 #6044



>>4735338 Numerology – 32/33

>>4735377, >>4735400, >>4735439 Anon plugged in Alice In Wonderland into CIA docs search (Project Gateway)

>>4735359 Muslim Community Patrol vehicle

>>4735385, >>4735401 Organ Trafficking Co-Conspirators – A Worldwide Epidemic

>>4735387, >>4735389 What should've been redacted in the Manafort doc

>>4735411 Tulsi Gabbard member of CFR

>>4735442 How Communist China Steals American Secrets and Endangers U.S. Security

>>4735479 Israel's military says troops found the last tunnel dug by Hezbollah militants for cross-border attacks

>>4735529, >>4735729 Moar on Project Gateway

>>4735571 Credit union CEO found dead days after resigning

>>4735591 Graphic on Comey's tweets

>>4735625 Q #2669: Moar on Admiral John Richardson & his China mission

>>4735707 Meme on famefags

>>4735798 Donald Trump Bought Ronald Reagan’s Wrist Watch During One Of The Most Interesting Watch Auction Events Ever

>>4735800 BTFO Rshills again: Q's watch, IWC Portugieser Chronograph, was released in 2013

>>4735926, >>4735928, >>4735932, >>4735936 Resignations in the news 1/11 & 1/12

>>4736001 #6043


>>4734504, >>4734565, >>4734573, >>4735168 CHINESE TRANSLATOR NEEDED (for Q's pic)

>>4734532, >>4734549 MKUltra: remote controlled dogs

>>4734570 Reminder: $21 trillion missing from DoD and HUB

>>4734585 Early clock and map graphics

>>4734591 Graphics on the Catholic Church and Vatican

>>4734629 Video: Huawei disappears from top technology shopping mall in Bangkok Thailand

>>4734671 Who is Michael Cohen's father-in-law? Trump says he should be investigated

>>4734691 First RBG crumbs

>>4734772 Tulsi Gabbard’s Homophobic Remarks Surface After 2020 Announcement

>>4734792 Super low end frequency sound is being used as mind control?

>>4734811 House Democrat says physical barrier at the border is necessary

>>4734816, >>4734970 Anon on Tulsi Gabbard

>>4734839 Moar on Robert Malley

>>4734871 Pedo ring linked to Pro-Putin party exposed

>>4734885 Hypocrisy Without Bounds: The Tragedy of ‘Liberal’ Foreign Policy

>>4734890, >>4734980 Vaccine shot killed famed cancer doctor

>>4734928 Why was she (RBG) "selected"?

>>4734975 PG&E Reportedly Planning Bankruptcy Announcement To Workers As Soon As Monday

>>4735045 Moar on the "Alabama False Flag Campaign" involving democrat operatives

>>4735075 Updated Pro/Anti Trump "stars" list

>>4735138 IDF Chief Says Israel Struck Syria Without 'Asking for Credit'

>>4735149 Police in western Germany launch massive raids against criminal clans

>>4735184 Moar on the democrats in Puerto Rico

>>4735228 #6042


>>4733807, >>4734327 Reminder: Ben Carson found $516.4 BILLION in mismanaged funds in 2017

>>4733825 One person dead, 12 more hospitalized after suspected Fentanyl leads to 'mass overdose'

>>4733838 Hillary Clinton ATTACKS Trump for government shutdown

>>4733858 Moar on the Davis man who killed rookie cop that left a note saying he was hit with ‘sonic waves’

>>4733885 Moar FEC data on 2020 candidates

>>4733972, >>4734202, >>4734236 Ivanka Trump candidacy for the presidency of the World Bank has been announced on Saturday

>>4733997 POTUS Timestamp 8:37 and Q crumb #837

>>4734104 Democrat Tulsi Gabbard Defends 'Frank and Positive' Trump Meeting

>>4734191 Defcon Warning System's twitter: "Test has concluded"

>>4734198 Senior ISIS Commander Killed in Afghanistan During Raid

>>4734239 Pro/Anti Trump "stars" with number of followers

>>4734246 Trump tells Judge Jeanine Pirro that Dems must 'come to their senses' on border security

>>4734396 Rep. Gabbard Recognized as Champion for Human Trafficking Survivors

>>4734451 #6041


>>4732991, >>4733019 Side by side of Judicial Watch's Tweet and Q's crumb

>>4733017 Trump pledges transparency on Putin conversations after bombshell report

>>4733044 Early Operation Mockingbird crumbs

>>4733113, >>4733128 MK Ultra docs

>>4733207, >>4733607 Declared democrat candidates for the 2020 election

>>4733274, >>4733275, >>4733359 Archive of Comey Tweets

>>4733340, >>4733411 Pics of Shenghai pudong airport international arrivals

>>4733373 A McCain staffer and an institution within the institution bids farewell to the Senate

>>4733471 Kamala Harris report about Border dangers from 2012

>>4733502, >>4733609 Anons on the map, connections, and the clock

>>4733503, >>4733512 16 April 2018/Michael Cohen’s Russia and Ukraine Ties, Including to Crime Figures

>>4733518, >>4733542 Bolton on Venezuela

>>4733585 Broadway Tomorrow CBS

>>4733672 #6040


>>4732206 CBS near deal for miniseries based on fired FBI Director James Comey's 'A Higher Loyalty' memoir

>>4732231, >>4732513 Cohen's father-in-law loaned $20M to cab mogul who was in FBI warrant

>>4732238 Relevant Q post re: Bezos upcoming divorce

>>4732251, >>4732262, >>4732286, >>4732312, >>4732409, >>4732847 On Fima Shusterman, Cohen's Father in Law

>>4732258 Maggie Haberman tweetstorm during POTUS' interview

>>4732291, >>4732450 Judge Jeanine POTUS interview

>>4732305 Radio signals unlikely to be extragalactic aliens saying 'hi'

>>4732329, >>4732435, >>4732546, >>4732551, >>4732620, >>4732636 Anons on RBG and ACB

>>4732361 Dozens of democrats are in Puerto Rico for a Hamilton Broadway show

>>4732377, >>4732866 On NewsGuard

>>4732510 Kamala Harris and Mazie Hirono are religious bigots

>>4732657, >>4732669 Video on business dealings between Justin Trudeau and Soros

>>4732797, >>4732826 Full transcript of POTUS' Oval office

>>4732891 #6039


>>4731432 Special Ops / Foreign Emergency Support Team plane, heading for an Atlantic crossing


>>4731543 France to deploy 80,000 police as yellow vest protests continue

>>4731545 New POTUS Tweet: Interview with Judge Jeanine at 9 pm est

>>4731602, >>4731696 Bun of anons on Q's airport pic

>>4731669 Huge migrant teen detention camp in Texas shutting down

>>4731873 Maggie Haberman retweeted Judge Jeanine's tweet about her POTUS interview

>>4731883, >>4731959, >>4731988 Judaism, Zionism and Freemasonry

>>4731892 SpaceX to "reduce its workforce" by about 10%

>>4731896 Davis officer’s killer says in note that he was being bombarded by ultrasonic waves

>>4732030 Bun of Anons on Comey's tweet and RBG

>>4732052 Tweet: Senator Bob Menendez spotted in Puerto Rico

>>4732091, >>4732092, >>4732093, >>4732097, >>4732116 Anons on POTUS' live interview about Cohen and FISA

>>4732137 #6038


>>4730672 Trump and Putin keeping the translator notes away from DS ?

>>4730888 because trips, Bezos family line Monsanto&DARPA (Millenium Report so still needs anon sauces)

>>4731252 more Bezos sauce on family line

>>4730951 Mass Fentanyl overdose (breaking news out of local station, Chico CA)

>>4730937 Montana Lawmaker to Propose Giving $8 Million to Help Build Border Wall

>>4730805, >>4730928, >>4730840 Broadway on the Comey twat (HRC Broadway)

>>4730763 Comey going after Maggie ?

>>4731087, >>4731218 Judge Jeanine ? >>4731054 RBG ? the rumor mill is swirling on the COMEy

>>4731111 Masonry Dig bun gets quads

>>4731100 10 more 5 gs (SPaceX success on 10 more satelite delivery)

>>4731342 #6037


>>4729885, >>4729892, >>4730037 Moar Chinatown digs

>>4730245 Kamala Harris - China & Economic Espionage Act Amendments. (chinatown cont'd)

>>4729969, >>4729938, >>4730143 new COMEY twat "to kill a mockingbird" and full size pic

>>4729977 relevant Q post re new Comey and "mocking bird op"

>>4729999 Gaza Quads, the fightin israeli's and muh rocket

>>4730056 BTFO'd this IP hash "muh mason"

>>4730398 reminder that (both sides) likely play for the same team

>>4730160 Joe M American taxpayer has funded the whole world's descent into ww hell

>>4730438 Tulsi Gabbard's (D-Hawaii) Anti-war vow has D's and neocons heads exploding

>>4730559 #6036


>>4729779 Leaked OSF document: "The Last Election"

>>4729585 1 dead, 1 injured in plane crash on Whidbey Island; FAA issues "no fly zone" order

>>4729562 Twatterfag shows why Acosta's diary entry is Fake News™

>>4729485 Reminder. In 2010 a Clinton aide left classified materials in Chinese hotel room

>>4729322, >>4729653 Moar Chinatown digs continued

>>4729367, >>4729377, >>4729378, >>4729596, >>4729368 Knights of Malta dig + relevant Q drop


>>4729007 Bolton Leaving Turkey After Erdogan Rejects Meeting Request

>>4728968 Public Affairs Manager for PG&E, Joe Wilson, gets around

>>4728890 Call Congress & fund the Wall - Twatter ammo

>>4728591 Bun: MAGA FL Gov DeSantis on FIRE: 'Promises Kept!'

>>4728386, >>4728606, >>4728636, >>4728686, >>4728726, >>4728772, >>4728861, >>4728956 Chinatown / "Watch the water" digs

>>4728320 30 Democrats in Puerto Rico with 109 lobbyists for weekend despite shutdown

>>4729026 #6034


>>4728000 Former HUD Secretary Julián Castro formally launches 2020 presidential campaign today

>>4727996 Updated Graphic - POTUS tweet delta 11:11; 2 Days Ahead of Schedule; "This Is It" re: >>4725469

>>4727748 Anon updates graphic of theory on Q2669 re: >>4727109 (pb)

>>4727692 DJT's tweet with video at border has timestamp and length mirroring federal code for Insurrection

>>4727670 Comey tweet this morning uses same quote as DJT tweet in 2012

>>4727611 CDAN Blind regarding Ed Buck attributes to 2 more deaths in Charlotte, NC

>>4727553 POTUS "insurance policy" twat connects to Q570 (graphic); 187 plan

>>4728246 #6033


>>4727342 "Few Know the Plan" graphic; DJT twats about "the plan" today

>>4727180, >>4727193, >>4727213, >>4727320, >>4727440 Call to dig: Camp Fire clean-up, USAID grants, and fuckery afoot

>>4727109 Anon graphic with Huma theory re: Q's 'ABED' image

>>4727038 Scavino twat possible shoutout to /qr/ theory graphic

>>4727031, >>4727117, >>4727480 Anons looking for the 5 W's re: Q's China/HK drops

>>4726924 Tom Fitton: Is the MSM spinning anti-DJT FBI stories ahead of IG report?

>>4726874 DJT tweet from today connects with Q436

>>4726835, >>4726906, >>4727012, >>4727062 "Make it rain" dig - WL Vault 7 + Q828

>>4726776 New DJT Tweet: On the border (Video)

>>4727488 #6032


>>4726463 MSM Narrative Killed: NSO founder denies its phone hacking software was used to track Khashoggi

>>4726460 DJT Tweet Storm Caps (Graphic)

>>4726267 Anon cont'd digs on airport in Q2669 'ABED' image

>>4726243 CSPAN Poll: Who do you blame for government shutdown? Vote!

>>4726217 Top US Navy commander heads to China amid spiraling tensions & raging trade war

>>4726179 Police employ tear gas & water cannons as Yellow Vest protests enter 9th week

>>4726011 Anon shows experiment with cameras 34 KMs above earth during CA fires

>>4726001 Montana Lawmaker to Propose Giving $8 Million to Help Build Border Wall

>>4725953 Q Clock for 1/12 and mirror points to Q's London drops (Graphic)

>>4726703 #6031


>>4725797 Indiana professor assisted in pushing dossier narrative by creating DNS logs for "Alfa Trump"

>>4725478 Antartica guy (Colin O”Grady) moves watch towards camera on Fox and Frens

>>4725469 POTUS tweet delta 11:11 cont'd; 2 Days Ahead of Schedule - "This Is It"

>>4725286 DJT continues Twatstorm, timestamps add up to 17

>>4725242 Anon compares Q's pic to DiFi height & appearance

>>4725195, >>4725337, >>4725387 DJT 'Just Watch' tweet points anons to 2016 Time article

>>4725866 #6030


>>4724406 interdasting old DJT tweet and Q watch connection ?

>>4724433, >>4724457, >>4724589, >>4724695, >>4724762 some Q and Time mag connects to >>4724406

>>4724400, >>4725040, >>4725035 New DJTs

>>4724492, >>4724655 possible countdown ?

>>4724615, >>4724631 new COMEY twat

>>4724818, >>4724833 new Sara Carter (with typo soecial)

>>4724653 POTUS tweet delta 11:11 (1:11:10 actual)

>>4724449, >>4724536, >>4724845, >>4724816 update on GoFundMe Build the Wall - Build The Wall, Inc 501c4

>>4724414, >>4724446 anon call to dig -haiti related

>>4724444 because quad4s Ghosn's trial and Nissan

>>4724472 Benghazi Bombshell: Hillary ran weapons, Michael Flynn targeted ( so sources pref)

>>4724620, >>4724511, >>4724603, >>4724579 art of the deal book cipher dig re >>4723987 [pb]

>>4724574 13 angry dems (anon graphic)

>>4724628 intersting BOOMS, check it out re: this >>4724543

>>4724627 German Archive Anon update

>>4724699 planefagging peaches

>>4724880 GITMO pics before/after (making room) could use some date/time stamps

>>4725068 #6029


>>4723599, >>4724029, >>4723645, >>4723680, >>4723695, >>4723795, >>4723800

>>4723814, >>4723841, >>4723837, >>4724295 New Djt Tweets

>>4724318 DJT Tweets bun

>>4723623 Narrative Change

>>4723687 China: No Wind Or Solar If It Can'T Beat Coal On Price

>>4723700 String Of Indictments By Doj Point To Multiple Global Operations

>>4723719 This Idiot Threatened Trump On Facebook And Secret Service Pays Her A Visit

>>4723862 White House Counsel Hires 17 New Lawyers To Prepare Defense Of Trump'S Executive Privilege

>>4723864, >>4723889 The Secret Logistics Of America’s Global Deep State

>>4723897 Orban: Islam And Open Borders Will Divide Eu Into ‘two Civilisations’

>>4723938, >>4723962 Did Hillary Receive E-Mail About Nz Eq Before It Happened ?

>>4723961 Sandy Hook Families Win Discovery In Alex Jones Lawsuit

>>4723964 Gilets Jaunes Protesters 'Destroy Over Half Of Speed Cameras' In France

>>4724104, >>4724101 2 Dead In Bakery Explosion. Paris.

>>4724133 The Reports Say That This Behavior Began In 2016, When Ring Founder Jamie Siminoff Moved The Company

>>4724164 Baker Change here

>>4724325 #6028


>>4722831 Hr 221 Special Envoy To Monitor And Combat Anti-Semitism Act

>>4722881, >>4722906 Multiple Injuries After Explosion At Paris Bakery 'Caused By Gas Leak'

>>4722893 Crimes Of Survival: A New Trend In Criminal Justice Reform Rationalizes Stealing

>>4722896 Apple Demanded $1 Billion For Chance To Win Iphone: Qualcomm Ceo

>>4722879, >>4722898 Huawei Had Completely Vanished From One Section Of The Mall

>>4722874, >>4722916, >>4722904, >>4723011 Is That A 42 Or 48 Star American Flag In Scavino'S Office?

>>4722934 This Is Gamergate Tier Sockpuppeting, And Its Coming From Some Of The Biggest Outlets In The Country.

>>4722963 Mexico City Pipeline Hit By 'Sabotage' Amid Crackdown On Fuel Theft

>>4723126 Nissan China Boss Jose Munoz Resigns After Reports Of Wider Carlos Ghosn Probe

>>4723144 There’s A Few Posts In The Archives On Gabbard Cult. Very Dig Worthy

>>4723159, >>4723224 Oops.. Oh Maggie What Did You Do?

>>4723188 Billionaire Anti-Trump Activist, Says He Won’t Run For President But Vows $40m Impeachment Push

>>4723235 Former Obama Tech Guy Was Behind 2018 Midterm

>>4723251 Call To Decode: Q'S Pic'S Filename Has ABED, Inside Stories From The Brotherhood…

>>4723495 Lost In All The Golden Globes Hoopla Was A Hidden Announcement Of Sorts

>>4723500 Police In Costa Rica, Spain Arrest Kidnappers Of American

>>4723551 #6027


>>4722433, >>4722763 France vows severe defense against Act 9 of Yellow Vest protests

>>4721976 Schumer Introduced Law to Imprison Americans for Criticizing Israel in late 2018

>>4721981, >>4722114 FBI went full retard, and Sarah Sanders' response

>>4722182, >>4722216, >>4722264, >>4722129 Tulsi Gabbard's "cult" and info on her presidential aspirations

>>4721999, >>4722188, Call to decode: Q's pic's filename has ABED in it

>>4722022 Sponsors reluctant to evacuate White Helmets from Jordan

>>4722036 Agency Run By Obama Holdovers Reportedly Paid Staff Despite Not Having Money During Shutdown

>>4722062, >>4722151 Moar on the Earth's magnetosphere

>>4722096, >>4722176 Moar on the immigration enabling child brides

>>4722227 Wernher von Braun's book "Project Mars" side by side with Elon Musk's StarShip (Elon was the main character's name)

>>4722480, >>4722741, >>4722629, >>4722630, >>4722702 LIVE: "A Huge explosion in Paris"

>>4722774 #6026


>>4721284, >>4721306, >>4721360, >>4721800 Reminder RBG thought a person was guilty of a sexual act if that person was doing it to someone "less than twelve years old."

>>4721299 NowC@mesTHEP@in—-23!!! related to 23 day shutdown?

>>4721343 McCabe Told Congress That Comey’s Draft Exoneration of Clinton Was Unprecedented

>>4721345 Meme Video of Kamala Harris on gangs and illegals

>>4721352 Ed Buck on Open Secrets

>>4721389 Project Blue Book: The Air Force’s covert UFO investigation is brought to TV

>>4721432 Anon on RBG being a 'rabid feminist'

>>4721560 Overview of Judge Barrett's jurisprudence

>>4721565 Feinstein And Friends Quietly Introduce a Major Gun Control Bill During the Shutdown

>>4721568 Senior Executive of Huawei Canada Leaves Post as Company Faces Increasing Scrutiny

>>4721587, >>4721613 Dan Scavino FB pic: Never know who is going to walk into the office…

>>4721647 Person > Cancer > Suddenly 'fell ill'

>>4721689 Huma in Q's pic?

>>4721751 Netanyahu lying about war and nukes, to force the US into war

>>4721761 Julian Castro To Announce 2020 Presidential Bid Saturday

>>4721801 Moar on Sheriff Israel's suspension

>>4721806 Something VERY STRANGE happening in our Magnetosphere

>>4721790 Matt Pottinger fluent in Chinese (Man in Q's pic?)

>>4721905 #6025


>>4720438 POTUS schedule for tomorrow: no public events


>>4720482 Thief breaks into two State Dept buildings, steals phones

>>4720491 Moar on Gov. Ron DeSantis’ plane making an emergency landing near St. Petersburg

>>4720511 More Than 1,400 US CEOs Left Their Jobs in 2018

>>4720523 9 million users installed 85 adware infected apps from Play Store

>>4720536, >>4720608, >>4720919, >>4721192 Anons on 'Morals and Dogma' and Albert Pike

>>4720550 Judge: Lodi man’s terrorism convictions should be vacated

>>4720562 Irate Veteran Steps In After Muslim Leads Prayer Against ‘Infidels’ In The Senate

>>4720651 For keks: 'Illegal Immigrant Song' (Zeppelin Parody)

>>4720659 REPORT: Police respond to report of kidnapping involving R. Kelly at Trump Tower in Chicago

>>4720679, >>4720733, >>4720820, >>4720886 Transcripts of Lisa Page’s Closed-Door Testimonies Provide New Revelations in Spygate Scandal

>>4720711 Law advocacy center sues CIA for access to Jamal Khashoggi files

>>4720737 A former senior official in south China's Guangdong Province was expelled from the Communist Party of China (for being a bad commie)

>>4720818 Tweet: Mueller indictment says Fancy Bear malware was in DNC network until Oct 2016, but was quarantined on Jul 26 2015

>>4720831 New Record: Officially the longest Government Shutdown in US History

>>4720863 Top U.S. Navy officer to meet Chinese counterpart amid military and trade tensions

>>4720922 Americans increasingly accept unrestricted facial recognition tech

>>4721044 Syria says Israel fired missiles toward Damascus, hit airport warehouse

>>4721146 #6024


>>4719705 South African white doctors need not apply

>>4719791, >>4719835 Moar on Project Monarch

>>4719892 GOP Legislation To Make Mexican Drug Cartels Pay for Border Wall

>>4719903, >>4720157 Mecca’s Grand Mosque plagued by swarm of locusts

>>4719931 Soros-Tied Hillary Alumni Group Raising Funds to Challenge Trump’s ‘Racist Wall’ in Courts

>>4719948 Moar on Haspel allegedly running black sites at gitmo

>>4720059 Video of CBP officers conducting training exercises at busiest port with Mexico

>>4720072, >>4720293 Senate Report: How the US Immigration System Encourages Child Marriages

>>4720171 Syrian Air defenses intercept hostile missiles launched by Israeli warplanes, down most of them

>>4720253 Lindsey Graham elected Senate Judiciary Chairman

>>4720377 #6023


>>4718884, >>4718921, >>4718966 Link to Hannity's special with the parents of victims of illegal immigrants

>>4719013 Human trafficking in PR isn't considered a crime

>>4719047 IG REPORT of Pentagon AUDIT: $21 TRILLION unaccounted

>>4719067 The British Role in the Coup Against the President Is Now Exposed

>>4719085 UN Official: We Should Make Every Effort To Depopulate The Planet

>>4719095 Secretary Mnuchin: Chinese Vice Premier Will Visit U.S. For Trade Talks At End Of Month

>>4718911 "BOOM" theory on a countdown

>>4719001 For keks: How Much Wood could a Cuck Chuck Suck if a Cuck Chuck could Suck Wood?

>>4719145 Democrats are Rejecting a Long List of Other Border Security Measures to Spite Trump

>>4719174 The UN Admits That The Paris Climate Deal Was A Fraud

>>4719292 WaPo complaining about 'RBG conspiracy theories on YT'

>>4719328, >>4719336 Project Monarch

>>4719403 Ocasio-Cortez Criticized After Failing to Provide Workers’ Compensation Coverage

>>4719408 Anon on what POTUS might have up his sleeve

>>4719499 July 2018 Senate says IGs find not reliable

>>4719598 #6022


>>4718107, >>4718129 Syria Update

>>4718106, >>4718134 POTUS_SChedule, John Bolton on Venezuela

>>4718160, >>4718422, >>4718353 WTF is with puerto rico - Clinton, Fallon, 30 congress fags

>>4718356 dank proofs (anon theories proofs)

>>4718342 desanits plane emerg landing (on way to Broward)

>>4718157 update on GoFundMe Build the Wall - Build The Wall, Inc 501c4 with Erik Prince

>>4718623 planefagging

>>4718818 #6021


>>4717405 Syrian Army targets radical militants in Hama And Idlib with armed drones, guided missiles and heavy rockets.

>>4717371 Unconfirmed: Video of supposed Israeli strike on Damascus. (video)

>>4717342 Two pedo priests in PA going down.

>>4717323 Bus crash in Ottawa. 3 dead 23 injured. Driver detained.

>>4717443 Notable Observations from anon on kidnapped girl case

>>4717574, >>4717692 Ivanka World Bank Boss?

>>4717321 Meet The Greenbergs

>>4717777 God got quads

>>4717587, >>4717819 Reason Nikki Haley Resigned (new yorker article, but intersting), and then some past creds

>>4717984 6020


>>4717077 McDuff the qresearch mascot.


>>4717067 CPL and Democrat abused stripper to attend Cohen hearing?

>>4717047 Paris a battlefield this past weekend. (video)

>>4717046 Tulsi Gabbard intends on running in 2020.

>>4716865 Democrats act to strip State powers over elections.

>>4716845 Israel is also racist.

>>4716811 Syria says Israeli airstrikes hit warehouse at Damascus airport.

>>4716787 Mexico is buying us peaches.

>>4716731 Fed tells banks to help workers hit by shutdown.

>>4716677 Fmr. Nissan Chairman created slush fund that he used to send $100 mil to the Middle East.

>>4716625 Globalist MSM distorts coverage of populism in all countries: we need to get the real scoop.

>>4716584 DJT Tweet: "Drug prices declined in 2018, the first time in nearly half a century…"

>>4716567 What is the real medical diagnosis of [RBG]?

>>4716566 Hamptons police seek thief who stole $42 million from parked car.

>>4717237 #6019


>>4716266 An armed guard reportedly transporting a 'very special load' for Apple was killed in a fatal truck crash.

>>4716369 Turkey is racist.

>>4716135, >>4716225, >>4716252 John Solomon: How news media omissions distort Russia probe narrative … and shield Democrats.

>>4716249 Some of AOC's fellow Democrats reportedly live in fear of her sending a "mean-tweet" in their direction.

>>4716244 Sheriff Scott Israel removed over failures during Parkland shooting, replaced by Gregory Tony.

>>4716068 WH Tweet: "President Trump is committed to stopping the crisis at our border, but the Democrats have already left Washington."

>>4715991 Yellow Vest protests in Israel.

>>4715932 POTUS Schedule: No POTUS travel expected for the remainder of today & tonight.

>>4715824 Dragon FISA mentioned last July.

>>4715772 Q clock update. Re-read crumbs.

>>4715722, >>4716097 That GoFundMe to build a border wall is issuing $20 million in refunds unless you opt-in.

>>4716465 #6018


>>4715557 Trump Dunks on Jim Acosta in Oval Office: “Good Job, Yesterday! I Appreciate it!”

>>4715535 POTUS Instagram: CBP salute.

>>4715403, >>4715478 There are at least 5 women on the short list for SCOTUS in addition to Amy Coney Barrett.

>>4715412 PapaD: Joseph Mifsud's ties to Gaeta, Steele and Sambei are key.

>>4715119 Amazon Ring videos can be viewed by tech workers in an area known for cybercrime.

>>4715071 Article on the shooting death of Officer Natalie Corona.

>>4715060, >>4715074 Lawfag on why ACB is not likely to be the SCOTUS nominee.

>>4715001 Trump holding off on declaring national emergency on the border, calls on Democrats to fund wall.

>>4714987 LL didn't formally recuse herself despite her statements to the press? Q proof?

>>4715605 #6017


>>4714828 US DoD: We're all a team. Lear sisters.

>>4714797 A former Arkansas lawmaker has been charged with conspiracy due to his part in a scheme to bribe a judge in the state.

>>4714678 Planefag: B52 callsign:00000000* over Texas!

>>4714583 AT&T says it’ll stop selling location data amid calls for federal investigation.

>>4714532 NBC Meet the Press disables video November 11, 2012 episode. Schumer said what?

>>4714395, >>4714635 Demonstration in Seattle blocking 4th Ave and Pike St.

>>4714442 PapaD: Dragon FISA to be exposed?

>>4714265 Bird Box Challenge?!

>>4714323 300 Americans a week. Intentionally vague POTUS Tweet?

>>4714217 CNN ‘Declined’ to air San Diego TV station’s ‘local view’ due to pro-wall position.

>>4714215 Dig on a possible RBG doctor.

>>4714213 O'Rourke to be interviewed by Oprah.

>>4714205 Q crumbs related to Nazi symbolism. Repost for discussion.

>>4714204 TMZ Confirms: MacKenzie Bezos to become world's richest woman. No prenup?!

>>4714202 POTUS Schedule: Border security roundtable attendees.

>>4714173 Sandy Hook peeps can dig into InfoWars’ internal marketing and financial documents.

>>4714624 #6016


>>4714099 IG Horowitz still not in possession of PS/LP texts?

>>4714101 Japan to assist Five Eye countries in the event of an attack?

>>4713426 Maryland infested with MS-13 and illegals.

>>4713920 Poland charges chinese Huawei manager for espionage.

>>4713981 Harry Reid endorses Mitt Romney for 2020 Republican nominee for President.

>>4713954 US approved thousands of child bride requests. Cabal's legal slippery slope?

>>4713833 Don Jr. shares a spicy meme during a Twitter smackdown given to Jim Acosta.

>>4713870 US to ease humanitarian related travel and shipments to North Korea.

>>4713869 Governor DeSantis confirms his plane had to land due to a mechanical problem.

>>4713690 Bezos divorce an attempt to save his assets?

>>4713619 Matt Gaetz building a bridge across parties with the socialist cutie?

>>4713563 Google defended executives against sexual harassment allegations.

>>4713543 Mike Huckabee: Why are Dems going home for the weekend if they care about the shutdown.

>>4713534 EU Rep: Europe will not allow US to determine trade relations with Iran.

>>4713531 Guardian condemns antisemitism against Soros, but legitimises it against Adelson.

>>4713429 SpaceX finishes building 'Starship' Hopper prototype. (Photo)

>>4713403 AfD party being split by extreme factions within?

>>4714133 #6015


>>4713290 House, Senate pass measure to ensure workers are paid post-shutdown.

>>4713253 Fusion GPS continued to research Dossier on behest of Dan Jones, a former Feinstein staffer?

>>4713204, >>4713225 Earth's magnetic field to flip within our lifetime?

>>4713180 Seattle TV station fired the editor who edited POTUS National Address.

>>4713146 Stacey Abrams met yesterday with Chuck Schumer and DSCC chair Catherine Cortez Masto to discuss a possible U.S. Senate run in 2020.

>>4713023 Amazon ring security cameras present oxymoron.

>>4713232, >>4712982 Q Proof: LP visited London.

>>4712992 Huckabee hosting Dershowitz this saturday.

>>4712723 Deputy US Trade Rep Jeffrey Garrish and Treasury Undersecretary David Malpass. Senior official visiting China?

>>4712844 Romney and others looking to capitalize on the Mueller report in a bid for a primary?

>>4712853 Opposition takes surprise presidential win in D.R. Congo, prompting fraud claims by the Catholic church and others.

>>4712910 Former Texas judge sentenced to six years in prison for creating fake sex-for-hire ads for women he dated.

>>4712920 Tariffs still aren’t raising consumer prices.

>>4712739 DeSantis asks entire South Florida water management board to resign.

>>4712702 UK Govt failed to deport 50,000 rejected asylum seekers.

>>4712688, >>4712741 RBG to miss next weeks arguments? No further treatment planned? Hospice care?

>>4712635 MI6 boss and Army Field Marshal: May’s Brexit deal ‘places national security in foreign hands’.

>>4712629 National Air Traffic Controllers Association files lawsuit against Trump admin over lost wages.

>>4713349 #6014


>>4712534 Planefag: AF1 is up over DC/VA area.

>>4712484 Marketanon: Markets overall on pace to be lower than avg. volume for the 5th straight day.

>>4712420 Google, Soros fund Facebook’s new fact checkers.

>>4712408 Sabotage at Yemen oil reservoir?

>>4712364 DJT Tweet: "The Fake News Media keeps saying we haven't built any NEW WALL…"

>>4712255 Planefag: Busy day at Gitmo.

>>4712271 Chinese authorities go after citizens for using VPNs, skirting online censorship.

>>4712305 Social reform in Iran?

>>4711968, >>4712108 Planefags: 8ch. shoutouts?

>>4712101 POTUS Schedule: DJT headed to Louisiana on Monday. Cop just killed there. Connection?

>>4712063 China broadcasts spacecraft pictures from moon’s far side.

>>4712049 Video of POTUS describing how Mexico would pay for the wall.

>>4712042 POTUS Schedule: White House House National Security Advisor announces senior staff appointment.

>>4712033 Obama officials come out in support of the effectiveness of a border wall.

>>4712016 CDC says it’s another severe flu season with up to 7.3 million people sick so far.

>>4711952 Feinstein is worried Ca.'s projected income will no longer include Federal 'wildfire' funds.

>>4711938 In 2018, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents seized 2,400lbs of fentanyl.

>>4711936 Reagan was theatrical and eager to please which led to an unexpectedly close relationship with Gorbachev.

>>4711899 Tits are bad for brains.

>>4711874 LS hinting at Mueller /ourguy/?

>>4711871 President Donald J. Trump's Accomplishments List. (

>>4712564 #6013


>>4711484 Bing refusing to add Kavanaugh's name to the roster of SCOTUS justices?

>>4711717 Bill Kristol launches new website with money from far left billionaire.

>>4711685 Dems. cracking on the border wall.

>>4711586 Pompeo meets with Bahrain's King Hamad.

>>4711466 Anon: Looks like it is in fact Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

>>4711470 Purges, resignations hit North Korea’s military, elites

>>4711242 Louisiana police officer killed. Some similar details to Natalie Corona.

>>4711346 Massive drug running corruption scandal in Hawaii is heating up.

>>4711189 Flashback 2016: Trump says Mexico Will pay for the Wall “through money we save on trade negotiations.”

>>4711276 New caravan gathers for a journey north.

>>4711136 Photo is from domestic arrivals/passenger services.

>>4711117 RIP Natalie Corona. o7

>>4711115 Missing text messages from Page/Strzok trip to London?

>>4711110 WH Tweet: "President Trump has appointed Charlie Kupperman as Deputy National Security Advisor…"

>>4711076, >>4711201 DJT Tweet: Trip to border wall, state of the border and a promise to build the Wall.

>>4711051 Obstruction of justice investigation before Comey firing? 1st reason too weak? Comey firing entrampment?

>>4711046 Video from the local news station snubbed by CNN. (video)

>>4711804 #6012


>>4710988 Ivanka Trump meets up with friend Wendi Deng Murdoch. (ex-Wife of Rupert Murdoch)

>>4710977 Hollywood throwing it in our face.

>>4710740 Ocasio-Cortez campaign fined for not providing worker's compensation.

>>4710733 Ex-Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn indicted for breach of trust.

>>4710594, >>4710537 Feinstein In China?

>>4710424 Germany happenings. Cure spreading WW?

>>4710442 Attack's on ACB's faith coming?

>>4710355 Transcripts of Lisa Page’s closed-door testimonies provide new revelations in Spygate scandal.

>>4710412 Mark Meadows: POTUS to use money seized from illegal activities?

>>4710394 Hungary's Viktor Orban pushes for anti-migrant bloc to counter France and Germany.

>>4710382 Filed under: Those the loudest.

>>4710380 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Tweet: See Something Say Something.

>>4710341 Local News Station snubbed by CNN when they declared the border wall 'effective'.

>>4710333 Pray for our Military. o7

>>4710311 Accenture CEO steps down due to health reasons.

>>4710301 Planefag: Boeing VC-25A in the sky, VIP aboard.

>>4711006 #6011


>>4710163 US Air Force Tweet: Green Castle?

>>4710094 12:34 comms? What's the message?

>>4709978 Liu He the identity of Chinese official from Q's post?

>>4710020 AT&T stopping sharing of customer's location info.

>>4710018 WH Statement: The Crisis at the Southern Border Is Too Urgent to Ignore.

>>4709906 US official says troop withdrawal from Syria has started.

>>4709814 Yellow vests protesters continue their roundabout fight.

>>4709645, >>4709676 Could ACB's adopted children be used to bring Haiti into the spot light?

>>4709799 SpaceX to deliver Iridium NEXT satellites to space in first launch of 2019.

>>4709774 California of