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>>3137683 Trump To Investigate Google, Facebook Under New Executive Order: Bloomberg

>>3137717, >>3138167 New DJT

>>3137762 Minnesota State Rep. Jim Knoblach Not Seeking Re-election

>>3137816 German Coalition's Future at Stake

>>3137824 Ecuador attempted to give Assange diplomat post in Russia

>>3137831 Podesta Emails Dig Re: ET's

>>3137857 Overview and Key Players in the Socialist Grip on Germany

>>3137903, >>3137933 Anon Theory on Q's Las Vegas Photo pointing to QDrop 2165

>>3138253 Most Famous Buddhist Teacher after the Dalai Lama Accused of Sexually Abuse

>>3138133 Another Look at [Movie 1]

>>3138415 #3971


>>3136968 8AM EDT tweets from DoD and Marine’s

>>3136998, >>3137041 ; >>3137214 ; >>3137401 PlaneFag Reports

>>3137009 Civano: a #PIZZAGATE village in Arizona USA

>>3137024 Are we alone? Classified at the Highest Level - Digs Needed

>>3137025, >>3137028 White House Drafts Order To Look Into Google, Facebook Practices

>>3137040 He is too Young (Siddiqui)

Baker Change

>>3137044 ; >>3137037 ; >>3137315 Stanford MKU fuckery

>>3137213 China cancels trade talks w/US, won’t send delegation

>>3137354 Clockfag Update

>>3137594 Sara A. Carter on Rosenstein

>>3137601 #3970


>>3136703 Keep America Great

>>3136476 Instability in the Linux Space?

>>3136471 Credit Trump’s toughness for Putin’s softening in Syria

>>3136320 Omar Siddiqui FB? Post

>>3136457 English Anon Showing U.S. some love

>>3136385 Trust the Plan Anons, that MI is on time, every time.

>>3136360 Hmmm… Hannity on the right side of History, Not so much for Laura Ingram?

>>3136279 Europe Descends Into Tyranny

>>3136299 Democrat Playbook, Vid

>>3136261, >>3136380, >>3136599, >>3136660, >>3136729, >>3136851 PlaneFag Reports

>>3136211 Finland's FM mysterious "Alice in Wonderland" reference

>>3136886 #3969


>>3135383 Dartmouth professors under investigation connected to Clintons, Bill/Melinda gates, Hussein

>>3135389 ‘Trump will fail’: Iran won’t abandon its ‘missiles that make America angry’, Rouhani says

>>3135404 Anon analysis/observation on "Don't Call Us, We'll Call You" song + WH phone number, RR calling POTUS

>>3135551, >>3135669 Moar Digging on Omar Siddiqui

>>3135527 Wayback machine shows no info on Dr. Ford in PAU faculty directory before 2018

>>3135759 Illegal Organ Harvesting Is Rampant in Egypt, and Refugees Are the Main Target

>>3135398, >>3135416, >>3135576, >>3135676, >>3135747, >>3135795 Digs on CDAN, David Geffen, and musicians (likely) 187'ed

>>3135827, >>3135529, >>3135845 On 2:33am

>>3135924 It took Twitter 2 weeks to tell users of bug that exposes messages to unauthorized developers …like NSA?

>>3135945 Member of the Saudi royal family reports jewelry theft in Paris

>>3136110 #3968


>>3134668 MUSIC IS ABOUT TO STOP side-by-side Grassley "judiciary orchestra" tweet

>>3134671 Soros bought a lot of stock in Spotify and Pandora last month

>>3134755 Is the Media Starting to "Eat Its Own"? : WaPo on BC & NAFTA

>>3134959, >>3134890 Music on the QClock Graphic Updated with Eminem/D12: Coincidence?

>>3134883 No media coverage on MD Rite Aid shooting today? (hint: shooter was black transgender woman)

>>3134915 Stealth Jeff theory on RR, declas, NYT article

>>3134642 Clinton connection to Christine Ford: Attorney Was Fundraiser for HRC Presidential Campaign

>>3135100 U.S. preparing "actions" in coming days against Venezuala: Pompeo to Fox News

>>3135132, >>3135169 2:33(am) from Q image file name = 2:33(pm) time of first Q post re: HRC ARREST

>>3135138 A Path To War? China Cancels US Trade Talks As 'Skirmish' Escalates

>>3135185, >>3135251 Surprise, suprise, Debra Katz is linked to George Soros

>>3135210 Anon highlights interesting section of Sunshine Act re: journalists suing in federal court (MSM flipping on masters)

>>3135230, >>3135255 Ministers to demand Brexit 'Plan B' from Theresa May on Monday

>>3135179, >>3135198 Is Obama's bf from couch photo (Sohale Siddiqi) the same man as Omar Seddqui who is NOW running for congress?

>>3135302 Terrorists Attack Military Parade in South Iran, Casualties Reported (VIDEO)

>>3135335 #3967


>>3133847 Kek: "I will not testify" Dr. Seuss Meme

>>3133911 SUN to SHINE: The Government in the Sunshine Act

>>3133927, >>3134015, >>3134020 Don't Call Us, We'll Call You: Interdasting Anon Observations on "MUSIC IS ABOUT TO STOP" + WH #

>>3133915 New Grassley tweet: 2nd trombone in the judiciary orchestra?

>>3134162 Possible email from Dr. Ford's lawyer Debra Katz

>>3134486 Music on the QClock

>>3133947 POTUS retweets segment of Rally where he says the name "Alice".

>>3134579 #3966


>>3133081 Unsealed Indictments in the news today:

>>3133094 Radical anti-Kavanaugh activists from several national leftwing groups planning to bus in protestors and hold protest-training program in DC on Sunday..

>>3133115 Kavanaugh accuser seeks additional day to decide on testimony

>>3133127 Feinstein statement to Sen. Grassley

>>3133148 Europe Blackmails China as Beijing Battles US Trade Restrictions

>>3133205 Ben Carson appears to tie allegation against Kavanaugh to socialist plot

>>3133228 British Spies Hacked Belgian Telecom Firm on UK Government Orders - Reports

>>3133265 Spreadsheet Update

>>3133273 Hold The Front Page: The Reporters Are Missing And Journalism Is Dead

>>3133126 Game theory: "Music is about to stop."

>>3133320, >>3133467 POTUS Schedule Update

>>3133332 New DJT: GOD BLESS THE U.S.A.!

>>3133485 62M Immigrants and Their U.S.-Born Children Now Reside in America

>>3133556 “WE STAND READY” May challenges EU as Brexit talks hit 'impasse', sterling tumbles

>>3133559, >>3133640, >>3133695, >>3133704 @ChuckGrassley re: Dr. Ford

>>3133578 Tickets for Michelle Obama’s book tour are going for obscene prices

>>3133726 #3965


>>3132354 doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation Announces New Project in Haiti

>>3132374 Planefag Report

>>3132454 MoveOn Organizing Massive Rallies To Defend Rosenstein And Mueller

>>3132456, >>3132588, >>3132624 Chairman Grassley officially noticed the vote for Judge Kavanaugh on Monday

>>3132469 Missouri Rally So Big We Had to Turn Away 20,000 Trump Supporters

>>3132491 Mansfield: Fugitive Shawn Christy was captured at 4:38 p.m. Friday, bringing a massive five-day manhunt to an end.

>>3132496 Nobama also had a rally today.

>>3132501 Trump: Democrats ‘Held Hostage’ by Antifa, ‘Deep State Radicals, Establishment Cronies’

>>3132520 James Woods twitter locked

>>3132575 Feinstein on Republican ‘Bullying’ of Sexual Assault Survivor

>>3132593, >>3132688, >>3132718 Didn't Q mention '19 people meeting' in a secure room..

>>3132786 Twatter just called itself the "election oversight Commision".

>>3132794 Resignations in the news today:

>>3132897 At impasse over testimony by accuser, GOP sets Monday panel vote on Kavanaugh

>>3132953 #3964


>>3131567 WATCH: Pelosi Suffers Brain Freeze, Slurs Words When Demanding Kavanaugh Take ‘Lie Detector Test’

>>3131642 Tucker Carlson: If Democrats Delay Kavanaugh Vote for Another Week — His Confirmation Is Over Per Senate Rules

>>3131797 WATCH: Beto O'Rourke Pins Himself In Corner Over Drunk Driving Claim

>>3131800 PlaneFag: AF1 wheels up

>>3132052, >>3132058 VOAT is down (sauce: anons)

>>3132065 Protesters being bused in to hold "protest-training program in DC" then will stage massive protest next week

>>3132137 #3963


>>3130831 Trump Promises to Eliminate 'Lingering Stench' at FBI, Department of Justice

>>3130865 What happened when Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos sat down with Australian diplomat Alexander Downer

>>3130868 Watch–Beto O’Rourke: Amnesty for 12M Illegal Aliens Necessary to Fill Jobs at Cotton Gins

>>3130934 Shawn Christy, accused of threatening President Trump, caught in Ohio

>>3130952 Weekly Update: Kavanaugh Deserves A Vote. Now.

>>3131175 Meet Noel Francisco, the man who will oversee the Mueller probe if Trump fires Rosenstein

>>3131100 Possible POTUS Q hand gesture in the rally

>>3131415 #3962



>>3130006 Kidnapping conspiracy of a child was foiled in Michigan

>>3130057 Denuclearization Negotiations May Be Fruitful as Trump, Kim Get ‘Serious'

>>3130065, >>3130150, >>3130164 Minnesota Republican ends reelection campaign amid accusations of inappropriate behavior with his daughter (These people are sick)

>>3130089 "Trump Won't Back Down": Bannon Warns Trade-War Will Be "Unbearably Painful" For China

>>3130159, >>3130201Yale study finds 22M illegals in USA, double the official number

>>3130384 U.S. Senators Personal Email Accounts Targeted by Foreign Hackers

>>3130606 #3960



>>3129472 What does the 2.33_AM filename mean?

>>3129600 AMAZING! TWO MILE LONG LINE for Trump Rally in Springfield, Missouri!

>>3129665, >>3129692, >>3129697 Grassley Sends Final Deadline for Kavanaugh Accuser’s Lawyers: 10 P.M. Friday or We’ll Vote Monday

>>3129806 #3960


>>3128983 Google Suppresses Memo

>>3128770 Song ar Rally - Please Son't Stop the Music

>>3128600 POTUS Schedule Twat, Arrival Time 17:17, kek

>>3129125 #3959


>>3128116 Mike Flynn Jr Status

>>3127767 PlaneFag Reports

>>3128360 #3958


>>3127368 Mark Young Twat Regarding Time Needed to scrub Yearbooks - Was Pre-Planned

>>3127122 Add to the list of Resignations

>>3127092, >>3127214, >>3127445 PlaneFag Reports

>>3126906 New DJT

>>3126883 Expect US 'Actions' Against Venezuela in Coming Days - Pompeo

>>3127640 #3957


>>3126104 Moar: Ford accuser says she can't make it to Monday's hearing because she's scared to fly

>>3126126 Kavanaugh Accuser Says Her Email Was Hacked After Going Public

>>3126130, >>3126183, >>3126207 Consumer Sentiment Highest in 17 years

>>3126218 NBCNEWS: Rosenstein Was Joking!

>>3126243 Tesla Is Being Investigated By The US Department of Justice

>>3126254 Tesla Exodus Continues As VP Of Global Supply Management Resigns

>>3126335 Salvini To Migrant Rescue Ship “Go Wherever You Want, But Not To Italy”

>>3126376 ‘Transphobic’ student editor fired for insisting ‘women don’t have penises.’ He’s not backing down.


>>3126472 Dershowitz: Ford Requesting Kavanaugh Go First ‘Anti-Due Process,’ I Agree With Witness and FBI Requests

>>3126504 Twitter Approves Ads in Favor of Female Genital Mutilation After Blacklisting Pro-Lifers

>>3126689 PlaneFag: There are two AZAZ0909 flights up

>>3126700 Was Kavanaugh Accusation An Orchestrated Hit Involving Fmr Anita Hill Adviser?

>>3126797 PlaneFag Update

>>3126811 #3956


>>3125358 SYRIA UPDATE

>>3125439 Ford attended an American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry conference… in DC a year ago

>>3125380, >>3125502, >>3125505 MAGA rally tonight is at an arena nicknamed The Q

>>3125543 High Level Of Security At JQH Arena For Presidential Visit

>>3125556 POTUS tweet: "Promises Kept for our GREAT Veterans!"

>>3125583 SHOTS FIRED: Andrew McCabe Does Not Deny NY Times Bombshell Rosenstein Report in Statement on His Memos

>>3125625 Border Patrol Agents in Texas Town Apprehend 300 Migrants in One Day

>>3125710 Graphic on RR/NYT article: trying to bait POTUS into firing RR


>>3125773 Facebook Allies With U.S. Regime-Change Orgs For 'Fact Checking' In Foreign Countries

>>3125800 Graphic on PRECIPICE

>>3125811 Alleged Video of Idlib Chemical Attack Fabrication (FF) Released by Syrian Media

>>3125907 George Soros, son funded August attacks on Martha McSally

>>3125915 Bill Maher gives $1 million to Senate Democratic super PAC

>>3126028 #3955


>>3124631 Future of Political Discourse at Stake: Farage Calls for Social Media ‘Bill of Rights’ to End Bias

>>3124645 US Pledges $3.3 Billion in Military Aid to Israel, but Cuts Humanitarian Aid to Palestinians

>>3124673, >>3124970 BREAKING: Ford doesn't want to fly to get to the hearing (moar sauce needed)

>>3124706 James Cole could have been special counsel

>>3124806 Over 111,000 unique IPs in the last 24 hours on

>>3124827, >>3124860 A cell in GITMO will be wheelchair accessible, large enough for 15 people

>>3124850 Bannon: Trump Willing to Make Trade War ‘Unbearably Painful’ for China

>>3124657 McCabe's Memos - NYT Source? Throwing RR under Bus to Protect Comey? (cap)

>>3124957 Netanyahu: Israel To Deliver ‘Crushing Blow’ To Hezbollah If It uses Its ‘Precision Rockets’

>>3125068 PlaneFag: AF1 going to Missouri


>>3125239 #3954


>>3123850 Macron Vows Punishment for States Refusing Third World Migration

>>3123885, >>3123890 Trump delays order to declassify Russia probe documents

>>3123868 Geomagnetic Storm risk

>>3123907 Facebook’s new home gadget might have a creepy camera as its main feature

>>3123917 Rosenstein Proposed Secretly Recording Trump, Invoking 25th Amendment

>>3124084 Israel declares it is above the law

>>3124100 May’s Statement on No-Deal Brexit Preparations is ‘Dreadful’ - Sturgeon

>>3124138 Anon's theory on: Goodbye, Mr Rosenstein… you are now a witness.

>>3124298 Dirty Cop Rosenstein Denies He Wanted to Secretly Tape President Trump in 2017 — But Signed FISA Doc to Spy on Trump

>>3124488 #3953


>>3123637 Papadopoulos Weighs In on the "Allies"

>>3123585 Noel Francisco will head Special Counsel Investigation if Rosenstein Fired

>>3123283, >>3123424, >>3123557 Twat About NYT Rosenstein Article

>>3123036, >>3123665 John Loftus on Enemy Infiltration of U.S. Intelligence Community

>>3123018 Breaking News: Taiwan police arrests American 3D-printed gun maker Cody Wilson

>>3123030 Police: Foreign student pilot had to be dragged from aircraft in criminal attempt to steal a plane

>>3123733 #3952


>>3122263 @JamesWoods twitter ban implications

>>3122324 Thomas M. Blasey Resume

>>3122326 Papadopoulos Tweets ; >>3122385 ;

>>3122474 POTUS thoughts on declas back in June (?); >>3122496

>>3122493 Dossier Graph

>>3122604 North Korean Kim departs with Message ; >>3122640

>>3122691 Tesla Company VP resigns

>>3122755 Interesting article on FPKIA

>>3122758 CNN interviews 5 woman about Kavanaugh; >>3122781 Who is Christine Blasey?

>>3122844 Air Force will launch new exercise in November

>>3122861 POTUS tweet

>>3122885 China blocks Twitch game-streaming service

>>3122952 #3951


>>3121471 DJT tweet and “Allies” proof

>>3121502 On “FISA BRINGS DOWN THE HOUSE [WH]” and the UK (analysis/speculation)

>>3121596 Duke Energy says dam breached in NC; coal ash may be flowing into Cape Fear River

>>3121686 ; >>3121738 ; >>3122036 ; >>3122148 Further digs on the Blasey family

>>3121813 James Woods’ twitter account locked

>>3121892 ; >>3121946 Wikileaks find on Charles Tawil, foreign Papadopoulos contact

>>3122107 McConnell confident on Kavanaugh: lawmakers will “plow through this”

>>3122119 #3950


>>3120679 Dershowitz: Kavanaugh accuser’s request is an “anti-American concept”

>>3120694 ; >>3120762 ; >>3121331 ; >>3121405 New DJT re: DECLAS, Kavanaugh accusations (includes retweet)

>>3120695 ; >>3121143 Nunes: unredacted FISA docs will show Hussein DOJ used Carter Page as a Trump campaign mole

>>3120704 On Ivanka and Q&A space issues (speculation)

>>3120744 BBC sued over claims that Ukrainian president paid to meet POTUS

>>3120786 ; >>3120920 ; >>3120984 Crumbs involving “Speed”

>>3120939, >>3120986, >>3120989 Possible good Red-Pill synopsis

>>3121101 Tweets from multiple counties re: active shooter simulation training

>>3121272 New Gaetz twitter re: FISA DECLAS

>>3121343 #3949


>>3119970 Multiple people stabbed in Queens, NYC including children

>>3119964, >>3120063 @DJT: Kav charges,

>>3119958 Hungary's Based Orban's "business as usual" w/Czar Vlad a DGAF to the EU

>>3119932, >>3119950 NY D-Sen Gillibrand loud-screaming, Kav doesn't act "innocent"

>>3119920, >>3119930, >>3119954 Lefties finally getting some IRS attention

>>3119901 Surprise! D-Hawaii Mazie Hirono: screams loudest, is rly hypocrite

>>3119890 Dems Baldwin & Pocohontas: to fundraise or not surrounding Kav Accuser

Baker Change

>>3120299 Breakdown of most recent EO re: sanctions against US adversaries

>>3120386 British PM May demanding new proposals to break EU “impasse”

>>3120452 Yale prof. rejects claim of Kavanaugh only hiring hot chicks

>>3120457 GOP lawmaker goes public w/meme re: Lincoln groping RBG

>>3120494 Russia’s secret plan to help JA escape the UK

>>3120605 Nunes: unredacted FISA docs will show Hussein DOJ used Carter Page as a Trump campaign mole

>>3120553 #3948


>>3119159, >>3119161, >>3119234, >>3119276 Project 1947 Dig

>>3119150 DoD releases first new cyber strategy in three years

>>3119234 What is the CEFAA?

>>3119260 U.S. built flying wing disc aircraft?

>>3119293 Anon claims about Kav accuser

>>3119331, >>3119345 Chile releases Official Study Results on UFOs

>>3119357, >>3119360, >>3119366 UFO videos related to above

>>3119412 German Archive Anon Hash update; 3953 breads to date

>>3119430 Diamond and Silk chime in on Kav accuser

>>3119463, >>3119472 HRC Saul Alinsky thesis

>>3119521 Russian PM Medvedev alludes to UFOs as well

>>3119575 Canadians also alluding to UFOs

>>3119859 Sealed indictments plateau

>>3119834 #3947


>>3118400 POTUS rt Ivanka about going back to the moon

>>3118390 Moar on the Vietnam President dead at 61.

>>3118508 Sexual Abuse Is So Rampant The Catholic Church Is Looking To Set Up A Crisis Hotline

>>3118748 Catholic Charities of Boston president is retiring

>>3118830 FDA scolds pharmaceutical lab for operating microbrewery in drug testing space

>>3118902 We know Mueller is dirty and this story shows he depths of his depravity

>>3119024 #3946


>>3117566 Sen. Lindsey Graham Fires Off Midnight Tweet: “Kavanaugh Nomination is Still on Track – Stay Tuned!”

>>3117588 Trump May Consider Meeting Iran President at UN If Rouhani Asks, Haley Says

>>3117708 Resignations in the news today

>>3117736 Beyoncé’s Former Drummer Claims Singer Molested Her with ‘Dark Magic,’ ‘Extreme Witchcraft’

>>3117846 Women’s March, Other Left-Wing Groups Violated IRS Rules. Their Nonprofit Status Could Be In Jeopardy

>>3117950 Don Jr: Google employees brainstormed, ways to alter search functions to counter Trump’s 2017 travel ban

>>3118078 BREAKING: Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang has died at age 61

>>3118139 Christine Blasey Ford has ties to an abortion pill pharmaceutical company called Corcept Therapeutics

>>3118240 #3945


>>3116767 BREAKING: FORMER SCALIA LAW CLERK Drops Pictures and Evidence That Blows Christine Ford’s Case Wide Open

>>3116836 Turkey Is Massing Troops Near SDF Positions In Syria’s Tell Abyad

>>3116864 Michael Hill CEO announces resignation


>>3116955 POTUS makes possible Q signal

>>3116968 Missouri Chief Information Security Officer Michael Roling to resign

>>3117163 POTUS schedule for tomorrow

>>3117172 Ted Nuget in the front row of the rally

>>3117341 VW leaves Iran

>>3117352 Republicans plan an 'October Surprise' in the form of a document dump and conspiracy theories

>>3117483 #3944


>>3116076 GOOG employees discussed tweaking search results to counter travel ban


>>3116236 HD version of POTUS’ “VERY special greeting”

>>3116276 Protestors/retards tweeting from inside Vegas rally

>>3116508 Catholic Charities of Boston president is retiring

>>3116546 ; >>3116613 ; >>3116686 New DJT: MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! and the Q greeting

>>3116567 Planefags monitoring west coast activity

>>3116610 Eric Schmidt discussed “internet split”

>>3116670 #3943


>>3115269 POTUS draws Q: “It’s gonna get better!”

>>3115370 FOIA release showing closer relationship between Mueller and MSM

>>3115692 ; >>3115748 Multiple shootings: reported in NY, Miami

>>3115774 POTUS calls out deep state and MSM alliance

>>3115906 #3942


>>3114529 ; >>3114679 ; >>3114785 Possible meaning of [19] in Q posts (analysis/speculation)

>>3114603 RSBN reads off /pf/271

>>3114822 POTUS saying foreign countries/allies don’t want the DECLAS (See also /pf/273)

>>3114872 Beyonce accused of “extreme witchcraft”

>>3115134 #3941


>>3113742 Office of Special Council finds someone in the First Lady's office violated the Hatch Act when she sent out a tweet that contained #MAGA

>>3113746 DSA & Antifa, arms of the DNC sure feel like actual Nazis & brownshirts. They operate on the same playbook..

>>3113850 March For Our Lives founder leaves the group, regrets trying to ‘embarrass’ Rubio

>>3113912 Number of Americans with Alzheimer's expected to soar in coming decades

>>3113960 Leaked Memo Shows US Overlooked Mass Civilian Deaths In Yemen To Preserve Arms Sales

>>3113964, >>3114014 Report: Christine Blasey Ford Wants Kavanaugh Barred From Hearing Room When She Testifies

>>3114058 Spreadsheet Update

>>3114138 Researcher Takes on Google’s Subversive Electioneering

>>3114217 Google Workers Discussed Tweaking Search Function to Counter Travel Ban

>>3114226 New DJT

>>3114251 Former Scalia Law Clerk Drops Pictures and Evidence That Blows Christine Ford’s Case Wide Open

>>3114274 A Chinese Star Goes Missing, and All of Hollywood Is Spooked

>>3114350 Germany sees sharp rise in violent attacks against journalists

>>3114416 #3940


>>3112950, >>3113612 Planefag Report

>>3112995 Cory Booker says it will be irresponsible of him not to consider a presidential run.

>>3113101 Las Vegas Rally Livestreams

>>3113143, >>3113446 Now Kavanaugh's Wife Is Getting Death Threats

>>3113226 U.S. DoD tweet: On the Road Again!

>>3113334 Kamala Harris Covered Up For San Francisco Archdiocese Sex Abuse

>>3113374 Former Trump attorney Miuchael Cohen deletes tweet "praising himself" for reportedly cooperating with Robert Mueller.

>>3113483 IG - Robert Storch Video

>>3113505 Stormy Daniels accuses Ben Roethlisberger; "He terrified me"

>>3113659 #3939


>>3112130, >>3112795 Former Google CEO predicts the internet will split in two by 2028 — and one part will be led by China

>>3112147 Police Investigate Antifa Involvement in Death of Portland’s Leo Stratton, Who Reported on Terror Group

>>3112170 17 sexual harassment allegations of Obama appointment and ex-congressman.

>>3112173 Juanita Broaddrick Offers to Fill in for Christine Blasey Ford if She Can’t Make it on Monday

>>3112178 Trend Continues as Agents Arrest 193 Illegal Aliens In Arizona Within 2 Hours

>>3112184 Britain to create 2,000-strong cyber force to tackle Russia threat

>>3112185 Suge Knight pleads to manslaughter over fatal confrontation

>>3112327 House to Vote on McCarthy Resolution Admonishing Cities for Allowing Illegal Aliens to Vote in Local Elections

>>3112388 14 Million Child Porn Files Found in Home of Pedophile who Raped Teen

>>3112398 Planefag: POTUS flight track to Las Vegas. MAGA!

>>3112682 New DJT

>>3112731 RSBN Rally Livestream

>>3112866 #3938


>>3111354, >>3111483 Beyoncé’s Former Drummer Claims Singer Molested Her with ‘Dark Magic,’ ‘Extreme Witchcraft’

>>3111366 Former Missouri County Executive and His Chief of Staff Sentenced to Prison for Stealing Campaign Contributions

>>3111498 Florida student jumps airport fence, tries to steal American Airlines passenger jet

>>3111547, >>3111596 Louisiana Attorney General Encourages Jeff Sessions to Break Up Google, Facebook

>>3111677 8 people, including 4 migrants in US illegally, die in crash

>>3111721, >>3111751 Here we go. Kavanaugh mistaken identity.

>>3111836 Christine Ford's family including Disney star niece write public letter of support telling senators 'her honesty is above reproach'

>>3111901 ‘Want more shootings? Listen to the ACLU, Black Lives Matter & Antifa’ – Jeff Sessions tells cops

>>3111914 Prospects looking good for Mueller interview of Trump, source says

>>3111951 Generation being born now is the last to be free – Assange in last interview before blackout (Vidya)

>>3112061 #3937


>>3110485 (lb), >>3110915, >>3111053, >>3111157 17 'UMLIC' companies in the state, tied with law offices and stuff.

>>3110573 Soros Money Behind ‘Black Political Power’ Outfit Supporting Andrew Gillum in Florida

>>3110600 Romanian Woman Admits To Role In Hacking DC-Area Surveillance Cameras Before Trump Inauguration

>>3110626 Christine Ford in the pocket of abortion pill company?

>>3110715 Democratic super operative who handled Anita Hill is advising Kavanaugh accuser

>>3110749, >>3110955, >>3110960 Chrissy Blasey was pinging classmates all summer

>>3110753 Tijuana Breaks All-Time Homicide Record amid Cartel War

>>3110761 New DJT. POTUS on his way to Las Vegas, Nevada.

>>3110807 Republicans threaten to subpoena Nellie Ohr

>>3111028 Joe Percoco, former top aide to governor gets six years in prison for bribery

>>3111046 Nellie Ohr Confirmed CIA

>>3111107 Former Scalia Law Clerk Bombshell Claim: ‘Compelling Evidence’ Will Exonerate Brett Kavanaugh Soon

>>3111233 Here we go again: "Professor groomed female clerks for Kavanaugh"

>>3111244 White house tweet - National Cyber Strategy

>>3111272 #3936


>>3109744 Trump shatters another stock market record.

>>3109749 Democrats start to support Sessions.

>>3109762 Republicans may 'compel' testimony from Fusion GPS researcher Nellie Ohr.

>>3109792 Pope Francis says the devil is causing people to question the Catholic Church.

>>3109796 North Korea's Kim wants fast denuclearisation.

>>3109841 Booker’s push for Kavanaugh delay called out over his own teenage incident.

>>3109860 State Dept: Worldwide terrorist attacks decreased by 23 percent in 2017.

>>3109901 Cardinal hires judge to review church sex abuse policies.

>>3109895, >>3109906, >>3109929 MD shooter dig.

>>3110027 All witnesses of Kavanaugh accusation deny event took place.

>>3110250 Clockfag update.

>>3110239 Media claims NM observatory closing was due to CP.

>>3110360 #3935


>>3109022 Former Michigan child abuse investigator faces jail after sex assault plea.

>>3109084 Founder of Flutes Across the World indicted on child sex charges.

>>3109006 Michael Moore says he'll flee to Canada.

>>3108994 AG Sessions being encouraged to break up Google and FB.

>>3108979 Archiveanon update.

>>3108938 Former Scalia clerk claims Kavanaugh will soon be exonerated.

>>3109360 Son of fmr. president of Guinea arrested for enslaving girl in Texas home.

>>3109431 Tide turns on Kavanaugh.

>>3109509 Assange: Last generation to be born free.

>>3109542 Apple giving out "trust scores?"

>>3109557 #3934


>>3108151 Syria Update

>>3108167 ; >>3108241 Planefag Updates

>>3108303 Beto O’Rourke tells black voter that illegal immigrants are needed to pick cotton

>>3108396 Police arrest 28 people in human trafficking sting in California

>>3108426 US places 33 alleged Russian spies and military officials on sanctions blacklist

>>3108530 Former Scalia clerk: evidence will exonerate Kavanaugh soon

>>3108745 Kavanaugh accuser relying on Hussein operative for advice

>>3108773 #3933


>>3107336 ; >>3107774 ; >>3107830 New DJT (including .mp4 of video)

>>3107339 ; >>3107394 ; >>3107647 ; >>3107719 ; >>3107968 ; >>3107972 Planefag Updates, including AZAZ0909 landing/activity

>>3107471 Protestors swarming Grassley’s office

>>3107517 More news re: veterans’ remains transferred from NK

>>3107650 Iran vowing to boost missile capabilities

>>3107909 Woodward admits no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion

>>3107929 Kavanaugh accuser prepared to testify next week (terms and conditions apply)

>>3107979 #3932


>>3106563 New DJT

>>3106593 Update on Maryland shooter: perpetrator shot herself in the head twice

>>3106667 US sanctions Chinese entity over purchase of Russian fighter jets

>>3107032 Swedes insist EU must “force” migrants on member states

>>3107119 Planefag: new AZAZ0909 flight in the air

>>3107194 #3931


>>3105807 ; >>3106281 Cory Booker sexual assault allegations mounting

>>3105824 GOOG admits to scanning of gmail accounts

>>3105858 ; >>3105979 More Kavanaugh updates, including a new hit piece

>>3106102 Hit piece on Pompeo re: Saudi war in Yemen

>>3106172 EU Council Pres: Theresa May’s Brexit plan will not work

>>3106226 Nunes slams deep state’s “unacceptable delay” in declassifying FISA docs

>>3106305 Oil prices in response to DJT tweet

>>3106328 Twitter promoting FGM in paid-for ad on platform

>>3106350 On HRC raising money from gunpowder lobbyists and investors (from 2016)

>>3106446 New DJT

>>3106454 #3930


>>3105012 Congressional staffers come forward w/more sexual assault allegations

>>3105030 Kavanaugh accuser lawyer blames both “technical glitch” and Yom Kippur on failure to respond to Grassley

>>3105290 California DMV finds another 3000 “unintended” voter registrations

>>3105413 ; >>3105434 ; >>3105449 Pedo arrest update (Aug-Sept)

>>3105439 Nellie Ohs and James Baker refusing to cooperate w/House committees

>>3105461 Sheryl Attkisson triggers Media Matters

>>3105549 Twitter updates on Feinstein fuckery and Grassley’s gentlemanly manners

>>3105612 NEW EO authorizing the implementation of sanctions

>>3105654 #3929


>>3104186 Maryland shooting update

>>3104231 Brennan continues to run his mouth on POTUS

>>3104419 On the Canadian billionaires’ house

>>3104603 Ecuador pledges not to kick out Assange

>>3104633 McCaskill lunacy re: Kavanaugh vote

>>3104664 Kavanaugh accuser classmate admits to lying about alleged incident

>>3104689 unique users update

>>3104809 Planefag: B-52 (DOOM8100) over Little Rock

>>3104809 #3929


>>3103898, >>3104038 Qu'est ce que c'est La France? Psych tests for Le Pen?

>>3104001 Macron's lying mouth will be shut for him, but for now, slanders Brexiteers

>>3103645, >>3103687 HRC used personal blackberry in Moscow, SS suppress facepalms

>>3103644, >>3103667 Anons propose the "expend ammo" theory of why Q teased aliens

>>3103626, >>3103658 Early Reports of a shooting w/ 'multiple victims' in Maryland

>>3103625 Anon proposes a timeline for Kav to Gitmo

>>3103591 Comey Suggests Mueller Probe Is ‘In The Fourth Quarter’ & relevant Q drop

>>3103520, >>3103624 ]Sessions[ limits U.S. judges' ability to dismiss deportation cases

>>3103509 For keks: Muh Aliens version of "WTF u jus say to me?" Navy Seal Copypasta

>>3103504 Moar from James O'Keefe. DS's US GAO: "I break rules every day."

>>3103497 Arabic OpEd title gives John Kerry the honorific "Mullah." Huh.

>>3103478 Moar @DJT: S&P 500 all-time high

>>3103444 ]Great Actors[ D-Al Green: Sessions "works for the people, not for you."

>>3103422, >>3103471 Re: "FVEY Safety House Build" Q drop, NZ bunkers too mebbe?

>>3103416 Pompeo meeting w/Mongorians

>>3103407, >>3104014 AIRKEK: AZAZ0909

>>3103405 Panic in Camp Dem: skerred Trump's got an ‘October Surprise’ for 'em

>>3104142 #3927


>>3102997 Jobless claims 49-yr low

>>3102953, >>3103001 Moar on Apotex digg/Trudeau

>>3102854 NIH and FDA call for eliminating gov. oversight in recombinant DNA experiments

>>3102702 Tucker: NM Solar Observatory said closure due to nearby FBI search/investig'n of CP

>>3102681 Apr 2017: That time Comey went to NZ for "top secret" FVEY mtg

>>3102670, >>3102973 What's good for the gander? Pelosi accuses MSM of trying to 'undermine' her speakership

>>3102661 On the Q clock: Q&A 2.0?

>>3102626, >>3102839, >>3102848, >>3102873, >>3102857, >>3102862, >>3102874, >>3102882, >>3102998 AIRKEK: S-POSH NH, E-4B, ORDER 66

Baker change

>>3103294, >>3102626 Anon suggests interpretation of POTUS' latest twats, with planefag support

>>3102647, >>3102720 TX: Another "Blue Wave" defeat

>>3103363 #3926


>>3101870, >>3101876, >>3101898, >>3101936, >>3101986 Project Veritas, Jessica Schubel - Deepstate Cunt

>>3101847, >>3101875 Follow-up on 187'ed CA billionaires and Apotex

>>3101931, >>3102007 Horowitz has unredacted texts from his stint as OIG/DOJ

>>3101977, >>3102097, >>3102054 Link to Kav's accuser's yearbook snips and archives; sex drugs and rock and roll

>>3102072 Scribbles/SecureDrop Connection?

>>3102326 Barclays Bank online and mobile services down

>>3102332 Sheriff with jurisdiction over Tesla Gigafactory investigated for rape

>>3102362 Today's Q clock

>>3102418, >>3102496, >>3102518, >>3102552 New POTUS twats

>>3102538 New Project Veritas video out

>>3102556 #3925


>>3101005, >>3101170, >>3101191 DOJ paralegal under investigation for using job to organize DSA protest

>>3101128 Kav accuser has ties to Chinese abortion pill, etc.

>>3101174, >>3101236 Planefags excited about P8 SWORD callsigns

>>3101270 Facebook profits from child trafficking says UK's May

>>3101585 Two Korean leaders ascend broken-chain mountain

>>3101627, >>3101660 Uranium One dig. No authority to ship outside Russia without US approval in 2011

>>3101674, >>3101743, >>3101693, >>3101769 Uranium 1, Paducah, and Nuclear arms discussion

>>3101784 #3924


>>3100353 Graphic: POTUS ORDERS FISA DECLAS ON QDAY (17)

>>3100457 WHY CHRISTINE BLASEY FORD’S HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOKS WERE SCRUBBED: Faculty Approved Racism, Binge Drinking and Promiscuity

>>3100481 Digging on the family of Lawrence Jamieson (Largest child Porn bust in Pa history)

>>3100626 Renegade 3D-printing gunsmith Cody Wilson on the run in Taipei from child sex allegations

>>3100866 #WalkAway in D.C. next month

>>3100958 #3923


>>3099561 SARA CARTER: FBI Had 2 Separate Sets of Books – One With Real Spygate Docs and Another For Appearances

>>3099572, >>3099574 SARA CARTER: DOJ/FBI Colluding to Defy Trump Declassification Order – Will Deliver Docs Next Week WITH REDACTIONS

>>3099799 General Flynn Predicted the QAnon Phenomenon - Got Popcorn?


>>3100171 #3922


>>3098703, >>3098853 Two important WH updates

>>3098704 Normies, think logically about the Q/Q&A

>>3098748 Grassley’s 2 page Letter solely to Diane Feinstein dated 9-19-2018

>>3098774 Immigration to U.S. from Third World, Islamic Nations Skyrocketed Since 2010

>>3098761 Resignations in the news today

>>3099122 Debauchery! Archive of Christine Blasey Ford's Yearbooks Before they were Scrubbed

>>3099386 #3921


>>3098580 Oakland City Council Passes ‘Abolish ICE’ Resolution

>>3098515 , >>3098560 Lawyer explains whistleblower case and 'partial unsealing'

>>3098404 New survey shows nearly half of Americans believe in aliens

>>3098254 , >>3098367 Focus on '>U1 funnel>>Canada>>X'

>>3098008 [think 'the football] & Comey suggests Mueller probe is 'in the last quarter'

>>3098621 #3919


>>3097572 Dem calls for House uprising if Kavanaugh confirmed without hearing from Ford

>>3097565 POTUS Weighs In On The Single Worst Mistake In American History

>>3097530 Operation Human Freight Arrests

>>3097410 Spreadsheet Update

>>3097285 , >>3097512 Observatory closed due to CP?

>>3097248 Highest classification in NATO is named 'Cosmic Top Secret'

>>3097748 #3919


(Notables collection suspended during Q&A)


(Notables collection suspended during Q&A)


(Notables collection suspended during Q&A)


(Notables collection suspended during Q&A)


(Notables collection suspended during Q&A)


>>3092741 Trump Names Darrell Issa to Head Trade and Development Agency

>>3092595 Pope Welcomes U2’s Bono Months After He Campaigned for Abortion in Ireland

>>3092584 NSA Semi Annual Report to Congress

>>3092558 Largest U.S. Public Pension Fund Looks to Hand Over Control to Chinese Official

>>3092352 Clockfag Update

>>3092322 Mathematically impossible

>>3092308 Pelosi, Schumer, Sciff & Warner: Does signed letter prove sedition?

>>3092290 , >>3092418 09/19/18 Grassley to Feinstein - Original Ford Letter

>>3092281 Horowitz speech on whistleblowers on National Whistleblowers Day

>>3092936 #3913


>>3092033 FISA release: Sessions and Lausch both in Chicago today

>>3092025 , >>3092047, >>3092048 Robert Storch

>>3092022 Clockfag Update: Like clockwork

>>3092019 DOJ and FBI plan redactions for Russia investigation materials

>>3091994 Article on NSA IG, whistleblowers, Snowden and the new act made in 2014

>>3091835 NSA PR: Robert Storch confirmed as National Security Agency Inspector General

>>3091758 More on the Wendy Martinez stabbing

>>3091547 Deputy to ISIS leader Baghdadi is sentenced to death by Iraqi court

>>3091575 Australia arrests "young person" over needles in strawberries

>>3092198 #3912


>>3090753 Pa. lawmaker introduces bill that would bar teachers from discussing politics.

>>3090812, >>3091235, >>3090812, >>3091324, >>3091318, >>3091332 FiscalNote Chief of Staff stabbed to death.

>>3090853 U.S. Marines assist in D.C. fire.

>>3090874 George Papadopoulos tweets about foreign agents trying to sabotage Trump's campaign.

>>3090802 DJT speech: "calm before the storm" @ 3:30.

>>3090980 New Q proof from last night.

>>3090995 Small plane crashes on Texas road.

>>3090998 US Treasury sanctions two individuals over links to Daesh terror group in Syria.

>>3091051 Former Chicago Police Cmdr. Jon Burge, tied to torture cases, has died.

>>3091141 Democrats under fire for pushing misleading Kavanaugh videos.

>>3091410 #3911


>>3089964 Former Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak arrested for corruption.

>>3089972, >>3089978 Syria update.

>>3090000 Sessions expresses support for Police best judgement on the streets.

>>3090051 CPS wants AI to predict child abuse.

>>3090068 FB using data to change right wing views in Europe.

>>3090079 Wisconsin Safety Council had emergency preparedness training today including active shooter response plans.

>>3090101 Tesla DOJ probe getting wider, may piggyback on SEC subpoenas.

>>3090130 Former Feinstein staffer raised $50 million, hired Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele after 2016 election.

>>3090372 DOJ responds to Veritas video.

>>3090488 Far left activists release video supporting Christine Ford.

>>3090489 Fires in DC and LA.

>>3090523 Gen. Dunford travels to Greece, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Hawaii to strengthen alliances.

>>3090603 DHS recruiting Homeland Security Investigator.

>>3090119 Chuck Grassley sets Friday deadline for Christine Blasey Ford if she intends to testify.

>>3090643 #3910


>>3089198 President of Liberty Bank retiring

>>3089218 Compilation of weird goings-on in Iowa (from Bread #3908)

>>3089224 Theresa May gov’t says pro-Brexit MP’s must back “soft” Brexit or face a second referendum

>>3089257 Phoenix immigration judge retiring

>>3089270 DJT doesn’t like the term “deep state”, “it sounds so conspiratorial”

>>3089271 Big Pharma drug pushers infiltrate local public schools under the guise of “mandatory mental health screenings” for children

>>3089275 DOJ taking action after today’s Project Veritas video release

>>3089285 UK social services are taking away record numbers of kids…leaving parents terrified

>>3089301 Daily Sun publisher set to retire

>>3089278 Info on Sessions and Noel Francisco

>>3089429 ‘Emotional And Physical Abuse’: Ellison Accuser Posts Doctor’s Report Naming Congressman As Alleged Abuser

>>3089536 Danske Bank CEO resigns over $235 billion money laundering scandal in Estonia

>>3089560, >>3089652, >>3089686 BREAKING: Several Reported Shot, Including Police Officers at Government Building In PA

>>3089636 This is now 3 people who all deny in totality the allegation against Kavanaugh

>>3089872 #3909


>>3088451 On [RR] and DECLAS fuckery (commentary)

>>3088491 AG Sessions makes surprise visit to Chicago

>>3088529 IL Democrat party leader tells voters “Vote early, vote often, whatever you can get away with”

>>3088559 Article: Complete list of lies and misrepresentations related to Kavanaugh accusation

>>3088575 On Bannon’s activity in Europe

>>3088670 Fake education in Netherlands: “9/11 was not a terrorist attack” taught in schools

>>3088689 ; >>3088767 Planefags tracking AZAZ0909 flights

>>3088717 Analysis of Amazon employee political donations

>>3088774 Amazon develops new marketing AI tool

>>3088779 HRC runs her mouth on Russians “stopping her” during election

>>3088811 ; >>3088865 Highlights of POTUS activity in Florence-damaged areas; new DJT tweet

>>3088820 ; >>3088904 Bulgaria will protect Hungary from the EU

>>3088831 Another Kavanaugh high school classmate denies being at party during alleged attack, despite being named by accuser

>>3088848 Update on WI shooting: 4 injured, suspect down

>>3088875 Mueller team conducted meetings with MSM reporters

>>3088905 Juanita Broaddrick demanding FBI investigate Bill Clinton over rape allegation

>>3088951 ; >>3088962 Senators calling for either public or private testimony for Kavanaugh accuser on Monday

>>3089085 German police raid far-left protestors

>>3089097 Kavanaugh accuser’s lawyer linked to Soros foundations

>>3089080 #3908


>>3087638 ; >>3088233 Active shooter at software company in Middleton, WI

>>3087763 On the Democrats’ dumbass “ultimatum” (analysis/commentary)

>>3087821 DJT set to meet KJU soon

>>3087833 Dig on Boeing 737 sale to Iran as possible military exploit for Iran’s benefit

>>3087954 Positive NYT story on oil sanctions against Iran

>>3088048 Man at center of 3D-printed gun debate facing sexual assault charges

>>3088098 Rep. Matt Gaetz on the secret FISA courts

>>3088157 More sauce on Danske Bank’s money laundering and resignation

>>3088304 #3907


>>3086870 Update on Papadopoulos

>>3086927 Republican Senators say “let’s vote” if Kavanaugh accuser doesn’t show

>>3086934 Update on Joint Base Andrews bomb threat: car towed away after claim of explosives

>>3086967 Suspect in Tibbett’s (IA murder) case pleads not guilty

>>3087080 Vatican teams with WCC to push immigration, condemn “populist nationalism”

>>3087138 US can spy on journalists domestically using FISA warrants, declas’d guidelines show

>>3087232 ; >>3087282 ; >>3087491 Dig on Keith Ellison ; accuser releases doctor’s notes on alleged abuse

>>3087271 Nikki Haley accuses Russia of “cheating on UN sanctions on NK

>>3087369 Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton weighs in on Kavanaugh confirmation

>>3087380 NYT issues major correction to Kavanaugh assault allegation story

>>3087400 ; >>3087417 Examples of Democrat Senators chimping out over the Kavanaugh allegations

>>3087453 Democrat leaders reveal top Trump intel officials agreed to keep info from President Trump

>>3087498 French envoy to US: Russian “fake news” machine going mad

>>3087511 #3906


>>3086064 Example of foundation fuckery: Hussein Foundation pays Chicago $10 on 99-year lease

>>3086122 Grassley won’t (further) delay Kavanuagh hearing

>>3086146 New Project Veritas: DOJ paralegal Allison Hrabar ( >>3086302 ; >>3086756 ) using gov’t software to promote socialist agenda

>>3086202 Petition calls for resignation of Buffalo’s Bishop Malone

>>3086246 Woman at Joint Base Andrews Airbase claims to have explosives, refuses to leave vehicle

>>3086250 Fifth Circuit solicitor Dan Johnson indicted by feds

>>3086253 Danske Bank CEO quits as money laundering scandal balloons

>>3086366 ; >>3086445 ; >>3086496 The return of McKew, media clown and C_A/Podesta stooge

>>3086382 Warren compared to Kamala Harris for tweeting misleading Kavanaugh video

>>3086386 NK+SK planning to bid to host 2032 Olympic Games

>>3086404 Mig-31 fighter jet crashes in Russia

>>3086415 ; >>3086581 DJT/Sessions act continues: “I don’t have an attorney general”

>>3086517 ; >>3086614 Recap of the LV shooting (analysis/speculation)

>>3086571 Papadopoulos: “Hussein, Brennan, and Clapper all knew I was being spied on”

>>3086691 Former Malaysian leader arrested, facing new charges

>>3086735 EU’s anti-trust commissioner opens probe into Amazon

>>3086738 #3905


>>3085281 OANN report Whistleblower announcement of CF fraud

>>3085310 POTUS twats on NK, SK

>>3085348 Danske CEO resignation after $200B+ money laundering investigation

>>3085499 ROK President Moon to meet POTUS in US next week

>>3085565 Another "blue wave" defeat

>>3085545 SC cases in October, Relating to UK/AUS?, >>3085562, >>3085569; >>3085579

>>3085571 Facebook Bot bans people from Facebook on the accusation that they are "Computers acting as real people"

>>3085616 Qproof? ES / Truth To Power / Horowitz

>>3085659 Private email accounts were all the rage.

>>3085723 Large Portion of American Youth ineligeble for Service.

>>3085753 Quality of Philadelphia Electric Company went downhill after forced push for Diversity in the Workplace

>>3085777 Feinstein’s Inexcusable Handling of the Kavanaugh Accusation

>>3085811 New Zealand government minister Clare Curran resigns after private email mishandling

>>3085825 Planefag Updates, >>3085846, >>3085952

>>3085839 POTUS' morning tweets, >>3085867, >>3085877

>>3085847 "Charms are very important", >>3085768 >>, >>3085857

>>3085868 Swampcreature convicted to 100 years in prison for possessing 14 million (!) CP images & videos

>>3085927 Fake News? FBI, Justice Dept still plan to redact parts of Russia documents despite Trump order for full declassification, >>3085946

>>3085940 DOD / US Marines Morning Tweet

>>3085991 #3904


>>3084517 CounterPath Announces Resignation of CEO

>>3084602 Planefag Report: Hustler hustling and Poland leaving.

>>3084614 GAA Update: "Their panic is real" Edition

>>3084629 Cochrane in crisis: co-founder expelled, four more resign

>>3084594 Sprague Resources (SRLP) CFO Gary Rinaldi to Retire

>>3084641 North and South Korean leaders sign joint agreement on denuclearisation in 'leap forward' for peace

>>3084678 Pride Association board member resigns over social media post

>>3084706 Other resignations in the news today

>>3084723 Bristol Airport Ransomware Attack

>>3084733 Jon Woods Named Another Former Arkansas Lawmaker in Kickbacks Scheme

>>3084774 Fifth Circuit solicitor, aide indicted on fraud charges

>>3084965, >>3084968, >>3084946 Hit and Run in UK with "anti-Islamic Slogans"

>>3085036 Euro Court rules NSA surveillance violates human rights

>>3085041 Self-erasing text app use by police halted

>>3085053 McCabe and Strzok caught destroying evidence? According to TP, they were

>>3085186 #3903


>>3083672 Trump: Expect Decision On US Role In Syria Soon; Calls Russian Plane Downing "Very Sad Thing"

>>3083682 Freedom Watch & CrowdSource the Truth Release Internal Emails, Texts from Special Counsel Mueller’s Office; We Have Them Here for Download

>>3083707 Updated "Playbook" Meme

>>3083741 Trump Accuses Beijing of Election Meddling in Trade War, Warns of Further Tariffs

>>3083820, >>3083966 Gregg Jarrett: If Rod Rosenstein defies Trump's order to declassify documents, he should be fired

>>3083914 "Hero" instead of "Heroes"

>>3084126, >>3084222, >>3084332 Blasey Ford’s research is.. interesting.

>>3084129, >>3084171, >>3084240 Mueller Emails Screencap: section 3 page 25, page 23

>>3084291 Cory Booker Bragged About Fondling Woman After She “Pushed Away” His Hand

>>3084327 Surgeon seen on Bravo reality show, girlfriend allegedly drugged, sexually assaulted women

>>3084335 Progressive group targets Collins, Murkowski after Kavanaugh allegation

>>3084365 Christine Blasey Ford: Kavanaugh accuser 'faces death threats'

>>3084424 #3902


>>3082910 Game Over! From the article Q linked..

>>3082984 Roll Out of Cannabis Products Into Mainstream Business is Happening - Expert

>>3083007 Sen. Bob Corker tweet re: Sen. Grassley statements on Kavanaugh hearing

>>3083062 Suspending The Constitution: In America Today, The Government Does Whatever It Wants

>>3083083 Here's @jack and Comey together - ABE

>>3083125, >>3083402, >>3083495 New DJT

>>3083151 Air Force Calls For 24% Increase In Squadrons To Prepare For War Against Major Power

>>3083195, >>3083266 "Playbook" Side-by-side Qpost and Trump tweet

>>3083214 Father and youth football coach, 48, ‘filmed dozens of hours of footage showing himself raping boys'

>>3083324 Whistleblower: DOJ Lawyers Are Meeting With New York Prosecutors To Conspire Against Trump

>>3083374 Setting up the Russian Il-20 to Be Shot Down Is a Win-Win for Israel

>>3083412 Potus tweeted about 'playbook' exactly 2 years ago!

>>3083603 #3901


>>3082135 Texas state senate Republican supermajority increases

>>3082204 Kavanaugh Accuser Says Her Email Was Hacked After Going Public

>>3082208, >>3082386, >>3082406 DPRK, South Korea Sign Military Agreement Following Summit in Pyongyang

>>3082398 Republican wins Texas special election, flips Democratic destrict red for the first time in 139 years.

>>3082446 Philippine Court Convicts General in Infamous ‘Disappearance’ Case

>>3082474 Georgia district is ordered to redo primary election after voting errors

>>3082574 Kavanaugh's accuser and the curious George Soros links

>>3082627 Yet Another Clinton Cover-Up? Eerie Similarities to Clinton Server Case..

>>3082805 #3900


>>3081382 No longer theory and we faggots helped

>>3081356, >>3081649 HRC projecting hard with Maddow tonight. Painful to watch.

>>3081339 Russia - Pussy Riot Member Expecting a Report on Journalists’ Murders On The Day He Was Poisoned

>>3081486 Kavanaugh vote scheduled for Wednesday September 26

>>3081539 Spreadsheet Updated

>>3081540 CNN’s Jake Tapper Dedicates Segment to Trump’s Penis

>>3081665 Freedom Watch Releases Internal Emails, Texts from Special Counsel Mueller’s Office; We Have Them Here for Download

>>3081775 Recusal Of Mystery Judge Stalls DNC Fraud Lawsuit Appeal

>>3081837 Sen. Charles Grassley Speaks at National Whistleblower Day 2018: Who knows where the bodies are buried?

>>3081916 South Carolina prosecutor facing federal charges over misspent funds

>>3082021 Grassley statement on tonight's letter from Dr. Blasey Ford's attorney to the committee.

>>3082043 #3899


>>3080598 Showdown? Pelosi/Schumer/Schiff/Warner letter orders intel agencies to ignore POTUS declas order until consulting with Congress

>>3080678 Qlockfag Update - Re-read Crumbs

>>3080728, >>3080931, >>3080995 Horowitz speech, National Whistleblower Day was July 30, 2018

>>3080745, >>3081063 CoVFeFe - Iron Cobalt Vanadium Alloy

>>3080755 The FBI does not do investigations like this

>>3080790, >>3080834, >>3081001 Truck storing more than 100 unclaimed corpses discovered in Mexican state of Jalisco

>>3081000 Brooklyn Diocese to pay $27.5M to settle 4 sex abuse claims

>>3081228 Google plans to update its U.S. and Europe-based street view cars with pollution recording devices

>>3081251 #3898


>>3079768 Breaking on Kavanaugh: Christine Ford will not testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee next Monday per her lawyer on CNN.

>>3079832, >>3080029 Horowitz "truth to power" @ 5.39 // Transcript of speech.

>>3079906 Schumer’s FBI Ploy: The Democratic demand for a bureau probe is one more delaying tactic.

>>3080046 DownUnderAnon: Blackhats hired 5 eyes foreign agents to bypass Maerican law..

>>3080113, >>3080131, >>3080155 Soros-Linked Group Will Spend Millions To Stop Kavanaugh

>>3080168 Trump says exposing ‘corrupt’ FBI probe could be ‘crowning achievement’ of presidency

>>3080205, >>3080217 New Mexico Sues Google & Twitter For Illegally Exploiting Children

>>3080247 Previous "Truth to power" drops

>>3080334 Las Vegas Witness Who Identified Multiple Shooters, Found Dead

>>3080479 #3897


>>3079001 Daycare owner, 60, is arrested for strapping children in carseats..

>>3079004 Congressional Sources Fear Intel Agencies Will Slow-Roll Release of Carter Page FISA Docs to Frustrate Trump

>>3079032, >>3079101 Feinstein blames GOP for not being able to contact accuser.

>>3079034 Saudi Arabia bankrolled Iran’s MEK with tons of gold.

>>3079058 Largest explosives seizure in Florida history.

>>3079088, >>3079269, >>3079510 How to blind image recognition systems.

>>3079092 Trying to ‘Kill Critical Media’: DOJ Using FISA Courts to Spy on Journalists

>>3079139 New DJT

>>3079201 James Woods tweets example of Twitter bias against conservative thought.

>>3079402 POTUS Schedule Update

>>3079440 Here is the DOJ Policy re: Conflicts of interests

>>3079697 #3896


>>3078216 Berlin Holocaust memorial tries to connect MAGA with the Holocaust.

>>3078232 Poland: Please build Fort Trump here.

>>3078414 Anons chemistry take on "covfefe."

>>3078438 Anons Yiddish take on "covfefe."

>>3078450 GOP lawmakers laud Trump’s order to declassify FISA docs.

>>3078472 Q proof from January crumb.

>>3078491 Conservative Canadian Chinese are white supremacists according to MSM.

>>3078493 Brennan: Wray, Coats, Rosenstein obligated to ‘push back against’ Trump’s order to declassify documents.

>>3078546 George Washington believed in complete disclosure to Congress in regards to impeachment talks.

>>3078556 Anon requests fresh eyes on Q stringer decodes.

>>3078584 The push for "corporate cannabis."

>>3078667 Texas Board of Education drops Hillary Clinton from history classes.

>>3078781 "Sources" say Trump 'dossier' stuck in New York, didn't trigger Russia investigation.

>>3078794 NYT needs help.

>>3078910 #3895


>>3077545 Dems make new demands on Kavanaugh hearing.

>>3077565 Rumors of a similar accusation against Gorsuch last year made Dems hesistate.

>>3077568 Supreme Court orders disclosure for dark money, as new report unveils some donors.

>>3077635 Man sentenced sentenced to 100 years in prison in Pennsylvania's largest case of child porn.

>>3077660 Feinstein refuses to stand behind everything in Kavanaugh accusation.

>>3077955 Interactive map of Royal bloodlines.

>>3077989 Brooklyn Diocese pays large settlement to 4 men sexually abused by religion teacher.

>>3077415 Whistleblower on FISC and Chief Justice blackmail.

>>3078143 Democrats hope for "normal" declassification review.

>>3078160 #3894


>>3076664, >>3076712 "Qanon is trying to trick Facebook's meme-reading AI"

>>3076728 Meme Warfare thread

>>3076796 Archive article Q linked to


>>3076878, >>3076898 JUST IN: Senate Judiciary Committee will likely vote next Wednesday on confirmation Kavanaugh

>>3076891 Image recognition is woefully bad at handling adversarial input

>>3076950, >>3076995 Cap of WaPo article

>>3076884, >>3077019 BREAKING: Air Force trainer just crashed near Rolling Oaks Mall, San Antonio (sauce needed)

>>3077149 CoVFeFe is a stainless steel alloy with Cobalt and Vanadium (double meaning?)

>>3077018 Ways around the Meme-Bots

>>3077230 Marco Rubio Demands DOJ Investigate John Kerry’s Rogue Diplomacy with Iran

>>3077354 #3893


>>3075834 Lawfag explains SCOTUS involvement in UNRECUSAL

>>3075906 SYRIA UPDATE

>>3075969 Erik Prince on BBC


>>3076099 JUST IN: Former President George W. Bush releases of statement in support of Kavanaugh

>>3076190 Sharyl Attkisson: 57 Fake News stories about Trump


>>3076172 CBS’ Julie Chen Leaves ‘The Talk’ After Husband Les Moonves’ Firing

>>3076451 US State Secretary Pompeo to Chair UN Security Council Meeting on North Korea

>>3076422, >>3076438 Senate formally postpones Kavanaugh Vote

>>3076537 Letter from Kavanaugh's friend Mark Judge, denying the accusations

>>3076555 #3892


>>3075071 Abramovic recent activity in London

>>3075076 Video of Senator Hirono saying "Shut Up and Step Up"

>>3075313 State Dept. responds to Project Veritas video

>>3075722 New Zealand dairy giant posts loss after China stake sours

>>3075774 #3891


>>3074296 Parkview Medical Center CEO to resign in 2019

>>3074331 ; >>3074347 ; >>3074703 POTUS statement on the Nat’l Biodefense Strategy and Nat’l Security Pres. Memo. (including .pdf and new DJT tweet)

>>3074365 Euro courts smearing NSA

>>3074426 TX man who survived Jacksonville Madden shooting has died in a car crash

>>3074443 UK police trying “modest” Muslim uniform to “hide the female form”

>>3074467 Rubio asks DOJ to investigate Kerry’s meetings with Iranians

>>3074501 ; >>3074545 Developing/yet-to-be-sauced: Kavanaugh’s accuser sent a similar letter directed at Gorsuch last year

>>3074509 NXIVM: prosecution opposes Bronfman’s request to contact cult members

>>3074529 ; >>3074675 Defendant pleads guilty in Ohio labor trafficking scheme

>>3074535 Nov. 2016 letter to Obama from Dems to declas Russian election information

>>3074541 CNN clown claims it’s “VERY dangerous” to ask for anti-Kavanaugh facts and evidence

>>3074569 EPA IG to resign on October 12

>>3074677 NYT asking readers to spot false information (instead of producing it themselves)

>>3074795 over 100k online

>>3074964 Clapper claims FISA docs release is “unethical”

>>3074959 #3890


>>3073407 Former Argentina President indicted on corruption charges

>>3073474 Pompeo on Iran: “Come Nov. 4 there will be a completely different set of rules”

>>3073478 European Networks of Councils for the Judiciary suspends Polish Nat’l Judicial Council

>>3073480 HRC freaking out on twitter

>>3073635 ; >>3073837 Book deal for McCabe

>>3073726 TX declared “final victory” in voter ID lawsuit

>>3073743 ABC News Chief Political Analyst Dowd alleges Clarence Thomas is a sexual predator

>>3073790 Congress members demand Trump seek approval before military action in Syria

>>3073822 Reddit mods identify GOOG employee as member of plot to infiltrate, ban pro-Trump subreddits

>>3073904 ; 3074061 Putin, Russia on the plane downed in Syria

>>3073937 New evidence of HRC using Blackberry inside Russia while Mueller was FBI Director

>>3073959 China retaliates with tariffs on another $60B in US imports

>>3074169 ; >>3074180 First Bank’s CEO retiring; Seifert promoted to CEO

>>3074190 Police sergeant among 24 alleged child predators arrested in sting

>>3074158 #3889


>>3072642 Democrats at one time wanted Russia documents declassified.

>>3072692 Texas LE takes down 12 pedophiles in a CP ring.

>>3072717 Low IQ Maxine once again alludes to supporting political violence.

>>3072757, >>3073288 Valerie Jarett's daughter co-authors the CNN article covering FISA declassification.

>>3072885, >>3072952 Facebook and financial firms fought over user data for years.

>>3072879 Grassley threatens to nix 11th-hour session if Kavanaugh accuser won't respond to invite.

>>3073050 DJT Tweet: Great hurricane response.

>>3073167 Rosenstein speech and Comey tweet similarities.

>>3073260 Keith Ellison abuse accuser: Democrats have “isolated” me.

>>3073319 #3888


>>3071811 NSA/Q proofs. (Graphics)

>>3071849, >>3071898 Strange Q "coincidences."

>>3072003 Pocahontas fund raising off of Kavanaugh's sexual assault allegations.

>>3072105 Senate Foreign Relations Committee holds a business meeting & hearing on US-Russia arms control efforts.

>>3072149 FBI Agents threatened physical harm to POTUS in missing FBI texts.

>>3072219 Scandal tanks Americans' views on Pope Francis.

>>3072325 The man who may be asked to fire Robert Mueller has argued the president has broad firing powers.

>>3072096 Q proof from yesterday. (Image)

>>3072506 SA trying to help Tesla's rival.

>>3072515 #3887


>>3071095, >>3071154 First Project Veritas Deep State video out (embed & link)

>>3071103 Crowds Cheer as Moon and Kim ride through Pyongyang

>>3071230 Rubio seeks DOJ probe of Kerry's unsanctioned Iran meetings.

>>3071272 Jason Chaffetz: The Deep State is real.

>>3071318 Synopsis of FISA/Ali Watkins/James Wolfe conspiracy.

>>3071319 New Mexico suing Google and Twitter for exploiting children's data.

>>3071411 POTUS meeting with the President of the Republic of Poland.

>>3071446 Kim Jong Un reportedly tells SK leader that Trump stabilized regional political situation.

>>3071500, >>3071505 POTUS tweets on FISA court fraud and abuse.

>>3071526 Reminder: YOU have more than you know.

>>3071527 Israeli spyware found globally.

>>3071545, >>3071554 Carter Page references classification EO signed by POTUS.

>>3071592, >>3071703 POTUS tweets on China's war on our farmers.

>>3071604 Future proves past: household cleaning products alter children's gut bacteria.

>>3071616 Feinstein throws the FBI under the bus.

>>3071656 Crackdown on barbaric "cultural" practices World wide?

>>3071743 Anon gives advice on how to avoid suspected Twitter AI shadowban bot.

>>3071764 China retaliates against Trump's new tariffs.

>>3071767 DJT Tweet: Air Force's 71st Birthday.

>>3071776 #3886


>>3070302 Australia's new PM is on the Trump train

>>3070412, >>3070433, >>3070710 Moar on the shot-down Russian Plane

>>3070497 China market drops as trade war intensifies

>>3070432 Paige Herwig dig - soros funded + on plane with Lynch and Clinton

>>3070544 On the Q-Clock - September 18, 2018

>>3070552, >>3070560, >>3070774 Gateway Pundit analysis of Gen Flynn's Eagle Council speech

>>3070901 Pussy Riot Member likely poisoned; blames MuhRussia for it

>>3070905 Russia blames Israel for downed jet

>>3071025 #3885


>>3069563 Graphic: more connections with red carpet crumb

>>3069687 U.S. Treasury Names New Sanctions, Intelligence Office Leaders

>>3069698 Russia detects missile launches from French frigate off Syria's coast in Mediterranean

>>3069733 Anderson Cooper cries like a little bitch over flood memes, lies during fact-check

>>3069781 SpaceX: We'll consider launching space weapons if asked

>>3069836 GermanArchiveAnon Update - 3890 breads now archive

>>3069729, >>3069746, >>3069756, >>3069774, >>3069848 The [20] pages POTUS declassified

>>3069921, >>3069953 QClock September 17 FISA

>>3070072 Trump to declassify the 'insurance policy' in the Strzok-Page text, Nunes says

>>3070107 Scientists close to "finding" cure for schizophrenia

>>3069508 Rep. Nunes Accepts the 2018 Keeper of the Flame Award (video)

>>3070177 Red Tide - Big Sugar dig (watch the water)

>>3070238 #3884


>>3068738, >>3069180 Red Carpet Rollout Side by Side

>>3068739 Resignations in the news today

>>3068754, >>3068817, >>3069069, >>3069212 JUSTICE: Charges, arrests, indictments in the news

>>3068803 FISA DECLAS CARPET BOMBS - Google trends graph

>>3068938 r/Qpatriots fight last post before ban + ban "reason"

>>3068959 On chief justice & FISA judges

>>3069165 Mockingbird talking points re: FISA declas

>>3069359 Trump-appointed Richard H. Clarida took oath of office today as Federal Reserve board member and Vice Chairman

>>3069358 Interdasting theory on Florence the storm (Florence was the traditional enemy of Venice - source of banking/occult swamp)

>>3069438 #3883


>>3067882, >>3067999 Graph of Q-linked stats from r/greatawakening/ against standard adoption curve. Result: we are winning!

>>3067921 For the nightshift - Q: The basics

>>3067935 ABC kills off Roseanne's pro-Trump character with opioid overdose

>>3068043, >>3068061 Planefag reports

>>3067931 Interdasting Anon theory on latest Q drop re: 2 SC justices

>>3068072 UK's bulk interception powers revealed by Snowden declared illegal

>>3068086 Call to richfags: take out ad in NYT displaying declassified texts (kek)

>>3067983, >>3068033, >>3068199 Side-by-side: Schiff gives us a "red line" Q proof

>>3067725 (lb) Re: stock shorts of NiSource (owns natural gas in MA & elsewhere - think recent explosions)

>>3068182 Breadfag stats on /qresearch bread speed and posts per minute for September so far

>>3068209, >>3068264, >>3068323 Moar resignations including Tyson Foods CEO

>>3068216 Sum of POTUS deltas today = 17

>>3068294 Trump admin proposes cap of 30,000 refugee admissions in 2019 fiscal year - lowest cap in history

>>3068338, >>3068385 The World is Watching: r/Qpatriotsfight traffic stats thru Sept. 17 + BANNED JUST NOW after stats posted

>>3068350 Video: South Korean President arrives for Summit with Kim Jong-Un (red carpet..)

>>3068404 DoD tweet: still riding!

>>3068596 #3882


>>3067699 The Deep State Exposed: Investigation Uncovers Foggy Bottom Anti-Trump Leak Factory

>>3067641, >>3067673 POTUS' Schedule: Meeting and Press Conference with the Polish President Tomorrow

>>3067570, >>3067673 PlaneFag Reports

>>3067368 Good Suggestion for Meme Material by Anon

>>3067324, >>3067562 Media attempts to portray POTUS as out-of-control

>>3067306 Moar on the shot-down Russian Plane

>>3067834 #3881


>>3066781 ClockFag Update

>>3066565 World water monitoring day is tomorrow; "watch the water"

>>3066579 Notable Changing Story Regarding Downed Plane, Russia Isreal

>>3066398 Sessions & the SC Justices

>>3066999 #3880


>>3065606 Anon's decode of pf258

>>3065613 Far Left Group Spending Millions of Dollars to Fight Kavanaugh Confirmation Run by Former Feinstein Aide

>>3065811 Here Is a Copy of the Letter Far Left Activist Christine Blasey Ford Sent Sen. Feinstein in July on Brett K