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>>3937020 Facebook can now tell who you live with based on your pictures and captions

>>3937054 Ex-chief investigator of Mercer County elections charged with voter fraud, witness tampering

>>3937126 Resignations in the news today

>>3937139 'Nelson has no path': Democrats admit Scott beats Florida icon

>>3937308 Lawyer for WikiLeaks’ Assange says he would fight charges

>>3937334 South Africa white farmer land grabs will be LAW after change to constitution approved

>>3937367, >>3937368 Video: 11.16.18 Interview with Assange's lawyer

>>3937471 Another hit piece on Q from Vice

>>3937476 Facebook Woes Sap $17.4 Billion of Zuckerberg's Wealth This Year

>>3937539 Mass protest ongoing everywhere in France against fuel taxes

>>3937565 SA refutes the CIA's WaPo story.. whose source was the CIA

>>3937569, >>3937678 Moar members of "grooming gangs" (pedos) of "asians" (muslims) in the UK were convicted and sentenced

>>3937665 A look at Americans who have been detained in North Korea

>>3937707 #5008


>>3936353 Florida Democrats’ Alleged Election Fraud ‘Potentially Grounds for RICO’ Investigation

>>3936362 Original sauces for a caravan dig

>>3936389 Senators 'gravely concerned' over Facebook's ties to political research firm

>>3936451 George Papadopoulos Asks Judge to Delay Imprisonment

>>3936601, >>3936624, >>3936640 BREAKING: Argentina's navy finds missing submarine ARA San Juan deep in the Atlantic a year after it disappeared with 44 crewmen aboard

>>3936669 FBI Is Probing OneTaste, a Sexuality Wellness Company

>>3936701 One Year Later, Search For Missing Argentine Submarine Continues (from 11/15/18, a week before it was found)

>>3936936 #5007


>>3935532 NKY attorney indicted, charged with rape, human trafficking, numerous sex crimes

>>3935555 McCain, copper mine, Geronimo, Apache, Barrack and concrete

>>3935645 Fire deaths rise to 71 ahead of Trump’s California visit

>>3935736 Newt Gingrich sent a later to IG Ptasienski calling for the release of info related to Awan

>>3935833, >>3935895 Two pedos charged recently

>>3935875 Is The Gaza Ceasefire The End For Netanyahu?

>>3936148 Who is paying Michael Avenatti?

>>3936162 Clockfag Bun

>>3936169 #5006


>>3934752 Interesting choice of words in Abrams not-a-concession speech..

>>3934833 Planefag report

>>3934878, >>3934892, >>3934909 Newt Gringrich letter to House IG re: Awan investigation

>>3934911 UK child rapists jailed

>>3934950 Nine More People Arrested for Voter Fraud in Texas

>>3934955 National Guard soldier arrested, charged with smuggling Mexican nationals into US

>>3934963 Butte Co., CA Sheriff posts missing persons list

>>3934969 DJT tweet re: tomorrow's CA visit

>>3935022 Coincidence? Fought fought fought in POTUS tweet; f=6; 666; tomorrow is day 666 of Trump presidency

>>3935007 Winning: Coast Guard seizes 18 tons, $500m worth of cocaine in Broward County, FL

>>3935174, >>3935239, >>3935332 Submarines off coast of Broward County tied to drug bust? ^

>>3935127 Member of Sacramento State faculty among two killed in plane crash near Redding

>>3935148 One feared dead after law enforcement helicopter crashes in Alabama lake

>>3935165 Former owner and CEO of Yellowstone Partners investment firm indicted for fraud

>>3935067, >>3935175 One year anniversary of helicopter crash near Rotschild manor is tomorrow + dog grooming/JC tweet coincidence?

>>3935240 More than 20 people arrested in federal gang bust in GA

>>3935286 Assange indictment dig

>>3935368 Canadian Inquirer: "Russian aggression" and cyber warfare key issues for Canada to confront

>>3935397 Did Abrams cut a deal? Anon notes interdasting timing of POTUS tweet and her announcement

>>3935424 #5005


>>3933970, >>3934025 Cryptic PapaD tweet + Q post

>>3933971 Federation of American Scientists seeks declass of nuclear stockpile (from 10/26)

>>3934003, >>3934012, >>3934032, >>3934042, >>3934449, >>3934504 Plane crashes since Q's post

>>3934079 Globalists’ Latest Push: Mass Deportation ‘Morally Unacceptable,’ Amnesty is Necessary

>>3934017, >>3934251 3 Navy P8's tracking what looks like a submarine off of Broward County FL

>>3934084 Who is Funding and Supporting the Caravans? Update & Future Dig

>>3934085 Update to FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT Clock

>>3934088 NYPD re-assigns sex crimes division chief who led Harvey Weinstein investigation

>>3934094 Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin Statements to the Press

>>3934188 Another American released from NK

>>3934246 NASA to livestream Cygnus ISS cargo launch from VA around 4AM Saturday

>>3934290 Black Democrats who voted against the bi-partisan prison reform bill (needs sauce)

>>3934344 The mystery Camp Fire ‘second start’: Was it captured on firewatch camera?

>>3934372 One person killed after plane hits home near Heber-Overgaard, AZ

>>3934431 Schumer announces Lockheed Martin awarded $382M Navy contract

>>3934436 Surveillance with a smile: Biometrics firms seek to incentivize facial recognition

>>3934440 Updated Camp Fire Stats and More Winds This Weekend

>>3934513 Whitaker Statement on the 25th Anniversary of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act

>>3934544 Square Inc (SQ) President, CEO & Chairman Jack Dorsey Sold $7.4 million of Shares

>>3934597 Oprah Buddy and Spiritual Guru Marianne Williamson plans 2020 run

>>3934637 CA fire death toll rises to 71, over 1,000 now listed as missing - sheriff

>>3934660 #5004


>>3933157 Adam Schiff looking into deceased GOP activist who sought HRC emails

>>3933223 Wells Fargo banker involved in Sinaloa cartel money laundering

>>3933273 Merkel facing right-wing protests in eastern Germany

>>3933301 Whitaker AAG appointment now in SCOTUS

>>3933377 French to UK: accept EU deal or face “economic disaster”

>>3933413 Clockfag on FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT

>>3933497 ; >>3933560 Anons on POTUS’s Medal Of Honor speech, The King, and MbS in Vegas (speculation)

>>3933705 Tijuana mayor calling for swift deportation of migrant horde

>>3933880 Cryptic PapaD tweet

>>3933847 #5003


>>3932518 Lawfag analysis on Constitutional power for each house of Congress to expel or exclude members

>>3932704 Graphic on missing [H] in POTUS tweet and related crumbs (analysis)

>>3932787 235 drug indictments handed down in Martinsville, VA

>>3932789 Judicial Watch asks for reopening of lawsuit seeking info on Huma

>>3932791 Khalid bin Salman responds to WaPo/C_A

>>3932796 More Dems voting against Pelosi for Speaker

>>3932865 ; >>3932966 Vatican preparing for Pope Francis resignation

>>3932880 GOOG cloud exec who sought Pentagon contract steps down

>>3932894 ; >>3932909 ; >>3932993 New DJT

>>3933041 On Cynthia Brown and recent publications related to Special Counsels, SCOTUS, etc.

>>3933090 #5002


>>3932004, >>3932082 CIA/WaPo conclude that MbS ordered the murder of Khashoggi.

>>3932057 Jerry Brown to join Trump for Calif. visit to survey wildfire damage.

>>3931934 Swalwell: Grounds for expulsion?

>>3932007 EU threatens UK access to 'security database' as may struggles to sell Brexit deal.

>>3931828 DoD Tweet: Stealth bomber wheels up.

>>3931991 Kellyanne's husband Never Trumper?

>>3931764, >>3931958 DJT Tweet from Nov. '17: The Storm Has Arrived?

>>3931929 Georgia Democrat wants recount in race with GOP congressman.

>>3931702 JA's mother withdrawals from campaign to free her son?

>>3932348 #5001


>>3931580 DoJ recent hammer droppings.

>>3931388 Governor signs bill allowing utilities to increase fees to pay for fire settlements.

>>3931295 McConnell and Flake spar over Mueller investigation.

>>3931220 POTUS Schedule.

>>3931099, >>3931149 Stacey Abrams concedes?

>>3931127 Q clock update.

>>3931037 Swalwell wants to use nukes to get Americans to give up their guns.

>>3930943, >>3930952, >>3931261 Anons share some wisdom, insight and gratitude on our 5k bread occasion.

>>3930985 ABC news just reported on the indictments.

>>3931015 Clockfag: POTUS to Ca soon. Sea to shining sea?

>>3931615 #5000


>>3930774 Planefag: Skyfall callsign not showing up on map.

>>3930642 To fix elections, hold real elections.

>>3930395, >>3930474 Clock fags all wound up.

>>3930428 Trump tells Fox’s Chris Wallace conduct ‘rules’ coming for press.

>>3930370 The president of the Swiss insurance firm Visana, Urs Roth, committed suicide on Monday.

>>3930391 Chuck Grassley: Missing E in crime.

>>3930312 GOP audits Maricopa County.

>>3930274 Trump says he will nominate Andrew Wheeler to head EPA.

>>3930228 Dem congressman: Force gun owners to get rid of assault weapons.

>>3930239 Hillary must answer the following questions by December 17 (via Judicial Watch).

>>3930242 Bill Mitchell makes some observations about his Twitter feed.

>>3930197 France facing gas protests.

>>3930196 Bill Gates spending $18 million on population control in Africa.

>>3930182, >>3930367 Trump warns media he and staff will leave if disrespected at press conferences.

>>3930179 Updated H theory graphic.

>>3930824 #4999


>>3930049 Robert Mueller investigating Dick Cheney's former national security aide.

>>3929928 Retired Chicago police commander accused of stealing $360K in Social Security.

>>3929869, >>3929978 Mark Meadows sanctioned by house ethics committe over actions of former staffer.

>>3929753 Proposed Title IX rule still retains separate legal system.

>>3929842 Ron Galimore, USA Gymnastics COO tied to sexual abuse scandal, resigns.

>>3929767 GAA Update.

>>3929764 Q clock hit?

>>3929714 Oxford students try to no-platform Bannon.

>>3929673 Q clock and markers.

>>3929641 Marcia Fudge, Nancy Pelosi's potential challenger for Speakership.

>>3929439 Obama's 'Brother's Keeper'.

>>3929411, >>3929424, >>3929435, >>3929400 H theories?

>>3930070 #4998


>>3929273 6 min delta between correction.

>>3929158 45 Days between tweet and Q drop.

>>3929116 SCOTUS to hear census citizenship question.

>>3929093 Trump's series of tweets.

>>3929073, >>3929078, >>3929084, >>3929134 Q proof: 53-47.

>>3929065 Missing H: Q drop relevant?

>>3929044, >>3929058 Original and corrected DJT tweets.

>>3928899 0 Delta?

>>3928877, >>3928899 DJT Tweet: 53-47.

>>3928875 FBI Vault drops second installment on McCabe.

>>3928800 Subpoenas for Comey and LL coming?

>>3928707 House Republicans propose punishments for indicted members.

>>3928639 President Donald J. Trump Signed H.R. 3359 into Law.

>>3928636, >>3928641 Syria update.

>>3929281 #4997


>>3928414 Lindsey Graham to prioritize Justice Department oversight as committee chairman.

>>3928387 Lawyers for alleged Russian spy Mariia Butina have entered into negotiations with federal prosecutors.

>>3928327 U.S. manufacturing output comes in stronger than expected.

>>3928319 Trump says that China has submitted a list of trade demands, may make a deal.

>>3928317 Abrams amassed nearly three dozen lawyers to contest Georgia gubernatorial election.

>>3928154 Rutgers clears professor who said he hates white people, reverses charge of racial discrimination.

>>3928095 FYI, saying ‘men aren’t women’ now qualifies as ‘hateful conduct’ on Twitter.

>>3927925 McCain tribunal theory graphic.

>>3928058 Sarah Sanders responds to Acosta ruling.

>>3928017 Zuckerberg clings to power while Sandberg claims ignorance after damaging NYT report.

>>3927996 Broward County starts manual recount one hour late.

>>3927879 WSJ agrees with Trump: Fed should stop hiking.

>>3927899 Baker urges Brexiteers to get letters in: ‘You must act now’.

>>3928546 #4996


>>3927650 Trump has answered but not submitted questions for Mueller.

>>3927522 ACLU rails against presumption of innocence.

>>3927487 Amazon HQ2 will cost taxpayers more than twice what the company claimed.

>>3927503 President Trump presents the Medal of Freedom.

>>3927394, >>3927750 CBP video of illegals destroying barbed wire.

>>3927293 Dems reap the benefits of their identity politics.

>>3927233 Q proof: 3:02 / recount.

>>3927141 Merkel warns offer is final as Brussels chiefs hope brexit will be called off.

>>3927739 #4995


>>3926838 Copy-paste error reveals Assange already facing US indictment.

>>3926810 Nine more people arrested for voter fraud in Texas.

>>3926460 Obama Kicks out reporter for asking questions; other reporters cheer

>>3926645 James O'Keefe illegal voter sting.

>>3926491 Democrat beats Republican by 1 vote in Kentucky state House race.

>>3926530 Planefag: Arum callsign kek.

>>3926358 Democrats planned to use altered forms to fix mail in ballots across Florida after deadline.

>>3926391 Republican Young Kim loses lead in California House race, accuses opponent Gil Cisneros of harassing vote counters.

>>3927046 #4994


>>3925626 Mr. Kellyanne Conway shills out, says GOP has become “personality cult”

>>3925644 32 miles of border wall in AZ to be replaced this coming April

>>3925684 Mueller targeting Cheney’s former national security adviser

>>3925764 ACLU and WaPo chimp out over impending JA prosecution

>>3925875 Some unions still forcing dues payments despite SCOTUS ruling

>>3925981 Another CA election debacle: Young Kim, once up 3% after election, now down 941 votes

>>3926126 Late Broward County votes would have given Rick Scott hundreds of votes

>>3926223 Judge rules in favor of restoring Acosta’s WH press pass

>>3926246 #4993


>>3924978 2014 article on Pelosi, rail lines, and corporate donation/kickback schemes

>>3925007 ; >>3925010 Report on futures and chip tech pending Brexit

>>3925135 ; >>3925145 Israel to hold early elections, date to be decided by Sunday

>>3925174 UK May hit with 20 letters of no confidence

>>3925209 Volkswagen CEO to take responsibility for China business

>>3925233 On the GE credit meltdown

>>3925471 #4992


>>3924205 Senior North Korean official hails “dramatic changes” in ROK-DPRK relations


>>3924374 Moar suppressed med tech?

>>3924398 Blocked out of L.A. heading east

>>3924557 JA officially charged, according to unrelated court filing (nature of charge tbd)

>>3924633 Planefag Update from blocked planes (pb)

>>3924723 #4991


>>3923301 Startup called Ambrosia Medical that fills veins with the blood of young people (from 9/24/18)

>>3923310 :44 Marker Today

>>3923383 How Martha McSally could end up in the Senate even though she lost the election

>>3923409 New Zealand makes biggest cocaine bust in banana shipment

>>3923562 E3CF circling Silver City NM

>>3923617 Anon on the 'unsealed documents'

>>3923659 Moar on the blocked planes

>>3923686, >>3923909 How the Smart Meter ‘Remote Disconnect’ Can Cause Fires

>>3923742 On Paradise CA getting a "megafire"

>>3923753 Vannevar Bush: architect of the military/industrial/academic complex (No relation to the Bush family)

>>3923795 Tijuana Residents Get Into It With Caravan Groups At The Border: “This is gonna turn into a war”

>>3923890 E-3B Sentry in Maine

>>3923914, >>3923968 North Korea to deport U.S. citizen detained since October

>>3923988 #4990


>>3922450, >>3922765 CF must file an IRS Form 990 report by midnight

>>3922459 Rabbi Mission to US Border More Political Than Humanitarian?

>>3922648 Loretta Lynch part of NY State AG James' transition team

>>3922756 Camp Fire investigation leads to possible second origin away from Pulga

>>3922978 Twitter Posts: Break Down of the Clinton Foundation's IRS Situation

>>3923021 Resignations in the news today

>>3923034 U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince announced it was restricting the routine travel of U.S. Government personnel

>>3923088 Video: Army reinforcing the border fence with barbed wire on Thursday ahead of the caravan's arrival

>>3923129 Planefag: 2 planes with blocked info flying together over West Virginia

>>3923220 #4989


>>3921659, >>3921758, >>3922203 Death toll in raging California wildfires jumps to 63, list of missing doubles to 630+

>>3921681 China plans to let victims sue vaccine makers for punitive damages after string of scandals

>>3921726 For keks: Top Romanian official slams EU, gives them a double middle finger

>>3921790, >>3921814, >>3921874, >>3921992, >>3922114, >>3922224 Eastern District of VA filing that states sealed charges for Julian Assange, mistakingly?

>>3921869 Many DS actors ties to Turkey-Gulen, including Schumer, Brennan, Bharara

>>3922026 On Seitu Sulayman Kokayi

>>3922055 Spanish Defence Minister Backs Idea of Creating European Army

>>3922084 GOP will continue confirming judges even with Flake bitching

>>3922140 Rand Paul on Trump’s Foreign Policy: Build Roads and Bridges in America, Not Afghanistan

>>3922233, >>3922248, >>3922276 Julian Assange has been charged, prosecutors reveal in inadvertent court filing

>>3922317 Clockfag Bun

>>3922332 Planefag Bun

>>3922347 #4988


>>3920912 U.S. Is Optimistic It Will Prosecute Assange

>>3920939 Pentagon admits it never even expected to ‘pass’ multi-million audit

>>3920972 Obama-appointed judges take charge in disputed Florida, Georgia elections

>>3921017 POTUS will visit California on the 17th

>>3921123 Qclock update

>>3921187, >>3921215 Anon's take on Military Tribunals

>>3921086 Nine DOJ press releases on pedos

>>3921227 3 Police Helicopters over Grand Canyon University Phoenix

>>3921256 Man arrested after threatening to kill police officers, President Trump, in phone calls with jailed wife

>>3921349 Democrats Planned Voter Fraud Day After Midterm Election

>>3921485 US Oil Boom Cut $250 Billion From The Trade Deficit

>>3921558 POTUS schedule for tomorrow

>>3921581 #4987


>>3920118 New PapaD on Brits and Aussies opposing DECLAS

>>3920147 WH, McConnell omit tax cut from recap of lame duck agenda

>>3920204 Hand recount for FL Senate race

>>3920280 Call for Orange County, CA, House seat

>>3920284 Family filing lawsuits against facebook, instagram for human trafficking

>>3920307 Alabama DA shot in the face after ambush by former state trooper

>>3920398 ; >>3920416 ; >>3920434 On Podesta, Soros, TPP and Malaysia

>>3920553 NRA sues to stop I-1639’s gun control provisions

>>3920666 Maryland’s AG appeals redistricting decision

>>3920757 #4986


>>3919394 On 3:02, Q drops, and Broward County vote recount lateness

>>3919436 First Choice Healthcare Solutions CEO and associates indicted for stock manipulation

>>3919462 Congress unanimously passes Child Pornography Victim Assistance Act

>>3919504 “Coward” Parkland deputy refuses to testify, files lawsuit to block subpoena

>>3919505 Kamala Harris purchases 1100 facebook ads

>>3919510 Bob Brady aide “deliberately flouted” campaign laws

>>3919605 Survivors of child abuse file lawsuit against PA Catholic bishops

>>3919689 Australia and NZ announce joint Pacific cyber cooperation

>>3919805 AZ GOP announces independent audit of Maricopa Co. elections

>>3919903 NK testing “tactical” weapon; KJU slated to meet DJT again in 2019

>>3920000 #4985


>>3919056 BO regulates on a shill.

>>3918952 Migrant caravan reaches US-Mexico border to cold welcome.

>>3918883 DOJ supposedly preparing to prosecute Wikileaks founder.

>>3918558 Photos from POTUS and Melania's visit of Marine barracks.

>>3918638 Florida Dems tried to "cure" problem ballots.

>>3918742 Military/DHS conduct training exercises ahead of caravan migrants.

>>3918726 GOP wants CPL arrest footage.

>>3918680, >>3918698 Special Representative to Syria, James Jeffrey, speaks on Syrian/ISIS creation. Cabal narrative?

>>3918632 Bolton involved in 2000 Florida recount?

>>3918605 U-2S flights this afternoon. Final update.

>>3919180 #4984


>>3918384 Broward reportedly missed their deadline and original results will be used.

>>3918265 Huber retweets Whitaker.

>>3918211 Summary and reflections of Chief of Medical Services on OMS participation in the RDI program.

>>3918182 Large crowds in Tijuana protest arrival of caravan buses.

>>3918157 EU countries bow to US pressure over alternative payment channel for Iran.

>>3918053 17 Democrats opposed to Pelosi for Speaker.

>>3918022 Creation of Space Force will carry price tag in the ‘single digit’ billions.

>>3918007, >>3918036 Florida orders first ever statewide hand-recounts as legal fights continue.

>>3917976 Text messages reportedly show Stone discussing Wikileaks with Credico.

>>3917965 JW Tweets about FISA declass.

>>3917959 Hannity: Palm Beach County misses deadline. Original vote count will stand.

>>3917877 Facebook critics file FTC complaint over breach of 30 million accounts.

>>3917836 Kroger shooting suspect charged with Federal hate crimes and firearm offenses.

>>3917819 In-flight sexual misconduct task force announced by Department of Transportation.

>>3918427 #4983


>>3917656 AZGOP Chairman Announcement: election audit.

>>3917642 Q clock update.

>>3917626 More than 650 illegal immigrants crossing southern border detained in Arizona over two days.

>>3917611 VA conducting maximum pain experiments on DOGGOS!?

>>3917564 Police investigation reveals trauma, shame of victims in Connecticut male sex trafficking ring.

>>3917558 Vice releases another hit piece on Q. All for a LARP?

>>3917482 Facebook censoring things that don't violate their policies.

>>3917472 AAG Elrahim remarks at the ABA Antitrust Section Fall Forum.

>>3917239, >>3917469 Sam Clovis dig. In relation to PapaD and Mifsud.

>>3917434 "Angry People" capitalized in POTUS's tweet.

>>3917416 POTUS blasts Democrat collusion with big tech companies.

>>3917331 Missing y from DJT Tweet. [y]?

>>3917329 NY Times’ Facebook investigation unearths George Soros, ADL and Chuck Schumer controversies.

>>3917078 Reminder: Foval talking about using rental cars to commit voter fraud.

>>3917217 Royal families auctioning off jewelry?

>>3917164 Powerball winner makes generous donation to a veterans group. (Travis Mills Foundation)

>>3917111, >>3917141, >>3917127 President Trump delivers remarks on supporting Veterans and Military families. (Video and text statement)

>>3917058 Bomb threat at Broward college.

>>3917034 Florida election officials referred irregularities to federal prosecutors.

>>3917000 American envoys being targeted by a mysterious, high-tech enemy acting on a global scale?

>>3917682 #4982


>>3916844 Maine Republican candidate sues to stop ranked-choice voting.

>>3916854 Fire on the Mountain: Rethinking Forest Management in the Sierra Nevada.

>>3916625 Barracks = POTUS go signal?

>>3916768 POTUS to visit California wildfire victims Saturday.

>>3916754 Media pushing Satan and evil themes.

>>3916717 FISA declass brings down UK House?

>>3916715 New Zealand leader presses Pence on "free trade."

>>3916692 Planefag: 'Interesting' filter available.

>>3916664, >>3916666 Discovery of high geothermal heat at South Pole.

>>3916652 West Alabamian DA shot. Suspect dead.

>>3916600 Submarine spotted off the coast of Broward County.

>>3916586 Grassley discusses criminal justice reform and executive power.

>>3916580 Iowa appeals court judge will retire.

>>3916559 New DJT Tweet: ".@FLOTUS Melania and I were honored to visit with our GREAT U.S. MARINES…"

>>3916552 Connecticut man with 'sex dungeon' arrested after trying to buy 12 y/o girl.

>>3916495, >>3916511 New cybersecurity agency under DHS created.

>>3916448 Pa. man arrested for creating homemade incendiary devices.

>>3916368 F16 loitering on border South of Tucson.

>>3916342 2 Navy SEALs, 2 Marines charged with murdering Green Beret.

>>3916334 PG&E signaling financial distress in light of California wildfires?

>>3916326 Judge delays ruling on CNN reporter's White House credential.

>>3916280 Republican activists claim 15 ballot box tags as proof of Florida election fraud.

>>3916278 Human Rights Campaign President [and Clinton flunkie] Chad Griffin announces departure.

>>3916939 #4981


>>3916146 Grassley calls for bipartisan support on Trump's prison reform bill.

>>3916108 At least 17 U.S. military aviation accidents in 2018.

>>3916058 Va. gov. tried to woo Amazon by offering protection from FOIA?

>>3916014 PapaD intel asset and at 2015 energy conference?

>>3915959 Apple to employ trafficking survivors in efforts to eradicate slave labour.

>>3915957 Federal judge denies request to extend approaching deadline for recounts in Florida.

>>3915891 NXIVM founder Raniere again asks for bond release.

>>3915816 The House will likely ban lawmakers from sitting on publicly traded company boards.

>>3915695 Saudi Royal Family closes ranks around MbS. Five Saudis face death penalty as result.

>>3915510, >>3915761 Huma hangs out with James Rothschild's wife. (Nicky Hilton)

>>3915570, >>3915602, >>3915570 POTUS Schedule update: 12:00:11?

>>3915541 Marylan Air Force pilot killed in Texas crash. o7

>>3915530 NC State offers degrees in Mental Illness.

>>3915501 Syria update.

>>3915470, >>3915524, >>3915546 Bomb threats called into 2 Metro Nashville high schools, evacuations underway.

>>3916164 #4980


>>3915255 Plane with landing gear issue makes emergency landing at Stephenville airport.

>>3915236 DJT Tweet/Q Post #1286 reminder. Screaming.

>>3915162 Customs and Border Protection officers headed to California.

>>3915156 PapaD gave hints about a country involved in getting the FISA warrants. Greece?

>>3915128 Ethiopia arrests former deputy spy chief.

>>3915025 Ian Naude: Cheshire PC convicted of raping 13-year-old girl.

>>3914919 JK Rowling charity urges global action to "end" orphanages, trafficking.

>>3914843 Dems reportedly pick up another seat in the House.

>>3914748 Theresa May live.

>>3914744 A Facebook patent would use your family photos to target ads.

>>3914739 POTUS and Melania visit Marine barracks.

>>3914738 Pope Francis doesn't seem to like the fact embassy/capital moved to Jerusalem.

>>3914736 PapaD: Despicable CIA tactics.

>>3914731 Stormy says she'll drop Avenatti if allegations are proven true through due process.

>>3915360 #4979


>>3914564 Ocasio not respected or photo out of context?

>>3914108, >>3914381 Soros Responds To "Alarming" Facebook Exposé.

>>3914451 Federal court gives Florida voters until Saturday to fix ballots with mismatched signatures.

>>3914375 U.S. judge refuses Russian firm's bid to dismiss Mueller indictment.

>>3914220 Hollywood pushing paganism again.

>>3914209 POTUS schedule.

>>3914172 LARPing shill tries to provide plausible deniability for Avenatti.

>>3914119 The Whitaker smear continues.

>>3913979 DCD revealed indictments: Searchable PDF and Word Docs.

>>3914008 Anti-Pelosi Dems urging Marcia Fudge to run for Speaker of the House.



>>3913188 ; >>3913593 Global Magnitsky Designations from US Treasury, including the 17 Saudis sanctioned over Khashoggi killings

>>3913216 HRC must now answer two more questions under oath re: email server

>>3913318 ; >>3913370 Lockdown reported at Wekiva High School, FL

>>3913395 Avenatti booking details

>>3913515 Reports of continued PG&E losses

>>3913609 More on why POTUS won’t forgive Hussein for depleting the military

>>3913636 Human Rights Campaign president stepping down

>>3913741 ; Snippets of criminal charges in recently revealed indictments (see >>3913231 and also pb #4975 >>3912060 ; >>3912086 )

>>3913828 #4977


>>3912372 Pelosi net worth summary

>>3912421 ; >>3912438 Pelosi WL email about her being a fixer for the Dems

>>3912417 DOJ press room site shows how many sex-trafficking arrests Sessions gave us

>>3912443 ; >>3912476 Econofags discuss futures data (speculation)

>>3912459 Head of IMF urges governments to consider issuing digital currencies

>>3912550 Canada registers 6x increase in “US citizens” seeking asylum in 2017

>>3912561 Federal judge sides with Dems on fixing ballot signatures

>>3912567 GAA Update

>>3912570 NXIVM’s Bronfman arrested, forced to wear ankle monitor

>>3912621 Facebook reportedly paid for smear campaign against Soros

>>3912667 ; >>3913029 ; >>3913052 ; >>3913070 UK May facing no confidence vote; More resignations from UK gov’t

>>3912772 ; >>3912864 New DJT

>>3912961 ; >>3913010 Blame game tweets from Avenatti and Wohl re: abusing women

>>3912998 Connecticut hotel owner facing child sex charges

>>3913086 Women detail sexual abuses from professors at Dartmouth

>>3913059 #4976


>>3911657 UK: sixteen arrested in raid against drug/human trafficking ring; gold bars attained

>>3911735 Link between David Copperfield (magician) and Abramovic

>>3911766 ; >>3911807 ; >>3911881 New DJT

>>3911775 Compilation of MediaAnon’s contacts/connections (possible links for future finds; more by ID 87c937 in bread)

>>3911841 On POTUS tweets re: Fake News

>>3912046 Reminder: Mueller’s pedigree at WilmerHale and ties to CF

>>3912060 ; >>3912086 Possible beginning of unsealing indictments in DC; investigations closed, trials pending

>>3912143 Former UBS trader, jailed for Britain’s biggest fraud, deported

>>3912188 On China opening its financial markets

>>3912202 On the next tech bubble

>>3912274 #4975


>>3910882 Hungary doing everything it can to help persecuted Christians

>>3910871 QRV on the EO from 9/18/18

>>3910919, >>3910941 Financial Disclosure Report for Nancy Pelosi (2017)

>>3910925 FF watch: three active shooter drills


>>3910078 Voter Fraud Hotline for Florida

>>3910097 Soros Donated to Caravan-Linked Groups

>>3910100 Cures: Universal flu vaccine from llamas

>>3910110 Pence flies over disputed South China Sea

>>3910112 George Soros Foundation Calls Facebook 'Vile,' 'Reprehensible' for Pushing Conspiracy Theories

>>3910136 Bikers for Trump Submits Evidence of Broward County Ballot Tampering to Florida AG Pam Bondi

>>3910207 Georgia: Judge rules that out-of-County votes will NOT be allowed, nor will ballots with improper addresses

>>3910552 Pentagon Wants More Money for Lasers To Defend Against Missiles, Drone Swarms

>>3910562 Migrants Reach US-Mexico Border, Likely Face Long Wait

>>3910637 Brief overview of three Overseas Contingency Operations

>>3910684, >>3910703, >>3910711 Avenatti → Rahm Emanuel → MOS

>>3910766 #4973


>>3909367 Acting AG Whitaker: Crime is down

>>3909380 U.S. Bishops Say Trump Proclamation on Caravan Migrants Is Illegal

>>3909391 A judge has ordered Amazon to hand over recordings from an Echo to help solve a double murder case

>>3909400 On the Production of Ballot Papers

>>3909405 For keks: Bill and Hillary Clinton tour canceled due to ‘poor sales’

>>3909436, >>3909509 Cool Planefag update

>>3909439, >>3909457, >>3909754 Dig on Pueblo Sin Fronteras and wound up at commies and witches

>>3909473, >>3909612, >>3909648, >>3909696, >>3909740 Weird ass clothing company for kids from ISRAEL called NUNUNU (Video in 2nd link)

>>3909678 Memorandum for Emmet T Flood (11/14/18)

>>3909823 Reminder: CIA whistleblower says he was targeted by Brennan, Mueller, and Strzok

>>3909876 California and Governor Brown connection to BT Energy (clowns as board members)

>>3909947 Resignations in the news today

>>3910005 #4972


>>3908569 FBI Busts Utah Pedo with 100 Gigabytes of Child Porn Depicting Toddlers Being Raped

>>3908645 AAG, 210 days side by side

>>3908754, >>3908755, >>3908871 Planefag updates

>>3908813 For keks: Australian senator declaring he is a woman so libs can't attack him

>>3908929 Broward’s 'Sneaky' Snipes says invalid ballots ‘were never counted,’ contradicting her attorney

>>3909000 Sean Hannity: I Have Information that Evidence Has Been Turned Over to Law Enforcement on Criminal Activity in Broward County (VIDEO)

>>3909056 Anon's theory on DHS/DOJ/FBI and the 2018 midterms

>>3909111 Facebook reportedly discredited critics by linking them to George Soros

>>3909245 #4971


>>3907820 Bill and Hillary Clinton tour canceled due to 'poor sales'

>>3907893 Air Force plane makes emergency landing at McClellan after hydraulic malfunction

>>3907939 Qlockwork: Michael Avenatti is in the news.

>>3908023 Ethiopia arrests former deputy intelligence chief

>>3908105 New Documents Reveal CIA Spied on Congress, Whistleblowers

>>3908141 Flake to oppose Trump nominees until Mueller protection bill gets vote

>>3908153 National Facial Recognition Database To Use Loyalty Rewards To Identify American Shoppers

>>3908231 POTUS Schedule Update

>>3908267 Absentee ballots missing birth dates must be counted in Georgia governor's race, judge orders

>>3908274, >>3908294 Avenatti denies claim that he struck a woman

>>3908335 NGO exposed teaching migrants how to trick ‘f***ing stupid’ EU border guards

>>3908397 Pizzagate Disinfo Shill 'PGisDumb,' Robert Robertson, arrested for CP

>>3908492 Planefag Updates

>>3908502 #4970


>>3907032 Why is MSM throwing Avenatti under the bus?

>>3907248 State Department believes missing U.S. journalist is alive in Syria: report

>>3907306, >>3907462 The Latest: Avenatti released after domestic violence charge

>>3907377 Update from Fire Evacuee Anon

>>3907386 Mattis Tells Army Troops On Border: Ignore Media Hype Over The Mission, "You'll Go Nuts"

>>3907422 Democrats demand removal of Illinois election judge after she reported fraud

>>3907433 Update from Palm Beach: Nothing

>>3907514 Filmmaker embedded in migrant caravan exposes false media narrative

>>3907553 AG Florida on Hannity - live: Criminal Investigation of Broward County

>>3907740 #4969


>>3906280 Good summary of the day

>>3906293, Israeli Opposition Leaders Call for Early Elections >>3906309 Netanyahu Coalition In Crisis Over Liberman Resignation

>>3906298 Rabbis expected to begin "pilgrimage" to protest the Trump administration's "unacceptable" treatment of migrants.

>>3906432 Court Rules Hillary Clinton Must Answer Key Questions About Her Private Server

>>3906489 National security aide Mira Ricardel removed from White House

>>3906623 Trump embraces prison sentence cuts as 'right thing to do,' true bipartisanship

>>3906851 Trump Warns Antifa — You Could Be In Big Trouble

>>3906887 Grassley Tweet re: Bipartisan First Step Act - "Pres Trump waiting w pen to sign."

>>3906936 Bombshell Text Messages Support Roger Stone’s Claims About WikiLeaks Backchannel

>>3906984 #4968


>>3905551 Soros-funded groups defended Broward's Brenda Snipes in lawsuit alleging inaccurate voter rosters

>>3905560 El Chapo docs released today:

>>3905584 Grassley responds to Sen. Feinstein inquiries regarding Former AG Sessions and Acting AG Whitaker:

>>3905613 ‘Innocent prank?’ Imposter orders Argentinian plane to take off, sparks mass pilot confusion

>>3905715 Planefag Update: something may be happening on east coast.

>>3905814 LAPD confirms that Michael Avenatti is in custody on suspicions of domestic violence.

>>3905909 Republicans ‘stole’ Georgia election if Abrams doesn’t win, Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown says

>>3905910, >>3905984 Avenatti Update: Victim not spouse, but another woman

>>3905953 Former Calhoun-Liberty Hospital CEO pleads guilty to wire/tax fraud

>>3906014 The gene-edited food hitting supermarkets soon, from mold-resistant bananas to disease-proof oranges and fat-free beans

>>3906057 Brenda Snipes could leave as Broward elections chief: "It is time to move on"

>>3906137 #4967


>>3904730 Trump prison reform act announcement: @41:00.

>>3904753, >>3904764, >>3904772, >>3904844 Michael Avenatti arrested for domestic violence.

>>3904822 Hedge funds holdings look a lot different after

>>3904932 22 Buses with 900 Caravan Migrants Nears U.S. Border

>>3905008 Georgia Democrat Senator Nikema Williams Arrested During Election Protests

>>3905016 H.R.3359 - Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Act of 2018 presented to POTUS today

>>3905048 Hillary Clinton Questions Legitimacy Of Georgia Gubernatorial Election

>>3905146 Anons find regarding "Riverhead" Possible discovery re: sealed indictments

>>3905218 House passes changes to Ohio's deadly force law

>>3905229 New DJT

>>3905446 #4966


>>3904487 CIA whistleblower claims he was targeted by Mueller, Brennan and Strzok.

>>3904358 Broward County $4.8 BILLION surplus?

>>3904351 Bomb squad investigating suspicious package at truck stop in Syracuse, NY.

>>3904272 Q clock update.

>>3904216 DJT Tweet: "I am grateful to be here today w/ Members of the House & Senate…"

>>3904156 Flake says he will not vote to confirm judicial nominees unless Mueller protection bill is brought to the Senate for a vote.

>>3903998 NY Dems push to allow driver's licenses for illegals.

>>3904010 Precedent set for banning certain members of the press?

>>3903986, >>3904008 Secretary Mattis, DHS Nielsen visit troops who are guarding the Southern border.

>>3904564 #4965


>>3903823 Watch the water: Terrorist attacks on US water supply?

>>3903363 DoD Tweet: Sailors and Marines help FEMA with Mariana Islands recovery efforts after typhoon Yutu.

>>3903255 President Trump reportedly believes Snipes should be fired.

>>3903254 Cory Booker also weighs in on Ga. race.

>>3903880 #4964


>>3903074 Brexit withdrawal agreement highlights.

>>3903051 HRC pokes her nose into GA election controversy.

>>3903044 Pence is said to be gearing up for all-out Cold War with China unless it bows to all US demands.

>>3903024 "Bikers for Trump" group submits evidence of Broward County ballot tampering to FL AG Pam Bondi.

>>3902870 More details on Mattis' speech to troops on the Southern border.

>>3902852 Bongino: The Dems want agricultural commissioner spot in Florida for gun control.

>>3902805 Another actress sues Weinstein.

>>3902773 DC attack planned same day as synagogue attack?

>>3902724 26 Democrats demand Nielsen's resignation.

>>3902566 DJT Tweet: "Just spoke to Governor Jerry Brown…"

>>3902538 FLOTUS highlight video.

>>3902522 Correlation between De Niro headlines and "incidents?"

>>3902485, >>3902497, >>3902509, >>3902515, >>3902521 A list of Trump's accomplishments in only two years.

>>3903101 #4963


>>3902262 Theresa May says Cabinate agrees to draft Brexit deal with EU.

>>3902092 Juan Granados, verbal attacker of Tucker Carlsons daughter resigns.

>>3902135 Reminder: Steel National Security issue is a Q proof.

>>3902155 Salmonella tied to turkey sickens 164 in 35 States.

>>3902144 DJT Tweet: "Was just briefed by @FEMA_brock…"

>>3902074 DJT Tweet: "Not seen in many years,…"

>>3902089 Fourteen arrested in Riverhead. Operation under wraps since indictments are sealed.

>>3901971, >>3901957 Three SK companies plead guilty and enter into settlements for rigging bids on DoD fuel contracts.

>>3901981 Kevin McCarthy wins House Minority Leader.

>>3902025 DOJ says Matthew Whitaker can serve as acting AG.

>>3902046 Resignations in the news yesterday.

>>3901747 Team is stronger. President Pro Tempore?

>>3901740, >>3901765, >>3901802 Chicago police superintendent has a long history of excusing police misconduct.

>>3901763 James Hansen, long-serving Utah Republican, dies at 86.

>>3901761 Man who insulted Tucker Carlson's daughter serves on the board for a women's group.

>>3901738 Whitaker a distraction for the true AG?

>>3901736 Lawfag gives insight into CNN's frivolous lawsuit.

>>3901728, >>3901746 Grassley accepts President Pro-Tempore.

>>3901721 Syria update.

>>3901713 UK cabinet locked in marathon Brexit treaty debate.

>>3902334 #4962


>>3901541 Grassley nominated to be Senate pro-tempore.

>>3901351, >>3901488 Whitaker: "SC required to investigate CF."

>>3901331, >>3901429 POTUS to make announcement regarding "First Step Act." (Prison reform)

>>3901233, >>3901318, >>3901320 Information on the 93rd MP Battalion.

>>3901197 POTUS reportedly will answer Mueller questionnaire.

>>3901148 National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee Meeting (NSTAC).

>>3901100 More detail regarding the special operations surveillance aircraft over Phoenix last night.

>>3900953 Drone footage of the Malibu fire aftermath.

>>3900950 Anon points out the building crescendo.

>>3900916 Urgent James Mattis press briefing regarding the ongoing military operation to stop the migrant caravan.

>>3901590 #4961


>>3900823 House Democrats continue to try and shutdown POTUS's Twitter.

>>3900604 Whitaker gives remarks to State and Local law enforcement on efforts to combat violence and the opioid crises.

>>3900645 Rick Scott to recuse from certifying Florida election results.

>>3900727 Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell re-elected as Senate picks leadership for next Congress.

>>3900745 Georgia state senator, 14 others arrested at Georgia Capitol.

>>3900580 Southern Israeli schools reopen as Gaza truce takes effect.

>>3900520 Mattis said to stop concernfagging.

>>3900510 Netanyahu taking over as Israeli Defense Minister.

>>3900434 Mexican Presidents deny they took bribes from El Chapo.

>>3900429 Good news reportedly on the way from the WH.

>>3900419 Pilot dead after yet another T-38 supersonic jet crashes at base in Texas.

>>3900394, >>3900518 Feds investigating altered election documents tied to Florida Democratic Party.

>>3900366 DOD, DHS testify at Interagency Cyber Cooperation Hearing.

>>3900348 Domestic terrorists allowed back on Twitter.

>>3900328 Kellyanne's husband leads group of lawyers looking to "stir debate" around Trump's agenda.

>>3900284 Argentina activates permanent Antarctic Joint Command.

>>3900282, >>3900304 Defense Secretary Mattis visits military troops deployed to border.

>>3900847 #4960


>>3899420 ; >>3899904 Legal opinion on Whitaker AAG appointment

>>3899467 Special Counsel fuckery in progress

>>3899477 On Sullivan, encryption keys, and election fraud (see also pb: >>3898375 )

>>3899485 Israeli immigration minister resigns

>>3899512 ; >>3899518 Highlights of WI governor election fuckery

>>3899653 Even Alexa (C_A/Amazon spy rig) calls Acosta a “fake journalist”

>>3899656 FOX release statement supporting Acosta’s lawsuit against WH

>>3899662 Pompeo meeting with Qatari ministers

>>3899953 Pentagon wants more money for lasers against missiles, drone swarms

>>3899962 ; >>3900046 Dig on JW docs on McCabe Office of Professional Responsibility investigation

>>3900075 #4959


>>3898676 PG&E plunges 20% after disclosing electrical incident just before fire

>>3898847 Merkel echoing Macron on EU army

>>3898856 On AZ Senate race and McSally becoming senator in spite of Dems fuckery

>>3898857 SpreadsheetAnon Update

>>3898926 US Border Patrol record number of arrests in October

>>3898939 Parkland school shooter attacks officer in jail

>>3898941 ; >>3899020 DOJ: Whitaker can legally serve as AAG

>>3898989 Moar tech advice for EU Anons to circumvent censorship online

>>3899128 Federal prosecutors reviewing altered ballots linked to FL Dems

>>3899132 Climate scientists continue to fuck up their math re: global warming models

>>3899136 POTUS picks Ret. Gen. John Abizaid for ambassador to SA

>>3899168 Peso, loony plummet after Dems demand changes to USMCA

>>3899187 Article summary of election fuckery

>>3899192 Iran executes two for hoarding gold, manipulating currency

>>3899231 Lindsey Graham “totally” ready to seek answers on HRC emails as Judiciary committee chairman

>>3899310 #4958


>>3898412 Moar muh climate change, this time to retcon history

>>3898416 DC considers letting 16 yr olds vote

>>3898227 House minority leader vote today

>>3898229 Moar on MSM's prepping normies for the Deep Fake

>>3898220, >>3898240 Moar on EU blocks & 8ch

>>3898166, >>3898180, >>3898228, >>3898346 Moar on [Project Ivy]

>>3898106 Paul Ryan shows "old friend" Manlet Mitt Romney to his new office

>>3898035, >>3898223 Digg for sell-offs? A look at PG&E stocks, trades under PCG.

>>3897977 On circumventing EU blocks against 8ch

>>3897996 Analysis of MN election numbers

>>3897999 FL man taken into custody after chemical weapons found in home

>>3898011 King Abdullah of Jordan meeting w/Pompeo

>>3898468 #4957


>>3897091 More on GOOG sending data through China

>>3897150 Rundown on EU Article 13

>>3897155 ; >>3897583 Israeli defense minister resigns

>>3897398 On John Yoo, Bush-era lackey

>>3897405 Supersonic jet crashes

>>3897497 More deepfake audience prepping

>>3897512 ; >>3897566 On FL, AZ voter fraud and optics (speculation)

>>3897535 ; >>3897603 Dig on Project Ivy, Hussein, and Maxine Waters

>>3897615 MAGA supporter assaulted in Tuscon

>>3897624 Remembering Capt. Mike Green

>>3897719 Report from journalist embedded within the migrant caravan

>>3897783 #4956


>>3896353, >>3896358 Theory: Misspellings in POTUS' tweets = D E C L A S?

>>3896433 WikiLeaks emails on recounts

>>3896461 GAA Update

>>3896479 CIA considered using 'truth serum' on post-9/11 detainees

>>3896468 California wildfire rips through nuclear waste site, fueling airborne toxin risk concerns

>>3896489 Graphic on Corsi

>>3896495, >>3896523, >>3896631 Another brush fire has erupted in SoCal.

>>3896554, >>3896580 Laura Loomer btfo

>>3896614 An Indian ex-employee of Tesla has been charged with embezzling $9.3 million

>>3896669 Reminder: Video of Gowdy on Mueller and RR

>>3896709, >>3896906 WTF is this?: Video of something over California "releasing or shooting" something (MUCH moar info is needed)

>>3896941 Moar on the Unidentified Flying Objects over Ireland

>>3897012 #4955


>>3895573 Chuck Schumer Is Willing to Shut Down the Government to Protect the Mueller Investigation

>>3895585 First Oversight Hearings For Merrimack Valley Gas Explosions Set

>>3895635 ISIS fighters might declare new caliphate in Philippines

>>3895674, >>3895675 FOIA on SR (10/4/18): the docs remain TOP SECRET and SECRET, because they would "damage to national security"

>>3895696 DOD takes initial steps in separating CYBERCOM from NSA

>>3895716 Moar on the first wave of the caravan reaching San Diego's border

>>3895725 Call to dig: government contacts and ballots

>>3895741 "Operation Torch California"

>>3895631 As California Burns, Jerry Brown Takes Heat For Vetoing 2016 Wildfire Mitigation Bill''

>>3895878 Florida City TV Station websites and Newspaper website SILENT on both Criminal Investigation AND FDLE TIP LINE

>>3895892 French Joint Space Command Outlines Satellite Protection Courses Of Action

>>3895909 For keks: The Sound Of Social Justice

>>3895946 Planefag: A10 in AZ

>>3896054 Matt Gaetz: Democrats ‘Are Testing What They Can Get Away With’ to ‘Steal 2020’

>>3896246 #4954


>>3895292 Paradise, CA Anon testimony about the Camp Fire

>>3895408, >>3895459 POTUS's Caravan Asylum Reforms Get Court Hearing Nov. 19

>>3895206 Based Nigel: Merkel should apologize for the damage migration caused

>>3895093 Wikipedia redpills you on Anderson Cooper's corrupt af great great grampa

>>3895037, >>3895080 Independent lawyer's constitutional support for Whitaker

>>3894966 FL Man in custody after 'Mother of Satan' substance found in home

>>3894807, >>3894910, >>3894974 Planefag update: AF SpecOps circling Phoenix

>>3894898 Merkel Echoes France's Call For Europe To Create Its Own Army

>>3894884 Citizens Fill Up Georgia Election Board Office To ‘Stop The Fraud

>>3894838 Trump picks former CENTCOM commander for ambassador to Saudi Arabia

>>3894831, >>3894856 Judge Grants 7 More Days For Palm Beach Recount

>>3894815 Small plane crash FL→Bahamas, Pilot Byron Ferguson, 34, presumed dead

>>3894813 Anons, I… Bader Ginsburg back in the gym next week, says "trainer"

>>3894802 Tucker says "We Don’t Know Who’s Funding the Caravan” tonight

>>3895498 #4953


>>3894707 Adam Schiffty's House Dems preview plans to flex oversight muscles

>>3894513 GA Judge Who Ruled Error-Filled Ballots Be Counted Donated Thousands To Dems

>>3894299 (((Rep. Nadler))) is legitimizing Whitaker on twatter

>>3894222 Muh Scary Speech: Family rats dude out for 'Alt-Right' ties to synagogue shooter

>>3894211 Anon digs up forest fire data as per PF 442

>>3894130 Anon breaks down types of shill/shit posters (and they are legion lately)

>>3894125 @PapaD twatter-swag continues: "We haven’t seen anything yet"

>>3894115 Cabal: "Spygate" Dude we hoped our assassins 187'd by now…Oh shit! He testifyin'!

>>3894094 Repost of Today's Clock-related Q drops (and moar clocks) for Night Shift

>>3894057 Trump considers tough-talking former ICE director T. Homan for DHS chief

>>3894704 #4952


>>3893986, >>3894020 POTUS sends up 26 judge nominees… to the SENATE

>>3893617 Our light will illuminate the path so even the most wayward can find their way

>>3893829 SINCE ELECTION DAY: Dems Pick Off 12+ GOP House Seats, 2 Sens… moar coming?

>>3893628 Another late Dem declared winner, Josh Harder of CA, turning district blue

>>3893386 Feds drop prosecution of Jane "Meatloaf" Sanders after bankrupting Univ.

>>3893338, >>3893486 NYT: Who Gets the Last Word in a Disputed Senate Race? The Senate.

>>3893337 Sen Williams (D-Atl) arrested by capitol police during a ballot counts protest

>>3893307 Watch–Caravan Migrants Arrive at Southern Border, Scale Fence

>>3893321 FL Lt Gov on Consequences for Snipes: ‘Nothing Will be Taken off the Table’

>>3894180 #4951


>>3893055 Congress Passes Legislation Standing Up Cybersecurity Agency in DHS.

>>3892917 Theresa May undermining Brexit.

>>3892913 Canadian man found guilty for committing act of terrorism.

>>3892892, >>3892911 FBI investigating bomb making materials in Lake Helen, Florida.

>>3892859 China bans 10k people from social media for "harmful political information."

>>3892832 More information on the supposed staff disputes in the Trump admin.

>>3892810 SEC settles insider trading claims against former chairman and CEO of Advanced Medical Optics.

>>3892752 Caravan migrants arrive at Southern border.

>>3892605 Palm Beach County claims their ballot counting machines have broken.

>>3892581 Husband and wife dead after plane crash at Brantford airport.

>>3893135 #4950


>>3892198 Fmr. charity CEO pleads guilty to multi-million dollar political corruption scheme.

>>3892226 Whitaker's statement on the FBI's hate crime statistics.

>>3892163 DAAG Roger Alford gives remarks on MFP that affects anti-trust enforcement globally.

>>3892151 Citizens fill up Georgia election board office to ‘Stop The Fraud’.

>>3892077 5 mil migrants want to join caravan.

>>3891996 HRC sends fundraising email to support Nelson's recount team.

>>3891970 SecDef Mattis Press Gaggle: Discussions of troop deployment/movement in Poland.

>>3891919 Trump to nominate General Abi Zaid as Ambassador to Saudi Arabia (vacant for 2 years).

>>3891910 Secretary Mattis Travels to McAllen, Texas and F.E. Warren Air Force Base, WY.

>>3891827 President Trump and Melania Trump are likely skipping the Kennedy Center Honors.

>>3891792 Some northbound lanes closed in San Diego as caravan approaches border.

>>3892376 #4949


>>3891002 Anon bestows some biblical wisdom.

>>3891528 Resolution to stop "cold genocide" due to transplants begins conversation in the AMA.

>>3891473 El Chapo's lawyer just claimed Mexico's president took “millions in bribes” from Sinaloa cartel.

>>3891167 Graham to Senate Judiciary to craft "immigration reform?"

>>3891260 DHS election trap theory graphic.

>>3891120 Judiciary Committee processes Trump judicial nominees over Democrats’ objections.

>>3891107 Russia involved in Afghanistan/Taliban?

>>3891004, >>3891089 Mira fired? Leak sting?

>>3891676 #4948


>>3890203 Migrants hopping border fences (shooting gallery in the making)

>>3890284 Cryin’ Chuck trying to get Whitaker to recuse himself from muh Russia

>>3890377 Brenda Snipes doubles down on support for Broward County’s lack of integrity

>>3890446 Dig on Good Technology ( data)

>>3890461 More Broward Co. voting equipment found stashed at elementary school

>>3890481 Naomi Rao nominated to take Kavanaugh’s old place on the US Court of Appeals

>>3890581 US State Dept. backs NATO amid Macron’s squawking over EU army

>>3890652 Two former Navy officers plead guilty in corruption and fraud probe

>>3890709 Office of FLOTUS confirms Ricardel “no longer deserves honor of serving this WH”

>>3890883 #4947


>>3889536 ; >>3889566 ; >>3889791 New PapaD on “Russian agents” and Mifsud 302’s

>>3889543 FL judge orders recount extended for PBC to Nov. 20

>>3889560 ; >>3889572 Syria Update

>>3889583 Re: CNN’s lawsuit against WH

>>3889610 Yemen Update

>>3889616 GOOG crashes after traffic routed through China and Russia

>>3889709 Russia shows off reusable nuclear engine for Mars mission

>>3889723 Hearing re: HRC testimony to be held tomorrow

>>3889825 Vatican promotes chief sex crimes prosecutor, halts abuse reform

>>3889885 Mexican police escort 400 from migrant horde to US border

>>3889923 Clockfag Update

>>3890083 Amazon receiving billions of taxpayer dollars nationwide

>>3890112 Bush-era clown John Yoo says Whitaker appointment is unconstitutional

>>3890155 #4946


>>3888722 Ocasio-Cortex lied re: being unable to afford to live in DC

>>3888753 On Mira Radielovic Ricardel, Council on Foreign Relations

>>3888783 Pueblo Sin Fronteras organizing caravans using Soros money

>>3888834 ; >>3889228 Ricardel apparently not yet fired per WSJ story

>>3888999 ; >>3889123 New DJT (vid of Diwali ceremony: >>3889025 ; remarks: >>3889274 )

>>3889113 ; >>3889394 New PapaD on Mifsud testimony

>>3889332 New DJT: Boom: Record high business optimism

>>3889378 #4945


>>3888368 Mueller Grand Jury Witness Accuses Clinton-Linked Prosecutor Of Conflict Of Interest

>>3888398 Israel Proposes Forming Int'l Coalition in Paris to Push Iran out of Syria

>>3888375 WATCH: Mexican Police Escort 400 from Migrant Caravan to U.S. Border

>>3888566 HRC's Attack Dog, Rhee, Heads Potential Mueller Prosecution of Roger Stone

>>3888378, >>3888450, >>3888484 Brexiteers respond to news re: an EU "fudge"

>>3888475 EU countries approve arms sales to Saudi, UAE worth 55 times aid to Yemen

>>3888253 Graphic: FF's timed to bump bad news for D's out of news cycle.

>>3888314 Study: Most Americans believe the media is dividing America

>>3888037 Moar @PapaD trolling (((cabal))) re: upcoming Misfud testimony

>>3888029 Grassley statement on Big Bank Bankruptcy, on anniversary of Lehman Bros. demise

>>3888027 Another GOP victor's crown stoled after votes "found?" (NM)

>>3888003 Was fire in Seattle, luckily contained/no casualties

>>3888001 For digging: PG&E Corp Directors includes Kimmel, vice chair of (((Roths))) Inc.

>>3887974, >>3888056, >>3888094 Anons discuss implications of Misfud's imminent testifying

>>3887956 Fallen Country: Missouri College kids kidnapped @ gunpoint, forced to have sex

>>3888652 #4944


>>3887622 Dammit: Cleveland hospital on lockdown for suspected shooter (no shots yet)

>>3887704, >>3887719 @PapaD twats Misfud wants to testify on the hill: "massive"

>>3887285, >>3887415 Dark to light. POTUS @ Ceremonial Lighting of the Diya (India/WH)

>>3887382 Call to dig: Good Technology used in Clinton emails.

>>3887217, >>3887255 Rubio Reveals Broward/Palm Beach Counties’ Strategy to Steal Election

>>3887200 POTUS counterpunches NYT's fake news re: NK's "missile ctrs"

>>3887207, >>3887317 Moar on Gov. Brown fuggery in Cali: 9/2018 art on wildfires/PG&E

>>3887897 #4943


>>3887022 OpEd: Crooks and Communists Fight to Lead House Democratic Caucus

>>3886732 Moar on Cryin' Chuck Schumer's gov. shutdown threats to protect Mueller

>>3886914, >>3887071 DOJ: Former Charity CEO Pleads Guilty To Multi-$M Political Corruption

>>3886912 Anon considers Whitaker in light of the Mooch and other Q musings

>>3886731 Lawfag discusses Presidential "secret pardons" and 11/11 Time article

>>3886525, >>3887066 Vid: Newly Based Lindsey Graham: Broward vote "not fair, not square"

>>3886534, >>3886630, >>3886722 Moar on Cali's Woolsey fire

>>3886792 Does Mueller Have Matt Whitaker’s Emails to Trump Campaign Adviser Sam Clovis?

>>3886462 South African Home Affairs Minister Resigns Amid Sex Tape Scandal

>>3886437 Hungarian Foreign Minister calls for restoring EU-Russia economic cooperation

>>3886435 DOJ Busts Six Broadcast Television Co.'s re: antitrust civil case

>>3886430, >>3886520

>>3886425 Anon tells a velly intellesting story of swamp draining (epilogue >>3886554)

>>3886423 Acting Bonanno mob boss, high-ranking family leaders busted in racketeering takedown.

>>3886421 JW seeks HRC testimony in court.

>>3887104 #4942


>>3886318 Kevin Shipp on Deep State abuse.

>>3886230, >>3886279 DOJ announcement of Sinclair settlement.

>>3885715 ‘Completely safe’: Monsanto owner Bayer hit by new wave of lawsuits 9,300 plaintiffs

>>3885772 Brexit deal ‘agreed’ with EU: UK ministers set to arrive at No 10. for May meeting

>>3885813 Broward County Has Yet to Start Their Official Recount of Ballots

>>3886148 Ocasio-Cortez, youth protesters storm Pelosi office to push for climate plan.

>>3885743 Robert Mueller plans to issue new indictments in the Russia investigation as early as Tuesday

>>3885896 NGO exposed teaching migrants how to trick EU border guards.

>>3885893 Trade group asks DOJ to investigate concerns at Comcast-NBC Universal.

>>3885687, >>3885823, >>3885874 Civil rights attorneys handing out ballots after election?

>>3885787 Snowden: Israeli company sold surveillance software to SA?

>>3885701 Canada's surveillance project delayed due to SpaceX rocket.

>>3885695 Judge finds Georgia county violated Civil Rights Act by rejecting absentee ballots.

>>3885663 Mifsud willing to testify?

>>3886344 #4941


>>3885509 Pentagon to boost laser investments for missile defense.

>>3885502 Sinclair, rival TV firms strike deal to settle DOJ ad-rigging claims.

>>3885277 The FBI says hate crimes reports were up about 17 percent in 2017.

>>3885468 Art firm hit with $10.75mil tax judgement.

>>3885453 DJT Tweet: NK Fake News.

>>3885435 US to give states leeway to expand inpatient mental health.

>>3885300 Q proof: "USSS 'stay' alerts."

>>3885285, >>3885368 Amazon (CIA) shopped around for the best taxpayer incentives.

>>3885216 Trump's "Right To Try" Act is already making positive changes in American's lives. GoFundMe for Veteran with MS.

>>3885193 Feinstein writes to Grassley, requesting that the Senate Judiciary Committee hold hearings with Whitaker AND Sessions.

>>3885135 Human tissue in cosmetic products.

>>3884953, >>3885063 Hypocrisy: Bill Clinton Banned Reporter Paul Sperry For Asking Questions About "Chinagate"

>>3884882 D.C. attorney general launches investigation into Catholic Church.

>>3884896 DJT Tweet: "When will Bill Nelson concede in Florida?…"

>>3885527 #4940


>>3884669 RBG missed her first court session back?

>>3884555 Anon's rally cry.

>>3884623 Quite literally the Middle Ages.

>>3884494 Schumer attaching Mueller protection to must pass legislation?

>>3884472 Maryland to seek court ruling over Whitaker.

>>3884413, >>3884460 Spec Ops in AZ last night?

>>3884314, >>3884335, >>3884348 DJT Tweet: Re-tweet from 2 hours ago with typo correction. Important?

>>3884291 Trump: USSS would not allow me to drive to French cemetery.

>>3884188 Navy creating attack sub aggressor unit to train to fight against Russia, China.

>>3884123 3:02pm related Q drop. Timestamp 5:5. Are the 302s about to drop?

>>3884760 #4939


(No notables collected)


>>3883893 Reminder: "We have more than we know."

>>3883576 Merkel outlines three key things she wants for Europe.

>>3883769 Secret Service agent who took Jim Acosta's press pass named in CNN lawsuit.

>>3883720 Monica drops new details about Clinton affair, ‘terrifying’ investigation.

>>3883695 CIA spied on whistleblower's emails to Congress.

>>3883580 Whitaker's statement on the FBI's 2017 hate crime statistics.

>>3883522 Tech stocks aren't what they seem?

>>3883477 Broward County also claims it cannot complete recount in time (Palm Beach claimed the same last night).

>>3883469 PapaD: Big news coming this week.

>>3883464 Air Force fast-tracks new generation of powerful bunker buster bombs.

>>3883453 Federal judge delays certification of Georgia election results, citing concerns over provisional ballots.

>>3883386, >>3883846 Amazon's East Coast plans.

>>3883383 CNN sues Trump admin over Acosta's press pass claiming violation of 1st and 5th amendments.

>>3883328 Twitter/Memeanons: Anon nominates relevant Twitter hashtags for memetic warfare.

>>3884000 #4937


>>3883115 Voter ID discussion ramping up?

>>3882597, >>3883011 PG & E responsible for Ca. fire?

>>3882940 Walmart's Flipkart CEO resigns.

>>3882928 Strikes still happening in Gaza.

>>3882891 Death toll jumps to 42 in Northern Ca. fire.

>>3882873 DJT Tweet: "By the way,…"

>>3882875 Notable bun from previous bread.

>>3882683 Pueblo Sin Fronteras dig.

>>3882579, >>3882823 Ca. fire complicates Laboratory cleanup.


>>3882715 DJT Tweet: "On Trade, France…"

>>3882612 Why is Schiff always so loud (nervous)?

>>3882577 Antares rocket possible to be seen from the East coast on Nov. 15.

>>3883206 #4936


>>3881011 Moar on the Sept 12, 2018 EO from QRV

>>3881016, >>3881613, >>3881668 Google is hit by 'worst ever' internet hijack

>>3881021, >>3881276, >>3881479, >>3881518, >>3881541 Crumbs on election rigging

>>3881039 IMF, World Bank chiefs call for 'new multilateralism'

>>3881052 Texas Board of Education considers eliminating Hillary Clinton, Helen Keller from curriculum

>>3881054 Reminder: Ballotgate Infographic

>>3881069, >>3881088, >>3881373 Shooter on the run in Albuquerque, was anti-Trump on Twitter

>>3881178 Cal Lutheran issued a lockdown due to a bomb threat

>>3881228 DOJ civil rights division deployed to 35 jurisdictions in 19 states

>>3881270 Resignations in the news today

>>3881294 NBC took down the previously-published "State of Maryland asks judge to declare Rosenstein acting attorney general" article

>>3881391 FEDs do not to take custody of documents from local officials until after election has been certified

>>3881480 US airman killed in stabbing while stationed in Japan

>>3881513 GAA Update

>>3881555 Federal jurisdiction for prosecution is easily established when federal candidate(s) on the ballot.

>>3881583 Unification chief visits US for meeting with Pompeo

>>3881595 Useful Breaking911 Twitter links (main page was suspeneded again)

>>3881624 Papadopoulos: Big announcement coming this week

>>3881713 #4935


>>3880268, >>3880329 Video: "Truth about the caravan"

>>3880372 Reminder: Whistleblower Investigating Fraud in Broward County Shot Himself in the Head, But No Gun Was Found

>>3880444, >>3880475 U2 spy plane over LA

>>3880467, >>3880687 Double Meaning of 12/21?: EO from 9/12/18 takes effect 45 days after the elections on12/21

>>3880508 Assange has done more to expose American crimes than any other news agency

>>3880525, >>3880805 FDLE silent as Rick Scott and Pam Bondi seek voter fraud investigation

>>3880645 Gorka infographic on who he is and who he is connected to

>>3880871 Head of Connecticut's child welfare agency announces resignation

>>3880939 #4934


>>3880062 Someone wants you to think "They Live" was about Reagan-era yuppies

>>3880023 Jeff Flake Congratulates Sinema (forgetting who'll have the last laugh)

>>3879857, >>3879945 Planefag update re: Phoenix

>>3879502 Georgia judge/lawyer, George Randolph Jeffrey, chared w/sex exploit'n of kids

>>3879492 San Francisco Chronicle Article: CA fire update

>>3880138 #4933


>>3879348 Oz: 224+ children identified as alleged victims of sex abuse in the Pilbara

>>3878792 Every Week, Illegal Border Crossings Dwarf Caravan ‘Hundreds Of Miles Away’

>>3878751, >>3878972, >>3879017 POTUS Preparing to Remove Homeland Security Sec Nielsen?

>>3879285 Indian central banks in talks

>>3879300 Judicial Watch Obtains Carter Page FISA Court Documents

>>3878822 Graphics: Anon proposes big/bigger connection to 113, 11/13 & 1/13 digits

>>3878758 Kek: Venezuela nixed ES&S vote software in 2004 for suspected C_A ties

>>3878753, ( >>3874267 pb) Planefag report: USAF Special Ops over Phoenix

>>3879925 #4932


>>3878198, >>3878649 Digg: Are our votes being counted via foreign servers?

>>3878487, >>3878553, >>3878296, >>3878465 Moar on Whitaker as "placeholder"

>>3878445 Zuck declines to appear before "intn'l grand committee" re: Facebook

>>3878061 Pelosi Pride: Voters are thanking Dems for 'saving America'

>>3878047 A simple truth (((they))) don't want you to understand

>>3878685 #4931


>>3877235 George Papadopoulos tweet re: Gina Haspel London operations

>>3877258 Q Clock Update for the Night Shift

>>3877326 Google network traffic briefly routed through Russia, China, Nigeria

>>3877424 Anon dig into the Election Assistance Commission "grants"

>>3877241 Proof of Voter Fraud in Florida Primary

>>3877658 @DeptofDefense: They call it a "Loop Cross," and it looks pretty cool!……..

>>3877670 Two Pittsburgh-area mass shooters attended the same high school.

>>3877449, >>3877584, >>3877601 John Poulos, Owner Dominion Voting Systems, & CF?

>>3877768 WTF? The Week USA magazine makes a not-so-subtle reference to 9/11 in latest cover re: Dems taking back House

>>3877923 #4930


>>3876490 Brenda Snipes Reveals Broward Elections Official Was Driving Around with Blank Provisional Ballots in Rental Car (Video)

>>3876538, >>3876619 Surprise, surprise: Killary getting involved in Florida recounts

>>3876549 Nelson campaign sues over Election Day deadline for mail-in ballots

>>3876718 Demoncrat CA Rep. Eric Swalwell teases 2020 run

>>3876790 Investment Adviser to Sports Stars Sentenced to 120 Months in Prison

>>3876842 South Korean Construction Firm Employees Indicted on U.S. Bribery Charge

>>3876895 DWS claims Snipes "followed the law"

>>3876917, >>3876992 Anon dig into $20M government contracts for "foreign voters" supposedly never used?

>>3876812, >>3876971 Never forget: Whistleblower investigating fraud in Broward County shot himself in the head but no gun was found

>>3877005 Criminal investigation now underway in corrupt Broward and Palm Beach Counties after tens of thousands of votes appear

>>3877024 A $2bn Saudi Plan To Assassinate Iran's Leaders Involved Erik Prince And The Trump Transition Team

>>3877162 #4929


>>3875720 Goldman Sachs Group Investigation Initiated

>>3875723 [[[MOS]]] Corsi to be indicted soon

>>3875738 Acting AG Whitaker will consult with senior ethics officials about any matters that could warrant his recusal - DOJ

>>3875760 @USMC tweet: Under the Cover of Night

>>3875762, >>3876042 Corrupt POS Jerry Brown wants "hundreds of billions" for global warming "adaptation"

>>3875737 Demoncrat Kyrsten Sinema wins open AZ Senate seat…

>>3875926 Make police states hip again? Google offered STASI HQ for new Berlin office

>>3875947 New POTUS tweet: expedited request for a Major Disaster Declaration for State of CA

>>3876078 Planefag update

>>3876148 Anon on FB stock's continued downward trend

>>3876149 Dig on Broward County voting machines, ES & S and HRC-linked attorney

>>3875860 North Korea Facts v Fiction

>>3876201 Migrant Crisis: Chile to Send Air Force Plane to Venezuela to Evacuate Citizens

>>3876238 Lebanon Urges Global Community to Stop Airstrikes on Gaza

>>3876332 Fire Statistics show 71.5% cost increase in 2017

>>3876341 Kekekek: Flake, Coons tell Trump to back off the Fed

>>3876358 #4928


>>3874972 Vatican orders US bishops to delay taking action on sexual abuse crisis

>>3875002 Indigenous women coerced into sterilizations across Canada: senator

>>3875032 POTUS schedule Tuesday, November 13

>>3875057 Lawfag comment on notable lb "will enemy combatant status override BHO admin's blanket pardons?"

>>3875091 Facebook shares close at lowest price since April 2017 as tech stocks plunge

>>3875126 Here's what happens if Palm Beach County can't count its votes by Thursday

>>3875207 Report: France to ‘Embed Regulators’ into Facebook to Examine ‘Hate Speech’

>>3875363 Caravan update (FOX video)

>>3875286, >>3875571 Coincidence? California "wildfires" line up exactly in the same path as the California High Speed Rail System

>>3875428 Russia announces Taliban’s demands for US

>>3875432 On the Q-Clock: USSS Travel Prevent -Stay at Home- Alert

>>3875475 Investigators raided the office of former chairman of the Harris County, TX Republican Party today

>>3875338 Latest attempt by the cabal to blame Russia

>>3875527 In Arizona, district 28 almost 20k more people voted than the total of registered voters

>>3875285 Planefags, can you explain this fuckery?

>>3875607 #4927


>>3874639 Bill Clinton's personal pilot dead

>>3874662, >>3874675 Yet moar Cali officials blaming fires on muh climate change

>>3874249, >>874738, >>3874352 Anons discuss Mueller's staff working today & stock trends

>>3874568 Michael Obama's Book "Becoming" tour starts tomorrow

>>3874314 Fresno, CA: PG&E Lawsuits claim faulty PG&E Smart Meters started house fires

>>3874227 IDF twats they retaliated vs. Hamas HQ–not their fault is near school

>>3874884 #4926


>>3873475, >>3873502, >>3873644 Digg: CSIS undermining Trump w/NK rumors of missile ctrs

>>3873390 All your speach is belong to us: Hate speech checks b4 gun purchase?

>>3873388 Q clock drop compilations. Today 11/12 w/ [40] marker

>>3873379, >>3873407 Anons cite & discuss midterm results 1914-present

>>3873350 Anons Reached Consensus on Prototype Wall Design, and it was Beautiful

>>3874040 #4925


>>3872979 A recount of the FBI's raid on Huizar's office in LA City Hall.

>>3872930 A shillspotter gives us a rundown on the shill flavor of the day.

>>3873039 Will 'enemy combatant' status override BHO admin's blanket pardons?

>>3873019 NGOs helping economic migrants claim refugee status in Europe.

>>3872895 Donna Shalala, Lennar, Brookings Institute and HRC. Think tanks = lobbyists?

>>3872821 Jeb Bush: Brenda Snipes 'should be removed' after Florida recount.

>>3872817 Additional Mueller indicting Corsi sauce.

>>3872749 Was the EO signed last year? A Christmas present to anons?

>>3872731 Kid Rock selling jackets with '17' on them?

>>3872712 Fitton has tweeted this several times.

>>3872674 Related to Sandoz recall: Did Sandoz synthesize LSD for the CIA?

>>3872672 Reminder: AJ/Corsi MOS connection.

>>3872642 US FB outage grows.

>>3873289 #4924


>>3872360 Mueller reportedly informed Corsi he would be indicted for perjury a week ago.

>>3872305 NP having trouble getting votes for speakership?

>>3872349 Israel bombs TV station in Gaza amid massive border flare-up.

>>3872350 Sealed indictments up to Nov. 1.

>>3872091 Blood pressure med recall.

>>3872061 PapaD speaks on the growing global wave of Nationalism.

>>3871974 Jerry Brown blames climate change for California fires: ‘The new normal’.

>>3871933 Anon gives an interesting statute regarding conspiracies.

>>3871855 Broward Election Office employee inconsistencies?

>>3871839 Numerous Dems thinking about announcing 2020 bids.

>>3872527 #4923


>>3871688 Damon Nelson possible 187 dig.

>>3871590 US Bishops told to stand down on vote for sex abuse response?

>>3871530 Sanctions 12/21?

>>3871186 Donna Shalala the link between Gannett and Clinton Foundation?

>>3871452 Pittsbugh had a Department of Defense drill in August 2018.

>>3871418 Video of moment of impact in Ashkelon #Israel #Gaza.

>>3871359 Democrats mulling 85 investigations, subpoenas for Trump White House.

>>3871094 Exce