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File: a229d6e36ccee4f⋯.jpeg (44.42 KB, 640x480, 4:3, rufusmeme.jpeg)

4d567f No.1122747

Introduction: Information about the corruption within the United States Department of Justice, The FBI, and Wall Street Fraud. A description of the underside of the DOJ and Wall Street provided by an innocent man in a federal prison.

4.19.2018, Thursday

The Eagle struck the bridge between the Scepter and the Crown to slow the JV.

The neutral Throne watched from afar.

When UK leaves the Union, the Throne will converse with the Scepter.

The Eagle and the Heir's will join against the Crown.

Rufus Paul Harris

4d567f No.1122806

4.20.2018, Friday

The Children will go on the offensive

Paper with the Crown will be broken

Rufus Paul Harris

Many more updates and very serious documents to come.

8d06e0 No.1129113

Bring it on

4d567f No.1138336


I am an innocent man with a twenty three year sentence. I have been locked up for over five years. For the first few years, I wanted to believe that the former 11th district attorney general, Sally Yates and assistant attorney general, Justin Adnan (who were responsible for my indictment and conviction) had simply made a bad mistake. Subsequently, both have been promoted since my political conviction. I have tried, through every means available to me, to provide the 11th district with the truth of the events in question. But it has become evident that it is corruption and a massive cover-up of hundreds of millions in ill-gotten gains that holds me here.

Therefore, I have decided to tell my story and do what I can to expose these people via this forum. This story is massive and complex, but I will provide you with every single document to support and prove my innocence. Our journey together, will cover billions in foreign government bonds, billions in illegally issued shares and oversight by the 11th district attorney general’s office on a Federal District Court.

The truly sad thing about this event is the tens of thousands of innocent shareholders that lost their life savings and the corruption perpetrated by individuals in our government to cover it up.


Rufus Paul Harris

4d567f No.1138479

File: 7a3fe94775d887c⋯.jpg (58.89 KB, 712x500, 178:125, DaT1bErXUAA86gC.jpg)

Justin Adnan - now a federal judge!!!

4d567f No.1138489

File: 21a0932a91bc7ee⋯.jpg (62.14 KB, 650x488, 325:244, sally-Rico.jpg)

Sally Yates.

This case proves her to be deep state for over 10 years.

4d567f No.1141248

For documentation lets start with the Global Funding Agreement.

Humanitarian & Scientific World Foundation, LTD - S Craig M. Cason

The Net Deposit is 450,000,000 EURO.

Lehman Brothers Holdings PLC 6 1/8 A+

Common Code: 010924251

ISIN: XS0109242510

BB Number: EC2377199

https:// www. sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/757563/000129707706000058/globalfundagree.htm

0e875a No.1143900

Does you story go deeper down the financial corruption rabbit hole than the FHAL criminals and the 11th doj criminals?

098c0d No.1144031


> Does you story go deeper down the financial corruption rabbit hole than the FHAL criminals and the 11th doj criminals?

Everything I've dug up on this guy says that he was a financial corruption rabbit hole. If he has info, he should just dump it rather than cast around aspersions without evidence.

4d567f No.1144219

>> Does you story go deeper down the financial corruption rabbit hole than the FHAL criminals and the 11th doj criminals?

Much further. This goes right into the heart of the Federal Reserve, the DTCC, and Cede and Co. Foreign government bonds. The corruption this man exposed is beyond massive.

>> Everything I've dug up on this guy says that he was a financial corruption rabbit hole. If he has info, he should just dump it rather than cast around aspersions without evidence.

The SEC, FBI, DOJ and bashers on message boards did a number on this guys online reputation. Beyond massive. You can't search his name without reading the bullshit. Yet if you try to look up people who really committed crimes you won't find much at all. It is as if, they are ghosts or should we call them Clowns?

Court records show the officers of the public company we were merging with sold millions of shares.

Dave Perley $12 million insider sale. Illegal as fuck but it didn't bother Sally Yates or Justin Adnan.

Company transfer agent sold $1 million worth (Don Maddalon) and even testified to it in federal court - never prosecuted.

But the govt wants us to believe it was Rufus that caused $40 mill in shareholder losses. Where there is $13 million right there he sure as fuck isn't responsible for.

I ask you to be patient with me. Im just one anon trying to help a good friend. Communication with a federal prisoner is limited and the amount of documentation is overwhelming. I'll try to get his appeal posted today. It contains some real beef.

Bond documents to follow. Federal Reserve top secret id numbers to be posted. Endless supply of real beef coming.

I stand with Rufus. Godspeed.

4d567f No.1144260

It should be noted that when I tried to reach out to now DOJ attorney Alana Black for comment 3 years ago that she never returned my call.

Instead she had FBI agent Brian Harvey of ATL call and intimidate me for 40 minutes. This crack investigator never heard of the officers in question. Also had the audacity to tell me the "money is gone". Interesting the FBI has no idea where the money went. The call was intense and agent Harvey can go f himself.

8d06e0 No.1144933

So do you think this evidence of corruption of govt officials at the highest levels that Rufus exposed has anything to do with the exposure talking place today via some alt media, some msm, the Trump effect and of course this Q guy?

1a1e00 No.1145975

They did a damage Controll number on him because his info is key to their whole global operations network. The thread, "Global Funding," when pulled unravels the bigger picture of their secret global operations in real time, potential to identify with specificity the companies, complicit governments and 3rd party players and would expose history of present live programs, goals and agendas. All traceable through illegal money laundering, "fund raising" and disbursement.

His info is past proves future. Really surprised he is alive. They twisted his truth back on him.

His point in time on the thread has much much more to unravel in the past. It pulls both directions over many years, decades past and future.

Messy hidden Forensic Accounting needed. Will be trillions x10

cb622b No.1146998

Interesting to say the least. Yes, you wonder how he has managed to stay alive. He and his evidence must be high value assets for those making the obvious world changes. They have to protect hin, right?

4d567f No.1147153


Yes anon I believe there are some crazy similarities going on here. He could be a gold mine for the Q team. He did a lot of very high level work.

4d567f No.1147183


Relying mostly on a full armor of GOD but I believe he's protected on some level by s.f. friends.

cb622b No.1148186

Read through that Global Agreement. Hard to draw any major conclusions, ahota out of my area of understanding. What is the point, why did Rufus post, what are we to make of it? Thanks

4d567f No.1155835

Okay Anons.

You want beef?

Start with The Motion to Vacate.

This is the must read stuff.

part 1

http:// iharris.us/smf/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=10

part 2

http:// iharris.us/smf/index.php?action=downloads;sa=downfile&id=11

4d567f No.1155853

4.22.2018, Sunday (post 2)

I find your question "Does your story go deeper down the financial corruption rabbit hole that the FHAL criminals and the 11th DOJ criminals?" very interesting!

On [iharris.us] i provided evidence of hundreds of millions in ill-gotten gains through illegal trading and a cover-up by the 11th district DOJ… BUT, for some reason, you are not concerned about any of that, only is there something else…. The reality in that rabbit hole, alone, will crash the US stock market again….

Another thing, you write "Everything I've dug up on this guy says that he was a financial corruption rabbit hole." Could you provide just one thing other than a post on a forum by one of the individuals who sold some of the hundreds of millions of shares… Provide just one document…. I know you can not because none exists….

You See, at trial the government could provide no paper evidence of wrong doing, only false testimony from the very people they were covering for. The FHAL insiders and their Stock Transfer Agent. Heck, they even had to ask an FBI agent to give false testimony to a Grand Jury to obtain the indictment. And place on the stand a terminated SEC official (who the SEC said could not testify on it's behalf) to lie on many accounts to the jury to support their false narrative. Yes, all of this is very easily verified by someone who is actually looking for the truth.

I can lead you to the path of enlightenment about our financial system, but you have to be real.



friend of Harris anon: please be patient with us anons. trying to get this loaded up with the beef.

4d567f No.1155880

File: d6e497ad0537844⋯.jpg (23.94 KB, 480x600, 4:5, original.jpg)

Meet Sabra Dabbs, the woman who brought all the questionable bonds to the table.

The govt. never had her testify in court. Seems very suspicious huh?

Her testimony and cross examination would destroy the govt. narrative.

Sally Yates and Justin Adnan have some explaining to do.

Who gave them their orders?


This is a mug shot of Sabra Dabbs. hehe… hi Sabra!

4d567f No.1155903

4.22.2018, Sunday

If you want to the completely understand this story and what i exposed. Watch all episodes of "McMafia". I can then use scenarios and understanding provided there-in to enlighten you.

By the way, there is not a single thing anywhere including the web about me before I showed up as CEO of BBAN. Where my first public action was to cancel about 100 million shares previously issued by the recent officer to themselves. If you are a serious/real anon, find and post the public press release about this very action (it can be located under Broadband Wireless International Corporation OTCBB:BBAN). I also personally edgarized it as an 8-K with the Securities Exchange Commission, for this very day (so it could not disappear when the crap hit the fan)

You want to take a trip down a real rabbit hole. Locate this file and I will open the door.

Rufus Paul Harris

893306 No.1155939

Q: Is the 12/21 EO to help finish the clean-up of this through claw-backs?

http:// counterfeitingstock.com/CounterfeitingStock.html

https:// www.sec.gov/litigation/admin/2016/34-78929.pdf

https:// www.sec.gov/litigation/admin/2016/34-76899.pdf

Dec 4 2017 22:01:07 (EST) Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: eda158 34081

Have you been watching the news since Friday?

Who is Peter Strzok?

How was he compromised?

How was he paid?

Who is Melissa Hodgman?



Date of promotion?

Focus on the date.

In August 2005, Comey …. became general counsel at Bridgewater Associates, based in Westport, Connecticut.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Comey

Oct. 14, 2016 - MELISSA HODGMAN (PETER STRZOK'S WIFE) PROMOTED TO Director in SEC Enforcement Division BY OBAMA administratWion https:// www.sec.gov/news/pressrelease/2016-217.html

At some point POTUS is going to have to address wall street cheater tech if he wants to turn the markets back into a venue for capital formation.

One Human. One order. No HFT. No AI.

It will also repopulate high wage jobs back into NY.

Can use 12/21 eo national emergency w/ respect to financial markets and assault to economy language.

4d567f No.1156028


Excellent Anon!

You see through the fraud very clearly.

re: counterfeiting stock link - Fail to Delivers

This is a short video we made to show the amount of Fail to Delivers in this company. But how do you short OTCBB stocks? Hmmm you cant.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvJDrglXctQ&t

Also important to note that shareholders have more shares in paper certificate form than are LEGALLY allowed to exist. Myself and my friends hold proof of their fraud. The dirty Transfer Agent Don Maddalon authorized all the dirty shares in the market.


At some point POTUS is going to have to address wall street cheater tech if he wants to turn the markets back into a venue for capital formation.

Indeed. The Federal Reserve is in full control of our markets. If you buy a stock, you don't own it. Cede and Co does. Which allows them to play tons of fraudulent games. No way POTUS can allow this to continue.

893306 No.1156148

it's kind of a funny problem they have. focusing on companies under 500mm and driving out those who can not defend their float, they have worked themselves into a corner. The companies which have survived at this point are pretty solid tiny companies. And IPOs just don't happen any more. People quit playing. So, how do they cure the situation in existence? Does POTUS mandate an audit of all shares followed by a buy in? With what cash? One would think the cash has been harvested. When this breaks, I don't think the market's crash. I think we are more likely to see problems buying in the mess.

893306 No.1156195

The irony,… It will take just one finra guy to flip.

a2914a No.1156654

Think QE, and all the other reasons for money printing plus claw back

There are no coincidences

a2914a No.1156714

Rufus is a political prisoner

0968c3 No.1156737


I wonder if this is on the HUMA trail https:// www.chemicalbank.com/

1a1e00 No.1157078


You have to ask, if you take the dirty money out, clip their wings of gold, what stands?

Truth stands. We can't be afraid of adverse effects in advance. Boldness required. Dirty is dirty. JP Morgan is evil dating back to original creation of their schemes.

Their entire schematic must be neutralized or they will keep using it.

1a1e00 No.1157216


Maybe there is a cure in process right now.

CEOs stepping down,

25,000 indictments

How many wall Street criminals are connected to their financial enterprises for evil gains? What companies do they leverage for gains, where does their capital come from, loops?

FB Amazon Twitter components used to cheat get in front of stock sells/ buys. Spy & buy.

Strings cut? Trust the plan?

Hopefully at the right time this guy will turn witness, if he hasn't already, and get pardoned.

Q is always ahead of us…

1a1e00 No.1157275


Gotta add, they use bankruptcies to their advantage, mergers, stock splits…

All money making opportunities for them.

The intentionally create some companies to go bankrupt, after acquiring assets, tech assets included, who buys the company? Rothschild did this many times. Do the same with land assets. Stock assets. Devalued action low bottom prices. Bottomed out is one of their favorite tools. An, yes, they control who buys in, by permission and planned in advance.

1a1e00 No.1157351


Issuing stocks is one of the most losey-goosey processes in creating a company, especially closed companies, which is how these all start. Board of Directors, corporate filings. No oversight, no filings that really matter.

Then when they go publicly traded, they are already set up for stock sales, with caps in the millions. Who feeds? Investors, 401 financial advisors, etc., it's a fuckin frenzy. Look at Elon Musk company history. Look at government subsidized funding direct into their "special" ear-marked companies.

We pay for them! They set us up with the help of our own government.

Set up crooked from the beginning, so who cares? This poor guy. What happened to him? Their Arm of the government took him out…

1a1e00 No.1157366


He's a Rothschild prisoner.

1a1e00 No.1157430


It's also during the creation that controlling interest and ownership of the company is first established. The value of that stock may be totally different, independent, of the publically traded stock. Their are tiers. And they call sell their individual interest or entire companies. We saw with Sky Fox, AT&T banks, sales and mergers. Past and present. It's all preplanned deals.

The prince became a player when?

What did he get? It was by permission only.

1a1e00 No.1157455

Taking out the federal reserve is key.

Can't wait for that to happen.

But pray, remember JFK.

It's a hard rain that's gonna fall…

4d567f No.1157515


Even worse is FHAL officers were printing up bogus certificates and selling them out of the trunk of their cars. Literally. And at their church. They were literally selling unregistered securities! Which were then getting attorney opinion letters (thats a story in itself) and then Don Maddalon the transfer agent would issue new shares in the new company. $100s of millions stolen while:





all conspired to convict an innocent man. They could never let the real story be told in court.

8d06e0 No.1160155

Where are all the fhal characters these days. Where are all the bban characters these days?

Just gone, gone, gone

1a1e00 No.1160165


Yes, I'm really hoping these people have a sealed indictment in their name. If CEOs stepping down is any indication, many will fall. Sally Yates is in deep, treaso, conspiracy to launder $.

We need both the federal reserve and the Rothschild State Banks, worldwide, to fall together. Bankrupt him.

From what I'm reading his banks are insolvent already when exactly what you said is considered. Ponsy scheme built on worthless paper. They thought we would all die first. Back fire. MOAB incoming.

1a1e00 No.1160179


That also means the companies that back him would fail.

1a1e00 No.1160215


In threat of being suicided?

8d06e0 No.1160703

When you own the money monoply of the world, the dollar, you can do anything you want to anyone or any country you want. Oh, don't forget the "owners" own the platforms, systems, the means of execution of these systems that individuals and countries must adhere to if they are to survive financially. A monoply of enslavement, aka owners of Wall Street. This insanity had to be stopped, enter the PLAN. Thank you RPH for your part in executing the PLAN

4d567f No.1163178

When Rufus Paul Harris met Mike Alexander and Dave Pearly of FHAL it was at their large secluded ranch near Dallas. FHAL was a trucking company. Rufus said their trucks were hidden at their ranch. He also has said he believes they were involved in moving drugs. I have a gut instinct they may have been moving people also. Just a hunch. Zero evidence to support it.

Want a challenge anons? Try to find a picture of DAVE PEARLY of the Dallas TX area.

8d06e0 No.1163538

The Federal Reserve web site address is now. gov, no longer. org

Thanks Rufus!

8d06e0 No.1163980


Research the CROWN BEAST

4d567f No.1175573

File: 51a6d105db26509⋯.jpg (144.77 KB, 876x615, 292:205, pr1.jpg)

File: 2454b5506776c2d⋯.jpg (121.88 KB, 875x193, 875:193, pr2.jpg)

This was an interesting press release from Rufus in August of 2006. This is where he press releases Adnan Sakli's Federal Reserve identification information. Also should be noted that Cannady and Cason are Clowns.

Interesting info to PR huh?

4d567f No.1175608

4.24.2018, Tuesday

Well, what a strange day. A blast from the past.

Mr. Monty Mangum, when I manage to expose the crooks that put me in here, it sure sounds like you are going to have some explaining to do to your in-laws.

Even the corrupt 11th District AG stated that the only funds I received was my salary. Yes, that is the truth! The rest of the claims are a massive cover-up of an illegal stock trading ring that involves billions in ill-gotten gains. Maybe the Inspector General needs to look into the bank accounts of the 11th District employees involved on handling this case.

The Day will come, know this you corrupt a-holes.

Rufus Paul Harris


friendofHarrisAnon: Rufus is a WARRIOR OF GOD. He would greatly appreciate prayers.

4d567f No.1175656

Rufus still has his original paper certificate of shares from the merger. NEVER sold a single share. NEVER even had a brokerage account.

Sally Yates, you are a very wicked woman. I cannot wait for POTUS to rock your world.

4d567f No.1175685

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EWvd3inSr0

4d567f No.1175696


Sorry link didn't embed.

This is a 3 hour interview with Rufus.

4d567f No.1175752

just had an email come in from Rufus.

4.24.2018, Tuesday

Russia Holds the Scepter


8d06e0 No.1175846

Never figured that angle. Makes all the sense. No wonder the criminals at the 11th worked ao hard to put Rufus away. They were covering up their piece of the action. What a bunch of pathetic human beings. How do these people sleep, how do they face their children and grandchildren, how do they look in the mirror, how do they go to church and pray, how do they accept positions of importance in their communities, how do they find the courage to mentor kids, how, how, how!!

Pure evil, pure pure evil

Makes me so sad for humanity that people like this are allowed walk on this earth

8d06e0 No.1175902


A symbol of authority, sovereignty

4d567f No.1175983


After this case

Sally Yates was promoted to AG

Alana Black received a promotion to U.S. attorney

Justin Anand the prosecutor was promoted to JUDGE!!!! DISGUSTING!

not sure on FBI Agent Brian Harvey, surely he had to be paid off somehow considering his dirty actions and threats.

8d06e0 No.1176112

BH retired right after the trial

With a fat bank account

8d06e0 No.1176127

What does this Monty guy have to do with anything?

507927 No.1179186

https:// nypost.com/2017/05/09/sally-yates-was-the-real-blackmailer/amp/?__twitter_impression=true

507927 No.1179192

Sally Yates and.crew have been destroying lives for over a decade.

4d567f No.1180000


do you happen to know the year he retired?

8d06e0 No.1181718

No. It was rumored that he had retired. Seems to have happened after the criminal trial Relaying on my memory

4d567f No.1188785

50M illegally acquired by Michael Alexander

https:// www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/757563/000129707707000007/xslF345X02/primary_doc.xml

50M sold by Michael Alexander

https:// www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/757563/000129707707000008/xslF345X02/primary_doc.xml

4d567f No.1194051

My buddy Rufus really did rock the markets.

This is relevant.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emergency_Economic_Stabilization_Act_of_2008

4d567f No.1195320

4.26.2018, Thursday

Want to understand things a little better. Work on the understanding as to why the Secret Service, in my case, had to raid the office of the 11th Districts Attorney Generals star witness, Craig Cason. And the reason the Secret Service did it without notifying any branch of local government in Georgia. The Deep State runs deep in that corrupt state. Old Cartel smuggling rout, I-75, right through the heart of Georgia. The origin of the big money in the state and Bartow County.

Rufus Paul Harris

07ad52 No.1195872


wondering if this goes back to the 12/21 E.O. https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-blocking-property-persons-involved-serious-human-rights-abuse-corruption/

"and undermine economic markets. The United States seeks to impose tangible and significant consequences on those who commit serious human rights abuse or engage in corruption, as well as to protect the financial system of the United States from abuse "

Deutche was a big lender into HFT firms. HFT trading strategies are pretty "if, then, else". slam through the bid, make humans flinch and remove orders until selling calms down. Eventually driving small listed companies out of the ability to raise capital because they are forced to delist as they don't have cash to support their stock.

I am hoping this is POTUS using exec order to push this type of market destroying activity out of our capital markets. Potus needs to return the US Markets to a place where small companies can raise capital without being shorted to death by wall street cheater technology.

one human. one order submitted. no HFT no AI. is all potus needs to mandate in order to get the small caps and micro caps a chance to survive as listed companies.

8d06e0 No.1195952

So that is why you housed cvsu in the beast backyard aka playground, the northern district of Georgia

To expose the criminals and their crimes to true law and order people

4d567f No.1199680

4.26.2018, Thursday (post 2)

The first reason I withdrew to Georgia was home field advantage. Second, Atlanta is the headquarters of the SEC enforcement division. We honestly thought that we could expose the fraudulent trading, file a federal lawsuit and all would be ok. But the Federal Court would reject the filing 5 times for technical merit. At the time, we took it as the Federal Court covering for the SEC. The filing was against NASDAQ and named all market makers, brokerage firms and banks that were dumping the stock.

After the events in the Federal court room during trial, I then understood just how corrupted things were. The Federal Judge, at all cost, would protect the lies and fraud perpetrated by the AG's office. He would prevent evidence from being presented to the jury that would easily destroy the government's case. One such item was an email from the general counsel of Merrill Lynch that would have exposed perjured testimony by a key government witness. That single event showed us just how corrupt the court was. When the FBI agent threatened my family, it became clear that they were working together.

Again, I say, if you want to be enlightened, find the 8-k that i filed with the SEC that contained the press release where i cancelled the shares of the corrupt BBAN executives. You see, Alana Black, to cover her tracks would take the BBAN filings down from public view. So, therefore, only a serious individual can find it and have it emailed to me. I can place it on [iharris.us] for all to see and we will open the door. The second item will be an S-8 that will lead you to the heart of Wall-Street.

Want something to play with? Investigate Phoenix Air of Cartersville, Georgia and the daily Central American "FED-EX" contracts they have. Yes, they also have a military contract but only have a few planes equipped for such sorties. So, a Fed-Ex contract supports , what was at one time, the largest private Lear jet owner in the world.

Eyes Wide Shut

Rufus Paul Harris

4d567f No.1199766

friendofHarrisAnon here:

I had friends in the court room to include a Pastor.

They could not believe what they witnessed.

Rufus Paul Harris received one of the most manipulative trials ever to exist.

We thank you for being receptive to the info provided.

Godspeed Patriots

8d06e0 No.1202955

Home field advantage, interesting comment. Sure your not talking about geography, nor immediate family. Maybe political family contacts. You use of the pronouns "us" and "we" says a lot. You didn't take on this task alone, very comforting to know

The ab thing about BBAN, my guess is this info is in the right hands, probably the hill. It's also interesting that ab followed you from Texas to Atl, any comment on that?

A mutual friend was at the criminal trial, he was beyond amazed at the unconstitutional actions of Timmy Batten I read the transcripts, my heart sank into the back of my chest as I became aware of how our justice became infested with termites and cock roaches and smothered with kudzu

Stay safe and thank for your courage and determination

07ad52 No.1203651


I can tell you, there are very few humans participating in the markets. These market chieftains have embarked on pilfering from the little guy for so long, the little guys have quit playing.

The landscape of individual stocks right now is very scary. There is very little real liquidity. The companies which are worth holding are held tightly by savvy humans who understand the companies.

One of the major questions is how many "liquidity shares" have leaked out into the market as position shares but are not reported as such. The companies which are left are pretty solid companies, the remaining participants are very sharp as they have survived the onslaught.

Now we have regulators who have to respond to the illumination. (not happily but some are moving when pushed).

The follow on question is, "if" there are any shares in the market which haven't been authorized by the company and they are forced to be bought in by their seller, are those entities solvent? Are the B/D's and MM's solvent? Then you have to ask about DTCC and Cede?

We are at a point where the bigs either have to start running fair markets allowing for capital formation or they have to watch their high speed computers cannibalize each other. But if they run fair markets, the cash from the sales has likely been paid out to employees or moved off shore; can they clean up the naked?

It's a really big problem. Before they can court more companies to list instead of seeking private funding, they have to change the culture in such a magnitude that companies will trust their stocks won't be unfairly diluted.

And then, they have to choose to make play ground level. We can't have participants with a 10,000 to 1 speed advantage if they want the masses who are absurdly disadvantaged to come back.

They have to go back to 1 hand, one order. No HFT. No AI. This will repopulate new york as they have to hire back trading staff.

Keep up the good fight.

Enjoying your posts. Sorry for your situation.

07ad52 No.1203871

Anonymous 04/23/18 (Mon) 12:19:08 a2914a No.1156654

Think QE, and all the other reasons for money printing plus claw back

There are no coincidences

Wondering if you'd actually read the stuff I post. Hope you give thoughts to the insights/suggestions.

4d567f No.1203904

File: 5bac093be1c6574⋯.jpg (219.58 KB, 990x684, 55:38, 6-4-1.jpg)

File: d5f52f432ff7b26⋯.jpg (233.34 KB, 983x525, 983:525, 6-4-1-2.jpg)

October 16th, 2006

The day my buddy Rufus rocked Wall Street.

'The Threshold Price Reset means that for every share you owned as of the close of business today you will receive 6 additional share

(no fractions will be issued and will be rounded down to the nearest whole) of CSHD on or around October 30, 2006. This transaction

will take the total issued share number to 618,813,942 giving the corporation an estimated book value of $11.78,' stated Rufus Paul

Harris, Chief Executive Officer.


meaning naked short sellers just got an additional 6 shares they were responsible for.

Days later the corrupt SEC shut the company down.

Alana Black, why are you a ghost online?

Are you a CLOWN?

4d567f No.1203923


I've sent him every reply anon.

07ad52 No.1204179

7 for 1 over night is funny.

You following Patrick Byrne - Overstock, Siebert and T-zero? Interesting thought to put effectively a title abstract behind every certificate.

07ad52 No.1204282

Also, have you followed the Restoration Hardware buyback from last summer? They took in 1/2 their float in 1 quarter unannounced. First mention was in the 10k shares floating.

I think participants are really sick of the shit. Paying millions a year in compliance and fees to be under constant attack.

In 2000 there were 12,000 - 13,000 companies trading on the Nasdaq, NYSE and AMEX. now 4800 and gdp is 80% higher. We should have 20,000 companies traded.

These guys have exploded a nuclear bomb in our capital formation mechanism.

You have to let the little companies get off as many rounds of financing as their share holders want to participate in. You have to let individual investors find a company they like and do well with it as it grows.

We have no $25 million ipos, not because of sarbanes, but because these companies can't do buybacks to support their stock when the short selling kicks in.

07ad52 No.1204604

Q, if POTUS adopts into his lexicon "Wall St Cheater Technology" or "Wall St Cheat Tech", it's a pretty good indicator that he'd appreciate my service if appointed to an SEC Investor Advisory Committee.

Many thanks. Will dig and share more.

eadc7b No.1208106



4d567f No.1208837

RPH's appeals, motion for a new trial etc

all contain highly documented proof he is innocent.

Why won't Judge Tim Batten at least give him an appeal?

These people are desperate.

These people are sick.

Justice is America is dead.

I thank God that Donald Trump is our President.

There would be little hope without you in office Sir.

POTUS, Q teams…. can you help us?

Would you look up Rufus Paul Harris in your computer systems?

If you did, you'd find him to be a very impressive individual.

Worthy of your help.

4d567f No.1212955

4.27.2018, Friday

One of our goals was a perpetual system with live information. You would be able to see every single banking transaction or obligation live online on a company ledger linked to the actual bank server. This system would have taken all cooking of the books off of the table for a company and would have given investors real time financials.

Another goal was a crypto ledger trading system that would have taken the illegal trading by Wall Street off of the table. Just after I signed an agreement to develop the system the threats started. If you go back and review the subsidiaries, you will find that we also had a fix for the trillions in illegally issued mortgage derivatives by the US banksters. It would have been ill-responsible to expose their fraud and not have a solution in hand. These are just a few things that we had planned. The biggest was a new energy system that would have change the world the fastest. One of the forum members can place that specific post from [iharris.us] here with a link to a PDF of the patent.

In response to the ANON talking about Quantitative Easing (QE) and money printing… QE was a cover-up for the payments made to foreign governments for the hundreds of trillions in fraudulent derivatives the banksters sold them… Let me give you a new perspective on things… Ok, you invest your money with a bank or brokerage firm. The institution places your funds in some type of investment program that will give you a return on your investment or your money is placed in a retirement program, correct. If this is the truth and it was YOUR MONEY that was lost in the 2006 market crash, Why did the banks need to be bailed out? They lost nothing, it was you that lost your funds… Now with that truth, who received the bail out money, it was not you the investor who actually lost your funds…. Simply put, the bail out was to pay for the illegal derivatives that the banksters sold to foreign investors. QE, was for the same purpose…

Yes, we were the first to expose the hundreds of trillions in derivatives that was held in an off-ledger status by the publicly traded banks. That is why in December of 2006 a large Chinese firm pulled 500 billion in USD out of the system, the beginning of the crash. In 2007, the SEC would pass regulations that protected the illegal off-ledger activity… So if you truly understand this, then you understand that TODAY the SEC allows the banksters to hide internal trading obligations from its investors, better know as shareholders. This also means that the quarterly reports filed with the SEC are fraudulent filings…

Ponder on that for a while…

Rufus Paul Harris

4d567f No.1213542

link to pdf in last post here

http:// iharris.us/smf/index.php?topic=5.112

8d06e0 No.1213580

Nice post, thanks for the information

Knowledge is power and that post was powerful

A question, the goals you referred to, are they still in place for the near future?

Thanks for your reply

07ad52 No.1217566

(2) If an ADF Trading Center, upon receipt of an offer to buy or sell from another broker-dealer in any amount that is at least one normal unit of trading greater than its published quotation size…. …… shall, immediately after such execution, display a revised quotation at a price that is inferior to its previous published quotation.

A fun nugget from Finra rule 6272(c)(2). Quite a little nudge to assist in assuring downward pricing pressure.


It becomes quite toxic when combined with the removal of the uptick rule. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uptick_rule

in 2007 short sellers could now use hyper fast computers to hit the bid without waiting for an uptick. then stocks had natural downward bias due to the price improvement rule for odd lot orders.


In June 2007, the SEC voted to remove the grandfather provision that allowed fails-to-deliver that existed before Reg SHO to be exempt from Reg SHO

Meaning they were complicit in the counterfeiting. Did the naked get bot back in??

are dark pools and the tick trial program mechanisms to facilitate warehousing of naked?



the tic pilot program gives market makers nickle spreads to work within. Humans can bid at 5 cent increments. they can trade between themselves and snipe orderflow at increments of 10 thousandths of a penny within those nickels at which we must bid and offer.

The SEC and FINRA have taken many steps to change functionality so that it appears the actions of counterfeiting are being worked out of the market.

I personally know for a fact that FINRA is very concerned about cleaning up market maker behavior right now. uh.. right now… they are concerned that licensed market makers are only performing activity which is specifically necessary to make markets.

this is a big step for future market stability. But POTUS needs to use the National Emergency he declared on 12/21 to call for an audit of all US traded stocks, DTCC, Cede in order to assure that the markets are as represented.

It may mean issuing multiple "suprise halts" to all US trading to record where all shares are at one specific time and then extrapolating the truth from their movements or total size in circulation change.

If he is winding down the Pentagon Audits, there are 2400 auditors who need a new project.

a48a51 No.1217887

File: 1c0f45dbc7d9079⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 2696x2072, 337:259, 4-27-18 Decode.jpg)

4-27-18 Decode started

a48a51 No.1217946

f1fffd No.1221818

4.27.2018, Friday

One of our main goals was a perpetual system with live information. Once up and running, you would be able to see every single banking transaction and / or obligation online (live) on a company ledger linked to the actual Bank server. This system would have taken all ‘cooking of the books’ off of the table for a company; and would have given investors real-time financials.

Another goal was a crypto ledger trading system that would have taken the illegal trading practices by Wall Street off of the table. However, just after I signed an agreement to develop the new system, the threats started. If you go back and review the subsidiaries, you will find that we also had a fix for the trillions in illegally issued mortgage derivatives by the US Banksters. It would have been irresponsible to expose their fraud and not have a solution in hand. These are just a few things that we had planned. The biggest item was a new energy system that would have quickly changed the world as we know it.

The following PDF, included herein, is the Provisional Patent of the device. The drawings are shown in a very simple format in order to help you easily achieve understanding of its operation. You can learn more about the device at http://ieea.info.


In response to the ANON talking about Quantitative Easing (QE) and money printing, QE was a cover-up for the payments made to foreign governments for the hundreds of trillions in fraudulent derivatives the banksters sold them. Let me give you some new perspective on things. When you invest your money with a bank or brokerage firm, the institution places your funds in some type of investment program that will give you a return on your investment or your money is placed in a retirement program, correct? If this is the truth, and it was YOUR MONEY that was lost in the 2006 market crash, why did the banks need to be bailed out? They lost nothing, it was YOU that lost YOUR funds. Now with that truth…who received the bail out money? It was not you…the investor who actually lost your funds. Simply put, the bail out was to pay for the illegal derivatives that the banksters sold to foreign investors. QE was for the same purpose.

Yes, we were the first to expose the hundreds of trillions in derivatives that were held in an off-ledger status by the publicly traded banks. That is why a large Chinese firm pulled $500 billion (USD) out of the system in December of 2006, which was the beginning of the economic / market crash. In 2007, the SEC would pass regulations that protected the illegal off-ledger activity.

So if you truly understand this, then you understand that TODAY the SEC allows the banksters to hide internal trading obligations from its investors…better known as shareholders. This also means that the quarterly reports filed with the SEC are fraudulent filings.

Ponder on that for a while…

Rufus Paul Harris

2abc95 No.1232274




potus opened oil production BIG - mkt forces will cure

kndi - china ev / battery exchange (monopoly) / enables solar wind storage NASDAQ listed. Win for US investors.

If naked floating and not cured through tape they can move listing forcing a public cure. Gotta get our house in order to restore credibility.

d1ebc6 No.1287274



3a0703 No.1288708


Thank you. VERY informative.

3a0703 No.1288823


Sabra (person) - Wikipedia

A Sabra (Hebrew: צבר ‬, tzabar) is an informal-turned-formal term that refers to any Jew born on Israeli territory.

3179b0 No.1295912

5.2.2108, Thursday

The Children = Israel


3179b0 No.1295914

5.3.2018, Thursday (post 2)

The Crown = Iran


aa9229 No.1296199

File: 8123aaee729d2a7⋯.jpg (77.73 KB, 800x536, 100:67, mace.jpg)

Do you still believe it when they say the Queen /Crown is only really a ceremonial position these days and has no power?

Parliament CANNOT open until the Sceptre / Mace is in place.

Here it is in place in the uk.

aa9229 No.1296232

File: 4662067b677cc14⋯.jpg (87.91 KB, 571x380, 571:380, lackey.jpg)

Here some lackey brings in the mace, they all wait until the mace is in place before they have permission to begin.

The Queen / Crown controls all, dont let anyone tell you otherwise. "Britania Rules the Waves" i.e. the water - i.e. martime law - i.e. contract law, UCC, and corporate law.

aa9229 No.1296308

File: e6b48f75c354f27⋯.png (103.5 KB, 590x567, 590:567, Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at ….png)

Bizarre things Parliament does..

"It's a custom more suited to the 16th Century, when the monarchy and parliament actually had serious arguments about who was in charge".

so what does that tell you.. QUEEE is in charge! Parliament and MP functions because she/it bitch, allows it.


b336bc No.1296604

5.03.2018, Thursday

Today, the Great state of Oklahoma took the first step needed to return to true Constitutional Rule. They passed "Constitutional Carry". You need to press anyone you may know in Oklahoma to immediately call GOV, Mary Fallin's office and press her to sign it into law.

Slowly but surely, American can return to Constitutional Rule step by step.

Rufus Paul Harris

b336bc No.1296610

5.04.2018, Friday

Mr. President Trump, I have walked through the furnace of heck with these corrupt DOJ individuals. They do not play by the same set of rules that they hold you to. Just look at how they use the media against you at every turn. I know that when you listen to a FIRED Corrupt James Comey interview it spins your stomach as I have been there. Trust you me, they are pure corruption and know no bounds.

Let’s step back and look at it from afar:

1) The Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein issues a letter recommending that you fire then FBI Director Jamey Comey.

2) You take AG Rosenstein's advice and fire FBI Director Comey.

3) The same Deputy Attorney General immediately turns around and appoints a special counsel to investigate "you" for obstructing justice because you actually fired the FBI Director. WTH?

4) When Congress tries to investigate AG Rosenstein’s actions, he obstructs the congressional OVER-SITE investigation by refusing to comply with a congressional subpoena over Congress’s efforts to obtain documents about FBI surveillance during the election, intentionally stalling document production for congressional investigations into possible government misconduct and failing to enforce key laws and protocols.

Did you hear his snarky comments the other day? Do you see how these people think? They actually believe they are above the law. The ole Judge Dred syndrome, "I am the Law". I was forced to watch as the corrupt Federal Judge in my case would block evidence that would prove my innocence from being presented to the jury. This individual obstructed the "nice, clear and true balance" required for a constitutional trial at every turn. heck, when I was threatened by the FBI agent that gave perjured testimony to obtain my indictment, and was forced to leave the trial to protect my family, the judge dismissed my co-counsel and ended the trial without a proper defense.

Sadly, it is how the system is currently designed. Once they get their hands around your neck, they will do everything possible, up to and including corruption, in order to walk away with a win.

Stand-up for the American people and whoop this beast. Fire ole Rosie, and get your executive branch in order. We the people will deal with the media and their BS.

Your friend,

Rufus Paul Harris

21d2e8 No.1299568

File: 26388bea4d67d0c⋯.jpg (22.62 KB, 620x350, 62:35, 26388bea4d67d0c2cfc63390a4….jpg)

File: cb435c767b7ab53⋯.jpg (5.13 KB, 180x265, 36:53, a881e18115daa96837db397246….jpg)

File: 9fc690109cc02d7⋯.jpg (262.09 KB, 1024x597, 1024:597, 9fc690109cc02d7e2bae2aa39a….jpg)

File: 81594d58480044f⋯.jpg (8.9 KB, 270x186, 45:31, 81594d58480044fd505279b69b….jpg)

File: 8e19ebf9eae53df⋯.jpg (11.66 KB, 315x180, 7:4, 8e19ebf9eae53dfd1476ef957e….jpg)


When are people gonna get it?

Issues with supposed "good guys"

Rudy being a honorary knight of Most Excellent

Order of the British Empire


is now saying that an Interview Between Trump and mueller would only take 2-3 hours. OH! think what you will, but for me any Man who has accepted an aware from the British should not be trusted. I would bet you cash Rudy is trying to

talk trump into having the interview.


He's a lawyer and member of the BAR which means (British Accredited Registry), that means he is a British agent for fuck sake!

And look at what a mess Rudy is making of thing over this week!

Also see Rudy with Prince Andy and the Fabian Socialist Tony B

21d2e8 No.1299841

File: d9b07734fbd93aa⋯.png (182.74 KB, 443x358, 443:358, Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at ….png)

bfddf9 No.1343067

5.04.2018, Friday

Mr. President Trump, as you know, you have to drive the narrative in the media. Therefore, it would be nice if you Tweet (or read) the Ole Rosie letter to the American people. It would also be nice if you would release the Attorney Generals Letter with similar content.

Rufus Paul Harris

bfddf9 No.1343080

5.7.2018, Monday

Mr. President Trump, it would be nice if you released the "Rosenstein Letter" where he recommended that you terminate FBI Director James Comey. Let everyone see the truth. #releasetheletter #crookedcomey

Rufus Paul Harris

fac686 No.1417290


I recall when Congress passed a law holding taxpayers accountable for any losses of derivatives traders. I was aghast! There is more crazy loose derivatives gambling going on than taxpayers could ever hope to reimburse. I wondered not only at the sheer massive numbers of derivatives trading, but also at the gross unconstitutionality of Congress holding innocent bystanders accountable for gamblers' debts. RPH, your information sheds some light into very dark places. Thank you for your personal sacrifices. I shall pray that they not be in vain.

e581f5 No.1423634

File: 5839432816621d8⋯.jpeg (978.56 KB, 4032x2268, 16:9, IMG-20180514-WA0003.jpeg)


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