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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 99011a9a11421f1⋯.jpg (263.32 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 35322b91637379ff0ce865112c….jpg)

d8dfd4 No.116904

Brace yourselves for stormy seas lie ahead

#FISAGate & #ReleaseTheMemo



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d8dfd4 No.116923





d8dfd4 No.116927



788b24 No.116955

Vote on the 22nd.

Memo released by the 27th.

SOTU on the 30th.

315bb9 No.116966

File: 8a0be1a8afda8a1⋯.png (869.1 KB, 1111x1469, 1111:1469, Q_BiteCrumbs_DoYouKnow_Jac….png)

File: fd367b3a9643499⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1111x1469, 1111:1469, Q_BiteCrumbs_DoYouKnow_Mar….png)

File: b63267c91b3c731⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1111x1469, 1111:1469, Q_BiteCrumbs_DoYouKnow_Eri….png)

File: ab062466340c365⋯.png (982.14 KB, 1111x1469, 1111:1469, Q_BiteCrumbs_DoYouKnow_Ste….png)

File: 7eb765ac2c6253a⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1111x1469, 1111:1469, Q_BiteCrumbs_DoYouKnow_Jef….png)

315bb9 No.116974

File: 3d0ac9a5c96c834⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1111x1469, 1111:1469, Q_BiteCrumbs_DoYouKnow_Elo….png)

File: 3d2a2954205cdf7⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1111x1469, 1111:1469, Q_BiteCrumbs_Symbolism_Zuc….png)

File: dc8fa3cc448e015⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1111x1469, 1111:1469, Q_BiteCrumbs_Symbolism_Zuc….png)

33177a No.116976

Praise be to God!

e71824 No.116980


Great job on these.

8b6e5e No.116983

File: 5e92ed499213ea3⋯.jpeg (72.75 KB, 500x628, 125:157, EE6EA3AF-71D7-4DE8-AE29-1….jpeg)

File: aa28d1915d95c85⋯.jpeg (71.39 KB, 703x373, 703:373, 8D7718ED-2031-4131-9163-4….jpeg)

File: cb357c6a9222ec6⋯.jpeg (81.93 KB, 590x393, 590:393, AC921F49-758E-463D-A204-D….jpeg)

File: 13f576b7a6a95c1⋯.jpeg (90.42 KB, 775x421, 775:421, 708A1A49-4407-4A50-B14C-6….jpeg)

File: d4d2ca341288425⋯.jpeg (62.82 KB, 600x314, 300:157, FA482754-679D-43E5-9254-2….jpeg)

7b7df9 No.116993

thank you for the fresh bread, Baker..

4dbd40 No.116996

Thanks baker!

ed4b33 No.116999



bd5c4f No.117003


HE is part of it... but it goes back farther than him, goes to his father too and Clinton.

They all set it up. BHO and HRC were suppose to be the finality of it all.

All of this was a long time coming.... all part of one group for a NWO.... and that is why Trump is hated... When I saw everyone hating Trump on both sides and the media. I knew he was my guy.

47a02f No.117004

File: b112510acf57930⋯.jpg (90.72 KB, 503x589, 503:589, peterson censored.jpg)


A note sent to Jordan Peterson’s account said YouTube had “received a legal complaint” about the video and decided to block it.

Video that was blocked here…

https:// www.youtube. com/watch?v=oRFVp4Xatho

f3aa78 No.117006


Awesome work Anon!

917470 No.117007


what you dont like using your head?

why would you discard a legitimate concern one patriot to another?

I am not attacking Q

I am simply saying I will not be used as a sample poll for "THEM" to test out there narrative. to see how the "PUBLIC" will handle the release of this intel.

and surrender yet more FREEDOM in the name of safety like FAGGOT CUCK BUSH SAID.

if this hurts your feeling take your shit to redit. faggot.

47a02f No.117008



thx anon!

7b7df9 No.117009

File: a8ba7f0545a8bd5⋯.png (186.48 KB, 590x393, 590:393, DJT11.png)

efcf9c No.117011


bd5c4f No.117012



Damn FINE work Anon!

c35568 No.117013


Possible (the Bush connection. Maybe even likely. But until we get positive intel from Q we need to stick to what we "know" thanks to him. Otherwise we will get lost and be good to no-one.

b04737 No.117014


Q said it 5 times in his latest batch. Use it. Simple, and leaves room for lots more characters on twatter.

efcf9c No.117015


Top KEK. Keep up the Great Work!

d0c44b No.117016

c595ba No.117017

This guy lists 8:

There are now EIGHT major investigations of the DemoKKKrats/Cankles/FBI/Zero coup-sters.

https:/ /threadreaderapp.com/thread/954901254743797761.html

So, perhaps the real number is 22.

04700f No.117018

I was DM 'd by several ppl on Twitter who wanted me to convey their utmost support and love for all 8chan anons who are working tirelessly . Normies catching on. You are appreciated.

68a0bb No.117019


Well. Nice find. Also looking at it this way.

Obama vs. Clinton - with whomever won the election the other would be riding shotgun for round 2 - the next 8 years!!

they really felt they had a Win/Win

459529 No.117020

Psalm 37: Be overwhelmed by God’s sovereignty today!

dfd44e No.117021


look at the fucking words weapons enforcement

obvious photoshop

41826f No.117022



Nice, anon!!

95c9f6 No.117023


https:// www.hooktube.com/watch?v=oRFVp4Xatho

788b24 No.117024

9f8046 No.117025


These are outstanding.

91f2ae No.117026

File: 630d331e93be9b8⋯.png (359.61 KB, 1049x1417, 1049:1417, Capture _2018-01-21-16-45-….png)

Just a BIG fuckin' THANK-YOU to the NRA and all donating members!

Keeping our right to bear arms is much more important than what the oblivious citizen has failed to realize.

bd5c4f No.117027


It was a discussion of how long it has been going on. My point is it did not just start with BHO it was ending with him and HRC….

long time in the making though.

459529 No.117028


6337f5 No.117029

Why did Trump invite Henry Kissinger to the White House last year?

76dcf0 No.117030

File: a1cb4fd853055fa⋯.jpg (69.24 KB, 518x571, 518:571, 1510643170072.jpg)

from halfchan months ago. not mine no skills. cool tho. for muh fello memefags

52a1df No.117031


Things started going really haywire starting with Reagan with his amnesty, deindustrialization, demise of S&L's, etc. (Remember Reagan got in via the "October Surprise" which was essentially collaboration with the new Ayatollah regime in Iran.

Then things got sort of worse with each president after. GHWB gave the weird "new world order" speech. Clinton seemed good at first, then he announced that we wanted to save the 30 year bond market and so rather than paying down debt he started increasing it. GWB presided over 9/11 and crazy things associated with Global War on Terrorism. And then, rebounding from that, we allowed Obama into office.

85680e No.117032


typo in the last one. Tell THEM not then

a11e2e No.117033

File: 478a484a2868444⋯.png (91.4 KB, 823x702, 823:702, ClipboardImage.png)

The meaning of unnamed source

690b40 No.117034


Fagg-gate is the answer

c25b86 No.117035


Everyday, anon, everyday. Thanks for the reminder.

fb017e No.117036

I get the the 16-year plan angle, but this was started at least by 1980 with Poppy Bush. Both Bushes and their cast of characters need to pay the price too -especially Cheney and Rove.

a145a5 No.117037


Great..a bit finicky but EC needs more red around his eyes :)

1006eb No.117038

Read the latest Q 2 hours ago and I'm still angry.

Release the Memo!

41826f No.117039


Have often wondered this…

d0c44b No.117040

File: 1225a8f59b6eab8⋯.jpg (96.07 KB, 600x400, 3:2, ZZZ-01.jpg)

File: f90661c0f9efec4⋯.jpg (133.3 KB, 960x640, 3:2, ZZZ-02.jpg)

File: 88ac94171b63875⋯.jpg (183.82 KB, 850x560, 85:56, ZZZ-03.jpg)

File: 0c894657c03a845⋯.jpg (309.81 KB, 1154x800, 577:400, ZZZ-04.jpg)


Send them this

95c9f6 No.117041


You're right, the Bushes are main figures in the cartel.

4d9b98 No.117042





Using all the capital letters in POSUS tweet..





dde26e No.117043

File: f94865e8f51477c⋯.jpg (33.7 KB, 520x412, 130:103, 233n25.jpg)

Time for fact based, non-trigger redpilling (IMHO).

469087 No.117044

For the anons who wanted the David Brock hacked chat:


c330fb No.117045


Started WAY before that… think late 1800s.. 16 year plan is the final part of the big 100+ year plan… bushs were players…

85680e No.117046



Fight! Fight! Fight!

201262 No.117047


Peterson broke the conditioning so hard in this Newman "Interview".

9dffe1 No.117048

File: 6a3b85b15b4a9ef⋯.jpg (144.91 KB, 2048x473, 2048:473, DT68pMIV4AEI9IQ.jpg-large.jpg)

df55de No.117049


You also have to add snow white to that search as that was his "code" before q cleared that up. Just typing in snow into search will bring up all q posts about snowden. Just looked back. Alot there.

https:// qcodefag.github.io/?q=Snow

2119f1 No.117050

File: 440f639d35fbcf3⋯.jpg (130.54 KB, 889x500, 889:500, 233mpy.jpg)

File: dc3c4e19ea48d23⋯.jpg (122.21 KB, 887x500, 887:500, 233mtr.jpg)

File: 2fd39c85e3b5135⋯.jpg (83.97 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 233mzl.jpg)


Thanks and shit youre right! Fixed

dfd44e No.117051

can we get to the bottom of the war on this board?


sick of comments that dont help solve a problem

no one here gives a FUCK about your opinion

connect dots

thats why we are here

if you want to pontificate


(((KIKEBOOK))) awaits

go away

590537 No.117052

File: 5c4efd1059f101f⋯.png (364.2 KB, 640x359, 640:359, Storm.PNG)

I saw this last night and thought it might be good for storm memes.

b7001b No.117053


f39626 No.117054


Incorporate Oprah's quote:

“And they just have to die.”

3e1183 No.117055

>I need more of these memes.




pls gimme a few asap 4 the vid instruction. tx anons

e69ce5 No.117056


>The goal, to make liberals think twice and feel a twinge of embarassment about how they are treating conservatives.

They don't and never will. The "elites" are kikes and their shitlibs followers are brainwashed. Unlike conservatives who are content on leaving people alone, they will never until.....

bd5c4f No.117057


Actually go back all the way to 1913 and the founding of the Fed Reserve and then go to JFK murder which papa Bush had a hand in.

BHO and HRC were suppose to do the final death of the U.S. but long long a century in the making if not more.

548b19 No.117059


They did start it, originally the plan was to destroy America by 2050 but Obama set a target for 2025.




dde26e No.117062




5c5aab No.117064


47fd37 No.117065


This might help


729ca0 No.117066


Small arms weapons are obsolete to the hidden tech. This is a ploy.

85680e No.117067


I interpret it as the final stage of the entire NWO take over was going to be these 16 years which started with Obama and then would have finished under Hillary. By the time Hellary's 8 yrs were done the NWO would have been firmly ensconced for ever.

8733d1 No.117068



I question the logic/wisdom/accuracy of printing 'Wanted Posters' and making claims of Treason against civilian business operators. I understand your intent and what you mean, but a normie? I would hold little hope for that.

Wanted posters are for people already convicted, who then escaped. As far as what is publicly known to the target normies, these guys have not even been charged with a crime.

You stand to loose way more credibility than anything else. This is like shooting ourselves in the foot. I like the idea and the premise, but it's way, way premature.

There are people so profoundly guilty that the concept would likely work now; but, without existing charges, even those would be premature and only strengthen the divide between us and the people we are trying to educate to the reality of what has been going on.

c595ba No.117069


You have to look at what 9/11 let loose...mainly the WARS and the fake terrorism fear using the Patriot Act. They set it up and Hussein and Clinton got to play out the last act of the evil play.

Research PNAC (Project for a New American Century). Rep and Dems - the SAME.

2c3b6c No.117070

Obama Mocked Trump’s Political Ambitions. Trump Spent His First Year Dismantling Obama’s Legacy


95c9f6 No.117071

File: 09c5a1bb5bc3c75⋯.png (72.35 KB, 1205x258, 1205:258, Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at ….png)


>everything is justified

36a5b0 No.117072


Since Q team used, "THE SHOT HEARD AROUND THE WORLD," it seems like #AmericanRevolution would be a good one.

8d6072 No.117073

File: 95c1a76df16a148⋯.png (133.2 KB, 1325x775, 53:31, 31315.png)

File: 76a7c797dddfc40⋯.png (54.37 KB, 740x632, 185:158, 31315b.png)

e53ff5 No.117074


But I wonder why Clinton witnesses are being suicided at a rate not seen since the 90's?

If they see and hear all, do they not see that witnesses are about to join Scalia?

f39626 No.117075


Bill Clinton was quoted in 2000, IIRC, stating not if but when the US is no longer a super power.

It's been scrubbed.

4dbd40 No.117077




87613a No.117079

Correct. All in good time >>116291

85680e No.117080



7c8e39 No.117081


Federal Reserve , Jacob Schiff

Adam Schiff still sticking it to America , you are correct .

bd5c4f No.117082


Yep and Islam and Sharia Law would be the over all control… no right to bear arms, no 1st amendment - all hate speech, if you speak your mind. No freedoms of your own health decisions.

We would be literal slaves and so many brainwashed people would love it.

ed4b33 No.117083


With the help of AI, the prison would have been nearly unbreakable. Game over.

2d24c5 No.117084




1006eb No.117085


>Is keystone USA?

No, it's the millstone around your neck when you get dropped into deep water for being a clown

76dcf0 No.117087


normies faces when they finally wake up from a 50 year cucking

de8ef8 No.117088

File: 07282b6743905b1⋯.jpg (326.17 KB, 1115x799, 1115:799, blocked35.jpg)

File: c87b5650eba7c4a⋯.jpg (251.95 KB, 1628x803, 148:73, luft02.jpg)

File: 88d2b2c8f0e336b⋯.jpg (239.67 KB, 1263x805, 1263:805, Pizza13_6.jpg)

Latest picture for the planes that I'm tracking.

d84699 No.117090


I agree that they were working on a 100 year plan. 16 year plan was part of the final phase. I think of it like it was part of the 4th quarter of the overall plan.

ecf41b No.117091

File: 4b806b789b71563⋯.png (99.87 KB, 448x544, 14:17, СПУТНИК.png)

Яussiaи bot reporting for duty.


What is happen?

df55de No.117092


Boom nailed it!

d0c44b No.117093

File: f1ebb6567056d57⋯.jpg (192.81 KB, 940x545, 188:109, ZZZ-05.jpg)

File: c353b39b1e3cdc9⋯.jpg (96.28 KB, 750x500, 3:2, ZZZ-06.jpg)

File: 3bc24bfe6f07dcf⋯.jpg (385.45 KB, 1120x1307, 1120:1307, ZZZ-07.jpg)

File: 800a972971fd2e3⋯.jpg (117.06 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ZZZ-08.jpg)


Then send them this - the normies "huddle around their TV's today looking at their phones

729ca0 No.117094


You already are, you just dont know it.

4dbd40 No.117095



Here's another


9dffe1 No.117096

Oh yeah….it was coming for sure. America is the pinnacle of the NWO plan and they were about to finish us all >>117082

368d96 No.117098

File: 8dcc9867c25d860⋯.jpg (115.91 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, FearThestorm-Zuckerberg1.jpg)

File: 140823185d3b69c⋯.jpg (100.34 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, FearThestorm-Zuckerberg2.jpg)

Thank you, Baker.

Mark Zuckerberg, Faceobook CEO.

bd5c4f No.117099


Yep funny how a 1000 page document was already written and then voted into law 2 days after 9/11….. one that took our FREEDOMS away!

10ae42 No.117100

#DeepStateGate works because it isn't specific to a single person (just like the enemy), but most people will understand what deep state means.

c595ba No.117101


Future proves past

Hussein and Evil Woman would take it home…final act of the play.

Lots of preparation to get to this point.

e69ce5 No.117102


>This is new. It isn't like fighting a centrally organized campaign.

Exactly why millions of independent anons is the most lethal force on the planet.

85680e No.117103


kek. that, too.

38b930 No.117104


has there been much unusual canadian traffic in or out today that you've seen?

8fe259 No.117105


"Are you ready for the memo?"

ab9378 No.117106


Do a "Will you still kneel when the Memo comes out"

8bf0da No.117107

File: f94c636f8f58b68⋯.jpg (103.34 KB, 736x844, 184:211, Q.012118.Memo.jpg)

My interpretation so far- can anons help w/ question marks/suggestions/corrections?

95c9f6 No.117108


That's 2015, Q said 2013

22b92c No.117109

File: af17b54b050418e⋯.jpg (99.34 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, hillary_keep_them_stupid.jpg)

47fd37 No.117110

Multiple People Shot In Manhattan

c595ba No.117111

5b73bb No.117112


I'm trying to get people subconsciously ready for such truths.

We are not allowed to have a full scale nuclear war for a reason.

I hope Q drops some hints about this soon.


5f9565 No.117113

>>116966 These are great, anon!



8dd935 No.117114

Mike Crapo R 239 senate building

db4640 No.117115


This is all about the first amendment. March 13, 2013 Pope Francis elected. Hillary comes out in support of gay marriage.

I have been to Opus Dei retreats. There are a ot of lawyers. Behind closed doors, Catholics have been talking about religious freedom for years.

Anthony Scalia…devout Catholic. He had to go. LGBT v. Christians, esp. Catholics. Religious wars

Pro abortion feminists weaponized by Obamacare vs. Christians, esp. Catholics, opposed to abortion and contraceptive mandates.

A house divided.

151487 No.117116


Been a member of the NRA for years. God Bless America!

f3aa78 No.117117


Many administrations over the past 100+ years have played their roles for (((them))) in order to prepare for the "last" 16 years.

f39626 No.117118



Most normies need a dictionary to understand treason.

95c9f6 No.117119


Definitely, just like to know what all was "justified."

8bf0da No.117120


Oops forgot- Snowden black hat?

ab9378 No.117121



1fd72c No.117122

File: 04d46dbf91d1070⋯.png (280.49 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-01-21-14-2….png)

Obama took away local law enforcement ability to militarize

8bf0da No.117123


Oops forgot- Snowden black hat?


ac0a60 No.117124


WJC= William Jefferson Clinton?

ML = Martial Law?

bd5c4f No.117125


NO I do know it. That is why I had sold everything and was trying to get out from the U.S. because I saw what was happening and I saw we were losing every bit of Freedom we have.

I have been very awake and aware for over a decade.

I know that in reality the U.S. is a corporation and we are all chattel and that is goes all the way to the Pope in control.

I know that we are still under the Queens rule in reality.

I know there is a "THE" United States and a 'THESE' United States. I know we are under maritime law.

I KNOW all of it… I have dug into the rabbit hole for a long time now.

47cddd No.117126



hot damn, never seen this. this is some shit anon. fukn david broch. i love how they were scared shitless of the reddit/chan power. fuk them niggers.

793b71 No.117127

Who is paying (or paid for) yesterday's ANTIFA public displays of disruption?

151487 No.117128


I think so. Snowden was a CIA nigger

beec66 No.117129


It was literally sitting on the shelf, for the time it was "needed" Think Tanks.

5b164a No.117130

File: a8f6ff36563ef83⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 1298x3210, 649:1605, January 19th posts RESPONS….jpg)

File: 4eec97099c3efc5⋯.jpg (2.12 MB, 8344x4200, 149:75, January 19th posts.jpg)


Yeah...I wondered on that one...there's another post somewhere that shows it's James Clapper...like I said, corrections embraced...but just an example...if that was in a specific thread for that specific post, well then someone could copy paste that, and use software to type in red answers....then it's always being updated on same file...expand , cut , paste...but it will all be related....and easy to follow...so you could take that picture, open PAINT on Windows OS, and do it in there, very simple...and the picture would litterally evolve as the thread evolves...with all ideas put together...then the Autists can connect all the ideas into more clear pictures....all thoughts welcomed, but no BS and no trollers...easily siftable! IMHO of course.

Example of filled out Image...and template used to do it in very basic image editor...efficient and simple...IMHO

b00472 No.117131

File: 98b4d1daf2ff135⋯.jpg (70.3 KB, 781x579, 781:579, rrrrrrr.JPG)

david brock chatlog

18-2381 stuff

http: //beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2017/06/seth-rich-petition-did-david-brock-kill-him-3522667.html

9dffe1 No.117133

3 people shot in Manhattan


8ab7f6 No.117134

http:// breaking911.com/breaking-multiple-people-shot-manhattan-heres-know/?onesignal_site_push_notification

95c9f6 No.117135

File: a79712c6bf52d52⋯.png (417.59 KB, 630x567, 10:9, Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at ….png)



85680e No.117136

e0aaad No.117137

File: 823b0a84e341ab8⋯.png (164.6 KB, 264x379, 264:379, ClipboardImage.png)

He survived Stormy; will @ericschmidt @jack & #FucktheZuck survive now that #TheStormIsHere. Woe to those #Treasonous cucks that tried to fcuk #Patriots all for a #FistfulofDollars

917470 No.117138



8d6072 No.117139


My Bad, picked date off different post.

Back at it then.

77e1f0 No.117140


Awesome job!!!

Sorry -who's SH?

9dffe1 No.117141


You gotta read this….


9867b8 No.117142




Still heading on a north east flight path.

10-0056 AE4EEF

United States Air Force RAVEN71

United States Military

Bell Boeing CV-22B Osprey

52a1df No.117143


Interesting, sounds like you have some inside scoop on that.

e0bb62 No.117144

#Patriots is worldwide trending now

aafcaa No.117146



Fucking witnessed newanon

I sense your autism and your digits confirm

7c8e39 No.117147

459529 No.117148

Twatter just sent me an email with this complete BS letter about me following or retweeting Russian account during 2016 election!


d0c44b No.117149



That's Title 18 Section 2381 - TREASON

efcf9c No.117150

File: 24ac0a4c957b7cf⋯.jpg (49.56 KB, 800x448, 25:14, 233nu9.jpg)

File: 113214221825a8b⋯.jpg (81.33 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 233iib.jpg)

File: 6a438d1bc13a483⋯.jpg (52.65 KB, 500x314, 250:157, 233nxn.jpg)

bd5c4f No.117151


NO Snowden Not black hat…. I won't believe that at all… I have to have absolute Proof…. Hero to me!


ede668 No.117152



Fantastic work, anon! Thank you and especially thanks for making one of rocket man :)

2f49ae No.117153


The terrifying part is that so many people already do love it.

The Women's March alone proved that there's a large contingent of unthinking people ready to bandwagon towards anything, as long as it's comfortable.


I would argue that's 4-6% completely lost on one side of the aisle; presumably there's another 4-6% on the other side who also lack critical thinking skills but just happen to be on the side of the good guys.

Informing the populace is not something that will occur rapidly, yet we have the power of meme magic, so anything is possible.

d65b01 No.117154

Hey Anons please make sure you have 2 weeks worth of emergency supplies for yourself and your loved ones!

0e0eda No.117155


Well we'd better hope that ol "Q" and team have contingency plans for the missing FBI records with the texts.

Before anyone states that NSA has backups…..there's a bunch o missing NSA records from 2016-2016.

Coincidence? No coincidences. Thomas Paine posted this right around the time "Q" posted.

https:// truepundit.com/rigged-fbi-deletes-thousands-text-messages-anti-trump-agents-investigators-can-see/

ab9378 No.117156

is #jagginoff trending? I wish. Im sorry I still like football.

3e1183 No.117157

OBAMA GATE MEMES PLS… need about 5 inna hurrty

efb504 No.117158



[6:10] okay. guys, this is 18-2381 stuff. Got it?

cshaw [6:10 AM] yes

ekim [6:10 AM] yes sir.

efink [6:11 AM] alright. we need to move beyond the disruption scripts and down-voting. we need to start hurting people and that's what this is about. This is about winning because we'll never get a chance at this again. everything is justified. David?

brock [6:11 AM] dramatic.

[6:13] fuck–okay. so the Trump team is an emergent order. thirty million little chan and reddit assholes that bump around and then congeal to vote in a poll or push a meme or make a hashtag trend or whatever. This is new. It isn't like fighting a centrally organized campaign.

[6:13] It's more like fighting a disease.

[6:14] So what we need to do is break the pattern. The usual means isn't working. Trump's too charismatic. Morale is too high. This is an army of chaos folks.

[6:14] so we have full clearance. Word of God.

[6:15] Fink–let's do this. I have a plane to catch.

efink [6:16 AM] uploaded and commented on an image: foxacid.jpg 1 Comment FOXACID

ekim [6:16 AM] Ew.

cshaw [6:16 AM] i like it! wtf is it??

efink [6:17 AM] This is manna from heaven, kids.

[6:18] We have the use of an NSA intrusion package. We are going to find the thought leaders. the meme-generators. the shit-posters. I need a target analysis for reddit, twitter, and the chans by tomorrow 5 PM.

[6:18] You will monitor, identify, and using the FA software set we have, identify/dox.

cshaw [6:18 AM] that will dox them??

efink [6:20 AM] It will man-on-the-side for the anon boards and intercept traffic. We can use that for IP addresses and loading tracking software and magic lantern onto their devices. Once we have them compromised

[6:20] David? How many do we need?

brock [6:21 AM] I want 150 from 4chan, whatever you can get from 8. I want 1000 top reddit drivers exposed and I want content analysis for their posts. I want the people who are really driving their narrative.

[6:22] I need all that in a packet by tomorrow afternoon with lexical analysis, proof of compromise. I want clips of memes. I want to up-vote patterns. All this has to be inside the US too. We can't use externals.

cshaw [6:23 AM] It won't work outside the US?

efink [6:23 AM] It works fine outside the us you idiot. That's NSA stuff.

brock [6:24 AM] WE don't work outside the US. Do you think this is fucking bean-bag?

[6:24] We are going to disrupt them before this shit goes any further.

[6:24] if they don't have leaders, we're going to get their thought leaders.

cshaw [6:24 AM] like pajama boy!

brock [6:25 AM] I AM NOT N THE MOOD cshaw

cshaw [6:25 AM] sorry

efink [6:26 AM] just get us the target profiles. Hit the numbers. Give us a matrix for each of them. Okay? PII, influence grid, recent activity, Q-rate. Like that.

[6:26] You know what to do.

cshaw [6:26 AM] Yes sir.

ekim [6:26 AM] What are we going to do with that?

brock [6:27 AM] dof u really want tio fucking know, kim?

ekim [6:27 AM] i'm good.

brock [6:28 AM] u better be. I am going to get a plane. You will be up ALL NIGHT. Keep the lab LOCKED. Fink bring in pizza or whatever to keep the kids going.

[6:28] I am out.

cshaw [6:28 AM] does it have to be We the Pizza?

efink [6:29 AM] Brock LIKES WtP. What do you want?

ekim [6:29 AM] Sushi. Sushi would be nice.

efink [6:30 AM] what do you think this is, the Trump campaign. We're getting pizza from We.

[6:30] Get those files together.

ekim [6:30 AM] I'm on it. Do you know what brock is going to do with them? I do kind of want to know, sir.

efink [6:31 AM] google Seth Rich and shut up about it.

cshaw [6:31 AM] OOg.

[6:32] well, they are deplorable. idk. I think we should have done this a long time ago.

efink [6:32 AM] get working kids. I'll check back in a couple. Have something for Brock before he hits the ground. k?

ekim [6:33 AM] I'm sick of We the Pizza.

cshaw [6:33 AM] me2.

[6:33] :confused:

ekim [6:33 AM] :confused:

8682eb No.117159


Scalia a devout Catholic?

You think he received last rights in that Texas cathouse??

ecf41b No.117160

File: 0a8378d9a64ef0d⋯.png (352.27 KB, 600x316, 150:79, potuspoint.png)


Last image is wrong way round [mirrored] - check the Presidential Seal.

0e0eda No.117161

https:// truepundit.com/rigged-fbi-deletes-thousands-text-messages-anti-trump-agents-investigators-can-see/

5b164a No.117162

File: de13e93f82c1ded⋯.jpg (1.97 MB, 8344x4200, 149:75, January 19th posts.jpg)

File: a8f6ff36563ef83⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 1298x3210, 649:1605, January 19th posts RESPONS….jpg)

Here is what I posted but didn,t want to dox myself with an example of a working Image..


Yeah...I wondered on that one...there's another post somewhere that shows it's James Clapper...like I said, corrections embraced...but just an example...if that was in a specific thread for that specific post, well then someone could copy paste that, and use software to type in red answers....then it's always being updated on same file...expand , cut , paste...but it will all be related....and easy to follow...so you could take that picture, open PAINT on Windows OS, and do it in there, very simple...and the picture would litterally evolve as the thread evolves...with all ideas put together...then the Autists can connect all the ideas into more clear pictures....all thoughts welcomed, but no BS and no trollers...easily siftable! IMHO of course.

cdd292 No.117163

File: 9dc4e5d8700c187⋯.png (348.05 KB, 1032x540, 86:45, Selection_363.png)

File: 29ce0937ebbb23c⋯.png (11.92 KB, 217x113, 217:113, Selection_362.png)









Fellow patriots, please see pic related

and watch video related

pure evil

pure EVIL

dcf512 No.117164


They've done it before

cf4038 No.117165



7c8e39 No.117166


just reply nyet nyet soviet

0e0eda No.117167




https:// truepundit.com/rigged-fbi-deletes-thousands-text-messages-anti-trump-agents-investigators-can-see/

8bf0da No.117168


*Antonin Scalia

Also I say anons saying Blind-eye = kind of missile, but I read as "Turn a blind eye"/ignore

788b24 No.117169


I would recommend more than 2 weeks.

95c9f6 No.117170

File: 717b9d692a16e26⋯.jpg (458.67 KB, 824x1560, 103:195, More Texts.jpg)


8b6e5e No.117171



76dcf0 No.117172


SAP= special access programs i think. mad the most sence out of the 178 acronyms on the miltary acronym finder

c62dd1 No.117173


Do not fret because of those who are evil

or be envious of those who do wrong;

for like the grass they will soon wither,

like green plants they will soon die away.

Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.

Take delight in the Lord,

and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Commit your way to the Lord;

trust in him and he will do this:

He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn, your vindication like the noonday sun.

Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; do not fret when people succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.

Refrain from anger and turn from wrath;

do not fret—it leads only to evil.

For those who are evil will be destroyed,

but those who hope in the Lord will inherit the land.

A little while, and the wicked will be no more;

though you look for them, they will not be found.

But the meek will inherit the land and enjoy peace and prosperity.

The wicked plot against the righteous and gnash their teeth at them;

but the Lord laughs at the wicked, for he knows their day is coming.

The wicked draw the sword and bend the bow

to bring down the poor and needy, to slay those whose ways are upright.

But their swords will pierce their own hearts,

and their bows will be broken.

76dcf0 No.117174

File: 69634919f58ceaf⋯.jpg (58.33 KB, 600x752, 75:94, grab-um-by.jpg)

d45b4f No.117175


Good catch anon, this is the new video endorsed by Trump, and they use the phrase Pure Evil!

52a1df No.117176


Maybe Stephen Hadley. https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Hadley

Involved with various W foreign policy disasters esp. in the Middle East.

106f4c No.117177


Nice catch!

95c9f6 No.117178


Yeah, I posted about him a few days ago

bd5c4f No.117179

http:/ /thehill.com/opinion/white-house/369961-schumers-shutdown-reveals-democrats-will-destroy-america-just-to-spite

WOW The Hill only publishes negative things about Trump that I get on my twitter feed.

But look at this.

Schumer's shutdown reveals: Democrats will destroy America just to spite Trump

We already knew the Washington Democrats hated Trump.

Now we know they oppose not just the president, but American government, the American people and even the very concept of American citizenship as well.

They call Americans “deplorables” and illegal immigrants “Dreamers.” That tells you everything you need to know about the Democrats’ upside-down world view.

It would almost be laughable if the consequences were not so serious.

The Schumer shutdown is a preview of what we can expect should the Democrats wrest control of the legislative branch in November. It’s no laughing matter.

Over the past year, Trump has turned the economy around. Overall unemployment and female unemployment ar at an 18-year low, unemployment insurance claims at a 45-year low, business and consumer confidence at or near record highs, and black and Hispanic unemployment at the lowest levels ever recorded. Jobs are growing and wages are rising.

Thanks to the Trump tax cuts, millions of Americans have received pay hikes and bonuses, Chrysler will build cars in Michigan rather than Mexico, and Apple will invest $350 billion in America.

More jobs, higher wages and better opportunities for all Americans — and we’re just getting started.

But it will all be shut down if Democrats take Congress. They will bring the booming economy to a screeching halt.

287be8 No.117180

Long time lurker, first time post - twatter is trending # patriots.(cause of the football game) add to twat… hijack with # shumershutdown….

8682eb No.117181


You still have Julio Castro in there instead of James Clapper!

efcf9c No.117182

File: 8f892714e20b7ab⋯.jpg (75.89 KB, 870x430, 87:43, 233o7r.jpg)

e53ff5 No.117183


You're the type who reads, then follows the directions on the fire extinguisher step by step, verbatim while the kitchen walls are on fire.

These vermin are wanted by the people. It's not our fault our corrupt govt hasn't done shit.

Citizens' Arrest!, Citizens' Arrest!

729ca0 No.117184

Im super SUPER suspicious of you Q. Every bit of the hidden technology is being omitted. It is highly relevent considering the military industrial complex is over 1,000 years ahead of civilian tech. On the level of magic. People are robots and they dont even know it. Thats how you can hear and see everything. You can see what a target sees, hear what a target hears, even moniter a targets thoughts. Not to mention clones and nightmare creatures based on gene splicing. This needs to be mentioned, because these people playing the bad guys can escape via clone consciousness transfer.

Please dont groundhog day me if you wanted to keep this under wraps.


7c8e39 No.117185


damn that pic is creepy .

469087 No.117186

File: 42c3d59b1c3a9cf⋯.jpg (16.86 KB, 255x254, 255:254, 38c1e9a5a4f2d3f22f79f8b9e4….jpg)

8682eb No.117187


Sorry… didn't read your note at the bottom.

It looks pretty good though…very close!

edb75c No.117188

Thank you Baker and every single Patriotic Anon in here. I have not posted research in a bit, because of things in real life, and I'm sorry to tie up a post with this mush. But I have to be mushy for a sec: I LOVE YOU ALL!! I'm praying all the time. Thank you so much for keeping the board up and running so that everyone, all over the world, can keep up with this miracle unfolding before us. Godspeed, Anons. Kek ass, as usual!

1006eb No.117189

File: 1ce1d821718b83b⋯.jpg (65.51 KB, 1877x359, 1877:359, 13.jpg)

File: 405b3b38dce8e72⋯.jpg (59.7 KB, 812x561, 812:561, BD.jpg)

Day of EVIL.

db4640 No.117190


HIs body was transferred and he did receive last rites (not rights) from a priest, yes.

5b164a No.117192


What the flying HELL is this?? Who are these people?? Sound like black hats to me…with BADD intentions!

db4640 No.117193


He received last rites (rights, huh?) from a priest at a different location, yes.

dde26e No.117194


Just made it my fagbook banner. Memes in the works.

cdd292 No.117195


not just him, but the video and language use.

52a1df No.117196


>https:// truepundit.com/rigged-fbi-deletes-thousands-text-messages-anti-trump-agents-investigators-can-see/

I have to say, my reaction to that sort of thing is to bring in all the FBI people who might have allowed this to happen, line them up against a wall, and spray with machine gun fire until they are all a bloody pulp.

The next ones must be too afraid to do something like this again.

95c9f6 No.117198

File: 219a333c2f3fd9d⋯.png (125.94 KB, 684x431, 684:431, Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at ….png)





5b73bb No.117199


Something about disturbing other developed worlds.

The state of not being able to launch or deliver nukes (except for learning purposes - for certain "allowed" events) is apparent.

18314c No.117200

Fireman prophet Mark Taylor that prophsied years ago Trump wud be President now says Obama will be in prison for treason 3 Supreme Court Justices will be indicted and 2 past presidemts will be taken and 3 shaken!! God DOES speak thru certain people as He has for many years as seen in the Holy Bible and i suggest if ur into that kind of Heavenly Knowledge u research some of what Mark Taylor has been saying…u wont be disappointed!!!

91dae3 No.117201


David Brock and Company

66669c No.117202


There are more normies than you think that already have an idea of this stuff

c35568 No.117203


Any sauce for this? Even a date?

ede668 No.117204


Agreed - this all started with Poppy and his new world order shite. Bushes=Clinton - obama was the token black android to lead us right into the trap and then would spring the Bush-Clinton trap again.

95c9f6 No.117205


There's no video, just .png

dfd44e No.117206


the letter went out to every single twitter user

every single twitter user

every single twitter user

its to support the MSM claims that trumps twitter support is bots

thats it

9dffe1 No.117207

I agree with your assessment, but in my personal realm I see all of the happenings like that as playing out as according to Biblical prophecy. But I try not to get all into that here

I find that Omidyar person interesting…he has connections to DOD, CIA and FBI. And Clapper…Assange and him have been going back and forth on twitter for a while now…lots of accusations. What if he did create the Intercept as a honeypot to trap leakers like Snowden? >>117115

e71824 No.117208


This is fake.

52a1df No.117209


Isn't this fake though?

68e360 No.117210


Fellow Russian bot! Здравствуйте! Meepmeep

bd5c4f No.117211

I sincerely hope that Trump is going after ALL the evil in D.C. and those who have been there before him…

I hope he is also targeting GHB and GWB besides BC, BHO and HRC.

All the evil that has been unleashed on us previously has to be rooted out.

GWB did 9/11 and that right there is still the most horrendous attack on our Freedoms.

5fae3b No.117212


Nice. Meme's away

151487 No.117213


Lmao dude they are so desperate

It doesn’t even matter what they say

The storm is barreling towards them and it can’t be stopped

8b6e5e No.117214

File: a87289725f9e0f6⋯.jpeg (64.63 KB, 600x314, 300:157, 04BB8BCF-8648-4A9F-AF7D-B….jpeg)

efcf9c No.117215

File: 07bf65ab6184e66⋯.jpg (33.37 KB, 854x356, 427:178, 233oj7.jpg)

File: cfcf8849d565644⋯.jpg (54.27 KB, 620x409, 620:409, 233oln.jpg)

47cddd No.117216


efink [6:31 AM]

google Seth Rich and shut up about it.

cf66a2 No.117217


I'll proudly wear the title of >ASSHOLE< for this op. Fuck these losers.

2bc6bd No.117218


It was from Sep 30, 2016

f2cddc No.117219

>[The 16 Year Plan To Destroy America]

Did this start with Bush or Hussein?

151487 No.117220


He will. No guilty nigger escapes justice

969961 No.117221






Got Schiff Memez ?

82bba6 No.117223


I think the Bushes are family 'Y'. Q said the children were groomed from childhood. Lynn de R Forester admonishes JP after losing the electing of destroying a great family…no way she means the Clintons). Soros takes over from family 'Y'

36a5b0 No.117224



A shill just got you guys. Hover over the ID. They have (1) post this entire bread just to bring disinfo and make the bread slide. Do not feed the shills.

8b6e5e No.117225

File: bef0d1dd48e5e8f⋯.jpeg (88.48 KB, 656x466, 328:233, 45DB35F8-0065-4078-876A-D….jpeg)

File: 704a1ad542222a4⋯.jpeg (119.13 KB, 735x500, 147:100, 294DC917-7767-40FD-B807-0….jpeg)

File: a941c540b8d7a7e⋯.jpeg (28.46 KB, 236x236, 1:1, 4C321218-13EF-4B99-9E62-9….jpeg)

File: 0b0668595b774ae⋯.jpeg (114.34 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 7CF9E28A-6CF6-4474-BD19-C….jpeg)

File: 4c81432dfdca0f5⋯.jpeg (31.17 KB, 300x247, 300:247, C793CF72-7921-452C-A12C-9….jpeg)

3a9e22 No.117226


These are amazing!

22b92c No.117227


it is a chat between Brock and his team during the Trump campaign it sounds like.

they were finding redactors, 4chans and 8chans they could compromise during the campaign and doxing and adding malware.

bba23a No.117228


Why do people keep posting this FAKE SHIT on there? Shills trying to discredit this community?

031ed8 No.117229


Technically it started with the American Revolution. But the bushes and the failure to start WW3 following 9/11 lead to the 16-year plan IMHO.

7c8e39 No.117230

File: 70a715c2e4a972a⋯.jpg (91.97 KB, 500x400, 5:4, 70a715c2e4a972ac6422024411….jpg)

efcf9c No.117231

File: 2cdc7ece5f505d7⋯.jpg (38.62 KB, 388x281, 388:281, 233osh.jpg)

788b24 No.117232


I missed where this was from?

2d24c5 No.117233

File: 78c2b26af83bbcf⋯.jpg (63.58 KB, 1004x372, 251:93, qresearch_SR_GET.jpg)

dde26e No.117235

File: 5b64fa700ae3631⋯.jpg (70.08 KB, 640x359, 640:359, 233os1.jpg)

c35568 No.117236


In context, the "We don't say his name" is probably John Kerry. McCain does not have a monopoly on traitorism.

085600 No.117237


^^ this is correct. The most damning of the emails on HRC's server contained Special Access Program information; names, dates and places.

I wish I had the ability to find a source, but I always believed she sold access to her private server when she took her unsecured devices on that world tour as SoS.

22b92c No.117238


fucking awesome kek

52a1df No.117240


It is their best move. Plant a story that the Memo is biased. I have no doubt that's nonsense, but this creates a murky rabbit hole that the Dems can use to imagine what the exculpatory and explanatory material is.

And that will be all over the MSM in the weeks after the memo is released. Incredible, how resilient these fucks are.

95c9f6 No.117242


Right. FBI anon told us HRC was selling SAP.

fba60d No.117243


>you were chosen for a reason.

Make sense if this is a real conversation. We got right on the nerves of the bad actors.

969961 No.117244

Majic ty <3

788b24 No.117245

22b92c No.117246


but i suppose Technically with Bush

18314c No.117247


Almighty God.Himself is going after them.and WILL take.them.down amd He has chosen Trump to do the job!!

9dffe1 No.117248

#Memo is now showing up in autofill!

031ed8 No.117249



She was selling SAPs she had no business having access to in the first place!

95c9f6 No.117250


They're fighting to save themselves from the gallows, so, yeah, it's going to get uglier.

cdd292 No.117251


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-nm0vQwO5c&feature=youtu.be

80155b No.117252

For those who get it from Q's posts today


Tracy, an aspiring designer from the slums of Chicago… Tracy's boyfriend, Brian Walker, is a neighborhood activist and aspiring politician.

Theme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To)

Do you get

What you're hoping for

When you look behind you

There's no open door

What are you hoping for

Do you know

Now looking back

at all we've planned

We let so many dreams

Just slip through our hands

Why must we wait so long

Before we'll see

How sad the answers

To those questions can be

368d96 No.117253


I wouldn't use that.

I wouldn't show Trump's face on the same image as that female person's face(body) because even showing them together creates a mental association that we do NOT want to create.

459529 No.117254


Don't think so

Many twitter friends did NOT get it

I am on target list

Shadow banned too

52a1df No.117255


I guess our move then is to say that a fair trial will allow those materials to be brought in, but due to their classified nature it must be a MILITARY TRIBUNAL!

bd00d6 No.117256


Can confirm. CJScalia said on Twatter told me he was not cremated. He wouldn't answer me about alleged lack of autopsy. Went dark after I asked follow up question. 🤔

b99209 No.117257

So the brother of a once privat bodyguard of BradPitt,AngelaJolie&TomCruise killed his own daughter after posting a pic of her on #FACEBOOK eating #PIZZA!

caption: ‘Pitza on bed lv moo x’




95c9f6 No.117258



& that is the ? – how/who gave her the intel?

36a5b0 No.117259


Keep up the good work, anon. Fight, Fight, Fight!

God bless.

68e360 No.117260

AM ONE. Listen up.

1e05a9 No.117261



Correct Special Access Program. This requires special read in and additional scrutiny in background investigation before you can be read in. So in essence, this is very highly classified and controlled material.

HRC sold it to the highest bidder to destroy the US.

4fa881 No.117262


How are you doing bakeranon? Baker here on standby, if you'd like a break.

469087 No.117263


I want to see that goofy-faced dirtbag minion shackled and thrown in the most dangerous prison in America.

9dffe1 No.117264

I got it but hubs didn't >>117254

66669c No.117265



b2fd55 No.117266

We are a volunteer digital militia - running an anti-globalist/anti-corruption/anti-propaganda campaign. We've been at this a few short months, and look at what we have accomplished. I've been lurking since the first few days. Look at the massive amount of work done so far. We've learned how to move and communicate as a unit - we maintain our digital perimeter and decapitate shills ability to distract as soon as possible - we run a 24/7/365 operation - we surge forces to specialize in specific problem areas, our planefags / memefags / etc. - and, perhaps most important, we've grown the ranks of participants, red pilling family and friends, at dinner tables - on youtube (thank you youtuber famefags!).

b3d19d No.117267


I'm doing good. Can do a few more bakes.

How long can you be on standby?

459529 No.117268


No it's McTreason

9dffe1 No.117269

God Bless, anon!>>117259

ab9378 No.117270


Might as well be Cuomo saying that

efcf9c No.117272

File: b46b91f55595a45⋯.jpg (69.73 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 233p2p.jpg)

b4dc47 No.117273

Heard of good one

"Schumer Shakedown"

95c9f6 No.117274

368d96 No.117275

File: 3afe7904faa7584⋯.jpg (113.75 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, FearThestorm-Huffman1.jpg)


We think SH is Steve Huffman, CEO of Reddit. They are a social media platform and have been accused of (proven IMO) interfering with free speech and political speech.

33dd38 No.117276


Send them back dick pics. With "Muh Russia" written along the shaft.

85023e No.117277

File: 329685f4749eb3f⋯.jpg (99.05 KB, 749x500, 749:500, Leak It.jpg)

8b6e5e No.117278

File: 6930ad90bc6f244⋯.jpeg (93.7 KB, 600x436, 150:109, 8574DF3B-40EB-4339-AC69-1….jpeg)

104e77 No.117279


Have any of you Anons actually thought that maybe those missing 5,000 texts from the FBI were actually stolen by the NSA & Q group to make sure they are safe?

b2fd55 No.117280

1e05a9 No.117281



Get rid of him too and his brother!

95c9f6 No.117282


They're all the same, right?

5b73bb No.117283




8682eb No.117284


He ditched his security detail for a hunting lodge he'd been to before, one that had the rite accommodations.

a01e86 No.117285

File: f72f66f428442d7⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Untitled-2.jpg)

I get a asked a lot "why dont they drop the hammer on pizzagate?" lately. So I came up with the analogy of Wildlands: You cant go for the boss of bosses directly. I started Photoshop and replaces some heads in the sceme with known Clinton puppets. But it will take half a day to finish. Anyone interested in finishing the job? I give you all the credit. Photoshop psd file with layers can be found here:

https: //



I think Alefantis should be in there and Comey and also Jack Dorsey. One branch for

Child-Trafficing / Blackmail / Satanism

one for

Fake Dossier / Spying / FISA

one for

Propaganda / Censorship / Technocrats

one for

Killjobs / Clinton death list / getting away with murder?

Have fun ;I think this can be great when finished by one of you anons, not time, sorry, only an idea )

9ea0b0 No.117286


>thanks kiketube famefags

Fuck off

2c3b6c No.117287

File: d67496089daf618⋯.png (2.57 MB, 978x1280, 489:640, schiff-manneken-pis-peeing….png)

1b79e1 No.117288


If it was from 2016 - their numbers are way off now.

151487 No.117289


Their social media account is very biased or twitter bans the positive

I can’t tell

7e2133 No.117290


This goes all the way back, think bloodlines

ab9378 No.117291


Yeah basically

d0c44b No.117292

File: 332a5b4c6ac06a8⋯.png (351.54 KB, 640x480, 4:3, zzz-09.png)


4fa881 No.117293


Great anon. I'll be here for a few too and if we need someone step in if no-one else does, after you.

eaf7f6 No.117294

File: d07efa9cf74b0dd⋯.png (491.43 KB, 1024x503, 1024:503, MSMDistractMemo.png)


Pure EVIL.

Narrative intercept [4am].

Sessions/Nunes Russian OPS.

Repub distortion of facts to remove Mueller.[POTUS free pass].


36a5b0 No.117295

b0ba27 No.117296


Beep Boop!! Da, comrade bot. #Memo

de8ef8 No.117297

German Air Force on the ground at Dulles. Pizza13 passing to the East of Charlotte at angels 25. The blocked flight is to the SE of Louisville and looks to be headed for Cincinnati at angels 35.

95c9f6 No.117298



Yet we're the ones who have read ALL of the wikileaks, FBI Anon drops, etc. etc. Laughable.

a1e311 No.117299


also, the "argh memes on the board!!!" the name of our game is MEME MAGIC or "research magic"? clowns.

2e9113 No.117300

File: 0370decd64b4b51⋯.jpeg (116.51 KB, 750x1205, 150:241, 93DDB71C-8987-4D68-806B-6….jpeg)

File: 09bfe488ca44467⋯.jpeg (106.54 KB, 750x1189, 750:1189, 94016C40-1E40-4596-950B-5….jpeg)

>HRC March 13, 2013 [intercept].

Was digging around this crumb from Q… and for shits and giggles, I searched wikileaks for content created only this date and used search term “intercept” while including the ‘external sources’ option. One interesting document came up. Here’s the search url to try yourself:

https:// search.wikileaks.org/?query=Intercept&exact_phrase=&any_of=&exclude_words=&document_date_start=2013-03-13&document_date_end=2013-03-13&released_date_start=&released_date_end=&include_external_sources=True&new_search=True&order_by=most_relevant#results

And here was the only result, sourced from the Cryptome Documents:

https:// cryptome.org/2013/03/dni-13-0312.pdf

469087 No.117301


At the time, it was thought that white hats intercepted and released it. I think they stopped the plot, and that 'they' was the NSA.

db4640 No.117302


Catholics have been talking about THE STORM for years before Trump mentioned it. He is talking in code to Catholics. Melania is a devout Catholic. I have been to hear Charlie Johnson talk about the STORM. That was over two years ago.

http:// www.afterthewarningto2038.com/prophecy-update-02.php

Scalia voted against gay marriage and predicted, in his dissenting opinion, that all the problems we are having now would happen. The progressives wanted him off the bench. He would stand up for the first amendment, religious freedom.

https:// www.salon.com/2013/10/07/scalia_i_believe_in_the_devil/

e71824 No.117303


This needs to be the focus. Need a good hashtag for this, and prep for a twitter battle starting tomorrow at 4AM

8682eb No.117304


AM is Andrew McCabe & there's a typo in the Fake Bomb…"use" not "us." Other than that I'd need a little more time for a final review, but 98% there.

52a1df No.117305


It's so highly classified … I have some background working with classified information. I had NEVER HEARD OF SAP's before the Hillary scandals about them. Their EXISTENCE was classified!

a1e311 No.117306



788b24 No.117307


Holy shit! To see it in writing!!

a54ad9 No.117308


The 16 years are 8 with Obama and 8 with Hillary.

They Never thought she would lose.


cf66a2 No.117309


We are recruiting MOAR! This is GLORIOUS.

f2cddc No.117310


if I was to take an educated guess HRC would've finished off the plan (what was already set in motion. Thank God that cunt didn't win

db4640 No.117311


Also, Charlie Johnson was only off by a few months. He predicted THE STORM would begin in the Fall of 2017,

368d96 No.117312

File: 47cb52ec4d1915d⋯.jpg (68.65 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, AskObama.jpg)

File: 34a5c064b3d6641⋯.png (605.88 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, CreepyBidenObamaBadBreath.png)

File: 9fd57553709ff6e⋯.jpg (62.34 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Deep State Logan Act Obama.jpg)

File: b505348b976a0f9⋯.png (321.95 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, DOJReviewObamaHezbollah.png)

File: aca328ba0732cf4⋯.jpg (47.21 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Info Graphic Muslim Brothe….jpg)


Not sure exactly which of Obama's manifest crimes you are referring to as "Obamagate". Here are a few Obama memes from the library. Probably not what you're looking for, sorry.

5ea75e No.117313





And if it's real?





You and your families are safe (paraphrase)


66669c No.117314



3dfcbd No.117315

File: 1ebe7d4128c1360⋯.jpg (125.66 KB, 720x775, 144:155, memo.jpg)

e53ff5 No.117316


They use emoticons instead of dictionaries

499c6f No.117317

We need last meal memes for nancy’s democrat dinner tonight.

Also, want to put forward that I think this dinner is weird. All democrats supposedly.

Would be a great time and place for an fales flag/escape.

cf66a2 No.117318


DJT flipping the MIRROR that they oppose on the normies. NICE.

9dffe1 No.117319

That goes along with the Intercept owner being very cozy with Clapper, CIA, etc.


68e360 No.117320

A nons, I think our SM purpose goes beyond memes. We need to start breaking down the history and facts behind the #memo, in a short narrative fashion, to start telling the story.

Keep pushing the memes that force the audience to ask important questions, but let's shift our focus to infor-memes. We must educate our fellow Patriots (all citizens, we are all one Nation under God) on simple facts regarding the heartbreaking treasonous devastation that the story of the #memo will inevitably tell. Were not doing a good ebough job of preparing our audience. That's why we're not ready yet. Let's get on it. Agreed?

To clarify This information can be in the form of memes of course but I'm just saying we should shift focus to providing easily digested foundational facts to start building up. THE OUTLINE WAS OUR NEXT OP. We were sort of on track about releasing a memo, but these are our broken down talking points. More specific red pills. Create the outline of each individual bullet, and allow our audience to digest that broken down, softgel mini capsule before the giant hard tablet that is the #memo

368d96 No.117321

File: 6d5935c838187ac⋯.jpg (240.95 KB, 1400x686, 100:49, Obama2ndCom.jpg)

File: 5576ba52e6b53b6⋯.jpg (53.74 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Obama4 Years Ago.jpg)

File: 5ac710525850438⋯.jpg (79.33 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Obama29MSingapore.jpg)

File: 63ff156e58060dc⋯.jpg (77.64 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Obama 363 tons cash.jpg)

File: 146aba6b50f34a9⋯.jpg (46.45 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Obama antichrist.jpg)

6eba78 No.117322


I thought Taylor was cuckoo but past events and my recent analysis has proved him to be eeriely accurate. Once you realize that Petra, Jordan, named as a safe place in the bible, was inhabited by a warlike people and easily defended, you then realize that the USA is inhabited by a warlike people and easily defended… plus we have 350 years of Christian heritage.

There is a miracle occurring here in the United States and by the time it is over the entire country will never look the same again.

82bba6 No.117323


Just hoping AS is in CAT 3

[8] FIRED.


Possible SUICIDES.

++ / + TICK TOCK.


a1e311 No.117324



85680e No.117325


It will take just one arrest of the big name dems to blow that bs right out of the water. This is Bigger Week. Next week is Biggest Week.

Please God and all the angels, something has got to happen soon to make the sheep follow the shepherd and not the wind

368d96 No.117326


Here's a 2nd batch, anon.


085600 No.117327


We stormed Twatter and proved that their 'russian bots' narrative was bullshit. Which also proved their 2016 Election Russia Manipulated Social Media narrative is also bullshit. Which negates the Mueller Investigation as bullshit. We provided proof of a steaming pile of MSM bullshit.

8b6e5e No.117328




b3d19d No.117329


Sweet :)

6eba78 No.117330


Amen to that. That's exactly what is going on and *they* are powerless. Revelations 2:9 and 3:9

104e77 No.117331


So these MUTHAFUKERS are trying to DOX us and put a type of software on our fucking devices?!! Then someone asks what they will do with the information regarding those they dox and one person says "look up Seth Rich"….FUK THESE FUKERS!!!

I pray Q is on top of this since he promised WE ARE ALL SAFE!!!

cf4038 No.117332


fake AND gay, one post wonder faggot

a1e311 No.117333

7e5246 No.117334


Thank Gun Owners of America, too - they're awesome.

85680e No.117335


And this is exactly what our counter argument memes need to say!

9dffe1 No.117336


Agree….infomemes work well. Not to much info..just a blurb

And cats…ppl fucking love cats

f39626 No.117337


>Yet we're the ones who have read ALL of the wikileaks, FBI Anon drops, etc. etc.

Per Chris Cuomo, Patriots reading wikileaks is illegal. Only MSM contractors can do that.

33dd38 No.117338


>We've been at this a few short months

With Q yes…but overall its been years for most. GEOTUS needs to fix their control on the net (hosting and domain) so (((they))) can't take down conservatives whenever they please. That will kick all of this into high gear.

bd5c4f No.117339


Now that is odd, can't find out who his parents were. They are not listed anywhere in his information that I have seen.

d0c44b No.117340

File: 0882b0ca36b549e⋯.jpg (66.29 KB, 700x364, 25:13, Did you #ReadTheMemo 39.jpg)

File: 43a545d2f4aeb0a⋯.jpg (86.16 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Did you #ReadTheMemo 40.jpg)

File: 311169e44ee8dea⋯.jpg (195.36 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Did you #ReadTheMemo 41.jpg)

File: d0146fc3268a3ee⋯.jpg (78.2 KB, 580x386, 290:193, Did you #ReadTheMemo 43.jpg)

File: 29b4a45a10811be⋯.jpg (150.4 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, Did you #ReadTheMemo 44.jpg)


1fd72c No.117341


"Them" anon.. easy fix

76dcf0 No.117342

File: 2117098d8eca31c⋯.jpg (47.55 KB, 500x386, 250:193, 1511922250679.jpg)


nazi looking cuck huh

fba60d No.117343


Kek. Try us - this board taught itself Russian in 24 hours. Beep Boop.

481f87 No.117344

They made a tactical error by allowing Obama to go first.

I believe it was supposed to be Hillary first but BHO was doing so well in the primary, they changed their plan.

This tactical mistake is what saved us. BHO could have beaten Trump due to being the "1st black president" and America would be in the throes of death right now.

Thank God for Trump & Q

e2dec1 No.117345

File: 7ab59d86429a3ee⋯.jpg (8.57 KB, 120x34, 60:17, Gate.JPG)

2f49ae No.117346


We are, to an extent, safe, and for an obvious reason: we're civilians.

In the world of MI, we're neither M nor I, which is gold for us and a terrible liability for the bad guys.

The second any one of them goes after one of the minutemen here, the good guys will rain down a shitstorm of colossal proportions.

After all, we're just civilians on a message board. Why would a bad actor go after some online rando? One of us falls, and the entire thing is given legitimacy, the last thing the bad actors want, as they've been fighting to keep it secret to save their skins for so long.

We're fine, the good guys are fine. The bad guys are all kinds of fucked.

11c400 No.117347


These are all excellent, Anon! Great work!

Thank you!

e24b94 No.117348


consider that the SAP special access programs are essentially being outsourced into contractors.

78275f No.117349


Makes it sound to much like we're fighting each other and not a greater enemy.

The message should about unity and coming together.

4fa881 No.117350

>"SAP levels" refers to Special Access Programs (SAPs) that are meant to safeguard information deemed more classified than even "top secret.

SAPS on Hillary's server- a few articles-



http:// uk.businessinsider.com/hillary-clinton-email-server-top-secret-sap-2016-1?r=US&IR=T

95c9f6 No.117351

File: 528a98e12783b05⋯.png (251.98 KB, 499x376, 499:376, Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at ….png)

Meme-makers, this is good fodder (from an actual campaign)

9977bf No.117352


Body was embalmed. No way to do autopsy once thats done. However, thats up to the coroner on whether the body goes to crime lab or funeral home. But there are many ways to kill that look natural.

b00472 No.117353

File: d920c49c25d986a⋯.jpg (35.47 KB, 640x366, 320:183, brock chat.jpg)


> dont groundhog day me if you wanted to keep this under wraps.

dude this has been around for ages.. it had quite a lot of coverage at the time.

There is not much sauce but it looked real at the time i remember.

http: //halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/news/world-news/1486-breaking-correct-the-record-given-nsa-hacking-tools-prior-to-election-intended-to-dox-trump-supporters-using-twitter-reddit-4chan-8-chan-seth-rich-tactics-murder

80155b No.117354

File: 4ecdfd4726a897c⋯.png (12.99 KB, 318x302, 159:151, dyk1.PNG)

File: 2187f5f97bf634d⋯.png (15.16 KB, 485x212, 485:212, dyk2.PNG)


Do You Know 3x in Chorus & 3x in Q post, NO COINCIDENCES

eaf7f6 No.117355


>American people would not understand it


We need to make tons of memes to show we already understand it. Q-like questions are better than statements

1. Does the memo factually demonstrate collusion at highest levels?

2. Does the memo factually demonstrate Obama admin weaponized INTEL community to ensure Dem victory? ("Insurance?)

3. Does the memo factually demonstrate 'knowingly false intel' provided to FISA Judges to obtain warrant(s)?

95c9f6 No.117356

22b92c No.117357

Narrative intercept [4am].

Nov 14, 2017 04:11:51 AM THANK YOU to the amazing staff and their families of the United States Embassy in the Philippines. Keep up the GREAT WORK! https:// t.co/3ABVXTsJM0

Nov 10, 2017 04:50:25 AM In more and more places throughout this region, citizens of SOVEREIGN and INDEPENDENT nations have taken greater control of their destinies, and unlocked the potential of their people. #APEC2017 https:// t.co/a570IIGe0I

Nov 10, 2017 04:32:07 AM Throughout my travels, I've had the pleasure of sharing the good news from America. I've had the honor of sharing our vision for a free & open Indo-Pacific – a place where sovereign & independent nations, w/diverse cultures & many different dreams, can all prosper side-by-side. https:// t.co/qBOCY3u7YV

Oct 13, 2017 04:36:54 AM The Democrats ObamaCare is imploding. Massive subsidy payments to their pet insurance companies has stopped. Dems should call me to fix!

Sep 20, 2017 04:59:48 AM RT @Scavino45: .@POTUS @realDonaldTrump and @UN Secretary-General @AntonioGuterres pose for📸prior to their expanded bilateral meeting. #USA…

Sep 20, 2017 04:53:55 AM Thank you Jacob! https:// t.co/Wjjrv6KTVT

The Trump Tweets i could find at 4 am in the morning… just thinking not sure if its anything.

2119f1 No.117358


YW anon!

2bc6bd No.117359

File: 4ed36ce6daf3349⋯.jpg (49.97 KB, 650x520, 5:4, riders.jpg)

3fb652 No.117360


WJC succumbs, liberal msm insist ml ?

459529 No.117361

9dffe1 No.117362

Serious…I hate to be a bitch about it, but I cant stand that. Most of my followers have emojis….so juvenile >>117345

e370b5 No.117363


That moment brought tears to my eyes, I remember it clearly. I had been a brainwashed cultural marxist that was all about ego and death wishes for a long fucking time. Then slowly, during the election, the chans took my head out of my ass and, in retrospect, the moment when I heard these beautiful words was a huge climax in my red pill process. It is incredible that such simple words could be so profound, but such is the power of fantasy-land in keeping people demoralized (cough Bezmenov cough). God bless Q, the shitposter in chief, and all involved: you saved my life so I will fight as much as I can beside you to save the world.

b3d19d No.117364



No problem!

e71824 No.117365


The narrative intercept we need to be preparing for is that Sessions and Nunes are Russian Operatives. We need to be prepared to counter that narrative starting at 4AM tomorrow.

a11e2e No.117366


Normies will have no idea who that refers to

b00472 No.117367


only reason i mention it here no is that some anon in last bread mentioned 18-2381

06054d No.117368


william jefferson clinton

marshall law

dfd44e No.117369

change the dice to 3 6s


95c9f6 No.117370


I totally understand, anon, but emojis are much harder to detect and censor.

035cce No.117372


these are excellent

82bba6 No.117373


Agree it's McTreason, but JohnFitzgeraldKerry's pompous ass probably has a foundation under the Heinz name. Another senator killed in a plane crash.

1e05a9 No.117374


German AF could be refueling. Either headed back to Germany or west to Nellis for a Red Flag or other Exercise.

Saw the French refueling at Hampton, VA once when I was returning home on a commercial jet. Thought maybe they had landed and surrendered :-)

e2dec1 No.117375


It was a joke dude.

I agree with you, it was to show their intelligence.

Not sure that hashtag would get any traction even if it was possible.

cf4038 No.117376


MARTIAL law, not marshall

76dcf0 No.117377


mikeshell with no make up hurts muh eyes

41826f No.117378


Hope (and cautiously believing) you are correct. Though the LV witnesses who were organising come to mind - as they were civilians who were taken out). Let's pray that the cornered animal is defanged, and fast.

426c49 No.117379




d7f505 No.117380


16 year plan = Just the latest episode in a long series, now interrupted and season cancelled

82bba6 No.117381


John Heinz

cf66a2 No.117382





41166e No.117383


They didn't steal them lol.

They copied them.

And at the right time it'll be "Oh, look what we found".

22b92c No.117384

File: 283aeeb45dae8a5⋯.jpg (619.53 KB, 2400x1600, 3:2, mad_maxine.jpg)


oh okay. makes sense. been in too long. brain is on overload or overlord. can't tell which anymore

(pic related lol)

42422f No.117385

I've had enough! Look at the last 48 hours!

From Schumer to Cernovich, marches to beatings…. I'm sick of it! The whole argument is to call us Nazis and racists and run away. I'm tired of that action being "justified" and even "celebrated".

We need to take this mess to the streets. It's time we SHOW them who we are. We are NOT the people of "hatred" or "violence." We ARE the victims of it. How long are we going to let them poke the bear?

We need to get organized. We need to USE what we know! Passing around memes only goes so far. People need to be informed and SHOWN the truth. We have pieces scattered everywhere, but no CENTRAL townsquare.

What the hell can we do to fix this?


(not a shill. Not a distraction from research.)


(end rant: Please, consider.)

b2e06d No.117386

There is a serious lack of Memes for Twitter censoring tweets and trends. Can anyone cobble some together?

46ba8c No.117387


Sid Blumenthal is a possibility IMO….he was the one always emailing her with foreign intelligence summaries. Aside from being a long-time Clinton adviser, he as a background in journalism and film (Mockingbird?) and we are all aware of the Clinton's CIA ties…

704317 No.117388


Remember when oldfags told you about OPSEC and we got laughed at and ignored.

677a03 No.117389


Awesome GiftedAnon!

e24b94 No.117390

Why are we not doing a flyer campaign when they are so hard to censor?

b0ba27 No.117391


>They're fighting to save themselves from the gallows, so, yeah, it's going to get uglier.

MUCH, MUCH uglier. These people are really stupid.

1e05a9 No.117392


Well, that depends a lot on where you worked ;-)

efcf9c No.117393

File: 502454f43ead453⋯.jpg (48.84 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 233py1.jpg)

File: 036313749b1b5c9⋯.jpg (39.46 KB, 720x266, 360:133, 233q04.jpg)

dd69f5 No.117394

https:// www.theblaze.com/news/2018/01/21/breaking-fbi-admits-it-failed-to-preserve-five-months-of-text-messages-from-anti-trump-fbi-agent

035cce No.117395


Q said before that many were in a coerced situation. Time will tell.

211c35 No.117396

File: 262660114921cea⋯.jpg (943.31 KB, 1983x1167, 661:389, conanhaiti.jpg)

File: 831cb7679432282⋯.png (283.08 KB, 332x601, 332:601, conan mu.png)

Just dropping this one I made. and a transparent conan could be useful to show the slums in haiti.

Now, back to research and lurking!

8ab7f6 No.117397

Ok boyz and goils - put on your 10 foil hats for a minute because this one is "out there".

Do you belief in weather modification? Right now there is a tornado in Talahina, OK. Debris in the air is being reported. What else is in Talahina, OK. An ISIS training camp. Temps there the past week have been hovering around 10 degrees with wind chills sub zero. Uncanny warm-up and a very localized tornado. Hmmm…

469087 No.117398

File: 7ee6bb4de9c84dc⋯.jpg (41.51 KB, 384x326, 192:163, scalia2.jpg)

7e2133 No.117399

File: bc9aa6ed175f3de⋯.png (217.7 KB, 312x519, 104:173, obamagate.PNG)

7e5246 No.117400


the last rites are not given if you're dead.

perhaps he was given a special blessing.

85023e No.117401



Why DONT we have the necessary data to understand? A year of investigation - release that too. If POSchiff can figure it out, so can we.

3092b3 No.117402

Another big drop from Q while I'm away from keyboard. Smh.

>Destruction of opposing MSM/other news outlets (censoring), CLAS 1-59


>Pure EVIL.

>Narrative intercept [4am].

Anyone know what that square box suppose to be?

104e77 No.117403


Good will ALWAYS TRUMP bad!!!

Light will ALWAYS reveal the darkness!

4ceeee No.117404


With all due respect I do not think the case is closed yet on Elon Musk

/agree no one gets a free pass but I heard alleged MI stating that he is a Patriot.

maybe the ZUMA launch changed that but - jus sayin

a11e2e No.117405


we need a meme with his underwear on his head as he spouts that drivel

8682eb No.117406


>The Trump Tweets i could find at 4 am in the morning… just thinking not sure if its anything.

Trump over-riding the MSM talking points on any given day.

Schiff was on CNN yesterday downplaying the MEMO already, and saying the 'Russian bots' took over twitter on #schumershutdown.

20a13f No.117407


It's okay to ask about Q

22b92c No.117408


its being fixed anon. its our job to meme the normies to calm them. they respond to memes and short snippets of facts. then they will dive into our research from the last few months/years that is being put together by US! all of us… we did do something.you just have not stepped back to see it yet.

cf4038 No.117409


Closing in?

10ae42 No.117410


5b73bb No.117411

File: a7ab7567e0076b2⋯.jpg (88.67 KB, 787x1054, 787:1054, 12115_777.jpg)


Universal Cosmic Love is the solution for EVERYTHING

7e5246 No.117412


they were half way there . . . sobering thought.

3212e8 No.117413


>not a shill

Yes, you are a shill, we are anonymous for a reason you faggot, fuck off you glowclown.

e2dec1 No.117414





Shit close enough…

12f302 No.117415

I think NK was to be where those in power would live when "she" won. I think they still thought they could take over so that's why they continued to install networks and other resources/amenities (hotels, houses,etc.)

I think that if they had taken over they would have used an EMP on part of America to kill/control population. Meanwhile they sold have been safe in their "NK" compound.

346d35 No.117416

File: 5d2854b3ed6aa76⋯.jpg (53.97 KB, 405x720, 9:16, 233q4y.jpg)

File: 38c9cdc3b52d97e⋯.jpg (87.1 KB, 664x441, 664:441, 233pu7.jpg)

File: 156b0a6f59b8eb9⋯.jpg (92.19 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 233plz.jpg)

File: 31d0a1fc963b03b⋯.jpg (91.59 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 233pc5.jpg)

Any Ideas appreciated lads

de8ef8 No.117417

File: b0a89742971292d⋯.jpg (473.49 KB, 1069x983, 1069:983, Raleigh.jpg)

File: dff573c252ecca7⋯.jpg (316.56 KB, 1027x901, 1027:901, Dayton.jpg)

Can another planefag please take these over? I have to leave now and after tracking them for so long, I really want to know where they both land.

Red Arrow over and out.

18314c No.117418


Amen to that Anon!!!

52a1df No.117419




I hate Clapper too. But if it was a classified program, he could not reveal its existence. It appears he was between a rock and a hard place. Even saying "I would prefer to discuss that in closed session" would give a clue away. The fault is that the law allowed it, or the classified program existed in violation of the law, and since Clapper was probably involved in that, he could be punished accordingly.

For perjury though, I think he has a valid excuse IF he clarified the matter in closed session. This is the right question to ask, in my opinion. Did he?

f21697 No.117420


That's a good song. Now it's kinda spooky. Neat!

8682eb No.117421


EM got caught in the act of betrayal already. He'll never be a patriot, just a coward who turned to save his own skin.

33dd38 No.117422


>American people wouldn't understand it.

The same americans who've been destroying everything being tossed at them for years. If Vegas didn't work, nothing will.

22b92c No.117423


dubs of cosmic truth. may KEK be with you

9dffe1 No.117424

It is true though….I see people with about 10 emojis after their name. It makes me nuts bcs its goofy and chaotic. I like nice, clean presentation. >>117375

e71824 No.117425






Need good ideas, and the focus to hit them hard to provide cover for the white hats.

68a0bb No.117427


WEll… Using their own weapons against them… .gotta be proud

9dffe1 No.117428



ac0a60 No.117429


But don't the Awan brothers factor in here somehow?

426c49 No.117430

File: 722ebb2259fb5ba⋯.jpeg (80.54 KB, 600x436, 150:109, 24CAD83F-8680-4300-AEA1-4….jpeg)

82bba6 No.117431


not WPatterson?

459529 No.117432


Welcome patriot. Honored to have you fight beside us!

20a13f No.117433


With no due respect, he's a Clown.

8d6072 No.117434

File: 1d5c4a4d9c3207d⋯.png (324.63 KB, 1291x849, 1291:849, 31315.png)

File: 82428018886ad5b⋯.png (43.85 KB, 740x632, 185:158, 31315b.png)

https:// foia.state.gov/Search/results.aspx?searchText=clinton&beginDate=&endDate=&publishedBeginDate=&publishedEndDate=&caseNumber=

41826f No.117435


Q has organised us on the web for a reason. We are decentralised and effective as well as safer here. Please do not try to provoke us to the streets - that is where a movement is vulnerable to coopting by bad actors and Soros-funded plants fomenting violence and misrepresentation. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt (for now) that you are frustrated and not a subtle agent-provocateur. We have been assigned the asymmetric battlefield of SM - take to it with your redpills for the normies.

efcf9c No.117436

File: 385e04916da40da⋯.jpg (102.11 KB, 741x499, 741:499, 233qc4.jpg)

9867b8 No.117437


Looking for them.

dd69f5 No.117439


#RussianBoogeyman is a good one.

c330fb No.117440


not a box… closed brackets

3dfcbd No.117441

File: 7a2a14e3e79a621⋯.jpg (70.66 KB, 704x912, 44:57, zukerfuck.jpg)

File: afa162c6bb7f16a⋯.jpg (58.79 KB, 750x747, 250:249, jack-attack.jpg)

86f563 No.117442

File: 1d979654b18db09⋯.png (558.54 KB, 1000x523, 1000:523, shumerquote2b.png)

499c6f No.117443

We need last meal memes for nancy’s democrat dinner tonight.

Also, want to put forward that I think this dinner is weird. All democrats supposedly.

Would be a great time and place for an fales flag/escape.

9dffe1 No.117444

Yea…I call bullshit on that too. If I can breed, I can figure out the damn memo>>117401

18314c No.117445

Here for duty loading my twat meme cannon amd firi g away…what hashtags should target 2nite?

d0c44b No.117446

File: 88200847bb00aa8⋯.jpg (675.05 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Did you #ReadTheMemo 02.jpg)

File: 08937f810dbfce2⋯.jpg (248.81 KB, 1910x1000, 191:100, Did you #ReadTheMemo 03.jpg)

File: 69492d92dd2f1d0⋯.jpg (63.43 KB, 620x413, 620:413, Did you #ReadTheMemo 04.jpg)

File: c0b39268dad6ded⋯.jpg (148.03 KB, 275x183, 275:183, Did you #ReadTheMemo 05.jpg)


c595ba No.117447

File: 8be24eac2753fe0⋯.jpg (55.08 KB, 763x574, 109:82, memo_truth_3.JPG)

aa389a No.117448

Heads up - shooting in Manhattan near Empire State Bldg

https:// www.rt.com/usa/416589-manhattan-shooting-empire-state/

9ea0b0 No.117449


If this is god tier shit poster. Gotta say Donnie, you put a bunch of lads who thought they had shitposting talent to shame

95c9f6 No.117450


Possible, however, he had to get it from someone. IIRC, you have to be physically moved to a place to see the intel.

8ab7f6 No.117452

File: ac138c864d353d5⋯.png (1.96 MB, 1429x665, 1429:665, tornado.png)


https:// clarionproject.org/muslims-americas-talihina-ok/

pic related.

btw – tornados in January EXTREMELY rare.

33dd38 No.117453


>flyer campaign

Showing your face. I've found online mass red pilling (on their platforms) + friends/family (slow crumb) is the optimal path.

22b92c No.117454


from general area up there. can happen without weather modification… weather in that part of the US very crazy, can blizzard one day tornado the next. BUT that being said if it were modification then Yayuss. Sweet. Kill ISIS

eaf7f6 No.117455


YES!! This is the best approach!

Libs have no idea what the memo is about! They are sooo oblivious.

We need to make it look like they reeeeeally want to see it!

Can you make the bottom line bigger?

And they said best pic size for twatter is 1305x727 if you can resize

efcf9c No.117456

File: 95afe08f4a5e102⋯.jpg (48.36 KB, 649x396, 59:36, 233qgm.jpg)

95c9f6 No.117457



cf66a2 No.117458

#AmericansNotRussians ?

efcf9c No.117460

File: a496c1937134a95⋯.jpg (115.98 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 22ziqn.jpg)

File: 05d448856cbf91d⋯.jpg (102.79 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 22zjlp.jpg)

File: 5f7fd5d247a7d4c⋯.jpg (76.77 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 22zk4s.jpg)

File: 569574a870eaba4⋯.jpg (67.08 KB, 750x499, 750:499, 22zkdh.jpg)

f3aa78 No.117461



299d31 No.117462



I for one will be very disappointed if they don't take down the WHOLE BEAST.

e53ff5 No.117463


I think it's a bit late for Brock trying to dox us. The cat is way out of the bag. Too many people have awakened, and the memo will arrive soon. They're more fucked than Obama in a bath house.

85023e No.117464


He was on CNN telling the American people they are too stupid to understand, and the memo would not be released so as to save them from confusion and bewilderment. Doing US a favor.

cf66a2 No.117465


Correction, Twatter says 1024x512

ac5fa1 No.117466



Put out 1, 5, 10+. Hand write them if you have to. Leave them in grocery carts, inside newspaper boxes, anywhere that wont get you in trouble.

32e14c No.117467


Local Trial Courts already make slaves of litigants.

efcf9c No.117468

File: f4cd5f71b7036a1⋯.jpg (39.7 KB, 380x380, 1:1, 22zku5.jpg)

File: d1d18c819fbfaa1⋯.jpg (120.3 KB, 749x500, 749:500, 22zl2o.jpg)

File: 6effce8f3ea8c4e⋯.jpg (80.84 KB, 667x499, 667:499, 22zm9o.jpg)

File: 4d07cdf07507fdb⋯.jpg (119.38 KB, 800x500, 8:5, 22znnf.jpg)

cf66a2 No.117469

#PatriotsNotRussians ?

4dbd40 No.117470


Yes. Awans

cf4038 No.117471


BLOCKED is entering approach airspace near Cincinnati

368d96 No.117472


When researching other names, sometimes whole family lines have been "scrubbed" from the geneology sites, wikipedia, etc. Actually, not being able to find ordinary information is kind of tell-tale, isn't it.

Two possible reasons come to mind.

1. If the parents and relatives are obvious Khazarian bloodline type names.

2. If the person is an intelligence plant with a fake identity.

I have no way of knowing if either of those reasons apply to Huffman.

52a1df No.117473


yeah, here the number in brackets seems to be the number of years remaining. I don't think that is always what square brackets mean.

efcf9c No.117474

File: e822f2a90ecc8b3⋯.jpg (113.61 KB, 888x500, 222:125, 22zoaq.jpg)

File: 3fb2ba3d4e67c83⋯.jpg (91 KB, 674x500, 337:250, 22zota - Copy.jpg)

File: 215b8150ec0c8e7⋯.jpg (97.95 KB, 500x590, 50:59, 22zp8m.jpg)

File: 97679e8e61e5e99⋯.jpg (63.04 KB, 620x350, 62:35, 22ztkm.jpg)

426c49 No.117475

File: 61c0889e155e47a⋯.jpeg (126.02 KB, 741x499, 741:499, F4619E22-2A62-497F-87A9-2….jpeg)

db554f No.117476

File: e6c479d0c7936ab⋯.jpeg (99.4 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 5C9A9465-AC30-49F5-B97D-0….jpeg)

File: 3af5ae7dc1760b2⋯.jpeg (114.11 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 39D19B09-5AFB-474A-BB1A-B….jpeg)

File: 640bfe4149aefae⋯.jpeg (72.12 KB, 800x800, 1:1, B779C603-33AA-4543-A086-2….jpeg)

File: b34f7782eca2c75⋯.jpeg (96.22 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 72E2A175-CD67-4FBA-83DE-0….jpeg)

035cce No.117477


they would know, wouldnt they? Buncha commies

22b92c No.117478


he had an [i] then something about a missing i…

is the closed bracket the missing i? again, i am speculating.

db4640 No.117480


I myself was not sure about Charlie Johnson, but a lot of what he prophesized is coming true. He is not formally acknowledged by the Roman Catholic Church as a prophet.

The Overview

Here now is an overview of what Charlie indicates is to come, in broad strokes as we understand them.

1. The current state we are in: We are living what Charlie foretold, a worldwide civil war being waged on cultural and societal norms which he has called “the Storm.” It began in 2009, is continually intensifying and will include a complete collapse so that life, as we know it, will be totally altered. The Old System is dying. Everything will soon come down, including our infrastructure.

2. Since the inception of Charlie’s website, he has fostered a life-giving message: Acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around you. It is reiterated again and again on his website, for it is the way in which each of us can best proceed, cope and thrive, both now and through the most difficult days of the Storm yet to come.

3. The complete collapse will bring a period of chaos. Exactly how long this period will last is in God’s Knowledge. He alone knows the details and timelines, all safely and securely held in His Divine Providence.

(For more on how to view prophecy, please read this article: https:// charliej373.wordpress.com/2016/01/08/through-a-glass-darkly/ )

We do know this will be a tough phase. We will experience a worldwide economic collapse. Even now, economic experts have been sounding the alarm of the increasingly tenuous state of the worldwide economy. The American political system is imploding before our eyes. God has a new way of governing coming in our future, since we’ll need some sort of system as a society. Charlie has advised that we wait on the Lord to guide us in His new way for us. Certainly, it will be developed with God’s Law as the undergirding focus of our hearts.

4. While Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential race, Charlie has conveyed there will not be a smooth transfer of power from our current President Obama to President-elect Trump. Further, Charlie has been asked by the Lord to develop a plan for a Regency period, a transitional time which ensues after the old order has completely died and before we embark with God on our new way of governing.

5. Through all these difficult events, people will be spiritually awakened and, we pray, as many souls as possible will choose to turn back to God. For all of us, clergy and laity alike, ample opportunities will be open to help others spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, in every way possible. So important to remember is that *God* isn't doing this to us. WE have brought this mess into our lives via all the ways we have turned our backs on Him and left Him out of our lives. WE have broken His Covenant with us. He *does* have a Plan to bring us back and give us another chance… this time to rebuild with HIM at the center of our rebuilding.

6. After the wildly chaotic time is over and rebuild begins, the west will unite with Russia and, together, will confront Islam. Charlie has stated that once this confrontation is engaged, Islam will be shattered with mass conversions through the intercession of Our Lady. Even now, conversions are underway via visions of Jesus and Mary.

7. We will then face an even greater challenge: a formidable confrontation with China, a tool of the satan. We will strive mightily yet we will not prevail.

8. Charlie has been told by Archangel Gabriel that Blessed Mother will Rescue us from our struggle with China. Near the end of next year, 2017, Our Lady the Immaculate Conception, miraculously and visible to all, will intervene to Rescue us.

After the Rescue, we will have a considerable amount of work to do as we continue to clean up the damage caused by the Storm. It seems the Regent will remain for several months into 2018 to help do this. In mid-2018, the Regent will retire as the sovereignty and government will have then been returned to the people of the United States. At that time, the government will again become the responsibility of the people. Charlie has often said we will not live in heaven until we reach heaven. Instead, in our ordinary lives with hearts renewed, we will love and serve the Lord and others. The main message which Charlie has promoted will readily serve us and our neighbors as we continue to: Acknowledge God, take next right steps, and be a sign of hope to those around us.

The Prayer of Miraculous Trust

Charlie has been given the Prayer of Miraculous Trust which he has been told will have great efficacy in these times. It can be found here:

https:// charliej373.wordpress.com/prayer-of-miraculous-trust

3b62f8 No.117481


RE Hashtags

Q said "where we go one we go all" right?

Maybe Q wants us stick with one hashtag get it trending- then when twitter kills it We ALL move to the next #

Rinse repeat...

Diluting among 5 # makes them all trend 1/5 of the impact


bcc5cb No.117482


Damn, this guy is going to be prime minister.

36a5b0 No.117483

Check out this section from Q team's major drop this morning:


Eliminate final rogue_ops within Gov't/MIL

KILL economy [starve/need/enslave]

Open borders

Revise Constitution

Ban sale of firearms (2nd amen removal)

Install 'on team' SC justices> legal win(s) across spectrum of challengers (AS 187)

Removal of electoral college [pop vote ^easier manipulation/illegal votes/Soros machines]

Limit/remove funding of MIL


Read from the bottom up, using only the first letters.

I Q team trying to tell us: Lynn de Rothschild is BROKE?


If you think it's worthy, add to the dough.

efcf9c No.117484

File: af116e67c91a5ca⋯.jpg (32.25 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 22zvc2.jpg)

File: e017da59c40c63b⋯.jpg (101.06 KB, 500x837, 500:837, 22zytt (1).jpg)

File: 2406042b0a2f654⋯.jpg (91.84 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 22zyxz.jpg)

File: 341e82b02c3004e⋯.jpg (89.33 KB, 713x500, 713:500, 22zz1b.jpg)

e71824 No.117485



Really like this one. If bread maker can help concentrate our attention, let’s beat them to the punch tomorrow.

efcf9c No.117486


Better. Thanks, anon.

1e05a9 No.117487


Don't know why they would go there. Not arguing just don't have an idea for them going there. Normally GAF birds that come over here are the fighter types: Tornado for example. They go play at Nellis or in some other exercise.

If you have a good explanation for them going to WP, I'm all ears.

3092b3 No.117488






Thanks anons for clarifying

Kinda sucks waking up to Q hinting that AS death being a hit. Always felt like it was since he was at some party before suddenly passing…

Just didn't want to believe it was true.

459529 No.117489



Looks like ISIS camp about to get blown away!!

32e14c No.117490


I think that sounds good. One hashtag then move to next.

bd5c4f No.117491


>http: //beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2017/06/seth-rich-petition-did-david-brock-kill-him-3522667.html

The link has a lot more of the conversation.

So Brock tracked and got the IP addresses for all Trump supporters on reddit, 4chan, 8 chan, etc. WOW how did they get that access??? NSA etc? So HRC didn't just have Fusion GPS going and DOJ and FBI behind her. She had another group that was the ones going after Trump supporters!


cf66a2 No.117492


Baker - #PatriotsNotRussians - trend starting 4AM EST?

52a1df No.117493


He said it would not be released, meaning he can block it.

Oh hell no. We can get around him somehow.

8538ec No.117494

One thing I figured out from Q's latest drop today (1/21/18) will add more re: this extra long stringer later.:

Stage SC [AS [187]] ←—–Stage Supreme Court [Anton Scalia [Murdered]]-Example of how they do it.

efcf9c No.117495


Powerful. Good job.

f9995f No.117496


Winning BIGLY. Fuck these Elitist tards.

32e14c No.117497


Woot! Woot!

33dd38 No.117498


Exactly. IRL is far too easy to get taken down/photographed/etc. The internet evens the playing field and unites anons world wide.

e71824 No.117499


Yes, and he’s giving us their misinfo headlines they’re planning to use ahead of time. He said tomorrow they’re going to try and claim Sessions and Nunes are Russian Operatives.

Let’s forge ahead with:


e2dec1 No.117500



Almost a good theory. but the I should have been a D.

8d6072 No.117501


HRC March 13, 2013 [intercept].

9ea0b0 No.117502




Poast in news bread you dumb fucking cunts

4ceeee No.117503


Must have, because Q mentioned him again in today's POST

thanks Anon

fba60d No.117504

File: f163c2b14ffa235⋯.png (810.52 KB, 735x491, 735:491, 44.png)

41826f No.117505


While I see what you're going for here - we have the truth on our side and I feel like we shouldn't need to falsely attribute quotes to get the lefties/normies interested in the contents of the memo… IMO

68a0bb No.117506

1e05a9 No.117507


Exactly. We are a swarm of anons. Completely decentralized and uncontrollable. We are the greatest fear of those who hide in the shadows. We bring light from all directions and leave them no place to hide.

cf66a2 No.117509



Baker Please ADD to TOP of next breads


Trends tomorrow starting 4AM ET

68a0bb No.117510


What a shame…. just a shame

5fae3b No.117511


Agree #MEMO

cf4038 No.117512

BLOCKED appears to be going into Dayton, OH.

e2dec1 No.117513


Actually R should have been D and I should have been R

a1e311 No.117514


this is the most surreal thing I have ever read.

"This is an army of chaos folks." HA

cf66a2 No.117515


Start making memes for #PatriotsNotRussians

Please and thank you! I'm going to make memes now.

36a5b0 No.117516


Let's go one step further:


HRC [8] WWIII [death & weapons real/WAR FAKE & CONTROLLED][population growth control/pocket billions]

Eliminate final rogue_ops within Gov't/MIL

KILL economy [starve/need/enslave]

Open borders

Revise Constitution

Ban sale of firearms (2nd amen removal)

Install 'on team' SC justices> legal win(s) across spectrum of challengers (AS 187)

Removal of electoral college [pop vote ^easier manipulation/illegal votes/Soros machines]

Limit/remove funding of MIL

Closure of US MIL installations WW [Germany 1st]

Destruction of opposing MSM/other news outlets (censoring), CLAS 1-59



44877b No.117517


Evidence (all we know of) or SC Staged AS 187 in last Bread.

cf4038 No.117518

File: 36441aa066da4cf⋯.png (614 KB, 876x506, 438:253, Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at ….png)

f2a0f5 No.117519


DAY or Wright-Pat?

cf66a2 No.117520


Damn straight we are. THey can't control our chaos.

d0c44b No.117521

File: 0fc2c71983d24f5⋯.jpg (20.71 KB, 305x165, 61:33, Did you #ReadTheMemo 08.jpg)

File: 1daa9212a98d034⋯.jpg (89.36 KB, 540x405, 4:3, Did you #ReadTheMemo 09.jpg)

File: fe783d2b33be6e1⋯.jpg (147.9 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Did you #ReadTheMemo 10.jpg)

File: 70961322a9d0084⋯.jpg (66.06 KB, 768x384, 2:1, Did you #ReadTheMemo 14.jpg)

File: 5a3c96f18805cbb⋯.jpg (65.56 KB, 605x328, 605:328, Did you #ReadTheMemo 18.jpg)



f3aa78 No.117522



Would be good to keep brainstorming/developing future hashtags though

efcf9c No.117523

File: d813bed9943b693⋯.jpg (84.07 KB, 620x400, 31:20, 233qus.jpg)

c330fb No.117524


Kek is powerful to say the least

cd77ed No.117525

So, is there anyone here who still believes some of the bad guys were taken to Gitmo after Christmas?

Or have we moved on?

315bb9 No.117526

File: 36445b4dbaee989⋯.png (965.61 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_16YearPlan_Hu….png)

File: e45f7b82084dc6a⋯.png (948.5 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_16YearPlan_HR….png)

File: 5ea59eaca24b197⋯.png (1.68 MB, 1111x1471, 1111:1471, Q_BiteCrumbs_16YearPlan.png)

3092b3 No.117527


Is this from the Disney wax museum?


9dffe1 No.117528

File: cf83b80740427d5⋯.jpg (70.76 KB, 833x701, 833:701, CDb_FPSUkAAd69n.jpg)

Before they kicked Clint Eastwood off twitter, he would regularly savage Obama

0bc38b No.117529

Anyone noticing the similarities between the info/trends and Fatima/Marian prophecy?

9ea0b0 No.117530


But who is LRI

e71824 No.117531


Focus on meme’s countering tomorrow’s narrative that Nunes and Sessions are Russian Operatives. ==#PatriotsNotRussians==

e2dec1 No.117532


So what is LRI?

a54ad9 No.117533


The plan was 8 yrs Obama/8 yrs Hillary=16 yrs.

911 and Bush will be dealt with later, not now. Patience.

cf4038 No.117534


Can't tell yet - FL49

efcf9c No.117535



36a5b0 No.117536



This is where the autists get to work. I have no idea.

Rearrange letters?

HRC BROKE IRL (In Real Life)

368d96 No.117537

File: d62b6a26911c71a⋯.jpg (59.93 KB, 650x520, 5:4, RidersOnTheStormREEEE.jpg)


I fucking love this, Anon. Here's back at ya.

fba60d No.117538


I know - it is almost too good. He might as well have said its an ancient Egyptian chaos god and that has raised a goddamn army against us.

2f49ae No.117539

File: cf443a0f3e51095⋯.jpg (54.06 KB, 750x600, 5:4, CG.jpg)

f2a0f5 No.117540

File: 5860a0d6d345f06⋯.jpeg (616.42 KB, 2912x1020, 728:255, p134.jpeg)


PIZZA13 just pulled a near Crazy Ivan

eaf7f6 No.117541





cf4038 No.117543

Blocked just dropped from scope

86f563 No.117544


I took care of all of that + ammo months ago.

95c9f6 No.117545


All stop, quick quiet!

5b73bb No.117546


Good call.

Remember the true cabalists don't use paper. Paper is for puppets - this comes from more Roths and cabal whistleblowers. The people that control the monetary supply cannot technically be "broke".

Lynn is low level, sorry Lynn you're a lukewarm kid.

299d31 No.117547


The best way to get ALL Americans to really accept the treason is to take down the criminal Bush Cabal along with the Clinton/Obama cabal. There is NO other good way to bring along the folks suffering Trump Delusion Syndrome.

f2a0f5 No.117548


DId you say FL490? Drone?

788b24 No.117549

FYI: Patriots (NFL) are about to win!

7e2133 No.117550

File: d6e3e696f787457⋯.png (908.33 KB, 923x462, 923:462, obamagate3.PNG)

d0c44b No.117551


Schill - focus on Q's post






5 x's

dcf512 No.117552


It's all becoming crystal clear

2e9113 No.117553


>U.S. Justice Department turns over more texts from FBI agent taken off Mueller investigation

https:// www.theglobeandmail.com/news/world/us-politics/us-justice-department-turns-over-more-texts-from-fbi-agent-taken-off-mueller-investigation/article37674998/

3d84a7 No.117554


Closed square brackets looks like a mobile phone.

b3d19d No.117555

efcf9c No.117556

File: ce8d5dfbc99eece⋯.jpg (103.81 KB, 599x500, 599:500, 233r29.jpg)

File: 05173a0f730b268⋯.jpg (68.96 KB, 852x480, 71:40, 233r2r.jpg)

e46711 No.117557


is he in the states?

9ea0b0 No.117558



Perhaps a non for profit that truly sealed the deal

cf4038 No.117559


Yes, 4900 ft. was descending into Dayton area. Holding 4900, then dropped from scope

ac5fa1 No.117560


Think of the I as a separator. Like |


fe2a78 No.117561

Meme the social media guys. Twitter, Facebook, reddit, Google. Use Q''s we hear you, we see you. Double meaning. To them they know what's coming for them. To norm is it looks like their privacy is violated. Double meaning.

2bc6bd No.117562


Much improved! ty

cf4038 No.117563

File: 1099ffe0e4086eb⋯.png (304.53 KB, 466x347, 466:347, Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at ….png)

16a8a7 No.117564


Creepy AF. Good job anon.

82bba6 No.117565


Jesus, Q fucking said hashtag Memo

#Memo shifts narrative.

#Memo reinstates SESSIONS' authority re: Russia/ALL.

#Memo factually demonstrates collusion at highest levels.

#Memo factually demonstrates HUSSEIN ADMIN weaponized INTEL community to ensure D victory [+insurance].

#Memo factually demonstrates 'knowingly false intel' provided to FISA Judges to obtain warrant(s).

f41798 No.117566

File: 33ebb6d56dd554c⋯.jpg (60.79 KB, 400x601, 400:601, husseintreason.jpg)

File: 5c6c02b4517cd51⋯.jpg (94.35 KB, 960x560, 12:7, mondaysessions.jpg)

76dcf0 No.117567

File: 71c6515da5fbabe⋯.gif (1.5 MB, 720x404, 180:101, IF6PrB.gif)

96bc84 No.117568

File: 3b297addd20a3b8⋯.jpg (204.16 KB, 955x603, 955:603, change.jpg)

Really weird flight path change.

3092b3 No.117569


Just checking number






Just checking why this turns into links

e2dec1 No.117570


Well the rest works when read backwards.

There is a LRI Energy company based in DC but I doubt it has anything to do with it.

e71824 No.117571

File: bee02bcaad82ec4⋯.jpeg (128.49 KB, 1242x192, 207:32, 45A8B13D-FE84-44DC-9E6B-8….jpeg)


Read Q’s post faggot. He gave us their narrative and said to intercept it.

29e24d No.117572




Americans are too stupid to read the #Memo.

704317 No.117573


You know anons dropped the mask fag shit YEARS ago right? It was entirely overtaken by shills and glowing niggers.

36a5b0 No.117575


Good thinking, anon!

efcf9c No.117576

File: b9759f94e6c20a0⋯.jpg (56.71 KB, 640x320, 2:1, 233r6a.jpg)

7ff9de No.117577


yes please

ac5fa1 No.117578


Near Cripple Creek.

"Up on Cripple Creek she sends me

If I spring a leak she mends me

I don't have to speak she defends me

A drunkard's dream if I ever did see one"

4462a4 No.117579

Patriots are WINNING!!!

035cce No.117582

Q verifying Scalia murder

22b92c No.117583


he is stating that he has a program given to him by someone from the NSA or access to NSA which could be Podesta or Clinton herself… this is really part of the story

10af85 No.117584


Sounds like Rep. Schiff is also Schiffing himself just like chucky boy.

9ea0b0 No.117586


Wondering if nuclear power capabilities. Is this where U1 came from?

42422f No.117587


Yes, I am frustrated. I've been in this since Halloween. I know the WHOLE story.

What is happening here IS VERY important, but don't forget to spend a few minutes on the BASICS!

Let me put it this way, fags….

In your research, do you know who's running in the next election in YOUR districts? Have you looked at these people? Have you spoken to any neighbors about it? Anyone registering pee to vote? (1mill registered in the marches this weekend!)

All the Rothchilds memes in the world won't change what a few VOTES can! Please, don't get LOST down the rabbit hole!

I'm not meaning any harm, but stay attached to the BIGGER goal!!! Remember WHY we are doing this!

2e9113 No.117588



>FBI unable to preserve some text messages from agent removed from Mueller probe

http:// thehill.com/homenews/senate/370027-fbi-unable-to-preserve-certain-text-exchanges-from-agent-removed-from-mueller

b3d19d No.117589

Last week on Q's Jan. 13 post he stated:

> [CLAS-239B_TC]



But who/what is TC?

Not sure if this was figured out before.

f4827b No.117590



cf4038 No.117591

BLOCKED did not return to my scope

dfd44e No.117592


grocery stores all have bulletin boards

96bc84 No.117593


No, Russia

921e98 No.117594

Workfag here. Want to Thank you all for the work you do.


3092b3 No.117595



6eba78 No.117597


have you seen incontrovertible proof of some of these people being out in public? Many of them have a social media handler or scheduled posts. Some of them clearly have been taken over.

22b92c No.117598

File: 0ed5a13ac89706b⋯.jpg (152.18 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Scalia_wetworks.jpg)


yes. and that should be memed like crazy especially activates the conservative even never Trumpers Almonds

efcf9c No.117599

File: cc8677f9296cd31⋯.jpg (51.94 KB, 857x500, 857:500, 233rb8.jpg)

e2dec1 No.117600


If so whould that be what broke HRC?

db4640 No.117601


187 (slang)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Section 187 (often referenced in slang simply as 187) of the California Penal Code defines the crime of murder. The number is commonly pronounced by reading the digits separately as "one-eight-seven", or "one-eighty-seven", rather than "one hundred eighty-seven."

The number "187" has been used by gangs throughout the United States as a synonym for murder; this usage has been reported as far away as Florida,[1] Wisconsin,[2] and even the United Kingdom[3] and Germany.[4]


085600 No.117602

File: 797fafcc5dd8ceb⋯.png (82.84 KB, 170x255, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

18a74c No.117603

How about a Mueller meme to release the memo, saying He’s never once suggesting I’m fired!



ac5fa1 No.117604


Yea, but if you're worried about cameras, don't do that. Accidentally leave them on restaurant tables. Be creative.

c25b86 No.117605


IDK about M Taylor, but this is always been of interest to me:

Zechariah 11:8-17

8 Three shepherds also I cut off in one month; and my soul lothed them, and their soul also abhorred me.

9 Then said I, I will not feed you: that that dieth, let it die; and that that is to be cut off, let it be cut off; and let the rest eat every one the flesh of another.

10 And I took my staff, even Beauty, and cut it asunder, that I might break my covenant which I had made with all the people.

11 And it was broken in that day: and so the poor of the flock that waited upon me knew that it was the word of the Lord.

12 And I said unto them, If ye think good, give me my price; and if not, forbear. So they weighed for my price thirty pieces of silver.

13 And the Lord said unto me, Cast it unto the potter: a goodly price that I was prised at of them. And I took the thirty pieces of silver, and cast them to the potter in the house of the Lord.

14 Then I cut asunder mine other staff, even Bands, that I might break the brotherhood between Judah and Israel.

15 And the Lord said unto me, Take unto thee yet the instruments of a foolish shepherd.

16 For, lo, I will raise up a shepherd in the land, which shall not visit those that be cut off, neither shall seek the young one, nor heal that that is broken, nor feed that that standeth still: but he shall eat the flesh of the fat, and tear their claws in pieces.

17 Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened.

bcc5cb No.117606


>Jim Jordan can't discuss anything memo related that hes mentioned in the past because he's seen it

So let's make a compilation of Jim Jordan's past memo comments.

9867b8 No.117607




Look to be going into Norfolk, VA.

Isn't there a squadron of Bell Boeing CV-22B Ospreys there already?

c595ba No.117608

File: 1565a9dada2a1ce⋯.jpg (90.53 KB, 858x669, 286:223, shutdown_why.JPG)

36a5b0 No.117609


Ahhhh, FANTASTIC thinking, anon!

519994 No.117610

File: 8d4e9abb60a4164⋯.jpg (37.11 KB, 477x750, 159:250, 68d6169b588b50b35eec4f2bf3….jpg)


Everybody relax, I’m here

baker on standby

7ff9de No.117611




no how would they get SAP access? they 'only' had congressional emails

035cce No.117612

I'm contemplating do I meme this coup? How? It's taken us months to absorb this knowledge. How do we meme info of this magnitude?

ac0a60 No.117613


Agree. Plus we know our mission is to have IRL conversations with our friends and loved ones as The Storm rages..

96bc84 No.117614


Something is up with this plane. There is no reason for a flight path change like that. If he were going that way originally he would of flow the way he did. Its like they had to turn around to get away from something.

1e05a9 No.117615


I think most of us, deep down, knew that's what happened. But there was nothing any of us could do about it.

9ea0b0 No.117616


Uranium 1 could be considered treason I would imagine. That was the first ‘scandal’ of the storm

efcf9c No.117617

b3d19d No.117618

975ba9 No.117619

File: 97fa6aadf05d9fa⋯.png (376.67 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, FISA_FIVE_updated.png)

File: 9d8ef7cac68abb6⋯.png (637.62 KB, 2224x1112, 2:1, _updated_FISA_______GATE_R….png)

Updated my graphic I called "FISA five" and "FISA Gate explained" with Q's commentary supporting explanation

Hope it helps to explain to normies

41826f No.117620


I take your point - but rest assured when the *actual HRC-vote rigging* is exposed publicly, the people will have all the motivation they need to vote. For now we are on a time-critical mission.

9ea0b0 No.117621


ChristFag elsewhere

bd5c4f No.117622

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/01/wayne-allyn-root-donald-trump-won-rigged-election/

WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: Donald Trump Won a Rigged Election

The fix was in, the election was rigged- and Trump won anyway.

All hell is breaking loose in DC. The next few weeks will be the most shocking in America’s history. The revelations about to be made public will shake this nation to its core.

Liberals who only watch CNN and MSNBC probably haven’t a clue what’s about to hit them. Trust me, that light at the end of the tunnel is a train headed straight for the Democrat Party.

We all know- thanks to former DNC Chair Donna Brazile- that Hillary rigged the Democrat presidential primary against Bernie Sanders. That was a precursor of what was to come. Does it shock anyone that someone brazen enough to rig a presidential primary would also try to rig the general election?

Don’t look now, but Donald J. Trump is the first person in world history to win an election rigged against him. Hillary- with the backing of Obama and the leadership of the FBI and DOJ- fixed the general election so Trump couldn’t win. And Trump- this relentless bull in a china shop- won anyway!

No wonder Hillary was so confident in the days leading up to Election Day. No wonder she was so shocked and distraught on Election Night. Keep in mind the point of fixing the election. It wasn’t just about Hillary winning. It was about covering up her crimes. Losing meant Hillary and her accomplices would wind up in prison.

466b17 No.117623


excellantly done there anon

683219 No.117624

Ok, don't know if my post came through so -

Saw that Q posted, updated the spreadsheet - had to go do meatspace stuff, came back and 2-3 threads behind.

Ready to make some magic!

What hashtags are we using?

Memeing the titans of social media that Q mentioned?

Please don't tell me to read the last 3 threads - that's how I got behind.

Give directions and non-shitty memes will arrive.

975ba9 No.117625

File: a12b9005011c1d1⋯.jpg (440.14 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, _updated_FISA_FIVE.jpg)

32e14c No.117626


IMO learn to follow the money as well.

Q has mentioned audits. Who audits?

Check out


It has everything we need to follow the money and stay informed from this day forward.

https:// harvester.census.gov/facweb/

788b24 No.117627

Just reread the MOAB Q post from today.

Mad all over again.

6a24cb No.117628


learn, don't hate

86f563 No.117629


Agreed. Without context or sauce, I am calling desperate (but creative) shill attempt.

If its not I am highly armed and pissed off, so bring it bitches!

7ff9de No.117630


looks like a re-route to different airport. no change in altitude so not an emergency.

cf4038 No.117631


Those are awesome. Kudos to the anon who created them.

efcf9c No.117633

File: cc5c8827fd10f50⋯.jpg (91.45 KB, 922x499, 922:499, 233ril.jpg)

22b92c No.117634

File: a47b289314ae15a⋯.png (734.8 KB, 941x529, 941:529, 9egb4skh7iiz.png)


definitely… there are many sources (book of Q drops was started along with a spreadsheet that was in "CBTS and The Storm before Q research. I will see if I can find. It should be in the Bread if i am not mistaken. that would be a good start for some writers. i am but a memer…

cf4038 No.117635


#Memo, anon.

98e48e No.117636

SESSIONS -> Live shutdown sessions going on right now? https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fCBbgim8tE

e71824 No.117637

File: bee02bcaad82ec4⋯.jpeg (128.49 KB, 1242x192, 207:32, 25FB6F74-DD51-4920-84DC-5….jpeg)



Going to counter the MSM narrative that Nunes and Sessions are Russian Operatives scheduled to go out tomorrow at 4AM

efcf9c No.117638


top kek

621567 No.117639

Sessions will drop the hammer 1 of 22

Drop hammer on 1/22

1/19 9/11

1/22–2/21 Nobody is safe from the storm

Sessions drops hammer tomorrow to shift the narrative with the #memo

3f1f24 No.117641


I believe the guilty will be remove from CONUS to avoid the lynch mobs. I expect to hear about that during the State of the Union Address.

I'm sure local law enforcement will be notified before that, and a psychologist is probably helping word the speech to minimize fear and rage.

I'm not worried about the outcome. I don't have a crystal ball to know, but I know it will be mostly ok. So, when the memo is released to the public, we switch gears to calm family and friends, co-workers, people we meet on the street, neighbors, social media. We will know when that is needed. We will know what to do because we are here for this.

Anons… we are getting close to winning this 7 billion player Live RPG.

No fear. No anger.

1e05a9 No.117642


Is LRI in any way connected to Loop Capital?

41826f No.117643


> IRL conversations with our friends and loved ones as The Storm rages..

Yes - this!!^^

I now have mums and school teachers and boomers and even indoctrinated-cultural-marxists thinking/asking questions/wanting updates.

db4640 No.117644



We are in for a Hell of a time of chaos.

4462a4 No.117645




426c49 No.117646

File: bde9008ffd09c72⋯.jpeg (78.2 KB, 750x500, 3:2, B1899AC5-EFA1-4835-87C5-6….jpeg)

ac5fa1 No.117647



9ea0b0 No.117648


>implying king ChristFag isn’t at the very top of this

Sage this faggot

18a74c No.117649



788b24 No.117650

File: 43e237c8e86373a⋯.jpg (47.84 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 99e10c5507a64953cd5386be62….jpg)

Repub distortion of facts to remove Mueller.[POTUS free pass].

Shutdown Primary Reasons.

Rereading Q post from today. What to these 2 lines mean? They are part of the 4 am talking points for tomorrow.

459529 No.117651

Francis using CONCRETE again today???

Francis meets the contemplative nuns, “May intercession for those in need be the hallmark of your prayer. And, help them also by concrete service. How much we need unity in the Church! No to gossip nuns, they are like terrorists

8682eb No.117652


EM isn't the worst of the lot, just exemplifies the cesspool of corruption.

4fa881 No.117653


Great news, that's nise. Please love them back from here and send thanks for all they're doing too.

3aa94f No.117654


>an ele

That was my take 1/22 is tomorrow, if they don't release the memo then fuck wikileaks will

c7190f No.117655

Thanks anons. This anon just released your beautiful meme's in it's fb feed.

Keep on keeping on!

Together we are One!

cf4038 No.117656

Abandoning tracking BLOCKED near Dayton, OH. Has not returned to my scope. Last seen FL490, S of Kettering

db4640 No.117657


Also notice there are many "happenings" in Portugal.

My friend just went there on a holy trip. She is devout. She said she was given an epiphany for the world. Stop taking the Lord's name in vain.

1e05a9 No.117658


Congress is not beholden to the clearance investigation process. Most appointees to cabinet level positions are not subject either. They could have gotten access through HA or HRC.

f3207b No.117659



b2fd55 No.117660

#ReleaseTheMemo-gate is a few things (in my estimation/experience/opinion)…

1) Training for the QAnon patriots to practice social media skills and meme methods. Learn to use the tools, hone skills, communicate, understand, get smooth.

2) Test of QAnon patriots capability to spread the QAnon message effectively. Q-team is watching closely to gauge power levels, look for strengths, areas that need improvement, etc. We are being evaluated.

3) Demonstration of QAnon patriots power to the "enemy" media, san-fran tech faggots, and blue-blood puppet masters. We are tsunami of conciousness that obliterates the established control system, and they now see it. It's a warning. It's a threat.

The memo will be damaging, but it is just the start. There will be much much more - so much that it will be overwhelming to most. We are going to help make the message normie friendly and push the key items to the top of the heap. The "memo" is our first salvo - be prepared for a long battle.

We are a volunteer digital militia - running an anti-globalist/anti-corruption/anti-propaganda campaign. We've been at this a few short months, and look at what we have accomplished. I've been lurking since the first few days. Look at the massive amount of work done so far. We've learned how to move and communicate as a unit - we maintain our digital perimeter and decapitate shills ability to distract as soon as possible - we run a 24/7/365 operation - we surge forces to specialize in specific problem areas, our planefags / memefags / etc. - and, perhaps most important, we've grown the ranks of participants, red pilling family and friends, at dinner tables - on youtube (thank you youtuber famefags!).

We are "miners-of-justice" in the "citizen blockchain"… decentralized, using proof of work, global in scale (thank you foreignfags!), with a public ledger anyone can see - anyone can check - anyone can participate in… it's brilliant.

We are revolutionizing the idea of citizenship. We may very well be saving America, and the world. Regardless, at least we are not sitting this one out.

I love all of you #notgay

2bc6bd No.117661


Not live. From Friday

d91b4b No.117662


Love these.

A nit-pick: suggest "#NotRussiansPATRIOTS"

efb504 No.117663

File: 8397acd9a251533⋯.jpg (131.56 KB, 922x499, 922:499, 233ror.jpg)

9977bf No.117664

What does it mean to break the golden rule of the board? I read it, but its vague.

eb3520 No.117665

In regards to SAP sell-off, it appears that funds that Google (Alphabet), Facebook, and Amazon participated in sold off shares of SAP last June.

https:// stockzoa.com /ticker/sap/

f3207b No.117666



http:// www.realtruenews.org/single-post/2016/09/27/Inside-Correct-the-Record-Post-Debate-PLOT

975ba9 No.117667


same… it's not that you couldn't feel it and know it was happening, but to have it confirmed… sickening

65f33d No.117668

File: a1837c79bd1340e⋯.jpg (57.78 KB, 576x347, 576:347, Comedy.jpg)

File: 4eb144bccf81927⋯.jpg (27.57 KB, 350x316, 175:158, Reese.jpg)

File: b46f59bfdcd9c9c⋯.jpg (32.3 KB, 499x376, 499:376, DACA.jpg)

683219 No.117669





Got it. Suggest we use all sorts of different types of people, different ages, races & religions to show UNITED states.

c61bb6 No.117670

Patriots win!

efcf9c No.117671

File: b5cad90366b2a31⋯.jpg (122.02 KB, 951x500, 951:500, 233rrp.jpg)

41826f No.117672


Add this to the "interesting" pile. Defo seems to be a code pattern.

085600 No.117673

File: d46efc5fa7ef798⋯.png (74.07 KB, 170x255, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

cf4038 No.117675


Typo, FL049

96bc84 No.117677

File: f341f6d83c4b55b⋯.jpg (273.93 KB, 1259x640, 1259:640, Tail.jpg)


You dont think it could be this? Right when this plan started on its flight path directly towards them is when PIZZA13 turned sharply. Now SPAR28 is going on the exact same path as PIZZA

d0c44b No.117678


KEK'D mutha fuka

22b92c No.117679


your trips say otherwise…

realtruenews.com… sounds fake to me

6a9205 No.117680


This. MOAR Pope crumbs. This shit is about to get apocalyptic.

788b24 No.117681


Right. We all "knew" it was happening but now we *know* it was happening.

a54ad9 No.117682


I agree with you but this operation is active right now that's only reason I suggest tackling this first then going after the bushes

4fa881 No.117683


Brrrrrrrrrrp. Q Drop New. #memo. Twittr still GO. Bllllllip.

8682eb No.117684


The Maxine ones are the funniest because she doesn't know what she is talking about half the time anyways.

975ba9 No.117685

7e2133 No.117686

File: 9a4eaa71692eedf⋯.png (824.08 KB, 730x539, 730:539, memo26.png)

3b62f8 No.117687

#Patriots likely to be trending

Hijack with truth bombs!

3dfcbd No.117688

File: e0dd7e2aa2e58c3⋯.jpg (109.88 KB, 854x819, 122:117, schiff.jpg)

683219 No.117689


>suggest "#NotRussiansPATRIOTS"

No. Why? Because

#PatriotsNotRussians is psychologically more effective because patriots & russians are at opposite ends with NOT in the middle.

PsyWAR 101

22b92c No.117690


the Bushes are a part of this too. And both sides have been dirty, Dems worse tho

c61bb6 No.117691


Break out the jackhammers. Concrete no chance.

cf4038 No.117692


I'm tracking PIZZA13 in NC now.

e2dec1 No.117693


Lets get an economyfag on that ASAP!

1006eb No.117695


A photo of Maxine with the wig off would be worth some serious laughs

b3d19d No.117696


ac5fa1 No.117697

File: a1177e08db81912⋯.jpg (177.8 KB, 1299x731, 1299:731, rtmpbs.jpg)


LOL #ReleaseTheMemo

cf4038 No.117698

File: e68048e4043fc2b⋯.png (959.24 KB, 852x615, 284:205, Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at ….png)

104e77 No.117699


Hashtag every meme or post with #Memo & @POTUS !!!! Don't forget the @POTUS so it will not be shadowbanned!

This sick Anon has got to get back to bed. I did make it to twitter to drop a few of your fanfukintastik memes while I've been up!!

Keep up the good work brothers!! We are TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK!! HooRah!

ac0a60 No.117700


Honestly, Anon, I am thinking we should let the idea(s) sink in and kind of simmer awhile before embarking on the next great battle. In the meantime Q has mentioned #Memo a number of times, so I am thinking that is timely and relevant enough, perhaps along with #TheGreatAwakening and the like, to keep meme-ing.

3092b3 No.117701

File: ab062466340c365⋯.png (982.14 KB, 1111x1469, 1111:1469, Q_BiteCrumbs_DoYouKnow_Ste….png)

File: 4260e34cc1ac2cf⋯.png (289.66 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180121-180806.png)

Just in case anyone was wondering.

I've heard Jeff Bezos name but CEO of plebbit is new to me.

e11747 No.117702

Given FBI and DOJ proven to be corrupt with #Memo, assuming the swamp gets cleaned, Sessions may need to re-open closed DOJ cases that go back _decades_ (depending on statute of limitations).

Closed cases from Obama, Bush, even Clinton, may need to be re-examined since real crimes will have been brushed under the rug. They may need to double the size of the DOJ to handle the backlog. Add more funding in the budget.

7ff9de No.117703


I dont think IT staffers get SAP access unless there is some serious corruption involved

1e05a9 No.117704


Use of FL is only for altitudes above 18,000 feet.

Below that its just the altitude or you could say 'angels 10' for 10,000 feet.

But at 4900'? Just say that.

f3aa78 No.117705


Not seeing links

7ff9de No.117706


fuck spez

bd5c4f No.117707


https:/ /www.youtube.com/watch?v=6C__OmNj508

Clinton even had a teleprompter at debate

96bc84 No.117708


Im as as well. SPAR isnt showing up on FlightRadar24 so I am watching them both on different windows/sites

86f563 No.117710


The narrative is already shifting. I live in a very Conservative state, yet we have a very liberal newspaper that has been bashing Trump for a year.

Now this morning I get my coffee and see a copy of the paper with the front page displaying a pic of trump standing beside the US flag saying in large print;


e2dec1 No.117711


LOL that one was me XD

466b17 No.117712


This sick evil cult can be traced back to Babylon

efb504 No.117713


Might as well fact check with Snopes lol

d0c44b No.117714

>>117040 MEME's HERE



1e05a9 No.117715


Yeah. That's the point.

ac0a60 No.117716


Agree. This Anon gets the power of persuasion.

f3207b No.117718


Exactly. Satan agrees it's likely BS.

7c8e39 No.117719

wtf is up with this pizza 13 , that name is no damn accident .

cf66a2 No.117720

File: 077f821a216ac0b⋯.jpg (68.76 KB, 650x286, 25:11, pnr01.jpg)

File: 3dedea0aa4e4fd5⋯.jpg (66.44 KB, 526x517, 526:517, pnr02.jpg)

File: 1c8a75e33e86b98⋯.jpg (96.19 KB, 512x585, 512:585, pnr03.jpg)

File: 2b502663ac68cff⋯.jpg (179.93 KB, 736x753, 736:753, pnr04.jpg)

File: 94c1077b52fc98c⋯.jpg (190.9 KB, 1024x659, 1024:659, pnr05.jpg)


4fad14 No.117723

Patriots win.

Eagles will win.

Patriots will win.

How appropriate.


What a time to be alive. Our great grandkids will be proud to tell our stories.

f3c88f No.117724

Can anyone clarify why any of the accused would TALK/SING if Q has said numerous times there are NO DEALS for anyone.

Why would they talk then?

7ff9de No.117725


nothing is beyond our reach

cf4038 No.117726

File: cffa47c8d76d68a⋯.png (80.05 KB, 931x395, 931:395, Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at ….png)

Interesting… this planefag needs a quick break. BRB

ac5fa1 No.117727


Nice digi's!


3b62f8 No.117728


Awesome thanks

8682eb No.117729


Sessions and Nunes as Russian agents is so pathetically absurd they won't go there. Schiff peddling the 'Republican talking points' about the memo makes more sense to them and their fans, but the evidence will be far to incontrovertible once the facts come out that prove the memo is genuine.

eaf7f6 No.117730


Just saw this on twatter! LOL

efcf9c No.117731


Get well, fellow anon. We need you on the battlefield.

dfd44e No.117732


why would i be worried about cameras??

people put stuff on them all the time ranging in subject

a378be No.117734


Thank you anon!

d91b4b No.117735


Preferred the way it sounded - 'Patriots' the last word on the tongue. Your reason actually makes sense :)

2c3b6c No.117736

The Obama Administration’s ‘Brazen Plot To Exonerate Hillary Clinton’ Starting To Leak Out, According To Former Fed Prosecutor


b2e06d No.117737


These are not great. Idiots will actually believe this stuff.

b3d19d No.117738




Migrate ~751 posts.

32e14c No.117739


Love it!

c61bb6 No.117740


Patriots win. Bombs away anon

20a13f No.117742


Very OnPoint

ac5fa1 No.117743


Right. Like I said If you are.

The rest of your msg is encouraging.

3092b3 No.117744


Yea I'm confused myself.

It was in regards to this:




The hashtags turned to search links. First time I seen that.

321b52 No.117745


Correct. But don't forget also the red pilled are fed a lot of false red pills by controlled opposition alternative media. Plus a lot still believe most of what mainstream 'science' told them what to believe. Pls do not think you know it all, because there are many more truths to swallow than you might think. The biggest lie surrounds you.

f3207b No.117746


It's not a fact check. Read it and consider the probability of the chat being real. Step back analyze and use discernment. I read it when it was originally posted during the campaign and FoxAcid is real…the rest seems like a joke. Literally every possible HRC conspiracy covered in a short chat..

3dfcbd No.117747

File: 1586969166cdda0⋯.jpg (106.81 KB, 899x1156, 899:1156, schiffmind.jpg)

3b62f8 No.117748


positive and powerful

469087 No.117749


There was a post on a forum just before the election that said the attempt to rig it was being addressed. It implied that white hats would be watching and keeping the fraud down as much as possible.

42422f No.117750


I pray you're right. Went on a little Q&A today. Findings:

10 of 10 had NO idea who Seth Rich was.

"Never heard the name."

7 that had heard of Wikileaks said, "It's like InfoWars, right? Just conspiracy shit."

THIS is who we are trying to reach!

"These people are stupid"….indeed….

They ALL told me "voting is pointless."


ac0a60 No.117751


Yea I am seriously feeling queasy and light headed. No wonder Q said 99% would be hospitalized.

22b92c No.117752



Memes are the gateway into the normies beginning to do their own research which we have built the searches for via the ai's that are gathering… its all going to work, no worries but the memes are the start for them

bcc5cb No.117753

File: 9d5c3415dc8be9a⋯.jpg (62.57 KB, 693x337, 693:337, maphome.jpg)


>This ties to the US too in that many people who were cleared out of Acadia in Canada walked - yes, walked - south and wound up creating Acadia in Louisiana

Not everone walked. Some took boats, and some hid on islands with the help of natives. And there is still the struggle going on for francophone rights today, particularly with policing and education.

3bc444 No.117755


Tell Them vs then

e370b5 No.117756




This Brock chat along with some of the latest Q-tips highlight something that has been said a million times already but is crucial. The cabal has very powerful weapons, think Google (I can't get D-Wave and quantum computers out of my head, but Google would be enough). The Great Meme War and Meme War 2 (just begun) are about the cutting edge in computing technology versus the shitposting hive mind. We already won but have now the biggest of tasks: to destroy Fantasy-land. The West will prevail after all.

d1b460 No.117757


aint that "servers" not drivers?

db4640 No.117759


3:7. The coming wrath: the judgment that will bring about the destruction of unrepentant sinners.

On the Russian Orthodox Feast of the Epiphany The baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist, where God speaks and says, "This is my son." That is the day Q said "Remember THIS DAY."

After the baptism Christ spends forty days in the desert and is tempted by Satan.

http:// www.usccb.org/bible/matthew/3

The Temptation of Jesus.


* a Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert to be tempted by the devil.


b He fasted for forty days and forty nights,* and afterwards he was hungry.


The tempter approached and said to him, “If you are the Son of God, command that these stones become loaves of bread.”


* He said in reply, “It is written:c

‘One does not live by bread alone,

but by every word that comes forth from the mouth of God.’”


* Then the devil took him to the holy city, and made him stand on the parapet of the temple,


and said to him, “If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down. For it is written:

‘He will command his angels concerning you’

and ‘with their hands they will support you,

lest you dash your foot against a stone.’”d


Jesus answered him, “Again it is written, ‘You shall not put the Lord, your God, to the test.’”e


Then the devil took him up to a very high mountain, and showed him all the kingdoms of the world in their magnificence,


and he said to him, “All these I shall give to you, if you will prostrate yourself and worship me.”*


At this, Jesus said to him, “Get away, Satan! It is written:

‘The Lord, your God, shall you worship

and him alone shall you serve.’”f


Then the devil left him and, behold, angels came and ministered to him.

4fa881 No.117760


Is Q saying that the MSM will intercept the narrative at 4am with 'Sessions/Nunes are Russian operatives', to distort the facts to remove Muller, or asking us to intercept the 4am narrative?

1e05a9 No.117761


Yeah it's a bit 'on the nose' isn't it?

b00472 No.117763


realtruenews anon? really?

ac5fa1 No.117765

Guy on PBS "LIVE" stream just said Enough is Enough.

96bc84 No.117766


Hell no its not a accident. Thats why we have been tracking it for days. A couple days ago there were 2 plans on opposite sides of country with the same call sign(PIZZA13) so we think it might mean a flight with an arrest on board.

ac0a60 No.117767


I get that, Anon. I do. Carry on, then.

315bb9 No.117770

File: df954e9423acdd6⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_TOGETHER you ….png)

eaf7f6 No.117773


maybe they have to hang upside down till they talk or sing?

or they're going thru adrenochrome withdrawals and don't get an aspirin till they talk or sing?

4dbd40 No.117774

patriots using #notdone too

e2dec1 No.117775


That guy is so full of shit i'm surprised he is not bursting…

1006eb No.117776



13, as you probably know, is a sign for evil.

Evil on board.

22b92c No.117777


True but when the proverbial shit hits the news fan they will be asking questions and then boom hit with the memes and viola… they will have to do some research… it will happen

315bb9 No.117778

File: 73df51c2b04da61⋯.jpg (36.02 KB, 570x582, 95:97, EKE.jpg)

File: f367622ba784333⋯.png (177.48 KB, 626x351, 626:351, Great Awakening.png)

eb58b5 No.117779


Top Clearance?

f3207b No.117781


Read it. The guy who made the site is a POS. He claims to have created the Brock chat to troll. Could it be "disinfo" or NSA back tracking? Sure but I doubt that these guys would have a chat on Slack discussing every possible HRC conspiracy…body double, dementia, pizza, Seth Rich, etc.

4fa881 No.117782


Thanks baker!

8dd935 No.117783

>>117639 one of twenty two is investigations first being the dossier sessions had to excuse because of trump russian collusion , but now the memo switches it from russian/ col to wiretapping so he can go after them

ac5fa1 No.117785

File: 7ddc321cf4be975⋯.jpg (111.48 KB, 852x486, 142:81, fos.jpg)


Yea he is. Who is he?

96bc84 No.117786


Yes sir. And throw that with PIZZA and you get evil pedophile

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