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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 1aa502b9ca68e88⋯.jpg (263.18 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 35322b91637379ff0ce865112c….jpg)

92688a No.140617

May the wings of liberty never lose a feather.








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92688a No.140622



c27166 No.140640


TQ baker.

fde31a No.140645

File: f61a62ce8f8b402⋯.jpg (149.63 KB, 800x765, 160:153, Russian-Woman--133568.jpg)

Thank you baker!

a97267 No.140655

You rock baker… will finish off old bread first. Hate to waste it.

a4046d No.140656

Anybody have ideas on what Q means by "you didn't think this was simply about words, did you?"

8feae8 No.140662

Thank you baker 👨‍🍳

781d41 No.140676

bbf094 No.140677


im assuming emotions

+40K feet tho gotta bring it down

e8fe01 No.140679


Other evidence besides texts and documents, maybe, idk. Or maybe just its more than just Q giving us info that we spread.

6c3a94 No.140680

Tasty bread baker.

90b3ee No.140681

It's very LARPY and SHILLY today.

b09f93 No.140685

thank you baker

355db9 No.140686

Breadaholic thanks you BO!

660eb4 No.140688

File: e88827fdfc1034c⋯.jpg (97.25 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 238ir1.jpg)

b0f90c No.140690

File: 109b108ab3f5d8e⋯.jpg (45.66 KB, 656x369, 16:9, YogiMemo.JPG)

7f8fcc No.140694

I have the beer ready

a4046d No.140696



Good thought. Especially since he says "we have it all" right after.

6a4e9c No.140698


I think this was a message directed at a black hat, and not really meant for us. Time will tell.

a97267 No.140701


bc91a0 No.140703

File: de9a9dd11d54fc6⋯.jpg (192.49 KB, 1200x628, 300:157, DHSdrone.jpg)

DHS drone in Gulf of Mexico.

8a8a9c No.140704

thank you baker.. it's a fine bake

355db9 No.140705


D'oh! Great one!!

5c7332 No.140706


I have the Happening Sauce

682681 No.140707

Just a thought:

"Instructions for preservation coming to a theater near you" could simply mean that the news will report the messages showing their plan for PRESERVATION of control of the gift when Trump won.

058e03 No.140708

Bless The Baker and all The Patriots.

75f677 No.140709

Wish [Soon] came with a marker.

2362e3 No.140710


c9b06f No.140711



Godspeed anons

682681 No.140712



a4046d No.140713

Anybody know why the last bread went to 760 posts, when they typically max out at 751?

86362c No.140714


[-7] maybe?

626433 No.140715

Thank you baker!

You know….you know the FCC licensing rules have been violated by all the left wing media. When they filled out their applications that their news would be TRUTH and we all know that ain't true, so technically their license to distribute news should be revoked. They need to rename their news stations "opinions." NOT FACT. Their licenses should be revoked immediately. That is what the federal law says.

c27166 No.140716

File: bcacf2c7345d132⋯.jpg (372.74 KB, 2048x1345, 2048:1345, DOITQJ8UIAAowsQ.jpg)

e8fe01 No.140717

Are we about to be the biggest leakers of all time?

a26e75 No.140718

File: b89158e9950d574⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1544x822, 772:411, DARKNESS2.png)

Save everything.

Get ink and paper.

660eb4 No.140719

File: 981817da679ae5f⋯.jpg (44.24 KB, 660x330, 2:1, 238j0t.jpg)

f92486 No.140720

Spielberg has a movie “coming to a theater near you” in March.

Ready Player One.

My bet is on Hollywood being thrown into the light right before the Oscars, or right after.

3ccd55 No.140721


We don't know, Q Team said they would give us instruction:

▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/23/18 (Tue) 14:36:34 384dbe No.139507

The light will reveal those on the team and those pretending to be.

This is not a game.

They want us divided.

Last posts [self destruction] will immediately show the world the TRUTH.

***> Instructions will be sent on how to preserve offline.

You didn’t think this was simply about words did you?

We have it all.

Coming soon to a theater near you.


e13506 No.140722

FYI Tracy Beanz is getting all her followers to change their twitter name to RELEASETHEMEMO

9203d8 No.140723

File: 6b45f197933cdb7⋯.jpg (137.73 KB, 711x949, 711:949, Hilliary.jpg)

Every day I wake up and thank God and Donald Trump for another day without Hilliary.

ebaf20 No.140724


Thanks for the info <3

058e03 No.140727


oh the beanz.

a4046d No.140728

Can anons confirm when they have backed up a copy of all of Q's drops offline?

Has anybody tackled that in full yet?

6a4e9c No.140729

File: aadda88089eaa4d⋯.png (10.21 KB, 455x155, 91:31, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm sure this was discussed while I was at work, so can someone catch me up on what this post may be about? TY

b8a73c No.140730


Sometimes the breads will go slightly above 751 posts.

d840d5 No.140731

American friends…

There are a lot of anons, like myself, around the world.

Even if by clown fagottry your internet gets shutdown, we'll release whatever Q sends us.

In order for the storm to get to us, it has to go to you first.

Jeremiah 23:19

8feae8 No.140732


I have a bk up saved to cd

29f76d No.140733


Goooood catch.

ed5eb0 No.140735


I read that book… one of my favorite.

e8fe01 No.140736


Good way for Twitter to really think you are bots.

4f590a No.140737


Appreciate all your hard work, baker.

God bless!

b09f93 No.140738


thanks anon

c27166 No.140739


Godspeed, worldanon.

e615cd No.140740

The 99th monkey has spread awareness beyond his group.

The floodgates have opened.

8feae8 No.140741

39 uids here , nice small group

6a4e9c No.140742


Do you have a generator?

260d0c No.140743



Will changing your name actually add to the # amount?

d1fece No.140744


The Flood removed the Satanic Giants!!!

This is Eumemic…Band of Anons unite….

b1cba4 No.140745


Stay safe. Your County my night look at helping what is happening kindly

c4b367 No.140746

Is Q hinting that Hussein and/or Hillary and others will tweet something that incriminates themselves?

93ee5c No.140747

File: 5eccbc509128ab0⋯.png (96.79 KB, 784x445, 784:445, _ shillville again.png)

getting these checkboxes on th eleft of posts again, same thing happened when shillville was here last night

0a2a75 No.140748



sometimes even over 800

8feae8 No.140749


Of course

e8fe01 No.140750

a4046d No.140751


Other movies "coming soon to a theater near you."


Den of Thieves

The Final Year (about Barack Obama)

Maze Runner: The Death Cure


Beast of Burden

Fifty Shades Freed



A Wrinkle in Time

Although I think Q probably just means Hollywood's clock is ticking, and they are a part of the cabal take down.

349084 No.140752

File: 7a001fc06e3e702⋯.jpg (45.67 KB, 594x750, 99:125, dhsegjndetzjej.jpg)


7ffa87 No.140753


Just wait last bread was at like 180

b1cba4 No.140754


Stay safe. Your Country might not look at helping what is happening kindly

90b3ee No.140755


Sometimes shilly stuff get deleted before your pages refreshes. so if a shill does 10 posts and gets deleted but your page never refreshed then it seems like there's 760 posts when, after refreshing it reduces back to 750 or 751 etc…

260d0c No.140756


It's a Border Protection drone

8808f5 No.140757

0a2a75 No.140758

File: 73e1721eb5441c8⋯.png (36.29 KB, 1075x189, 1075:189, jim1.png)

File: 7de0d18808ff22a⋯.png (87.2 KB, 1066x424, 533:212, jim2.png)


63802a No.140759


Latest Q map >>139913

647092 No.140760

Thank you ALL for fighting the good fight.

Sarah at press conf today told us a story about Sophia, she asked us all to pray for her on Friday. I think she’s telling us all to….. Unite in prayer.

a4046d No.140761



Anybody know how it's determined/why it varies? I'm just curious how it works.

57dabc No.140762

You are right

I froze up in the last bread and it took about 10 minutes to resolve


c6bbd8 No.140763



drones over US

tracking only

8feae8 No.140764


I’m a Survivorist…

127e4f No.140765

File: af0f9f5a4451383⋯.jpeg (98.67 KB, 715x881, 715:881, saintmichael.jpeg)


>Jeremiah 23:19

"But just watch! The wrath of the Lordwill come like a storm! Like a raging storm it will rage down on the heads of those who are wicked."

"Vengeance is mine, sayth the Lord."

a26e75 No.140766

If social media and cell phones go down. How will MSM get their talking points or NEWS?

WeThePeople will have the information.

b1cba4 No.140767


it breaks the shadow ban temporarily

86362c No.140768


Funny stuff. But Ø isn't in the German alphabet.

It's scandinavian.

481946 No.140769

File: a05027e3e818792⋯.gif (811.55 KB, 650x380, 65:38, comey_order.gif)

https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=–FozEBmDdo

7f8fcc No.140770

The few,

The proud,


e4631d No.140771

Baker Baker Thank You!

a4046d No.140772


Makes sense. Thank you!

d1fece No.140773

Does Jack have his Eyes Wide shut?

92688a No.140774


I added already.

016baa No.140775

File: c97be6e62fc3532⋯.png (1.92 MB, 2000x1024, 125:64, trackingonly.png)

93ee5c No.140776

and, the site is dragging slllloooowwww once more…DDOS again i presume

bcf9c3 No.140777

[self destruction]

that mean chans gone… internet gone… ability for q to communicate with people gone… truth coming out via chans to american public… 10 days darkness… EMS system activated, TV activated,

anons will be the only people out there that know anything about what just happened…. ?

also wonder if it has to do with intel processors being taken out on a nationwide/worldwide basis?

Just my thoughts, yours?

e8fe01 No.140778


Needs some umlots or however you spell them.

713481 No.140779

File: 31397ef72223850⋯.jpg (53.38 KB, 620x534, 310:267, beansaw.jpg)

75e72c No.140780


Much appreciated

63802a No.140781



92688a No.140782


Thanks bro (no homo)

bfe9e1 No.140783


Anon it was prophesied: we are fighting the same demons.

Matthew 24:37-39 …'But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and knew not until the flood came….

93ee5c No.140784

copy that


5c7332 No.140785

We fight our country’s battles

On the land as on the sea;

First to fight for right and freedom

And to keep our honor clean;

53cbeb No.140786

File: f15d9c8651c2092⋯.png (62.46 KB, 680x711, 680:711, 1ae.png)

So I have a question

>Make sure to learn russian

What did Q mean by this?

Jab at the russian bot angle?

Or is there more dirt to dig on russian language websites?

a4046d No.140787


Thank you, Patriot.

86362c No.140788


Yes Ö would be more appropriate

a26e75 No.140789


will not argue with those trips.


d276bb No.140790

File: 6d653f4cee0d100⋯.jpg (117.09 KB, 500x667, 500:667, 238j9z.jpg)

127e4f No.140791

cb20dc No.140792


They'd have communications via a special little set up, not unlike that of NK.

877507 No.140793


I hope you have heavy and warm cloths also, just in case.

54ad21 No.140794


Umlaute. Mörkel in pörpel :)

839a43 No.140795


that the data dump will be deleted shortly after it posts

8feae8 No.140796



57dabc No.140797


We had another EAS test again today…thats like 4 in the last 2 weeks

ed5eb0 No.140798


That day… May 11th 1980, Mother's Day

c6bbd8 No.140799


thats awesome


i just spit all over my screen


37c133 No.140800


And that is why POTUS is not terribly concerned with arrests, perp walks, gitmo or hangings. He knows that the most evil bad actors will all commit suicide or murder each other when they see that all is lost. And this is part of the unveiling to show that we have been ruled by evil Satan worshippers.

86362c No.140801


This ^^

f37f95 No.140802


Except they are classified as "entertainment" so it is up to the public to fact-check them (no requirement to be truthful in law) AND it is legal to aim propaganda at the American people by the US govt.

07fb0a No.140803

e4631d No.140804


Shoot one earlier today had about 230

eb3eca No.140805

All I want to know… If we lose internet for 10 days, will my service provider give a credit for those days without a 20 day wait on hold?

8feae8 No.140806

I’m prepared for anyth8ng, went though that gut feeling two yrs ago that end was near, prepared, fill food store, nuke suits, chem suits, bio suits ect.

f96a70 No.140807


my 2c Q's will dump the goods here and this will be the end of Q, likely due to him dropping classified material. He trained us that drops will be deleted soon after posting and to save offfline before they're wiped from the webs and your device… ?

127e4f No.140808


>You and your family are safe


Remember Q words.

Ourguys want this to go down without causing too much collateral damage.

Best instead to focus on dissemination.

Information = first true currency.

knowledge = wealth

truth = freedom/strength

57dabc No.140809

Gaetz on Fox again with the breaking info…coming up

2f9d8f No.140810

File: 3c7e66f56f0fba0⋯.png (752.01 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, RebelsInMoscow.png)



Friend spent two years in Russia, came home.

their media is obviously different but telling

016baa No.140811


"Keep stirring it!"

c9b06f No.140812


Seconded, we're all with you. We must pray for your safety when the darkness start. I will be very worried to be honest, these days will be long one indeed.

28d9cc No.140813


Cash on hand, since plastic cards will be useless

6a4e9c No.140814


I truly believe that MSM will be no more.

0a2a75 No.140815


someone said it might be deleted posts that cause this. posts that are deleted give room for new posts but the counter counts them all. so that it is actually around 750 posts even though it says 760 or 800. more deleted posts cause higher number. but i dont know.

626433 No.140816


So CNN is classified as entertainment? We could run with that……

57dabc No.140817


Damn….props, anon

I am not all the way there yet

86362c No.140818


It's ok i'm broke anyways

abb091 No.140819


i feel like this could involve an "Arnold" subset image. or maybe Arnold holding a picture of Merkel. (yes i know he's actually Austrian)

b2f3ec No.140820

There probably going to shut twitter down due to so called Russian bots, then no news will get out.

6c3a94 No.140821


I’ve got some duct tape and a couple gallons of gas. I should be ok.

bfe9e1 No.140823


Q cannot jeopardize himself. He/they are too important. If he drops here it will crash twatr. Maybe that’s the plan

8feae8 No.140824


I even vacuum sealed the clothes that go in the go bags. Emergency cook stove etc. both of my kids know how to make a sun stove as well

a26e75 No.140825


Ground. Grub. Guns.

6a4e9c No.140826


On my local radio station they say: "FOX News… we report…you decide"

Do they do that everywhere?

e4631d No.140827


Small bills

b739bd No.140828


Learn Russian. All social media will be jacked by Russians??????

50200f No.140829

Movie 12 Strong?

29f76d No.140830


Q can just say he had a cold.

a39b23 No.140831

>>140822 Kek

e8fe01 No.140832


Cool it red caps anon.

bbf094 No.140833



We got this, eh?

083cd5 No.140834


The Final Year…might be a little more final than they expected

c25580 No.140835

File: 66ba20afbf9395b⋯.jpeg (3.76 MB, 2063x2063, 1:1, 09DD3938-9B4B-4DF5-A72B-E….jpeg)

I enjoy watching both of these symbolic metaphorical trains IRL. Google sucks Donkey B@££§… One moving at a calculated specific light speed, the other, a ssssslllllloooooowwwwww mmmmmoooottttiiiiooonnnn ttttrrrraaaaiiiinnnn wwwwrrrreeeecccckkkk……….

8feae8 No.140836


Lol I rem that from the govt, plastic sheeting and duct tape comments!

d1fece No.140837

We know who the enemy is and it is not us!!!

If we know the truth the truth will set us free…

First we have to help ourselves (truth) before helping others. Like the oxgen tank falling.

How much data would a flood have…. Need a bigger drive. Sounds like a mega offload.

640581 No.140838

Just saved Q posts offline, would advise other anons to do the same.

ed5eb0 No.140839


Expect NOTHING...

Prepare for ANYTHING!!!!

d0474a No.140840



54ad21 No.140841


It is ridiculously funny like it is! Even the Danish letters would be understood by most Germans :))

93ee5c No.140842


when it's time, you will receive. what are you trying to rush? go take a shit & relax

e8fe01 No.140843


WWanons for the win!

7f8fcc No.140844


For 20+ years

90b3ee No.140845


Come to think of it. Kim Dot Com has been very active lately.

57dabc No.140846


Nice….we have all our emergency plans, food stores, cook stoves, etc

Lived in Connecticut for a year during a major snowstorm…learned the hard way about being prepared

e8fe01 No.140847

a4046d No.140848



For safety, we should all do our bests to immediately download significant looking drops as soon as they appear and store offline. We probably won't have a very long window.

Anyone who is here most of the time with basic tech proficiency should have a cold storage/back up system set up close to their computer at all times just in case. And keep a tab open to /GA waiting for the (1).

f37f95 No.140849


You can d/l every single thread Q has posted in from the http:// qarchives.ml/qarchives.html site.

They are listed:

>direct links to threads (to the threads themselves)

>zip files for each thread on archive.org AND anonfile

>screenshots of all of Q's posts

These are lovingly compiled for you, for just this purpose.

86362c No.140850


Sure, i just thought for authenticity

bcf9c3 No.140851


it would be very sad to see Q stop posting.

I'm going with your explanation though… preserve everything offline before it's all automatically deleted by what ever virus the other side has that's capable of doing that.

69dadc No.140852


>what are you trying to rush?


cfe03b No.140853



Ben oui! Eh!

d0b9d0 No.140854


Top KEK you sir, won the day!

[so far]

d1fece No.140855


Wide eyes shut !!!

93ee5c No.140856

749727 No.140857


He said it the other night. Pics, videos, audio. The whole enchilada.

7f8fcc No.140859


Hope they tag your CHIP

a26e75 No.140861


back to community news………….

28d9cc No.140862

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZ3zZ-aWi6U

Jake and Elwood, the original preppers

e5335f No.140863


THis is about humanity. Don’t forget that. We don’t.

8feae8 No.140864


I have lived in 39 states. Born , raised, military, navy veteran also. Always be prepared my dad said

adee51 No.140865


CNN Breaking news*

Trump does something.

*entertainment purposes only. No warranties as to truth of any content are implied. The word 'News' in our brand name is for meant to be ironic.

53cbeb No.140866

File: 507920b293c534c⋯.png (431.6 KB, 838x1920, 419:960, hips.png)


I've had none around these parts, almost dissapointing


>intel processors being taken out

That's not quite what went wrong with intel as I understand it.

Basically it has to do with an exploit to mine data one bit at a time by saving data from Caches of pre-loaded data that were there to increase processor speed. Its why the "fix" slows down the speed so much.

>Pic unrelated

10a6b5 No.140867


I'm thinking it's not the type of offline we think, & knowing us after having to be crystal clear, he probably expected this. Maybe it's this type of offline, located in or serving a place not on a regular route of a railroad, bus, or air carrier:

an offline ticket office.

d276bb No.140868


Good, I'm starving

a4046d No.140869


And sounded like we should be prepared for video/audio files as well. It likely won't just be the size of the DNC e-mail dump or something similar.

d729a3 No.140870

Vegas is coming, brace yourselves - Truth MOAB

f83fcf No.140871

War room hashes need updating in the dough for Tuesday instructions

7433a6 No.140872


What's wrong with just using the hash tag #ReleaseTheMemo from your own account. It's make's it that much more real. Your follower's won't be confused, and you won't risk the chance of being unfollowed because they think your twitter account was taken over by the bots.

Why did Tracey think this was a good idea? Doesn't seem like something she had a chance to think through.

c9b06f No.140873

File: c9ffb8b1122b304⋯.jpg (66.51 KB, 450x735, 30:49, Godfrey_of_Bouillon,_holdi….jpg)


N'est ce pas ? Hon hon hon

b739bd No.140874


We will have to take this to our news outlets… papers.. etc. are you ready for that?

Be Brave Patriots!! Be Brave

6a4e9c No.140875


any advice on a simple faraday box?

349084 No.140876

File: 14cf9ddb27379f1⋯.jpg (114.09 KB, 745x747, 745:747, aefjdegtjtj.jpg)


i'm language genius.

ø is danish/norwegian.

67e365 No.140877


I have a felling Q is going to be around for the next seven years, there are lots of other fish to fry in the coming years

a97267 No.140878

Im having a hard time agreeing with everyone on the 10 days of darkness. I can't see the internet going down. Not all of it and not all at once. I can see areas, fiber cuts, etc… but I can't even fathom how the whole thing could go down, even if ever satellite in space was destroyed by some massive emp, trying to shut down the ai…. I still can't see it…. You guys really think this is going to happen?

ebaf20 No.140879


Microwave (turned off obv.)

57dabc No.140880


My parents always told me that too, but my damn kids are always eating my stores…they are pigs

e5335f No.140881

54ad21 No.140882


Your car?

cfe03b No.140883


Check. Done.

682681 No.140884


I'm thinking it's that we should embrace them as one of us.

They Want You Divided

They Want Political Wars

85c974 No.140885


Perhaps that quickly deleted email image from the other night was training or a test run.

37e89f No.140886



My guess is that a major church is invloved heavily


Mormon perhaps

ea500e No.140887

So I'm thinking that nothing is going to happen tonight, since it's just a boring Tuesday. However, I am wondering if last night was a test on their end. To see what type of attack might be attempted. It has always gotten laggy here when Q is posting, but last night was the 1st time the page was actually crashing multiple times. For me at least. So that gives me a tiny glimmer of hope that this shit is going to happen tonight.

This type of thing is what I live for. I wish I figured that out sooner so I could've actually used these skills for a paycheck.

adee51 No.140888

Wrap plastic container in foil.

Put in microwave.

8feae8 No.140889


I have three old microwaves down stairs, also wrapped them in copper, grounded them then covered in metal tape and then foil cover.

b739bd No.140890



54ad21 No.140891



d1fece No.140892



The Judges were Corrupt - Noahs time

f96a70 No.140893



29f76d No.140894


Simple schematics can be found on YT with a quick search. Lots of cheap options. Microwave, too, as the other anon said.

86362c No.140895


I'm just danish.. xD

Æ Ø Å - Pronounce that please :P

f37f95 No.140896


>So CNN is classified as entertainment?


>We could run with that……



>Do they do that everywhere?

Yes they do.


>The word 'News' in our brand name is for meant to be ironic.

I found this out wrt Fox News and a story that their investigative reporters did on BVG (IIRC) in cows and that saga. That really opened my eyes at the time.

a26e75 No.140897

e8fe01 No.140898


Too much moisture.

9c3bcf No.140899


where is the complete log of Q posts? I've been following since Nov, but only follow threads.

626433 No.140900


There's a meme in this somewhere. These people are literally taking everything they say as Gospel. Brainwashing at it's finest. These are good people led astray……and they call us the sheep. psssht.

b0f90c No.140901

File: 6520c3c3744f26e⋯.jpg (42 KB, 647x319, 647:319, DemonLost.JPG)

ebaf20 No.140902


There's a few posts back up ( ctrl-f ' k3nya ' ) that dig into the vatican angle

377119 No.140903


I can turn my underwear inside out.

09a644 No.140904

hey q, those families have their hands in every industry, the research and cures for various diseases are there but the answers are suppressed. the fda blocks a lot of the grassroots movement. rife tech is expensive, zapper tech is a cheaper derivative, grounding is free and cheap. similar devices even made for the astronauts. when will trump take back the fda from censoring grassroots? roth/rock owned subsidiary pharma industries high on the list? or ssp?

is the ball rolling?

a97267 No.140905

I've been trying to save liberals. Trying to convince them we are not their enemies. Trying to convince them they're asleep, brainwashed, but about to be freed. I don't think a single one has done anything but spew hatred. Hope Q knows what he's talking about when he says 4-6% only.

e8fe01 No.140906



f83fcf No.140907



Battle Plan Update - Tuesday afternoon Jan 23rd

We have a new hashtag list.








57dabc No.140908

Shit….Prepper Anons are no joke

Hats off to you all!

8feae8 No.140909

Also might want to get a few solar chargers for devices. And the new batteries that you can charge with usb drives. You can charge those with the solar charger as well

9c3bcf No.140910



d4cdbb No.140911


Wow. KEK.

7901b3 No.140912



75f677 No.140914


Training, you saw how much of a cluster fuck it was at first. Shills saying Q didn't post. Definitely a training exercise.

a4046d No.140915


Agreed on both. I'd add in the Jehovah's Witnesses (look into Watchtower, despicable organization, some evidence of child trafficking as well) as well as Scientology, if we're counting them as churches.

Rosicrucians and Jesuits are fishy as well.

e4631d No.140917


I’m with you anon.

648fa0 No.140918

File: 6b461122f33b9af⋯.png (79.36 KB, 497x339, 497:339, sjdh.png)


>This was a WikiLeaks drop, back 12/26 date on my file, didn't say what it was but wikileaks-insurance-20120222.tar.bz2.aes is the file name that downloaded.

37e89f No.140919


Antistatic envelopes like the ones circuit boards come in are good for smaller electronics

f37f95 No.140920


see >>140849

You can also see & download the spreadsheet, which also has direct links to all of Q's posts.

951344 No.140922


There was a period either one or two years back when 9/11 awareness seemed to be pushing through over the winter, then it all went back underground.

ccc243 No.140923

A year from now you are walking down the street and a man bumps into you and says excuse me. You get home and take off your jacket and find a challenge coin in your jacket pocket. OK, that will never happen. But how would you feel?

4ecdaf No.140924

Don't just store offline in digital format. Print the drops also!

2fa914 No.140925

File: 88fec1e96c30d7b⋯.jpeg (57.04 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 4069C424-B597-45EA-813C-5….jpeg)


Ask and thou shall receive

713481 No.140926


A microwave oven is just a sheetmetal box. It only blocks microwaves. There is a codys lab vid where he explains it pretty thoroughly.

It is not going to stop every wavelength involved in an emp pulse.

f96a70 No.140927


you gotta walk before you can run. PS Fuck the Shills

a4046d No.140929


Great idea.

8feae8 No.140930


I have that file saved on three different devices including CD and SD cards

c9b06f No.140931


Didn't we thought at first that it will be a social medias shutdown ? IIRC

93ee5c No.140932


>that the data dump will be deleted shortly after it posts


53cbeb No.140933

File: 1819d8bf677d132⋯.png (812.34 KB, 671x819, 671:819, b.png)


> faraday box

What does anon think the odds are that this will be necessary?

I just got a new phone and i enjoy having it tbh

676117 No.140934


Aint Playin' Get Water, Filtration, Food Non perishable, Weapons, Ammo.

A month worth would be ideal. Just in case.

And most importantly move to flyover country.

54ad21 No.140935


Freezer compartment and a ziplock

c9b027 No.140936

File: d70af62e54edf7d⋯.png (5.3 KB, 221x94, 221:94, Q capcha 8.png)


Q does not obey our commands; we operate under the orders of POTUS through Q

a97267 No.140937


But there's so many mirrors, proxies and everything else designed to prevent shut downs like that... I can't even imagine how all those sites will be taken down at once. How soon is this to happen?

bd0d16 No.140938


would be cooler than 10 grand

b1cba4 No.140939

ebaf20 No.140940




https:// ibb.co/mpNPRw

https:// ibb.co/dGRUtb

https:// ibb.co/fh5NDb

https:// ibb.co/cPyLzG

https:// ibb.co/bQPSeG

https:// ibb.co/i8B7eG

https:// ibb.co/kpGvYb

https:// ibb.co/jLxfzG

https:// ibb.co/mGSPRw

https:// ibb.co/ngDW6w

https:// ibb.co/gRdLzG

https:// ibb.co/dVineG

https:// ibb.co/e27DKG

https:// ibb.co/icPtKG

29f76d No.140941


The internet isn't going down; it's necessary to our economy. The glow fucks might try to take down social media strategically, though.

85c974 No.140943


I suspect it's connected to "The Church" that Crazy Days and Nights has been writing about. Here's today's Church blind. It's about the dead billionaire in Toronto, AIDs drugs, and possibly the Haiti/Clinton. Very relevant to our research.

http:// www.crazydaysandnights.net/2018/01/todays-blind-items-we-cant-let-you-talk.html

b12589 No.140944


ugh.. block/disrupt DNS and the internet becomes useless for 95-99% of the population

e8fe01 No.140945


Very very very unlikely that it will happen tonight.

37e89f No.140946


The survival buckets of food taste like crap but its food

355db9 No.140947

File: 38c2ed3757ca2a4⋯.png (548.51 KB, 586x593, 586:593, ClipboardImage.png)

b739bd No.140948


Not convinced it will go this far. Father always taught me to be prepared. Military Brat Present.

48f1ff No.140949


Å Ä Ö ?

8feae8 No.140950


I also save the file copy in my email to every single email I have which is about 30 of them

adee51 No.140951


Standard Operating Procedure 303

b1cba4 No.140952

/greatawakening/ is down

3c611f No.140953

wikileaks torrents, if you have the space/time:

https:// file.wikileaks.org/torrent/

54ad21 No.140954

0a2a75 No.140955


some layers of aluminium foil.

2362e3 No.140956


You can really tell who all in here would have a meltdown if cell service and/or internet services go down…KEK!

93ee5c No.140957


confirmed, never had any issues with antistatic bags

27566d No.140958

File: d63c57eb4c64d9a⋯.png (1.44 MB, 669x839, 669:839, ClipboardImage.png)

a97267 No.140959


Yeah, I'm not saying it can't or won't happen, but I'm having a hard time grasping it….

b1cba4 No.140960

/greatawakening/ is down for me

b09f93 No.140961

If true the family member they wanted to hurt was a child in Trump's family, I hope that comes out first. And no mercy for the plotters

648fa0 No.140962


>I have that file saved on three different devices including CD and SD cards

That would be the greatest happening of all time.

951344 No.140964


Yeah, they are not worth the time any longer. It gets you stressed no matter how you approach it. The ones still brainwashed may never recover.

89a22f No.140965

Shit if an EMP knocks out everything idk if i'll survive. I'm a dialysis patient :/

ccc243 No.140966


You better believe it. I have many challenge coins but not that one.

d840d5 No.140967



We might be close to a very big data dump.

Anons with storage: when it drops, air gap the system. DONT TOY WITH YOUR SAFETY!


140932 is right, so every copy of it becomes a digital target.

a97267 No.140968


working fine for me..

57dabc No.140969

We are stocked on all self-defense

Need more food and water just in case

Just started looking for land outside our metroplex….want to get some anyway, just moving a little faster lately >>140934

349084 No.140970

File: 5d032418179c3d6⋯.jpg (72.87 KB, 511x895, 511:895, bezhjetzjetzj.jpg)


i'm north GER. speak dutch.

hilsen til kim larsen når du ser ham ;>

ebaf20 No.140971

e8fe01 No.140972


Up for me.

53cbeb No.140973


halfchan ate shit the other day.

Only a few high traffic boards could post, and noone could post images.

a4046d No.140974


For me as well.

ea500e No.140975


I was thinking about that same thing too! I freakin' love CDAN! That guy has been correct more times than not & has been around for a LONG LONG time

2362e3 No.140976


Learn to hunt.

75f677 No.140977

Laggy in here. Same thing happened last night right before Q Drops. Likely 3 letters are here again too.

5237ae No.140978


actions. beyond-the-keyboard.

shit's about to get real.

a26e75 No.140979


and they stack nice

b1cba4 No.140980


Back up

5669c8 No.140982


No, just a slow update

890723 No.140983


Yes, this would be very efficient delivery of the goods, and send a parallel message.

8feae8 No.140985


As a retired PI I learned that I had to keep copies of everything in several forms just in case I ever have to go back into court on the case

b1cba4 No.140987


I was getting 503

05694b No.140988


This. Make a note of your favorite server addresses… (not that most of them will still work)

a4046d No.140989

greatawakening is back up for me. DDOS and counter? Q's IP must be active.

cfe03b No.140990


Ah oui Godfrey!

We're all here for humanities' sake. We're all Patriots. United we stand.

54ad21 No.140991


Wirklich schade.

48f1ff No.140992


Works fine for me

10a6b5 No.140993

Funny, Q may mean 8ch, my reply box was acting weird so I closed all my window & started again and when I went back into 8ch I got an error message, but then refreshed and no problem.

d971ee No.140994


AND my guess is POTUS's wall will be built with drones/surveillance (not an actual physical wall - like many are thinking - maybe just in some parts)

8feae8 No.140995

And by the way yes you can vacuum seal a gun

676117 No.140996


What about Torrent is that still viable anymore?

8a8a9c No.140997


was up and down after Q arrived yesterday..

2362e3 No.140998


Had a very strange error message on my last attempt to post.

355db9 No.140999

File: e0a5643a62feef9⋯.png (288.81 KB, 583x449, 583:449, ClipboardImage.png)

"Not a distraction". Secret meetings at the highest levels!!!

Secret sociaties!!! Secrecy is sick!!!

Q told us!!!

33d086 No.141000


works for me

a97267 No.141001


I won't be happy about it lol… but I'll survive. I do like to fish and metal detect in old colonial areas for 1800's coins and lost artifacts. It will be a good time for it…. if it happens. I'm still skeptical.

e8fe01 No.141002


>DDOS and counter? Q's IP must be active.

37c133 No.141003


It's true that there are a LOT of Russians who are doing conspiracyu theory research, about the Soviet Union, the USA, the EU, about everything. So there is a lot more info out there.

Remember that the cabal plan was to merge the USA, EU and Soviet Union but the Russians screwed up that plan by kicking out the Communist party, dissolving the USSR and going back to Christianity in a big way. So there must be tons of dirt to dig from the Cold War period.

Then during the Yeltsin years, the CIA effectively took control of the government of the Russian Federation and were executing a plan to break it up starting with Chechnya. Then the Oligarchs got nervous about these foreigners and picked the most honest guy that they could to take over. That guy is Vladimir Putin. He made a deal with the Oligarchs not to dig into their criminal past if they would run their businesses legitimately from 2000 onwards, pay taxes, and support Russian sovereignty. Most of them agreed and are still around. Some slipped back into corruption and crime and were arrested/convicted/jailed as Putin promised.

But during the Yeltsin period, lots of CIA agents were running around Russia doing stuff. They have many American connections. Therefore, much dirt to dig there to.

And if there is to be 1000 years of peace between sovereign nations, America needs lots of people who speak Russian to help analyze events in Russia, communicate with Russia, and work on joint ventures with Russia like preventing an asteroid extinction event.

Russia is actually one of the easier languiages for English-speaking people to learn. It is phonetic like Spanish, and has a very regular grammar that will help you understand unknown words simply by understanding the root and thr prefixes/suffixes used for grammatical intent. If you are a true autist, then buy some books, spend at least an hour a day on learning, and follow the guidelines in one of the Internet docs on how to learn a language quickly. Schools and courses are a waste of time because they are far too slow for autists.

And yes I speak Russian as one of 7 or 8 languages I know

494a41 No.141005


>It is not going to stop every wavelength involved in an emp pulse.

is there anything in your house that would do a better job?

will a microwave oven help stop some of the emp energy?

it's better than nothing

I know plenty of old farmer who keep their important papers in the refrigerator because it will do in a pinch as a fire safe.

bd0d16 No.141006


Semper Fi Anon

8f15ae No.141007



e8fe01 No.141008

Everything lagging here but nothing actually down.


86362c No.141009


I don't think i will ;P Kim Larsen was just admitted to Rigshospitalet (State Hospital) for severe cancer.

69dadc No.141011

File: 9908ddf4963dea8⋯.png (226.08 KB, 436x310, 218:155, ClipboardImage.png)

>Coming soon to a theater near you.

A video drop released in a free "mystery movie screening" in Hollywood would be quite the epic unexpected redpill, would it not? Would catch quite the cross-section of normies off-guard, and it would spread like wild-fire. Public would get to see it first, no MSM.

0a2a75 No.141012


about ö


37e89f No.141013


Been doing that my whole life

01e83f No.141014


Spread torrents on rutracker.org

d276bb No.141015


A fellow treasure hunter!

*hat tip*

ff53a9 No.141016



Is P Manning steering that thing?


57f08f No.141017


It is intermittent for me - sometimes getting a 503… feels like last night after the epic Q drop.

b1cba4 No.141018



8feae8 No.141019


Dishwashers work to

8f1270 No.141020

'Dreamers’ Storm Schumer’s New York City Home, Demand Amnesty ‘Now’

Gotta love this shit

6bfaf4 No.141021

File: fdc5f3684eef2e2⋯.png (44 KB, 1542x602, 771:301, Resonse.png)

Any Anons researching the 'bad guys' response time?

749727 No.141022

a39b23 No.141023


Still fine for me

93ee5c No.141024


a torrent would be fine as long as its seeded…a link to said torrent, however, could come & go quickly

a97267 No.141025

Not to brag, but I have 4 pork shoulder ribs slow roasting over a hickory fire and I don't think I'll be able to eat even two of them.. they're HUGE and god they smell good. Do you think the piggies know they taste so good?

ccc243 No.141026


Not military but location connected in a way.

c7100e No.141027


Las Vegas video showing it was a terrorist attack. $100. Takers?

27566d No.141028

File: 6b6c4499242c5fc⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1135x842, 1135:842, ClipboardImage.png)


Remember this on /thestorm?

d1fece No.141029


I thought the internet could not be destroyed… built for a nuke war….. comms in some form bb boards?

e8fe01 No.141030

29f76d No.141031


Jam the Oscars telecast and show the videos that made NYPD puke.

c4634c No.141032


Know I am behind, but just read the Schiff/ Feinstein letter.

What a whopping irony:

It takes 13 Congressional working days to get all the approvals to release the memo.

But a single Senator with a single Representative can fire off a letter filled with falsehoods, unsupported allegations, and nuttiness to demand an investigation by 2 large corporations with a 3 day deadline.

Did I miss the ceremony where Feinstein and Schiff were enthroned as Emperor and Empress of the country? Great evidence of their Delusions of Grandeur and Debilitating Desperation.

a4046d No.141033


Q's board. /greatawakening

57dabc No.141034



d1fece No.141035


I thought they were babies 5 years old children. Those babies were storming…

8feae8 No.141036

Hahaha I still surf the old dial up boards using dos

f48f83 No.141037


hope you get heartburn. Jelly me

93ee5c No.141038




new here?

676117 No.141039

File: 743aa3e989b1aae⋯.jpg (36.82 KB, 297x475, 297:475, MV5BMTIwNzY5ODAwOF5BMl5Ban….jpg)


Order Was Important:

Water, Food, Defense. Unless NUKE or EMP things are actually looking much better.

Q did say they had FAILSAFE

64981a No.141040




please delete

10a6b5 No.141041


I got an error message too, see my earlier post

ff53a9 No.141042


Thanks anon.

God Bless & God Speed.

We WILL get the mission accomplished,


53cbeb No.141043

File: 68aeb7a060cb589⋯.webm (3.87 MB, 853x480, 853:480, MAGA.webm)


Trips of truth

The light shines bright on thee

Torchlight and glints from pitchforks

Day of the rake soon

df9c27 No.141044


Where did Q say phones and SM would go down?

Offline means saving offline for us if we want.

He’s not entrusting us with saving his info.

648fa0 No.141045


Audience is too small. You need a mass transmission of some kind.

349084 No.141047


oh no… one of the best danish guys i know.

i will add a prayer for him.

a39b23 No.141048


Anon, don't say metroplex. Thats a local slang only used for one very particular part of the world.

bcf9c3 No.141049


just my thoughts. after reading everybody elses comments sounds like a major data dump that will be taken offline within a few minutes

any other chans…. wtf is the internet sniffer never heard of that before and how is it responsible for attacks?

713481 No.141050


refridgerator fire safe


dishwasher firesafe

My sides! Do you know how much flammable shit is in both of those? Lulz!

749727 No.141051


Oh yea! Duh! (I thought it was a technical term)

29ef6c No.141053

I just reported LEFTISTS calling me a Russian Bot

I said it was harmful and abusive

I described it as being a MASSIVE CHARGE that could endanger me and my family, and that it is unfounded. Further – Twitter has the analytics and knows it not to be true

The LEFTIST had to delete the tweet… hopefully was penalized in some way

a4046d No.141054


Red text for visibility. And renew your IP address.

27566d No.141056


Nothing just as soon as someone would talk prepping it was all "fill your tub" not a dig at you Anon..

7f8fcc No.141057


DRONEFAGS have a lock

5e8c25 No.141058

Rev the printers up.

Dust off the analog equip.

Incoming flood.

b0f90c No.141059

File: e69311f28bf9277⋯.jpg (141.81 KB, 792x504, 11:7, SOTU.JPG)

bbf094 No.141060


smokes and booze

guns and ammo

secure location

quick gopack could be


90degree sharpened spine

3mm-6mm thick // 3-6 inches long

carbon steel for dryer areas (1095 carbon is fairly common) stainless for more wet/snowy areas (SV30, VG10,)

AXE - 16-21 inch length

weight - 2-3lb head, not too thick.

wooden handle

SAW - folding Silky - cheap and tested.

WATER - filter - iodine tabs - pump - ashe/filter cotton.

Ration packs/canned beans for 2 weeks on a 900 cal diet x2

potatoes - rice - legumes - grains - seeds - sugar - coffee (instant)

if you are on the move you dont want a pack heavier then 50lbs

suggest 50L -/+ pack if on move for multiple days

good items to have

map of current location



pen flare


first aid - glue/gausse/antibiotics/wrap..* stomach pills for gastro/upset tummy/advil

smokes - would suggest pipe + tobacco.. last longer/protected better even if a non smoker/barter


4L of water


bushgun for those with restrictions - 30/30

if in a group establish rules

no solo

fire watch 24/7

keep quiet

watch instead of speak

93ee5c No.141061


never said it, deducecd as an assumption of the worst. good to prep, either way

29f76d No.141062


I said it earlier: They are Fortunado, and this is the Cask of Amontillado. They just haven't figured it out yet.

37c133 No.141063


This means, unplug hard drives and power cords. Keep devices powered on and in the safest place you have. Surrounded by lots of metal if possible. In a basement underground as long as no flood danger.

This is why some are advising to buy additional USB hard drives or even high capacity thumb drives.

Make sure there is no metal wire connecting your device to any network, i.e. there is an air gap between device and wires.

If an EMP happens, devices protected by a couple of layers of metal box (where the boxes do NOT touch each other, can help. Also underground can help.

8feae8 No.141064


I have three regular safes as well

57dabc No.141065


Oh you're right…thanks for catching that

8feae8 No.141066


We were talking about how to keep things safe from EMP

e5335f No.141067


If video- they could interrupt the Oscars and play on the big screen. Epic. But that seems far away.

a39b23 No.141068

f33b88 No.141069

What/who owns the data center which 8ch resides - and what/who controls the dns?

48f1ff No.141070


No, what's up with that pic?

d276bb No.141071

File: d6aa05ebc30b57d⋯.jpg (67.14 KB, 835x500, 167:100, 20zehh.jpg)

a878b8 No.141072


a "secret group" w/in the FBI will avert any need to reopen every single FBI case – more like when a cop is found to be corrupt -> only the cases that cop was involved with are rendered suspect.

b0f90c No.141073



Shot heard around the world

Same time, data dump, while they're attention is diverted.

64981a No.141074


that was not me

pster still does not get it

04b936 No.141075

I came on too late for the last Q post. What did Q mean by what did @jack lose today? Jack Dorsey.

640581 No.141077

File: 2a7a910168d7513⋯.gif (2.26 MB, 320x238, 160:119, NFd4k-.gif)

meanwhile at the FBI, and other 3 letter's…

57dabc No.141078


Lol…thats true. Ironically the only thing we didn't do in that snowstorm

a62843 No.141079

Fuck you for banning me. I didnt do anything wrong.

8feae8 No.141080


I have all that and more

247b3d No.141082

Learn how to use IPFS > ipfs.io

04ab01 No.141083


In a past post Q talked about a device in the WH that could kill the president….before the remodel was done. They might have proof of who planted this. >>140656

7f8fcc No.141084


I have 12 pet rabbits

c6bbd8 No.141085


is that you bear grylls?

749727 No.141086

Guys I have to take a plane trip later this week half way across the country. Cannot back out. For the first time in my life, I don't want to get on a plane. Fffuuuggg…

e8fe01 No.141087


Twitter COO stepped down today.

b1cba4 No.141088


good idea

e5335f No.141089


His COO. #2 resigned.

2469db No.141090


God bless all of you WWanons! Thank you for all you've done and we hope to repay the favor soon!

a4046d No.141091


Renew your IP address, report your post, and red text your request for visibility.

86362c No.141092


Calm down bro, you'll be fine

8feae8 No.141093


We had that happen with a bad PI, had to retry over 6000 cases!

5237ae No.141094


Keep the bathtub clean in case you decide to fill it with water.

A gallon of bleach at home is essential as it can undo a lot of nature's mistakes.

04b936 No.141095


Ohhhhh. Thank you Anon

bcf9c3 No.141096


oh shit I hadn't heard about that one. crazy. I knew the white house was remodeled for a very good reason though.

75f677 No.141097


Mod/BO please delete

883404 No.141098

It sounds like some of y'all are going off the deep end.

It ain't the end of the world, but many Q can give some clarification on what we need to do.

At any rate, check your survival kits contents. In them you should find:

One semi automatic 45 caliber colt pistol.

Fifty rounds of ammunition.

One hundred dollars in gold.

One hundred dollars in cash.

On combination Russian phrase book and holy bible.

Pep pills, sleeping pills, phroplalactics,

On pack of chewin gum, one pair of nylon stockings, two lipsticks.

And don't use it this weekend in Vegas.

29ef6c No.141099


kek – love it!

e8fe01 No.141100

Why is everyone panicking? We are just waiting for instructions to download….something.

8feae8 No.141101


Awww food

02e7a3 No.141102


4-6% man… 4-6%

b0f90c No.141103

File: c47d9ed8e26eff0⋯.jpg (117.15 KB, 733x637, 733:637, WallOfShame.JPG)

Wall of Shame

349084 No.141104


oh, i didn't know that single letters have their own wiki page.

Das ist ja schön… jetzt weiß ich mehr.

05694b No.141105


while we're at it. An oven.

29f76d No.141106


Soup time!

7f8fcc No.141107


Just make sure LdR doesn’t board and you will be ok

a62843 No.141108


He never said "kill". He said "harm".

8feae8 No.141109


No but when BHO was in office I always had the feeling of dread and that we were near the end so that’s when I started stocking up on everything

480e89 No.141110


Message received and understood. However, don't forget we couldn't do it without y'all. I mean, look at the tyranny we are up against.

Without heros in DC this would turn into a bloodbath. So God bless you.

2f107b No.141111


hey meganon

682681 No.141113


Care to post it up again? Seems like a good time for it.

02e7a3 No.141114


Godspeed, BASED International Anon.

37c133 No.141115


For many people it is best to stay put and stay indoors. But stock up on non-perishables. Or if your plan is to run to relatives in a small town make sure they have stocked up in preparation.

Lots of advice on prep on the Internet.

a97267 No.141116


I have plenty of baking soda, just in case lol

53cbeb No.141117


nice get

7f8fcc No.141118

Cable freezing out at 6:33 Central

a62843 No.141120

Why did Q post here instead of /ga/ ?

c6bbd8 No.141121

File: eddc890e6784318⋯.png (119.87 KB, 254x392, 127:196, Opera Snapshot_2018-01-13_….png)


for those who are scared

890723 No.141122


This anon-ready data dump most likely is to allow us to set the stage, so SOTU is normie-ready

8feae8 No.141123


It was posted ^^^^ there

a4046d No.141124


I work with someone I suspect is a 4-6% type. I'm praying for these people.

e8fe01 No.141125


He uses both boards.

8feae8 No.141126


I’ll post links after Q drops

57dabc No.141127



a878b8 No.141128


bec he can do whatever he wants.

176d7b No.141129


I think he means the code language that almost drove us insane kek

494a41 No.141130

File: 9159a55a38b12e8⋯.webm (3.21 MB, 480x360, 4:3, StrangeloveGoodbye.webm)

92688a No.141131

Another fast bread, you Patriots are hungry!

f7a404 No.141132


The man is going to walk his talk. I would expect no less. That was for anons and his prey.

a4046d No.141133


Pattern seems to be that /ga is for drops and here is for comms, corrections, confirmations, clarifications, and answering questions.

e8fe01 No.141135


Nom Nom Nom

c8f1ba No.141136

What would be the ideal tools to have on hand when Q provides the instructions for offline archival?

448601 No.141137

File: 4504fceda00d073⋯.jpg (230.23 KB, 1675x1169, 1675:1169, potusgr.jpg)

Control the graph.

2f107b No.141138

So Meganon….why did you bail?

57dabc No.141139

My husband wants dinner

Apparently, he doesn't understand whats going on

e8fe01 No.141140


Good way to put it.

0a2a75 No.141141


the ones who assign addresses can flip a switch so cant go anywhere if you dont know the ip number for the site you are looking for. but i dont think they can just shut it down like that. they could hack all kinds of infrastructure though, and knock out everything that way. if everything shuts down and they say its an emp, then its a false flag. an emp can only cause troube if you are so close to the explosion that losing electronics wont be your biggest problem.

ea500e No.141142


Don't encourage it to come here

d1fece No.141144

What about Mad Dog? What would mad dog say to Jack ?Need more Mad dog and cow bell….

abb091 No.141145


nice literary ref anon. really reached back in my memory for that one.

e8fe01 No.141146


> it


37e89f No.141147


External hdd

4075d4 No.141149

File: 0a763a208278efa⋯.jpg (129.02 KB, 719x800, 719:800, Bear Grylls Meme 08.jpg)

355db9 No.141150


He should order out for you and get your dinner ready right now! :)

8feae8 No.141151


“It” LOL

0fdc34 No.141152


Hungry Man TV Dinners !!

349084 No.141153


for what? using HDD in stoneage?

54ad21 No.141154


Corkscrew and a pizza cutter

9d69cf No.141155


KEK… feed him bread!

176d7b No.141156



999272 No.141157

I haven't ever doubted Q. When something seems "wrong" like that email, just wait a bit and the truth comes out. It is real. They have it.

I've been here since Nov 5. The moment I saw the posts, I knew it was true.

The waiting is tough! I want the rats taken down. And I'm very very interested to know if certain "local" rats in my area are going to be drowned in the flood. Icing on the cake if so.

8feae8 No.141158


I’m a very patient person. 59 years I’ve learned to be very very patient

713481 No.141159


Get him a sammich and a handy to apologize

ebaf20 No.141160


def qtor / a secure torrenting program

vid ripper in case it's stream based

secure zipping / encrypting programs

external HD / discs to burn content to

convert any PDFs to png/jpg

92688a No.141161


>"HOOOONEEEEEEEYYYYY. Where is my super suit?"

cfe03b No.141162



Tell him to do take out - you have more important things to do.

c8f1ba No.141163

Thanks to God and praise kek, glad I’m not in California.

1e24c0 No.141164

wtf is with everyone using the chan as a shitty irc chat?

new tactic? fill up the bread with air bubbles?

…gettin shilly.

5e8c25 No.141165

File: 92e9572543447ed⋯.png (230.81 KB, 520x293, 520:293, ClipboardImage.png)

a62843 No.141167


Why is she doing that? Wont that discredit us?

64fcff No.141168


So Ron Johnson has an informant inside the FBI secret society. Does this informant have video evidence, etc.?

Who is it? Was this Bill Priestap? Don't hear from him much…


8f542f No.141169

File: 615fce0d26891cb⋯.jpg (118.09 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 7.jpg)

a3b370 No.141170


>>>42847 1/13/18 Events>>4142 Daily News Thread ——————————————————————————————————

anon. believe in God. it becomes simple. no caps. no worries. none. not one. zero. it really is simple. BELIEVE!!!

176d7b No.141171



ccc243 No.141172


I'd like to know if his number 2 is a white hat or black, he was here this week and I think I'm the only one awake among the sheep and the golf balls. Crows killing rabbits at the door.

676117 No.141173


super KEK

"Honey I cant do dinner tonight I'm saving the rebublic"

5f6657 No.141174


Do keep up, anon. 10 days was a forecast time for 'darkness' ~ Q never said "10 days of darkness" ~ the forecast, then 10 days later the ATL airport goes DARK for 10 hours.

81836f No.141175


Please PRAY for us Patriots in California.

73a951 No.141176


Another Sather shill.

90b3ee No.141177


I recieved this same message trying to access my own board. So I think your concern is a certified nothing burger.

c1d3f1 No.141178

The wait is over.

The memo is released.

https:// www.infowars.com/exclusive-infowars-releases-secret-fisa-memo/

8feae8 No.141179


I have a couple of really good PDF to JPEG programs. On my computer I’ll get on there later and get you which programs I use

5e8c25 No.141180

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

c6bbd8 No.141181

File: 1695e5796456341⋯.png (661.71 KB, 948x350, 474:175, Opera Snapshot_2018-01-23_….png)


tell homey to take care of his business while you help us anons save the planet with Q

57dabc No.141182



I am currently killing some pita chips….he can make a sammich. I cook everyday and my kitchen is currently closed…;)

c8f1ba No.141183


I was thinking to print and bind as well.

a87666 No.141184


Mine too, what to do! Hmm, let me think.


8f1270 No.141185

File: 9fc816bf182d1a0⋯.jpeg (79.77 KB, 1080x572, 270:143, 1516754232.jpeg)

a97267 No.141186


Yeah, that's what I'm thinking.. and that time is past.

86362c No.141187


LOL welcome to my filterbox. Please get comfy

57dabc No.141188


hahahaha….Trump needs me, babe

595a72 No.141189

The flood is coming.

Emails, videos, audio, pics, etc.

FBI accidentally deletes texts?

No Such Agency accidentally releases IT ALL>

Shall we play a game?


"Emails, videos, audio, pics, etc."

I think these sorts of files are going to be dumped on Q's site.

If so, catch them when you can or be like Post #51!

c6bbd8 No.141190


are you out of your fucking mind

4f590a No.141191

File: 17b63e42dd53e67⋯.png (2.27 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, ReleaseTheMemo45.png)

File: 81cee5f8c07a9a4⋯.png (2.34 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, ReleaseTheMemo46.png)

ebaf20 No.141192



gimp (free) is a good and secure option for drop and drag - multi export layers and boom-done

0baea4 No.141194

>>141175 praying

a59659 No.141195


Passion of the Christ – Nice!

c1d3f1 No.141196


Looking at this page, looks like AJ has the actual memo but its real contents aren't released. I'm too worked up right now. I need to slow down, breathe, think before posting.

e8fe01 No.141197

355db9 No.141198


Atta girl!!! :)

I just had a sammich!

Gotta keep up our strength Anons!!! For the coming storm!!!

640581 No.141199

File: 6dd0de5ea777b46⋯.gif (341.6 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 76876874.gif)

127e4f No.141200

File: 087e8fd6922f07c⋯.jpeg (38.04 KB, 474x457, 474:457, fatpepe.jpeg)



Family must be rebuilt.

Please enlighten your husband so that he may sing the national anthem next time you both decide to have children.

[Freedoms sexually]

81836f No.141201


Thank you and God Bless

f559c5 No.141202

Anyone have a link to a good Space X / Musk research thread?

Feel like our research not consolidated or accessible.

92688a No.141203

57dabc No.141204


I need to run in place….starting to get Q/8 chan ass

ccc243 No.141205


Actually it was more of a raven. At least 3.

b2f3ec No.141206


>This is more than about words

>It's to show these mother fuckers we are fed up and more than willing to unite and do what's necessary

>Look at what we did just Monday and now with release the memo

>too hard to divide us since anon,can't play race,religion,sex etc.. against each other cause no one knows who's who

Except for the jewfags lol

a62843 No.141207


Amen. That would be awesome.

64fcff No.141208


Or shit might be Rybicki

02e7a3 No.141209


That would be 18-19 minutes, anon… Not 29.

Math n shit.

349084 No.141210


in an interview 12/2017, Simon Parkes (UK) said, that there were already 6 attempts to harm DJT since he is potus.

57dabc No.141211


No but I just got an alert that theres a rocket on the launch pad with a damn red Tesla in it…thought it was a joke, but its not

4f9a8c No.141212


I saw in a vision the other day either Q or one of his team members. I could describe this person in detail but I will not. 6 months before the election I also had an ' out of body' OBE vision of Trump as President and he was meeting with an inner circle of people that were networking around the world. BTW I didnt vote at all - I havent voted since Reagan he was the last person I voted for. I got horribly disillusioned when I managed to start finding out about all the secrets our government were keeping and the crimes against us they were committing. I have never had any premonition about a President and so when that happened in 2016 I KNEW this was EXTREMELY SIGNIFICANT TO THE USA AND THE WORLD. I pray that the 'ALLIANCE" the break away military good guys will take down the deep state-military industrial complex and global cabal. This lady is posting everything I can on my FB page from here, and Judicial Watch and Alex Jones and many other Youtube Researchers. We the PEOPLE need courage to rise up and to be INTEGRITY and THE LIGHT people can turn to and depend on. I know there are heroes among us.

890723 No.141213


Tired Genius: Elon

Wired Genius: Q

f01a4e No.141214

I bet you they have Lindsey Graham on tape giving head or taking it up the poop shoot from Anderson.

c84fc3 No.141215


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broadcast_signal_intrusion

A lot harder now with digital TV

355db9 No.141216


Cough! cough! Choked on my celery!! RLOL!!! Chan Ass!!

4a7d06 No.141217

baker on standby


Just if you need one, bakeranon.

2362e3 No.141218


Praying as well, but you guys need to pick up arms before it's to late!

29f76d No.141219


Glad you caught it. Brick-by-brick they construct their own prisons.

57dabc No.141220

a62843 No.141221


Hey Alex. Your vitamins suck.

d1fece No.141222


What about Getty Movie with Spacey?

How many people are under the Getty?

5e8c25 No.141223

7901b3 No.141224

File: 9e46acd7494e193⋯.jpg (39.88 KB, 700x744, 175:186, IMG_20180123_194224.jpg)

a4046d No.141225


Good Jews and bad Jews, anon. "Woe to the Jews who say they are Jews, but instead worship at the synagogue of Satan" implies that there are Jews who are not part of the cabal.

There are American Jewish patriots.

72ddce No.141226


"damn we didn't even think about torrenting!"

cfe03b No.141227



Glad to see some female patriots here! Guys, please don't say 'tits or GTFU' - now is not the time. We need to unite!!!

e6bb24 No.141228


I just have to point out…

There's a Hillaface right in it's vagina.

(if in fact that is a vagina)

Damn Yuck…

cb20dc No.141229

File: df2a740ed24de22⋯.jpg (432.43 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, CNNRussia.jpg)

Didn't turn out as well as I envisaged it would. :(

I need sleep. G'night anons

9304b7 No.141230


Tread-desk for the multi-tasking win.

4f5e1b No.141231

Who the fuck is the normie telling the T_D to get ready for a Q Drop?!??!??!?

The fuck is wrong with you???

9d457f No.141232


Just stay east of the mountains

c1d3f1 No.141233

If anybody is on here who can delete >>141178 it would help the entire board. I'm making a note of that screw-up on my part and it will NOT happen again.

54ad21 No.141234



9d69cf No.141235


I bet EM is in the trunk… trying to escape to Mars….KEK!

c84fc3 No.141236


The first thing I did on 9/11 when the second plane hit was fill the bathtub.

a62843 No.141237


Sad thing is, "Birdie" might be the best Demoratic candidate.

b739bd No.141238


HuZ is reading FB comments about the Memo to me… as we wait!

You will all be proud to know… We have reached millions with our meme war!!

They are ready for the MEMO.. demanding it…

Patriots are we!!

92688a No.141239


You go OBEvision anon!

04b936 No.141240


How many times have "AS the World Turns" been referenced in Q posts?

90b3ee No.141241


Birdie Sanders says RELEASE THE MEMO

302c41 No.141242


/GA/ is for Dumps only. This is for chats, and blunt talk

bde307 No.141243


line the can and lid with rubber floor mats. Seal all holes (like where the handles are set in) with adhesive aluminum tape. When lid is on seal it down with aluminum tape. can also test by putting cell phone in there and trying to call. If it goes straight to voicemail the faraday cage works

64fcff No.141244

File: c1ade53ed1ae6be⋯.jpg (25.69 KB, 600x398, 300:199, full_bathtub_l3.jpg)


Mines been full for about a month

a4046d No.141245


That's not fair. There's also the donkey from their logo.

57dabc No.141246


That sounds awful doesn't it?

I ran earlier….I mean walked (walked upstairs to get my charger)

e8fe01 No.141247

Why does everyone have to anounce that they are female?

72ddce No.141248



2362e3 No.141249

Now you watch.

I'm about to go have dinner, and he'll drop the bomb on us.

2f107b No.141250


if they were true patriots they would call themselves jewish americans……not american jews

a4046d No.141251


Might want to change out the water anon.

05694b No.141253


new to the chans, eh?

f37f95 No.141254


>wtf is with everyone using the chan as a shitty irc chat?

>new tactic? fill up the bread with air bubbles?

It's the facebook wave (again), it is also a shill tactic - drown out so no progress gets made, annoy (real) anons to the point where they walk away, snap or have to filter 2/3 of the thread. I think it depends on the shift - what kind is on duty at that particular time.

They're not sending their best

57dabc No.141255


And they mentioned it would be blasting some song at launch….whats going on with that?

8a8a9c No.141256


might want to change the water..

8f1270 No.141257

File: 40fb1e4ad5fa4ba⋯.jpeg (169.59 KB, 1080x742, 540:371, 1516754735.jpeg)

c1d3f1 No.141258


Five times.

fba4d2 No.141259


Shapely ancles, or get thee to a nunnery

33d086 No.141260


Hurry up then you're holding it up for the rest of us

a59659 No.141261


This is vital. After #TheGreatAwakening we need #Rompathon and many new Trumplings.

a3b370 No.141262


… no caps… live hon. please. we love you.

d1fece No.141263


Roman Polaski extradited back to usa for prison

time before the oscars…. Meryl any comment?

355db9 No.141264

File: a6f799c9656261b⋯.png (114.13 KB, 391x385, 391:385, ClipboardImage.png)

Sick POS!

This is what we are fighting against Anons!


a4046d No.141265


Why? I'd call myself an American Christian.

a878b8 No.141266

File: 45929322e1cb4cd⋯.png (553.92 KB, 507x499, 507:499, sr.bot.1.png)

64fcff No.141268



Can't that's my holy bathtubfag water

a62843 No.141269


Kek. True.

bd92ee No.141270


>digits confirm

Seth is a true patriot

10a6b5 No.141271


Sex, Lies & Videotape

626433 No.141272


chan ass, chan chin, chan thighs and tummy.

pro tip. sit on floor and do leg lifts while reading so you don't feel so guilty. heh. I do

355db9 No.141273


Have a spring of my own!

8b7d13 No.141274


Nobody likes those that NameFag!

27566d No.141276


Here we go damn it I shoulda never..

e6bb24 No.141277


A very "Special Place" indeed.

a16093 No.141278


Is that Geddy Lee of Rush? Damn Man…

206f4e No.141279

File: a240106ea63e6db⋯.png (297.88 KB, 366x480, 61:80, dctitsorgtfo.png)



To all newfags, don't reveal your gender, shills will just use it as another target.


It's a little shilly but not as shilly as last night. The 'wtf no 100% disclosure' slide was unbearable.

c1d3f1 No.141280


Thu 07 Dec 2017 00:28:58 46773

Sat 09 Dec 2017 13:48:57 60421

Fri 22 Dec 2017 11:12:55 148746

Sat 13 Jan 2018 22:23:44 10

Mon 22 Jan 2018 21:47:32 130638

29f76d No.141281


Is that true? Or just your wish list? 'Cause that would be epic.

74da1b No.141282


I’m sure it won’t stop but the attempt is appreciated haha

90f0a2 No.141283

File: 735ee61c7238982⋯.jpeg (78.51 KB, 800x450, 16:9, FCBDFA40-D9CF-4E10-83CA-B….jpeg)

4f590a No.141284

File: 154fcf83ec752d8⋯.png (2.45 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, Iron Maiden Memo.png)

File: 613747f3ff27325⋯.png (2.4 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, ReleaseTheMemo44.png)

Iron Memo meme batter.

a4046d No.141285


Married a couple months ago to a MAGA girl. We're in California, so I'm waiting to see what happens with vaccine mandates and public schools and a few other things out here, but getting started on baby Trumplings as soon as things are cleaned up a bit more.

05694b No.141286

7433a6 No.141287


Just got in…Who posted this? Just looked at the greatawakening site and it isn't showing up there. Can I get a clue?

5e8c25 No.141288

File: bd1888ea680e9c9⋯.png (267.49 KB, 483x415, 483:415, ClipboardImage.png)

Should we even meme anymore?

e4631d No.141289


Shills. Annoying anons.

Very shilly

10db06 No.141290


>To all newfags, don't reveal your gender, shills will just use it as another target.

proper response is no response at all.

58ef1b No.141291


Congrats, anon, and Godspeed.

75f677 No.141292


Yes once drop, meme with side x side of q posts.

05694b No.141293


… look at the post number.

… look at your post number.

86362c No.141294


Why wouldn't you?

247ff2 No.141295



Russian Americans have feelings and rights too.

5ad366 No.141296

File: e48b1948c0ee909⋯.jpg (224.73 KB, 711x949, 711:949, IMG_1772.JPG)

ccc243 No.141297


Meme the future

64fcff No.141298


Scroll up[ to the top of the bread and see Q's posts in 168 I believe

8feae8 No.141299

Saved all 99 pages of that other file someone posted a link to on scribe.

d4cdbb No.141300



Why can't these people read. 4 pages vs. 100??

f26e75 No.141301


Look yourself like everyone else that's not super lazy.

a4046d No.141302


It was here. Bread 168.

33d086 No.141303


Q posted it here a couple loafs back

93ee5c No.141304


it's not on great awakening

see >>139507

9a00d3 No.141305


^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

anons please note



All_Sys_Go_Phase I Release

24 hour operational window Conf_

P_PERS Discretion

:[o]: STAND_BY

04b936 No.141306


I was thinking "As the World turns" had to do with the attempted assassination attempts. One mention off. Close.

92688a No.141307


Wtf is that hat?

999272 No.141308



b2f3ec No.141309


Honestly if you want to get deep every person no matter what religion good or bad are just looking for something bigger to believe in.

93ee5c No.141310


noted…shhhhhhhhh ;)

29f76d No.141311

c4b367 No.141312


I think it means that incriminating video will be posted by Hillary’s Twitter account, possibly others, and will reveal undeniable truth.

355db9 No.141313

File: 4faa55bda734b40⋯.png (110.02 KB, 419x370, 419:370, ClipboardImage.png)

Q told us!! Future proves past!!

480e89 No.141314

What is this shit, GLP? Why does everyone have their DOOM on? Are we being invaded by profferers of uncle intel?

ac7ec6 No.141315


>Jeremiah 23:19

A most excellent passage, describing what is to come very, very soon. Those dark demons SHOULD be extremely frightened.

676117 No.141316

File: 86e398e449783ec⋯.png (763.39 KB, 694x446, 347:223, republic.PNG)

e6bb24 No.141317


Need to post on twitter with


Would fit right in

1a53fc No.141318

File: 0fb9e13647a8977⋯.png (580.88 KB, 800x438, 400:219, ClipboardImage.png)

5e8c25 No.141319

53cbeb No.141320

File: a4c603e4f96b2dc⋯.webm (3.44 MB, 426x240, 71:40, just the two of us.webm)


What a fuckin' ride it's been though eh?

a4046d No.141322


The "pussy hat." It's in reference to Trump's pussy comments, and yes, it's meant to be a vagina.

The worst is that I see parents putting it on their baby's heads as part of #resist. My best friend's brother has his 1 & 1/2 year old daughter wearing one in public. Cultural, moral, sexual degeneracy in my opinion.

73a951 No.141323


I feel bad. I started that horrible thread accidentally, and then it shilled over.

My bad.

5c7332 No.141324

Video possibilities:

1) Streetcam of Seth Rich and 2 tourists

2) Hotel cam of Vegas 'shooter' being loaded into an elevator by 2+ tourists

f37f95 No.141325


Yeah, that was pretty obvious but nothing, nothing beats the b0tst0rm on cuckchan. That was an experience I'll never forget.


So to get back to work, what kind of memes should we be making after tonite? I've made many for #ReleaseTheMemo - anything new?

58ef1b No.141326


I love this guy - nohomo.

999272 No.141327


Yep. I hate take most of the day off from this, too drained from last couple days.

839a43 No.141328


Can you put a Q on the cup?


a0c519 No.141329

Could Q’s older post referring to 1-22 be the first 22 Amendments?

The right for freedom - to bear arms - Etc

90f0a2 No.141330



5fc278 No.141331


please dont

083cd5 No.141332


i just threw up in my mouth

aa6bfa No.141333


which one?

5fc278 No.141334


What do you mean by "tourists"

999272 No.141335


The one with Markie Post

a4046d No.141336


Ah, that would explain why Q said there would be suicides and 90% of the population in the hospital if everything came out.

92688a No.141337

682681 No.141338


We were freezing up just before he posted.

480e89 No.141339


oh god… say it ain't so….

92688a No.141340


8a8a9c No.141342


sure make me lose dinner

64fcff No.141343


So POTUS will signal something on his twitter for the drop? Or dis LARP?

57dabc No.141344


You talking about that time they posted nothing buy gay porn? Dicks errywhere

c1d3f1 No.141345


Idiocy took hold. I will be apologizing until my ID changes here.

bcf9c3 No.141346

Just between you and me… (thank you)

5e8c25 No.141347

I'd like to see the video from the tapes they confiscated around the pentagon.

d1fece No.141349


ALL anons have access to Eric Schmidts network in NK…. Politicians have access with msm why not anons.

89b194 No.141350


Army isn't necessarily friendly. Sorry. A lot of Army officers were at Obama's side, many in the Navy were purged under his presidency. I wouldn't trust him to be friendly. No offense to the enlisted and lower level officers but from all I've seen and heard, Navy brass is faithful—Army brass not so much.

90b3ee No.141351


Hopefully the one with DWS and HUMA

d4cdbb No.141352


CP not a good look namefag

bb9d73 No.141354


We need to meme now more than ever. We understand what is going on but a lot of people are going to have a hard time dealing with the truth. I think we should keep going and as it goes down, push we the people type stuff. I have zero sympathy for the Cabal and hope they all fry. Our lost brothers and sisters that have done nothing wrong aside from falling for the con job need our help though. This is only the beginning.

349084 No.141356

File: 392d92ef0842d09⋯.jpg (132.77 KB, 891x897, 297:299, cstherjewzjetzj.jpg)

damn, /qres is addictive.

already 2 a.m. here, time for bed.

natti @ll

626433 No.141357


nobody wants to actually see that shit.


d9825b No.141358



The Hierophant is like a messenger from the heavens. He is experienced in spirituality and guidance, and his job is to bring these lessons down to us here in the real world. When The Hierophant comes up in your Tarot reading, you're encouraged to follow the rules, and to find a spiritual perspective on your current situation. Learn more about The Hierophant card

23e790 No.141359


Led no Let Anon. Easy fix

64fcff No.141360


Fuckoff Colonel Pudding

947fac No.141361


Thank You World ANON!

b09f93 No.141362


He said instructions for preserving will be posted first

73a951 No.141363


Not scared. Prepared.

Don't forget activated charcoal. You can use it for all sorts of things.

bcf9c3 No.141364

Now I understand. Certain people are going to have "incriminating videos" posted on their twitter accounts and then twitter will self destruct.

That's the only thing so far that's making sense.

c84fc3 No.141365

File: 9e3cf8d7f59d8f4⋯.jpg (11 KB, 495x536, 495:536, dan_fielding.jpg)

99024d No.141366

9669df No.141367

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/01/breaking-senator-ron-johnson-whistleblower-talking-off-site-meetings-fbi-secret-society-video/

A bird is singing about the secret society.

53cbeb No.141368

File: cca05f07798751c⋯.png (88.82 KB, 511x384, 511:384, The thrill of politics.png)


I still say that senator's $0.03 titanium tax didn't go too far enough.

99024d No.141369


any others so far

86362c No.141370


I've become nocturnal because of the rythm of this board. Always most active when i should be asleep

d4cdbb No.141372


>Disinformation is real

Please don't go there ==Fat Leonard==

Go Army Beat Navy

5e8c25 No.141373


Meme or Prep more?

I guess I'll do both.

058e03 No.141374

we went from 40 UID to 1>>141027




9304b7 No.141375


I figured it was an anon's hopeful/speculative description of the SITREP - same ID also posted a few other posts, including:





bcf9c3 No.141376

4 3 7

forgot to tag anon in post hope you got message. thanks.

that would be brilliant but it will also crash twitter/take twitter offline.

8b7d13 No.141377


Diese Frau ist Tochter von Hitler!

27566d No.141378


There was more dick pics in cuckchan that night than on all of Jack's dick pic servers

73a951 No.141379

e2d361 No.141380


Thank you WWanons

00efe9 No.141381


Same here. I've gone back to being an Owl.

ea500e No.141382


There use to be a surveillance video of the 2 guys that shot SR. Well, a video of their legs walking away. It was posted by a local DC news site to help find the killers about a month or 2 after he died. I remember watching it. Went to look for it a few months ago and it is GONE. Just GONE. How people don't see that whole case as shady as fuck, I'll never know

d4cdbb No.141383


Kek it happens

93ee5c No.141384


noted the 1st one @ 72 hours, ignored. This one got my attn @ 24hrs. could be private xchng, not for us

5669c8 No.141385


Dont forget it was sadistic porn

75f677 No.141386

File: 353c6f227cba79a⋯.jpg (258.31 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, blue-balls-1492978836.jpg)

d6d041 No.141387


Crissy Teigen has the seat next to you.

9669df No.141389


“What this is all about is further evidence of corruption-more than bias but corruption at the highest levels of the FBI,” Johnson began.

“Now ‘secret society’, we have an informant that is talking about a group that were holding secret meetings off-site,” Johnson continued.

676117 No.141390

File: 74108d26f2d70f7⋯.png (764.19 KB, 696x445, 696:445, republic.PNG)

4f5e1b No.141391

Just been reported that Trump will declassify memo if House approves….tick tock anons!!

05694b No.141392


That means she's a rothschild….

true if interesting.

a4046d No.141393


The other posts by that ID in that bread would suggest that's not Q team. Larp, joke, shill, etc. Take a look at what else they posted.

99024d No.141394


not for us

Interesting to witness.

a30df9 No.141395


Army officers are ate up like soup sandwich. Bunch of self righteous "salute me or else" fobbits. Only half decent ones went green to gold. Potter shows it in how he freaked after the Defcon drop. Always the officers that lose their shit and up to joes to unfuck everything.

57dabc No.141396


Lol…thats just called Tuesday

a3b370 No.141397

no deals.

a4b8d9 No.141398

File: e96fb1e68651146⋯.png (224.73 KB, 600x315, 40:21, dicknado 2.png)

File: 54ba9af12b5f338⋯.jpg (259.67 KB, 960x1200, 4:5, dicknado.jpg)


it was a dicknado

341dd7 No.141399

File: a3281f93a5127de⋯.jpg (250.68 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Pyramid wrecking crew.jpg)

Time to change the dollar bill.

260d0c No.141400


Trump doesn't have to declassify. Totally up to Congress.

d4cdbb No.141401


Are you sure same ID?

bd92ee No.141402




Pick one faggot

93ee5c No.141403


indeed so

676117 No.141404


Trump doesn't need no stinking house approvals :)

e4631d No.141405



c6bbd8 No.141406

a77511 No.141408

omg, my sis came over for a minute. im telling everyone about everything, i get back and im 2 boards down. calm people calm

27566d No.141409

The Kek, uber it is


57dabc No.141410


Yea…after about 20 pics I was getting uncomfortable…there were some grotesquely large ones

99024d No.141411

File: d1eeaf739852425⋯.png (174.93 KB, 336x214, 168:107, h8 chan.PNG)

This ad is even more annoying than the humping elves.

f37f95 No.141412


>You talking about that time they posted nothing buy gay porn?

no, when the script was scraping our old posts and reposting them repeatedly, replying to each other in irrational ways (before it was posts from v, fit, cars etc)

6ddba3 No.141413

just got in here from last night, anything new i missed? why is everyone talking about bug out packs and prepping, been prepared for years, will I finally be using it?Just wondering ,lol

9d457f No.141414

Looks like the POS antifa soros asshats have arrived from mommy’s gruel dinner

5669c8 No.141415


Yep, we shitposted the whole bread

c6bbd8 No.141416


I wonder how many have ordered KEK

a77511 No.141417


happy they came over

05694b No.141418

File: 060951980479388⋯.jpg (65.85 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


57dabc No.141419


Oh yeah…I do remember that

c84fc3 No.141420


Oh, just Q rallying the troops.

92688a No.141421




Move around 751 posts.

8feae8 No.141423


I am a survivor list but I also have a generator just in case somebody needs it for medical such as oxygen

c6bbd8 No.141424



CSM runs this motherfucker

9e3901 No.141425

File: 198aa402add373d⋯.jpg (694.79 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180124-011340.jpg)

58ef1b No.141426

File: 8216cd4b987886a⋯.png (392.93 KB, 1567x622, 1567:622, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)

64fcff No.141427


Make sure all bathtubs in your house are full

93ee5c No.141428


then y post it?

stay focused

626433 No.141430

File: ef1ef66c234142a⋯.jpg (19.05 KB, 300x250, 6:5, 4409f6768d4e47ff82d2b7bea1….jpg)


mine looks a little manly

d4cdbb No.141431

File: 3c1aea8849fd3d4⋯.jpg (112.42 KB, 525x357, 25:17, red5_20180119101815234.jpg)


Roger red_red_

Going in

86362c No.141432


Seriously is that supposed to be hot?

eafcdd No.141433

Catherine Herrige on Fox:

MYE - Mid Year Exam - FBI codename for Hillary email investigation

00efe9 No.141434

File: 81ec4f3591a1d30⋯.jpg (75.53 KB, 500x575, 20:23, releasethememo_yoda.jpg)

File: 8b3f6d58905ebdf⋯.jpg (42.4 KB, 620x396, 155:99, releasethememo_vader.jpg)

c84fc3 No.141435


It's past midnight here in Kenya

b2f3ec No.141436


Honestly if you want to get deep every person no matter what religion good or bad are just looking for something bigger to believe in.

cd643c No.141437



I just sold 12k rounds of ammo.


6bfaf4 No.141438


yea yea - it's been a busy few days - will fix.

00efe9 No.141441


Oh hi Barry

99024d No.141443



I've been stuck with the same ad alllll day.

a77511 No.141446


too manly

bcf9c3 No.141447



I'm the fucker who posted some thoughts and freaked everyone out.

twitter has all but confirmed to be going offline by another anon because incriminating videos will be posted to certain player's accounts.

We will receive instructions on what to do before it happens here and at great awakening.

The biggest thing is to have some method of offline independent storage such as a external hard drive because the evidence will be deleted very quickly after it is posted.

a4b8d9 No.141448


Malik is that you?

640581 No.141450

54ad21 No.141451


Make him say: "Memo, I am your father!"

57dabc No.141452


Gross….what is that person holding?

c57aab No.141453

"Last posts [self destruction] will immediately show the world the TRUTH."

sorry anons but what last post? whose last post? im lost

d4cdbb No.141454


There are some good Army officers @ JSOC so take a step back and don't compare Potter he is a nobody.

bd92ee No.141455


Id rip

>things never said for 100 Alex

00efe9 No.141456

d1fece No.141457


Bye bye Jack

1a1ce1 No.141458

File: 530bac0a151d308⋯.png (1.17 MB, 800x509, 800:509, #Russianbotinvegas!.png)


6ddba3 No.141459


oh snap, thanks for the re-cap

f9c2a2 No.141460


That's why they're selling those. He holds it between his thighs.

54ad21 No.141462

99024d No.141463


>twitter has all but confirmed to be going offline by another anon because incriminating videos will be posted to certain player's accounts.

This was never discussed. Not sure where this came from.

341dd7 No.141466

File: f456b2c8cbc6bfd⋯.jpg (177.23 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Finding Memo.jpg)

c2062c No.141522


So expect a presidential address (or massive red pill) during the super bowl (maximum eyes on tv)


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