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File: 54ee787c48e9772⋯.jpg (16.75 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 2TL87nF.jpg)

197332 No.1439854

Forgive the nature of the newfag but I have a lot of questions.

Q Has said that 70% of the govt would ne thrown in prison for corruption. What is the nature of that corruption?

He has also said that forces in the govt worship satan…what does that even mean in this context? What makes a persons beliefs specifically satanic? Are we talking emo trash satanic bible or something more specific?

He says that its now military intelligence vs. Intelligence agencies. Both sides have the power to remove their opponents, why use such soft handed tactics and not be more overt on either side? Why are they being so polite if the goal is ownership of the nation?

Is buried bodies a metaphor or specific? If it is a metaphor, who is the butt of the joke. If it is specific, who had to die and why did they have to hide the body?

What is the endgame for the forces taking over before trump? What are the incentives of doing what they were doing and what is the desired goal?

0fe487 No.1440732

If you are interested in Q. Find a good thread and read it.

This is not social media.

Bad enough with all the UFO, Flat Earth, etc… to distract and try and make this look like a Conspiracy Theory.

This is meant to be a research thread.

Go to Twitter @Omnicentrist or a few others that make no money and just report the facts daily.

These People are the communications end of what the Chans work on and always give them the credit they deserve.

Go back through the thread.

Everything is explained.

Let the Anons do their work here it is to cluttered as it is.

2c4c17 No.1440837


HOLD ON TO YOUR SEAT! Qanons are being specific. There are those who have turned their lives over to Satan and are into Spirit Cooking with sacrificing of humans. There are those involved in Human Trafficking and Torture. Enough said! Study Q posts. You can go to www.qanon.pub and scroll all the way to bottom. Start research there. Endgame of evil forces aka Cabal is to eliminate 2/3 of human race

348d40 No.1443844

File: a7e3c7b9934de10⋯.png (87.24 KB, 388x400, 97:100, 20180509_133320.png)


Nûmero Üňő

>yer a faggot fer makin a bred fir such.


24,543 Sealed Federal Indictments in the U.S nationwide.

The Obama Admininistration, en toto, Proven to have tried to influence the outcome of a U.S. National Election with collateral felonious mishandling of Classified Materials, materiel and personnel. Alongside Uranium1, the Iran Deal, continuing suspicion as to the Actual Birthplace of one Barry Sœtœro, Clinton Foundation R.I.C.O. Statute Violations, the Awan Family Information Technologies SCANDAL. Imran Awan gained access to one congressional server account {RE:DebbieWassermanSchultz} and after this… breach in all honesty, gained employ with nearly every other member of the United States House of Representatives Democratic National Commitee. I can only surmise an opportunistic, if not preplanned, operation. As more access was gained, more levels of corruption were logged by the Awan Network. As more leverage was gained over Democratic House Members, greater levels of corruption were revealed. Up to and Including, yet Not Limited to:

1_Theft and Misshandling of Federal Tax Payer Funds.

2_Play For Play R.I.C.O. Violations.

3_Federal Election Commision Violations/Tampering. 4_Felony Kiddnapping and Transmission of Minors [across State Lines And ExCONUS] with the Express Intent of/to [or delivery of/for]:

4_a. Felony Torture;

4_b. Felony Sexual Abuse;

4_c. Felony Sexual Torture;

4_d. Felony Sexual Torture, Murder and Partial Physical Consumption of Evidence.

These Are All Facts. Right Now. In the United States Federal Goverment, Justice Is Being Brought. Soon, the Fact of These Things will be unavoidable, Cognitive Dissonance or no.

The planet is being run by a tripodic cabal. For the last 4000 years[at least], an ancient evil has not only survived, but Flourished under the auspices of helping enlighten mankind, while in fact taking Greatest Advantage of Homo sapiens Sapiens natural tendencies towards greed, avarice and hatred.

The Callousness of the Human Species is a Severe Indictment Against the Collective Survival of the Species.

From a wider perspective, at the very least, H.s.Sapiens faces yet another steep population die-off, most likely with attendant loss of technology and, God Forbid, loss of Civilization. Perhaps Extinction is the best choice at this point. As for me and my House, though… we shall put our trust in The Lord. We will be lucky to make it out of ALLOFTHIS without at least a small nuclear exchange.

The reality is, i am sad to say, when one adds the relevant data concerning the Fukushima-Dai'ichi Nuclear[=E.L.E.]… well, like the evil child-raping lady said, What Difference, At This Point, Does It Make. This is my message for those who have ears to hear, here.

<i haven't even said one thing about moloch, khazars, C.E.R.N., Ņæłvə§ or a literal Slew of Other, Factual Realities of Present Day Life on Earth. God Help Us.

Even so Lord Jesus, Come.

The Alternatives Do Not Bear Thinking About.


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