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Pro Aris et Focis

File: bcacab1198c9aa6⋯.jpg (9.47 KB, 255x143, 255:143, Topic.jpg)

692bae No.192981

Spread the wings of Liberty and take flight!!


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692bae No.192989


https:// pastebin.com/YW8mzjsP

6a5d8c No.193015

File: 467d6c55e33c8d3⋯.png (2.49 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 2D93C462-A190-4168-9A00-AF….png)

File: 064b06410fa8dbd⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 00392C98-06D4-4509-BFED-7E….png)

f5ebdb No.193019

File: 3c54c9f8357d620⋯.png (49.19 KB, 687x216, 229:72, ThievingJayZ.png)

We need to hammer Jay Z on his activities with Tidal. (pic related)

e741e4 No.193023

This video is testimony from a ritual abuse survivor in Germany at castle Wewelsburg

https:// www. youtube.com/watch?v=-PRPwAbY-Fc&feature=youtu.be&t=3454

It's in German so you have to Auto-Translate

There are other castles in the Black Forest….just saying

0dc6dd No.193024

Thanks Baker - Truth is something so noble that if God could turn aside from it, I could keep the truth and let God go.

88c4d6 No.193025

Where's my baby, Lynn today? Shame she's not sleeping these days, cause I know she'd be dreamin' 'bout me.

f6508f No.193026

ty butcher



maker! we appreciate everything you do!

d7b7d5 No.193028

File: 889ab609d9e3b9a⋯.jpeg (396.59 KB, 1152x1152, 1:1, 15DED1E3-B63C-41A3-9A26-9….jpeg)

File: 2d1edff559980ec⋯.jpeg (131.28 KB, 750x730, 75:73, DD3B98D4-BCC8-47AE-9463-F….jpeg)

63522b No.193029


http:// www.imdb.com/title/tt0592616/plotsummary?ref_=tt_ov_pl

Multiple references and all check out the plot synopsis of this TV show episode titled "Wizards and Warlocks" interesting connection to Ala Dick weed

8f89e9 No.193030

File: 5f6738cffa94adc⋯.png (84.62 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, quake.png)

6.6 quake not far from bouvet island

3e7790 No.193031


I hear you, the past few days have been brutal, watching the fucktard media and Democrats crowing like they are about to take POTUS down.

Have to avoid the media until the storm finally hits.

7450c5 No.193032

File: 487984665236a94⋯.png (934.77 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_20180127_Play.png)

File: e7ddb768fc0d354⋯.png (685.18 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_20180127_Snow….png)

File: 7e0fb327ad22a70⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_20180127_TRUS….png)

File: 8015045ccde70d0⋯.png (828.41 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_20180127_What….png)

File: 11e77a5ae146c52⋯.png (673.53 KB, 1111x579, 1111:579, Q_BiteCrumbs_20180119_STAT….png)

a few of yesterday's crumbs + sotu holla

679a97 No.193033

File: e4be5b92ffd6207⋯.jpg (55.01 KB, 960x404, 240:101, gandalfserious.jpg)

Ignore it


0745f2 No.193034

David Seaman is disinfo

196814 No.193036


checked , and don't feed the Pelicans

78c6ae No.193037

File: cdace1344a21ad2⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, RighteousBread7.png)


Righteous bread, Baker

8f89e9 No.193038

File: e1366b9c7c0adae⋯.png (231.96 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, quake1.png)


better pic

442665 No.193039

File: be2791c511c391e⋯.jpg (113.64 KB, 650x489, 650:489, MAXINE-WATERS-run-for-pres….jpg)

242f90 No.193040


But if he wasnt sworn when they spoke to him, even if he did lie, (not to mention they had illegally surveilled him) I dont see how they can charge him with lying. That said, I know state law is different than federal.

b077ab No.193041

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Hillary is drunk again

be455e No.193042

They are all literally worshipping Satan

You ever wondered what the Cabal actually believes?

Here you go:

http:// www.topbuzz.com/article/i6515110262092071434

Hip Hop star Jay-Z has blasted traditional Christian values in an epic rant where he claims to be part of an exclusive club of "smart people" who worships "our true lord; Satan."

The billionaire rapper has also claimed that "God created Lucifer to be the bearer of truth and light," and that "Jesus never existed" but was merely a "tool created by smart people to control dumb people."

During a backstage tirade at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans on Friday, Jay-Z pointed around the room saying, "ya'll being played." "There ain't no Jesus."Ya'll slaves to a fake religion."Do you think I got where I am praying to a guy that don't exist?"No. I found the guys who invented that guy and I joined the club."Then I worked my way to the top."I earned my new form of humanity and maturity when I fully embraced my older brother, Satan."

The music star claims that Satanism became the "highest form of being" due to the ease of manipulating "mentally-challenged Christians" who "desire to be slaves."He stated that "there's real spirituality and guidance in the Church of Satan," that rewards its followers with "wealth and success," but "Christians have prayed to God for years and ain't gotten nothing back, just silence and emptiness."

This, apparently, is what caused Satan to have "gotten a bad rap" from Christians who worship a "fake religion, built by assholes."Pointing to a small crowd of backstage ticket winners, the multi-Grammy Award-winning musician said: "How many of ya'll have gotten rich, or famous, after you prayed to God?"Come on, raise your hands?"As the young fans began to murmur nervously, Jay-Z announced: "I can answer for y’all because I am free."I answer to a higher power."None of you are rich and none of you are famous because no one is listening to your prayers."I got everything I wanted because I surrendered to our true lord, Satan."Because I recognized Jesus is the original fake news, designed to enslave humanity."

"God created Lucifer, not Jesus, so he could rule over us as Satan."I’m telling you this because I know you guys look up to me and want to emulate me."I will give you this one guarantee, if you start following the doctrine of Lucifer, you will taste success."The secret of the universe opens up to you. "It is immediate and glorious."The 99 Problems rapper also promoted his Satanic beliefs onstage, telling the audience they should ignore the rules of the venue and the security staff trying to enforce them.Jay-Z instructed his fans to "Do what thou wilt" instead of respecting the rules.

It's no secret Jay-Z is a longtime follower of the English occultist founder of the Satanic religion Thelema, Aleister Crowley. The religion is based on the idea that the beginning of the Aeon of Horus was marked by the start of the 20th century, in which a new ethical code would be adhered to: "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law."

This statement indicates that followers, known as Thelemites, should seek out their true path in life, and follow their "True Will."

Jay-Z’s Satanic preaching is just the latest in a long line of public glimpses into the dark side that the rapper has shared.He recreated his image as a dark lord, after starting his career as an aspirational rapper, flashing Illuminati hand gestures and promoting Satanic symbolism as he rose to the top of the music industry.

Jay-Z has since attempted to tone down his dark image since establishing himself in the global consciousness as a Devil-worshipping entertainer. However, this latest disturbing rant in New Orleans suggests he has openly embraced the darkest forces in our society, far deeper than ever before.

The incident has also sparked fears around the world that the Illuminati has moved onto the next phase of the master plan, and has begun openly promoting sinister spirituality as a viable religious choice for those seeking guidance.Perhaps those most influenced by Jay-Z's Satanic promotions are his legions of disenfranchised youths, who aspire to one day lead a lifestyle like their hero."


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saul_Alinsky

And this, HRC's mentor: "In Rules for Radicals (his final work, published in 1971 one year before his death), Alinsky wrote at the end of his personal acknowledgements:

Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer."

0745f2 No.193043

we have quakeanons now

3ca1dd No.193044

Black Forest is a germ war reference

62f1ff No.193045


I noticed that a few hours ago. Good to keep in the back of our minds.

66ecbd No.193047

File: a9f0e29af0b3823⋯.jpeg (155.36 KB, 1242x646, 621:323, 6E090FA8-EE7A-4B98-A34F-C….jpeg)

7450c5 No.193048

File: b7589bb98752e29⋯.png (1.02 MB, 823x508, 823:508, TimeToPlay.PNG)

7da2ed No.193049

The grip on the black population is deep and satanic in nature. Please share this far and wide anons.


f6508f No.193050

has anyone found the 40,000 missing troops?

sorry if i missed it.

potus surely has info.

491844 No.193051

Been gone all weekend doing IRL stuff. Whats the tl;dr for the weekend events. Any new big revs?

77d351 No.193052


yep, right. can't think of any others, anon.

884053 No.193053

Ignore anyone who tells you not to dig.

The outline of the memo was posted.

1/22 was posted.

Sessions has got many investigations underway. 17 into leakers alone.

What was posted here is far bigger than Watergate and ties the top of the dems to trying to stop Trump getting elected, conspiring to remove a sitting president and the murder of three people including Seth Rich.

The memo will be the avalanche.

185cb6 No.193054


Fruit of the poisonous tree. Any evidence uncovered that results from an investigation that was built on fabricated evidence is inadmissible regardless of whether or not it was true or false. In the rules of evidence, the ends NEVER justify the means. The manafort indictment, flynn indictment etc would be dropped lacking evidence.

884053 No.193055


Flynn the hero walks.

242f90 No.193056


replied to myself instead of >>>>193020

Please see above ^^^^

fa0859 No.193057


Bunch of losers. They will get their just rewards in the end.

66ecbd No.193059

File: 87115519149f552⋯.jpeg (168.95 KB, 1242x646, 621:323, C89C897D-F990-4DCB-8143-1….jpeg)

b91972 No.193060


Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/27/18 (Sat) 13:09:33 No.70


The clock is ticking.

How's Russia?

[Mr. Contractor]

Freedom of the Press.

John Perry Barlow.

https:// freedom.press

SecureDrop [Whistleblowers]?

SecureDrop>Clowns In America.



991ed3 No.193061

WE need to reach out to rappers and musicians and let them understand they can come forward against the illuminati.

Snoop dog was gonna get into politics with Tupac until Tupac was killed. Others have tried to come forward against the cabal and are laughed at (ex: Kanye)

We need to do what Hollywood is doing with ppl coming forward.

991ed3 No.193062



b91972 No.193063


namefag fuck off

884053 No.193064


Stay in your containment area or add value here.

The shitty ads are desperate.

74e271 No.193065


Look, there's only two reasons you could keep doing this:

1. You're forcing interboard fighting

2. You're spreading disinfo

If you're so sure of what you're posting, why not repost the info in its entirety here to be assessed for its contents by people here? Why are you so adamant at directing people to a different board?

PS. Didn't you claim in the previous thread Q was a larp?

In any case, reply meant more for the lurkers than for you. Filtered.

Inb4 you call me CIA/glowinthedark/clown/shill or, at the very least, ignorant.

692bae No.193067


Who doesn't love the beauty of a female stare.

Love these anon.


7da2ed No.193069


Sorry for the accidental name fagging. Back to lurking more ;)

fb5e45 No.193070


I'm on that train of thought too. I'm thinking I can dig and find something about some experiments on blacks /slaves that can be tied to Dems. There have been a few in the past. All large programs like War on drugs and abortion target the black community for the purpose of enslaving them to Government

62f1ff No.193071


Q tip is gimmicky, fameanon horseshit.

d8e72c No.193072

File: d7280406c6c3edc⋯.jpg (167.37 KB, 584x500, 146:125, Satan Worshipping Sick Fre….jpg)

78c6ae No.193073


I'll continue them when I'm around… been around since early November, but I have a real day job, so I'm absent during the day. I appreciate your appreciation. God bless!

3ca1dd No.193074

Dopey was released to get the cure?

Double meaning on Dopey…

5bc198 No.193076

File: eba55a26cef7d1b⋯.jpg (80.65 KB, 581x800, 581:800, Prodigy p 1.jpg)


>RIP Prodigy

For anyone digging on Jay-Z (from Prodigy's letter from prison):

>J.Z. and Jaz-O were both raised (in there [sic] teenage years) in Dr. [Malachi Z.] York's "Nuwabian" community in Bushwick Brooklyn.

>Look at the Jaz-O "Originators" video and you'll see them holding up Dr. York's pictures, wearing his garb, and flashing his symbols.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dwight_York

>York began his ministry in the late 1960s. In 1967 he was preaching to the "Ansaaru Allah" (viz. African Americans) in Brooklyn, New York, during the period of the Black Power movement. He founded numerous orders under various names during the 1970s and 1980s. These were at first based on pseudo-Islamic themes and Judaism (Nubian Islamic Hebrews). Later he developed a theme derived from "Ancient Egypt," mixing ideas taken from black nationalism, cryptozoological and UFO religions, and popular conspiracy theory. He last called his group the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, or Nuwabians.

>York was convicted in 2004 of child molestation and violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. He is serving a 135-year sentence.

Probably just a tangent, but it's all connected and most likely the source of Jay-Z's "illuminati" connections.

Note: the black community is pretty interested in the illuminati, and Prodigy can be a useful way to redpill on Jay's Z et al's evil.

53324d No.193077

File: 14f4c6baa36b4fc⋯.jpeg (327.64 KB, 750x620, 75:62, 992EA42E-FBD9-4130-B6C2-B….jpeg)

1ff9ac No.193078


I was wondering when you would oust yourself.

242f90 No.193079


Hopefully this week

884053 No.193080


Well said.

6b72e7 No.193081

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fb5e45 No.193082

>>193048 " Play-yee- yayyyyyyyyyyy" might be a better phrasing for that iconic movie

53324d No.193083


Q tip is also mentioned in Wikileaks emails for either Hillary or Podesta. I can’t rememeber which.

d52be9 No.193085

File: 99b230c5b06c4f1⋯.jpg (346.58 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, jayZStreetCred1280x720.jpg)

File: 63245795c561c82⋯.jpg (881.42 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, jayZStreetCred2560x1440.jpg)

Attack his street cred. Every time he lets the Dems pimp him out like this he's a sellout.

If anyone can do this graphic better, please do.

692bae No.193086


Lots of famefags trying to derail this or capitalize on the popularity for their own gain.

Only one real source for Q's.

Keep telling namefags to lose their namefagging - for truth

6b72e7 No.193087

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Tupac spoke about the realness going on in his community..

Jay-Z needs to shut his mouth..

0dc6dd No.193088

3ca1dd No.193090


I don't really think it has anything to with blacks…

But what ever bug it is… would blacken the people / corpses…?

456ce5 No.193091

242f90 No.193092


I have to say Gen Flynn must have the patience of Job and tremendous self-control. I dont think I could have endured what he has in the manner he has.

fdc942 No.193093

File: d569d3d1591636f⋯.jpg (236.14 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, FISA MEMO - dirty dossier.jpg)

d299de No.193095


>Criminal charge: Rape, child molestation, racketeering and conspiracy, fraud

53ecd1 No.193096


I wish I had the patience and perseverance of Q.

3ca1dd No.193097


Isolated experiments is a good idea though…

They would have tested it somewhere…

9195da No.193098

File: 48a8dc03583dc0a⋯.jpg (686.58 KB, 1389x1600, 1389:1600, CATCH-22.Snowdens-Secret.0….JPG)

>>193060 >>192283 >>192183 >>192964 >>192985



d8e72c No.193099

>>193019 ———→ >>193072

0745f2 No.193100



345399 No.193101


Glorious isn’t it?

62f1ff No.193102


Good to be aware of.


It's about the content we deliver as anons .

fb5e45 No.193103


Years ago I remember learning about STD's intentionally given to the black population in such an experiment

9638b6 No.193104

File: eb3603bbb353710⋯.png (1.72 MB, 633x949, 633:949, MaxWaters2.png)

Maxine Waters

Sidney Williams [husband]

(ex-U.S. Ambassador, Bahamas)


https:// search.wikileaks.org/plusd/ cables/07PORTOFSPAIN389_a.html

Do we have her spouses name? Do now…

0dc6dd No.193105


Dig Curiousfags


web.archive.org/web/20130723021920/http:// grapevine.is/Features/ReadArticle/Q

f6af58 No.193107


One of Mobb Deep's rappers, died under suspicious circumstances and has stated on twitter that the elite are going after children.

242f90 No.193108


Oh that stmt is ripe with intrigue, anon, but I will calm my curious brain and let it go, so as not to be yelled at for trying to doxx Q. :-)

851abe No.193109


My opinion is, entertainers are pure toxicity. Try to hook up with them and they will chew you up and spit you out. They do their thing, we do ours.

f72b65 No.193110

File: ed3864b559878fe⋯.jpg (306.16 KB, 1158x906, 193:151, PLEASURE_POTUS.jpg)

0dc6dd No.193111


>web.archive.org/web/20130723021920/http:// grapevine.is/Features/ReadArticle/Q

2cf972 No.193112

Chelsea Clinton

Verified account


5m5 minutes ago


Elephants Are Very Scared of Bees. That Could Save Their Lives. via @NYTimes

veiled threat? is a bee a super bug, super bowl, just random thoughts.

fb5e45 No.193113

Addison's disease can have that effect. Maybe it is experimenting with a strain of it

53ecd1 No.193114


Sorry. Definitely not trying to doxx Q. Just know that their reserves of patience must be incredible.

f2b1b9 No.193115


en.wikipedia .org/wiki/Tuskegee_syphilis_experiment

f3cab8 No.193118


Awesome! This will be great for morale.

98e29e No.193119


"This is not a game."


Q references the word "game" a lot. From https:// qcodefag.github.io/?q=game he references it 31 times.

Q has said "This is not a game." 5 times. Look at each post in which Q says "This is not a game."

Let's back up for those who don't understand what we mean by "The Game" For anyone familiar with "The Game", feel free to scroll down. Long story short, "the game" is power. It is an unspoken "game" to get to the top. The ability to "game" people by outsmarting them, out fighting them, out lasting them. To beat them. This could be applied to the micro level, for example a being the best at a sport or the most respected in a niche career field. This could also be applied to the macro, meaning literal power. Think a person with LOTS of money, a person in the highest government or private sector positions, think people with the power to directly and indirectly CHANGE THE WORLD and Change reality itself. GAME CHANGERS. If you think of life as a game and want to change the world and life itself, POWER is what you want. No, it is what you NEED. Some people disagree with this philosophy of life, and that is fine, but those who want power are aware of it. Those who want power HAVE TO PLAY THE GAME.

For example, Q post >>127302


He played the game to remain in control.


Q is saying that Adm R played THE GAME to stay in control. To keep the power. To keep the power out of the hands of the Black Hats. Adm Rogers went to Trump and told him what was going on. Coincidence that Trump moved his campaign headquarters the DAY AFTER Rogers went to see Trump? Ha.

Now back to the quote, "This is not a game."

Q has mentioned several different types of games in posts. "Chess" "RISK" "The Game" etc..

"The Game" is not all encompassing. There are general rules within "The Game" as there are within any game. Those who break the rules are called, and you've heard them all before, cheaters, snitches, etc, but think of them now in terms of power and life:

Now, for those "play the game" by the, albeit unspoken "rules", you do not directly fuck with people who don’t play the game or who are unaware of the game. Players only play with players. Don’t mess with non-players, they AREN’T PLAYING. (Yes, there will always be unintended consequences). For example, in war, do not kill civilians.

You get the idea. Watch this clip from “The Wire” (Watch the full clip for full effect, but I have timestamped the most important part, until the end) : https:// youtu.be/oYj7q_by_2E?t=356

“I ain’t ever put no gun on no citizen.” Translation: “I don’t fuck with people outside the game”

At the end of this clip, Omar points out the hypocrisy in the lawyers statement, showing the courtroom that both him and the lawyer are players within “The Game”. “The Wire” is one of the best examples in film of “The Game.” Watch it. Learn life. Wake Up.

Back on track now, Q is saying that “This is not a game”

Look at this Q post from November:


This is not a game!


https:// www.nytimes.com/2017/11/12/us/nsa-shadow-brokers.html

Do you believe in coincidences?

How many coincidences do you need before you believe?

This is the biggest insider drop in the history of the world.



POTUS, Q, and surrounding cabinet members are dealing with Players who DO NOT PLAY BY THE RULES. CHEATERS. False flags. Killing citizens. Allowing drugs into the country on purpose. Creating ISIS. FUCKING WITH CITIZENS.

Now 40/60 %. Q and POTUS can show us the 40% that normies can handle. The part of the game that normies are aware of plus (+) some more for us and to wake up the masses slowly, but the remainder 60% is being carried out behind the scenes. You guys see Sessions’ presser the other day? “Most of what we are doing is behind the scenes.” Convinced yet about Q?

Now back to THE GAME. CHEATERS lose their rights. Even within THE GAME. This opens the door for other means, think “I’ll bring back hell of a lot worse than waterboarding.” THIS IS NOT A GAME. THIS IS NO LONGER “THE GAME”. These people lost their rights. They lost their rights within the game too. The outcome behind the scenes will determine the outcome that POTUS, Q, and company will SHOW THE PUBLIC. If POTUS wins and HRC loses behind the scenes, Hillary will also lose in the political theatre/public scene. Wake up. Learn life. Don’t let this happen again. This was a miracle. Believe. “What is our win condition.” Trust POTUS, trust Sessions, trust Adm Roger. We have ONE SHOT at this. It has to be done right, through ultimate transparency. Through LIGHT we will expose those who live in the dark. Trust. Believe. For God and Country.

62f1ff No.193120


>super bug, super bowl


1d049d No.193121




fb5e45 No.193122


Yeah that was what I was thinking thanks!

f428e6 No.193123

File: bd4b7a52f09dc55⋯.jpeg (93.96 KB, 617x442, 617:442, 7BCD6C6E-0778-46BE-A5FE-B….jpeg)

File: 4042d90c42bbf39⋯.jpeg (86.29 KB, 500x647, 500:647, 2709C516-831A-408B-934A-6….jpeg)

File: abf78e7169402ce⋯.jpeg (44.55 KB, 298x288, 149:144, DA6B0980-2F46-4A7D-8E83-0….jpeg)

File: a0eed7acb918f40⋯.jpeg (85.91 KB, 699x400, 699:400, 79EE01FE-4F06-463F-9965-3….jpeg)

File: 2fcf353a759903d⋯.jpeg (114.38 KB, 780x439, 780:439, 76ECC28D-5B92-4337-B9A6-D….jpeg)

889319 No.193124

File: 6b6780263164a74⋯.jpg (229.58 KB, 1069x840, 1069:840, georgewashingtonmeme.jpg)

File: 24af9bfb1c7a452⋯.jpg (189.16 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, trumpssotumoarbiglythanmin….jpg)

File: e350938a95891e3⋯.png (237.08 KB, 728x485, 728:485, ohshitanon.png)

242f90 No.193125



3a39c8 No.193126


Donkeys are very scared of Gitmo

b077ab No.193127

File: 8eaa8323a73a2f8⋯.png (612.89 KB, 783x524, 783:524, Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at ….png)

File: 965dabb0620d1bd⋯.png (640.7 KB, 655x592, 655:592, Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at ….png)

File: e409a2f3e782d03⋯.png (593.62 KB, 562x501, 562:501, Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at ….png)

File: 715fdbb6474c727⋯.jpg (82.65 KB, 881x499, 881:499, Tapper.jpg)

fdc942 No.193128

Anyone seen this yet?

>Trump Ignores DOJ Warning, Notifies Sessions He Wants FISA Memo Released

Trump "is inclined to have that released just because it will shed light… Apparently all the rumors are that it will shed light, it will help the investigators come to a conclusion."

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-01-27/trump-ignores-doj-warning-notifies-sessions-he-wants-fisa-memo-released

889319 No.193129

File: 963ad46e703a6c9⋯.jpg (245.46 KB, 1051x572, 1051:572, allyoursotubelongtous.jpg)

95e4c9 No.193130


No wonder these rappers and musicians feel like gods, they play loops of other peoples music and have no musical talent; but the crowds adore them - they think satan is bringing them wealth from the crowd of idiots.

Well its half true.

The people have bought into the marketing and gimicks of the gangster lifestyle from birth, they are brainwashed. People on welfare giving their money to JayZ cmon.

He thinks he is a god, he is as great a fool as his followers. MSM, Music Industry, HW are all promoting the same product, and they all just feed it to the masses. Its almost biblical in how deluded the masses are. A Hive

We are witnessing the Revelations.

fb5e45 No.193131


Addison's disease would cause that so maybe it is about that or some form of it

851abe No.193132


Maybe not the best time to get on her high horse. But then, she's too young to know any better and too evil to care.

26a890 No.193133


can someone find that post? i cant find it when searching Qcodefags archive

180048 No.193134

LOVE all the "pinching Pepe" memes..

e5f720 No.193135

File: 74019e990a96059⋯.png (39.71 KB, 324x533, 324:533, CDC.PNG)


Sad but true. It was syphilis.


6a5d8c No.193136


Beyoncé’s fans are called the beehive

851abe No.193137


Everybody will choose their side … mostly by what they reject.

f6508f No.193138


there was something else that was released through freedom of information

they was putting sprayers on top of buildings in black community.

i cant off the top of my head remember what it was they was spraying but its out there.

2cf972 No.193140

Chelsea Clinton Retweeted



Jan 25


#Eagles @MalcolmJenkins led protests, was called a traitor, persuaded the N.F.L. to spend nearly $100 million on social causes, made the Super Bowl and had another child via @nytimes. #playerscoalition #nfl

12dd84 No.193142

File: badf40b6588ee5d⋯.jpg (223.66 KB, 1347x754, 1347:754, Yahoo70_4.jpg)

File: e80ea06f8624770⋯.jpg (96.96 KB, 551x550, 551:550, Red Arrow.jpg)

Flightaware has Yahoo70 approaching the Peruvian coastline. It's not showing on ADS-B Exchange yet.

f428e6 No.193143

File: e5350ab8b667995⋯.jpeg (22 KB, 299x168, 299:168, BE8DEED5-04B8-4671-AF92-D….jpeg)

File: c99de266dfa79f6⋯.jpeg (18.26 KB, 300x169, 300:169, 58F510ED-D8B6-4A16-AEB4-C….jpeg)

File: 4f7b347e8a6b239⋯.jpeg (62.26 KB, 485x284, 485:284, 05BCE532-D4B7-459E-8D04-2….jpeg)

File: c075c011c280a5f⋯.jpeg (58.72 KB, 485x284, 485:284, 16EE4AFE-6F3D-425F-B2BB-0….jpeg)

File: 495ecc760be7f7f⋯.jpeg (80.09 KB, 500x500, 1:1, A54158C7-1E23-4215-B9DD-C….jpeg)

2bda3b No.193144


I hope you can re-read this and understand the error of your thinking. Even if you are a clown, I will pray for you.

Realize you need to help yourself before you can help anybody else.

993c23 No.193145

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Lots of videos of her demeaning the little people

https:// m.youtube.com/watch?v=hTfmuLm56yQ

cb100f No.193146

bc0098 No.193148

File: db483f0459b6187⋯.jpeg (104.57 KB, 500x500, 1:1, A6150B95-ABDD-437A-845F-F….jpeg)

b077ab No.193149


Yes, but this is most recent.

cb100f No.193151


first meme… texts, not e-mails

7450c5 No.193152

File: 53d91f4267a1464⋯.png (468.35 KB, 775x569, 775:569, CIA_Careers&Internships.png)

File: 1b3c02f7125e7cd⋯.png (582.1 KB, 888x888, 1:1, CatHerderp.png)

File: e2a0f8b3e0719e4⋯.png (800.45 KB, 888x506, 444:253, DoNotFeedPelican.png)

851abe No.193153


I'd guess she's not doing that so much today.

c041bc No.193154

File: 4cd06dbd5ad4b6e⋯.png (948.24 KB, 1109x691, 1109:691, WeThePeople2.png)

d8e72c No.193155

Lindsey Graham Crosses the Line — Gets Himself Booted From White House Immigration Discussions

The White House appears to have banned Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) from participating in immigration reform negotiations due to a recent strain between Graham and the Trump administration, as well as other Republicans in the House and Senate.

Tensions first rose when Graham advocated for an immigration deal that failed to address President Donald Trump’s main concerns regarding chain migration and border security alongside Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.). The situation worsened when the Republican senator criticized chief of staff John Kelly as never having “closed a deal before, politically” and top policy adviser Stephen Miller as being an “outlier” on immigration, according to The Washington Examiner.

“It is almost appalling to me that you have a senator that isn’t stepping up, doing the right thing,” press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in an interview with Fox News on Monday. “Look, we want to make a deal on DACA. We want to do these things. And the fact that he’s not part of the conversation to help move that ball forward and is instead attacking individual members of the president’s staff, I think, shows … they’re going to blame people for their own failures. And I think it’s time that they stop playing political games, come to the table, get serious and do their jobs.”

A GOP aide told the Examiner that allowing Graham to take part in immigration discussions could ruin the chances of any deal being reached on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

https:// truepundit.com/lindsey-graham-crosses-line-gets-booted-white-house-immigration-discussions/

fb5e45 No.193156


This might not be something Q has raised but still helpful knowledge to plug in the back of my mind. I think there is a there there for future reference with or without Q's urging

cdd9d3 No.193157

File: d27e488e8e1618a⋯.jpg (151.28 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening309.jpg)

File: ddb07c5cdc93484⋯.jpg (224.16 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening310.jpg)

File: 6c051d9bbabd837⋯.jpg (199.54 KB, 1116x628, 279:157, GreatAwakening311.jpg)

File: ff6b1d801f083ee⋯.jpg (320.81 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, GreatAwakening312.jpg)

File: d73eb8f94bc1c88⋯.jpg (190.49 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Mockingbird102.jpg)

Messages of positivity,




expanding possibilities,


new directions,

freedom from past oppression.



f6508f No.193158


http:// stlouis.cbslocal.com/2012/09/24/researcher-poor-st-louis-minorities-targeted-for-secret-cold-war-chemical-testing/

e07800 No.193159

File: 289c5d547a76f8b⋯.jpg (84.4 KB, 640x480, 4:3, feait.jpg)

4f18aa No.193161

https:// . truepundit.com/rep-maxine-waters-isnt-just-boycotting-trumps-state-union-shes-giving/

I didn’t know earlier that MW is boycotting the SOTU. Yet she is giving a rebuttal? How does one rebut what they have never heard? Is this the ASS in assumption?

884053 No.193162


Debunked by Wikileaks drop a few threads back re: cables.

Someone is selling you a shit sandwich.

Not only are you buying it, it's obvious and your breath stinks.

25a6b8 No.193164

File: 117a68767562167⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 953x1551, 953:1551, 1510550584641.jpg)



Found it.

The SNOW WHITE story reflects ancient knowledge of seven forces of nature, represented as seven dwarfs, that would preserve the Christian world for many centuries and then be part of a GREAT AWAKENING when discovered. This now-recent discovery also revealed long-hidden messages in the Bible unlocked only with (keyed to) the knowledge of these same natural forces. This is the reference in Revelation to SEVEN SEALS of a book.

Everything that has life comprises seven distinct systems of operation that all interact. We can bet this is why there are seven supercomputers by these names. The earliest version of the Snow White fairy tale was also authored in low German, no doubt because it was from a Kabbalah sage. But just as the story has it, these forces of nature would only revive and sustain the Christian world twice. After that, the knowledge of these things must be revealed to prevent evil men from taking it to themselves to use against others.

The study and the whole disclosure is here : http:// cog49.com/ft.pdf

Here are some key points within it : https:// pastebin.com/gHDKKBjW

See also : >>149289399

http:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/149291994/#149294686

620e2d No.193165


Didn't Jayz call Trump a Super bug

3e7790 No.193167

File: caca37dcaec9f98⋯.jpg (172.08 KB, 1498x756, 107:54, storm-vet.jpg)

And it will be said of them,

that they withstood shadowbans and afternoon shill swarms,

to push back the forces of evil, so that

good might triumph.

b038d7 No.193169

File: b217e935cccf49b⋯.png (496.71 KB, 534x577, 534:577, ClipboardImage.png)

78c6ae No.193171


Glorious, positive memes! Great work, anon. God bless!

c55a01 No.193173

File: 39a961e3c7ced55⋯.png (365.74 KB, 661x348, 661:348, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)

6a711d No.193174


Anons lets tweet this to #Grammys2018 put this p.o.s on blast!

0dc6dd No.193175


Thanks for help and pray, i think i a clown. The most powerful prayer, one well-nigh omnipotent, and the worthiest work of all is the outcome of a quiet mind. The quieter it is the more powerful, the worthier, the deeper, the more telling and more perfect the prayer is. To the quiet mind all things are possible. What is a quiet mind? A quiet mind is one which nothing weighs on, nothing worries, which, free from ties and from all self-seeking, is wholly merged into the will of God and dead to its own.

f290be No.193177

File: 4b5679b57425d1a⋯.gif (404.54 KB, 620x544, 155:136, missionredpill.gif)

Go anonPatriots!

71329f No.193178

File: 6b5d23512aff796⋯.jpg (178.9 KB, 1024x552, 128:69, cgmpcs.jpg)

File: 0ccb63898035311⋯.jpg (152.86 KB, 866x512, 433:256, cllge.jpg)


Going to keep hammering those criminal parasites. Enemies of The People, turning people against each other.

0745f2 No.193179


Quick survey:

Worst way for Chelsea Clinton to die?

b91972 No.193183


after her parents

578dea No.193184

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/192149.html#q192980

After reading this I'm wondering if Prince Harry has ties to the Rothschilds through James Lifford Hewitt. Can any anon tie James to LdR's mother Annabelle Hewitt?

765d3d No.193186


Put her on mainstream Haiti in her wedding dress.

884053 No.193187


Old age in prison in Haiti

2cf972 No.193188

Chelsea Clinton

Verified account


Jan 26


More research reconfirms that smoking even one cigarette a day increases risk of heart disease and stroke:

Chelsea Clinton

Verified account


Jan 26

More Chelsea Clinton Retweeted American Heart Assoc

Another reason to get the #flushot:

2nd tweet links to american heart association, just weird coincidences.

73f2f1 No.193189


checked :)

53324d No.193193

When information gained by surveillance is passed on to group members to aid with harassment and the results of the harassment are recorded to enhance future harassment, then this becomes a standard operating procedure that government agencies use against people.


Wonder if this will be covered under the EO from Dec?

266e97 No.193196

File: 6ae63c39e66ed7b⋯.png (14.72 KB, 255x192, 85:64, Glowboat.png)



f0ef84 No.193197

File: 7bb2b3c2654e8f9⋯.jpg (243.2 KB, 1480x833, 1480:833, Z-293A.jpg)

File: 71d070aca0033d1⋯.jpg (401.58 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, Z-290.jpg)

File: 6d3f9b4e6e4f4ca⋯.jpg (74.31 KB, 520x390, 4:3, Z-291.jpg)

0dc6dd No.193198


…and I do not believe that God can turn away from the truth, God is the Truth

884053 No.193199


Mueller didn't deliver Uranium, it was part of an investigation into Russian trafficking.

Check the diplomatic cables a few threads back from Wikileaks.

Calling everyone a clown who disagrees with you once again BO from cbts and storm shows your logic is poor even for a twenty year old fuckwit.

2cf972 No.193200

Lynn de Rothschild Retweeted

Cleveland Clinic

Verified account


20h20 hours ago


Your ❤️ is a muscle. The more you work it, the stronger it becomes.

Lynn de Rothschild


17h17 hours ago


Exclusive: Trump slams elephant hunting for trophies, skeptical fees go for conservation https:// www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/trump-slams-elephant-trophies_us_5a6d1759e4b01fbbefb25ea5?ncid=engmodushpmg00000004 … # via @HuffPostPol;Celebrate

anyone see patterns here?

53324d No.193202

765d3d No.193203

Wouldn't it be cruel to find out hew wedding first dance song and meme her in wedding dress in Haiti with the lyrics.

a8b3e0 No.193205

Earlier someone mentioned a low humming sound placed in recordings that is buried in the mix. It reminded me of what John Todd said back in the 70's. He claimed that major recording studios have a 'satanic temple' where the master recording is dedicated to satan, and this passes on to all copies that are made. I think the 'hum' mentioned could be related to this. Maybe a modern [digital] method.

fffc81 No.193206

File: 6c7c92a6033e951⋯.jpg (76.83 KB, 888x499, 888:499, MAXINE2.jpg)

e07800 No.193207

File: 8b96022ce69db9c⋯.jpg (79.74 KB, 715x378, 715:378, Hillary-boot.jpg)

b077ab No.193208


Heart attack gun?

53ecd1 No.193210


God is all of these: Love, Truth, and Light

Share God from within yourselves, and know God in doing so.

fffc81 No.193211

File: 451d091486c25d7⋯.jpg (120.48 KB, 922x499, 922:499, 23hgep.jpg)

File: 5a15833e40ee2b9⋯.jpg (47.34 KB, 642x428, 3:2, 23hh2z.jpg)

2304e2 No.193212

File: e4cd5d915d1e099⋯.jpeg (69.97 KB, 800x420, 40:21, BD7DA503-FD24-458A-9A3F-9….jpeg)

File: 16094e16090819f⋯.jpeg (39.58 KB, 500x332, 125:83, 0B63AE06-B9F3-458E-8CAB-8….jpeg)

File: f4222f833b738a5⋯.jpeg (35.01 KB, 500x332, 125:83, C032C1D3-8F00-42A5-B612-6….jpeg)

File: 33bfe27e66d44e1⋯.jpeg (60.42 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 40762984-F514-4FB1-81AD-1….jpeg)

fb5dbb No.193213


I remembered this story back when the Zika virus was thrown into the MSM. Now Chelsea is talking about bees?

https:// www.naturalnews.com/052847_Bill_Gates_Zika_virus_depopulation.html

196814 No.193215

File: fb7a7372d698ce7⋯.png (141.96 KB, 600x842, 300:421, pepe_rope.png)


checked , got something for you Lynn

95e4c9 No.193218


Both LDR and Chelsea sending heart related twats.

Heart attack gun threats?

0dc6dd No.193219


Some people want to see God with their eyes as they see a cow, and to love Him as they love a cow - for the milk and cheese and profit it brings them. This is how it is with people who love God for the sake of outward wealth or inward comfort. They do not rightly love God, when they love Him for their own advantage.

2bda3b No.193222


Why don't one of you twatter fags just twat her back and ask? Tell her you love her work but she lost you and you want to catch up. She is the spawn of those Stupid People. How hard could it be?

348133 No.193224

File: 4e4df7b70bbf919⋯.jpg (38.51 KB, 480x304, 30:19, Condoleezza-Rice-Quotation.jpg)

e14617 No.193225


What is the history and time line of their marriage, his posting, her election, and all of the goodies he got in which she held sway. Break it down for me? We can compare it to past filings and watch her money growth. build a dossier of our own for people.

f428e6 No.193226

63522b No.193227


Worst way for her is the best way for the rest

13c29c No.193228

File: 37c75d572c014de⋯.jpg (23.65 KB, 275x183, 275:183, images.jpg)

File: a7e1c9a80b3ff2e⋯.jpg (87.94 KB, 800x506, 400:253, beyonce0811s.JPG)


Jay Z, Beyonce perform at free concert for Hillary Clinton

b01e76 No.193229

File: 8a6c23f677a1824⋯.jpg (340.87 KB, 1062x1500, 177:250, blackforrest.jpg)

black forrest is about cannibalism hensel and gretel burn the evil witch that wants to eat them, they follow bread crumbs


german tales got remade by disney


is lynn the evil witch?



266e97 No.193230

Just filter ID b1f83f he has posted like 18 times and its all non sense trying throw us off. Its sad, hope hes getting paid. Sure spending alot of time on a board he thinks is useless. lol..

b1922e No.193231


They want POTUS to have heart disease bad. Too bad for them though.

0dc6dd No.193232


Time is what keeps the light from reaching us. There is no greater obstacle to God than time.

e8ffe7 No.193233


Heard a mason pedophile talk like this once.

348133 No.193235

File: 4e11474433969a7⋯.jpg (73.68 KB, 800x480, 5:3, Hillary-and-Jesse-Jackson-….jpg)

993c23 No.193236


Fell backwards running down stairs

884053 No.193237


Heart attack weapons against the president is stupid of them.

Or they are signalling that this is what they fear for them or someone they know.

Hopefully they are ordering a hit and it red Octobers them right back in their whore faces.

348133 No.193239

File: 4f511966d9dab01⋯.jpg (83.29 KB, 516x576, 43:48, 5af9ebc09b386edff3f7b00e5e….jpg)

13c29c No.193240


while avoiding sniper fire…

e07800 No.193242

File: 11827e92a054582⋯.jpg (166.24 KB, 746x500, 373:250, wizard-of-oz-wicked-witch-….jpg)

0dc6dd No.193243


Love is as strong as death, as hard as Hell. Death separates the soul from the body, but love separates all things from the soul.

0ae86b No.193246


by my two hands - twisting her head counter clockwise until her skull pops off in my hands

3ca1dd No.193247




Well it's also interesting that the Pope mentioned

Hansen Disease… which is Leprosy which is curable now…

So could Black Forest be a variation or similar strain…?

Will be a huge population at the Super Bowl…

f0ef84 No.193248

File: 9409ecce15e1e35⋯.jpg (74.5 KB, 618x412, 3:2, Z-237.jpg)

File: 17a12b4aace24bd⋯.jpg (38.95 KB, 448x336, 4:3, Z-240.jpg)

File: 71ee19c210edc6c⋯.jpg (9.81 KB, 225x225, 1:1, Z-242.jpg)

File: a4ccd561c5dc90c⋯.png (457.05 KB, 900x600, 3:2, Z-268.png)

File: cd1232e6605d2d7⋯.jpg (48.99 KB, 455x256, 455:256, Z-272.jpg)

2bda3b No.193249


>Mueller is now going-after Kushner and trying to oust Trump!

You are some kind of special. He aldeady gave 23 hours of testimony about a 20 MINUTE meeting. Go get some sleep, change your meds, or do something different.

5d4740 No.193251

https:// www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https:// s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/e8/e3/d0/e8e3d0ef015e8d437d2e3024d1009f75.jpg&imgrefurl=https:// www. connect the dots…these are who keeps Snow White asleep….Snow White=humanity

971aa7 No.193252


Everything about this comment carries the stench of ShariaBlew.

53324d No.193253


Would that be considered human rights violation?

71329f No.193255


Heads-up, anon – edit the apostrophe out of "Baiters". Auto-correct is always doing that shit. War on plurals, kek.

12dd84 No.193256


Based on current vector and speed, it's about an hour out of Lima, Peru. Does Lima hold any significance with regard to any of the current Q posts?

95e4c9 No.193258


Perfection in a meme, subtle but everyone knows what you are saying, even the blind masses know that is Hillary under that house. And its a white house. kek

66ecbd No.193259

File: 4353dbc64d7066a⋯.jpeg (728.15 KB, 1242x687, 414:229, C3A8B023-8CA6-4BFF-A3FB-C….jpeg)

266e97 No.193260


filter him and move on, by us responding to him he is winning.

fb5e45 No.193261


Addison's disease also has those characteristics

884053 No.193262


Let's consider both then.

There is evidence from Wikileaks with a perfect records from diplomatic cables.

What is the evidence that Wikileaks faked the cables or the cables that were supposed to stay secret were cover?

0745f2 No.193263

1ac660 No.193264

File: 35e037e4e2f9deb⋯.jpg (145.94 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, IMG_2149.JPG)

348133 No.193265

File: 9aa937577f8de73⋯.jpg (41.6 KB, 500x579, 500:579, 9bf0bd93aed7103690f62a1c5f….jpg)

041faa No.193266

if anyone is looking for dirt on mad maxine waters… heres everything you ever wanted to know about her dirty deeds. https: //threadreaderapp.com/thread/941406899077074946.html

993c23 No.193267

File: bc51b945754f2d5⋯.jpeg (94.75 KB, 610x418, 305:209, B71912B6-3E6A-46F4-B1E4-0….jpeg)


Kevlar umbrellas

fb5dbb No.193268


Could be a message after their timely “FlyeaglesFly” they posted the same day, that weekend was when Bill and Hillary were in Hawaii trying to run away under the False Incoming Nuke.

041faa No.193269


starting with her husband

25a6b8 No.193270


Any Anon here ever looked at SNOW WHITE being a CIA interrogation cell stationed in Saigon, Vietnam?

"Frank Snepp, the CIA officer who conducted the final portion of the interrogation, devoted a chapter in his classic memoir of the last years of the CIA station in Saigon to the interrogation of this man, whom he called the "man in the snow white cell."1 Snepp thought that the South Vietnamese had killed this prisoner just before Saigon fell in April 1975 to keep him from retaliating against those who had tormented him in prison for so long."

"The American interrogation ended with the signing of the agreement in Paris on 27 January 1973, although he remained incarcerated in the snow white cell."

https:// www.cia.gov/library/center-for-the-study-of-intelligence/csi-publications/csi-studies/studies/vol48no1/article06.html

098206 No.193273

Anybody notice Tupac's FINAL ALBUM? Under Makavelli?!

c041bc No.193274

File: 6dced8ed5eca8b4⋯.png (542.5 KB, 903x685, 903:685, Truth1.PNG)

32e541 No.193276


Anyone have thoughts on the "bees'?


6a5d8c No.193277

File: e35b0c2c2752656⋯.jpeg (111.23 KB, 800x599, 800:599, 54A8EA2C-4A71-4B65-8A22-2….jpeg)

242f90 No.193279


I before E except after C

bc0098 No.193280

File: 840d17e80ded102⋯.jpeg (24.02 KB, 255x143, 255:143, 6F9AAA82-C16F-4135-8124-1….jpeg)

File: 8e5a86e1cb67690⋯.jpeg (91.01 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 6DC3EDC6-E845-4E7B-A253-1….jpeg)

7b3f15 No.193281


Hillary is sending heart attack kill orders thru her daughter's twat

0ae86b No.193282


both talking about elephants and hearts

go look at the huff post article she talked about and the nytimes article chelsea talked about

884053 No.193284


For gods sake read the cables and stop embarrassing yourself.

We agree that Mueller delivered the Uranium.

The cables show it was for an investigation unrelated to Uranium One.

What is the counter evidence?

e14617 No.193285



Correct. We haven't even gotten to the beef of the accompanying emails, which I am sure someone has already seen. There is much left to show to a jury hopefully. Their private phones are now searchable based on the presented information. We know they had burner phones, Orhr's wife had the ham radio… there is too much to deny these people had a plan. I know eventually it will all come out.

b1922e No.193286


Mueller is /ourguy/ dude

0745f2 No.193288



Do we need to bring back the LDR respect thread?

993c23 No.193289


Honey Bee’s?

GMO poisoning

cb100f No.193290


swarm, Queen, drone, worker

3ca1dd No.193291

And everyone at the Super Bowl will go home across the US & World and infect…

This would be Evil!!

74e271 No.193292



He's still at it? Jesus, talk about desperation. Bet he's still waiting for Q to return to /cbts/. Heh.

53324d No.193293


Pray vs Prey

Praying is one way they get to us? Like meditation, they use it as a way into mind control and making people submissive?

7b61ae No.193294

File: 6787fd63a444f65⋯.jpg (47.05 KB, 500x734, 250:367, stg.jpg)

Been thinking about this movie a lot lately… especially today with all the Black Forest stuff… Makes you wonder how often people are hunted for sport by the rich, especially kids.. probably happens a lot more than you would think.

b1922e No.193295


You're triggering me. What do we want to know about bees? I am a beekeeper.

5d4740 No.193296


yes…his death was faked to save him from assassination

75a9a8 No.193297


Looks like a veiled threat to me.

25a6b8 No.193298


Keep your shit on you own board.

32e541 No.193299


Elephants are afraid of Bees…… GO

42d5da No.193300


the judge in the case referenced in Q's file name gave Monsanto a free ride, dismissed iirc

620e2d No.193301

I think the SHILLS aren't getting paid anymore, I think they did something wrong and their masters are punishing them.

a51893 No.193302

File: 4a75db10b391a9b⋯.jpg (5.97 KB, 174x290, 3:5, images (74).jpg)


Lose the name Dipshit

884053 No.193303


So explain the meeting the day before Mueller appointed Special Counsel.

cb100f No.193304


bee stings, anaphylactic shock, norepinephrine, methamphedamine

348133 No.193305

File: bb01c8441bd2b26⋯.png (526.97 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, symone.png)

e07800 No.193306

File: 481289edda52688⋯.jpg (54.24 KB, 620x326, 310:163, hill.jpg)

e14617 No.193307


just filter and move on, or resist answering. It has to be done. Hugs for trying. sometimes you just shouldn't. Hardest lesson to learn in this place as in life, is that lack of engagement does work in appropriate circumstances.

77d351 No.193308


more of (((their))) twitter coded language . . .

b1922e No.193310

The only bees elephants would be afraid of are Africanized bees aka "killer bees".

456ce5 No.193311


Lynn de Rothschild Retweeted

The Economist

Verified account


Jan 17


Humans aside, no species on Earth has a more complex society than that of elephants

Lynne Today 17 hrs


Exclusive: Trump slams elephant hunting for trophies, skeptical fees go for conservation https:// www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/trump-slams-elephant-trophies_us_5a6d1759e4b01fbbefb25ea5?ncid=engmodushpmg00000004 … # via @HuffPostPol;Celebrate

1ac660 No.193313

File: fb01d292cfdc663⋯.jpg (138.33 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, IMG_2150.JPG)

884053 No.193314

c10853 No.193315

File: 8310369a2f3f539⋯.jpg (404.31 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, war room comm incoming.jpg)


be there or b square.

→ pls read our floating thoughts b4 adding yours. use brain first, then type. WE NEED YOU!! RN!

yes there is 2 M's in Communication

→ warroom here >>193283

266e97 No.193316

File: 6ae63c39e66ed7b⋯.png (14.72 KB, 255x192, 85:64, Glowboat.png)



Filter him/she/it NOW. and move on.

7450c5 No.193317

File: 2c7dcd5450df0b5⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1111x752, 1111:752, PreciousMoments_MotherDaug….png)


>Worst way for Chelsea Clinton to die?

Cersei had some ideas on how to MAGA

fb5e45 No.193318


Google funded a program for the low income neighborhoods in Central Ca to release infected mosquitoes this past summer. Is that helpful info?https:// techcrunch.com/2017/07/14/googles-life-sciences-unit-is-releasing-20-million-bacteria-infected-mosquitoes-in-fresno/

3a7cb9 No.193319


She said she was boycotting SOTU, then some guy went viral asking if he could get her seat.

Guy went on F&F, also, I believe. Guy is black(?), maybe military. and a big Trump supporter.

Guy does get an invite in the end, doesn't he?

So MW now has to do damage control, because this guy is going to be news that night.

I think that's why she's on BET. Needs to trash this black Trump supporter who is upstaging her.

b1922e No.193320

6a5d8c No.193321

File: b7b12e1221207a0⋯.jpeg (265.94 KB, 1242x1262, 621:631, 6012A8EB-DFBA-48C2-A600-C….jpeg)

e14617 No.193323


Try to tie them to events of the day or basic time frame and see if you find a connection that it is code, rather than just inference.

993c23 No.193326


How do they multiply after pollinating GMO / round up ready fields?

77d351 No.193327

File: df3b5a89e4e28ee⋯.png (504.13 KB, 786x576, 131:96, dreamers.sotu.png)

any anons seeing chatter about how the dems are going to try to disrupt the SOTU, other than a few empty seats and mad max?

been seeing some of this re. Dreamers (pic related)

53324d No.193328


they have technology using what could look like a bee to sting a target with some deadly concoction to make it look like a bad reaction or heart attack?

f0ef84 No.193329

File: 6a5023f05d6bd57⋯.png (274.04 KB, 640x425, 128:85, Z-285.png)

File: f9dd9f1147c1538⋯.jpg (46.25 KB, 320x320, 1:1, Z-288.jpg)

b7fa87 No.193330


could you send the URL complete?, please

0eb052 No.193332

Note the last drops on the other board.

Think logically.

Refer to past crumbs.


Do you expect HRC, GS, Hussein, etc to stand in a PUBLIC courtroom w/ potential crooked judges and tainted ‘liberal’ juries?

How do you defuse a bomb?

Knowledge of which wires/strings to cut?


Okay I think I found something from Q’s Friday, 1/26/18 “late drop,” above. I’ve been working on figuring out codes in Q’s messages. I was reversing letters and words, but something just popped out at me on this one. I have been focusing on the words (not abbreviated names) in all CAPS, because I think there’s a reason Q is doing that beyond just emphasizing a point. On this one, I was thinking more about rearranging the order of the words, and this is what struck me, if you take the all cap word “PUBLIC,” and insert it precisely in the middle of the other six ALL CAP words, you get this:


My interpretation is, Q is telling us Anons that we have more of the general public believing in and wanting the same thing that we do, to MAGA! A little (a lot!) positive reinforcement.

Thanks Q!

8f89e9 No.193333


i thought nobody cared about nfl anymore

fb5dbb No.193334

The elephants they are referring to are the ‘Republican Elephant’.

348133 No.193335

File: 70191205a6a09bc⋯.jpg (58.87 KB, 477x337, 477:337, e31c7ff65d30fe20bfa184f3d0….jpg)

12dd84 No.193336

Yahoo70 has gone dark. I lost it shortly after I posted that screenshot of it crossing the Peruvian coast.

b1922e No.193337


A lot of round up ready crops are self pollinating, even soy beans. But when they bring back pesticides to the hive it causes colony collapse disorder and they all die.

77d351 No.193339


be sure to post memes in War Room and/or Meme threads

1c5121 No.193340


Patience is a virtue. :)

74e271 No.193341


Didn't Lynn come here and refer to ordinary people as "worker bees" and, more recently, to HRC as a "Queen bee"?

993c23 No.193342


LMAO. We don’t.

345399 No.193344


Making America the place our forefathers wanted?

a3e2b2 No.193345

File: b3e7fe9f83e7f5e⋯.jpg (57.1 KB, 650x344, 325:172, jay-z-satan.jpg)

e8ffe7 No.193346


Witches give cannabis a bad name.

f6508f No.193347


they released gmo mosquitoes in Florida, a few months later zeka virus was breaking out in Fl

884053 No.193348



Chelsea and LdR threatening POTUS with heart attack gun at SOTU?

Let's see how that plays out.

e14617 No.193349

File: 81435744c01fb42⋯.png (56.51 KB, 658x662, 329:331, ClipboardImage.png)

Has anyone else noticed the influx of fear mongers and out of work novelists in here?

df6d7d No.193350


>web.archive.org/web/20130723021920/http:// grapevine.is/Features/ReadArticle/Q

If you don't want to read the whole thing. Interesting quotes from the article:

"His name is Sigurður Ingi Þórðarson and for the next year and a half he became a part of the whistleblowing association WikiLeaks, operating under the alias ‘Q’. In a stunning move, he became an FBI informant in August 2011, mostly providing the United States law enforcement agency with information on WikiLeaks, among them eight data-filled hard drives."

“I essentially took over the organisation’s IRC chatroom…So it was decided to use the people who joined the chat, if they wanted to help."

"I whistleblew on the whistleblowers. I know that there were some things that Assange and others connected with WikiLeaks, me included, did where laws were broken, both in Iceland and the United States. I don’t know what happens next. I’m not going to the USA in the near future. In my last meeting with the FBI they discussed the possibility that I would testify in court. I told them I’d decide on that if it would come to that.”

Sigurður Þorðarson says that he has no contact with Assange today."

993c23 No.193353


I figured as much. That invertebrate warning on roundup is disturbing

3918e3 No.193355


Here me out.. I'm leaning towards the possibility that they have operatives who can monitor and potentially post psychically....

Back in the 80s they were experimenting with the Gateway Experience programs (Monroe). Its rumored that some of their server farms shielded by tech that blocks remote viewers and astral projectors from entry.

Why else would Q ask us to pray when the CIA is here unless we could have a collective psychic effect against an CIA operation on the boards that involves a psychic element? (CIA remote viewers/astral tech)


620e2d No.193357


Is it just me or does Justice Roberts look like Peter Strzok in this photo?

086a7d No.193358


Last I heard, Pislosi was going to bring 'dreamers' to the SOTU, I'm hoping Trump brings ICE.

2bda3b No.193359

File: 4ea0bb376047ae1⋯.jpg (68.63 KB, 617x467, 617:467, collaredPOS.JPG)

f428e6 No.193362


Cheers to diligence Anon and let’s save hope that it’s not FBHO’s.

884053 No.193363



Mueller investigation keeps bad actors in one place chasing their tails while OIG magic happens.

The fuck have you been?

971aa7 No.193365


Jay Z skimming from Tidal was likely by design as payment.

He'd be pushing up daisies if he was stealing from Tidal and they didn't know.

These people don't fuck around with pussies like Jay Z. Steal from them and they neck you.

345399 No.193366

88c4d6 No.193368

I bet Lynn would be a good bone…

cc3cdc No.193369


That would explain maxine

7e98e4 No.193371


Elephant in the room

4965a3 No.193372



Wow!! I didn't know he actually came out with those words publicly. Wow!!

So those that buy his music and follow him must know this and follow him anyway, how foolish, how brainwashed, how utterly devistating!!

77d351 No.193373


and now CC twitting about elephants.

it's code

3ca1dd No.193374


True… I don't!

Cabal would mainly be hurting their own voters

But they don't care about them, they sacrifice them all the time… look what they have done to the black community…

It's a game they are hell bent in winning..

They want depopulation anyway, they are moving on with their agenda regardless who is in the White House

196814 No.193375

File: 41ff8aa321f2f1d⋯.png (60.23 KB, 1259x886, 1259:886, MadMaxine_Assets_2016.png)

more #MadMaxine fuckery?

e8ffe7 No.193376

File: 24fff0bbc148413⋯.jpg (36 KB, 460x460, 1:1, masonic_bee_hive_button.jpg)

f428e6 No.193377

971aa7 No.193379


>Hillary is drunk again

Probably easier to count the times that Hillslag is sober.

74e271 No.193380


For the dogs, you mean? Yep, she sure would.

456ce5 No.193381


I think the mirror can be little hazy on that leading to speculation.

Sometimes events not same day orders.

Other anons have made some "superbug"

speculations which could be accurate.

On my part as yesterday with Blackforest and :heart connection

I contribute and later someone did side by side.

If relevant as I've been wrong before, Im pleased if it's of use. If not I will keep an eye out for future relevance.

620e2d No.193382


She is already dead on the inside.

7288d1 No.193383

Afternoon anons,

Favor to ask, anybody have that pic handy with POTUS in the Oval Office and the hole in the wall outside?

12dd84 No.193384

File: 8a278573da83f31⋯.jpg (41.91 KB, 575x499, 575:499, Repub.jpg)

Too controversial..? Based on Trump's comment about being skeptical about conservation fees.

fb5dbb No.193385


Using elephants to reference Republicans

993c23 No.193386


We should hit back with snakes

578dea No.193387


If you like the smell of rotting flesh and fishy pussy!

88c4d6 No.193388


I'd do her. Just think of those long arms wrapped all around you like a snake…I bet she'd be a screamer.

f6508f No.193389

c10853 No.193390

File: c791235eab4f173⋯.jpg (458.57 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, c791235eab4f173e65acb101a6….jpg)



* MadMax

* ReleaseTheMemo


* Racist (attracks enemy fire… LOOOOL)

* Sotu (naaah… obvious hijack material)

* FakeNews (versatile applicable)

* StrongerTogether (OMG,, that wud b FUN,,, libs wud explode)

pow wow now. come 2 war room pls

6f4516 No.193392

File: b2fc036bcfa0dda⋯.png (62.22 KB, 569x291, 569:291, screenshot_379.png)

ac59a0 No.193393

Just a reminder anons, in 40 mins GEOTUS interview with Piers Morgan goes live on UK iTV channel.

e8ffe7 No.193394


Elephants = GOP

Bees = pile on, masons

086a7d No.193395


…and that's not referring to any biological clock either, anon.

e07800 No.193396



88c4d6 No.193398


If she isn't a screamer already, she'd be when I was done with her.

993c23 No.193399


Feed link pls

74e271 No.193400


I guess you're into syphilis and/or bugchasing then. Whatever floats your boat, I suppose.

61ae96 No.193401


Interesting post, thanks.

6f4516 No.193402


any YT sauce?

971aa7 No.193405


>out of work novelists in here?


Fearmongers/concern tools have always been here.

But the unemployed novelists are suddenly crawling out of their holes.

47ad03 No.193406


Fake quote. Probably accurate feeling but fake quote. Let's source things, anons!

88c4d6 No.193407


Nah, she's clean.. probably full of cobwebs though, thinks she's too good for anyone else.

884053 No.193408


Actually, people just don't want to know because you can't reason two sides of an argument and you behave like a child.

e14617 No.193409

File: 5178e6b740f9c20⋯.jpg (89.09 KB, 713x500, 713:500, 23indl.jpg)


I think we can run a hard #whoistherealracist campaign with a lot of the stuff we have collected. Thoughts?

fb5e45 No.193410


as the World Sleeps! You get told that your area has 20 million bacterial infected mosquitoes intentionally being released and you say " Pass the salt please" Maybe Darwinism isn't as cruel as it's said to be

82cd97 No.193411


Beyond that, there is no way that JayZ is smarter than the jews that guard the money in the entertainment biz. Not one shekel moves from one account to another without their knowledge.

12dd84 No.193412

File: 258353ef7be4f13⋯.jpg (194.31 KB, 1405x604, 1405:604, Yahoo70_5.jpg)

Update on Yahoo70. Just off the Peruvian coast near Trujillo.

3918e3 No.193413


Digits confirm.

Q stated he was Alice in the Alice "&" Wonderland reference.

What if there were a tech sort of like looking glass that allowed the user to project their consciousness into the astral space that is connected to cyberspace (it exists as a real medium). What if that medium is WONDERLAND.

What if the user of such a tech was called Alice while they were using it?

We see all, we here all… what if Q and NSA white hats could "see all and here all" beyond what could be caught by microphones/cams and physical tech…

2a1be5 No.193414


She is threatening (((us))). Calling (((us))) elephants and suggesting that they are going to stir up the bees (their ground troop terrorists) if we don't stand down. She is saying our fear of (((them))) could save our lives.

Civil war.

578dea No.193415


Fuck! That's Professor Xavier shit right there!!

6a5d8c No.193416


Beyoncé’s fans are the called the Bhive

Jay-z is married to Beyoncé

Trump is a an elephant (R)

They are threatening trump with Beyoncé’s bhive who are know attack anyone that talks about Beyoncé relentlessly. Look up bhive attacking taylor Swift.

f6508f No.193418

4965a3 No.193419


Nice Chelsea, the one who worships at the feet of satan. Nice.

884053 No.193420


What if you're wrong?

Consider the possibility.

What then?

993c23 No.193421


We are wonderland

086a7d No.193423


If it starts heading south, wonder if it'll be going to an island?

0ae86b No.193424


who owns the economist

884053 No.193425

dc8540 No.193426

File: af0c4724685a395⋯.png (347.68 KB, 650x434, 325:217, LdR.png)

a677cc No.193427

File: 3e17ce9be367b0c⋯.png (1.7 MB, 4193x2729, 4193:2729, News unlocks map.png)

Bakers and Diggers:

I'm working on a theory that the recent bombing in Kabul was carried out by the Deep State as retaliation for their front organisation - Save The Children - being attacked earlier in the week.

Here's a graphic showing the connections between Q's post, Trumps Tweet and news articles.

>Kabul MOURNS 100 dead after ambulance bomb


>TARGETED attack kills Save The Children workers in Afghanistan


>Save the Children Pakistan chief under pressure after 'fake CIA vaccination' campaign


>White House Letter - CIA Director cancels fake vaccination program


Was the attack on the Save the Children office a move by /ourguys/?

Are they cutting strings to a child trafficking front organisation?

971aa7 No.193429


That's the way I read it.

Beyonce's bee hive is effective against 13 year old girls.

POTUS, not so much.

That Hubbell girl is an absolute idiot.

75107b No.193430

Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-Mass) or Maxine Waters???

Why is everything advertising Rep. Kennedy saying that he's giving the response to the SOTU? Are both of them giving a response?

616641 No.193432


Marines became marines in 1834

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Marine_Corps

search for ucmj is what is understood

550c84 No.193433

File: 60a3b2b2f9da730⋯.jpg (39.17 KB, 444x500, 111:125, vidscreenshot.jpg)

Don't know if this has already been posted.

Good summary for the newbies or to share outside 8ch.

The Obama Administration's 'Brazen Plot To Exonerate Hillary Clinton' Starting To Seep Out

youtu .be/aa95jLxZfc4

About Fusion GPS, Crowdstrike, FISA,

CF, FBI, U1, [1of9] and names, names, names.


53324d No.193434


Trafficking lanes

fb5e45 No.193435


Bees = Hive mentality?

4965a3 No.193436


Oh!!!! Oh!!!! Awesome!!!

f428e6 No.193437

File: a5f926cf4822cf2⋯.jpeg (33.53 KB, 474x296, 237:148, C505F6AB-4219-4C59-83B7-5….jpeg)

0ae86b No.193438

File: a4c9014d788bf95⋯.png (28.06 KB, 492x316, 123:79, Opera Snapshot_2018-01-28_….png)

boom -

6ff6bc No.193440


There were no server farms in the 80s and what networks existed were an entirely different experience. Learn some history.


82cd97 No.193442


You mean there are girls that don't scream?

7450c5 No.193443

File: a243f974f6261a7⋯.png (444.23 KB, 888x555, 8:5, JesseJacksonTie_blank.png)

File: ce01614063ee86a⋯.png (411.18 KB, 888x555, 8:5, JesseJacksonTie_why.png)

File: f0f4a17d17b7b23⋯.png (411.02 KB, 888x555, 8:5, JesseJacksonTie_MLKtoldyou.png)

File: fb359dd360a1fdc⋯.png (354.7 KB, 888x555, 8:5, JesseJacksonTie_suchanimpo….png)

dc8540 No.193445


To the anon who shopped this, well fucking done and thanks.

e8ffe7 No.193446

File: 31c5dcd991805be⋯.jpg (7.69 KB, 259x185, 7:5, thumbs up.jpg)


>Civil war.

They lost control of their minions, though. Plus, it's winter. No one riots in winter.

Confirmed. Clintons are going down.

Last desperate actions of a cornered, injured animal. Dangerous, yes, but nowhere near as powerful as the people.

fb5dbb No.193447


Joe Kennedy is the actual speaker for the rebuttal and Maxine is doing her own thing on BET.

7b3f15 No.193448


This. Slave owners giving orders.

4c7c64 No.193449

File: db0dbdfc20d2cd4⋯.jpg (33.83 KB, 720x405, 16:9, pig.jpg)


The donkey or ass is a domesticated member of the horse family. The donkey has been used as a working animal for at least 5000 years. (and also as a low information voter)

3ca1dd No.193450

To bad they didn't infect Alaweed and let him spread it to the Cabal… would be too good to be true

f0ef84 No.193451

File: 8c3e98bf6c162d4⋯.jpg (211.14 KB, 750x650, 15:13, Z-295.jpg)


BINGO - distress code talk

4c7c64 No.193452


hahaha wrong photo but it works

42aa4f No.193454

File: 3927789285968a7⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1207x1622, 1207:1622, derision_graphic2.png)

This anon keeps coming back to this research board, not just for the best news and crumbs anywhere to be found, but because the Spirit of truth, camaraderie and humble but pure motivation which overlights this virtual meeting place, is an energizer and a healing balm at the same time!

Observing the psychological dynamics of the anon army, even though constantly infiltrated by the joy sappers, weapons of mass deception and just bored snarky shitposters, is a continuing source of inspiration, to this one and to all who are led here!

Even when my compulsion for details gives way to my faith in the pig picture, coming slowly into focus, there is nowhere this anon has been in the Intermind which has this very special energy and dedicated focus on SEEING THIS THROUGH, whatever is the Creator's exact plan and design, carried out by dedicated servants of the Higher Truth.

Thank you anon army, for keeping the faith and maintaining motivation!

Thank you POTUS, all believers in the Republic and all patriots taking appropriate action!

Thank you Creator, for this living ride through your "Big Idea" which I never would have designed for myself!

9beba8 No.193455



75107b No.193456


Thank you, Anon. Makes more sense now.

4965a3 No.193458


satan worshippers often are possessed!! I'm not talking linda blair head twirling type. I'm talking, they can be and are most times standing right next to you and you wouldn't even know it. Then they are "triggered" and they know nothing or can see anything - they are possessed, that evil spirit takes over their senses and controls.

42d5da No.193459


You could certainly be on to something, anon

time will tell

e8ffe7 No.193461


Beyonce MK Ultraed teeny boppers vs. us.

Not a fair fight. Although teenage girls fight dirty…

72457a No.193463


the radius of that women's

mouth is quite large

086a7d No.193464


I was wondering why they were pumping out all of those MW memes.

12dd84 No.193465


Apologies - I picked the wrong logo. I'm not American so I got it wrong. Sorry.

e5f720 No.193466


Strzok looks like a younger Roberts

4871b4 No.193467


kill the bees, we all die.

8f89e9 No.193469


>The donkey or ass is a domesticated member of the horse family

why is it that girls like horses and guys like asses?

25a6b8 No.193471


Go away, Hillary. You are drunk. And you stink of urine.

7b3f15 No.193472

Joke Kennedy

7169ef No.193474


both "agrievements are spelled incorrectly in this meme.

88c4d6 No.193476

File: 005ec6a8357e719⋯.png (389.01 KB, 419x631, 419:631, Lynn1.png)

6a5d8c No.193477


ITs almost like MMultra takes away your ability to have a sense of humor and creative thinking.

Why the left can’t meme.

ac59a0 No.193478



Sorry got no links however they sometimes show programmes like this live off their official website, might be accessible with VPN for Ameribros

e8ffe7 No.193480

File: 0aaa3f56e85b2a1⋯.jpg (25.7 KB, 474x315, 158:105, tay tay.jpg)

dc8540 No.193482


Their time is up. It's time for the darkness on this planet to end, once and for all, forever. They should just surrender now.

993c23 No.193483

File: 6548ca641fa0e3a⋯.jpeg (113.1 KB, 931x524, 931:524, 20559FBB-DCA9-46AF-8459-2….jpeg)

Joy Villa pissing off the Grammy’s with a “Choose Life’s” dress. LMFAO

0ae86b No.193484


she has herpes

she takes valtrex

884053 No.193485

32e541 No.193486


OMG .. that's perfectly ugly

43c5be No.193488


Oh wow, I did not know that Auntie Maxine is doing her thing on BET. In that case, Anons, we have nothing to worry about, since nobody watches that POS station.

3918e3 No.193489


So Q is the collective psychic residue we have of all our hopes and prayers for liberty and justice that has woken up in astral cyberspace with the sole purpose and function of embodying and carrying out the collective desires that brought it to life.

Q is the mindborn Alice and the wonderland is the collective psyche of the faithful patriots.

a8b3e0 No.193490


I didn't even think about that, but it probably would be. A mass-manipulation project designed to…I don't know what. Spread dark thoughts via subliminal messages, or tones? That sure seems like a violation of basic human rights.

7288d1 No.193491


Good catch, anon, and they are ferocious, MK-tier. Check out this professor who teaches that college course on her, his Twatter is nuts.

https:// twitter.com/kevinallred?lang=en

And…if Chelsea REALLY wanted to cause a stir, she should have said frogs KEK.

de05be No.193495

File: 2bbb76aa41923dd⋯.jpeg (176.62 KB, 1242x691, 1242:691, 097763D2-0A72-47A7-B0D1-A….jpeg)

d8b03d No.193496

File: 573513436237965⋯.jpg (16.16 KB, 300x300, 1:1, R-2695514-1363008046-8070.….jpg)


There seem to be so many of these cults behind the scenes everywhere.

Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard seems to have been heavily into Thelema / Crowley at one point.

Nation of Islam and Nuwabian stuff seems have a lot of overlaps.

You stay in the religious/MSM box. If you step outside of it there is another layer of weird well connected cults with their doors wide open.

Most people never get further than these two layers of control. Strikes me as almost a test. You break through the conditioning and new layer of truth is revealed, but still laced with lies. Different cults for different groups/ethnicity of people but all connected.

The Nuwabian stuff is really interesting to this board as it has a particular interest in conspiracy theories. For background to this Egypt/Alien/New Age cult stick on a couple of tracks from a Rap outfit called Lost Children of Babylon - e.g. "Shadow Government"

The really odd thing is that a lot of the stuff Q talks about is also talked about by them. Worth bearing in mind - it seems that if you let people in on a secret, people will be inclined to believe you when you tell them the lie. In both Nuwabian and Nation of Islam both make claims that Caucasians are in some way evil, lacking emotion and that they are a created breed of humanity, not real humans. Weaponized racism as a religion basically - another divide and conquer strategy.

faf00e No.193497

File: 659fa97018a40c6⋯.jpg (3.19 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20180128_171715.jpg)

With all the J-z talk… noticed this on CBS most valuable player LL cool J giving the "eye of ra" salute

13c29c No.193498


pulled that image from internet…added uncle jay-z

that's funny.. they sent that out.. with basic type… haha

4965a3 No.193499


The Spirit quickeneth!! Quickeneth - to make ALIVE!

There is much Spirit here!

4c7c64 No.193500


BET is owned by white people. Maybe push that angle when it's getting crapped all over twatter

f428e6 No.193501



a90f9d No.193502


Love this gal a rare gem indeed

884053 No.193503


Back to Grinder mate.

041faa No.193504


joy villa is an infiltrator… AND a scientologist. she's the one that brought up the bogus harrassment charge against carter page… stay the fuck away from this cunt

74e271 No.193507

How to recognize desperate shills:

1. Spreading disinfo that was discredited before

2. Attacking anyone who attempts to correct said disinfo

3. Disregarding proof of disinfo/countering his narrative

4. Fishing for replies. ANY replies.

It is my sad duty as a lurker to once again write:

Daily reminder not to reply to shills. They feed off attention and are paid by reply. Let them tire themselves out and don't hit that reply button.

5d4740 No.193508



https:// www.popsci.com/article/technology/rise-insect-drones

cdd9d3 No.193509

File: ac2b45baf58e68d⋯.jpg (195.99 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening311.jpg)

File: 7863fc1d6961d5c⋯.jpg (208.73 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening312.jpg)

File: 8a7a5b2f7889878⋯.jpg (140.87 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening313.jpg)

File: d3a138534e46226⋯.jpg (144.79 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening314.jpg)

File: a34f8ca3ff1df6d⋯.jpg (191.95 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening315.jpg)


More messages for the right-brain:

Vision, imagine, dream,

Create, energy, faith.

993c23 No.193510


or… maybe he needs mushrooms before he comes here. Dunno, don’t care.

f0ef84 No.193511


Craaaaaab people

Craaaaaab people

Craaaaaab people

971aa7 No.193512



Not to be trusted.

She'll fuck over the Pro-Life movement within 3 months.

6f8943 No.193513


they come from xxx studies backgrounds and have had their heads filled with minutiae in order keep them controlled….just like the process and procedure nics in corporations….

A broad and high-level view of the world or of a given situation is required to build successful memes….

The left are manipulated, we manipulate…

88c4d6 No.193514

File: c396eec8183c576⋯.jpg (15.3 KB, 456x321, 152:107, 478605898.jpg)

File: fd60d0a68f7a58f⋯.jpg (57.27 KB, 960x667, 960:667, 4786058981.jpg)

43c5be No.193515


I don't like it, Anon, 'cause it looks like you're going against Repulicans, i.e., President Trump and his party.

How 'bout a meme with the Donkey (red white and blue, like you did the elephant) and the words, "There's a reason the Democrats have an ASS as their symbol," instead? Just a suggestion….

3918e3 No.193516


Gateway Experience existed in the 80s, server farms was a different sentence. Try reading before critiquing to not sound like a dick

041faa No.193517



e8ffe7 No.193518



>no server farms in the 80's

Mostly mainframes, minicomputers and supercomputers. Same idea, though, although a Cray back then is probably less powerful than my phone.

a90f9d No.193519

The Grammy hashtag is a real SHITHOLE

0ae86b No.193520


they love her they know she is doing this to punk the republicans - she is scientology whore

88c4d6 No.193522

53324d No.193523


Turn people into slaves. And the ones it doesn’t work on, they target.

4871b4 No.193524


I lurk or work the spreadsheet. Bread bakes too fast on the com. That said, today is my birthday. I've been unemployed for over year. No one wants to hire 56 year old workers. I as hoping for a b-day present, like a memo or something. Like another anon, I've got nothing lose. I got tossed from twitter, so I take the message to yahoo and other boards. Wish I could have meme links that could be loaded on yahoo posts. The 8chan links do not work on yahoo…surprise surprise

a4e1ba No.193526

File: 99a9117912b66b9⋯.jpg (314.37 KB, 1230x580, 123:58, AsTheWorldTurns.jpg)

2c0147 No.193527

Lindbergh speech delivered 9-11-1941 Dig in Anons http:// www.scrible.com/contentview/page/A4GI0400220MP3IH30S3C23G0G20402Q:262667253/index.html

75107b No.193528


Total fame whore. She posed as pro POTUS with her MAGA dress to get noticed, and then later anons discover she pro Obama facebook stuff. Whatever. Sick of her.


884053 No.193529


No one thinks you're a clown. Lurk moar

851abe No.193530

I've noticed a lot of memes that use lingo that's 100% unique to this board. Normies don't understand that and it's not going to have any impact on them. They're going to see that, have no idea what it means, and keep on scrolling.

0ae86b No.193531


are you fucking high?

she is a scientology spook

she voted for bernie

she has been to occupy protests

dont be fooled

she is a plant

769817 No.193532


Hey B just confirmed TG & MUELLER are ON white hat team

Her sources have been 100%

Fits with Q drops too

5d4740 No.193534


cause a problem to create a "cure" https://


46c693 No.193536


Hang in there anon. As America is made great again you'll find opportunities everywhere! We're glad to have you here.

692bae No.193537


Danebaker here.

Just remembered something.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_the_Elephant

ac59a0 No.193538



https:// www.itv.com/hub/itv

Might be viewable from here with VPN for Ameribros


GEOTUS interview with Piers Morgan

dc8540 No.193540


Suggestion anon, what if you uploaded memes to imgur and tried linking them at Yahoo from there?

1e03a6 No.193541


that's been done before. many many times

4c7c64 No.193542


good advice

e8ffe7 No.193543


I used to be a humourless leftist, and would agree.

More "fun" on the surface but we're more belly-laugh inducing. Truth does that.

2bda3b No.193544


Don't say anything that self-serving, namefag might take as a compliment. He already posts like some of the crayons he ate were toxic.

74e271 No.193545


For what it's worth from another anon: Happy birthday, anon. Your work is appreciated and your input welcome.

0ae86b No.193546


hey news flash

her fucking source is THIS board

she is a lurker thats it

she has no secret source

she gets her info right fucking here


769817 No.193548

Scientology infiltrator

Made lots of $ of MAGA

Do your homework

bc0098 No.193550

File: c1cde6f6d972f8d⋯.jpeg (83.58 KB, 682x500, 341:250, 2287A2B6-A7EE-4D9B-ADE5-A….jpeg)

a90f9d No.193551


so what at least she is pro life

f428e6 No.193552


Subjugated circus animal…

a4e1ba No.193554

File: 8c52f2431189340⋯.png (741.55 KB, 748x599, 748:599, ClipboardImage.png)

851abe No.193555


I just filter and silently move on like it never happened. Stopping to reply with "filtered" is still a reply.

345399 No.193556


Happy Birthday Patriot! You will find work, I’m sure of it. Depending on your location there are tons of placing hiring! Have faith anon. Everything happens for a reason!

7288d1 No.193558


Keep plugging it with our work, anon. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT lol.

b038d7 No.193559

File: eb286a29e331d5b⋯.png (921 KB, 847x564, 847:564, ClipboardImage.png)


Caption it!

769817 No.193560


No anon

You are 100% wrong

88c4d6 No.193561

7633d0 No.193562


this is unfortunately true

7b3f15 No.193563


Dude, you just doxxed yourself.

fb5dbb No.193564


Scary thought. Flu?

725ed8 No.193565

File: 13a9229e50165c9⋯.png (3.81 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 51AA7926-8866-4167-9545-99….png)


>We are witnessing the Revelations.

041faa No.193567

how to piss off a conservative? tell them a lie.

how to piss off a liberal? tell them the truth.

3ca1dd No.193568

Happy Happy Birthday Anon!! Hugs! no homo

0ae86b No.193570


no she isnt motherfucker

go research her husband thorsten

you are a fucking naive sheep

12dd84 No.193571


I don't know, but the possible list of countries it could be headed to is shortening all the time.

f428e6 No.193572


CAbalists way!

345399 No.193573


They have all sold their souls. Do not try to help them. They will just turn on you!

0dc6dd No.193574



4871b4 No.193576


How does that work when my spiritual friends say I am a brick. Meaning Iam blocked on the spirit side of things for my protection. They say I am a shield but I honestly have no clue how any of it works. So I am as spiritual as a brick, so how can my work block clowns.

e5f720 No.193579


Uh huh - since those abortions she admitted to having.

88c4d6 No.193580


You know it's her that mentions herself here all the time. She's a gloryfag, nothing more.

769817 No.193581


Then you haven't been paying attention very closely

Timing IS everything

This is not a game

f8649c No.193582

Wizards, Warlocks, and MKOFTEN, oh, my!

Wakey Wakey

8d04d7 No.193585



UGL is an Australian company that was recently in the news because of a takeover that was not friendly

Q gets things moving

FEF is Federation of Ecuadorian Football

In English, time moves from left to right. So the little Aussie guy subject to hostile takeover is rescued by Q and moved to play the game in Ecuador.


1e03a6 No.193586

has Q not posted anything today


32890c No.193587

Somebody just got REDPILLED

Alyssa Milano‏Verified account


Follow Follow @Alyssa_Milano

 More


Watch how insanely easy it is to hack U.S. voting machines.



This Hacker Can Breach A U.S. Voting Machine In Minutes

Watch how insanely easy it is to hack U.S. voting machines

266e97 No.193588


I love this, i want a bumper sticker, Tshirt, and Hat ASAP.

0ae86b No.193589


she is doing all this to punk people

you are one of them who is so fucking gullible you probably think wresting is real


go back to fakebook

seriously if you think that cunt is pro life you do not belong here

you are mentally weak

993c23 No.193590


OMG. Must clear mind for this task

7633d0 No.193591


I had envisioned more hand to hand combat and less typing

e8ffe7 No.193592


Eisenhower was in it too. Inderasting.

88c4d6 No.193595


You're funny, B…

4c7c64 No.193596


Happy Birthday anon. My humble gift is a prayer to God for you and your situation.

0ae86b No.193598


alyssa is not red pilled at all

this is a diversion

fb5e45 No.193600


56 is the new 26 with manufacturing coming back. You're more valuable than them! Personal story trying not to dox myself: A @#$! of mine runs a plant and was told to revamp policies to attract more millennials. He must now give extra time off and shortened work days in order to get the 20 somethings to come to work for him. Not lying . 56 is better than 26!

12dd84 No.193601


Sorry, I screwed up and chose the wrong logo. I'm not American.

42d5da No.193602


I'm still waiting for the AL election to get busted wide open.

Q confirmed 2 (or was it 3) times


e14617 No.193605


Because they have found a way to take everything and make it bad so it can be used against a group. their idea of humor is my little ponies and shit.

0ae86b No.193606


i stopped paying attention to you when you stopped paying attention here

8aa04c No.193607


needs to be in the bread

620e2d No.193608


You're not kidding!

32890c No.193609

Group name to prove cracking machines

DEF CON …. 1 Alabama voter fraud

1-22 22 states with voter fraud..


041faa No.193611


alright… anymore villa discussion is just slide tactic BS. one person may have been naive… not worth mentioning other than one or two replies to spit the truth. the villa topic should be put to bed now. anyone else bringing her up is a shill

851abe No.193612


Welcome to the exclusive club! 56 also. Haven't been able to get a full time job since 2008. Worked at Microsoft. Senior tester, $108k per year. Now?: I can't even get Home Depot to call me back in this small rural town. I bounce back and forth between doing the Q graphic, the raw text file, and work on my web site. And hope and pray I can get it done and get some advertisers before we go belly up over here. It always seems to work out. If I let this whole thing blow by me without jumping in, I'd never get over it. Been on board since 11/5 so I missed about a week since Q's first message. So … you're right, getting hired at our age is not worth the degradation, humiliation, massive amounts of wasted time, etc. Look at doing your own thing. Stretch the boundaries a little. Isn't that kind of what we're all working toward in here anyway? A country that realistically allows that to succeed?

e07800 No.193613


Shit. didn't know about this

43c5be No.193614


Great post, Anon, whoever you are. Sounds like you know what's going on behind the scenes, so thank you for taking the time to post this. God bless us all.

e8ffe7 No.193615

File: b78bd637e8bc7ca⋯.png (98 KB, 500x566, 250:283, to-anger-a-conservative-li….png)

1bd2ad No.193616


Nice counter argument.

But that anon was right. B even posts here asking for permission from the anons to repost crumbs on her twatter. We are the source.

f6508f No.193618

we do not need party's

do away with dem/rep

whoever is best for the job

just another way to divide

do away with super pacs, no more lobbyist

term limits, no more career politicians. that way if one gets comped they r not in it forever

a4e1ba No.193621

File: 30deb2628deeaeb⋯.png (322.87 KB, 614x325, 614:325, ClipboardImage.png)


7633d0 No.193622

bb7ccb No.193623

People of America

Do you think it unfair that this fiery trial is come to you?

God has the right to test you

You have the right to pass

You have the right to fail

Do not cast such harsh judgement upon the whore so quickly!

She has been the vehicle by which your metal can be tested.

This way you can give thanks for the fiery trials that come upon you, and truly enjoy the taste of victory.

The taste of your own victory is always the sweetest.

a877aa No.193625


no I brought your pipe and slippers

e581d6 No.193626

File: 05bd34ed416e322⋯.jpg (157.34 KB, 500x750, 2:3, AMilano.jpg)


She is a piece of shit and is controlled by the cabal

fb5dbb No.193627


Exactly, ‘easy to hack voting machines’? It’s more like voting machines are controlled by Soros because he owns them.

692bae No.193628


>193427 Kabul bombings theory

added to batter

e07800 No.193629


I doubt Beyonce would want her father's indiscretions brought to light again

578dea No.193630

File: d1ad4fe25e5ab14⋯.jpeg (151.87 KB, 474x296, 237:148, DontBeAnAss.jpeg)

e5f720 No.193633


I was looking at side by side pics. Same hairline, eyebrows, earlobes.

12dd84 No.193635


Another 56 Club member here.

88c4d6 No.193636



4c7c64 No.193638


I like

769817 No.193640


This is NOT a game.

Where we go one We go all.

For God & Country.

993c23 No.193644

File: f086ac164932f1e⋯.jpeg (113.02 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 54C17CA9-DB95-4324-8092-A….jpeg)

4871b4 No.193645


LOL I don't care if I doxxed myself. I'm a telcofag and I KNOW there is no way to hide. Got nothing t lose. Hugs to you though.

e07800 No.193646



53ecd1 No.193647


There =are= two M's in Communication.

0ae86b No.193648


no i am not

i have watched her feed since she became popular

not one crumb on her feed that did not come from here

thats why i decided to come here for myself and get the crumbs myself

i watched for 45 days and compared posts here to her feed

she has no other source

she may be military

but thats it

nothing else

041faa No.193649

HOLY SHIT… we get a decent new graphic… and suddenly its debate about B… joy villa, alyssa milano, mueller. jesus christ this is worth talking about not fucking famous people

https ://media.8ch.net/file_store/3e17ce9be367b0c421aaa005cfbb8e123ef78762ba9e1693fd2aeacb3b4d113b.png

2304e2 No.193652

Wasn’t there talk of “patriots 4th qtr” a while ago in the drops? Could that be a warning for a planned FF at the super bowl?

f8649c No.193655


"Alice laughed: "There's no use trying," she said; "one can't believe impossible things."

"I daresay you haven't had much practice," said the Queen. "When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

4965a3 No.193657


Please God protect our POTUS!!! Please Father don't let these evil beings get close to him to harm him. Expose them Father, by their own hands!!!

Please protect those protecting POTUS, please provide them with wisdom and knowledge, bright and seeing eyes and hearing ears.

Thank you Father for your hedge of protection upon all in harms way as we make our way through this sewer of a swamp!

In Jesus name, Amen!

e8ffe7 No.193658


>Beyoncé's father alleged to have stolen from her

>Singer fired father and manager Mathew Knowles after promoter Live Nation accused him of theft, according to court papers

https:// www.theguardian.com/music/2011/jul/13/beyonce-father-mathew-knowles

af7417 No.193659

File: 04bd603ff1932a6⋯.jpeg (177.51 KB, 1242x1630, 621:815, 045D2CBF-4D1C-4F8B-9B59-5….jpeg)

12dd84 No.193660

LdR tweeted to Trump about 'Dying of Thirst'. Are they going to attack the water supplies as an indirect attack?

fb5e45 No.193661


Happy birthday buddy! Glad to be here with you in this time of historical events to share your birthday.

7450c5 No.193662

>>193443 / >>193613

this is meant to tease/intrigue, but there's info out there: it was a clown signal, those without ties: not to shoot.

apparently MLK not only told him, but absolutely berated and scolded him, hard, yet still Jesse didn't put on a damn tie… things that make you go hmmm…

f0ef84 No.193664



Dual screen operator - it gets copied off here and posted immediately to twitter - just check

posting times

e07800 No.193666


remember those nude pics she got SOOOO upset about being on the internet?

25a6b8 No.193668

File: 699acf122e5cc7a⋯.jpg (90.93 KB, 800x430, 80:43, 23h4ue.jpg)

File: f2db6dffb868b36⋯.jpg (127.94 KB, 790x444, 395:222, 23h5x0.jpg)


Exactly what I memed yesterday…

b1922e No.193669

0ae86b No.193670


got it

i know the rules

i know the consequences also

i am quicker smarter and more cunning honey

88c4d6 No.193672

Don't be so hard on B. She's a nice lady and trying to help. She is on our side. Even though she's a gloryfag, she's not that bad. No one should glorify her though, thinking she gets inside information. She's one of us. She's doing a good job redpilling people. And if the picture is really her, which I doubt, she's a hottie. I'd red-pill her. Let's get back to work. Lets find something on someone so blatant that Q can arrest them today! Ooorah!

53324d No.193673


Makes me think of Elon Musk’s post about zombies….

1bd2ad No.193675


Good luck. Maybe if you reason with them, the ones who sacrificed their own son to Moloch, they will see the error of their ways, turn themselves into the authorities, be tried for their crimes, put in prison then be executed, broke, penniless and forgotten.

Yea, that will work.

Or you can work to save the lost rather than convert the damned. Your pick.

2bda3b No.193676

File: bbda0dc3c1c9def⋯.jpg (38.73 KB, 474x296, 237:148, donkey.jpg)


993c23 No.193678


They don’t know how switches work

9638b6 No.193679

File: 28b58f5bf2d96a7⋯.png (2.47 MB, 465x1851, 155:617, Maxie.png)






f428e6 No.193680




53324d No.193681


Anyone see the movie the Kingsman? The ending is interesting….

a0bc1c No.193682


Anyone researching the American Heart Association?

a677cc No.193684

File: 0e84228878ae846⋯.jpeg (12.99 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Save-the-Children-logo.jpeg)





>Strings cut (+++)

Are we on the right track here?


851abe No.193685


We're taking over.

71fa8c No.193686

File: 5a2278d54cd2183⋯.jpg (172.27 KB, 596x534, 298:267, beehive.jpg)


Just remember, all masons will die.

e07800 No.193687


Matthew Knowles is right up there with Joe Jackson

1e6951 No.193688

File: 4288f5d7b2e61b2⋯.png (1.02 MB, 807x705, 269:235, Capture.PNG)

618799 No.193689


Ive seen no new bread here. Some Disinfo

@PsychoFags>lookup Morphic Resonance. Q not RV project. Q is High Clearance Patriot_X

faf00e No.193691


Another sick fuck

e14617 No.193692


Her take will be that reds do it and blues never did. Gasp!!! I'll take it if we can get fucking fair elections with verified voters or at least a purple finger like we did with them in the Stan.

884053 No.193693

Hold the phone.

William and Kate are going to stay with royals in Scando.

Isn't this a bit out of the blue?

Kate is pregnant.

They are just up and leaving out of the blue?

That is not normal at all.

Massive red flag given Q's post.

Are they really going there?

Why all of a sudden?

12dd84 No.193694


Oldfags Rule! Spirit of '62…

4965a3 No.193695


So it's going to be some politician that's African?

265d2d No.193697



https:// wikispooks.com/wiki/Document:Collateral_Damage_911

Consider this a shortcut to what Q has been alluding to all along and where a lot of research has already been covered.

It's got nearly everything -

Barrick Gold Mining




Russian Oligarchy

Geo HW Bush

Geo W Bush


Corrupt WW2 players…US Army Gens, CIA

Stolen Gold from Phillipines

How CIA and corrupt players crashed Russian Ruble and broke up USSR

Black Eagle Trust & Project Hammer!!

Sept 11th - Offices in destroyed buildings were the offices where records were kept for investiagting decades of money laundering

Twin Towers basement had both Gold and Treasury Notes (hint- market value of Treasury notes was MORE than the Gold.

Fed Reserve

Israeli Mossad involvement in 911

SA involvement in 911

MUELLER MUELLER MUELLER - Crook of highest order. If he is cooperating with MAGA it's ONLY because he was forced to do it.

Mueller's military records should be expunged to preserve the integrity and honor of USMC

I know everyone's busy with meme's, researching, plane fagging and such…..

Please do yourselves a favor and take a peek

Things will make more sense after you read it.

88c4d6 No.193698



e8ffe7 No.193702

File: 87ebe1147487355⋯.jpg (79.43 KB, 800x573, 800:573, 800px-Appartamento_1221_de….jpg)


Everything old is new again.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roscoe_Arbuckle#Scandal

Of course (((they))) always downplayed it.

6a5d8c No.193703

File: 80583487e1a8e2b⋯.jpeg (242.94 KB, 1242x1402, 621:701, E643CE09-0705-4E82-972B-3….jpeg)

Meme request please

7e98e4 No.193704

File: 0bccaa803f8f6f9⋯.jpg (136.84 KB, 650x434, 325:217, LdR-donkey.jpg)



88c4d6 No.193705


He's making that damn owl symbol on one eye.

f428e6 No.193706


consequence of illness, poison?

dc632b No.193707

File: 1fc38c712dc22e1⋯.png (1.69 MB, 1918x7840, 137:560, A Timeline of CIA Atrociti….png)

since everyone is a CIA nigger clown..

I wonder why nobody talks about them..

A lot of Killers Trump said in an Interview with Bill O. Do you think our country is so innocent?

And the Political class is concerned about Russian meddling in an US election HAHAHAHAHA

f72b65 No.193711

File: e4e67946e88694e⋯.jpg (119.63 KB, 960x672, 10:7, Stupid_Antifa.jpg)

53324d No.193712


Queen is talking about disassociation…

dc8540 No.193714

File: 351276c2e42f271⋯.png (20.26 KB, 432x407, 432:407, together.PNG)

88c4d6 No.193715


This is going to end up being our official team meme. Everyone keeps taking it one step further. It's evolved, day after day lol.

f6508f No.193717


id love to see them antifa pussies go to sturgis, lmfao

f428e6 No.193720

a90f9d No.193721


Well that will not be pretty

af7417 No.193722

File: 0dbedf6b6cf7bbb⋯.jpeg (207.58 KB, 1242x1630, 621:815, 088795C8-4E4F-44A5-8188-A….jpeg)

185cb6 No.193723


what do we think is significant about it?

e581d6 No.193725



I need popcorn for this kek

4871b4 No.193726

>>193568 Sr Tech staff- made 156k/yr. Got canned, job given to Tech Mahindra.

cc699f No.193727

File: 4c68485f64ddf65⋯.jpeg (396.31 KB, 1536x1536, 1:1, 2DA20451-B1C7-4BC9-A59F-3….jpeg)

53ecd1 No.193729


Why you posting pictures of Chubbel?

94e318 No.193730

File: c9b4b0d0cb23acc⋯.png (1.01 MB, 2560x894, 1280:447, Screenshot (52).png)

Got a decoy out of Washington.

42d5da No.193731


that should go well

98e29e No.193732



My pleasure. No way to know for sure what is actually going on behind the scenes, which is why a lot of us are here.

There is a lot of theories, rumors, disinformation, real information floating around the webs, such as whether or not Mueller and/or Comey are White/Black Hats. Both of them are corrupt but could have been turned by Trump. Remember, Trump met with Mueller THE DAY BEFORE he was announced Special Counsel. Trump has also had dinner with Comey. There is no way to know what they talked about.

Some things Q cannot tell us for obvious reasons. Some things Q tells us is false as well, for obvious reasons as well ([C]lowns[I]in [A]merica, Black Hats, etc watching).

This is why we are here.

You all are here for a reason. It is our duty to awaken the normies, the uninformed, those who are asleep. "Sleeping pills" vs. "Red Pills". Think the Matrix.

Q has given us a map of what is happening, what has happened, and what will potentially happen. It's our job to press the message country wide. To fight the press and mainstream media establishment who gives "Sleeping Pills" to people every day. WE are the ones to spread TRUTH. To spread the "Red Pills" to everyone else.

Find in yourself what you do best to contribute and do it. Whether that be memes, collecting information, digging for uncovered connections between people/corporations/etc, seeing the bigger picture and relaying it to those who are unaware, or even just getting caught up on what you've missed. This is a fight that must be won, not only by Trump and his cabinet, but by the people as well.

This is the #GreatAwakening and it is OUR JOBS to help Awaken those who have been sleeping. Godspeed!

fb5e45 No.193734

Bees? Saving the Queen is their number 1 job. Q said Monarch is looking for shelter. LdR and Chelsea putting out distress calls to save the queen? "God Save the Queen"

e8ffe7 No.193735


They're NPCs, dead already. Zombies.


e5f720 No.193737

File: 116c1bf9955eac0⋯.png (561.33 KB, 658x731, 658:731, D S.PNG)

File: 17adbf97a344ceb⋯.png (508.6 KB, 613x344, 613:344, D S pic.PNG)

The ladies are on fire today. Meme material right here.

88c4d6 No.193738


That's Lynn's bed room when I get done riding her….

f8649c No.193739



"Can you do addition?" the White Queen asked. "What's one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one?" "I don't know," said Alice. "I lost count."

851abe No.193740

As long as blacks are black before they're human, black before they're American, and black before they're everything else, they will continue to enjoy their own self-made hell. I really could care less who was the first Black man to ____. Stop putting things ahead of being American. And once you're American, nobody cares about all the rest.

620e2d No.193741


Very weird.

f0ef84 No.193743

File: 71b6c5e7f49d9a1⋯.png (703.15 KB, 847x564, 847:564, Z-296.png)

e07800 No.193744


If they kill Jay Z, they will have Kanye do it

f6508f No.193745


please please please God make antifa go to stugis

98e29e No.193746

884053 No.193748



Thanks anon, sir.

fffc81 No.193749


nice put that in meme templates i was looking for a good one of those

456ce5 No.193753

Deadly fungus causes frogs to die of thirst - even when they're in the …


Apr 26, 2012 - The outbreak which has spread through the Sierra Nevada mountains has seen scientists study more than 100 blood samples and skin swabs, since the disease was first discovered in 2004. While researchers believe they can treat the fungus in a laboratory, there are fears for the creatures in the wild, …

L's "die of thirst threat"?

bb7ccb No.193754


I got banned for suggesting Mueller was not /ourguy


12dd84 No.193755

Is anyone else monitoring flight Yahoo70 at the moment?

620e2d No.193758


They're are somehow related or too much inbreeding with that sick group.

6a5d8c No.193760


No, Kanye was 5150’d for turning against the Cabal

dd27cf No.193762

File: 4675e4aefcb365f⋯.jpg (36.8 KB, 425x424, 425:424, aaaa4.jpg)

4965a3 No.193763



Q - is Kanye really to be trusted? I don't think so.

What if they were actually using him to get close to Mr. Trump, esp. at a time like this? Is he really going against the cabal or just a sort of double-agent to be used later. He hasn't said much, in public, to really support Trump. Is he really afraid to (look who he's married to) or is he really not a fan of Trump at all???

f6508f No.193764


kanye is woke and a good guy i think, could never stand him til he went to see potus then started exposing at concert.

13ec22 No.193766

File: 84b3afc60b4c4b8⋯.png (118.24 KB, 1457x811, 1457:811, WIP-PATCH.png)

>>192627 >192627>>192673 >>192690 >>192698 >>192705 >>192730 >>192758 >>192999

Work in progress for a patch requested by >>190243

all ideas, suggestions and corrections are welcome! :) i would really like t keep it forever!

32dbc1 No.193767


Tie their freaky elephant posts back around on them by posting the Republican elephant in a meme?

faf00e No.193768


The left eye too… The pedo symbol right? The cult they eye on the$$, all the left eye

8a78e9 No.193769

File: 0189041309cfc57⋯.png (138.84 KB, 219x322, 219:322, Snow White.PNG)


85e188 No.193770


TOGETHER = To Get Her?

e338ec No.193772

File: 0f3ee453529445a⋯.png (2.38 MB, 4167x2083, 4167:2083, JAY Z BIGGIE_TUPAC_revised….png)


fixed it ty spellCHeckAnon

12dd84 No.193773


Sounds like Hillary though..

a90f9d No.193774


damn why so long away like 7mo

e338ec No.193775

File: dc748f3e91e3896⋯.png (1.58 MB, 2048x1024, 2:1, 53_Kissing_cyclops.png)

e14617 No.193776


any histories of their political support to add ad the end of each line? Maybe suitable short quote? Series of them with each individual and a photo? Positive on the murdered and that bullcrap bling on the last guy?

PS, we need to be aware of baiting tactics to look raaaysssist. Jay -Z says one thing and the warm goes after him personally. You get what I'm saying. We might want to focus on his actual contributions (and lack thereof back into his community)

0671ba No.193781


Glorious, anon! God bless.

f6508f No.193783


you could see he was ascared, i think he exposed pedo ring in hollywood. you will laugh when u find out who exposed.

f72b65 No.193784

File: 548d9d2bb006048⋯.jpg (47.73 KB, 640x789, 640:789, J_Z_IDIOT.jpg)

041faa No.193786

you guys are some easily distracted motherfuckers…. all you do is talk about people. are they good… are they bad…. no digging… no analyzing q posts. its fucking lame. look if mueller is on our team or not… it doesn't matter. he can't fabricate evidence for something that doesn't exist. does trump seem worried about mueller? NO. do you trust trump at this point? you should. so shut the fuck up about mueller already. jesus

4871b4 No.193787


I know fiber optics and I know their internal business systems. Switches are all computerized these days. It's all IP now.

baec85 No.193788

File: 3f84ce59c7c45ec⋯.jpeg (170.43 KB, 1080x608, 135:76, 1517172184.jpeg)

File: f1d3beb105e7437⋯.jpeg (169.51 KB, 1080x608, 135:76, 1517172142.jpeg)

File: f5633be93b20ef6⋯.jpeg (170.83 KB, 1080x608, 135:76, 1517171945.jpeg)

be455e No.193789


Oooooops! Just found out this is fake. Sorry. Not true quotes. Wish could delete.

851abe No.193790


Would people quit with the fucking celebrities? They are brain damaged little shits who are all better off dead. We are not going to reach our goal by getting sucked into the abyss by celebrities. They're pricks, shits, and assholes, no matter what they claim to believe. Focus on memes, focus on red pilling. We don't need them.

e8ffe7 No.193791

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Guess it's time to post this.

>The Queen is dead, boys

>And it's so lonely on a limb

8aa04c No.193792



I think the famefags/namefags/gloryfags are part of the plan, they give out digestible sized bites of information to their many follwers

together strong

0671ba No.193795


This was meant for you:


88c4d6 No.193796


Pretty much what I just said, innit it?

993c23 No.193798

File: d9a6faf0b3377a5⋯.jpeg (82.51 KB, 582x499, 582:499, 30950493-BFAF-4DE2-B4C4-2….jpeg)


Heh… looks like Dilly was accurate

fffc81 No.193799

File: 451d091486c25d7⋯.jpg (120.48 KB, 922x499, 922:499, 23hgep.jpg)

e5f720 No.193800

File: 3f79125d571069a⋯.png (531.78 KB, 523x437, 523:437, Roberts.PNG)

File: 9e93caff81ea71a⋯.png (240.7 KB, 404x311, 404:311, Strzok.PNG)

317f66 No.193801


Nice find

e14617 No.193803

File: 4f58f4952a25d0a⋯.png (280.7 KB, 640x495, 128:99, ClipboardImage.png)


At least you owned it. Appreciachu!!!

f72b65 No.193804

File: f296c7ab822bcde⋯.jpg (49.21 KB, 375x498, 125:166, Another_Offended.jpg)

9a3b9b No.193806


Tupac was murdered by CRIPS …

7e98e4 No.193807


Same meme anon here ;)

(except for POTUS pic)

f6508f No.193808

wish kanye would get away from that whole nasty bunch hes around, maybe just biding time?

884053 No.193809

Trump interview starting…

6ff6bc No.193810


Ah, so it's my poor reading comprehension and not your inept sentence/paragraph structuring that makes you look like a tool. Got it.

42d5da No.193811


You could dig more into this

The case and the judge

a second amendment group was co plaintiff

The case and the judge are both important

e07800 No.193812


They did something to him after that concert were he was talking… he's like a vegetable now

88c4d6 No.193814


Hmm.. now that you mention it, yes… yes I think so.

dc8540 No.193816


Yes, mate. My post is in support of yours. I'm with ya.

0dc6dd No.193818


When God laughs at the soul and the soul laughs back at God, the persons of the Trinity are begotten. When the Father laughs at the Son and the Son laughs back at the Father, that laughter gives pleasure, that pleasure gives joy, that joy gives love, and that love is the Holy Spirit

baec85 No.193820

File: bd0451679302821⋯.jpeg (182.96 KB, 1080x608, 135:76, 1517175699.jpeg)

File: 2bf375cc4e33011⋯.jpeg (177.21 KB, 1080x608, 135:76, 1517175890.jpeg)

File: de66322f7869b57⋯.jpeg (188.96 KB, 1080x608, 135:76, 1517176257.jpeg)

e338ec No.193821

File: 638852672e18fda⋯.png (2.38 MB, 4167x2083, 4167:2083, JAY Z BIGGIE_TUPAC_revised….png)


use this one…. there was stray line in the JayZ pic that needed to be cleaned up

f6508f No.193822


agree, reprogram

266e97 No.193825

e07800 No.193826

File: 3ac50995083257f⋯.jpg (149.64 KB, 749x499, 749:499, 12102017_sexual-harassment….jpg)

46c693 No.193827


Shit, birdman is back.

e07800 No.193828


that's what i was thinking… reprogram to assassinate Jay Z, then off to prison with DMX

e8ffe7 No.193829


>another one who thinks LdeR is hot

It's the legs. And she's really a Forester anyway.

dc8540 No.193830


What a dick.

884053 No.193831


S'on telly

bef4a7 No.193832

Good links to Antarctica information…HUGE file!

https:// www.bibliotecapleyades.net/esp_antartica.htm

0b5b12 No.193834

File: becb4ab58817104⋯.png (244.68 KB, 803x783, 803:783, ClipboardImage.png)


MEME fags:

Important to distinguish between Project Mockingbird and Operation Mockingbird…

Project (pic related) was a phone tap operation to figure out who media were talking to. Operation is the one still ongoing that is being dismantled.

Q states "OP Mockingbird FAILURE."

https:// www.cia.gov/open/Family%20Jewels.pdf

6a5d8c No.193835

File: 68cf0e3b63c0b24⋯.jpeg (422.9 KB, 1242x1561, 1242:1561, 160CE004-16EE-4E37-93D0-8….jpeg)


Was he? And you know this is a fact how?

7450c5 No.193836

File: 2334a7963728674⋯.png (692.29 KB, 888x555, 8:5, StrongerTogether_sp.png)

File: 385e333c442c3e1⋯.png (685.29 KB, 888x555, 8:5, StrongerTogether_bringthem….png)

File: 80e64a1be84e01d⋯.png (687.34 KB, 888x555, 8:5, StrongerTogether_st.png)

File: 096f40c324a896a⋯.png (723.71 KB, 888x555, 8:5, StrongerTogether_blank.png)

88c4d6 No.193837


actually, I made the original.

e338ec No.193838

File: 8b58bf19acc4e3c⋯.png (2.38 MB, 4167x2083, 4167:2083, JAY Z BIGGIE_TUPAC_REVISED….png)





4th iteration….. sorry, Democrats was misspelled

a4e1ba No.193839

File: 73b3b086c2972dc⋯.jpg (121.63 KB, 870x644, 435:322, MuellerSwampDrain.JPG)

File: 7196c3c7473bfb8⋯.jpg (85.53 KB, 1045x592, 1045:592, MuellerNoFire.JPG)

b01e76 No.193841

and i thought everyone hated piers morgan

53ecd1 No.193842



Your prayer is greatly appreciated, anon.

7288d1 No.193843

File: 517478ccaea05b2⋯.png (604.46 KB, 664x441, 664:441, Lovers.png)

File: a0de1bebbb0f08e⋯.png (685.86 KB, 592x567, 592:567, PS1.png)

>>193800 More pics

Unrelated H-W question for all anons…as with government, are the worst and most powerful of celebrities those who seem the most innocent?

Is that something worth looking into? Could blow some normie minds.

The Q comment about the real person running NK making us laugh comes to mind.

a4e1ba No.193844

File: 988a41aaa12646b⋯.jpg (226.65 KB, 1085x622, 1085:622, McCainManafort.jpg)

46c693 No.193845


Right, spamming a Q research thread, telling everyone that Q is wrong... isn't glowing clown faggotry.

Checks out.

6f4516 No.193846

88c4d6 No.193847

File: db10a4f4a598def⋯.jpg (52.62 KB, 650x434, 325:217, lead_960b.jpg)

348133 No.193849

Alex Jones is talking about Q on his show that just started now 4-6 PM CST.

851abe No.193850

I just filter everyone stoned on Gay-Z and the board is back to normal again.

e8ffe7 No.193851

692bae No.193852


If i could ban him i would.

He's been spamming up the whole bread

993c23 No.193853


Yep. Logged point to point.

61841e No.193858

File: 0adbef6b8294e9c⋯.png (679.88 KB, 1088x557, 1088:557, ClipboardImage.png)

7ecf75 No.193859

Hunting in German ( popular in the Black Forest) is Die Jagt.

JAGT: Judge Advocate General's Department

The legal arm of the military.

Might be something? Sorry if covered my internet is so slow at the moment.

88c4d6 No.193860


I like B… just wish she was more of a team player instead of trying to look like she lead us or something.

e14617 No.193862

Saving the Country - One meme at a time

618799 No.193863


Aboard the Redpill Express. IW is good at giving step-latters to normals. Q made FandF and RT too._X

1de673 No.193864


sometimes i feel AJ does more damage to the cause anymore than he helps… that crap he said about "we have the memo" even though it wasnt "the memo" pissed me off

25a6b8 No.193867


>May is neutralized.

MI6/SIS undergoing house cleaning.

Queen/monarchs seeking shelter.


>These people are stupid.



6a5d8c No.193868


I agree, he does.

3ca1dd No.193869

It's weird these shills working for the Cabal are too stupid that they don't even realize they will die too if Evil wins… they don't care about you it's all empty promises..

These People are Dumb…

lol *shaking head*

88c4d6 No.193872


No what?

d0baba No.193873



b1f83f No.193874


Post last edited at

185cb6 No.193875


Seth rich was murdered by hillary's MS-13 leashed dogs. Just because a gang member pulls a trigger doesn't mean exonerate conspirators.

fbe32f No.193876


>That said, today is my birthday. I've been unemployed for over year. No one wants to hire 56 year old workers.

Happy Birthday!

If you were a Freshman, I'd be a Senior, and you're right, it's called age discrimination.

e14617 No.193877


Doesn't even try. You must be new here.

e07800 No.193878

File: 8e15bc7e50a9479⋯.jpg (35.06 KB, 400x400, 1:1, r3SL4EJI_400x400.jpg)

f6508f No.193879

i just cant wait til we have total transparency

we should be able to trust every part of our government.

there to protect our country and its people.

they have got to be held accountable to us

have you noticed in the past 10 years no one is accountable. on anything.

46c693 No.193881

File: 36a59eac7015574⋯.png (448.51 KB, 796x371, 796:371, rg25.PNG)


Me and you both. It's a really bad attempt at shilling/sliding.

e8ffe7 No.193882


Look into the Middletons.

851abe No.193883


The whole shitpile of wannbe celebrities is like this. They are broadcast only. They will not interact with anybody on an individual level. Kind of ironic that they're so desperate to use this movement to become everything this movement is about destroying.

fbe32f No.193884


>Seth rich was murdered by hillary's MS-13 leashed dogs.

Dude, Seth Rich died in the hospital.

88c4d6 No.193885


No, I've been here longer than Q. But you're new, just gave yourself away.

46c693 No.193886


Why don't you start your own board and attract people with your easily corroborated statements like Q did?

If you're the real deal that should be really easy, right?

25a6b8 No.193888


Isn't that self-suicide?

6a5d8c No.193892


According reports Tupac was killed by a police officer, the fight with the south side crip in the hotel lobby was a setup for cover.

f6508f No.193893


aj is paid opposition, he has always been or hes been comped.

1de673 No.193894

anyone think that the news and so forth has been eerily quiet today?

88c4d6 No.193895


I hope you're wrong.

7e98e4 No.193896

46c693 No.193897


Only after the MS13 botched the hit. Those MS13 members found themselves dead in NC if I remember correctly. Or at least that's how the rumor/theory goes.

d0baba No.193898


watch the jay z documentary on netflix. spells it all out for you clear as day.

fb5e45 No.193899


We can't have total transparency. We would seek to exist as a Country if everything was brought to light. We need to expose and remove the bad actors and close the loopholes in our systems that allowed them to opperate for so long

851abe No.193900


How do people equate glory to length of stay? I really don't get it. "I've been here longer than you!" So? How does that help me? "I'm a NATIVE." So? How does that make one person superior to the next? I just don't get the logic here.

b77d9e No.193901


Please refresh your page for a tantrum free experience <3

348133 No.193902

Reference Alex Jones he mention that Corsi will do his last 2 segments this afternoon on Q. Both Alex and Corsi jump the gun and don't lurk before they open their mouth but it does give the normies a chance to start thinking about the red pill if nothing else.

e14617 No.193903

File: a2a75e6f00b2740⋯.png (738.12 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


You want me to look like this right? Try harder. Yawn.

618799 No.193904

Clowns here?_X

1de673 No.193905


that is yet to be seen… his actions can also be attributed to trying to earn money as well

7450c5 No.193906

File: 37f3b8386710a64⋯.png (774.47 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_20180127_mona….png)



( >>175711 )

583980 No.193907






>stop the AJ bullshit

He is controlled op to separate thread. Stop responding to this slide tactic

993c23 No.193909


Plan b

620e2d No.193911


WOW ^^^^

88c4d6 No.193912


That wasn't the original there. Just gave her some legs instead lol.

196814 No.193914


digits confirm

antifa going to 'shut down' sturgis is self-suicide

f290be No.193916

File: 1cb8d7df166bf92⋯.png (165.54 KB, 479x332, 479:332, QBread.png)

46c693 No.193917


Thanks for the clean up. If you need more volunteers, give me a shout.

212a7a No.193918



Hallelujah nigger.

Finally we can get back to work proper.

61841e No.193919

youtu.be/ J7-s0rCvXFk

04b5ee No.193920


Black Forest military base, Colorado

1bd2ad No.193921

File: 9071eed372004ee⋯.jpg (167.67 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 23ipwa.jpg)

f6508f No.193922


he denied 911 wasn't inside job. enough said

fuck aj

d0baba No.193925


this was brought up on halfchan

8a78e9 No.193926

File: 0189041309cfc57⋯.png (138.84 KB, 219x322, 219:322, Snow White.PNG)

61841e No.193927


youtu.be/ J7-s0rCvXFk

266e97 No.193931


46c693 No.193932


Q never said Mueller was /ourguy/

They're banning you because this is specifically for researching Q drops.

Start your own board if you want to do something else.

Mod Edit: Mueller is a Marine. He can be called in at any time and will serve POTUS's every command. It's that simple.

Post last edited at

88c4d6 No.193933


I don't think it does, nor did I indicate it did. You're the one that said I must be new. I just explained I wasn't. I could care less how long you've been here. Attempt to insult me for no apparent reason and you're added to the group shill list. Simple as that.

04b5ee No.193935

Jan 27 2018 10:48:33 Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: d04ec9 178973


Twitter % owned?

Other ownership stakes in the US?

What happens if seized?

Who controls?

Who controls the controllers?

EO 12/21.

NEW puppet master.


Not deal.


No choice.

Think others.

It’s what you don’t know.


Jan 27 2018 10:23:54 Q !UW.yye1fxo 66

Time to play, Dopey.

Black Forest.

Dopey is Prince Alwaleed, taken to Black Forest Military Base, Colorado. Being interrogated.

EO 12/21 enabled U.S. to seize Dopey’s Twitter ownership. Now, the U.S. govt controls Twitter. New puppet master.

Dopey controls Twitter, and U.S. controls Dopey.

U.S. tells Dopey what to do, no deal, he’s a hostage, no options.

f72b65 No.193937

File: ef0125e2819c4a3⋯.jpg (51.39 KB, 960x886, 480:443, JZ_PUNK.jpg)

5f61a7 No.193938

not sure I agree, but heard this in a discussion today. not trrying to seed doubt but this could pertain to Q

"but they let [real info] get out to build out trust with these sources so when it hits the fan, we trust them and we run right into the waiting arms of death or slavery"

692bae No.193939


It's not about agreeing or not it's about spamming up the board with a post that anons either ignore or call out all the time.

Waste of crumbs


9a3b9b No.193942


Come anons, do your homework

Tupac got killed by the Crips, Biggie got killed by the bloods as retaliation.

do your homework. don't believe me? i can prove it with their own lyrics.

don't spread fake info

d0baba No.193943



There's an episode on the show Black Mirror about robotic bees that attack people and burrow into their ears and zap their brains.

Tiny little drones that look like bees have been around for a while now. They use nanotech to power them and can fly for days or weeks at a time.

dd27cf No.193944

File: ac26b456c97db8b⋯.jpg (13.68 KB, 255x240, 17:16, DOGGGY.jpg)

1de673 No.193945


any news on the plane/helicopter crash in germany… supposedly near the black forest?

7288d1 No.193946


This. It's like everyone's prepping for the chaos.

f290be No.193947

88c4d6 No.193948

Just updated the shill list CM. Check domains.

12dd84 No.193950

File: c5a84901b5e6c96⋯.jpg (182.14 KB, 1386x604, 693:302, Yahoo70_6.jpg)

Guys, I need someone to stay on this flight and track it. Flight aware is the only one that is showing it at the moment and I'm unsure if the site is LARPing me or not.

851abe No.193953


Can you add all the Tupac/Gay-Z fags to that list?

265d2d No.193955


Cocksucking bastards at DOJ are witholding memos!!

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-01-28/doj-withholding-over-85-strzok-page-fbi-texts-congressional-investigators

If Sessions doesn't unrecuse after SOTU…..we will know fix is in.

583980 No.193956


>being such a boomer

Lulz. Cool story m8

9a3b9b No.193960


How i know that?

Who was bad boy records security?

Who did get beaten up in Las Vegas september 7th 1996?

Who was Tupac hanging around?

Who did Tupac shout out in the Song To Live and Die in L.A.?

i can go on and on.

e338ec No.193961

File: bb8da10abb9d71b⋯.png (4.12 MB, 4096x2048, 2:1, cia_clown_pelican.png)


c8f889 No.193962


She accused Corey Lewendowski too.

a3e2b2 No.193963


^^ Say Hi to @NavyJack kids.

4965a3 No.193964



fb5e45 No.193965


* Cease to exist I meant

c5b1b2 No.193966

This autist came down with the flu on Thursday. Just informed it is now Sunday. Brain is trying to catch up, but goodness….there's been a lot!

53324d No.193967


Why’d you tag me in this?

6a5d8c No.193969

File: 330b717b75b4724⋯.jpeg (39.4 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 157524F2-92EF-457C-9819-2….jpeg)


We see you

9a3b9b No.193972


mad because i can shoot down your retarded claims?

993c23 No.193973

Hahaha. Predator is on MAX

8a78e9 No.193974


Are you putting down boomers there boy?

a3e2b2 No.193975



041faa No.193976

File: c72965ab5005129⋯.png (441.8 KB, 895x710, 179:142, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)


if anyone is looking for something to do… there are a TON of people that died in the last 3 months. 4 astronauts… tons of former FBI, CIA, and government people… and LEE HARVEY OSWALD'S brother! did anyone mention him dying that you can remember? anyway this page is a great resource https: //www.newsday.com/entertainment/celebrities/recent-notable-deaths-1.1236203

f6508f No.193977


185cb6 No.193978


Why is this flight significant?

88c4d6 No.193980


they were already on it lol… didn't have to.. as you see, they're being worked on.

9a3b9b No.193981




Try me anon ;)

692bae No.193982

File: 96c134397e1648b⋯.jpg (268.45 KB, 1500x1125, 4:3, bread.jpg)

Fresh Bread




Tasty Bread

Migrate @ ~ 751

3d76da No.193984


If you guys would have just listened to his music, it was so obvious what he was up against.

Me against the world, was just that, him trying to rally the inner cities against the government. The east/west shit was fabricated so they would kill each other, and not unite. 2pac was unifying against government corruption, and that's why he was taken out.

"First on my list Clinton Correctional Facility"

Also MJ was setup, and also done the same way. Corey Feldman periscoped about it after the Golden Globes.

61841e No.193986

File: 5686506b5352401⋯.png (613.14 KB, 974x495, 974:495, ClipboardImage.png)

40eb98 No.193987

800 posts

what is going on?

53324d No.193988


Not going to work....

6c8e8c No.193989

bread smells good

851abe No.193990


You guys are always a step ahead! I love it!!!

a51893 No.193993


Well done.

cb100f No.193995

File: be15c82dc4e992b⋯.jpg (1.59 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, bread.jpg)

Patriots make the dough rise

b1922e No.193998


Hello. I was wondering if I can get instron how to properly bake. I am here most of the day but never bake because I haven't wanted to screw it up, but if we need more bakers I can def do it.

Thank you.

42d5da No.194000


many were deleted

i believe that is the cause

851abe No.194003


I've filtered so many people, I'm only at 732.

568483 No.194004


Third meme is missing Roths. Can't recall perfectly and am in some hurry but re-read the crumb. Gist is

Roths control banks, thus govts, thus people

SA controls … Soros…

b1922e No.194006



dc8540 No.194008

File: e97b45e152f68aa⋯.jpg (57.69 KB, 649x437, 649:437, lynn_pepe.jpg)

filling bread

1de673 No.194010


if we do not get some sort of vindication we can publicly present this next week... this movement can backfire imo ... people are growing restless ... man cannot live on bread alone lol

fb5dbb No.194011


See if anyone can a get a response from them. Maybe they will give up something?

7c7ec8 No.195008

Check out Anon Scandinavia Youtube for additional potential insights. I have long thought this is an alter ego for Assange….

Related might be the two "Almost There" videos from January 4 and January 13. Then go back and look at the videos he posted in August and September 2017. Very interesting. >>193585

https:// www.youtube.com/channel/UC3mPBZz9mOc5gfJADfvgtlg/videos

76712f No.198367

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdkKhWjQIeM

Great Red Pill video.

Questions to ask…

Who is he talking about?

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