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Pro Aris et Focis

File: a151a09d6620a32⋯.jpg (267.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, q_general.jpg)

ee11e4 No.195587

Spread the wings of Liberty and take flight!!



Vote and see the latest results on hashtags for the State Of The Union OP









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ee11e4 No.195611

new baker needed

same problem as previous baker, basically

can't sit here much longer

3f7078 No.195615

BREAKING: "Never Come Down" by Donald Trump 10 hour edition wins the Grammys!!!

https:// www. youtube.com/watch?v=HcEc8zeNYxI&t=1841s

f40f9b No.195623

File: 9f6f907970f472f⋯.jpg (113.38 KB, 1000x625, 8:5, IMG_2208.JPG)

f40f9b No.195626

eb6f0b No.195628

File: 4214c10d3912577⋯.png (51.17 KB, 400x300, 4:3, HRCmemo.png)

File: bbed7dcc11c5296⋯.jpg (282.34 KB, 888x617, 888:617, racehole.jpg)

File: 0e4a72ed9ca12c8⋯.jpeg (5.57 KB, 210x230, 21:23, pepenati.jpeg)








The time is now to begin Phase 2 of our operation.

Tuesday, as we all know, POTUS will be making his State of the Union Speech, immediately followed by Maxine Water's "Address" on *Angela Rye's State of The Union* ((BET))


Soros and his snowflake bots plan to clutter the internet with lies and divisive propaganda,

and only WE THE PEOPLE have the combined power to counter it.




We have begun by posting under the #ReleaseTheMemo hashtag

to demand transparency from people who need to be held accountable for their actions.

We have amassed over a million tweets in a single 24 hour period, twice that of any other hashtag, even despite being shadowbanned from Twitter itself.

*Your orders are simple for Phase 2:*

The full 24hours of the 30th (This Tuesday) WE MUST MEME. TRUTHBOMB. REDPILL.



# KILLSHOT= 4pm-11pm EST





Always Add:

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Continue posting your memes as per Phase 1, but sprinkle those trending hashes as well as #ReleaseTheMemo.

Take the ones which are in the top 2-3 at the present time.

Also, amongst those memes, focus on what QAnon has been talking about with the FISA warrants, wiretapping in general, the government shutdown, Dem's/Maxine/Deceit, THE TRUTH on Seth Rich and general Q information such as the pictures of the elite which he posted recently. The objective is to red pill the masses…


Keep an eye out for hashes which are shadowbanned. When they are shadowbanned, move to the next highest hashtag and keep going.

If you get your account banned - simply make a new one.

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Show these SICKO's exactly what happens when you mess with We, the People, and their God-given rights of freedom and transparency.

Share this post far and wide, to your friends, your fellow meme warriors.

Today, we tear this place asunder. It belongs to us now.

We aRe With You.


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#America #ReleaseTheMemo

97bc36 No.195636

File: ca16883e384a83c⋯.jpg (47.65 KB, 720x529, 720:529, Perspective.jpg)

>pleiadians, reptilians, greys, demons, 5D transvibration

>neccessary to see the elephant, but not do do this right. cabal goes down first.

88d54d No.195661


3b2374 No.195664

I'm looking to tweetstorm wtf is going on in antarctica.

Does anyone have any viable info why these rich assholes are all going down there?

Looking for confirmed names that go.

Where they go.

WHY THEY GO. What is down there??

Help appreciated.

3b8dd1 No.195666

File: 7819c1639793dfb⋯.png (8.86 KB, 832x573, 832:573, 1517185800522.png)

File: 4fbc1c0592a252e⋯.png (1.3 MB, 2483x833, 2483:833, 1517186346677.png)

File: 5e699e60a601229⋯.png (3.02 MB, 1798x901, 1798:901, 1517187244527.png)

File: efbbcf27ee120f1⋯.png (713.49 KB, 1668x2224, 3:4, 1517187514527.png)

Might have found something on the heat map

Can someone confirm that this might be a DELETED island?

https:// labs.strava.com/heatmap/#12.60/2.02107/-48.10327/hot/all

48°00'00 S 0°01'00 W

97bc36 No.195670


Solution for EVERYTHING.

bafade No.195671

File: a2717ecaf854363⋯.jpg (306.49 KB, 1125x1125, 1:1, mccain-vietnam.jpg)

File: 6716fdb36434d03⋯.png (2.83 MB, 1125x1125, 1:1, mccain-vietnam.png)

a8e74f No.195672

"Scandalous" doc on FOX mentions OKC bombing occuring just as the Paula Jones scandal heats up!

NO coincidences

f2ad23 No.195673


Perfect they played their hand (meme's are brainwashing) now we will use Alinksy's tactics against them. Mock their new theory. Give us some ideas there are clever memer's here. How can we show them via Meme, the absurdity of that theory?

1380dc No.195675


don’t let this WaPo article slide anons, this is some pretty big league Obama era corruption.

And the “sunnyvale based technology security” company sounds like it could be CROWDSTRIKE

ee11e4 No.195676


FOX is pointing out the misdirection trick MSM uses to distract from important news. noice!

40d702 No.195677



https:// www.dailywire. com/news/26435/first-ladys-office-fires-back-blasts-report-emily-zanotti#

a8e74f No.195678


Yep, very

88d54d No.195679


Evil post number. That document on the White Room sounds like BS. Impervious to a missile strike of a plane hitting it. Ya right.

d1bc43 No.195680


This was fake news when you posted it this morning…AND…it’s still FAKE NEWS

819bad No.195681

In an effort to counter the fake news I say we get #boycottschiffsfakememo going or something similar. The fewer people we can get to reject the sleeping pill, the better!

8b3f46 No.195682


Daily wire….PFFFFFFT


0ec4bd No.195683

File: 64f450369e7959a⋯.jpg (156.07 KB, 720x480, 3:2, SOTU_MaxineBINGO.jpg)

SOTU BINGO - Maxine Waters Edition

I kinda rushed this…

lets make an official one to pass around before the SOTU..

432169 No.195685

the elves

c72e0f No.195687


how do you even make that shit up

who thinks like that

answered my own question

d67507 No.195688

File: c21de4e0ee5ba0b⋯.png (1.2 MB, 856x652, 214:163, ClipboardImage.png)

5e00df No.195689

File: de98e7f7a140205⋯.jpg (636.24 KB, 2080x1732, 520:433, Owen Burke Meme - 8chan.jpg)

Delicious bread, Baker. Thank you!

TWEETING NEEDED, PLEASE: The Joe Kennedy III stuff will pick up more as Tuesday's State of the Union address approaches, but I have to post this now, in light of the fact that I've seen Kennedys discussed here today.

I just saw a tweet on Thomas Paine's (True Pundit's) timeline on Twatter (https:// twitter. com/Thomas1774Paine/status/957765416893415424). It says, "Adam Schiff's 'counter memo' to the FISA memo will detail what Democrat patron saint Ted Kennedy did for 12+ hours after driving his car off a bridge and walking away from the accident – while his female passenger drowned in a river – before the police were called. #FISAMemo"

Someone responded and posted a meme that I saw here on the board earlier today (attached).

THE STORY GETS BETTER! @OwenBurke, who is the son of David Burke, the Kennedy aide who conspired with Ted Kennedy to cover up the truth about the Chappaquiddick killing), IS EMPLOYED BY FUNNY OR DIE, the bunch of fuckwads who produced the Johnny Depp movie that disparaged President Trump in 2016.

Story about the Funny Or Die movie that ripped President Trump: http:// archive. is/JBwC6

Story about the son of the Chappaquiddick co-sonspirator working for Funny or Die: http:// archive. is/Hfe0s

I'm loyal as hell to President Trump and I'm pissed off that this snot-losed little prick, Owen Burke, is disparaging and harassing the Trump family on Twitter.

If social media existed in 1969, when Kennedy killed Kopechne, Owen Burke would be the son of a convicted felon (Kennedy's criminal co-conspirator) rather than a verified Twitter user getting paid to trash our dear leader.

9beb17 No.195690


heard it, that's strange eh?

89887a No.195691

File: bea876cd8172660⋯.png (4.58 MB, 4167x2083, 4167:2083, Sidney Williams.png)




286275 No.195692

OK Annons….

We Got the Ammo

#Releasethememo. #internetbillofrights,#Trumptheestablishment

We Got the Mission

Wake up the Sheep, Unite the people, Shine LIGHT on the darkness

Go get your coffee, cigs, vapes, beer or what ever gets you through the night. Battle begins in 15 mins.

They Stole our country, They poison our Children, They steal our Wealth. Well tonight show them who they are fucking with. Good Luck out there on the twatter battlefield.

God Bless POTUS, The Untied States of America and the ANONS!!!

d0edc6 No.195693

File: 042ad5afe7219b6⋯.png (59.2 KB, 1050x763, 150:109, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)



40d702 No.195694


>Daily wire quotes the First Lady's office.

What's with these shills talking about Melania staying at hotels?

Is this tabloid trash the best they've got?

Soros really sent you in here with no ammunition.

a3ba77 No.195695


we must wake up snow white before its too late.

590773 No.195696

Thank you baker 👨‍🍳


Can’t read it, refuse to pay them $ to read online



735034 No.195697


I just felt a little like one of Paula Jone's Elves with Internet. LOL

3f7078 No.195698

Joke Kennedy

aea65b No.195699

File: a9339d81af377bc⋯.jpg (86.5 KB, 894x720, 149:120, df7896df9786adsf87ds6f.jpg)


60cb7c No.195700

It is crazy when you look back at it all and it looks completely different.


f40f9b No.195703


You tried this earlier today Hillary.

a8e74f No.195704

641713 No.195705

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c79d6d No.195706


Yup. Change the narrative. It was also Whitewater hearing time. Conveniently hidden on CSPAN at the time.


aea65b No.195707

File: 846c9af5f960c45⋯.jpg (64.24 KB, 400x963, 400:963, f78ad6f78dsa6f78dsf76db.jpg)

File: 56ac137c9b37a1d⋯.jpg (12.48 KB, 470x264, 235:132, f90sa8df90sdf8g90dfg8fd90.jpg)

c39e45 No.195708


How many times do we need to tell you its bs. The only explanation we have if true that she moved out is for safety reasons, STFU

286275 No.195709

File: 6ae63c39e66ed7b⋯.png (14.72 KB, 255x192, 85:64, Glowboat.png)



a8e74f No.195710


Future proves past!!

57e5b1 No.195711


>how does this impact Trump’s failing presidency

Are you seriously that fucking dumb? Fuck right off, asshat!

bafade No.195712


>sunnyvale based technology security” company


ff5033 No.195713


There are many legends about a hidden island. Someone posted that on 4chan so I ran with it.

0555f7 No.195714


The Hillary one is a really good new tick tock!!!!!

590773 No.195715


Filtered for being an A$$!

b49777 No.195716

>>193427 The only question I have about this is that Q earlier said that they would never do something to put innocent people in harm's way. I think this was in reference to the train derailment. So unless the STC workers were actually CIA agents who were doing something worse than giving vaccinations, I don't see why the Q group would be behind it.

1f47eb No.195717

File: a4c70203bece958⋯.jpg (916.72 KB, 2100x994, 150:71, heel2.jpg)


aea65b No.195718

File: 1ffe6fa6be3692a⋯.jpg (63.99 KB, 728x506, 364:253, ads-08f7ads98f7sd8f97sd.jpg)


60cb7c No.195719


That has become an interesting phrase, no? Pertains to quite a lot lately..

432169 No.195720

i always knew there was fuckery going on with whole oj thing, then the kardas hians blows up.


432169 No.195722


lmao nice

732bc5 No.195723


>I’ll take That’s where the sub is for $100 Alex

No fucking telling what these cunts are doing there. Probably just kicking it with penguins n sheeit. (((They))) waz kangs

3f7078 No.195724


I member when Bill was raping interns in the Oval Office, while his wife was upstairs.

451e1f No.195725

I just jumped on the boards after being away for a bit so please forgive me if this is way off topic. But is there a designated thread for researching topics like this?? I feel this ties in with the Q stuff about hidden mysteries and the truth. I'm not a mega Tolkien fan (enjoyed the movies…I know, sacrilege…will get to the books someday), but what if the elves went to hollow earth? Flat earth is a psyop to guide hollow earth…I thought I read something about Arm. Byrd venturing to Antartoca and meeting the Nordic folk..! I dunno, but I want to go down this rabbit hole. Also reading up about Stargate's hidden truth.

http:// blog.world-mysteries.com/ancient-writings/tolkiens-middle-earth-true-history/

http:// www.thelivingmoon.com/42stargate/02documents/Stargate_Conspiracy.html

ef1a18 No.195726

File: b160677e6b2115c⋯.jpg (23.03 KB, 255x205, 51:41, a9339d81af377bc7ebce07f719….jpg)

a8e74f No.195727


Q said to watch the news, so I've been monitoring FOX News ever since at least just after Halloween; the Trump counter-propaganda machine is in full swing, and gaining momentum

1f47eb No.195728


I member when Bill was raping interns in the Oval Office, while his wife was upstairs

(where she was raping other women - like Cathy O'Brien!)

88d54d No.195729


Please filter yourself.

c79d6d No.195730


Is this Bermuda Triangle related?

Would be interesting if they had the tech to protect a building to that extent. Don't doubt they probably could. Remember that they always give hints in shows and movies. They looove to shove it in our face. The show Lost always made me think that there was a hidden island for elites and it also seemed tied to their Antarctica fascination with the wheel in the ice.

d3fcb4 No.195731


Agreed, it's getting really really interesting to watch

286275 No.195732


Come on and SLIIIIDE with me!!!

Now Bounce your ass off the board

6ae234 No.195734


roths hangout

kerry visited

fuckery afoot


432169 No.195735


0dd1d7 No.195736

File: 6a275fdcfd4a7a8⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1457x833, 1457:833, air1.png)

Any other planefags notice that whenever there is an E6 airborn, there seems to be "TEST" listings as well?

a3685e No.195737


I'm on mobile but I want you to imagine a picture of a frog holding a shotgun to the back of his head.

f701bc No.195738


this is backed by nothing but my memory, but i seem to remember watching some documentary that said something about many prominent figures had a "bailout" plan that goes into effect at 2 till midnight on the d-day clock. i could also be totally mashing up things too

36767c No.195739


>the Trump counter-propaganda machine is in full swing, and gaining momentum

Looks to me like the MSM is shaking itself apart. Looks like a dumb beast being led into a very well crafted trap. It'll shake itself apart.

1cc6ed No.195740


NewsAnon, what are you seeing, specifically?

c72e0f No.195741

File: 75cfe7c86107a41⋯.jpg (5.56 KB, 250x160, 25:16, 1508289284796s.jpg)

Remember, anon

Ignore them

It really works

a3ba77 No.195742


cpl breads ago anon posted statement from the operator who refused to due that OKC op.

88d54d No.195745


Any sonic booms happen around the same time?

2b6814 No.195746

File: 90269a63301293b⋯.jpg (121.47 KB, 490x731, 490:731, 23j0ja.jpg)

40d702 No.195747


Anon the white speaks with wisdom.

38714d No.195748

File: 9644ba9e076fe9b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 16.29 KB, 600x600, 1:1, gettaclue.jpg)


Get a clue Assmunch

a8e74f No.195749


lurk moar; and monitor FOX

49f010 No.195750

More of this "we see all" crap:

Thomas Paine

‏ @Thomas1774Paine

"The woman behind the sham GMF organization calling people Russian bots was sitting in the room When Hillary threatened to assassinate Julian Assange with a drone. That's all you need to know right there. WE See All."

Are we supposed to applaud these people who knew who/how/when the country was being injured and did nothing but sit on their thumbs while the wounds festered? Now we have rampant gangrene to deal with and their favorite pastime is to brag about having early intel.

We need fewer observers and recorders and more active responders.

Do nothing whitehats have been as detrimental as blackhats.

Glad to be with the doing Qanons.

a2bdd8 No.195751

damn anons…i just had a bad dream…Hussein told me that if i liked my health plan, I could keep it, but later I found out he LIED! Ugh…Still gives me the chills,…it was so REAL

432169 No.195752

California teacher says troops are 'dumb' and 'failed students' in shocking rant

on fox

9f0e82 No.195753

ok. this is like the tenth time now i see that 16 year plan still going like it's written down and they keep going with it. i'm saying THEY had a plan that is on a timeline that just keeps going. like they give a certain person (9 years ago) a task to do on this date or that date. it's a set of things done to bring out that plan. thousands have a task to do on a specific date. in the Q drop on the last 8 years there was talk bad about they military, create distrust in them with the public. here's another story that fits, and just seems like it was thrown out there for no reason. i believe Q team has made that perfect plan they had and timeline fall apart. here's the story. it's just stupid in this current climate with POTUS in. if hillcunt was in this would make sense to do. not now. this idiot will be lucky if he keeps his job and his legs.


they are so fucking stupid they just keep doing it because hand 1b has no idea hand 348i even exists. there's no communication. they just put it out as ordered 5 years ago. 2 cents.

c79d6d No.195754


Black Ops guy Cody Snodgress. People should look him up. Compelling story.

d1bc43 No.195755


Go ask in spiritual thread


One of the nutcases over there can prob help you.

0dd1d7 No.195756


Haven't heard any reports of any yet.

d68bee No.195757


Hannitys here.. FOX came to us

1f47eb No.195758

File: 82d42fbb0248f2e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 226.61 KB, 953x517, 953:517, pepeyikes.jpg)


The brown eye of pepe "rears" it's ugly …

23713f No.195759

File: a350843cf0bad09⋯.png (605.89 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, RighteousBread10.png)


Righteous bread, Baker

ee11e4 No.195760

File: 413b886f768abc4⋯.jpg (142.44 KB, 960x570, 32:19, slide_01.jpg)


who doesn't love a good slide now and then?

jimmy's doing it. sarah's doin it. everybody's fuckin doin it. you should do it to



>ignore them




43b365 No.195761

Matter lol

6e4225 No.195762

File: 3fb4b2e54c87678⋯.jpg (156.39 KB, 960x555, 64:37, gatekeepers.jpg)

1d1871 No.195764


Walk around the Earth once and get back us.

97bc36 No.195765


We don't deal with conspiracies there, thank you.

dbb1bb No.195766


you are a glowing fucking (((kike)))

920786 No.195767

Watching the fantastic multipart series Scandalous about the Clinton presidency and all the investigations. It's insane how corrupt they were. White water, Vince foster etc. Clearly OKC bombing was to try and change narrative with so many hearings against them. Red pilling alot of people with this.

67b488 No.195768

54 UIDs?



Also THIS! Plus others.

88d54d No.195770

File: 407e03694073329⋯.jpg (47.39 KB, 478x358, 239:179, Pelican shit.jpg)


ee11e4 No.195771


filtered and reported.

t. baker

451e1f No.195772


Agree. I like Paine and also follow Tam on Twitter. Both frequently like to allude to knowing more, and like to do a tease. I know things will be released in due time, but man is it hard being patient!

c9f7fc No.195773

File: b18cfd2748e7327⋯.png (823.78 KB, 1366x635, 1366:635, Screenshot-2018-1-28 ADS-B….png)

About that 168072 AE2F9E

United States Marine Corps RAIDR14

United States Military

Lockheed KC-130J Hercules

If you change the map to satellite and zoom in you can see some sort of agricultural development and some barracks nearby.

9f0e82 No.195775


another was that cuck story. if cunt was in it made sense. not now… the timeline didn't advance like planned for a whole year. they are fucked.

920786 No.195776


Definitely shows how much Hillary was actually running the presidency and warming the public up to her actual presidency.

d1bc43 No.195778



590773 No.195779


Mine shows 63

07fe3d No.195780




59d3c5 No.195781


He has 1 story to tell and is getting exploited to expand his knowledge. Check out hos story but no need to see more than the initial subjects as he is being pressed to talk about modern times

60cb7c No.195782

File: a3fd9fadc45e8f2⋯.jpg (111.71 KB, 1124x1169, 1124:1169, DUrCX8IU8AAPCxe.jpg-large.jpg)

57e5b1 No.195783

File: c40bd72124230cd⋯.png (39.65 KB, 616x334, 308:167, TP.png)


I like TP!

f66e4b No.195784

File: 4d442f6dafbb136⋯.png (572.76 KB, 780x556, 195:139, screenshot-www.youtube.com….png)

File: 5533c7a53462eae⋯.png (501.7 KB, 775x555, 155:111, screenshot-www.youtube.com….png)

https:// youtu.be/En8yHVD5ae4?t=56s

there has got to be something to this

ab90d3 No.195785


There's supposedly a shitload of emerging (being discovered) tech down there. Thing is, it's protected by the military, and they do it pretty aggressively. So if we have military units protecting people like Kerry going down there… who knows.

248709 No.195786

Fox News HD Live stream

https:// youtu.be/bp9mlf0u2Mo

1cc6ed No.195787


don't have access to Fox.

nevermind, other anons helped me out.

you must be new.

67ecaf No.195788


Is that my baby Lynn? I know you want me Lynn… let me lead you away from the darkside baby. Come to the light, learn what "multiple" means… let me show you baby.

f81ab2 No.195789

File: bd39b372127fd92⋯.jpg (3.21 MB, 2560x1536, 5:3, gitmo2.jpg)

38714d No.195790

File: 8d200fde483b950⋯.jpg (32.95 KB, 396x388, 99:97, shotgunPepeafter.jpg)


> a3685e< This is from this Anon>>195737

286275 No.195791


lol, thought it was 9pm oh well. Motivation for those who are late haha.

8611c7 No.195792


Nice try Khazar......now kill your self.

88d54d No.195793

File: 2d1b48711868615⋯.jpg (27.16 KB, 552x561, 184:187, Spock.jpg)


b5a9a1 No.195794


Pyramids, actually. On tetrahedrons the base is a triangle; on pyramids, a square.

fde0ef No.195795


Looks like there's only one Glowing Fag Nigger on here, and that's you, FAGGOT!

432169 No.195796



what r they saying

i have no twatter

6aee4b No.195797


Excellent. Can use this.

1f47eb No.195798

File: b286caa83df6fa7⋯.jpg (678.13 KB, 2100x994, 150:71, heel3.jpg)

f81ab2 No.195799


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-VOeziOH-A

36767c No.195800


Search YouTube for "fox news live stream".

c39e45 No.195801


Hi pelicanfag, i kinda like you. You are like a village idiot, everybody knows and feels for you. If you have dedinite prove-give it to authorities:). Otherwise we dont miss you but having you here makes insanity complete

a26e15 No.195803

File: 78f23fce03df79f⋯.png (535.32 KB, 896x1014, 448:507, zh gowdy drops.png)

Notice anything?

"Tyler" sure did

735034 No.195804

File: 2e76bd52aa1bdda⋯.png (458.95 KB, 786x826, 393:413, ClipboardImage.png)


since you are phonefagging and it's the closest to a safe driving position I could find…

3766f2 No.195806

Posted this at the end of the last bread but afraid it got lost in the shuffle. Wanted to repost because it seems important.


Interesting note on Hawaii missile:

On (((1/13/2018 at 1:09 pm))) exactly one hour after "false" missile alert, our own anon reported that Fox News was reporting that the Japanese also had a false alert. >37586

BUT – when you look at the news stories that are reported about Japan, they say it happened 3 days later – on Tuesday. Take into account the time differences it would still make it Monday, US time.

official (((current) narrative below: Note date

https:// www.reuters.com/article/us-northkorea-missiles-japan/japan-issues-false-alarm-over-missile-launch-days-after-hawaii-alert-gaffe-idUSKBN1F514S

This missile thing STINKS!

92fd26 No.195807

File: 86ed1a8cdc5dc01⋯.jpg (458.46 KB, 1810x1662, 905:831, Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at ….jpg)


248709 No.195808


YT Fox News HD Live

https:// youtu.be/bp9mlf0u2Mo

c72e0f No.195809

File: 28c94ca3be7d089⋯.jpg (36.31 KB, 249x165, 83:55, 1496439593029s1.jpg)




67b488 No.195811

File: 62de72860c3d94a⋯.png (43.89 KB, 476x486, 238:243, abc.PNG)

"Hur Responses to Feinstein Questions for the Record"

4 pages

https:// www.judiciary.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/Hur%20Responses%20to%20Feinstein%20QFRs.pdf

67ecaf No.195812

Q must be getting ready to post. I detect a sharp spike in shill activity. Stand your ground anons, dig and hold the line, here they come.

b1e2ca No.195813


Shame on you.

Will your only contribution to this movement be to spread a message of doubt?

Why do you come here?

Fear has got a hold of you.

Greed has poisoned your mind.

A lost soul forever wandering alone in the darkness.

Now you can fuck right off.

97bc36 No.195814

File: b79bcdb0a015cde⋯.jpg (73.47 KB, 550x378, 275:189, 052161_4cff7cfd880747fe960….jpg)


Allright, let me spoonfeed. There is a lot of activity underground, there are numbers of independent underground bases/cities/tunnels all over the round Earth; some are good, some are bad. Bad ones are getting cleared so the surface population - us - can get breathing room and choose whether it wants to stay in its negative sleeping state or awaken to the power of awareness, unity and other forms of Love. Mass arrests will happen when the population chooses this, and is ready from within. The collective unconscious is at play here, and everyone plays a role. Spiritual thread is only for certain hints that may or may not apply to you, no one will walk this path instead of you.

36767c No.195815


Teach a faggot fish and all that.

92fd26 No.195816

File: 22a7ae4e0df718b⋯.jpg (580.3 KB, 2456x2112, 307:264, Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at ….jpg)


3b2374 No.195817



If a skull bone fucker like him is going there, it's trouble. Also, read somewhere Eric Schmidt went.

1d5edf No.195819


There is an island down there own by one of the cabal. Supposedly there is a big tunnel machine down there too Check out the Boring company. Mega did a piece on this.

d68bee No.195820


Felt that disturbance in the force as well

f81ab2 No.195821


Q did mention disinformation neccesary

27b247 No.195822

File: 6a42674c912ecc0⋯.jpg (159.15 KB, 672x372, 56:31, download (2).jpg)


0dd1d7 No.195823


Funny how not very many are responding to that crap.

57a811 No.195824

File: f14e61859cdd7fc⋯.jpg (87.44 KB, 700x365, 140:73, gitmoreopen.jpg)

c17b65 No.195825

File: d95d3a162312100⋯.jpg (40.77 KB, 564x422, 282:211, Hankerin.jpg)

fde0ef No.195826



f503f2 No.195828

Just saw this on Twatter. Anyone hearing about this?? ‪BREAKING #PayAttention - Top Source Quote: Mueller to charge Trump with obstruction and that’s nothing compared to … the tons of evidence against Trump et al for #MoneyLaundering!! End quote!! Get ready this weeks bombshells will fly from both sides of the #deepstate war | #MFANews‬

ab90d3 No.195829

File: 9f3db5570e23639⋯.png (221.96 KB, 960x540, 16:9, holo.png)

This is only a test. Had this been an actual emergency, you would have been instructed where to tune in your area for news and information. This concludes this test of the 8Chan Emergency Network.

f66e4b No.195830


i need second pair of eyes on this please!!

re: Black Forest

590773 No.195831

5e5a89 No.195833

Trump doesn’t pick a fight with just any Nigga. Jay-Z is a bad bad man and his downfall and destruction will be Glorious. BTW - longs times lurker, been here since 1 Chan was broadcast in Black & White over UHF.

a8e74f No.195834


Ah sorry, shills abound, I guess my detector could use some callibrating. When you find the livestream, you can back it up an hour and you'll catch the episode. Interesting series!

fba227 No.195835


Redacted Posts? WTF


d1bc43 No.195836

File: 3014aaa9daa3f6e⋯.jpeg (60.43 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1F01E99B-C651-4022-86B4-7….jpeg)

f81ab2 No.195837


Love it bro!!

67ecaf No.195839

File: 0970a70eabff3d4⋯.png (317.35 KB, 735x307, 735:307, fa1ea6a0599e9f67ffaee9e1d7….png)

432169 No.195840


thats so sad especially when its most of our own familys

36767c No.195841

Guy on FOX doing something new. Blasting billionaires. Davos. Where is this going?

aea65b No.195842

File: f53e2e3e38bc4cb⋯.jpg (22.08 KB, 470x264, 235:132, fad908f7ads89f7ds89f7.jpg)

57a811 No.195843


Thanks thought we needed a Grand Re-Open for all the work Mattis has done down there

a3ba77 No.195844


i read that as t. bagger.

c783b7 No.195845


the unfortunate truth of that is open your mouth and speak up, and end up zipping your own corpse in a gym bag in a bathtub, or wait until a movement gets rolling. Black hats no rules. White hats for all charges to stick have to follow the law to a T; bit of an unfair advantage for the dark side

fd3338 No.195847

Do not fret because of those who are evil

or be envious of those who do wrong;

2 for like the grass they will soon wither,

like green plants they will soon die away.

3 Trust in the Lord and do good;

dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.

4 Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

5 Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this:

6 He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn, your vindication like the noonday sun.

7 Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; do not fret when people succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.

8 Refrain from anger and turn from wrath;

do not fret—it leads only to evil.

9 For those who are evil will be destroyed,

but those who hope in the Lord will inherit the land.


A little while, and the wicked will be no more;

though you look for them, they will not be found.


But the meek will inherit the land

and enjoy peace and prosperity.

a2bdd8 No.195849

Is there anything to the project pelican stuff?

a8e74f No.195850


Back it up 2 hours, and you'll catch both episodes, since you missed the first one not having access to FOX

ab90d3 No.195851


I'm thinking that the balance of power down there has probably shifted since the Storm began. I'll look for who's gone there recently - like post October 28.

18f327 No.195852


Haha… made me laugh.

88d54d No.195853


Your friends must call you suck a cock.

97bc36 No.195854


Give them time, this is a slow process. This thread is not ready - notice the behavior. I guarantee the shill percentage is pretty low (probably only that love affair post), and the confused anon percentage is high.

682a71 No.195855

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samantha_Power

49f010 No.195856

StormWatcher ™


January Update to Sealed Indictments:

4,311 new from 12/26/17 thru 1/26/18

13,605 new sealed indictments entered from 10/30/17 thru 1/26/18

735034 No.195857


That is what Steve Hilton does. Always funny to listen to legal immigrants and their tough positions. they work to get here. The right way.

d620ce No.195859

07fe3d No.195861

File: 0a5a7e2936415a7⋯.png (380.09 KB, 500x398, 250:199, Shills are Alive.png)


fe3faf No.195862

File: 20ce56040a1e452⋯.jpg (251 KB, 800x1019, 800:1019, battleship_artillery_salvo.jpg)

Refresh your page for a tantrum free experience

aea65b No.195863

File: 4facfcaaa65ec0b⋯.jpg (19.71 KB, 300x400, 3:4, 13537528_300562543611447_4….jpg)

36767c No.195865


Some were saying these are 'court filings' and not all indictments. So, this includes things like subpoenas, arrest warrants, etc. But, 13.6K+ is EPIC.

0df7a2 No.195866



>that's our law

Reads like you are a Congressman ?

Either way, that was not a law made by or for "We The People". It was made BY them, FOR them. Similar to their sexual harassment slush fund. All such 'special arrangements' should be rescinded on the backside of all this.

That would only leave the ever popular (with them) TERM LIMITS. We ALL know the Founding Father's intent in that regard. It needn't be pointed out that what has transpired on the Hill over time can be largely attributed to that lack of limits that allows for 'Career Politicians'.

1f47eb No.195867


I am pretty confident it was a real missile.

Question is where and who shipped it to us…

(my best guess is Mossad is involved to make it look like Russia or NK)

4d4dd8 No.195868


damn now I am going to have that tune in my head…

67ecaf No.195869

File: 005ec6a8357e719⋯.png (389.01 KB, 419x631, 419:631, Lynn1.png)

920786 No.195870

File: 432156c47fb5126⋯.jpg (12.85 KB, 255x217, 255:217, 972b07e829d7ba3e9e068cf2ce….jpg)

Tfw you release the first govt shutdown under Clinton was when he met Monica Lewinsky for the first time and threw his presidency into a constitutional crisis.

27b247 No.195871


Right on time. TY

313ede No.195872


I agree fuck that stronger together bullshit. Sucked for them

Worse for us

ee11e4 No.195873


anon……. at least read the thread title

d68bee No.195874


Dont mention that faggot… He'll shit up the boad with 100's of wall post

d67507 No.195876

File: 639d5b4f1b09ab1⋯.png (485.33 KB, 666x505, 666:505, ClipboardImage.png)

89887a No.195877

File: 151e7be5516a685⋯.jpg (19.76 KB, 480x360, 4:3, The_Left_Cant_Meme_1.jpg)


your meme is way too tiny 225 x 192 is miniature

the left can't size their memes

4c8a1f No.195879

Holy shit Bob Parry died today? Major loss consortiumnews.com/2018/01/28/robert-parrys-legacy-and-the-future-of-consortiumnews/

07fe3d No.195880

File: 0a5a7e2936415a7⋯.png (380.09 KB, 500x398, 250:199, Shills are Alive.png)


67b488 No.195881


lol love it!

a26e15 No.195882

File: 5b6e82a7c1e55f7⋯.png (107.99 KB, 680x679, 680:679, aa4.png)

Impatient shills

Demoralization shills

D&C shills

Fake news shills

Ayylmao shills

Antarctica shills

Pelican shills



We have work to do

1f47eb No.195883


Love it!

KEK to Hell and back!

23713f No.195884


Many thanks, anon!

18f327 No.195885


And… there's fugly again

ab90d3 No.195886


That affair post was pretty obvious. Anything anti-Trump with that kind of intensity (not to mention verbosity) is a clear marker.

We still can't get rid of the Project Pegasus (or whatever it is) fool. Every bread I have to filter him again.

97bc36 No.195887


Nailed it, thanks.

c783b7 No.195888

Must be getting close to a Q drop, all the freaks are out flying their flags…

88d54d No.195890



1f47eb No.195891


Can one anon somewhere post the "cutout" of those sickening two…

f40f9b No.195892

File: ba1393bbae44227⋯.jpg (24.93 KB, 470x264, 235:132, IMG_2223.JPG)

36767c No.195893


Good info - haven't seen Steve Hilton before. Monitoring. Looks like they're guiding the narrative to a direct confrontation with reality.

313ede No.195894


I agree fuck that stronger together bullshit

67b488 No.195896


Whats the difference between BO and BV?

451e1f No.195897


Thanks for the reply. That is what I have gathered. I have just been reading a bunch of things. I mean, with the cabal liking to condition us with movies and tv and truth hidden in plain site stuff, it got me to think about movie/book motives. I suppose my imagination ran away from me.

aea65b No.195898

fba227 No.195900

The chick at the bottom of the page is Hot but Really?

Masterbation Toys?


3766f2 No.195901


It's not disinfo to us from Q that bothers me. It is the fact that a friggin missile was fired at the US and Japan and it's as if nobody realized how close we came to WWIII. And until we have victory, the threat is most likely still there. Another of our anons had a huge explosion in near him in Charleston about the same time. Texas had a meteor the next day. Detroit a couple of days later. Another the following day that could be seen from Detroit. Were there 2 Japan false alarms – both on Saturday AND on Tuesday. Am I the only one that wants to understand what happened - if you didn't experience it, its not a big deal. (It WAS a big deal!)

d68bee No.195902

Circle jerk over at share blue must be over .. Theyre all coming back from break

ee11e4 No.195903


jim has to pay for the site somehow

23713f No.195904

File: 4628e02323531ed⋯.jpg (324.18 KB, 1920x1008, 40:21, q.SNOW.White.JA.ES.q.JPG)

>>195410 >>195274



Snow White


67b488 No.195906


She stares at me all day. Its obnoxious. Must pay the bills here.

011175 No.195907






you know who else went? THE POPE. There is an island there also called Rothschild and it looks like there is a huge antenna array (like HAARP) down there as well…

ab90d3 No.195909


How many posts have I missed because I was trying to make my stomach muscles stop hurting from laughing at this…

9f0e82 No.195910


honestly anon… the devil is distracting you. but only you will know when you figure it out.

5393be No.195911


Adblocker is your friend

a2bdd8 No.195912



5e5a89 No.195913


It’s a DUDE. U been Trapped.

6ae234 No.195914


bitch got her mitts all over that fake vaj

67ecaf No.195915


Im sorry :)

36767c No.195916


ES = Eloquent Sedition

JA = Just Amazing

552972 No.195917

initial softening up process of 360 memes deployed at the expense of only one account.

8e01fd No.195918


They better get OUR money's worth out of all those FEMA coffins that are sitting in Georgia.

f81ab2 No.195919

File: 14b60f5ea917ef8⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 1202x720, 601:360, gitmo4hitlery.jpg)

1f47eb No.195920


Give him a few clickthrus once in a while, don't have to buy anything…

38714d No.195921

File: 57bfd5cae5d08c6⋯.png (252.75 KB, 786x715, 786:715, youagain.png)


you again, didnt the board volunteer get you straight earlier

67b488 No.195922


Have one you rec'd?

dc39b9 No.195923

File: 1908b640d042109⋯.jpg (18.14 KB, 255x170, 3:2, IMG_20180114_205336.jpg)


Dead people cannot be heard.

47c0b0 No.195926


>not blocking ads


ab90d3 No.195927


Off to research; I'll let you know.

d1bc43 No.195928

File: 5a1f6184b61f88a⋯.jpeg (108.31 KB, 614x345, 614:345, 31B89525-0B77-407B-8A05-D….jpeg)

c72e0f No.195929


don't know about trap, but she is not hot

97bc36 No.195930


No problem anon. I hope your quest for Truth leads you to it.

d620ce No.195933

File: 4a7bf3dcf00be0a⋯.jpg (71.13 KB, 960x868, 240:217, Pepe Zuckerberg.jpg)

Repost of another Anon's work.

eb6f0b No.195934



"Namefag" FF here. the "rank" system theory is gunna come off dumb af, and ppl are gunna hate you for saying that. but sir, I do admire your ambition and your high expectations for what this board is capable of, and you see us at our highest potential.

Instead of bashing you for your suggestion,



6ae234 No.195935


“Smoke break over, bitches!”

029e5e No.195936

Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/26/18 (Fri) 18:43:27 No.62

Read slowly and carefully.

Will become critically important in coming weeks.

Continue to track those who are resigning across all platforms.

Where there was once darkness, there will now be LIGHT.

When I read slowly and carefully as instructed I see——-critic ally import incoming re-signing—– and "platforms" seems to stand out. Maybe a high functioning autist can pick up from here?

c72e0f No.195937

d67507 No.195938

File: 93c0196b00122aa⋯.png (172.47 KB, 556x382, 278:191, anhero.PNG)


Nice slide attempt

735034 No.195939


Think about it. I mean stop, go outside this board and think about it… I mean reeeeealllly think about it. Welcome to the the world where you don't have to have real contact with people and learn social skills … Or even the perception that is the type of person that comes to the chans…

450e36 No.195941

ab90d3 No.195942


Frothschild Island … very different from the continent proper. Pyramids and God knows what else are being discovered there.

d68bee No.195943


I know someone who did plumbing at the FEMA Camp in NH… Had to avoid gaslines in group shower room

88d54d No.195944


Platforms could be OS for devices or maybe social media platforms.

1f47eb No.195946


He was referring to the EO about seizing and freezing assets of the cabal.

If you read it carefully and understand it, you will see how the future is going to turn out concerning certain banking cartels, and much more.

011175 No.195947


YES, this!!

there is supposedly one in Iraan Texas…

I think the mysterious "booms" heard by people are from these bases deep underground. from either excavation or from our military going after these D.U.M.B.s

23713f No.195948

>>195916 (E,C.) = Excellent, concur.

49f010 No.195949



Brenden Dilley Intel Source 1/27

Direct Quote from Intel:

"Skippy was in a military medical facility till Monday, just left. Waiting to hear where he is right now. His brother is in the lower 48 in Military Custody."

590773 No.195951

Cool or not?

http:/ /thehill.com/policy/cybersecurity/371148-axios-trump-administration-mulling-nationalization-of-5g-network

bafade No.195952

File: 9f473ff5d0c7520⋯.png (284.97 KB, 1800x3600, 1:2, Crowdstrike.png)

67ecaf No.195953


Knock it the fuck off right now or suffer perma ban. Last warning.

67b488 No.195954



97bc36 No.195955


First the public must want the information. They must seek it, then they shall find it. No force-feeding. Notice how Q guided us - crumbs, question form. This was so we can see for ourselves.

For the public it looks bleak, but do not lose hope. Only a certain percentage is needed - critical mass, so to speak. Your thoughts and actions all make a difference, because you influence everyone around you.

171404 No.195956

File: 80583487e1a8e2b⋯.jpeg (242.94 KB, 1242x1402, 621:701, 489A690E-3BD6-4A77-8395-F….jpeg)

Can someone with paint skills meme this but leave out Bob Marley, they tried to assassinate him but they were unsuccessful.

Like with face pictures?

529ea2 No.195957

Steve Hilton = MegaCringe

07fe3d No.195958


There *are* worse things in life.

3b2374 No.195959



1f47eb No.195960


Considering how everything is presented, I trust that if potus does it, it's good.

If media likes it, it's bad…

735034 No.195961


If we can't find Russians, we'll make them!

aea65b No.195962


Holy shit- is that a phoenix for their logo too? Ugh

596bae No.195963


This one is mega KEK!

6ae234 No.195964


skippy pounded while impounded

great weekend

eb6f0b No.195966



simply going out of my way to take the suggestions from a VET. now is not the time,

my apologies.

4d4dd8 No.195968


yes there are..

67ecaf No.195969


Good eye…. yup, phoenix for sure.

89887a No.195970

File: fb1ef7d9d22cb84⋯.png (4.1 MB, 4096x2048, 2:1, CIA_Clown_How_do_I_size_mu….png)

How do I size muh meme?

36767c No.195971


Once the control structures are disabled, the truth will seep out of everywhere and the population will learn relatively quickly. But it won't be instant or even quick. This is a process and will take quite a while.

then we all get to see what the human species is capable of after it loses the parasite.

029e5e No.195972


I must have missed it. How do we know that? Thanks anon.

1f2ced No.195973

File: d46184ba23b89d7⋯.jpg (85.21 KB, 1117x602, 1117:602, Dirty doj1.JPG)

File: 08ce79594d780cd⋯.jpg (103.95 KB, 697x606, 697:606, Dirty doj2.JPG)

File: d621b600ce1860e⋯.jpg (49.34 KB, 656x252, 164:63, dirty doj3.JPG)



More here and I didn't have to pay to read it

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/ex-justice-dept-lawyer-peddled-secret-us-whistleblower-suits-to-try-to-impress-his-bosses-with-new-clients/2018/01/24/49b7d934-e414-11e7-a65d-1ac0fd7f097e_story.html?utm_term=.bf4a4250fba8

88d54d No.195974


Maybe that's farmerfunkk form cbts. Not that it really matters, just saw his sig.

40d702 No.195975


Dude stop famefagging. You've been asking this for hours now, with of course your tweet being plastered all over the board. You could have literally taught yourself how to make your meme in that time.

6ae234 No.195976


Joo dont know joor rrusian comrade?

eb6f0b No.195977



1ae052 No.195978

File: 5388a55bb1a51a1⋯.png (206.56 KB, 590x350, 59:35, ClipboardImage.png)


9f0e82 No.195979


couple months ago an anon put a map up with the currents carrying radioactive particles around the horn up to washington state. it's way above normal and that japan deal might have some bearing. but roths island it was speculated has a nuclear plant underground/ice pumping poison waste in the ocean. also was a map on heat and it was hot there on island. i have no idea where that autist got that info and maps. might be in archives dunno.

97bc36 No.195981


Can't wait.

New kids on the block.

eb6f0b No.195982




d68bee No.195983

451e1f No.195984


Haha! I promise my intentions weren't to derail anything. I just don't have a lot of people where I can bounce off ideas like that that I had thought sort of related to this. My apologies. I'm trying to spread Q to real life people, but my pool is sadly quite small. Most won't hear it. Again, apologies for the crazy conspiracy talk.

5413c9 No.195985

U [Uranium] is 60 times

the value of Au [Gold]

https:// youtu.be/g35f_fa0cnc?t=98

[already cued]

171404 No.195986


I post and tweet from a phone, do you know how to take multiple images from the net and combine them on a phone? I’d be happy to do it if so

67ecaf No.195987


No one is above another.

We are one.

Where we go one, we go all.

Ranks develop into government. Look where that's gotten the world today.

Anyone suggesting ranks here is viewed with high suspicion. This is not a game. We are anonymous.

1f47eb No.195988


Q posted the link to the whitehouse pdf.

Review his board and you will find it.

It is a very good read…

Just note that there are a list of names that were in play on Dec21, when the EO was signed. These names have grown, but are not made public.

23425f No.195989

>>Been here too long to ask this question but how do we put text in Black Bar outside of using asterisk *How Do I do this*

Thanks anons

590773 No.195990

ab90d3 No.195991


Searching … nothing's coming up recently for who has visited. What I'm gathering is that the place is basically in accelerated melt mode and as a result of that, a shitload of anomalies and tech are surfacing as the ice melts away. Really it's the standard stuff; it all has a basis in truth but just like in here, anywhere you can go for info is so peppered with DISinfo that without serious help there's just no way to tell the bad from the good info.

88d54d No.195992


Crowdstrike was bought by google if I remember correctly.

eb6f0b No.195993


ROGERTHAT, and stand by you 100%


but we owe the man the opportunity to speak. kek

67ecaf No.195994


Store in album, select all and upload?

129eed No.195995


holy fuck is that picture really legit? That's from the Philadelphia experiment? Correct? holy hell in a hand basket..is there a direct link to that post?

bafade No.195996



3b2374 No.195997

Kid fucker Podesta went there?

432169 No.195998


yea i know all the basics.. i thought you said there was alot on twatter going on about it right now

23713f No.195999

File: 47a4bcb97ebf02c⋯.png (120.77 KB, 563x298, 563:298, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)


Here ya go, anon. Crumb on!

d1bc43 No.196000


A pic stitch app.

590773 No.196001


Thanks so much

60cb7c No.196002

There seems to be a large Twitter presence posting pics of Jay and Beyonce as the "real first family"

And Jay for President

Dafuq is going on with these people?

418b17 No.196003


I agree fuck that stronger together bullshit

248709 No.196004

File: caff7b3b6bf1722⋯.jpeg (269.07 KB, 1242x1402, 621:701, 489A690E-3BD6-4A77-8395-F….jpeg)

171404 No.196006


No, I mean one picture that has all of these peoples faces with the Murdered over them, and then Jay Z with Billionaire over it. At the bottom something “like notice the difference?”

735034 No.196007

File: e1d7de3dd665c9f⋯.png (217.06 KB, 441x604, 441:604, ClipboardImage.png)

Da. I am firrrssst pepe to write #releasethememo. I bear a heavy load for this. But I am strong. I am athlete. I vil survive.

Side note, I am so proud of all of us. Keep it up.

c2f770 No.196008


Well in all fairness… TRUMP was not president back then.

I think people are realizing that now is the time to speak… of HRC won then they would have remained forever silent.

23425f No.196009


Thank You Anon

d67507 No.196010

File: 93c0196b00122aa⋯.png (172.47 KB, 556x382, 278:191, anhero.PNG)



1f2ced No.196012





^^^ A side-by-side comparison to a comparable Hussein EO and President Trump's EO. Can easily see the extra stuff that President Trump has included in his.

ab90d3 No.196013


Don't know what the likelihood is of having color photos taken at the scene in that day and age, in those circumstances.

8611c7 No.196014

>>195913 yeah I was sure it was a trannie…much like all the Khazar families…they make trannies like I make turkey sandwiches. The Khazar is quite the fag praying to a fucking two sex god that would suck his own dick if it could. They have lost the plot somewhere along the way. I guess when they all started fucking their first cousins or sisters and shit….they are genetic dead ends….kind of funny in a way.

029e5e No.196015


Thank you very much. Have read it. I meant how do we know That the 1/26 Q post was referring to that? Sorry if dumb question.

eb6f0b No.196016



451e1f No.196017


Wasn't there a supposed interview death bed confession of some ex CIA agent who claimed to have given Market cancer via a needle hidden in Marley' s shoe? Maybe that's what the Tweet is referencing?

3b2374 No.196018


John Podesta went.

That video says Putin was planning to go there.

d777f9 No.196019



ab90d3 No.196020


??? I didn't say anything about that. Maybe it was another anon. We're everywhere.

e43f54 No.196021

>What is 'State Secrets' and how upheld in the SC

In answer to the first part of this question, State Secrets:

State secrets refer to classified information. A formal security clearance is often required to handle classified documents or access classified data.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classified_information

Executive Order 13526 (Dec 29, 2009) amended classifications standards for documents

• Top Secret – exceptionally grave danger to national security

• Secret – serious damage to national security

• Confidential – damage to national security

This EO divides intelligence into various buckets, each with its own set of policies and procedures:

• Intelligence Community – Senior Officials of the Intelligence Community (SOICs) are to promptly notify the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and, if appropriate, law enforcement authorities of any actual or suspected unauthorized disclosure of classified information.

• Department of Defense – In the event of a known or suspected disclosure of classified information, the heads of DOD components must take prompt action to decide the nature and circumstances of the disclosure, determine the extent of damage to national security, and take appropriate corrective action.

• State Department – The Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS) is responsible for protecting classified information and special access programs.

https:// fas.org/sgp/crs/secrecy/RS21900.pdf

http:// www.esd.whs.mil/Portals/54/Documents/DD/issuances/dodm/520001_vol3.pdf

http:// www.esd.whs.mil/Portals/54/Documents/DD/issuances/dodd/540502p.pdf

https:// fam.state.gov/searchapps/viewer?format=html&query=FAM%20500&links=FAM,500&url=/FAM/12FAM/12FAM0510.html#M511_1

>What is 'State Secrets' and how upheld in the SC

In answer to the second part of this question, Supreme Court:

There is a judicial precedent called sate secrets privilege that allows the US to not provide evidence if that evidence may jeopardize national security. The Supreme Court recognized the privilege in 1953 in the case of United States v. Reynolds. Between 1953 and 1976, it was invoked four times. The Bush administration invoked it 23 times. Opponents say it has been weaponized to hide corruption

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State_secrets_privilege

9f0e82 No.196022


are you retarded or just braindead on purpose? get a job.

590773 No.196023


When. I went to site it went white and a pop asking me to pay. I’m on an iPad pro

f40f9b No.196024


I love it!

171404 No.196025


I’ll search for it, thanks

1f2ced No.196027


YW I can't believe how inept DOJ is.

ab90d3 No.196028


How do people figure these things out?

88d54d No.196029


CrowdStrike, the third-party company relied upon by the FBI to make its assessment about alleged Russian hacking into the Democratic National Committee (DNC), was financed to the tune of $100 million from a funding drive last year led by Google Capital.

http:// www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/01/06/dnc-russian-hacking-conclusion-comes-google-linked-firm/

f81ab2 No.196030

File: 24913fbd657a828⋯.png (163.45 KB, 590x350, 59:35, CANTSLEEP.png)



029e5e No.196031


Thanks anon

ee11e4 No.196032



archive link for those who want an alternative


the article is fron Jan 25

3b2374 No.196033



Sauce? I say the Russian religious guy went. Explains why Putin is planning to go.

1380dc No.196034



whoa. and around a year ago AT&T bought out a little known company that owned a lot of the 5G airwave leases around the company called Straightpath for like a billion $

011175 No.196035


DUDE speaking up gets you killed even today. There have been many whistleblowers… and they have been shutdown one way or the other. Its time we start small with our own cities and start cleaning house from bottom up while Trump is going top down!

171404 No.196036


It’s possible, but impossible to prove so I’d like to have the meme just show civil rights people that were known to be murdered in comparison to the sell out mouthpiece that Jay Z is.

735034 No.196037

File: ce2d1e0651fe80c⋯.png (490.91 KB, 672x668, 168:167, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8e1c73bc8fd4f58⋯.png (738.64 KB, 736x552, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Bring it. Yawn.

1a6870 No.196038


yes, I saw that. My kids were babies then. It was horrifying seeing those fire fighters carrying the dead children out. It did not dawn on me that it occurred a day or so after something broke about Jones. I remember watching a documentary, 20/20, I believe, after the bombing of a family who lost a child in the bombing. The dad had just been assigned there and they were relocating. They were visiting the building with their two little girls when the explosion happened, killing one of the girls. It was only a year or so later when the remaining child told her mother that she was responsible for the explosion that killed her sister. She had been fidgeting and saw a computer cord running across the floor so she stepped on it. It happened to be about the time the bomb went off. In her baby mind she thought she had caused it by stepping on the cord and thought she had killed her own sister.

If it was a false flag to cover Jones, the instigators need to be executed.

3b2374 No.196039


Roths Island name yes, but no evidence I have seen they are going there.

Something is up. What can Q tell us?

97bc36 No.196040


http:// www.blakkpepper.com/2017/12/dying-cia-agent-claims-he-planted-cancerous-needle-in-shoe-he-gifted-bob-marley-leading-to-death/

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGKLkaRs1NE

This kind of thinking sets people free. He had to be killed, just like John Lennon, and also Kennedy.

6c04e0 No.196041


>"platforms" seems to stand out.

"track those who are resigning"

This is a work task request.

590773 No.196042


d5fb2d No.196043


There are spouses are not immune and much time spent on look ito spouses earlier.

1f2ced No.196044


Thanks, anon.

082bee No.196045

File: ed531ecc803f461⋯.png (474.7 KB, 671x569, 671:569, Junior retweet.PNG)

jr just retweeted this

590773 No.196046


ee11e4 No.196048

529ea2 No.196049


Namefags are a cancer that spread faggotry throughout the globe while destroying everything in its path. See /cbts/ and the /thestorm/.

Note: Anyone requesting it should also be viewed as extremely suspect.

36767c No.196050


I saw this on FOX today. Gowdy was very direct (as usual.) I can't wait to see Gowdy unleashed in court against these asshats.

88d54d No.196051

590773 No.196052


Thanks sometimes it works on my iPad, sometimes not

1f47eb No.196053


If real, these photos depict the actual happenings as reported by the sailors who survived.

And no, the melded crew did not survive.

There are men hanging from the upper deck by an arm. Very strange.

What I never understood was how they were able to move around on a floor that would have been "penetrable" and not solid to perception during the experiment.

Very freaky shit.

All in trial to "bend light" around the ship to make it invisible.

Tesla was involved in the design of this electrical magnetic apparatus affixed to the ship.

John Hutchinson did similar experiments and he got raided.

a2bdd8 No.196054



d620ce No.196055

File: c1b188c67621525⋯.png (663.08 KB, 1645x1175, 7:5, Think Meme.png)

590773 No.196056


Good catch

88d54d No.196057



d5fb2d No.196058


The problem is they still have all the power locally. They can use local police courts etc.. Until they are really afraid of what is going on nationally.

a26e15 No.196059


twitter 2:1 like 1024 x 512

fb square like 1200 x 1200

590773 No.196060


Ok. I’m using the iPad Pro the VA gave me, they’re not giving out laptops any more.

ee11e4 No.196063

File: edf98fbb7644a15⋯.mp4 (12.57 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, OPvBpWzitkfEJ669.mp4)

432169 No.196064



9e0ff0 No.196065

Piece on DJT's possible chance to appoint several new SC justices. Have to laugh about this statement about "wise Latina" Sotomayor. Unqualified from day one, others have ALWAYS done most of her work, and she has ALWAYS had a short attention span.

http:// dcwhispers. com/trump-white-house-preparing-replace-liberal-supreme-court-justice/

"Justice Sotomayor, though, despite being among the Court’s younger members, is said to be struggling greatly with her workload as she deals with a worsening diabetes condition. Court watchers have noted a visible decline in just the last year where she appears to have aged ten years. Rumors are also swirling regarding staff having to take up an increasing workload for the ailing Sotomayor who is said to have difficulty maintaining her train of thought for more than short periods of time. And like Ginsberg, Sotomayor’s staff is working hard to orchestrate a media-driven narrative to counter rumors of her decline."

88d54d No.196067


Thanks for your service.

248709 No.196068


No one's getting cancer from a needle, and now you're filtered….

8a6df4 No.196069


Who isnt?

6ae234 No.196070

I’m >>196039

Anon oldfag

But anon recalls pics of Roth’s toasting champagne New Years there on this chan!

1f47eb No.196071


I cannot be certain.

Actually i have not heard how the cryptofags are doing in about 2weeks concerning the time deltas of tweets and posts.

Would be nice to get that update if any anons know. Unless it is opsec to not post that info with shillyness.

76da6d No.196072


Mind posting a higher resolution pic anon?

590773 No.196073



a0ceab No.196074


There was a rabbit hole close to the beginning of this escapade that tasked us anons to find a picture of Antarctica from space that had not been photoshopped. As far as I know, noone was able to produce one.

e446ff No.196075

File: acd767c20203d60⋯.png (360.31 KB, 830x622, 415:311, 1515955859809.png)


jawline not right

450e36 No.196076


Ty anon!

590773 No.196077


The va hospital

011175 No.196078







The OKC bombing was also to coverup White Water, A Hillary Scandal, in which many of the documents were housed in that Federal Building. If you look into that bombing, you would find there were witnesses that saw AFT putting something with wires on the columns in the parking garage,


1. If the bombing of the Alfred E. Murrah Federal building in Oklahoma City was a terrorist reprisal for the Federal massacre of the Branch Davidians at Waco, why were no BATF or FBI agents injured? Why was EVERY BADGE-CARRYING FEDERAL AGENT absent from work at nine o'clock on a weekday morning, their offices staffed only with civilian clerical workers?

2. When the word first got out that no Federal agents had been present in the building, the BATF produced its Resident Agent Alex McCauley who told a long story about his own heroism and that of a fellow ATF man who allegedly fell three floors in an elevator, walked away from it, and then helped rescue others trapped by the bomb. This was quickly exposed as a fabrication in an angry interview by building maintenance supervisor Duane James, who described McCauley's story as "pure fantasy". James examined the elevator in question and also the central control panel and pointed out a number of technical and logical reasons why the miraculous elevator incident simply couldn't have happened in the way claimed. The McCauley account was quietly retracted and flushed down the memory hole by the ATF, with the help of the media. They now admit that McCauley was nowhere near the building when the bomb went off, although they refuse to discuss his exact whereabouts or the whereabouts of any other ATF agent at the time of the explosion.

Will BATF Agent Alex McCauley be disciplined for telling a self-serving lie which falsely made himself out to be a hero? If that was not the purpose, why did he make this palpably false public statement?

3. Why was U.S. Judge Wayne Alley, whose office was located in the Federal building, warned several weeks in advance in a Justice Department memo to be prepared for an unnamed "terrorist act" directed against the Federal building?


http:// rense.com/general10/30.htm

23425f No.196079


The current members of the board of directors of ""The Economist Group"" are: Rupert Pennant-Rea (Chairman), Zanny Minton Beddoes (editor-in-chief of the Economist magazine), Lady Suzanne Heywood, Brent Hoberman, Sir David Bell, John Elkann, Alex Karp, Sir Simon Robertson,

""Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild"", Chris Stibbs and Baroness Jowell.[10] Former board members include:

Andrew Rashbass, Rona Fairhead, Philip Mengel[10] and _""Eric Schmidt""_ (of Alphabet, parent company of Google). The current trustees of the Group are: Baroness Bottomley of Nettlestone, Lord O'Donnell, Tim Clark and Bryan Sanderson.[11]

Connection of LdR and Eric S.

The Economist

18f327 No.196080

Hey Brilliant Memefags…. anyone have a meme with old hag Ruth sleeping in it? my biggest hits tonight have been the humor of her sleeping thru the entire SOTU address.


abd7e6 No.196081


If they had something on her, THIS is a good way for her to resign without a constitutional crisis.

735034 No.196082


Da Fuq? I can't even get an appointment half the time and all they want to give me is pills or patches (denied both, no way, thanks) And you gt an Ipad? I need to go see my VSR. Shit.

f07830 No.196083


HISTERICAL! Great job!

97d4cf No.196084



45f3f5 No.196085


Got a version big enough to actually read?

129eed No.196086

File: c600b747d31b808⋯.jpg (21.27 KB, 469x309, 469:309, experiment sailors in ship.jpg)

c79d6d No.196087


Can you link direct to his scopes of this?

f4be91 No.196088


YES Thank you for your service !

6ae234 No.196090


Hence prolific media coverage in diabetes capitol of world SA TX at UTSA

Wielded as hero

Really a zero

Picked cause Latino

89887a No.196091

File: 382a99343e7d2f6⋯.png (428.48 KB, 4167x2083, 4167:2083, normalized_pedophilia_publ….png)

60cb7c No.196092

More misery in Afghanistan..

http:// www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-42855374?ns_mchannel=social&ns_campaign=bbc_breaking&ns_source=twitter&ns_linkname=news_central

89887a No.196093

File: 2c161e5d2516bed⋯.png (650.43 KB, 4167x2083, 4167:2083, No_One_Dies_A_Natural_Deat….png)

590773 No.196095


Ok a few steps…

1. Need referral from primary to speech path.

2. If your ptsd I’m sure you have memory issues.. tell your speech path you forget things like apts ect and need something to keep track. Let her know about some va hospitals giving an iPad to help monitor dates , apts, ect.

5cb505 No.196096


What do you want it to say or do you just want a template?

0df7a2 No.196097



I think BV is more like BF, than like BO.

(bovine feces that is)

d9e70c No.196098

Meme Ideas


To a Satanist…

YOU are a psyop with benefits.


Don't let a Satanist…

Get your goat (or kid)



* A line graph.

* Vertical axis labeled "Slavery" at the bottom, "Liberty" at the top.

* Horizontal axis represents a timeline with famous names: Fredrick Douglas, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Lyndon Johnson, Barack Obama. Others might be included.

* Graph line rises from the zero point through Fredrick Douglas, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King. Graph line begins falling sharply from Lyndon Johnson through Barack Obama.

Notice that the range on the vertical axis is from Slavery to Liberty, not Slavery to Freedom. The difference between liberty and freedom is that liberty consists of the political arrangements that secure freedom.



* A line graph.

* Vertical axis labeled "Slavery" at the bottom, "Liberty" at the top.

* Horizontal axis represents a timeline with important dates, famous people, major event names, etc.

* Different color graph lines depict different population groups in America, with different patterns of rising liberty. All graph lines rise from the zero point to roughly 1965, then all of them fall sharply after that. This illustrates the liberty problem we all share.

* Reproduce the Donald Trump quote at the bottom of the graphic, "We all bleed the same red blood of patriots." Or, alternatively, the Q-message, "Where we go ONE, we go ALL."

Notice that the range on the vertical axis is from Slavery to Liberty, not Slavery to Freedom. The difference between liberty and freedom is that liberty consists of the political arrangements that secure freedom.


0da6d8 No.196099

File: f89ecdebb35fdc6⋯.png (734.58 KB, 2560x842, 1280:421, Screenshot (58).png)

File: faa23b217b3c300⋯.png (3.55 MB, 2150x894, 1075:447, Screenshot (59).png)

File: c816672992e9ec6⋯.png (2.62 MB, 2560x838, 1280:419, Screenshot (60).png)

White Rabbit area in North Korea. With Heat Map.

12555a No.196100

I am going to trust TG until Q says otherwise.

I feel TG is playing a good game. He knows what's coming and what role he must play.

1f47eb No.196101


These photos were not available 10 years ago when I researched the PhillyExp.

When were they released? Or leaked?

This is huge.

I always said if it was a true failure then it would be unclassified by now.

This is "not" a failure, because it revealed another effect that justified continued classification - in itself that speaks volumes.

f2ad23 No.196102

File: b1123b219777392⋯.jpg (145.15 KB, 869x678, 869:678, brainwash.jpg)


We could also use a counter to the new MSM lie, that the memo's are brainwashing. >>195692

590773 No.196103


Need to make sure your primary knows your memory issues. Put in records… ask primary about a laptop or iPad , has a colander, alert system access to telehealth access to myhealthevet.

bafade No.196104

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Oh Lordy, “Destruction of Evidence” – Important Interview Between Bob Goodlatte and Maria Bartiromo…

a3ba77 No.196105


nationalization would make it beholden to the constitution.


a8e74f No.196106


Yeah, they do; they really do

590773 No.196107


You need to come to my va! #4 in the usa!

97bc36 No.196108


This is possible, and rings true because of the connection between temporal shift, invisibility and embedding crew in metal.

99% of an atom is EMPTY SPACE - Pauli's exclusion principle only applies for particles with the same Schumann frequency. Time is flexible.

The secret to overcoming space and time is null-space and null-time.

89887a No.196109


I like the "said no newscast. ever." concept

good job memeFag

f701bc No.196110


i want to say those are stills from one of the movies… but i am old and my memory isn't perfect

18f327 No.196111

Did everyone see this today?



a8e74f No.196112


I knew this series being released for a reason

c72e0f No.196113

File: 79d55e26b396acb⋯.jpeg (8.3 KB, 223x160, 223:160, 9823987392834362349839849….jpeg)

a3ba77 No.196115


>>no one gets cancer from a needle

ur filtered shill

76da6d No.196116


This is something I refresh my memory on at least once a year. Never seen these before. These aren't very high quality photos. I know this is off subject but damn these are very curious.

129eed No.196117

File: 545c8b2a2a63c5d⋯.jpg (47.48 KB, 895x486, 895:486, Fused_To_The_Deck.jpg)

735034 No.196118


Every one of these messes with my head. … It's early this year. They are desperate to put on a show, and see if they can drag us back in harder. They won't like it this time around if we go. I have experience as an adviser to them for a year and these stories always hurt for many reasons. So complicated over there.

0bedd5 No.196119

>>196041 >>signing a cross

453268 No.196120

>>194064 Nice theory. This is his repentance??!!! No - yes??!! I’m waiting with baited breath, the suspense is killing me. As for movie, this is going to be the biggest blockbuster of all time.

029e5e No.196121


Been wondering too. Heard about a one minute marker today or yesterday.

abd7e6 No.196122


OR you could get your sorry ass to Wally world and buy a cheap one for under a hundred.

(Venting at *free shit* culture)

9e3bb1 No.196123




Timing is everything. One day before the SOTU Address. May give POTUS opportunity to comment on it before the world.

904dec No.196125

011175 No.196126


this is horrible. those poor men

c72e0f No.196127


so far they all look shopped to me

7a7547 No.196128


It would help, for red-pilling sake, to make a slightly silly Trump bingo card too.

Think about what his speech will sound like: His bing card will have:


Tax Cuts


Stock Market




Great Nation

We the People

Reduce Regulations


You'll hit bingo inside the first minute.

Probably will with Maxine Waters too - but then looks at the disparity between the two narratives.

Who looks crazy now?

c9f7fc No.196129

File: adf2bcd02d23e7e⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1366x635, 1366:635, Screenshot-2018-1-28 ADS-B….png)

Global Hawk in the air over southern Greece. Third one I have seen in the last couple of days. Other two were over southern Ukraine.

1f47eb No.196130


I never watch movies, especially ones about conspiratorial events. Been awake too long to fall for that propaganda.

So I can honestly say I did not know they made a movie about it.

Looks real, but size does indicate it from a screen grab.

Still solid about the event being real in my judgement.

b72f3a No.196131

I'm a bit disappointed that we've adopted the leftist strategy of using race guilt—particularly in favor of blacks—to win people over. I hope this is just a very temporary, and necessary stage.

129eed No.196133

File: 33e04ca83a38b52⋯.jpg (82.26 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, TimeTravel-disclosure.wiki….jpg)

18f327 No.196134


sorry to be redundant .. been firing memes all night.

Timing is everything.

e0e7bf No.196135


Leavenworth ??

300749 No.196136


Well that doesn't sound that impressive. The left will turn that type of info into a big(god I hate this term) "Nothingburger" Exactly like Podesta/Hillary emails. They made those a big fucking joke.

I was hoping for some damning info. This is NOT THAT. Unless they have documented PROOF of one of them saying flat out,

"This info is not real but lets just say it is and add it" or whatever, the Left will say Trump & the right are trying to fuck with Mulellers investigation & all the ACTUAL REAL PROOF that comes out AFTER the left will spin to say that any and ALL Obama admin that did illegal things to stop Trump from being president did so for the protection of the USA or some bullshit to rile up the left even more.

97bc36 No.196137


Not from Q.

56ab14 No.196138


They are shills talking to each other, or themselves. Filter

735034 No.196139


I'll look into it. We wont go into how I cant remember what time to pick my kids up from school if I get a weeks vacation, but I can remember the stupidest trivial shit from twenty years ago like it was yesterday. And feels like yesterday. LOL. Ok, no more VA slide. I appreciate the heads up.

6aee4b No.196140



It's possible they do. Sotomayor is a member of the "Belizean Grove," the female only counterpart to the Bohemian Club a/k/a Bohemian Grove.

011175 No.196141


what is that?

67b488 No.196145


hahaha took me way too long to figure out what you were saying.

91f38e No.196146

File: b5a6df2d6d00186⋯.jpg (352.26 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, sloth_.jpg)

File: 00d1438b064a3db⋯.jpg (73.04 KB, 632x421, 632:421, sloth.jpg)


She reminds of a sloth.

1380dc No.196147


i didn’t bother to click through to youtube. youtube = garbage sourcing …

but you just reminded me of this recent CDAN blind….


c2f770 No.196148


That image looks like she is yawning… and doesn't really go with the text.

But whatever… at least your making memes I guess.

c72e0f No.196149


My first thought



has been a shilly one tonight

when anon has no new crumbs…

f701bc No.196150


the movies were entertaining at the time. i also don't doubt something went terribly wrong.

c61d39 No.196151


It's strange. When Trump won, the only thing I was hoping he would do that he never mentioned is get rid of No Such Agency. But I figured he wouldn't due to the war with ISIS. Now No Such Agency are fighting for us.

a2bdd8 No.196152


This is from the 80's movie

69cfce No.196153



Interesting picture! Looks like a black hole

590773 No.196154



me here https ://8ch.net/qresearch/res/196142.html#196144

c783b7 No.196155


fake as shit, no compression of face flesh coming out of the side, too clean cut. hook line sinker...Can't believe all you see here or on the internet...

129eed No.196156


honestly not sure.

a2bdd8 No.196157


It is from the 1980's movie

3216c7 No.196158

File: 0efa09d83754f9d⋯.jpg (130.09 KB, 1050x550, 21:11, Z-300.jpg)

97bc36 No.196159


Which one?


Not from Q.

56ab14 No.196160


Damn straight shilly, fake photoshops and stupid convesation. Stay strong for crumbs. I was gonna dig back into Lucis Trust.

a3ba77 No.196161


perfect time for hitting the jay z memes

1f47eb No.196162


Did Q Post that photo?

IF so I missed that.

f81ab2 No.196163


I was going for the fighting sleep like us kinda idea ;)

ab90d3 No.196164


Totally agree on the movies. So much bullshit is pumped into them that the real story is obliterated.

I've been diving into this stuff since about '89. The conclusion I've come to is that getting the tech to work is relatively easy. Scalar fields, rotating magnetic fields, pulsed RF injected into high voltage EM (essentially what Hutchison was doing but he had ZERO control over it all). The problem is getting human beings to survive the process. There are complex energy fields keeping us going; fields that get messed up when they're not understood. And they're really not understood.

I think all the time travel stuff (pretty much anything considered "mainstream") is bullshit. They would just go back and kill Trump before he could run, etc.

Hard to get the facts.

18f327 No.196165


TY! I'm not worthy!!

735034 No.196166


I thought these were for the speed of government, they are cuter than her. She looks like Podesta art with those arms like that.

c79d6d No.196168


Wtf is this?

c72e0f No.196169



how many could be done with her sleeping?


67b488 No.196170


I have seen these recently-ish. Very creepy.

904dec No.196171


This is a plane the military uses for what?

23713f No.196172


I don't think we ever ran Lucis Trust to the ground…

c17b65 No.196173





HOLY FUCK PEOPLE REALLY?? Stop with this Sci-Fi Bullshit and wise up. Shill tactic 101 shit this is.

011175 No.196174


sorry my bad, Russian Religious leader

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2016/02/18/for-russias-church-leader-a-trip-to-antarctica-is-not-just-a-photo-op/?utm_term=.c16d56d811c7

5cb505 No.196176


Counter measure 1, Bring the people they prey mostly on to our side so they're not used as pawns and nobody gets hurt 2 Black people are Americans too and deserve the Truth 3

0dfa16 No.196177


Shadows are not consistent.

How is this relevant?

Be ready for change of mission. Once news breaks roles will change.

It has been an honour and a privilege to serve with you, fellow anons.

91f38e No.196178


She doth look like Podesta art with those long arms!!

5a8fde No.196179

So…Get a notification from Fox News saying “performers and presenters dial up the politics” so I flip on the channel and see some guy flashing the diamond symbol… then a little later they show the stage with three sets of 60’s on both sides… 666 how convenient.

76da6d No.196180


Can confirm anons. Pics show up in simple google search.

It's old school photo shop from 80s.

60cb7c No.196181

I can only imagine…it seems incredibly sad bcs I am sure most people are trying to make it better

My cousin spent 8 yrs there…went back in a different capacity and goes back every few months It has definitely changed his life


a3d4de No.196182




(((Ruth Ginsberg))) now THERE'S a piece of shit we need to get rid of.

With her and beyer gone, perhaps along with sotomayer, we can make this a SOLID 5-4 if not 6-3 within our life time, with NO chance of this EVER becoming anything close to 'liberal' ever again.

9e0ff0 No.196183


Well then…….wondering if kuru causes short attention span.

edd9e9 No.196184

Red-pill the black pop?


GET THIS VIDEO OUT EVERYWHERE! Common black men like this speaking the truth can red-pill millions. YT and other platforms routinely try to block this guy like D & S. Help him!

735034 No.196185

Concur. I had to un -filter just to make sure. Press on, Anon.

082bee No.196187

File: 3fcb9dc0274ffaa⋯.png (992.45 KB, 852x479, 852:479, SDC Pic.PNG)

File: 883ea13b5e09304⋯.png (330.19 KB, 651x557, 651:557, Trumponomics.PNG)

Meme makers, here is a pic and a quote from Sheriff Clarke.

Job growth occurring including the lowest RECORDED BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT RATE in U.S. history, stock market soaring, taxes have been reduced, GDP is improving. The @realDonaldTrump economy is doing so well it deserves a name…TRUMPONOMICS

011175 No.196188


Expand your little mind…

the Philadelphia Experiment is well documented. what happened to those men was real.

590773 No.196189


Meet me in This thread

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/196142.html#196144

97bc36 No.196190

File: 2ad99dbd27ec2c7⋯.jpg (146.91 KB, 661x900, 661:900, PhiladelphiaExperiment1.jpg)


Incorrect because it's not in any qpost archive; I will not argue further.

http:// www.imdb.com/title/tt0087910/

It's a movie based on the

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philadelphia_Experiment

Let's move on.

b72f3a No.196191


I agree with all that.

735034 No.196193


We need a solid Mid terms or confirmation will always have to be nuclear rope a dope. Though I do think it's time to remove the for life thing. That was before Alzheimer's and the meds that keep them alive for ever.

60e025 No.196194

c17b65 No.196195


That may be the case but NONE of these pics are real. They're either from the movie or completely fake. Q has NEVER mentioned the damn thing, where the hell did this lead come from?

c79d6d No.196197


The other day someone on twatter asked TP to drop some intel. He simply posted a pic of Ginsburg. I took it to mean he knows she's not long for this earth. Thank God. Rotten cunt.

a2bdd8 No.196198

Why the fuck are we talking about a 1980's movie?

f701bc No.196199


ahha thanks, i was literally about to link those

d1bc43 No.196200


Supposedly you can beat paywall by doing private browsing.

Click sheets at top, pages collapse, chose private and proceed.

c72e0f No.196201


I'm all dug out for the day

winding down

I'm staying on the 15861162 dig

that judge appears to be one bad actor at first glance.

300749 No.196202


FUCK…Sorry for that rant. After reading what TG said I'm really pissed off now. I was hoping for a hell of a lot more than that. With such a HUGE PUBLIC PUSH for #ReleaseTheMemo & it turns out the memo is just about the stupid dossier, they will DESTROY every angle one it. So when the proof DOES come out, it will be too late FUCK. What the fuck.

I really fucking hope they held back the memo to gage the response & see which way the left will spin it so when the memo DOES come out it will also have accompanying proof. Look how fucking low the MSM will go to cover up/discredit REAL shit. I'll stop now lol

590773 No.196203



9e0ff0 No.196204

File: 8c3239cf92fc303⋯.jpg (97.3 KB, 1024x538, 512:269, RuthBaderGinsbergNap.jpg)

Hard to make fun of her sleeping because when her head goes down, you can hardly see her face. There are TONS of images of her sleeping through important stuff.


a2bdd8 No.196205


Sure. Thirsty, anon? Theres Kool-Aid over there on the table.

07fe3d No.196206

File: 90b906d1424656d⋯.png (166.66 KB, 500x334, 250:167, Slip Slidin Away.png)

c783b7 No.196208


Pepe's Arse hole

1f47eb No.196209


If it's not Q mentioned - I'm done with it here.

(I AM totally convinced the event happened, so I am not denying that… It's just not Q related unless someone links the post from Q about it.)

c9f7fc No.196210


This is a drone used for surveillance

450e36 No.196211

File: af0c4724685a395⋯.png (347.68 KB, 650x434, 325:217, __LdR.png)


Yes… those arms!

930ef0 No.196212


The glow fags in CBTS are saying they are Q and “dropping classified intel”

40c1f4 No.196213


It's from the movie

76da6d No.196216


Maybe but those pics aren't proof of anything. They're from a movie in the 80s with the same title.

c17b65 No.196217


Because fucking children in here cant tell a "leaked" photo is a still frame from a 1980's movie

56ab14 No.196219


Yea, I think the Lucis Trust being at the UN shows the UN is just a huge piece of the globalist plot to destroy the west and bring about their masters bidding.

That is what is behind all this front line fighting, they need to kill off the last hope we have, Q's crumbs lead down a pretty dark road.

Lucifer is our real enemy, whether real or imagined, the fuckers will eat our children in their belief in the new age of Aquarius or whatever dumb shit they believe.

Funny how no religion always turns into a sick religion.

2bc6ed No.196221


The hype for the memo is fading fast…

60e025 No.196222

97bc36 No.196223


Not Q mentioned. A cursory study of either the threadly archives or the many forms of archives online brings you to that conclusion.

Patience is a spiritual virtue, but in front of shills and people that refuse to have that quality, it is finite.

59d3c5 No.196224

Q says follow the $$$ many times. Let's talk about the dot com boom as it relates to follow the money. Is it believable that kids in a garage promulgated the entire internet existence and subsequent boom? What a crock! Did Zuckerburg really create Facebook from his dorm room as what was told to us? Is it a coincidence that all of these major players happen to be from a garage or dorm room but somehow also be grandchildren of Roths and such? Here is part of the truth. They pumped a shit load of money into Silicon Valley while hand delivering the keys to a few people. They spiked a crazy housing cost increase in the Bay area, jacked the housing prices up beyond Disney's reality. Claimed a bunch of High School teens pulled this off. Once they got bad money flowing fast through our economy and housing prices to escalate, they crashed the dot com leaving many losing their 401K and otherwise feeling desolate and beaten down. 9/11 takes place at that exact moment causing everyone to forget about their past thoughts of pissed off at the Government. Everyone was left to believe the housing crash was just a part of 9/11 and their bad luck

67b488 No.196225



Reverse image search brings up Philadelphia Experiment, not a scifi movie.

91f38e No.196228


The mothership should hover over any time now to rapture us.

c79d6d No.196231


Someone should tell Page and Stork.

9e0ff0 No.196232



God bless you, anon.

18f327 No.196233


Ruth… Wake up !!

Gawd! how does this woman even follow a case from the bench…

27b247 No.196234


Schill as f*ck. Over and out. Same. Thank you Patriot!

3579da No.196235

File: da6987a45e879cd⋯.jpg (7.93 KB, 255x161, 255:161, image0.jpg)

0df7a2 No.196236


Why don't you faggots go to the Antarctica threadv?

c17b65 No.196238



this guy gets it

ee11e4 No.196240


nominations for next thread title?

nominations for notable posts? i haven't noted anything ITT yet

new baker will be needed after this one. i'm making the thread and stepping away

23425f No.196241



I have random Theories as well.

But seems other places better suited for that.

Some of this no different thanFlat Earth

aea65b No.196243


Whether it happened or not means squat re: taking down the NWO. This is not at all related to anything we are working on in this bread.

d1bc43 No.196247

File: 05e2d07453e5caf⋯.jpeg (568.21 KB, 1002x755, 1002:755, 0E24D9A8-F8FD-42DB-B5D0-2….jpeg)


No meme just pic

d67507 No.196249

File: 3f7521a97183360⋯.png (226.99 KB, 798x440, 399:220, ClipboardImage.png)

56ab14 No.196250


Only shills talking about fake philly cheese steak experiments.

a2bdd8 No.196251


Apparently so. This bread sucks.

f8d967 No.196252


judicial naps edition

aea65b No.196253

File: 7d1d5650b788ed9⋯.jpg (53.76 KB, 800x600, 4:3, d890g7a0d89f7sdf98d7f89s7f….jpg)

File: bb9c8577258e7ef⋯.jpg (54.09 KB, 800x600, 4:3, d890g7a0d89f7sdf98d7f89s7f….jpg)

File: 6f5a7cc3339257a⋯.jpg (24.72 KB, 640x360, 16:9, ruth_bader_ginsburg1061344….jpg)

Some meme fodder

6ab259 No.196254

Wasn't there a Qpost about 10 days of darkness. I can't find it.

97d4cf No.196256

File: b5f5551b224530c⋯.jpg (37.98 KB, 726x558, 121:93, 1517178149117.jpg)


what u talking bout wilis

38714d No.196258

File: 9644ba9e076fe9b⋯.jpg (16.29 KB, 600x600, 1:1, gettaclue.jpg)


Nope, this is (pic related)

23713f No.196259


Nothing of note in this bread. Sorry we let you down, Baker.

How's this for a title?

Q Research General #239: There Will Now Be Light Edition

c72e0f No.196260

aea65b No.196261


KEK I'm going to play with that one - combine it with my other one hehe

08c5bb No.196263


i call shenanigans on this Philadelphia expt slide

9b3ca9 No.196264

Could one of earlier of Q's pictures been a FISA warrant?

Could Trump have legal authority to "wire tap" these people?

7d2bb8 No.196265


Ginsburg Does Philadelphia

9e0ff0 No.196266

File: 4dd9d0120f01453⋯.jpg (97.03 KB, 1024x538, 512:269, RuthBaderGinsbergNap2.jpg)

1a6870 No.196267

David Brock broke the Paula Jones story! What happened to you, David?? Blackmail? Back then, being gay was the end of one's career. Did they threaten to expose you? How did you go from a conservative firebrand reporter to political hack. I can forgive those who acted out of coercion.

f40f9b No.196268

File: e67c5965e7a9297⋯.jpg (130.83 KB, 500x464, 125:116, IMG_2219.JPG)

File: f709f75bb99be98⋯.jpg (98.92 KB, 381x374, 381:374, IMG_2221.JPG)

18f327 No.196269


OMG.. ty.. you're awesom

23713f No.196270

>>195628 >>195691 >>195683

Loop Capital Founder and CEO Jim Reynolds and US House Financial Services Ranking Member Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA)

filmed by Capitol Intelligence/BBN using GI Glass Closing the Wealth Gap panel during the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Annul Legislative Conference. September 16, 2016

youtube /watch?v=INha0haRINA

9085bd No.196272


Oh me oh my, tickles mee ribskees

a2bdd8 No.196273

This is the worst bread in the history of qresearch. What is it? Amateur night or something? How did we get derailed by pelicans and cheesy movies? Focus, anons. The memo is gonna be released tomorrow.

1a6870 No.196274



07fe3d No.196275

File: 779aa91bff14f17⋯.png (395.79 KB, 450x522, 25:29, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)

c79d6d No.196276


Actually…please don't wake up.

9f0e82 No.196277


right now there is a patriot blowing the head off a clown. one that might have a friend here now. so sad. but necessary.

1f47eb No.196278


Movie Stillframe images. Fell for diversion.

76da6d No.196279

Anybody notice Chris Wallace call Juan Williams Chuck today like he's used to having the same convos with some dude named Chuck. I think it's at the 20-21 minute mark. Gave me a good laugh.

38714d No.196282


NOT YOU AGAIN, you know the third time is a charm , oh board volunteer......

5cb505 No.196283

File: 108fd1b17d72194⋯.png (340.77 KB, 728x320, 91:40, Ruth.PNG)

a99857 No.196284









>Wizards & [WAR]locks.

>These people are really DUMB.



Looks like the mayor false flag (FF) the D's and clowns are planning has to be related to North Korea. They want a big distraction to the memo release. That's why Q said NK was >their last hope.

Thank God good guys see and hear all, always 5 steps ahead.

Bad actions will be neutralized.

Nothing will stop this.


011175 No.196285

f40f9b No.196286

83c70f No.196287


They didn't need a warrant. When they discovered coup attempt, that triggered military access to NSA which taps everything. THEIR FISA requests showed who to target. Becareful what you wish for, As the world turns…. Karma.

97bc36 No.196288


>Funny how no religion always turns into a sick religion.

This is the source of the difficulties in the spiritual thread.

You will notice many parallels with Lucis Trust if you hop over there.


Despite strong dissociation with every possible form of religion or organization, distorting "new age" Mockingbird-esque movements make sure "spiritual" topics as we call them are quickly dismissed as satanic. Words can rarely help, only using the core of the information will do.

9b3ca9 No.196290

File: 407e8a5883d7b45⋯.jpg (27.44 KB, 474x474, 1:1, downloadfile-12.jpg)

ee74be No.196292


Discoveries of the pre ice age advanced civilization that once lived there.

ab27d1 No.196293

File: b46873f4048a71b⋯.jpg (80.42 KB, 635x636, 635:636, total_destruction.jpg)



ab90d3 No.196294


Darth Vader Ginsburg.

9b3ca9 No.196295


Rodger that

67b488 No.196296

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b59ae0 No.196298

File: fa0e83729e32379⋯.png (115.93 KB, 567x610, 567:610, Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at ….png)

76da6d No.196299

>>196289 calm down clown. Go suck a dick or something

97f84b No.196300



Not Q

f81ab2 No.196302

File: e4f1e4460b18944⋯.jpg (804.74 KB, 898x960, 449:480, NO1GETSAPASS.jpg)

ec20bd No.196303


Yes we need to RIDICULE their theories AND Mueller

85f676 No.196305


they do look very much like movie stills, more so than actual photos. I don't doubt the 1943 event, fake photos make this look less credible though. A fake q signature, kills the deal altogether

c79d6d No.196306


No shit. I actually wish we had a dead time every day where no new bread was made and it was to force people to get the fuck off here and actually DO what Q said and work on the map research. Then come back here and share the info. Instead it's become a fucking chat/meme board with little to no actual digs. FFS ANONS! Get back to work!

a8e74f No.196308


Nobody around her seems to want to

a2bdd8 No.196309


Thats the name of the movie.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAmpXDi53YQ

Can we move on now please?

97bc36 No.196311


Next time condense all your thoughts into a single post, upload more images and express your views as briefly and politely as possible, so that even a tooth fairy story gets a fair reading before being judged as true or not. Respect the anons' time and energy.

aea65b No.196313

File: 06844d1b464c230⋯.jpg (22.18 KB, 470x259, 470:259, d8af7ds890f7s89fd087dsf.jpg)

91f38e No.196314

ee11e4 No.196315


fucking kek. 2lewd anon, but i like it




ginsburg needs covfefe edition. so it shall be

9e0ff0 No.196316

File: 2636944ab3819d5⋯.jpg (158.63 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, NightNight.jpg)

3216c7 No.196318

File: ec092b469c2c112⋯.png (636.52 KB, 990x534, 165:89, Z-301.png)



YEAH - - - WOW

930ef0 No.196319



Heads are gonna roll!

9f0e82 No.196320

f701bc No.196323

fb03c7 No.196324


relief, much appreciated

7a76e5 No.196325


when all the talking heads cover the same stories the same way and that's not brainwashing

but a picture with a few words is…

c17b65 No.196327


this is whats got you faggots excited? this clearly fake Q post? Hoooly shit.

450e36 No.196328

File: f774ed61912e83c⋯.jpg (117.33 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, f774ed61912e83c36cdb682bbd….jpg)


Hahaha! You guys are the best!

c79d6d No.196330

Q and co. must be busy tonight. Busy week ahead.

3579da No.196333


Didn't get much out of it other than connecting dots, was there more ot it in your eyes?

ab90d3 No.196334


Those photos were never in the movie. They didn't even address the horrific aspect of it all.

f4be91 No.196335

File: 34916c38125a724⋯.jpg (150.66 KB, 500x375, 4:3, will-sessions-drop-the-ham….jpg)


Bigger hammer

2bc6ed No.196337

I posted this earlier today…

The shillers were thick… so thought I might try to change topic…

I am thinking we are in a kinda Stalemate at this point…

It is interesting that JZ says "Superbug"

Pope twits "Hansen Disease"

MSM is pumping Worst or Deadly "Flu from Hell" outbreak ect

Do you think the Cabal might be threatening us with mass casualties with a Biological War…

If so the Cabal stepped up the game pretty quick…

These People are Evil is right!!

Q said on 1-27 "Think nuclear standoff"

Q said Operation Mockingbird was a failure…

So we took a hit somewhere…


While Q & Team sort it all out

f8d967 No.196338


just realized Q hasn't posted all day

67ecaf No.196339

Very good ammo here, Anons…

http:// lasvegas.cbslocal.com/2016/08/10/the-list-of-clinton-associates-whove-died-mysteriously-check-it-out/

1f47eb No.196340

File: 7a417d25f7f75fe⋯.jpg (160.4 KB, 594x435, 198:145, youbet.jpg)

aea65b No.196341

File: 6ad8be39817db16⋯.gif (460.83 KB, 350x232, 175:116, 6ad8be39817db1636e5d091832….gif)


9085bd No.196344


stop it

your killing me


91f38e No.196346

File: fa2d3c9c2831129⋯.png (299.59 KB, 1345x527, 1345:527, grammys.PNG)

8f1330 No.196348

>>195096, fell off my chair laughing, especially when I saw the still of the bird video my cat watches. Yes, lurking Prayer Warrior here, on assignment from the big GUY. Watching over all of you…

a2bdd8 No.196350

83c70f No.196352


He(they) can approve the idea the picture is portraying but everyone knows that's a photoshopped/bad CGI from a 1980's movie. The Experiment happened, but there aren't any public info pictures on it. Think... 1943.. Color wasn't readily used and the quality of it wasn't this good until post 60's.

Idea is relevant, but arguing that the picture is legit is not wise.

57e5b1 No.196353

File: 94348c510ec5840⋯.jpg (86.05 KB, 578x385, 578:385, LdR.jpg)

57a811 No.196354

9e3bb1 No.196355

File: 2ca59505649200f⋯.jpg (72.96 KB, 663x500, 663:500, 23j3jq.jpg)

b78373 No.196356

File: 1d3a238e08826be⋯.jpeg (131.97 KB, 500x647, 500:647, image.jpeg)

Total Inditement list by state

91f38e No.196357

f40f9b No.196360

File: c8c1a0aff4dd4f2⋯.jpg (139.37 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, IMG_2227.JPG)

ce89a6 No.196361

File: 03c189b8d1db465⋯.jpeg (52.49 KB, 300x351, 100:117, 624B4445-8D32-4E61-92FE-2….jpeg)

c79d6d No.196363


They're on assignment. Trying desperately to throw everything they have at POTUS. Won't work. They aren't "special" anymore. Hollywood is a cesspool.

ee11e4 No.196366


kekked a little too hard there. fuggen saved

c72e0f No.196367

ab90d3 No.196369


Consider that it's been nearly three full months and in that time a lot of digging has been done. There's just not THAT much left to uncover. I'm not even hinting at our "having it all," but only so much is available to us to begin with. Google's censorship doesn't help much. But it's not a bottomless pit. The stuff anons have dug up is staggering. Eventually the point of exhaustion is reached. Not saying we're there but the pickins is gettin' slim for new info.

aea65b No.196370

File: 3e6f6a9b77ec347⋯.jpg (41.79 KB, 500x473, 500:473, Yodakek.jpg)

67b488 No.196371


Same here laughing way too hard!

7d2bb8 No.196373


The program continues to run. The machinery clacks along because that's all it knows how to do. That's the genius of it. Its fuckin scary.

c79d6d No.196374


Been updated since then I thought? Closer to 14,000.

06ad44 No.196375


This is the old one. The new one came out today

453268 No.196376


This is organic. Leave it as it is. No leader. No generals. This is anon.

83c70f No.196378


Operation Mocking bird is the clowns op… it's their failure.

06ad44 No.196379

File: fc35e47ad8d520b⋯.jpg (216.8 KB, 691x887, 691:887, Capture.JPG)

ee11e4 No.196380




linked in the notables ITT

aea65b No.196383

File: cbfc401598bfbf2⋯.png (370.06 KB, 636x354, 106:59, 20171105_200356.png)

MEME ammo

450e36 No.196385


OMG!!! lol too much!!

31c660 No.196388


Stop taking things out of context. The "nuclear standoff" was in relation to having select media personnel protected from harm. Operation Mockingbird was not a failure….for us.

23425f No.196389

File: 33326ad0518e2a2⋯.jpg (123.57 KB, 704x684, 176:171, Bingo.jpg)


My sides

Thas a keeper fer shore.

6ca938 No.196390

File: 2443df38489d8b6⋯.png (486.11 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 2443df38489d8b64231e4de28b….png)

File: d9a9e66059de65a⋯.png (511.51 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, d9a9e66059de65a0ab27d354a9….png)

File: a8869a46029c2bf⋯.png (489.13 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, a8869a46029c2bfdf1e58ff935….png)

File: e0b8f26b9830b2e⋯.png (473.42 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, e0b8f26b9830b2e72ea2756fc7….png)

File: 4ce1541e1880636⋯.png (495.17 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 4ce1541e18806368029069a32e….png)

So anyone know what's up with the 5 page assassination document?

It looks genuine.

f9753a No.196392

Man, I am shadowbanned AF on Twitter

c72e0f No.196393


I caught that earlier

kept my mouth shut

67b488 No.196394

File: 2fe6058e44e29fe⋯.jpg (62.72 KB, 1024x802, 512:401, 2fe6058e44e29fe0393d859f2a….jpg)

TFW you live on this board since Nov and you hear your spouse listening to youtube videos about "Qanon" in the other room……….like, really??

450e36 No.196395


What's with those bruises on her hand????

91f38e No.196396



b56218 No.196397


>get the fuck off here and actually DO what Q said and work on the map research. Then come back here and share the info.

take your own advice asshat and never assume what anyone else is doing.

12 useless shitposts (so far)

b779e6 No.196398

From the philodendron project . G00gle it . >>196143

7a76e5 No.196400

When a flickering, mesmerizing image repeating the same things over and over isn't brainwashing, but a picture with a few words is…

you might be in the FAKE NEWS zone

d9e70c No.196401


>There's just not THAT much left to uncover.

Maybe yes, maybe no. The other puzzle Q gave us to solve is explaining/translating the Q-messages into normal language. Not enough work has been done on that, for anyone looking for something to do.

2bc6ed No.196402


I guess I don't see it that way…

I think they had a backup method…

a8e74f No.196403

File: fa3607a397966d6⋯.jpg (16.48 KB, 328x240, 41:30, BRILLIANT!.jpg)

67b488 No.196404


Plug your iPad in anon

b779e6 No.196405



3b2374 No.196406



Sauce on that?

97bc36 No.196408


Was she influenced by you directly?

See how much difference you can make.

f4be91 No.196409


You must have twatted a few Truths. @jack hates the Truth.

ab90d3 No.196410


Where did THIS come from?

97bc36 No.196411

Philadelphia Experiment anons - at this point, you may create a separate thread so as not to disturb the general.

962841 No.196412


Saw this earlier, let me tell you why i ignored it the 1st time: 3 lines of Fear Porn

>Q said on 1-27 "Think nuclear standoff"

>Q said Operation Mockingbird was a failure…

>So we took a hit somewhere…

Think nuclear standoff, is not equal at ACTUAL nuclear standoff. A Mexican standoff would be a better analogy. Where no one wins if anyone tries to harm another.

Operation Mockingbird, look it up, it's the CIA's control over the media narrative. That operation failing is what SHOULD happen, it's not "we took a hit somewhere"

Keep the disinfo a a minimum = 0

d32c1a No.196413

File: 91e140f144d4c48⋯.jpg (47.4 KB, 750x500, 3:2, trumpy.max-800x500.jpg)

Q / Anons

Why Does POTUS Still throw the 666?

Symbolism.. ?

625afd No.196415

Forgive me if this has been brought up.

On July 29, 1994, Waters came to public attention when she repeatedly interrupted a speech by Peter King (R-NY). The presiding officer, Carrie Meek (D-FL), classed her behaviour as "unruly and turbulent", and threatened to have the Sergeant at Arms present her with the Mace of the House of Representatives (the equivalent of a formal warning to desist). As of 2017, this is the most recent instance of the mace being employed in a disciplinary sense. Waters was eventually suspended from the house for the rest of the day. The conflict with King stemmed from the previous day, when they had both been present at a House Banking Committee hearing on the Whitewater controversy. Waters felt King's questioning of Maggie Williams (Hillary Clinton's chief of staff) was too harsh, and they subsequently exchanged hostile words.


18f327 No.196416


So awesome… I'm having way too much fun with this on twatter… big hits

d1bc43 No.196417



e49181 No.196418


I couldn't do it..but I did try to read the pdf posted on here earlier and go to this……l. Good things, pretty things, she answered, stay-laces of all colors, and she pulled

out one which was woven of bright-colored silk. This lace is very cheap: it only costs €5,

which is a bargain, because on the Internet you won’t find it below $10. Just check e-bay!

6ca938 No.196419


I'd have to buy one first.

a2bdd8 No.196420


Where is this from? Can you post the whole thing?

286275 No.196421


To give Shills something to talk about. POTUS wants JOBS JOBS JOBS… See even for you

1f47eb No.196422


But he loves that dick…

(if you want to get unbanned! - Kek)

ee11e4 No.196423

62840a No.196424


platforms is social media, facebook, twitter and youtube/google are all social media platforms.

57a811 No.196426


Fuk you just doxed me dude

9e3bb1 No.196427

File: 2e1d9b4c445abb0⋯.jpg (76.1 KB, 636x354, 106:59, 23j3v4.jpg)

248709 No.196428


This is from HATJ (Heather Ann Tucci-Jaraf) can i get sauce on this please?

6ca938 No.196429

File: 0fa8dd4ced08dbe⋯.png (488.98 KB, 1384x946, 692:473, ClipboardImage.png)


Look on the second page of this board, it is posted there, here is a screen cap.

9f0e82 No.196431


same reason you shove apples up your ass and flog your chub with live rabbits. he likes it.

a2bdd8 No.196432


Because hes an evil illuminati reptilian who wants to put us in the Philadelphia Experiment.



76da6d No.196433


Forreal man. I dead up caught swine flu from the swine flu vac and it's the sickest I've ever been. I'm not vac truther I believe in the science behind building immunities but I refuse to get flu shots.

There's insane public pressure on people to get them but no one is ever told you can still catch the flu after getting one and no one knows the statistics of what % of people who get the flu shot contract the flu anyway.

How many people would still get the shot if it came out that half the people who get the shot get the flu 2-5% or some shit of the people that get it die.

I don't know how to handle this one without proper data though.

I'm 100% serious about getting swine flu from the vac though.

22f6c6 No.196434


NEVER FORGET what Buzz Aldrich said when he went there…"We've are in danger…it is Evil itself " & he almost DIED there and was busted in hospital by NASA!! There is something we are totally missing regarding Antarctica…& I think I thought might be because the thought of what might actually be there is a thought we automatically dismiss because of the conditioning we have been through our entire lives…There is no damn way that "He'll Freezing Over Means the Devil is actually in Antarctica"…or could he be there?! Where is hell? (Sorry for slight slide but this hit me like a ton of bricks just now"!

585006 No.196435


I've been following some of this. It has to do with a real court case that is being heard in Knoxville. Hearings last week, continuing next week.

Has to do with someone who discovered how to access and use TDA accounts to extract money from banking cartels. Lots of digging required to wrap your head around full meaning, but looks legit to me.

http:// i-uv.com/

7a76e5 No.196436


watch what he does with it… always throwing it away, moving the hand away from the center and then opening the hand destroying the sign. Check the words he's saying during that gesture.

If it were a true symbol of satan wouldn't he gather it up to himself, sweeping the arm towards his center?

a2bdd8 No.196437


Thanks anon

4d4dd8 No.196439

67b488 No.196441


The guy on the video said to see Q posts you have to go to qanonlookmeup.com

which isn't even a site.

Yea, spouse knows I know more than the yt videos. He listens to them and then asks me if the info he heard is correct.

fe3faf No.196442


That's a presidential sigilic hand movement.

To anchor a point.

fa53a4 No.196443

Naptorius RBG

086be8 No.196444


oh word? fo'rizzle?

feelz 4 u breh

d9e70c No.196445


It comes from the fact no one here can explain the symbols and syntax of Q-messages to another person whose never see a Q-message before.

The anons post their interpretations, but not enough about how the deciphering is done.

ee11e4 No.196446


>learn to read the map

83c70f No.196447


They are recognizing that the Russian Narrative is falling apart. They need to try to focus on something else or they look like fools. It doesn't mean the apparatus isn't in place, but they are scrambling. Shooting in PA and no coordinated message shouting anti-2A.. They're distracted. For now.

Failure isn't dismantled. Just means the chatter is confirming that they know the op isn't working

ab90d3 No.196448


I'm with a ton of people who all got their flu shots. I won't get them. Everybody else is in and out of the flu like it was the Great Plague. All those shots appear to do is make people sick and ensure they keep ON getting sick over and over and over. In spite of daily contact with 9 other people who ALL keep getting that flu over and over, I've never gotten it. What's different about me? No shots. I'm the only one who didn't get the shots and I'm the only one who never gets sick.

ee11e4 No.196449

holy shit. i just refreshed and lost 30 posts

228626 No.196450


Its from the Philadelphia Experiment a conspiracy theory and a sci-fi movie from the 80s

a2bdd8 No.196451

The Infinity Masturbator chick at the bottom of the page is offering more insight into Q posts than half the anons on here.

2bc6ed No.196452


I under stand what it means! Mexican standoff

To think we would win every operation and not have repercussions is Naive on your part!

Q told us *Double Meanings*

It's not fear porn… just another way to look at it!

ab90d3 No.196453


A very big FF event is very likely waiting in the wings.

d9e70c No.196454


TEACH how to read the map. The was the purpose of the original side-by-side memes Q wanted made.

97bc36 No.196455


Very good. Creator bless you, seekers of Truth.

There will be more.

27b247 No.196456


Probably all the bullshit chatter

ab90d3 No.196457


Really. What is that ad telling you?

327216 No.196458

File: 10a99ff9f8f0f33⋯.png (192.53 KB, 729x1024, 729:1024, 1517193186132.png)


Poor Democrats got TRICKED BY PUTIN!

How could they ever have been so naive?

49cfda No.196459

Fallen Angels are there …..Satan’s army >>196434

a2bdd8 No.196460

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


NOT from Q.

From the movie.

248709 No.196461


This is Heather Ann Tucci-Jaraf and the case stems all the way back to July 2017. Heather is a credible individual who is currently taking on the cabal in Federal Court….

432169 No.196462


holy cow, sauce please

c72e0f No.196463


this one should go well beyond 750 due to deletions

9e3bb1 No.196464

File: 02ee413915a7dde⋯.jpg (74.72 KB, 636x354, 106:59, 23j427.jpg)

63961c No.196465




https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPrTsADX6Mw

4eb497 No.196466

The parallel of two faces

A brighter future. A happier tomorrow. A place of peace without sorrow.

A place without plenty and never enough. What is compassion? What is Love?

For me and you. For you and I. Where we can live. Where we can die.

I need not share. I want what's mine. I have it all. All is mine.

Respect for all, that live and breathe. Respect thy maker. We hold true to truth.

Feed off their hate. Attracted by their fear. A thief of innocence. Love for deceit.

The day of night. It's plain to see. Which one are you? What shall it be? The twisted and turning. Who will overcome? It's up to you to choose. There can only be one.


18f327 No.196467


OMG…. they're gonna kick my @ss off of twatter for all of this… but it's working

bba478 No.196468

File: 3cba7a7a9dcefa2⋯.png (736.62 KB, 1279x868, 1279:868, Screenshot-2018-1-29 Strav….png)


No islands on Google Maps in these positions, but a hell of a lot of activity on Strava…

f9753a No.196469


Yeah. He’s really gone after all #RedNationRising #MAGA etc. accounts.

9e0ff0 No.196470


That would be, she's on blood thinners for some kind of circulatory condition. People who take those meds bruise very easily and the bruises last a long time.

9f0e82 No.196471


advice. if you believe that you are lost. science is owned and operated by THEM. those deaths in the news did they happen? did POTUS fuck stormy? is POTUS a idiot hitler? are we russian bots posting twatter?c'mon. STOP taking the SLEEPING PIL.

7a76e5 No.196472


this is very close to the truth, or at least from what I've seen. Some never trusted the dossier completely, some knew it was bogus. But they ran with it anyway…

e43f54 No.196473

File: d35227d23ffa32a⋯.jpg (80.91 KB, 729x500, 729:500, JayZB_soul.jpg)

File: 3c82491d0f2f093⋯.jpg (47.5 KB, 500x500, 1:1, JayZB_fall.jpg)

File: 5ca61e891c9efaa⋯.jpg (79.06 KB, 444x512, 111:128, JayZB_karma.jpg)

File: 9ac3f39a06155fb⋯.jpg (81.19 KB, 887x500, 887:500, JayZB_ticktock2.jpg)

8e01fd No.196474


there is something at 0,0 too

ee11e4 No.196475


>some kind of circulatory condition

her circulatory condition is that she doesn't have any circulation. she's dead, jim. >>196360

ae62c3 No.196476

Humanity, please, just stop watching this cyclone of energy. It'll dissipate.

c79d6d No.196477

d32c1a No.196478

I have Noticed the timing with what he is talking about and the hand gestures, Im wondering if there is more to the hand symbols

a33169 No.196479




Information supply has to be low error if public is to recover from cognitive decline from information poisoning.


1f47eb No.196480


The clowns had laboratories and investments in biological genetic labs (see In-Q-Tel).

There is little doubt they have (had) the ability to create weaponized flu.

The question is did they? And if Q knew about it, telling us (after the Defcon1 debacle) would probably have us melted down…

Just a thought.

ab90d3 No.196481


Darth Vader Ginsburg red-shirted … video at 11.

a248db No.196482

File: 8875fb0c064d4d3⋯.jpeg (292.22 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 22D51F34-EBCE-4AC4-9B5B-D….jpeg)

Guys deep state is trying real hard during the Grammys

22f6c6 No.196483


I actually wil believe that! They are immortal…and we never have heard what actually happened to them. They changed our history so we would forget they were here…& they are here with Satan. This is his world to rule…until God decides ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Times up!

529ea2 No.196484

File: 2ce3146c6c9badf⋯.png (613.85 KB, 780x653, 780:653, wiki.png)

286275 No.196485

File: d3e1df10e900284⋯.jpg (17.39 KB, 400x269, 400:269, SAUCE.jpg)

f81ab2 No.196486

File: 58d75eddde8b3b9⋯.png (364.02 KB, 636x354, 106:59, pedostaclintonmaddy.png)

47c0b0 No.196487


When do they not?

ab90d3 No.196488


They probably went a long way toward weaponizing it, but the tradeoff for that was that it was no longer airborne. It had to be injected.

a2bdd8 No.196489


"Endless possibilities"

ae62c3 No.196490

File: 8e5bc4ba2347cde⋯.png (752.53 KB, 752x679, 752:679, 4xvje3l.png)


Show me the money!

9e0ff0 No.196491


The astronaut's name is Buzz Aldrin

6ca938 No.196492








All answers on the 5 pages of Trump assassination documents are in these other posts.

557cd0 No.196493

File: ac41fd28d4d1d8a⋯.png (129.85 KB, 303x249, 101:83, haha.png)

ab90d3 No.196497


Looks like the military version of that masturbator in the bottom-of-the-page ad.

f4be91 No.196498


I'm a twitterfaganon I have many burner accts but my main acct has 17k+ followers. Have to be very careful. ;)

f9753a No.196499

File: c1cde6f6d972f8d⋯.jpeg (83.58 KB, 682x500, 341:250, 6EDE8A0E-9A23-4B93-950B-F….jpeg)

248709 No.196500


www.i-uv.com there are also tons of videos of HATJ on YT this is a remarkable case and it was in limbo until Jan 18th 2018 with was an important hearing. A lot was accomplished. POTUS had reps from the DOJ at the hearing (sitting on Heathers side) this all revolves around the Federal Reserve and the Cabal. It's over for them. Heather has been preparing her case since 2010 and it has now come to a head in Federal Court and I believe it's tied into Q's –– timing is everything

c72e0f No.196501

File: d98555074a6558c⋯.jpg (4.31 KB, 269x187, 269:187, doc2j.jpg)

File: e4c3073cd8cee99⋯.jpg (10.54 KB, 255x138, 85:46, c8c1a0aff4dd4f289981df5a4c….jpg)


She's dead, Jim.

ab90d3 No.196502


Notice the similarity in design. >>196490

4c8a1f No.196503

Have a feeling Mueller might indict someone tomorrow morning and we'll be happy about it

38714d No.196504

File: b130bb8f2fa0716⋯.jpg (15.3 KB, 300x294, 50:49, streakinPepe.jpg)


Its the lil island of what is left of Fantasy Land….I rather watch Pepe streak the stage

d67507 No.196505


Thanks Anon Haha kek

a2bdd8 No.196506




286275 No.196507


LOL im crying!!!!

6ca938 No.196509


It is encouraging to read in the document how unhappy these guys were with Trump, they were intensely frustrated… That is music to my ears!

864f85 No.196510

Let me give Anon a lesson on good and bad in that world.

1- there is no good guy bad guy, there is only leverage.

2- choice to make, go along and take a take and shut up.

3- choise out no job with family … possible death to

family member…

4- person at that level think of the implication of going

against a system that uses MS13..

5- YES a lot of good people are dirty and a lot not by choice

6- Which ones deserve a pass and which one doesn't

7- Which ones do we need to keep to have continuation of Government

8- Some non-willing participants I hope are TG, JS, MP..and even

Marine Mueller.. which Dilly reported that he was

our guy by LEVERAGE

63961c No.196512

File: c914ae899d18df3⋯.jpg (15.82 KB, 400x321, 400:321, seder11g.jpg)


It's fake dudes!! learn to use tineye.com

grow up…damn so many fools here…..!!!!

e49181 No.196513

taking one for the team and watching the Grammy awards………all I can say is what the fuck?

a33169 No.196514




History channel

Is cabal IO

88d54d No.196515


Are you Podesta's cleaner?

67ecaf No.196516


By tomorrow afternoon, Russia will be responsible for everything you can think of.. Russia Russia Russia… if that fails to distract you, they're going to use False flags. Be very alert tomorrow and avoid crowded areas. Have an emergency escape plan if you must go into crowded areas from now, till AT LEAST the day after the SOTU…

ae62c3 No.196517

File: 17a39ccdfc70c90⋯.jpg (112.33 KB, 900x1165, 180:233, advisor_coloured_by_headcr….jpg)

Yes, I'm okay.

453268 No.196518

File: b65ac954f1c7b63⋯.png (417.85 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, FD12AB4C-D96D-44B4-84AB-C6….png)

Has anyone seen this??

Link —. https:// t.co/pNPL8nNc1w

22f8ad No.196519


She is too old/sick to sit on the bench. My best guess is she's in heart failure. She can't stay awake. The dark spots on her hands is from too much cholesterol medication. <Bad stuff that medication.

8946f5 No.196520

I haven’t seen a disaster like this bread since Nam.

c2f770 No.196521


Much better… gives an idea about what the awakening is… I like it.

Revealing the secrets of politics will keep you up.

12555a No.196522


Old version. Been updated, maybe Friday. Check newest version which shows another huge volume added around Christmas into new year.

b78373 No.196523

Quantum Playground: #HATJ #POTUS : “Universal Clean Up” & “Universal Backdoor”

http:// i-uv.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Pacer-Doc-98-PRAECIPE-DECLARATION-OF-DUE-CAUSE-AND-JUDGMENT-AND-ORDER-OF-DISMISSAL-01-22-18.pdf

http:// i-uv.com/hatj-rkb-pacer-1-22-18-praecipe-declaration-of-due-cause-and-judgment-and-order-of-dismissal-doc-98/

7dbacf No.196524

File: d12bc4dfe39b6f5⋯.jpg (85.88 KB, 368x285, 368:285, weekendatbernies-368x285.jpg)

67b488 No.196525


Shit source.

49cfda No.196526

They found them frozen and woke them up and some people believe they were cloned …Steve Quayle writes books on them >>196483

23713f No.196527

Patriots make the dough rise.

ee11e4 No.196528







and new baker needed

Godspeed, anons

a3d4de No.196529



What say you southern black congregation hears of this?

12555a No.196530



23713f No.196531

Fill this bread, anons.

9f8548 No.196532


Did you find someone yet? If not I can bake anon.

7f99f7 No.196533


>Why do D’s, through the funding of the CIA, prop up and install Hollywood/media assets?

>Does this fall within Operation Mockingbird?

Also, who said

>we would win every operation and not have repercussions

I didn't.

91f38e No.196534

File: f8a4ec14cfb5e97⋯.jpg (21.9 KB, 450x390, 15:13, WormHole.jpg)

c72e0f No.196535

File: 7516a2ab398a596⋯.jpg (43.13 KB, 253x227, 253:227, 1510274583509sa1a.jpg)

286275 No.196536


You fucking guys are killing me my stomach hurts and im crying. LOLOL!!!!

23713f No.196537

Bread filler.

22f6c6 No.196538

File: 2cd6e94f91dbfff⋯.png (799.72 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_0371.PNG)


And the Mysterious "Blood Falls" are because of "Iron"…Im a nurse and seen plenty of real blood & this looks like the real thing to me! WTF is in Antarctica & WHERE are the CHILDREN?!!

67b488 No.196539


Ahhhhhh put it on twitter lmao!!!

395fea No.202327


Suspect Jim Morrison too, his dad was a Navy Admiral.

91f38e No.221898

File: ae449d23457c2a2⋯.png (613.21 KB, 496x985, 496:985, ObamaTrump.png)

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