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Pro Aris et Focis

File: bcacab1198c9aa6⋯.jpg (9.47 KB, 255x143, 255:143, Topic.jpg)

484e81 No.253000

Q Research General #309 - Op Mockingbird Down Edition

The People dreamed this country. The People built this country,



>https:// intelligence.house.gov/uploadedfiles/memo_and_white_house_letter.pdf


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5e1107 No.253012

File: 748f656d4758d18⋯.png (349.68 KB, 723x561, 241:187, Feb 2 one minute.png)

484e81 No.253013


https:// ghostbin.com/paste/wyote/edit

ab826c No.253014

Bless The Baker and The Patriots.

484e81 No.253015


https:// ghostbin.com/paste/wyote

ff1a78 No.253016


How about Lurch John Kerry, he said Trump would be out soon to Palastine that fuck needs to go down too, he knew the plan and needs to go to jail also

fa4141 No.253017

File: 74d2a687382fb59⋯.jpg (60.71 KB, 200x200, 1:1, rg21.jpg)

Tasty bread.

7189b0 No.253020


Oh shit! I didn't have twitter then. Was this verified?

e0d836 No.253021

File: 3bd54710f5f82a5⋯.jpg (34.62 KB, 326x326, 1:1, 23v9v9.jpg)

7189b0 No.253023

EUanon, is this you baking again? Do you still need a new baker?

b9381e No.253024

Curious, all the commecrials on the radio 90% seem to be Need Help with IRC problems, etc.

Curious if anyone has numbers for how many have said fuq it and checked ut of the criminal unconstitutional income tax system?

ac510a No.253025

File: 13e35653052126d⋯.png (69.88 KB, 1261x627, 1261:627, 1517617324436.png)

Please try to memorize some good talking points and analogies about this memo and what it implicates, so when you get invited to sooper-bowl parties this weekend, you can discuss it intelligently and drop some redpills


ac2409 No.253027


There is that number I was talking about. I said it was over 900k

ac510a No.253030


Here's something interesting I learned recently and it got my noggin a-joggin.

>Harvey Francis Barnard, a Louisiana graduate in systems philosophy, and an engineering consultant and teacher, created the NESARA proposal during the late 1980s and early 1990s. He printed 1000 copies of his proposal, titled Draining the Swamp: Monetary and Fiscal Policy Reform (1996)




>Forgives credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and >government activities

>Abolishes income tax

>Abolishes IRS; creates flat rate non-essential "new items only" sales tax revenue for government

>Increases benefits to senior citizens

>Returns Constitutional Law

>Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups

>Creates new US Treasury currency, "rainbow currency," backed by gold, silver, and >platinum precious metals

>Returns Constitutional Law to all our courts and legal matters.

>Initiates new U.S. Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional Law

>Eliminates the Federal Reserve System

>Restores financial privacy

>Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law

>Ceases all aggressive, US government military actions worldwide

>Establishes peace throughout the world

>Initiates first phase of worldwide prosperity distribution of vast wealth which has been accumulating for many decades

>Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes

>Enables the release of new technologies such as alternative energy devices

>And much, much more.

b6471f No.253032

Any anon who has not looked at the definition of Fraud Upon The Court should do so now. There are certainly more problems regarding the legalities of the actions , but , you have to understand FUTC to understand the power of the DOJ right now ( and lack of power of the Judges)

484e81 No.253033


Yeah it's still me.

Yes very much, i'm struggling to keep my eyes open.

4c7793 No.253034

The memo did not address the fact that Obama also paid Fusion GPS $972,000.

The President of the United States pays 2 years worth of his salary for “opposition research” on a presidential candidate, then that opposition research is used as evidence for a FISA warrant against another American to spy on said presidential candidate? Are you fucking kidding me?

7189b0 No.253035


OK I can take over!

7374ca No.253036


go back a year

Sessions had a bitch of a time

getting confirmed

he recused himself from RussiaHoax

and he is the only one at the DOJ

who remains clean from the shitshow we are seeing

so when he unrecuses..he will be the LIGHT

that sweeps away the darkness

b105e8 No.253037


someone just tried to hack my computer

e4f35a No.253038


interesting. this doesn't match their pitch on twitter. Maybe i'm wrong. unless there is other info, could this add be placed to find something? recent topic about transporting gold in bodybags.

ac2409 No.253040

So Eric Salway called us Russian bots again on Tucker, and that guy is a shady liar. Young or not. Sliiiiiimy if he peddles that bullshit narrative.

db88b8 No.253041

I came in pretty late. January. Have been going nuts trying to figure Qposts out. At .io some of Qs letters/words are in bold letters. When you only read the bold ones, there are messages. Now, I'm not sure if everyone here knows about this or not, or , I'm not sure if it's nothing, but , there are messages

e1e12b No.253042


>i have enough dirt on him to put him away for decades

Sauce? I have speculated that TG himself admitted he was "leveraged" when people were suggesting him for AG..he said his "confirmation process would be a distraction" which I read to be..."I'll never be confirmed because I'm..."

d7d6a9 No.253043

File: f59f3cd5db93e18⋯.png (22.62 KB, 600x700, 6:7, ourdaywillcome.png)

b45263 No.253044

File: ae54a018fdb39af⋯.jpg (318.22 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, thankyoubaker.jpg)


ac3144 No.253046


WTF is that?









ac2409 No.253048


You are a trooper Dude!!! Thanks!

b9fd24 No.253049


Q, can we get some dirt on Eric Salway?

6562a7 No.253050


Fuck off shill, FireWatch anon warned us of the likes of you…


484e81 No.253051



I think i just confirmed for myself that keeping this alive is more important to me than my job… kek


4743bf No.253052


I don't know if I've ever been shadowbanned, but something fucky is going on with my followers count. Everyday I get one or 2 new followers. EVERY DAY for the past 2ish months? My follower count will not go past 667. it fluctuates between 659-666 throughout the day everyday. It's weird.

1c950a No.253053


More of this please!

This my strength. I'm more effective in the fight doing this. Even better in person but don't reach as many. I will be happily devouring any nuggets of this wisdom. They are not lost.

6faa73 No.253054

Sara Carter on Fox saying her sources claim they're going to open a special counsel on the FISA abuses

4c7793 No.253056

They left Obama funding Fusion GPS out of the memo. That’s the most explosive FACT they omitted.

331130 No.253057


>Smartsheet anon has already been outed for posting 19 chains of IPs from fake Qs


>Spreadsheet anon did that.

Posted "chains of IPs"? Where?

Where were ANY IP's posted by spreadsheet anon?

7189b0 No.253058


Kek, have a nice night/work day.

df1401 No.253061


Then spill them, for God's sake!

b45263 No.253065



im just saying the 3 i said was connected to fisor

trillions prolly more

fb0cc7 No.253066

Gregg Jarrett just said that RR threatened members of congress

cd3807 No.253067


sorry please not a shill.. just trying to help…

will not respond anymore ,will just read and keep the

thinking to myself

7189b0 No.253068


Grassley article today and Nunes confirmed this as well.

fa4141 No.253069


Gotta start the normies off with small red pills otherwise they'll reject it.

5d12a0 No.253070


They cannot prove that it was directly funded by Obama.

86a2d2 No.253072


I'll do you one better. I used to be a liberal. Besides, it's NOT our job to change minds, we're not recruiters. It IS our job to keep minds from being lost while this unfolds. 5 stages of grief, a lot of people will go through this while their political party dies. When it's said and donetghough, people have to change their own damn minds, the oracle (matrix) told us that. If you're gonna take something away from them (current POV, sense of reality), be sure to replace it with another that they can live with.

DO NOT GET FRUSTRATED BECAUSE YOU CANNOT CHANGE ANOTHER'S MIND, that again is their job. PATIENCE is key. In 20+ years of redpilling, I've learned that some minds will NOT be changed (4-6%), and most have to see RESULTS to even consider it. Some will never change their minds, but will respect your point of view bc of how you present it. If you're not a happy conservative, why would they want to be a conservative? Casual conversations, over time, is how it's done.


db88b8 No.253073




Mr.contractor , whistleblowers

-4,-5 mass-start



19 no longer with us

ff1a78 No.253074


I'm sure MI volunteered Trump, they needed an independent person to come in so they could clean house and uphold the Constitution, I can't imagine the danger POTUS is under let alone his family but they saved the world, if America goes all else goes.

03af33 No.253075


I want that fuckers head

51f40d No.253077


Yes it will!

4bbe3c No.253078

Long time lurker, I think I remember at one time we did not see HRC documents because the public was not interested??? Supposedly there was not enough interest in docs or an investigatuion for a dept to release them and therefore nothing came out??? May be a nice meme?

660ae2 No.253079


Are you going to keep us informed throughout the storm?

02335a No.253080

File: ef3876bca1a162d⋯.png (446.45 KB, 1674x889, 1674:889, A739E7.png)

This Special Ops C-146 went from Pensacola to huntsville to Lexington and is now circling Louisville… sight seeing?

9fb402 No.253081

File: 5e908e69dd7a2f7⋯.png (184.65 KB, 585x404, 585:404, Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at ….png)

Anyone else ever notice that the phrase "At the end of the day" is kind of like "coincidence" and people use it/throw it around as a means of talking down to people with a dissenting opinion?

aab9dc No.253083

Thank you baker for this amazing bread

> Much appreciated

7189b0 No.253084

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-07-16/haiti-official-who-exposed-clinton-foundation-found-dead

According to Eberwein, a paltry 0.6 percent of donations granted by international donors to the Clinton Foundation with the express purpose of directly assisting Haitians actually ended up in the hands of Haitian organizations.

125988 No.253085

File: 5d1db6be5110845⋯.png (345.48 KB, 690x349, 690:349, carterpage-navyofficer-2.png)

POINTS OF INTEREST !!! George Soros is named as a critic of Rosneft policy

POLITICS BIG TIME !!! British Petroleum is a large partner in Rosneft


https:// en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Carter_Page — https:// archive.is/n4dAY

https:// en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Crimea — https:// archive.is/euyt3

https:// en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rosneft — https:// archive.is/Ay15B

https:// www.treasury. gov/press-center/press-releases/Pages/jl2369.aspx

The Treasury sanctions were based on activities in the Russian Crimea during 2014.

Q: Who is Carter Page? a "dummy"??

A: Naval officer – graduated top 10% of his class – chosen for the Navy's Trident Scholar program – researcher for the House Armed Services Committee – served in Navy five years including a tour in western Morocco as an intelligence officer for a United Nations peacekeeping mission – master of arts degree in National Security Studies at Georgetown University – completed a fellowship at the Council on Foreign Relations – received an MBA from New York University – worked as an investment banker with Merrill Lynch in the firm's London office, was a vice president in the company's Moscow office – and later served as COO for Merrill Lynch's energy and power department in New York – worked on transactions involving Gazprom and other leading Russian energy companies – founded his own investment fund, Global Energy Capital with partner James Richard and a former mid-level Gazprom executive, Sergei Yatsenko –

The Steele dossier alleges that Sechin offered Page the brokerage fee from the sale of up to 19 percent of Rosneft if he worked to roll back Magnitsky Act economic sanctions that had been imposed on Russia in 2012.


Igor Sechin, the "sanctioned person" by our Treasury Dept that Page was accused of

consulting with – was CEO of Rosneft, of which BP had an interest in. There were many deals going on in Rosneft's history, some of which were controversial.

Rosneft is an integrated oil company majority owned by the Government of Russia. Rosneft became Russia's leading extraction and refinement company after purchasing assets of former oil giant Yukos at state-run auctions. As of 2016, Rosneft was the 1st largest company in the world with $176.75 billion in sales during the fiscal year. Rosneft is 75.16% owned by the Russian state, BP a British multinational oil and gas company headquartered in London, England, United Kingdom owns a 19.75% stake while around 5% of the shares are in free float.

On 14 July 2006, Rosneft conducted one of the largest initial public offerings in financial

history, after placing nearly 15% of its shares on the Russian Trading System and the London Stock Exchange. Rosneft achieved its objective largely by arranging bilateral deals with strategic investors, such as British Petroleum, Petronas and CNPC, which bought almost $2.6 billion worth of shares during the IPO.

Critics of the deal included financier George Soros, who called on investors to boycott it on ethical grounds, and Andrei Illarionov, who called the deal illegal and "a crime against the Russian people," because none of the proceeds would go into the state budget.

(Must read the history of Rosneft !!!)

There were many deals going on with a lot of money involved.

Exxon-Mobil then became involved with these dealings.

Some of this required U.S. gov approvals.

In April 2017, the Trump administration has denied ExxonMobil permission to continue a deal with Rosneft to drill for oil in Russia.


Putting Stryok in HR means he had the access to FBI files and their agents' TEXT MESSAGES and could even delete???

67336c No.253087

OMG!!! Rosenstien THREATENED to subpoena phone records etc of Congress because he was tired of their metaling.

b9381e No.253088


must've just lifted it, all day with dozens of posts have one or two notifications,

Just looked and it suddenly 12. Low i know but strange how it suddenly opened up…

go figure, don't care really rather post on gab.

But Twitter is the place to redpill people.

aaef2a No.253089

Thank you baker 👨‍🍳

b105e8 No.253091



https:// keystoliberty2.wordpress.com/

5d12a0 No.253092

The white hats need to take down the bobblehead media. The battle will never be won will these clown operatives brainwashing the masses without consequence.

b45263 No.253093


trillions of bucks - fisor scandal

both sons that was involved

dude shot up theater lol yea right

dude shot up school, lol yea right

4743bf No.253094


There really can't NOT be one. No matter how much the left throws a fit.

ff1a78 No.253095


This is so the crack in the dyke (not a Hillary joke) they can't stop the flood, it's on

444569 No.253096


I red pilled my wife. She thought I was crazy at first. I started with the photos from pizzagate. That really upset her but she could see it was true when I tied it back to the Podesta emails.

Then I showed her how they blackmail people using the Mossad/Hugh Hefner honeypot method. That helps them understand why people do things to hurt our country and themselves, even though it's not logical to do.

It takes a long time and the person has to be somewhat receptive to listening to it. No one likes being told that everything they believe is based on lies.

6faa73 No.253098

16e401 No.253099

He did? Damn….I missed that


ac2409 No.253101


Swalwell, my bad. Eric Swalwell. Was pissed and mispelled it

331130 No.253103

File: 422a5375a1165e8⋯.jpg (213.46 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, FISA MEMO - not the only d….jpg)



He'll get his

48163b No.253104

File: 9b3e80e8c49dc5b⋯.png (130.11 KB, 499x350, 499:350, ad.png)

they changed the masturbator ad with this?

38cf31 No.253105


I also looked up their address and found this: virtual office space rental.

https:// www.davincivirtual.com/loc/us/minnesota/minneapolis-virtual-offices/facility-1342

db88b8 No.253106


If you go to .io for Qposts, some of the letters/words are in bold letters. When you only read the bold letters I think there are messages. Go ahead and look.

9fa001 No.253107

Pay no attention to anons claiming to have solved something but only speak in riddles and do not provide any evidence.



bdf516 No.253108


What was the key that un-liberalized your thinking?

morals, confusion, an event, the bathroom agenda, etc, etc, etc,.

Want to know if others would redpill on the same thinking.

dc8224 No.253109

File: 8575a3fc645f976⋯.png (743.56 KB, 1200x673, 1200:673, farage.png)

1c950a No.253110


Pure nuggets of gold drop.

I try to 'question' them out of the argument MO.

Q's are the second best MO imho.

1st would be accurate predictions of the future.

d7d6a9 No.253111

File: 58783b7471b866e⋯.jpg (155.01 KB, 600x338, 300:169, GUNhistory.jpg)

7189b0 No.253112


You are forgetting that for the last year+ the media has been chasing Russia collusion stories. Now Mueller will be going after Russia collusion with the Hillary Campaign and the media will be forced to cover it or look completely biased and lose any credibility they have left.

0b423c No.253113

File: 42cba3e564083e1⋯.jpg (304.36 KB, 867x920, 867:920, Untitledmacho.jpg)

ac2409 No.253114

File: 48b4753351792a7⋯.png (519.02 KB, 1263x687, 421:229, ClipboardImage.png)


Shockers all the way around /s

69af14 No.253116

File: 1ba68179e649372⋯.png (666.1 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_0704.PNG)


Just missed two more, posts some crazy shit

Then this one

f550a0 No.253117

What was jordys latest prediction?

94311c No.253119


When you are done with that one, just go down the list...


5b1ed8 No.253121


You are an idiot

So you came in here and shilled the board

You are a dirty nigger and we have not heard you

You and your mother look like you are supporting (((them)))

WE the anons know better

Notice…..you are now filtered

4c7793 No.253122

File: 3d0b1695cb2db96⋯.jpeg (13.72 KB, 275x183, 275:183, 3F99AEEA-8980-4F3C-BC66-1….jpeg)

7189b0 No.253123

Why so may Jordy shills in here the last couple of days?

ac3144 No.253124


Still not feeling it. Got anything else before I filter you?

bf8654 No.253125


Yes! Didn't POTUS talk about making changes to teh 702 making it harder to have surviellance against Americans? Didn't he make a point about it NOT being the one used in the FISA memo?

Looking for it, will post it if I can find it.

a19a21 No.253126


Interesting.... Anything else?

f08e5e No.253127

File: f208c6e294d468b⋯.png (78.56 KB, 667x852, 667:852, FUTC 3.PNG)

dc8224 No.253128


>OMG!!! Rosenstien THREATENED to subpoena phone records etc of Congress because he was tired of their metaling.

Almost shat my pantalons when I heard that on Hannity. I HOPE they recorded it.

284d2a No.253129

File: a3aa686fe070fd4⋯.jpg (229.59 KB, 960x540, 16:9, brcborosenb.jpg)

e1e12b No.253131


Former spook here...there are absolutely controls...not on the low level, after all, YOU were hardly at Lolita Island...and YOU follow orders, just like I did.

be5382 No.253132


Well fine, maybe it's true, but let's keep pushing the Constitution at them and see if they will tell us that to our faces.

It might be a battle we can win, because I don't think people would accept that idea if they're faced with it in black and white – which is why (according to the story) it's been kept under wraps. For effectiveness1

ff1a78 No.253133


Good, all who knew go down

ac2409 No.253134


I got that one and missed the one before it. Shit

331130 No.253136

File: 78746e185dea206⋯.jpg (75.48 KB, 1000x653, 1000:653, 1476631906547.jpg)

Public service announcement

>shilly up in heyah

ddf1a1 No.253137


Found the download


dc8224 No.253138


>Why so may Jordy shills in here the last couple of days?

Shills coordinate.

042a8f No.253140


You are just like a tick on a dog, aren't ya?

Won't be happy until you get everyone to disregard the Q posts and replace them with your own bullshit theories.

My advise, why don't you start you new board from scratch, form your own intelligence agency and attract a legion of internet warriors by Merritt of your sheer charisma and infallible intelligence?

960709 No.253141


we HEAR all

we SEE all

we KNOW all

fb0cc7 No.253142


Yes. Jarrett said RR threatened to subpoena members' texts because he was sick of dealing with the intel committee.

Jarrett confirmed, RR threatened them.

b9381e No.253143


Thank You Deep Cover Anon…

69af14 No.253144

File: d9f26ec90ea01c3⋯.png (719.18 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_0703.PNG)


This one today and predicted van in China yesterday

7374ca No.253145

File: ac41fd28d4d1d8a⋯.png (129.85 KB, 303x249, 101:83, haha.png)


sounds like a request

b45263 No.253146


never was a follower

used my own mind

i made the fads in school

turned down a mas on offer at 25 before i knew anything about it

always loved God and Jesus

Bad boy

in hot tub in day time one day

watched them turn off spray turn around and

start spraying again

that day there was many doing checkerboard


Soon after woke af

fc6b70 No.253148



ff1a78 No.253150

File: 729f1e823fd2869⋯.jpg (96.54 KB, 750x534, 125:89, CLINTONS.jpg)

aaef2a No.253151


Mine gets to 265, then I see 20 + adding to following me but the 265 goes down to 250

d7d6a9 No.253152

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

960709 No.253153


They are truly showing their real colors, and whose side they play on…tsk, tsk, tsk..

Don't they know better?

b6471f No.253154

Is there any other lawfag except me on here tonight? Fraud Upon The Court took place. Fruit of the poisonous tree is at the helm of the Mueller investigation. Any conviction that can be attributed to the named people is now thrown into question and subject to reversal or acquittal ( depending on circumstances) civil lawsuits up the ass are about to fly! Bruce Ohr is in the most criminal jeopardy. The judges who sat on that FISA Court are subject to scrutiny and possible loss of Judicial Immunity

ac2409 No.253155


Not shilling. It's weird and he specifically address the group so I thought I'd track it. his style of the delete and go thing is getting irritating and I am to the point that I will not care what his info is, he obviously doesn't really want someone to have it.

94311c No.253156

File: 2a9e0730fc41544⋯.jpg (165.1 KB, 723x802, 723:802, airforce.JPG)


When you are done with that one, just go down the list…


f550a0 No.253157


Yo, ive always wanted to do wet work for the clowns. How does one get that job? Apply or recruit?

4c7793 No.253158


He did?


He’s fucked then

71d658 No.253159


That will be the investigation that will blow the lid off of the Hillary/Obama bullshit.

df1401 No.253160


Good! eff'em!

0bd357 No.253161


Yes, that's why Q says we are vital. Together we can force the issue and it's why they shadow ban us and call us bots, they understand OUR power.

539ed1 No.253163


Then you can watch "The Fifth Estate" tonight

da3239 No.253164



a7efd8 No.253166

File: 173d4a51b430f52⋯.jpg (46.72 KB, 608x500, 152:125, bw.jpg)

We have years worth of evidence against the media defending murderers, perverts, covering up scandals etc. Let's destroy them! #OperationMockingbird

f1fdeb No.253167

File: 33cc6bd80282732⋯.jpg (80.99 KB, 800x900, 8:9, .jpg)


This Fuck Here

fb0cc7 No.253168


Certainly they "know." Problem is, they don't care. They have been elites/elite rulers for so long that they believe they can do as they wish.

db88b8 No.253169


Look, I'm trying to help. I'm going into rabbit holes I don't like. But, here we all are. I wish I knew how to post pictures, but I'm super low tech …. so here it is … When you on qanonmap.github.io , in some of Qposts, there are words and letters in bold, as in big fat bold letters. When you only look at the bold letters, I believe ,there are messages. Please, look for yourself. I might be going crazy, but I promise you, I'm just trying to help

71d658 No.253171


I figure that will come out when the special prosecutor starts investigating the FISA abuses. Just watch.

ddf1a1 No.253172


Why do they always have to be in the underwear

4c7793 No.253173

So let me get this straight… DOJ and FBI are in the hot seat for abusing their power.. and Rod Rosenstein responds by… threatening to abuse his power?

Can you make this shit up?

fc6b70 No.253175



ac510a No.253177

File: 2e2510f307c86cc⋯.jpg (71.64 KB, 888x888, 1:1, pt-shoty.jpg)

Let's roll back to January 20th in 2017, Trump is the new POTUS and he's got about zero allies. Democrats hate him, Republicans hate him. Trump is a honey badger, he doesn't give a shit. He gets to work. Even further back, he knew this wasn't going to be easy. He knows how to win, he's going to teach the party that he commandeered how to win.

> https:// twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/785854588654092290

He starts implementing conservative policies, stock market likes this, he's rolling back regulations, he's reversing Obama's progressiveness, he's telling immigrants they need to go back, he's bringing back law and order, he's cutting off the Global Elite… AMERICA FIRST!! Notice I said "conservative" policies, and not Republican policies. There's a difference. The Republicans hate this… but the conservatives like it. Republicans are a part of the same snake that Democrats are. At the very core of America lies a deep conservatism, it's where we came from. So the true conservatives in the Republican party start to take notice.

Let me ask you something real quick… Do you think a liberal New Yorker gives a shit about American Conservative policies? The answer is, maybe. Maybe not. So how in the hell did he capture the heart of middle America? Donald Trump is a family man, and he's got a deep love for his country. He's also a shrewd businessman and knows how to run shit. He knows he can't do this alone, he needs help. He implements these very correct conservative policies and Rand Paul takes notice. Grassley takes notice. Gaetz takes notice, along with Jim Jordan. Mark Meadows is on board. DeSantis looks around the corner. Gosar opens his eyes. Trump is getting their attention.

The healthcare negotiations, he works directly with Rand Paul on this. He's delegating. Look at the DACA negotiations, he tells Tom Cotton and Mark Meadows he won't sign anything they won't sign. He's getting people to help him. Okay you know all of this, so let me circle back to where we are today… and why today is such a monumental day.

Conservatives fought for Donald Trump today.

Read that sentence again. It's important.

He knew about all of the memo stuff a year ago, but he can't win this war on his own. Over the past year he's included the core constituency of America, the conservatives, in his plan. He showed them that he will fight for their America, he included them in the fight, and as of today… they are starting to fight for him. Nunes and the HPSCI did this all on their own. Trump wasn't involved. Trump wasn't involved at all. We've got a war on our hands, and we've got one hell of a Commander In Chief at the helm. He spent the past year showing them how to win, and today they finally took a fucking shot. Get ready for more. Conservatives see what just happened, and confidence is contagious. Others will want a piece of this. It's called Success! So this is what is truly amazing about today. Yeah, go ahead and have fun and bitch about the memo. It's all political theater, but whatever.

Just be proud, because I know I am. I've waited a long time to see the conservative backbone.

ac2409 No.253178


I had paused so I am half an hour behind. Don't want to go to the live and miss whatever is being said. Bleh.

ae0947 No.253180

File: 8c27cff61f0584f⋯.jpg (482.55 KB, 1100x1471, 1100:1471, !newsweak15..jpg)

File: b4a7b4bb10d2ae2⋯.jpg (425.53 KB, 1100x1471, 1100:1471, !newsweak16..jpg)

Yesterday and todays Newsweaks

d7d6a9 No.253181


Easy, just comment on a jerome c_orsi video and you'll get a call.

3a7569 No.253182


Lawfag here. From my perspective the individual crimes are subject to the larger political drama at play, quarterbacked by POTUS. Prosecutorial discretion, so to speak. I'm sure justice will be done all around in due time.

a7efd8 No.253183

b6471f No.253184


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND there you have it folks!

48163b No.253186


haha that's great, something we will never forget and few will understand


i despise that motherfucker

89f123 No.253189

Ohhhh shit did tucker get pissed off at D Congressman Eric Swalwell tonight? ahahaha He turned beet red!

e9b152 No.253190


Hmmm.., Powell is the next?>>252990

a19a21 No.253192

Investigate the FISA judges, were they taking bribes? Are they corrupt?

aaef2a No.253193


Aye aye!

dc8224 No.253194

and a reminder to all the fuckin boomers and cuckservatives in here, this doesn't end once Trump leaves office. Never get complacent. NEVER AGAIN!

ff1a78 No.253195


Can you imagine if they let this slide, like the sub guy with the selfie, why did he go to jail

df1401 No.253196


Very. He cut the interview off so he didn't explode on air.

0233fa No.253198


Yes we must keep calm. The best way to keep calm is to prepare the public, which will recruit.

Q [paraphrasing] - “You have been given the biggest intelligence drop in the history of the World. USE IT!”

69af14 No.253199


Not shilling either he says some weird shit, the two I missed was talking about open portals and shit I'm done lol

bdf516 No.253200


So an experience immersed in reality - cannot be spoken or repeated.

for me::

I was college edjukated, but seen thru the lie of mainstream science concerning Albert Einstein.

When the science conflicted, I questioned everything.

I was 14 then.

Everyone around me was like an alien from then forward (educated zombies).

Until I found out the most intelligent people are the "uneducated ones"…

df1401 No.253201


The one I saw wasn't redacted. At all!

4c7793 No.253202

Congress: “Rod, you fags have been abusing your power you asshole.”

RR: “I’m sick of your shit. I’m going to subpoena you, fag”

539ed1 No.253203


Sorry im a soyguy

be5382 No.253204


>indict all of the past Presidents

Really? Back how far?

86a2d2 No.253205


See, that's the thing, it wasn't just any one thing, it was a combination of things. Honestly it started with Behold A Pale Horse (William Cooper). After that, seeing the direction that not just the country, but the world was going and wondering if I even wanted children born into it. The city i lived in at the time was a microcosm of it, so it was right in my face. The LGBTQ (before it was called that) agenda, the destruction of the family unit, communities being destroyed while politicians show up only to campaign, then you don't hear from them until next election. Finding out about all of the corruption going on behind the scenes & how much it was costing innocent taxpayers. Watching Slick Willie Clinton get away with lie after lie, after I wasted my vote on him, and I HATE being lied to. And THEN the bogus wars (Afghan, Iraq). Little by little the layers unfolded and i broke family tradition.

b45263 No.253206


like… chickity china the chines chicken have

a drumb stick and your brain starts clickin,

you have?

b9fd24 No.253207

File: ac5533a0c24ca90⋯.jpg (92.29 KB, 573x1045, 573:1045, IMG_8428.JPG)

So they keep saying the Piss Dossier cost Millions of dollars to produce. How much of that went to paying off THIS guy and getting him to sign an NDA?

dc8224 No.253208



Better known as soyim.

d08634 No.253209


Fuck you and your divisive name-calling.

7126aa No.253211


Day of Days.

e0d836 No.253212

File: d990dc386e2c5f7⋯.jpg (112.66 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1517617324825.jpg)

b45263 No.253213

2dda60 No.253214


which at this point is about 80% of the posts

331130 No.253215

File: 6aab7827ba6e36e⋯.jpg (32.44 KB, 615x409, 615:409, 1475378607249.jpg)


And this, gentlemen, is what we call a "drive by"

>make spurious accusation

>assert as fact

>ignore all queries, requests for sauce of any kind

>drop it like a hot rock

>move on to next target

>change IP

>begin again


Because they can

>no longer ignore Q

>no longer just yell CONSPIRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>pretend it doesn't exist

>memo's out, they're flailing

What's left?

>attack the integrity of the records (Q posts)

>attack those who keep/kept the records

<you missed some

<here, insert a FAKE Q post

aka "apocryphal"

<X anon is a bad hombre, we "outed him"

rawtxt anon, spreadsheet anon, etc. - seen it several times

Tactic is old, tired, didn't work then or now.

What does it tell us, lads?

Last gasp of the clowns

Lashing out, out of fear, desperation and no plan, no retreat, all avenues of escape are being cut off


fc6b70 No.253216



042a8f No.253217



I was a liberal myself two years ago.

I redpilled myself, just by paying attention.

Sadly other liberals are much more invested in tribe mentality and don't engage in much critical thinking.

However, the vast majority will eventually be forced to reconcile their beliefs with reality and make their choice from there.

That is why this operation is on "slow drip"; to help people come to terms with what is happening.

4743bf No.253218


Agreed! Thank you for saying it out loud.

b6471f No.253219


Fellow lawfag like me. The US Govt, is about to be sued for civil rights violations of Carter Page ( scum) All named ( especially Comey) will be sued individually on a civil basis. All convicted federal cases linked to these people are about to be challenged. *( successfully) The Mueller investigation can't bring fruitful cases to Court as it was based on a false foundation.

bdf516 No.253220


So the memo, and each storm related event like it will crack thru the liberal crust. Eventually. Slowly.

So we just stay the course and be factual…



4c7793 No.253221

Arrest RR and put him in the shithole

960709 No.253222

File: 6f96ca997ee77d7⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 28AA9D56-6369-4724-9EA2-55….png)

89f123 No.253223


The memo out on the .gov website didn't have any redactions.

ac2409 No.253224


yup. wasting a post to tell you that you are filtered. Enjoy your sheckle.

2b55a0 No.253225


Trying to sell a lie here? knock it off!!! THIS is the memo. Note...unredacted.

https:// www.scribd.com/document/370598711/House-Intelligence-Committee-Report-On-FISA-Abuses#download

482b92 No.253227

needs to be a special prosecutor for a RICO case

db88b8 No.253228

>>253224 sorry, I was only trying to help

b6471f No.253229


it can't slide. The legal system is already involved and that train cannot be derailed

b45263 No.253230


omg this opens so many legal doors

4743bf No.253231


Holy shit. He's 5 years younger than me?! I thought he was at least in his mid-40's!. Damn. Being a dirty lying fuckface really ages a person

0233fa No.253232


What about the principle of “feels over reals”, and how upheld in the Supreme Court?

Please tell us that doctrine is ironclad and why not all over news already.

b105e8 No.253233


https:// twitter.com/_motazen

numerous pictures. I don't read arabic

960709 No.253234

File: b008c6b56a0e7b1⋯.png (739.71 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 73135AA5-0B7D-4948-8918-02….png)

cdf7c0 No.253235


That guy is such a piece of shit; on Fox often.

960709 No.253236


jesus fuck…..

e66533 No.253237

File: a6144260fb15c51⋯.png (151.32 KB, 999x1550, 999:1550, key9.png)

Wind the clock, forgot to add that in graphic and web does not start in center it starts outside (thanks anon for the correction)

94311c No.253239


If you are sincerely trying to help, work up what you have and present it.

It is best to be quieter while doing so, otherwise you will get attacked.

6562a7 No.253242


As Q said, (((they))) are stupid.

fc6b70 No.253243


wow ty for all the posts

331130 No.253244


Those bolded parts are only an artifact of the brackets. In the original posts here on the chans, brackets are not formatted in bold.


e69c28 No.253245


At the end of the day, Congress has released the memo that the Chair of the Intelligence Committee wrote while examining documents about abuse of the FIS court process. It is now public, it show crime and corruption in the high ranks of the FBI and DOJ. It cannot be ignored.

dc8224 No.253246



It always end up in an argument if you blast people with too much info. Crumbs over time saves you argument time and once you're proven right multiple times. My response is "either I'm a prophet or the lib media is full of shit"

7189b0 No.253247

Reading these new HRC emails and it looks like her whole goal in every country she worked with was to involve major NGO's in the rebuilding process or development of the country.

cfb1a9 No.253248

http:// www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/02/02/jon-huntsman-sr-billionaire-philanthropist-and-businessman-dead-at-80.html

Billionaire John Huntsman Sr. dead in Utah…son is US ambassador to Russia…Romney comments and is aiming for Senate…


cbbfde No.253249

File: 1e2d7f1a8891fac⋯.png (70.43 KB, 425x499, 425:499, Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at ….png)


The queen of England backs our endeavors? Q seems to say otherwise.

4c7793 No.253250

File: 46e046617b70e6d⋯.jpeg (40.32 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 417A7289-7022-4BF2-9BFC-8….jpeg)

9fa001 No.253251



(9) key people mentioned in memo?









Lisa Page

444569 No.253252


I think twatter shadow bans based on the hashtags. It also seems that they are monitoring our war room to obtain the hashtags for each day.

I've gone through six twatter accounts six we started the blitz. Each time a get a few likes and followers but it quickly falls off to none.

I suggest highjacking the hashtags of the lefties and overwhelming them. At the same time, mix in our critical hashtag we are pushing.

da3239 No.253253




7189b0 No.253254

Not necessarily illegal actions but just walking the line of ethics. And her minions just constantly kiss her ass over email. Like she was some sort of goddess.

db88b8 No.253255

>>253239 understood. Sorry

6c6a21 No.253256

File: 0a4231fc645e338⋯.jpg (199.95 KB, 962x569, 962:569, weaponized-white-house.jpg)

It is slow here tonight. Good.

Glad to see so many anons taking a much deserved break, after weeks of anticipation.

Capped off by a late night experiencing the surreal stylings of Seth Rich Panda Countdown and Explosion.

I'll never forget where I was when that panda exploded.

Bakers, this slowdown will, hopefully, last, and will be good for you as the bread should take much longer to devour.

Something tells me the shills are going to have IRL challenges, the professional shills, and we will get more of the lesser sort.

The bad guys are having a bad day. Pic related.

b9fd24 No.253258

File: 90b71dcdf0d8c8d⋯.png (509.65 KB, 640x444, 160:111, IMG_8431.PNG)

f550a0 No.253259


Any group that has mapped the human mind and has it all the way down….not stupid.

e9b152 No.253260


Are you has other link?, i don't like scribd

7189b0 No.253261


Idk about this guy………..

595156 No.253262


Please make this smaller

df1401 No.253264


I didn't filter, but I ignored after your last answer. If you've actually got something, bring it. Don't tell the rest of us to go find it! I've looked at the bolding before, and didn't find anything.

b6471f No.253266


I don't know of any feels over reals doctrine. This isn't about Supreme Court. This is about the rules of Judicial procedure. Fraud Upon The Court has been effectively shown so any Judge that rules on this case ( or cases that flow from this case) will lose his/her Judicial immunity from criminal prosecution

4743bf No.253267


It's either shills or idiots. Little column A little Column B probably

db88b8 No.253268

>>253244 understood. Sorry. Won't happen again

cbbfde No.253269



bcc4f1 No.253271

News stories sliding under memo day




According a high ranking FBI source that’s been spot on throughout Russian investigation, “A high-ranking FBI official confirms a number of the missing 50,000 FBI text messages — as well as other text and email messages among FBI brass — reportedly discussed initiating physical harm to President Donald Trump.”

Says McCabe’s texts, emails are treasure trove of antiTrump messages and threats.


aaef2a No.253272


Ok here’s a warp in that, most don’t know that there’s an insurance that can be gotten to cover omissions. And protect the person from being charged for omissions….

e4f35a No.253273


same thing i found. also looked up on minnesota secretary of state and didn't find co. If he is a "Q", probably should know for self only, but more interested in the add posted. odd. will think and search.

ae0947 No.253274


Turn your monitor sideways

e0d836 No.253275

File: c3c12f6421e1d54⋯.jpg (65.83 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 23vb2y.jpg)

84ba07 No.253276

File: 25cd2cbc9f07086⋯.png (48.78 KB, 787x414, 787:414, Capture.PNG)

Media has been spinning all day about how the FISA warrant wasn't completely based on the dossier. Saw Gloria Borger explicitly say this today on Blitzer's show.

Memo states that McCabe testified as in pic related.

Let's hope that transcript gets released quickly, so it can kill that spin at least.


http ://www.washingtonexaminer.com/devin-nunes-open-to-releasing-transcript-of-andrew-mccabe-testimony-about-fisa-application/article/2648001

bdf516 No.253277


Did you ever delve into the constitution since waking?

I find that most libs do not care about knowing the wonderful rights they are granted, but rather have it dictated to them.

Wondering if a lesson in rights that make you free and human (sovereign) would bring home any successful redpilling.

I live off-grid, and have no loans and no need for banks. The concept is hard to grasp to libs that no-one has a right to bother me at my homestead.

3a5fa4 No.253278


Seems like a Stable Genius to me!

bcc4f1 No.253279

Spring 2016 FISA denied

July 2016 Dossier appears

Oct 2016 FISA on Page approved. JC signed off, LL signed off

Jan 6, 2017 JC tells Trump dossier is unconfirmed and salacious.

Jan 10 JC testifies under oath

Jan 26, 2017 FISA 1st renewalJC signed off, Sally Yates signed off

April 26, 2017 FISA 2nd renewal JC signed off, DB signed off.

June 8, 2017 JC testifies over firing

July 26, 2017 FISA 3rd renewal, AM signed off, RR Signed off

When did JC commit perjury? Oct 2016 or Jan 10, 2017?

What “new” information, if any, was presented to get Page’s FISA warrant renewed?

Who was the agent requesting FISA warrant? Strzok? McCabe? Who can make a request? What FBI agent went before FISC? That agent committed perjury.

Jan 26 JC & SY committed fraud by signing off on FISA warrant unless new information was given to judge & decision to renew was NOT based at all on dossier.

6314cc No.253280

File: 06aeecb6010554d⋯.jpg (43.95 KB, 540x356, 135:89, DVE9PzKXkAAFwjL.jpg)

File: 1f9c195f98218c1⋯.jpg (63.21 KB, 800x420, 40:21, DVE1E7SXcAI_MyQ.jpg)

File: c0f2fab47fd5732⋯.jpg (134.77 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, DVERngpUQAARrcu.jpg)

4c7793 No.253281

File: 54657857f1645fb⋯.jpeg (67.87 KB, 1501x1000, 1501:1000, 2A89BCFA-AC74-4A8A-AC5B-3….jpeg)

e40b62 No.253282


He went to jail because he's a fucking peon like us. In all my years on this earth, I can't remember a single high profile, connected shitbag ever doing serious time. DuPont heir rapes his 3 year old daughter and judge says he "Won't fare well in prison"

I'm running low on hope for the right thing to be done. Too many brothers and sisters lost to war, suicide, and prison over simple shit, but these fuckers pay a fine or get pathetic sentences. We need to see some justice, or I fear it's nearly time to refresh the tree of liberty.

bcc4f1 No.253283

There still is issue of Flynn, Page, and Papadopolis cases be thrown out violation 4th amendment and other people currently under investigation if any evidence was provided by Fusion GPS (FBI subcontractor). Manafort may walk too.

e69c28 No.253284


Would be nice for someone to report exactly what the terrorist attack will be using the Batman trilogy content and the cvard from Steve Jackson Games Illuminati deck

I remind you that this time period at the beginning of February is considered to be an important festival by satanists. They celebrate by human sacrifice.

89f123 No.253285


>there are words and letters in bold, as in big fat bold letters.

Yeah, there are…And?

5d12a0 No.253286


He is a traitor. I was hoping he would get fired today.

735bcd No.253288

File: 9418c65256258dd⋯.jpg (55.54 KB, 600x471, 200:157, download.jpg)

38530c No.253289

File: 0460fdb206209b2⋯.png (151.89 KB, 835x784, 835:784, eric swalwell smarmy.png)


Definition of Smarmy….

fff6fc No.253290


very very old news, we're way passed that at this point.

bcc4f1 No.253291

Dana Remus-Brent Holmgren wedding. BHO officiates. Former senior counsel & Former director of intelligence NSC. Same reason Huma & Weiner’s divorce halted?

Ex-wives testify. Current ones don’t

b105e8 No.253292


also this was marked

https:// twitter.com/hashtag/5G?src=hash

2e661a No.253293


That was quietly posted months ago. InfoWars has covered.

dc8224 No.253294


Forget one: On The Same Day Trump Releases the Nunes Memo A Federal Judge Keeps The Comey Memos Secret - http:// dailycaller.com/2018/02/02/comey-memo-lawsuit/

We need to push hard on this one. Fuck this prick.

b45263 No.253295


like i said, i understand catch and release for the momment but

we the people as a country need a big fish head on stick

94311c No.253296


Not major NGOs , “the major” NGO.

All NGOs get funding through CF.

CF collects and distributes all donations, decides all awards.

91c434 No.253297

File: d0e5c5244ad50c0⋯.jpg (16.21 KB, 220x275, 4:5, 220px-Devin_Nunes.jpg)

File: 2effabc538761d1⋯.jpg (20.12 KB, 343x480, 343:480, CWNSf8_CWs_AAxz_E8.jpg)

I just wanted to give a big shout out to this hero! Putting his job (and his life) on the line for this Country more than once. If you're religious pray for this man. A Patriot of the highest caliber!

Thank you Mr Nunes, may the armour of our Father protect you. God Bless the USA CHEERS!

7374ca No.253298

File: 27200b9d99af887⋯.png (34.22 KB, 813x502, 813:502, inspiration.png)

inspiration from an anon

a couple months back

9e2418 No.253299



Yep. Looks like that to me. Rule #6.

https:// vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/the-25-rules-of-disinformation/

6c6a21 No.253300


underrated post

444569 No.253301


Read this anons….. Very well said about our struggle and DJT.

d80764 No.253303

I am becoming a pelicanfag

ARRESR PEDOSTA LOCALLY WITH PD on pizza charges, normies will wake up. Show on tv boxes with evidence or smth, his art whatever you have on him,make a show. Especially after gymnastics shit, appeal to feelings. Its a political field now, not so many care

ac3144 No.253304



Are you taking about the






6562a7 No.253305



Fuck off.

b45263 No.253306


he was looking at me as i drank my beer, salute' Potus!

4c7793 No.253307

File: cdda4c11b44de53⋯.jpeg (81.52 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, D13297B9-2172-4BA0-8C1C-1….jpeg)

b6471f No.253308


False and nobody should take this comment seriously. It even defies common sense . You can't pay ahead of time ( insurance ) with the intent to do something wrong. I'm not going to call you a shill or anything else because I know people misinterpret the law often but don't say BS again or else I will

86a2d2 No.253309

All @ once = shattering reality/minds. or running the risk of not being taken seriously. Not good either way…

Play your cards right, crumb by crumb, and they'll seek you out the way that some can't wait for Q! >>253246

e0d836 No.253313

File: bd9b979ea7a8028⋯.jpg (75.69 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 23vb8e.jpg)

187098 No.253314

Previous bread needs rising anons.

284d2a No.253315


Sometimes it's good to watch people under pressure, see what they do, see what they say, watch them squirm. Let this play out. POTUS is already 10 moves ahead of everyone else.

bdf516 No.253316


Twitter has 400 dicksorters, they can spare one jacktard to lurk. Good point…

aaef2a No.253317

File: 8a842485ecf8af4⋯.png (363.14 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, BACF3863-DD5A-4DB5-92C9-70….png)

File: 9ebfb4684ce06a6⋯.png (373.94 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, EC05FF71-5572-4202-9108-5E….png)

File: 87a02ea961cc5a0⋯.png (298.91 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, AEA9DE33-DD5B-4C06-A8F4-0B….png)

File: 98902b535bba459⋯.png (461.3 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 9AB13F4B-D35F-48A8-A6CD-D5….png)

He’s a remote viewer

dc8224 No.253318

File: 0a4e5c6e05fe832⋯.jpg (74.35 KB, 640x427, 640:427, AdmiralRogers.jpg)

File: e8cfc17413ef107⋯.jpg (29.75 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Lt.-General-Michael-Flynn-….jpg)

File: d0e5c5244ad50c0⋯.jpg (16.21 KB, 220x275, 4:5, 220px-Devin_Nunes.jpg)

THANK YOU! and to all other unknowns.

Anons wont let you down.

5d12a0 No.253319


Something about this dude just screams 'kiddy diddler'

796d30 No.253320

Good evening Patriots.

647e1f No.253322

Just a thought to bounce off my fellow patriots there is no possible way that the the fisa judge(s) that approved the warrant isn’t corrupt they are not going that long without hearing that dossier was fake lets force the judge(s) out # subpoenathefisajudge these ppl can’t remain anon

ac2409 No.253323


He is an out right liar. I do not know how he sleeps at night. that isn't cognitive dissonance. (buzz word of 2018 Mark my words!) He lied about small things. Then circle jerked himself! Never seen him before. Must be trying to take up the Pelosi mantle.

cd3807 No.253324

SO after this is over.. How are we going to make sure it doesn't happen again…

There is only 1 Trump

4c7793 No.253326

File: 53c997d443665e6⋯.jpeg (48.54 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 4AD018A0-18CE-41E2-B616-F….jpeg)

db88b8 No.253327


Yes. But I was told to just watch. I don't want to be rude and not answer you, but I've learned my lesson,. I was told it's nothing. It's ok. I tried. I'll stay quiet and learn. Sorry to everyone for taking up the space….I thought I had something, but now I know it's nothing

4bbe3c No.253330

Long time lurker, I think I remember at one time we did not see HRC documents because the public was not interested??? Supposedly there was not enough interest in docs or an investigatuion for a dept to release them and therefore nothing came out??? May be a nice meme? What I mean, is its funny how before everyone wanted to see HRC docs but nothing came about becuz those top 3 compromised areas of 3 letter depts said nobody is interested. Now, they say though everyone is interested, should not have released memo???

e69c28 No.253331

On December 17 2017 there was a long power outage at Atlanta airport. There have been reports that it was to arrest Obama and he has been before high priesta military tribunal since then. If so, then clearly MI, who hear and see all, knew he was up to something. But why arrest a fleeing man when we have special forces who can take someone pretty much anywhere in the globe?

Could it be that this high priest of Satan who lived his entire life by lies and deception, had a plan to offer a human sacrifice to the dark lord as his last act? By blowing up a trans-atlantic flight?

It would be straightforward to arrest the man, but to find his luggage in a maze of dark halls, non-functional machinery, with no help from computer systems, could have taken hours. Perhaps this really is what happened.

aaef2a No.253332


As a private detective I obtained omission insurance… check it out

5d12a0 No.253334


People need to go to prison.

8aead1 No.253336


Wut up G :)

91c434 No.253338


He has sons….looking forward to the Golden Child's reign.

f550a0 No.253339


Wrong. Something else wrote the script to this whole shit show. Even wrote your script and mine. We just THINK we chose the path.

df1401 No.253340


I have no idea what anon was talking about. The "pray" things was months ago…. And the other "messages" from that post, as well.

7189b0 No.253341


So then it was illegal but no one (citizens) had connected it then. Argh.


Hey BV!

b105e8 No.253342


ENTERTAINMENT SCHEDULE for festivies before the SuperB owl

https:// www.mnsuperbowl.com/super-bowl-live-presented-by-verizon#featuedAttractions

ac2409 No.253346


Plausible deniability and finger pointing readily available. Skimming of funds as well. Circular money flow. Stupid, nasty bitch.

331130 No.253347





That's the way I read it too, thank you for the confirmation.

t. non-lawfag, but well read, keen interest

aaef2a No.253350


Errors and omission insurance from many companies

https ://www.nationwide.com/business-errors-and-omissions-insurance.jsp

dc8224 No.253354


>SO after this is over.. How are we going to make sure it doesn't happen again…

Easy. Instead of watching football and other bullshit. You make it lifes duty to watch these pieces of shit like a hawk. They can't function in the shadows with millions of eyes on them 24/7.

e69c28 No.253355



Far better to look into the medieval crime of usury, why it was so, and who and how it faded away

b45263 No.253356


u honestly dont think hes known about fed? he knew about big ears birth cert

6a8a97 No.253357


thats what we need , another fucking political dynasty

ac3144 No.253358



I've been keeping tabs - compelling posts, but I'm now beginning to think this guy is a shill

4c7793 No.253360

File: 923a66708f84d1b⋯.jpeg (328.32 KB, 1200x628, 300:157, 88A5F834-C807-4BDB-A6F5-7….jpeg)

284d2a No.253363


Make an example of those who committed high crimes (RICO, Sedition). A dramatic example. Think Rosenbergs on steroids

91c434 No.253364


He can groom many others in the mean time

ac2409 No.253365


Yeah, he's going to be my "special" project for a few days.

042a8f No.253366


I live off-grid, and have no loans and no need for banks. The concept is hard to grasp to libs that no-one has a right to bother me at my homestead.

Same here. I live mostly off grid for most of my life. No debt. I don't buy anything I can't pay for outright. Most young people these days have been programed for a cushy life at the cost of massive amounts of debt (i know a few of them).

Two terms of Bush Junior drove me to become a liberal. War mongering/corruption of the constitution.

I have always believed that the only thing that keeps the country together is the law. When I saw Obama turn into Bush 2.0 it put me on the edge. Gave up on politics.

Saw Sanders as a possible hope but then I saw him for a weak controlled fraud.

Again the problem is most people create a reality for themselves, because it FEELS comfortable. It takes a lot of personal reflection to reject what you see as reality and that is not a trait most people can muster often.

Wish I had a better answer for you on how to red-pill people. The best you can do, is give them small doses mostly phrased as a question. In the end it just comes down to personal choice.

89f123 No.253367


Oh, this one has def been groomed for the part! No telling what kind of eff'd up bs this one has been a part of!

9fa001 No.253368


Think mirror.

43 days before 12/21 is 11/9 (Q's first trip post).

43 days after 12/21 is 2/1 (National Freedom Day).

b45263 No.253369

File: c43fa7db58f1ce9⋯.jpg (172.52 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, EDDIE - Copy.jpg)

1ccbd6 No.253370

Josh Caplan‏ @joshdcaplan

FOX NEWS: Hawaii man who sent false missile alert was ‘100 percent sure’ attack was real

6:45 PM - 2 Feb 2018

ff1a78 No.253374


Laws are supposed to be equal

bdf516 No.253375


none of them have the fear of god. twas about satan to them.

and history must be written so badly of them ..

9fb402 No.253377


wait, I thought it was an accident??

d7d6a9 No.253379

File: 4eae013d99f1772⋯.jpg (216.84 KB, 606x532, 303:266, DEADRINGER.jpg)

4c7793 No.253380


Of ccourse he was sure. He was told to push the button. He did it for his country.

690bcb No.253381


Rule of law doesn't consider public interest. Charges will be brought. Heads will pop up when HRC's head rolls into court.

b6471f No.253382


that would not even come close to being in the ballpark of what we are talking about. I'm not wasting my time looking into some fairly tale insurance that couldn't exist in a Court of Law! I am not an insurance expert by any means, but I can hold my ground on a legal feild! If you paid for omission insurance ( LMMFAO) I have a parking lot in the Everglades to sell you

fff6fc No.253385



Long term, take back the education system, eradicate common core and centralized federal control, clean out journalism and media schools, cleanse the MSM.

4f978e No.253387


Eric Salways Words tonight make me think, there's only one way out of this. Time to feed The Tree of Liberty

ac510a No.253388



86a2d2 No.253389

it's not overnight, nothing is. that's what's so hard to get across here on this board. Gotta be in it for the long haul

89fa3b No.253390


That patsy gonna disappear, he's been speaking up more & more.

aaef2a No.253393


Do you want to list of several other companies that offer E&O insurance ???? Very common in Business dealings…

bdf516 No.253394


He was Wong…

mr.Wong. (Kek)

but he was Right…

about he attack…

5d12a0 No.253400


Ideas on how to meme this dude?

ac2409 No.253401


I save what I can. Saw his YT vid. Completely at odds with being an RV and also a little odd. Not buying anything he is selling or his services. This could be a schtick. It's SM. Fuck all the felons and freaks are there. Worth watching. I am not opposed to remote viewing, and understand it is not a literal thing all the time.

361359 No.253404


heart attack after his plane lands in ocean?

bcc4f1 No.253406


I also forget Flynn sentencing judge recusal.

8aead1 No.253408


Zac from Info wars said it's all going to come out, when I do not know but it should

94311c No.253410


Some of us knew but no one was listening.

Just told us to take off the tin foil hats.

7126aa No.253413


I think that conservatives finally feel like they don't have a target on their backs, like during the Obama years, and that their President is really on their side. Probably for the first time ever.

36429e No.253416


super bowl related for sure…bomb the stadium?

b45263 No.253419


got to do somtin with name for gods sake

aaef2a No.253420


91c434 No.253422


And if they do right by the people whats wrong with a dynasty?

bcc4f1 No.253424

Preview of Dems response


e1a443 No.253425


> No one likes being told that everything they believe is based on lies.

It was MAD FUN for us. I loved knowing that the forces that oppressed us as nerds were total evil fake bullshit that God was only too happy to destroy if we just gave Him props. If we remain holy, we can call fire down upon them from heaven like Elijah! All you have to do is pray and find unity in your prayer like Jesus said.

df90f8 No.253426


Not if you are time traveling.

fb0cc7 No.253427








Cant get Video to post…

Jarrett saying RR threatened congress

0ebe75 No.253429

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This video is a tribute to ANONs and their followings.

Notice the reference to clouds (web memory) and dwarves (CIA).

Many BRILLIANT people in music have

seen this day coming for quite some time.


Drift all you like from ocean to ocean

Search the whole world

But drunken confessions and hijacked affairs

Will just make you more alone

When you come home I’ll bake you a cake

Made of all their eyes

I wish you could see me dressed for the kill

You’re my man of war

Yeah, the worms will come for you, big boots

Yeah, yeah, yeah

So unplug the phones, stop all the taps

It all comes flooding back

To poison clouds and poisoned dwarves

You’re my man of war

Yeah, the worms will come for you, big boots

For you, big boots

89fa3b No.253430


…while punching himself to death…

2c59a5 No.253431


I guess we are in for another couple of years of special prosecutors before anything is actually done to take these people off the street.

3c9226 No.253432


Glow Much??

539ed1 No.253433


So 40% (you) Fisher and Broken english like me / 40%another anon and 20% FBI? Love you to

a7efd8 No.253434


Top Kek!

ddf1a1 No.253437


Ignore them. The bold brackets can sometimes be tricky.

Here questions with some answers to get you started. It will take hours to read slowly and understand. Also use it against qcodefag.github.io/ which you already have.


331130 No.253438


>I'll never forget where I was when that panda exploded.

For those of us who weren't watching when it did - what exactly happened when the panda exploded?

4f978e No.253439


San Francisco District, Shouldn't be too Hard

b105e8 No.253440






address a solemn request or expression of thanks to a deity or other object of worship.




noun: prey


an animal that is hunted and killed by another for food.



relating to or characteristic of people or human beings.

"the human body"

"they are only human, and therefore mistakes do occur"

synonyms: mortal, flesh and blood

e5ad93 No.253442

OK.. Previous bread is filled

23b7d3 No.253443


Well said Anon

ac2409 No.253444


Still telling us the Reynolds wrap is too tight. They are trying very hard. They are using all the old shame words but they aren't working very well because too many times people have seen that they were not crazy or paranoid in the way they imply at all. Some of us (hand raised) are sill crazy and paranoid, but… you get what I'm saying.

3c9226 No.253445


Haha, the fucking panda was awesome.

0bd357 No.253447


Of course it was real. It was also shot down immediately. They tried to get POTUS to start bombing NK. Didn't work.

ff1a78 No.253449


This is so deep, we need to fix education, all branches of gov, the communists are knee deep, it's going to take a long time to fix what BHO did in 8 years

111d31 No.253450


Well Said Anon!

dc8224 No.253451


Additionally when people are up for an election, check a candidates voting history, rhetoric, etc. Never let up, EVER!

Exactly whats being done here and certain twatter accounts is exactly what needs to be done from now on. Support the TruePundits, Sara Carters and Judicial Watch's of the world to ensure they grow and continue their great work. This level of scrutiny needs to become the new norm.

As patriots fill the ranks of gov and law enforcement heads again, anons work side by side to keep this country safe from the scum who seeks to destroy it.

df1401 No.253452


Not sure why you keep responding to me. I was responding to the other anon about the bolding.

b6471f No.253455


I will give you the benefit of the doubt. Certainly you did not pay for insurance for that basic right so you have 1 strike against you for claiming so as it relates to honestly or credibility. That is part of being an expert witness . Honest mistakes or omissions are not held to account as would be intentional . 'Knowingly or willingly'

db88b8 No.253456

>>253437 thank you

547a15 No.253457

File: 6df625cb086c3d4⋯.png (405.48 KB, 1255x904, 1255:904, screenshot_659.png)

Hawaii man who sent false missile alert was ‘100 percent sure’ attack was real

http:// www.foxnews.com/us/2018/02/02/hawaii-man-who-sent-false-missile-alert-was-100-percent-sure-attack-was-real.html

c2f656 No.253458


sauce? copyright?

796d30 No.253459




Refresh your page for a pelican free viewing experience.

Get Comfy, Stay Centered, and Support your Fellow Patriots.

6a8a97 No.253460


Just havent seen one that done right by the people for any length of time

89f123 No.253461

File: 2c6611f3f6e836e⋯.jpg (77.97 KB, 500x333, 500:333, Wong.jpg)

b45263 No.253462


54321012345 nodda

e66533 No.253463

File: 2c3d29f33d69f74⋯.png (150.1 KB, 999x1550, 999:1550, key9.png)


FORGOT to add, Nov 9th Q began giving us the key took out start clock time, just in case it's wrong (then 12/8) or we don't need it.

Also for got to put Wind the clock and refer to Web anon's graphic to get the idea with the markers. Also Web does not begin inside but outside.

bdf516 No.253465


the dicknado, and pelicans, and the panda…

what culture chan brings…

oh yeah, and the lampshade kike graphic during the great migration…

we are an odd bunch

042a8f No.253466


Agreed. Education. In just 8 years communists went hard core on the school system. Everyone was just too asleep to notice it until it exploded in everyones faces.

6c6a21 No.253467


That's not how it works, the SP can be issuing indictments and calling grand juries from the first day. it can go on for a long time but pins can start to fall quickly.

In the meantime there will be ongoing house/senate investigations and eventually DOJ and FBI once they are cleaned up, not to mention whatever the hell is going to happen with MI. All of these can be referring cases for prosecution, continually.

So do not fret. New SP is like adding another pit bull in the yard.

ab826c No.253468


Definitely Comfy BV, Thank you.

ac2409 No.253469


>Trump is a honey badger, he doesn't give a shit.

You need to meme that shit. Put a little trump hair on a HB… You got this. Too tired and going to bed finally.

Night all anon, shills, media lurkers and spies. I have good thoughts for all of you. We are all just doing our jobs. I believe in mine. Not sure about the rest of you all though.

73502d No.253470

File: 6d7785a350a78e0⋯.jpg (31.25 KB, 481x237, 481:237, GlowPeliFags.jpg)

Fresh off the meme factory press.

b291c7 No.253471

Dang, board's moving fast.

Any time traveler(ing) during #307 ?

ff1a78 No.253472


They said recording, so he picked up the phone, it was a real alert (Q said so) and reacted

34e4ae No.253473

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b45263 No.253474



i live at 532 small wok way

right next to big wok way

78fe46 No.253476


I was there. i lol'd then and now.


187098 No.253477

File: 25e48c00892149a⋯.png (782.3 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, YODAAApe.png)


Filled it is. Done well, we have.

c2f656 No.253478


Thanks for the heads up.

ff1a78 No.253480

FUK AHOLES, my Fox keeps getting stopped

7374ca No.253481

File: e720fda78fe8c0d⋯.png (103.41 KB, 1201x693, 1201:693, white1.png)


first move in the chess game is Nov 23rd

if thats any help with your quest

bcc4f1 No.253482

Why would they keep guy around for 10 yrs if he often misheard/misinterpretted drills for real events.

Someone check his bank account for an unusual large deposit recently.


94311c No.253483


Not a peep.

What did he say? I forgot from this am.

e5ad93 No.253484


Thanks for the help !!

8c438f No.253485

File: 2f7797cc6c8df88⋯.jpg (95.87 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, pg4zrl1d.jpg)

4c7793 No.253486

File: f0551079d48b076⋯.jpeg (48.47 KB, 634x425, 634:425, 9144F33A-4990-49B9-B870-D….jpeg)

4b4f6f No.253487

File: 2e610f45adc9d00⋯.jpg (217.8 KB, 806x627, 806:627, TreasonBarryHillaryDiction….jpg)


Thanks for the inspiration

b9381e No.253488


deleted now…

4743bf No.253489


Picture me playing the tiniest violin.

91c434 No.253490


We also never seen a President do what Trump has done. I have faith in those people. They have this good energy surrounding them. A strong, good looking family, with traditional values. Something to look up too.

f2270c No.253491


That is exactly f-in it anon. If we know POTUS met with Mueller beforehand, we know this was all part of the plan. We gotta stop questioning. If we know this, we know there was a plan with RMueller to begin with.

e66533 No.253492

File: fa19b7f34f12835⋯.png (5.03 MB, 4800x7168, 75:112, fa19b7f34f12835143facb6b76….png)

This is the web graphic, I did NOT make this, but it's been around for a long time almost the beginning, so I'm sure you've seen it. Some markers are found in library thread

9e2418 No.253493


Thanks. All the pelican shit everywhere was getting to me.

d7d6a9 No.253495

File: ca3736ae21be719⋯.jpg (53.79 KB, 800x445, 160:89, SETH.jpg)

dc8224 No.253496


>Long term, take back the education system, eradicate common core and centralized federal control, clean out journalism and media schools, cleanse the MSM.

Bit to bit anon we keep pushing back on these fuckers.

MSM/journalism -> Online independents (already done)

Education system/common core -> Happening across the country but home schooling + online schools + private schools (new conservative ones) will defeat their bullshit.

This scare isn't over but imo it will unite the country like never before.

4c7793 No.253498

042a8f No.253499


Still does not explain why it took 32 minutes to inform public that it was false.

Besides Q has already dropped what caused the False flag and why it was done.

They are just in cover mode after looking both incompetent and politically insane after trying to blame it on the president.

cdf7c0 No.253500


I think I read where Obama paid the legal firm (Perkins Coie - sp?) but they didn't know if it was for legal services or Fusion GPS funding. Only way to find out I guess is for Congress to subpoena his sorry ass.

23b7d3 No.253501


Just dig and post when you find something

e135e8 No.253502

File: 30e5955a84025a2⋯.jpg (268.73 KB, 610x807, 610:807, RR.jpg)

187098 No.253504


My pleasure!! :)

2dda60 No.253505

bdf516 No.253506


he was referring to cbts307 this morning, but i never figured out why.

915a6b No.253508


Snowden - ?

9e2418 No.253509


Stop talking to pelicans. How many times do we have to say this.

b45263 No.253510

File: ae54a018fdb39af⋯.jpg (318.22 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, thankyoubaker.jpg)

awe ty baker, mucho better

6a8a97 No.253511


I sincerely hope you are right.I just dont like dynasties.

547a15 No.253513

e1e12b No.253514


HA, go to college, get good degree, apply to OCS, get trained, get job…be compartmentalized (NTK) get fucked. That's all. Leave, retired, join clowns or feebs or go to clowns direct from school. Pretty sure wetworks jobs come hard…go fast.

1ccbd6 No.253515


Yes I know it was real alert! Just wanted to share that he is speaking out! :)

e5ad93 No.253517


Guess this JobAnon is gonna have learn how to bake like a grown up one of these days lol

bcc4f1 No.253519

Another big story in the shadow of memo


4f978e No.253520

File: 70fcce8905c64b4⋯.png (321.57 KB, 775x815, 155:163, swalwell.png)

e4f35a No.253521


Errors & Omissions Insurance. Usually for people required to have some sort of License for scope of work. Not sure where else this ins applies.

9e2418 No.253522


1. It was real.

2. We stopped it.

3. Letting the public know it was real does not help us.

042a8f No.253523


Yep that is pretty much what saved me.

After being home schooled for years, I had to do a year in public and I found I was way beyond anyone else in my class. My social skills were way higher as well. I think parents are figuring out that raising your kids is no longer a spectator sport.

4c7793 No.253524

File: dbde63765a89e64⋯.jpeg (104.13 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, AB5F146A-9FDE-47D5-9AD5-F….jpeg)

e5ad93 No.253525

Hannity says the Grassley memo could be out next week?

that would handy

cc25b5 No.253526

File: 9eeb18135e7aca9⋯.png (1.13 MB, 980x940, 49:47, Comfy4.png)

Awesome day of happenings, anons:

1. Extra money in the paycheck from muh tax cuts!

2. Muh MEMO (1 of many!)

3. Fake News = assmad

4. Deep State = assmad

5. Weasel Comey = particularly assmad

On that subject, possible meaning of Weasel's tweeeeeeeeet:


>Dishonest and misleading memo wrecked the House intel committee [HOW DARE TRUMP GIVE THEM THEIR BALLS BACK],

>destroyed trust with Intelligence Community [HOW DARE THEY DEFY OUR JUDGMENT],

>damaged relationship with FISA court [HOW DARE THEY EXPOSE OUR CHICANERY],

>and inexcusably exposed classified investigation of an American citizen [HOW DARE THEY TELL THE SHEEP THE TRUTH].


>DOJ & FBI must keep doing their jobs [WE'LL JUST ACTIVATE MORE SLEEPER CELLS.]

So like Assange pointed out earlier…in one breath, Comey scoffs at the memo, and then in the next, he cries about it destroying everything. This blatant of a contradiction could imply he was genuinely pissed as he typed this.

Should we be worried, anons? I'm still pretty comfefe…

86a2d2 No.253527


>So we just stay the course and be factual…

Yep, consistency. And hope for the future, no matter how hard that is sometimes

f2270c No.253528


MS13 and they were later killed in SC, come on man. Total fucking hit. Sick shit. This people are stupid.

6a8a97 No.253529


Ive seen this before, not cool, but Imma stfu now, y'all know

94311c No.253530



Went back and looked, talked about codemonkey being alphabet and q was gonna have to clean it up.

bcc4f1 No.253532

File: 4f6dcf0f80dbf48⋯.jpeg (881.2 KB, 2048x1818, 1024:909, CDC62582-3E8C-4A10-91E9-3….jpeg)

Epoch graphic

b6471f No.253533


what does Snowden have to do with what I said in your mind? I remained 50/50 on him until recently and went over the fence. Yes he provided info to USA citizens about the bad NSA was doing, but he also compromised our good guys from fighting against our bad guys. I am no longer 50/50 on Snowden.

02b159 No.253534


KEK, perfect reply to spoopy clown trying to create fear

187098 No.253535

796d30 No.253536



It's my honor and pleasure to serve with you all.

e5ad93 No.253537


does not imply in govt

91c434 No.253538


I understand completely ANON but I have no doubt in US. It is our birthright and duty as Americans to be Free and spread Freedom. Trump has instilled this into his boys you can take that to the bank.

0713ae No.253539

Final inning… Team Justice is at bat.

Devin Nunes hits to second base looking to steal with phase 2 memo (state department). Next at bat is Chuck Grassley readying his memo. Warming up is Bob Goodlatte. And heavy hitter IG Michael Horowitz is on clean up ready for a grand slam.

e69c28 No.253540


Talk to a liberal friend.

Say "Jesus tells us to love our neighbor"

Then say "I forgive you for being a white supremacist".

They will object. Then you explain how only a white supremacist could support keeping poor black people unemployed in slums and stoned on drugs all day because they have lost all hope. Say that Trump has changed all that by deporting illegals and now, the jobs held by illegals are being done by urban blacks who finally have hope that they can pull themselves out of poverty by their own effort.

Keep bringing the discussion back to these points and say things like, "It doesn't matter what Obama said" to block the discussion from digging into what Democrats said or did. Just focus on the facts of the connection between illegals, entry level jobs and black people's lives. Say that you truly believe your friend is a white supremacists but you also believe that if they understood how black people suffer from this, then they would support keeping illegals out.

b45263 No.253541

7189b0 No.253544

Ugh, NO!

89f123 No.253546

I guess if true, there's no longer any doubt about RR_out!

Gregg Jarrett to Hannity: "A Congressional source tells me that RR, in a meeting three weeks ago, THREATENED Devin Nunes and members of Congress that he was going to subpoena their texts and messages because he was tired of dealing with the Intel Committee. That's threats, intimidation and retaliation."

4c7793 No.253547

File: f1d89011b14ba64⋯.jpeg (28 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 9801F0F8-FAAC-4EFD-86F9-4….jpeg)

7189b0 No.253548



Meant for this picture. Forgot to tag.


6c6a21 No.253549


>what exactly happened when the panda exploded?

Well first, you REALLY had to be there at 1 am to appreciate the full effect of all the anons chattering up to the moment of the event.

Because no retelling will ever do it justice.


while many of the boys expected something dramatic, like a new SR info reveal, or maybe a video of SR playing shuffleboard in Guam, or possibly portal into the next multiverse, what happened was so unexpected it really caught everyone by surprise.

The counter descended down toward zero, from hours, to minutes, to seconds, as anons were furiously announcing the time remaining and others trying desperately to overcome last minute technical issues that seemed evidence of a higher power at work,


Then, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 …..

And everyone nodded sagely, understanding in that moment what only a lifetime of contemplation on these matters could teach.

94311c No.253550



Right. Just went to cbts and looked there.

Dumbfuck was on wrong board!

dc8224 No.253551


Luckily im from a noncomped era otherwise I would be fucked.

b45263 No.253552

love all u sumbitches, nohomo. been long ride

still lot to go, but we got memo released!

b9381e No.253553

File: 20bc0adfe18c9cb⋯.jpg (552.35 KB, 2550x3300, 17:22, Memo1.jpg)

File: 377485e1976c0e3⋯.jpg (652.43 KB, 2550x3300, 17:22, memo2.jpg)


There was a Grassely Document dropped here earlier today…

About 10 mins befor he Nunnes Memo

02b159 No.253554

Q implied Mueller was /ourguy/

Trump spent a long time “interviewing” Mueller alone for a job he couldn’t have.


8aead1 No.253556


Yeh, and the train is a real assault. I suspect it's quiet and there are briefings going on at the retreat plus lots of good 'ol fashioned ass kickery in the shadows right now.

e1a443 No.253557


Everybody needs to see horizon-to-horizon checkerboard clouds at least once in their lives. They will feel like they're inside a computer.

bcc4f1 No.253559

Coincidence? WH advisor being returned to real job


547a15 No.253560



e69c28 No.253561



THIS !!!!!

e66533 No.253562

File: 04db632c96dee67⋯.png (611.13 KB, 2046x1128, 341:188, 5_marker_clock (1).png)

File: 04db632c96dee67⋯.png (611.13 KB, 2046x1128, 341:188, 5_marker_clock.png)

File: e143781de559689⋯.png (439.45 KB, 2042x1346, 1021:673, 10_marker_clock.png)

File: fc307879a1b2b76⋯.png (729.67 KB, 1903x1409, 1903:1409, 15_marker_clock.png)

File: dd8161e9ee09f23⋯.png (770.48 KB, 1903x1409, 1903:1409, qclock.png)


Hmm, I'm not sure if start date is even needed, depends on the markers, but will post what I located so far in the library for a look. I did Not make these markers.

0bd357 No.253563

From pelican to Jews. Awesome.

1260f6 No.253564


I was a left leaning liberal too…but I think they got greedy. SO used to having their way, that the tail started wagging the dog. Gay Marriage wasn't enough, then all the Transngender bullshit, which I realized was a psy op in large part (Jenner). The political correctness was off the charts. Girl power, pussy hats. It's all gone too far. Soros groups fighting each other.

Anyone who hasn't seriously woke up to 911 is hopeless at this point. That's the litmus test.

I could go on an on. This happens every 8 or so years…we went from Neo Cons to flaming liberals in short time. Neither extreme is good. Trump is more in the center, where politics needs to lead.. I've always been independent and untrusting of all politicians…though I had respect for Ron Paul, Franken early on, Sanders (until this election) and Kucinich, who was too honest to ever have a chance.

I wasn't on the Trump train til Q. I still think he was a ploy to assure HRC victory (willingly). I think he said all the stupid things, just to turn voters away, but then must have met with the Generals and joined the plan. At least I hope that's what's happening.

4c7793 No.253566

File: a32063e47d20210⋯.jpeg (29.51 KB, 271x494, 271:494, B0AE10B1-7664-4295-842E-2….jpeg)

He’s such a lanky freak.

3a5fa4 No.253568


Don Jr.



We have generations of trumps ahead.

f550a0 No.253569


Repent for what? You have your way, i have mine. As for the right way, the correct way, the only way…it does not exist.

7374ca No.253570

File: 2e667463bf01461⋯.png (683.82 KB, 860x2112, 215:528, senateTime.png)


that is from last week

Grassly is going to expose

the Senate Committees findings too

cdf7c0 No.253571


So if they had Page under surveillance in 2013 and supposedly told him they knew Russia wanted him to be an agent for them, why have we not heard anything else on this? Clearly he wasn't an agent for them (the FBI had dick on him) or they wouldn't have needed the dossier to spy on him.

0fabd4 No.253573


Would there be any consequences for the Supreme Court justice (Roberts?) who reportedly appointed every single FISA judge? If any/some of said FISA judges turn out to be corrupt?

e60a0d No.253574


Sort of like what went down in Hawaii? I don't rightly like the idea of some kind of scare taking place at the SB unless we're certain it won't progress to the point of a mass casualty false flag. Though I did see that the FBI had posted about the Super Bowl's security measures the other day. With the distrust of the agency now out in the open, this might make people think twice of actually going there in person. Man, all sorts of possibilities with this Sunday…

1345cf No.253575


The Sum of All Fears?

2c59a5 No.253576


Special prosecutors are supposed to prevent the politicization of investigations. Most often, it serves only to delay prosecution while the public moves on. Federal prosecutors should be able to do this job.

And what about those 10,000 sealed indictments? Aren't they likely to remain sealed as long as the SP has an open investigation?

eebd21 No.253577


Socratic method works. I'm redpilling a 30 year intelligence officer that had no clue. Now starting to listen to me. Not there yet. Been at it 7 months. Patience!

4c7793 No.253578



2dda60 No.253579


As well, Q stated that they would not intentionally put innocent people in harms way. Trust POTUS and the Q Team that whatever happens will probably be minimized, just like the subway bomber. Simple. Trust and Faith.

8c438f No.253580

File: 248d993191b4939⋯.jpg (660.45 KB, 1024x730, 512:365, 3442401825_3cb332731d_b.jpg)


e5ad93 No.253581


Errors & Omissions Ins. for an example … the use of a contract at a car dealership… and they have errors within the legal details.. or omit critical wording.

The ins. covers a claim made by anyone that catches the error or omission. not many catch them. lol Lawyers lol

7189b0 No.253582

042a8f No.253583


I would say no.

The only reason the cabal/organized crime has flurished in our country is with the help of the goverment. Now that we have a president/congress/oversight that is no longer playing by those rules and can't be intimidated…

Their time is done…

Anything else at this point is desperate flailing..

Why bother, its because they can't believe (or understand) how any of this could of happened.

Because they thought they were protected and above the law.

They don't understand why they can't stop it, because it has been this way for so long.

bdf516 No.253584


this sort of thing will catalyze the republicans into a team, they will have more togetherness and will be formidable.

(kinda like the way dems were a force because they sacrificed humans together)

91c434 No.253585

File: 731182ed9fa4e26⋯.png (834.4 KB, 1415x1686, 1415:1686, Screenshot_2018-02-02-01-1….png)

File: e54c38b1b4f4ab3⋯.png (307.1 KB, 1433x984, 1433:984, Screenshot_2018-02-02-01-1….png)


When that happened I thought of this….btw your explanation was great…KEK

e1e12b No.253586


This confirms earlier speculation he does remote viewing. He's actually good. His red flag on purpose van crash in Shanghai post was made WELL before the event actually happened.

86a2d2 No.253587




7126aa No.253588


also pay attention to who follows you. i've started blocking accounts that follow me that seem like fake accounts and it's helped a bit with the shadowbanning.

b45263 No.253589

File: ecf34ec8147b746⋯.jpg (345.74 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, predidents.jpg)


it does

915a6b No.253591


Thank you Anon.

7189b0 No.253592

Only 15 years until Barron could be president.

Only 3 years until Stephen Miller could.

Any of the generals could also run.

b45263 No.253593



1614ba No.253594

File: 2b815a6bba7f6c0⋯.jpg (63.68 KB, 620x473, 620:473, IMG_1733.JPG)

8aead1 No.253595


Yes Sir, TRUMP is creating a bigger and more hardened fighting political force. The memo vote was the price of entry. Uncucking the right :)

9e1554 No.253597


clown-fag never responded either

94311c No.253598

More incoming.


b9381e No.253599


I would not be surprised to see DJT Jr run…

7189b0 No.253600


He is awesome!

4c7793 No.253601

I would run for office if I wasnt a black wheelchairfag with a shady past.

e5ad93 No.253602

File: ed7b6104e129245⋯.jpeg (27.3 KB, 546x395, 546:395, clock cipher.jpeg)


e1e12b No.253605


OK, they ARE stupid…but then, what are we, exactly? They've been getting away with this right under our noses for a very long time…so whose the most stupid? Us or them? Like it or not we ARE responsible for what they've been getting away with…sleeping is a choice? amirite?

6c6a21 No.253606


Wow, anon, the damn Q clock. What a find. Something to think about in this context….

And thank the lord you did not find that last night pre-Panda, because the intensity level would have been unhealthy.

b45263 No.253607


mine is The Boat

187098 No.253608


Not sure. Just grabbed it from previous bread.

60772b No.253609


Trump Dynasty lol

b9381e No.253610


I have a long history of tickets, fleeing, etc, would not be a good thing for me to run for anything.

Was back before they made fleeing a felony…

e4f35a No.253611


absolutely agree. but also, proving intentional is another story.

0ebe75 No.253612


You seem to miss seeing all this foments new leadership in the West (all around you here), which is the purpose (all working for good) of it all.

1c950a No.253613


Peace to you brothers.

Day before yesterday day, I was pilling a friend and had my bible within reach. I was trying to show that giving full, blind loyalty to either side isn't were it's at. Reached for the bible and knocked it off the table. It's an old, floppy, well worn, leather bible and it opened to Acts 9:1 and I was struck with a thought. As Saul he was a mighty fighter against Jesus, believing in his heart he was doing good. Consistent of character. When he became Paul, that same man became a MAJOR worker in spreading the word. I'm now looking for those powerful and consistent of character to pill. Sometimes your worst enemy can become your greatest ally as long as you keep your mind open to that possibility.

331130 No.253616


Hmmm, earlier today some anon said the time clock reset? Had to leave to meatspace for a while so didnt' get to see the BIG REVEAL, so missed the 'splodin panda

Why even live

7189b0 No.253617


Sounds perfect to me


9e2418 No.253618


Ensign - The disinfo beam is ineffective Captain!

Captain - Ready the antisemetic torpedos!

735bcd No.253619


sort of but they are social engineers and actually have studied the human mind and know how to manipulate the public's opinion through brainwashing on the media and group think

91c434 No.253620



No kids involved. Plus he is supposed to be protected hes…..well you'll find out 1 day ;)

2c59a5 No.253621


Your logic is flawed.

If all wars are banker wars, don't you think they might start a war to retain their hold on the global currencies? Do you really think they will just give up?

5d12a0 No.253622

File: c33cfd758855936⋯.jpg (76.58 KB, 425x640, 85:128, 23vcbl.jpg)

Send in the CLOWNS…

There ought to be CLOWNS…

They seem to have disappeared from the boards tonight.

735bcd No.253623

File: a6e7f27c7f05708⋯.jpg (76.33 KB, 728x455, 8:5, 22tf3f.jpg)

e69c28 No.253624


Yes. All wars are bankers wars. If you take down the bankers, or know their plan to start a war, you can stop itr before it starts. WIth no wars the bankers are weakened. Alternate systems like Islamic finance can grow and take over from the banksters.

P.S. Islamic finance is not really islamic. It just means banking without interest payments because that would be usury. Instead it is based on investment and infrastructure development which benefits all.

91c434 No.253625


I did…just didn't want to jump the gun

da3239 No.253626


he's going to be extra uncomfortable in a prison bed

8aead1 No.253627


Thanks to the BV

8c438f No.253628

File: 110f58ed510b64f⋯.jpg (222.86 KB, 600x657, 200:219, 45b2463qtq3t3ty.jpg)


525565 No.253629


Thank you! As always they look fantastic!

e1e12b No.253630


I think the newfag means the words that Q spells out like [P] [R] [A] [Y] etc….

aaef2a No.253632


Just be honest with people, look how bad judge mantis past was… and he’s a judge now…

042a8f No.253634


Ballsy. Threatening to blackmail congress right out in the open now. Congress and the Executive branch are literally in open war with the FBI and DOJ.

This just looks like organized crime now. Even to a normie.

The FBI & DOJ serve at the pleasure of the president and congress. Not the other way around.

94311c No.253635


Uh…Barron is 11 so…

24 years?

b6471f No.253636

Lawfag here bringing something to your attention. Trump never favored prisoners or prison reform on his campaign trail. He never uttered a word about it. He spoke at the Republican retreat and for the very first time !!! announced an overhaul was needed in our prison system and they deserve a second chance. He has jobs for them ( insert wink face) He was signalling that many will come out of prison soon BUT he has a job for them! He is stripping the dems from a voting block of " I will free you if you vote Dem" to You are getting freed because Comey and friends were corrupt so get to work on our infrastructure.

c2f656 No.253638



cdf7c0 No.253639


It's what pharmacists and other healthcare practitioners (aka malpractice insurance).

f08e5e No.253640


We also need to vote out corrupt school board members. Often it goes something like this: school board, city council state politician or commissioner then onto Governor and/or State Senators or Congress. We need to vote the swamp out at the local level as well.

7189b0 No.253642


Er yea math oops. 24 years.

bdf516 No.253643


not flawed.

banks have no money unless chartered to create it.

undo that, its broken. instantly.

seizing the cabal assets also means the bnk becomes property of usa. instead of private owned…

they could war no more/.

928151 No.253644

File: 7ae0a770cc6acf7⋯.png (168.17 KB, 1771x1077, 1771:1077, we the people.png)

File: 30992421f47e1a2⋯.png (107.37 KB, 1532x1980, 383:495, memo letter 1.png)

File: 9b16c649e9e96e5⋯.png (107.32 KB, 1518x1527, 506:509, memo letter 2.png)



We know the memo itself wasn't for us, it was for the normies. What the memo release had for us was in the letter of transmission from the White House. That has the critical reason why the petition process another anon pointed to is so important.

The first graphic is from the anon who posted it at >>249747 and I've reposted it here.

The rest of it speaks for itself. It's our job to give TGE the public interest he needs.

Why was the #ReleaseTheMemo so important?

TGE gave us the sauce, that campaign demonstrated that there was "significant public interest" that overrode any threats the information in the memo might pose to national security.

Yes, I know the word "interest" means different things, but in this case the interest in knowing the information is the same as the stakeholder interest each of us has as part of the electorate. Our stakeholder interest doesn't count for much unless the electorate shows some interest in seeing the information.

Read it, the critical information is there.

Please discuss.

d98884 No.253645

File: 3b42bba88544c0e⋯.jpg (98.23 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 23u2aq.jpg)

1614ba No.253646

File: 38336cd0203282b⋯.jpg (58.58 KB, 620x473, 620:473, IMG_1676.JPG)


(Pic unrelated)

4c7793 No.253647



b9381e No.253648

Can any verify this the $27 trillion dollar man?

it came up a few weeks ago.

I researched it some never found a solid conclusion.

The Story Of Leo Wanta

'The 27.5 Trillion Dollar Man'

http:// rense.com/general70/leo.htm

db88b8 No.253650

1260f6 No.253652


That went to pay for Chelsea's wedding and Hillary's server.

7189b0 No.253653


Prison reform was/is Kushner's baby. Kushner has his ear and as usual they are working together to use his to their advantage.

bcc4f1 No.253654

Weird that Putin is protecting cyber criminals. In my opinion, he shifting narrative preemptively to “negotiate” a Snowden swap down the road. www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/russia-citizens-foreign-travel-us-hunt-arrest-list-russians-trump-putin-kremlin-world-a8190536.html


91c434 No.253655

Do not mention the children or grandchildren of POTUS who are underage. Im not trying to tell anyone what to do. But its not good etiquette and its poor taste. Leave them out of this

dc8224 No.253656

File: 2d6fed9c5a1bba5⋯.jpg (19.03 KB, 640x360, 16:9, ew.jpg)

File: 27aa6b392d17d3d⋯.png (198.45 KB, 500x377, 500:377, Qw.png)


Say it with me -> #46

Time for a back to back swamp draining era.

7189b0 No.253657


*this, not his advantage

2dda60 No.253659


Products of our environment. I think most of the "controls" were in place before some of us got here, so most just don't know any differently. Ignorance is not an excuse, but when the education system fails to educate the masses on "True" history and what our civic Rights and Duties are…

538caf No.253660


rofl priceless

0ebe75 No.253661


You will also find in that chapter that Saul's name was changed when he went against Sergius Paulus (which means the governor of the land of Paul). This transformation is when the "Christian leader" realizes the theology of the past is what needs changing, and sets about on a mission to do so. You should follow up on this with the seven seals thread pdf (start with the last ten pages). There is a huge story to all of this we are all in the middle of right now.

4a7a67 No.253662


This needs to be a meme….


6c6a21 No.253663


>Most often, it serves only to delay prosecution

Yes this has been the case in some instances but those were not like the present. Point one.

Second, there are the little matters of treason and threats of violence, maybe confirmed attempts to cause mayhem. Trump team does not want mass casualty events and it must be an enormous pain in the ass right now for them to be watching and listening on such a scale to head off such attacks.

No what the white hats need is for bad guys to start going away because it is not possible to maintain such a state of watchful vigilance for INTERNAL/GOVERNMENT mortal threats to the nation.

That is my prediction. People are going to be locked up sooner than later.

bdf516 No.253664



All framework is in place.

Timing and actions indicate this is the goal.

e5ad93 No.253666


Brilliant actually.. and gets the job done!!

c8bf00 No.253667

please tell me I’m not crazy when standard and all that comes with

e1a443 No.253668


Our memes need to become dramatically more violent. The Second Amendment wasn't created for hunting but rather for "hunting".

915a6b No.253669

7189b0 No.253670

Mr. President

Any liberals that dont go extinct would just drop dead if we had 16 years of Donald Trump presidencies.

ff1a78 No.253671


Yes he is slyly removing all dem strengths while they yell Russia Russia Russia

1c950a No.253672


Will do! Thanks anon. ;)

d7d6a9 No.253673


Your rundown of the chatter was spot on. No exploding panda though. The timer just started counting forwards and the flames remained the same.

7189b0 No.253674

File: 2d6fed9c5a1bba5⋯.jpg (19.03 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 2d6fed9c5a1bba575e3f4042df….jpg)

Mr. President

Any liberals that dont go extinct would just drop dead if we had 16 years of Donald Trump presidencies.

b6471f No.253675


Bruce Ohr reported Steele stated his desperation to stop Trump from becoming president. Intent proven! It doesn't get easier than that to prove intent! The person behind the dossier stated he wanted to prevent Trump from becoming prez. His info with knowledge of his intent behind providing info is the best a Judge could get as far as a confession

94311c No.253676

File: cd044defd2e3e62⋯.jpg (146.59 KB, 1024x536, 128:67, maxinesracehole.jpg)

Shut your racehole bitch

6eeb7d No.253677


Did they attend the Gottard tunnel opening ceremony?

dc8224 No.253678

With DHS now involved in voting, and the C_A under the guise of "Muh russia might hack 2018" dems are fucked royally. The days of muh illegal bus voting tours are coming to an end.

4c7793 No.253679


Trump used Hussein’s EO 13256 against him?

That’s karma.

b6471f No.253680


all laws state known or should have known

b9381e No.253681


What if …

Pence torrid background comes to light and has to resign, and POTUS gives the Job to Jr….

9e1554 No.253682


The suicides would swamp coroners around the country

e5ad93 No.253683


WT!!?? satan who…

086887 No.253684

7374ca No.253685

File: 104c248c2baef7c⋯.png (13.37 KB, 781x431, 781:431, yup.png)

File: 946950d2c8c71b4⋯.png (216.85 KB, 1338x1042, 669:521, MakeHarambeGreatAgain.png)


very nice addition anon

thats my project

i noticed that the petition site was back

about 1am on the 1st

been checking it daily to see if it opened

because it said late january

and deciphered


a long time ago

this is our mission

but nobody listens

df90f8 No.253686


Your knowledge of timelines is flawed.

0fabd4 No.253687


Since we've got 2 lawfaganons on board ATM, a question that keeps coming up.

If Obama's presidence is shown to have been fraudulent (non citizen, ineligible, etc.) then what happens to every executive action that occurred during his tenure?

Every EO?

Every piece of legislation signed?

Every regulation promulgated by executive branch departments?

Every treaty signed?

I see complications either way. Unravelling a fradulent presidency has never happened before.

Would love to hear your reasoned opinion(s) on this, lawfags.

735bcd No.253688

File: 588af077ac24366⋯.jpg (84.55 KB, 717x500, 717:500, pelosimeme2.jpg)

e66533 No.253689


Hoping that they fall into place, but I have to go digging in the library to see if the rest of the markers are archived somewhere, maybe they haven't been found? Saving that graphic, pretty cool.

dc8224 No.253691



This will become a reality anons. Kek will make this a reality. Tears will be flowing.

356c77 No.253692

File: 62c707e7cb90e7e⋯.png (617.65 KB, 1257x756, 419:252, ClipboardImage.png)

94311c No.253693

You know who you are

>no outside comms

Doesn’t mean “never talks to anyone besides 8ch retards”

It means “no private communications were had with namefags”

b720dc No.253694

File: 525f8242df206ab⋯.jpg (74.75 KB, 799x1128, 17:24, IMG_0746.JPG)

Thank you chan, I got. A meeting with. The wolf

91c434 No.253695

File: 7a4b230d24ae409⋯.jpg (17.53 KB, 248x189, 248:189, flat,800x800,075,f.jpg)

690bcb No.253696


and you know diff? Please enlighten the anons

1977ab No.253697


“Extra shocks for her”. That’s fucking funny.. dark, but funny

8c438f No.253698

File: 5d7d96b1bd59610⋯.jpg (44.54 KB, 480x360, 4:3, c61fd101a20e063fc328c53d53….jpg)


b45263 No.253699

im not a boomer, i dont think we should ailianate

anyone. there r problems with every race, religion

, age, sex, nodda. everyone needs to wake up.

i see where u coming from though, one of my family is

a boomer, just straight up says dont care.

im like ok what about your kids and grandkids.

4c7793 No.253701


Fake. Gay.

2c59a5 No.253702


I'm sorry to seem like a downer, but the US and its allies are not the only countries with central banks, banks that create the various currencies world-wide. And then you have the Bank of London and the Vatican.

Shutting down the Federal Reserve will not stop the deep state from starting a major war. Nor will there be a lack of financing for that war.

We did not get in our current situation in a decade and we are not going to get out of it in a decade. Better prepare for the long war which will include some lost battles.

3c73fb No.253703

a781ae No.253704


Go start a thread on GodLikeProductions, you shill fuck!

60772b No.253705


who knows.

e1a443 No.253706


>We know the memo itself wasn't for us, it was for the normies. What the memo release had for us was in the letter of transmission from the White House. That has the critical reason why the petition process another anon pointed to is so important.

This is an exact copy of what the globalists do with fake news. They drum up fake support then they do their deed as the "logical outcome". If we can weaponize and accelerate this…

6120c4 No.253707

RR threatened Nunes


e1e12b No.253709


i know ur trying to halp but do you really think thousans of autists missed that? bless ur heart.

7374ca No.253710



(BO) please review

44d205 No.253711


Agreed. My Dad is a Vet that was an MP with the National Guard for 25 years. I just red pilled him last year. It's taken be that long just to convince him about 9/11. He also happens to be an Irish Catholic. So when I would speak to him about the evils these people commit, how sick they are, what they do to kids etc it actually wound up helping me to mention his faith. I would remind him that as a devout man of faith that he believes in evil, and would ask him if it's so hard to believe that others do to and that some of those people worship it. That seemed to help a lot. Kudos on getting through to the wife! Keep going!!!

cc25b5 No.253712


That's very true. Like when spoiled children who were enabled for so long, are suddenly cutoff, they don't know how to respond except with rage – a temper tantrum basically. The only problem is, wounded animals are, as we know, sometimes dangerous. I just hope none of them make it through the traps set by the good guys.

928151 No.253713


Hive mind at work

94387c No.253717


yes the Roths have several central banks in several countries. but their main weapon is debt. we as a nation need to declare all debts as odious debt (debt that was not created for the good of the people) and write if off.

ce523d No.253718

File: 423bdb2bc7280d7⋯.jpg (66.5 KB, 432x768, 9:16, IMG_0714.JPG)

Q's Dog.

DARPA Cyborg.

2c59a5 No.253720


>That is my prediction. People are going to be locked up sooner than later.

I join you and many others in hoping your prediction is correct. Time will tell.

e94e16 No.253721

File: 42d0daf7a2f843a⋯.jpg (223.85 KB, 902x789, 902:789, pepeTheCave.jpg)


>but then, what are we, exactly?

bdf516 No.253722


Oh trust me, no one agrees more than me about the 2nd.

But that is bad redpill tactic.

If you mention Obama should be killed for treason then:

1. you have to explain to people what treason is.

2. that it is punishable by death.

3. explain methods of death

a. Firing squad (gun violence)

b. Hanging (racist for black obama)

c. Lethal injection (controversial)

d. Drawn and Quartered (cruel)

basically you find that until someone accepts that some people must die, they will make excuses for them or the punishment.

It goes against everything liberal …

(death for treason)

1260f6 No.253723


Let's hope it all turns up Muellers involvement in covering up 911

MUST LISTEN to THomas Paine

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2Pu9qkIo9w&t=3560s

735bcd No.253725


This is actually VERY plausible but so are a lot of theories.

b720dc No.253726

File: 65a868a8ff2abb5⋯.jpg (47.3 KB, 480x601, 480:601, IMG_0713.JPG)

Damn rum

d76b08 No.253727



Nice catch, anon.

Nice catch.

29db71 No.253728

File: ed0fcbed2356eb6⋯.jpeg (1.18 MB, 948x1260, 79:105, 824028FB-0005-44CA-AF2E-5….jpeg)

File: a2f0cf1ae82c845⋯.jpeg (766.11 KB, 1255x941, 1255:941, A4E6BC41-E8A5-4B05-87D4-B….jpeg)

File: 5de7e7a869f16fe⋯.jpeg (782.08 KB, 1749x1291, 1749:1291, D5F859AC-3C14-464E-840C-5….jpeg)

File: 26dae27447c71fc⋯.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1711x1457, 1711:1457, 02796881-8001-4D1A-8FC2-C….jpeg)

File: 5ab527353d17f4e⋯.jpeg (255.8 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 156CC505-6A57-4AF8-B16E-D….jpeg)

There is a standard hotel in ny city. It is owned by Andre Balazs. Here are a few photos connecting him to bad shit. Still more shit to dig. Not guys in helicopter but connected I’m sure. The pizza place is outside of the standard hotel in ny city. Some weird symbols on it.

1260f6 No.253729


They were trying to Spin "chain migration" as Racist on the MSM. LIbs were trembling when they heard "chains"=slaves…gasp.

b9381e No.253730


How about we just send BHO hunting with Dick Cheney?

5b1ed8 No.253732

File: fe0d8b25484230b⋯.png (11.67 KB, 859x119, 859:119, Opera Snapshot_2018-01-21_….png)

File: 41f1bf04b9df8e3⋯.png (19.88 KB, 921x150, 307:50, Opera Snapshot_2018-01-21_….png)

File: e56c7d0630f4429⋯.png (6.03 KB, 368x83, 368:83, Opera Snapshot_2018-01-21_….png)

File: 010e506b8d8d4ce⋯.png (102.06 KB, 492x316, 123:79, Opera Snapshot_2018-01-21_….png)


Dont ever post that again


18d872 No.253733

File: 5ddcd3dbb437db7⋯.png (511.87 KB, 1080x1573, 1080:1573, 139120599a471817ba363b5449….png)

e5ad93 No.253734


I like this better than the committee of 22 we found the other night….


7374ca No.253735

File: 33b63ed1b62e48c⋯.png (833.2 KB, 1261x527, 1261:527, hannitysaysso.png)


i was listening to Hannity

this afternoon.. and even his website

is telling us what to do


e0d836 No.253736

GOP lawmaker calls for FBI, DOJ officials to face 'treason' charges.

https:// www.politico.com/story/2018/02/02/nunes-memo-treason-paul-gosar-386089

1977ab No.253737


You nailed it, right on the money

9ebd1f No.253738



4c7793 No.253739



ff1a78 No.253740


The funny part is that is the real newspaper on the Rosenburgs, I only added the clinton part goog it, I was cracking up "extra for her"

df90f8 No.253741


I hope that's sarcasm

1260f6 No.253742


Superb meme kek. I get only 10% of people have a clue what it means though.

da3239 No.253743


plenty of qualified patriots with out straying down nepotisim lane.

86a2d2 No.253745


9/11 was a HUGE redpilling opportunity, it was my "told ya so" moment. Butt then, the wars, and we were right back where we were, except now with more opium and oil…

If I'm not mistaken Trump was a Dem too (someone correct me if I'm wrong)

The center gives one the best view of both sides, best position for a mediator. And, not being a businesman not a politician, is what the country needs, instead of the same ol same ol rinse & repeat.

e66533 No.253746

Looks like 3 of the 7 were duplicates, so 4 markers. BRB hopefully with more.

44d205 No.253747


Wictor... I only correct you so people can know the exact name to follow on Twitter.

18d872 No.253748

KEK I watched that fuckin clock count down and nothing happened.


9e2418 No.253749

File: 5928d26d1c80212⋯.png (173.22 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Q.png)



df90f8 No.253750

4c7793 No.253752

So does McCabe still get his pension?

5b1ed8 No.253754

File: eddc890e6784318⋯.png (119.87 KB, 254x392, 127:196, Opera Snapshot_2018-01-13_….png)


do it now

never post again

2dda60 No.253755


But God, was it funny

0ebe75 No.253756

The only person Jesus took to paradise was the one crucified beside him.

83b138 No.253757


I don't disagree, Anon. I love your energy. Just remember that we need to approach people in a way where they have a good chance at hearing. Anons here have a pretty good view of reality but so many of our countrymen and women are living with the wool pulled over their eyes.

Patience is a greatly overlooked virtue and I know I myself definitely need to drink deeply from that well.

Slow and steady memes win the race!

b45263 No.253758



seize all our stolen money

nat debt is a lie

538caf No.253759


That stupid thing is still going just checked

4f75be No.253760



1260f6 No.253761


I think he was a Dem. NYC is 92% Dem as it is.

91c434 No.253762


If you flip the pic upside down the nose looks like a necktie and the eyes look like the shoulders of a jacket. There are dots and images under the face of the Panda and the fire makes it look like a face in the foreground. Maybe Im reaching but it looked like that to me

0ebe75 No.253763

f7e038 No.253764


Is there an online image of this, where can I get a copy?

If this is true God Bless America. and Donald Trump

dc8224 No.253765

File: 92e5eac8065f6be⋯.png (185.75 KB, 328x366, 164:183, bo.png)


52d71a No.253766


No need for a special counsel. It has already been investigated. Mis info is a must.

735bcd No.253767

File: f0d76edb0c64c2e⋯.jpg (96.86 KB, 888x500, 222:125, 23snon.jpg)

2c59a5 No.253768


I'm not sure the debt holders - not the central banks but other sovereign nations, China and Japan among the largest holders of US debt - will sit quietly if we don't pay them.

One other thing, you can count on one hand the number of countries that do NOT have a Rothschild central bank controlling their currency.

Why do you think they were trying to create a nuclear Iran and N Korea. Lots of mad men out there begging to be bought off.

86a2d2 No.253769


>Socratic method works

Indeed it does! And congrats on the intel officer! Patience pays

960709 No.253770

memo 5 contains president obama giving hillary daily briefings on trump campaign wire taps…its bad.

sedition, they will hang.

8584a0 No.253771

File: 47b738b419995f2⋯.png (874.86 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180114-160104.png)

bdf516 No.253772


The central banks of the world are owned by the same people. Same cabal.

If it goes down, it all falls together at the same time.

Quite easy to convince other leaders to comply, as it will overwhelm them with wealth in comparison to presently.

52d71a No.253773

File: 22d28693721dfec⋯.png (599.98 KB, 750x500, 3:2, Mueller interview.png)

7189b0 No.253775


I was crying I was laughing so hard. I'm still laughing just thinking about it.

e4f35a No.253776


wow. i'm in. this could be a great item to push thru social media. easy links, etc. w/meme's of course.

1d1ed6 No.253777


4 markers is significant progress, I'll await further findings.

22c2ab No.253778


Sedition is max penalty of 20 years in prison or just a fine.

1977ab No.253779


I’m still laughing

b45263 No.253780

when all is said and done we need jury selection

on any vote?

fae307 No.253781


Beautifully said anon, strong writing.

b45263 No.253783


everyday people

86a2d2 No.253784


As POTUS works from the top down, we have to work from the bottom up, and meet in the middle

df90f8 No.253785


Been watching this...wtf??

9b9f26 No.253787

File: 8f80a03a2b52914⋯.jpg (119.27 KB, 1069x1147, 1069:1147, IMG_0732.JPG)


Talking bout fight club Jules

538caf No.253788


God will make sure, Trump opened a huge can of worms,He has to finish the job for his familiy's sake. These bastards all have to go down

b45263 No.253790


look up canada girl talks banks

960709 No.253791


yeah, president obama, giving would be presidential elect hillary daily briefings on her opponent in said presidential race…

no biggie, just a fine.

wake up you tard

4c7793 No.253792

Obama got 9 lawyers… fired?

86a2d2 No.253793


Not a problem, Good luck with your endeavors!!! And, take your time, we have plenty of it now

cc25b5 No.253796

Who thinks "1 of 22" means 1 of 22 memos?

Since now there's a Grassley one coming too at the very least.

55b04d No.253798


>Would there be any consequences for the Supreme Court justice (Roberts?) who reportedly appointed every single FISA judge? If any/some of said FISA judges turn out to be corrupt?

Now THAT's a good fucking question. Don't let this thought die, carry it forward pls.

d7d6a9 No.253799


The anticipation in here was hilarious!

9e2418 No.253800


This is not enough. Interviewing, campaigning or continuing work in government requires background checks before, after and during their career.

7189b0 No.253804


http:// wilkinsonwalsh.com/

dc63a2 No.253806

Branden Dilley just gave a shoutout on his Periscope two minutes ago to 8Chan for analyzing and posting his intel drops.

71d658 No.253808


Maybe null & void in terms of criminal/seditious activity.

b9381e No.253809


I like to think Trump stepped up to make a better place for his Grand Kids, and i say if so God Bless Trump

I was #AnyoneButHillary watching the C's since i was in HS and moving to their state he never won an election, you could never find anyone that would admit they voted for him.

86a2d2 No.253810


You know what…you're…absolutely….RIGHT!

That frikkin GENIUS!

4c7793 No.253816


I know. But there are 9 lawyers listed on the memo too.

7189b0 No.253817

File: a7087773d3b9ffc⋯.png (41.56 KB, 456x534, 76:89, lyn.PNG)

New HRC email today

c2f656 No.253818


Remember Schiff private contact with Wray as stated in pre-memo committee minutes.

How many others in Congress subvert rules on transparency and make private contacts with FBI/DOJ to make special requests of investigative and prosecutorial staff?

Also, FBI and DOJ were established by Congress, but they are part of executive branch. Congress has oversight of them, but are not in their chain of command. Trump is the boss of FBI and DOJ.

There are three co-equal branches of US government-Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. Military is not a separate branch of government and IC is not a separate branch of government.

22c2ab No.253820


Learn the law. Sedition doesn't carry a death penalty. Only treason does.

You're a tard if you think anyone is going to hang for these crimes.. Prison? Yes. Death? No chance.

dc8224 No.253822


>This is not enough. Interviewing, campaigning or continuing work in government requires background checks before, after and during their career.

The more the better. Point being it needs to become peoples part time jobs to keep up with all of it. The alternative is unthinkable.

2dda60 No.253824


add small disclaimer that images are real and not shopped or some such.

cc25b5 No.253825


Yay, someone from the outside giving us credit for once kek.

e0d836 No.253826


Good times…

48eabe No.253828


"Why did RR [BEG] Ryan not to release the memo?"

[BEG] (Big Evil Grin) I bet RR did threaten members of congress.

2c59a5 No.253829


Never underestimate your opponent. They have been doing this a lot longer than we have and they are everywhere.

Prepare for war and do not be afraid to fight it.

2dda60 No.253830


of the phone screens that is

b45263 No.253831


really? sauce?

187098 No.253833

File: 994a4ae4d13f13e⋯.jpg (284.22 KB, 1266x1332, 211:222, dems_sotu.jpg)

bdf516 No.253835


I have a meme idea about making liberals wake up about immigration.


Change the word "BODY" to BORDER.

with the general message similar to theirs:


(whereas the liberal message uses BODY in place of COUNTRY)


I loved when he shot that guy in the face and nobody had the balls to say shit!

We knew the country was fucked back then!

3a5fa4 No.253836


Brought that out the other day.

No real reason given to delay a sentencing when someone has plead guilty. If Mueller was a black hat, he'd want it done NOW.

7189b0 No.253837


Corsi did on his yt today.

dc63a2 No.253838


Here you go. It is at the VERY end:

https:// twitter.com/Hublife/status/959624289929457664

f4169a No.253839


>Never underestimate your opponent. They have been doing this a lot longer than we have and they are everywhere.

They tried mass assassination twice. TWICE.

94387c No.253840


china's biggest threat has been dump dollars back on the US (the so called nuclear option). this would nullify that move, we would need a new value back currency (I've heard the great suggestion energy as in power or work). our economy is too big to support a gold and silver backed currency. whatever it is it needs value. there are very few countries that don't have a Rothschild central bank and the ones that don't tend to be a "problem" the wars are to sustain the debt bubble which can burst if people lose confidence in the petro dollar then bag hyper (Weimar) style inflation in the USA.

12e41d No.253841


Something to be read, me thinks. Thanks Anon.

bdf516 No.253844

File: 6a439eb8b5bbb1e⋯.jpg (122.63 KB, 923x923, 1:1, ICE DIRECTOR (d).jpg)




Splitting the meme left/right.

e66533 No.253846

File: b0382ca7de229b2⋯.png (741.39 KB, 1726x1101, 1726:1101, qclock-1.png)

d7d6a9 No.253847


So? We don't want publicity or recognition from outside sources. Been here long?

48eabe No.253849


Tell him He's welcome! We do what we can and will.

Where We Go One, We Go All !

e0fe7f No.253850



Yes. And engrave McCabes name in a brick in the wall.

bc0996 No.253852


https:// youtu.be/jnQjoZniqZ4 Was it this video clip?

b45263 No.253854


ty anon

743ffe No.253856


Here is the direct link to pdf of the Draining the Swamp bill

https:// web.archive.org/web/20021015114948/http:// nesara.org:80/files/nesara.pdf

dc63a2 No.253858


Link to watch; at the very end:

https:// twitter.com/Hublife/status/959624289929457664

b45263 No.253859


ty anon

e0d836 No.253860

File: 87b56a11dd0ef6f⋯.jpg (24.15 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1517614646048.jpg)

I didn't make it. Thought I would share anyway.

7189b0 No.253862

264593 No.253863

File: 96322d5ea6c1982⋯.png (202.38 KB, 916x667, 916:667, Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at ….png)



b6471f No.253864

Trump has a scorched Earth Policy. He is willing to make a deal and if someone doesn't want to be fair, he has NO PROBLEM blowing up a system. He is not " My way of the highway" he makes it enticing to say yes. Saying no means you are not coming to the table with fair intent. Bombs Away

b45263 No.253865


lmfao nice

7189b0 No.253867



Not Comey

be5382 No.253868


It's what they always do. They never behave. They just keep doing the same shit, and eventually it can normalize it. They have brass balls, I'll give them that.

This is why an impartial legal system has to take them out and hang them in public by those balls for their crimes. To put some fear into other current and potential miscreants.

fc9c31 No.253869


Please elaborate.

91c434 No.253873

File: 771a8f5ba721d60⋯.jpg (36.64 KB, 640x299, 640:299, Dilios.jpg)

Can someone meme this for me it wont fit in my app. End speech in 300 modified ;)

We go one we go all….

As simple as an order a President can give….

Remember why we must unite. For he didnt wish tribute, no songs or monuments, or poems of War and valor. His wish was simple…. We go one we go all…..He said to me…..That was his Hope…Should any free soul come across  8chan. In all the countless centuries yet to be, hear our voices whispered to you from the ageless stones. Go tell as Americans passerby, that here by Constitutional law, we lie….And so our Leader risked his life. As did my brothers. Almost a year ago. Long we pondered our Leaders cryptic talk of victory….

Time has proven him wise. But to the free Americans! A word was spread! Bold President Trump and his Q group. Laid down their lives, not just for America, but all the world! And the promise, this Country holds. Now…Here on this ragged patch of the web called the Chan's. The deepstate hordes face obliteration!!!!!!!!

In DC the Pedos huddle……shear terror gripping tight…..Their hearts with icy fingers. Knowing what mercilous horrors they suffered at the swords and spear of Trump and Q…..Yet they stare now …across the plain… AT HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF ANONS…. GUIDING MILLIONS OF FREE AMERICANS!!



1260f6 No.253874


Cool idea….I'm sure we can expound on it too

Abortion ok, guns not ok

They like to be obedient and follow rules, except when Trump wins (respect). Have to brainstorm more.

bdf516 No.253878


I saw that yesterday!

But you put together in a nice presentation…

Even her followers are pissed at her!

Cant make this shit up…

b45263 No.253879


big head on platter!

2dda60 No.253881


I'm gonna guess the attached "tribute" ain't gonna look to good for them…

60772b No.253882


Mueller?.., He is a old Wolf of sea..

d08634 No.253884


2bb3b7 No.253885

Never doubt normies cognitive dissonance, NEVER.

2c59a5 No.253886


All I'm saying is that people with resources don't take kindly to other people taking them away. You will not be able to nuffily the central banks all over the world by fiat. It can be done by agreement of the major powers and economies or by force.

It would be simplistic to suggest that an agreement could be reached at this time.

dc63a2 No.253887


He was surprised to hear that he had a dedicated section in Q Research. I will pass it along. Had direct contact about it.

67336c No.253888


I am well aware of all that. My statement related to Rosenstein actually threatening the HIC the day they announced they were going to release the memo. Even Q mentioned Rosenstein begged them not to release it. at Sekulow said RR not only begged, but threatened.

b642b9 No.253889

File: 7e229ee0c996ef5⋯.jpg (250.69 KB, 800x1019, 800:1019, battleship_artillery_salvo.jpg)

Refresh the page lads

We're in some rough waters.

Hilariously high amounts of clown desperation tonight.

48eabe No.253890


Whoa….Good evening Anon's. It looks like I missed the fun…… Thank you Anon for taking care of us tonight.

2bb3b7 No.253894


Good to see ya!

187098 No.253895


Yeah, I grabbed it yesterday because it was put together very well. Shout-out to the anon who made it!

935904 No.253898



E&O insurance protects against civil liability for errors and omissions in the course of one's profession; it has nothing to do with criminal law. Also, no insurance covers intentional torts.

Stop speculating about things you don't know anything about, i.e. making shit up, and lurk moar.

a04b13 No.253900



Good point, be certain to delete you browsing history (along with cookies) before going to twatter.

52d71a No.253901


>>>253870 >>253876

Turn your TV off.

df1401 No.253905


Train crash and what else? sauce?

187098 No.253906

File: 617813c50fc9e21⋯.jpg (75.09 KB, 750x750, 1:1, pelican0.jpg)

Pelican clowns: MUH BANSSS

2dda60 No.253907


what do you think the WH petition site is for. Demand change, demand term limits, demand (fill in the blank). Q post that had "We The People" written 6 times. We need to make people aware that that site is there and what it can be used for.

5c6ff0 No.253908

WHY did Q post a Fake Podesta Tweet ?

bdf516 No.253910


It's a message they have been brainwashed to accept and understand, so plugging into another scenario would mentally click.

It's just hijacking the message they started.

Any conservative would think the correlation is silly, but that is not our audience.

For the sake of this sort of plan, we have to assume they "won" the abortion argument. (by not disputing the validity of abortion rights)

-grit your teeth on that aspect of it…

0f7f13 No.253911

File: c7514ceb0bc6391⋯.jpg (66.47 KB, 788x479, 788:479, IMG_0719.JPG)


55b04d No.253912



Just get up? The Fearful Master (1964), None Dare Call it Conspiracy (1973), Creature From Jekyll Island (1994). Welcome to the party, glad you're here. Now Dig!

b45263 No.253913

3rd shift clowns on duty

0fabd4 No.253915


OK, I'll follow up, from a slightly different angle.

Let's say corruption is found within the set {FISA_judges}. Some or any or them.

Under what factual circumstances would that constitute probable cause to investigate Justice Roberts?

Is there any precedent for investigating a Supreme Court justice, let alone the Chief Justice, for corruption?

What is the constitutionally-prescribed procedure for removing a corrupt Justice?


Hypothetical: If one or more supreme court justices were removed for corruption, then what is the status of every SCOTUS decision rendered with the participation of said Justice?

Now it's getting really weird.

What is a Constitutional crisis?

What are the situations where normal Constitutional procedures must be suspended or special (seldom-used) procedures followed?

For example

death of the executive

Dismissal of a quorum of congress due to criminal prosecution

There were some changes in the makeup of the Supreme Court bench, IIRC, by Franklin Roosevelt. Increased the number of justices…?

What does it take for the SCOTUS bench to be redefined as a different number of justices?

Brain overload. I'll pause this train of thought to get some answers or speculations…..

e5f952 No.253916


Nice. Economist Martin Armstrong has pointed out the government could finance federal operations without taxation, and has some interesting takes on the Fed and banking. He was in prison for 7 years for contempt of court. The CIA wanted his source code.

0ebe75 No.253917


Investors in the private prison system, by the way, also included major promoters of "dysfunctional" Hip Hop music in the last ten years.

3a5fa4 No.253918

File: 9353fadefb4eb13⋯.png (233.5 KB, 928x537, 928:537, ST.png)


>Obama got 9 lawyers…

Must have told him to stop tweeting.

Oh the irony….

8c438f No.253919

File: a7852a2014077d0⋯.jpg (151.95 KB, 880x587, 880:587, c61fd101a20e063fc328c53d5g….jpg)

e1e12b No.253921


Personally I would not…after all…even with heli escort the truck still hit the train,,, just sayin…

48eabe No.253925


I started following him this week on the blue bird…which reminds me; "when does a bird sing?"…James Communist Comey is signing on Twitter.

be5382 No.253927



We owe them a vast amount … of dollars. Their threat is to send us even more dollars!?

And its effect would be to weaken the dollar, which is the opposite of what they want. They have been trying to force us to keep a strong dollar, so that we don't get out of our debt by repaying in weak dollars. Trump doesn't seem to be cooperating, because unlike recent presidents, he's on our side.

94387c No.253928


2/3 not bad I'll have to add The Fearful Master to my list

Mike Rivero https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hfEBupAeo4

8aead1 No.253929

780+ posts?

0f7f13 No.253930

File: a390ae28a0b2944⋯.jpg (137.36 KB, 1000x1406, 500:703, IMG_0749.JPG)

Damn clowns

e5ad93 No.253932


I show 730

b45263 No.253933

File: d1bb60cbb725b9a⋯.jpg (223.81 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, kissass.jpg)

all the glow fags just clocked in

9e1554 No.253934


refresh page…lots of deletions from BV

df52ac No.253936


Just getting going.

before I shut my hole and work

Has any connection to McCain's tweet about Department of Defense and Q's D of D been found?

0409e2 No.253938


FISA Obama

FISA Kerry

Both have contacted foreign governments post election

02f662 No.253939


what was the trigger

0fabd4 No.253941


The true purpose of taxation is social control and wealth redistribution. Implementation of social policies.

I forget where I read it (probably was in fact Armstrong) but some years back, somebody made a convincing case that government can be funded in other ways.

Wish I could recall the reasoning though.

ce523d No.253942



da3239 No.253943


STFU Comey

264593 No.253945

File: c478f9d9a34094d⋯.png (760.7 KB, 1242x1152, 69:64, db98e42a1b4fd9dd5d2dab0ca5….png)

3a5fa4 No.253946


Need to make another underneath with the puzzle solved - Trump MAGA

84c32d No.253949

File: b6ae3c413728b7f⋯.jpg (111.67 KB, 765x567, 85:63, ifeelgd.jpg)


Has been a Repub since at least the early '80s.

This interview is from 1980. https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=0-w47wgdhso

Younger folks (generally speaking) should watch all his interviews throughtout the decades for some truly awesome insight.

356c77 No.253951

File: c70ce42687323a6⋯.png (639.23 KB, 1017x398, 1017:398, ClipboardImage.png)

5c6ff0 No.253952

Why did q post a fake Podesta Tweet if they are White Hats ? ? Seems fishy….. Why ?

b61a2e No.253954


So America occupied Germany…so logically iam an American and can use this site? :D

cc25b5 No.253957


Meaning more memos are coming. But is he badmouthing or encouraging them?

2c59a5 No.253961


Indeed. And inflation is taxation.

bdf516 No.253966

File: 23fafa330af7260⋯.jpg (277.97 KB, 415x864, 415:864, freedom.jpg)

File: dec7879b375c37f⋯.jpg (190.76 KB, 933x358, 933:358, rules.jpg)


Some examples I was working on -

Parts of these are other anons work, but the message is different.

538caf No.253968


you'll have to put sauce on that burger

89fa3b No.253974

I didnt refresh. I have 849 replies therefore close to 100 deletions this board! Stop

48eabe No.253977



I started following him this week on the blue bird…which reminds me; "when does a bird sing?"…James Communist Comey is singing on Twitter.

84c32d No.253978


Should add that despite being a repub, he wasn't ever "for" the rich people. All the more sickening how NY treats him now.

d76b08 No.253985


I do find it funny that the warnings that were given about releasing the memo would have "grave consequences" and other bad things blamed for it before they voted to release it.

Then when the dems go to the SOTUS, they were all dressed in black…and they were acting like they were sitting in a funeral home or something.

Then next day their train is almost derailed with a large number of the ones that voted to release it on the train.

Would almost seem like the dems were trying to kill of the republicans all together.

Do you believe in coincidences?

4a5b4a No.253987


Triple play right there!

a2cd8a No.253989


Barnard was/is a glowing clown, Congress turned his proposal down in the early 90's. Also, the authentic definition for NESARA is National Economic Security And Reformation Act, >NOT< National Economic Stabilization And Recovery Act.

For a decent overview and history of the authentic NESARA have a look at the following YT video linked below, just add youtube(dot)com in front of the link.

Also, the video was made in the early Obummer years. And too, the creator of the doc mentions "clones" a few times. However, with what has been, and is happening presently, it does appear to be a fairly accurate account of a probable possibility of some kind of economic reforming coming sometime down the pike.

It's inevitable that some will cry woowoo and BS. But hey there just might be something to learn from. The link will start the video at the beginning of the third part.

Add youtube(dot)com to the beginning of this link if you would like to watch it…..


02f662 No.253990


yea.. where do we go.. wtf is going on...

935904 No.253992


Ahay thar. Careful not to dox yerself, laddie.

042a8f No.253998


How does one become a mod?

It can't see that easy?

426cfa No.254017

File: b20a6a7a4bcab88⋯.jpg (41.88 KB, 400x400, 1:1, IMG_0736.JPG)

Must be good clown bait indeed

aaef2a No.254022

Now we know why G4S was hired!!!! False flag at Super Bowl!!!

http:// www .politicalnewsalert.com/2018/02/02/alert-antifa-black-lives-matter-issue-warning-america-plotting-hit-super-bowl/

7fdf9a No.254040


chrome = spyware

55b04d No.254061


>OK, I'll follow up, from a slightly different angle.

To be trite: OMG!!

That whole train of thought is a law school doctoral thesis without precedent. Oh God! Going after John Roberts on this. Shit man, Obamacare, everything since his tenure is up in the air. Oh boy, you're trouble. Kek, keep it up! MOAR!!! Of your sick thinking!!

29db71 No.254070


This is it. Q keeps telling us we are stronger than we think, we attack as one and hard. Hit the streets memeing. #releasethememo will go done in the history books. And this is the next level

356c77 No.254137

File: f27213d41b10f44⋯.png (211.1 KB, 959x697, 959:697, ClipboardImage.png)




55b04d No.254141


> I'll have to add

Good on ya'! I've been at this a while and am constantly humbled by what has been known before but was dark to me. Had to earn it the hard way.

If they still had honest educators it Might be a good excuse for a college education. I wouldn't know, all I've done is pay for them and the recipients of said educations don't respect me. I'm the family embarrassment, tin foil hat and all.

Kinda cool to find out that DJT is in the same boat! Kek, not so crazy after all!

55b04d No.254207


>Because BO and fag clown mods ARE CIA AGENTS.

Well, I'm just going to keep posting to draw them out, dilute their resources, and confuse their leadership. They have been able to kill any one of us, at any time, for a long, long, time. Let's just overwhelm them with targets, eh?

Mod Edit: You've been a long standing patriot with great insight into conversations between important figures. Body language, etc.

Keep up the fantastic work lad.

Post last edited at

44d205 No.254303


And the Clintons were in Hawaii at the time…

26ff92 No.254326


Luciferian Jew mentality. No faggot your wrong nigger.

48eabe No.254367


We are dealing with Lucifer's legions of demons. The Jubilee period is up March 2019. Until then, it's all HELL no peace.

698a2d No.255084


I think you are not something.excellant work

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