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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 077ab1e7aaf2fbf⋯.jpg (521.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 077ab1e7aaf2fbfea054d57ecf….jpg)

3d65ce No.254631

The People dreamed this country. The People built this country,



>https:// intelligence.house.gov/uploadedfiles/memo_and_white_house_letter.pdf


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1f9018 No.254650

Baking a touch early, but I don't blame you.

There's a massive amount of pelican shit that's cleaned up from the other bread and the post count won't be accurate unless you refresh the page <3

3d65ce No.254672


Ah I c, you are saving us space on breads. Nice work!

1f9018 No.254680


More room for Patriotism!

Post last edited at

781c7d No.254723

meme material

First, they came for the Republicans, and I did not speak out because I was not a Republican.

3d65ce No.254769

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and it's the people who are making America Great Again.





>https:// intelligence.house.gov/uploadedfiles/memo_and_white_house_letter.pdf

7b2753 No.254814

File: 2d89f85d7803e49⋯.jpg (6.86 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_0204.jpg)

Interesting post about origins of e-mails…

493c4b No.254825

File: eaff3b0e309ef17⋯.jpg (111.88 KB, 725x960, 145:192, IMG_0745.JPG)

I see a space monkey 🐒 #sendcash

28c2fc No.254834

File: 8ed20a42e536447⋯.jpeg (54.48 KB, 550x428, 275:214, BA36E96F-1643-4E03-9C4E-7….jpeg)

f4e6f1 No.254839

Thank you baker 👨‍🍳

The porg is kinda cute…

9387f1 No.254840

File: 422a8162dbb0296⋯.jpg (12.02 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 2d89f85d7803e496e1b94fa181….jpg)

3d65ce No.254844


But upside down tweets are fun too.

c512b9 No.254848

Weird JordySage2020 now has his tweets protected. That's strange.

eb4be8 No.254852



The Senate Memo is suppose to much more detailed and explosive. MSM has really shot their wad on the one from today.

This could be the strategy - too much at once normies get lost

Watched Sekulow's show from today. Good shit

264699 No.254854



9ff786 No.254855

Thank you baker for this fine bread, and thank you BV for keeping it fresh as fuck

> Much appreciated

be130a No.254857

File: 1a10dd5236fd051⋯.jpg (164.82 KB, 750x500, 3:2, Comey Is A Weasel AND A Li….jpg)

"Think clock.

Wind the clock w/ all markers.


Future proves past."


3bd1d6 No.254864


What the actual fuck is a board volunteer? and when did this shit happen

cf8602 No.254865

File: ba5522636ae5542⋯.png (518.45 KB, 600x800, 3:4, IMG_1356.PNG)

Rainbow Bread… much happiness

0e4934 No.254873


It happened when 8ch was created. Where have you been?

264699 No.254874

What happens when people realize that these asshats have tried to start WW3 and derail a train with 200 Rep congressmen and their families to try to stop Trump? And that's just for starters…

493c4b No.254875

There seems a need for some dark humor to set a par for brevity. Whom is interested?

daf10f No.254876



Oh hey, and Bob's your uncle!

7b2753 No.254877


Thanks for that

f4e6f1 No.254879

68% of the first 6 pages of the new HRC emails are a waste of space… all blank…

8c03ba No.254881


Is XO to the BO.

B/C BO = human = can't be here 24/7

76eea2 No.254883

I don't know how to link to the last thread, but, i want to put this here again, credit goes to anon in last thread

http:// docs.house.gov/billsthisweek/20180108/BILLS-115S139-RCP115-%2053.pdf

3bd1d6 No.254889


There was never one here, there was never and was not ever supposed to be anyone deleting shit without reports here

2e89bc No.254891


Nice, but can you make the dates in chronological order?

7c0997 No.254894

File: ae54a018fdb39af⋯.jpg (318.22 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, thankyoubaker.jpg)

love you anons

nohomo shit

3bd1d6 No.254895


And they don't need to be, since when did this fucking operation need a babysitter? Seems you faggots forgot where you are on the interweb

df92a3 No.254896



And the tweet?

0078d2 No.254897



Or put the old timeline in order with the updated timeline in red along side it in between where it would’ve been on the original timeline?

5d0b0e No.254898


Train with congressmen a simple accident, surely not a major Assassination Attempt

b0d35c No.254899

File: deb64ffec2490e2⋯.jpg (345.97 KB, 1071x880, 1071:880, Screenshot_20180202-212700.jpg)


Here are BHOs last two tweets. Not much activity relative to past. And easy to fake these.

2e89bc No.254900


You might need to superimpose a clock face over the pic to make it easier to understand how to read this

3bd1d6 No.254902


Sauce for this assumption?

fe5a1f No.254903

I may POSSIBLY be making serious headway into reading the map. If I'm not off base, it's a lot of work but the connections are there. Example: (remember it's a map - of the power structure). CIA controls NYT, 7 Dwarves, controlled Bin Laden. NSA controls Amazon or is at least in bed with them. This is just from working with a single keyword.

EVERYTHING starts to become apparent when you go back to the start and review Q traffic in detail. Again, it's a lot of work but if I'm not off base, the connections start to appear. My real milestone is the 284th message where Q says that 43 confirmed connections have been made so far. If I have 43 at that point - no more, no less - I'll know I'm doing it right. If not, back to square one.

2e89bc No.254904


He uses the phrase "stand up" like Comey did

8fc7f8 No.254905


The sauce is on an office memo handed to him at the beginning of his shift.

3b4fed No.254906

Of all the “metropolitans”, the one below the Getty is the most luxurious. (Think solid gold commodes to get the general idea.) It was built by the J. Paul Getty Foundation for Queen Elizabeth and now houses much of the loot once hoarded under the Vatican. Prince Andrew paid a visit in 2000, perhaps arriving from Edwards AFB via tube transit:

Interesting it is also that J. Paul Getty Jr. was knighted by Queen Liz in 1998, the year after the museum’s completion.

“The Getty is an Ark for royalty and art,” Kelley explains. “Unlike most of the the 250-odd other metropolitans under the continental United States, it lacks pretext for military-grade security. Issues like ‘national security’ or ‘continuity of government’ have no relevance there. Unlike Dulce or Area 51, it is completely approachable. If we occupy it peacefully, there is no way they can justify a violent response.”

On the flip side – as intimated in the Protocols quote – the Getty is designed to deal with violent intruders in a doomsday scenario. Presumably, the proverbial red button blinks somewhere within its bowels. The museum’s architecture has bizarre features that start to make sense if we view it as a de facto fortress. Take for example this turret-like structure:

The CIA man at the end of the walkway serves here as a size reference. The turret wall is nearly as thick as he is tall, and ten times as high. It is located on the perimeter of the museum complex, facing the city of L.A. What purpose does this thing serve? Might it conceal a weapon of mass destruction, or is it just the world’s biggest and most expensive cactus pot?

At first glance, the claim that an art museum is actually a fortress guarding an underground pleasure palace and satanic temple might seem far-fetched. Yet we know that orgies, pedophilia, satanism, and human trafficking are endemic in “elite” culture. Plenty has also come to light regarding underground facilities, as well as the technology needed to create them.

Slavery never ended, but was re-invented so as not to be recognized as such by the masses. In similar fashion, the architecture of feudalism went underground.

95db56 No.254907

File: 9c8f29bf68882ee⋯.jpg (797.94 KB, 2038x1902, 1019:951, Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at ….jpg)

4c298a No.254908

#YoMemoJokes is trending on twatter…

They makin fun of the memo with yo mama jokes, some twatterfags feelin frisky?

be130a No.254910



They are, starting at 1 o'clock and going around the 'clock'!

cf8602 No.254911

File: d77e5b189dc8f34⋯.jpg (172.17 KB, 1435x1079, 1435:1079, IMG_1739.JPG)


?!?!?!You saying we crazy?!?!?


76eea2 No.254912


you are way deeper in this than i am, i salute you. i'll just add my tidbits of knowledge where i can.

4b36f1 No.254913


Dark humour ya say?…. Gottard tunnel opening ceremony.

93a4ef No.254914

What if it's about tribal rights? DNA could easily come into play.

86081e No.254915


Keep us updated, anon. I was looking at this too. Seeing the same things you are, I think.

7c0997 No.254916



throw back

b0d35c No.254917


nice catch

be130a No.254918



8cf96c No.254919



You're gonna drive yourself bugshit and only end up looking silly if you dive down that hole anon.

Ask any of us that've been around a while, chewing the carpet about Podesta/Soros/Huma being in Gitmo - and then the fuckers show up walkin the street.

Dont waste your time speculating on that until you see indictments and arrests made.

4c298a No.254921


Sounds like a "resistance" term, eh? Didn't Holder and Lynch say something similar?

8cf96c No.254922


ditch the name, famefag

53b330 No.254923

#ThePersistence‏Verified account @ScottPresler

What if…

Trey Gowdy stepped down because he's soon to be assigned as Special Counsel to investigate treason within the DOJ & FBI?


9:05 PM - 2 Feb 2018

Wow! Has anybody thought maybe this could happen? Repubs are calling for another Special Counsel?

"What ROLE might TG be walking into?

Who can WE TRUST?"

1ccec8 No.254924

BV was right, the only ones complaining about the bans and his very necessary presence, ARE the shilly shitposters. IGNORE the whiners anons, I'll trust y'all to do that as i'm leaving shortly

3d65ce No.254925

Shit that wasn't with Q. I'm getting my timeline all mixed up.

Now I want to know who that was…

93a4ef No.254926


Not a name. Subject line since the original post was in prior thread.

2468c7 No.254928

One of the most notable posts from the last bread

>>254124 (!!!!!!!)

I'm going to focus my digging efforts there. But alas, I'm not great at deciphering law, so I don't fully understand the FISA nuggets slipped into that.

0e4934 No.254929


There have been board volunteers here since we migrated from /thestorm/.

ed7447 No.254930


That's not a namefag

86081e No.254932


We were thinking this a few nights ago. Gowdy as special prosecutor. He knows where the bodies are buried?

6fba1a No.254933



8c03ba No.254934


Since fuktards like yourself exist and need constant filtering/banning…


493c4b No.254935


Merely bizarre I assure you

2e4d3d No.254936


Credit for what? What are we looking for? It is 53 pages.

95db56 No.254937

File: 9dd8693a3d412ae⋯.jpg (320.35 KB, 2042x1020, 1021:510, Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at ….jpg)

File: b5b1c92a3e338d3⋯.jpg (326.39 KB, 2036x1020, 509:255, Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at ….jpg)

File: b6cd0ace877b59d⋯.jpg (297.21 KB, 2038x1020, 1019:510, Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at ….jpg)

cf8602 No.254938

File: eff983bb49de073⋯.jpg (33.32 KB, 620x473, 620:473, IMG_1711.JPG)


…. no comment.

76eea2 No.254939


maybe, i am not a lawfag, but i didn't see anything related to water or Apaches in the body of it. but i go crosseyed after a while reading legal stuff

53b330 No.254940


Wow! I bet this is it! :)

b61953 No.254941

File: ee553a2e52dc767⋯.jpeg (118.41 KB, 1242x1112, 621:556, 8F84DB50-4F70-4B54-B8FF-A….jpeg)

Jim you twatfags

9a8d33 No.254942


30,000 white blocks, fantastic.

3bd1d6 No.254943


This is total bullshit and you know it. I have been working these drops from the beginning on half. There was never anyone fucking moderating this specific board.

b0d35c No.254944


please source your sightings of these guys walking around publicly. not saying it isn't so, just want to know for sure. also, supposedly some of these people are getting temporary tours of gitmo, not being held there permanently yet.

7c0997 No.254945


ur only relevant in gay communities

ur only relevant in Kenya

ur only relevant in prison

ur only relevant in "DO NOT DROP THE SOAP"


2e89bc No.254946

4b36f1 No.254947


Real life dramazitation.

8cf96c No.254948



duly chastised. Too much page flipping I guess

e47c99 No.254949

File: fe25b823b61668a⋯.jpg (83.23 KB, 737x737, 1:1, IMG_8435.jpg)

4a7135 No.254950


What did you say?

76eea2 No.254951


a different anon found it, not me. they get credit.

933ad1 No.254952


Good luck anon, im pretty convinced noone has it yet, do it!

4fce5c No.254953


God forbid I play into this… He has this mysterious way of posting where he posts tweets and deletes, changes his twat photos. He "remotely viewed" a huge FF attack coming.

34be9c No.254954


How easy is it to check twat via web


No phone needed,

no twitter app,

no twitter account.

Easy as pie.

a55b37 No.254955

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

this is probably late news for some anons, but here's a good video from a former cop talking about the fisa memo. it's completely normie tier, and he does a good job of breaking shit down to a level the common man can understand


4c298a No.254956


Snowflake triggered.

What did it, anon?

8cf96c No.254957


speculate if you like. Don't say you weren't warned.

2e89bc No.254958

Has Q dropped by to celebrate Memo Day?

634e23 No.254959


According to intel drops this sounds highly likely in some capacity

185a13 No.254960


If you drip it a bit at a time giving them time to spin it, the next drop exposes all their lies, then they have to spin again, wash, rinse, repeat.

493c4b No.254961

File: b2b1a8ea625cfde⋯.jpg (59.51 KB, 960x638, 480:319, IMG_0651.JPG)

Numbskulls where are the nazis

4fce5c No.254962


can it be a Panda Clock?

fe5a1f No.254963

The map: this is where the team effort comes into play. Every person's mind orients in a certain way. Some things come easily, others not, based on that orientation. I do patterns. Sometimes I don't have the patience to do what I'm able to do and that's what has held me back so far. But we're all going to excel at something and that "something" is where each person should be focusing their efforts.

Kudos to whatever anon it was in the last bread who said that during this lull time we should not be chatting it up; we should be digging and reviewing. I did exactly that as soon as I read that posting. Hopefully I'm on the right track. I don't know if I am. I'm looking for that specific marker.

Even so, a WEALTH of understanding and detail manifests just from reading these now-old messages. SO much comes into focus.

Like the article way back when about the Q group within NSA. We keep wondering who is Q and we were given the answer way back in the beginning. In a very direct form.

I'll be looking for that milestone. If it's correct, I have to encapsulate the map in its true form and make sure it's disseminated as widely as possible. WE NEED IT! Q has centered on that thing from the beginning and without it, we're operating at 10% capacity.

53f510 No.254964

File: c75a021550a3bbd⋯.jpg (432.62 KB, 2000x1125, 16:9, comeycurtains.jpg)

7c0997 No.254965


we hear you, we see you

cf8602 No.254966


Moar lines on face to make her older… your pic looks like she is 99 years younger.

Good job btw!

487571 No.254968


That's great.

7c0997 No.254969

fugly thing, r we sure its even female?

25cdc6 No.254970

File: fab0a1f3041a336⋯.jpeg (98.64 KB, 571x801, 571:801, 43 loop capital.jpeg)

2e89bc No.254971

File: 4d51fdb7c6daae3⋯.jpg (5.59 KB, 174x289, 174:289, images (1).jpg)

634e23 No.254972


I swear this bitch has had several strokes!!!

34be9c No.254973



Her plastic surgery to attempt to maintain appearance.

Accurate rendering.

Looks like she is about to hurl.

b61953 No.254974

Didn’t Bob Mueller stick his dick in that woman?

fe5a1f No.254975


Don't attack us with this when we're trying to work. I will be weeks trying to recover just from having seen this. Photoshop can truly be an instrument of evil.

df92a3 No.254976


Maybe it's a Necessary Event., for to expose more The DOJ and the FBI

c512b9 No.254977


Can't see any of his tweets; he's got his account protected now. If you aren't following him, you can't see them.

7c0997 No.254978


other anon said, swallowing big load

eea43f No.254979


It's in bread, listed as "New Apache Info" with link to post

9a246d No.254980

File: 43f0e835eba1912⋯.png (272.65 KB, 604x264, 151:66, RussiaRussiaRussia.png)

7fe36f No.254981


"Their need for symbolism will be their downfall

493c4b No.254982

Comey should check the report he made on me with attorney Kennedy in abq . A lot of interference and predates election

214ea9 No.254983


Pretty sure that is exactly what we've had here anon. Person who starts a board moderates. That's why we are not overrun like at halfchan.

Mod was overly heavy with ban hammer when we first moved from /thestorm, but then lightened up, you remember?

That is the moderator.

76eea2 No.254984


awesome thank you

8c03ba No.254985


Hmm, she must not enjoy the taste of Michelle's semen.

It's OK Nancy, I heard Barry saying it was an acquired taste.

1f9018 No.254986

File: 88e50e80fccb1ed⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1800x900, 2:1, 6aacedc30fd97e0781229dd3a2….png)


Thank you lad.



Since before you started posting, and you aren't exactly new here either.


War is messy. I do my best.

Onwards, Patriots

Post last edited at

3bd1d6 No.254987


Yeah I get that, I am seeing this "board volunteer" now and others are saying their shit is getting removed. People that I personally know have been here since the beginning as well.

2e89bc No.254988


Yea…I just noticed that, but it cant be memed without a clock face on it for the normies.

7c0997 No.254989

i said io love you mfers

no homo

wheres the love ffs

been a long couple months

b61953 No.254990

State Department memo is phase II

4c298a No.254991

File: fac311a0553c6d4⋯.png (31.63 KB, 787x326, 787:326, Holder.png)


Holder tweeeet with "stand."

2e89bc No.254992

File: dbcc0f7e1abbd75⋯.jpg (31.72 KB, 560x344, 70:43, f8dfceab7e400a609a254f3c92….jpg)

7c0997 No.254993


i choose good

d7daef No.254994

21c505 No.254995


right and left

therefor he is suggesting left is immoral

5812c3 No.254996


did she forget her blouse?

but goddamn them titties

be130a No.254998


Or…make your own fucking meme the way YOU want it!

214ea9 No.254999


Holy toledo

7fe36f No.255000


He said it himself " there is a right side and an immoral one"

Good thing we arent on the left!

7c0997 No.255001


q said were safe, usa safe

2e4d3d No.255002


Saw a short vid on YT earlier about Gowdy becoming the most powerful man in Washington. Quick search shows it was a fake news story from November. But what if it wasn't fake news? With Q's recent crumbs on Gowdy, it seems too much of a coincidence that this particular fake news would be revived at this time.

The story is that Trump just passed a new EO granting Gowdy the highest available security clearance for his new role as a "federal prosecutor." The report says his first move is to re-open the benghazi case and look into the six hour gap when HRC was unavailable. She said she was in highly classified meetings with BHO and the Joint Chiefs.

Supposedly fake news, but sounds a lot like q's drops.

New role for Gowdy.

Q told us to watch for the next EO. Will be great.

Q told us where HRC was during the missing Benghazi time. BHO, too.

Sounds more like predictive programming than fake news.

53f510 No.255003


Lol more feel over facts bullshit. These guys quoting themselves (look at you comey), talking about the wholesomeness this and wholesomeness that. Trying to sound all flowery and proper are fucking treasonous assholes that have an entire graveyard in their closet.

b0d35c No.255004


take a break for the night anon, you're high as a kite

16f777 No.255005

File: adadb91719f48d0⋯.jpg (13.1 KB, 160x158, 80:79, 23vi5j.jpg)


Wear it with pride Anon,kek

1d8029 No.255006

Canadian helicopter crash had on board Jean-Claude Mailhot, his daughter, and Nathalie Desrosiers.

Mailhot's business was in electrical and telecommunications. Desrosiers' business was manufacturing truck bodies. The theory is that the train attack was done by drone dump trucks.

I wonder if this was the team that manufactured the drone dump trucks. Possibly from Canada to add a degree of separation. Loose end(s) tied up.

Anyone happen to be monitoring air traffic over Drummondville, Quebec around the time of the crash?

7c0997 No.255008


i am just a bit

95d8bb No.255009



What did you say?

34be9c No.255010

File: 3d259482047cc02⋯.jpg (50.42 KB, 400x300, 4:3, PepFrog.jpg)


Trips confirm!!!

2e89bc No.255013


Thats no fun

f4e6f1 No.255014

Maybe the BO should remove the PW option ? That’s prob why posts are getting deleted…

2e89bc No.255016

File: 8fc41ad9637ff7b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 6.3 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images (2).jpg)

5812c3 No.255017


ohh, you just had to spoil the fun, didn't you, Mr. Bond?

b0d35c No.255018


They are sending coded messages to black hats while appearing virtuous to the sheep.

f4e6f1 No.255019

File: 392126419d0c91b⋯.png (532.4 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 9643C5C5-0672-4985-82B3-FF….png)


PW option has the PW in it….that’s why posts being deleted.

8cf96c No.255020


Brings up a good question

Her head on Melania's body

Or Melania's head on Pelosi's body?

Gotta choose one…

487571 No.255021

File: 8d6cc2363229d98⋯.jpg (83.92 KB, 664x417, 664:417, 23vi85.jpg)

be130a No.255022


If they're too fucking stupid to read and follow dates, fuck em!

2a0be7 No.255024

File: f5c7916dfd05b0b⋯.png (1.79 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 97827BE9-F40C-4C7B-8B76-46….png)

File: e57bcd0ed6246b9⋯.png (1.78 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 02B9E4CA-0B2A-4FEB-96B6-B5….png)

2e89bc No.255026


Melania's head on Melania's body ftw.

7c0997 No.255027

bo please delete from bread


please and ty

6ffbb0 No.255028



Tonight’s boards have been lightening up like no other Christmas tree! Anon, thank you for all the work you have been doing!

Autists, let keep the light shining on this!

2039d2 No.255029


and this - sorry if repost, but there's more than one aspect to the State Dept piece

Judicial Watch: Documents Reveal Obama State Department Provided Classified Records to Sen. Ben Cardin to Undermine President Trump


65022f No.255030

File: f78c169d8e23409⋯.jpg (217.56 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, tapperorreal.jpg)

File: a94c44517aa6588⋯.jpg (229.32 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, wwetapper.jpg)

4c298a No.255032


Pretty words to go with their pretty bs education.





DAMN RIGHT, non-luciferican lol!

df92a3 No.255033


hgg..,That subject is strange.., it's black hat o white hat?., o Is he Snow White?

a9aa96 No.255034


You just know that whore has sucked and fucked every swinging dick in DC to get where she is.

7fe36f No.255035


Whats that? If you want me to do something I will. I just dont understand the context?

cf8602 No.255036

Just a bit of FYI trivia for anons…

i had heard that the name Kennedy meant wounded head/ ugly head.

JFK shot in head (head wound)

Brother died in plane crash (head wound)

Another died when he hit a tree skiing (head wound)

Teddy dies from brain cancer (head wound)

JoeBlow Kennedy drools on camera (ugly head)

eefc62 No.255037

fe5a1f No.255038


What you did was right, if a choice had to be made. FLOTUS deserves proper respect. If you only borrow her body, then most won't know it's her (I didn't).

526596 No.255039

File: 0818c9f1a6449bc⋯.png (45.79 KB, 651x355, 651:355, Dr G Treason reference 2-2….PNG)

File: e69fb257272ebf4⋯.png (234.62 KB, 654x480, 109:80, Rep Gosar.PNG)

From Dr G just now

2e89bc No.255040

8c03ba No.255041


Normies won't get it.

Most of them actually still think that wrasslin' is REAL.

3bd1d6 No.255042


Yeah that asshole spoke for and defended the same ideology that killed his grandfather and uncle…

493c4b No.255043

File: 6df7ecb02bc01bb⋯.jpg (154.12 KB, 1507x1128, 1507:1128, IMG_0742.JPG)

For comey

3bd1d6 No.255044


this is disturbing anon…do you need to talk at all?

34be9c No.255045


All I meant was acclaim for your post.

Jargon here.

Lurk moar.

5d0b0e No.255046


Paul Gosar Love this guy

df92a3 No.255047


think it.., Live in Minnesota, tweets strange = SNOW WHITE?

Just say it..

eefc62 No.255048



Good dig

On Train crash

f1029d No.255049

Personally I think the Keystone is the Capitol

df92a3 No.255051


Mmm, maybe the FED..

6ffbb0 No.255052


You are a TOP memfag! The quality of your illustraions are fantastic. Keep up the great work anon

745cb8 No.255053


makes me want to slap them titties around and stick my weenis in her

63664b No.255054


It is absolutely real. Simulated combat - Tyrus

4b4c95 No.255055


TG'd be great, but he surely would be viewed as partisan. Also, isn't he still a Congressman? Can he be both prosecutor and congressman until the election?

7fe36f No.255056


Will do! Thanks ANON.

b0d35c No.255057


cuz I'm the only one speculating on the chans… thanks for the warning friend

cdfdc2 No.255058

I've spent the better part of three days– catching up with all this banter… and to be honest… I have to say… I think… CIA clownfags are inundating this board with chatter to dilute the serious BREADMAKING that we are doing… just sayihg… fuck.. it's like drinking 1200 gallons or piss to get a quart of water…

I mean, serously, if you have nothing to say but BULLSTHIT, THEN LURKE MOAR, muthafucka. SHUT THE FUCK UP.

8c03ba No.255059


Keystone = memo.

Without it (((they))) fall.

7c0997 No.255060

do yall remember in truth community a few years ago

there was a fear of nu ke in chi-town?

2e89bc No.255061


>>stick my weenis in her


a63103 No.255062


The Helicopter failed to stop the truck…probably kept the attack from being worse (deadly) but it still happened, despite all their security. I wouldn't be 100 miles within distance of SuperBowel…I just don't trust them.

eb4be8 No.255063

File: 957ada44bdb8f87⋯.png (275.66 KB, 1004x602, 502:301, Screenshot 2018-02-02 at 9….png)

File: bef27a7a28293f4⋯.png (343.53 KB, 733x545, 733:545, Screenshot 2018-02-02 at 9….png)

File: 16705931a4145a8⋯.png (960.71 KB, 1464x608, 183:76, Screenshot 2018-02-02 at 9….png)


Professional Photo

2nd photo shows an earpiece (I don't think it's a hearing aid)

Ultra close up

dc4aff No.255064

"I take all these slings and arrows gladly for you" - Donald J Trump, Patriot and President of the United States of America

cf8602 No.255065

File: d38dc13cbfff7c5⋯.jpg (29.79 KB, 475x329, 475:329, IMG_1748.JPG)



WTF???? My eyes!!!!

3bd1d6 No.255067


the irony is real in this one…but anyone yeah how about Dana Boente…one signer of the FISA applications resigns almost immediately as the Russia thing kicked off

493c4b No.255068

File: ae0216fb4250ed8⋯.jpg (941 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, IMG_0276.JPG)


c512b9 No.255069


Yes, and while he's at it, he will bring Hillary & all her buddies down. Finally.

28ee19 No.255070


remote viewing is demonic anons

if you want to fuck with the occult keep fucking with jordy sage

its called divination

2a0be7 No.255071


Keystone is memo that entire case(foundation) will be built around to take these fuckers down.

Without that little four page memo. The ball doesn’t get rolling and the subsequent stones don’t get to be laid around said keystone.

Logical? Or am I fag?

781c7d No.255072


Holy hell, anons!

They beefed up FISA to get the bad guys!

They added:


‘(A) IN GENERAL.—Any information con20

cerning a United States person acquired under

section 702 shall not be used in evidence

against that United States person pursuant to

paragraph (1) in any criminal proceeding un24


‘‘(II) the criminal proceeding involves—

‘‘(gg) transnational crime,

including transnational narcotics

trafficking and transnational organized crime; or

16 ‘‘(hh) human trafficking. =

+ more

997f05 No.255073

Papadopulos was planted by Intelligence. https:// www.emptywheel.net/2017/11/02/on-july-2016-panel-george-papadopolous-used-same-cover-organization-as-joseph-mifsud/

7c0997 No.255074



physic is def evil

3bd1d6 No.255075


4c298a No.255076

File: a9f95ac3e889ddb⋯.png (31.06 KB, 727x287, 727:287, Schiffhead.png)


Hell if I would eat his cookies, anon, lmao!

Also, Schiffhead and a "stand" reference.

8cf96c No.255077


You're more or less on target

9ff786 No.255078


Go read the QMAP and come back when you find what the keystone is

> Yes, you are being a flaming faggot

bd2824 No.255079


>>not really answering your thread but had to get this in—the military purge under Obutthead was because of the litmus test of wether they would fire on fellow americans if they said NO then they were fired. If they said yes then they got to stay. This is fact– my neighbor was irforce, she was asked that question.

8c03ba No.255080


You got it right.

39c099 No.255081


Sorry, I am took freaking slow catching the boards 2nite.

Regarding the A P A C H E Amd.

The Amendment requires the collection agency to report and receive approval from the DNI and the AG. It also requires the agency to name the person's or entities that they are pursuing and any ancillary individuals they feel are involved. No other intelligence will be acceptable, including additional persons who just happen to be in the correspondence.....ie the waiter at the restaurant.

It also requires that all agencies give an approximate number of US persons that are on the radar and that may be named on a FISA warrant. If additional persons are intercepted that information cannot be used unless the crime is: in progress (criminal, with victim), involves eminent threat to US or US persons, drug trafficking, child trafficking, sex trafficking, and a few others but very limited. The people on the "we may ask for a warrant" list also has to be reviewed by select members of Congress. The request for warrant will be reviewed for up to 30 days before approval. If an "emergency" is requested, it has to be because of the above mentioned items.

b48327 No.255083

What the fuck is going on?

I have been trying to post for 30 minutes…managed ONCE to get 73%…

eefc62 No.255085

3e1799 No.255086


you suck - that's all there is to it.

ea8a21 No.255087


It's more corrupt than you know

76eea2 No.255088


so making it harder to get a fisa?

b0d35c No.255089


Nice find anon. Does appear to be thin plastic tube coming over the top of his ear.

2e89bc No.255090


Same with the damn blood over intent bullshit. It is sigil magick and Satanic. Stay away.

b48327 No.255091


Text is obviously working but uploading memes is impossible now?

3d65ce No.255092

File: 1bf94e3827a37b2⋯.png (16.17 KB, 622x157, 622:157, Colin 2.PNG)

Well lookie who is talking about the 7th floor.

Back in fking 2009!

34be9c No.255093


Plausible it could be a hearing aid because it is a recognizable [expensive recentmodel] type I've seen on some olderfolks.

Then again, earpiece maybe.

Also wondered if his surgical scars were stage makeup.

Different images of his scars don't seem to match up at all.

Just over his L eyebrow?

Then the long vertical scar on the L side of his entire face, not seen in this pic.

Anon doesn't know much about stage makeup but has read that almost anything facial can be simulated.

Like in the movies….

3bd1d6 No.255094


Not so sure, my gandma has a tube like that going from her hearing aid to her ear…

b670eb No.255095



She wields tremendous political power, although it's now fading. Comes from a politically connected family. Her father was Tommy D'Alesandro Jr. Don't underestimate her. She and Hillary are two of the most feared Dem women.


7fe36f No.255096

File: 5b8abbd7040827f⋯.jpg (156.67 KB, 1080x916, 270:229, 1517637450408.jpg)

File: c52a756e6b8ae0c⋯.jpg (73.48 KB, 600x583, 600:583, 1517637417797.jpg)


For you Anon

a1222c No.255097


Is Gowdy a TNG fan?

7a26f0 No.255098

Lynn de Rothschild


6m6 minutes ago


It is time to be brave, smart and patriotic;

Ldr just swatted

7c0997 No.255100

JA posted the bots.. all mid 20s female dipshits with

an opinion. lmao

b48327 No.255101


your wife's titties maybe

8c03ba No.255102


All's well here, anon.

Try clearing browser, rebooting router and computer.

Or get an ISP that sucks less.

2e89bc No.255103

No Q today? Aww…

69e0ba No.255104


I think that Trey Gowdy will be the Chief Prosecutor of the New Nuremberg Trials. Thousands of crooked politicians and their minions will be going down. It will take decades to go through all the trials.

eb4be8 No.255105


HeadShot +350

Goodbye Flake

7c0997 No.255106


who u patriotic too?

b0d35c No.255107


well, she's not wrong

4c298a No.255108

b48327 No.255109


I'm not a maroon..done all of that twice, ran malware with 3 pups that I got rid of. Everything working on other media

3bd1d6 No.255110



4fce5c No.255111


I don't disagree with that. one of the big distractions of the past 2-3 days has been these Jordan Sage "mysterious" Twatter posts, cluttering up and sliding the board.

7c0997 No.255113


gtfo lynn

214ea9 No.255114


I think that is a hearing aid. Are you thinking it is a comms device like so people can send him messages?

df92a3 No.255115



69e0ba No.255116


This is another case where the future proves the past and all the analysis and guesses were wrong. The Apache tribe was used as cover for the real action.

dfb01e No.255117


He just realized he's an Enemy Combatant

ea8a21 No.255118


Lots of theatre, black box theatre

2e89bc No.255119


LDR Respect Thread:


76eea2 No.255120


is she east coast? cause 1 am is an odd time..

8b3a93 No.255121

File: f098e9a2c8c9e7d⋯.png (120.8 KB, 571x383, 571:383, 4567876543.PNG)

birds of a feather

b48327 No.255122


Guess I'm out will meme elsewhere

8c03ba No.255123


Never said you were a moron, but if the shoe fits… :/

IDK what to tell you other than the clowns might be lurking in your bushes fucking with your interwebs…

dc4aff No.255124



3bd1d6 No.255125


As for me I hope POTUS waterboards her personally and releases the video

cdfdc2 No.255126

I mean really…. can you fucker not shut the fuck up and think through your responses and make a serious contribution to this bread?

7fe36f No.255127

File: 49428e3363d55a2⋯.jpg (39.7 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1517602739106.jpg)

File: ddbacca5b3a8335⋯.jpg (40.67 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1517602904253.jpg)

Twatter fodder

7c0997 No.255128


bitch its too late to change sides

u was told


cf8602 No.255129

File: ad4b4a5fa0f3130⋯.jpg (36.06 KB, 350x267, 350:267, IMG_1738.JPG)


Pretty sure that's how McStain's "tumor" talks to him.

34be9c No.255130



9a246d No.255131

File: 1c28047c5a2cf6c⋯.png (335.13 KB, 534x314, 267:157, MemosComing.png)

2e89bc No.255132

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Seems legit

4c298a No.255133

File: 297b40e073aaed2⋯.png (155.21 KB, 480x267, 160:89, WithStupid.png)

6ffbb0 No.255134


Why are you so sure it's not a hearing aid? Sauce???

My father has two, and they look exactly like that

eb4be8 No.255135

looks like a comms device

security in the background?

Did he meet with someone?

It's not like Q posted the photo so

I'm moving on

25cdc6 No.255136


when n what

f4e6f1 No.255137


Yea latex … liquid latex is cool to make fake scars… I do a lot of stage makeup for fun.

745cb8 No.255138


> Russian Bots is the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard. Do people actually believe that?

4fce5c No.255139


I saw this as well, one of the really odd "coincidences" is the helicopter in this crash and the one in Newport beach were both Robinson R44 4 seaters. I haven't been able to get anything more since this just happened.

ea8a21 No.255140

File: 893424c40119f04⋯.jpg (68.34 KB, 799x1128, 17:24, IMG_0724.JPG)

The wolf eats meat 🍖

c512b9 No.255141


He has protected his account on twatter. Can't see anymore of his tweets. Someone on there said he was remote viewing & she talked about some videos on utube about remote viewing. The videos are under FarsightPress & they have a dot org website. It's wild.

7fe36f No.255142

File: 5695950f2b17ac3⋯.jpg (105.64 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1517602186524.jpg)

File: 9d3671221488b66⋯.jpg (37.8 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1517602242871.jpg)

File: 14b217fefcf4875⋯.jpg (34.42 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1517602222701.jpg)

ed7447 No.255143

File: bc2812e86f964e0⋯.jpg (25.24 KB, 280x212, 70:53, CFBL-overview2009.jpg)


Seems more likely that Amazon would be C_A but makes sense.

Snowden = Snow White;

7 dwarfs are the 7-eyes (5-eyes + 2):

>There's also the Multinational Interoperability Council (MIC), which is a forum for identifying interoperability issues and articulating actions to enhance coalition operations. It started in 1999 as the Six Nation Council and now has seven members: the US, Canada, Australia, Britain, France, Germany and Italy. It might be this group which is called 7-Eyes.

“For here is the stone that I have set before Joshua—upon one stone are seven eyes.”

1895 242 Zechariah 3:9. In considering this important subject it may be well, at the outset, to deal with the particular numeral given, which is found here as elsewhere in scripture to signify perfection. And as in symbolic language "the eyes" or "eyes" signify intelligence, and further, in the passage under consideration, "seven" and "eyes" are brought together, it is obvious that the correct interpretation of these two symbols here conjoined is, that they thus are expressive of the perfection of intelligence.

This boundless range of a vision, so penetrative and clear-sighted that no object can possibly be hidden from it, had been pointedly referred to by earlier inspired writers, and ascribed to Him "that sitteth in the heavens."

2468c7 No.255144


Nunes has apparently said there's another memo about the State Dept. coming out. When? Don't know.

f4e6f1 No.255145


Diff country

7c0997 No.255146

File: bd80c2d60a37561⋯.jpg (51.36 KB, 363x348, 121:116, Johnny5 - Copy.jpg)

Good night anons.

Im proud of each and every one of you.

Peace love and happiness for you and yours!

2e89bc No.255147

File: bec9a72515661db⋯.jpg (37.07 KB, 602x520, 301:260, lpiUj.jpg)

Why cant I live in a country where Rikker and Picard arent kissing?

be130a No.255148


ohhhh shittttt lmao

121ab6 No.255149

File: fc3e5587140e184⋯.png (736.14 KB, 1111x1491, 1111:1491, Q_keystone.png)

7a26f0 No.255150


Yep assume she's in Philly but assuming she will be in Minnesota on Sun.

Guess she can't sleep or maybe Larry F. is burying the pole.

Better him than me.

df92a3 No.255151


I don't being defending to that guy.., I don't know who is.., but.., With these perspectives for the Sunday, whatever happens , The DOJ and FBI will be f'S..,

FF= worst for them…, why?, because the people will see who are the ture guilty

76eea2 No.255152


ty anon.

39c099 No.255153


Yes and a ton more oversight. The old way of fish netting and dragging in everything in the net has been abolished. The warrants have to name persons of interest and have to have other evidence (no wiretapping) to support the warrant. Previous FISA warrants are not acceptable to request new ones unless they are for continuation purposes.

Also, anyone who is part of the internal agency review team that observes a MATERIAL BREACH, must notify the FISA court/AG/DNI immediately so as to document and provide Constitutional protection for that citizen.

b0d35c No.255154


yes probably just a heading aid

6203ec No.255155


Can we airdrop these people over Russia?

eefc62 No.255156


Yes! Baker please add to dough


745cb8 No.255157

cf8602 No.255158

File: 99860d07cec5bf5⋯.jpg (146.31 KB, 500x337, 500:337, IMG_1712.JPG)



4c298a No.255159


Oh, I can imagine…one big circle-jerk as they try to manipulate emotions.

eb4be8 No.255160


My dad had them too didn't have any cords but again It's not like Q posted the photo so

I'm moving on

1d8029 No.255161


Good call, hadn't noticed that!

One difference between the two crashes. Helicopter in Newport Beach was still fairly in tact looking at pictures.

Helicopter in Drummondsville was completely destroyed. Witness on a snowmobile said he couldn't recognize it as a helicopter when he came up to it.

4fce5c No.255162


maybe that's why shit's been all off kilter past few days. I wouldn't even begin to guess how many frickin posts there where on that guys twats

8cf96c No.255163

File: d9ff2f2dca866a4⋯.png (214.69 KB, 611x518, 611:518, ClipboardImage.png)

76eea2 No.255164

good. you broke down what i gleaned, ad suspected. for i go crosseyed after a bit

cdfdc2 No.255166


TRUMP to CIA and FBI: I will huff and puff and blow your house in…

997f05 No.255167


bd2824 No.255168


Abel Danger says that SERCO was behind the train derailment to take out the repub. military tribunal members on the train.

121ab6 No.255169


>subject to law

<real danger

2e89bc No.255170



eea43f No.255171


For shits & giggles I did a ddg search for Robinson R44 autopilot… it has that feature and a stabilization feature. Possible remote control? Don't know much about helos.

eefc62 No.255172

File: 3032afa075569c6⋯.png (2.34 KB, 449x140, 449:140, ClipboardImage.png)




Great work anon

69e0ba No.255173

We still need the Meme and Hashtag campaign to continue. There is still a need to red pill liberals but now it is more important than ever to avoid shoving anything down their throat, to be oblique and circumspect and dance around an issue avoiding politics. The goal is to engage them in discussion and in thinking about the future of America.

We need to treat them with respect, to ignore the loud voices in the Senate and Congress who simply do not matter any more.

Lots of things are happening that MSM does not cover. Suspicious things like helicopter crashes and CEO resignations. Good news things like pedophile arrests and sexual abuse charges.

A Democrat that will discuss these things and think about these things is preparing to red pill themself. We just need to keep in touch with them to make sure they do not go off the rails.

2e89bc No.255174


No offense, but Abel Danger says SERCO is behind EVERYTHING.

1fa2a2 No.255175

File: 0c83f1827830e38⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 348.06 KB, 600x401, 600:401, throw.jpg)


I just threw-up in my mouth…

Ok… not a little.

And not in my mouth.

0663cf No.255176

Anyone want to take bets on whether we will hear from Q again now that the Storm has started?

Why else the necessity to leak and create infor graphics ahead of time, if not because they would not be here when it started?

Sorry to be debbie downer. But there can be no errors once it's begun…..

9a246d No.255177

File: b006c3152fdbc7c⋯.png (210.37 KB, 465x310, 3:2, morememos.png)

86081e No.255178

File: 31f6921fcfc59f5⋯.png (52.5 KB, 1193x872, 1193:872, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 77b91acd70cfa06⋯.png (85.97 KB, 971x865, 971:865, ClipboardImage.png)


In case you're confused like I was as to why the APACHE is important in conjunction with this act.

From what little I know, they often lump a bunch of things (unrelated items) into one big one and then give it some name that has nothing to do with all the other shit that is inside of it (Apache Water Act - yes, a part of this act will do something with their Water, but that's not important).

If you look at the list under "text of legislation", you'll see the FISA Amendments Reauthorization Act of 2017. Rules Committee Print - this is the one you want to click on. Takes you right to the FISA Amnds. The "Water Act" is still sitting around the house. Pics related. This was a good catch, anon.


a55b37 No.255179


ah, i didn't see it either since it's linked at the bottom of the notables instead of the top

db472b No.255180


Yes . Didn't Q mention something,where you lead we will follow. I believe when we had to switch boards. more than one meaning?

8b3a93 No.255181

>>255138 soros activist puppet shills believe anything they are told their extremist views are so set in stone they cannot handle the truth. MK'd from birth

cdfdc2 No.255182


Abel Danger is fucking weird… but… he knows his shit… and never equivocates and to my sensibilities, is never off-base… his theories are far better than the fuckshit we are given by the MSM…

ce779c No.255183

File: d3d57ba8fb76871⋯.jpg (880.65 KB, 2048x1024, 2:1, nothingToSeeHere.jpg)

thought I'd make something for the troops

121ab6 No.255184


>release the meme hoes

5812c3 No.255185


>Storm has started

not unless DJT announces it.

8c03ba No.255186


I thought 7 Dwarves = Clown data centers?

2e89bc No.255187


Both fake.

0514c9 No.255188

File: 7ae0a770cc6acf7⋯.png (168.17 KB, 1771x1077, 1771:1077, we the people.png)

File: 30992421f47e1a2⋯.png (107.37 KB, 1532x1980, 383:495, memo letter 1.png)

File: 9b16c649e9e96e5⋯.png (107.32 KB, 1518x1527, 506:509, memo letter 2.png)

Reposting and expanding a bit from Bread 309



We know the memo itself wasn't for us, it was for the normies.

But what the memo release had for us was in the letter of transmission from the White House. That has the critical reason we need, explaining why the petition process another anon pointed to is so important.

The first graphic is from the anon who posted it at >>249747 and I've reposted it here.

Why was the #ReleaseTheMemo so important? The answer is in the letter of transmission.

The MEME campaign demonstrated there was "significant public interest" that overrode the need to protect the information in the memo. We did that and it gave him a good political reason to say "the people have spoken".

Keep the optics in mind. TGE must remain aloof, above the political fray and be Presidential. Sure, he could have just made the call on his own, but with all the publicity, it took the heat off of him. And it was entertaining as hell.

The second page of the letter is the most important. The reason for the memo in the first place was to get the truth out of the locked cage of "classified information" and out into the public view. Now that it's out there, a lot can be done, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Q frequently says to go back and re-read the crumbs and the future reveals the past. He said YOU HAVE MORE THAN YOU KNOW.



Now we know how to shine some light on this. This is a key that unlocks the door to the classified information.

526596 No.255189

File: 6a665be0e96fc2c⋯.png (444.23 KB, 648x689, 648:689, Comey 2-2-18 7 51 pm PST.PNG)

File: 2aea581aa4dee3e⋯.png (41.04 KB, 592x449, 592:449, NYT in part.PNG)


After seeing your comment, I checked Comey's account. He tweeted again 2 hours ago.

I have included the first part of the NYT article written by Campbell.


a63103 No.255190


My "jury" is out on Jordy, but his posts are not irrelevant to our purpose. None of us know where he's connected…or why he posts / deletes like he does, but I have personally seen him post about an event hours before it happened..then post a "I warned you" with a direct link to the event that happened in Shanghai. He's a remote viewer, and he's actually good…here's the rub, he posted something today about a major FF incoming…this is NOT irrelevant to our purposes. Face it, even with all the tight security around the train–they broadcast they were going on buses, all roads and crossings were secure and closed, they were being shadowed by a Helicopter…and they still got got…grant it the Helo spotted the danger and warned the engineer otherwise things would have been far worse…but they STILL got nailed.

I wish he had given details of what he saw…hopefully he has done so and reported it to the right folks. But face it, securing a facility the size of the stadium, all vehicles, all persons entering…this is truly not possible. A few rogue beer kegs and kaboom…purposefully crashing some aircraft INTO the stadium… flying a drone into the stadium…it's not possible to eliminate all threats and if they're relying on electronic or undercover info all those things can be gotten around, clearly…the train…still got got.

SO as Q has also warned of FF and at the same time told us we were safe (I agree to the safe from things like rogue missiles) I don't think anyone should rely on that entirely. That's why Jordy is of interest, at least to me…in relation to Q.

2e89bc No.255191

I cant believe Q didnt show up for Memo Day…oh well

eefc62 No.255192


Field has lots of info

Good in his wheel house

How do you know Serco not using this CA company?

121ab6 No.255193

File: 27d427ccb4ef314⋯.png (661.96 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_20171112_Sign….png)



but there is a deeper, not clear yet what (afaik)

93a4ef No.255194


A role he was born to play.

1f9018 No.255195

File: 1ffe2405f4b47b8⋯.jpg (51.61 KB, 500x473, 500:473, 1ffe2405f4b47b88ad6ee78f4a….jpg)


…flock together, until a cat comes by~

65022f No.255196

File: ae60f9260d2d62b⋯.jpg (84.12 KB, 590x308, 295:154, capture.jpg)

b15d1b No.255197

File: 18e39c224ec0a56⋯.png (1.07 MB, 844x721, 844:721, ClipboardImage.png)

28ee19 No.255198


maybe SATAN????

265552 No.255199


Just want to say, there is another Apache link I found..

Oak Flat land in Arizona..Apache Land…

McCain and Flake gave it to Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto owns uranium mine with Iran

I can provide some links if anyone is interested.

487571 No.255200


There is still time. Or maybe Q is getting gateway errors and kicked every five minutes?

7fe36f No.255201

By the way. Do we know what the most important part of the SOTU speech? I understand the USA chant and them being freed. But was that the most important part?

ed7447 No.255202


< Alternative Seven Dwarfs (one down)




Twitter (down)




0f6b1b No.255203


Special Report /Devin Nunes

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=blnacu7RKTs

Nunus: You know you're over the target when they're coming at you from all sides

2468c7 No.255204



eefc62 No.255205


on boards from anon few days ago

34be9c No.255206


Wow. Colin Powell advising Hillary on how to evade data national security data protection rules when using a PDA, phone or Blackberry.

At some bigcompanies with tough rules on intellectual property protection, a person could be fired for doing just that: breach of employment contract.

These guys just did not care.

National interest be damned.

Safety and security of 325 million people be damned.

8fc7f8 No.255207


I get the feeling things are being reassessed after the train incident. His message might have to be adjusted pending the group's approval.

a55b37 No.255208


no! absolutely not. your 8chan posting privileges are hereby revoked!

21c505 No.255209


everything all along has multiple meanings

and several other "coincidences"

this is yuge


if u wanna read through my crumbs on a separate board

487571 No.255210


That is one of the most disturbing things I have seen in a very long time. Bravo!

76eea2 No.255211

sure a link would be appreciated.

2e89bc No.255212


Abel Danger is a team. You're prpbably talking about Field McConnell or David Hawkins.

4c298a No.255213


New sleeper?

9a8d33 No.255214


> will be missed


8c03ba No.255215


Go deeper = DeepMind? D-Wave? AI?

0e4934 No.255216

File: 95f1d6ffde52203⋯.png (457.97 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, snow white xerox.png)



>but there is a deeper, not clear yet what (afaik)

9a246d No.255217

File: 6667aec96d254e1⋯.png (426.16 KB, 560x359, 560:359, ReleaseTheMemo2.png)

ec6714 No.255218


I'm taking a wait & see approach with jordy as well. some spoopy posts, but not sure what's really going on there.

a63103 No.255219


This makes zero sense. Twatter bans conservative accounts by the thousands each day, but somehow Russian bot accounts tweeting the same damn thing as real accounts….are evading bans? These people are stupid.

265552 No.255220


That was me…no one responded, so I left it alone..


04ad12 No.255221


TG can not be a special prosecutor because he's still a member of congress until November. If he was assigned after November, then yes. If he is going to assist NOW, he would have to accept appointment now in the DOJ.

1f9018 No.255222


Brilliant. Wonderful work lad.

2e89bc No.255223


eh….maybe. take the glasses off and turn around.

265552 No.255224



ce5a4f No.255225

How the hell did bread #310 get up to 834 posts??!! I thought 751 was the max? Ha!

8fc7f8 No.255226


… My world was just as you described until now. Goddamn you, anon.

095d4e No.255227


He stated Key = NSA, Trump = Stone before. Why ignore that?

16f777 No.255228

File: 7d5d1cb343bc7df⋯.png (261.97 KB, 732x564, 61:47, Julian Assange Tweet 2 2.png)

File: f5bc4a97467c232⋯.png (559.01 KB, 922x642, 461:321, Julian Assange Tweet Feb 2….png)


who's the ones really using the bots? Looks like McCain has his own russian bots aka soros bots,kek fucking hypocrites.

How many shitbots aka schiffbots,kek are out there

121ab6 No.255229

File: c33d83838de3d52⋯.png (105.41 KB, 900x428, 225:107, seven_dwarfs_desktop_by_cp….png)



forgot i had this too

2e89bc No.255230


Ugh. Please God, no more.

8cf96c No.255231


Not really for the normies either.

It's a legal artillery barrage couched in calm, friendly tones. For normies it looks like nothing more than fluff and faux outrage - but for those who understand the law - and law enforcement in particular - it's devastating to all named and several unnamed.

9a8d33 No.255232



5812c3 No.255233


this is it then.

21c505 No.255234



it was also FREEDOM DAY

when the petition site was reopened

make a petititon will ya

im |+|

dfb01e No.255235


I agree. Until we control own currency were not free!

df92a3 No.255236


Good.., Always and When he offers the Data.., it's well.., Now.., we are in war.., and we have every sources necessary for be get ready.., play cleanly.. while he is a good tool, no problem

39c099 No.255237

I heard on another board they might be using signal blocking for certain freqs at very large venues. Can talk on the phone but not fly a drone….



ed7447 No.255239


Yep. Just giving my alternate ideas because there is more to the story.

121ab6 No.255240



is watching you

ce5a4f No.255241


With McStain and others like him they accuse others of what they themselves do.

2e89bc No.255242


Theay are all members of the same sick cult

3ee898 No.255243

In case the "Move Boards" shills are about, I'm just here to do some confirmation of what's been happening tonight. I sat in the last bread and watched for green >> posts. These indicate deleted posts.

I then went back and checked EVERYONE of these posts. That's why I'm late to the party here. Without exception, these posts were people calling to move the board to (wherever), and a single spammer who posted over 30 times, with many copy pastas in the mix.

So, no "great post" deletions. Just a bunch of "moveshill" deletions.

Just in case the shilling starts again, I figured I would put in the results of my investigation. Board is not comped and BV or mods are not deleting important shit.

df92a3 No.255244


And that What Castro is kritical of health.

658ac2 No.255245

Talk about odins eye

c6f54d No.255247

Good to know. I've seen his name come up but didn't realize he was into remote viewing.



2e89bc No.255248


Field is a badass

76eea2 No.255249


thank you. anon

9a246d No.255250

File: 3bc18be29d50079⋯.png (360.58 KB, 465x344, 465:344, ReleaseTheMemo22.png)

121ab6 No.255251


oh, did i miss a good keystone post? i wanted something clear using Q caps, since the debate often pops up again, please quote/link what i missed…

e808c5 No.255252

File: 9871eb0a460ebf7⋯.jpg (109.52 KB, 1000x637, 1000:637, IMG_0723.JPG)

Some love ❤️

1c9d7b No.255253


Good work anon! Some thoughts to share I had from earlier today and just now.

Obviously if this is a web and there are multiple spiders weaving multiple webs then they must intersect somewhere.

Q says to wind the clock. So along those lines, clocks have gears (each web is a separate gear). What we're seeing right now is one gear in motion on the political side. But that gear is moving, or being moved by, other gears that are also in motion.

Some gears are larger and when they move they create a more noticeable movement on the clock face (hour hand). But then other gears have finer teeth and make smaller movements (minute/ sweep second hand).

Not shilling and not trying to derail anything. Just putting some ideas out there.

Maybe we need to stop thinking two dimensional and start thinking in more complex frameworks. There is depth to all of this. It's all connected. But we've been looking at the clock face and not the clock gears which drive the clock hands to tell us what's happening.

I have an image in my mind of these gears and how the interact. I need to white board this and see what I can come up with.

Regardless maybe this will trigger some anon out there who can visualize it and get it in graphic form.

2e89bc No.255254


Sup Chewie?

39c099 No.255255


Did anyone else notice that (YOU) was posted by stuff (YOU) did not post? I plugged back in (power), came to the board and saw (YOU) in 20 posts

eefc62 No.255256


Bravely telling truth for over 10 yrs

cf8602 No.255257

File: d9b417ea71938a1⋯.jpg (75.88 KB, 320x320, 1:1, IMG_0438.JPG)

1f95be No.255258


They are playing for time hoping that they can pull something off so that what is going on never gets exposed. I haven't seen any pics of Barry and Mike together taken after Oct 31

b551c4 No.255259


So their just not getting the shill back.?

0078d2 No.255260

Is there a key for Q's acronyms? Including name initials, locations etc.

7fe36f No.255261

He sacrificed his eye for wisdom….He gouged it out himself at Memir or Urds Well and drank from the waters

76eea2 No.255262


newfag here it was explained to me and people typing (You) after a post

70d21a No.255263


Anonymous 02/03/18 (Sat) 00:54:54 2a0be7 No.255071>>255077 >>255078 >>255080 >>255149


Keystone is memo that entire case(foundation) will be built around to take these fuckers down.

Without that little four page memo. The ball doesn’t get rolling and the subsequent stones don’t get to be laid around said keystone.

Logical? Or am I fag?

Incorrect. The Memo is not an indictable document. (The OIG Report will be.)

Q's KEYSTONE was defined months ago. READ THE MAP!

4fce5c No.255264


Quebec crash had no witnesses to how the chopper crashed unlike the one in NB where a witness said it dropped like a rock

e808c5 No.255265


Find the seed of sin then trace its vines

eefc62 No.255267

anyone have amtrak garbage truck info that was posted awhile ago?

Can't find it

c9e882 No.255268


"Everytime you think you weaken the nation."

Not you. Curly.

c5ba24 No.255269


Ever seen Merkel dance? She's got some serious moves. Vid related

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=sv-0XjrBVT0

a2e89f No.255270


thank you anon….words of wisdom

4fce5c No.255272


nor I maybe we can find a planefag or helofag that would know a little more

1d8029 No.255273


True. The guy in Quebec on the snowmobile didn't see the crash, just the wreckage.

Post last edited at

86081e No.255274

>>255188 dubs kek

>Now we know how to shine some light on this. This is a key that unlocks the door to the classified information.

You, anon, are a god damn genius. OTHER ANONS LOOK AT THIS!

39c099 No.255275



2e89bc No.255276


This. The easiest way to search for replies is CTRL-F (find) and typing in "(you)". Anons do this to make sure other get their posts as well as their own. Carry on.

60c466 No.255277

File: d23586c81aa5e09⋯.jpg (435.57 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 76598763223gkekbosspepe308….jpg)

a63103 No.255278


I've seen a few recent Farsight remote viewing videos…for some reason they're using black folk…and dressing the girls all sexy like, but oddly the people are doing WAY better than I've ever seen Farsight do before.

RV is real but as others have said, you've got to already be "talented" otherwise the training gonna fuck you up…and it takes a different approach to "seeing ahead" than other methods..I don't know what they're doing differently (and Ed Dames is a nutter…) than before but I made it a habit to see their month ahead video and honestly it was impressive (predicted the CA fires as an example).

I do NOT recall this Jordy person being associated at ALL with any videos I saw. He may indeed be actually working with gov….it started as a gov. program after all. Also as stated before, RV can be really good, but it's useless without groundwork / confirmation…meaning YAY I can RV a sekrit base deep underground in Russia…but unless you've got a way to confirm it all you've got is babble, that's why the military ended it for intel purposes, that and many of the recruits went a bit nuts mentally. If you're not used to it aka born that way, mind travel can be a mind fuck because you can't wrap your brain around what you're doing…or believe that you're doing it.

Naturally talented people grew up doing it and don't realize not everyone CAN do it until they're old enough to realize they "see" things different than other people and learn to STFU.

One draw back to doing it without targets is timeframes…the RV method of using targets is better for that. Meaning the target known only to the control is specific in time / place and the RVer taps into that subconsciously.

8fc7f8 No.255279


Check yourself, emailfag.

265552 No.255280

File: d2511ddd034dfe6⋯.jpg (57.04 KB, 738x1024, 369:512, DVFh_UhU8AEh_AJ.jpg)



Posted that article to my twit page…someone sent me this pic…

8c03ba No.255281


And without the memo we wouldn't be getting OIG report.

Thus, memo = key to taking them out

b551c4 No.255282


It takes a lot to rig something that big.

c6f54d No.255283

Federal Prosecutor = FEP??? per Bill Binney?


4b36f1 No.255284


It seemed like AI and bots took over or something…. Or a very fast filterer?

095d4e No.255285


Phone fagging. It’s on the master map that someone used to send out regularly around the same time as the posts you included in your attachment.

921886 No.255286

investigate David Kramer. He was involved in the undercover videos done by project veritas before the election and had to be fired from the Clinton Campaign because of the videos. McCain gave the Dossier to him. He's a very shady character.

121ab6 No.255287

File: abd849025a975d3⋯.png (893.09 KB, 1111x1952, 1111:1952, Q_Keystone.png)

>>255227 is right, >>255149 see here




e808c5 No.255288

File: d2909cc0ae9e712⋯.jpg (94.97 KB, 1080x1077, 360:359, IMG_0720.JPG)

Another release the memo psy op

781c7d No.255289


and info collected can't be used against Americans in criminal proceedings unless the crime is among a specific subset… unique to Deep State, including international drug running and human trafficking.

265552 No.255290

File: bbee344cfa7beb0⋯.png (34.98 KB, 981x162, 109:18, Screenshot 2018-02-02 at 1….png)



c6f54d No.255291

Sorry BInney said NEP not FEP.


70d21a No.255292


Wrong. The MEMO is just a frickin' memo. Michael Horowitz, the IG began his Investigation in January 2017.

Do try to keep up, anon.

7fe36f No.255293

File: 0154b49ac9a2a28⋯.jpg (35.93 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1517599060130.jpg)


A Patriot of the Highest Order

2468c7 No.255294

Possible new APACHE crumbs >>255199




ce779c No.255295


Sure he's got his hands full. Maybe analyzing communications between various deep state organs after the release.

a8231e No.255296


Remote viewing, while a topic I've been interested in, might be a bit too above the 40,000 ft altitude for us to trust as a source of information right now. It's certainly interesting that this Jordy individual hints at a massive false flag, but we'll have to take it with a grain of salt.

1d8029 No.255297


Sorry, newfag here. First few posts.

1c9d7b No.255298


There might be a lawfag board here. If not maybe create one and post what you find. Invite lawfags to go there and dig.

Notlawfag but law is interesting once you get into it a little.

4fce5c No.255299


well with what we know now, substitute the pro wrestlers with nfl teams

a63103 No.255300


ONLY if they're outed as the culprits…otherwise we're going to have another mysterious "terror" attack or a LV, or…a train "accident". NONE of those have been outed for what they really were.

8b3a93 No.255301

>>255219 maybe lois lerner can answer that

02bdc6 No.255302


Are you going to tell a nigger joke?

265552 No.255303


Works for the company with Kristol and Chertoff that is spreading the info about the Russian bots and #releasethememo…

7a26f0 No.255304

Abraxas | Experience the Power of Knowledge




We believe in the power of knowledge — that good decisions are based upon access to information, both current and past. We provide this knowledge in the form of tailored records and information management solutions to regulated businesses in the life sciences, medical, legal, financial and government sectors.

Cubic Corporation > Global Defense > National Security > Intelligence …

https:// www.cubic.com/Global-Defense/National-Security/…Abraxas/Careers



Intelligence Analysts Targeters; Collection Management Officer; Special Skills Officers; Operations Officers; Technical Operations Officers; Instructors, Instructional Systems Designers; Software Developers/Engineers; Finance; Logistics Administration; Geospatial. For more information on careers at Abraxas, visit our job …

Abraxas Energy Consulting: Energy Efficiency & Building Energy Audits

https:// www.abraxasenergy.com/


Abraxas Energy Consulting can help improve the energy efficiency of your facilities and organization with quality energy consultations and building energy audits. … Facilities Management (FM) is the organizational function which integrates people, place and process within the built environment with the purpose of …

Abraxas Capital Management: Private Company Information …

https:// www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId…


Abraxas Capital Management is a privately owned investment manager. The firm also provides investment advisory services to its clients. It manages equity portfolios for its clients. The firm invests in the public equity markets of the United States. It also invests in index funds to make its investments. The firm employs a …

These folks got their hand in about everything.

76eea2 No.255305


THAT makes me so happy. like, i have relaxed… just a smidge.

f85ea0 No.255306


don't put your email in

df92a3 No.255307

I think that The Keystone is the FED.., The FED control the money incoming and outgoing of the US (National/ International), As it saying..,

The money is debt..

While the FED haven't what a deser.. we have 2-1., Now.., With the EO of GEOTUS.., of a few.., will be dismantling the tentacles, bue it needs that the Private Banks is attacked.. (City, WF, JP.., etc).., with the Memo is something, for to implicate the scandal of the Uranium One.., Remember,


7a26f0 No.255308

Word of the Day / Abracadabra: Be careful what you wish for - Haaretz …

https:// www.haaretz.com/word-of-the-day-abracadabra-1.5241461


May 8, 2013 - Abracadabra belongs to Aramaic, a Semitic language that shares many of the same grammar rules as Hebrew, says Cohen in Win the Crowd. 'Abra' is the Aramaic equivalent of the Hebrew 'avra,' meaning, 'I will create.' While 'cadabra' is the Aramaic equivalent of the Hebrew 'kedoobar,' meaning 'as was …

Abracadabra - Wikipedia

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abracadabra



Abracadabra is an incantation used as a magic word in stage magic tricks, and historically was believed to have healing powers when inscribed on an amulet. Contents. [hide]. 1 Etymology; 2 History; 3 See also; 4 References; 5 External links. Etymology[edit]. Pronunciation. Male native of Poland pronouncing Abracadabra …

‎Abracadabra (disambiguation) · ‎Abrahadabra · ‎Hocus pocus · ‎Serenus Sammonicus

a63103 No.255309


Remote viewing is not demonic. KEK. SRSLY? Then the entire bible must be demonic..wonder what you make of Elijah? LOL insane. People are born with certain abilities…let's not burn the witch in "fear". Jaysus.

8fc7f8 No.255310


Stay comfy, anon. We're being taken care of one step at a time.

847a26 No.255311

Keystone already defined POTUS/Patriots


1d8029 No.255312


Noted and amended. Thank you.

ffcada No.255313

The Constitution should be the keystone.

All Law in the US must conform to it.

ab4571 No.255314

File: 733fba7e222f414⋯.jpeg (279.37 KB, 1223x1466, 1223:1466, 1E3F8674-9CD7-43F8-91AB-5….jpeg)

dfb01e No.255315


FM is a Patriot and has intel.

eefc62 No.255316




658ac2 No.255317

File: b8c968616fdc458⋯.png (2.1 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180203-013018.png)


6aa089 No.255319

File: b15fec9b88b7424⋯.jpg (74.41 KB, 580x438, 290:219, danger ahead.jpg)

3d65ce No.255321

Oh my god anons, the Keystone is the People, as POTUS said the SOTU!!!!

a55b37 No.255322


ahaha, i just got the joke! apache helicopters are famous for being silent, right? this FISA restriction was passed into law silently under the guise of apache water rights. the indians are separate nations, even though they live inside the continental US. ebin trolling

silent. they never heard it coming

2e89bc No.255323


My penis is sad now.

1f95be No.255324


Maybe 43 means connected to G. W. Bush?

121ab6 No.255325

File: abd849025a975d3⋯.png (893.09 KB, 1111x1952, 1111:1952, Q_Keystone.png)

>>255307 no

>>255321 yes - do you have that quote by POTUS from SOTU? looked for it in a transcript but couldn't find, was confused because remembered him saying that, or something veeery close to it

8fc7f8 No.255326


Everyone should read this.

2e89bc No.255327


My penis is sad now.

76eea2 No.255328


slid that in under the radar so far it needed a tunnel.

c5ba24 No.255329


It's hard to unsee something that horrifying

4fce5c No.255330


yeah, that's how i took that as well

69e0ba No.255331


Remember that the KEY is the PEOPLE

So it is a darn good idea to start a number of petitions for disclosure OR CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION in things like 9/11, Benghazi, etc.

There is so much stuff to sort out after decades of corruption, that POTUS needs some guidance from the people on what to prioritize. This is a KEY way to get more democracy into the process of government, to turn elected reps and senators into servants of the people.

095d4e No.255332


Thanks for digging this up. Anons should keep in mind there are double meanings for many of the things Q posts. Just figured that this should be included if we’re trying to dig into Keystone meaning.

86081e No.255333


Guess they're draining themselves. Snowflakes.

fdcef8 No.255334

File: 8e41d3379dbd828⋯.png (1.72 MB, 2508x1167, 836:389, Apache_Geronimo.png)

02bdc6 No.255335


Spider anon was making many connections with his web graphic. That was about a month ago. Does anyone have that?

21c505 No.255336




check out


i believe the one anon posted the stuff

that i posted on the thread i made

it shows why this is important!

a1222c No.255337


Fight aware had all it's records wiped for that chopper all the way back to july 2010 even though the choppers reg was last updated in Sept 2017.

Snowmobile guy said he smelled it before he saw it. And it smelled like an electronics fire.

ec6714 No.255338


Thank you. it's been bad tonight.

1c9d7b No.255339


Would be good to decode and retwat on their board for all to see

2e89bc No.255340

File: 84b931cd6e724da⋯.jpg (33.04 KB, 400x400, 1:1, comfefe.jpg)

526596 No.255343

File: b0d93a99d606e8f⋯.png (175.62 KB, 455x610, 91:122, Barnes Law.PNG)

File: 9c731f045c80bd9⋯.png (97.26 KB, 642x769, 642:769, Barnes Law 1.PNG)

File: 0e17ee2b4eb04e3⋯.png (85.63 KB, 628x652, 157:163, Barnes Law 2.PNG)

File: 20c375022b8a090⋯.png (81.54 KB, 627x603, 209:201, Barnes Law 3.PNG)

70d21a No.255344


If you check the SPREADSHEET for 12/05/17 you will find the ANSWERS for Keystone.

69e0ba No.255345


Through prayer we can get in touch with angels and receive information from them, sometimes in words, sometimes in visions. In biblical times people with this ability were called prophets. If Jordy prefers to call his prayer visions "remote viewing" that is his right.

5f49bb No.255346


Are you asking for one

eefc62 No.255347

Board lighting up tonight!!

Keystone>We the People

WE THE PEOPLE>Petition WH/POTUS for disclosure & use meme Soc Media power to push

APACHE>Nunes water bill clipping FISA

39c099 No.255348

Lawfag here but reading these on the fly and giving realtime, correct info is/will be challenging. There are so many references/sub-references that most will not offer up info, even if it is correct. I agree that we should have a section for decoding the legalese in all these Gov docs. >>255298

b61953 No.255349

File: 72f8f758d247500⋯.jpeg (24.62 KB, 264x345, 88:115, 3CFA9B4C-C189-4FF9-A630-2….jpeg)

a2e89f No.255350


I am very familiar with this tribe and the reason for the bill and I would be shocked if this had anything to do with /qresearch/

fdcef8 No.255351

File: 68a19a705f67b7c⋯.png (1.76 MB, 2508x1167, 836:389, Apache_Geronimo322_correct….png)


graphic corrected

I would also brace yourself for bread 322 don't think they will be able to help themselves on that one

8fc7f8 No.255352

File: f0109b59b722904⋯.png (150.37 KB, 600x390, 20:13, MAGA.png)


Thank you, anon. Let's provide TGE with the guidance needed for pic related.

658ac2 No.255353


Why are people posting so much GORE?

0514c9 No.255354


If you think it's bread worthy, say so.

e47c99 No.255355

File: 0c4bfb759679887⋯.jpg (177.26 KB, 1501x839, 1501:839, Untitled_Artwork 11.jpg)


I have created the CNN logo in the style of old school WWF!

b61953 No.255356

File: 4ad8ce38e3ed3e4⋯.jpeg (8.72 KB, 315x236, 315:236, 6493129D-8724-4F8D-A565-6….jpeg)


You can never have too much Gore.

237327 No.255357

Baker please bake this bread.


f85ea0 No.255358


make a thread for legalese. We would welcome it

a1222c No.255359


what should we do with it?

fdcef8 No.255361

cf8602 No.255362

File: 58f238460b9cddd⋯.jpg (134.52 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, IMG_1683.JPG)


Curious anon.... are you trying to stop human reproduction with those images?

21c505 No.255364


bread worthy


throw this for method

and we need to come up with 3-5 critical petitions

then meme with links in twatter

then twitter spam

and this weekend is perfect to hijack superbowl

or try to beat it on twat

c5ba24 No.255365


This stops Human reproduction

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=sv-0XjrBVT0

a1222c No.255366


the fat bastard is doing a pretty good job of living up to that motto

185659 No.255367


how dare you sir the ultimate warrior does not approve

658ac2 No.255368


You made snot come out my nose lol. Ty, thats always fun

095d4e No.255369


My vote is yes.

a55b37 No.255370


anon you're missing the point. in the process of trying to amend the water act, they are trying to amend the FISA regulations as one tiny detail of it. the water rights thing has nothing to do with /qresearch/, you're right about that. it's that tiny golden nugget hidden inside that's relevant

a55b37 No.255371


*potentially relevant

t. not a lawfag

3ee898 No.255372


No. It was IP banning and similar. You can take out dozens of posts in one click (been a mod, but not here).

Any anon can do what I did. Get into a thread early and DO NOT REFRESH. Just keep looking for green properly-formatted post links. These links are bad, so the post is deleted. Then go look at the post to see what was there. Because you did not refresh, you still have the original post.

I just did the legwork for those who were wondering. For those who don't trust me, the mods, CM, 41020, and their own mothers, go do what I did to check on "improper bans and deletions." Don't take my word for it.

e47c99 No.255373


Put it on fake news stories and stuff.

6398e0 No.255375


getting a FISA/FISC warrant, i can maybe see FBI being slick enough to get it the first time. the Renewals ??????? don't FISC Judges watch the freakin news?????? Checks and balances only work if agencies play by the rules. looks like whole thing was rigged, thinking HRC would make it all go away.

7fe36f No.255376

So from what understand the "WE THE PEOPLE" petition should be our next objective. Flood the petition with us and get the normies to do it as well.

8b3a93 No.255377


this has been going on for many years unplugged or not they are watching and listening more so on the drug lords and bad actors.

5f49bb No.255378

Fisa was used as a distraction to the Feds for the cabal

121ab6 No.255379

File: 78b0ba9d907f258⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1111x777, 1111:777, Q_BiteCrumbs_20171109_Trip….png)


yes, not against expanded thinking, but the new keystone theories often feel pretty slippery. Also there's lots more still unclear more worthy of digging, seems to me - anyway, that's not to crush debate, but it can help stay grounded. Q pretty much spoonfed us that one…

(ohman, like his best burn ever, "We may have overestimated your ability.", SAVAGE… best/funnyest kick in the ass we got from him)

side project idea

so yeah, if you feel memed out, or tired of shillings, we have plenty newfags that don't re-read the crumbs much: imagine normies! Thing is, the map is damn huge. We're good at archiving, but remember Q recommended more than that…

>Graphic is necessary and vital.

>Time stamp(s) and order [is] critical.

but that's for the archive, and we're pretty damn good at that, lots of anons contributing and doing stellar work…

<Archive and coordinate.

<Crumbs dropped will soon paint the full picture.

seems to me it can't be a waste of time to meme the crumbs, reformat them, get past the ADD and fishbowl attention spans…

true, there's the side-by-sides, those were specifically requested by Q and shouldn't be forgotten, but if that's too much for (You) and ye wanna contribute, i say jump back in the crumbs, find a good tidbit, or go collect posts on a single subject/signatures… we have a huge treasure of posts, let's play. Keep the order and archives pure, of course, that's critical, but more digestible Q can only help us and the uses of the future

a63103 No.255380


THIS was what I thought of immediately…McStain AKA Lord Voldemorte..and Flake…filthy stinking lure…wonder why Obama didn't stop this one eh?

https:// www.nytimes.com/2015/05/29/opinion/selling-off-apache-holy-land.html.

there's also a huge controversy over BearEars where Podesta supposedly tweeted from..

Basically Obama literally tripped around taking state lands and designating them federal lands..he took millions of acres of lands. Trump has been returning the lands to the control of the states.

http:// www.standard.net/Environment/2016/12/29/why-is-bears-ears-national-monument-controversy-obama-big-deal

a8231e No.255381


This was very well-spoken and clear. Mr. Barnes knows what's up. Hope more good lawyers come forward to corroborate this for the normies to digest.

d58833 No.255382


The Petitions.Whitehouse.gov site had experienced serious fuckery in th recent past. Where petition signees numbers were monkeyed with. (Never got above a thousand signatures, and that's hardcore fuckery) specifically in a petition addressing mandatory vaccinations and research into said vaccinations.

8fc7f8 No.255383


Yes, the judge(s) for sure were in on it. But now they'll have far stricter rules.

fdcef8 No.255384

File: d86121657553bd9⋯.png (474.69 KB, 2824x1152, 353:144, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at ….png)

File: c32bb4c1c3f6542⋯.png (11.46 KB, 326x166, 163:83, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at ….png)


this was deleted and had nothing to do with "moving"

f4e6f1 No.255385


BO needs to REMOVE the PASSWORD from this options box also please!

a1222c No.255386


i'm not sure most people will make the connection to professional wrestling.

I could be wrong

526596 No.255387

File: 5e0eb3e41482a9c⋯.png (24.94 KB, 653x310, 653:310, Dr G on RR appointing Muel….PNG)

9a246d No.255388

File: 064fa7384304562⋯.png (546.44 KB, 700x325, 28:13, ReleaseTheDocuments.png)

e47c99 No.255389


Didn't Q say something about WWF and CNN tho?

a2e89f No.255390


this is BS

s.139 and s.140 are 2 separate bills

a63103 No.255391


There is an additional email from the first dump? In which Powell basically tells her not to try it. I had not seen this one before. Initially Powell was very defensive when knowledge about Hildawgs 7th floor security evasion was coming out…he said something like "don't drag me into this shit"…

dadfac No.255392

Im going to add this… A dear blind dem friend at work just today mentioned reading about fake porn and how maybe lawsuits are coming about. This person states CGI plays a big part of the videos where the copy/paste of faces looks scarily real. Well, after everything we know, I believe this is a preemptive motion by those who may have been taped, bribed, into doing things against the US. Someone is putting the early disinfo out there knowing alot of damaging info is on the way. Just imagine the cover stories. Be ready anons.

370284 No.255393


Give me a break shill.

ce779c No.255394

File: 87a9674ea019a8f⋯.png (183.06 KB, 728x582, 364:291, Capture.PNG)

Anyone seen this?

https:// www.judiciary.senate.gov/file-library

"Grassley, Graham to Podesta"

Lots of names named at the bottom, maybe some rich leads

1c9d7b No.255395


He said signatures are IMPORTANT.

What signatures are associated with those supercomputers?

237327 No.255396

File: a9a45f033a8a6ee⋯.png (16.21 KB, 759x127, 759:127, IG.png)

1st Petition

5f49bb No.255398

File: eea71320646d617⋯.jpg (82.97 KB, 1000x630, 100:63, IMG_0734.JPG)

For the bread makers

7fe36f No.255399

File: f2f93d3824da2c6⋯.png (555.24 KB, 1421x2354, 1421:2354, Screenshot_2018-02-03-01-4….png)

File: cd3f8fd8f00be16⋯.png (668.71 KB, 1440x2318, 720:1159, Screenshot_2018-02-03-01-4….png)

File: b1ae2f4f0f5e19f⋯.png (542.25 KB, 1415x2036, 1415:2036, Screenshot_2018-02-03-01-4….png)

8fc7f8 No.255400


That's certainly good information. I've studied that whole issue myself.

9018c2 No.255401


This particular piece of legislation could be VERY relevant to /qresearch/.

Very common tactic in DC is to bury important legislation in seemingly innocuous legislation so the opposition's radars are not up, nor are the public's.

Happens all the time.

It's why presidents for decades have been begging for line item vetoes.

9a246d No.255402

File: cd57f85d37ab8a8⋯.png (348 KB, 478x314, 239:157, releasethedocuments1.png)

a1222c No.255403


i'd be interested to see that i guess.

121ab6 No.255404

File: 239e94935c02fd3⋯.png (106.47 KB, 461x304, 461:304, Snow White.PNG)


>signatures associated with those supercomputers?

a8231e No.255405


Junior could use some support. Seeing him largely under fire in the responses.

a55b37 No.255406


> this FISA restriction was passed into law

i think i made a mistake saying this. it's only been proposed, not official.

86081e No.255407

File: 6b6438db3bc7d09⋯.png (62.5 KB, 766x349, 766:349, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5e1e30deaf6261f⋯.png (8.76 KB, 731x99, 731:99, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5a36547fbc1ba7a⋯.png (15.41 KB, 456x518, 228:259, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cbc543d28bc18bf⋯.png (23.22 KB, 889x385, 127:55, ClipboardImage.png)

Hey Anons, read this article again. The MAP correlates with it, and it's from Nov 3, 2016, just before the election.

"True Pundit also says that, according to FBI sources, both Abedin and Weiner are trying to cut immunity deals with federal officials and that, if they didn’t cooperate, they’d face long prison sentences. Abedin’s turning state’s evidence would no doubt be devastating for Clinton, as the two women have for years been joined at the hip. Abedin has at times been like Clinton’s shadow, has been called her “body woman,” and has even been rumored to be Clinton’s lesbian lover. So ==Abedin== likely knows where, as is said, the ==bodies are buried.==" Q implied this on 10/28/17!!! Pics related.

86081e No.255408



https:// www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/crime/item/24549-nypd-source-weiner-laptop-has-enough-evidence-to-put-hillary-away-for-life

9fc86f No.255409


> had experienced serious fuckery in th recent past.

any under the current administration?

I'd say it's worth considering, after all any good constitutionalist should recognize

petition the government for redress of grievances

f85ea0 No.255410


This.Congress agreed in December 2014 to give Oak Flat to a private, Australian-British mining company. This was made possible when Republican Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake—both of Arizona—added some fine print allowing the trading away of Native American holy land to the National Defense Authorization Act, a military spending bill that would not be held back regardless of what atrocities were attached to it. Resolution Copper Mining aims to turn the sacred land into an open-pit copper mine.


e47c99 No.255411

File: f753da73b90c069⋯.jpg (676.75 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, IMG_0126.jpg)

8c03ba No.255412


You mean sigs like JA has been dropping repeatedly?

b3debe No.255413

If parts of the dossier were salacious then does the parts of it that are true justify the FISA warrant on carter page?

5f49bb No.255414

File: c4a10c2ef5528fd⋯.jpg (43.3 KB, 500x431, 500:431, IMG_0640.JPG)

Long thick memo

cf8602 No.255415


Yep… they are STUPID.

Soon they will cry "Muh Russia Pornos!"

a1222c No.255416


it was covered on one of the tech sites about a week ago.


34be9c No.255417

File: cd357667659531d⋯.jpg (144.84 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Betrayal-Akhmetshin.jpg)



But the middle guy is not DoJ, right? I looked him up this afternoon.

a63103 No.255419


Dude, some people are born that way and don't need prayer or anything. Religion is what it is…people believe the voices in their head are god or angels..that's their beliefs. But literally some people are born this way…back in the day they used to execute epileptics for being "of the devil"…let's not go back there.

121ab6 No.255420



what's the count on the dwarves again? 5/7?

a2e89f No.255421


Anon, take a deep breath. This may well indeed be a dirty deal by our esteemed senators from AZ, but it has NOTHING to do with the Apache Indians. The mining company sink a mine near a mountain called Apache Leap. It is just the name of the mountain. The mountain is not on tribal land although some tribes consider it "sacred". I believe the land is part of the Tonto National Forest.

ce779c No.255422

File: 8ee0bd659f81ed2⋯.png (120.27 KB, 672x449, 672:449, Capture.PNG)


This is from another file in the library listed. Pat Fitzgerald.

9a246d No.255423

File: 8c47b9a0c1b01c1⋯.png (440.09 KB, 576x336, 12:7, RELEASETHEDOCUMENTS2.png)

34be9c No.255424


Dang, spelled his surname wrong.

Needs to be Akhmetshin →

Maybe fix it in the A.M.

f80d6a No.255425


Worth keeping in mind. I think they've also had plans to blame the Russians for placing CP or other material on their computers, but now it won't work since they've already exhausted their Russia hysteria. I'm sure they'll come up with lots of other excuses, though. But the way Trump is slowly exposing them for the liars they are, Americans likely won't buy any of the BS they're trying to peddle once the endgame arrives

b61953 No.255426

We need a petition to have Barack Obama’s birth certificate re-certified under the new administration.

8c03ba No.255427


7 total.

1,4,5 offline IIRC.

db472b No.255428


I would think the most important thing would be to redpill as many people as possible. What information would be the best to make that happen?

It seems to me the greatest obstacle we face is the MSM and their spin shit.

Maybe something there or maybe something else to start.

We have more than we know. Have to look back through the map and see what jumps out.

0ac04c No.255429


Anyone who's anyone, anons who are anon, everyone staying up late and wanting to understand the bigger picture behind the memo, qresearch, others allowed in the know by patriots wanting to disseminate red pills to the people, all need to watch this @Ali Periscope.

It gets absolutely riveting in the flow after the intro few mins. Was just speechless after seeing it, needing to collect thoughts now related to the big Q questions like the keystone.

‏@ali 3h ago

We’re in a new era of public awareness on matters of intelligence and spying. #MemoDay was reluctant.


fdcef8 No.255430

File: 96c52f13c6338be⋯.png (280.12 KB, 3094x728, 17:4, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at ….png)


Deleted - nothing to do with "move boards"

42eb75 No.255431


The map is the key.

Find the keystone.

What holds everything together?

7fe36f No.255432

File: 63d8e12a7b69c8e⋯.png (293.78 KB, 1440x2312, 180:289, Screenshot_2018-02-03-01-5….png)

Do we start a petition board? Is that possible?

5f49bb No.255433


I told the Chinese food delivery guy it was theatre,

a55b37 No.255434


>s.139 and s.140 are 2 separate bills

ah, i see what you're saying. i read it wrong. of course they're separate bills.


2e89bc No.255435


Lets just arrest him and do cruel things to his face.

d2a858 No.255436


"(we should) keep our heads down until the STORM passes"

"I say this with the greatest respect: THEY ARE WRONG"

Sounds like more coded crap. Pleading for heavy artillery to be dialed in.

a63103 No.255437


SRSLY? With both McStain AND Flake being involved in this shady land grab? I wouldn't be surprised at all…not because of the Tribe, but because of the shade involved in nabbing the land for the miners. $$$$ crossed someone's palm. McStain tried to sneak in in several bills…this COULD be part of Q just because of the people involved…corrupt!

a1222c No.255438


oooh shit. Could that work?

76eea2 No.255439


we need a plan. need to get what hashes we will use, what the petition will be. i would suggest for the underlying stuff from the memo.

1c9d7b No.255440


Well I know money is a huge gear. But there's also the human trafficking, child sex trafficking, SRA, secret socities, clubs, foundations, etc.

Lots and lots of 'gears' that make this machine work.

265552 No.255441


That's Glenn Simpson, founder of Fusion GPS.

9018c2 No.255442

File: 0c77252b4ca76cb⋯.jpg (21.33 KB, 410x160, 41:16, keystone.JPG)

c6f54d No.255443

I can see the memo being the "keystone," the document that allows legal grounds to unroll everything else needed to clean up the swamp. It wasn't clear to me, reading this graphic, how all of this tied in to "Red October." Can you clarify? Thanks


121ab6 No.255444

File: bb4981edf02a230⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1111x744, 1111:744, Q_BiteCrumbs_20180118_WILL….png)



the map is the traces/content/proof of communication between us.

we forgot to play, but someone is reminding us… (petition site much, for example, plenty to do there)

b61953 No.255445

Q gave us lots of crumbs. Lots of stuff we could petition for disclosure.

7fe36f No.255447


Full disclosure not 60/40 not 80/20 all of it!

21c505 No.255448


think of places Q has mentioned

>Las Vegas

or information classified for decades

>Ronald Reagan shot

>JFK full disclosure

and maybe something really neutral.. centrist

OIG report would be sweet

so would that 17 mil congress sex fund

trans parent is not two words

9a246d No.255449

File: 1b3d42fa8ed003c⋯.png (186.44 KB, 529x268, 529:268, ReleaseTheDocuments3.png)

8b3a93 No.255450


the bears ears were ringing on the stock market today -666

a1222c No.255451


foia's only need 3 requests from 3 entities

ce779c No.255452

File: 4ce9040ab795142⋯.png (114.57 KB, 643x372, 643:372, Capture.PNG)


Is this old news? If not, seems pretty big. I didn't know McCabe's wife had gotten money from McCauliffe

5f49bb No.255453



2e89bc No.255454


8fc7f8 No.255455


>neutral.. centrist

A new 9/11 commission with subpoena powers.

8c03ba No.255456


665.75 /= 666

76eea2 No.255457


to me the petition site seems like a way for us to get to him without being filtered by the alphabets

219c0c No.255458

Today proved that MSM can utter the most ridiculous garbage and half of the country will still believe them.

I guarantee you, if this counter-coup succeeds, we will continue giving away our Rights and our Republic unless we eliminate public schools and start teaching the next generation SUPERIOR READING COMPREHENSION, FORMAL LOGIC, and CRITICAL THINKING.

The so-called "public schools," which are really government mind-control machines, teach the exact OPPOSITE - by design. They are the problem and need to be eliminated.

YOU LISTEN TO ME AND RESEARCH WHAT I SAY: the Founding Fathers never dreamed that free men would allow the government to get involved in education in any way! They would be appalled that we allow this! They would be shocked that we still see this as a free country!

…and you wonder why certain people continue to believe these sick turds who spend every waking second lying out of both side of their mouths. THIS IS THE PRODUCT OF PUBLIC SCHOOLING. Eliminate the public schools now, or its over!

Q, are you listening?

Betsy, are you listening?

POTUS, are you listening?

7fe36f No.255459


"Their need for symbolism will be their downfall"


34be9c No.255460


Glad for the correction, Anon.

I'll try to get my erroneous meme deleted.

21c505 No.255461



board set up hours ago

ffcada No.255462


In 2007 I participated in a CD petition with We the People seeking a peaceful redress of grievance. Pretty mundane stuff.

The drops were done at local house and Senate offices. While doing so I was informed that It would go through the FBI first and was asked to sign a paper.

Lol I did (cause fuck them) and of course was promptly ignored and never responded to.

It's easy to ignore……untill one day it isn't


a1222c No.255463


yep laundered CF money most likely

2e89bc No.255464


Agreed. 100% disclosure. We the people deserve nothing less.

e47c99 No.255465


They just reopened it today, probably specifically for this purpose.

76eea2 No.255466


has to be done in steps, probably document by document

d2a858 No.255467


I think POTUS fears one FF will put the people back to sleep.. he needs us to PUBLICLY create a wave.

The "stone" won't be applied if we just post on this board.

Deep state get away.

cf8602 No.255468


Yeah old news…

His wifey got $$$ for her campaigns… she's gonna hang with him.

e94543 No.255469


Very helpful, Tnx

a2e89f No.255470


if you don't want to make an effort to be discriminate about the different spiritual forces at play here, why waste everybody's time? I'm sure if you saw whatever symbols they carve into those little kids they sacrifice in the Comet ping pong shop or the Standard hotel you would kinda realize we are not just battling against flesh and blood.

526596 No.255472

File: 588860c2e635464⋯.png (29.79 KB, 626x390, 313:195, FISA Judges.PNG)

There is much info in the link Too much to snip and paste. Worth taking a look at.

"As of 2017, Chief Justice John Roberts has appointed all of the current judges, four of whom were nominated to their District Court judgeships by a Democratic President.[2]"


7fe36f No.255474



Even the Normies can take it. We can all take it. They underestimate us.

86081e No.255475


Thanks for sharing anon. Worth the read.

121ab6 No.255476

File: 97c91c58793fc3d⋯.png (2.3 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, SW_7thFloor.png)

41c9cc No.255477


7th floor is no more? Former SoS CP talking to then SoS HRC. 7th floor maybe top floor at State Dept where all the bigwigs office. Remember news reports of State people crying they had been reassigned to the basement to clear backlogged FOIA requests? Rex has cleaned house at State sounds like.

a63103 No.255478


This anon speaks truth. They were asked if they'd fire on Americans and obey orders to order troops to fire on Americans…if answer was NO…they were fired. SO quick to call shill eh? Wonder why?

5f49bb No.255479

File: 13d12e47aa3c903⋯.jpg (66.7 KB, 750x927, 250:309, IMG_0718.JPG)

Invalid arguments get queer when adhered to passionately

76eea2 No.255480


i was referring more to procedural than worried about if we can handle it. have to request each document, one petition at a time

9fc86f No.255481

File: b216e0d2c6e279b⋯.webm (3.68 MB, 320x240, 4:3, zappaEducation.webm)

File: 5d91a261f66e43f⋯.jpg (59.81 KB, 557x528, 557:528, zappaCivicsClass.jpg)

File: f504c66931b4a83⋯.jpg (67.97 KB, 720x720, 1:1, zappa.jpg)

8fc7f8 No.255482



2e89bc No.255484

Hillary wants another chance in 2020. Be nice.

86081e No.255485



The snowball is rolling down the hill now…. collecting snowflakes in its path.

c6f54d No.255486

Q said it was the access code.



5812c3 No.255489


they need to bring the delorean back.

also matt smith was my favorite doctor.

capaldi could've been a bit younger.

i'm also afraid how the new series will be since it is the first time we'll be having a female doctor.

8b3a93 No.255490

>>255411 perfection

b15d1b No.255491

File: e648329735c1bcc⋯.png (815.71 KB, 555x776, 555:776, ClipboardImage.png)



76eea2 No.255493

seems they found us.

0ac04c No.255495


So "keystone" has been asked and answered. POTUS using the key and chain to unlock the map of all the domestic treason and foreign agents.

4b6013 No.255496



86081e No.255497


If you'd take a minute to scan thru the bill, here:

http:// docs.house.gov/billsthisweek/20180108/BILLS-115S139-RCP115-%2053.pdf

You would know that this puts further restrictions on the FISC/FISA process. It is very much relevant, and it is part of the larger bill for Apache Water Rights.

f85ea0 No.255499


Oh please enlighten us

7fe36f No.255500


Of course of course I'm just saying the truth is as we all know sickening. But after a week of long showers, possible nauseua, in depth thought, and the rage channeling itself into action, they will be fine. KEK Hey we had to go through it

a63103 No.255501


Again, it's NOT the tribe per se but the people involved in the corrupt deal to get that land to the mining company..McStain and Flake…both currently under fire and without a doubt got paid nicely to do it.

a2e89f No.255502


McCain and Flake may be up to no good but this mine has been advertised as bringing a lot of high paying jobs to a depressed region. And you have to understand, EVERY place is sacred to the Indians. Most tribal members have no clue where these places are but the leaders insist that every place where development will occur is sacred so they can get a payout from the white man. Bears ears was no different. Environmentalists came to the Navajos with wads of cash and all of a sudden the entire area of the proposed monument was "sacred"

76eea2 No.255503

3f7e3d No.255504


Good meme.

2e89bc No.255505

MSM likes to use "Cherry Pick".

Must have been in the Gannet email this morning.

4c298a No.255506

Anons, were (((they))) somehow after Grassley?

*Oct 18: POTUS shitposts on Twatter about JC lying. Like 12 hours later, JC unlocks his secret Twatter and posts the West Point picture [think Commander-in-Chief]. Almost like JC took it as a challenge and felt the need to "address" him.

*Oct 19: POTUS brings up the dirty dossier and U1 scandal the morning Sessions testifies before the Senate [think Grassley, who's been /ourguy/ on the dossier and U1 scandals since forever]. During the testimony, JC posts a picture of Gettysburg [think Civil War].

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/news/powerpost/paloma/daily-202/2017/10/19/daily-202-what-jeff-sessions-wouldn-t-say-was-more-revealing-than-what-he-did/59e8124330fb041a74e75e13/?utm_term=.581365cc7901

*Oct 20: POTUS mostly quiet (signed an EO, I think), but JC posts his Iowa cornfield pic – we finally know it's him [think "I'm here"].

*Oct 21: POTUS twatters about the JFK files and the dirty dossier [think a$$a$$ination and scandals to sink the Deep State]. But we get radio silence from JC, who's presumably still in Iowa. Guess who else was in Iowa that day, at an outdoor fair? I said to keep Grassley in mind…

http:// www.thegazette.com/subject/news/government/republicans-predict-good-results-in-2018-20171021

More background:

https:// www.politico.com/story/2017/10/20/jeff-sessions-james-comey-trump-conversations-chuck-grassley-243961

http:// freebeacon.com/national-security/house-intelligence-panel-reviewing-uranium-one-deal-amid-new-evidence-russian-bribery/

*Oct 22: Nothing from POTUS, but the Serenity Prayer from JC [think "mission did not go as planned"].

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference…"

*Oct 28-Nov 1: Q starts posting.


Nov 2 2017 13:54:59 Anonymous ID: zGyR4tyi 147641320


What is different effective this week? [MORE SECURITY DETAIL]

What do you notice? [STORY BY JOHN SOLOMON: http:// thehill.com/policy/national-security/358339-uranium-one-deal-led-to-some-exports-to-europe-memos-show]

Why does Sen Grassley (one example) have a higher than normal amount of security detail? [SOMEONE WANTS HIM & HIS INFORMANT TAKEN CARE OF?]

Why is Grassley and others held in a secure location? [SECRET INTERVIEWS AND LIVES IN DANGER]

When did this start? [AFTER HE WAS IN IOWA]

What has been different this week? [/OURGUYS/ RAILING HARD AGAINST THE DEEP STATE]


Have secret sessions been underway? [SECRET INTERVIEW IN IOWA?]

How could this be discovered? [ILLEGAL SPYING?]

What must be reported even if filed under 'State Secrets'? [FISA FOR WIRETAPPING?]

It's a name recognized around the world. [???]

Alice & Wonderland.

9a246d No.255507

File: d9d0350edc92c9b⋯.png (241.54 KB, 590x393, 590:393, releasethedocuments4.png)

1c9d7b No.255509


sorry missed those. work has been hell as of late. not getting enough sleep and trying to keep up with everything here too. missed it.

265552 No.255510


WTF do you mean 'take a deep breath'?

Fuck you.

My post was very calm.

Many articles written about the tribe being upset.

If it has no value, then so be it.

But shove your advice and your pseudo knowledge up your smug ass.

cf8602 No.255511

File: eff983bb49de073⋯.jpg (33.32 KB, 620x473, 620:473, IMG_1711.JPG)


219c0c No.255512


Yes! No citizen will be capable of understanding what a Right even IS without learning how to think rationally and how to read really well.

a2e89f No.255513


you may very well be right but the anon was linking this to the other bill by way of them both being about apaches. That link does not exist

a55b37 No.255515


>My apparent crime was bringing to light that mods deleted a post that Q responded to

discredited yourself right there, buddy

8223e6 No.255516


Don't trust anyone! Got ya!

Not believing a word you say.

You have proved nothing but to be a psychotic shill for weeks, because you were never able to get past the blow to your ego that anons migrated (by necessity) off the Storm.

You are going to have to get over this and move on with your life.

P.S.; its hard to reach anons into believing your bullshit when you tell them; "Fuck you!"

3f7e3d No.255517


I definitely believe it was an assassination attempt, but why would they try to kill the HIC over this memo?

4fce5c No.255518

File: ecf46a62f9ce403⋯.png (195.61 KB, 585x381, 195:127, pod.PNG)


what do you mean by "bears ears"? Pedosta said something about that in this twat

5f49bb No.255519

File: 4164d178f9abec3⋯.jpg (100.06 KB, 1066x769, 1066:769, IMG_0722.JPG)

File: 838b660d095f2c8⋯.jpg (84.73 KB, 791x755, 791:755, IMG_0726.JPG)

File: 6132cb1d28a2e71⋯.jpg (89.74 KB, 817x1000, 817:1000, IMG_0727.JPG)

Some rage pr0n for mah kittehs https:// t.co/4EuHqQes69

https:// t.co/fcHrWURcNp

https:// t.co/4WPbDlkPrY

https:// t.co/wSW04BAVbG

7fe36f No.255520


The twat is what he's referring to. Maybe code? I heard a theory. Ill let you know ASAP

d4894d No.255521

File: a8e1cef07d63a00⋯.jpg (133.87 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, They_Have_Come_for_Me.jpg)

some anon put an order for this one…

a2e89f No.255524


Listen dipshit, I've lived less than an hour from that proposed mine my whole life and I'll forget more about it than you'll ever know. Tribes are always mad about some development not even on their own ;and becuse they think they can get a payout. I'm not saying this was "clean' deal but you are creatig links where none exist so fuck off

b61953 No.255525


That fag, recommend he go to gitmo

2e89bc No.255526


Yes. They are desperate and after anyone or anything pro #MAGA.

2e89bc No.255527

a55b37 No.255528


i think that anon is probably an indian who has a hair trigger for getting ass-mad. if you said nothing wrong, just ignore it and carry on

265552 No.255529


Eat a bag of dicks.

All I said was I found some articles with the word Apache in them.

Read my fucking posts you fucking retard.

You should have been aborted.

6398e0 No.255531

>>255188 how big is the picture from 40,000ft?

IMO, Trump sitting down with Mueller needs to happen. Just like Mueller clearing Trump needs to and will happen. That alone will be a massive red pill for a lot of people. With Mueller clearing him, Trump/Russia will no longer be a successful deflection.

21c505 No.255532

File: 633b52f120164b3⋯.png (203.42 KB, 465x229, 465:229, power.png)

7fe36f No.255533

312 no markings

8c03ba No.255534


Just have a lurk on JA's twatter.

7fe36f No.255535


37fc80 No.255536

File: 4693f9ce091c3dd⋯.jpg (29.96 KB, 480x450, 16:15, DU_lQwqU8AEvBKv.jpg)

f85ea0 No.255537


i concur TY

4c298a No.255538


Hence the reason they all in a damn bunker right now, I suppose…

4fce5c No.255539


just curious, i've never heard that expression before.

02bdc6 No.255541



The keystone is the intel of the NSA paired with POTUS and the US military. This should be one of the "connections" on the map. See >>255149

e47c99 No.255542



1c9d7b No.255543




487571 No.255544

File: 4bcdd50ecab567b⋯.jpg (49.93 KB, 425x550, 17:22, rGIHWAf.jpg)

←- Did someone say, "Bag of Dicks?"

4bd078 No.255545


Last thread I mentioned the Iwo Jima pic and Feb 23.

What if one meaning of "1 of 22" is that starting on 2/2 (memo released) as 1, and counting up 22 days we land on 2/23?

Raising the victory flag of The Great Awakening?

219c0c No.255546

Nobody knows the difference between 'ruling' and 'governing.'

0ac04c No.255547


Makes it clear …the keystone here is what will keep the republic and our allies strong as lesser parts of the structure are replaced and re-set in alignment with the constitution. Our keystone strength then allows application of this power WW.

7fe36f No.255549

File: 9d6e9d8b8b46736⋯.png (604.1 KB, 1433x2351, 1433:2351, Screenshot_2018-02-03-02-1….png)


Next Bread doesn't have the red marking letters

Like this

526596 No.255550

File: 5f49b77cdbab04e⋯.png (42.29 KB, 574x497, 82:71, EO13223.PNG)

File: 690bd2d07cb99b0⋯.png (25.8 KB, 576x568, 72:71, EO13223 - 2.PNG)

9018c2 No.255551

File: 0c77252b4ca76cb⋯.jpg (21.33 KB, 410x160, 41:16, keystone.JPG)


You're trying to reinvent the wheel when Q has already answered the "KEYSTONE" 2 months ago.

cf8602 No.255552


How long are they gonna be there?

Just weekend or longer?

They can't stay there forever, so something big is gonna happen.

a2e89f No.255553


i'm sorry anon, I did overrreact. Sorry just a stressful day

3d65ce No.255554


Next bread is not done yet.

3f7e3d No.255555


Can you make the font less choppy?

1fa2a2 No.255556






If true, We, the People NEED a methodic/chronologic list to petition

dadfac No.255557


Yes. I was surprised as this is a well, very well read person who knows quite a bit, has lived, and is far left. I tried to explain that it was a preemptive move due to some damaging info coming out on several, many, people that we may not comprehend. Some people have been taken advantage of and used, and hurting US/us. Just imagine who it could/will be? So, i foresee many fake videos coming out right before the release of REAL videos. For this person to mention it means that it is being mentioned in the main stream. The deep state would have the tech to make flawless fake, and real videos. They would put 10s, 100s of videos out to muck up any release of actual videos that come to surface. So, maybe the good guys wont go down that road knowing the issues with video truths and hopefully the world will not suffer the visual nightmare.

a63103 No.255558


Could be oblique reference to bear / bull market?

7fe36f No.255559


It came up for me KEK just paranoid I guess

f961ee No.255561

File: 74c2187d4b8cff4⋯.png (1 MB, 1244x641, 1244:641, Trump Slashes Size of Bear….png)


skippy might be referring to this…

https:// www.nytimes.com/2017/12/04/us/trump-bears-ears.html

265552 No.255562


No worries.

I like a spirited debate, but I have my limits…haha.

dd4a13 No.255564


It was real bad the week or so before Christmas and the last couple days it picked up again.

They seem to be triggered by juicy Q drops (unsurprising, right?) but their activity doesn't predict those drops – just follows, from what I can see.

The only other clown issues I've noticed is the absurd ressitance to @JordySage2020. Seriously, maybe it's just bull shit but we're here to dig and find the good stuff amongst the shit. I say keep them coming and we'll let the collective autism decide.

BTW, he did predict the terrorist "accident" in Shanghai yesterday …

1c9d7b No.255565


Damn. You can find ANYTHING on the internet.

2e89bc No.255568

File: 502454f43ead453⋯.jpg (48.84 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 233py1.jpg)

Remember the good old days before the memo was released? Ah…good times.

370284 No.255569


This is exactly the way Hoover designed the FBI.

https:// youtu.be/4o-nTlmwqxc

2e89bc No.255570


He thinks hes hot shit, dont he?

610f00 No.255571


I think what's happening is that We are the keystone, We can petition the We the People website to ask the President to declassify what ever information we feel is necessary to expose any wrong doing.

We have to know exactly what information first, which is why Q wants us to do the research.

Everyone signs the petition, memes, etc., same as the memo.

Would be nice to see all energy patents for potential free energy devices.

db472b No.255572


I think something with the media. The ties the connections the money the deception, the corruption, the 4 am talking points? Something that people would go, what the fuk. Something they couldn't spin. proof.

4c298a No.255574


That was it! Twas the beginning stages of the Great Awakening…


Damn, I'm not sure they even said…thru the SB I'd guess.

b61953 No.255575

File: 82ab5dc1ff734b9⋯.jpeg (44.99 KB, 830x340, 83:34, 6E6EE451-546F-42B4-8444-8….jpeg)

We should petition Inspector General Horowitz to tell us the truth.

487571 No.255577

File: 9b83fc4346b3b6a⋯.jpg (85.93 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 23vl3a.jpg)

3f7e3d No.255578


"1.2 million" might be easier to read.

2e89bc No.255579


Thats the red line, isnt it? The moment we turn against Q…when Q refuses to give us full disclosure. Thats a war i'm not looking forward to.

69e0ba No.255580


Right near the beginning POTUS said the KEY is the people.

This confirms something from Q a while back and Q also said what the stone was. Something political maybe Constitution.

7fe36f No.255581

File: 9d1c66569213dc9⋯.jpeg (10.41 KB, 255x143, 255:143, 9c9dca64433e059116855d67c….jpeg)


Can't take credit for this one but made me KEK pretty hard then I got sad….

a14691 No.255582

2e89bc No.255583


>Thats the red line, isnt it? The moment we turn against Q…when Q refuses to give us full disclosure. Thats a war i'm not looking forward to.

2e89bc No.255585


It is a thing of beauty, anon. Thank you for this. Top KEK.

dd4a13 No.255586


I bet there is a credible assassination attempt on Theresa May soon.

British media is soured on her, which means the Roth's (at least) have soured on her. Q says she's been "neutralized," which can't be what they want, either.

9018c2 No.255587

File: 0c77252b4ca76cb⋯.jpg (21.33 KB, 410x160, 41:16, keystone.JPG)


Quit shittin' up the board.

Q-confirmed on Dec 5

a14691 No.255588


Q doesn't care. Q is playing the long game.

7fe36f No.255589


I think Q wants full disclosure but needs to be convinced the Normies can take it.

3f7e3d No.255590


If we turn on Q BECAUSE he refused to give us the truth,

has he not completed his mission? Turned us from sheep to ultimate truth-seeker?

b61953 No.255591

File: 57b6f23eeebef16⋯.jpeg (44.87 KB, 830x340, 83:34, 47567184-BD5C-46A3-B4DC-3….jpeg)

3f7e3d No.255594


And if the people seek truth, then they've become the weapon they could have always been, because they will find the truth and it will make them ANGRY.

2e89bc No.255595


I want Q to be a liberator. Not another Gatekeeper.

7fe36f No.255596


You are very welcome sir just wish I knew who made it

a14691 No.255597


The trend began before Q. The #metoo movement helped a shit ton. Whatever's happening in the background is huge. Q is just a fun thing for us anons.

219c0c No.255600


If the People really rule as we are supposed to, then we will go get our full disclosure. It has nothing to do with what we deserve; it has to do with whether we will go get it or not. We rule. We decide.

f85ea0 No.255601


Yes of course

2e89bc No.255602


What would that look like? We would have to storm the Capital…

69e0ba No.255603


That particular pair of messages is confusing because the one with all the content does not appear to be Q. You need to notice that Q's message is the number of the other one.

b61953 No.255604

ed7447 No.255605

Why the fuck is Podesta still free? Fuck.

4c298a No.255606


It means they think POTUS can lead her around by the wrist now. And they already see what he's doing HERE…the whole Chris Steele thing can't be sitting right with (((them))). 5 Eyes Fail…

2e89bc No.255607


If it is just for fun, Q should give us full disclosure. Now.

a55b37 No.255608


>You need to notice that Q's message is the number of the other one.

and you need to notice that when Q responds to a post with an empty message, it's basically a confirmation of anon's post

1879f6 No.255609


http:// docs.house.gov/Committee/Calendar/ByEvent.aspx?EventID=106765

990c1b No.255610

Podesta may be insinuating a change of narrative. Apparently bear ears is a very controversial subject.

https:// www.adventuresportsnetwork.com/outdoor/nature/everything-you-need-know-about-bears-ears-controversy/

69e0ba No.255611


Question is, why was this small monument given a lot more land? Is there a bunker underneath the land that was removed from the monument?

3f7e3d No.255612


The 2nd amendment was written so that we are always able to fight our tyrannical government.

07602e No.255613


ear drainage post surgery

a63103 No.255614

WTF if this shit? Q??? BID for migrant center at Guantamo? 13K migrants? Someone has been filling our heads with asshattery regarding GITMO!

https:// pbs.twimg.com/media/DVE68-VVAAAJ30O.jpg:large

7fe36f No.255615


He may be the one I hate, dispise, loathe the most words do not explain how much I hate that fuck. What I would do to him if POTUS allowed me in an 8×10 with him…..I would take my time…..

4c298a No.255616

File: 82e7ce311e730d5⋯.png (1.04 MB, 750x725, 30:29, Comfy3.png)


Night shift is comfy shift.

f961ee No.255617


If skippy & BHO want it preserved, and Trump doesn't, that should tell you something.

2e89bc No.255619


We have been asleep too long. We can never let things get this bad again. We might not get a 2nd chance. For that, we need full disclosure. Anything less is a lie.

a57bde No.255620

baker,when coming on board what is the quickest way to straight to the ACTIVE CURRENT Board? Anyone?

f5da44 No.255621



I have meme material that maybe an anon can put to use

>schiff and spin

Boomer age normies will get the similarity to "sit and spin".

a57bde No.255622

69e0ba No.255623


You don't belong here. This board is for autists. An autist sees no confirmation of Podesta's location. No reason why some other cabal member could not be controlling Podesta's account. Or even a whghitehat could be in charge trying to light a fire and smoke out somebody.

If anything makes you impatient then you are not cut out for this work because it will take DECADES to complete.

e47c99 No.255624

Someone run with this, I'm not great at official wording - but you get the gist, we should petition for the 4 FISA warrants that were granted and go from there:

"We the undersigned feel it is of vital importance to the Integrity and National Security of our Great Republic that the four FISA warrants that resulted the surveillance of President Trump be declassified and released to the American public."

219c0c No.255625


Yes, and it is the thin thread that keeps us free today. If we continue entrusting our children to the government schools, we will lose it too.

2e89bc No.255626


Thats gonna take physical action.

f85ea0 No.255629


Give it to us. I fuc*in hate Schiff. Meme's needed

dd4a13 No.255631


Great Post. Baker, please consider adding this to the dough.

9018c2 No.255632

File: 6dfbc1d0eb07aa9⋯.jpg (79.46 KB, 411x432, 137:144, oct_29.JPG)


>>What if John M never had surgery?

(pic related from 2nd day of Q drops)

2e89bc No.255633


Agreed. Whats the solution? Home school?

d58833 No.255635


This fuckery that I witnessed was not occurring during the trump administration. Some time less than 2 years ago, though. Visited the site a number of times over a week and the numbers were stagnant. Think it was pointed out by jimstone.

f961ee No.255636

File: 154eab1f36066a2⋯.png (445.09 KB, 857x500, 857:500, M 0158.png)

185659 No.255638


first anon i have seen in awhile who sees the long hard road ahead

a57bde No.255639

always takes me to Last 750+ expired Board and waste 10 minutes waiting to get to active/current board,loose train of though & board is already getting stale by the time im in,whats the most direct way to go to current board???help?

d58833 No.255640

8223e6 No.255641


Worked for me. Just takes dedicated parents.

dd4a13 No.255642


It wasn't the Russians, you fools!

It was ManBearPig all along! Oh yeah, and the Earth's gonna melt tomorrow.

7fe36f No.255644

File: eda2bc42d67f706⋯.png (30.63 KB, 264x92, 66:23, Screenshot_2018-02-02-17-5….png)

WTF is up with Podestass fucking throat BTW????

3f7e3d No.255645


Yes, undoubtedly. You must filter out the LIES.

1e57f6 No.255646


990c1b No.255647



Uranium mine in bear ears as well!!

4c298a No.255648


"There he goes…givin' the ole Schiff and Spin!"

And stick a pedo swirl on there to imply The Standard connection maybe.

a57bde No.255650


ty but i come in off history mark in search,then to that board,click the no. in stringer but takes long time to load if ever....

219c0c No.255651


The POTENTIAL for force more powerful than force itself.

3d65ce No.255652



b64580 No.255653



See and I was thinking something down the same lines when I read that particular Q post so I'm actually quite pleased I wasn't the only one who came to that conclusion. Unfortunately the 'We the people' site wasn't up back then.

I think it would be wise to create a thread just for this (call it 'We The People' in fact) and that would be the war planning and petition gathering thread.

The petitions shouldn't go up all at once (info overload). Pick one or two that are most relevant to what's going on RIGHT NOW, then draft the petition and devise some hashtags/keywords for relevant memes to direct people there. If it is relevent to the current news cycle in some way it will be easier to drum up interest fast.

It might be useful to periodically post a status on the main qresearch thread so people know where it is and if we need to put more twats into the effort or not.

Sadly I'm not the one for the job. I'm too slow keeping up with these breads since I'm a momfag and my toddler is always in my face but I do lurk a lot and I would try to help with this if I could.

It would be funny to see them try to blame these petitions on Russian bots.

af6ccb No.255654


your ID tag says you are a POS imposter. Your words tell me you are a fool, with age comes wisdom. Q rocks !!!!

a14691 No.255656

If the Russians are this damn good, I'm switching teams to the winning one. Russia here I come.

4c298a No.255658


Ugh, he just looks like a damn demon...makes me wonder if they really are...

7fe36f No.255659

File: 02ad20aa5ad635c⋯.jpg (172.18 KB, 554x831, 2:3, drawn-whitetailed-eagle-fl….jpg)

Good night ANONS

edd2b5 No.255660



a57bde No.255661


thanks i will try it that way next time

a14691 No.255662


Imposter? What am I imposting?

3ee898 No.255663



OK… Call me dumb. How does a committee meeting to talk about Water Rights and then to talk about FISA renewal have anything to do with Q or the current campaign?

2e89bc No.255664

File: 5568454ec55e07f⋯.jpg (558.36 KB, 1000x631, 1000:631, Drag_queen_story_time.jpg)



Ill keep that in mind. Planning to have kids next year. I dont want them growing up anywhere around this:

a57bde No.255665

so when this board reaches 750,click back to main & then that image w/lowest #?

7fe36f No.255668

File: df12c2eeabf2c9b⋯.png (75.47 KB, 588x441, 4:3, 61a591a1-c6a4-46ce-91e7-b3….png)


Just kidding ANON Good Night

3e1799 No.255670

Leftists are talking about "DemExit"

This is what my friend wrote me

>I called my friend last Wed and asked her to print out the change of voter party affiliation form. I am done. I join DemExit

>Thanks for the short version which I have read

>It is crazy. I cannot wait to not be registered Dem. i doubt I will be missed. I am only doing 3rd party for myself - I can’t

5a7499 No.259881


Don't you think we should first focus on petitions for more imperative things as Q & POTUS hinted at like:

Copies of the supporting docs for the Memo, specifically the FISA request?

I would review the map and do those first.

Birther status is really no longer relevant as BO is already out of office.

Do we really need to stroke our egos over it right now?

5a7499 No.260000


I think the point is to help get the Senate Judiciary memo/report.

That would need a 60 vote majority from the Senate, I think (like that will happen) OR, POTUS could declassify it under the same code as the Memo, pending "public need".

Hence, I think they are asking we petition them be declassified so POTUS can invoke the same powers to declassify the House Memo.

9b2720 No.261373


Take any as individuals and they are good[?]

The evil comes out in the band, gang, club. Conspiracy.

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