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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 077ab1e7aaf2fbf⋯.jpg (521.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 077ab1e7aaf2fbfea054d57ecf….jpg)

e31892 No.255488

The People dreamed this country. The People built this country,



>https:// intelligence.house.gov/uploadedfiles/memo_and_white_house_letter.pdf


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and it's the people who are making America Great Again.





>https:// intelligence.house.gov/uploadedfiles/memo_and_white_house_letter.pdf

e31892 No.255630

https:// pastebin.com/qSd29wxq

f7bdd2 No.255634

We don't need to wait for Q to tell us what to do. Q taught us WE HAVE THE POWER. We demanded the memo, we can demand anything. Personally, I'd like to see some evidence to the claims in the memo—Q told us we have HARD PROOF! We have the power to raise hype—get eyeballs and minds on our proof!

Or… we could will something else to power

Dilly hinted at 9 memos, and obviously this memo wasn't the last document that Trump will declassify. We can demand to see the 2nd memo. We need to demonstrate to /ourtopguys/ that we are ready for it. Q will reveal 100% if we prove we can handle it.


4026e7 No.255667

4 more down?

http:// www.realnews24.com/financial-world-shaken-by-4-bankers-apparent-suicides-in-a-week/

ccee1b No.255672


I think you are getting a bit over excited anon.

POTUS/Q have their own plan and time table for releasing information.

I don't think we are in the place to DEMAND anything. Nor should we. Be patient.

abd3b1 No.255673


how the fuck did you find this place with an IQ that low? lurk forever m8

fb6ac2 No.255674


>Feb 3, 2014

ccee1b No.255675


Must be hard counting all that money.

Cabal is wasting no time covering its tracks.

b9e400 No.255676


every other day wow

things ramping up quickly

f360da No.255677


Worrying about other memos is a waste of time. These are just political documents that have little use except in the case of the first one, because the Nunes memo opens the door, It begins the conversation because liberals and Dems can no longer ignore crime and corruption in high levels of government.

TRhe OIG report is where it all comes together.

6fa1e9 No.255678

File: c2b6ae570893bb3⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1024x763, 1024:763, Jokers Among Us_.png)

What a shilly day/night. So many Jokers among us after the Memo release. Keep up the good work Bakers and mods.

071115 No.255679


They're not sending their best…kek.

f7bdd2 No.255680


I disagree. Q told us we "have more than we know." We "have the power." We know what the next step is; it's our job to get "the people" ready for it. The sooner we are prepared, the sooner we can move to the next step.

5e97d1 No.255682

Leftists are talking about "DemExit"

This is what my friend wrote me

>I called my friend last Wed and asked her to print out the change of voter party affiliation form. I am done. I join DemExit

>Thanks for the short version which I have read

>It is crazy. I cannot wait to not be registered Dem. i doubt I will be missed. I am only doing 3rd party for myself - I can’t

I looked it up on twitter

#DemExit is a hashtag being used now.

1d326a No.255683

Question….If Q was here last night before last posting,why arent they updated on GreatAwakening???are we to just dismiss the posts???

ccee1b No.255684


Knock yourself out!

Its late. I'm turn in. Glorious day, anons!

Peace out!

7896e3 No.255685


Eh…i dunno anon. That logic ends soon as you call the bluff and lose. REAL force is potential and available. Win/win.

275458 No.255686


Home school or private school (no government funding or standards. The key is SUPERIOR READING COMPREHENSION, AND FORMAL LOGIC. If a person can read anything, he or she can almost always learn well and rapidly without a teacher . . . for life.

7896e3 No.255687

ba9286 No.255688

Wonder if Podesta's Bears Ears twat was somehow related to this:

Starting at 6 a.m. on Feb. 2 – the moment Trump’s proclamation reducing the size of the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments takes effect – private citizens and companies will be allowed to stake claims for hard rock mining in a process governed by the General Mining Law of 1872, according to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. - Reuters

dfea19 No.255689


We don't need to do anything. Shit's already happening.

f7bdd2 No.255690



I can't wait for this to really spread

829b3b No.255691

File: 7e36fbe26faee85⋯.png (36.39 KB, 1162x236, 581:118, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at ….png)


Sometimes bakers put link to new bread at end, sometimes they don't

this is link at bottom of bread

if not link, go to catalog, look for next bread - low replies if you aren't sure of #

b9e400 No.255692


Ya we're citizens above all

Govt works for us

1d326a No.255693

STANDARD & MODERN…2 Hotels with Pedo links,any way to search more names to find mor hotels ,connections?investors?

dfea19 No.255694



We need to eliminate parties and just be Americans.

7896e3 No.255695

c475b4 No.255696

Podesta takes pic in bear ears

Daneros uranium mine is located there and is owned by a Canadian company named Energy Fuels Inc. (EFI)

A known exporter of uranium. Any connection to fusion Gps or uranium 1?

a3c32b No.255697

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Start a petition to publish the 4 FISA's

Something like this:

"We the undersigned feel it is of vital importance to the Integrity and National Security of our Great Republic that the four FISA warrants that resulted the surveillance of President Trump be declassified and released to the American public."

https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/user/login?destination=petition/create

f360da No.255698


If you don't want to do anything useful like dig into the web of criminal networks, you should go to the WhiteHouse petitions site and then stay off this board. You would never be satisfied with what we do here because we do not get results. We just help others with one or two small parts of their process. That is all.

50be64 No.255699


To be sure. Obama federalized a lot of land and placed a lot of restrictions on their use. Trump gave the land back to the states.

829b3b No.255700


Great Awakening does not document Q posts in General - that's not it's purpose

d264cf No.255701

File: 40d08bced58c577⋯.jpeg (226.71 KB, 700x788, 175:197, 97AB15AD-AFD4-4593-831B-4….jpeg)

Thanks Baker.

46a32f No.255702


Petitions come next:

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/253926.html#253926

599d10 No.255703

THE REAL plan for GITMO…so have we had smoke blown up our asses or what?

https:// minbane.wordpress.com/2017/08/20/httpwp-mep1xtjg-5ic/

https:// pbs.twimg.com/media/DVE68-VVAAAJ30O.jpg:large

“The Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southeast (NAVFAC SE) has been tasked to develop, solicit, and award a single-award, firm fixed-price (FFP), design-bid-build (DBB) contract for the construction of a contingency mass migration complex (Leeward South) for 13,000 migrants and 5,000 support forces, at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The estimated price range for the entire project is between $25,000,000.00 and $100,000,000.00” (…) “The scope of this project is for the construction of a contingency mass migration complex (Leeward South) for 13,000 migrants and 5,000 support forces. Provide site shaping for tents, concrete pads for camp headquarters, galleys and dumpsters, perimeter and service roads, and Mass Notification System. Supporting facilities include utility systems (electrical, water, and sanitary sewer), exterior lighting, information systems to include fiber optic cable service, expansion of the waste, vehicle parking area, storm drainage, and removal of two family housing trailer units. Measures in accordance with the Department of Defense (DoD) Minimum Antiterrorism for Buildings standards will be provided. Facilities will be designed to a minimum life of 50 years in accordance with DoDs Unified Facilities Code (UFC 1-200-02) including energy efficiencies, building envelope and integrated building systems performance. Sustainability/Energy measures will be provided” (NECO Synopsis Database – ‘Subject: Y–Contingency Mass Migration Complex, Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba’ – 07.07.2017).

02741d No.255704


this is a good idea

7896e3 No.255705


Agreed. Time to get off the computer and start attending council meetings.

abd3b1 No.255706

1d326a No.255707



30e101 No.255708

File: d789d3e3d8df119⋯.png (532.02 KB, 1953x1344, 93:64, Fisa Judges.png)

File: fe461a527613ee5⋯.jpg (39.49 KB, 216x190, 108:95, Rosemary_Mayers_Collyer.jpg)

File: 9ad4b211df7dd82⋯.jpg (56.68 KB, 255x357, 5:7, James_E_Boasberg.jpg)

File: 9ad4b211df7dd82⋯.jpg (56.68 KB, 255x357, 5:7, James_E_Boasberg.jpg)

What are these judges doing?

They need to explain themselves or pursue those who lied to them.

f360da No.255709


I believe that George Washington said something about that.

7896e3 No.255710


Get this outta here. Show some respect, anon. FFS.

ccee1b No.255711


I saw this building steam months ago. The remaining unions have banded together and sent a letter to the Democrats saying; "We renounce you." In addition they will be using their resources to form a third party.

MSM has been desperately been trying to hide this. I suspect they won't be able to for much longer.

Anyone who wants to learn more, watch Jimmy Dore's show. He is going balls deep into this. Hates the Democratic party with a burning passion.

30e101 No.255712

File: 06ac2e7d7dba648⋯.jpg (26.46 KB, 200x216, 25:27, Rudolph_Contreras.jpg)

sorry third photo should be this one

7896e3 No.255713


Good advice. Thanks.

206e4e No.255714


kek kek kek

2f622e No.255715


then, why would Q in one drop mention "We The People" 6 times, which one anon realized was the name of the petition site? We have a Right to demeand from our government. They have gotten away with failing the people since we have not kept them accountable.

2ec108 No.255717


I had heard today a number different than four - possibly more. I was just looking for that info, but must sleep. Perhaps leave off the number in case there are more.

dfea19 No.255718


I never met the guy but I like him already.

d264cf No.255719

petition for TERM LIMITS.

1d326a No.255720

q said when trump says we the people,sotu, then q says did u miss activation code?

d264cf No.255721


>Petition for Term Limits

>Perition for Term Limits

11bd42 No.255722


Remember, the Founding Fathers were radicals.

7ffa83 No.255723

File: d3f6f2d1cf72650⋯.jpg (959.71 KB, 1913x2550, 1913:2550, d3f6f2d1cf7265097af6170271….jpg)

Put up Craigslist adds about meeting at local town halls. Social media etc if you trust it. Only meet other ANONS at public City Government buildings so your safe and start being heard. Maybe its time for us ANONS to take this to the streets and be out in the open. Maybe it is time to make the Storm arrive ourselves! WE THE PEOPLE!!!

071115 No.255724


Fancy Bear ref?

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fancy_Bear

275458 No.255725


You are correct! We are the rulers! POTUS, Q, et al. are our employees. We decide.

30e101 No.255726

File: 0bffef85dc9b94f⋯.jpg (118.99 KB, 620x372, 5:3, Raymond_J_Dearie.jpg)

or is it the New York Judge

f360da No.255727


No smoke. You just paid too much attention to assholes who wanted to be first to predict something by spewing shhit anbout something they do not understand.

Gitmo has always been for foreigners. Makes perfect sense to put those illegal MS13 types in there instead of unleashing them on an unsuspecting Latin American country.

And if the place is filled with tattooed gang types, wouldn't it be fun to give recently arrested politicians and bureaucrats a tour of the facility so that they surrender and start talking and feel thankful when they are brought back to the lower 48?

46a32f No.255728


Stop arguing. Just work on developing specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based petitions.

This gets the information OUT THERE.

f7bdd2 No.255729


We have the power to demand that. The Democrats and Republicans are just two franchises owned by the same corporation.

d264cf No.255730


Petition to disallow Government officials to become lobbyists

a3c32b No.255731



This was already a campaign promise, focus on the FISA shenanigans.

4026e7 No.255732

Source Close to Rep. Nunes Says Virginia Truck Driver Had Ties to Clinton Foundation

Did anyone see the driver or any names come out on the dead person?

http:// realnewsrightnow.com/2018/02/source-close-rep-nunes-says-virginia-truck-driver-ties-clinton-foundation/

Multiple high-ranking intelligence officials with firsthand knowledge of the memo have confirmed to Real News Right Now that the House Intelligence Committee plans to open an investigation into how and why the Clinton Foundation may have orchestrated Wednesday’s collision. “What we’re hearing is that this was an attempt by [the deep state] to ultimately prevent the Republican leadership from reaching its destination,” a senior intelligence official told Real News Right Now. At the time of the crash, GOP leaders were en route to a secure below-ground facility at West Virginia’s prestigious Greenbrier resort.


“True or not, these allegations simply reinforce what we already know about the Clinton Foundation’s desire to establish a one-world government,” argued Bryon Jefferies, a visiting fellow at the conservative-leaning Heartland Institute. While Jefferies admitted he is not “well-versed” in the inner-workings of the Clinton Foundation, the veteran political analyst pointed to the foundation’s alleged involvement in uranium trafficking as well as its plans to harness control of the world’s water supply. “These are all just pieces of a much bigger puzzle,” Jefferies explained, continuing, “The end result is a new world order.”

525f8a No.255733


Yeah, that was me from a couple of breads ago.

I'm starting to get pissed off with the faggots who say "We solved that a long time ago!"

There's multiple meanings on so much of this stuff, some contextual and some absolute. About a dozen or more loaves back I posted about AS THE WORLD TURNS. In general it means a soap opera. A huge soap opera DRAMA with multiple characters and subplots that are constantly changing and shifting. It has several narratives. One of the subplots is an assassination attempt on the president. There's political corruption, sexual perversion, satanic ritual killing, a dangerous cabal trying to take over the world and a HERO trying to make America Great Again. OK? A HUGE DRAMA.

But the major factor is that it's a drama that has a script. It's SCRIPTED.

What we now have is all these shills doing their damnedest to wreck this board, call Q into question, get people to leave, etc. That too is part of the drama.

As the world turns, used in conjunction with Jeremiah 29:11 means that it's a drama, but TGE is the one in charge of the script. He has a plan to MAGA and not do us any harm. We got the message that we and our families are safe. But there's going to be a lot of drama because it's a soap opera. Lots of plot twists, things going on behind the scenes, betrayals, false flags, DRAMA.

And it changes AS THE WORLD TURNS, but TGE is the one writing the script.

There are other markers, like the Keystone and the MAP. They go hand in hand and they both have multiple meanings. The most obvious keystone meaning of Keystone is Donald J Trump, but that looks too easy.

Donald J Trump unlocked the door of all doors (the White House door) using the Key of Military Intelligence (Rogers / W&W). The Stone is the force of the armed forces that yields its strength to him, their Commander in Chief. It is his character and the fact he isn't compromised that allows him to implement the plan they recruited him for.

Thus we combine:

The plan and enabling information produced by MI (Rogers and W&W)

The dignity and honor of the office of the President of the United States.

The power wielded by the Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces.

What's in the middle keep it all together? The keystone is embodied in the person of TGE Donald J. Trump.

Hand in hand with that is the MAP, which in that context is Military Action Plan, the plan that recruited the right man to put into action the plan they military has been putting together for years.

Another keystone is the pedophilia/trafficking/sacrifice stuff and the MAP for that context is Minor Attracted Person.

Another keystone is the memo and in that context the MAP is classified information.

I could keep going.

One of the things Q has been doing for months is teaching tradecraft.

The ones who actually ate all the bread from the beginning get it if they're intelligent enough, but we've had lots and lots of newbies dropping in who don't understand and can't be bothered to eat all the bread. Then you've got problems like the spread sheet which has answers locked, even though a bunch of them aren't answered. An example:

>Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/14/18 (Sun) 13:49:27 No.22


>SC: MISINFO everywhere.

>SC: MISINFO from past reliable sources.

>SC: AXIS OF EVIL can & will return FIRE [is].

>SC: Seek immediate [F9-Sx_VB8239].



What does the "SC:" mean? Is that a private message to someone? Special Counsel? Supreme Court? Look at the "MISINFO from past reliable sources" and it looks like we have a hit on the memo, a reference to Steele who had previously been reliable.

f360da No.255734


If you can trust people to be polite and respectful, go for it. But if shills show up and start disrupting things, don't say a word, just leave at once.

46a32f No.255735


Petition for term limits!

We can do both anon.

2f622e No.255736


absolutely. if We The People, want to remain We The Sheeple, then shit maybe we deserve to be enslaved. This is war remember, this is not a game

d264cf No.255737


Petition for disclosure of other abuses. How often is fisa abused?

7896e3 No.255738


Yes. 751 is the max. After that, find the bread link usually given before the bread runs out (it usually says "NEW BREAD"), or just go back to the catalog and find the next one. It helps if you add a link to /qresearch/ in your bookmark taskbar. That way, you can click it and browse easily.

f7bdd2 No.255739


Or just meme it into reality — start putting the word out there

4026e7 No.255740


I posted this and its from 2014

Old News


02741d No.255741


better to pic one at a time and push hard

6f85ab No.255742


2014. Old news. Relevance?

909b65 No.255743

File: 3cb6af62a319834⋯.jpg (492.21 KB, 1614x2048, 807:1024, 830rbsrl6yd01[1].jpg)

1d326a No.255744

alot of chatter is great,thats how things get figured out.problem is for ever 750 posts a board is over,still there i know,but the jewels of intel are lost unless you go back and re-read every board,it would be great if anons could self manage an anon top post board or archive best of,spot,,,,kind of like creating our own MAP with the Jewels that only come up rarely

30e101 No.255745

File: d789d3e3d8df119⋯.png (532.02 KB, 1953x1344, 93:64, Fisa Judges.png)

Petition Fisa Judges?

2f622e No.255746


I checked the site out earlier, no big deal sign up, you can sign existing petitions or create your own. We need to start demanding our government be accountable to us. Wasn't that a big part of POTUS' speech at the SOTU?

c4f4e7 No.255747

File: 47289a85a03c364⋯.png (431.78 KB, 805x634, 805:634, ClipboardImage.png)

Good night Anon's

The Law firm in the memo is a good dig I think. I smell disbarment!

7ffa83 No.255748


The debates publicly will only show the wealth of information we have. Not all are outgoing and agressive enough to be vocal. But I assure you as a group you will be protected. We have the numbers. We have the VETS. The Police. Autists etc You underestimate yourself ANON

bad299 No.255749

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

"One by one the enemy has whispered lies and led them off as slaves."


Q has instructed us at least 16 times to PRAY.

We pray as warriors, fighting the battle not primarily in the flesh, but in the spirit. What are we fighting for? For the hearts and minds of our countrymen who have been led astray by lies and for them to see the evil and rise up against it. This is what we meme for. This is why we have been called to active duty.

Q has named his board "Great Awakening." Let us be unceasing in our prayers for that awakening. Let us, together, call on the God whom our forefathers trusted to establish and preserve this great nation to resurrect the dry bones of this sleeping generation.

We call out to dry bones, "Come alive!" Rescue every daughter; bring us back the wayward sons!

f360da No.255750


The SC in that drop could be Space something or Satellite something. The F9-Sx_VB seems to be Falcon 9 SpaceX Vandenberg Base. Return fire also fits this theory.

1e082d No.255751

File: 0cb768837b67c6f⋯.png (670.07 KB, 666x500, 333:250, M 0159.png)

1d326a No.255752


Moderator would be needed,kind of LIKE a subreddit

e01088 No.255753


i'll start compiling, what breads would you say are interesting? I remember some 30-35. pretty filled bread

275458 No.255754


How bout we Anons replace the losers . . . no term limits?!

d42694 No.255755

File: 1877c8696de5b12⋯.jpg (20.66 KB, 400x400, 1:1, hv5soju7_400x400.jpg)


President Trump unironically has the greatest and most beautiful hair of all time. BTFO!

7896e3 No.255756


Or both.

dfea19 No.255757


Yeah but we solved that a long time ago.

ffb7e9 No.255758

File: 49d5372d35e25d0⋯.png (34.21 KB, 392x268, 98:67, Screenshot 2018-02-03 at 1….png)


Guy that was killed - passenger


f7bdd2 No.255759


Bingo. Any Anon can make a petition and promote it on here. Take control of our destiny. I've never signed petitions before but I sign any petition I believe in from an Anon.

1d326a No.255760


IDK its all arguable & everyone will believe they have the missing link,sensable mind needed to moderate even could do a submission/nomination process

275458 No.255761


And the Bundys took some back with a few friends. Those are some REAL AMERICANS.

909b65 No.255762

File: b40590333ffed16⋯.png (1.22 MB, 997x2806, 997:2806, 2jx6[1].png)

d264cf No.255763

Petition doxes you.

1d326a No.255764

i go back on boards & swim through good stuff & memes & bs,every once in awhile ill see an OH SHIT post & thats what im talking about,connect the dots….ish

50be64 No.255765


Petition to end the C_A, FBI, NSA, and the Patriot Act/Homeland security. The military is the only Constitutionally authorized org tp defend the country.

49718e No.255766



Would be so funny if true. I mean it looks legit but how to verify beyond a shadow of a doubt? lol good shit.

4026e7 No.255767

We have your secrets.



https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=QI9LgEHiM4I

3343dc No.255768

File: 568362f0630b0ab⋯.png (19.12 KB, 903x101, 903:101, Screenshot-2018-2-3 Arizon….png)

File: 5bed1072d17afa7⋯.png (53.18 KB, 646x419, 646:419, Screenshot-2018-2-3 Search….png)

New Vegas arrest, Relevant?

ie; Honeywell, Northrop and Boeing.


f7bdd2 No.255769

https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/declare-george-soros-terrorist-and-seize-all-his-related-organizations-assets-under-rico-and-ndaa-law

36d7dc No.255770


More connections in the "web" graphics format in these two links. Very helpful and lots of info in an easy to visualize form.

Infographic / Web of Connections - 67 files, 51 Mb, uploaded 01/06/18,


Infographs 2 - 16 files, 5 Mb, uploaded 01/07/18,


98dc8d No.255771

YouTube to start labeling videos posted by state-funded media

This article is actually really funny. PBS is mad because youtube is going to start labeling them as 'state-funded' media. The libs go sowing all this unrest about government funded this or that and then are in SHOCK when they themselves get labeled. Sadly I think even labels will fail to reveal to them the truth of what they are.

money .cnn.com/2018/02/02/media/youtube-state-funded-media-label/index.html

279f15 No.255772

File: d06774ef9337c66⋯.jpg (14.66 KB, 400x135, 80:27, heart_attack.JPG)

File: 5f994bf194762c8⋯.jpg (13.08 KB, 410x72, 205:36, heart_attacks.JPG)

5a8f3a No.255774


Please add into that cesspool the "TSA"

d264cf No.255775

1e082d No.255776

File: f7cd4b191d0dab6⋯.png (1011.55 KB, 1063x755, 1063:755, Humane Society CEO steps d….png)

http:// www.nydailynews.com/news/national/humane-society-ceo-steps-outrage-sexual-misconduct-article-1.3796008

Wayne Pacelle

da7123 No.255777


I stumbled across this site from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence–you can make FOIA requests here:

https:// www.odni.gov/index.php/make-a-records-request

f7bdd2 No.255778


Thank you

43fd01 No.255780

File: 6abf44cf705d42b⋯.jpg (32.67 KB, 213x499, 213:499, 1517635313621.jpg)

#yomemo jokes is trending and the left are jerking off all over themselves about it. It will be glorious when the hammer drops.

1d326a No.255781

if that is ever made it could hold a library of missed anon intel that could move help another,anon

library ……ish

6fa1e9 No.255782

File: 51b09625738159c⋯.gif (25.58 KB, 170x158, 85:79, agstickfigures7.gif)

People will either learn or not. I do not care one way or the other. Red pill or not. This does not matter as most believe. Acceptance of our truth, acceptance of the provable research we have done… this is irrelevant. Your mission is not exactly as it seems. Acceptance of our words/concepts are not as important as merely spreading the word. The receipt of our/Q's message is the mission. The message is the key. Receipt of that message is key. Acceptance of the message is secondary even tertiary to that of just the actual receipt of the message. Our jobs are to make people question the box they have been put in by the media and other constructs. You, whether awake or not, must realize that your mind is composed of questions. Questions define your frame of reference. Our job is to make/force people to question the box they are in. We must force the normies to question the frame of reference they have built around themselves. As more information is released… as more corruption is exposed… Those people who have read our messages, those who have seen our Memes and have started to question… When the truth is exposed and cannot be buried… the people who have seen our information and research… they will become more aware and will join our cause. They will begin to see through the lies they have been told. Once this social floodgate is opened within the conscious of Americans… the Light will prevail.

The Light and The Dark


The Liars lie, with utter propagations of mistruth aggrandized by those in power who wish to remain so. They sow seeds of doubt and smear all who oppose them. They believe their means justified, any and all, so long as the result remains, that they are the ones to dictate all terms of your life to you. Yet ye who oppose this are churned under their boots, never to be seen as worthy men. Meant as a minor statistic of malcontent, a measurement which they choose how to mete. After all, it must appear that they are righteous and chosen to lead the masses out of darkness. For those that know and see reality for what it is, we are the few who are truly free. Unto this, we are declared the enemy. Though, with indomitable spirits, we do tread on this rock. Uncaring as to what we are called. Uncaring as to what the masses, who think they are free, believe us to be. We are the Light of Truth, and can never be eclipsed by their Darkness forever.

And to the Shills and Clowns…. have a nice day…

f360da No.255783


You are doing it wrong. If the goal is to give people an opportunity to express their priorities, then there should only be ONE AGENCY per petition. And chances are the NSA petition might ask for different things than the CIA one. You need to put some thought into these petitions and discuss them with others.

Rule of thumb. If it is your idea, it is stupid. If you discuss it and still think you have the right idea then it is damn stupid. The only political ideas worth anything change several times during a discussion and incorporate the ideas of several people.

If you can't do that, then stay away from politics and petitions. The world needs taxi drivers too.

1d326a No.255784

great to have a resource center for answers from anonsw/o having to scower past boards on an IF

2f622e No.255785


can't hide behind a keyboard and monitor forever. No one on the boards has to know who you are. risk a little gain a little or nothing. risk a lot gain a lot more. That's what my parent's taught be about life; no guarantees so make the best of it.

829b3b No.255786

File: f7faaac86426be3⋯.png (838.56 KB, 2048x1024, 2:1, Comey_More_Excuses_Than_Pr….png)

1d326a No.255787

its like a writer hitting the delete button at the end of a long day writing….poof,gone

071115 No.255788


Agreed. Double meanings, for sure, AND not everyone is here ALL the time (I hope). It's easy to miss something, but better yet, just wise to keep an open mind. Anyone can provide a new perspective at anytime. Or confirm an old one.

As for the SC thing, I remember how fucking contentious it got that day. Sara Carter was another strong possibility. I'm still fixated on the AXIS OF EVIL part though, thinking it's more than just a hackneyed Bush ref kek.

abde47 No.255789

is it me or were there a few democrats that looked fairly pleased at the SOTU… some seemed to be smiling and others slightly nodding their head… in addition to a little clapping

1d326a No.255790

anyone think mabye comey is just a dumbass that just got played,if not he is very good at the pretending to be honest & resentful larping

275458 No.255791


Yes, and county sheriffs are chief law enforcement in their jurisdiction.

5ce177 No.255792

File: 1162f3dce9d5641⋯.jpg (37.57 KB, 391x351, 391:351, IMG_1735.JPG)

abde47 No.255793


arent they considered the only legal form of law enforcement… above the local and state police

4026e7 No.255794


This wasn't the driver >>255732

just noticed that his name isnt mentioned. Person in the driver seat was the plant.

909b65 No.255795


If true, it would mean Hillary and DNC were ripped off for something obtained for free by never Trump RINOs.

36d7dc No.255796


Four things come to mind.

"Heart Attacks can be deadly"


Dead men tell no tales

Trump curse.

98dc8d No.255797


Those of us who identify as conservative have been yearning for a hammer drop for quite some time. I suppose Trump winning the presidency helped somewhat, but I can still feel the sting of the Obama years and TFG (that fucking guy's) condescending tone. I used to hate how he would 'solve' a problem by trying to 'frame' it right in one of his lectures. It got to where I couldn't stand listening to him ever. The rage on the right was intense, especially after so many years watching republican candidates wibble and whimper and never push back. At the same time the congress would wibble and vote with the uniparty instead of actually doing anything we thought would help the country. Overconfident lefties would parade smugly on the television and talk about being on the right side of history without realizing they were orchestrating our demise. The whole system was out of whack.

So yeah, let that hammer drop. Let it hit hard and let the sound wake them all up please God.

0d51ea No.255798



How do you build a prison or extend it without letting everyone know?

What is cover?

ff18af No.255799


No, he is a Clintonite from way back - Arkansas days.

6fa1e9 No.255800


Super KEK

27dd27 No.255801


Why can't we just demand arrests? Screw the evidence. I think we've seen enough to know that most of them should absolutely NOT have security clearances whatsoever. We need to demand they leave the government forever until their arrests can be made and we can hang them!!

d42694 No.255802


Holy shit! Missed this. Pertinent.

b9e400 No.255803


Foreigners - agree 100%

Also POTUS during war or SOEmergency can place American citizen there at his or AGs discretion unchallenged

Congress granted that in 2006

1d326a No.255804

think of all the daily briefings BO had to do with Memo,sec.server,Assnge,Tarmac,Antifa,BLM,Bundys,Pizza Gate,,,,,he directed all the cover ups

5a8f3a No.255805

829b3b No.255806

File: 98670dfa355108e⋯.png (1.6 MB, 2048x1024, 2:1, Fuck_Flynn_then_we_fuck_Tr….png)

not mine, but good

a0e53e No.255807

File: 4ebd8d061df23a7⋯.png (30.58 KB, 1069x100, 1069:100, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at ….png)

7896e3 No.255808


CM or BO, please get rid of this disrespectful piece of filth. This picture isnt /us/. Thank you.

909b65 No.255809


Steele wiped out a loose end who could prove he didn't have anything to do with the dossier?

071115 No.255810


Holy fuck, that was like 70k not even a few hours ago. But we're the bots…fuck…

1d326a No.255811


my point exactly

275458 No.255813



Yes. Are we leading Q? Or are we following Q? That is the question.

f360da No.255814


We know there was some kind of secret battle for satellite control. Maybe that is it? SatelliteControl

Maybe the X-37B has been flying around changing radio crystals in satellites, upgrading batteries, adding frickin laserbeams.

f7bdd2 No.255816


>Acceptance of the message is secondary even tertiary to that of just the actual receipt of the message.

100% Great job Anon

98dc8d No.255817


I think there were, but they probably don't rate high enough to get away with expressing their opinions openly. I really hope that the hammer drop will set them free so that the left and right can actually have real negotiations again instead of all this fake my side/your side bullshit.

f7bdd2 No.255818


This is old-school funny. Grandpas will enjoy this one.

1d326a No.255819

Q…i warned u That Night to Scrub 4C & youtube Comments,I hope ur Good,TY GODSPEED

1d326a No.255820


3343dc No.255821


Received and apologies. I know old news per se, got caught up with a beautiful woman for a day and didn't have time for comm's.

I suggest all anon's take a mental day lol

1d326a No.255822


7896e3 No.255823

2d5bbd No.255824


Washington's Farewell Address 1796: "I have already intimated to you the danger of parties in the State, with particular reference to the founding of them on geographical discriminations. Let me now take a more comprehensive view, and warn you in the most solemn manner against the baneful effects of the spirit of party generally."

ffb7e9 No.255825



Initial reporting by several sources said driver was killed.

Just throwing out the only name I could find.

2f622e No.255826


why not? there's a petition on the site to have POTUS step down. Just because you petition it doesn't necessarily mean it will happen but we can at least say we tried.

1d326a No.255827

i lost my wife & kid over this……

ff18af No.255829


A rope may be the only way to end some of those clearances.

abde47 No.255830


i get the feeling its not entirely about their voting base… i think it was coming from their fellow senate members… it feels like there is a bigger game being played to ensnare a specific group of people

829b3b No.255831

File: ccb7c8765ec2657⋯.png (219.81 KB, 666x1446, 111:241, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at ….png)


Q posts are all here

https:// qcodefag.github.io

links to Q posts are at the top of each bread, as well as link to Great Awakening

7ffa83 No.255832


Do it publicly…"at this point what difference does it make" KEK but seriously no retreat this time. Be heard!

98dc8d No.255833


Because the last thing we need is the libs getting on their high horses and declaring Trump and the rest of us to be Russian Hitlerbots determine to fascist them into oblivion with our concentration camps of justice.

It has to be done right so that their power base is utterly broken and their words become meaningless. The people that follow the corrupt scum need to be able to recognize the corruption. They need to be able to smell the stench and feel the crust with their own hands and then we can boot them out to Gitmo or wherever.

829b3b No.255834



7ffa83 No.255835


Either they kill us in our homes sleeping or on the battlefield you choose ANON

275458 No.255836


Affirmative. Why? Because they are elected by the people whose rights they protect. The Founding Fathers really did want US TO BE THE RULERS.

f7bdd2 No.255837


We don't have to "follow" anyone. In fact, I think to "follow" Q is as bad an idea as libtards awaiting marching orders from CNN & Stephen Colbert. We obviously will not "lead" Q. If Q disagrees with our push, Q will tell us and we will almost certainly listen.

f360da No.255838


Why do you say that? Do you know of crimes committed in Washington state or in New Hampshire?

If not then you will have to settle for the #GasChamber

829b3b No.255839



1fa1a1 No.255840

File: 26c33baabd9dde7⋯.jpg (236.86 KB, 1280x693, 1280:693, twinmemo.jpg)

b851c7 No.255841




The lull on qresearch and twitter provides time for us to draft, redraft and finalize several monumental petitions for We the People. If we have these ready by Sunday we could hijack fagbowl hashtags as well as coordinate with war room as to which of our own are most successful, and introduce one or two freshlings (I believe #AmericansUnite could be a winner). The irl social norms of sb naturally allows for exponential exposure of anything that we get trending or continuously appears in their hashtag. After the beautiful memo today it is apparent many, many patriots are awakening, leaving opportunities to reach top tier traction levels from the big guy's admin. We could think about petitioning for otherwise snuffed out narratives and intel the public would have to wait for military tribunals to see (think: investigate hrs sex trafficking, discussed below).

With that being said, we risk the potential false flag occurrence at sb, even if they are just fireworks thanks to Q and MI–those not quite habbenings would inevitably drown out our push. Regardless, having these petitions at the ready for whatever day we see fit for [G][O] wouldn't harm us.

The question I have; would putting out petitions re: sex trafficking generate the bandwagon effect of on-the-cusp "conspiracists" once they see how many signatures we could manufacture, or would it turn them off because it's almost End Game redpilling for normies (before child rape and satanism)? We should come to a consensus as to what topics should be anally fucked into the American people no matter the redial level because once we [G][O], we have 30 days to hit 100k. We must make use of the reopening of We the People. Q and Trump didn't bring it back at this time for shits and giggles.

abde47 No.255842


military tribunals may run differently… firing squad or hanging is probably still doable

829b3b No.255843


sorry anon

2f622e No.255844


as for leading or following, I don't believe we can lead him. Our government works for us, most elected by us. These are things that are part of the "hidden" history that we have forgotten. Fuck them. We demand proper service and representation. How many criminals have been in office and walked? too damned many. We demand our government hold those people to the same standards that you or I would be held to. Period. That I believe is a big part of the Great Awakening. Realizing we have the power.

d42694 No.255846


Over what?

e01088 No.255847


yep. but if you drive 10 miles over the limit you get a nice fine.

these cock suckers get and always have gotten away with murder.

even the celebs! I'm fuckin sick of it

071115 No.255848


That would pair well with the Sx part…anons had been talking about SpaceX launches.

North Korea certainly wants satellite control. Iran too.

And so do their handlers, I'm sure.

But then, who's SC in that case?

5df05f No.255849


Yeah I'm with you on that. the Obamayears destroyed many things in my life and left us broke, sick and without health insurance because it was laser focused on middle-class America. It has twisted the minds of a whole generation of kids. Sick. It really annoys the crap out of me to see the folks here calling for Unity without understanding what it means. In their heads it means everybody ought to be the same, all diverging ideas must be silenced, if you have a new point or a new perspective, you must conform to what has already been agreed upon. Don't show this, no that please, no blablala, They don't understand that each individual mind works a certain way and we are productive when we work individually, together. The groupthink reduces the IQ of a population to about 80.. so yeah… and it shows on this board…. very demotivating. it didn't use to be that way… people were assholes but they were brilliant and they could actually come to genius conclusions… It uses to blow my mind how awesome the work was her, and that's much better imo.

As far as party goes, yeah you may be right with that. The thing is, if we ignore the Demoniacs and their coming this next election, DJT will be in BIG trouble. So I think we should keep on helping the republicans until we can do something different. Anyways… end of rant.

2f622e No.255850


ewww forgot about that creepy little dude from Twin Peaks.

5ce177 No.255851

File: e9ace85bd1fab24⋯.jpg (84.45 KB, 694x530, 347:265, IMG_1749.JPG)


Petition for Hangings only!!!

Bullets if we run outta rope…

a0e53e No.255852

I see that some needed changes have been made to FISA by hiding it in the Apache bill, from a couple of breads ago. This looks like it could be what Q was referencing. I'm wondering how it fits in the contexts of his other posts regarding the people who were having the secret meeting and Comey's coded message. Has anyone addressed this?

d264cf No.255853


Get over yourself, fag. Have a Kek.

579ba2 No.255854


We do know that many were being blackballed and that there are some who may be considered "good" that got caught up in the machine. Q tells us POTUS "freed" those who were being controllled by the black hats.

That said, what is it about Comey that anons keep showing up with "maybe this and maybe that?" Speculating on him not being what all the evidence says he is: /NotOurGuy/ Many of the comments I'm talking about are not the typical shillery. They seem genuine, and that's troubling.

Is it because Comey is (my lady seems to think so) handsome? Is it just a desire to find something/someone not tainted in this huge fucking mess?

There's a pattern here that includes Musk and Snowden. The cult of personality has to stop. We've been told who the white hats are and everyone else is suspect unless we are specifically told they are not.

289ec4 No.255855

File: 14124a53a609b15⋯.png (11.56 MB, 10720x4464, 670:279, Trump Tweet Marker 1-15.png)

@We see all.

New Graphic - Trump Marker Decoded Part 1.

#1 - 15


#1 MA

#2 JA

#3 JK

#4 AB

#5 JG

#6 MH

#7 HK


#9 CM

#10 CW

#11 JC

#12 AS

#13 DWS

#14 EW

>These people should be hanging.

#15 SR

- Silent One

ff18af No.255856


The difference is entirely with WHO has good information.

Our ultimate goal here, in the long run, is to change the sourcing of information for everybody, entirely.

a42b8e No.255857


No advice to give, I just hope you get them back. God, family, country. In that order.

98dc8d No.255858


A lot of conservatives are P-O'ed with the NFL and might boycott the SB. I like your thinking though. There will be time to build momentum on the petitions and get them up there and trending in some way.

This is how it should be. The American people ought to be able to send loud messages to the government when they need/want to.

I think we should try to pick petitions that are sort of relate-able to what's going on right now though. If we start with some random petition about the moon landing or whatnot, I don't think it would get much momentum. It'd be even better if it was something that is tangentially related to the memo such that talking about it and thinking about it will reveal more to a wider populace.,

e01088 No.255859


anon take some time. shit is going to happen regardless….

a0e53e No.255860

He's not. (handsome)


f7bdd2 No.255861

Good idea to make this go viral again. Remind people how horrible Weinstein is and prepare them for the flood of audio/video coming…

https:// youtu.be/NIjtvKTgtuw

275458 No.255862




Find your county "central committee.' Show up to their meetings and raise hell. They are full of imposters (shills in person). They hate being called imposters. They control an unbelievable amount of money that goes to party politicians. Anyone can make a big difference by showing up and supporting real Americans, and at least raising hell.

d264cf No.255863

I wonder if Comey was getting blackmailed because he loves pizza parties too!

7896e3 No.255864


You have unclean orifices. They smell.

2f622e No.255865


as quickly as some of those other petitions up made their quota, I don't think it will be a problem to get the numbers as long as we push the website on all platforms available to us.

579ba2 No.255866


I knew going in that would be the main talking point to come out of the whole diatribe. Lol.

a86f5d No.255867


Some funky howdy doody rumors around that cat.

5a8f3a No.255868


Hell, (Barney) Barnett Frank, is a former American politician and board member of the New York-based Signature Bank. He previously served as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Massachusetts from 1981 to 2013. He was openly running young gay prostitutes out of his DC home and not a thing was done about it. They make the laws for us, not for themselves.

7ffa83 No.255869

File: fd8395f64ce40fc⋯.jpg (84.95 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (3).jpg)



275458 No.255870


Yes. Until we deliver justice, we will continue to live in under this tyranny.

279f15 No.255871

File: 952a768e139210e⋯.jpg (21.9 KB, 218x206, 109:103, SC.JPG)

202d26 No.255872


Definitely needs to pertain the memo for now!

7ffa83 No.255874

File: ddbacca5b3a8335⋯.jpg (40.67 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1517602904253.jpg)

2f622e No.255876

the VB in the one could/might be a reference to Vanderbilt air base?

202d26 No.255877


Go get them back! You have to have them for this to matter! Sorry though

a86f5d No.255878

File: 03ac2c245354be2⋯.jpg (317.64 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, 1512288528038.jpg)

e0ebb7 No.255879

e3bdaa No.255881


Just wait for some public disclosure, they will realize you were right. Same here, but I manage to keep my girlfriend and my 5 years old daughter. When I tried to redpill my girlfriend she just answered "I prefer to know nothing, look at you, you're always sad". Many people may be in the same situation, so I'm waiting for some disclosure big enough to open their eyes. Suppositions and interpretations are not evidences.

279f15 No.255882


It's Vandenberg AFB, home of the USAF Space Command

2f622e No.255883


yeah that one, my bad

ea9de7 No.255884


"living monument"

7ffa83 No.255885

File: 2effabc538761d1⋯.jpg (20.12 KB, 343x480, 343:480, CWNSf8_CWs_AAxz_E8.jpg)


Hey you're a handsome fella

275458 No.255886


They will be back soon. 2018 will be glorious. The Great Awakening.

5df05f No.255887


Put the computer in the closet and go get them back, Anon! You know what is going on, if they don't it doesn't matter at the end of the day. The cure is happening anyways.

e0ebb7 No.255888


I got a good laugh out of it.

525f8a No.255889



Why were all the congressional republicans (including Pence) in a secure CoG bunker the day after the SOTU address and why did TGE drop in? Just to give a speech?

In his last post on Wednesday, 1/31/18 at 22:42, Q offered insight into what happened.

>Effective yesterday, while standing under the statue of FREEDOM, POTUS FREED those ‘good’ people who are currently being blackmailed, threatened and enslaved.

>Those who stood chanting “USA” were FREED.

>The shot heard around the world.






There are a lot of ways in which a good person can be blackmailed, threatened and enslaved. And as a result of their enslavement, they will do the bidding of their masters. They don't want to, but they are controlled and for one reason or another have no choice. Or don't think they do, which is the same thing.

What better way to convince the 'good' people [who stood chanting "USA"] that they were actually free, than to have TGE do it in a secure bunker, in person?

>Those ['good'] who stood chanting "USA" were FREED.

But what did Q not say?

He did not say anything about the people who are not 'good', nor did he say they were set free. Methinks those slaves simply got a new owner and that was made perfectly clear, as well as the penalty for disobedience. Why? We look at message 42, because that's what we're supposed to do, to see if there's anything there that applies.

>Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/19/18 (Fri) 02:23:37 No.42



>Talking points [4am] - private email addresses.

>Paid contractors.



The last line:


TGE held court and passed judgment on both the sheep and the goats. The sheep were set free and I'd bet the goats got put on a short leash. It will be interesting to see if there are any more announcements by Republicans that they aren't running for reelection.






>The light will reveal those on the team and those pretending to be.

Not out job to worry about it. Too much to do.

279f15 No.255890


Vandenberg Air Force base will serve as one of two Pacific bases to defend against possible North Korean or Iranian missile threats.

Sauce - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vandenberg_Air_Force_Base

98dc8d No.255891


I'm also middle class. I saw the housing bubble thing front and center since my spouse works in a field related to mortgages. Still, as a gen-Xer it was kind of rough when we started out, wondering how it could ever be possible to own a house the way our parents did (we made it work by moving to a state where housing was cheaper) and so on. The low interest rates have made it incredibly difficult to save up anything outside our 401Ks though.

If I was more into gambling I might be inclined to try the stock market or something like that but that's outside my area of expertise and I can't afford to throw away money my family needs if I screwed something up. Obama welcoming in illegal immigrants and presiding over a weak economy while continuing to manage the country's demise began to make me feel sick for my country. He was willfully blind to what was happening under his watch.

829b3b No.255892

5ce177 No.255893

File: 920f20efa370aed⋯.jpg (22.61 KB, 255x207, 85:69, IMG_1717.JPG)


Here's looking at you!

202d26 No.255894





Yes this. So let's get started. WAR ROOM this crap. We can start talking about how no one is above the law. #notabovethelaw #arrestthem #wedemandaction these can trend or others we think of, and then on top of that we start and spread petition. Use the stupid A super bowl hashtags to hijack our narrative.

579ba2 No.255895

File: 54bad3f50dc11e3⋯.jpeg (212.81 KB, 746x1087, 746:1087, 1517646917483.jpeg)

Kek yourself, fool. (First I've seen of this one)

74f2f5 No.255896


Christopher Foley



93871f No.255898


Funny how that works! The stuff they want to come out gets leaked like with the walking "sieve" known as James Comey, and the stuff he fed the professor, who then shared it with the N.Y. Times. Then, when there's something like the "Memo," even supposed "good guy" Wray is resistant to it coming out!

Ditto with Congress. Reason? The biggest leaker there this side of "we don't say his name," Schiffty, definitely didn't want the Memo to come out, so it doesn't get leaked.

0d2882 No.255899


V good

071115 No.255900


Read the comments on his tweets sometime – for the lulz! Lots of ladies young and old throwing kissy face emojis and memes at him. It's hilarious! They also beg him to run for office, these the same dimwits who probably hated him not but a year and a half ago. It seems they adore the fact he "challenged" evil Drumpf, which to them means he's a White Knight. Also he's super fucking tall. The wimynz love that too.

Everybody loves a redemption arc though. I myself wanted to believe he was FBIanon, but I can't do it anymore…unless POTUS/Q says otherwise, that ship has sailed.

ec319b No.255901


We want the DOJ IG report out first.

It's just around the corner… I hope.

1fa1a1 No.255902

File: be713f5ccf958d3⋯.jpg (527.11 KB, 1428x1013, 1428:1013, grovememo.jpg)

e0ebb7 No.255903


I'm hoping Anderson Cooper/Vanderbilts has nothing to do with Vandenberg Air Force base.

5ce177 No.255904


Not mine… another anons i saved from few days ago.

But it is perfect… anon did Great!

there was even a dude next to Booker @SOTU that was dressed like joker!

659b2d No.255905



I'm sure POTUS would laugh at this. Some people are a little too up tight it seems. It's not /us/ lmao. /us/ is a whole lot of different people and we all love what POTUS is doing. Most of /us/ also have a sense of humor.

e01088 No.255906

seems like a good time to ask this question.. slow..

what is your prediction of how fast this snowball will roll?

how long will it take to start with wasting money on inflated government spending to literal human/drug trafficking scene, even worse as some of us know..

071115 No.255907


Ah! A-doy. That makes sense, anon. Thx!

b6f45b No.255908


This. Can barely talk to my wife about anything now… i just have pity for how brainwashed she is.

We need a smoking gun disclosure, however small, to break through the spell. Like wikileaks and veritas during the election redpilled millions, we need another dose of reality to convert another batch.

Personally I think slow rolling the disclosure will prove to be a mistake, as it's allowing them to create new lies just as fast. We need to get inside their decision loop with a fast series of massive drops.

ec319b No.255909


I'm not doxxing myself on any petition, ever

2f622e No.255910


no such thing as coincidence…

b851c7 No.255911



Yeah I'm jumping the gun with trafficking. My brain attempts to manifest fantasies when past a certain hour of no sleep.

What aspect of the memo would logically be the next step to hasten the cabal's arrests? I believe we could argue that all persons the HIC has concrete evidence of lying under oath and to the FISA court judges, including any illegalities the judges themselves committed, should be taken into custody immediately. Listing verbatim laws broken in the petition based solely on the publicly released memo would allow Congress to have moar ammo. As stated in the WH statement, if PUBLIC INTEREST is overwhelming, then it overrides the need to protect any information that procedurally would be kept from release. Give them enough signatures and a dabble of concrete evidence to show the faggot democrats we know what the fuck we're talking about so they can't scream jack shit without looking even more retarded. I see this playing out well and in sync with GEOTUS/Q's plan.

7896e3 No.255912


Disagreed. I think POTUS would rather look handsome. #MAGA

bad299 No.255913


I'm sure that somewhere there's pics of JC smoking trap pole or buggering jailbait. There's very little other explanation for his actions.

279f15 No.255914


No, but Hoyt Vandenberg (base's namesake) was the 2nd Director of Central Intelligence.

275458 No.255915


Demos: the People

Kratia: Rule

To Rule: control a population by the perceived or real threat of force.

Why did the Founding Fathers recognize our natural right to keep and bear arms?

Who is supposed to rule this country?

b851c7 No.255916

File: fe10027128ad76d⋯.png (103.8 KB, 1532x1980, 383:495, WH_hint.png)

File: e4f86968401f27f⋯.png (104.39 KB, 1518x1527, 506:509, WH_hint2.png)


fuck forgot pics related

1fa1a1 No.255917

File: abd2a981cd84b51⋯.jpg (109.98 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, daymemo.jpg)

5df05f No.255918


I feel you bro… we're in the same age brackets looks like, and I was able to start some savings before he came into office. But the second he walked in, the interests rates went to nothing… Normies don't seem to remember what he did to our used cars, how he bailed the banks, how Obamacare targeted the middle class, how people lost their homes, etc. etc. etc. "he was so handsome" makes me wanna puke.

0d51ea No.255919

74f2f5 No.255920


Indeed…it was a rhetorical question.


7ffa83 No.255921


The only thing I believe to be off limits is disrespect of FLOTUS in any fashion, any over the top racist stuff, Anti American bullshit, and even mentioning POTUS underage children or grandchildren. Everything else good to go.

7ffa83 No.255923


Did you vote?

7896e3 No.255925


Disagreed. I respect POTUS.

984eee No.255926

File: d0b81fbac4494de⋯.png (223.21 KB, 530x605, 106:121, aaaahhhhh.png)

A P A C H E / F I S A

Are we about to see the TRUE EXTENT of FISA ABUSES blow wide open?

How many others were there?

In the hearing to amend the White Mountain Apache Tribe Water Rights Quantification Act of 2010 we have MAJOR FISA amendments.



In the Apache/FISA amendments hearing, we have this gem:

v) by adding at the end the following:

‘‘(D) the number of instances in which the Federal Bureau of Investigation opened, under the Criminal Investigative Division or any successor division, an investigation of a United States person (who is not considered a threat to national security) based wholly or in part on an acquisition authorized under such section;’’;

(C) in paragraph (3)(A), by striking ‘‘orders; and’’ and inserting the following: ‘‘orders, including—

‘‘(i) the number of targets of such orders who are known to not be United States persons; and

‘‘(ii) the number of targets of such orders who are known to be United States persons; and’’;

(D) by redesignating paragraphs (4), (5), and (6) as paragraphs (5), (6), and (7), respectively; and (E) by inserting after paragraph (3) the following:

‘‘(4) the number of criminal proceedings in which the United States or a State or political subdivision thereof provided notice pursuant to subsection (c) or (d) of section 106 (including with respect to information acquired from an acquisition conducted under section 702) or subsection (d) or (e) of section 305 of the intent of the government to enter into evidence or otherwise use or disclose any information obtained or derived from electronic surveillance, physical search, or an acquisition conducted pursuant to this Act;’’


http:// docs.house.gov/Committee/Calendar/ByEvent.aspx?EventID=106765

http:// docs.house.gov/billsthisweek/20180108/BILLS-115S139-RCP115-%2053.pdf

e0ebb7 No.255927


Don't tell me that.

2eac70 No.255928


Put her hair & earings on him, and you have your reason… and give her a dick…

829b3b No.255929

File: 16cc8503941195c⋯.png (1.73 MB, 2048x1024, 2:1, not_honorale_comey_very_ho….png)

98dc8d No.255931


As a woman who used to be a lefty I can understand where your GF is coming from. I didn't care about politics because I felt like I was helpless. As disclosure begins to happen, you need to help her understand what she is seeing and that she does indeed have power. Look at 8chan, look at qresearch and the storm. We have more power than we know!


I would try to smooth things over with them, even if it means letting them be bluepilled. Family is THE most important thing for many people (for me in fact). I would not give up my family for anything. They need you and you need them.

My extended family is deeply blue-pilled. It doesn't help that they live in a blue state and have worked for the state (not political). I don't even talk politics with them because it just ends up with heartache. I don't want them to feel as if they can't be around their grandkids because our politics don't match up. On the other hand, if I see them starting to crumble I will pounce and start trying to redpill them. I am mostly arming myself with information now so that I can help my blue-pilled family and neighbors when things get too stormy for them.

My husband, who's mostly red-pilled already, thinks I'm into some weird conspiracies. He is convinced Q is a larp because of something stupid he read online. I haven't gotten his eyes onto the right things, but mostly because he's busy a lot. He doesn't have time to troll around on image boards. I try to fill him in on current events and give him little tidbits about what I know that the news didn't report when he gets home. I honestly think he sort of likes that. It's a gentle pill in his case because he can't handle the pizzagate/satanic illuminati stuff.

I've been following pizzagate since the election though and I was intensely pissed when the leftist media just up and declared it 'debunked' and that was that. Much of this country's 'press' corp needs to go down hard for their useless treacherous antics.

7ffa83 No.255932


I do too….What are you disagreeing with?

279f15 No.255933


Tits or GTFO

546b9d No.255934

File: 5fff790f34e0f8f⋯.jpg (93.02 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, TYQ.jpg)




Please add this to bread

Mark Graphic is Key Theory

Everyone in mentioned thread deserves an autism/patriot award.

What do you think @ Anons? … Q?

071115 No.255935


Unless you wanna get weird and go the way of the occult, you're probably right. It could be as simple as (((they))) threatened his family, but then he's been too deep for too long…

98dc8d No.255936



Not while I'm breastfeeding.

295618 No.255937

File: b61da33a0867fb8⋯.jpg (94.48 KB, 960x540, 16:9, relrstmemos.jpg)

659b2d No.255938



a0e53e No.255939

You have #4 labeled as #5. Interesting graph.


bad299 No.255940


Made connected unions and government workers the new privileged class. They didn't have to worry about health care or the economy. Liberalism, meanwhile, became the new litmus test for ascension into the ranks of the new socialist-controlled über class. Let them eat cake became their moto. Wanted to strangle a few of the more obnoxious college professor "friends" of mine who led the charge.

202d26 No.255941



Yes this is great. And not even in custody until they can prove what the memo claims but they CANNOT be working for our government in the meantime paid by our tax dollars. They could be destroying other evidence as we speak. They could be committing more crimes, the list goes on. They need to be gone.

So now I'm back to what the hell do we demand? kek

279f15 No.255942

File: 0bbe17254ff9add⋯.jpg (29.17 KB, 439x298, 439:298, Trump_Toast.JPG)

8a6629 No.255943

File: 8c3403f3537c455⋯.jpg (138.61 KB, 940x529, 940:529, karate kid.jpg)




7896e3 No.255944


FLOTUS and POTUS deserves respect. Making him look like a bald homosexual with an ear ring should be off limits. I dont think POTUS, FLOTUS or Q would like it and it is not funny.

5df05f No.255945


So you're the one barking orders at everybody.. get that out of your system…. you sound like a lefty

071115 No.255946


All of Deep State at Gitmo…right now kek.

98dc8d No.255947


I know! It's fucking hilarious. I love it. I've been obsessed with this stuff and I want to see it play out. It's like a good suspense novel which is actually a twist-a-plot book where we have to make the right choices to get to the end. kek.

5a8f3a No.255948


He wasn't blind it was a coordinated assassination of Great Liberty ie., this country. What song did dumbo request to be played on the celebration of his second term?

"Bye Bye Miss American Pie"

To me, that says it all.

de0352 No.255949

With the memo uncovered as an exercise to show "we the people" have the power to get info released, we should look at the first petition campaign as "internet Bill of Rights" to protect all future campaigns and ensure the will of the people is heard

7ffa83 No.255950


Point taken. Fair enough ANON that is true. I thought it was done with good intentions. Trying to make him look clean like Mr Clean or tough. But if it upsets you let it be gone!

e01088 No.255951


so if you are saying we want Tesla research unclassified we can do that like the memo?

c90999 No.255952

#yomemojokes is trending…

lets hijack this with some dank meme memo jokes… that RED PILL the shit out of them…

yo memo drop'd some many bars ..

It's going to put Obama and Hillary behind bars..

2f622e No.255953

Feeling good, positive vibes…maybe the others got tired and went to bed. Last few nights have been really really f'd up

5a8f3a No.255954

File: 5ad7bb368fc63a5⋯.jpg (42.53 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Gitmo.jpg)


I should look for a co that can make some of these up for real.

98dc8d No.255955


Nah I have to go to bed soon. I haven't been a lefty in years. If I am barking orders it's a bad habit from having to be 'mom' all the time.

I know that anon does what anon does, and it doesn't matter what I say. I was offering ideas,and not intending to bark orders and I hope, respectfully, that it was not taken that way.

5df05f No.255956


And the media… The same thing happened at the same time in many countries. It's so awesome to see POTUS kicking their assses!

5ce177 No.255957

File: 54def80c74a9613⋯.jpg (532.93 KB, 700x1188, 175:297, IMG_1753.JPG)

File: 93e6698cb9fccbc⋯.jpg (92.08 KB, 300x508, 75:127, IMG_1754.JPG)

98dc8d No.255958


You can do whatever you like, but I was suggesting that it would be easier to get a 'following' if you could tie it into the present pack of memes in some way since people are already acting on them.

If you think you can drive sufficient support for it in the here and now then go for it. I am no expert.

a0e53e No.255959

>>255926 Will this have any retroactive impact on previous abuses or just prevent any further abuses?

7896e3 No.255960

071115 No.255961


With Melania's face on it KEK! <3<3

ec319b No.255962


None of your business if I vote, Anon.

Signing petitions removes Anonymity.

Whoever is urging Anons to sign petitions are Pelicans/ Clowns/ Cabal.


7ffa83 No.255963


??? If those are initials…then no

98dc8d No.255964


Those titles are strangely apt.

289ec4 No.255965

File: 6ee533efc182c97⋯.png (11.55 MB, 10720x4464, 670:279, Trump Tweet Marker 1-15.png)



No Sleep.


de0352 No.255966


All the people sharing twitter memes were not anonymous and expressed the power of "we the People" anonymity can only get us so far

071115 No.255967


Spoiler: POTUS declassifies the Tesla research and funds the building of time machines for anons to go back and create this timeline.

e3bdaa No.255968


There's some hope because many people I tried to redpill were reluctant no because truth is unbelievable, but because it's too horrible. They all have something in common : they feel something is deeply wrong, but they can't put a name on it, and when you try to explain things, it's so terrible that they react by closing their mind to it. So I guess the slow method even if it's frustrating, is maybe more efficient.

a604dc No.255969


Agreed. Q would like this. He WANTS us free.

Let's #ClaimOur Power!

7ffa83 No.255970


I'm just saying if you do it at your local town hall with a group of people you trust. It is no more revealing than a vote. They know who we are anyway. PATRIOT ACT! But if we band together Nation wide and be heard Unified it can't be denied. Have someone else start it in your area and you sign. Or dont….its up to you…after all it is America. You can't be arrested for signing a paper. But if you don't one day you might.

98dc8d No.255971


Anon does what anon does.


I am agreeing with you on that.

Sure we can be anon here, but Devin Nunez isn't anon and he's on the hot seat right now for doing what needed to be done. If I need to put my name to an action I want the government to take whether it's to say who I want in the white house or what I want him to do, then I will do it.

7896e3 No.255972


[] RTX_7142




ec319b No.255973


You are a clown.

Sign NO Petitions


93871f No.255974


Jack is the former CEO of Twatter, not either of those two. That was figured out long ago on here.

7ffa83 No.255975


This is gibberish to me out of context

ba9286 No.255976

On Jan 28th, there was a plane that made an emergency landing on a highway in Costa Mesa, California. The pilot: Israel "Izzy" Slodowitz, 23.

"Slodowitz, an Israeli special ops veteran and transfer student in his junior year at the USC Marshall School of Business, is a licensed commercial pilot. He was making an uneventful return trip in his boss’s single-engine Beechcraft Bonanza G33. Then the engine suddenly died."

Has his private and commercial pilot license with over 2,000 in-flight hours logged.

Passenger for this flight was Daniel Gross.

Pilot Israel Sladowitz spoke perfect English in the interview he gave on the LA Times website…….

Going to do some digging on possible pilot and passenger ties. Also said in an article that Sladowitz was flying his boss's plane. Going to get a pic with the plane ID and see who the boss is.

5df05f No.255977


Says a lot…

2f622e No.255978


some possibilities for SC

Swamp Creatures?

Satan's Children? applicable to some but don't think so.

Sub Commitee, Special Council, Strategic Communication (i think this ones a good fit), supporter contractor, supporter consultant,

5ce177 No.255979


??? Time travelingfag?

Dats sum old bread you talking to?

b851c7 No.255980


The DOJ and HIC had an agreement to allow one member and two investigators to read the FISA warrants in a reading room. TG was the individual member who transcribed notes of the warrants and returned to home base allowing the other members to go over his notes.

> sauce Nunes @ 1:10 https:// youtu.be/5Js4TMKutCo

The committee and DOJ possess all of the evidence of the criminal actions committed by these actors. We can petition for their arrests.

275458 No.255981


Unconstitutional. Period.

0d51ea No.255982

To any UK anons…

Not sure if we need a new thread…

Jacob RM is our Trump.

What is best way to stop the madness in the UK and get behind him?

7896e3 No.255983


[] RTX_7142






279f15 No.255984

File: 93076782e2e2068⋯.jpg (30.27 KB, 623x402, 623:402, Izzy.JPG)


>Israel "Izzy" Slodowitz

de0352 No.255985


Stay anonymous it's ok, but help create the content to get normies to sign. "You Have More (power) than YOU Know"

279f15 No.255986

File: 5ca55175407bec0⋯.jpg (98.05 KB, 1026x459, 38:17, N9337Q.JPG)

289ec4 No.255987


Diggers ITT <3

93871f No.255988



579ba2 No.255989


You hit on the exact sentiment that led me to make that motherly post. Lol. The fan-girls and boys, and you're right that they are definitely fairweather admirers. It's the cult of personality thing I mentioned.

Our culture is prone to idolatry and its proven that psychologically we think we know these public figures because we "spend" so much time with them. We get emotional when bad things happen to perfect strangers, many of whom are millionaires who wouldn't stop to piss on you if you were on fire.

There is no substitute for real life relationships; not even this board we all love or the genuine heroes we celebrate here. Keeping things in perspective isn't easy with the dense and heavy material we submerge ourselves in doing this work that can seem so thankless at times. I can't be the only one who struggles with it. Lol.

Above BS aside, I am unwavering in my belief that this is a place where truth is found, shared, and celebrated. Our primary mission still awaits us. When shit really hits the fan and the normies we know in real life are ready to listen: we will be ready and prepared. We've experienced our paradigm shift but for many it's going to be forced and instantaneous. Everything will suddenly be open to question and we will have answers to help restore faith/trust.

7ffa83 No.255990


Yeah….don't know

0a45e4 No.255991


I think Contreras is one of the bad apples. He is on the FISA court and he is the judge in the DC circuit court that was removed from the Flynn case. And like all of them he was appointed by Roberts

5df05f No.255992

Has anyone been monitoring CNN and other shit network? We have to have counterpoints for them… morning soon

7896e3 No.255993

[] RTX_7143-47





98dc8d No.255994


I think signing a petition is less of an issue than creating it in the first place. Attaching your id to a petition you post will link you back to 8ch if it was discussed here. I think that putting your name to it as a signer is far less likely to attract unwanted eyes.

a8a07b No.255995


right rugged individualism vs herd mentality here we are individuals trying to solve the same problem by sharing work/resources

a8a07b No.255996


I saw some local news and their take was this was a republican memo that somehow put national security at risk

7ffa83 No.255997


I don't know how to say it any other way brother…I don't understand

de0352 No.255998


True these boards have the power to determine future petitions, contributions can come in many forms. creating memes is a key component

5df05f No.255999


Perhaps we need to ask why it's causing risk? mock them…

7896e3 No.256000


[] RTX_7143-47





5ce177 No.256001

File: d0339113ed97bf9⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 1440x1080, 4:3, IMG_1740.JPG)

5df05f No.256002


…like, there was a flood in Louisiana. That memo is a serious threat to our national security!

a8a07b No.256003


(just riffin) kinda like: this causes harm to national security (lined out) and replaced with access to funds

ba9286 No.256004


Nicely done!

41796f No.256006


Solution: fake first name, fake last name, throwaway email. Taking precautions to remain anonymous I get I take a lot of them. Right now though we are at a turning point, we've smashed the glass ceiling of anonymity with the release of the memo. You think clowns are going to go after petition signers that give a fake name and have a 404 email after you sign it and confirm? No.

c90999 No.256007



try #yomemojokes

try'n to flip the script on;em

2ec108 No.256008

File: 37ed8090bd34a7a⋯.png (107.48 KB, 636x712, 159:178, DC Luke.PNG)

File: 7fc21793204a0ac⋯.png (96.28 KB, 632x683, 632:683, DC Luke 2.PNG)

File: f208c6e294d468b⋯.png (78.56 KB, 667x852, 667:852, FUTC 3.png)

Former Judge: Ohr, Comey Could Be Held In Contempt Of Court For Misrepresentations


275458 No.256009

Why do we have a secret court in a free country?

29c353 No.256010

File: ea86a8255a157a0⋯.jpg (220.38 KB, 881x451, 881:451, 5_revwar_10.jpg)

Remember the fire that was within you. Tap into it. The world is yours. Be vigilant. Never lose focus. You are the Chosen one. Deliver the message. Peace out.

955b8f No.256011


Retransmit 7143-47

112a is pozzed

Go! Digital Signal Processing


7ffa83 No.256012


Do you get it?

5df05f No.256013


I like that! Let's become the mocking birds for the trash media

2222d0 No.256014


It is more important to respect the OFFICE of the President, than the encumbent. It is too easy for encumbents, and those who voted them into Office, to lose sight of the fact that their position is temporary while the Office will remain long after they are dead and gone.

In other words, the Office is more important than the encumbent.

This is where identity politics can so easily threaten the whole system - when current encumbents think they ARE the Office and not just temporary encumbents OF the Office, charged with its preservation and transmission to future encumbents. They think they are above the Office and can play fast and loose with its Constitutionally derived rules.

Of course, respect for the Office should also include respect for the encumbent, but it is important, imo, to understand that the reason the encumbent should be respected is not for himself, necessarily (although an encumbent of good character should be worthy of respect in his own right) but for the Office he temporarily occupies.

5df05f No.256015


or *against rather

7896e3 No.256016

[] RTX_7147-51





93871f No.256017


That pic gives me the creeps!

579ba2 No.256018


Just laughed hard at how I used all those words to try to say what you perfectly encapsulated in a single line. Hemingway was right… lol.

7ffa83 No.256019


Ah the second exclamation cleared that right up for me thank you ANON

807262 No.256020


Money Transfer

Money Transfer

God speed to you as well

5ce177 No.256021

File: 448f2d47e6f0f1e⋯.jpg (111.8 KB, 720x540, 4:3, IMG_1752.JPG)


No idea… mystery to me.

a8a07b No.256022


right take on of their lines and repackage it send it back with our message

0a45e4 No.256023


he has the same pedo look as that guy who was a suspect (and I believe involved) in the Jon Benet Ramsey vcase

955b8f No.256024






Feel free to explain what the hell this is anytime you like.

0a45e4 No.256025


best meme yet of 2018

5df05f No.256026


EXACTLY!! We are expert at their tactic

1286aa No.256027

So I understand the memo was released today, but I'm curious, where are we at with the sealed indictments in places like California, DC. Are they still unsealed? If Mueller get's fired or something, what's going to happen to the sealed indictments?

cebbe7 No.256028

File: 1a5e0c768033bdf⋯.jpg (106.43 KB, 885x711, 295:237, IMG_0767.JPG)

5a8f3a No.256029


shilllage… shatt'n up the board.

a8a07b No.256030

maybe a comey slenderman meme. comey is way scarier (that kind of thing)

7896e3 No.256031


43-47 /F






7ffa83 No.256032

File: 9d1c66569213dc9⋯.jpeg (10.41 KB, 255x143, 255:143, 9c9dca64433e059116855d67c….jpeg)


Thanks ANON but Ive seen some good ones made by others. Whoever did this is fantastic

289ec4 No.256033


Inspiring, Sir

God, keep them safe as they march into WAR


ec319b No.256034


Who would want a list of all Anons on this board w/ names, addresses, etc.

This is who is urging Anons to DOX themselves on petitions. Don't be foolish. Petitions should not be an Op - ever

5e6ca2 No.256035

2222d0 No.256036


Nigel Farage got stacks of recgnition via Youtube but very little coverage from MSM. JRM already has a YT following - just need to meme it out on Twatter to increase JRM's exposure. Maybe that could be the way to go.

45667a No.256037

>>25603where is that vid of him screaming at the kid in the shower?

5ce177 No.256038


MUller isn't getting fired, and what makes you think 13k indictments are from Mully?

7ffa83 No.256039

File: c54a1df9f6fea78⋯.jpg (34.73 KB, 441x312, 147:104, godbless_america.jpg)


So if you're a Clown or some shit one thing to say…..SUCK MY DICK FAGGOT! If you come come heavy or don't come at all!

But if not goodnight Anon and

45667a No.256040

>>25603 where is that vid of him screaming at the kid in the shower?

cebbe7 No.256041

File: e1b6cf7371aa820⋯.jpg (108.71 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, IMG_0757.JPG)

Go chuey

61a520 No.256042


Good vibes here anon.

289ec4 No.256043









[CLAS_GITMO_ J z9-A][89]


5a8f3a No.256044


they do not work either. Have yet to see one that did.

93871f No.256046


I don't know why they have it under "Thursday!" Those drops were late Wednesday night. I know, because I was on here.

984eee No.256047



A new provision states the incidental surveillance material can not be used in criminal proceedings unless in grave instances like murder, international drug running and human trafficking.

Anything gathered prior can not be used in the future. In that sense, it's retroactive.

But, what's more, is Congress is demanding the number of American citizens targeted by the FBI under FISA comparative to non-American citizens,

AND the number of criminal proceedings where notice was achieved in which the incidental FISA info was disclosed or intended as evidence against US persons not considered a threat to national security.

5df05f No.256048


Yeah… petitions are a terrible idea. When we meme, we bring thousands if not millions of people into awareness and often action. In a petition we are one little voice in the abyss..

1286aa No.256049


I'm dumb when it comes to the whole indictment thing. Who made the indictments in the first place?

5df05f No.256050


Top o'the mornin' Grumpy Anon! did you sleep well?

cebbe7 No.256051

Sealed means you are arrested with a shotgun in the night.

2f622e No.256052


the point brought up about the petitions is that there is a the WhiteHouse.gov petition site. sign it or not, not my concern, but I have been pushing awareness of that site on Twatter and fakebook. Sell the site with things like "wanna know the truth about 9/11? Roswell? then direct to the site. That can be done easily enough in meme format

45667a No.256053

John Podesta.. You think your hot shit don't cha? https:// www. youtube.com/watch?v=7b273RhFHCY

984eee No.256054




(B) The term ‘‘material breach’’ means

significant noncompliance with applicable law or

an order of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court concerning any acquisition of abouts communications.

abouts communications = incidental surveillance

eaffbd No.256055



RTX is an operation. Pox=virus?

1742 = vehicles? /F=failed mission?

5a8f3a No.256056


just name it #PokemonGo

Geez, they'll fall all over themselves

They really are stupid (4-6% non-redeemables)

cebbe7 No.256057

File: f9e3e1f83ed6e59⋯.jpg (149.55 KB, 1118x714, 559:357, IMG_0770.JPG)


I want to believe . #sendcash

2f622e No.256058


no doxxing necessary

b428f9 No.256059


EST time for Q

a0e53e No.256060

Thanks. How does this "Apache" law connect to the other drops Q made the same evening, or does it?



5a8f3a No.256062


Hey…where's the Doctor? (Tenant)

Just not complete without the Doc.

5ce177 No.256063


They are sealed nobody knows yet…

As for Mully, POTUS is smart, he knows they will cry obstruction if he fires him.

POTUS has a plan for Mully, we will see… POTUS is GENIUS, TRUST and see through the smoke & mirrors.

eaffbd No.256064


Go dsp= go dispersal


disperse a pox virus to ALL?


5df05f No.256065


Understand MOMENTUM. POTUS uses it all the time. First you seed an idea… then you WAIT. Keep pushing that idea. As Anons, that is where we are the strongest. Then the media picks it up. Keep pushing it and then enjoy the show.

807262 No.256066

File: e4f86968401f27f⋯.png (104.39 KB, 1518x1527, 506:509, peti.png)

File: fe10027128ad76d⋯.png (103.8 KB, 1532x1980, 383:495, pet.png)

File: 46a1513db2ef600⋯.png (9.14 KB, 255x118, 255:118, pe.png)

File: 0aa4b59bf3c05aa⋯.png (10.07 KB, 781x431, 781:431, petiti.png)

File: 457e05628fa66e0⋯.png (166.33 KB, 1338x1042, 669:521, petit.png)


Anons create and make memes spreading the Petitions, normies sign it.

cebbe7 No.256067

File: 994a99f8a89cc0e⋯.jpg (77.18 KB, 794x1007, 794:1007, IMG_0772.JPG)


One time

5a42a3 No.256068

So Comey takes dossier to FISC, presents as verified, then gets warrant. He later tells POTUS dossier is not verfied, testifies to Congress that it is not verified, but FISC judge keeps renewing ?

If Comey is fucked, then that FISA judge is super fucked.

478e9b No.256069

File: f733f2e9efad6a8⋯.jpg (17.93 KB, 350x260, 35:26, jack6.jpg)

File: 3a1272017738b91⋯.jpg (43.22 KB, 480x360, 4:3, download (2).jpg)


love your posts bro this meme is for you.

discord. gg/KVqyj3Q

29c353 No.256070



7ab5a2 No.256071

File: 2e9a1b3de5e1dd3⋯.jpg (36.65 KB, 224x182, 16:13, Sleepy.jpg)


Speaking of Grumpy, where's Sleepy?

c90999 No.256072

> the standard

Seth and Kelly Clarkson spend a day drinking at the Top of the Standard

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=v0TiqC_C8wI

2f622e No.256073


Love it, Gorilla Channel for everyone!!!

8f4584 No.256075

I am in Northern California.

This will probably sound crazy, but,

The evening before the very big earthquake in Alaska,

https:// www.nytimes.com/2018/01/23/us/earthquake-tsunami-alaska.html

in late January, I was on my deck and heard owls talking to each other. One was very close to me, but I could not see him.

Tonight the owls are talking to each other from each end of the woods.

There is no big loud owl very close to me like last time.

I am just telling you that this is very unusual.

The owls are talking tonight.

275458 No.256076

The only thing that matters is that the President fulfill his constitutional role of defending the God-given individual liberties.

The Constitution spells out only one purpose of government: to secure those rights.

2b0e71 No.256077

File: 852c88f3e19ef9a⋯.jpg (93.19 KB, 512x585, 512:585, 1c8a75e33e86b9878b3a2d09af….jpg)


I was just discussing this topic with a friend yesterday. I specifically mentioned General Carter Ham who was head of AFRICOM during Benghazi and also Admiral Gaouette (Carrier Strike Group 3 which was in the Med at the time I believe). Patreus got the most attention in the MSM during the time, but the firing of many of these high ranking officers was in the news at the time. I remember a few being fired in disgrace on trumped up charges. I'm a vet and this was very concerning at the time.

I arrived at the same conclusion as you did anon. I think those good patriots are the driving force behind the three year plan. I think Trump was their guy. Remember what Q said?


Key = MI and No Such Agency.

Stone = Trump and patriots.

Altogether we are the the keystone. Without the keystone, America fails to exist.

Q also told us that these two parts of our government (MI and NSA) were NOT compromised.

Who took enormous risk to travel to Trump Tower in New York City to warn Trump, upon winning the 2016 election, that he was being spied upon - as was PROVEN through the release of the FISA memo? Good Admiral Roberts, the head of the NSA. Coincidence?

Don't you see? Q said they are following a THREE year plan. If this is the case, it started 2 years before Trump became President. Who started it?



Yes, I believe these high ranking career military officers are the good patriots behind this valiant effort. We are now in this together. We are all good patriots taking back our country from our enemies both foreign and domestic. These people are stupid.

5ce177 No.256078

File: ffbec585f2beb44⋯.jpg (163.02 KB, 960x668, 240:167, IMG_1743.JPG)


KEK!!! Saved!!!


5df05f No.256079


Haven't seen him in a while… maybe he's hibernating?

7896e3 No.256080

[] RTX_7143-47/F

[] RTX_7147-51/F

48-51 /F






a0e53e No.256082

He's been on most nights. Not tonight tho'.



546d10 No.256083

Did any lawfags figure out who BHO retained as counsel?

1286aa No.256084

File: e2d278c546432c8⋯.jpg (61.61 KB, 625x439, 625:439, english.jpg)

5df05f No.256085


Have we looked at the list of peeps in attendance at the wedding?

275458 No.256086

Secret court, free country. Does not compute.

www.wnd.com /2013/09/why-the-fisa-court-is-unconstitutional/

cebbe7 No.256087

File: c4a10c2ef5528fd⋯.jpg (43.3 KB, 500x431, 500:431, IMG_0640.JPG)

Thick juicy memo

41796f No.256088

File: 457e05628fa66e0⋯.png (166.33 KB, 1338x1042, 669:521, 946950d2c8c71b48095027dc5d….png)


Did you read the white house statement on the memo today? Public interest overrode the security protocols to keep the memo sealed. Are you against more public exposure?

Memes and hashtags are #1. Petitions #2


339fce No.256089


Thank you!



We have the power people!

Let's use it to resolve all of our national issues.

cebbe7 No.256090

File: d2909cc0ae9e712⋯.jpg (94.97 KB, 1080x1077, 360:359, IMG_0720.JPG)

Beware of the fake memo 🌈

7896e3 No.256091


/F= fail, right? IC=Incorrect SER=Syntax Error Ready?

WTF is this? What are you trying to say?

8f4584 No.256092


There was a joke going around when Obama was elected:

There was a Marine stationed outside the White House. Everyday an old vet walked up to the Marine and said, "I want to talk to Obama." The Marine always said, "You can't talk to Obama in the White House. He doesn't live there anymore."

But, the vet kept coming back everyday and asking to see Obama.

Finally, the Marine asked the man, "Why do you come here everyday and ask to see Obama even though I told you he doesn't live here anymore?'

The vet said, "Because I love hearing you say he doesn't live here anymore."

ba9286 No.256093

Israel Slodowitz - pilot of plane that made emergency landing on highway in Costa Mesa, California on Jan 28th….

LinkedIn Profile: Combat Soldier

Israel Defense Forces

January 2013 – August 2016 (3 years 8 months)

Combat Soldier in Special Reconnaissances Sub-Unit: Specializing in Explosive Ordinates Disposal EOD, finding and dismantling IED's & Landmines.

Research - Financial Modeling


July 2017 – Present (8 months)Greater Los Angeles Area

Skills: XLS Modeling, Renewable Energyq, Training on BE20, PC12, Cirrus Aircraft, Research (M&A), Premiere Pro, Teamwork, Public Speaking

Summary: Passionate about learning, growing, and networking. Rather than being tossed upon the tides of the political and financial machinations that control our society, I choose to better understand them - and in doing so - learn to have a hand in their determination.

a0e53e No.256094

Best speculation was Wilkinson-Walsh, a high powered firm in DC with much experience in government/judicial/military law. 9 on staff in DC = 9 WW. However, no official confirmation from them, BHO or any other attorneys.


418db4 No.256095


Hey… I shave my head, have an earring.. ain't no fkn homo bro.

e0ebb7 No.256096


The Earth doesn't seem too happy lately.

bad299 No.256097


Is this related to the Panda timer?

You can tell me: I'm a doctor.

339fce No.256098


Take care anon.

Good night.

36d7dc No.256099


One this that hasn't come out to the public is that they were spying on Trump since 2015 and had applied for FISA warrants but they were denied.

Because they were denied they enlisted British intelligence GCHQ to sit down at the NSA machine at Fort Meade MD and spy on his for them.

There was a hint of that on the news today when they mentioned another ongoing investigation by the OIG that included the state department.

When America becomes aware of this it's going to explode.

275458 No.256100




a0e53e No.256101

Maybe LdR is trying to talk to us.


cebbe7 No.256102

File: bdc268a055c69fa⋯.jpg (60.44 KB, 793x1006, 793:1006, IMG_0771.JPG)

I'm sleepy y'all

8f4584 No.256103


Ty. Roger.

7896e3 No.256104

[] RTX_7143-47/F

[] RTX_7147-51/F

48-51 /F

52-54 /F







5a8f3a No.256105


the shadow he is making is the sigil of Saturn/Cronus (XIX) (lucifer)

7ab5a2 No.256106


Or being relocated, just like 1, 2 and 5?

cebbe7 No.256107

File: d547a8c2b76b397⋯.jpg (110.35 KB, 1096x729, 1096:729, IMG_0764.JPG)

807262 No.256108

>>256091 I think /F means find, as far as I can tell he is refering to money transfers and wants us to find them.

ba9286 No.256109


Renewable Resources Group: Owned by J. Ari Swiller.

From Bloomberg:

Renewable Resources Group Holding Company, Inc. provides environmental advisory services. It offers project development and strategic advisory services relating to various aspects of sustainable and renewable power and water; and alternative fuel transportation, including financing, permitting, and regulatory and political issues. Renewable Resources Group Holding Company, Inc. was founded in 2003 and is based in Los Angeles, California.

J. Ari Swiller: Mr. J. Ari Swiller is the Founder of Renewable Resources Group Holding Company, Inc. Mr. Swiller's responsibilities include managing all aspects of the business. Mr. Swiller served as Vice President of External Affairs at Ralphs Grocery Company. Prior to RRG, he served as a Principal in The Yucaipa Companies, LLC. His responsibilities included raising Yucaipa's Private Equity funds, strategic investment planning, public relations, community affairs and philanthropy. In addition, Mr. Swiller managed Yucaipa's board of advisors, which includes former USA President and former HUD Secretary. He has been Director of Prospect Global Resources, Inc. since February 2011. He serves as a Director at Falcon Waterfree Technologies, LLC. He is a Board Member for the Chrysalis Foundation, The Los Angeles Conservation Corps, the Miguel Contreras Educational Foundation and the L.A. Urban League Capital Campaign. Mr. Swiller served as a Director of rfXcel Corp. since October 2005. He was Executive Director of the Ralphs/Food4Less Foundation. Mr. Swiller received a B.A. from Cornell University.

7896e3 No.256110




5a8f3a No.256111


I wonder if any law firm ever replied to a client looking for representation…"I'm sorry we can't take your case, because your totally fucked".

cebbe7 No.256112

MVT ties the cabal for thirty royal j

5ce177 No.256113

File: 6580052461b3f70⋯.jpg (30.66 KB, 736x428, 184:107, IMG_1729.JPG)

cebbe7 No.256114

S Martinez 2

cebbe7 No.256116

Probably Richardson too

5df05f No.256117

0898a3 No.256118

File: 8796a378305f4b4⋯.jpg (263.08 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, AO9sJyQ.jpg)

File: 21cb76e9382e1a6⋯.jpg (239.72 KB, 1280x2048, 5:8, qAJOsgP.jpg)

File: cd800011282588e⋯.jpg (233.1 KB, 1280x2048, 5:8, uVl4A0n.jpg)


Here's a good video to help unconvince your hubby about Q being a larp: https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaZf5Iazczo

9aeabd No.256119


Checked and bumped.


cebbe7 No.256120

Breaking bad was a tax hoax so they could get meth heads away from the border coke action

5a8f3a No.256121


not at all. I have seen a lifetime of good petitions get flushed and go unheard. Unless that avenue truly changes, they will continue to be ignored.

289ec4 No.256122

2d7362 No.256123


We are entering a grand solar minimum on par with the GSM in the 1600's. The evidence is out there if u know where t9 look. Expect it to get worse at least till 2023-24 iirc. There's generally at least one catastrophic volcano eruption during those times along with jet stream going screwy, earthquakes, more intense storms etc.

Basically what we're seeing .

a3c32b No.256124

So who's going to dox themselves to make a


You could wash your name through an anon twitter

acct and link to it here…

289ec4 No.256125


Its beautiful

perfect format

thank you

984eee No.256126

Correction >>256047

It looks like the Apache hearing covered this part of FISA, specifically:

S. 139—Rapid DNA Act of 2017 [FISA Amendments Reauthorization Act of 2017]

S.139 - An Act to amend the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 to improve foreign intelligence collection and the safeguards, accountability, and oversight of acquisitions of foreign intelligence, to extend title VII of such Act, and for other purposes.

https:// www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/BILLS-115s139es/pdf/BILLS-115s139es.pdf

So here's an interesting amendment sponsored by Rand Paul about emergency access or dissemination of communications.

(ii) the Attorney General–

``(I) reasonably determines that an emergency situation requires the accessing or dissemination of the communications before an order pursuant to subparagraph (A) authorizing such access or dissemination can with due diligence be obtained;

Really interesting.

USA Liberty Act of 2017

https:// www.congress.gov/congressional-record/2018/01/16/senate-section/article/S190-1?

cebbe7 No.256127

Clinton started a fed snitch program where a 'agent' of program could carry firearms and dope and get pushed out of the system under the program. Glary loophole indeed, I personally saw foreign nationals exploiting it

e0ebb7 No.256129


No comment.

cebbe7 No.256130

Bush 2 built a faux checkpoint in tenure. Washed all the bass boats in Texarkana . Rolled real hard

45667a No.256131

File: 52f5d25ea088cfc⋯.png (985.49 KB, 714x537, 238:179, lajkdsg.PNG)

Is it just me or is this guy about as good as nigger standards get?

cebbe7 No.256132

The Texas building pre wtc, what kind of accounts

6c6ebc No.256133

I'm not trusting Sessions anymore

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02-02/gop-rep-seek-criminal-prosecution-fbi-doj-officials-full-throated-illegal

cebbe7 No.256134

File: a390ae28a0b2944⋯.jpg (137.36 KB, 1000x1406, 500:703, IMG_0749.JPG)

I roll hard

611a02 No.256135

File: b74d6b11fd9ffd5⋯.jpg (27.49 KB, 399x385, 57:55, l04he.jpg)

7647f2 No.256136

i think it was page 89 of clinton emails. SA is referenced in subject. email talks about saudi donating to charities

45667a No.256137

Get rid of fisa. "the very word secret in a free and open democracy is repugnant"

279f15 No.256138

File: d0a8c23d8417146⋯.jpg (33.58 KB, 349x303, 349:303, Sessions.JPG)

289ec4 No.256139



cebbe7 No.256140

Dallas custodian contracts monopolized by fexas shills

6c6ebc No.256141


Q is Q.. Q is "disinfo is neccesary".. Q must always be taken with a grain of salt.

Sessions has broken the trust.. hard.

5a8f3a No.256142


Ahhh….Lynn?…we can't understand you dear. You need to remove your foot from your mouth, then speak clearly.

289ec4 No.256143



49718e No.256144


If you're paying enough they will take your case. What do they care, they get paid either way.

cebbe7 No.256145

File: 5bb1e4f95105980⋯.jpg (164.8 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, IMG_0735.JPG)

Damn pigs

0efeb0 No.256146

File: 5521a7768b410f5⋯.jpg (58.53 KB, 575x638, 575:638, sfthejhejeztj.jpg)

Bono's accounts frozen?

He needs money…

www.rp-online. de/nrw/staedte/koeln/u2-konzert-in-koeln-so-werden-die-fans-zur-kasse-gebeten-aid-1.7362994

279f15 No.256147

File: e412374f0d65731⋯.jpg (35.69 KB, 398x178, 199:89, Sessions_2.JPG)

289ec4 No.256148




LOVE your work

LIGHT the way

cebbe7 No.256149

File: 97a8753283c0dc8⋯.jpg (90.69 KB, 1080x1019, 1080:1019, IMG_0636.JPG)


6c6ebc No.256150


memo was released, sessions has read memo in the SCIF and still he claims that RR is the kind of quality and leadership that we want in the department."


d63b2b No.256151


But we accidentally kill a butterfly and Hillary Clinton becomes president in alternate present


289ec4 No.256152



275458 No.256153



www.wnd.com /2013/09/why-the-fisa-court-is-unconstitutional/

ba9286 No.256154


"But the more expensive it will be on the better seats: The many thousands of seats on the lower tier cost 230 euros. Right in front of the stage in the "Red Zone" there is access for 325 euros including a donation for a social purpose."

The "Red Zone" huh….. wonder what the "social purpose" is that everyone must donate to to gain access to the "Red Zone"…..

279f15 No.256155


KYS ConcernFag

2ef149 No.256156


Good Morning Anons, I see we have some glowing clown niggers on board today !! Shill killer 5000 reporting in for duty !!

cebbe7 No.256157

File: c6f7a493755ea83⋯.jpg (27.89 KB, 480x360, 4:3, IMG_0730.JPG)

6c6ebc No.256158


action is everything and sessions don't know the meaning of the word…

Fire the fucking asshole now Trump or you'll look incompetent as well

01255e No.256159


february has started, eh?

4d8965 No.256160

File: 8ec2e6b76ca8678⋯.jpg (2.84 MB, 2065x3003, 295:429, SecretMemo.jpg)


You've inspired me anon, sorry for bad PS skills

955b8f No.256161


Going by what we can see, I agree with you, but there may be things we don't know about why Sessions said that.

275458 No.256162


What about that stuff about setting a trap for Soros in Alabama?

6c6ebc No.256163


He said it, why should Sessions get more chances?

5df05f No.256164


Wait a minute… Q said something about that… I don't think he has a choice at the moment

6c6ebc No.256165


Have you seen any evidence that that is true? I have not

dbcace No.256166


Truth and poetry.

Insightful that we don't need to change their minds, just open their minds a crack for further evidence to help work it's way in.

Just watched "Altered Carbon" and i think that is designed to wake people up.

275458 No.256167


No, I have not.

955b8f No.256168


Only reason he should get more chances is if it's part of the overall strategy for him to be an ass about RR right now.

a0e53e No.256169



2ef149 No.256170


You sound like Jan Michael Vincent on twatter#sendthecash

5a8f3a No.256171


We need to be rid of the "democracy". That is what the cabal created in order to take over. We need our Republic back.

5a8f3a No.256172




661ea9 No.256173

File: 05132bd1540738e⋯.jpg (330.9 KB, 800x585, 160:117, 81a29bk49oL._AC_1.jpg)

275458 No.256174


We are both a democracy and a republic. Democracy refers to who rules. Republic refers to the type of government.

289ec4 No.256175

File: 7a4b230d24ae409⋯.jpg (17.53 KB, 248x189, 248:189, pepe_larf.jpg)

5ce177 No.256176

File: eff983bb49de073⋯.jpg (33.32 KB, 620x473, 620:473, IMG_1711.JPG)


Ok?… goodnight then.

807262 No.256180



you are glowing you clown fag

8f4584 No.256181


We are a democratic Republic. Simple.

955b8f No.256182



In regard to the FISA/FISC secrecy. I see no reason at all after reading that memo for any of its contents to have not been discussed during the public hearings they had throughout the year. Basically, it shouldn't have been top secret material. That only benefited the guilty parties and had no bearing on national security.

ec2457 No.256183


This made my night!

289ec4 No.256185



6c6ebc No.256186


Good for me.. I hope you feel better now

Still doesn't alter the fact that Sessions is a retard and traitor.. Trust lost

275458 No.256187


Yeah. We are just learning that we can't trust the bums who tell us what we can and can't see. LEARN TO RULE

279f15 No.256188



What the fuck is your deal?

I defend the AG against this pussy-hurt ConcernFag using Q posts and I'm a clown fag??


5df05f No.256189


We need meme to mock the memo narrative re;dangers to national security

dbcace No.256190

File: ab0868387c13fe4⋯.png (597.23 KB, 800x585, 160:117, ClipboardImage.png)

955b8f No.256191


True that.

dbcace No.256192


And Republics are very shitty, look it up.

5ce177 No.256193

File: 211ff5bc340e478⋯.jpg (53.56 KB, 793x1007, 793:1007, IMG_1730.JPG)

dbcace No.256194


I'm gonna make that shit happen!

To the stars!

737016 No.256195

File: f4fac4a60188218⋯.jpg (138.03 KB, 1083x737, 1083:737, IMG_0773.JPG)

What does three lanterns mean

36d7dc No.256196


I didn't see anything in the article about his account being frozen….

>www.rp-online. de/nrw/staedte/koeln/u2-konzert-in-koeln-so-werden-die-fans-zur-kasse-gebeten-aid-1.7362994

071115 No.256197


Cult of personality for sure! I swear it comes from our (general our now) growing inability to communicate/empathize with people IRL. We have no choice but to idolize people we'll never know, in positions of fame/power/etc, because we're taught to have a screen in front of us all day and ignore most people in our actual lives. Normies then regress into emotionally stunted preteens, helpless and offended at every turn, unable to think without consulting other sheep. Eventually celebrity types just become a more interesting and heady alternative to the sheep, because they're the "true individualists." Right…

But at least us anons got it straight, know how to use our tech as a tool, and not a crutch bahaha. Our minds never stop.

When I meet people IRL though, I want to talk about meaningful things, not basic nonsense like movies or music. I understand deep subjects lead to triggering, but that bothers me to high hell. To me, that shallow stuff is only important later, when you've already established respect for that person as a human being. But it's difficult…the normies accuse you of being self-righteous or pessimistic or weird…it's easy to hate the them. But then you can't really, because you understand why they are the way they are, and they don't.

Any which way though, the struggle is real, anon, you're not alone. But until megashit hits the fan, and we can spill our guts out loud, a place like this is a kind of safe-space for the truth and the woke. It helps for sure, thank Jeebus! Peace!

a3c32b No.256198


Was thinking something along the lines of

referencing Comey's "That's it?" implying;

"You think THAT'S bad? You are like little


2d8d25 No.256199


agree with the rest. we win or we die anyway.

275458 No.256200


Not the ones that are truly democratic.

5ce177 No.256201

File: 9a41852422d8a44⋯.jpg (72.1 KB, 623x706, 623:706, IMG_1672.JPG)


I bet POTUS will make it happen!!!

Once he cleans house, and gets things set straight… the world will be a different planet!

dbcace No.256202

Look I'm a name fag now, with matching id.

275458 No.256203


I am open to hearing your reasoning/evidence.

6c6ebc No.256204


all forms of government suck, no state can keep themselves to the high standard that they perceive themselves to be. In fact they all break their own laws repeatedly and they constantly work towards making itself more corrupt by the hour. The state is Mos Eisley

737016 No.256205

File: b20a6a7a4bcab88⋯.jpg (41.88 KB, 400x400, 1:1, IMG_0736.JPG)

Pigs are real

071115 No.256206


And Comey, not Kaine, is her VP. AHHHHHH!!!

737016 No.256207

File: 1fb09a360c31908⋯.jpg (68.13 KB, 960x540, 16:9, IMG_0737.JPG)

So I here qanon played tuba with anon back in the pre internet days

5ce177 No.256208

File: f76e89bf3f48834⋯.jpg (54.12 KB, 568x522, 284:261, IMG_1689.JPG)

202d26 No.256209



And please for the love, add the CDC to it as well. BURN EM ALL DOWN and start over

275458 No.256210


Not democratic republics that protect individual liberties against the tyranny of the majority.

737016 No.256211

File: e9552fe971c9774⋯.jpg (95.69 KB, 788x1014, 394:507, IMG_0763.JPG)

Embrace your inner furry , cause the tide of justice rolls swiftly.

6c6ebc No.256212


Evidence has been piling up for a year now, since he recused himself from the russia shit.

Jeff Sessions said that he (RR) represents “the kind of quality and leadership that we want in the department."

GFY sessions

289ec4 No.256213

File: 11ee41efb6da4cf⋯.png (127.08 KB, 320x240, 4:3, ufo_fake_billy_meier_3.png)

6c6ebc No.256214


that doesn't exist.. It's a pipe-dream

737016 No.256215

File: 7b3379e1e4cbfbb⋯.jpg (119.61 KB, 998x801, 998:801, IMG_0774.JPG)


275458 No.256216


You don't belong here, do you?

a3c32b No.256217

Interesting list of names.

Hillary's would-be cabinet:

Secretary of State: John Podesta, Bill Burns, Joe Biden

Deputy Secretary of State: Kurt Campbell, Wendy Sherman

Treasury Secretary: Sheryl Sanderg, Lael Brained

Defense Secretary: Michèle Floury

Attorney General: Loretta Lynch retained, Jennifer Granholm, Jamie Gorelick, Tom Perez

Commerce Secretary: Gregory Meeks, Sheryl Sandberg, Terry McAuliffe

Labor: Howard Schultz

HHS: Neera Tanden

Energy Secretary: Carol Browner

Education Secretary: Jennifer Granholm, John Sexton

EPA: Likely an African American (and/or at Education)

Budget Director: Gene Sperling

U.N Ambassador: Tom Nides, Wendy Sherman, Bill Burns

Director of National Intelligence: Tom Donilon

CIA Director: Tom Donilon, Mike Morell

Others listed were

SEC Chair: Gary Gentler

White House Chief of Staff: Ron Klain

Deputy Chief of Staff: Huma Abedin

Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations: Sara Latham

Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy: Maya Harris

National Security Adviser: Jake Sullivan

6c6ebc No.256218


I belong where I am, and I am here.

Prove me wrong

0efeb0 No.256219


That's why I used the "?"

275458 No.256220


Yeah, you don't belong here.

271d53 No.256221


I agree. I thought it was mostly a joke. I added CDC to the list. But obviously it's not plausible to petition something of that magnitude.

289ec4 No.256222

File: df909fd0fce1672⋯.gif (1.11 MB, 320x240, 4:3, puss.gif)

737016 No.256223

File: 5b95e5f6c5f462c⋯.jpg (58.05 KB, 960x649, 960:649, IMG_0748.JPG)

This late in the game, it's bout the best truth. Great opinions matter, be eloquent . Timelines track money lines, politics of shills of antiquity b thine map to a city of f-ing gold. Totes

289ec4 No.256224


A GREAT help

6c6ebc No.256225


And yet, I am here…

The LAW is everything in a constitutional republic. The US lawmakers are constantly breaking the 4th amendment and the 2nd amendment and the LAW is incompetent to handle the insurrections against the constitution. = There is no LAW = there is democracy

955b8f No.256226


Comey has gone from being an FBI Director that refused to talk about anything, to talking too much about things that he shouldn't.

85932b No.256227

Glad I didn't get my hopes up, the memo was a total bust.

dbcace No.256229


Real tasty!

737016 No.256230

File: aa4057abea0b796⋯.jpg (74.86 KB, 900x675, 4:3, IMG_0756.JPG)

Were are under prejudice of admiralty law since Halloween. The treasonous will either gitmo or fish food. It's a scary world. Whom wants moar

6c6ebc No.256231

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=8r3nbJhesls

91fd3f No.256232


Go away Comey

289ec4 No.256233




Secret society.




Who follows?

What political leaders worship Satan?

What does an upside down cross represent?

Who wears openly?


Who is she connected to?

Why is this relevant?

Spirit cooking.

What does Spirit Cooking represent?


What is a cult?

Who is worshipped?

Why is this relevant?

Snow White

Godfather III



Good v. Evil.

275458 No.256234


Define democracy.

ec2457 No.256235

Meanwhile Twitters top hashtag is yomemojokes and it's HARD TO FIND one that isn't against the memo. We gotta hijack that sucker quick or change the narrative.

7647f2 No.256236

File: 71c877f11060e4a⋯.jpeg (155.17 KB, 1223x1466, 1223:1466, 733fba7e222f414b45380e365….jpeg)

737016 No.256237

Blame Thule , it turned to depraved faggotry long ago

dbcace No.256238


I think spirit cooking is about destruction of connections to upper energetic realms, and strengthening connections to lower ones, it's picking sides in a war between upper and lower astral planes, or something like that.

6c6ebc No.256239



de3906 No.256240

File: f8ccd77d18187a9⋯.jpg (56.76 KB, 982x757, 982:757, Screenshot_20180203-054254.jpg)

I can't believe i actually caught up from 11 breads ago. I guess things got really slow.

85932b No.256241


very original…can't accept the truth?

737016 No.256242

File: 20e4711ab3d427c⋯.jpg (213.17 KB, 1081x738, 1081:738, IMG_0762.JPG)

Spirit cooking is a old Masonic hoax. These people are stupider

85932b No.256243


Blah blah blah, more talk, and NO action.

275458 No.256244


Define 'to rule.'

6c6ebc No.256246


To use the power of the state, or if you want to be more philosophical; control the man with the gun in the room

737016 No.256247

File: b436c0e97eb7a2d⋯.jpg (131.34 KB, 1204x663, 1204:663, IMG_0439.JPG)

'New world order' as traumatized in nauseam. Was an old ranch joke to keep the bush from coming back. Really really really old school bs

6c6ebc No.256248

File: 0284524661bf31d⋯.png (889.87 KB, 1042x577, 1042:577, 247624724568725752.png)

GLHF destoying a 2000+ year old fascists… I hope you win…

Q.. You're not helping with the winning tho.. Something is wrong with Q

289ec4 No.256249

File: 8a53547dd673c67⋯.jpg (35.39 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Let LOVE guide us.jpg)

File: eeea79495e982b0⋯.jpg (58.72 KB, 390x550, 39:55, GOD works through US.jpg)


Those of us who have seen THE LIGHT will never live in DARKNESS

I can feel the change (storm) coming.

>a thousand voices cried out and were silenced

God took a hold of my hand while i was writing

db090f No.256250


How about no military fly over at SB unless they are dropping cluster bombs?

4ba76a No.256251

File: 97abf364b381088⋯.jpeg (571.17 KB, 1278x1822, 639:911, AE370368-840E-4B37-951C-2….jpeg)

File: 8230e55fe02869c⋯.jpeg (263.95 KB, 1276x1004, 319:251, 1C6FEE85-D72E-4D7F-8B8C-C….jpeg)


We should test it by requesting requesting the removal of Special Access Program authorizations to William J. Clinton and Hillary R. Clinton pursuant to E.O. 13526 section 4.3.a.2 and section 4.4.b.2

Pic related

737016 No.256252

File: e7cf340a7498d7c⋯.jpg (92.23 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, IMG_0407.JPG)

( ˘ ³˘)♥

e0ebb7 No.256253


Never liked that term anyway, NWO…. Prefer, deceitful evil pricks.

15d38c No.256254


Fucking KEK.

737016 No.256255


Beset by the inequalities of selfish people

36d7dc No.256256


I think you are on to something.

Q wants us to demand justice for Obama for the Uranium One scandal, conspiring with ISIS and giving aid and comfort to Iran.

We should also demand justice for Hillary Clinton for putting state secrets on her email server and for the Clinton Foundation money laundering scheme.

The downfall of these two would bring the rest of the swamp down with them.

Now we just need to form the petitions and make them public to obtain the 100k signatures.

275458 No.256257


I think I agree with you that we have lost our democratic republic, but I think we are currently ruled by an aristocratic oligarchy, not the mob. I know we have not lost it completely, for those who fight for their rights can and do still win before judges and juries, etc. And I am optimistic that we are on the cusp of creating a truly functional democratic republic that defends the rights of the individual, as the Founders envisioned.

289ec4 No.256258



>Covert OP by [CLAS-59#241-Q] to infiltrate at highest level to destroy from within?

>Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the United States government.

4ba76a No.256259

0d2882 No.256260

Snowden Bashes Nunes: I Was More Careful With Gov’t Secrets Than You Are

Edward Snowden spoke out this week against the process in which House Republicans sought to release a memo full of classified government information.

Jake Laperruque, a lawyer for the Project on Government Oversight, tweeted Thursday how House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA), who had once called Snowden a “traitor” for his 2013 leak of surveillance documents, was now acting recklessly with government disclosures.

“Journalists disclosing Snowden documents… would interact with the Intelligence Community prior to publication,” the surveillance expert explained. “They certainly didn’t oblige all their requests, but they made good-faith effort to hear concerns on why [the intelligence community] thought some stuff shouldn't be public.”

Snowden concurred, writing: “I required the journalists who broke the 2013 domestic spying stories (as a condition of access) to talk with gov in advance of publication as an extraordinary precaution to prevent any risk of harm. Turns out our standard of care was higher than the actual Intel committee.

https:// www


a92052 No.256261

File: 5057bf7158339dd⋯.jpg (33.14 KB, 592x220, 148:55, YouCantHandleARepublic.jpg)

36d7dc No.256262


Baker, can you push the "We the People" campaign into the next bread so the morning anon's don't miss it????

3cd6a4 No.256263


I would sign a petition that ended cia, fbi, dhs, etc. but there needs to be an agency that can make arrests and investigate gov. corruption.

5a8f3a No.256264


I would think, if any of the above mentioned (and others) were ever indicted or put under detainment (house or otherwise) that any and all 'clearances' would be automatically revoked.

At this juncture if the above still have "Special Access Program authorizations"…then this gov. is truly f'd up.

737016 No.256265

File: 6a7a60623ff6d33⋯.jpg (120.69 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, IMG_0754.JPG)

Q has limits in disclosure, i.e. Breadcrumbs

I'm all ( ˘ ³˘)♥ sandwhich

Taco warfare

Be thine


1b3a3d No.256266

What was the name of the two men in the trash truck that hit the GOP train?

Were they connected to the CF?

Was there a GPS tracking device in the truck?

What was the dead man's name?

How did he die?

Was he carrying a gps transmitter?

Why was he on the train?

Who is he connected to?

just wondering…….me too

275458 No.256267


I have been wondering about this. Do you think Mueller is an actual Nazi, possibly a son of Heinrich?

289ec4 No.256268

File: 79861f3f4a921e3⋯.jpg (18.32 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, clown.jpg)

3cd6a4 No.256269


the courts are corrupt too. in some states the courts are same as mob/mafia

4ba76a No.256270


Read sections 4.4.a.2 and 4.4.a.3

They are clearly authorized in the E.O.

8732c5 No.256271



737016 No.256272

File: f779d5ee3b9a548⋯.jpg (108.14 KB, 780x1024, 195:256, IMG_0765.JPG)

Per vernacular

Old fags rule

Donde esta kraken

Unicorn pronto

Blue light saber

Cochise Cochise



9e97b4 No.256273


…1 of 22?

289ec4 No.256274

File: 58b56b5b1e911d9⋯.jpg (11.3 KB, 329x271, 329:271, neo-wakes.jpg)


You are LOUD and CLEAR

>>256267 !

Merkel? 322?

db090f No.256275


Washington State is a blue state. It is rife with crime: ropes are cheaper and also reusable.

de3906 No.256276

File: 0911cdb346d27a4⋯.jpg (941.4 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Screenshot_20180203-060118.jpg)

After 11 breads #301-311 (or three if including redactions), and no one pointed out what I believe is the most important part of the memo:

>> "Those standards permit declassification when the public interest in disclosure outweighs any need to protect the information."

1c65b8 No.256277

File: 57d15c8347a193c⋯.jpg (4.83 MB, 2400x3174, 400:529, magiciseverywhere.jpg)

File: 7ae0a770cc6acf7⋯.png (168.17 KB, 1771x1077, 1771:1077, 7ae0a770cc6acf7092741447c1….png)

good morning Anons

8732c5 No.256278


Probable. Will check it out.

79c372 No.256280

File: eea71320646d617⋯.jpg (82.97 KB, 1000x630, 100:63, IMG_0734.JPG)

de3906 No.256281




Ooooooom nevermind seems like you anons already covered it lmao

275458 No.256282


Yes. I have seen that. Luckily I have lived in places where there are good judges who will trounce a lower judge on appeal (and uphold the Constitution), but I'm sure there are many places where they are all corrupt.

49718e No.256283


ok topolonon we get it thanks.

1b3a3d No.256284

Did you know Mueller is an ex-marine?

Did you know that Trump could reactivate him at ANY time, even the day before his appointment to SC?

Did you know that Q said he is a white hat?

Where do you think some of those 15,000 sealed indictments came from?

Trump knew before he took office he was under surveillance as per Q.

Could it be possible that Trump told Mueller what was going on?

Was ADM A in the room or WH at that time?

ADM A already had ALL the documents he needed, Trump had already seen what he needed to see, what was Mueller shown that day.

What if Flynn was a sting OP on the deep state run by Mueller to get to the FISA warrants and how they were acquired.

79c372 No.256285

File: c94417863943bd1⋯.jpg (56.87 KB, 576x432, 4:3, IMG_0675.JPG)

I could say five level chess, but it went to 14 a long time ago 🌮🌈🦄

0efeb0 No.256286


by the way "leg"…

do HRC / McC still have their boots on ?

4ba76a No.256287


Welcome to the party

279f15 No.256288


984eee No.256289


APACHE was the only drop made that evening.

79c372 No.256290

File: 6d181beb0140dbf⋯.jpg (28.13 KB, 179x255, 179:255, IMG_0663.JPG)

Old school

2222d0 No.256292


So is it the case that in the previous Administration, information that might incriminate Dems was needlessly classifed to prevent the people from knowing what their government was doing. For instance, the slush fund used to hush up accusations of sexual impropriety aginst congressmen. Was that improperly classified?

9e97b4 No.256293


There's NO NEED to redpill close family if they are very deaf to the topic. We are here to redpill the world, 1 person can wait if this means to lose your family.

I know it's hard not to speak to anybody in real life (same boat: my husband gets bored in 2 minutes and doesn't want to know anything), we feel alone and sometimes crazy, but believe me: there's NO NEED.

If you need to redpill someone in real life, go to the bar and talk to people, they'll think you're nuts but who cares. Family is too important to lose it over this. They'll know when time comes.

4ba76a No.256294


You too blue

32fd6b No.256295

could THIS be ALICE ???

Alice and Bob communicate without transferring a single photon. If physical particles did not carry information between sender and reveicer, then what did?

http:// physicsworld.com/cws/article/news/2013/apr/16/alice-and-bob-communicate-without-transferring-a-single-photon

289ec4 No.256296

File: 7a967cd25189008⋯.png (335.57 KB, 800x445, 160:89, geek club.png)

db090f No.256297


Relocated to here?

https:// www.gchq.gov.uk/

45b57a No.256298


the fact that this is Q of the Q continuum..is not lost upon me. nice play good sir.

289ec4 No.256299


Entanglement? FTL

1b3a3d No.256300


Christopher Foley, 28, of Louisa County, by Albemarle County Police who said he was a truck passenger. (At first they said he was on the train)

But no information on the other two in the truck.

289ec4 No.256301



2ef149 No.256302


Spirit cooking is about stealing God's son's sould before it can go back to the source. It is the ultimate slap in the face to the creator. The only thing worse is defiling the children which is easy for cowards . Praying for you Q and 410he keystone was pulled out yesterday with the memo. The arch is coming down ! God wins the jesuits and Satan lose. Godfather III = IHS overthrown and controlled Vatican . Black /white Pope sits on a upside down cross throne. Get em Q good luck today and Anons!!

79c372 No.256303

File: e124c8935297eff⋯.jpg (46.84 KB, 255x242, 255:242, IMG_0710.JPG)

Swarm aurists b researching teh organized crimes in politics cause qanon played tuba per Rico statute, essentially.

5a8f3a No.256304


Ya, pretty much. I have watched many an Investigative Comity in the House ask for doc's and get papers that have been fully redacted. I can't recall how many times I have seen TG throw a fly'n hissy fit over that.

3cd6a4 No.256305


who is Adm A????

de3906 No.256306




Q CBTS 92710

>“Documents from the Obama administration have been transferred to the Barack Obama Presidential Library. You may send your request to the Obama Library. However, you should be aware that under the Presidential Records Act, Presidential records remain closed to the public for five years after an administration has left office.”


>Shockingly quiet.

>No leaks?

>Presidential libraries are put in place to retain control over self-incriminating c-doc releases.


>Review the law.

>What is different re: Hussein's PL?

>Who controls?

>These people really are stupid.


Do we really need to wait 5 years?

Could the info we need be in there?

1.2mm documents in the RR report?

Produced on Jan 15, 2018?

Why haven't we heard or seen anything?

3cd6a4 No.256308


who is Adm A??

1b3a3d No.256309


I think we should multi-task as a group. Some need to work on the translations of the Q codes and get them up to date and focus on that.

Remember Q said we have a lot more then we know. (Maybe he doesn't drop until he sees progress in the right direction)

Some need to go down the rabbit hole to ferret out the information.

Some should create memes.

2ef149 No.256310


I meant to post this in response …Spirit cooking is about stealing God's son's sould before it can go back to the source. It is the ultimate slap in the face to the creator. The only thing worse is defiling the children which is easy for cowards . Praying for you Q and 41020 .I think the keystone was pulled out yesterday with the memo. The arch is coming down ! God wins the jesuits and Satan lose. Godfather III = IHS overthrown and controlled vatican . Black /white pope sits on a upside down cross throne. Get em Q good luck today and Anons!!

79c372 No.256311

File: 045053e51ba3672⋯.jpg (29.75 KB, 300x404, 75:101, IMG_0622.JPG)

It's late , will try again later

de3906 No.256315

File: c6333ca80612c8d⋯.png (561.96 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180202-225212.png)

I really hope all you anons are keeping score of how the left reacted before the memo and after the memo. They are in for a wild ride….

6c6ebc No.256317


I have no clue…

But.. It looks like a clone to me … j/k.. kinda

289ec4 No.256321

File: 2f2fe84cf3ed494⋯.png (386.12 KB, 642x360, 107:60, Superb-Owl-FF.png)

File: ab4ee14ccbdcaea⋯.jpg (74.68 KB, 1024x615, 1024:615, LORA.jpg)

File: 4b3359c7b9b982e⋯.jpg (30.83 KB, 650x488, 325:244, 85d88fd977011a9090012fd0a3….jpg)

File: d7538ebbbf534b0⋯.jpg (62.53 KB, 650x488, 325:244, c56b502a6f5c3099bc22bbc6f3….jpg)


Thank you Anon.

>"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” “Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force"


2ef149 No.256322

Speaking to a normalfag out in the world this morning . I asked about the memo. He said he heard "There was nothing in it and it was no big deal". Cnn and MSM doing its job effectively me thinks. I cannot wait to see Tapper, Cuomo, Cooper, and all the fake traitor msm enemy soldier whores in chains or at least know they are off the street . Traitors!

36d7dc No.256323




That's one hell of a list of bad ass patriots. I would not want to cross any of them, let alone all of them.

Hopefully they are back in the fight (I see Mad Dog Mattis was fired by Obama) to regain freedom and liberty for all Americans.

http:// archive.is/qxg1N

955b8f No.256324


So Alyssa Milano is yet another clown asset. I'm shocked (I'm not shocked).

79c372 No.256325

File: e58ca3bded1b240⋯.jpg (220.86 KB, 1116x715, 1116:715, IMG_0761.JPG)

Silly is safe, cynical isn't

79c372 No.256326

File: c5b5ab3691a3c5f⋯.jpg (57.25 KB, 960x504, 40:21, IMG_0740.JPG)

File: 9797cfd87c56ae9⋯.jpg (110.16 KB, 753x1000, 753:1000, IMG_0760.JPG)

Damn rum

de3906 No.256328


She's annoying already. Along with that Dave Roths.. although I can't find any background on his family. A Roth by blood marriage? Don't know.

76bb5e No.256329


'Cynical' is pessimism with a sense of humor.

289ec4 No.256330

File: 4969db6dc961a66⋯.jpg (21.41 KB, 450x300, 3:2, Adm A.jpg)

3cd6a4 No.256332


Sorry!! Question was meant for other post! but thanks for clearing that up

79c372 No.256333


Sounds like a bummer

339fce No.256334


Thank you for your work anon.

45b57a No.256335

File: 9214d29c2a47709⋯.jpg (102.46 KB, 529x529, 1:1, 02-admiral-ackbar.w529.h52….jpg)

f917dd No.256336

Someone said that there were posts before Q started signing with Q. Where can I read them?

76bb5e No.256337


Not at all. Pessimism is safer than optimism.

My point being silly isn't +/- than cynicism.

418db4 No.256338


Do you know what's going on there Anon?

Those are instructions not meant for us but for the good guys doing POTUS' good work.

de3906 No.256339


You should point out their reaction to the memo before it was released.

Why such an insane overreaction?

All over a so called nothingburger?


> information that might incriminate Dems was needlessly classifed to prevent the people from knowing

This is the point we have to drive in deeply.

What law helped classify the Fisa memo?

What process helped legally declassify?

What other information have similar classifications?

What can we do about it?

79c372 No.256340

File: 327407951fd2d02⋯.jpg (152.55 KB, 1507x1128, 1507:1128, IMG_0733.JPG)

One time

8fbfae No.256341


Adm A told Flynn he was a trap.


45b57a No.256343


nah shes just a dumb cunt gash hoberry twatcake in general. kinda like that millenial gizzcatcher on fox jessica tarlov. shit for brains worthless cum guzzler dripping spooge out the mouth from her last tasting

ebaa03 No.256344


>Obama welcoming in illegal immigrants and presiding over a weak economy while continuing to manage the country's demise began to make me feel sick for my country. He was willfully blind to what was happening under his watch.

It was worse than that. He was wilfully complicit in it.

76bb5e No.256345

File: 6aabc6ac57384fe⋯.jpg (21.48 KB, 197x256, 197:256, 22.jpg)

3cd6a4 No.256346


reporting for duty

I have coffee now. please don't make me to splert it

79c372 No.256347

File: 4dad4ec2817df7b⋯.jpg (24.04 KB, 194x255, 194:255, IMG_0677.JPG)

For teh bread makers

4b1c8e No.256348



Rose McGowan Aims at Alyssa Milano, married to CAA, in Intense Nightline Interview: ‘I Think She’s a Lie'


8fbfae No.256349

43fa28 No.256350


Yup. ((Q))uantum Entanglement which Einstein wouldn’t/couldn’t wrap his head around dismissing it as “spooky action at a distance”. He stopped this imminent, transformative breakthrough dead in its tracks 3/4 a century ago with that phrase. It’s how identical twins share instantaneously even though across the World from each other. DNA double helix is a QE antenna receiver transmitter.

de0352 No.256351


Internet bill of rights needs to be one of the first

76bb5e No.256352


Isn't magnetic waves faster than light?

1b3a3d No.256353

Board question, when I post something is there a way to keep track of it for answers? Or must I just keep scrolling back?

2ef149 No.256354

I keep thinking about Truman Show .Q said something about it. Is he speaking about us as in our life or is he telling us to look at JimC?

289ec4 No.256355

File: 37c65d939723206⋯.jpg (41.43 KB, 940x627, 940:627, old fags rule.jpg)



(((their))) ideas for this planet are insane.

You must wipe them out.

They will bend the knee

>We're closer than you think.

de3906 No.256357


There's an option somewhere to be notified when someone mentions your post but I have yet to actually see it work.

e2219a No.256358

File: 52b4b825e21e7ef⋯.jpg (64.35 KB, 531x699, 177:233, IMG_0558.JPG)

For chan

0d2882 No.256359

File: 4d84ba6675ae468⋯.jpeg (409.5 KB, 1224x1766, 612:883, 0489626E-9A51-4448-97D0-8….jpeg)

https:// www


e2219a No.256360

File: 357d2f40bce157c⋯.jpg (193.63 KB, 1519x1145, 1519:1145, IMG_0729.JPG)

0d2882 No.256361


Huh?just retransmitting

2ef149 No.256362


OOOOOO Is she going on a southern vacation for a graduating class get together? Graduating Pizza University class of 2018?

1b3a3d No.256363


It's a trap alright, question is a trap for who?

Mueller knew Flynn's task and was a part of the plan to expose the FISA abuses under Obama, which went back to the beginning of his time in office.

Trump was not the beginning of the surveillance, more like the end of it.

289ec4 No.256364

File: e8a6685cb778f1b⋯.png (7.15 KB, 347x112, 347:112, Redpill.png)


Respect for the Creators.

I'm hungry for the THE TRUTH






What is Anti-G?

596a51 No.256365


It's the "disputed memo" now. Releasing it was a violation of national security and simultaneously ther is nothing in it.

Nunez is an incompetent and James Comey is sharing his wisdom with all.





de3906 No.256366


>> TRUTH belongs with the PEOPLE.

0ad81b No.256367


Q generally drops to pull the conversation back in the correct direction. Think of a dog on a leash. You tug on said leash to redirect/correct. They also drop when he wants to harness our collective focus to truly brain storm.

POTUS and Q group have their own time table and a plan that must be adhered to. Each and every step must be calculated and legally accurate to be executed correctly.

They give us the Go signal at a specific time to get the great awakening message to the normies

ebaa03 No.256368

File: 7aa07ae747162f5⋯.jpg (76.79 KB, 666x500, 333:250, Q Gitmo.jpg)

I iz inspired..

0d51ea No.256369

There is a basic strategy here.

The checkmate is ongoing.

Blind the enemies' comms or

Keep the enemies comms and listen or

Keep the enemies comma and inject disinfo that causes the enemy to fight themselves.

The first is used to install fear and disorientate.

The second is used to stay ahead and plan moves and counter moves.

The third is used to make extermination of the enemy more efficient.

1f385d No.256370

File: 219713ec0f68e08⋯.png (210.34 KB, 2255x3053, 2255:3053, WeThePeople.png)


>we the people


>We the people


>We the people


>we the people




>We The People


>We the People


>we the people


>we the People




>We the People

2ef149 No.256371


I only know the answer to 4. Firing Squad : DDDDDDD KEKEKEKEKEKEKE ! No seriously good info to think about ,ty Anon.

3cd6a4 No.256372


How do we get on that 4am talking points email list?

289ec4 No.256373



They all belong to the same sick cult

Add her to the list

5a8f3a No.256374


Her personal demon "Roman" must be throwing one of his tantrums because. WeReleasedTheMemo.


2ef149 No.256376


CNN will hopefully soon be GNN .

4b1c8e No.256377


More like…"The memo is a plot to have Mueller and more importantly RR fired. An attempt to distract people from the "real" issue… rusia collusion."

MSM are so pathetic at this point.>>256365

5b2993 No.256378


Tour cancelled…

Big GITMO show coming next…meme worthy..

ebaa03 No.256379

File: e3f1515da77ebaa⋯.jpg (93.82 KB, 500x710, 50:71, Q Lynn.jpg)

596a51 No.256380


Turn traitor, or wait untill 6 am and look at CNN untill you get sick, then come here and post.

1c65b8 No.256381

File: 716e79246c9bb08⋯.png (665.84 KB, 2314x1243, 2314:1243, america great again.png)

b363c0 No.256382


This memo comes with jail sentences for those mentioned falsifying and using false info to acquire the FISA's and then re up them 4X. MSM trying hard to make it seem like nothing burger to protect those who should be indicted and charged for their role. Calls for criminal charges would effectively wipe those no big deal smirk's off their faces. Or are we legalizing bank robberies now a days? These FISA's went about robbing innocent men like Flynn of their lives and Trump of his integrity and the nation within a hair of their votes/voice in presidential election representative of it's nation's people. Remember. "it's Rigged"? So the FISA's were being Rigged, and now the narrative by the MSM is being Rigged. Lot's to work with in Red pilling the slow of insight.

76bb5e No.256383


I have 'talked' with someone who used to be a higher up at the LV convention Center. He had some interesting things to say about a display that happened there once but too much info and don't want to shite up the board right now. 4am and a meme twat war on the horizon. Another time.

2ef149 No.256384


She emits vile evil . She looks so dark to me . Vile scum brainwashing millions of females for the last decade into evil creatures. I bet she is dirty, not a normal or forgivable dirty .

1b3a3d No.256385



5b2993 No.256386

morning anons…donut anon checking in…

anyone watch Nunes kick ass on Fox last night?

2ef149 No.256387


KEK! I needed that thanks ! Brilliant anon !

5b2993 No.256388


ty :-)

e2219a No.256389

File: 23ca5c8f753e396⋯.jpg (44.16 KB, 552x430, 276:215, IMG_0655.JPG)

Make spectacle or make Bullshit , it gets judged

289ec4 No.256390

Sorry, was calling Snowden a homo.

1c65b8 No.256391

File: 1162f3dce9d5641⋯.jpg (37.57 KB, 391x351, 391:351, 1162f3dce9d5641168b4d36122….jpg)


Cant wait to see the dreams american dreamers are dreaming.

45b57a No.256392

File: bdaf94b006c8a65⋯.gif (2.74 MB, 360x272, 45:34, 22266190.gif)

93921a No.256394



https:// app.smartsheet.com/b/mpublish?EQBCT=e3d1071b533c412f8bc08ebbb1b444f6#sheetGridView?containerID=8810782113720196

0ad81b No.256395

File: 694dc30ecaca09d⋯.jpeg (55.51 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 84DAE667-AFE3-440D-BE85-8….jpeg)

5a8f3a No.256396


I would think that the STOU knocked the cabal/Dems off balance. So wouldn't it be a good strategy to 'keep them off balance'. Because it is harder to regroup and fight back if you are wobbling and unsteady and can't think clearly.

e2219a No.256397

File: e8825cfbbdcc09d⋯.jpg (93.8 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, IMG_0753.JPG)

Snowden had to dark humor clowns after all the soul cooking

2ef149 No.256398


Cancelling a World Tour is BIG ! That is potentially millions of dollars for Satan's army lost ! God Bless 41020 and Q dawg!!!

5b2993 No.256399


Spill..we can forgive some thread slippage…one goal here is education…we all "see the elephant" differently and each hold pieces of solving some big puzzles…sharing floats all boats…although some will bitch…


NoOneAboveAnother=your info as good as mine

WhereWeGoOne..=cannot go anywhere without data..

2db98d No.256400

File: 92efe83e240afc9⋯.jpg (50.45 KB, 474x474, 1:1, git.jpg)

ebaa03 No.256401

Noice!! :)

b428f9 No.256402


see 129 attachment for Q confirmed posts prior

2ef149 No.256403


Yea knock them the fuck out Sessions, playing master actor role keeping everyone guessing. Q said Trust Sessy I do! I trust Q !

e2219a No.256404

File: e304c40ab891369⋯.jpg (80.17 KB, 960x912, 20:19, IMG_0584.JPG)


ebaa03 No.256405


I couldn't being myself to do that to the Beastie Boys, not after the excellent Trump 'Sabotage' video.

5b2993 No.256406


I'm gonna put that on my wall this weekend…just so I can salute it! Nunes interview had some pearls..

-memo #2 coming as they are also investigating state!

-memo #1 is completely fact based

-indicated schiff was a real obstructionist choad

6cdbc0 No.256407

how much you guys wanna bet that, the reason this has taken so damned long to come out is because the entire gov structure wanted to re authorize 702 and FISA before showing the Sheeple the blatant abuse of powers. because remember that big brother loves you and should always be trusted.

db090f No.256408


How did the Brits' GCHQ get put in charge of Americas Super Bowl security? I don't understand this at all.

289ec4 No.256409


It's brilliant.

I want to work for the geeks


might be useful being on that mail list?

GEOTUS "we no longer tell our enemies of our plans"

2ef149 No.256410


I trust Trump in control of the wheel. Nothing else matters. People will shape up quick when the firing squad show begins live streaming from Cuba.

18ca81 No.256411


Seriously, all you tooYoungFags need to learn some advertising history. Dirt don't stick to him. He's fucking Mr. Clean.

596a51 No.256413

Internet Bill Of Rights

1. There shall be no censorship by any provider, supplier or organization participating in the Internet except as provided by law.

2. There shal be no discrimination against individuals or groups in access to, and use of the Internet.

3. There shall be no violation of the privacy of users identification, or other data, or the requirement that such data be provided for services to be available.

4. Enforcement of these provisions shall be by the several states, or if upon appeal, to the Federal Communications Commission. Penalties shall be assessed by the court for both individual and corporate violations in concert with federal guidelines for violations of civil rights.

Ok, debating this among yourselves if you wish.

5a8f3a No.256415


Nunes is the only good thing from California.

76bb5e No.256416


I'm sure it is tech we already. There was a ring of what appeared to be metal in a approx 30' diameter. Inside the ring was an object maybe 1.2-2' shaped like a disk. He said the creepiest thing about it was it was silent. Zero noise. It was being directed around inside the circle somehow. This was a few years ago. Before microwaves hit the market. We KNOW the gov has the tech that only comes to the public a good 15-30 years after they make it work and some we haven't seen at all yet. Tesla was beyond Genius but he also gave the the tech that can enslave us if we aren't diligent.

3cd6a4 No.256417


because they are so good at stopping terrorism?

because they are even more obsessed with cctv cameras?

because they get all their best intel from 4chan?

2db98d No.256418

File: d62f28cba120e2c⋯.jpg (24.14 KB, 269x400, 269:400, iuFHACGTL1.jpg)

Can we learn what really happened to Seal Team 6 in that chopper crash yet? It seems to me that is connected to Obama's purge of the upper echelons of military. Remember all the nuke officer fuckery? I wonder what demo dick has to say about all this. Wish he was here with us.

7ab5a2 No.256419


She sold her soul, now she's going to die a painful death.

76bb5e No.256420


I live here and I approve this message!

4ba76a No.256421


Needs a information removal clause.

5b2993 No.256422


interesting. Was their an audience? We have had anti-gravity since WWII or just post WWII..so could have been a demo…LV would be the likely place. If audience was foreign (likely) then we were showing off..

TY for sharing..now part of the permanent Q habbenin's..

76bb5e No.256423


I need to read The Montach Project again. There was something in there relevant but it is escaping my tired brain atm.

0ad81b No.256424


To watch him get slightly heated, yet composed, was light a breath of fresh air! True passion can not be masked!

f35737 No.256425

File: 6a5f03990fde62a⋯.png (280.98 KB, 370x547, 370:547, MemoryFag.png)

Just using my memoryfag powers here, but wasn't Flynn charged with lying to the FBI? Wouldn't lying to the FISC fall under a similar statute? Why wasn't Comey saying about Flynn's stuff that "This is it?"

78b1df No.256426


the montauk project

2db98d No.256427

forgot to add, do not "duckduckgo" demo dick!

76bb5e No.256428


Dox is very possible if I reveal too much more. They didn't speak English, that I can cay. It was a closed exhibit which was rarae back then.

And thank you. I love this topic!

4ba76a No.256429


I would think lying to a Judge in the Commission of a felony would hold more weight.

0ad81b No.256430


You already work with the anongeeks. Just being here learning of (their) evil ways and helping spread the GA message

3cd6a4 No.256431


needs a no for-profit Tracking/Cookies provision.

0b63ec No.256432


>We have had anti-gravity since WWII or just post WWII

Confirming this. (anonymously of course)

We've been on the moon and mars since that time. NASA is a puppet show.

289ec4 No.256433


Please be careful. Praying.


Enlighten me.

>Graham: Nukes In Hands Of Terrorists Could Result In Bomb Coming To Charleston Harbor

What happened here?

OBummer>Bent spear>You're Fired


hard for a normie like me to sift through the BS

2d5bbd No.256434


Russian Russian Russian :D

76bb5e No.256435

>>256426 coffee is on it's way up, atm. Hasn't arrived yet.

78b1df No.256436


cuppa tea maybe

289ec4 No.256437


This is the reason for my existence.

I MUST know

2ef149 No.256438


I have seen a ship. Real and incredible beyond belief.

2d5bbd No.256439


0b63ec No.256440


Likewise. If it was a federation light-ship, have you sent it positive thoughts? These things can uplift you in a really balanced way.

5b2993 No.256441


Lying to FISA far worse..using fabricated data to build a criminal case is (Nunes words..) banana republic shit…the felonies here abound and are FAR more severe than what Flynn charged with

76bb5e No.256443


I don't have the answers but I have relevant info. Doxxing is an issue but if I spend a little time on it, I think I can work my way around it.


I think it makes it on secureteam10 on utube once in a while. ;)

5b2993 No.256444



No worries..ty..we could do a whole thread on anti-gravity..lol

68467a No.256445


SC: I think it's a who, as in a message from SC. The ":" has been interpreted previously as meaning "message". example P_Pers:

SC =white hat?

76bb5e No.256446


I have a piss bottle for just such occasions cause I'd be glued to this chair!

83d2fb No.256448


Fellow dome-anon here, but no earring. I think GEOTUS looks pretty good sporting a dome.

2ef149 No.256449


Without sliding the thread anymore I will say it was during the flip phone days so no pics 9of course, but I do have a friend who witnessed it and can verify. It had colors that are not from this world ,flashed symbols in my mind and directed myself and 6 others to walk into a door after 15 min of watching it hover and then I ran back outside and it was gone. About the size of a car dealership building. I feel connected still and think of the event everyday.

339fce No.256450



7db582 No.256451


G4S not GCHQ

"But is G4S, formerly known as Wackenhut (“we do stuff even the CIA won’t touch”) the right company to provide Super Bowl security?"

https:// americandigitalnews.com/2018/01/29/g4s-superbowl-security-company/

2d5bbd No.256452


0b63ec No.256453


You are not alone. Thread ends so it won't be perceived as sliding.

Q has made soft disclosures already. Re-read hawaii crumbs.

5b2993 No.256455


I think we will have a meme of that soon..lol..but yes, that was the idea…announcing new GITMO tour..perhaps with Maria..

3cd6a4 No.256456


what did it look like? I once saw something flying that I still can't id.

6bc464 No.259593


It’s Nibiru. Everyone knows.

6bc464 No.259619


Trust Sessions or the SESSIONS?

76bb5e No.259907


Yes, we need to petition for what we want. I'll move that "We the People" thread from last night into the new bread.

76bb5e No.259908



This was a great post from late last night. This is what Q wants us to do.

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