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File: 897055cd5fdb9c9⋯.jpg (21.41 KB, 400x400, 1:1, upside down devil stars.jpg)

d88418  No.2586151

I'm With POTUS 100%

MAGA all the way


"their symbolism will be their downfall"

I think this was changed in 2008-9.

why the hell are the stars in the GOP logo *still* upside down?

Anyone in the know?

d88418  No.2613418

I think this is my op from a few days back.

didn't think it went through.

>if a board op/mod caught it put it through, thanks

the importance of symbolism to these people has been stated time and time again and this sort of sticks out like dog dick on a white wedding cake.

blue check GOP twitter still uses this, as does gop.com

>their symbolism will be their downfall

Does no one have or any insight on this?

d88418  No.2614515

>trademark filed in 1993

>approved in 1995


d78a88  No.2615413

Honestly, the only thing I can assume from this is that the GOP is still comp'd, Trump is rogue and used Republican party to achieve presidency due to the Democrat party being so thoroughly FUBAR, and given GOP's patriotic God and country loving base. Throw in the heavy anti-establishment sentiment due to Obabo and comoany, I'd say he made the right choice.

The reason voting red will be so important is not so much to bolster the Republican ranks with people who actually give a fuck about the rule of law and American values, (although still important if there is any chance at saving party platform) as it is to prevent the Dems from taking enough seats to hold any power whatsoever. Apparently, a large number of ex-intelligence agents are running for Dems this year.


456b3d  No.2615751

File: 48d66f3e4d8e408⋯.jpg (66.83 KB, 700x400, 7:4, Clinton Foundation 700.jpg)

They all prefer Satan to stars.

d88418  No.2616335


>Honestly, the only thing I can assume from this is that the GOP is still comp'd, Trump is rogue and used Republican party to achieve presidency due to the Democrat party being so thoroughly FUBAR, and given GOP's patriotic God and country loving base. Throw in the heavy anti-establishment sentiment due to Obabo and comoany, I'd say he made the right choice.

This is pretty much where my thinking's at as well.

It's a little troubling that more people don't notice this shit though.

6ea822  No.2623640


Background sitrep for you all (which is why Trump signals who to pick in local races).

Trump originally tried to run for president in 2000 under the Reform party. His political leaning is actually 'neither', and he's doing exactly what the party says on the tin - Reforming everything.

Reform party was a legitimate attempt, started prior, had some known conspiracy types backing it. But it got clobbered by combined monopoly (duopoly?) of Republicans, Democrats.

It was clear you could not start up an effective new party from scratch.

Trump's tactics suggest he co-opted the Republicans for Reform party goals (which is why Trump is not pro-war like typical Republicans, and why he's so eager to drain the swarm unlike politicians from either side).

It's also my opinion that Bernie Sanders was the co-opt for the Democrats, until SuperPACs screwed him over. But in doing so, Bernie Sanders supporters swung behind Trump.

The reason the Media (Matters) attacks don't work is because Trump is neither left nor right… he's actually a centrist. So as much as they scream about him trying to start war, it's why he's started peace negotiations instead.

It's also why he hates the media, but can tolerate some element of gun control measures (which shocked Democrats because they were expecting a hard fight on that).

The media failed to do a basic analysis, and haven't clocked why Trump appeals to blacks, women, oppressed minorities.

It's secretly genius.

You can tell he's centrist because he's donated to both parties depending on what point in history you dig through.

And remember, the Republicans, Fox news, all told you to hate him (even as they now support him). So he's ousting Republicans who didn't back ('never Trumpers') and replacing with people more likely to support him.

What aren't Democrats doing?

Reforming their party to purge corruption from within.


aae624  No.2624296

oh wow, okay so you learn something new everyday! Glad there is someone more informed than me about all this haha, interesting information

2643f8  No.2629203

OP, don't think in terms of parties. Q drops are relevant regardless of party affiliations. Parties are easily hijacked and subverted and split us into camps. I'm also with POTUS, and I'm also with Q. Reminder that many Republicans also will not be returning to the halls of congress next year, and reminder that they shouldn't be. I actually had never noticed the stars on the elephant being reversed. But, I do know that it's not wise to think in terms of parties, now more than ever. I honestly think Q and POTUS would have no problem endorsing a variety of third party candidates, but the current system forces the choice of the one or the other at the ballot boxes. I think, with time, this will also change, and there will be more parties again in america and parties will be less dominated by giant nation-wide cabal-controlled conglomerates. There are many RHINOS. It just so happens that the DNC was more obviously subverted than the DNC. But the subversion is thorough and occurred in all aspects of this system.

I think the real reason we do not necessarily see visible progress as quickly on various republican party type shenanigans like the one you mention is because it would be too obvious, and still, sadly, too much of a red pill for people that are still thinking in terms of a left/right political system and will unfortunately undermine a powerful source of political support that is sadly necessary at the present moment. But I think it is very, very, very important to remember that it is not left/right, left/right is a false dichotomy and the "partisan lines" are created by the groups repeatedly named in the many q drops. aside from–but related to those groups, it's banks and cabals and many powerful lobbyists supporting powerful interests that are not the same as the interests of the people. The GOP also needs massive cleaning, and the very visible number of political / business personnel that no longer have jobs, is very good evidence, in my mind, that this cleaning is very active and very much on going.

Until then, I trust Q and I trust DJT. Endorsements from either of them will go very far in my mind, regardless of ostensible party political affiliation.

a59d29  No.2638327


I would vote for anyone endorsed by Trump- no matter what the political affiliation of the person.

But at this point, i don't think we will see anyone endorsed if they belong to the democratic party. Both parties are corrupt, but the left has gone insane.

cf44c4  No.2640366

File: ad3d75488812797⋯.jpg (173.91 KB, 1014x1014, 1:1, demoncrats.jpg)

d88418  No.2648488

File: 6d14737d8aa4bf7⋯.jpg (785.89 KB, 1120x839, 1120:839, Obama-Fly-Face-Demon.jpg)


I think we're on the same page.

After everything the RNC (including local) pulled on the Paul campaign, it was obvious the NeoCon cancer had metastasized and taken over.

I swore I'd never vote for one of the bastards again.

Then along comes Trump.

Gives that absolutely perfect speech on foreign policy that I swear could've been written by Pat Buchanan.

That and subsequent actions both word and deed (a politician keeping promises - unheard of in my lifetime) have solidified my support.

Still, the symbolism is in plain sight. I can understand how non religious people wouldn't notice it, but with the Rep party enjoying the long time support of so many evangelicals it's just baffling why this has been allowed to stay.

It's jarring. It sticks out like those photos of Obama surrounded by flies (there are many), and the Hildabeast with the fly during one of the debates. That was a sign, and I'll go to my grave believing that.

I'm a Christian, in that I've accepted the gift of grace, but I've never been much of a church goer.

I guess the thing is, is *I*' am seeing and noticing this stuff and getting creeped out (even angered) by it, why aren't the masses of Evangelicals, Baptists, etc having the same reaction?

748ab6  No.2648868


I think Trump is obviously endorsing the Republicans since the Democrat leadership has a vice grip on their agenda

Dissent is not tolerated with totalitarians

8144ed  No.2649450

It'd be impossible for a Democrat to give Trump any meaningful support, because their party is toxic to outsiders (look at what happened to Bernie Sanders).

There's always a sense of distrust that they are merely saying those platitudes, as well, like in so many prior instances. Where-as if the person is a Republican, Trump has an indirect power to get them in particular, removed.

If specific Democrats want to back or help Trump, they're best off *not* being endorsed by Trump, because it would only paint a target on their back for other Democrats to abuse, target, ridicule etc. Instead, they should simply adopt the same two-faced strat of the Democrats, by claiming to follow the party line, but then voting otherwise on issues that matter. They can then always blame some other third party factor like voterbase or lobbyists.

Trump's willingness to listen to critique, pull out of Syria I think is excellent, a sign that he will listen to the voterbase, public. We just need to keep Democrats out of power long enough to clean house.

I really hope Trump has a follow up strategy for after 2024, because the pace of exposing corruption is admittedly slightly too slow (no offence, I see a lot of hardwork going into it).

I think Trump needs to oust the corruption, then get laws passed (not EO but ones that require majority to repeal) that prevent, block or reduce corruption from returning.

My gravest concern is the FBI is substantially more corrupt than it first appears. The 'lying to an FBI agent' has been abused for time immemorial (I've been opposed to it for several administrations now), but the problem is Trump has negative optics if he tries to remove it.

I'm surprised both left and right grassroots movements aren't seeking to remove the 'lying to an FBI agent' clause, given how rampantly it's been abused against everyone across the aisle.

7064ee  No.2674194

in my mind, the FBI is unconstitutional in the first place. how in the hell is that legal at all? what is th e legal basis for it? where is the charter? some needs to sue and take it to the supreme court. thats what I honestly think. we don't need it. states can handle literally everything, and empowering a nation wide police task force centralizes power into too few hands and is easily subverted, as has very plainly actually taken place. so i'm definitely with you. i think you'll find that you are not alone at all in those beliefs.

e28b7f  No.2732889


Hey Qteam! Could you get someone's attention @GOP to fix the damn stars on our logo before the midterms? Prolly gonna replace erything evnchually but until then it's all we got!

e45989  No.2743768

File: 62474fdd412f61b⋯.png (276.02 KB, 1125x1923, 375:641, IMG_6379.PNG)

File: 6403663ad2ec785⋯.png (427.99 KB, 1125x1947, 375:649, IMG_6380.PNG)

File: 1dc3ee47c611f35⋯.png (293.72 KB, 1125x1864, 1125:1864, IMG_6381.PNG)

File: 0e938ae4fee7b7e⋯.png (214.64 KB, 1125x1712, 1125:1712, IMG_6382.PNG)

File: d6fa781cd9e5789⋯.png (125.59 KB, 1125x1506, 375:502, IMG_6389.PNG)

Democrats & Republicans

Clintons Stars in the


GOP stars

e45989  No.2743793

File: 49357e56f06f034⋯.png (267.2 KB, 1124x1845, 1124:1845, IMG_6387.PNG)

d88418  No.2768477


2nd pic looks shopped.

Gonna need to see the video the cap is from.

Got a link?

d88418  No.2768497


4th pic looks shopped as well.

bullshit designed to sour a legit observation.

e28b7f  No.2929448


QTeam——Please, for the umpteenth time of anons asking….put a call in to GOP will ya & have somebody fix the damn stars on our one emblem they've fugged with! We're lookin' pretty stupid with the satanic stars on the elephant's back & MIDTERMS coming! Like havin' toilet paper hangin' outcha draaws & erybody laffin & nobody tells you! TY &..


d88418  No.2943521


I don't think the Q team are the right folks to sort this one out, it'd be more effective to bring it to the attention of GOP leadership.

"Guys, this is fucked up, you need to fix this shit"

The response would determine a lot going forward

64ad96  No.2943904

File: dec46083dfd03c3⋯.png (34.42 KB, 596x184, 149:46, Q1.png)

While they are flipping the stars back, they should flip the colors back, too. During the Reagan years, ALL news shows had Republicrats Blue and Demoblicans Red. Red was always the color for the opposing side in war games against Blue (home) Team, and has long been the color of Communism. Anon is not a member of either (or any) party, but with the implosion of the Dems imminent, whatever remains of the Reps should seek to distinguish itself from both Communists and Satanists, or GTFO. Personally, I'd prefer political parties were abolished given the vileness that has been perpetrated under their watches, and let each candidate run on their own merits. Political parties are just like Commie-inspired unions, in many ways.

dbd79a  No.2944026

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

RT pointing out Baphomet stars on GOP symbol

dbd79a  No.2944044

File: 1252e783f9c8cc4⋯.jpg (488.1 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, treadserpent.jpg)

Great thread Anon, was thinking about this exact issue last night and that Trump needs to rescue our symbols. I want to see Hell Fire's Benjamin Franklin kicked out along with the Gadsen Flag too! Pic Related

d88418  No.2992129


the more I think about it, the more I think it's not likely to happen.

this was done (as someone above pointed out, correcting my misremembered dates) when Bush the younger was pushed on us.

Remember freerepublic.com at that time, and how awesome and useful it was? All the quality people who used the site to organize?

Until the "bushbots", a LOT of whom were paid, took over the site, driving away quality people and activists who were actually doing shit.

I was gonna keep this to myself, but I can't especially since no one's mentioned it (that' I've seen)

"dark to light", "the plan"etc.

Rang a bell, but it took a while to remember where I've heard/read that type of thing before.

It's luciferian jargon.

and it fits the MO - they have to announce their plans.

It's possible that's what this whole thing is, a version of that.

Yes, the other side are evil shitbags,

But these people have a long history of playing both sides. it's the reason they've lasted so long. and the possibility that we are being played should never be disregarded.

I hope to fuck I'm wrong.

I want to be wrong. But I see what I see.

456683  No.3014256


I've felt the same way, and have continuously pointed out in various media that Q is still DEEP STATE.

There is clearly a factional war going on, and we know nothing of the end-game. From certain book sources who mention this, i.e. Dr. Anthony Napoleon in Shadowmen: An Encyclopedia of Mind Control, talks heavily about the symbology and the war between the Old Guard and the new "ravenous, and greedy generation" and that continuing to live in a somewhat free nation/world requires that the shift does NOT occur. But looking at the current state, perhaps it already has and this is our attempt to regain our masters who'll atleast let us just live our lives with the pseudo-freedom we currently (unless your in Europe now sorry poor fucks) had.

At first thought this reminds me of people like Soros, (new gen type Occultists) who are literally bankrupting countries left and right, but then Q calls the opposition the OLD GUARD in post 1690, 1792, 2031.

Just odd coincidence, perhaps they aren't familiar with the book and thus have their own lingo, which is entirely plausible. And the author put just enough truth in the book but was clearly pushing someones' agenda

Nonetheless, we should never trust any source 100% , especially cryptic sources, which are clearly a multi-facet psy-op, against whomever their enemy is (i.e. explicitly corrupt govt peoples, clowns, comp'd foreign agencies), and upon those who follow as well (blind faith, confirmation bias, selective attention bias, foot-in-the-door type techniques). Not saying Q hasnt dropped truth. They have. Lots of it.

But the end-game is unknown. They say its for the people, and to give power back to us. But that's the same thing communists said in the Che revolution in Venezuela. There's no substance to promises and blind faith.

Perhaps I will eat my words in the year 2020, which I believe is the end-game date year because its poetic. Everything is clear in hindsight. Hindsight IS 2020.

83f309  No.3014843

>>3014256 I've mentioned how Q trashes AJ and AJ trashes Q. Funny how Q says AJ is a Mossad shill, yet Trump supports Israel (Ivanka is Jew) as well?? Are we just having a fight between two or more Jewish based globalists ideologies with different allies who are at odds on how they want to govern the sheep?

Both Q and AJ are pro Trump (supposedly) and so far I have not seen any evidence of anyone hurting MAGA, yet.

But by definition a deep plant will act as a source of good until their handlers activates the cell. So I remain vigilant as I always have been.

But I do see evidence of Q and Alex pushing a Christian and oddly at the same time a new age theme (4th dimension, fate, collective souls, etc).

I also noted that Q and Alex hints and makes innuendos regarding aliens (space), multiculturalism and patriotism. Weirdly they have an obsession with claiming that Hitler was a Rothschild globalist and Merkel is Hitler's daughter (ignore the evidence she is really Jewish).

In any case I'd rather be ruled by Jews than China or Satanists, if this is the only choices we have.

But i'm sure no matter how this battle ends we will have mass depopulation and the future of the white race as a viable population segment has no future. Do you want to be slowly mixed into oblivion and disappear into the larger world races or be genocided? That's the two choices we are being given.

83f309  No.3015126


Yep, if we defeat the Chicom/Pedo/Satanist/Globalists. We then need to quickly use the momentum to then throw off the Pro-Zionists/Multicult/Corporatism form of Conservatism that Trump seems to support. Right now there is no future for the white race, it's either death by outright genocide or slower through miscegenation.

ad3869  No.3015812

I’m glad to see others really scrutinizing symbolism wherever it is found.. I’m determined to remain hopeful, but we all need to stay sharp. Use the skills we’ve shown to have and analyze everything, and not blindly follow a bunch of well-informed promises. There are a few things I’ve observed that don’t sit right with me. I won’t conform them to what I believe/hope is true. Rather, we should keep our wits and if Qteam follows though, THEN we can look back and rationally settle some of these observations that now seem suspicious..

ad3869  No.3016088

Like, “they never thought she would lose.” BUT, there’s that Illuminati card titled, “Enough is enough.” People think it might depict Trump. Go look at it. And Q says, “enough is enough” in a June 13, 2018 post. No coincidences, right?

I’m still hopeful. Things like this just cause me to wonder… and remind me not to have blind faith in people.

But if Q+ follows through, as I really really support!!, then the world will change for the better - everything will change. Love God through Jesus first!

ddc82a  No.3017041

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Bernie always seemed like a socialist piece of shit to me. He's just another tool of Israel. Same talking points as Benjamin Netanyahu when it comes to Israels "defense."

We all know Hamas is a controled front to justify Israels murder and theft of land from the Palestinians. He endorsed HRC after she screwed him. He's a good dog for the evil fucks who own his leash.

dbd79a  No.3031186

File: d089ad42c0c049f⋯.jpg (65.67 KB, 960x817, 960:817, donaldepstein.jpg)

I think a lot of us patriots/Christians are skeptical until we see the end. We have been lied to our whole lives. We also know that satan is the prince of this world and if you want power you need to make the right deals. I too am in Trump's corner; any taking down of satanic pedo cults has my support and anything else that I can give. However, Trump was visibly pissed when this protester was questioning his relationship with Jefferey Epstein. I want to know the extent of it as well! Did he go to the island and then get awakened to the full extent of the evil and have his 'come to Jesus' moment? If so, that computes for me. Many of our heroes were once evil insiders. Look at Moses being brought up in the Egyptian occult watching his fellow man enslaved and put to death without a second thought until the burning bush and finding out who he was.


ad3869  No.3038674

Ah, nice find! Yes, the Epstein debacle is the one thing that really gave me serious pause. I hear he went once to the island, which is clearly much less suspicious than if he’d gone more often (that we know of). And I remember that Satan twitter account said in 2015 to Trump, “I miss you, son.” So maybe he flipped. I’ll support anyone seemingly legit purporting to take down the pedos. But Q, as an insider, might not understand that telling us to trust the plan is a little patronizing, considering we have been so deceived that there is no way to simply trust people on power at this point.

Then there are accusations from women/girls that Trump raped them. That freaked me out completely, but obviously we wouldn’t know if that’s true, made up by the individuals, or made up by them.

I hate finding out stuff like that. Such a blow.

d9925e  No.3046128


Trump is a germaphobic hypochondriac. When you have a lot of money you have a lot of people attempting to get some of it. Look at how many kids Trump has vs. those who we know have frequently visited the Island. Do we have any proof that he visited this island? What were the circumstances under which he met Epstein? How many times do we have verification of this? Is there only one photo? We have documentation of others on the plane and on the island all over the place why so few on Trump?

555865  No.3052408


Hope we keep all our seats in House and Senate or Trump may

soon be seen wearing a red, white and blue sticker that says. "I Vetoed".

fb0157  No.3053392


My people perish for lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6

ae68d9  No.3053552

Thoughts on the Solar Observatory seizure by FBI

The Pope is the Sun god and worshipped by both Islam and the Catholics

Lucifer is their god and here is clear proof below in these eleven videos.


Several solar observatories have now closed around the world, if I'm not mistaken they all

have a great portion of the facility underground. What better place for those that worship the

sun to gather. After all these facilities are useful as observatories during the DAYTIME.

Perhaps the facilities are used at NIGHTTIME for more nefarious purposes. Rituals perhaps?

Maybe requires a lot more digging.

dbd79a  No.3055600


a Fifteen year relationship according to President Trump:

"Epstein likes to tell people that he's a loner, a man who's never touched alcohol or drugs, and one whose nightlife is far from energetic. And yet if you talk to Donald Trump, a different Epstein emerges. "I've known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,'' Trump booms from a speakerphone. "He's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it – Jeffrey enjoys his social life."


d88418  No.3057989

File: 6d12681475760f4⋯.png (13.56 KB, 450x126, 25:7, okgop_RGB_72dpi_TRANS.png)

The Trump Epstein Pedo Island connection crap is absolute bullshit on the face of it. Same with the other fabricated bullshit.

If there was any truth at all to it it would have been used. It hasn't because it's bullshit.

It's also been established that Trump immediately and permanently ejected the filthy kike from his clubs for "recruiting".

Either way it's got nothing to do with the thread topic. Feel free to make a new thread though.

>meanwhile, back on topic (pic related)


d88418  No.3058035

File: 7d7279c886537fd⋯.png (80.78 KB, 335x220, 67:44, logo_220.png)




ad3869  No.3058719

Maybe you should post this in the thread dedicated to occult symbolism.

ad3869  No.3058742

If you want to strictly discuss the GOP symbol, then you should definitely go to the other thread. There’s only so much to say about it.

d88418  No.3058841

There was nothing dealing with the original topic, which is why I started this thread.

If you want to shill about 'Trump & Kikestein are pedo buddies' crap feel free to start a fresh one.

Otherwise you can fuck right off with that horseshit.

ad3869  No.3060156

Asking questions and being open and honest is not shilling. It’s dangerous to label genuine inquiries and thoughts as the product of a shill, because it stifles the exchange of information and potentially closes off the door to understanding.

As anyone with an open mind can see, I was never stating that Trump is in with Epstein. I was questioning things, because that is how one learns.

I didn’t know Trump kicked Epstein out of clubs for his “recruiting,” and now I do, and I’m really glad to have learned more. Thanks for that bit of info.

d88418  No.3060744


Fair enough. I'll take you at your word.

Sorry I snapped.

But concern trolling *is* a thing

and this shit - the general situation- got old 40 years ago.

511092  No.3060782

File: 18adb3b5a705797⋯.png (1.68 MB, 1267x840, 181:120, HRC-fly.png)


Flies are attracted to shit.

dbd79a  No.3060807

Please provide evidence of "BS on it's face" and that Epstein was kicked out. I want to know the truth, we are here for the TRUTH. We don't get there by having some ANON giving us his opinion. How can we wake up others? "Hey family/friends please believe me because some no name on the internet told me so?" Truth does not spread this way.

dbd79a  No.3060916


I appreciate this thread, it has not been overtaken by shills, but we are actually communicating rather than crapping on each other. You should be proud. I too am tired of this evil, but I am never going to believe in one man saving the world. As I said before, because of what I have seen so far and WHO hates him, he has my backing, but not my zombie allegiance, where I never question anything.

ad3869  No.3061101

Exactly. It’s because of the knowledge of how deep, deceptive, and horrifying the situation is that we are smart enough to avoid zombie allegiance and smart enough to always ask questions. Many of us have struggled with this for years, relatively alone with such disturbing ‘truths’ (as far as we know.)

ad3869  No.3061117

But that in no way means we aren’t supportive of this cause as we understand it.

63d881  No.3063333

And for the love of God, remember one of the ways this general situation came to be: the refusal to seek or see truth when it doesn’t necessarily align with ones’ beliefs.

3ccd6c  No.3075475

To the particular point of this thread, I’ve done cursory investigating - nothing substantial at all - and it seems that people are conflicted on when exactly the GOP R stars changed. Some say it was always like that? Do you have a good resource giving the purported facts of the star direction change?

It is strange either way, but my thinking is that Trump has many more impactful changes taking place at the moment. And maybe once that all comes to light, there will be a push to change the logo.

d88418  No.3087481

File: 7696d6020ea6e8a⋯.jpg (40.93 KB, 510x566, 255:283, 1523044069403.jpg)


I'm fairly sure stars where right side up before W. State to state though is another story.

>is that Trump has many more impactful changes taking place at the moment.

Of course.

One of the reasons for this thread apart from comparing notes to see if anyone else was seeing this, was to hopefully spur people into looking into it.

I'm going to look in to WA State.

I lost a few republican friends (one of almost 20 years, still holding office) in 2016 over this election, but I still know a couple people active in the party who I may be able to get some answers from - assuming they don't just dismiss it outright.

Trump is genuine. The Hammonds pardon was the last bit that locked that in far as I'm concerned.

But secretive 'allies' and mysterious background forces, who admittedly seem to have done us right so far, can have another undeclared agenda and turn in a heartbeat when it suits them.

Trust but verify, Be prepared for betrayal just in case I guess.

Rotten attitude on my part maybe, but I honestly can't help it, nor I think, can anyone who has been actually paying attention for the past few decades.

And for the other Anon I barked (and apologized) at a couple days back,

1. Some anons posted reference to the Epstein ejection from Mar y Lago on this very board more than once - iirc *one* of the sources was a book that came out a while back. It's there. Feel free to dig into that yourself.

2. The bogus rape/sex shit charges.

Basic logic. You know how globalist/leftist rats operate (if you don't by now you haven't been paying attention)

If they had anything of substance they would have used it. they haven't, therefore it doesn't exist.

- again, rebuttals to that crap, everything from that cow that claimed he groped her on a flight to the various whores & femtard political operatives who came out of the woodwork, can be found on this very board (or halfchan's archives from 2016 when it was still relevant).

3ccd6c  No.3088868

Same anon, here. A few of the past posts were mine. Thanks for info. And I have been looking into this for a very long time — but it isn’t easy to stay up to date about every situation, for many people, I’m sure. But I can look at archives.

It’s normal, I think, to get unnecessarily angry/snappy sometimes. This stuff is something to be angry about, but most of the outside world isn’t on the same page.

That’s really good you seem to be trying to get locally involved in the changing of the stars. Good for you! And for us! We all need to do things like that.

I’m very aware of how (they) work. One course of action does not necessarily equal a, if you catch my drift. But I do see many people coming together publicly for he Q movement, and that is a fantastic sign that the media really is just as dumb as they seem!

I saw that the star were upside down before George. Correct me if I’m wrong.

d88418  No.3089669

Q's absolutely dead on when he reference mirrors.

All of this is a mirror image of what went on with the Clinton regime in the 90s - to the point where even the same players are involved.

Every aspect.

The difference being THEY were guilty of all that shit, plus more that was flat covered up went uninvestigated

They've merely copied that same shit and are applying against clearly innocent people because THEY are Godless trash incapable of innovation/creation.

d88418  No.3089708


>I saw that the star were upside down before George

entirely possible

(see this)


39a827  No.3303656


They are supposed to be leaning right.

1cfba3  No.3333217


e28b7f  No.3415153


Inthematrix @ twit has posted a vid about when the GOP stars were turned & why! Thanks to georgie W Bush's reign..

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