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File: 50b6498ef916656⋯.jpeg (144.47 KB, 660x653, 660:653, aHR0cDovL3d3dy5saXZlc2NpZ….jpeg)

02a165  No.2816275

Humour me this Q.

What could possibly be revealed that could cause irreparable damage as you claim.

Lets explore a few hypotheticals.

1) JKF assassination orchestrated by GHWB/CIA - most country already assumes it. At most there would be a gasp, but beyond confirmation nothing changes. Most involved are either dead or dying. The agency has plausible deniability that no-one currently there had anything to do with anything.

2) 9/11 an inside job - large percent of the country already suspects it, if explained how it was a small group of people responsible for specific financial gain, then as long as those people are either dead or put away, everyone is outraged but satisfied.

3) Most shootings are FFs - again, if clearly explained how a specific group was responsible and that all relevant parties are held accountable, people upset on behalf of victims, but thrilled that the problem has been resolved.

4) Nameless traitor - it’s already borderline public record of all of his crimes pre public office. Everyone already aware of him being a war criminal in entire life as politician, everyone already understands he’s corrupt. If it’s revealed he was involved in trafficking, then It’s just another stain, but nothing that is shocking to anyone, just another corrupt politician.

5) HRC China connection and sale of information to other governments - shocking, but if orchestrated to be released alongside a public statement from China about how all those involved on Chinese, there activities and crimes have been confirmed and they have been prosecuted, Rs believe it without question, and Ds believe it after a few months assuming full transparency of types of crimes committed and she isn’t being put away for a lesser crime while hiding from public what she actually did. Few months of orchestrated media coverage, and everyone is onboard.

6) Pope and RCC are running an organised child trafficking organisation - it’s already such common knowledge that it’s more of a joke than a revelation. Weekly something new about a priest and a coverup comes out. Would be shocking to no-one.

7) US agencies, rogue or not, are involved in other countries, are meddling with their elections, bribing their politicians etc. - common knowledge, just needs a confirmation. Shocking to no-one.

8) US is directly involved in sponsoring most terrorism around the world. Common knowledge, shocking to no-one even if confirmed. Easily mitigated if presented as “we uncovered this horrible conspiracy, shut it down and punished everyone responsible” rather than a 3rd party confirming it. Instant guarantee of 2nd term to DJT and those around him.

9) Pentagon and SACs responsible for trillions of dollars of unaccounted cash. - Already common knowledge, confirmed by Pentagon themselves on Sep 10 01. Only a confirmation needed that it kept going since then and now a full audit is being performed. Everyone is outraged but ultimately happy.

10) HRC personally or by proxy involved in trafficking - assuming there is more than enough evidence to back it up, if dropped after lesser crimes have been revealed and accepted by populous, a lot of outrage, but within weeks of a media campaign to support the narrative, Ds are chanting lock her up.

11) Various bloodlines, hidden organisations and/or Israel controls most domestic and foreign policy for most nations. Have to be careful about this, but can be revealed in a clean way.

Not asking for specific crimes and those responsible, but give us at least a ball park of what could be so horrible, that revealing it would in any way destabilise the republic beyond a few dozen news cycles. Can anyone give an example?

Aliens? Lizard people? That organised religions are a fraud? That there is a record of human civilisations going back tens of thousands of years? That something unbelievable has been discovered under the sphinx or the antarctic ice shell?

I can not think of anything that could be so destabilising.

bc782b  No.2816450


What if your the alien? What if other aliens are farming us?

02a165  No.2816520


Better a brutal truth than a pretty lie.

With that said, if some of the things which have been theorised are true - e.g. people getting killed off for their organs etc, then we're already being 'farmed' by members of our own society. Wouldn't change anything if it's some 3rd party entire doing the farming.

73bb01  No.2817716

It's not as brutal as it's unbelieveable

cbb7c9  No.2817721

>2) 9/11 an inside job - large percent of the country already suspects it,

Cmon anon. You know the real reason this will NEVER be touched.

b/c it implicates (((ALLIES)))

02a165  No.2817848


Yes, and even if it does, the public will be outraged until the next episode of their favourite show comes out. They won’t do anything drastic beyond a few demonstrations in the worst case scenario.

But it would send a crystal clear message to those allies that US will no longer be covering for them.

assuming the goal is a better future, and not to protect and insulate all those responsible. Just keep the accusations to specific individuals, not entire nations.

0d6d08  No.2817862



A transdimensional invasion

A space force

Microorganisms forming communities

Intelligence in unexpected places.

Being "the harvest"

02a165  No.2817941


Which of these could McShitstain be in any way be connected to that would in any way justify covering his ass?

3f4e52  No.2817992


And when accusations fly-people get triggered then start throwing mud at the president and even more morally-revered cabinet members (even patriots fall into the unconsciously self-righteous pit)

661ea3  No.2818025



When this Qanon/Trump/Whitehats thing goes down and restores The Republic…Every country on Earth is going to have thier own,,,Storm moment… WWG1WGA

661ea3  No.2818179


All of the above and a solar flare has been predicted to hit earth within the next 10 years… with a 99.9% accuracy… that would do it… So you get the world working reveal most of it get our asses to Mars by way of adventure not panic…

73bb01  No.2818369


>"the harvest"

high bullshit from alt-mockingbird

this is the 5D ascension and not some negative event - quite the opposite

0d6d08  No.2819057


%D ascension for you. I prefer the higher multiples.


Because it's all connected and the order in which things happen changes there meaning.

IE if facts are presented to a jury in order A they will reach a different conclusion from facts presented in order B. This is not stupidy or corruption it is structural. It's the way our minds work.

If we take this into account as we must, we don't present out of order if we want We the People to understand the whole case.

f2a94e  No.2819404


What if this is not just a collection of corruption and sex-crime cases that is being confronted, but rather it’s a Holy War. “Satan” is referenced in 7 Q-posts and Q has strongly suggested that many within the elite classes are luciferians.

Why would high net-worth individuals, accomplished entertainers, and successful politicians engage in pedophilia? Is sex with children that enjoyable? Answer – It’s not. So why is it being done on such a large scale that requires a network of human traffickers to meet the demand? Answer – Because it’s not about the sex, it’s a religious practice. Why would anyone willingly sacrifice a human/child? Answer – Because it’s successful, the practitioners are rewarded and have their carnal desires met – wealth, power, talent, etc.

Over the centuries, this group – wittingly or unwittingly – have successfully hidden the true Creator’s signature via infiltration and deception of education, science, geography, history, etc. When the Creator’s handiwork is hidden, People stop believing; People stop praying; People stop loving, People lose faith in themselves, People lose faith in humanity, etc. It is a slow downward spiral. As a result, our society has become agnostic and indifferent.

Much of the world is impoverished and vulnerable. If this is not handled carefully we may see more converts to the dark side, rather than its defeat. This may be Q’s concern.

If true, we must, in our own way, develop a deeper connection with God. Re-learn how to pray and, as importantly, re-learn how to listen in the silence of prayer!

ab9663  No.2820647

File: d53a30dfa85165d⋯.jpeg (866.21 KB, 2048x1475, 2048:1475, A8ADDF1F-E6C3-4844-B567-5….jpeg)

File: bfd8eb02859fd03⋯.png (299.29 KB, 835x646, 835:646, C3AD9313-941F-47D8-9E7B-AB….png)


Q has specifically said that large numbers of people in power worship Satan. We are most definitely fighting a spiritual war! Good v evil for sure! #WWG1WGA #DarkToLight

02a165  No.2828818


Motivations are irrelevant. The only thing that matters is the actions.

If you're being charged with murder, it hardly matters if you did it because you claim that Jesus whispered in your ear, you thought it was what Xenu wanted, or you were bitter the child ate the last Oreo.

Lets say hypothetically these people do believe that they get something out of the sacrifices.

Then at that point especially reveal it to the world. What's the worst that happens then? The vast majority of the people start viewing all those being accused as some paranoid schizophrenic cult. The same way they look at any other cult.

You give these people far too much credit. You take what can be easily explained - powerful people forcing others into committing crimes in order to have dirt on them and in exchange giving them power. Something that is commonly done, and you try to give it some good vs evil holy battle meaning. All that you end up doing is buying into their narrative.

It's just like if you're in the Middle East, the moment you start bombing, the Jihadists spin it into "it's a holy war against the west, it's the west vs the muslims", and they moment they do that, you lose, because the more of them you kill, in the eyes of everyone else you're not killing terrorists, you're killing some freedom fighters who are protecting all muslims and more will step up to their their place.

Holy wars belong on the pages of fictional books, not in the judicial system.

02a165  No.2828929


Except never has anything big been done in the name of adventure. It's always a conflict motivated panic of "urgently do this before our enemies do".

Columbus didn't go to Americas because he liked sailboats and exploring, he went on behalf of Spain - because it was either Spain that claims the new lands, or some other country.

We didn't have a race to launch something into orbit because it's fun, we did it because ICBMs were being developed.

We didn't have a space race because JFK made a nice speech and we thought it was cool to go there, we went because USSR was going there.

If you reveal that something awful is about to happen, that motivates everyone to get their shit together and work towards a single goal, exactly as a war does.

If you're going to Mars "because yay exploring", then the most you're going to get is some bickering in over whether we should spend 0.41% or 0.42% of the federal budget on NASA.

da572a  No.2830143


What if…

The first nation to went to space in modern time was not US, also not Soviet.

It was a breakaway group of German and Danes who believed in God, let's say, Descendants of Dan, who decide that only the best of the best is allowed to be up in heaven.

They take the royal families from kingdoms all over the world to space, along with their most trusted and loyal scientists, and abandon the rest of the unfit humanity behind, hoping that one day the ones left behind is fit enough mentally and logically to go up on their own and join their space brothers.

Their technology was based on electrostatics and frequency control.

Their power come from resonance instead of fuel consumption.

They build their vehicles and went to the poles, and realize that the earth was hollow.

They made a city-size space station that orbits the earth as a transit station, and cloak it from visible light.

Then they went up to the moon, Mars, Venus, most of the other planets, and realize that most planets was also hollow.

They colonize most of the spheres and build a settlement "within" the structure, not on the surface, something resembling a Dyson sphere or sort.

They live happily in peace, real happy that they forgot that earth still exist at that time.

That is until somebody made a giant bomb and drop it on the Japs, which causes a ripple/shockwave in space that was strong enough that it disturbed some of their resonance-based technology.

They remember what (who) they left on Earth, and start monitoring the surface people to ensure we behave and don't blow things up.

Soviet sent Sputnik up, the space group congratulate the achievement, request them to sign a peace treaty in exchange of friendship, knowledge, and silence.

US sent guys to the moon, found that people have been living there for awhile.

Devastated by the truth, the branch responsible for the moon trip tell Kubrick to make a fake moon landing video to ensure the US "first explorer" record is not tainted.

At some point before or after those events, their "kins" that was left behind on Earth tried to make a deal with them, they want to be allowed up as well.

The space group refused, until Earthlings (including their "kins") can control their punkish desires, it's better to confine them on the surface.

Their Earth family didn't take this too well.

The Earth family really wanna go to space, they hate how mediocre Earth have become.

The family made a plan to quickly control the world to prove that they're worthy of going up.

The method chosen was enslavement of the weak, done to ensure the quickest path to one world order.

The space group don't really agree with the approach taken by their Earth relatives, but they refrain from interfering with the process, they believe natural selection will prevail, to be or not to be, they choose to let God decide what's best.

Though, sounds like they kinda changed their mind lately…

They took plan C, a hybrid boy, half Earth German gene, half Space Danes gene.

Rumor has it the boy managed to make a deal with the space group last month.

The deal include free access to the heavens, but under an agreement that he'll keep some history hidden, mostly regarding the ugly stuffs that their Earth family did in their quest to reach space.

Rumor said boy agreed, as long as history is written from the perspective of A1.

Boy said some truth bending will give hope to the people and prevent them from feeling that they're being lied on so far.

Space group said to have agreed to the term.

They don't really get the boy's attitude, eccentric they say, but they think he got some future ahead of him.

The boy that never lied, he just like to bend some stuff, racing close the gutters, a true drift king.

02a165  No.2830352


I mean I don't want to be that guy, but when the theory is 40 'what if…s' removed from the real world, it makes scientology appear as the 10x more likely and believable option.

But in either case what I'm getting at is that so far I have not heard anything connected to the current collection of criminal entities that would in any way, even remotely be difficult to consumer or would destabilise the republic.

Even if we go all out on that LSD-trip of a theory and say what if it's all true, still tomorrow 99% of the people wake up and need to eat, they go to McDonalds, they still pay with dollars, they still fill up their cars at the same gas station, still use their debit card with the same bank as they did before they found out anything. Ultimately nothing happens that destroys everything.

So question for Q stands, what could possibly be so awful that so desperately needs to stay hidden.

da572a  No.2830592


Summarized, US citizens might be liberated by the truth.

But US credibility and control over the current world that will be lost if some of that truth come out.

That will change the current world balance in a bad way.

US is the main great power that controls the world at this moment.

Economy, a trust based system, is the weapon used for this control.

From OP's list, point no 7, 8 and 9 have the potential to badly damage US international trust once confirmed, and with that US economic domination on the global world.

NK lose the trust before, they store the nuke because they don't wanna be the next Gaddafi.

Iran hold the nuke so they don't get shitted the same way as well.

Holding people's trust is more important to the economy than telling the truth.

If the trust in the republic is gone, the economic domination is gone.

Without an alpha nation on top, the world control will fall into the multipolar alignment that is currently growing.

None of those current multipolar countries offer peace through strength.

They offer peace through suppression, which doesn't work well with a trust based system, it works better with a fear based system.

Give it some time, fear based system will lead the world to war.

If the great power is all fear based, it will be a war on a world scale.

The republic cannot fall if the goal is peace.

da572a  No.2830691



An alternate possibility.

In the scenario where US domination over the world actually falls (rather not really) and Q's plan failed, potential war might be quelled as long as China becomes the next alpha world leader.

Reason, CCP seems to backing Jack Ma, and Jack Ma's fintech system is trust based.

The worse that can happen if this scenario is reached is more or less 24/7 surveillance and loss of privacy.

Still, that might be a better alternative than worldwide nuclear frenzy.

02a165  No.2832178



One could make the argument that it would be best for the world if US did drop a few ranks in it's supremacy.

Considering that currently it is bar none the biggest state sponsor of terrorism and unrest around the world, you could argue that the world would become a more peaceful place if not for US constantly starting conflicts purely in the interest of protecting it's own political interests.

I wouldn't want either China or Russia to take the position that US currently holds as they would quickly develop into as big of threats to the rest of the world as US is. But if we can get to a point where US, RU, and CN all are more or less equal and can keep each other in check, it may become a pretty good way of keeping things more stable - even if it's in the form of a 3 way standoff.

The biggest issue we're seeing right now is that essentially no-one can challenge US in any real way. Even if trade relationships completely implode with China, US will definitely be in a crappy position for a few years, but within 4-5 years we would see a massive resurgence of US based industries and within 10 years US would be stronger than ever.

With Russia, the only threat they face is in the event of an all out nuclear war - but in any economic sense, NY, CA and TX all have far bigger GDPs than Russia. Economically they can't do anything and the only reason for the constant conflict with them, is because of US trying to protect it's own interests by protecting the interests of it's European allies.

To get back to my original point, if the goal is peace, then maybe letting some things in the republic fall is the way to go. Nothing would fall completely and it would give the entire nation a chance to rebuild it's foundation to be more stable than ever before. For once it could be built on a foundation of transparency and truth instead of what it is now, bullshit held up by centuries of conspiracies on every level.

6425ad  No.2869532

I think we actually have a decent idea of how bad it can be, as to say large scale highly systematic human trafficking with extreme corruption and blackmail. I think we don't know how *strange* it might be in terms of the history and origins of Earth and humanity, and in terms of the degree to which 'secret knowledge' and science is different from the intentionally limited ideas that are allowed to have currency in the public sphere. For instance, perhaps CERN was created to guard a 'secret non-relativistic ether physics' that was the key to understanding consciousness, having an ontologically sensible physics, and permits superluminal signals and communication.

*Eats mushroom number 352,855:* Maybe the relativistic universe with finite age and finite speed of signaling (in a special sense) is wrong and the real theory is kept hidden. Perhaps Kubrick's 2001/2010 Space Odyssey or Star Trek with the 'borg' had the right idea. Maybe our solar system became host to two different viral replicators that use gas giants or dying stars as hosts. If our universe runs through cycles or has existed forever, perhaps other forms of 'genetic variation with selection and replication' can occur with life-like processes occurring on the scale of solar systems. Maybe an advanced intelligence sends out 'life-promoting monoliths/seeds' These could launch seeds at very high velocity and hence this would feasibly spread through a Galaxy and beyond but only over billions and billions of years. The oldest of these used Saturn as a host and eventually created a hive robots/AI to create water-ferrying moons around Saturn that depart to bring water to ideal planets. Life processes and evolution begin within these growing water moons. Our moon is one of these constructs, and it brought water along with early multicellular life forms to Earth. Our planet was the first to successfully be terraformed by the products of this replicator. Perhaps there are other more primitive types of solar system viruses that are not created to promote the overall evolution of the universe, but are very crude and animal-like with no moral existence, design/purpose or consciousness per se. Perhaps one of these amoral replicator/hive entities utilizes a 'superluminal antenna' aspect of consciousnesses to network itself across great distances. Essentially our consciousness is in essence a unique sort of physical process that has come to have a special necessary function for this type of replicator/hive. Maybe our consciousness is being held captive and used as a sort of computer and node in a system of trans-universe rapid/instant communication for this entity. This second type of replicator might consume stars or be more aggressive, perhaps it shut down the activities of the original replicator that made our Earth. Maybe this replicator arrives first, and then the beings that created it arrive later once the 'replicator' alters the host to some degree. Maybe more recently aliens have visited us and cared for us, perhaps they modified us benevolently, or with a view to using us a slaves, etc. Perhaps aliens had an agreement with Egyptians and shared some amount of their knowledge of the mind and physics to a degree. Maybe the pyramids are intended to be thick enough to shield the signal of the latter 'mind virus' entity with shafts aiming at stars that have particular 'superluminal mind signals'. Maybe the eye in the pyramid represents this secret knowledge. Maybe the pyramid being covered in gold allowed better amplification or resonance of the effect. Maybe our Earth was once a slave colony to a few 'rouge watchers' and the Illuminati elite want to hail this alien race back to Earth.

fc87d9  No.2880679

I tend to think that what Q is getting at is that they don't want to drop *everything* because it would expose all the lies. And while we here would be fine with this, most of the world would have a mental blue screen, realizing they had been literally lied to about EVERYTHING. I think if that happened, people would just ball up and rock in a corner, unable to function. Why believe anything, when everything is a lie? Why go to work, care for your family, do anything productive, or talk to anyone, since they would all lie to you anyhow? It would break society.

If you roll it out slowly (painfully slowly) and gently, you still keep a society. Tell normies about it AFTER you clean it up, if they even need to know. "Yeah, there were these guys screwing with the money markets. They're in jail now, and we nationalized the bank, winning is great, so don't worry." It lets people process it in a nonthreatening way, so it kinda blows by the fear response. At least that's how it seems to me.

a7c210  No.2883174


this! Exactly this! As much as I want to know everything I know that very few people want to know anything. Too many people (normal people) are still screaming for Trumps head. Too many people aren’t ready or willing to listen to other viewpoints let alone be told they were wrong and believed the lies.

I am still sane enough to know what I have learned on here for the last 9 months and feel to be the truth could very well turn out to be the truth…and that scares the shit out of me…and I think I’m ready. Imagine knowing not even a fraction of the knowledge shared on here and having truth bombs thrown.

0a7786  No.2886034


I suspect this is why Q has gone for two things:

Socratic dialog: to get people to answer questions. You gain more knowledge when you research, than when you are given answers.

A focus on irrefutable evidence: FISA, money trail connections, family corruption connections, and media corruption.

It rolls together in a big redpill which any normie can get on board with. My example: FISA.

FISA rubberstamped a massive spy op on US citizens for political gain. This is all provable. Even the most fluoridated normie would see that, and ask the one logical question of why it was so important to do that they would bypass the law to do it. That leads to who was pulling the strings of Hillary. That leads to the control players, which leads to the money slavery system, to the WWIII attempt, to international corruption and control, human trafficking, media control, and finally to a complete picture of what is being fought. But without an acceptably provable, non-partisan initial topic, you can't open up to the masses without destroying their minds.

Qteam are truly geniuses in how they are doing this. I didn't see the importance of FISA til recently, and how it could crack everything open for the folks outside of the boards.

All we have to do is to support Q's push in this area, and they will make sure the rest falls into place. Trust the Plan, we've got this.

ae2ec9  No.2887650


17 year anniversary

How much longer?

9/11 truth?

c189ad  No.2950766


I agree with you on Americans can't handle the truth, they can, but do nothing out of fear. The JFK murder was set up by MI6 as all disasters are. Remember the umbrella man? He was pumping his black umbrella (London Fog} at the exact place where the queen ordered his death to be as bloody as possible as a message to future presidents to keep in line with the queens plan. So what did people do about it? Nothing, no riots, no protesting, no pitchforks in the streets. And all the FF's, the other hits, the people do nothing. So, no matter what they throw at Americans, they just deal with it and move on. I don't think anyone would loose their mind, even if the so called Frazzledrip HRC video was broadcast on tv for all to see. It would be: that's disgusting, she's a freak, So what's for dinner?

c189ad  No.2951263

File: c86ef93b76bdd7a⋯.jpg (11.29 KB, 134x245, 134:245, KNIGHT.jpg)


Would people be shocked to find out that the Social Security Administration is owned by the bloody queen? That is why we pay into it our entire lives and get bread crumbs to retire on. The queen makes trillions on our labor. Nobody even knows this fact. Instead of fixing all these ff's, can't we fix the middle class first? I hope POTUS takes our SSA back from the bloody queen (I took great Joy in watching him snub that baby killing bitch) He knows full well what inbreed psychopaths her bloodline is}. POTUS has the EO signed that allows him to liquidate the funds of any crimes against humanity. So take the SSA away from the queen,call it "American retirement fund" put all the ill gotten gains from the criminals, back into the fund that was stolen by the queen. Think of it, this effects each and every person in America. If the funds were used in disability and retirement payments than over night, each person could be getting $5000.00 a month. Pay back for the 2008 bankster scam, that pretty much wiped us all out. Let's just see who we got here. How much are these psychos worth? Mad Max, barry seotoro, clinton family, bush family, (committee of 300 members; al gore, warren buffet, john kerry, bill gates,kissinger, royals, astors, murdoch, powll, pope, susan rice, rockefellers, sassoons, soros, specter, greenspan, warberg and the rest of the 300 psychopaths. Well, that is a ton of cash given back to Americans. Shouldn't that be the number 1 project to work on? Empowering the patriots through financial stability? P.S POTUS was kind enough to give us all a 2% raise in SS payments. So what happened? The corrupt medicare system took it all out of our payment amounts so now, we get less than we did before. That queen pedo bitch must be laughing her bloody ass off at us. We the people don't even know what's going on. It's so sad.

5c26cb  No.3022334


>Worship satan

Doesn't matter if it's true. The point is that they do believe it.

>We are most definitely fighting a spiritual war!

False. Prove any of that except that other people believe in something.

5c26cb  No.3022362


False. If that was an English plot and it was overt and everyone knew it, they would have denounced it to the world or declared war.

5c26cb  No.3022385


>Socratic dialog:

Easier to lead people to the conclusion you want with leading questions, while at the same time causing them to believe it was their OWN idea, their own logic and deduction. As a bonus, through their arrogance they'll feel smart! So they MUST be right!

Learn about how people are controlled, manipulated, etc. Read How to Win Friends and Influence People. Read Machiavelli. Etc.

>A focus on irrefutable evidence:

HAHAHAHAHA. As much as I'd like to agree, the evidence is a loose collection of fragile threads. It has not yet become a strong web or rope. Maybe it will. I hope so.

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