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QResearch_Voat: [Reddit Replacement]

File: ad77d4f904b70c6⋯.jpg (70.83 KB, 900x900, 1:1, dw.jpg)

444945  No.2956336

Has there ever been any confirmation by Q in regard to David Wilcock (DW) being a credible source or to be in the know? Is DW a real thing or is he simply using Q and the movement to monetize on it?

If DW is a real thing or if there have been any positive confirmations, what is the movements overall perception regarding the "ET component" of the overall story?

For those who do not know who DW is, let me just say he is someone who has been regularly using Q postings to serve as a confirmation for his activities and business, which is either something very extraordinary or a complete and total con.

444945  No.2956383

Forgot to add the most recent URL


Part 3 of the above is where Q is mostly referenced.

34afb5  No.2956439

We've known about DW. There is no consensus so far - ET component has been tainted by Podesta&co as well as project Mockingbird to such a degree that serious discussion is hard, even here.

We have one thread however, so you may wish to repost this here


as I don't know how mods will judge this one you created.

There are no coincidences however. Sources like DW have had Q's material way before Q. There is no doubt we will know the ET truth in due time.

444945  No.2956495


So you think DW predates Q? Or to say, someone like Q is alike to the anonymous sources DW claims to have?

I think it is important, or that it should be important to discuss this. It is time to discuss this in an objective and critical manner. Sure there are detractors everywhere, but most being silent (or refusing to talk) only encourages them more whenever the topic comes up.

443d27  No.2956508

Some of those Q tricode books were Wilcocks books. Three to be exact.

444945  No.2956522


Which ones? Link to Q tricode?

443d27  No.2956529


The Synchronicity Key, Awakening in The Dream, and The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.


34afb5  No.2956532


I think DW has good sources, just like Q does. That is all I think.


This is easy to fudge. However, there was a book by Michael Salla too, I believe this one


b95a22  No.2956554

Just to quote Mega Anon directly, who we think has been a credible source of information, on how she thinks about Mr. Wilcock:

"I talk to anyone who calls me. Didn't know he was going to write about it or was trying to write shit down for an article or anything. He said he only wanted my take on a few things from that intel call he was on. So next time he calls, I'll do a better job of confirming his intentions upfront so I'm not going to fast. There were some big key points that connected a lot of those things which we did discuss, but I would've also stressed them better if I'd known how he was going to use the discussion, I guess. He's a good dude though. He has extensive sources and resources on his end I hadn't suspected. I was pretty surprised honestly."

You can judge for yourselves.

444945  No.2956561

Without going too much into who is right and who is not, given all the extreme polar opposites (like Greer saying a plan to kill 5 billion people has been put in motion)…

Is Q movement, so not the zombie majority, ready to accept the reality of most of their "life believes" to be inaccurate?

34afb5  No.2956617


I didn't know MegaAnon had to say something about Wilcock. Nice!


I am ready, however the full truth can hit REALLY hard, and that's no laughing matter to process. I hope many of my fellow anons are ready too.

444945  No.2956647


I saw that part. I also saw Mega Anon (MA) trashing Q, to then suddenly turn the record saying it is all true, to then disappear.

444945  No.2956669


The truth can hit so hard even those believing to be ready might be grasping for breath. So where does that leave all the others preoccupied with their small reality bubble, filled with constraints of dogma and cultural norms?

Although i admit i have a tendency to underestimate some of the more likeable "human virtues".

b95a22  No.2956685


There was likely too much disinfo mixed in there in the beginning for operational security. Easier to deceive the insiders than the outsiders. Just my guess.

b95a22  No.2956693


Do you think DW is ready for the truth? kek

444945  No.2956707


If memory serves, MA initially (at the beginning) approved of Q. The rejection came later.

But still, what you say could be valid.


No idea. I am more interested in an direct confirmation by Q regarding DW and his activities.

0c7e1a  No.2956747

In case it interests anybody, I DO NOT trust his buddy Corey Goode for a variety of reasons.

#1, he calls a subterranean race with whom he supposedly has contact "ANSHAR". ANSHAR is the name of a Sumerian deity, a.k.a. Jupiter (the planet).

#2 the "Priestess" who is "best anshar friend" (BAF) only exists as a drawing and she reminds me of the 25-y/o porn girls who are an economic factor in California.

#3 He has bad body language which hints at deception.

Re DW I dont know if it's sincere or just another commercial venture. He definitively burnt his fingers with that involvement with Gaia. His books are interesting.

efeb34  No.2956800


I can't tell whether you are making jokes or not.

0c7e1a  No.2956867


Nopes. The only joke I see is somebody trying to pass the drawing of a porn girl for a priestess.

444945  No.2956889

As part of the Q movement, do you not all care for whether or not someone is using Q for honest or dishonest purposes?

Or look at it from the other side, a first time when a source most trust can verify a presenter like DW.

02e9c8  No.2956900


MegaAnon has directly confirmed Wilcock's intel as being geniune, the intel he obtained from Corey Goode actually.

Q has indirectly linked to Jordan Sather multiple times. And we know Jordan Sather and Wilcock work quite closely.

You can draw your own conclusion then.

869a1c  No.2956915


At this point after reading a bit deeper into the article here


it should be clear that REAL anons are simply unsure/unwilling or silently agreeing and the shills attacking DW are mostly paid operatives.

02e9c8  No.2956924

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Indeed. Check out this video and you can sense the anger in here.

444945  No.2956933


Indirectly linked? As in how? Where can we see these indirect links?

02e9c8  No.2956947


There were multiple links Q dropped before that mentioned / referenced Jordan Sather.

For example:

Q !4pRcUA0lBE ID: 9b1a97 No.1373162 📁

May 11 2018 12:42:48 (EST)

This is why we are here.



869a1c  No.2956989




as well as a few others.

Well, this thread has certainly earned its keep now :)

444945  No.2957016



444945  No.2957072


Ok so we have Q linking to a reddit post in which Jordan Sather (JS) is referenced and it appears JS has an approving view of DW as can be seen in bellow video.


Still, a direct confirmation would be much better. Assuming too much can be a problem.

869a1c  No.2957082


Confirming too much can be an even greater problem.

1c6981  No.2957085



869a1c  No.2957103

>Notice that one of the things this insider said in 2012 is, “The idea of this is — no chaos, no violence, AND a legal way to do it — a lawful manner in which to conduct the operation.”

>The 51,000 sealed indictments are obviously the result of a massive amount of work, tantamount to a “shadow World War III,” in which the arrests can be conducted — through lawful means.

>Notice also that he said “the satellite systems will not work” as the arrests occur.

>That is exactly what appears to be happening now, at least within the Cabal’s own world.

Man part 2 of https://divinecosmos.com/davids-blog/22005-stunning-new-briefings-spy-satellites-down-deep-state-arrests-finally-imminent/ is really prophetic

444945  No.2957211



OK, sharing too much can be a problem. Agreed.

I am not hoping for Q to disclose details of alleged human sacrifices and children being breed and used as food or the exact locations or dates and so on.

The question in most simple of terms: is DW a credible person?

869a1c  No.2957368


Hop on his site and see for yourself.

444945  No.2957451


I am not after yet another subjective opinion, even if my own.

4aad45  No.2957553

Keep deleting my posts, wonder why. No such Agency. Clowns in America.




This means Q team inherited the plan, the plan started shortly after Eisenhower left Office. So it's not Trump, it's not even QTeam. It's the collective of brave, and hard working Oathkeepers WHO ARE KEEPING THEIR OATH AND HAVE BEEN the entire time. The only problem then was not enough of a mass awakening. Where we go one, we go all! - F



You are about to see an excerpt from the Drake interview that details part of what we may expect to see when the mass arrests happen.

If you read the full story, it begins with Drake seeing a five-inch-thick briefing document in 1979 called “The Plan,” which outlined a blueprint for mass arrests.

This document had been secretly developed ever since a huge betrayal against the US military occurred in the Korean War.

US generals realized that battle plans they were required to report to the United Nations were being intercepted by the enemy in North Korea.

This led to massive soldier deaths by ambush. North Korea knew way too much about where the soldiers would be, and when they would arrive. It was devastating.

Through seeding misinformation in their battle plans, the US military discovered that the UN was leaking this data to North Korea. It was unimaginable treason.

The legendary G. Edward Griffin covered this story of treachery in his classic book, The Fearful Master, from 1964.

John F. Kennedy was deeply aware of the massive briefing document they called “The Plan.” He had tried to carry it out, only to pay the ultimate price.

The binder was already five inches thick by the time Kennedy saw it in 1961 or thereabouts.

Pete Peterson had many specific details about the same binder, and its contents, when I started speaking to him in 2009.


Now we come full circle again, New F's - F


"On POTUS’ order, we have initiated certain fail-safes that shall safeguard the public from the primary fallout which is slated to occur 11.3 upon the arrest announcement of Mr. Podesta (actionable 11.4)."

"UPDATE 10:12 PM EDT —

CinC NORAD has just declared “DEFCON 4”


The CIA has been trying to restart the super-computer mainframes. They got three to re-start – and they immediately crashed again! Four others are simply not restarting at all.


This is now just over 24 full hours that much of our Intelligence Community communications capabilities globally, REMAIN DEAD."


Other details I got from Pete are too specific and sensitive, but I want to give you some of a sense of what was there.

He doesn’t know if an ET-related disclosure will happen right away, but he also feels it is “very unlikely” that we will have to wait very long.

There have been detailed plans on the books for some time to introduce us to multiple ET races, and those people are already here waiting for this.

At some point I asked him to explain what he meant earlier when he said, “Americans are all over the galaxy.”

He reported direct knowledge of 25 or 30 outposts we have throughout the galaxy. We have an average of 300 advanced craft per outpost.

These craft have anti-gravity and can fly at Mach 17 or beyond. Coast-to-coast flights in these “planes,” as he calls them, would take less than an hour.

Each outpost has somewhere between 400 to 1200 soldiers stationed there. Some outposts are larger, and some are smaller.

These outposts are used for trade relationships with important ET groups that have either information or technology we need.

Some of these outposts are on planets, and others are located in “neat abandoned stuff” that we found throughout the galaxy and re-occupied.

Some of the best stuff we re-occupied has only recently been determined to be about 20,000 years old."

Source: https://


3d0412  No.2957674

I seriously doubt that Q will "confirm" DW. Keep in mind this is MY opinion and probably doesn't count for much.

That being said, the reason I found these boards is because of DW. I've been following him for quite some time and saw a few references to "Q" so decided to check it out. I've been here for a few months now (only posted a few times) but there are a couple of posts Q has made that make me think that the DW aspect of things will play a part in all of this.

There has been so much "dis-info" over the years it's really hard to tell WHO we can "trust". All I know is that the time-line for when CG came forward seems to fit with what is currently going on. I've been toying with the idea of putting together this time-line and sharing it, but the over-all attitude on the boards has made me hesitate.

Admittedly some of the things I've heard from DW & CG make me doubt but that's to be expected when confronted with something so bizzare and "out there".

We all know that the shills, trolls, MSM and others are out there to cast doubt. Their job is to make us NOT believe. Why would it be any different with DW, CG or ES?

I have a lot of questions …. but very few answers …. but that's part of what keeps me searching.

869a1c  No.2957711

aaand bumplocked.

Migrate over to UFO thread.

67c27b  No.2957719


UFO thread

444945  No.2957725


>There has been so much "dis-info" over the years it's really hard to tell WHO we can "trust"

This is the main issue. To add to it - has any so called insider testimony ever changed or affected anything in any tangible manner? It did not. Mostly what it did is muddy the waters to the extent where it is nearly impossible to say what is true and what is not true.

This is why i am looking for a definite "yes" or "no" from the other side. Once for a change a source we also know can validate the presenter.

444945  No.2957730


No point going to some "UFO thread" since this is not about the UFO and petty arguments associated with it, but about the presenter

444945  No.2957796

Before this thread gets buried (seems mods are unable to distinguish between "UFO thread" and everything else) under everything else let me just add this here, written by DW.

DW: If “nothing” happens, particularly by the end of the year, then it is safe to say Q will have been largely, if not completely discredited, as this is huge.

How to interpret this? Does it mean by that time Q will no longer serve his monetary gains, so to say, he has another narrative ready and waiting, or is it something else?

67c27b  No.2957802


The mods can distinguish just fine, this is a research board, not yahoo answers.

b137f6  No.2958032


Anon, I want you think very very hard before answering this.

Have you ever, in your entire life, gotten a definite "yes" or "no" about ANYTHING?

And if you did, how did you absolutely know without a doubt it was a yes or no?

Very important and this has everything to do with this topic.

869a1c  No.2958502


It's a catch-all thread for everything that gets shilled to oblivion and is related to things that are real yet hard to believe

869a1c  No.2958845


and of course referenced by Q in some way (usual shill answer: "oh Q didn't mean that when he said that", etc…)

0c7e1a  No.2958852


DW mention of Q comes across as respectful to me.

43c7e9  No.2959257

Why is this bumplocked?

869a1c  No.2959844


Q made no direct mention of David Wilcock and extraterrestrials are still considered to be a stretch so… shame, this thread started really well

f1a18b  No.2970993

His role is to be a lapdog of the Illuminati NWO to bring the alien hoax to success by riding QAnon. I see the OP started this thread by waiting for the earlier ones to 404. Fuck you Luciferian shills.

972a6f  No.3141770


is a test'''

972a6f  No.3141776

this is another

972a6f  No.3141806

The election of a Republican comes after the Democrat was convicted of 11 felonies. Meaning one of the BLUEST districts in the country, in a RED state mind you, flipped.

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