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File: 6fc6393a2f4543d⋯.png (314.75 KB, 469x520, 469:520, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 467c7bd05e1ba35⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1302x840, 31:20, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6c09e8053c79796⋯.png (811.65 KB, 1058x854, 529:427, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5a3df9cdcc8f5a1⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1035x919, 1035:919, ClipboardImage.png)

1f15c5  No.2987234

This pic has nothing to do with QAnon.

It comes from this company / page:

Cal Poly Quarter Plus program


Lets post real QAnon pics. E.g. pictures from car stickers, signes on highways, etc….good for motivation.

416d0b  No.2993900

Why did Q use the picture, then?

b65890  No.2994125

Q posted the pic along with "TOGETHER we WIN".

Maybe something more than surface level meaning here? The initial capitalization is interesting. Not done by accident, although I don't know meaning.

b65890  No.2994166


Correction: *intentional* not *initial*

b65890  No.2994299

File: 9df1d6ed0e7ade0⋯.png (269.27 KB, 469x520, 469:520, 1.png)

File: e021ac2ba58c125⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1035x919, 1035:919, 2.png)

Look at the 2 images. Seemingly the same picture, but the one Q used is slightly different. Look at the shadows of the light polls in lower left and lower right of the pic Q posted. Not there in the other, I assuming, "official" image.

Not saying it means anything, but something to note.

b65890  No.2994435

Q previously mentioned using steganography to send messages via the boards. Maybe this is the purpose?

416d0b  No.2995174

Maybe right-clicking the picture and clicking save could reveal the file name and reveal something? Maybe Q made a mistake? Though I’m not sure how…

4fb0e9  No.2995615


Maybe someone should be looking into quarter Plus.

What is it, it's purpose, etc?

Who are the staff, teachers, etc?

Who funds it?

416d0b  No.2996258

So far… it’s an accelerated program for freshman students at the California polytechnic state university. Seems like an 8 week introduction/jump start to college. Stands for “Quarter Plus.” Classes began August 17th…. Chuck Liddell (UFC fighter) is among “notable alumni,” and Liddell recalls the Alice in Wonderland author’s surname.. still digging.

416d0b  No.2996270

DEVIN NUNES attended

416d0b  No.2996667

Burt Rutan, legendary aerospace engineer, alumni. Involved with ekranoplan vehicles (described as mobile under water and into the air as well), which would “revive Russian ekranoplan projects.” He designed spaceshipone - first “civilian” manned craft in space. His private company is working on getting people to space - outside of NASA. He wanted to begin space tourism flights in 2008, but that’s since been forgotten. It’s speculated that three engineers and others killed in an explosion at the project’s site has to do with that…

416d0b  No.2997764

Another notable alumn: Peter Oppenheimer! Nephew of THE Frank Oppenheimer of the nucleur bomb.

He was the first CFO of Apple. Board member of Goldman Sachs.

921950  No.2997923


Pretty sure the one without shadows was photoshopped.

416d0b  No.2998001

Whoops Robert Oppenheimer is THE Oppenheimer… he did have a son, Peter, but I’ve yet to find the ancestry of Apple CFO and Goldman Sachs board member Peter Oppenheimer.

416d0b  No.2998071

Noel Lee, the CEO of Monster, Inc.

Laci and Scott Peterson.

416d0b  No.2998210

Frederick Sturckow, NASA astronaut.

Robert L. Gibson, NASA astronaut. (Both alum)

83aa72  No.3007149


Actually…that was the real Alice's surname

416d0b  No.3009740

Thank you! Was trying to get out as much as I could at once. Probably should have taken more time.

So, could this mean that Q+ is in control of Cal Poly now?

f382b1  No.3009789

no shit, Q thought it was a cool pic

this is an utter waste of a thread

416d0b  No.3012262

Well, a picture is not wholly unrelated to QAnon when it is literally posted by Q himself.

So, Mr. No Coincidences posted a picture of people in the “Q+” formation alone, and didn’t expect anons to look into it?

Wouldn’t people see it and assume that people were in formation as a stance for Q?

1bc9f0  No.3015165

look at the first pic on link provided.

blind leading the blind

then its details about 4 week program with each weeks breakdown of activities. pics of happy positive young folks. a prom and closing reception "you did it!"

i would say its a 4 week time line. and or

q has given us freshman course to be ready for college

something there. good find anon


6e57c7  No.3059957

There is only a quarter + left on the calendar in 2018. Before January 1.

I seem to recall January 1 has some legal ramifications.

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