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File: 1f381dfd9ffa524⋯.jpg (89.65 KB, 485x340, 97:68, John-Kerry-Javad-Zarif.jpg)

0be454  No.2993260


Q skeptic here. This is really interesting and supportive for your narrative, and I'm surprised you guys aren't pushing it harder.

>Rogue diplomacy to salvage nuke deal

>Three or four times

>without the current administration's authorization

>Kerry was trying to ensure that Iran continues receiving billions in cash windfalls

>Kerry said he met Zarif in Norway, Munich, and other international forums

>Iranian leaders have said they will not take any meetings with Trump or his administration.

Well? Q posted some stuff about this. Interesting to see it in the media.

dab848  No.2993908

I posted this article in another thread as well. Q has already mentioned this type of thing happening wrt Hussein traveling ahead/behind POTUS, but if true, disturbing nonetheless.

If true, Kerry doesn't represent the people of the US anymore. How is this acceptable? Isn't this a matter of national security? Who is he representing?

0be454  No.2994338


Exactly, foreign diplomacy from an unofficial ex-cabinet member representing a government he is no longer part of is a big deal. There has to be laws against this. At the biggest this is treason, at the least it is unacceptable. Apparently Kerry admitted this himself. We need rule of law

An aside, I remember Carter meeding with Kim Jong Il, and I remember Democrat members of congress meeting with Iran. Both which are currently major players in the global arena. God help us.

664c94  No.3009845

File: c86ef93b76bdd7a⋯.jpg (11.29 KB, 134x245, 134:245, KNIGHT.jpg)

Kerry is a member of The committee of 300. This is the top cabal group that meets to decide how to destroy us next. Payseurs are the top psychopath bloodline. Of the 300 (see YouTube vid: The Committee of 300 and vid Goals of the committee of 300.) others on the list are: royals, kissenger, astor, bloomberg, murdoch, warren buffet, bush, oppenheimer, colin Powell, pope, susan rice, clinton,rocks, roths, sassoon, deroths, queen spain, soros, arlen specter, bill gates, al gore, alan greenspan, max warberg,

664c94  No.3010872

File: 555cebf0679191f⋯.jpg (215.59 KB, 1024x653, 1024:653, FINAL POOL MEME Z.jpg)

NESARA National Economic Security And Reformation Act. This Act is the most important thing to gain awareness on. This act was signed in 2000 by Clinton by armed force white (hat) knights. It had to be ANNOUNCED IN PUBLIC to take affect.

This is the exact cause of 9/11. The offices that were working to install this plan, were all destroyed by the cabal (committee of 300). Offices in the towers, building 7, and pentagon a year later 2001.

This is what the NESARA act was going to do for all Americans:


Erases all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities

Abolishes the IRS

Abolishes income tax

Creates a 14% flat rate nonessential-new-items-only sales tax as revenue for the government — food and medicine will not be taxed; nor will used items such as older homes

Increases benefits to seniors

Returns constitutional law to all courts and legal matters

Requires new presidential and congressional elections within 120 days after NESARA’s announcement

Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups

Creates a new US Treasury rainbow currency — one backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals, ending the bankruptcy of the United States initiated by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933

Forbids the sale of American birth certificate records as chattel property bonds by the US Department of Transportation

Begins a new US Treasury bank system in alignment with Constitutional law

Eliminates the Federal Reserve system

Ends all aggressive US government military actions worldwide

Establishes Peace throughout the world — US troops will be brought home from around the world as Peace is declared; in alignment with the Constitution, there will be No standing armies, and that will be permanently observed

Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes

latest info: $100k a month starting with our farmers who fought to enact this bill/act, will go to each american citizen over the age of 21 for 11 years.

Enables the release of thousands of suppressed technologies currently being withheld from the public under the guise of national security — this includes free energy devices, anti-gravity devices, and sonic healing machines [6,000 technologies will be released initially, followed by the release of more than 60,000 technologies]

Anons please provide a link to this YouTube video.

dnajilion7 Global Currency Reset Destroying Luciferian Pedophiles.

Here the guy drops THE MEGA BOMB of all time.

please listen to what he is telling you so you can dig to get more information. See YouTube vids to get more info on this act.

Also, it proves without a doubt that the Federal Reserve does in fact keep funds in your all caps name, using your birth certificate bonds..

the public must have a massive outcry to have this act publicly announced. Then it will be in place.

Do not be put off by all the crap the cabal puts on the web, saying that it does not exist. This act is their greatest fear.


664c94  No.3011059

File: b6336e83ded0404⋯.jpg (83.85 KB, 579x627, 193:209, EXPECT US !.jpg)


Here is the R anon post he was trying to tell us about the birth certificate bond banking fraud scam.

Royal Elites / Rothschild Formula > Global Banking Cartel


Federal Reserve Act

Federal Reserve Inc.

A Private Company?

Shareholders = ?

IS THIS Constitutional?



What is your recourse?

What is a Federal Reserve Note?

Define NOTE



United States Declares BANKRUPTCY

United States Inc.

A Private Company?

Shareholders =?


US BANKRUPTCY Still In Receivership?

Emergency Banking Act March 9 1933

House Joint Resolution 192 73rd Congress June 5 1933

1938 Supreme Court - Erie Railroad v Tompkins

Why is this relevant?


Common Law

Equity Law

Admiralty Law


Statutory Jurisdiction?

Statutory Jurisdiction Definition in Blacks Law Dictionary?

Why Not?


Birth Certificate = ALL CAPs

Social Security Card = ALL CAPs

Drivers License = ALL CAPs

Are YOU a Living Soul or a Person>CORPORATION?

Blacks Law Dictionary 6th edition

Birth Certificate Applications Started WHEN?

Social Security Registration Started WHEN?

Birth Certificate # = CUSIP


Cestui Que Vie Trust

Cannon Law

Blacks Law Dictionary 6th Edition

Are YOU the Trustee or the Beneficiary?

Who Created The Debt? The Bond?


Uniform Commercial Code

UCC = Private International Law?

If UCC Private WHO OWNS?

1938 Supreme Court - Erie Railroad v Tompkins

Common Law > No Compelled Performance

Equity Law > Compels Performance

Admiralty > Compelled Performance > AND Criminal Penalties

> AND Requires International Contract?

Statutory Jurisdiction = ?

Are You A United States Citizen?

Federal United States?


Continental United States?

United States = Federal CORPORATION

Congressional Act 1871

28 USC 3002 - Part VI - Chapter 176 -Sub-Chapter 176 - Subsection A, (15)

Did 14th Amendment Create A Lower Class of CITIZEN?

15 U.S. Statute At Large July 27 1868

“Expatriation Clause”

WHY Is This Relevant?

14th passed when?

What Is The District Of Columbia?

Why Is This Relevant?

Your Name as Signature

‘’Without Prejudice’’ UCC 1-308

What is a ‘’compelled benefit’’?

‘’Argument and Recourse’’ UCC 1-103



What is YOUR recourse?

UCC 1 - ‘’Secured Party Creditor”?

YOU have more than you know

THIS is what TERRIFIES the Cartel








169bab  No.3014587


Everyone who makes a trip to Antarctica is near the top of that mountain of filth. Most major deceptions in this world touch upon or revolve around hiding the working and existence of the Nephilim. Including all of these high level Satanists. Even the Payseurs. They're doing the bidding of their master and their overlords.

Remember Kerry's trip the day President Trump won? The Nephilim are SO CENTRAL to ALL of this that he had to go to them immediately.

By the way, anyone ever work out the names of the descendants of Louis, aka "Payseur"?

c481da  No.3018215


LOL, not this stupid "all caps" and individual sovereignty nonsense again.

Go save that for the flat earthers.

0034f5  No.3018407

File: d461e726ba30a18⋯.jpg (98.11 KB, 600x450, 4:3, kerry.jpg)

fc4c72  No.3019527


>UCC = Private International Law?

>If UCC Private WHO OWNS?

The ALI owns the copyright for the UCC.

The ALI. Put it in Bold.

1f210b  No.3034411

File: a5907a782845b2b⋯.jpg (22.17 KB, 280x303, 280:303, 3f3f72c7f90932e3364e56d2c6….jpg)

1f210b  No.3034441

File: fff07cfd03709d1⋯.jpg (44.76 KB, 359x347, 359:347, 612fdfc0b8cc52e44a62906c91….jpg)

1ff5a4  No.3035383

File: dc5216e641b9e7d⋯.jpeg (103.99 KB, 749x486, 749:486, 72E2FC80-E53B-4966-B3B2-D….jpeg)

6fcd6f  No.3054974




Thank you for these posts anon, very interesting.

They deserve a comprehensive dig.

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