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Pro Aris et Focis

File: bcacab1198c9aa6⋯.jpg (9.47 KB, 255x143, 255:143, Topic.jpg)

8a1925 No.315562



BO/BV Thanks for your hard work!

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>>311371 A compilation of top posts from prior breads

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>>298274 we see you!

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>>295015 raw source found

>>295561 House of Representitives camera setup

>>293637, >>285632, >>285704, >>285611, >>294259, >>294647

>>293307 AIAnon figures Bloomberg has the photos

>>284781 Lost & Found Photos of SOTU Phones Thread. POST YOURS HERE PLEASE.

>>294086 Q Task SOTU Photo & Video Updates Consolidation from 2.6.18

>>285721 Videos of SOTU are disappearing. Archive before posting.

>>286850 Video of SOTU

>>286613 , >>286746 "[something] Trump, you need to be shot."

>>286633 Getty manipulates photos before posting?

>>286402 , >>286411 , >>286419 , >>286460 , >>286487 , >>286489

>>286510 Phone Screen Confirmed Shopped. Spread the word.

>>285651 Beatty's Statement on Trump's SOTU Address


>>284004 www.fbi.gov/about/leadership-and-structure/fbi-executives/carl-ghattas

Findings: >>289566, >>293165, >>293197, >>293203, >>293215

>>298462 Carl Ghattas connected to Twitter lawsuit

>>293215 Follow the wife: Kim Ghattas and Hillary

Clinton Email investigation timeline >>291986 , >>291104 , >>291986 ,

LEARN TO PLAY THE GAME WITH Q >>295336 , >>297455


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Rule 13. Correction of Misstatement or Omission; Disclosure of Non-Compliance → fisc.uscourts.gov/sites/default/files/FISC%20Rules%20of%20Procedure.pdf

OIG Reports Page → oig.justice.gov/reports/all.htm

Grassley Memo → www.judiciary.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/2018-02-06%20CEG%20LG%20to%20DOJ%20FBI%20(Unclassified%20Steele%20Referral).pdf

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>>297078 Obama knew about Hillary's private server

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8a1925 No.315572


https:// ghostbin.com/paste/3pf6q

0d605f No.315580


I'm very grateful for your help in forcing them to expose themselves.

This weekend will have a hurricane of trouble causing moldy minds that seek only to divide our unity.

Dearest anons, whom I'm so proud to have fought beside for so long now, I need your help.

They want us fighting with ourselves.

They want us chasing red herrings so they get time to analyze the Intel first.

They want us dead.

They want us unable to be the autistic superpower the world needs right now.

They will cry 'muh board comped' over their deleted spam.

(It isn't their board anyway)

They will report Patriots for the crimes they do themselves.

They have nothing left but fear.

For they are terrified themselves.

Where we go one, we go all.

This board is our home, and we have some very tough conversations to be had about our world.

Bring a patriot back into the Qmap if you see them wander. (We have so much more than we know)

Bring a sense of home to those who feel isolated.

Be a virus of confidence.

Get comfy lads and lasses, we're at War.

Let's show them how resiliant we can be, eh.

dfdb5d No.315582

File: 39b4daeb0fa2ea3⋯.jpg (164.13 KB, 616x819, 88:117, Hunt 1.jpg)

File: 79d6533ae6e7b58⋯.jpg (138.95 KB, 593x705, 593:705, Hunt 2.jpg)

File: 7d85baa2f9ad52f⋯.jpg (154.39 KB, 580x687, 580:687, Hunt 3.jpg)

File: 5ef2195c74cf557⋯.jpg (174.41 KB, 601x778, 601:778, Hunt 4.jpg)

The Hunt for Red October, Part 1

052beb No.315585

Morning fags

dfdb5d No.315586

File: 99fddd3687c8140⋯.jpg (182.22 KB, 591x763, 591:763, Hunt 5.jpg)

File: 1cc9aa9f9dbb5a0⋯.jpg (102.6 KB, 589x838, 589:838, Hunt 6.jpg)

File: 936ccafa7356068⋯.jpg (107.44 KB, 590x754, 295:377, Hunt 7.jpg)

File: 0dd9fab2dc24682⋯.jpg (93.19 KB, 576x696, 24:29, Hunt 8.jpg)

The Hunt for Red October, Part 2

dfdb5d No.315590

File: 6fb5fc16f78c18b⋯.jpg (104.75 KB, 572x689, 44:53, Hunt 9.jpg)

File: 4ceb6241df44a6e⋯.jpg (115.48 KB, 590x751, 590:751, Hunt 10.jpg)

File: 17f5a8cd04e9f2a⋯.jpg (145.27 KB, 592x804, 148:201, Hunt 11.jpg)

File: f5377c001b5381a⋯.jpg (59.4 KB, 600x415, 120:83, Hunt 12.jpg)

The Hunt for Red October, Part 3

4fe8ea No.315600


Now we know WHY all those doctors were killed in the past couple of years.

"As Natural News reported, leading up to his death, Dr. Bradstreet was working with a little-known molecule that occurs naturally in the human body. GcMAF (Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor), which is the GC protein after it combines with vitamin D in the body, has _the potential to be a universal cure for cancer_.

As we all know, cancer is big business in this country. We're talking about a 124 billion dollar industry. A number that big is naturally a matter of "national security". One

of our country's biggest products is cancer, so why anyone believes the system would ever allow a cure is beyond me.

An enzyme called =nagalase= excreted by cancer cells (and which is also a component in the envelope protein of viruses like HIV and influenza) is known to inhibit the body's production of GcMAF. …Here's the bombshell: many of these dead doctors believed nagalase was being PURPOSEFULLY ADDED to the vaccines. "specifically MMR vaccine"

Why? Population control. "

http:// yournewswire.com/11-cancer-doctors-all-found-murdered-within-three-months/

http:// yournewswire.com/11-cancer-doctors-all-found-murdered-within-three-months/

"This is such incredibly damning information to the entire medical profession and the immunological profession and those folks that [sic] are producing immunizations, that apparently they didn't want these guys around," Dr. Broer said.

Nagalese blocks the GC protein from attaching itself to vitamin D, thus preventing the immune system from doing its job, and therefore causing cancer and other serious diseases. Without an active immune system, cancer and viral infections can spread rapidly.

"Nagalase is like a stealth bomber, the nagalase enzyme synthesized in or released from cancer cells or a virus particle pinpoints the GcMAF protein facilities on the surface of your T and B lymphocytes and simply wipes them out with an incredibly precise bomb.

"How precise? Nagalase locates and attacks one specific two-electron bond located only at the 420th amino acid position on a huge protein molecule, one of tens of thousands of proteins, each containing millions of electrons.

"This is like selectively taking out a park bench in a major city from 6,000 miles away. More astonishingly, if that is possible, nagalase never misses its target, so there is no collateral damage."

https:// www.naturalnews.com/055347_vaccines_dead_doctors_cancer_enzymes.html

How you know its true: https:// www.snopes.com/holistic-doctor-death-conspiracy/

THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK! Unbelievable actions. I hope the FDA/CDC are completely wiped of anyone who would do this.

013abc No.315610

File: f2e6a4444862a5e⋯.png (198.4 KB, 500x899, 500:899, message.png)

cf5467 No.315613

well decided to go check out trump tweets and correlate them with anon posts.

it was DEAD in here this morning apparently...

POTUS first 2 tweets 8 min back took me back to 7:31 central time. This was the ONLY anon to post at 7:31.

target anon had 174 posts.

couple interesting posts included the following

>>314571 >>314580 >>314773 >>314873 >>314152 >>314168 >>314278

>>314284 <<posted this graphic about 30 times in that bread

>>314289 <<seen this a lot will post images of trump himself.... this is not too common


>>314308 <<trump himself pic.

>>314311 >>314319 >>314322 >>314332 >>314378 >>314384 >>314393 >>314405 >>314411 >>314419 >>314420 >>314445 >>314456 >>314494 >>314528 >>314542

>>314571 <<smell something big might come out today..... what might that be?????


>>314794 >>314813

>>314688 <<id was commenting so much it pissed off this other anon.

Who is this anon? I have NO CLUE. But it was certainly a funny morning trying to talk to shills for this anon... 174 posts has to be a record for any user id I've ever seen. Wish I was on earlier to engage this anon would have been an interesting conversation.

interesting messages by this anon is that there are operations going on in Boston with Marine Ospreys today, correlated by other anon posts in the next bread.

Something big will drop later on today, along with Q being on later as well. Remember, it's Friday and Trump likes to keep the Fake News busy over the weekend.

Responded to Trump Tweet about shutdown this am with "budget".

First post was at 5:54 Central and last post was at 9:01 Central.

Now I need to figure out the Trump Tweet Delta to figure out what QPost it correlates to. 20 mins gives me post #20 which is from way back in November so don't think that one is right.

da4128 No.315614

File: bd0c728179f8f46⋯.png (3.53 MB, 1772x1948, 443:487, kek parade.png)

0f8178 No.315618

File: 04b542852840df8⋯.jpg (6.33 MB, 7790x7180, 779:718, Q_comp_correct_1of4_11.22.….jpg)

File: 962758d9adcf789⋯.jpg (5.53 MB, 6770x7400, 677:740, Q_comp_correct_2of4_12.14.….jpg)

5b2166 No.315623

File: 3c21aade58dd52e⋯.jpg (313.81 KB, 1346x875, 1346:875, WarGames.jpg)

Shall we play a game.

51bc87 No.315625


'Bled for for…'

0f8178 No.315626

File: 3e5d2bab4c5711c⋯.jpg (8.63 MB, 8522x7557, 8522:7557, Q_comp_correct_3of4_01.19.….jpg)

File: 327b838343f7a6a⋯.jpg (6.43 MB, 5390x7430, 539:743, Q_comp_correct_4of4_02.05.….jpg)

0f8178 No.315627

File: 430c42b2334e6e7⋯.jpg (7.88 MB, 4774x4775, 4774:4775, Q_comp_correct_5_2018-02-0….jpg)

f85774 No.315630

Fellow Anon's…be aware the last bread especially! A rampant shill was busy calling others shills to derail the bread. Ignore this and move on as we have a dishonest anon shill amongst us!!

96ad68 No.315631

My daughter is off to career day at her independent Catholic school. For the first time, they are offering a talk on Motherhood as a Vocation, and she has signed up for it. The times they are a-changing!

6feae7 No.315633


I'll believe this more if/when we start seeing DEMOCRATS being interviewed by Mueller.

Hasen't happened yet, other than the long crooked Podesta.

cf5467 No.315635

File: 6eb3e7ccd39ce56⋯.png (159.52 KB, 803x1126, 803:1126, operationmockingbird.png)

here is my last graphic from last night for the perusal of the morning anons. I would like to get the C looking more like an O so this graphic looks more complete. I do have an svg file and working on modifying it in inkscape but don't have much experience. Thanks for comments.

ff4d5b No.315636

File: 9c9a3eb6238278c⋯.jpg (83.28 KB, 534x401, 534:401, 249n21.jpg)

File: 965b0297df052bb⋯.jpg (123.27 KB, 678x500, 339:250, 249pt6.jpg)

File: d80070d5d5ec4fe⋯.jpg (121.59 KB, 678x500, 339:250, 249q1g.jpg)

87d1bd No.315638


thank you baker for this delicious bread

8f2ea5 No.315642

Much thanks to the baker.


Thanks for this, BV. Getting comfortable and digging into some good map reading.

Will lurk in the meantime. Keep up the good work, we all appreciate it.

6feae7 No.315645


Looks more like CIA than OM

1a0f5c No.315646


Uh, the Catholic Church is one of the most corrupt vile institutions on the planet. You may want to reconsider your statement.

0ecee5 No.315649

File: 4a9bf943e1f6eff⋯.png (305.85 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180209-110156.png)

Nice fillers lolololol

013abc No.315650

File: 042ad5afe7219b6⋯.png (59.2 KB, 1050x763, 150:109, 042ad5afe7219b677dcc2a7c9e….png)


Thank you dear BV.

f43021 No.315651

File: 09c1b0dbb059e6b⋯.jpg (99.03 KB, 991x472, 991:472, Screenshot_20180209-115921.jpg)

End violence. Arrest democrats.

51bc87 No.315653

This morning on Fox & Friends they said DACA illegals are "threatening" to SELF-DEPORT if DACA is not solved by March 5th!! Winning!! hahaha

3ffce7 No.315654


No prob B.O. im a phonefag.. So digging can be tough. I can still contribute in other ways ( throwing rocks at pelishills ) or concern trolls

cf5467 No.315655


that's another good one… modify it into CIA then say did you know CNN is a branch of the CIA?

59a0f3 No.315656


>the 174 guy

If this doesn't let you know it's a completely unreliable methodology, I don't know what will.

>>315600 (checked)

Big if true!

Am mobilefagging rn so it's a pain in the as to open those links

c10b28 No.315658


One of the side effects of Vitamin D deficiency is Cancer. White people get the most cancer. White people get the most rickets. White skin was NOT an evolutionary advantage if it was there would be no rickets. They now this and yet hide the facts. I'll let you all search for yourselves why and where white skin actually came from.

87d1bd No.315660

File: 87f83c6c1a7bc81⋯.png (244.23 KB, 500x378, 250:189, daleGribble3.png)


>Ignore this and move on as we have a dishonest anon shill amongst us!!

Ignore this and move on

this is best advice

please see




and notice who it's from and what he's saying



098295 No.315662


GPS is also critical in timekeeping in large scale datacenters. Spoof the time signal and you can get all sorts of weird effects. Remember that underground data center in Henderson?

96ad68 No.315671


I am heavily involved with the school and I see that it is a good and uplifting place to be. Administration, wherever it is, always has the risk of corruption. I monitor this school for myself and I perceive it to be above board

5b2166 No.315672

File: 646abaafa592ef7⋯.jpg (95.28 KB, 1519x711, 1519:711, Switch Atlanta.JPG)

File: 2556cf255a672d3⋯.jpg (65.52 KB, 896x598, 448:299, SwitchSuperNAP.JPG)

052beb No.315674

This is a battle I have fought for years

fbcd36 No.315675


Your putting things together for me.

I am a TI. I have wondered why i get blasted like crazy with these frequencies when i sleep. My thoughts were that they, whom ever they are, are changing me but for reasons i dont know. Ive also caught on to the hypnosis, dream induction, and all kinds of things they are doing. I just feel that whatever they are changing is not to my benefit.

052beb No.315676

File: 3dbab67ba5ec9ed⋯.jpg (714.12 KB, 1828x1828, 1:1, Vaccines Kill2.jpg)

File: fa93da0a5a3e996⋯.jpg (648.68 KB, 1828x1828, 1:1, VaccinesKill.jpg)

c10b28 No.315677


Nice. This has been shown to be the method for delta before but not many seem to have caught on.

The delta time refers to posts by anons in threads guys….

1bc3ad No.315678

I've taken a step back and started re reading the posts from the beggining.

it's funny how it all reads a little differently with a little more context and perspective.

one of my questions is back with the Foundations and Institutes. I have struggled to find them publicly online. McCain's, pelosi, waters, etc.

I see how I can file a FOIA request with the IRS and get them in 20 days. are these out already before I waste my time with this?

5a188f No.315679


FYI. Not interested in any personally' 'signed' memes. You may get more exposure without the signature.

d118cd No.315680

Oct 31 2017 23:00:15

Anonymous ID: grTMpzrL


Why does the military play such a vital role?

Why is POTUS surrounded by highly respected generals?

Who guards former Presidents?

Why is that relevant?

Who guards HRC?

Feb 8 2018 02:53:00

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: b5e8df


USSS on high alert.


Re-reading Q drops. I think USSS is on alert for dangers to past presidents not Trump.

cf5467 No.315681


supposed to be unreliable. POTUS or who ever doesn't want MSM reporting on random anonymous messages. I look for facts. Things that could happen or research that hasn't been dug up yet.

If big news comes out later and Q posts tonight then you have your answer.

f15c6c No.315683

File: 0ce76d1b041f267⋯.png (37.78 KB, 755x134, 755:134, Screenshot 2018-02-09 at 9….png)

"Learn our Comms"

Is Q teaching us to learn ALL the comms of the intel agencies?

614138 No.315684



This a side effect of all being anon. Thus you cannot recognize people you have interacted with before. Side effect of the way it is set up and when someone disagrees the easy out is to say newfag or just lurk. But since we do not know who we are talking to we do not know unless they actually ask. They could even be Q like the king coming to the door asking for help to see if this house is a good house in his kingdom.

998326 No.315685


Well said BV!

467c11 No.315687

'Soros hatred is a global sickness' Financial Times

https:// www.ft.com/content/7f93856e-9c55-11e7-9a86-4d5a475ba4c5

6fd5b0 No.315688


The USSS also guards the money. Think Treasury and Stock Markets

7e8e60 No.315689



They are with us.


f15c6c No.315691


forgot to note the [T] - Comey putting "T" in kill box?

51bc87 No.315693

Border Patrol Agents Stop Five MS-13 Members from Illegally Entering U.S. www.breitbart.com/texas/2018/02/08/border-patrol-agents-stop-five-ms-13-members-illegally-entering-u-s/

125320 No.315694


[T]orture maybe

cf5467 No.315695


how do you understand it?

I don't understand the delta per se. someone else said that delta corelates to numbered Q posts, as in the first and last tweet in the delta i.e. 20 refers back to a Q post.

All I know is the first 2 tweets, take the time and count back the same number of minutes and look for anon posts.

6eb50d No.315697

File: 4ffb84bc8c7f978⋯.jpg (746.83 KB, 1905x900, 127:60, KEY6.jpg)


Muhammad is an "idol" which is erected for Muslims to imitate. Muhammad has a "perfect pattern of conduct" associated to him and is "the greatest example for all of humanity". Muslims therefor imitate Muhammad's life/sayings/doings for a living, and have been for the past 1400 years.

The Qur'an is treated as the "perfect word of God" but is actually a mis-translated collection of Syro-Aramaic heretical Christian liturgical texts. They are fragments of apocryphal stories ripped off from Judeo-Christian mythology.

Muhammad's "example" (idol) is used by Muslims to "justify" fulfilling their own deprave desire: subjugation (sex slavery) of women, looting/pillaging/conquest etc.

Islam/MB plays a much bigger role in all of this than most people seem to realize!

PS: the ten plagues of egypt are associated with the ten commandments; the plagues are NOT historical but are always active/sent to people who break the ten commandments.

In order to join Islam, Muslims have to perform the shahada (testimony): they testify that Muhammad (who is a dead man) is a prophet, thus bearing false testimony. From there, Islam breaks the rest of the ten.

I pray Q/Trump have the power/guidance to hold Islam accountable to the ten commandments and end Islam once and for all.

6f410d No.315698


So why did my posts about Genie Energy get deleted?

96702b No.315699

File: d95d3a162312100⋯.jpg (40.77 KB, 564x422, 282:211, Hankerin.jpg)

It's not very shilly out…..I got a twitch in my knee boys. Eyes up for incoming………

cf5467 No.315700


If referring to posts on great awakening, 20 would take me to this post ▶Q 01/13/18 (Sat) 23:17:29 No.20













4, 10, 20

3ffce7 No.315701


Bang up job they did on 9/11.. They stole all the gold we smuggled out of the pacific.. We stole the shit fair and square

e7ab00 No.315702

#NationalPizzaDay on twatter. Meme red pill opportunity that's already working today. Can we get more red pill memes without insults meme fag?

cf5467 No.315703


yes apparently confirmed by anon this morning. I'll be watching too.

d46207 No.315705



We should prepare to pivot to non partisan messaging soon.

One the ritual sex abuse is in evidence isnt an ideological struggle or a political contest of idiotic fake democracy

If we want liberals to abandon a world view that offers reassurance and comfort at the expence of reality we have to look through the rivalries created to distract us.

cultist subversion of both political parties, the capture of our financial, healthcare, and information systems by depraved occultist child rapists is an attack on civilization.

5b2166 No.315706

File: 1f433293981ad93⋯.jpg (254.73 KB, 1152x692, 288:173, Mirror.jpg)

6fd5b0 No.315707


They didn't get everything. Some is still buried.

467c11 No.315708


Old article sorry - just noticed it on Twitter via a ducth member of a left wing party

1512bf No.315709

Flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing with 239 people on board including 20 working for Freescale.

Freescale’s shareholders include the Carlyle Group of private equity investors whose past advisers have included ex-US president George Bush Sr and former British Prime Minister John Major.

Carlyle’s previous heavyweight clients include the Saudi Binladin Group, the construction firm owned by the family of Osama bin Laden.

four of the five Patent holders are Chinese employees of Freescale Semiconductor of Austin TX.

“Patent is divided up on 20 per cent increments to five holders.

“Peidong Wang, Suzhou, China, (20 per cent); Zhijun Chen, Suzhou, China, (20 per cent); Zhihong Cheng, Suzhou, China, (20 per cent); Li Ying, Suzhou, China, (20 per cent); Freescale Semiconductor (20 per cent).

“If a patent holder dies, then the remaining holders equally share the dividends of the deceased if not disputed in a will.

“If four of the five dies, then the remaining one Patent holder gets 100 per cent of the wealth of the patent.

“That remaining live Patent holder is Freescale Semiconductor.”

It adds: “Here is your motive for the missing Beijing plane. As all four Chinese members of the Patent were passengers on the missing plane.

“Patent holders can alter the proceeds legally by passing wealth to their heirs. “However, they cannot do so until the Patent is approved. So when the plane went missing, the patent had not been approved.”

INTERESTING TO NOTE: Freescale’s shareholders include the Carlyle Group of private equity investors whose past advisers have included ex-US president George Bush Sr and former British Prime Minister John Major.

These were all people with a lot of experience and technical background – they were very importanT.

Carlyle’s previous heavyweight clients include the Saudi Binladin Group, the construction firm owned by the family of Osama bin Laden.

https:// www.express.co.uk/news/world/465557/Malaysian-plane-20-on-board-worked-for-ELECTRONIC-WARFARE-and-radar-defence-company

4e46b5 No.315710


Agreed. Soros hatred is a widespread affliction. And there is no cure.

3ffce7 No.315711

Did comey just signal the go order on [poTus]

bd68dc No.315714

File: 026d90128203152⋯.png (46.56 KB, 737x685, 737:685, Usual_Suspects_Fisa_Leaks_….PNG)

Updated list. FISA/Unmasking centric. Confirmed players only.

cf5467 No.315715

File: 1c751c0954cacff⋯.png (145.45 KB, 524x889, 524:889, text907.png)


here you go

c42e18 No.315716


Thank you - while I was working on it there was an error. Will fix right now. Thank you again.

d118cd No.315717


Have they been "brought to heel" then? Suggestion was they were comped.

b616e9 No.315718


Posted near end of last bread.

Please check it out if you want great news about our effectiveness.

59a0f3 No.315719


>look for anon posts


Anon is anon. I don't know how else to phrase it. Are the words in anon's post true or are they false? Anyone who doesn't understand this should lurk moar. Elevating the status of a post because of the time it was posted is a stone's throw away from namefagging. A post is measured by its content.

da4128 No.315720

File: 3c51f6138b6af87⋯.png (576.33 KB, 1351x461, 1351:461, standup2.png)







95702e No.315721

File: 812450f82d10d33⋯.png (871.31 KB, 1381x777, 1381:777, RighteousBread19 copy.png)


Righteous bread, Baker

a47a57 No.315722


Has Q ever referred to SS as USSS before?

e8a816 No.315723

File: 8ebb6ef2e6a799b⋯.png (7.66 MB, 3000x2625, 8:7, ClipboardImage.png)

Have a look at U1, again from The Epoch Times.

c99b1d No.315724

f2bff4 No.315725



Tweet was from early December.

00617c No.315726


No just that one

f52215 No.315727

My hopes for moving are done. Lost a ton in my 401k . I have a great financial investor. I believe in my POTUS and Q but my life just took a dive. Two in college. Sorry but that's my reality. Can I sue the cabal???

585f59 No.315728



d0e07a No.315729

File: bb96265c8e6eedb⋯.jpg (287.08 KB, 1365x2048, 1365:2048, PIZZA.JPG)

c488ba No.315731

File: fd810f247ce3df1⋯.jpeg (984.55 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 892F9EE1-2B72-4C89-80A4-8….jpeg)

Rumor going around this is who was arrested in SHANGHAI,

just a rumor for now, not saying it’s true or false. Just putting it on the board.

c6a308 No.315732


Exactly. People aren't buying his 'hey, I'm a philanthropist' bullshit any longer.

4e46b5 No.315733


How do we know that shadow ban checking site is legit? Seems like a great way to collect twatter handles for shadow banning, ya know?

b616e9 No.315735



a47a57 No.315737


Thought so. Then maybe the meaning applies to money. Not people.

6f410d No.315738


Hit could have been ordered in December but thwarted…

d90694 No.315739



Supporting evidence on Hillary knowingly skirting state department servers for this post


"What i did do was have a personal computer that was hooked up to a private phone line (sounds ancient) So I could communicate with a wide range of friends directly without it going through State Department servers. I even used it to do business withsome foreign leaders and some of the senior folks in the Department on their personal email accounts....However there is a real danger. If it is public that youhavea Blackberry and it it government and you are using it, government or not, to do business, it may become an official record and subject to the law...I got around it all by not saying much and not using systems that captured the data" -Powell

614138 No.315740

back to my research thread.

098295 No.315741



I am sorry to hear this anon… beyond those that are specifically targeted there are also those that are more sensitive to these signals naturally who are made sick and have no idea what is causing it.. That these chips are starting to pop up everywhere is terrifying because in the past the radio noise environment has been low power and low frequency, but now we are getting to the point where we are flooded with a variety of multi-Ghz signals 24/7. And very soon they will be putting miniaturized phased array antennas in these devices giving them the capability to direct beams of energy in specific directions which is even more terrifying. The leadership of the FCC will be VERY important in the years to come not just for this issue but internet rights issues as well.

b616e9 No.315742


Good question, have no info to answer.

c99b1d No.315743


wasn't arrest,was a hit job

95702e No.315744


That could be [T]rey Gowdy in the kill box.

f2bff4 No.315746






Literary fag anons said at time of December tweet that is way you properly denote quote that comes from larger quote.

IDK, Internet writing and tweeting doesn’t do that but they were able to show examples…

db19d6 No.315748


[] killbox?

491576 No.315749


The vatican could eradicate world poverty with just a fraction of last years profits. Think about that before praising the Catholic Church.

d556a5 No.315750


Oh, there is ONE cure………..

943c83 No.315751


For Dems, this is a threat! They cannot give in and they will not. No DACA means no illegal vote. Illegals vote many, many times. Deport one illegal and maybe you've lost 10 votes.

23d994 No.315753


Welcome aboard, bakers have a hard job, damn guys want to sleep sometimes, and they complain they don't get paid enough, just kidding, the bakers even the emergency ones are true heroes, for me the top of the bread is so important, I can see what happened overnight, it use to be easy a couple months ago maybe 2-3 breads, now it's tons with all the newbies and shills.

We all contribute, young guys thinking "Where are the bodies are buried" means real bodies, we guide them to what the phrase means and vs versa. Just keep thick skin, we try to keep out the riff raff.

5a188f No.315754



Q has used USSS a number of times. About 8 times if I'm reading search results correctly.

c42e18 No.315756


Not discounting the facts or impugning your character, but

>http:// yournewswire.com

is not a reliable source. Just FYI going into the future.




Thank you for keeping these up and keeping them organized. Really appreciate it.


Wow, that's great - times really are changing. Mothers are some of the most important people in the world… besides fathers!

And without taking up another post in the thread -THANK YOU BV, I'm sure your job is tiring, but we really appreciate it.

998326 No.315757


Referred to 8 times

92678a No.315758


Seems like it no?

da4128 No.315759


Have Faith. It will come back.

2018 will be Glorious!

a47a57 No.315763


Ok. I just didn’t see those in reference to secret service when those were dropped.

998326 No.315765



Good to see another anon using resources.

Thank you anon.

f3081e No.315766

File: 11a1c0b9dff4dcc⋯.jpg (264.76 KB, 923x865, 923:865, SHADOWBAN TESTER.jpg)

File: b88d5b54a190be4⋯.jpg (278.41 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, Treason-ObamaGate.jpg)

pls see


great news and shadow ban tester

afb277 No.315767

Two more step down!

https:// truepundit.com/draining-swamp-two-officials-cited-fbi-texts-step/

41dcfc No.315770

File: 5640c2689bea0bf⋯.jpeg (80.47 KB, 800x638, 400:319, download.jpeg)

Bless The Baker and All The Patriots! Anons that are talking about the USSS. The other day I was at a BBQ joint in the NorVa area and saw a patch referring to this USSS team. For some reason the first thing that came to mind was will sessions drop the hammer? Any body got info on them?

0ecee5 No.315771

Where do we even start with redpilling on the cancer and cancer research stuff? What is the soft disclosure that needs to come before that?

2d6a9d No.315772


Olympics. Anyone there?

f52215 No.315773


Thank you. Thank Q for all we have been given in the big picture. I'm just feeling sorry for myself and my kids. This too shall pass. Back to research. Ty again.

6feae7 No.315774


He has nothing else to do now, so probably lurks in here.

c10b28 No.315776



fbcd36 No.315778


Im quite certin my case is not mere chance occurrence of accidentally getting in the way of these frequencies. This has been set out since childhood, 31 now. But do you know why they specifically target certain people? Especially for so long?

d0b37f No.315779

File: 7b6ef3c32555a74⋯.jpg (100.7 KB, 651x369, 217:123, caskets parade.jpg)

File: e5a823b438b9292⋯.jpg (106.17 KB, 695x500, 139:100, Walking parade.jpg)

File: 2c4f2f32c0a2148⋯.jpg (102.82 KB, 706x500, 353:250, Band Parade.jpg)

File: a543eb10d10b14c⋯.jpg (102.45 KB, 666x500, 333:250, Marching Parade.jpg)

More Patriot Parade Memes…

0ecee5 No.315781


Pence is there.

d658c0 No.315782


It was not a hit job

5b2166 No.315783

File: a7c77592f20457c⋯.jpg (59.77 KB, 496x538, 248:269, ClintonWalnutSauce.JPG)

File: 5e484864001f88b⋯.jpg (28.48 KB, 702x218, 351:109, NKGiustraII.JPG)

File: 282a360e9367dfe⋯.jpg (47.44 KB, 1393x523, 1393:523, NKLithium.JPG)

File: 1c9ad2cf860ccf2⋯.jpg (104.79 KB, 782x539, 782:539, Poison Dwarf.JPG)

943c83 No.315786

Dilley Dilley! (New alt intel from Brenden Dilley, hot off the presses.)






824825 No.315787


I got screwed too by the stock market. My employment never offered pensions and all folks like me have are 401Ks and IRAs. Being retired for several years I am starting to think dog food and crackers are going on the menu soon. What I hate is that the companies I worked for used to have pensions but told us that pensions were bad for the employees and that they converted to 401Ks to help the employees. Fucking bastards are fucking us now unless the market goes back up quick for those of us that are already retired.

4e46b5 No.315789


Those are good. They work better without the #Patriots tag.

23d994 No.315790


Its not about disagreeing, we agree, Islam is the scourge of the earth right? We helped SA take out the bad prince which was funding the bad Islam around the world, remember Trump doing the sword dance? They do that before they go to war, did they do that with Barry? Did Barry dine in the forbidden city in China?

BHO, HRC et al were all paid by the bad prince, VJ was put in as the muslim handler for BHO, HA another muslim with her mom connected to the brotherhood.

So it's been covered for a couple months since SA took out the bad prince so you're asking for what already happened.

Do you see the point now?

c10b28 No.315791


http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5370247/Oxfam-aid-workers-accused-using-prostitutes-Haiti.html

Oxfam 'covered up' sex parties 'like a Caligula orgy' where charity workers cavorted with young prostitutes who may even have been under-age in earthquake-hit Haiti

Oxfam workers were accused of paying Haiti earthquake survivors for sex

Three senior Oxfam employees were allowed to resign and four were sacked

Internal investigation found some workers had used prostitutes in the region

Ex-director in the country was also accused of inviting prostitutes to his flat

todays news…. :(

5b3192 No.315792

File: b970970fe92ed1a⋯.jpg (168.45 KB, 1354x1057, 1354:1057, IMG_20180209_102410.jpg)


0f8178 No.315793


>>the 174 guy

>If this doesn't let you know it's a completely unreliable methodology, I don't know what will.

yeah, i refrained from commenting original post but laughed pretty hard. HelperDeltaExtrapolationSystem so vague/dumb its used to point to the shilliest, dumbest, obliviousest spammer we've seen yet. Ouch.

Just another daily example of why this "system" is cleverly marketed but ultimately garbage/distraction/time+attention vortex for no serious gains.

Anons simply going through breads picking out notable posts are way more useful. Simple.

5a188f No.315794


Maybe have another look.

491576 No.315795


I'd start gently with youtube videos. There are loads using hash oil to cure skin cancer etc.. It's enough to set off a spark in their heads usually.

2d6a9d No.315797


Doubt anyone would take out Pence as a 1st Target

a47a57 No.315798


Sorry my bad

6d0910 No.315799

Keep the pressure on anons.

Yard Arm These PEDO Tyrants!!!

87d1bd No.315800

File: b40cbcda0c5dcea⋯.jpeg (169.63 KB, 886x1011, 886:1011, moneyPolitics.jpeg)

File: f2cf6157fad4f1a⋯.jpg (149.56 KB, 857x291, 857:291, hillyBillyMelania.jpg)


I love this guy


here's one suggested by this anon




>pic related

and more good posts





525084 No.315801


You shouldn't be in the volatile stocks if you are retired, otherwise you need to take the bad with the good Anon. Sorry about your luck, it will come back in a year, it's still much higher than last year at this time.

938ab0 No.315803


effective stirring up of the Democratic remainders-

just hope it isn't another "Magic minute" talk in the creating…

0ecee5 No.315805


I feel bad. POTUS is such a boss I kind of forget about Pence sometimes.

c99b1d No.315808



spaceX was fake!!!!!!!!!

EM is @cia asset


d556a5 No.315809


I wouldn't feel bad for him. He's gotta have one of the easiest jobs ever. No one ever bothers him.

7a1185 No.315810

File: e191dce97f81fad⋯.jpg (45.17 KB, 500x522, 250:261, DVl6wk8UMAcpl6P.jpg)

48a4fe No.315811


Mycoplasma - The Linking Pathogen in Neurosystemic Diseases

Several strains of mycoplasma have been "engineered" to become more dangerous. They are now being blamed for AIDS, cancer, CFS, MS, CJD and other neurosystemic diseases.

http:// morgellonsgroup.proboards.com/thread/4555/common-mycoplasmas-weaponized-pathogenic-deadly?page=1#ixzz55zKGr8CH

fd70f8 No.315812


Reverse the order there and you could tag that Beauty and The Beast. Great infograph

23792f No.315813


They buy military secrets and technology and then sell off the company when they have all the data.

2f6d74 No.315814

File: 2c0bd84243785d6⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1180x473, 1180:473, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fc69aef887a0ef8⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1098x720, 61:40, ClipboardImage.png)

8133e2 No.315815


Nice summary.

5f8427 No.315816

File: 970422be0a74351⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1093x840, 1093:840, screenshot_1020.png)

Comet Ping Pong swag shop….

https:// www.cometpingpong.com/shop/

5a188f No.315817


Likewise Anon.

"If you teach a man to fish…"

7a1185 No.315818

File: e5658cad5dd8f86⋯.jpg (14.03 KB, 300x300, 1:1, DVkYzwiU0AEDZUU.jpg)

5f8427 No.315819


no way would I be caught dead wearing that around town….

6eb50d No.315822


Where the hell do these people come from?

13e29a No.315823


Outstanding work anon, keep 'em coming

7a1185 No.315824

File: 290381ab6c85bfa⋯.jpg (275.58 KB, 1200x817, 1200:817, DVkY0i4U8AEWvMK.jpg)

824825 No.315825


"This study will make you think twice about stepping outside for a breath of fresh air. A team of scientists from around the world confirmed millions of viruses rising into the atmosphere, traveling — sometimes for thousands of miles — and falling back down to the surface.

The study, carried out by researchers from the U.S., Canada, and Spain, is the first of its kind to confirm viruses are being swept up into the free toposphere — the layer of atmosphere between the area where Earth’s weather systems develop — and below the stratosphere, where airplanes fly."


1512bf No.315826


There are some legit cancer research and groups curing people with using a technique that involves strengthening the persons own immune system to fight and cure it. One such group is out of NC called the Levine Cancer Institute (Promising immunotherapy treatments that activate your own immune system to attack your cancer cells). They have had 95% success rate in type 4 melanoma, breast cancers, lung cancers, or anything that has a tumor related infestation. Not many are aware of this…and as an aside, it goes to reinforceing and maintaining a healthy immune system naturally to avoid these type of cancers in the first place.

5f8427 No.315827


Haha look at Sanders KEk

95422b No.315828

File: 5af7c9747dbd95f⋯.jpeg (440.27 KB, 1242x737, 1242:737, A88B33D4-F069-4F6D-B89D-5….jpeg)

File: 8a223771cf0e42f⋯.jpeg (969.6 KB, 1242x1841, 1242:1841, C44AF9B9-0167-4C09-8BEC-6….jpeg)

Another Dem OUT!

f0878d No.315829


Yep 10 hours and a rubber hose followed by a rope.

efd916 No.315830


I've considered adding an auto filter to the my user-js to shade posts that use the parenthesis like that.

fb73bb No.315831

Is there a Dilley thread somewhere?

0ecee5 No.315833

Chaffetz just said POTUS should fire Sessions bc he's worthless.

Shut up man!!

fd70f8 No.315834


Echinacea - flower, grow it yourself ,make a tea

87d1bd No.315835


I noticed that in the bread changes something got left out,


>>283537 rt >>283468

>*BUILD Anton Scalia 187 TIMELINE

>Updates: >>285423 , >>285771 , >>286339 , >>287019 , >>286912 , >>293445 , >>293448

>Latest : >>284904

not sure if you'd noticed

2dee84 No.315837


that's how it works in most countries (except deceased people, decesased people always vote everywhere… no kidding)

1d71d2 No.315838


>What a coincidence.

>Re_read recent drop re: U1/informant.

>Why did we re-focus energy on this when out of the news cycle?

>Critical thinking.


U1 story is the key. Uranium.

My bet is that the uranium (majority) went to NK. Possibly via Iran. The two rogue states Iran&NK has been buddies in the past.


My bet:

1) SAP programs in Hillary's email, contained super secret military nuclear secrets.

2) Hillary & Obama + others have been selling US nuclear secrets to NK & other highest bidders. Saudi?

3) U1 informant can reveal a lot of internal dealings of the uranium trade. Who are involved and where the U was supposed to go.

4) Because it is now time to go after those people it is time to re-focus on this out of news cycle.

daf721 No.315841


>Re-reading Q drops. I think USSS is on alert for dangers to past presidents not Trump.

Or on "high alert" for being ready to take their charges into custody for detainment.

So I hope.

491576 No.315842


Yup.. Just hit Alt-F4 to get there.

0ecee5 No.315843


I got to believe finding confirmation of the corruption in the 'walk for the cure' groups is going to be difficult to find.

It's one of those things where I know how they are shuffling money but I can't prove it.

a6dd7e No.315844


(((comey))) better not be threatening our dear President! Please brothers and sisters pray daily for POTUS and his family. GOD is in control not (((them)))

31d72c No.315845



3ffce7 No.315846

Did anyone find anything from the 4Danon whos running the Q Game?

6de33c No.315847


He's just going by what the public sees.

0ecee5 No.315849


He sounds like a gossiping hen on this Fox show.

943c83 No.315850


If old patterns hold, it will come back in days, not within a year.

491576 No.315851

File: b010bf2a72dc925⋯.jpg (136.81 KB, 474x469, 474:469, u1october.jpg)

File: fea5bff09e4e615⋯.jpg (121.41 KB, 474x474, 1:1, u1worstof.jpg)

File: 61ae2eea325f664⋯.jpg (260.79 KB, 600x600, 1:1, u1bloodredsky.jpg)

File: 8e803287bf4556d⋯.jpg (454.12 KB, 700x697, 700:697, u1war.jpg)

87d1bd No.315852


never mind, my mistake I found

>>314348 Justice Antonin Scalia task complete ← Someone find a place to archive please.

31d72c No.315853


PDAnon 2/12 coming out today?

6de33c No.315854


Who? What?

4e46b5 No.315855


How about "Emotion … Logic's Retarded Cousin" but still featuring Pelosi, Schiff, Booker, Maxine and similar emotional Dems. I have a "feeling" that might be effective.

fe6639 No.315856

"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists."

JF Hoover

Post last edited at

3d7947 No.315858

File: 3900a276eb05aa9⋯.png (149.63 KB, 984x1423, 984:1423, bigtimeline.png)

Made a new timeline chart.


I took that info and made this. Maybe it helps.

1413f2 No.315859


Get rid of the name and email.

87d1bd No.315860



9a46a8 No.315861


quit namefagging

614138 No.315862

Well I did my 40,000 ft stuff :)

65ddbb No.315863


yep, nk through proxies. what a year it's going to be.

491576 No.315864


Now the CIA know who you are!! Remove your name ffs! This is and must remain anonymous!

3ffce7 No.315865


Theres an anon who posts exactly what we need around multi Potus tweets.. Like how to apply for the film of the SOTU

95702e No.315866


Yup! I baked it that way back in #386. Glad you're paying attention, anon. We need more eyes like yours. Bakers need all the help they can get. God bless, Patriot.

f2bff4 No.315867




4e46b5 No.315868


Very nice.

27e5f4 No.315870

File: c0aa2a76a37da89⋯.png (854.27 KB, 671x531, 671:531, ClipboardImage.png)

ee4cca No.315871


Alternate Intel boards

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/315255.html

9a46a8 No.315872


Whats the wetworks email?

96ad68 No.315873


Hoyle and Vickramansinghe all over again

fa00b9 No.315874


Agreed. Back on /cbts/ there were usually 3 at a time, and they would weave a conversation between themselves, but they would only do it when the mods/shills/idiots would either go away or just plain shut up.

I havn't seen them do it at all since the switch to /thestorm/ I assume they got tired of being accused of shilling/sliding, and getting banned. There is a TON of info back there, if it wasn't deleted.

4bf1c0 No.315875

where can I get update on PDanon?

3ffce7 No.315876

Email filled out.. Inspirational quote = Glowing Nigger.. Hi Comey glad you came to play..

491576 No.315877


Search wikileaks podesta emails to get up to speed.

5319ff No.315878

Natural Doctors are dying because they are teaching Ancient Knowledge of herbs, roots, plants, honey etc to HEAL the body.

Native Americans knew/know. Why do you think governemnts have been participating in a 8 generational cultural genocide of them.

0ecee5 No.315879



c05d2f No.315880

>>315743 Sauce?

87d1bd No.315881

File: 87f83c6c1a7bc81⋯.png (244.23 KB, 500x378, 250:189, daleGribble3.png)

>>315866 (cheKeKed)

my humble pleasure.

I baked a bit yesterday and in my misguided efforts to reduce the main header posts to a single page it seems they have expanded to 3.

I will not make a similar mistake again.

I very much like the redability of the current bread's header posts

1413f2 No.315882

Leaving out of Puerto Rico

12-3050 A3F7CA

USAF Special Operations Command MAGMA88

United States Military

Dornier C-146A Wolfhound D328

5319ff No.315883

Earth heals.

Why do you think they are destroying it.

It's all unnatural. THEY are unnatural.

5b2166 No.315884

File: 718a070f5f65101⋯.jpg (63.67 KB, 719x498, 719:498, CDC.JPG)

File: 9b04a5723f807f8⋯.jpg (77.98 KB, 736x478, 368:239, CDCOutbreak.JPG)

File: a5c7b17d54c2193⋯.jpg (184.23 KB, 977x493, 977:493, VenterMeme.jpg)


Invasive species, Berkely, Exxon, BP, Intel

Sorcerer II


BP Oil Spill

Chesapeake Bay

Fuel from algae (bacteria)

Synthetic Genomics

f0878d No.315885


Yes, also look at weaponized cell towers. Anyone notice how big they are now and service is no better…even worse.They can create EM bigly. And gov is involved in the towers.

7048ce No.315886

If you have twatter, please go report Bette Midler for violence against another.

Here's what she said:

Bette Midler‏Verified account


Follow Follow @BetteMidler


Where’s Rand Paul’s neighbor when we need him?

1413f2 No.315887


I guess your the one that convinced me to stop digging yesterday.

deaea2 No.315888


No shit, why else do you think Marijuana is ILLEGAL. It's fucked up.

1512bf No.315889

File: fc9b8f8650e0f6a⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1242x1841, 1242:1841, ClipboardImage.png)


People are traveling from all over the world to have this immunotherapy treatment. It's about taking an immune system too compromised to fight off a tumor and bringing it back up to speed. We are talking weeks in therapy to cure with what amounts to diagnoses that were considered terminal. It is in a sense holistic but in hyperdrive. Touting new and innovative medical solutions not on the radar screen now…that cure cancers once thought to far gone to cure is one way to approach the public.

https:/ /www.carolinashealthcare.org/campaigns/Cancer/Awareness-2018/morehope-ps?hcmacid=a0b1Y00000hbg6W&phonenumber=704-512-6618&gclid=EAIaIQobChMItcvum62Z2QIVlgOGCh0Zyga3EAAYASAAEgLemPD_BwE

0f8178 No.315890

File: adf20a6b3b5abd5⋯.jpg (88.24 KB, 888x499, 888:499, HEY.jpg)

3766b0 No.315891

File: f634f6b26029626⋯.png (176.75 KB, 624x512, 39:32, comeyforced.png)


A few changes to make -

* MCabe discovers new emails on Sept 28

* George Toscas (DOJ) finds out about emails (from NY?) on Oct 21

* Toscas/Comey letter to Congress reopening investigation on Oct 25th

* Comey reports nothing new found Nov 6th

fe6639 No.315892

"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists." JF Hoover

6de33c No.315893


There's no reason for that low a blow to the noob.

998326 No.315894


Bigger than you think.

Stop the wars…

Judgement Day?

We get to see the "inside"?

0765b4 No.315896

Get out of here mom, it is just a bunch of virgin furfags that don't know what they are talking about.

Love Chelsea

62cbd8 No.315897


While it’s quite possible that “P” Q posted about was in reference to the “Pope”, the pope is simply a figure head, who is still under the control of the Rothschild family in conjunction with other lesser known families of power. The current Pope is an evil communist from Argentina with much blood on his hands, but he is still a mere human psychopath under the control of more power forces that are operating under a multigenerational plan to destroy humanity and transcend it with their own creation. The point is he alone is not in command and thus his removal would have little effect other than perhaps delaying their plans until they installed another compromised Pope.

5319ff No.315898


It's a inverted, inside out, backwards SYSTEM.

f2a548 No.315899


The dubs don't lie.

Macrophages. The defender Big Pharma hates.

c42e18 No.315901


Mycoplasma fermentens

Mycoplasma incognitus

are bioweapons

Everyone on the planet has some form of mycoplasma in them, but those two…. they are different.

87d1bd No.315902


> stop digging yesterday.

stop digging on what?

3ffce7 No.315903


Top KEK!!

3ce499 No.315904


Just saw that myself

5319ff No.315905

Good is Evil

Evil is Good


f0878d No.315907


Podesta email where they talk about wetowrks(mob word for murder) at the ranch(AS death) not being as fun as going to the farm(thought to be pedo kill fun for the EVIL). Look into the Podesta emails released by Wikileaks.

dfdb5d No.315908


The funny thing is he left out an important part of the quote:

"A sensitiveness to fair play and sportsmanship is perhaps the best protection against the abuse of power, and the citizen's safety lies in the prosecutor who tempers zeal with human kindness, who seeks truth and not victims, who serves the law and not factional purposes, and who approaches his task with humility."

https:// www.roberthjackson.org/speech-and-writing/the-federal-prosecutor/

Irony is completely lost on Comey.

943c83 No.315909

Shutdown over, for those who may not have heard. No more stop-gaps. Budget deal reached. Dems imploded.

https:// www.usatoday.com/story/news/2018/02/09/federal-government-reopen-after-house-passes-budget-deal/322535002/

0ecee5 No.315910


Are you going to get to researching then? Or are you the hall monitor?

1413f2 No.315911



It was 3 yesterday.

But no worries, I'm done digging, will just go back to planfagging.

5319ff No.315912

You forgot how to play.

3ffce7 No.315913


And If they are answering Q crumbs exactly right whats the fuggin issue?

95702e No.315915


Thanks so much. Yeah, that was me telling you "good luck" yesterday when you said you wanted to get it to one page.

Bearing that in mind, I condensed it greatly last bread. Two of the three posts above could probably be combined, but it doesn't give any room for growth.

b616e9 No.315916

943c83 No.315917


I think that's where true Democrats are born: the evil within them is seeded during their first experience as hall monitor.

dfdb5d No.315919


If I was a twatter, I'd hit him with.

"Of course you left out the part of Jackson's quote that talks about fair play and sportsmanship protecting against abuse of power. But of course you would."

74cbcf No.315920


from the last bread re: RED_RED_ 43 _FREEDOM Stringers (Think mirror)




87d1bd No.315921

File: 8d67bfda5155da4⋯.jpg (32.72 KB, 400x300, 4:3, fish.jpg)

>>315899 (cheKeKed)

>The dubs don't lie.


>Macrophages. The defender Big Pharma hates.

Macrophages, bacteriophages, viruphages all are self replicating medicines that big Pharma cannot profit from

just like





they'd rather extract and patent the active ingredient so they can monopolize the market and profit

5f6f29 No.315922


https:// www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2011/03/inside-the-secret-service/308390/

"North Star coordinated the counter-assault teams, the counter-sniper teams, and the hazardous-material teams—or “Hammer” squads—assigned to high-threat protectees."

8f2940 No.315923

Expanding my thinking. Strzok doesnt exist. Page doesnt exist. Steele doesnt exist.

Am I hot or cold?

7f0a2b No.315924

Trump proposes reduction of drug costs under Medicare

10 min ago

https:// apnews.com/7f2bfe8daa064229bd8f9628bd9a21dc/Trump-proposes-reduction-of-drug-costs-under-Medicare

41dcfc No.315925


Thanks Anon. Interesting for sure.

9a46a8 No.315926


TY anon.

I didnt understand what that word referred to.


5f8427 No.315927

File: cc4241af79cbe2f⋯.png (672.89 KB, 890x551, 890:551, screenshot_1021.png)

The guy in the white next to Jason Chaffetz doesn't know Nancy Pelosi is a billionaire….

0765b4 No.315928


>Macrophages, bacteriophages, viruphages

Of course you can buy Macrophages in Russia. No wonder they are the enemy.

0ecee5 No.315929


Steele exists. He has been a long time FBI informant. I'm pretty sure Strzok and Page exist, they just dont apparently exist on the internet.

48a4fe No.315930

when looking for >>315811

i also found this

>>https:// www.cbi.cnptia.embrapa.br/cgi-bin/SMS/STINGm/mostra_completo_1_hssp.cgi?2f3g

i dont understand dna so not sure if it is useful just thought it was odd that a link led there

dfdb5d No.315931


That is true stylistically, but that doesn't not mean it wasn't intentional.

3d7947 No.315932


What year? 2016 for all those?

87d1bd No.315933


>room for growth.

ya, nothing like trying to post a header post and finding out


all while the bread is consumed and post 751 looms ever quicker

1d71d2 No.315934


big pharma is just a milking tool for global cabal owning most international corporations. everyone benefits, except the tax payers.

state takes debt from banks -> gov gives money to big pharma -> global billionaires. tax payers left holding the debt

7a1185 No.315935

File: 8b3d3c264523247⋯.jpg (69.53 KB, 960x960, 1:1, DVjSI4mVwAAh_XR.jpg)

fb73bb No.315936

>>315842 Mobile presently, or wouldn’t trouble you.



Thank you anons!

c97f24 No.315937


Trump on [].

48a4fe No.315939

bed5e4 No.315940


These memes look pro Hillary, anti Trump tbh

5319ff No.315941

File: f6a8e6d30377732⋯.jpg (21.5 KB, 1394x842, 697:421, vlash.jpg)

0765b4 No.315942


Make more Nancy Pelosi memes and less Hillary memes. The left have given up on Hillary.

8133e2 No.315943


Interesting work here. Haven't had time to really explore it, but nicely laid out.

23d994 No.315944


This is a war, you really want 10,000 angry dems ruining your life?

5a188f No.315945



7a1185 No.315946

File: 7cfe629d23815d4⋯.jpg (56.92 KB, 600x399, 200:133, DViHEFFX4AMFYi7.jpg)

f0878d No.315947



Yes the human body has actual cannaboid receptors. Not chemical receptors. Why only cannaboid receptors. I wrote about Bradstreet(gcmaf and CBD treatments) 20

threads ago and posted this video about Amanda Mary who is in Belize continuing the fight.

https:// duckduckgo.com/?q=amanda+mary+and+bradstreet&t=hf&atb=v102-7_g&iax=videos&ia=videos&iai=bhFjmoL-jvs

Worth a listen if you want some background

998326 No.315948


Those poor maggots

1413f2 No.315949

Taking off from Raleigh now. Waiting to see which way it heads now.


Euro Aircraft Leasing Ltd 2AUER

United Kingdom Military

Cirrus Vision Jet SF50

3d7947 No.315950


Nevermind, I see the date is in your graphic.

f2bff4 No.315951


No doubt.

Just presenting stuff I remember to prevent a massive eureka pile on.

And to point out there have been prior discussions in case anyone wants to go looking.

Lots of stuff I thought was nothing has turned out to be something.

7a1185 No.315952

File: 976619d4fad3f3a⋯.jpg (74.57 KB, 666x500, 333:250, DVnIrQ_U0AAS4zP.jpg)

65ddbb No.315953


You are about to the point where things get Spiritual. Not easy to explain for most. Satan runs it, they all take orders. So people sayingthe Pope is a tool or pawn are right and the people who say the Pope is a power player are right. You can't piece this story together without understanding the spiritual world. Christians will be far more prepared to piece alot of this together. Many will come to God when they see what the other side is up to.

21b9b7 No.315954


It was a really good graphic, can you repost it?

5319ff No.315956


I speak your language. Full understanding.

Thanks for LINK! Knowledge is power.

7a1185 No.315957

File: 26604612f78970b⋯.jpg (50.71 KB, 464x433, 464:433, DVkZkmKU0AEhGFM.jpg)

87d1bd No.315958

>>315911 (cheKeKed)

I'm sorry if I discouraged you from digging,

Part of the beauty of this place is that you can find

a task that you like to do and still be useful

what is amazing is how all this unorganized chaos

seems to produce good results

we've all heard about the million monkeys banging

away on typewriters will produce Shakespear…

I wonder if this isn't something similar with a built in filter

so that only the best stuff gets out

5f6f29 No.315959


Clever bunch, aren't they.

Not a job I'm designed for.

dfdb5d No.315960


Premium stuff anon!

943c83 No.315961

How many people would even BE in China to be arrested?

How many people would they send an entire military team to arrest?

How many people would they arrest then refuse to reveal the name?


e0f3bb No.315962


if you have twat reply [C]omey

f2a548 No.315964


That's one for the normies..

Trump's shit on for over a year by people who KNEW he is clean.

I've told people irl exchanges time and time again: If trump had anything, ANYTHING on him, it would have most certainly come out waaay before Nov 8, 2016…

And the fact that he was surveilled ot the extent that he was.. And still comes up clean speaks volumes.

About everyone involved, not just him.

fde058 No.315965

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Crurq4ZmAUU

Don't watch this

3ffce7 No.315966


They wont release the info til they get everything they can from them.. Dont u know how cops work

f0878d No.315967


BTW she is in Belize now. She would be dead otherwise. If in US or GB she would be double tapped back of head suicided.

198fd9 No.315969


>hall monitor

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

87d1bd No.315970

File: 62fd38050a467d5⋯.png (166.16 KB, 473x295, 473:295, pelosiFillibuster.png)

File: 636acbcc460283f⋯.jpg (111.71 KB, 960x776, 120:97, pelosiStage4TDS.jpg)

File: 72e6d9546b45cfb⋯.jpg (165.24 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, pelosiSOTU.jpg)

File: 1a218c03ae476ce⋯.png (269.04 KB, 728x424, 91:53, pelosiAlzheimer.png)

5f8427 No.315971

File: 27a6142e3f3086f⋯.png (247.29 KB, 1061x741, 1061:741, screenshot_1023.png)

Nancy Pelosi –– with an estimated net worth of $43,412,516 in 2016

https:// www.opensecrets.org/personal-finances/net-worth/Nancy-Pelosi?cid=N00007360&year=2016

3d7947 No.315972

File: df7675f808c45b2⋯.png (161.82 KB, 984x1544, 123:193, bigtimeline2.png)


Here ya go.

7a1185 No.315973

File: 28f73b7e3a38747⋯.jpg (216.17 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, DVjiJBRVwAAarJw.jpg)

ff9133 No.315974



https:// www.google.com/search?q=nancy+pelosi+memes&rlz=1C1CHBD_enUS775US775&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjt19L4spnZAhVJS6wKHZ7sC_IQsAQIJQ&biw=1344&bih=736&dpr=1.25 Easy Link for great memes

dfdb5d No.315975


Not sure it's possible to get any colder.

943c83 No.315976


Just applying common sense and narrowing down the possibilities.

6f410d No.315977


Yes we have cannabinoid receptors…but we have many other chemical receptors as well.

41dcfc No.315978

5319ff No.315979


No doubt. Natural Paths and CBD (supporters) are dropping like flies.

6f410d No.315980

File: 80206cbf6667ad8⋯.jpg (152.25 KB, 736x630, 368:315, unnamed.jpg)

3ffce7 No.315981


Its Mad Dogs Military .. There is no such thing as excessive winning.. Get the joerb done by any means necessary

f0878d No.315982


Stand corrected should have prefaced with man made chemicals, Thanks Anon!

943c83 No.315984


Go get yourself some global warming because you are in desperate need of it.

dfdb5d No.315986


All good. I didn't realize it was an old twat. May have to go back and re-read Q drops now that it appears Q uses [] to denote "killbox." What other names, etc., has he placed in killbox brackets?

49dcca No.315987


Is this real???

bed5e4 No.315988


The [T] is just show that he changed the lowercase to uppercase from the original quote. It could have other significance, but I doubt it.

c10b28 No.315989


Theres a bar where i live thats about 100 feet from a brand new cell tower but inside the var there is no service. Turns out its a clown hangout and they scramble the signals forcing you to use their free wifi or go outside to use the phone. Its just a local dive bar. You would never guess. But if you go there often enough you notice (((them)))


27b285 No.315990

File: f1ac50cc62b70d5⋯.jpg (52.27 KB, 500x375, 4:3, boss-leader-slaves.jpg)

File: 27103a6f583894f⋯.jpg (70.67 KB, 500x500, 1:1, CxAaAlZVQAAB0OK.jpg)

File: 7b8c18e7c6bcf1d⋯.jpg (35.08 KB, 804x402, 2:1, FrankZappa.jpg)

File: 72913b99fdcd941⋯.jpg (71.96 KB, 525x512, 525:512, hahadumbingdown.jpg)

File: ac86c3e3f222105⋯.jpg (79.89 KB, 560x843, 560:843, wordshurt.jpg)

826ba6 No.315991


Let’s not pretend that this is all going to get fixed with the click of fingers. The Nuremberg trials took a year for just 22 criminals. Patience

943c83 No.315992


Ever seen Kelly's Heroes? "I don't think I'm gettin' THROUGH to you, Mulligan!"


1413f2 No.315993


It's all a dream, go back to sleep.

0f1b5e No.315994


May be one of the biggest stories in history the way anons have opened our eyes the past day.

Note, if you find a story on yournewswire, find another source before posting. They run a lot of bogus stuff and cannot be used as a source.

2e8b6d No.315995

not sure if anyone thought this out loud - USSS protects all high level gov officials. what if someone on the left took out HRC and made it look like a crazed right-winger? that would solve 2 problems with one narrative distracting event.

65ddbb No.315996


They also need to understand how ThinThread works. Binney created a well oiled algorhythm that builds association trees through digital data streams and old data farming resources. The longer these people stay in play the bigger the tree gets and the complete the destruction of their corrupt system. I'm as impatient as all of you but I've seen enough from the Q team to trust their judgment in regards to ensuring we have all of these bastard dead to rights legally before we make a move that would put a stop to our ability to continue to build and fill the tree.

0765b4 No.315997


Note top news articles to find current narrative

Make memes based on "pro" articles

Should be friendly meme with shocking true fact


f0878d No.315998


Yeah its crazy and evidently they have unbelievable unneeded electrical load,

7f0a2b No.315999

The resistance gets rolled

The budget debate shows that the activist left lacks the kind of pull with Democrats that tea partiers once enjoyed with Republicans.

https:// www.politico.com/story/2018/02/09/government-budget-left-activists-400981

3 hours ago

"Some Democrats and activists said one reason the left under Trump may never get as aggressive as the tea party under Obama is a basic difference in DNA. Conservatives are fundamentally suspicious of government; liberals have a more favorable view. Even as they held out to trigger a shutdown last month, Democrats kept pressing for shorter-term spending votes to keep the government running."

b8c2a9 No.316000


The Corruption is so deep, one reason it is taking so long bc they can't get convictions from corruption courts ….. got to replace all the judges.

3ffce7 No.316001


Apologies anon.. I would like to know too .. Was just stating the rules of engagement have changed for the better

fde058 No.316002

3dded3 No.316003

Get ready for the dem memo, we have everything we need to counter

d71945 No.316004

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


She picked up the mic and started chanting "FLY EAGLES FLY" and was shut down

“Everybody, this is not the pilot speaking. This is Jennifer Lawrence,” the star said over the loudspeaker. She continued, asking the entire plane to chant “Fly Eagles Fly,” in support of the Philadelphia Eagles ahead of the Super Bowl.




51bc87 No.316005


Great graphic, Anon, thanks for posting!

14bce1 No.316006

7048ce No.316007


Yep it's all about the judiciary at this point. So corrupt throughout the country

f2ee32 No.316008


Hit her with memes instead

73d122 No.316009


There’s a question whether one or more is really a drop box cut out to mask clownz involvement in an inter-agency effort to topple POTUS.

6a9932 No.316010


how do we know which Q tasks are still needed finishing also, when we do think we've uncovered how do respond with the info. Just to an anon?? which we all are so I'm not sure??? I've let things slide not knowing and most the time I get to the page reading tasks, clues, etc. a new page has started. can we still answer other anons on the new page so long as we have the 'post number'

)How many doctors/researchers in past 5 years = 80+ Holistic doctors killed

bab4d1 No.316011

I'm starting to sleep less everyday knowing that these pedophile traitor scumbags are still galavanting about on there mansions

Tick tock indeed these people may die before just is served

198fd9 No.316012


The Nuremberg trials were strictly for show. All the Nazis went to the U.S. anyway and became NASA and the CIA.

a9f2c4 No.316013

File: 3245cce33cd91e0⋯.jpeg (188.11 KB, 1240x690, 124:69, FE04A229-3925-42B2-9FFD-6….jpeg)

d16f59 No.316014


>being this new

Muh filter sage this (((faggot))) back to plebbit boomer

bcd6de No.316015

I've seen people talk about how to redpill their families without causing too much havoc and cognitive dissonance.

I think I just found something amazing.

A perfect soft redpill that explains in lamens terms what is going on without giving away too much at first.

All this done by a 13 year old Canadian girl. Fucking hero that kid. Brave af.

Please share with your families.

I'm sure it will help them understand and touch them.

https:// youtu.be/qwsLWtGsXGM

7bbef7 No.316016

another transport train crash … again,,,

1512bf No.316017

File: e65f9a35b4837c5⋯.jpg (236.67 KB, 2048x1392, 128:87, dr james bradstreet.jpg)


Take a doctor like this one and his successful research into GcMAF and using it to achieve recovery's from diagnoses like autism. How he died under suspicious circumstances threatening the pharma syndicate: Thrive Movement, seemed to suggest that the death of Dr. Bradstreet was related to his work surrounding autism and vaccines, as well as GcMAF as a cure for cancer and other diseases. Before his death, Bradstreet’s research facility had been raided by U.S. government agents to shut down his research and halt his treatment of patients. The warrant that describes the items to be seized allegedly indicates a motive to protect pharmaceutical dominance and suppress natural cures, allowing for the removal of all records associated with “Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor (GcMAF)”. The real question here seems to be why they raided an office that is still practicing today without restriction.

The families of many of these doctors and naturopathic practitioners believe that they were killed for promoting controversial therapies, such as GCMaF as a potential cure for cancer.

GcMAF immunotherapy success

Dr. Jeff Bradstreet presented findings of treating more than 11,000 patients with various chronic illnesses using GcMAF immunotherapy. He had an 85 percent success rate with 15 percent of patients seeing the full remission of their illness. Only 15 percent of individuals did not exhibit any response to the treatment.

https: //youtu.be/FZ5wog0oig0

2e80b0 No.316018


Thanks a mill Anon

2c00b4 No.316019

Just a thought. Dilley said it’s Superb. Superb owl. Any thoughts?

0f1b5e No.316020


Good post

-any new arrivals, please read.

Thanks to BV and baker for your service.

efd916 No.316021


Relax, I only considered it. I'll continue to enjoy your useful contributions to the board.

0f8178 No.316022

>>315992 >>316001

>[Last discussion on this subject].


yeknow, it's almost as if Q explained what happened there (and that he couldn't show/tell all), then told us politely not to ask anymore, and then FINALLY dived into a high-priority, deep subject that he warned us long ago we'd be getting into.

>Dec 4 2017 23:01:17 Q !ITPb.qbhqo

<Red Cross is corrupt and used as a piggy bank.

<Future topic.

<<Diseases created by families in power (pop control + pharma billions kb).

<Think AIDS.

<Future topic.




gee i almost wonder why anons are still digging KingTower

6328f6 No.316023


Foundation center has a tool to find 990 tax filings. Much is disclosed $ staff board and gifts

1a0f5c No.316024

File: 1e3a8bbea0c4e3d⋯.png (472.91 KB, 1358x2236, 679:1118, Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at ….png)

File: 457562c881e212e⋯.png (2.09 MB, 1252x2188, 313:547, Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at ….png)

File: 692d0a3fc28523f⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1844x1740, 461:435, Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at ….png)


Looks like thats outdated at least for the Commercial property ownership.

e0f3bb No.316025


You have so much more than you know.


Future proves past.

News unlocks map.









943c83 No.316026


K. I'm just saying the number of people who could have warranted the military team, the attendant planning behind the strike, and the subsequent silence could be counted on one hand. Whoever it is, we're going to be really happy about it.

7682df No.316027


Canada is getting what it deserves and Trump is not going to lift a finger to help you. You deserve it and worse.

There is only one way out. You have to stand up and say ENOUGH! and you have to do it publicly and in the streets and on the phone with your MP and form groups to spread the world. Only Canadians can have any impact on this.

Trump is irrelevant for Canadians.

73d122 No.316028


Do they serve fresh-caught blue crab there? On top of a hill by any chance?

f9aefc No.316029



Most of the Bernie Sanders supporters were awoken during the 2016 primaries and election. Which is a part of the reason why Hillary lost. Many of them refused to vote for that corrupt witch. They voted Trump, Green party, write in Bernie votes, and some libertarian, and some did not vote at all.

Bernie supporters were the ones talking about Seth Rich, right after his murder( they knew the dems did it) and knew about all the cheating and rigging of primaries. They were silenced on social media( facebook, google, twitter, banned,fb jail, etc) ( anyone speaking out against Hillary, was banned)

Many of them, will support the storm, and mass arrests of DEMS and other figures. ( especially with irrefutable solid evidence)

There are many issues,, that unite former Bernie supporters, Trump supporters, and Independents.

MSM turned up the anti Trump propaganda full tilt, after Hillary lost. Many are silent, because they were bullied into silence, by Hillary supporters, supported by msm( the fake news/ charade they put on, making it appear everyone hates Trump)

They have tried to paint anyone who supports trump as a racist, sexist, or saying they are stupid. So many people were afraid to speak up, afraid they would be attacked and shamed for supporting Trump.

That is changing, people are waking up, and more and more people, are no longer afraid to voice their support. Msm and those running social media, can see the changes occurring, and are fighting hard to contain it.

They just need to be reminded of how they were treated. The Dem primaries,( cheating and rigging) are a good reminder, to help wake people up. Bringing those issues up again( there are primaries and some state caucuses,that will be occurring next 2 months) Reminding people, that the dems are silencing their vote( picking who they want)

Have red pilled people go to dem caucus, and bring up super delegates, the rigging,the cheating, the crimes,, the subversion of the very core of American democracy, by stealing the voice of the people.

I think this would be a good way to red pill alot of people.

( some occurred during 2016,, heard alot of people were talking about Hillary's crimes,( very negative, truthful things), etc at many of the dem caucus events in many states) Which was why Bernie won those overwhelmingly,, because they could not cheat a caucus, like they could with primary( use of electronic voter machines)

We need to encourage red pill people to attend all caucus events( some states allow people with no party affiliation to participate)

5b2166 No.316030

File: 9d3a87271c8ddab⋯.jpg (55.96 KB, 609x530, 609:530, KJUHotel.JPG)

491576 No.316031


Yes you can carry on from previous breads using the post number.

3ffce7 No.316032


Completely agree . Can you imagine the shit show if you bagged Killary and Hussein on circumstantial evidence. Its the best dead man switch ever .. Instantly all sanctuary cities are rioting .. Chicago becomes a very cold Rio.. With a FUCKTON of immigrants unaccounted for with a cause and a huge ax to grind

fa00b9 No.316034


I won't, angry thickheaded cult of Q assholes that can't even operate a browser let alone code, have no business in front of my eyes.

00617c No.316035


It may lead to Roths at the end but who was arrested still not clear. Or you have any confirmation that he was arrested

e0f3bb No.316036


>Trump is irrelevant for Canadians.

yep , just let that huge land mass right beside you become a muslim nation . what could possibly go wrong .

f1a8ce No.316037

File: cfc147fbc51a83e⋯.jpeg (133.04 KB, 651x772, 651:772, 5547414F-1E06-497D-858F-E….jpeg)

Help. Woke up this morning really discouraged. George Bush on TV looking like he doesn’t have a care in the world. If 41020 seized their assets how does George Soros still have money to donate to the cabal cause. HRC is back to doing book tours ?? And I believe her ankle monitor is off ?? Wtf? So much talk and hope but so little action (THAT WE SEE) I know, I know, just wait. Family thinks I’m crazy won’t let me talk to them about vaccines anymore. Oh and I’m a medicalanon. Which makes it worse. EM still sending stuff into space that could potentially harm us, I know the cabal is not winning but it sure looks like it.

It’s true, the more you know the more screwed you are. I envy those walking around in complete bliss and ignorance. Just need a little encouragement to get back to baking

Btw, which ever memefag made this meme kudos!! So fkn funny!!!

614138 No.316038


You are at 30,000ft :) All is Spiritual. Time does not exsist to the divine. At the moment of the creation of a physical universe all was known like a tiled screen with all options. Our trials to us are all encompassing but to the divine old news.

943c83 No.316039


Good point. A lot of people are going to be looking for payback. It's just a matter of waking people up.

a03fea No.316040



3ffce7 No.316041


Very Yes .. Even better is we have streaming footage :)

65ddbb No.316042


yup. chess not checkers.

74cbcf No.316043


Ok, but, explain the Inquisition. Explain the evils that the Vatican continues to perpetuate. Explain the Israel's role in disrupting the middle east.

All religion is faulty. Even the scientific community houses evil bastards. Because, evil bastards are evil bastards, no matter what they adhere to or believe.

7bbef7 No.316044


Not true…. I'm Canadian and redpilling here …

We are organizing… but we don't have the infrastructure Trump is building///

75f3b6 No.316045

this is HUGE, youtube and fakex caught colluding in editing a live stream after the fact, in effect, changing history, this in not about FE or Globe, this is about we can not trust time dates and videos showing accurate history, as now youtube is allowing TPTB to change their mistakes after the fact keeping the date and time and original view count, this is HUGE catch!!!

as this isnt about Globe or FE now, this can be done on any video that they want to change history on… a old political speech, a live false flag fake news broadcast in the past changed to remove the flaws that show it was a fake with keeping the date and views as if it was never changed at a later date…

we can not do that, but TPTB can do that? and more importantly, they ARE doing that! they are now re-writing live stream history and they have been caught! this is HUGE! (maybe one day fakex will add land to the water planet in the future once they see that mistake also)

shortened explaination and visual of proof!

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3coVBn600I

here is the long version of the person that discovered it!

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=tauDPtdrAKw

d16f59 No.316046


Sorry lad. Get so tired of people trying to ‘correct’ the culture here. A lot of people here don’t respect the locals. There is a reason this corner of the internet has thrived for years. It isn’t because everytime somebody gets butthurt they run off and cry. It makes people stronger. Is it offensive? Maybe. But one must realize the chins ARE a containment board. Normies have 99.9% of the inter webs. Just leave us /our/ safespace

6e8e4d No.316047


Have you been to a dr or host lately? The first thing they ask you is—are you up to date with your vaccinations?

0f8178 No.316049



when replying to a post not in current thread, it's much appreciated to add a warning, like

>>300345 (other thread)

it's not mandatory or anything, not a ban issue, but helpful for anons, and a lifesaver for phonefagging anons

f0878d No.316050


Yes. Merck weaponized it after WW2. Weaponized LYME disease. They tested populations with it. Wonder what is coming out of planes on top of aluminum barium etc…. Mycoplasm evidently uses heavy metals to hide from natural defense. Yes these people are so EVIL it is frightening.

b64140 No.316051

I looked at Comey's twatter. No other brackets anywhere. []. After Q's decode of Comey's other twat…………you kidding me? Hit Order! >>315683

31d72c No.316052


This fake Eagles fandom thing is getting absurd.

36914b No.316053


this is a world wide fight, the good will flow out everywhere, not just u.s.a.

once this evil is taken out it will be world wide.

00617c No.316054


Not in my area. But they do ask at walgreens about flu shot, literally instead of greetings

dfdb5d No.316055


Think mirror?

+ (Soros) = [] (Killbox)

++ (Rothschilds) = IRON EAGLE

+++ (House of Saud) = RED OCTOBER


247b3e No.316056



Here's a tool to help


Names of their charities, private foundations, etc. Also personal financial disclosure statements (if they've made them), and other useful info.

Nonprofit Politics (tracking the connections between government and nonprofits)


NOTE: not necessarily comprehensive, e.g., doesn't list McCain's "Institute."

5f8427 No.316057

File: d3de54b46c582db⋯.png (653.51 KB, 862x489, 862:489, screenshot_1027.png)

File: 0ef835f73ac7552⋯.png (457.94 KB, 863x489, 863:489, screenshot_1028.png)

f0878d No.316058


Yes full on. Broken arm,,,muh vaccines

7bbef7 No.316059

bed5e4 No.316060


Couldn’t give Obama the big clown lips too? 🤡

3ffce7 No.316061


Its 2 months old

6fd5d4 No.316062


spread the videos from Sunday night

in Philly

where people were literally trashing the downtown

if it bugs you that much

614138 No.316063


if the divine did not want this to play out it would not even be an option.

65b472 No.316064


In a state of national emergency the borders are dissolved. Signed by Harper and bush after 9 elev

Well guess what?

Read the EO Trump just signed faggot

It's as relevant to you as a Canadian.

It's relevant to the whole world.

87d1bd No.316066

>>315811 (cheKeKed)



>Yes. Merck weaponized it after WW2. Weaponized LYME disease


0ecee5 No.316067

File: b517597ae18cbd1⋯.png (187.42 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180209-121342.png)

https:// www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/cea-report-reforming-biopharmaceutical-pricing-home-abroad/

e0f3bb No.316068


not sure , i like that guess though .

6a9932 No.316069


ummmmm respectfully I am Canadian and I have been fighting to wake my American brothers and sisters for over 2 years now dealt with the abuse from disbelievers and even if it did not spill over to Canada I would stand and fight with you all. It's a matter of principle not location. Will it hit Canada as badly as it had in the states, who knows but I do know I am ready to fight here using the knowledge gained in the fight to save the U.S.A.

b64140 No.316070

We just learned some of Q coms the other day……..[] = killbox. future proves past>>316051

95702e No.316071

File: 5762abe9a676b2e⋯.png (2.3 MB, 1981x777, 283:111, Beauty_and_the_Beast copy.png)



Here's my shot at it. I used an honest image of Hilldawg for it.

36914b No.316072

585f59 No.316073


I think it refers to USSS as United States Signals Intelligence, especially in light of the previous Q drop which contained "extreme chatter".

Panic in DC.

Leverage depleted - POTUS freed.

EXTREME chatter.


USSS "US Signals intelligence (SIGINT) is intelligence-gathering by interception of signals, whether communications between people (communications intelligence—abbreviated to COMINT) or from electronic signals not directly used in communication (electronic intelligence—abbreviated to ELINT). Signals intelligence is a subset of intelligence collection management.

As sensitive information is often encrypted, signals intelligence in turn involves the use of cryptanalysis to decipher the messages. Traffic analysis—the study of who is signaling whom and in what quantity—is also used to derive information".

It may have a double meaning as we have seen Q do and also refer to secret service secondarily.

f0878d No.316074


Trump will help Canada. The fucks doing the bad deeds are in almost every country.

a03fea No.316075




f7cd97 No.316076


Yep that one is MK Sad programming

f95faf No.316077


mirror = someone of same position or status

+ big

++ bigger

+++ biggest

7048ce No.316078


Doing both actually.

I'm on a mission and trying to get the word to others.

Remember what Q said:

"The loudest voices"

She is definitely one of the loudest and now inciting violence

65b472 No.316079


Q said the cure would be WW

5f8427 No.316080

File: adaab3ec127868f⋯.png (439.17 KB, 863x539, 863:539, screenshot_1030.png)

BIG PHARMA is now putting celebrities into their television commercials!!!

36914b No.316081


who is inciting violence?

943c83 No.316082


I agree … if I had to vote #1 meme ever, this would probably be it.

Appearances are deceiving. What you see on the public info channels is carefully crafted for public consumption. Look at past stuff that's gone down. WHAT WE ARE TOLD, THE BAD GUYS ARE TOLD AS WELL. This severely limits what we can be given. Most of what we're told is about unmasking the bad guys. Little to nothing about what's being done about it CAN be stated until after it's gone down. It's just a matter of shifting that paradigm to include what is absolutely necessary about running the show. Tell us and you've told the bad guys.

The most critical aspect of this is perhaps the least appreciated across the board: POTUS' #1 priority is to carefully condition some appreciable sized segment of the public prior to taking action that would otherwise send them into a tailspin. You cannot simply arrest BO publicly without first placing the public somewhere between accepting it and demanding it. If they have no real knowledge of what he has done, they will severely misinterpret the act.

This is the KEY to everything, and it's why POTUS has not yet suffered a notable defeat: he is patient and he does the proper preparation before springing into action. It can be frustrating for us on the outside. Every person here goes through it whether they say so or not. It's a roller coaster and nobody I'm aware of has figured out an effective way around that. Worst case, just bide your time, keep looking for info, events, happenings, be on top of them when they come out. Sometimes it's difficult to continue and that's just the way it goes for everybody. Most people go through what you're going through; they just don't express it because they're landed on by a bunch of thug buffoons who don't understand about true unity.

No difficult time you have ever been through in your life lasted forever. This is no different. It could change any hour, any day, and you'll be dancing in the street because … OMG … we won AGAIN!!!!

5a188f No.316083

File: 5007058374065d6⋯.png (958.39 KB, 1113x640, 1113:640, Bette.png)


>Where’s Rand Paul’s neighbor when we need him?

0f8178 No.316084


yup, not sure if shill tactic or idiotanons (probly both)…


-a normie hashtag exists (#FlyEaglesFly)

-LdR therefore can use it to send signals, because it has a normie purpose separate from her

-we do not know what combination of words/tweets makes the code, but obviously there's more to it than simply tweeting/stating (#FlyEaglesFly)

-normies/MSM continues to use the hashtag

-idiots get triggered by seeing it ANYWHERE.

it's a bit like the word "storm". Or the letter "Q".

They existed before all this, and still do.

614138 No.316085


failed divine experiments are known in the divinity process. Satan was not a fail IMO. It was free will teaching.

64a59c No.316086


As I mentioned earlier, I strongly suspect that the Q team, or related white hats, are in here from time to time to help us. I obviously don't know if the following are such, or whether they're simply particularly erudite Anons, but I'd like to draw your attention to two posts, in addition to the one I emphasized earlier. They are:

"▶Ignite the #GreatAwakening - Help create digestible Q-story Anonymous 01/15/18 (Mon) 01:43:20 72f3ff No.55333[Reply][Watch Thread][Show All Posts]>>244868 >>253453 >>256542 >>261209 >>261472 >>261575

Actionable thread RE: >>53668

Have you re-read Q’s crumbs Anon? It could make all the difference in telling the story to normies properly.

Q’s instructions from the beginning were to create graphics that tell the story of what’s happening, in order. That must be organized; disjointed memes and posts won’t cut it. The current book of Q is too long for normies. Let’s tell the story persuasively and concisely.

So what makes the cut? How to tell the story? All good stories start from the beginning. We know planning for this op started three years ago, and perhaps that’s when POTUS was approached by the Patriots. But Q did not appear until October, and likely that’s where the story should begin.

What does the template look like? Recommend leaving 40,000 ft view for people to discover towards the end. Suggested start:

Chapter one (SA)

1. Synopsis - Q appearance date, message from POTUS, takedown of Saudis connected to 9/11, prophecy of corruption takedowns in (1. SA, 2. US, 3. Asia, 4. EU)

2. Primary graphic - Martial law crumbs & important tweet from POTUS -> Saudi takedown

3. Secondary graphic - Hussein responds to Q crumb “go order”

4. Impact - Puppet taking over the hand, i.e. explain why Saudi crackdown was so huge

5. Conclusion - Q appears to be a legit insider, anons follow crumbs with outside research

Chapter 2 (Congress and CEO resignations)

1. Synopsis - Q leaves crumbs about prominent US figure corruption, and how some would be forced to resign for the betterment of the country.

2. Primary graphic - Q predicts Congress will vote Trump -> Tax Bill passes (contrast with John M previous behavior)

3. Secondary graphic - #FlyAlFly -> Al Frankenstein resignation

4. Impact - Implications of massive corruption cleanup on average person, tax savings they’ll now get

5. Conclusion - Further proves authenticity of Q, crumbs about Satanism/Haiti have more credibility

Chapter 3 Sealed Indictments

1. Synopsis - Q states HRC, John M, and many others targeted. Q asks if you can rely on boarding a plane to get away.

2. Primary graphic - Q post about HRC detainment, John M corruption -> HRC and John M ankle bracelets -> U1 unsealed indictment and how it will roll up to HRC

3. Secondary graphic - Can you rely on boarding a plane -> Unusual plane turnarounds with NDAs (use statistics)

4. Secondary graphic -> crumbs leading to Atlanta airport shutdown

5. Impact - Prepare yourself for the possibility of mass arrests and unsealing of indictments

6. Conclusion - Unsealed indictments coming. Trump “witch hunt” is actually going after the traitors and swamp is going down.

Chapter 4 - Patriots are in control

1. Synopsis - North Korea is run by an evil entity, but America and its allies are protected by US military

2. Primary graphic - SA shoot down of ballistic missile -> Q Hawaii crumbs -> Ballistic missile “warning”

3. Primary graphic -BDK fireworks false flag prevention and implications

4. Secondary graphic - Julian Assange crumbs -> POTUS confirming Q more obviously -> JA free and chess board

5. Conclusion - US military can shoot down ballistic missiles, and safe to dismantle global cabal.

Chapter 5 - We are at war with evil

1. Synopsis - Many global leaders, including US and MSM worship Satan

2. Primary graphics - Q crumbs -> Patriot anon corroborating research on AC, Podestas, etc i.e. Haiti, human trafficking, spirit cooking

3. Primary graphic - Who is Soros, why relevant, and what Q says will happen to him

4. Primary graphic - Who are the Rothschilds, why relevant, and the upcoming battle we can expect

5. Secondary graphic - who else Q has mentioned or alluded to, UK Queen, Vatican, why relevant from Anon research

6. Conclusion - Prepare for MSM scare tactics. Trust POTUS and US military, but anticipate corroborating evidence to drop. Prepare for military tribunals and executions.

Is this the right story to tell? Create side-by-side graphics and help tell the story in order if you agree."


https:// media.8ch.net/file_store/ff6312251cef777d5d199f2a1f116424f547095b8b3b77f1287955b91734775a.jpg

I'd like to hear your thoughts.

21b9b7 No.316087


"Mike Kortan, FBI assistant director for public affairs, is set to retire next week, an FBI spokeswoman confirmed. In addition, the chief of the Justice Department’s Counterintelligence and Export Control Section, David Laufman, resigned this week, a department spokesman said."

Laufman and Strzok conducted the Clinton email interviews together.

36914b No.316088


oh no, not her.. had a huge crush on her.

damn it, oh well. they are slaves to the game

7a1185 No.316089

File: 19d63d3eba3ae7a⋯.jpg (8.25 KB, 144x144, 1:1, kmSbKJqQ.jpg)


🚨SHOCK👉💩DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison Sits and Applauds as 💩👹Linda Sarsour Calls America Racist,Hateful Country Founded on Murder‼️The left are so dumb that they applaud the monster of #CrookedLinda She needs to be deported‼️#DeportLindaSarsour

SHOCK VIDEO=> DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison Sits and Applauds as Linda Sarsour Calls America…

This is today’s Democrat Party— DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison, a representative from Minnesota, was caught on camera listening and applauding as far left …


8133e2 No.316090

File: 383eecfb6f6b06f⋯.jpg (126.89 KB, 623x874, 623:874, FedPolNotRunning_020918.jpg)

File: ca0ffe1b4553ead⋯.jpg (71.98 KB, 1009x248, 1009:248, GovtStepDowns_020918.jpg)

File: a7de5bbd8513088⋯.jpg (244.95 KB, 1008x819, 16:13, CivlStepDowns_020918.jpg)

File: d11ae7d86c30c92⋯.jpg (47.85 KB, 935x148, 935:148, Arrests_020918.jpg)

File: 978cb1e8afab3ba⋯.jpg (18.39 KB, 866x63, 866:63, StateStepDowns_020918.jpg)

Updated lists attached.

The only new addition since last posting to Federal Politicians Not Running is Trey Gowdy.

7bbef7 No.316091


I asked Q about Canada and Q replied "WW"

includes Canada bc our economy is tied together like one country..

Most of our Canadian Companies are owned by American Comp.. So.. it will be good

9e9f3b No.316092


Streaming footage? Sauce? I just saw the photos posted by Q.

a38e4b No.316093


We are here, and yes we are pissed. But we are looking forward to winning BIGLY!

614138 No.316094

opps sorry that was 40,000ft

1413f2 No.316095


This bitch needs to die before she stirs up a bullet throwing civil war.

0ecee5 No.316096



27e5f4 No.316097

File: f6f94a97d692102⋯.png (912.57 KB, 594x646, 297:323, ClipboardImage.png)

deaea2 No.316098

File: 1f3807f85b87b7f⋯.jpg (56.64 KB, 656x440, 82:55, Revolution.jpg)

Are we missing the plot here?

WE the PEOPLE. Not to overthrow our current President but the Swamp creatures that stir about in Washington. What if, we rose to the occasion?

Are you sick of hearing all the bullshit being swept under the rug in Washington? All the dirty deals and selling out of America and Americans?

Don't just make your voice heard, make a physical presence. Let them feel the heat. It is time we take our Country back. Did our forefathers wait around and keep getting shit on? NO!

They made their presence felt! Their Voices HEARD and DEMANDED change. They were willing to DIE for their Country.

So I ask you fellow Anons… Are you!?

7048ce No.316099


Better Midler - requesting anons on twatter to report her. Maybe we can get her banned

Bette Midler‏Verified account


Follow Follow @BetteMidler


Where’s Rand Paul’s neighbor when we need him?

75906b No.316100


23d994 No.316101


Well for me I look at new news, we have people pasting news from yesterday, that was covered in probably 5 breads and wastes space. I read the top of the bread and see if new Q posts, if I see there are I open those breads and scan the whole thing since that tells me it was solved or at least what others think.

If I have a slant on it then I post my ideas and why.

Its haphazard but it works, what you don't know others will so work on new stuff.

c6a308 No.316102



75906b No.316103


checekd on google earth… no construction around

c9c197 No.316104


Please, you are thinking as selfish.., The Storm isn't only in the US.., it's WW.., for that SA did his purge…,when uncover the pits.., Castro will be doomed..,

87d1bd No.316105


>how do we know which Q tasks are still needed finishing

Read the header posts anon

>)How many doctors/researchers in past 5 years = 80+ Holistic doctors killed

looking at the top of the thread I found


>>311371 A compilation of top posts from prior breads

and there I found

Medical Researcher Deaths


65ddbb No.316106


Canada is part of the British Commonwealth so of course it's dark af. We will own Canada up to Russian Arctic border when this war is over. There is no doubt in my mind about this. With recent West Texas oil finds and Trumps position on energy combined w the acquisition of Canada we will be an energy powerhouse and completely self sufficient if we desire to be.

3d7947 No.316107

I thought I saw a list of all the resignations somewhere but can't find it. Is there one and does someone have a link?

Still not used to navigating this chan stuff.

df1af2 No.316108

The elements of the FISA warrant:

1. Dossier

2. Papadopolous

3. Carter Page

These are the three (3) legs of the phony narrative stool.

The purpose of the Mueller investigation: collusion

Granted, until all of the FISA warrant application is unclassified and released we have to assume that the aforementioned elements are the only elements.

The Nunes Memo exposed the FISA application was fraudulent.

The Grassley Memo exposed the fraudulent, propaganda nature of the Clinton dossier.


The Papadopolous leg of the stool is based upon Mr. Papadopolous' May 2016 statement to an Australian diplomat in a London bar.

Apparently the Australian diplomat later alerted the This is an attempt by the FBI to imply that the investigation started with Papadopolous' statement.

However, Obama's CIA (Jon Brennan) was receiving Intel from foreign sources: Britain's spy agencies played a crucial role in alerting their counterparts in Washington to contacts between members of Donald Trump’s campaign team and Russian intelligence operatives, the Guardian has been told.

GCHQ first became aware in late 2015 of suspicious “interactions” between figures connected to Trump and known or suspected Russian agents, a source close to UK intelligence said. This intelligence was passed to the US as part of a routine exchange of information, they added.

https:// www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/apr/13/british-spies-first-to-spot-trump-team-links-Russia

Brennan (Obama CIA) began the domestic investigation into Trump, NOT THE PAPADOPOLOUS COVER STORY THAT IS CITED IN THE WARRANT. THAT IS LEG 2 OF THE STOOL.

The veracity of the warrant (based on what is publicly available) hangs by a thread: Carter Page. The same Carter Page that the Obama FBI and DOJ deemed so important that he was the target of the surveillance. The same warrant that appears to have been granted on the basis of Clinton opposition research ginned up to have the appearance of an intelligence document. The same document that the Intelligence Community Assessment attempted to prop up by stating that all 17 intelligence agencies agree. That statement being refuted by Obama Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper when he testified under oath to the Senate Judiciary Committee that actually three (3) intelligence agencies were the supporters of the statement: THE CIA (JOHN BRENNAN), THE FBI (JAMES COMEY) & THE NSA (REPRESENTED BY THE ODNI OR Office of the Director of National Intelligence JAMES CLAPPER).

Three high-level operatives within the Obama administration created the basis of the the Trump/Russia investigation which used the Clinton dossier primarily to illegally spy on President Elect Trump then President Trump under the guise of the Carter Page connection.

The only of the three (3) of the Obama operatives to survive the transition from Obama to Trump (FBI DIRECTOR JAMES COMEY) admittedly leaked classified information so that it might be published to trigger Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Director Comey succeeded.

Obama & Clinton loyalist stay behinds within the FBI and the DOJ bastardized those two institutions by weaponizing them against the President.

I could go on. FUCKING FARCE

0f1b5e No.316109


google earth is on a delay you idiot.

it shows my house from 2 summers ago.

998326 No.316110


https:// www.killbox.info

7f0a2b No.316111

Chairman of Providence Democrats resigns for derogatory Facebook meme

Updated: February 9, 2018, 12:07 pm

(Patrick Ward)

http:// wpri.com/2018/02/09/chairman-of-providence-democrats-resigns-for-derogatory-facebook-meme/

http:// wpri.com/2018/02/08/chairman-of-providence-democrats-apologizes-for-derogatory-facebook-comment/

6328f6 No.316112


Exactly!!! 40,000 ft view. Perhaps a PowerPoint with memes. Normies know something is going on

491576 No.316113


The Mandella Effect?

7682df No.316114


God has a rule.

He only helps those who help themselves.

What makes you think that God-Emperor Trump is any different?

Canada will get zip from Trump untyil Canadians get vocal and in Canada that means demonstrations in the streets. Canada doesn't have much Antifa to worry about and the police stomp on violence a lot quicker. So where are the demonstrations?

6f410d No.316115


To me mirror means we have everything backwards.

448b08 No.316117



17da3d No.316119


How old is the Google on the left hand bottom of the google earth photo is the image date. That would be a way to check.

https: //www.labnol.org/internet/find-date-of-satellite-images/2964/

7a1185 No.316121

🇺🇸 Deplorable Horst 🇩🇪 and 3 others liked

Julian Assange ⌛


4h4 hours ago


Republicans have circled the wagons around Trump in the lead up to the November mid term Congressional elections. He is now safe from impeachment until at least 2019 since 2/3rds of the Senate is needed.

The Democrats have squandered everything on neo-cons and neo-McCarthyism.

366 replies 3,155 retweets 7,173 likes

Reply 366 Retweet 3.2K Like 7.2K Direct message

75f3b6 No.316122


this one isnt, but they sure would be able to fake the mandella effect easy…

943c83 No.316123


What does she do in the off season when there isn't much excuse to cheer on a team that isn't playing? I haven't looked.

65b472 No.316124


I remember seeing that.

I also want to point out that POTUS in his Davos speech mntioned he will no longer tolerate and take on countries who only allow one energy provider and hold the people hostage . Well guess what kind of country Canada is? Exactly that kind. That was a wink. He's gonna help Canada for sure

491576 No.316125


Do you ever start reading at the top of the page and working your way down?

7f0a2b No.316126

I RESIGN! Librarian furious as bosses accuse him of harassment over capital letters email

A UNIVERSITY library worker yesterday hit out at “moron” bosses who accused him of harassment because he used capital letters in an email. Stephen Poole, 65, was told that the message could be interpreted as “aggressive shouting”.

UPDATED: 16:25, Fri, Feb 9, 2018

https:// www.express.co.uk/news/uk/916594/university-librarian-sacked-capital-letters-email-stephen-poole-birmingham-aston

7a1185 No.316127

File: 7261140d60537a3⋯.jpg (198.49 KB, 956x1136, 239:284, DVkYNUqU8AEmWt-.jpg)

bed5e4 No.316128

Hope you smarter anons can help me out with something…

In last bread, an anon was claiming that the email Q posted and then quickly deleted - the Podesta email about Soros rigging voting machines, and Collective Soul - was a fake email, and that Q has confirmed and explained why he shared the fake email.

Is this true? Where/when did Q discuss it was fake? I’m genuinely curious; please don’t ask me to lurk moar or call me a glowing nigger.

491576 No.316129


Unless you can provide examples then we must assume Mandela effect.

3d7947 No.316130


Yeah, at the top of the bread it says links to resignations but just shows people talking about stuff, no list.

4d70fc No.316131


good one

DEFLECTION is their M.O.

2c00b4 No.316132

I think mirror is Future proves past. What do you see in a mirror? You see what the subject and what’s behind the subject

0e27c8 No.316133


i like this idea anon, good job on keeping it relevant.

0f1b5e No.316134


You are 100 percent correct. I remember when Q made that reply.

Taking down the global criminals will have a major positive effect for Canada (as will frankly anything that makes a big impact in the US).

We are standing with you, Leaf, thank you for standing with us.

3ffce7 No.316135


That was the stream .. Q was snapping pics of a MILITARY OP on Chinas soil.. Thats as livestream as it gets

7a1185 No.316136

File: f6e6e72539f7079⋯.jpg (196.36 KB, 1010x1200, 101:120, DVkYOnyV4AAwH4k.jpg)

614138 No.316137


I disagree.

the 40,000 ft view actually involves a whole lot of science. The best politics can get is about 20,000

d16f59 No.316139


>GE trump

Stop with this. Q has repeatedly stated they are just humans concerned with state of humanity. Go fanfag back in T_D

On a separate note:

One huge issue I have is IF vaccines ARE indeed harmful, why aren’t they IMMEDIATELY stopped?

5b2166 No.316140

File: 11c37887c1ce9e0⋯.jpg (73.29 KB, 1039x611, 1039:611, ObamaBarbara911.JPG)

0ecee5 No.316142


What is this from?

b0314d No.316143

We turned it into a Badge

of Honor 'The Deplorables

Where We Go One, We Go All'

fucking brilliant

b7c84e No.316145


Lol, because normies definitely will consume and absorb a fucking powerpoint on globalist conspiratorial politics.

491576 No.316146


She (LdR) didn't care much when the eagles won the SB. She never twatted for 24hrs after the game!

1413f2 No.316147


Be proud anon, you convinced a 4 month digger here to stop digging.

Own it! Be proud!

No excuses for you to not even look at what was brought forward.

7a1185 No.316149

ヽ(o‿o) {нєℓℓσ Retweeted

Mike Tokes

Verified account

The two previous posts were from Twatter

sorry for the disconnect.


13h13 hours ago



Leaked texts show Senator Mark Warner was texting Michael Waldman, the founder of The Endeavor Group, which lobbied directly for Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska.

Talk about Russian Collusion!

𝚌𝚑𝚒𝚕𝚕, Donald Trump Jr., Devin Nunes and 7 others

3ffce7 No.316150


It wasnt fake .. Q has podesta emails wikileaks hasnt dropped yet .. Same time he screwed with the chapters WL of Fire and Fury

65ddbb No.316151


If memory serves various spooky anons confirmed that this was a real leak disguised as a fake one to scare the enemy and show that they have the goods and can use it whenever they want. But they had to rearrange things so that it wasn't taken seriously by public. Basically wasn't meant for us but to scare the crap out of Soros and others.

2e61f4 No.316152


Welp, Trump is NOT a GOD and you just directed negative ju ju at him by falsely proclaiming him as such.

f95faf No.316153


To me mirror means we have everything backwards.



++ GWB

+++ BHO

614138 No.316154


I agree with the response. As Mandela effect is one of two things.

1. the observer perceives something not there.

2. the timeline has changed and the observer still has memory of the last one and is out of phase.

566228 No.316156


>[Last discussion on this subject]

Agreed anon. This is what I said before, that Q INTENTIONALLY changed subjects 50 minutes later, and the entire vibe of the board changed (minus a few resistors). Future topic was brought to the table as promised, & even the shills shut up for a while.

As to why the digging continues (after direct instruction), anons can get what they want and still not be satisfied (evidence of an arrest). Goes to show just how human we are, insatiable creatures.

0030c4 No.316157

File: cc19d3752a642dc⋯.jpg (9.49 KB, 236x263, 236:263, 9c9e22fc2e37a17ccbb8d92d92….jpg)


Google Earth is not a live feed…..

35b17c No.316158


Technically that's just intel. Counterintel is finding moles and disinfo (pelicans for example) and planting moles and disinfo (FF meme ops).

a03fea No.316159


IIRC, the email is in fact real, just wasn't leaked to WL so it didn't come out with any of the previous dumps.

Q dropped and deleted to scare the living shit out of (((them))).

Seemed like ((they))) thought that specific email was lost forever.

Again, this is all IIRC, I'm workfagging..which is hard for MigraineAno today. Shit just isn't firing right up there atm. kek

fd70f8 No.316160



You can still see the psychosis in her eyes

Anyone else notice MSM hit on Kelly underway?

d16f59 No.316161


Didn’t say it was ‘fake’ he confirmed it wasn’t a WL drop

95702e No.316162


There was also post >>>/cbts/60291 where Q team put in an email address for their post. It was this one:

Q !ITPb.qbhqo {mailto:LIGHT%20WILL%20CONQUER%20DARKN} Sat 09 Dec 2017 13:34:24 571cae No.60291


What has been said about the US Military?

The speech yesterday verified and unlocked so much.

Expand your thinking.

Re-read crumbs.

Re-listen to yesterday's speech.

Connect the 'markers.'

News (in all forms) unlocks the map.

Expand your thinking.

The Great Awakening.


3c890d No.316163

File: 21e4f2e3df90f6c⋯.png (89.67 KB, 840x840, 1:1, military patch alien techn….png)

Just to lighten the mood, pic related for fun in the midst of all the seriousness. "Words" looks familiar to someone we know when this first started? Wonder if Q speaks this language as well. Back to digging, God's love to each of you.

7a1185 No.316164

File: ac67d171ae1f4dd⋯.jpg (7.58 KB, 144x144, 1:1, xnHDW_ol.jpg)

💋 SIᕮᖇᖇᗩ ᗯᕼISKᕮᕮ 💋 and 4 others liked



7h7 hours ago


‼️Winning‼️Tax reform paying for itself‼️Congressional Budget Office says fed revenues in January added up to $362 billion-an increase of $18 billion— or 5.2% — from the year before. As a result, the government ran a surplus of $51 billion that month

Winning: Tax Reform Paying for Itself

Did you know that federal revenues in January increased 5.2% from the year before. As a result, the government ran a surplus of $51 billion that month.


448b08 No.316165


Can you dig into facts like that for Maxine Watters and see what kind of mortgage payments she makes on her $4.3m home?

6f410d No.316166


I can assure you that vaccines are not the issue. Of course we have a shit ton of anons that want to believe vaccines are part of the NWO depopulation efforts so I won't argue about it.

Vaccines aren't even very profitable. They prevent diseases and viruses. We need them to provide herd immunity and protect the immunocompromised.

< Don't respond to me about ur antivaxx bs

614138 No.316167


:) yup Q uses psychology as well.

7682df No.316169

Canadanons need to learn their laws. There is a much quicker impeachment like process called a motion of no-confidence in parliament.

So get your friends, make signs that say

CANADA has NO confidence in Trudeau !!!

and stand on street corners every day during rush hour. When you get enough people, block rush hour traffic in a few places for 15 minutes at a time to get TV coverage. You need to get off the road after 15 minutes or the TV crews can't get there.

And you need to follow up by a campaign of phonecalls and letters to MPs, especially Liberal Party MPs to convince them to vote against their party leader. In fact Liberal MPs should get demonstrations in front of their constituency offices.

And dig into Justin. Something happened around the time he became Liberal leader. Something like his wife and kids being kidnapped. It was hushed up but it is clear that he is behaving like a puppet who is afraid of someone holding a sword over his head. Any more info on this and you can convince a lot more people that he is unworthy to be Prime Minister.

64a59c No.316170


I've always been riff raff … even in law school.

95702e No.316171


Furthermore, qcodefag doesn't scrape that info and present it, so you'll never see it there.

0f8178 No.316172


ugh, that again.

Q posted and quickly deleted. That created quite the shitstorm by itself.

Anons dug up the fact that when originally posted, wikileaks distanced themselves from it, pointing out it didn't come from them, and even calling it fake.

It most likely is real, but has details changed so can easily be attacked/discredited. Meanwhile, those that know it's real are freaked out, because they know…

<Not from WL.

<[CLAS-N-DI_9] gg_dump [No Such Agency].

<It does not technically exist as open-source.


YUGE because confirms:

-machines rigged

-use of code in email, codebook

-Soros likes collectivesoul?

b64140 No.316173

Anonymous 02/07/18 (Wed) 17:57:13 6e2676 No.297709>>297717 >>297754 >>297802 >>297826


hint on [] pls! been driving me nuts…

Anonymous 02/07/18 (Wed) 17:57:55 6e2676 No.297717>>297730 >>297951



military target square?

Q !UW.yye1fxo 02/07/18 (Wed) 18:17:01 eb3537 No.297951>>297963 >>297965 >>297968 >>297974 >>297977 >>297990 >>297991 >>297992 >>297997 >>298004 >>298006 >>298010 >>298019 >>298033 >>298042 >>298072 >>298099 >>298100 >>298110 >>298121 >>298123 >>298127 >>298146 >>298150 >>298157 >>298165 >>298171


Kill box.

Q >>316110

65ddbb No.316175

614138 No.316176

Future defines past


943c83 No.316177


I think you've put a lot of work into this and it's very good. Have you used the calendar of events as a guide? It's linked to at the top of every bread.

And you start off with a very good point. Never assume you know who is posting. If you were Q, or part of that org, how much would transpire in there that you were not aware of? Just because they don't dox themselves doesn't mean they're not at least lurking. They would not announce it if they were.

6fd5b0 No.316178

File: 7273f1d82f86edc⋯.png (505.84 KB, 644x960, 161:240, Screenshot 2018-02-09 12.2….png)

https:// twitter.com/We_R_an0nym0us/status/961752242461249536

64a59c No.316179


Thank you. How do we get the bakers to make these noteworthy posts?

31d72c No.316180


Anon plebbit already showed today that King's Tower photos are new


419aff No.316181


Q stated 4th side (Rockefeller)was gone, due to David's death.

Rockefellers just sold their Maine estate the other day. Nothing in the article about who bought it.

Seal Harbor is just up the coast a ways from the Penobscot River (Red October).

http:// bangordailynews.com/2018/02/08/news/hancock/david-rockefellers-maine-summer-home-sells-for-19-million/

Question BO why is there No "Reply" link?

Thanks to all for your service. ALL FOR ONE is how we take this Country back.

d308e3 No.316182

Just had a friend who got a $1,000 dollar bonus from tax cuts and $40 increase per week in pay from tax cuts, tell me that POTUS is an idiot….. 2-6% gone forever

212c9f No.316183

File: 074a99559373c1b⋯.jpeg (361.07 KB, 359x989, 359:989, D0E72CB9-AA6F-47F8-A478-9….jpeg)


https:// www.justice.gov/usao-ndny/pr/transnational-drug-trafficking-organization-dismantled

64a59c No.316184


They are here.

We have more than we know.

6fd5b0 No.316185

File: e6e2275e9fe2d92⋯.jpg (79.99 KB, 604x754, 302:377, DVjUj_CW4AAeR1j.jpg)

f761b3 No.316186

File: b3d6bdbca27e5ed⋯.png (587.2 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-02-09-12-2….png)

I found out why USSS on high alert. Phones being confiscated. This document is 42 pages.

And ya, I know, google… I'm on a blind firefox on my phone…

https:// www.google.com/url?q=https:// www.forfeiture.gov/pdf/USSS/OfficialNotification.pdf&sa=U&ved=0ahUKEwjXmoj1upnZAhVGOKwKHZ5nBgs4HhAWCA0wAQ&usg=AOvVaw2trh0B3ZQQrcnsw5CxXNCj

0f8178 No.316187


can you find a quiet thread somewhere and practive how to copypaste/post? thanks

448b08 No.316188

File: 35272b59f272156⋯.png (115.05 KB, 300x324, 25:27, ClipboardImage.png)


Can a meme fag put these blinders on Nancy please

17da3d No.316189


My take is the [] is the killbox setup, but the target has not walked into it yet. The killbox is there and the lure is set, when the target enters….blam

d16f59 No.316190


I do have young children so vaccines to me is an issue. I did in the post you responded to capitalized IF to bring attention to this huge qualifier. I do know that administration methods for certain vaccines had been changed due to evidence showing mercury levels MAY have been a factor in rise of autism

7682df No.316191


Fuck off you nigger faggot. I said he is God-Emperor. Why do you think he is called GEOTUS.

Nobody believes that any kind of Emperor is God, not even a God-Emperor. You fucking foreigners need to learn ENGLISH. In English, two nouns can be joined in one word. The firs noun acts as an adjective describing the second one. That is why we have ambiguous words with no grammatical endings and we LIKE it that way.

20a0ef No.316192


>afraid of someone holding a sword over his head.

Trudeau was a commie just like dad. Hes more than happy to fuck canada over.

fa00b9 No.316193


I don't know if we can, this particular info-war has raged for months many have received bans over it .

a0f00f No.316194


why are you quoting me… pretty self explanatory..

6f410d No.316195


Or that the targets identified are actually good guys helping bring down the deepstate now.

< InB4 shill attack


64a59c No.316196


Why are royals so fucking ugly?

566228 No.316197



6de33c No.316198


"What has been said about the US Military?"

Umm.. that they are making us sick & damaging our respiratory systems with their high altitude aerosol injections (a.k.a. weather modification, cloud seeding, geoengineering, chemtrails)??

de315a No.316199


I would have been arrested. This looks like a BS stunt of some kind.

7f0a2b No.316200

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Ann Widdecombe blasts 'snowflakes' over MP sex scandals

Sat, 04 Nov 2017 17:20:29 GMT

Ann Widdecombe called out "wimpish" modern women as she had her say on the Westminster sex scandal.

The former Tory frontbencher called out women speaking up against sexual harassment at Westminster, labelling them as "helpless little snowflakes."

Speaking to RT, Mrs Widdecombe said: "I can’t believe women are being so wimpish, wallowing in self-pity, expecting the men always to protect us.

"This wasn’t what the women’s lib that I signed up to in the 70s was about. We weren’t helpless little snowflakes then, we’d have dealt with any man who actually went too far or even tried to go too far.

The former MP, who represented Maidstone until 2010, was responding to the resignation of Defense secretary Sir Michael Fallon after allegations of sexual misconduct became public.

Mr Fallon admitted that his behaviour had "fallen short" of the standards expected by the troops he represented in the past.

He also admitted to repeatedly touching journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer at a dinner nearly 15 years ago.

Both parties said the matter had been resolved years ago, spurring Mrs Widdecombe to chime in saying the "world has gone completely bonkers."

6fd5b0 No.316201










614138 No.316202

dudes now Fox is using Altitude analogies just now 37,000 ft LOL

d16f59 No.316203




Please indulge me with what sources you have to ‘assure’ me vaccinces are not an issue. If I or anybody else has taken all assurance from faggots on this tihitian bread oven making image forum, the world would be even more fucked up. So please don’t take my skepticism personal

64a59c No.316204


Yeah … been here. I've decided to get less quiet.

5f6f29 No.316205


Very important, indeed.

The cures will come as a result of this.

614138 No.316206


00617c No.316207


Sorry for my stupidity, who is Linda Thomas?

de315a No.316208


Chaffetz was worthless. All talk no action.

0030c4 No.316209

File: ad50a20354edb51⋯.jpg (77.8 KB, 600x389, 600:389, treevag.jpg)


Inbreeding. They have lots of kids because most are retarded or mentally insane. The ones that can hold a conversation are given titles

bcc565 No.316210

File: 7f9bb27339a4e60⋯.jpg (107.49 KB, 740x515, 148:103, ANON MAGIC.jpg)



>This is and must remain anonymous!

fde058 No.316211

https:// youtu.be/Crurq4ZmAUU?t=4041


I don't know how I stumbled upon this but this is a fucking 2 hour HEAVY RED PILL from 1958. I time stamped where he starts to talk about the World Health Organization because I feel it might be most relevant to Q's latest drops.

The whole fucking thing is amazing though.

998326 No.316212

Could the mobile phone be related to [] in other words it knows everything about you and can be used to guide a drone missile to you?

65ddbb No.316213


watch this bastard people. they have plans for him. Hopefully too late for them to pursue though.

b64140 No.316214



212c9f No.316215


Wow awesome find anon. Lots of names to dig.

Here's cleaner link for fellow MobileAnons.

https:// www.forfeiture.gov/pdf/USSS/OfficialNotification.pdf

64a59c No.316216


I dated that tree.

df1af2 No.316217


… the glory of men

Perfect definition of virtue signaling run amok

614138 No.316218

Fox just noted all the people that are against DJT are up in the stocks

00617c No.316219

I am sooo enjoying after shillstorm here, we are back to normal work

4e46b5 No.316220

It's not Black Friday yet, but storm clouds are gathering, with the Dow off nearly 500. This is one way to tell things are actually happening, the market is reacting to all the uncertainty.

0ecee5 No.316222

Twitter stock up 83% this year?!

2ce136 No.316223

File: 49b73d6224e5792⋯.jpg (14.29 KB, 212x238, 106:119, christcheck.jpg)








It seems obvious Comey just sent an activation signal to his terrorist/infiltrator cells to take out Trump by any means - putting T in the 'kill box[]'?

Why is the treasonous dweeb ex-banker son of a bitch still breathing instead of rotting in gitmo under our POTUS's orders....

I know they constantly thumb their noses at us just HOPING one of the patriots finally lose it (or better yet, multiple groups, doubtless with relentless prodding by useful idiots and actual subversive actors), and start a riot or uncontrollable/reactionary steps that they can latch onto.

LAW and ORDER is paramount - and that is going as fast as it can in terms of taking on 1000+ years of world fucking wide corruption in less than one and a half years.

Anons, take heart. This is a multi-generational project.

We all feel the rightful hatred, frustration, RAGE.

The fact that any of this is happening is not only significant in and of itself - it is also a clear sign that the counter attack has begun with REAL possibility this time that we are going to be the TRUE victors.

Look after your children and grandchildren.

Make them strong, pull them out of the brainwashing system.

Raise them healthy.

Defend your womenfolk, eliminated those who directly aggress against your domicile and family.

FUCK what MSM says - there is more manipulation in there than most anons realize - it is LITERALLY about manufacturing reality and atmosphere along with significant influencing operations on literally molding thought patterns to achieve a desired outcome decades ahead of time.


Don't be baited by the enemy's constant provocations, if we take damage, we remove the bad actors by retaliation and march on with dead and eliminated enemies behind us (courtesy and work of POTUS and Q team, as you witnessed LIVE).

Anons, this is not a game.

We cannot act in a knee jerk, frustrated fashion that media msm and general powers that be want to corral us into doing.




The fact that no military operations around the WHOLE WORLD that is destroying the powers behind the puppets is making news is AMAZING PROOF that /our guys/ are winning this fight.

If the enemy still has much control as you think they do, or as much power, these things would have been thrown out to the public like candies to show 'our brave new generation of (((useful idiiots)))....ah i mean 'anti-racist anti-oppression' freedom loving children are crushing the oppressors' etc.

Instead, total blackout.


MSM is just another branch of this weapon in their hands. The useful idiots and pawns within it + silicon valley and wall st morons by and large are IN THE DARK. WHY WOULD REAL ENEMY FEED ITS PAWNS IMPORTANT INFO VITAL TO (((THEIR))) SITUATION?!?!

STAY on TARGET, anons.

(((they))) fear YOU getting stronger. They fear your invincible fortitude before onslaught of provocations and threats and crimes that, while horrific and rouse feelings of absolute retaliatory strike, cannot slow down the inevitable demise of the (((perpatrator))) and their 'pets' (be it subhuman child trafficking and pedophilic muslims nignogs spics kikes what have you) because WE ARE KILLING THEM AND TAKING THEM OUT OF THE PICTURE FASTER THAN THEY EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE.








FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

de315a No.316225


>Expanding my thinking. Strzok doesnt exist. Page doesnt exist. Steele doesnt exist.

Could be aliases for other people. I always though Strzok was McCabe.

ee4cca No.316226


Some very interesting things going on with Skyking and EAM this morning.

http:// eam.watch/log?page=1

36914b No.316227

File: 8dcf9f14d92d151⋯.jpg (220.89 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, bet - Copy.jpg)

d658c0 No.316228


We have to try and do memes on what is going on in the news at CNN and reverse it. The left have the memory of a goldfish.

198fd9 No.316229


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=2H8-yCOmp4w

6f410d No.316230


Not gonna do it. I will be arguing about vaccines with 20 anons and nope. Just do what you want to do for your family.

7682df No.316231


So you agree with the Illuminate that NAFTA should turn into a single unified country. KILL ALL OTHERS.

This is precisely the plan that the NWO had. Perhaps you picked up this idea subliminally from one of the

movies and TV shows with this theme. Philip K Dick's Electric Dreams, perhaps?

fa00b9 No.316232


You'd think that it would be obvious that those dismissing info with no evidence are the ones that are wrong, but experience has taught me otherwise.

566228 No.316233


>United States Signals Intelligence

Which would be USSI, not USSS, Q hasn't been elusive with abbreviations before, I don't see why that would be the case now.

I won't disagree with your SIGNIT info though regarding the Chatter, I just don't see why Q wouldn't flat out say USSI instead of USSS. USSS, likely just means USSS.

fd70f8 No.316234


'Australian diplomat'

"Fruity Fishnets" Downer

998326 No.316235


Yes fuck stain.

It means killbox.

Kill box has several meanings cretin.

It can targeting.

It can be a METHOD of targeting.

I still love you anon no homo.

c05d2f No.316237

>>315884 Scolds=scalds?

0ecee5 No.316238

File: 470df23e5c055f1⋯.png (173.98 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180209-124013.png)

May want to read this one anons.

https:// www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/presidential-message-congress-united-states-2/

614138 No.316239


Well when have more money than you can spend in 10 lifetimes and your life and your families are in danger of at least financial issues then you fucking spend the money to influence the market.

Kinda simple

1a0f5c No.316240


Anyone have her address?

d658c0 No.316241


shill go away. You do NOT doubt Q

2ce136 No.316242


Also, BO, please unban the previous IP since I can see why you would be confused (not that I am all that on the right track all the time).

The post tagged above the 'mask' post smelled a GREAT DEAL like some 4chan /pol/ tier concern troll trying to sound like a patriot but is actually introducing doubts into minds of all using introductionary tactics to later drop pro-mud pro shill messages.

f5319d No.316243


Those who seek to destroy the Republic will hang while their flesh rots…NO DEALS!!!!

10c5da No.316244


Just a monthly list of seizures. Standard. This would NOT be why USSS on high alert. Read through the list, just a bunch of bad checks seized. That's USSS other functions as they are with the Dept of Treasury.

566228 No.316245


I saw this yesterday, Cyndi Lauper right?

Damn shame if it is, I was disappointed.

f761b3 No.316246


Thx for cleaning that link up. Interestingbank accts, checks, phones… I wasn't sure what I found. Definitely worth looking into.

7682df No.316247


You are watching the wrong TV. Try NCIS or Bones. No nead for drones. The police just drive over in a car wearing bulletproof vests and carrying guns. Nothing special except the part about tracking where you are, even with burner phones.

998326 No.316248

When all this is over, can we have a get together?

When its safe, I'd like to break bread with anons.

d16f59 No.316249


>I can assure you

Ok, so just ‘trust’ you like every other LARPing faggot here. Sorry m8, no assurance there. Hope David is paying more than 14.50 to shill for big pharma

614138 No.316250

Since I had the ahh moment on Future defines past this is detail to me - but as the zen master said 'carry water'

d658c0 No.316251


Every fag who starts posting doubts about Q GTFU now. Go to Rebbitt or any of the other board.

36aafe No.316252

File: 8ccb2b5f870fd6f⋯.jpg (359.02 KB, 900x642, 150:107, nance-pants.jpg)

5b2166 No.316253

File: 57a14a79e5c2b68⋯.jpg (141.05 KB, 1039x611, 1039:611, CheneyGold.jpg)

6a9932 No.316254

05b275 No.316255


What I find interesting is that in an environment, where a meme is condemned for having no sauce, so many readily accept the existence and supremacy of a being who nobody has ANY historical (valid) or scientific evidence of his existence.

998326 No.316256


https:// www.killbox.info

f6ff40 No.316257

File: b33908f84f84f2b⋯.jpg (262.78 KB, 749x853, 749:853, Chan Intel Recon 1.jpg)

An Anon on here last night asked me to sort out a Chan Investigation Agency (CIA - heh) patch and motto. Here's what I've come up with.

Semper Viglio = Always watching - I thought that fitted well but I'm open to other suggestions.

I've also offered to make squadron patches for the KAF Meme Bomber and Attack Squadrons if they want them.


4bf1c0 No.316258


omg top kekkkkkkk

87d1bd No.316259

614138 No.316261

Carry water Fox

95702e No.316262


Well done, anon. Expert!

fde058 No.316263


https:// www.jesus-is-savior.com/Evils%20in%20Government/Communism/pawnsinthegame.pdf

943c83 No.316264


Some people are just a lot more sensitive to signals than others. While I'm not saying "nothing special is happening," since I have no basis for saying that, just keep open the possibilities that you're having reactions to normal everyday things like cell phone towers, etc. Your body shifts into a different mode when you sleep and that could be what's making the difference.

I think there's a lot more variation in the human construct than most people assume. All I have to do is focus my attention on a street light and it goes out more than half the time. When I read written words, the core personality / essence of the person who wrote them comes crashing into me like a tidal wave. Most people are not that strong to stand out but some seriously do and once I have that experience, it's etched in for life. Mike Pence is one such example (it happens with video/live TV too and to a lesser extent, photos). He is evolved well beyond most people. Something is very, very different about him and very, very good. People could switch off typing under the same ID and I know it immediately. Love, rage, aggression, it all comes pouring through. SO transparent. My bones literally heal about 8x faster than medical science can explain while skin damage heals about 4x slower than the average person. I have never vomited except from too much alcohol (once), a morphine shot when I had food poisoning, and a syrup of ipecac episode when I was 21 and downed a bunch of sleeping pills to end it all. (An experience that had the benefit of ensuring I never, EVER entertained that thought again.)

So the commonality between people; what is considered normal, in how they react to things, is probably far wider than what we're led to believe. Keep searching for answers. Change the parameters. One night unplug the microwave. Did anything change? The next night leave the TV on. Make sure the cable box is off. Keep on trying new things to change the equation and eventually you will pin it down. I dealt with very excessive (like 100+ pounds) overweight condition for 10 years until a few years ago I found it was not weight; it was histamine. It took 3 more years to absolutely pin down the culprit: a peanut allergy. I don't go into anaphylactic shock like most people. I just produce histamine internally like an explosion and bloat up like a puffer fish. Stay away from peanuts and peanut oil and the weight just fell off. Like magic. So don't assume "normal" exists. Experiment. Some Swiss or German researcher claims to have drawn a clear connection between magnetic fields and insomnia. Look into that too.

b45313 No.316265


Seems legit and can relate. 174 posts in one bread is pretty savage.. normally only the shills have high post counts.

They do seem to quiet down once you call out their tatics. I did something similar a while back once I started catching on to subtle cues.

31d72c No.316266

File: 19a7a8886303222⋯.jpg (108.73 KB, 776x500, 194:125, 249z5w.jpg)

998326 No.316267

POTUS frees reps from blackmail.

Reps pass funding past elections.

Literally nothing stopping a killbox-athon.


6f410d No.316269


Nope big pharma is paying me indirectly though. Fuck Brock.

Not gonna waste anymore time like I said.

Don't get vaccinated idgaf.

de315a No.316270

File: eaf9dc219087432⋯.png (541.96 KB, 890x551, 890:551, fox2018.png)

File: cce16e574b46315⋯.png (405.34 KB, 467x799, 467:799, fox2008.png)


Just an FYI. Dress lengths are getting longer.

Fox 10 years ago to now. This is SUBTLE, but things are being restored.

In many places.

3766b0 No.316271


"measures are needed to protect against the diversion of assets"

They are chasing after the stolen gold.

He is going to confiscate it all from the cabal.

212c9f No.316272


Wow, various agencies have released these forfeiture reports TODAY.

FBI - https:// www.forfeiture.gov/pdf/FBI/OfficialNotification.pdf

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms -

https:// www.forfeiture.gov/pdf/ATF/OfficialNotification.pdf

DEA - https:// www.forfeiture.gov/pdf/DEA/OfficialNotification.pdf

US Attorneys -

https:// www.forfeiture.gov/pdf/USAO/OfficialNotification.pdf

Customs & Border Protection -

https:// www.forfeiture.gov/pdf/CBP/OfficialNotification.pdf


https:// www.forfeiture.gov/pdf/USPS/OfficialNotification.pdf

SAUCE: https:// www.forfeiture.gov/AllNotices.htm

0ecee5 No.316274



1d6bc6 No.316278

File: 07a5dea10c1ef16⋯.png (612.04 KB, 861x488, 861:488, screenshot_1035.png)

998326 No.316279


Feels like a good day to do it.

fa00b9 No.316280


yep, being an empath in the land of psychopaths sucks, and has for a LONG time now.

64a59c No.316281


Hermit of Lareto.

3ffce7 No.316282


Why they taking money from all those people with foreign sounding last names

87d1bd No.316283


Much better than mine, thankyou anon

fd70f8 No.316284

File: eb7b0ce22da3828⋯.jpg (72.94 KB, 481x762, 481:762, fkedadowner.jpg)

df1af2 No.316285


I read the 2 year budget was tantamount to the Democrats in Congress declaring their unconditional surrender.

Nice anon

e0f3bb No.316287


good job .. like

5319ff No.316288


bloodline vs bloodline

Faction vs faction

It us a territorial war and has "ZERO" to do with "Mockingbird Made Terriorist's. Those are foot soldiers for factions.

7682df No.316289


Would be nice to have a Legalanon who can explain what this means. Does this National Emergency give the President additional powers? What are they? Did Obama declare this back in 2011 to prepare for Empress Hillary so that she could start exercising these powers on inauguration day?

c9c197 No.316290


The new CIA LOL!

20a0ef No.316291


>Literally nothing stopping a killbox-athon.

On whos soil?

2ce136 No.316292


Those who target our people and our civilization will die. PAINFULLY.

Appropriate punishments and removal of criminal elements is TOP PRIORITY.

614138 No.316293


The problem is all at once - is that there is no oversight.

87d1bd No.316294


change is growth

I hope you have fun with the ADS-B

2c7191 No.316295

*in my best chris tucker voice*

i'm gonna get high today….

because it's friday….

i aint got no job…..

and i aint got shit to do….

pass me da green i need some weed with my hennessey

bd22d6 No.316296

File: 181e905c79f042b⋯.jpeg (81.8 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 03229F5F-9445-4F6C-9C54-A….jpeg)

491576 No.316297

File: 3fd371530096a9f⋯.jpg (239.17 KB, 920x613, 920:613, pelosi.jpg)

0f8178 No.316298


i really wish i had a more constructive comment but that pepe is ugly.

(maybe lose the white in the center, too?)

(saw a patch either lastnight/this morning with the reeeing pepe, was pretty good).

5b043a No.316299

File: 4251bef82e08e3e⋯.png (6.2 KB, 151x225, 151:225, p.png)


Ok, faggots. Here's an extension of my theory from last night regarding the 'P' Soros takes orders from.

Soros is high up, but not the very top. These people use symbolism (it will be their downfall.) As you get closer to the top and indeed at the very top, the symbolism will converge. So, the symbolism at the very top of the heirarchy should necessarily suddenly become something that is related to all of this shit (or at least a lot of it.) I think I've found that piece. (pic related.)

This is a Chi-Rho symbol - X superimposed over a Greek P. If you dig even trivially, you'll find the origins of it go back to Egyptian times and even earlier. There's a shitload of reasons it is the way it is relating to the sun, angles of incidence of the solstices, etc. It is also the origin of the Rx symbol used in pharma (not "Rx", but "Px".) There is some information that says that the two symbols represent a serpent and fertility. The Catholic Pope has various crosses and at least one of them has Chi-Rho in the center of it. It was used by Emperor Constantine on Roman shields between 300-400AD. It is commonly associated with the Latin phrase "in hec signo vinces", which means "in this symbol we conquer". It was a symbol of conquest at that time. However, it was used by the Knights Templar moving forward.

It is also a symbol that Catholocism has taught just means "Christ." Some historians state that after Constantine, the symbol's meaning of conquest fell out of use. However, even today, you can see it used at the very top of the Scottish Rite of the Illuminati. Why would this be? I think because it never fell out of use meaning conquest in the Freemasons and is in use today.

Also creepy is that it appears to have a direct lineage into the Skull & Bones symbol. Keep that in mind…these secret societies would have all stemmed from the same structures above and their symbolism would be derivatives. You an also see it appear and mutate in the Rothschilds' symbology. It also appears to be the original origin of the heavy use of crosses. (Humorously, it may also be why Windows XP got its name. wtf.)

Which brings me back to Q's use of P related to orders for Soros. Everyone is trying to find a meaning that relates directly to a P symbol. What if that isn't it - what if it is a symbol representing a group? For example, it is quite possibly the Papacy - not the Pope, but a relatively tight organization directly related to the Vatican and associated power structures. This makes sense if you follow the bloodlines back and consider the origins of all of these organizations.

So "P" could just be something of a shorthand for a more symbolic group at or near the top of the NWO power structure that is related to the top of Fremasonry, the top of Catholicism and the Rothschilds. Perhaps these groups refer to this structure commonly as "P" or perhaps Q does the same.

This explanation makes more sense to me than any of the other theories I've seen. I put some of this in the bread last night but figured I'd regurgitate this turd here for your amusement. (Runner up IMO is "Poppy" of GHWB fame.)

938ab0 No.316300


wtf is that thing in the lower right of the second image?

has nothing to do with the statemet about skirts, but had me blink

566228 No.316301


>Q dropped and deleted to scare the living shit out of (((them))).

MigraineAnon is correct → >>316159

Feel better ~ fellow MigraineAnon

943c83 No.316302


We're just "overreacting." We're "concernfags." Right? Comes with the territory. The upside is that you always know when somebody is lying, running an act on you, or hiding/withholding something.

614138 No.316303

I need a break back to 40 lol

e0f3bb No.316304

File: baba6d69f6e8ba8⋯.png (943.08 KB, 1599x817, 1599:817, feb gitmo new.PNG)

finally caught one , been pretty rare the last week .

1d6bc6 No.316305

File: 9b00ece1a0e2c7c⋯.png (246.76 KB, 638x502, 319:251, screenshot_1036.png)


Nancy Pelosi and Steven Tyler are worth the same amount of money too

https:// www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-celebrities/rock-stars/steven-tyler-net-worth/

21b9b7 No.316306


yes, I saw it earlier. thought it was great. seems so crooked that I had to check that its a real company!

d16f59 No.316307


Hope they pay well for selling your soul… but you must go back Lynne you are glowing

0ecee5 No.316308


It extends his emergency powers Everytime he declares or redeclares a natl emergency.

87f661 No.316310


I start with the history of how the pharma industry became corrupt. Rockefellers, flexner report and all of that. The history is undeniable and if you can get that through, then its easier to expose the corruption.

this video is from the people at The Truth About Cancer. The first 30 mins or so are about the history of pharma corruption. Its important to know why we are where we are.

https:// www. youtube.com/watch?v=KqJAzQe7_0g

111994 No.316311

File: 1b06db047ff0b2f⋯.png (847.27 KB, 940x752, 5:4, HILLpizz.png)


7a1185 No.316313

File: 697c25f3856c542⋯.jpg (110.38 KB, 784x650, 392:325, DVkd8M9UQAA8fZt.jpg)

5319ff No.316315


Was hoping you would post. I will get back to you.

64a59c No.316316


It's the Pope, who is a Rothschild slave.

I'm a practicing Catholic. I love my Church.

We've been waiting for this "Pope" for 2,000.

We've had some bad ones, but they were just paving the way for Francis.

fa00b9 No.316317


Both of you:

Pinch the skin between your thumb and finger… if it doesn't snap back quickly drink some water (dehydration is the most common cause of headaches)

2ce136 No.316318

File: 8f4490a59771832⋯.jpg (3.63 KB, 200x200, 1:1, REEEEEEEEEEE.jpg)


As much as I fucking hate that queer bitch trudeau, you are highly mistaken to if you think we can sit back and say 'haha you had it coming'.



Have faith, anon. While the enemy continues to preen and try to openly disrespect and commit crimes against our people, the WORLD WIDE cleaning continues apace.

Whether it be muslims, (((jews))) or their useful idiots and ultimate masters, ALL CRIMINALS will be made to pay.

1a0f5c No.316319

File: aef747f02f80120⋯.png (2.11 MB, 1348x1912, 337:478, Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at ….png)

File: 33ca44bdee54071⋯.png (337 KB, 1248x2062, 624:1031, Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at ….png)

File: 4f9b06e1f07f1f8⋯.png (356.1 KB, 1280x1972, 320:493, Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at ….png)

File: e93740d8baf0e5d⋯.png (244.74 KB, 1270x1126, 635:563, Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at ….png)


Here's Maxine's home info….she transferred to her hubby in 2004…

943c83 No.316320


Should have referenced >>316280. I'm not myself when I'm hungry!

5319ff No.316321

The X has meaning connected to the Templars

f6ff40 No.316324

File: 471de58b8539c06⋯.jpg (209.42 KB, 1411x839, 1411:839, magma88_5.jpg)

File: f4229cd933eb591⋯.jpg (250.57 KB, 1381x761, 1381:761, magma89_14.jpg)


The Magma Brothers have been busy again today. One's in Colombia, the other's headed home from San Juan.

448b08 No.316325



2c00b4 No.316326

Think mirror. Truth is behind you. future proves past. All mean the same thing

d71945 No.316327


ANYONE of us would have been arrested right away and dragged off the flight. Where is the outrage that this stupid bitch thinks she can just do this endangering people in a closed space 30k feet in the air?

5b043a No.316328


> if it doesn't snap back quickly drink some water (deh

There's so much meaning here it hurts. I forgot to mention it is also the origin of the symbol with the two snakes representing medicine. You can find Masonic temples with this symbol in the paths leading into the temple. Creepy shit.

24375f No.316329


Careful about insulting boomers.

I was red pilled with mimeographs.

Be careful while ego dancing… you are standing on the shoulders of giants.

RIP, Bill Cooper.

7f0a2b No.316330

File: 56ebf2847e35418⋯.png (4.85 KB, 342x147, 114:49, Impinj_Logo.png)

File: 8c7ebfbe06c8022⋯.jpg (763.65 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, IMPINJ.jpg)


From 02/02/18

https:// www.impinj.com/about-us/

d658c0 No.316332


I am reading the Secret Service ones. It's money being taken away from listed people in different states. Looks like frozen assets being taken Still reading.

b64140 No.316333

File: b3a9f24876588ee⋯.jpg (29.15 KB, 304x247, 16:13, GITCOM.jpg)

File: 5a046106848dcd7⋯.jpg (75.8 KB, 590x365, 118:73, KILLBOXCOMEY.jpg)

943c83 No.316334


I think this is the kind of thing where it's worth the effort to track down the source of the rumor.

35b17c No.316335

File: 6d960ee56a24363⋯.png (155.19 KB, 350x211, 350:211, ClipboardImage.png)


>Disinfo is Necessary


Teachers pet much

fa00b9 No.316336


LOL, yep I too can be devastatingly mean when lacking food or water.

6f410d No.316337


I have some interesting research on this but after being banned over it I won't post it unless BO/BV confirms it was a mistake. It's relevant to current happenings. Look into Trump's connections to Genie/Noble but don't be fooled as it is framed such that it makes Trump seem like (((them))) but it is all part of the "mirror" art of the deal. He got'em.

bd22d6 No.316338

File: a0085ea525b165b⋯.jpeg (68.44 KB, 750x325, 30:13, 6581CF82-75DC-4BA0-BBF0-7….jpeg)

File: 68b7cf3cf14180a⋯.jpeg (114.39 KB, 720x289, 720:289, EFA804D1-B036-4C76-AAC8-9….jpeg)

File: d0f0fe6972e361b⋯.jpeg (304.86 KB, 1772x1772, 1:1, 4793D540-5CA1-4164-BA39-D….jpeg)

File: d40e901da7fd354⋯.jpeg (302.04 KB, 1772x1772, 1:1, A9C0507D-B6BF-4104-A9FF-A….jpeg)


That’s was weird, had to do two captchas between these posts.. but here’s the things noticed about the shill tatics.

2ce136 No.316340

File: f2f0e0a2e347583⋯.jpg (18.55 KB, 255x255, 1:1, CORRUPT.jpg)


Do not ever bring boomer cuckishness regarding race to this fight, because that's one of if not the main reason why we are in this fucking mess.

Otherwise, boomer and greatest generation have much to teach and pass down.

Deprogram it all. Free your children, and yourselves.

e0f3bb No.316341


these guys ever go to gitmo ? or go darkj in the area .

f6ff40 No.316342


OK, can you track the image down and I'll try it?

00617c No.316343


This should be reread by those who still argue comey is not a black hat

35b17c No.316344


Without the caption?

998326 No.316346


Velly nice indeed.

Would very much like to see


this end.

64a59c No.316347


I think it started with Dilley's source.

5319ff No.316348


Need some time. Finding info.


2ce136 No.316349

File: 087e8fd6922f07c⋯.jpeg (38.04 KB, 474x457, 474:457, fatpepe.jpeg)

7f0a2b No.316350

File: 5b3f31cc2403609⋯.jpg (726.45 KB, 890x999, 890:999, IMPINJMGT.jpg)

7a1185 No.316351

File: 64e4bedaa3045af⋯.jpg (79.52 KB, 594x550, 27:25, DVnLZQ7UMAAfYG3.jpg)

3ffce7 No.316353


Ahhh another pelican shit give away

998326 No.316354


All your soil are belong to us!

1512bf No.316355


Are there documented arrests of the people listed someone has found via these forfeitures and seizures?

17da3d No.316356


I like where you are going the the whole P symbol, it makes sense that we are not in a James Bond movie and P is not a single evil mastermind but a group, movement or lets call it a Cabal.

These elites are all into their hokus pokus bullshit but whether its real or not is not the question, if they believe in it its real. Which begs to question, what comes after P?

Right Q. We may be witnesses and participating in the old order being replaced with then next phase of humanity - the P's or Px club has been running the world for a long time, conquering as you said. Its time for the next chapter.

fa00b9 No.316357



f6ff40 No.316358


Not as I'm aware, they seem to do 'milk rounds' to Honduras, Colombia, San Juan and other locations like that.

6f410d No.316359


Also of note..the next shill tactics will be focused on Trump/Kushner being deepstate and they will use Genie as evidence. My research goes into why his ties to Genie are proof that he used his insider status and the plot against him to cut strings.

87d1bd No.316360

File: 2c689f11077a975⋯.jpg (97.38 KB, 674x297, 674:297, comeyEthicsProfessor.jpg)

>>316333 (cheKEKed) nice trip treys

keked and saved

21b9b7 No.316361


I'm wondering if P is for Pakistan which could be a NK type place with a fake gov. I don't have any real strong basis for this. It's just a thought.

bed5e4 No.316362


Thanks. Soros being a fan of Collective Soul is probably the most damning part of that email.

fd04d4 No.316363


He probably uses the . after everything to get paid. How can he prove he did these post on an anon website? It might be as simple as that. You should look for other similarites. That might be a different clown doing the same thing.

7a1185 No.316364

File: 4866fca5c5bc3a5⋯.jpg (39.7 KB, 480x480, 1:1, DVkX7c0VwAMZrxD.jpg)

943c83 No.316366


I'm wondering how the MSM is going to spin the DACA-type provisions in this bill. They're going to have a really hard time doing it.

7a1185 No.316367

File: 9f197c161c1ddd1⋯.jpg (93.75 KB, 1022x571, 1022:571, DVjizRLVAAAYp7c.jpg)

0f8178 No.316368

>>316342 arf, sorry, i can only pop in for quick peeks, can't go trawling in old breads - can send much later tonight if i see you around, though!

godspeed patchanon

ff2901 No.316369


did you intentionally misspell remedial?

bd22d6 No.316370

File: 4002238fc553c48⋯.jpeg (213.14 KB, 750x564, 125:94, 5FA532A1-F2FD-4862-B3F1-9….jpeg)

File: 304afd0a4359727⋯.jpeg (524.92 KB, 1772x1772, 1:1, 83B44B44-2BB0-4CD5-B83A-2….jpeg)

Useless memefag shill

ef5234 No.316371

Hugh Hewitt explains why top DOJ chief’s sudden resignation is a big deal:

He would have had a hand in the approval in the FISA application on Page.

https:// twitchy.com/brettt-3136/2018/02/08/hugh-hewitt-explains-why-top-doj-chiefs-sudden-resignation-is-a-big-deal/

dfcfbd No.316372

File: ba91d33a80bd28f⋯.jpg (711.33 KB, 1451x957, 1451:957, king tower.jpg)


as you can see Google maps pointe you to the wrong place

448b08 No.316373

File: b569355eee6faa1⋯.png (1.04 MB, 898x644, 449:322, ClipboardImage.png)

9898b0 No.316374


The simple fact that you believe in herd immunity explains that you do not understand how you've been conditioned to believe the lies. Herd immunity is the biggest lie they dish to the masses. Please spend hundreds of hours of researching vaccines, read each enormous vaccine insert in and out.

Here's a good one for you.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=nugXXqsFEJQ

943c83 No.316375


It does! What's a student body to do?

5b043a No.316376


If you want to get more creeped out, if the Illuminati was afraid people might catch on to something related to "P", what would you do? You'd start lots of web sites graphing the structure of the illuminati with a fake 'P' at the top to throw someone off, no?

Guess what we find? We find "Pleiades" at the top of the charts with all sorts of UFO bullshit with ETs, etc. Totally garbage info.

This is another proof point in my book. They know the peeps are getting close so they're throwing out air cover. Kek

3ffce7 No.316377


Pelican reminded me of that irrelevant tripfag

6fd5b0 No.316378

https:// www.politico.com/story/2018/02/08/fbi-texts-officials-resign-400533

Two more officials cited in FBI texts step down

Mike Kortan, FBI assistant director for public affairs, is set to retire next week, an FBI spokeswoman confirmed. In addition, the chief of the Justice Department’s Counterintelligence and Export Control Section, David Laufman, resigned this week, a department spokesman said.

491576 No.316379

File: 658590be3ff5ab6⋯.jpg (221.9 KB, 920x613, 920:613, pelosiblinkered.jpg)

5b043a No.316380


Nope. Don't get discouraged but that is NOT it.

00617c No.316381

The cigbarry anon today was real good in distraction. We should have a tactic for the future snth kike stop posting for 19 min or so or i dont know. What frustrated me he shitted 2 breads

1d6bc6 No.316382

File: 202de1a9775577e⋯.png (784.36 KB, 862x489, 862:489, screenshot_1037.png)

bd22d6 No.316383

File: dcdf2f691266cbf⋯.jpeg (237.24 KB, 750x508, 375:254, 71C36010-54A1-41F5-861E-0….jpeg)

File: 6dbf047b422d162⋯.jpeg (332.8 KB, 750x607, 750:607, 2B757F3A-59E0-4BDE-BCB5-0….jpeg)

These four shill/bots had what seemed like coded messages between each other.

111994 No.316384

File: 53052faec2345a5⋯.png (727.8 KB, 940x752, 5:4, PELOSI.png)

File: 0a4114e9166931f⋯.png (717.57 KB, 940x752, 5:4, RP.png)

fc7d6c No.316385


Great job, Anon! Figure out a way, Paypal?, and I'll contribute something to the cause!

7a1185 No.316387


Methinks memeanon makes reference to Ft. Meade, CIA Meade-ia bunker determined in previous threads.

I only know this by Lurking Moare.

87d1bd No.316388

File: 88d874dae05b9c2⋯.jpg (37.83 KB, 480x324, 40:27, 9.jpg)

566228 No.316389


Thanks. Not suffering one @ the moment. This I've discovered, along with better diet, removing food triggers from diet, monitoring breathing, meditation, staying stress free, many other ways to maintain.

943c83 No.316390


That's the crux of it: it wasn't about who was being arrested. That wasn't what he was there to convey. It was about letting us know that complex operations are in play under the radar, to keep us from jumping ship thinking nothing is happening.

649ffc No.316391

File: a034c057bef37fc⋯.png (230.04 KB, 606x839, 606:839, ree.png)

d658c0 No.316392


Am reading the US Attorney's Office forfeiture report. One guy is getting all his equipment taken but two items caught my eye. Had no idea they would put camera's in a coat rack.

1 Samsung 16gb Memory Card contained in

Hidden/Coatrack Camera 2,

1 SanDisk Ultra Plus 16gb Memory Card

contained in Hidden/Coatrack Camera 1,

585f59 No.316393

We experienced a LOUD boom a few days ago. Just now, I did a google search for key words "loud boom" and limited my time parameter to past "week". Holy cow, there are and have been a ton of them. I grew up with sonic booms - we took them in stride. What we heard was much louder than a sonic boom.

More like an explosion. House shaking, window rattling, nerve jarring. I notice that some of the booms reported since the first of the year have flashes of light associated with them. I'm thinking we have a "star wars" of some type going on. Are we destroying enemy satellites possibly? Enemy weapons operating in our upper atmosphere? I suspect these relate to what Q repeatedly tells us - just because we don't see anything doesn't mean that nothing is going on.

6f410d No.316394


Nope. Not gonna waste time on this. My doctorate was more than enough. Plz change subjects. I don't filter so I will respond but won't argue about vaccines here. Moving on to something else.

How much do we trust Kushner?

943c83 No.316395


These people are really stupid. Does she know about keeping up appearances?

d97a1f No.316396

File: 7431f00c39efe4e⋯.png (412.08 KB, 768x416, 24:13, screen_shot_2018-02-08_at_….png)

Melania Trump Demanded Spiritual Cleansing of White House, Removal of Pagan, Demonic Idols

>SATAN has left the WH.


6a9932 No.316397

I love how Prez is using their own modus operandi to take them down holding their crimes over them to keep them in line the same way they held blackmail over otherwise good people that were set up exactly and only to lord control over (all of) them, until whenever what each of them offers can be used as means to an end only Trump is healing, reversing, repairing and restoring dignity to the many set up & imprisoned by the cabal thru blackmail, bribes, threats.

17da3d No.316398


Strange enough i found a chart that shows where all of these witches, crowley, blavatsky and bailey go their messages. all claim it was the Pleiades. Page down the the chart on this page.

http:// www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1182.cfm

ff9133 No.316399



http:// www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2014/feb/26/facebook-posts/facebook-posts-say-pelosi-supports-longer-er-wait-/

20a0ef No.316401

File: a69b683bd48c37c⋯.png (888.84 KB, 900x642, 150:107, pelosi.png)

f3081e No.316402


wut? thats me

6419ff No.316403


All wrong

1b4bec No.316405


Instead of "Illegals" should say, "Criminal Aliens"

943c83 No.316406


Isn't that the way of things.

5b043a No.316407


Yeah, I think the Pleiades thing is bullshit unless that's the word they use to label themselves. Personally, I think not. I think it is a way to discredit those trying to identify them. (Standard disinfo propaganda tactic.)

6fd5b0 No.316408


Stop namefagging

Anon is not a title

17da3d No.316409


I like "Criminal Aliens" as the new term. We should blast that out.

f28d33 No.316410


Let's not report her but blast some sunshine on her. The crazier they act, the better chance that the moderate Left start to question the sanity of these people. It may help us red pill them. Plus, it is better to identify those people that sympathize with those that do harm to politicians. It serves as a Honeypot for /ourguys/.

ed0156 No.316411



How you doin Laura Silsby? You and Hill know it takes a village.

938ab0 No.316412


part of the change of narrative..

i just want a budget passed so the "bad guys" can be taken out of service and replaced.

b64140 No.316413

Yes. [These people are stupid] >>316369

5606d1 No.316415

Caution: HEINOUS content

Q asked " What does it mean to be covered in gold?"

The Occult Industry Of Gold-Leafed Covered *

http:// www.rebelcircus.com/blog/occult-industry-gold-leafed-covered-fetuses/

Baron de Rede & Marie-Helene de Rothschild

Photos from a 1972 Rothschild illuminati party

http:// www.hangthebankers.com/photos-from-a-1972-rothschild-illuminati-party/

Q said it is evil; these people are evil.

f3081e No.316416


its my fucking tweet. i m not namefagging. See? let Eurtwtfag in the warroom.

998326 No.316417



POTUS and Co have outsmarted everyone at every turn.

This will be written about for centuries.

64a59c No.316418


There's no reason not to, other than the fact that he's creepy, and fits the description of the antichrist perfectly …

Other than that, seems like POTUS trusts him implicitly.

17da3d No.316419


Yeah, it is strange you cannot get 4 people in a room to decide on a pizza order, but all of these people said the same exact thing. Sounds like a misdirect to me.

5a188f No.316420


One track pony

fd04d4 No.316421


In a world where there is a conspiracy of people drinking blood and doing child sacrifice that basically had almost total control of the planet, that this group has poisoned and ruined the lives of BILLIONS of people in the last 200 years, and all for what?

You would be strangely closed mined to imagine this might not end up with Aliens. In a Universe 13 billion years old. A star 4.5 billion years old. Why would you assume life has not had billions of years to visit star systems all around the galaxy.

Q means to keep it below 40 K feet to impress on us to not bring up aliens and shit like that. Not because it is not possibly true but because the Normies have been conditioned to mock and ignore any Alien talk. So it is not helpful or needed right now.

But your missing the whole thing if you dont imagine what might be ABOVE the 40 K feet?

6a9932 No.316422


watched vid the other night about the roaches, flies etc infestation OILIKEBUMAS left at the WH describing how a press meeting had to move to different location the flies were so bad the media was swatting them away, remember how they would land on his and hrc faces and they wouldn't flinch

7682df No.316423


The papacy is the "Holy See". That is an organization even divided up into Ministries named Congregations. The NWO would need a government and it is common for groups planning to take over a country to set up a Shadow Government that then becomes the real government when they get control. This makes sense then that Soros works for one ministry as its public face and therefore has to report back to a boss that is one of the men behind the curtain.

By the way, take a triangle. Connect the 3 corners and yo get a Y shape. But in the star of David one of the triangles is upside down. Now make a Y shape upside down and lay it over the first. Add a moon shape like D to the top and you have Chi-Rho. But your S&B analogy is good in which case the moon shape is accidental and it really represents a head.

In the S&B symbol it is really obvious that the bones are in the mouth of the skull. Does that mean that the members put their bones into the pledge's mouth? I've also heard that part of the ordination of a priest by a bishop is that the new priest has to suck the bishop's cock. Perhaps this is why there are so many faggot priests, because the satanists do this stuff.

P.S. I do not believe that all priests suck cock, just the satanists which probably is not even all Catholic priests.

5b043a No.316424


Bingo. These people are stoopud.

7a1185 No.316425

File: ad801e068f60fed⋯.jpg (62.75 KB, 600x429, 200:143, DVjD3LmWkAAXanp.jpg)

f761b3 No.316426


These must be reports for year end reporting. Maybe not relevant, but scanning them for names we already know. Fire arms one has guns and cash seized. Postal looks like checks and cash. Attorney one has a bunch of guns.

5b043a No.316427


Physics. Alien talk is bullshit. Nothing I've said has given it any cred at all.

7a1185 No.316428

File: 173950d0c588bd5⋯.jpg (97.79 KB, 1016x660, 254:165, DVeqZaIXcAE11eJ.jpg)

17da3d No.316429


I am gonna dig on Px, I know there is some there there.

afb277 No.316430

Ironic if today was the day Trump lets the AS memo release?

https:// www.politico.com/story/2018/02/09/trump-democratic-memo-going-to-be-released-soon-401099

6a9932 No.316431

what is the post# with the 'clue' for "P" anyone?

f3081e No.316432

File: fc69aef887a0ef8⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1098x720, 61:40, pizza.png)

War room tw_t war tip of the day

Its PIZZA DAY so dont forget to twat @johnpodesta !

7a1185 No.316434

File: fd47f98ab475711⋯.jpg (46.54 KB, 500x496, 125:124, DVnVhGMVwAMxQx1.jpg)

943c83 No.316435


Somebody in my blood line is like that … as their default state.

ef5234 No.316436

Hewitt said of the resignation of David Laufman (effective IMMEDIATELY).

That's what happens when you are told that your are the subject of an OPR or OIG investigation.

938ab0 No.316437


I think it is part of the "mirror" that Q states

he is mirroring their actions against him to show who is actually at fault.. if that makes sense

7682df No.316440

BAKER Mind Your P's and Q's

614138 No.316441


dude you are wrong.

That is basic.

I do not think all vaccines are good no. But herd immunity is why we no longer have the black plague issue - and well controlling fleas :) and rats

87d1bd No.316443

File: 003cba2e289a6fc⋯.jpg (35.78 KB, 600x600, 1:1, SunTzu.jpg)

File: 8371034fa018c2f⋯.jpg (29.08 KB, 496x293, 496:293, sunTzu.jpg)


“Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across.” ― Sun Tzu

0ecee5 No.316444


#416 in qcodefag.github.io

c97f24 No.316445


Let's stop this abuse!

7f0a2b No.316446

HA! ok.

Two-thirds of Americans would side with FBI over Trump: Poll

Feb 9, 2018, 1:11 PM

http:// www.washingtonexaminer.com/two-thirds-of-americans-would-side-with-fbi-over-trump-poll/article/2648663

f6ff40 No.316447

File: 849c4418b78d526⋯.jpg (304.46 KB, 748x851, 748:851, Chan Intel Recon 1 Mod 2.jpg)

New and improverated… I think that this could be a winner..

0ecee5 No.316448


And also #299

0eeff8 No.316449

File: d7769d18fbaa28a⋯.jpg (49.66 KB, 770x578, 385:289, voting-booth-election-2016.jpg)

Has there been a discussion about using the lefts "Russia Mania" against them? Say create memes that appears to be the left demanding the voting be protected by removing the possibility of "the Russians" hacking into voting machines. Maybe issue voting cards with chips like credit cards have, that can't be forged and have to ID at the polls to vote?

fa00b9 No.316450


Quantum physics… switch your definition of "Aliens" from interstellar to inter-dimensional.

17da3d No.316451


kek title

614138 No.316452


Well in physics aliens are possible :)

6f410d No.316453


The Soros Rothschild thing wasn't good optics. The Marc Mezvinsky connection was also bothering me. The 666 building was meh. Probably just has connections being a New York rich Jewish bro married to a Trump.

5b043a No.316454


I agree that there's some sort of council at the top - it would make sense that if there are 13 bloodlines there are likely 13 members. That group would have a name, perhaps symbolic (or misdirected disinfo like Pleiades.)

I don't read too much into the woo aspects or sick tradistions of these cults except to identiy them. At the end of the day, they're just human, they bleed and we can kill them. They all wake up every day, they all shit. They're likely terrified right now and they should be.

64a59c No.316455


Q quotes scripture (and not X files) for a reason, Anon.

fc5efd No.316456




6a9932 No.316457

>>316434 BYOB

take a case of bags with you ….

943c83 No.316458


Used to watch surveillance tapes of insurance fraud suspects. HILARIOUS, the difference between what they claimed was wrong and what they acted like when they didn't know video was being taken.

5b043a No.316459


Be careful not to get derailed - it also means Christianity…..it has TONS of relations. The only relations I'm interested in are those that also have to do with the other power structures we're after.

9898b0 No.316460


While getting your doctorate did you read all vaccine inserts front to back? Very sad you won't spend less than 3 minutes watching a video made by the producer of Vaxxed. The team that made the documentary, I can assure you have more hours combined in information that in took you to get your doctorate.

How about I link you to a story of a nurse and MMA fighter in Jersey that lost their 20 month old son less than two weeks after getting vaccinated. Dead in his sleep. Cause of death? BIG F-in pharma injections.

Stop being so closed minded. Wake up!!!! This is all part of it. Filter me…the truth hurts…I've been here since this all started.

5b043a No.316462

17da3d No.316463

490c9f No.316465

There are 1045 emails on Wikileaks that mention the Carlyle Group. Here is one that discusses 9/11. https:// wikileaks.org/gifiles/docs/46/467779_re-fred-burton-.html

614138 No.316466


But you are right Q does not have anything to do with aliens or other intelligences.

Science i think there are major clues :)

f3081e No.316467


War Room stealing this!!

5b043a No.316468


Do you want to stop corruption or fantasize about esoterics? ffs

64a59c No.316469


They have done to my Church what they have done to this country.

These people are EVIL.

We're just getting started. What POTUS is doing, and God Bless him, is unfortunately going to escalate Francis and the Rothschild's plans.

We'll win, in the end.

8a1925 No.316470

File: 96c134397e1648b⋯.jpg (268.45 KB, 1500x1125, 4:3, bread.jpg)

Fresh Bread




Tasty Bread

Migrate @ ~ 751

f6ff40 No.316471


Just playing in Photoshop. I actually like that one better than the earlier one. Trenchcoat Undercover Pepe suits the 'New CIA'.

198fd9 No.316473


You can have a cash-only system, but eventually you have to contend with medical licensing. That's where they have us by the balls.

f3081e No.316474


pls make a few for War Room.!

we hv new teams that needs a badge


614138 No.316475


may I do both? As i think Future defines past has a much larger meaning.

f7cd97 No.316476

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