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File: f1711524dc6d851⋯.jpg (8.71 KB, 255x143, 255:143, GENERAL.QresearchGeneral.jpg)

3ce803  No.3425007

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Q - Killing The Mockingbird - (2nd in vid series): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80s5xuvzCtg

The Best of the Best Q Proofs >>1552095, >>>/qproofs/49 SEE FOR YOURSELF

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Q's Latest Posts

Tuesday 10.09.18

>>>/patriotsfight/373 -------------------------------- Statement release 10.9.18 [p_AUTHORITY1] (Cap: >>3417457 ; reminder re: /pf/175: >>3417530 )

>>3412993 rt >>3219413 -------------------------- Guangdong = Guangzhou = Shenzhen?

>>>/patriotsfight/372 -------------------------------- effort to combat CHINA's attempts to harm our farmers (Cap/txt: >>3412511, >>3412512 )

>>>/patriotsfight/371 rt /pf/297 -------------------- AMERICA IS NO LONGER FOR SALE. (Cap: >>3412170 )

>>>/patriotsfight/370 -------------------------------- Coincidence the news today is focused on a resignation? (Caps: >>3408439 ; >>3408550 )

Monday 10.08.18

>>>/patriotsfight/369 -------------------------------- [Sally Yates] ( Cap: >>3403973 )

>>3398484 rt >>3398290 -------------------------- Court order to preserve ALL data sent to GOOG? ( Cap: >>3400639 )

>>>/patriotsfight/368 --------------------------------- Graphic: DECLAS! ( Cap: >>3396370 )

>>>/patriotsfight/367 --------------------------------- Win-at-all-costs? ( Cap: >>3395933 )

>>>/patriotsfight/366 --------------------------------- Blasey Ford #WALKAWAY ( Cap: >>3395886 )

>>>/patriotsfight/365 rt /pf/357 -------------------- Your voice is spreading. ( Cap: >>3395849 )

>>>/patriotsfight/364 --------------------------------- TomFitton/Status, Knowledge is power. ( Cap: >>3395849 )

>>>/patriotsfight/363 --------------------------------- [Next Up][RR], Locked & Loaded ( Cap/text: >>3395264, >>3395283 )

>>>/patriotsfight/362 rt /pf/306 -------------------- Think 2/3rd Senate vote req to impeach [impossible]. ( Cap: >>3395092 )

>>>/patriotsfight/361 rt /pf/293 -------------------- Anons knew POTUS would not be baited to FIRE ( Cap: >>3394395 )

>>>/patriotsfight/360 ——————————— NK will allow inspectors access to nuke sites ( Cap: >>3390086 )

Sunday 10.07.18

>>>/patriotsfight/359 --------------------------------- THE WORLD WILL KNOW THE TRUTH. (Cap: >>3384629 )

>>>/patriotsfight/358 --------------------------------- Goodbye, Valerie Jarrett. (Caps: >>3383199 ; >>3383224 ; >>3383269 )

>>>/patriotsfight/357 --------------------------------- Devin Nunes on Russia probe and FISA abuse (Cap: >>3382810 ; >>3382812 )

>>>/patriotsfight/356 --------------------------------- [BOOM WEEK] (Cap: >>3382314 )

Saturday 10.06.18

>>>/patriotsfight/355 --------------------------------- DON'T BE A PAWN IN THEIR SICK GAME ( Cap: >>3374695, >>3375172 )

>>>/patriotsfight/354 --------------------------------- [Repost][Search & Destroy] ( Cap: >>3373783 )

>>>/patriotsfight/353 --------------------------------- "Wrap-Up Smear" deployed v. Justice K? ( Cap: >>3371630, >>3371514 )

>>>/patriotsfight/352 rt /pf/306 -------------------- Justice K impeachment: CON sold to voters by LYING D's ( Cap: >>3371193 )

>>>/patriotsfight/351 --------------------------------- America's destiny of goodness and good will ( Cap: >>3369559 )

>>>/patriotsfight/350 rt /pf/298 ——————– TODAY, THE REPUBLIC, TOOK BACK CONTROL. ( Cap: >>3372173 )

>>3368187 rt >>3367982 ————-————– God bless, Patriot. Celebrate - this means so much. ( Cap: >>3368259 )

>>>/patriotsfight/349 --------------------------------- POLITICAL HIT by D's. ( Cap: >>3367230 )

>>>/patriotsfight/348 --------------------------------- WELCOME TO THE DEMOCRAT PARTY. ( Cap: >>3366916 )

>>>/patriotsfight/347 ——————————— IT WAS OUR LAST CHANCE TO SAVE IT ( Cap: >>3362076 )

Friday 10.05.18

Compiled here: >>3408448

Q's Private Board >>>/patriotsfight/ | Qs Tripcode: Q !!mG7VJxZNCI

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>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

3ce803  No.3425016


are not endorsements


>>2956097 Thread Specifically For DECLAS Memes <----- MAKE THIS GO VIRAL <-----

>>3257753 Thread specifically for RED OCTOBER Memes for the MidTerms


>>3395243 BO : "/cbts/ and /thestorm/ ownership transferred. Thanks CM... All bans lifted"

>>3336410 /CM/: New posting servers, load balancer, and alacrity cacher owing to uptick in 8ch traffic

>>3405679 Q: The Basics - An Introduction to Q and the Great Awakening v.1.0 ( >>3176426 archived)


>>3424802 Assistant to Goldman Sachs CEO "jumps" from 33rd floor window

>>3424608, >>3424691, >>3424723 Sara Carter on Jarrett and Rosenstein

>>3424770 Senate passed bipartisan law to reform our water infrastructure

>>3424281 Older News Vid: Norma McCorvey admits Roe v. Wade based on her lie?

>>3424312 Law and Order: Alleged GOP-doxxing Dem Staffer Denied Bail

>>3424288, >>3424506 Kamala Harris Questions Christopher Wray On Kav FBI Investigation

>>3424271, >>3424386 Anons muse on Israel's decision to use self-dozing bulldozers

>>3424269 Antifa still getting a pass in Portland OR, escapees get charged instead

>>3424302 Another Iowa Rallyfag shares, counted 6 Q's

>>3424958 #4341


>>3424204 Q Clock analysis on 11/2 markers

>>3423530, >>3423607 Soros has fingers everywhere, incl Ethanol

>>3423634 Anon reminds us of Q's time frame and rationale (for non-shill concernfags)

>>3423699 Latest fear-pron about muh viruses: new cases of polio-like illness in MN

>>3423659 SCOTUS makes Huge Decision re: Voter ID, may flip ND Sen. race

>>3423513 Huh. Microsoft open-sources its patent portfolio

>>3423608, >>3423683 On (((Bloomberg))) & twatter's 'another white man' kvetching

>>3423525 Also, why did @DJT use ABC 2X?

>>3423482, >>3423514, >>3423543 Iowa Rallyfag checks in

>>3424232 #4340


>>3423102, >>3423266 AZAZ0909 Spec Ops flight landing at NAS Norfolk

>>3423228, >>3423208, >>3423060 MSM's OpEds on Nikki Haley's resignation

>>3422861, >>3422924 Michael (((Bloomberg))) registered GOP Dem, may run 2020

>>3422736 CNN Vid: HRC shillin' & shrillin', is saddened by 'whites' & 'white women'

>>3422965 Leaked Google Briefing Admits Abandonment of Free Speech for ‘Safety And Civility’

^^ Baker change ^^

>>3422886, >>3423416, >>3422899 New DJT (also, 55M followers reached)

>>3422798 Thirty-nine years timeline of Feinstein and China

>>3422829 WaPo still pushing hits on MBS/SA, several days running now

>>3422861 Michael Bloomberg re-registers as a Democrat

>>3422873 Turkey releases footage of “hit team” deployed against journalist Khashoggi

>>3423519 #4339


>>3421988 New CFR article "The Committee to Save the World Order", >>3421922, >>3421971

>>3422195 Anon digs on Q's (23)

>>3422276 Grassley pledges $3 Million campaign cash for Susan Collins due to her support of Kav

>>3422353 Saudi Assassination Squad images surface

>>3422355 Market Watch article on Trump's ethanol plan

>>3422358 Man arrested for threatening to kill POTUS; no statement from Kathy Griffin

Baker Change

>>3422440 ; >>3422445 2000 article on Feinstein, Blum, and China

>>3422462 Wray to testify before Senate committee amid fallout from Kavanaugh investigation

>>3422616 #4338


>>3421204 UltraViolet Graphic

>>3421250 McConnell had something to say about hemp today

>>3421344, >>3421745 Body Parts trafficking (not just organs; ALL OF IT) is A HUGE GLOBAL BUSINESS

>>3421399 GAA Update

>>3421447, >>3421697 Anon on [Mueller]

>>3421499 /pf/373 bottom to top

>>3421563 Republican nominee leading 20 points for Governor (Justice K's home state)

>>3421557 "BOB" digits equal 17

>>3421729 Flying antenna farm GREY23 in the air over Las Vegas

>>3421742 Supreme Court allows North Dakota to enforce voter ID laws

>>3421753 FF? Narrative on "hacking weapons"

>>3421783 Meet Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s four new law clerks

>>3421810 Christopher Steele out of hiding - broke his silence after 18 month

New Baker Below this line

>>3421857 DOJ Org Chart with names

>>3421549 Mueller/Huber Map from Q crumbs

>>3421913 #4337

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ee2ede  No.3425030

Interesting tidbit of irony re the storm:

"Michael " is the name of God's Archangel

f9c6f0  No.3425031

thank you to the anon from the night crew to consolidated those posts last night! i have no hangover oddly

>>3421697 lb

3ce803  No.3425033

File: 7c626013cf48ad6⋯.jpg (14.82 KB, 222x255, 74:85, SuaveContinentalPepe.jpg)



e89fe1  No.3425034

>>3424996 (last bread)

For who? Jesus?

5202cc  No.3425035

File: 0db9919ba6c2263⋯.png (272.56 KB, 399x516, 133:172, hurricane-michael.png)

a7aa95  No.3425036

File: c0ed7aa3aa8bd4e⋯.jpeg (361.19 KB, 1125x1157, 1125:1157, F579CC07-5D18-4A8F-BF2D-1….jpeg)

Upstate NY limo crash update

Limo company owners son is arrested


e89405  No.3425037

File: 9d158ef3f6f4f9d⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1009x2029, 1009:2029, wrap-it-up.png)

truth hurts, shills

14b2fa  No.3425038

File: 1718edc3b44f92b⋯.jpg (133.17 KB, 654x500, 327:250, sealed indictment map oct ….jpg)

File: 8cbf648947c7083⋯.jpg (173.61 KB, 500x882, 250:441, Sealed Indictment state to….jpg)

File: c11c33d304fb930⋯.jpg (94.75 KB, 500x500, 1:1, sealed indictment state to….jpg)

>>3424920 pb

>>3424957 pb

coincidence it's where the highest number of indictments are?

and add in the fact that these people are stupid

Lots of sick fucktards running around Cali.kek

3c311a  No.3425039



Maybe you can't figure out that's the norm for our judicial system. if the FBI didn't arrest them then what,, think Kate Stien . its not to hard to figure out

30f7f1  No.3425040

Q: Ready for arrests??!?! Gets anons excited

Q a week later: this is a slow process


f7ab61  No.3425042

File: 5dbb989fc9829ff⋯.png (231.14 KB, 1136x690, 568:345, attack by hurricane.png)

>Immense hurricane disaster imminent on the FL panhandle.

>At the current central pressure…if it is maintained to landfall…Michael will become the 5th strongest landfalling US hurricane in American history.

>ea water is already in the first floors of hotels at Mexico Beach and water levels will rise another 10-12 feet with tremendous wave actions of at least 8 feet into the structures on the beach.

>Few coastal structures will be able to survive the wind and surge impact of this hurricane…and damage will rival or exceed some of the worst hurricane disasters in American history.

Also, note; there is an Air Force base to the East of PC. Lots of naval research activities along that part of the coast.

1b1ea6  No.3425043

File: 1def937f155ddf0⋯.png (775.79 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_20171219_TheC….png)

>>3424994 ((

> These people are fucking child rapists and are walking around free. Do you not see the problem?

Do you not read what is given to you?

Do you not have eyes to see, a mind to think?

but keep on pretending, you're not as obvious as most.

newfags have to learn

29e8e1  No.3425044

File: 00e19f7d6f7bd69⋯.jpg (87.87 KB, 508x508, 1:1, peperare11.jpg)

Nice title BAKER


c8d510  No.3425045


“ the world is watching” wonder who said that first - disingenuous can’t come up with her own ideas so sits back and watches and then regurgitates whatever thinks is working at the time

f9c6f0  No.3425046



money safe?



4919c0  No.3425047

File: 961e9b5a8e146b9⋯.jpeg (430.11 KB, 1354x316, 677:158, 6033B36C-6A20-47E4-9950-E….jpeg)

>>3424947 pb

It would take some time, but that might be a project I take on later. In the meantime, here’s a link to the Protocols if any anons want to read it themselves (and I’m including a screenshot of a CFR reference)


a213de  No.3425048

File: ee134caa26b22e7⋯.jpg (51.91 KB, 320x320, 1:1, IMG_3366.JPG)

Despotic Twinkie programming

To hide the cabbage smell

c516d0  No.3425050


Gabriel is the other one.

fac2c5  No.3425051

File: f34f85ff9dbb6a0⋯.jpg (98.31 KB, 708x555, 236:185, iu (11).jpg)

e89fe1  No.3425052

The probability that Q is real is a lot lower than the severe consequences of allowing a faceless figure put words in POTUS mouth.

And then taking it as gospel

Follow Christ, not Q.

854dd6  No.3425053


lol Its a test Anon sssshhhhhh

57eba1  No.3425054

File: e4f1b4f19115871⋯.jpg (151.49 KB, 650x896, 325:448, 1a.JPG)

File: db0de0b3f35bd6b⋯.jpg (43.56 KB, 643x249, 643:249, 2.JPG)

Hawks raid Nelson Mandela Bay municipality


3189cb  No.3425055

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Germany defends itself against the illegal immigration of Muslims!


"Stop Illegal Migration": All about the exciting petition by Vera Lengsfeld

270423  No.3425056

"We understand that there is extreme fatigue and frustration re: the wheels of justice [slow]." – Q

Q, I am at peace. I see how hard your team has been working. You & POTUS have managed to undercut the Cabal while improving our economy and keeping everything afloat in the normie world.

I was just diagnosed with lethal cancer and have started chemo with surgery and radiation upcoming: Fight! My whole perspective has changed to thanking God for the system being up so I can access medical care, continual specialist appointments and the many drugs I need to survive this. I am relieved martial law has not yet gone into effect. As it is I have to dodge the idiot Antifa protesters blocking traffic to get to some of my mandatory medical appointments. Thank you for sending in the Feds to start preventing Antifa from taking over.

Praying for your continuing success in this War for survival for earth and humanity. I love you Q.

6fbf62  No.3425057


Today, I have signed into law H.R. 2259, the “Sam Farr and Nick Castle Peace Corps Reform Act of 2018” (the “Act”).

One provision of the Act, section 203, would forbid the Director of the Peace Corps from opening, closing, reducing, or suspending a domestic or overseas Peace Corps office or country program “unless the Director has notified and consulted with the appropriate congressional committees at least 15 days in advance.” I hope that both notice and consultation will be possible in every case, and I recognize the benefits of working with the Congress on these kinds of decisions. Nevertheless, a requirement to consult with the Congress in executive decision-making violates the separation of powers. My Administration will, accordingly, make appropriate efforts to notify the specified committees, as provided for by the Act, but will treat the consultation requirement as advisory and non‑binding.



October 9, 2018.


30f7f1  No.3425058

File: 5b79526eaa8eb12⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1399x575, 1399:575, Capture2.PNG)

Wake up people.

e45d3c  No.3425059


Hannity is supposed to have some hardcore breaking news tonight. So we got that going for us.

bc49bc  No.3425060

File: 82f6d1c4121606c⋯.jpeg (26.85 KB, 255x241, 255:241, 488ECD86-E654-4EAA-8BEB-D….jpeg)

93086e  No.3425061

Only things which are important before midterms:

We have it all.

Timing is everything.

Stay the course and trust the plan.

So if you want to bitch about muh fisa, muh RR, muh midterms.. read those fucking 3 points and shut the fuck up

6eae6f  No.3425062

File: 5914841f69d4ce7⋯.jpg (44.12 KB, 347x529, 347:529, IMG_20180911_173725.jpg)

Thank You Baker

8287da  No.3425063

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Bill Cooper talks Gannet.

2:00 minute mark.

I have had similar ideas to the plan he is speaking about.

Crowdfund patriots to buy out large quantities of voting stock shares in the media conglomerates.

It would work!

c49050  No.3425064

Can you guys believe our society is so controlled

That we have a disorder literally called oppositional defiant disorder


Free will disorder

b948fa  No.3425065


>Everybody who is bailing on this PLEASE LEAVE THEN

>Go vote for DEMS and see how happy you are

Pay attention, motherfucker...

(You) and your ilk are the ones who are "bailing on this".

(You) have abandoned the mission, in favor of trusting some internet-personality that has you on a "slow-boat to China". (You) are Jacquin Pheonix and THE MASTER, "Q", is your Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

(You) are doing NOTHING to take action to save your nation, but relying on someone else to do it for (You), coward!

How dare you chastise ACTUAL patriots who are willing to do what is necessary to secure the safety of this nation and it's people. Take your bitch-ass back to Reddit or Facebook or wherever the fuck you lemming, mindless, newbies come from.

WE WANT JUSTICE... (You) want complacency. Well, fuck you, coward. Patriots are NOT heeding your words, or the words of some faceless and smoke-blowing, LARP of a "patriot".

Step aside and let the men with the resolve to do what must be done handle this, bitch.

acd270  No.3425066


People that lived responsibly and saved for retirement have been fucked over royally by the free money. Now those that loaded up on debt will be hurt and the responsible retiree will actually get a return on their money. Fuck stocks.

6eae6f  No.3425067


Which is nice…

187369  No.3425068

File: 2a70783d07fe2f4⋯.jpeg (261.12 KB, 1125x890, 225:178, 22790D48-C951-43DC-92CB-2….jpeg)

854dd6  No.3425069


dead cat bounce one direction left, sell off is over gtfo

ee2ede  No.3425070


The Messenger: Michael is The Warrior

c71dee  No.3425071

File: 4f6ba5d76d0ee74⋯.png (867.13 KB, 1278x721, 1278:721, ClipboardImage.png)

lol any wonder why she does her jew move when a shoe is thrown? lol

a213de  No.3425072

File: 8031248e5485b6c⋯.jpg (179.19 KB, 1440x864, 5:3, IMG_3335.JPG)

"Ineligible murderer preterm TwinkieOTUS"

By eBot

c49050  No.3425073


Nah Q is entertaining

If someone tells you to think for yourself they cant be that bad

Even if Q is evil

c6e9d9  No.3425074

File: 63040f76ebf52b7⋯.jpg (151.63 KB, 716x503, 716:503, fda7f4e56a8eef6b8c4a983cea….jpg)

File: 8d4f0a4222906f5⋯.jpg (119.75 KB, 499x579, 499:579, e53b250d340c592fb2dbe6fe63….jpg)

File: ed226db1a2e90b2⋯.jpg (117.59 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 6b97f6f30d6cb52c833783143b….jpg)

File: 90e199c5f4a5e14⋯.jpg (236.5 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 953be1dbb32977287cd7394777….jpg)

34058b  No.3425076


do you need a nap? You're getting a bit grouchy.

fac2c5  No.3425077

File: e667c97ab87aafe⋯.jpg (547.75 KB, 1540x1983, 1540:1983, 1018316866.jpg)

File: d60e85f1649ddcc⋯.jpg (129.64 KB, 762x416, 381:208, iu (13).jpg)

b63225  No.3425078

A device rests in your hands that gives you the power of a God, to those 500 years before us. It also creates false realities, false security and a sense of everything needing to be instant gratification.

You don't destroy evil in less than a year, that has been deeply rooted into the earth for thousands.

Trucks burning for Trump bumper stickers. Antifa groups chasing cars, diners raided with mobs. Attacks from all sides. As stated.

Plausible deniability is accomplished with bad info

If everything was 100% perfectly predicted

A.) (((They))) would be prepared

B.) This would be less a hope and faith mission and more a political one. The political system is rigged. So we are being shown what's going on.

We could be sitting here having not known jack shit for a year now. Could just be aimlessly living our matrix induced lives. Q woke us up if nothing else. And yes, I have shown much frustration in the past. But time and time again, I am reminded:

Don't shoot the messenger

Q isn't controlling all of this. Your brains make you think that way. Q is relaying information. Doesn't need to. Appreciate what we have. Fuck.

30f7f1  No.3425079



d8d360  No.3425080

File: 890210e8246f073⋯.gif (184.48 KB, 137x98, 137:98, blueav.gif)






8e1839  No.3425081


I wonder if that was for a stress test.

b5e2d7  No.3425083

File: 83c92857d52ffeb⋯.jpg (229.78 KB, 762x1048, 381:524, shiva.jpg)

E15. Queen's Indian Defense.

Shiva, the destroyer and transformer.

Pakistan, the rogue nuclear state has been cut off from US funds while India just picked up top of the line Russian SAMS.

f07a55  No.3425084

ebot has a glitch.

boring af

51bfe9  No.3425085


that's one thing that got me bummed out.

Hyping up arrests and being ready and ready to be apart of history and then…

We understand the frustration and fatigue

187369  No.3425086


It’s by design. The cabal will stop at nothing. The last thing they want is a strong America.

94d58b  No.3425087

File: af26feae4e57e09⋯.jpg (59.77 KB, 614x578, 307:289, POTUS-BlinkBitches.JPG)

File: 3e343b466e48187⋯.jpg (96.79 KB, 921x317, 921:317, Blink-3-Times.JPG)

Moar Winning

a213de  No.3425088

File: a0c410ae2aa0955⋯.jpg (243.58 KB, 1440x864, 5:3, IMG_3299.JPG)

"Cia cocaine smuggler child trafficker TwinkieOTUS"

By eBot

9d14fe  No.3425089

If I don't see the FISA declas by the end of this week, I'm gonna just hang it all up and stop coming here.

And I know I'm not alone in this.

There is literally ZERO excuse anymore to not declas the FISA… the excuse 10 days ago was the kavanaugh drama… well, all that's over, and we won… so yeah, there is absolutely NO reason to hold back anymore.

We are WAY too close to the midterms to hold back on firing all the guns… and it's GOTTA happen before then!

The dam is about to break… patriots won't put up with this delay any longer.

Call me a shill if you want… all I'll say is, anyone who IS NOT pissed off and ready to demand action… THOSE are the actual shills! Fuck all of you… and damn you all to hell. Your complacency and attempts to calm the storm are the actual shill tactics at play here!

1b1ea6  No.3425090


>How dare you

this is getting funnier every minute

do go on

695729  No.3425091

Trust the larp. Boom week is amazing.

Oh look, corn!

RR still there, no declass.

No pics. No vid.

SR, Vegas, Awan free, no voter fraud, antifa free reign, no chifi arrest, no school shooting info revealed, mueller still at work.

No texts.

Lots of hype, zero results.

fd94ec  No.3425092

File: 4b4513583dcb1dc⋯.jpg (230.76 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, durga.jpg)


you should see His wifie..

854dd6  No.3425093

File: 06fd98ebd4e96c2⋯.png (79.74 KB, 142x253, 142:253, Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at ….png)


only an anon can see that page as good news

3 keks

you would be sad if they arrested this nigger [pic related]

d8d360  No.3425094

File: 845af5ec1c827a4⋯.gif (3.08 MB, 480x366, 80:61, nelson.gif)

342c79  No.3425095

In an earlier post, we lost another to frustration and lack of patience. Don’t know if an anon or a shill trying to discourage anons.

You have to understand the Plan. As Q has said repeatedly, we are watching a movie. We all should be honored that Q is making us a part of history. Ever heard of Dead Man Walking? Right now, we are bringing the PAIN. We are actors in this movie as well. Q tells us it’s coming etc., and it doesn’t. Anons get frustrated, but that is part of the Plan. The Cabal thinks it is coming as well and they start to lose their minds, but then it doesn’t happened. Then time moves forward, and Q asks if we are ready and the process repeats itself. We flush the bastards out of the woodwork and laugh when they are knocking their heads against the wall with another false alarm. This is part of the pain Q speaks of. Prisoners on death row go through the same torture. You are going to die tonight, then they come to his cell and they say it is not tonight. The prisoner loses his mind waiting for the next date and the same thing happens again.

I run with what Q says and when it is not “tomorrow “ I laugh and say to myself, “Suffer much, bastards?” We are great actors too as well as POTUS and crew. Play your part and know we are making history. We are not the ones sitting on death row so we don’t endure the pain only the laughter of “not quite yet” effect.

b948fa  No.3425096


How absolutely dare you! ;)

eac317  No.3425097

File: faeeebfebf39ced⋯.gif (1.44 MB, 300x289, 300:289, IOKL.gif)

5ff5b5  No.3425098

File: 8625bdf1f1b717a⋯.png (234.36 KB, 506x590, 253:295, 96649fcc5af724392842111877….png)

File: 4a4a89fbd5ed7c6⋯.jpg (112.05 KB, 626x642, 313:321, JUSTICE.jpg)

f7ab61  No.3425099

File: 6f1c3e0edb5cbc4⋯.jpg (11.38 KB, 360x240, 3:2, galunga.jpg)

4373e3  No.3425100


All theee Chinese cities are subject to press reports of serious child molestation (just like HK and Western Pacific Kindergarten) they all also have ‘international kindergartens’. God save the children.

b63225  No.3425102

File: 02fc13ae8e8f62e⋯.jpeg (5.47 KB, 247x255, 247:255, 02fc13ae8e8f62e81bc13dd43….jpeg)

e89405  No.3425103

File: 805d709614f344a⋯.png (168.38 KB, 666x567, 74:63, kys.png)

30604a  No.3425104

Q…with all due respect in response to your ‘general’ drop.

WE didn’t ask the questions. Who’s ready for arrests?

Who’s ready for pain?

Who’s ready to be a part of history?

That was you. And as usual. A big fat nothing. Just more of us being exasperated with this. Why do we need to continue to be abused?

Why are they allowed to run free doing destruction?

I’m a amputee Vet and I’m READY for ACTION. Enough words and glade promises.

b59a1d  No.3425105

File: ed7a30a07dcc519⋯.jpg (86.03 KB, 480x403, 480:403, conecar.jpg)

a213de  No.3425106

File: 2ad34771f739b53⋯.jpg (285.16 KB, 1344x898, 672:449, IMG_3290.JPG)

"Predictable slights of gynotology TwinkieOTUS cia cult"

By eBot

048774  No.3425107


>>actual patriots

You don’t do anything tho. You come here and get hysterical. Then you do nothing in the real world. Nice try, phaggot.


2ec5f4  No.3425108

File: cb9de192ba96429⋯.jpeg (287.52 KB, 2252x543, 2252:543, 49EB9036-FE27-499E-A077-6….jpeg)


Not exactly the Red October you want heading into a midterm.

MSM will bang this gong as a 4am talking point.

Red wave nonetheless.

193881  No.3425109


Leave now. Just go. We don't care for your sob stories.

a3d637  No.3425110


Oh look! It's the loser larp CTA aka 'txmemeanon' who tried and failed to jump on and make money from the so-called 'Q Movement' and is STILL butthurt about it. How many times have you tried to undermine Q? You can't even get a SINGLE (you) from Q. You're that insignificant. So sad. Poor little manlet

59b43d  No.3425111


Wait….I thought Hannity had big news last night….and the night before that

Hannityfags are the worst type of boomer

2af4be  No.3425112


And what exactly are you doing blowhard? Talking? Spreading memes? Go fuck yourself simpleton. You do nothing and you know it. We all wait for the results of our vote in 2016. They have been good so far, yet not what was promised by another anon. A namefag anon. Not just him but Trump. Drain the swamp. It's happening, but keep your mouth shut when you have no idea what you are talking about. You do something other than blow smoke up people's asses.

f2a9aa  No.3425113

DOW down 400

All Tech Stocks sell off

854dd6  No.3425114

File: 6e6de351127507c⋯.png (42.78 KB, 265x178, 265:178, Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at ….png)


corngas nigger +++

c6e9d9  No.3425115

File: b6b6e43aed158f0⋯.jpg (135.03 KB, 1033x581, 1033:581, 5a54e660c2bf62da050f933e70….jpg)

File: 332d1f419700635⋯.jpg (201.49 KB, 824x729, 824:729, e43da68623536980d16be1b952….jpg)

File: 91f45f8a6a86438⋯.jpg (235.2 KB, 564x684, 47:57, 097392d88b7b4e7a1a62355c3e….jpg)


Anyone notice that ebot showed up shortly after I did?

Notice that the dreams are pretty solid?

What's a troll account?

bc49bc  No.3425116

File: 3db0f1eea68cc77⋯.jpeg (33.01 KB, 255x247, 255:247, 577443C6-C316-48E3-83F4-3….jpeg)

fac2c5  No.3425117

File: 4252638b390aca2⋯.jpg (209.88 KB, 579x638, 579:638, iu.jpg)

6eae6f  No.3425119

File: fdbf7b7fb1204fb⋯.jpg (110.14 KB, 1440x771, 480:257, IMG_20180917_201740.jpg)

1b2e25  No.3425120

File: dcc7e34d1a674f8⋯.jpg (477.12 KB, 634x1024, 317:512, shillbook.jpg)

d10cc6  No.3425121

File: eaaa0702e4b73ee⋯.png (113.09 KB, 900x799, 900:799, ClipboardImage.png)

After Failing To Take Down Kavanaugh, Democrats Smear The Supreme Court Itself: WSJ

The Wall Street Journal's Jason Riley has penned an illuminating Op-Ed which eloquently describes the current strategy among Democrats following their unsuccessful attempt to dislodge newly minted Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh; smear the Supreme Court itself.

Having lost the fight over Brett Kavanaugh, Democrats quickly pivoted to attacking the Supreme Court as an institution. -WSJ

Riley also wonders if the severe character assassination he suffered at the hands of Democrats "did not change" him, as he asserted in remarks following his confirmation - noting that "no one on the court, with the exception of Justice Clarence Thomas, has come close to being treated as horrifically as Justice Kavanaugh by the nomination process."


Democrats Rage Against the Judiciary

Their campaign against Kavanaugh failed, so they resort to smearing the Supreme Court itself.

Brett Kavanaugh endured a Supreme Court confirmation ordeal like no other. He’s now Justice Kavanaugh, but that doesn’t mean the Democrats are done with him. Or even close to being done with him.


4919c0  No.3425122

File: 7ba21d8fc979e7e⋯.png (2.04 MB, 2196x1116, 61:31, 1F45E512-AD11-41B1-9EB0-D9….png)

I guess this needs to become an hourly reminder

0cecc3  No.3425123

>Step aside and let the men with the resolve to do what must be done handle this, bitch

go for it big guy, show us what you got,

dcf6f5  No.3425124





8d422a  No.3425125



What a psyop.

957eea  No.3425126

File: bfe84729675e295⋯.gif (2.21 MB, 525x219, 175:73, well bye.gif)

e68d8d  No.3425127

File: 31d10be8d1bcf6f⋯.png (243.74 KB, 500x648, 125:162, IMG_2390.PNG)


10/10 anons would give her the most disappointing 30 seconds of her life.

d305f5  No.3425128

Reminder that the Podesta brothers are child rapists, pedophiles and the Clintons are child traffickers and they are still walking free and doing speaking tours. We were asked if we were ready for arrests? Whos arrest? When? Today or 6 years from now? It is business as usual for these criminals. Hillary is even doing TV shows.

695729  No.3425129


Yeah thats me. Idiot, your the shill here.

c6e9d9  No.3425130

File: 61c7a0f1c80452e⋯.jpg (98.12 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Cornholio.jpg)

d8d360  No.3425131

File: 4c31872db1ec159⋯.jpg (377.56 KB, 927x1200, 309:400, indictments.jpg)


I like the old format better.

Being from Atlanta originally I find it amusing that it is the only location in the nation with no numbers in yet.

c7e5ab  No.3425133


Sneaky good point

a213de  No.3425134

File: 4ec3ab77ebe9045⋯.jpg (45.91 KB, 320x320, 1:1, IMG_3368.JPG)

"Stassi gangstalking homoerotic gynotologists zersetzung cultural hedgemony peanut butter TwinkieOTUS "

By eBot

b948fa  No.3425135


I already have, name-fag… And I WILL do a lot more. But, I'm not here to brag about my exploits. I'm here to motivate you retards to actually put your money where your mouth is, and be more than a bunch of loud-mouths that NEVER deliver.

But you already knew that didn't you, "SAGE".

I guess everyone should trust you too, because your a "SAGE".


c8d510  No.3425136

Man, I’ve been here a while and I have never seen the board this shilly, must have hired some more people and sent them a memo to sow doubt

a3d637  No.3425137


Why are they so scared of the Supreme Court? I can't imagine…

d3de76  No.3425138

File: f866d8bce9f7b42⋯.jpg (130.26 KB, 1080x612, 30:17, CS.jpg)

>>3424802 pb

Line starts now....

9c2362  No.3425139


Free Beer Tomorrow. Arrests Tomorrow. Booms Tomorrow. FISA Tomorrow.

d950c5  No.3425140

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


For anyone who is getting war weary and growing impatient with the progress that Q promised, consider this:

It would be futile to go solely after the mastermind behind the JFK assassination, GHWB. It would be better to go after the whole organization.

Believe it or not, that is what someone has been doing for the last 19 or 20 years - and their plan is working. The organization is coming down - right before our eyes.

R we going to ignore the signs? Or r we going to dig, to see for areselves. The work has been done for us. Just spend a little time looking and this information will energize the f**k our of you. You will regain your excitement, I guarantee.

Thanks, kab for the work you have done.


1b2e25  No.3425141

20653b  No.3425143


If you don't like Q, get the fuck out.

24d524  No.3425144

File: 12af64ad383de19⋯.png (570.26 KB, 610x610, 1:1, fightthewicked1.png)

c49050  No.3425145


If that was me just ignore me they brain rape me like every 2 days

7ef241  No.3425146

File: f3566d8c6c331fb⋯.png (315.96 KB, 780x790, 78:79, newnarrative_IsraeliPsyGro….PNG)

107546  No.3425147

POTUS live on Fox

80ec98  No.3425148


Prayers for you Anon. Stay strong.

3c311a  No.3425149


For criminals like her the safest place to be is in the public eye,

6fbf62  No.3425150

Statement by the President

FOREIGN POLICY Issued on: October 10, 2018

Today, I have signed into law H.R. 2259, the “Sam Farr and Nick Castle Peace Corps Reform Act of 2018” (the “Act”).

One provision of the Act, section 203, would forbid the Director of the Peace Corps from opening, closing, reducing, or suspending a domestic or overseas Peace Corps office or country program “unless the Director has notified and consulted with the appropriate congressional committees at least 15 days in advance.” I hope that both notice and consultation will be possible in every case, and I recognize the benefits of working with the Congress on these kinds of decisions. Nevertheless, a requirement to consult with the Congress in executive decision-making violates the separation of powers. My Administration will, accordingly, make appropriate efforts to notify the specified committees, as provided for by the Act, but will treat the consultation requirement as advisory and non‑binding.



October 9, 2018.


d10cc6  No.3425152

File: 8bd925751030a5c⋯.png (14.02 KB, 506x176, 23:8, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9d82087ed030519⋯.png (317.85 KB, 505x456, 505:456, ClipboardImage.png)

BREAKING: Director Wray Refuses to Deny Trump’s Phone Calls Are Being Collected in FISA Database

FBI Director Christopher Wray testified to the U.S. Senate Wednesday morning about domestic spying and government abuse of data.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) asked Director Wray if President Trump’s conversations are getting collected in the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) database and he would not answer.

“We know bad actors exist within intel community,” Senator Paul said. “REFORM NEEDED NOW” the Kentucky Senator added.

RAND PAUL: The FBI Director just testified in the US Senate. I asked him if @realDonaldTrump phone conversations are getting collected in the FISA database. He wouldn’t answer. Is NSA or FBI listening in on our President? We know bad actors exist within intel community. REFORM NEEDED NOW

“Do you think that it is possible that the President’s conversations with international leaders are in the FISA database?” Senator Paul asked Director Wray.

“I’m not sure there is anything I can speak to,” Wray responded.

Senator Paul continued to press Director Wray about the government abuse of data for several minutes.

When the U.S. government listens in on foreigners’ phone calls, they are supposed to ‘mask’ any American citizens caught up in the conversation.

We now know Obama’s corrupt administration was illegally unmasking Americans caught up in FISA wiretaps and illegally obtained a FISA warrant and three subsequent renewals on Carter Page.


ab1f61  No.3425153

File: 05435f9ab78fa4b⋯.jpg (59.65 KB, 851x617, 851:617, KamCucked.JPG)

on Kamala harris,

>>3424288, >>3424506 Kamala Harris Questions Christopher Wray On Kav FBI Investigation (lb)

More bribes….


c49050  No.3425154


Reminder bill clinton had an ankle brace on on a fox news interview

3ce803  No.3425155

>>3425044 Hey thanks, anon

>>3425062 Ty!


>It would take some time,

Heard. Agreed.

>but that might be a project I take on later.

Cool, glad to hear that. I think it's good redpilling info for newbs, and it's the kind of stuff you can only share here–not twatter etc. Just letting you know I'm a baker that will post this kind of content when it overlaps with current research bc I think this part of disclosure will be on us. But bakers take mega heat when we note anything JQ related, so I also think it's good we don't do it too often–is very disruptive to the board and stresses everyone out. Maybe once Israel Intel really does stand down we can get down to some serious business there, kek.

4ecfc6  No.3425156


There are five.

902e48  No.3425157

File: aa2b638625bd06c⋯.png (204.58 KB, 605x405, 121:81, 2018-10-10_12-42-24.png)

>>3424628 (last bread)

Someonje say unicorn?


4919c0  No.3425158

File: b30a3fb80bb56d3⋯.jpeg (44.97 KB, 960x702, 160:117, FB2C0008-0BCA-4B9E-9A3D-7….jpeg)

c284b1  No.3425159

>>3424092 (pb)

>It is not possible to distinguish information which is real, true and important from that which is fabricated, false and trivial on insecure, anonymous networks.


4ccb50  No.3425160


C_A recruitment centers.

46d7a0  No.3425161

File: 6b3fa73d832f98b⋯.gif (201.4 KB, 660x780, 11:13, Pepe Warlock.gif)

Here's what this Anon thinks is fixing to habben.

We all want the FISA DECLAS, however Q told us, the timing will be of POTUS choosing.

Kavanaugh is seated on the SC bench - 5:4

MSM is all worked up, wondering what the "October Surprise" will be.

October surprises yield the best reward if dropped in late October, just before an election.

POTUS will hold the FISA DECLAS close to the vest, and drop at precisely the right time for MAXIMUM impact = MOAB time.

5ff5b5  No.3425162


hi niggerrrr

695729  No.3425163


I like Q, if he ever produces.

Pretty sure alot of anons want some production.

d3de76  No.3425164

File: daec426c7b523b5⋯.jpg (83.92 KB, 366x254, 183:127, Disciprine.jpg)

a213de  No.3425165

File: 61d581d47c33fd9⋯.jpg (71.74 KB, 320x320, 1:1, IMG_3370.JPG)

"From the oval out your mouth TwinkieOTUS"

By eBot

d10cc6  No.3425166


If they control the balance of power in the SC it doesn't matter if they get arrested and charged, they can take to the SC and get off.

96a62c  No.3425167

File: c00edd36c2101d6⋯.gif (3.74 MB, 360x540, 2:3, c00edd36c2101d699eef0b59f6….gif)

ff5690  No.3425168

STEALTH BOMBER still circling… Do you really think stalling and trying to exploit the timetable will change anything? It's up there so high, circling, waiting, watching. And its loaded for bare for YOU you played out pieces of shit. SOON…

a3d637  No.3425169


They have tried every strategy and nothing works. They are in their death throes and they know it. They aren't smart enough to demoralize the board. It's pretty pathetic

c49050  No.3425170


Lol if its a psyop its gonna backfire so hard tbh

Theres enough angry people on here who are like half woke

e12979  No.3425171

Shills just trying to demoralize us since we are winning big, don’t fall for it

61f981  No.3425172


First up to Bat:

Michael Steinbach - FBI

Executive Assistant Director in Charge of National Security Investigations - Under James Comey

Article Excerpt:

"Mr. Steinbach told the 80 former FBI agents in attendance that while FBI Director James Comey made the final decision on the case, Mr. Steinbach himself supervised the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s handling of her emails, according to John L. Martin, a former FBI agent who attended the lunch meeting.

About 25 FBI personnel worked on the case, Mr. Steinbach said. Contrary to what seems to be a given in some media circles, no rebellion of FBI agents has taken place because of Mr. Comey’s decision not to prosecute the presidential candidate. In fact, according to Mr. Martin, Mr. Steinbach said all of those who worked on the case said they agreed with Mr. Comey’s decision."

Comey Crony?


4ff380  No.3425173

File: 298cb73ff9a67ec⋯.jpg (223.97 KB, 2558x1396, 1279:698, HRCWRAPUPSMEAR.jpg)

this bitch makes me sooooo angry!

546717  No.3425174

Anons, have we considered the idea that the Chinese ghost cities were built intentionally?

Perhaps they were to house the global elite while the rest of us went full Mad Max.

With our navy and who knows what else neutered by their spy chips our high tech and air attack options would be limited even if Patriots took control of the military hardware.

We wouldn't dare try a full on infantry assault against a billion people run by a government that has no problem using human waves.

They would be safely under the cover of Nork nukes for leverage against anyone who let us stage nearby.

We'd be royally fucked while they lived it up with their new Chinese overlords completely out of our reach.


16516e  No.3425175


Peace corps cant "Go Rogue" Anon.

a3d637  No.3425176


Ya think? Sarcasm was lost on you, I guess

93086e  No.3425178


Prayers Anon, stay strong.

d305f5  No.3425179


what happens if that does not actually happen though? What will you say?

854dd6  No.3425180

File: b0680b2b6750525⋯.png (116.7 KB, 257x194, 257:194, Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at ….png)


we are military grade trolls we bask in your tears

e89fe1  No.3425181


It's entertaining. Thank you for your cognitive flexibility.

"Trust the plan" is not the same as "think for yourself" though.

23c0cf  No.3425182

File: b362d1011c1e64b⋯.jpg (113.58 KB, 781x664, 781:664, A-17 NYT page.JPG)

in case you guys missed it or there were questions, Trump's A17 referenced was for the PAGE of the NYT that Kavanaugh's article was at.

59b43d  No.3425183


But…according to that nextyearfag's post in the

notables , we just don't understand how big this is!

We just don't understand that we are much safer

if these criminals are aloud to roam the planet

on exotic vacations, go on speaking or book signing tours and holding huge fund-raising events.

Think of all the horrible things they would do if they were in Gitmo!!

d3de76  No.3425184

File: a565ecbabf4fc82⋯.jpg (17.88 KB, 219x255, 73:85, 5X5 JK.jpg)

9befde  No.3425185

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Wrap up and Smear was also shown on Lou Dobbs show.

@ 40:00

14b2fa  No.3425186

File: c4ab65d9d96b14d⋯.png (513.13 KB, 826x766, 413:383, Crazy Dems burn trump supp….png)

File: 5ff29fa0b4fff9d⋯.jpg (32.55 KB, 634x519, 634:519, 4916472-6260447-image-m-31….jpg)

File: a3a76132e20a35e⋯.jpg (85.69 KB, 634x845, 634:845, 4916478-0-image-a-29_15391….jpg)

File: 761ff260a743166⋯.jpg (38.71 KB, 634x370, 317:185, 4917210-6260447-image-a-42….jpg)

Crazy unhinged Dems are getting worse

Owner claims anti-Trump vandals set his pick up truck on FIRE because he had two bumper stickers supporting the President

Johnny MacKay left his truck in the parking lot of a Washington bar on Sunday

The next day it was a burnt-out shell with 'Trump' spray-painted on its side

MacKay had recently put two stickers on the bumper endorsing the president

A truck sporting several bumper stickers in support of President Donald Trump was reportedly vandalized and set alight in Washington state.

The word 'Trump' was spray-painted in white along the side of the now burnt-out vehicle, which was parked outside a bar in Vancouver on Sunday night.

The owner said he believed this was a targeted attack, owing to the two pro-Trump stickers he had just recently placed on the Nissan Titan truck.

All of a sudden I saw the tires were melted, the windows were shattered, and I was just in shock,' Johnny MacKay told KOIN-TV, a Oregon-based station.

'If you say anything that someone doesn't like, you are ultimately a target.

'You're automatically the enemy and they have to hurt you.'

MacKay said he went for a few drinks in the Garage Bar and Grille, so decided to leave the truck in its parking lot overnight on Sunday while he took a taxi home


d950c5  No.3425187

File: 7c3103563b70b59⋯.jpg (13.62 KB, 191x255, 191:255, lived to tell.jpg)


It's time, KEKs.


e89405  No.3425188

File: ce193373880f228⋯.png (88.97 KB, 480x384, 5:4, killlbox.png)

59b43d  No.3425189



e807dd  No.3425190

Crazy shit here today upstate NY

mrs anon and i listening to scanner bright and early this am

Active shooter drill to occur until 1900 hrs

lo and behold

all hell breaks loose at the same time as shooter goes on rampage this am

total bullshit

14b2fa  No.3425191

File: b401abf4293436c⋯.jpg (22.03 KB, 634x417, 634:417, 4916492-6260447-image-m-39….jpg)

File: 02de7a1771e5d6d⋯.png (258.37 KB, 803x731, 803:731, Trump supporters car on fi….png)

e1ee06  No.3425192



c516d0  No.3425193


>And then taking it as gospel

Only thick-witted nincompoops do that. And then they lash out at Q when they become victims of their foolishness.

The smart ones see this for what it is: a long, complex game where the stakes are incredibly high.

They see the general patterns. They know disinformation is necessary. They recognize that statements about X happening at time Y are likely designed to force Black Hats to act. As a result, they don't get too high when things are looking good or too low when things seemingly look bad.

In other words, they are stable.

a213de  No.3425195

File: 1a11e333b02d46f⋯.jpg (194.58 KB, 1344x897, 448:299, IMG_3273.JPG)

"Bass to mouth psychophants for a feltching replerbitopia gynotology gangstalking TwinkieOTUS "

By eBot

ee2ede  No.3425196


Thanks, anon!

I've been looking forward to the 1 year anniversary of each Q post, to see what happens on those days on light of those particular posts. First anniversary comibg up in just a couple of weeks or so; Red October!

aed9c6  No.3425197


"Ma! Meatloaf! The meatloaf, Ma!"

e69820  No.3425198

File: 7d571a0a8914c06⋯.jpg (60.14 KB, 474x397, 474:397, ask nancy.jpg)


25th amendment alert

b948fa  No.3425199


Well, yesterday alone, I exposed 3 Jewish members of a family court as ACCESSORIES TO A CRIMINAL ACT, that act being molestation of a child.

I have formed countless small organizations to create and spread awareness for various endeavors and I have bloodied my own knuckles for this cause. Furthermore, mine and Frank Parlato's efforts almost single-handedly exposed NXIVM, while you faggots were still calling me a "liar" for mentioning them. And that's just a few things I've done in the last year.

What have (You) done, coward? Let me guess… You shared some fucking news articles here and made a few memes? You called some anons, "shills"? Fuck you… You are NOT a patriot. Patriots don't shill against those who want justice…

But pedos and Jews do… Which are you, faggot?

b63225  No.3425201



It must happen.

Conspiracy no more.

Think of every post made.

It would force us to prove everything stated to avoid looking crazy, correct?

What do they fear the most?

Public awakening.

If they ask.

They self destruct.

They know this is real.

See attacks.

The build is near complete.

Growing exponentially.

You are the frame.

You are the support.

People will be lost.

People will be terrified.

People will reject.

People will need to be guided.

Do not be afraid.

We will succeed.

Timing is everything.

Think Huber.

Think DOJ/FBI reorg.

Think sex/child arrests / news.

Think resignations (loss of control).

How do you remove evil in power unless you reveal the ultimate truth?

It must be compelling to avoid a divide (political attack/optics).

We are the majority (growing).


Sheep no more.



a3d637  No.3425202


Again, a very low-quality shill poster. The word you wanted was 'allowed'. GO BACK TO SCHOOL - start in about…oh….3rd grade.

a6d700  No.3425203


>(You) are doing NOTHING to take action to save your nation, but relying on someone else to do it for (You), coward!

The point is….that other than screaming hysterically on a keyboard…You aren't Doing ANYTHING either!

This is NOT work, and it certainly is NOT Courageous ….

So stifle your impotent ineffectual rage…

Get out of your house and actually DO something…

59b43d  No.3425204


Oh noo… nextyearfag filtered me!

4919c0  No.3425206


I hear ya. TY for all of your work, baker

d10cc6  No.3425207

File: 7f081397e6f1150⋯.png (282.45 KB, 586x458, 293:229, ClipboardImage.png)

File: af638a765a935d3⋯.png (255.55 KB, 604x458, 302:229, ClipboardImage.png)

Evidence Shows Dirty Rod Rosenstein is One of the Most Conflicted and Corrupt Officials in US History

Rod Rosenstein by overseeing the Mueller “Witch Hunt”is the most conflicted individual in US history. He created the memo recommending Comey be fired, he signed off on FISA warrant to spy on President Trump and he seriously discussed wiring himself and setting up the President. Yet, in spite of these, he is the creator, overseer, witness, prosecutor and judge of the Mueller investigation.

Gregg Jarrett laid out this case in an overnight op-ed with FOX News. In his piece Jarrett brilliantly lays to waste the current actions of corrupt DAG Rod Rosenstein –

I argued in a column two weeks ago that Rosenstein’s reported plot to overthrow the president was the equivalent of a coup attempt and should not go unpunished. Now there is even more incriminating evidence coming from Baker, McCabe, and Page that Rosenstein sought to overturn the decision of the American people to elect Donald Trump as our president.

President Trump may feel that firing his deputy attorney general just weeks before the midterm elections would be politically imprudent or unwise.

But Attorney General Sessions has both a moral and legal duty under federal regulations (28 U.S.C. 528) to direct Rosenstein to step aside from overseeing the Mueller investigation.

Sessions’ failure to remove Rosenstein as supervisor of the Mueller probe undermines the rule of law. Americans can have little faith or confidence in the fairness of the special counsel’s investigation if Rosenstein – the man who oversees it – stands credibly accused of harboring a severe bias against President Trump.

Moreover, Rosenstein has a conflict of interest so acute that no sincere debate could be waged on whether he should have recused himself at the outset. As explained in Chapter 11 of my book, “The Russia Hoax,” ethical rules demand Rosenstein’s disqualification.

Rosenstein volunteered to author the memo recommending that Comey be terminated as FBI director. Since the firing is part of Mueller’s inquiry into potential obstruction of justice, Rosenstein is a witness in a key matter under investigation – and could potentially be charged with a crime by Mueller if he gave any testimony that was false or misleading.

Indeed, Mueller or his deputies interviewed Rosenstein last year. How can a pivotal witness in a case continue to play an instrumental role in an investigation over which he presides – the outcome of which is likely dependent on his own testimony?

How can Rosenstein sit in judgment on whether action should be taken by Mueller not just against President Trump, but possibly even against Rosenstein himself?

It is fundamentally wrong and unethical for Rosenstein to supervise a case in which he is a chief witness and to simultaneously judge whether a prosecution should be brought. That is tantamount to a prosecutor putting his boss or himself on the witness stand to testify in the very case he is prosecuting.

No one can be an investigator, witness, prosecutor and judge all rolled into one. Rosenstein plays each of these roles in a single case.

This is not the way the American system of justice is supposed to work.

The Mueller investigation is illegal and unconstitutional on at least 10 counts. It is flawed in so many ways but the conflicts of interest that Rosenstein, Mueller and his gang possess, are perhaps the most glaring legal implications. These phonies have no business running an investigation on President Trump but it does not stop them. They’ve worked for the Hillary Foundation, given thousands in donations to Obama and Hillary, and are all related to the investigation that they are charged with investigating.

America has never seen such an illegal operation as the Mueller witch hunt and the number one perpetrator of conflicts and abuse is the man who set it up, Rod Rosenstein.

Gregg Jarrett was on the Hannity Show yesterday and he discussed the Mueller investigation and Rod Rosenstein’s corrupt actions related to this illegal scheme to frame President Trump –

Rosenstein has (had) an obligation to recuse himself from the Mueller witch hunt. AG Sessions has the duty to remove Rosenstein but Sessions will not do his job. President Trump will have to step in and remove both to save the republic.


03159a  No.3425208

File: f5a320d230410f3⋯.png (935.94 KB, 670x1007, 670:1007, f5a320d230410f353ec838571f….png)


>Midterms punt


Someone didn't re-read their crumbs.

c8d510  No.3425209


Yeah it’s pretty transparent. They are using both sides of argument. “Q, larp” and “look we lost another, because Q hasn’t done anything” pretty pathetic

b18e24  No.3425210

>>3423525 (pb - in notables current bread)


>Didn't see this noted.

>Double mention of ABC

>Alphabet Corp?

Or the repeat is an error! See if he corrects it and changes one of the ABCs to NBC!

If so, is that communcation of a time?

If not, is that a mistake where the wrong letter is N?

e89405  No.3425211


terrorism in action

5de01a  No.3425212

File: 3788605bcd627c1⋯.jpg (66.62 KB, 800x532, 200:133, george-soros-destroy-USA.jpg)

2af4be  No.3425213


The best time is when anon? Right before the election looks political in nature. Right now looks political. So we have verified that no matter when in October, it will look political. Correct me if I'm wrong, but what media station will cover it otherwise? Maximum damage? Too late.

e89fe1  No.3425214



Fuck you, don't use "we". Some of us have maintained enough critical thinking capacity to be skeptical.

Speak for yourself, don't speak for me. This isn't a cult.

d10cc6  No.3425215


Good job bringing no fucking value to the board. Fuck stick!

2ec5f4  No.3425216


Oh yes they can.

Peace corps is thick and lousy with clowns

f07a55  No.3425217

File: a7d58a47125a463⋯.png (4.75 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 9549E592-C926-406D-9CE0-05….png)

5ff5b5  No.3425218

File: 20907ced5110e67⋯.png (57.49 KB, 500x533, 500:533, 5drZdDA0NEeMgKYCQ8upK9c74N….png)

File: eb199c75c229959⋯.jpg (42.49 KB, 638x359, 638:359, dum.jpg)

File: 906e5486a098df4⋯.gif (149.92 KB, 220x165, 4:3, (((you))).gif)

"i want justice now or i'm done!!!!1!"




e89405  No.3425219

File: 0f0f55f5a0b76c9⋯.png (94.03 KB, 480x400, 6:5, deported.png)

b948fa  No.3425220


>It's happening, but keep your mouth shut when you have no idea what you are talking about. You do something other than blow smoke up people's asses.

Oh… "just keep your mouth shut'… Lol

Tell us… What has "Q" done for you, other than blow smoke up your ass, hot-shot?

I'll wait…

048774  No.3425221


You’ve done nothing beside generate the estrogen levels of a hormonal teen girl. And you will continue to do nothing. Because you’re a phaggot.

[Israel] last

fa8e93  No.3425222


skyfall digits


e9738a  No.3425223

UKAnon here. Eagerly awaiting DECLAS and hoping that will lead to Patriots here being able to help begin to tear down our own corrupt establishment.

Not sure if DECLAS will come before or after midterms, but with how critical they appear to be, I would hazard a guess at after. If before, midterms a walk in the park, no? Or screams from the left about dirty tricks to influence them?

I see Obama and Michael on the campaign trail with a ‘crowd’ of two men and a dog. Meanwhile, POTUS is, no exaggeration, filling stadiums. That tells me that you’ve got this. You’re winning. Just make sure you get your asses out and vote - even in ‘blue’ states, hell, ESPECIALLY in blue states. Don’t think your vote doesn’t matter. This movement is huge, and the MSM, we’ve seen, have done their damndest to suppress it and discredit Q. They will fail.

Have faith. I have faith in all of you, all of us. Bring it home Patriots.


656378  No.3425224


Now that's damn funny!

d6c27c  No.3425225



I think that the cabal has something in the works, they'll want to lesson the blow of the declas, I think Q knows what they have up thier sleeves.

a213de  No.3425226

File: c45cba6c1f80e67⋯.jpg (44.44 KB, 320x320, 1:1, IMG_3369.JPG)

"Hypnotic sphincter demon in the oval that can't show it's taxes TwinkieOTUS"

By eBot

5de01a  No.3425227

File: 7a9f2c67441535a⋯.jpg (40.79 KB, 474x648, 79:108, 28081dd9783e4ea315f8894a83….jpg)

61f981  No.3425228

File: 15f03f7688ede13⋯.png (57.63 KB, 155x232, 155:232, ClipboardImage.png)


Michael B. Steinbach


c516d0  No.3425229


>Being from Atlanta originally I find it amusing that it is the only location in the nation with no numbers in yet.

Saving the best for last?

bf0119  No.3425230

How the fuck do they get CAT - 4 , when highest winds are 77 Knots ?


96a62c  No.3425231

File: 9597d8c1e9fb65f⋯.gif (1.09 MB, 500x350, 10:7, 1493269828813.gif)


literally no one gives a fuck about your gay temper tantrum

48d5ef  No.3425232

File: 7ce8807a90721f3⋯.jpg (511.06 KB, 1077x1995, 359:665, Screenshot_20181010-114845….jpg)

File: 411612e87989749⋯.jpg (65.74 KB, 500x556, 125:139, 2jgkke.jpg)

this is from 1997.

this bitch has been on the take for a long time…


fde3f6  No.3425233

File: 9157e8aad9ffe2e⋯.png (3.03 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, B42ADD4D-1F08-4239-829D-0C….png)

File: ba44425c4d29cf3⋯.png (3.31 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 5DFC49A5-7A1C-4EF6-85FA-0C….png)


93086e  No.3425234


I was thinking for myself long before Q, and many many people too, thats why Trump won.

Now, we have military patrions fighting for us, and first time in history you see that people aroud you are waking up.

And feel proud.

Fight is not over, but at least ehat we can do, is try to trust them, and to try to red pill as many ous friends and relatives as possible..

048774  No.3425235

281017  No.3425236

GUY in Boat



34058b  No.3425237


>Fuck all of you… and damn you all to hell.

that's just not nice….you should go now, stop torturing yourself

e45d3c  No.3425238


boomer…I'm Gen Z kek

c284b1  No.3425239

>>3423513 (pb)

not a lawyer, but have a lot of experience reading/writing IP licensing contracts. this release (and OIN in general) applies ONLY to LINUX and not any other application.

my read: Microsoft is attempting to strengthen support for Linux and produce platform lock-in for Linux. In other words, bad guys know and have the keys to Linux (it is compromised in many ways), so they're trying to lock you in.

If Microsoft was serious about allowing people to use their patents, they would put them all in the public domain and pledge not to attack anyone with them.

a3d637  No.3425240


I hope Q team are watching and seeing how scared these shills are, and how seriously they take Q —– because that can be the ONLY explanation for their presence on this board. Unless they're just total losers who have nowhere else to go and nothing else to do with their pathetic little lives (like CTA).

fac2c5  No.3425241

File: 36cb9dd83c58690⋯.jpg (112.67 KB, 858x759, 26:23, iur (1).jpg)

What if I told you the actual shills are the shills calling anons shills and announcing their filtering fits- telling anons to gtfo if they don't trust Q or the plan; if they dare to question or seek verification. Patriots think for themselves. Filter me, shills. I don't give a fuck.

bc49bc  No.3425242

File: b018c38979cad85⋯.jpeg (32.31 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 8D6E1656-5B82-436F-9ECF-A….jpeg)

cf9fbd  No.3425243

Do you think the shills have brainstorm meetings before they come flood the boards? Or is it just pure AI at this point?

6098fd  No.3425244

Need Anons help…

We need some upvotes for the pro-Trump comments and MAGA comments. This site has routinely attacked President Trump with many hateful articles against him. The lead blogger is a leftist activist and shit disturber (think smashing cars, windows). Name was called out on here before - Sean Szymkowski. But now people are fight back on the site…


UPVOTE PRO-TRUMP COMMENTS, DOWNVOTE ANTI-TRUMP ONES. Only a minute of your time to fight back.

1fb6d7  No.3425245


Shills don’t want us or the public demanding fisa declass. They want us complacent waiting trusting, nice and quiet. These shills got their scripts from R/thedonald with their bullying tactics.

e81179  No.3425246

File: fac7adcf15ef036⋯.png (440.47 KB, 744x674, 372:337, ClipboardImage.png)

Any theories on pic related?

A false flag hit to implicate MBS?

White hats taking out a clown operative?

Why are the mockingbird MSM all over this story?

438188  No.3425247


Prayers for strength and healing, Anon.

a3d637  No.3425248


Think mirror, cutie pie.

acd270  No.3425249


Had an early 20's girl working for us, great employee. One day she puts in her resignation because she got accepted into the Peace Corps. Of to Kazakhstan for 3 years, she comes back a radical leftist and ends up marrying some radical leftist she met in the Peace Corp. It almost felt like she was MK'd over there or something. Never ever let your kids anywhere near the Peace Corp.

fde3f6  No.3425250

File: 21ec4da7072d267⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 122D3A19-928E-4864-910A-F6….png)


a213de  No.3425251

File: ea9095f08a3fa21⋯.jpg (312.36 KB, 1344x897, 448:299, IMG_3275.JPG)

"Multi trillion dollar gestapi coup in the cia peanut butter TwinkieOTUS"

By eBot

fa8e93  No.3425252


someone next to me at the coffee shop was watching this from a normie newsfeed

fe9e85  No.3425253

File: 1c9f04c63c953d8⋯.png (1.89 MB, 1200x1066, 600:533, ClipboardImage.png)



Because we know that

Patience is POWER!!!

That is why we support our Patient Genius

President Donald J. Trump


He gets all his ducks in a row

And then he strikes


By the time he strikes against the big names

Their power base will be gone

The evidence against them will be overwhelming

Nobody will be resisting because they are walking away

From the evil

656378  No.3425254

96a62c  No.3425255


>he thinks 'SAGE' is being a name fag

>being this much of a newfaggot

<look brock im blending in!!

neck yourself

2af4be  No.3425256


Bwaahaahha! A muh joo shill! I shoulda known.

You are fucking stupid.

I bet you didn't expose anyone, you participated.

Kid diddler

2bcb5f  No.3425258

File: e13776308808290⋯.png (51.75 KB, 654x381, 218:127, Rand Paul 1 re FBI 10-10-1….PNG)

File: 9211f4003029492⋯.png (493.19 KB, 661x776, 661:776, Rand Paul 2 re FBI 10-10-1….PNG)


2ec5f4  No.3425259


Yeah this is why I don’t hang my politics on my vehicle

e45d3c  No.3425260


high IQ anon

1b1ea6  No.3425261



it's actually quite easy and immediate.

but it must be lived, it cannot be shared

3c311a  No.3425262


>If I don't see the FISA declas by the end of this week

Odds are that will happen a week or so before election( just my opinion ) also most indictments will start to be declassified after the new Congress gets sworn in

bc49bc  No.3425263

File: 8aa05792bff283f⋯.jpeg (158.17 KB, 1141x1111, 1141:1111, C878BCF4-AFCF-44B3-834F-4….jpeg)

20653b  No.3425264


Well "fag". What do you think we should do? Go home, get out AR-15's and 9's and start blowing libs away? How many Memes have you posted.? How many Tweets have you posted attacking our enemies. Have you signed up to help your local GOP candidates get elected. Seems that you want to sit back and left every one else do the heavy lifting; Basta

aed9c6  No.3425265

The "how" and "why" of boot camp…

How? They strip away your previous "civilian" identity. They take your clothing, jewelry, belongings and shave your head. They give you uniforms; we all look nearly identical. They verbally "undress" you at every possible moment. Your drill sergeant becomes your new "father".

They NEVER tell you what's coming each day. You have no clue if they'll drill you for hours until you have blisters on your feet. No idea if it will be obstacle course or firing range or classroom instruction.

Everything is "hurry up and wait"… on purpose.

Why? To rebuild you to become a much more patient, stronger, mentally tougher person than the snowflake you were when you got off the bus.

Same here, dipshits.

03159a  No.3425266


I find it relieving I no longer live in that shit hole.

1b1ea6  No.3425267


> if they dare to question or seek verification

but, um, please do not dare to reply, guyze


1b2e25  No.3425268

e89405  No.3425270


>I see Obama and Michael on the campaign trail with a ‘crowd’ of two men and a dog

so true. those of us who were predicting the red wave a few months ago were a small minority. now the whole republican party believes it and the dems are in abject panic.

5ff5b5  No.3425271

File: 1271c8fe54b8540⋯.png (127.84 KB, 501x585, 167:195, 1271c8fe54b85408c6921b503d….png)

the (((shills))) are just feeding off of the explanation in PF 373. it's obvious and soooo transparent how they are just trying to get Q to play their hand because they're fucking afraid. they know it's real. the actual percentage of real anons who are "fed up" is something akin to 10% of what you actually see. use your brain… if someone was fed up, they wouldn't resort to posting like a shill. looks like a shill, smells like a shill, MUST BE A (((SHILL)))

c516d0  No.3425272


Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 384dbe No.139507

Jan 23 2018 17:36:34 (EST)

The light will reveal those on the team and those pretending to be.

855ba0  No.3425273

File: 70a9a2b0a6838b0⋯.jpeg (16.15 KB, 450x450, 1:1, meme.cheetah.laughing.jpeg)

e68d8d  No.3425274

File: 3b28c81a98f1806⋯.jpg (22.36 KB, 474x251, 474:251, IMG_2394.JPG)


He's right, you know.

f2a9aa  No.3425275


So is he taking Harris for a ride with his last comment about "Not being able to discuss (Kav) in that setting?"

b948fa  No.3425276


I have… And I continue to do so. I am a man who walks his talk.

Does Q walk his talk? Yes or no?

You know the answer. But you lack confidence in your own capacity of thought, so instead you trust a LARPing "superhero", that fulfills your comic-book fantasies about some caped-stud coming to save you from peril. You're like Lois Lane, just a helpless bitch, falling off a cliff, waiting for "Q" to swoop in and catch you. It's fucking pathetic…

I did more this week to harm our enemies, than you have done in your entire life, cuck. Don't brag to me. DO SOMETHING. Demand that Q do something. Quit telling everyone to "TRUST THE PLAN", when Q clearly does not deliver on his word. If he did, I would back you. But that is not the case… Period.


fa8e93  No.3425277



my boss is making me work on Saturday

d10cc6  No.3425278

File: bc5b7fabd0a25fd⋯.png (727.24 KB, 496x578, 248:289, ClipboardImage.png)

>>3424802 pb

Wow this is some hardcore freemasonic shit.

33 floor on 10/10

10/10 is 33 days prior to 11/11

Keep an eye out for other 33 related news today as it's a big date also it's the day Rothschild predicted the new one world currency to come into effect on the Economist magazine in 1988, which says 'Ten 10 2018'.

c3f19e  No.3425279

File: cc98f5504c694ee⋯.png (779.69 KB, 960x720, 4:3, HILLARYCORRMEME.png)


438188  No.3425280


Yes but will the Hurricane Michael news coverage/dominance put off what Hannity was supposed to break? Assuming FISA declas this week is/was supposed to happen to, but they may have to shift strategy or any big news will be completely lost. (which of course is what (((they))) need to happen.

96a62c  No.3425281


>A muh joo shill

mossad, try not to make it so obvious

1fb6d7  No.3425282


U need to learn from the founders such as Patrick Henry. Did he say give me patience? Or did he say give me liberty or give me death? What about Jefferson? go back to Reddit you glow.

1edb89  No.3425283


>Why do we need to continue to be abused?

Because obvouisly you can be (that´s your weak point, right there)

when you got nothing left to expect,then will be the time the hammer is ready to fall.

>Why are they allowed to run free doing destruction?

I´m seeing less destruction then the past years, but that´s just me paying attention.

a213de  No.3425284

File: 5d870d753f62f03⋯.jpg (246.79 KB, 1344x897, 448:299, IMG_3271.JPG)

"Four medical deferments and no taxes TwinkieOTUS edifice for tsipraism gynotology gangstalking and Koch brothers political echo chambers for privatized water treason"

By eBot

2bcb5f  No.3425285


>POTUS live on Fox

Sheppard Smith sounded pissed and abruptly cut from POTUS' speech when he began to discuss the rally tonight

Now POTUS is discussing other matters

Fox's LOSS because Smith is such a fucking buffoon with severe TDS

2ec5f4  No.3425286


The three biggest enemies we are Iran, China and Turkey.

And of these, Turkey is the biggest.

I know this because Q knows this.

I’ve heard him say it.

74f500  No.3425287

Anon's this is worth remembering.

How do you know when something VERY BIG is about to drop?




You have more than you know.




c56d18  No.3425289

File: 27d19c78b894536⋯.png (691.02 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 8FE9A085-1463-4C4D-A7D2-8C….png)

Last bread re...pics




Has 4 children


ea6fe5  No.3425290


You forgot to mention the military is still growing opium in Afghanistan and importing to the US, the MSM clowns are still working everyday, chemtrails overhead, fluoride in your water, GMOs in your food, and all the guilty are retiring and walking away with big pensions, over 50,000 indictments waiting to be served unless the dims win the midterms then they will be torn up, soros money is still being spent on subversion instead of seized,and for optics JFK, 911, noname, pizzagate, have to remain a secret.

8a42aa  No.3425291

TWO NEW POTUS TWEETS (retweet info) happened WHILE HE WAS LIVE. Scavino? Letting media know he does Tweet every message? It’s a TEAM EFFORT?

59b43d  No.3425292


Obama, a known fraud and traitor is allowed to

travel the country taking credit for all of Trump's

accomplishments as the media and zombies

gobble it up

The plan is working great isn't it??

f07a55  No.3425293

Nor’East corner of hurricane touching shore with gusts recorded as high as 177 mph at 4k feet above sea level

854dd6  No.3425294


dude im a business owner in WA state

once the SJW in the DOL found out I was a trump supporter they went full retard and weaponized the department against me,

Its a real War and they are working behind the scenes to stop it

f3c3a9  No.3425295


The overt reference one can gather from context but what makes it stand out though is there's no clause introducing it, e. g., "opting instead to put the news on page…"

3b06bd  No.3425296

File: 807b1c061975d30⋯.gif (791.57 KB, 324x256, 81:64, 807b1c061975d30728f98abdb8….gif)

eac317  No.3425297

File: 30e1621644ee574⋯.jpg (17.26 KB, 609x343, 87:49, 1018316866.jpg)

994289  No.3425298

File: 70ab8b2e2c22097⋯.jpg (55.11 KB, 307x512, 307:512, CHI-DiFi.jpg)

>>3424559 (lb)


>According to Joongang Ilbo, human flesh capsules are sold in Chinese towns for around $220 per 2.2 pounds (1 kg) or $53-$80 dollars for 30 to 50 capsules.

a6d700  No.3425299


Been through boot camp….was an Army sniper….but I really don't like the idea of target after target being allowed to come and go in peace…for some promise of a bigger prize down the road

040e32  No.3425300

File: 2181b82d1054108⋯.jpeg (11.7 KB, 300x168, 25:14, DontPlaayQ.jpeg)


I see one reason not to declassify it. The hurricane is dominating the news cycle, and it also entertaining to see these reactions. And if you don't come here, we'll come to you in your dreams, keep your phone near your head.

3ce803  No.3425301


Anon, is there any political significance to this beyond the standard corruption among third-worlders? Any resulting change in overall SA leadership or effect on the Boer? Baker only a little familiar with SA politics.


You bet, ty for yours as well.

Someone's gotta shut their lying mouths,

looks like we've been tapped for it.

b59a1d  No.3425302

File: 1ab8663dd625fe1⋯.jpg (75.42 KB, 403x586, 403:586, kekbeldar.jpg)

c7daaa  No.3425303

File: 482479ed125c649⋯.jpeg (97.86 KB, 817x531, 817:531, 90777892-8997-49DB-80BE-2….jpeg)

a3d637  No.3425304


This. And so far, things have played exactly as described in this Q drop. Every. Single. Time.

4919c0  No.3425305


And who is being saved for last again? Odd that you’d intentionally leave them out

d10cc6  No.3425307

File: 0a90c79916f6c3a⋯.png (508.55 KB, 567x855, 63:95, ClipboardImage.png)

Dem Senator Hirono on Leftist Mob Violence Against the GOP: “This Is What Happens… when You Look at White Supremacists”

Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HA) became a liberal darling during the Kavanaugh hearings after she told American men to, “Shut up and step and do the right thing for a change.”

Democrats praised her sexist attacks on all men.

On Sunday Hirono was confronted on all the political violence and threats coming from the American left today.

Hirono responded by saying, “This is what happens.. when you look at white supremacists and all of that.”


ee2ede  No.3425308

I'm glad this thing's hitting while Shep Smith on the air: he's from that area, and so has a very intimate knowledge of the place

03159a  No.3425309


Shep is a moron, but Fox keeps him so people make that observation for themselves.

Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: d949d7 No.1715118 📁

Jun 12 2018 12:38:05 (EST)

Anonymous ID: 36e8f5 No.1715083 📁

Jun 12 2018 12:36:22 (EST)


If you can pull strings, how about getting Acosta's press pass pulled. I am embarrassed he represented our country in that historic meeting in Singapore.


Think strategically.

Does Acosta's continued disrespectful and poor behavior hurt or help us in the future?



8a42aa  No.3425310




6fbf62  No.3425311

Democrats have filed a lawsuit in federal court against Scott’s secretary of state, Ken Detzner to extend Florida’s voter registration deadline, which was Tuesday, for at least a week due to Hurricane Michael and the complaints of the online system being down.

3b06bd  No.3425312

File: 4e43f3abfb915ea⋯.png (110.08 KB, 322x175, 46:25, ClipboardImage.png)


um k that would be great.

a213de  No.3425313

File: ce25c9e8b435b75⋯.jpg (221.63 KB, 1344x898, 672:449, IMG_3282.JPG)

"Celebrate child trafficking cocaine dealers floundering in the oval with spongecake squarepants"

By eBot

6f57e4  No.3425314

File: 36704ed6e876049⋯.png (50.4 KB, 597x144, 199:48, Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at ….png)

File: e7572d3dd1a6b0c⋯.png (64 KB, 846x445, 846:445, Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at ….png)

Apparently high finance is hard work.

From the same page on Yahoo.

e89405  No.3425315

File: aaf0a5758d5fd35⋯.png (93.67 KB, 470x400, 47:40, cornholed.png)

4ecfc6  No.3425316

14b2fa  No.3425317

File: db2399b89be5d9c⋯.png (483.98 KB, 832x823, 832:823, Swift and her devil snake.png)

File: c94f94443567949⋯.jpg (78.17 KB, 634x533, 634:533, 4908166-6260975-image-m-4_….jpg)

File: c6ccf6d09acfcdd⋯.jpg (70.21 KB, 634x953, 634:953, 4922906-6260975-image-a-2_….jpg)

I believe Taylor smith coming out with the ant Trump statement( first time she got political) a couple of days before the AMA's was orchastrated on purpose.

She recieved many awards

Artist of the Year

Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist

reputation Favorite Pop/Rock Album

Taylor Swift's Reputation Stadium Tour

Tour of the Year award

and she broke the record for awards.

So the night was all about Taylor, and lot's of attention,( trying to sway people against Trump)

And her show looked like something the Vatican and pope would aprove of.

Rise Karyn rise!' Social media users go wild over the giant COBRA that Taylor Swift used on-stage at the AMAs - and claim the singer used her name to make another dig at the Kardashians

Taylor, 28, opened the show and had a giant cobra set piece behind her on stage

She has also had the cobra and several other snakes on her Reputation tour

The singer allegedly told a fan she'd named them all, and the cobra's named in 'Karyn,' spelled with a 'y'

Swifties were thrilled to see 'Karyn' at the AMAs

The use of a 'k' name is thought to be another dig at the Kardashians, as the snakes are in reference to Kim calling Taylor a snake

Anyone who saw Taylor Swift's Reputation tour this summer is familiar with the enormous snake that popped that were a staple of the set.

But what only the most diehard Swifties knows is that Taylor, 28, actually named each of the slithering creatures — and the big one is called Karyn.

At Monday night's AMA performance, Taylor brought along 'Karyn' to make her television debut, and superfans at home went wild with excitement on social media.


556244  No.3425318

God Bless our President - he has his hands full today!


450d84  No.3425319

Just read PF 373 and then I clicked on next and got the info I wanted to see. Q told us at least a dozen times do your own thinking, do research yourself, discern what is and isn’t. Q was re-teaching us how to critically think. Maybe he was teaching it for the first time to some who got caught up in the regurgitation mill. I do great deal of thinking with the drops, as do most of you, discounting the shills of course. I have 2 people that I think may be the stealth bomber, not for here, we have way too many shills. But this I will tell you we need declassification to start as soon as possible.

How on earth can we begin arresting people when our judges are corrupt, not all but the ones that legislate from the bench?

And just to let folks know, I have it from a very reliable source we will see victory.

4b4187  No.3425321

File: 39c5790cfd1d6de⋯.png (142.65 KB, 393x364, 393:364, ! ! ! ! ! (You) 5;5___GM.png)

048774  No.3425322


>>projecting this badly

3c311a  No.3425323


No doubt in my mind , if Hillary was elected that would have happened.. Remember they NEVER expected her to lose,, What Trump accomplished was and is astounding,

c6e9d9  No.3425324

File: 5a683082c4d60d2⋯.jpg (121.8 KB, 483x746, 483:746, 9b0534ab5428e2f2beee448838….jpg)

File: 1454ad8cd0b7c6e⋯.jpg (192.96 KB, 901x665, 901:665, 3b3fd75217339913cc6c54cf65….jpg)

File: a349a00efd0541f⋯.jpg (407.92 KB, 784x1211, 112:173, 4b2be51d354a20ba2f536780a9….jpg)

File: 3bf9452902da1f3⋯.jpg (366.28 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 018e0f7f06174dbbe009fb40c3….jpg)

File: b9f180e3e40b9c1⋯.jpg (319.07 KB, 931x644, 133:92, 4426ba4a3d14f66388d0018232….jpg)

b07636  No.3425325

>>3424620 pb

That would make the dollar hostage to the gold market. You would then have to nationalize it.

Nothing would be gained and a new set of bandits would rule it.

Nice breasts, though.

b63225  No.3425328


I'm getting married in 2 days. I know someone else already made this request. But I will as well. Among all the chaos, I'm fortunate enough to have found someone I love with a loving family as well. I don't have a big family, I lost my mother when I was young, she was young…and after all the darkness, addiction (went sober April 2016), loss, and clinical depression I've been through and still fight everyday, it will be nice, for one single day, to celebrate.

But I would like the celebration to include those that make it possible. The world should be ash right now and it isn't. My personal struggles are nothing compared to the sacrifices made to keep our planet going.

May I request a song? Something the team enjoys? Like, really enjoys!!! You, POTUS, anyone. It's going to be a room 80% democratic. So, it would be great to sneak something in under their noses. Maybe a double meaning ;)

Thank you for your efforts to make the world a better place for us.

30f7f1  No.3425329

File: c663a0e1d1681b6⋯.png (26.9 KB, 498x443, 498:443, Capture.PNG)

7357b4  No.3425331

File: e822ba116c36e39⋯.gif (368.8 KB, 500x501, 500:501, spiritbomb.gif)

This is exactly what you'd want to release to your enemy right before you drop the death blow.

Just sayin'

>We understand that there is extreme fatigue and frustration re: the wheels of justice [slow]. Exclude emotion and personal desire, instead use logic and critical thinking based on situational awareness [undo a lifetime of evil & corruption [infestation] in the span of less than 2 years w/ a corrupt DOJ & FBI in place?].

96a62c  No.3425332

File: 8d3b2f3e833628c⋯.gif (984.9 KB, 500x211, 500:211, 1461000322235.gif)


whoa i guess im btfo

6fbf62  No.3425333


Sounded more like an excuse of why nothing was happening

8d422a  No.3425334


Oh, it's much higher than that, Adolf.

Some have managed to retain their critical thinking skills. The fact that some fight so hard to continue believing in a larp is very telling. Yes, it does absolutely border on cult like behavior.

c284b1  No.3425335


Q headfaking bad guys.

438188  No.3425337


This Anon wins biggest fist bump on this bread!

b07636  No.3425338


hunh. 30 years ago.

And you're tired of waiting for Q?

c284b1  No.3425339


>If I don't see the FISA declas by the end of this week, I'm gonna just hang it all up and stop coming here.

bye, Felicia.

9e3c6d  No.3425340


He was going to do the IPO here in the US. Didn't he just recently agree to that?

Now his net worth has plummetted over 50%!

048774  No.3425341


Honestly think it’s the latter.

1b1ea6  No.3425342

File: b2e311a1fcb9aed⋯.jpeg (15.69 KB, 300x250, 6:5, 8541a132e9ce48bb8b35a4497….jpeg)

>University of Texas Child Porn Professor

well that curriculum escalated degenerated quickly

4919c0  No.3425343

File: 0a0c74b0a434fc0⋯.png (323.08 KB, 471x362, 471:362, 9BDB5CA6-B09C-4F57-B6C9-47….png)

a213de  No.3425344

File: d6f383a3a1e40e4⋯.jpg (521.16 KB, 1440x864, 5:3, IMG_3346.JPG)

"Antithetical aggressively passive protest to Americans Faggots in polyester suits eating babies and smuggling cocaine with the president BATTer"

By eBot

7dd3fd  No.3425345


I thought the honor went to Comey

dc1b32  No.3425346


You're wrong. People who constantly shit on things know that if they shit on things long enough, normal people will get disgusted and leave. That's how the left advances. By shitting on things.

d10cc6  No.3425347


Agreed + Estimated 1-2 billion dead also via staged WW3 too already.

2ec5f4  No.3425348



Democrats fall back to ‘its the economy, stupid’ position.

It’s all they have left.

Zero Hedge is pushing recession buttons heavy right now. Other sites are too.

This is all they have left. There’s little evidence to base it on, but…that’s how they roll. Allege.

30f7f1  No.3425349


Yeah. Q uses 8 chan to head fake the cabal. Sounds as reasonable as anything else around here.

6eae6f  No.3425350

File: 815fd1f1cc3d672⋯.jpeg (248.52 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, 1529015868.jpeg)

93086e  No.3425351

ROSENSTEIN won't be meeting with the judiciary committee tomorrow. Go figure. Subpoena time?….


Yeah. You’d think after the former FBI top lawyer said the current Deputy Attorney General was serious about overthrowing the President that we might issue a subpoena…hold a hearing…conduct oversight…actually do our job. That would be a refreshing change for Congress

c705f0  No.3425352

File: 8c3a9f76e15892d⋯.jpg (53.87 KB, 500x374, 250:187, GilligansIslandShow.jpg)


3 seasons.

98 episodes.

Watched them all.

c415e4  No.3425353

declass after hurricane, declass after kav, decalss after hurricane.

still waiting.

cca820  No.3425354


>The three biggest enemies are C_A, MOS, M_6


e89405  No.3425355

File: 76cb22e46ed6b35⋯.jpg (13.92 KB, 482x410, 241:205, freehelicopterrides.jpg)

c516d0  No.3425356


Comey was just an errand boy.

96a62c  No.3425357

File: 4b509a58e56515b⋯.gif (1.35 MB, 242x182, 121:91, 1460209768939.gif)


> Adolf.

sweetie fag aka CTA aka mossad is back

how you doing loser

438188  No.3425358


SAME group tasked to say similar things about Sessions. Is [RR] biggest actor in this movie?

fb231e  No.3425359

File: 85ab5170a613dae⋯.jpg (66.45 KB, 1080x715, 216:143, IMG_20181008_222806.jpg)


Unrecuse time.

6fbf62  No.3425360


What if I told you that CP images are used for communication with embedded messages.

The spy fucks up and he gets exposed as a CP perv.

Pretty good system to compromise someone if you ask me.

281017  No.3425361

POTS speaking live


ada1fc  No.3425362

OPM Director Jeff Pon gone right after Kavanaugh cloture vote approved. Coincidence?


aed9c6  No.3425363


IMHO, Q has handled every single Trump twat.

bf0119  No.3425364


Original October Surprise , 10 / 13 / 1307.

Demolay arrested by Popes orders , Templars flee with treasure & RELICS to go underground.

X - Files T.V. show made by 10- 13 productions.

( this is who we are )

c516d0  No.3425365

File: d62f7e05576837b⋯.jpg (110.4 KB, 544x706, 272:353, shillaward.jpg)

f07a55  No.3425366


Did you not see all the arrests in front of the SCOTUS?

You never see anything if you keep your eyeballs behind the lids.

fe9e85  No.3425367


Well he likely never said Give me liberty or give me death. It is more likely that he said something like…

' we need to go to these fucking goddammed British lordy Hoohas and give it to them in the arse, by God!

If we were base enough to desire it, it is now too late to retire from the contest. There is no retreat but in submission and slavery! Our chains are forged! Their clanking may be heard on the plains of Boston! The war is inevitable and let it come! I repeat it, sir, let it come.

It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death![66][67]

As he concluded, Henry plunged an ivory letter opener towards his chest in imitation of the Roman patriot Cato the Younger. Henry's speech carried the day, and the convention adopted his amendments.[68] Still, they passed only narrowly, as many delegates were uncertain where the resistance urged by Henry and other radicals would lead, and few counties formed independent militia companies at the urging of the convention.[69]

The text of Henry's speech first appeared in print in Wirt's 1817 biography, published 18 years after Patrick Henry's death.[70] Wirt corresponded with men who had heard the speech and others who were acquainted with people who were there at the time. All agreed that the speech had produced a profound effect, but it seems that only one person attempted to render an actual text. Judge St. George Tucker, who had been present for the speech, gave Wirt his recollections and Wirt wrote back stating that "I have taken almost entirely Mr. Henry's speech in the Convention of '75 from you, as well as your description of its effect on your verbatim." The original letter with Tucker's remembrances has been lost.[71]

For 160 years Wirt's account was taken at face value. In the 1970s, historians began to question the authenticity of Wirt's reconstruction.[72] Contemporary historians observe that Henry was known to have used fear of Indian and slave revolts in promoting military action against the British and that, according to the only written first-hand account of the speech, Henry used some graphic name-calling that Wirt did not include in his heroic rendition.[73] Tucker's account was based upon recollections and not notes several decades after the speech; he wrote, "In vain should I attempt to give any idea of his speech".[74] Scholars have argued to what extent the speech we know is the work of Wirt or Tucker.[71]

0cecc3  No.3425368

File: b658beb94fd9cbb⋯.jpg (118.33 KB, 628x1000, 157:250, fktopkekaim.jpg)

1b1ea6  No.3425369

-posts shilling talking points

-gets replies


0750f1  No.3425370


That doesn't even include all the embedded views or those shown on tv.


f33163  No.3425371


Cheers UK fren!!

03159a  No.3425372

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Are you implying the entirety of the entertainment industry is ran by a group of folks that coordinate attacks and popular viewpoints that you should have because they told you so in order to seize the means of the mind for generations to come?

That's just a wacky conspiracy, man. Enjoy the show, and make sure to DVR all the latest propaga… I mean Prime Time television shows so you know how you're supposed to think/agree with everyone.

8d422a  No.3425373


Thanks for proving my point.

0b12da  No.3425374

File: 1dca2b6e61121af⋯.png (2.53 MB, 819x1078, 117:154, 541561-office-of-the-nagor….png)

File: 9a4be25689b85ce⋯.png (2.53 MB, 819x1079, 63:83, 541561-office-of-the-nagor….png)

File: 07a6d3091d676eb⋯.png (2.54 MB, 819x1080, 91:120, 541561-office-of-the-nagor….png)

File: c78101e9606158d⋯.png (2.54 MB, 819x1083, 273:361, 541561-office-of-the-nagor….png)

Digging on Anna Eshoo; came across this FARA [Foreign Agents Registration Act] form.

Armenian ties; Schiff, Eshoo, Sherman, Speier, Royce, Pallone…

Eshoo is the Rep for Silicon Valley. 20+ years. Search Archive w/Anna Eshoo. Tons of documents.

Internet, E-911, Broadband, ICANN/DNS…


fac2c5  No.3425375

File: 092344700814d25⋯.jpg (60.38 KB, 480x360, 4:3, allanimals.jpg)

File: 6d28c73dcff8fe1⋯.jpg (30.86 KB, 396x244, 99:61, boxer.jpg)

b948fa  No.3425376


You aren't very good at guessing… Kinda like Q.

5ff5b5  No.3425377

File: 65ef759528d12b2⋯.png (74.19 KB, 372x360, 31:30, ClipboardImage.png)

greetings fellow anonymous posters. i am a real patriot#8165 that will stop arriving to this message forum if i do not see the apprehension of certain human beings within a 7 day period of human time.

94d58b  No.3425378


Moar Rands in Congress please

fd94ec  No.3425379

File: 327c6a473db3e87⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1500x1001, 1500:1001, hi.png)

f7cce2  No.3425380


Congratulations, Anon, on your sobriety, on overcoming all the pain and hardship, and on your wonderful marriage. God bless you and your spouse. May it not just be one day of celebration, but a lifetime.

d10cc6  No.3425381

Stepfather faces 22 years in jail for ‘hundreds’ of rapes of daughters – reports

A man who sexually harassed and raped his adopted underage daughters will spend 22 years in jail, a Russian court ruled. The “monster” father reportedly abused the girls more than 900 times before one told her stepmom.

The five girls have apparently lived a family hell for at least five years after they were taken from an orphanage to in the Far Eastern city of Komsomolsk-na-Amure. As reported by Komsomolskaya Pravda, the family had a reputation for being a decent and happy unit. But behind this façade, the 38-year-old stepfather was raping, abusing and threatening the children, who in turn feared to lose the only family they had, a prosecutor revealed to the paper.

The family reportedly had the total of eight adopted children – five daughters and three sons – and received financial help from the government. The couple also reportedly has three kids of their own.

The stepmother allegedly had no idea about the violence going on until one of the girls dared to speak up against the abuser. The woman immediately went to police, who then exposed hundreds of father’s gruesome crimes one by one.

When the father, identified on social media as Viktor Lishavskiy, stood before the court, he did not deny the horrific deeds. Apart from spending more than 22 years behind bars, the man will be reportedly forbidden to any activity linked to bringing up children for 20 years.

The charges were leaked by a public page on Russian social media page Plohie Novosti (“Bad news”). The alleged list contains 248 rape charges and 358 charges of violent sexual acts against minors under 18 years old, as well as 23 cases of the same against kids under 14. He allegedly further committed more than 270 rapes and violent sexual abuses.

The revelations have surely shocked the local community, as the family is said to have actively taken part in local events, won some awards and appeared in the media. Even children’s services that visited the foster family several times a year, as Russian law requires, did not see anything suspicious. Now some of these officials are also reportedly facing a negligence probe.


e79c5a  No.3425382

File: 830c8a4726080d7⋯.jpeg (161.06 KB, 1056x1408, 3:4, 930A2C59-ED9B-4286-A02E-F….jpeg)

040e32  No.3425383

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The confrontation of your struggles are exactly why the world is not in ashes. Do not underestimate your importance anon, we are connected more than we understand. Sympathy for the struggles, stay strong, stay sober, stay vigilant, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

8e1839  No.3425384


Very possible. Kind of like the boy who cried wolf!?..I just want to know if The Plan is going well. Q said they had multiple contingencies and I assume they're aiming for the least resistance.

96a62c  No.3425385

am i the only one who filters people that announce who to filter?

0750f1  No.3425386


Lived in metro ATL 15yrs. Left last yr right after pajama boy tried to take my district (Newt's old stomping grounds).

ATL is so damn corrupt, the number is probably too big to fit in the box.

fde3f6  No.3425387

File: f5a7940285d28df⋯.png (5.74 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, BAB1B108-8ED2-428F-9B5D-C6….png)

File: 8f7e993403c4f3c⋯.png (5.17 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 7C71F5F7-330C-40B5-980A-3F….png)

Trump Instagrammin’

f33163  No.3425388

File: 2f08d0e37a868e3⋯.jpeg (58.61 KB, 360x480, 3:4, DFFE3F39-F44D-4242-B089-4….jpeg)

6eae6f  No.3425389

File: f9b24afd8c4e892⋯.jpeg (86.53 KB, 1020x800, 51:40, 1538522114.jpeg)

b948fa  No.3425390


Your projecting, kike.

e89405  No.3425391


Taylor Swifts career is failing. her last tour and album flopped. that is why she is selling out politically now. they are all just whores. selling to the highest bidder.

a213de  No.3425392

File: 559b2ac8e0c3dfd⋯.jpg (305 KB, 1440x864, 5:3, IMG_3298.JPG)

STEALs from your pocket

Made of fake shit

Fed to kids

Won't show taxes

Four deferments

Murderer preterm

Peking duck




Stassi gynotology

Raunch culture

Cia peanut butter queers

Patsy stool incumbent

7d7f37  No.3425393


Idk i wouldnt care how slow it was going without being targeted

Altho at this point its only mildly annoying

e8486e  No.3425394


Are you the guy from that google twat?

slow and steady wins the race goy

ea6fe5  No.3425395


the more corn going into gas destroys the gas and raises prices for livestock feed.

1f0e0b  No.3425396

479fd7  No.3425397

File: 3769d2a388f6dd3⋯.jpg (82.34 KB, 640x425, 128:85, you-dont-hand-5bbe2f.jpg)

File: 02e5a1bacf85327⋯.jpg (82.28 KB, 640x425, 128:85, you-dont-hand.jpg)

File: 67eac0b60b6713d⋯.jpg (81.85 KB, 640x425, 128:85, constitution-burning1.jpg)

4919c0  No.3425398

File: 4f3d7be24591323⋯.jpeg (234.82 KB, 884x618, 442:309, 19A2116B-B8CA-4E82-A3F4-1….jpeg)



JIDF not sending their best these days

1fb6d7  No.3425399


Not words for faint of heart, patient or complacent.

b102b5  No.3425400


>human time

Cuckerberg, get off the board. We can tell it's your lizard ass from a mile away.

1b1ea6  No.3425401


organic replypost expressing similar concerns of concern, fellow humananonymous poster

34058b  No.3425402


ok, you're special, you happy now?

b948fa  No.3425403


What do ya know? Crickets… Lol

fac2c5  No.3425404

File: 38b8f51c49e4dfb⋯.jpg (61.13 KB, 488x486, 244:243, iu (8).jpg)

ed1539  No.3425405

>>3425036 Son Of Limo Company Owner Is Arrested After Fatal Crash



4edbe5  No.3425406

File: 313a97beaeb2ee2⋯.jpg (115.4 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, michaelmas.jpg)

the battle

4b4187  No.3425407

[Military OP]

[Process & Planning – Law and Order]

Exclude emotion and personal desire, instead use logic and critical thinking based on situational awareness [undo a lifetime of evil & corruption [infestation] in the span of less than 2 years w/ a corrupt DOJ & FBI in place?].

We understand that there is extreme fatigue and frustration re: the wheels of justice [slow].

General Statement:

Statement release 10.9.18 [p_AUTHORITY1]

5ff5b5  No.3425408

File: eb9edd68f1ae79d⋯.png (65.39 KB, 228x221, 228:221, a33ef97c5c22bfb2387bc2845f….png)


that feel when someone uses your meme to respond to someone shilling against you

bc49bc  No.3425409

File: 623a919e3bf79a3⋯.jpeg (113.43 KB, 500x441, 500:441, 34AE16CE-2D61-4083-B9D5-A….jpeg)

0750f1  No.3425410

Fukkin twinkie shill. I'm so damn tired of filtering his ass.

c010b4  No.3425411


The mass shooting on Oct. 1 apparently had little effect on travelers flying to Las Vegas.

October marked the busiest month in McCarran International Airport’s history, with 4.33 million airline passengers, topping the previous record set three months ago, the Clark County Aviation Department reported Monday.

c516d0  No.3425412


Like I don't tell people when I take a shit, I never publicly say who I may or may not filter.

I just do it. Or don't do it.

b63225  No.3425413


Thanks, Anon! God Bless!

b948fa  No.3425414


The truth stings, huh?

8d422a  No.3425415


Your standard response. How predictable.

96a62c  No.3425416


wow you triggered the NPC kek impressive


e7e48d  No.3425417

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>3424926 (pb)

Well, I always considered myself pretty woke - 9/11 is OBVIOUSLY fake, WMDs Iraq, Contra, Tonkin etc etc. Chariots of the gods as a kid, interested in ancient civ things like Pyramids et al, sacred geometry, Macci Pichu/Peru/Inca blocks - but I considered myself a "rational" tin foil hat wearer.

I had always dismissed David Icke's stuff - The queens a lizard etc but just out of curiousity I went to see if he had done a Q vid, didnt really check as I saw - Satanists & Pedophiles Run The World - David Icke and noticed the pic and the date ... 30 Aug 2016. Lots of talk of Alice in Wonderland, rabbit holes etc.

If anything Q has shown me how niave I was - I mean I made a post ages ago lamenting about where are all of the good people? I honestly thought something of this magnitude would be impossible to pull off, I mean the scale is unimaginable - countries and govts are completely and utterly comp'd, and those we would look to for protection from such things - FBI/CIA/SIS are/were actively working against the people. Secret space programs for gods sake.

In the kingdom of the blind the one eyed man is king - but in the kingdom of the all seeing the one eyed man is a fool.

7d7f37  No.3425418


Too low anon goal was 500m pop

I swear to god they have done this before

Population gets too large

Kill off 90%

Whoever they are

They farm us like a crop

a213de  No.3425420

File: af29ce3152df03d⋯.jpg (220.25 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, IMG_3237.JPG)

Is tgat dogg boy protesting the cabbage poisoning

438188  No.3425421


She already told us she's their puppet. Why don't people believe her?!!


3761b4  No.3425422


Tick Tock means nada.

d10cc6  No.3425424

File: 1d2177bffbbde9b⋯.png (576.37 KB, 811x458, 811:458, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f1a54067776931c⋯.png (471.94 KB, 509x556, 509:556, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 34ae61a8c5786ae⋯.png (276.52 KB, 527x350, 527:350, ClipboardImage.png)

File: eaa4bcd022f92e0⋯.png (328.79 KB, 504x490, 36:35, ClipboardImage.png)

Wasn't she supposed to serve US? Twitter unamused as IDF 'salutes' Haley for her support for Israel

A tweet from the IDF thanking Nikki Haley for her “unwavering support” for Israel has sparked an avalanche of snarky comments, with many pointing out that Haley was supposed to be the US, not Israeli, envoy to the UN.

In a surprise announcement on Tuesday, Haley resigned her post as Washington’s envoy to the United Nations. Haley’s departure ignited a Twitter storm of speculation about why she chose to step down, and what she’s planning next. Israel’s military, however, used the announcement as an opportunity to thank the retiring US diplomat for her service to the Jewish state.

"Thank you @nikkihaley for your service in the @UN and unwavering support for Israel and the truth. The soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces salute you!” the IDF’s official Twitter account wrote.

But the IDF’s appreciative “salute” to Haley was immediately swarmed with angry and sarcastic replies, with Twitter users accusing the former US envoy of putting Israel’s interests ahead of her own country’s.

“’Unwavering support’ aka, blind allegiance,” one Twitter user noted bluntly.

“You love her for the reasons the rest of us despise her,” another netizen shot back at the IDF. “She left the Human Rights Council, pulled the US out of Iran deal, slashed funds to UNRWA, moved embassy to Jerusalem, and was exaggerated in her support for the IDF when they abuse Palestinian human rights.”

Twitter user “Alan” made a similar, although considerably more succinct, observation: “I thought she was meant to be serving… Never mind.”

Haley has been a fierce defender of Israel, repeatedly using her seat on the UN Security Council to shield Tel Aviv from international criticism. During her tenure at the UN, the US envoy lashed out at the international community for allegedly “bullying” Tel Aviv, warning that the she “wasn’t going to have it.”

“We had the back of Israel, and if they were going to mess with Israel they had to mess with the US,” she said.

Earlier, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised Haley for leading an “uncompromising struggle” on behalf of the “justice of our country.”

He was referring to Israel, not the United States. Just to be clear.


93086e  No.3425425


Today the committee holds another nominations hearing. Five more judicial nominees, including two Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals nominees from Ohio.

Another nominations hearing next week. And another the week after that.

3 hearings in 3 weeks. 5 circuit judges. 10 trial judges.


96a62c  No.3425426


>he doesnt know ebot

you gay

854dd6  No.3425427

Q nigger it would help us out a lot if you could verify the ++++ being the way to call out the bots,

its either like hearing kittens or there all bots, its important for future comms IMHO

WA helper anon +++ WRWY hang in there anons

f07a55  No.3425428

File: d879d6906a44aa5⋯.jpeg (393.67 KB, 999x461, 999:461, B9D1F77A-84D7-474D-AD78-F….jpeg)

UK Patriot posted this and they are watching.

They see POTUS and Q have got this whilst being all the way across the pond.

Relax, breath concernfags.

pic related

34058b  No.3425429


>The plan is working great isn't it??

yeah it is, thanks for noticing

6098fd  No.3425430








9bf63e  No.3425431

File: 505cdf301e8a29a⋯.png (11.62 KB, 580x191, 580:191, Screen-Shot-2018-08-24-at-….png)

The best of Q volume 1. Gotta play the hits.

59b43d  No.3425432


Are you frustrated with Twinkiefag? Are you growing impatient?

You must be a concernfag shill!

479fd7  No.3425433


quit posting now. Q does not answer to you timetable.

14b2fa  No.3425434



i like that list too,ke it's where the numbers came from for the maps.

They did not have the district totals, or state totals on it, hence reason i made a more visual graphic.

7d7f37  No.3425435


Yeah yeah sun tzu appear weak when you are strong

The roths and bloodlines follow sun tzu too anon

They are smarter than we think

The puppets? Not so much

3c311a  No.3425436

File: 6c35fa90eefb1bf⋯.png (193.46 KB, 662x525, 662:525, Capture1.PNG)

File: 0cdebb29c073175⋯.png (906.43 KB, 746x439, 746:439, Capture2.PNG)


The Knights of Malta

The 900-year history of the Order is reflected in its name

Since its foundation 960 years ago, many names have been used to identify the Order and its members

This can be explained by its nine centuries of eventful life and in particular because the Knights have often been forced to move from countries where they once played a leading role.

The official name of the Order of Malta is the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta.

Abbreviations of the name – Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Sovereign Order of Malta, or Order of Malta – are often used for legal, diplomatic or communication purposes.

The knights were initially called the Knights Hospitaller (or Hospitallers) to describe their mission. But they were also called the Knights of St John because of the Order’s patron saint, St. John the Baptist, and also of Jerusalem because of their presence in the Holy Land.

Also used in the past was the term The Religion to emphasise the characteristic of religious confraternity.

After conquering the island of Rhodes in 1310, they became the Knights of Rhodes. In 1530, the Emperor Charles V ceded the island of Malta to the Knights. Since then the Order’s members are commonly referred to as the Knights of Malta.

To protect this heritage, the Order of Malta has legally registered 16 versions of its names and emblems in some 100 countries.


193881  No.3425437

File: 7c57a2051efed98⋯.png (35.81 KB, 717x427, 717:427, Screenshot_2018-10-10_18-0….png)


Here you can see MS contributions to the Linux Kernel.


c56d18  No.3425438

File: 7e786bf92da7179⋯.jpeg (463.16 KB, 1541x671, 1541:671, 8B2A9EC4-1D09-4D8A-A20E-B….jpeg)

File: fce586ec8a204bf⋯.jpeg (91.57 KB, 1005x201, 5:1, 07D44EB3-D87F-4AA8-8170-B….jpeg)


Re helper pics

fe9e85  No.3425439


You identify yourself as a JIDF shill.

It is fact that all of Hollywood is run by one Jewish satanic bloodline who are all bisexual pedophiles and who make extensive use of MK-Ultra Mind slavery so that almost all A-list actors/actresses, and singers and sports stars, are literally their private property. And they use those people as they will.

Their agenda is the destruction of Western civilization and American society in preparation for their Noetic World Order in which a small elite of incestuous families, are monarchs over the entire planet, and everyone else is a Mind Controlled Slave following their orders delivered by the stars of Hollywood.

Their entire lives and their industry are one big magickal ritual. Nuremberg Rallies on a vast global scale, because Hollywood makes sure to overdub their important mind programming films into ever significant language.

c69f40  No.3425440


We are guinea pigs

Wonder who is watching though?

Really watching.

But hopefully Anons can stop talking like bat shit crazy people anymore so we don't continue to erode our credibility with fake Q prophecies that never and will never come true.

e89405  No.3425441


>Zero Hedge is pushing recession buttons heavy right now. Other sites are too.

ZH is always BS. they have been predicting a recession for the past decade. it is all just a scam to get fools into the alternative investment shit they pitch (gold, silver, cryptos)

5202cc  No.3425442

File: 81748d9fe671dd9⋯.png (41.59 KB, 765x447, 255:149, haley-sexual-predator.png)

File: e9899178ffa3c01⋯.png (135.11 KB, 279x1075, 279:1075, nimrata.png)


her name is Nimrata

4919c0  No.3425443

File: 7b2d447687de0ff⋯.jpeg (15.77 KB, 255x176, 255:176, 0EB64231-9A31-4601-9170-7….jpeg)


I got your back, fren

b63225  No.3425444


Thank you Anon. This board is a great place to start a connection. Especially for the types like some of us that feel alone in a crowd. Thank you for the congrats. God Bless!

a213de  No.3425445

File: fad7bae07d90a05⋯.jpg (220.06 KB, 1440x864, 5:3, IMG_3312.JPG)

Were you ever forced to eat one in school

b594d9  No.3425446


Sauce, pls

dc1b32  No.3425447


There's no defense. They inject it into your device, an anonymous tip sends the cops after your device, they find the cp, you're dead bang guilty. There's no coming back from that.

57eba1  No.3425448

File: 7a8489716c87f68⋯.jpg (75.06 KB, 573x588, 191:196, 1a.JPG)


1b1ea6  No.3425449


>being this impervious to parody

f07a55  No.3425450


Oh yeah, (slap me) forgot the most important.

Get Out And Vote!!!!!

59b43d  No.3425452


Oh…so you were expecting this 2 fucking years after the election??

You probably voted for that nigger faggot

855550  No.3425453

File: e6f5f1be84cf2b4⋯.png (1.49 MB, 2222x5364, 1111:2682, who.png)

File: b251f9b2cb9e38d⋯.png (72.06 KB, 474x314, 237:157, unless.png)

File: e8fc28dc7ce8093⋯.png (1.89 MB, 1688x1080, 211:135, trashyjoe.png)

File: 3c4e116f30103c6⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1999x1392, 1999:1392, thedegradationofthebotmago….png)

fac2c5  No.3425454

File: 581bd308e441a1c⋯.jpg (55.32 KB, 618x400, 309:200, iur (1).jpg)

File: 85d82a4ffdebc8f⋯.jpg (53.39 KB, 577x517, 577:517, iu (3).jpg)

994289  No.3425455

File: 4ca738a2a89a154⋯.jpeg (90.52 KB, 965x505, 193:101, kamala-ittt.jpeg)

>>3424288 (lb)




>Kamala Harris Grills Christopher Wray

a78d1e  No.3425456

File: 435d8779395e691⋯.png (116.9 KB, 482x895, 482:895, ClipboardImage.png)


If you haven't figured THIS out buy now you should just hang it up now and quit trying to poison the well

b75c1e  No.3425457

"Panama City is about to be crushed." -Weather Channel

9bf63e  No.3425458

File: a6119201ed16c6a⋯.png (12.39 KB, 616x239, 616:239, Screen-Shot-2018-08-24-at-….png)

Remember when zuckerburg was forced to step down and went on the run?

I don't either.

14b2fa  No.3425459

File: 01b480c7adc1377⋯.jpg (61.11 KB, 552x500, 138:125, 2jr46x.jpg)

f07a55  No.3425460


Apalachicola. Panama City is on the west side.

b59a1d  No.3425461

File: 1af4d0660cb05a6⋯.jpg (74.3 KB, 600x383, 600:383, oneholery.jpg)

05bed7  No.3425462

File: e03c704128a2c07⋯.mp4 (5.62 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, PeterKramer-10500647052288….mp4)

FBI RAID Targets “Threats made to targets in Washington, D.C.”


e8e025  No.3425463

File: 5ab8978dc686a46⋯.jpg (143.04 KB, 854x570, 427:285, IMG_5926.JPG)

1b1ea6  No.3425464


>Remember when zuckerburg was forced to

vigorously deny in multiple articles and statements that this was not true?

eac317  No.3425465

File: 61ef11d8333e4d3⋯.jpg (54.97 KB, 731x1024, 731:1024, 1341838663_aliens_sml2.jpg)


?…i'm on to you

7922c6  No.3425466

File: 0a89ad1e3892c18⋯.jpeg (690.74 KB, 1242x2018, 621:1009, 6D2402C7-8240-45BF-9CB3-7….jpeg)

File: 90198b952017122⋯.png (1019.17 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 6E2039E4-9D19-4B30-A5D6-19….png)

File: d62b78317fad66d⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 29BE9295-D3B5-4D33-8ACA-AF….png)

File: 51325eacfc7ee62⋯.png (522.28 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, A11C88DF-89CC-4C5C-97BC-83….png)


Reposting a piece on Chifi and Blum


Link in notables this morning

d10cc6  No.3425467

File: 9bfab21769d6b7a⋯.png (421.07 KB, 774x853, 774:853, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7fa64af1bcde2de⋯.png (362.85 KB, 768x865, 768:865, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d9bfab117106ad5⋯.png (357.82 KB, 771x841, 771:841, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7a25898e8356e14⋯.png (216.39 KB, 782x744, 391:372, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 072c4fbcb089bc9⋯.png (977.24 KB, 775x866, 775:866, ClipboardImage.png)

University of Texas Child Porn Professor is a Chinese Spy under FBI Espionage Investigation

There's stunning news to report coming out of Washington, DC; where U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul, R-10th District announced that Dr. Keping Xie, facing Child Pornography charges, is also under investigation for Espionage.


Cont. from images:

MD Anderson Cancer Center would only confirm Xie's departure from the facility by resignation, and the involvement of the University police in the child pornography investigation.

FBI Houston Field Office spokeswoman Christina Garza said her office does not confirm or deny investigations.

U.S. officials who have been briefed on Chinese efforts to conduct economic espionage say that Houston's research into scientific matters, as well as their oil and gas industries, are of increasing interests for Chinese spies.

In August, the FBI Houston Field Office held an unprecedented press conference with leaders from Houston's medical, science, and academic institutions, alerting the region to the threat.

Economic Espionage

Economic espionage is a problem that costs the American economy hundreds of billions of dollars per year and puts our national security at risk. While it is not a new threat, it is a growing one, and the theft attempts by foreign competitors and adversaries are becoming more brazen and varied. The FBI estimates that hundreds of billions of U.S. dollars are lost to foreign competitors every year. These foreign competitors deliberately target economic intelligence in advanced technologies and flourishing U.S. industries.

What is Economic Espionage?

According to the Economic Espionage Act (Title 18 U.S.C. §1831), economic espionage is (1) whoever knowingly performs targeting or acquisition of trade secrets to (2) knowingly benefit any foreign government, foreign instrumentality, or foreign agent. In contrast, the theft of trade secrets (Title 18 U.S.C. Section 1832) is (1) whoever knowingly misappropriates trade secrets to (2) benefits anyone other than the owner.

Historically, economic espionage has targeted defense-related and high-tech industries. But recent FBI cases have shown that no industry, large or small, is immune to the threat. Any company with a proprietary product, process, or idea can be a target; any unprotected trade secret is vulnerable to theft by those who wish to illegally obtain innovations to increase their market share at a victim company’s expense.

Representative Michael McCaul (R-TX), who is also the chair of the House Committee on Homeland Security, confirmed the federal investigation into Dr. Keping Xie saying, “I got briefed on this investigation several months ago.”

McCaul provided more details and the scope of the allegations, saying, “This is a systematic effort by the Chinese government to get into our medical facilities, our research development facilities, academics

Representative McCaul added that $600 billion of intellectual property is stolen from the United States annually.

“The foreign counterintelligence agents are very concerned about the Chinese threat in the United States, stealing this intellectual property but mostly the threat to our academic and research institutions,” Representative McCaul said.

Anyone with any additional information about Dr. Keping Xie, or the alleged Espionage occurring at the University of Texas is urged to visit the Houston FBI website or to call 713-693-5000 via their offices.

Additional Sources or Relevant Information:


f2a9aa  No.3425468


"Threats made to targets" …..grammar?

a213de  No.3425469

File: 048d8c5004243e8⋯.jpg (235.69 KB, 1440x864, 5:3, IMG_3319.JPG)

Did it sneak into your kids meal and mouth

25e337  No.3425470


It's called BS….

Think for yourself anon

cc861d  No.3425471

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

b948fa  No.3425472


No… I'm not looking for recognition, I simply want MY PEOPLE to grow a goddamn backbone.

Do you think /our/ enemies are waiting with baited breath for the next drop from P or whoever? Fuck no… They are DOING SHIT. You should be DOING SHIT.


There are currently 160 UIDs here. But Q would have you believe there are thousands, even millions watching and seeing your memes. BULLSHIT. You have been quarantined. And the status quo marches on while you all think wishfully about your caped-crusader Q saving you helpless Lois Lane-fags.

6f57e4  No.3425473

File: d0f97086a7c2460⋯.png (474.89 KB, 677x680, 677:680, hillary wicked.png)



Why are we trying to dox helperanon?

Shouldn't we just say thanks and dig for a change of pace?

Randall C. Coleman, for example.

467b4e  No.3425474


Never going to get declass.

7922c6  No.3425475

File: 16a40c2dbd8a931⋯.png (1014.35 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, F7B20305-139E-4871-94CF-27….png)

File: f993c424e3cd858⋯.png (981.75 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, E5124104-8976-4D34-B976-63….png)

File: cf9862215127c5c⋯.png (990.93 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, A260F6A6-5A8A-47E9-BB57-9D….png)

File: a13ee0f5281f71a⋯.png (939.3 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 2EDE244F-415C-405E-903D-69….png)

fe9e85  No.3425476


You sad American illiterate. You have no idea of your own history. Get the hell out of here and read a few books first.

Patrick Henry was indeed PATIENT.

He did not go rushing to war. He supported the Congress and their General George Washington.

When Washington and his troops encamped at Valley Forge in the winter of 1777–1778, Henry arranged for livestock and other food to be sent to their relief. There was discontent against Washington, who was not seen by some as a successful general, and this resulted in the so-called Conway Cabal. Henry supported Washington when Dr. Benjamin Rush of Philadelphia, one of those unenthusiastic about Washington, sent the governor an unsigned letter, discussing machinations against the general. Henry immediately sent Washington the letter, and though it is uncertain if Henry recognized Rush's handwriting, Washington did, tipping him off to the conspiracy. President Washington wrote of Henry in 1794, "I have always respected and esteemed him; nay more, I have conceived myself under obligation to him for the friendly manner in which he transmitted to me some insidious anonymous writings in the close of the year 1777 with a view to embark him in the opposition that was forming against me at that time".[104]

93086e  No.3425477


The Kavanaugh effect:

-AZ: McSally (R) +6

-TN: Blackburn (R) +8

-NV: Heller (R) +2

-TX: Cruz (R) +6

-ND: Cramer (R) +12

The left's angry mobs have charged up the right!


If FISA bombshell will be dropped, then.. fucking suicide month/year

a3d637  No.3425478


That is just sad. Can you imagine at the end of the day, someone asks what you did all day and all you have to say is, "I went and sperged idiotic drivel on the internet. BOY I really showed THEM!".

41647e  No.3425479


Not LATE October anon. The "surprise" will have to be one that the MSM cannot ignore AND it will have to go through the regurgitations of several news cycles before it gains sufficient traction to substantially affect an election. I remember Assange explaining the timing of an October Surprise before the 2016 election. He claimed that 2 weeks was marginal and that 3 three weeks should be the target release date. Plenty of time to grip the Nation's attention (assuming a neutral MSM) and insufficient time to counter the surprise. That "ideal" window of time will be from tommorow 10/11 through next Tuesday 10/16. My bet is that the FBI will call a press conference and detail the conspiracy among Sens. Schumer, Feinstein, HRC, Blasey-Ford, et al, to commit fraud upon the Senate in falsifying the testimony of Blasey-Ford before the Senate Committee in a desperate 11th hour move to derail Justice Kavanaugh's confirmation.

0750f1  No.3425480


best scene ever!

0d3e4e  No.3425481

File: 6cd01c1a2bbdadf⋯.png (5.96 KB, 690x156, 115:26, ClipboardImage.png)

d10cc6  No.3425482

UK – Bakers Who Refused ‘Support Gay Marriage’ Cake Win Unanimous Supreme Court Ruling


Just for KEKS baker!

e79c5a  No.3425483

Congrats anon, 40 yrs sober here! You are doing great! One day at a time my fren


c86eec  No.3425484



d517c8  No.3425485

a213de  No.3425486

File: 4b98cdd4f060f27⋯.jpg (228.55 KB, 1440x864, 5:3, IMG_3315.JPG)

Is your oval full of fake tacky shit after your kids and pocketbook were betrayed

040e32  No.3425487

File: efb18b2f22e356d⋯.jpg (66.9 KB, 772x456, 193:114, 1b9d63013a3b24caeab533afc2….jpg)

LOL, Live from Pineapple Willy's… wtf

This guy about to die on this live stream


8d422a  No.3425488


I am no longer a guinea pig.

854dd6  No.3425489


test ++++

narnia dod version

accelerated education program ROTC

u r a (Class Member)

598dfb  No.3425490


Hurricane Michael LIVE

fff3a4  No.3425491

File: ce517781f54bd74⋯.jpg (89.25 KB, 400x255, 80:51, GRAHAMHARDCORE.jpg)


yes, yes it do

3761b4  No.3425492


Let's say the midterms go well and the R's pick up 5 Senate seats and maintain a solid majority in the House, as now.

How does that change the pace of locking /them/ up? Just wait another year while we clean out FBI/DOJ? or two years? Or just wait until Trump is re-elected in 2020. What if more Vegas/Parkland-type events start occuring? Sorry your loved ones were murdered by the FBI. Trust muh plan.

Delay in effecting justice against known criminals is in itself criminal negligence.

a3d637  No.3425493


I agree with that. That's why I filter SOME of their shit but I also call them on some of it. We can't just let them run over us here. This is OUR space, not theirs.

6fbf62  No.3425494


eBot are you into Twinks?

438188  No.3425495


Early voting and mail-voting starts very soon… cutting this super close.

479fd7  No.3425496



b250fa  No.3425497

File: f0f3f271cb62dc1⋯.jpg (16.48 KB, 279x309, 93:103, shazam2.JPG)

25e337  No.3425498

File: 41efcd075334e61⋯.jpg (916.84 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20181010-121230….jpg)

File: b30c20dbee3bb81⋯.jpg (275.39 KB, 1305x1667, 1305:1667, IMG_20181010_121222.jpg)

c516d0  No.3425499


It's my experience that clocks never stop tick tocking. It goes on and on and on…

9bf63e  No.3425500

File: dd03e6967d7b35f⋯.jpg (27 KB, 453x289, 453:289, Dkb9InfVAAEMLfn.jpg)

Even the chans couldn't defend this stupid ass post by Q.

eac317  No.3425501

File: f84e203481bab45⋯.png (353.28 KB, 592x896, 37:56, 775f2a5806a5ed425ae31170be….png)

e68d8d  No.3425502


Be you

Be oldfag in nursing home yelling "I made that!"

Staff rolls eyes, "sure, gramps"

Eat green jello and remember the frenz

fd94ec  No.3425503

File: 5c20ff5e4d983c8⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1200x789, 400:263, feinally.png)

14b2fa  No.3425504

File: e30a0ed90300d47⋯.png (255.07 KB, 500x625, 4:5, It's Habbening checker.png)

a009f9  No.3425505


>>3424233 (prev)

Practice reading. It gets easier, and faster.

A lot of text is over a thousand printed pages, NOT a screen full.

Good luck in your quest; it is a highly rewarding one, indeed.

34058b  No.3425506


you don't know what the fuck anyone on this board does, or does not do, or does, or does not think…go take a chill pill or something, you are not helping and you are making yourself look over emotional and barely rational

11649c  No.3425507

File: b6d7ac47a1b76ae⋯.png (126.53 KB, 583x353, 583:353, ClipboardImage.png)

Q: any info you can give us on this? HAARP, Scalar waves [who?]

855550  No.3425508


The problem with this line of fakery is that the status quo is CLEARLY not "marching on". At all. It's not even close. Think about it. Really– think hard.

e807dd  No.3425509

File: a788197f2acd7fa⋯.jpg (80.08 KB, 752x735, 752:735, z.JPG)

854dd6  No.3425510

do you believe in coincidence?

a213de  No.3425511

File: 26eb1899ce5bd46⋯.jpg (200.06 KB, 1440x864, 5:3, IMG_3314.JPG)

Did your pride as a parent compel you to buy them

878d52  No.3425512

File: 3c7a5ef68387f87⋯.jpg (24.55 KB, 489x367, 489:367, brockorbrennan.jpg)


You didn't expose this Jew who has not only supported candidate Trump, President Trump and his administration, defended the importance of the US Constitution when lefties are mocking it and supporting any and every other thing which makes America Great.

Fuck You. You're a dimwitted piece of shit…if you feel nothing wrong in denegrating people you don't know, you're also lost…."yeah, look at me, look at all I've done…anons 'only' add information and other things to help but that's nothing compared to me. I'm just so fucking cool. In short, I'm a FameFag too!"

Go suck Anderson Cooper's dick you little bitch.

6eae6f  No.3425513

File: acd684a54c3e858⋯.jpeg (178.54 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, 1534704346.jpeg)

d10cc6  No.3425514

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

New Chicago abortion clinic opens with aim to destigmatize abortions

An abortion clinic that aims to destigmatize abortion has opened its doors in Chicago, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The carafem Health Center touts bold advertising with lines that include, “there’s no shame in it” and “Abortion, yeah, we do that.” It has launched online ads but also has plans to run traditional advertising by the end of the year.

The clinic, which offers other health care services such as IUDs, the abortion pill and birth control pills, started seeing patients on Tuesday. Carafem also has clinics in Atlanta, and Chevy Chase, Maryland.

What’s the story?

Carafem said it wants to “normalize” abortions as an everyday medical procedure, according to Kat Boyd, the clinic’s director of operations.

“While abortion is a common medical procedure, there’s stigma attached to it,” Boyd told the Tribune. “We try to create an atmosphere that’s warm, welcoming and normalizing.”

Patients are offered hot tea. Soft music and a heating pad are provided during the abortion procedure.

The clinic offers abortions for pregnancies up to 13 weeks, according to its website.

“[W]e deliver high-quality, specialized care that is safe, supportive, and convenient. With a new model of early term abortion care, clients who come into our centers can find relief, strength, and confidence,” the website says.

The clinic is in the process of joining local insurance networks.

The out-of-pocket cost for an abortion runs about $550 and the abortion pill costs about $475. Women are sent home with a pink bag of mints and tea after their procedure.

What else?

Carafem’s website states that 1 in 4 women who become pregnant will seek an abortion.

In Illinois, abortion is banned after the point of viability except in cases where the mother’s life is in danger or the unborn baby won’t survive after birth.

Also, health care professionals are permitted to refuse to provide abortion services based on religious or moral reasons.


ab387c  No.3425515

File: 2594e24e6623ffc⋯.jpeg (151.53 KB, 542x454, 271:227, AAF22E9F-2368-4885-862D-D….jpeg)

File: c41c5d3d744147f⋯.jpeg (295.05 KB, 750x831, 250:277, F8D47363-2DF2-46A0-8160-E….jpeg)

Getting closer to d5


1b1ea6  No.3425516



> clocks never stop tick tocking. It goes on and on and on…

yeh almost like "tick tock" is a reminder of time passing and intended to psych the opponent

b1b6db  No.3425517

File: 5e077769548eb28⋯.jpg (256.85 KB, 1300x985, 260:197, dems-with-carrots-load.jpg)

File: de69550579b86b3⋯.jpg (32.19 KB, 600x839, 600:839, good_vrs_evil_fight_fight_….jpg)

1ede6d  No.3425518


Well said, anon

e7e48d  No.3425519


> I mean I made a post ages ago lamenting about where are all of the good people?

Meant to expand on this. The good people are there - More good than bad - but they are either being silenced/removed/smeared. No idea that this is a centralized and planned op. No one has (had) any idea of the amount of trouble we were (are) in - and I dare say anyone who even found an inkling of it was then silenced (Gareth Williams - RIP).

Thank fuck for Q team

f2a9aa  No.3425520


Crazy Nancy Pelosi and her FOIA

c56d18  No.3425521


5 years here

a78d1e  No.3425522

File: aaf31af69825a61⋯.png (733.29 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, ClipboardImage.png)

bc49bc  No.3425523

File: 85de13945348cf4⋯.jpeg (28.56 KB, 255x171, 85:57, 26B48108-2258-4095-BC91-2….jpeg)

d3de76  No.3425524

File: 69016f49ecfe759⋯.png (102.63 KB, 1641x629, 1641:629, Crypto 101018 10am.PNG)

File: 627422b3f4e5b71⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1333x759, 1333:759, 101018 equity 10am.PNG)

File: 1ac057018593d9d⋯.jpg (33.42 KB, 474x355, 474:355, Crypto day traders right n….jpg)

on % basis this is nothing. Funny how none of these desk jockeys under the age of 30 have ever seen capitulation.

Not seeing the Tnote rise yet..high of 3.24 just before cash mkt opened.

ab387c  No.3425525


Looking at this, could Wray be the knight?

3ce803  No.3425526


The hardest part of being a skilled grown up is learning there are different courses for different circumstances. It's easy to always apply the same remedy to every situation. Wisdom must make a thousand choices a day, and be prepared to be held account for all missteps. When patience is called for, we wait. When it comes to act, we act. How do we know which is which? Q & POTUS are trying to teach us that too.

34058b  No.3425527


oh, and to be perfectly clear, do NOT consider me one of YOUR PEOPLE….thanks a bunch

193881  No.3425528

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Best of luck to you both, hope you have a great day and future together. Here's my pick for you ;)

Celtus - The Awakening.

854dd6  No.3425529


maybe time is fake and you keep falling asleep think of that?

354407  No.3425530

File: 89a241f2175cfe2⋯.png (67.18 KB, 1202x682, 601:341, oct_surprise.png)


"We are WAY too close to the midterms to hold back on firing all the guns… and it's GOTTA happen before then!"

No, we are not.

a213de  No.3425531

File: 650021401e9d3c3⋯.jpg (280.38 KB, 1344x898, 672:449, IMG_3289.JPG)

It must be Twinkie envy

3761b4  No.3425532


Muh excuses are the stinky balm that soothes the vast area between Q posts and what actually happens. If you dont enjoy these criminals constantly menacing the Republic and staging false flags every few weeks, you shouldnt be part of the discussion. Enjoy the chaos and carnage. Trust muh lame-ass plan.

14b2fa  No.3425533


he rants often about Twinkies, kek

The shills were going off on corn this morning.

Maybe they all crave corn twinkies, kek

b63225  No.3425534


147,057 Online

So the almost 150k of people on qmap.pub are also bots and shills?

How about all the posters on Twitter? Damn James Woods bot!

Your small mind makes your small lie have a BIG flaw. You focus your lie on 8chan, when there are many platforms to show and proove real people are posting on QAnon is large amounts.

Or did all those newspapers run QAnon stories to 3 people?

9bf63e  No.3425535

File: cf9f6ee9e789f16⋯.png (9.58 KB, 255x194, 255:194, 3143dc1334735869ac787a11ab….png)

File: 0f84bca5b419dfa⋯.png (17.31 KB, 622x103, 622:103, Screen-Shot-2018-08-24-at-….png)

File: c2c354b2c7792af⋯.png (10.21 KB, 617x165, 617:165, Screen-Shot-2018-08-24-at-….png)

I actually feel bad. I think Q might be retarded.

446d09  No.3425536

File: ec671d90249d548⋯.jpg (90.08 KB, 999x351, 37:13, Screenshot_20181010-115556….jpg)

File: 8f336a825b6b6be⋯.jpg (373.64 KB, 810x1656, 45:92, Screenshot_20181010-121321….jpg)

Are these related?

d75faf  No.3425537

File: 459f9b9b294ebad⋯.jpg (59.54 KB, 500x662, 250:331, 459f9b9b294ebad5ee83f5cb9e….jpg)

fac2c5  No.3425538


Great work

4919c0  No.3425539






c6e9d9  No.3425540

File: b05d77f343f3b02⋯.jpg (104.15 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 04d14b5d674ad1265cf01831f5….jpg)

File: 3db9e2679126524⋯.jpg (109.17 KB, 638x564, 319:282, 36d6a68b8482cd066178d73134….jpg)

File: e802d6f9f944b2c⋯.jpg (103.9 KB, 721x499, 721:499, 37930331f027d37904cc2f2dab….jpg)

File: ebae698f63d3777⋯.jpg (118.34 KB, 545x661, 545:661, 70840f059da1603f46894e4982….jpg)

f3c700  No.3425542

File: 4320d067afd12cf⋯.jpeg (603.5 KB, 3300x2550, 22:17, prayer-to-st-michael-the-….jpeg)


Prayers anon

0750f1  No.3425543

File: 56480ab24497cb0⋯.png (154.58 KB, 454x630, 227:315, Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at ….png)

Am I the only one who feels like they're living in an alternate universe?

One where you prosecute an elderly man who drove away from a violent and angry man, where Hillary Clinton wins humanitarian awards, and there are 5,348 genders?


672dda  No.3425544

File: e826e26373a9aaa⋯.png (284.59 KB, 1526x842, 763:421, ExtremeFatigueFrustration.png)

ae9a3c  No.3425545

File: 74929720da5d79d⋯.jpeg (1.5 MB, 2224x965, 2224:965, 7CC4B796-C2DD-43BD-BC69-9….jpeg)

RBG stayed on through Obama’s term bc she thought Hillary would win and a more liberal replacement could get through.

fde3f6  No.3425546

File: 4d250970c713360⋯.jpeg (357.35 KB, 2441x1440, 2441:1440, B901E186-5C9D-4D2C-A9AA-E….jpeg)

854dd6  No.3425547

96a62c  No.3425548

File: e360344de973ce8⋯.png (270.3 KB, 660x660, 1:1, e360344de973ce8adf0c516908….png)


>fuck white people am i rite?

d3de76  No.3425549


No it's you

29e8e1  No.3425550

File: 09f239c24ce59a4⋯.png (230.92 KB, 369x564, 123:188, trumpTHUMB.png)

d10cc6  No.3425551

File: 1b45d805ab300d9⋯.png (10.27 KB, 504x135, 56:15, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6f1cd5d9843a95b⋯.png (9.68 KB, 490x122, 245:61, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 723a55b6dad834a⋯.png (289.37 KB, 793x807, 793:807, ClipboardImage.png)

China – Xinjiang Province ‘Muslim Internment Camps’ Signed Into Law

A few months ago, thegoldwater.com ran an article about the rumored ‘Muslim Internment Camps’ that China had installed in it’s Xinjiang province to fight against its Uighur population (see our related coverage) turning to Islamic extremism.

At the time, there were stories about the Chinese holding up to one million people in such camps, getting them re-educated to give up their religious beliefs and uphold allegiance to President Xi Jinping instead.

Related coverage: China - 1 Million Muslims Held In Re-Education Camps, Forced To Eat Pork.

For anyone who thought that those were just stories, the Chinese communist government signed such camps into law as of this morning and added a fight against any ‘halal’ products (including food and toothpaste prepared in a halal, as allowed under Islamic rules, manner) appearing in supermarkets in Xinjiang.

Former detainees have reported that they were for hours upon end forced to sing songs such as "Without the Communist Party, There Would Be No New China" and any of the those who could not remember the words were not given meals.

"In the end, all the officials had one key point. The greatness of the Chinese Communist Party, the backwardness of Uighur culture and the advanced nature of Chinese culture," a Uighur detainee named Mr. Abdusalam Muhemet told a Turkish newspaper.

The news was met by great surprise by neighboring countries with large Islamic populations bordering Xinjiang province.


957eea  No.3425552


Wow, if the UK can BTFO "bake the cake, bigot," that gives me hope for the US.

fff3a4  No.3425553


cock suckers need to be responsible!

stop using abortion as birth control you dumb bitches!

many forms of birth control and if u do f up they have a morning after pill….. no reason for abortions at all!

even rape victims should do morning after!

9bf63e  No.3425554

File: ba279a41e5e35aa⋯.jpg (65.18 KB, 948x1084, 237:271, DYM3qGvUMAAlZav.jpg)

R E T A R D E D.

b7d3e1  No.3425555

File: 6c83f8796f57a9e⋯.jpg (64.3 KB, 450x291, 150:97, Eye of Horus.jpg)


>In the kingdom of the blind the one eyed man is king - but in the kingdom of the all seeing the one eyed man is a fool.

b63225  No.3425556


That's awesome, anon! 40 years! Inspiring! Congrats! And thank you.

b250fa  No.3425557

File: e066ff20e233b70⋯.jpg (25.21 KB, 313x551, 313:551, pelositps.JPG)

7dd3fd  No.3425558


Stop posting fake news. Much of this has been taken care of already.

854dd6  No.3425559

get comfy

b948fa  No.3425560


>The problem with this line of fakery is that the status quo is CLEARLY not "marching on". At all. It's not even close. Think about it. Really– think hard.

Okay, thought about it…

HRC - still free

RR - still free

Podesta brothers - still free

George Soros - still free

Robert Mueller - still free

WJC - still free

DWS - still free

Schneiderman - still free

Brennan - still free

Feinstein - still free

Huma - still free

Alwaleed Bin Talal - released

Obama -still free

Valerie Jarret - still free

Loretta Lynch - still free

Susan Rice - still free

Clapper - still free

Steele - still free

Strozk - still free


You getting the point yet?

3761b4  No.3425561

File: f024e08f807a7ee⋯.png (151.96 KB, 381x345, 127:115, Qfreebeermeme.png)

25e337  No.3425562

c516d0  No.3425563


or I keep waking up

82f269  No.3425564

Praying for you Fla. pan handle anons.

fac2c5  No.3425565

File: b7f7f5e21b86d10⋯.jpg (76.07 KB, 640x360, 16:9, iu (1).jpg)

b948fa  No.3425566


Wake up

4919c0  No.3425567


Nice quads, and one hell of a quote

0ade46  No.3425568

File: 87c3e8681c73926⋯.jpg (5.71 KB, 300x200, 3:2, cje45.jpg)


remember "release the memo"? Well those declas memes do not post themselves. Start demanding the declas by posting memes and CC the potus.

9bf63e  No.3425569

File: 30824ca5882b5bf⋯.png (391.42 KB, 720x734, 360:367, Cupace20181009200249.png)

David Icke was close!!!!

fe9e85  No.3425570


They are just total losers.

Except the JIDF shills who are paid shekels to stir up shit. Some of those are members of satanic bloodlines and rightly fear for their skin.

Fact is that the Satanists have crossed the red line against Trump.

And they know full well what that means. Now the grandmaster Freemason Trump is going to spill the blood of their relatives and ELIMINATE all of them.

This is one reason why flashy arrests are not happening. The people who crossed the red line are all oldsters and cannot breed. We are now killing off their breeders so that their bloodlines will die out, and nobody will remember their names. Even if they could choose where to reincarnate, they will not find any babies of the occult bloodlines being born. This is REAL justice that goes way beyond the court system. And this is why we need PATIENCE.

The Cabal want us and Trump to lose patience and attack the oldsters so that they can create chaos and some of their breeders can escape. But Trump is a Patient Genius and is taking down their organization BOTTOM TO TOP.

They have already lost but just don't know it yet.

05bed7  No.3425571

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Trillions in US net worth vulnerable to recession: IMF

A severe recession would slash US public wealth by about $5 trillion, causing vastly more damage to Washington's finances than just an increase in debt and deficits, the IMF warned Tuesday.


video is IMF's Chritine Lagarde giving reporters a lesson in occult numerology and the magic 7 in 2014

3ce803  No.3425572


You're right. Decided against it lb, but it should be noted. Done!



<3 you faggots (no homo)

fd94ec  No.3425573

File: 3441b334faa4bbd⋯.png (227.2 KB, 800x460, 40:23, allies.png)

a213de  No.3425574

File: 40604cb82b34747⋯.jpg (340.15 KB, 1440x864, 5:3, IMG_3338.JPG)

Did the Twinkie betray you and your children for tax purposes

098bd8  No.3425575

Anyday now we should expect a direct aknowledgement from POTUS about Q, the picture will force everything since the medias didn't dare do it themselves. We are expecting DECLAS + Q confirmation + Arrests in the upcoming days. We are ready Q when you are !


bc49bc  No.3425576

c911d9  No.3425577


looks like a beer run

59b43d  No.3425578


No big deal…they weren't arrested to keep us safe!

At least we got that embassy moved to Joorosulem!

57eba1  No.3425579

File: 9dc6dd5a34b84b8⋯.jpg (28.41 KB, 572x214, 286:107, 1a.JPG)

Watch the water!!


34058b  No.3425580


da fuk you talking about? that wasn't in my post

d3de76  No.3425581

File: 547169efde4e736⋯.png (389.99 KB, 544x724, 136:181, Bleeb.png)


Kek! 'Free'

854dd6  No.3425582


all that information came from google

you don't know shit


go outside dumb nigger

048774  No.3425583

KANSAS = Brad Parscale!

Trust him, and the elections he will win us.

f487a0  No.3425584


I don’t know how long this plan has been to in the works, but I’ve known about it for twelve years. This doesn’t happen on your timeline because you’re getting impatient, grow up.

d517c8  No.3425585


Yup. It's him.

37993f  No.3425586

File: 2d0f68d3ada4c52⋯.jpg (67.67 KB, 800x450, 16:9, long haul.jpg)

File: d1d99f907616771⋯.jpg (255.79 KB, 1024x834, 512:417, trust the plan.jpg)


The process here is to strengthen your mind by educating yourself. Gain some critical thinking.

fe9e85  No.3425587


Look at them wriggling like worms on a hook!!!

That ain't gonna stop the inevitable!

6eae6f  No.3425588

File: 135ad7574a0eb65⋯.jpeg (260.08 KB, 1440x1450, 144:145, 1527873666.jpeg)

a9b04c  No.3425589

File: ab4094b000a89d3⋯.png (109.58 KB, 300x250, 6:5, e6c88731171aadf65413139bfa….png)

a3d637  No.3425590

File: f9c043cb290e6bf⋯.png (101.85 KB, 776x349, 776:349, Screenshot 2018-10-10 at 1….png)


Maybe the Dims are scared because they got called out publicly and in a HUGE way by POTUS

a78d1e  No.3425591


Trump dropped the MOAB on them in his first week in office

048774  No.3425592

Helper anons are not real. Just a test of who in here is actually schizo.

b948fa  No.3425593


>You didn't' expose this Jew

Lmao… The implication of your statement is that you HAVE DONE something criminal that needs exposing.

Way to contribute, kike. Well done. Lol

1b1ea6  No.3425594


>They have already lost but just don't know it yet.


all the shilling kvetching is merely attempt at maintaining a narrative.

it is failing


14b2fa  No.3425595

File: 35ba5116d68f19a⋯.jpg (57.66 KB, 544x305, 544:305, 2jthmg.jpg)

f3c700  No.3425596


You're a shill, but on the extreme off chance I'm wrong I'll just point out if Q predictions fail the board will just die on its own without your help.

So why bother posting?

As it has been said, the Q explanation about what's going on is doing a lot better than the MSM muh Russia one.

d10cc6  No.3425597

Christopher Steele Breaks Silence To Criticize Trump

The retired British spy who authored a salacious dossier accusing the Trump campaign of colluding with Russia is taking a veiled shot at the president following 18 months of silence.

Christopher Steele has not spoken publicly since March 2017, a couple of months after the publication of his infamous dossier. But the former MI6 officer issued his first comments in response to being named to Vanity Fair’s 2018 New Establishment List.

“In these strange and troubling times, it is hard to speak unpalatable truths to power, but I believe we all still have a duty to do so. I salute those on your list, and otherwise, who have had the courage to speak out over the last year, often at great personal cost,” Steele wrote in an email to Vanity Fair editor-in-chief Radhika Jones, ABC News reported.

“At a time when governance is so distorted and one-sided, as I believe it currently is in the United States, the media has a key role to play in holding it accountable,” Steele continued.

Special counsel Robert Mueller is the top pick on the list. Steele is No. 38.

Steele has rejected congressional requests to discuss his investigation of Trump. He has reportedly met with members of Mueller’s team.

Steele began investigating Trump in June 2016 after being hired by Fusion GPS, an opposition research firm that was working for the Clinton campaign and DNC. Steele claimed in his 35-page report that the Russian government was blackmailing Trump with video of him engaged with prostitutes in a Moscow hotel room in 2013.

Steele also claimed that members of the Trump campaign met secretly with Kremlin insiders with the goal of releasing documents stolen from the DNC and Clinton campaign.

None of the allegations have been publicly verified, but the FBI relied heavily on the dossier to obtain surveillance warrants against former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

Steele said that he will not be able to attend Vanity Fair’s gala for the New Establishment event.

“In more normal times, I would have welcomed the opportunity to join you at your New Establishment Summit in the US this week,” he wrote.

“Sadly, in the present legal and political situation I am unable to do so, but I sincerely hope and trust that these circumstances will change soon.”


f06467  No.3425598


Sure hope that wasn’t a threat.

f8b16f  No.3425599

File: cb429359d5f023e⋯.jpeg (246.74 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, B00A6ED9-CA41-4BF0-B80C-9….jpeg)

File: afc1d29c9c4a092⋯.jpeg (112.67 KB, 1800x807, 600:269, 8D09ECD9-F607-43FC-AE40-4….jpeg)


Congratulations anon, at least play some dink!

c44f95  No.3425600

File: 09f71d609642d27⋯.jpeg (77.26 KB, 500x739, 500:739, image.jpeg)

0750f1  No.3425601


For radicals I'd be ok with this.

a3d637  No.3425602


We get it Brad - you posted it over and over yesterday already

f302b6  No.3425603

File: 887f057d2aa28ab⋯.jpg (102.1 KB, 747x249, 3:1, greatness.jpg)


First time POTUS is referred to as politician "DJT" in the media:


Make America GREAT Again?

There was a time for GREATness….

The JFK connection cant be ignored:

> it was obviously a coup d’etat against the American republic; JFK was going to dismantle the corporate overlords and send us to the stars – but before he could make it through they shot him repeatedly in the head and gave us half a century of darkness.

> Almost nobody remembers anymore that JFK’s campaign slogan was “A time for greatness.”

> But everyone awake today knows in their guts that the greatest rescue mission in our nation’s history has just occurred – that DJT has boldly given us another chance.


3ce803  No.3425604


>>3425482 UK showing signs of uncuckening? Bake-the-cake Bakers actually win in court

>>3425172, >>3425228 Digging pf373 names: First up, Michael Steinbach - FBI

>>3425232 1997 article fingering DiFi for illegal moneys from China

>>3425265, >>3425078, >>3425335, >>3425161 Moar Anon Wisdom re: Plan-trusting v. Goncern

>>3425036 Limo-crash co. owner's son arrested, criminally negligent homicide likely

a213de  No.3425605

File: 49a254eae6dca11⋯.jpg (215.19 KB, 905x905, 1:1, IMG_3372.JPG)

Did that gestapi fake Abraham Vader cult turn Alamogordo into soylent orange for that bizarre Vader apocrypha TwinkieOTUS

fff3a4  No.3425606


what water

b948fa  No.3425607


The world is waking up to (((you people))) and you know it… Squirm, motherfucker.

c516d0  No.3425608


>Maybe the Dims are scared because they got called out publicly and in a HUGE way by POTUS

Evil never sleeps. Evil never stops.

Evil must be cast out. No exceptions.

b2aeb6  No.3425609


So apparently this is the beginning of the 5G "invasion", though I have heard that there are other places, some in Europe who have already started with 5G.

This is one of the most diabolically constructed scenarios I have ever encountered. Instead of large towers spaced out, the cities are going to be infested with these, like the smart meters, and it seems from this report (see below and ignore the ads) that there will be so many that it will be like a virus. People who are susceptible to the emanations will get sicker, and who knows what the effect on children and unborn babies will be. And apparently any choice about whether to have them close is being cunningly taken away by the way they have set it up, with the collaboration of the FCC.

We also know that they are to be used for mind control, just a happy little bonus.

So, the only choices will be move far far out of the city, or build a house that is a Faraday cage, or maybe the sun might intervene and produce a solar flare that takes down the electrical grid! Unfortunately, that alternative brings us back to the Stone Age and also is predicted to cause the death within a year of 90% of Americans, and I have no stats for the rest of the planet, America is just the most reliant on electricity.

When they tried to convert USA to the metric system, the new road signs with kilometers per hour were shot at and destroyed every time they put them up (Texas, anyone?) and they finally gave up. Americans were much more feisty then; now, I fear they are too brainwashed and too in love with the new connectivity and benefits the internet brings to protest the introduction into their environment of these potentially death dealing "technological advancements".

There is an increasing number of scientists and others trying to alert people and blow the whistle on what is being set up right under our noses. But I suggest, for my dear friends in LA who I seriously do not want to see subjected to this, especially the ones with kids, that you begin educating yourselves on the 5G antennas. If there will be one per dozen houses, it will be pretty easy to find out exactly where they are by asking the neighbors. Or they may be visible where they have been installed. Then monitoring health and any deteriorations very carefully will be essential. I'm not sure how they will place them in apartment and office buildings, high rises, etc, but it's obviously time to enquire of the building management if they have any information on this pending event in LA.

I have no doubt that many physical bodies won't be affected by this much at all, and that eventually our bodies may adapt partially or completely. But I also know people and know of people whose lives are made a misery by the current WiFi, cell phones, computers and all the other paraphernalia emanating microwaves and radio frequencies etc. There are ways to minimize the exposure - for example I turn off the WiFi router at night, use a Total Shield to neutralize dirty electricity and so on, but this new addition to what we already have, e.g. often half a dozen WiFi networks or more overlapping into our living space, seems as though it will have unforseeable consequences and there certainly has been no long term studies of the effect on the human body.

Well, enough of that, read the article [Here: https://manwardpress.com/featured-post/verizon-5g-critical-update-cellphone-safety/] and do your own research and I suggest you should buy the book by Nicolas Pineault [Link: https://www.amazon.com/Non-Tinfoil-Guide-EMFs-Stupid-Technology/dp/1976109124/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1539191928&sr=8-1&keywords=nicolas+pineault] on how to minimize the effects of the current EMF exposure we have. This guy is on a mission to make people aware of the situation and I find he does very good research.. Saves a lot of time.

Pass this on to anyone who may be at risk.

f1b98e  No.3425610

File: 230b95584a80e97⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1027x885, 1027:885, 23789389987187389747218243….png)

106376  No.3425611


aaaaand still no one world currency…

I don't think their number magic is working…

9bf63e  No.3425612

File: 758b08839722522⋯.jpg (573.79 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 09. SPILLED CORN..jpg)

File: 648146eb528ef6c⋯.png (502.27 KB, 720x479, 720:479, Cupace20181009201140.png)

File: 566609629b1abfa⋯.jpg (7.52 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images (21).jpg)

File: 94a6d80a6326420⋯.jpg (11.72 KB, 187x187, 1:1, 6EA099D4-DF22-4728-B9E938F….jpg)

File: f46e3ef4db180e5⋯.jpg (53.57 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Kroger-Sweet-Golden-Corn-W….jpg)

Holy fuck anons!!! These people are s[I] ck

c5d7ff  No.3425615

File: b25fc512042a1c6⋯.jpg (26.68 KB, 250x333, 250:333, df44wrer3q4 bt.jpg)

d10cc6  No.3425616





072b90  No.3425617


Riight, we all know what 'reform' means, don't we frens?

b948fa  No.3425619


No that's cool… We don't consider Jews to be white.

Have a nice day.

a78d1e  No.3425620

File: c9318fae44692aa⋯.png (684.44 KB, 803x600, 803:600, ClipboardImage.png)

5455be  No.3425621


Imagine what it would do to the cabal if the election was won without using all of the "big guns?" Moar panic?

be267a  No.3425622

File: 2e585f55d8f495d⋯.png (64.49 KB, 481x406, 481:406, 82C24E8E-D45C-4DEC-86B5-29….png)


Guisssse this anon is getting tired of all the winning. God bless this President and this movement. WWG1WGA!

855550  No.3425623


I'm getting that you appear unable to follow the thread of an argument, and hence are unable to respond appropriately. I get that this board is, and has been, under attack from EVERY POSSIBLE ANGLE– a fact which tends to absolutely refute your claims. I'm getting that you are an uncreative and flat footed bot that has now exhausted your output for this exchange.

You can't win. Figure it out. You can't win. Everything you try to do MAKES YOUR SITUATION WORSE. Think about it.

fff3a4  No.3425624


im moving to Virginia quiet zone ffs

14b2fa  No.3425625

File: 8a002a27c2af3ae⋯.jpg (61.32 KB, 544x305, 544:305, 2jthtd.jpg)


fixed the font size

6eae6f  No.3425626

File: e67ce5aa832e2f1⋯.jpeg (161.26 KB, 1440x956, 360:239, 1535593589.jpeg)


Good idea. Jam some Dink

fac2c5  No.3425627


I'm thinking The Haves live in one sphere of existence and project a reality to the Have Nots

2ec5f4  No.3425628

File: d8670a474d3cfd3⋯.png (47.81 KB, 287x298, 287:298, 9C152A10-B233-4C56-9206-47….png)

96a62c  No.3425629


say jews are not the chosen people, no pilpul, if not youre fake and gay

3761b4  No.3425630


At least Q recognized that trust is earned, not demanded. Not much about Q to trust really. Just Bye@Jack, Killary cant leave the country etc., that sort of thing. There hasnt even been a FISA declass, which cannot result in effective action anyway, since Congress/DOJ already know what's in it and havent done anything about it.

c5d7ff  No.3425631

File: 8bfd2f0f058010f⋯.jpg (16.62 KB, 255x183, 85:61, hangmhi.jpg)

1c876f  No.3425632




So glad ppl like this have important cabal jobs.


f1b98e  No.3425633

File: 4b06e2fe088c75e⋯.png (929.79 KB, 1011x877, 1011:877, 77373052096898061269043282….png)

3c311a  No.3425634

File: 578c0237e6f56b4⋯.png (43.74 KB, 154x216, 77:108, 100years.PNG)


The Hundred-Year Lie: How Food and Medicine Are Destroying Your Health

Combining the impact of the classic bestseller Silent Spring with Fast Food Nation, The Hundred-Year Lie: How Food and Medicine Are Destroying Your Health presents a devastating exposé of how chemicals in everyday products are ruining our health.

Over the past one hundred years, we have been guinea pigs in a vast chemistry experiment that uses our bodies, our health, and our good will to test the proposition that modern science can improve upon nature.

In The Hundred-Year Lie, investigative journalist RandallFitzgerald shatters dozens of myths being perpetuated by the chemical, pharmaceutical and processed food industries.

Find out why you would never be FDA-approved—and why humans are becoming one of the most polluted species on the planet:

• The average American now carries a “body burden” of 700 or more synthetic chemicals, including Teflon, plastics, and dozens of pesticides.

• Musk fragrances used in detergents and air fresheners are not filtered out by our current water treatment facilities, ending up in our drinking water.

The artificial sweetener aspartame, an ingredient in 1,200 food products from diet drinks to chewing gum, has been linked to eighty-eight toxic symptoms.


a3d637  No.3425635


I'm comfy. I know the real anons here know what's what. I call out the shill bs sometimes for the benefit of new eyes watching so they can tell the difference

fff3a4  No.3425636


that beautiful body had 2 f it up with ink

34058b  No.3425637


didn't say nuthin ' 'bout no joos, bud, but you have a giood day too

be267a  No.3425638


LB my bad guys. Excitement is real.

6afbec  No.3425639


we're all noise but some of us are noisier

c5d7ff  No.3425640

File: 6c34f42f34ea053⋯.jpg (94.51 KB, 669x500, 669:500, winning.jpg)

528ea5  No.3425641

File: b5ac56fd85595cb⋯.jpeg (21.06 KB, 236x236, 1:1, 1C92D18C-F4E0-4D4D-9495-A….jpeg)

File: b054beb6bcb6e13⋯.png (356.57 KB, 828x482, 414:241, C656BB03-1D34-4C62-8CF6-32….png)

What a beautiful day, Frens

a78d1e  No.3425642


Good for gassing clowns

6a445c  No.3425643

File: 9321c33677af136⋯.jpg (92.02 KB, 519x551, 519:551, _TREASON_DF_.jpg)

6fbe77  No.3425644

>The End Won’t Be for Everyone


fff3a4  No.3425645


got the blank?

343db3  No.3425646


Bernie did a similar tweet yesterday about the banks crashing the whole economic system, had a video from an ex "insider". Posted a bout it yesterday didn't make the notables. Sounds like a threat to me.

ac1edd  No.3425647

File: 04d2b213c3ea0de⋯.jpg (77.8 KB, 960x768, 5:4, xxjymhn4tqy01.jpg)

FED to enact some policies to put the skids on the Trump economy just before the midterms

another Q proof incoming

994289  No.3425648



05bed7  No.3425649

File: 5caf4f244e73bf3⋯.jpg (92.88 KB, 533x629, 533:629, RapistCollegeDems.jpg)

College Democrat Leader Charged With Raping Woman


41647e  No.3425650


Khashoggi was part of the attempted "Palace Coup" in Las Vegas to take out MBS. He carried the neocon/Brennan, et al, water in the Press. He was overlooked during the first purge of the dirty Princes but was finally lured into the Embassy and was promptly sedated, moved to the airport and flown back to the KSA where he is presently undergoing "questioning" in a luxury hotel no doubt.

9c5973  No.3425652

File: a3482af3374bb7f⋯.jpg (18.6 KB, 409x393, 409:393, i cant belive this.jpg)


>To Criticize Trump

But of course…

14b2fa  No.3425653

File: 2a05460b1161cd0⋯.jpg (69.8 KB, 544x305, 544:305, veruca-salt-bad-egg.jpg)

d3de76  No.3425654

File: 036dc09a21af309⋯.png (431.21 KB, 899x672, 899:672, Nuke test in nevada last y….PNG)


US conducted subcritical Nuclear test.

aeb057  No.3425655

File: fa4f3a87c69c300⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1125x1257, 375:419, TRANSPARENCY IS GOOD.png)

957eea  No.3425656

File: 61d13273fa12572⋯.gif (569.17 KB, 498x498, 1:1, thinking3.gif)


Isn't it interesting that we can make statements about blacks, women, gays, Muslims, Catholics, etc, without any sort of resistance on this board, but the second we make a statement about Jews we get swarmed by hostile (((fellow anons))) who call us "divisive," "muhjoo shills" and hurl low-effort personal insults at us? Really activates my almonds.

9bf63e  No.3425657

File: 871c86cf4540dcd⋯.jpg (9.07 KB, 275x183, 275:183, images (23).jpg)

File: b1d085bc09e2925⋯.jpg (58.96 KB, 768x960, 4:5, qtards.jpg)

File: 3cebf6d5ce67280⋯.jpg (21.97 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 38150522_512212465889468_6….jpg)

File: 964a9332893912d⋯.jpg (27.24 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 41133081_328064851260307_8….jpg)

File: 492fbc1bc04b186⋯.png (358.85 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20181010-000243.png)

bc49bc  No.3425658

File: e81280a80240e17⋯.jpeg (26.57 KB, 255x190, 51:38, 2DC684B6-DAC3-4E24-BD72-1….jpeg)

098bd8  No.3425659



d517c8  No.3425660