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File: 6bae339e847e26b⋯.png (12.64 KB, 250x68, 125:34, Robus lea logo.png)

b6cdf3  No.3426024

George W. Newman III, a disbarred lawyer, owned a company that imported 'scrap leather' to make FINE QUALITY LEATHER GOODS: shoes, belts, purses, floor tiles, etc.https://www.devex.com/organizations/robus-leather-corp-19742

This is a bill of lading from HAITI in 2006 with 61,398 pounds of 'scrap leather'. Where on Haiti would they get 61K pounds of leather? It is an ISLAND and a POOR country.


George died in 2015. His son, Charles Lawrence has SCRUBBED ALL his online law firm bios. Betsy Newman is a project director of Cygnus Corp who also has a scrubbed bio.


Logo for Robus = Red (like a heifer or the heartwood of an oak) below shows a leather hide with NO TAIL!

They get their "scrap leather" from catastrophes (manmade or otherwise) or sacrifices to make their human trophies. AND they get UNSUSPECTING ppl to buy their products as well.

Central America was Robus' MAIN MARKET. They make LEATHER FLOOR TILES! So these sick bastards can WALK on dead ppl.

b6cdf3  No.3426719

File: c71596d53344084⋯.png (307.89 KB, 642x674, 321:337, Kauder and Hong Kong.png)

File: 2e5200036911ff5⋯.jpeg (31.52 KB, 610x610, 1:1, andrew kauders Cogent.jpeg)

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 08/16/18 (Thu) 13:46:09 6ffad1 (1) No.2632125

What are shovels used for?


Andrew Kauders and Western Pacific Kindergarten in Hong Kong. He worked with the Podestas and is part of the Red Shoe Cult.

He worked in the BHO WH now he works at Cogent.

078bf7  No.3440874

George Newman III father of Newman who married Trish Anderson

see Q Post. Anderson clerked for Elena Kagan.

Mary Eliz. Newman works for Cygnus Corp. In Rockville,

MD. Russell Biddle Ford works for Cygnus in Redwood, CA. That is Christine Blasey Ford's husband.

078bf7  No.3440946

What can we do with info like this?

078bf7  No.3441052

There is a Kim Biddle who is on advisory board of Human Trafficking

Institute in McLean, VA. Any connection?

078bf7  No.3441067

So is Daniel Weiss.

078bf7  No.3441173

Christine Blasey Ford hid her face with big glasses, messy hair and maybe even facial prosthetics. A group photo from Palo Alto Univ. Also seems to show her with very messy hair and big glasses with face nearly hidden.

078bf7  No.3441205


078bf7  No.3441456

4Kids Entertainment, Robus Leather

8b5eb3  No.3441691


>Where on Haiti would they get 61K pounds of leather?

Putting the numbers in perspective:

''Most peasants possessed a few farm animals, usually goats, pigs, chickens and cattle. Few holdings, however, were large, and few peasants raised only livestock. Many farm animals, serving as a kind of savings account, were sold or were slaughtered to pay for marriage, medical emergencies, schooling, seeds for crops, or a vodou ceremony.

Goats were one of the most plentiful farm animals in Haiti. Like the creole pigs, they were well adapted to the rugged terrain and sparse vegetation. Approximately 54 percent of all farmers owned goats; the total had climbed from 400,000 in 1981 to more than 1 million by the late 1980s. Peasants owned the majority of the country's estimated 1 million head of cattle in 1987; about 48 percent of the farmers owned at least one head of cattle. Until 1985 the primary export market for beef cattle was the American baby food industry. ''


Leather Guide


Untanned hides weigh more than tanned hides.

The weight of the average cow hide is around 55 pounds. The weight of the average bull hide is around 72 pounds.


A typical cow hide weighs 16 POUNDS in the box. The typical box is 6" by 10" by 40".


61,398 pounds / 16 = 3837.37 Cows

''How Much Does Your Skin Weigh?

According to the Cleveland Clinic, the skin of an average adult weighs about 6 pounds. Skin covers about 22 square feet of space and renews itself about every 27 days. ''


Approximately 1/3 weight after tanning, so about 2 pounds for tanned human skin.

61,398 / 2 = 30699 Adult Humans (Considerably more if smaller than Adult Humans.)

078bf7  No.3447717

From their most renewable resource.

110dbd  No.3461241

File: 2975c8e4999f0f9⋯.png (519.5 KB, 1407x1776, 469:592, RobusHaiti.png)

ff833d  No.3461302

File: 091f0bd15bf058b⋯.webm (1.98 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Woke.webm)

078bf7  No.3469138

Eduardo Padron was awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom on Nov 22 by Obama.

078bf7  No.3469180

In Nov. 2016, Padron appointed Honorary Consul to Morocco by Obama. Does that give him immunity.

078bf7  No.3469277

A. Shipping company on bill of lading has direct connections with 13 or 14 separate companies. Same CEOs or same family name. Addresses all over same city.

0cfe0b  No.3469326

File: 372f0e73fedcb0c⋯.png (611.08 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


"Bloody Shoes"

078bf7  No.3469481

Q said all of this is known already. Is that why trafficking rings are being dismantled now?

078bf7  No.3469503

God bless all who battle this darkness.

078bf7  No.3516304

A consulate can issue visas to visitors from that country.

a985f3  No.3523651

File: e37904b13d76aba⋯.jpg (59.17 KB, 468x286, 18:11, Prince_Charless_40-year-ol….jpg)

File: 2bd9f8c42533499⋯.jpg (155.17 KB, 468x702, 2:3, Prince_Charless_40-year-ol….jpg)

File: 179fc9b500ca362⋯.jpg (135.02 KB, 712x1024, 89:128, Prince-Harry-1986.jpg)

File: 3196967e866e033⋯.jpg (55.8 KB, 650x300, 13:6, princess-charlotte-harry-z.jpg)

File: e643666109e2781⋯.jpg (74.07 KB, 590x350, 59:35, 830373_1.jpg)

b279ce  No.3613217

File: 6e4f047f409d3ec⋯.jpeg (80.31 KB, 570x387, 190:129, Pelosi in RED Shoes.jpeg)

File: f2aa86bcf83d62a⋯.jpeg (29.31 KB, 225x300, 3:4, Sandra-Smith-showing-leg-….jpeg)

File: 2139ed0b47f6256⋯.jpeg (62.94 KB, 460x615, 92:123, Rihanna in RED boots.jpeg)

Red Shoes and Boots


10 celebs wearing Red Shoes/Boots


8da747  No.3650925


230,000 reported deaths…more than enough

c01efc  No.3651343



<We're not in Kansas anymore

Well, never seen this lead in Oz steganography. Wonder what the heel click to go back might be then

c01efc  No.3651423


>61,39 lbs

Average skin weight 10 lbs = 61,398 victims, possibly a lot more if not adults.

Average leather shoe price imported to EU in 2016 ~ 23 euro – say 10 pairs worth per hide, and looking at ~30 million before factoring in extremely high premiums and other more resource intensive products – 3 billion conservatively,

>Global Powers of Luxury Goods 2017 – The new luxury consumer


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