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Pro Aris et Focis

File: a151a09d6620a32⋯.jpg (267.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, a151a09d6620a3229544b72446….jpg)

c4db40 No.364055

"Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions."


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02098d No.364072


Could Ruth Bader Ginsburg sign FISA warrants to wiretap Trump?

c4db40 No.364078


We need a little assistance



dough for #448


69489d No.364091

This had some of the CNN folks, namely Brian Stelter, up in arms:

Dear America: Your News Media Absolutely Hates You


caa5ab No.364094

>BBC: New antibiotic family discovered in dirt

>Tests show the compounds, called malacidins, annihilate several bacterial diseases that have become resistant to most existing antibiotics, including the superbug MRSA


>The Guardian: Greece rocked by claims drug giant bribed former leaders

>The Greek prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, has called for parliament to investigate whether two of his predecessors and eight former ministers accepted bribes from the Swiss drugmaker Novartis

Response received?

233b2f No.364115

File: 2d62e8dcf05d1d5⋯.png (332.4 KB, 640x484, 160:121, ClipboardImage.png)

b8615a No.364118

RBG seeking T cells?

Any thoughts on this?

For immune system. Currently digging.

b68808 No.364119

No more letting boys pee in the girls room!

Dept. of Education stops Obama's madness!

4ae96e No.364130

File: 24a9dbdd65ce0a8⋯.gif (4.13 MB, 460x258, 230:129, 9BEBE059-EBBA-4313-9678-26….gif)

Wonder if big pharma finances everything? Us being sick pays for NK nuclear weapons for intance…

0f6935 No.364131


Famous or dead…. which ever comes first. POS!

8315ab No.364136

MSNBC Cancels Joy Reid’s Show

http:// breitbart.com/big-journalism/2015/02/19/msnbc-cancels-joy-reids-show/

YAY!!! :)

caa5ab No.364138

I just read that RBG survived pancreatic cancer ten years ago. What? No one survives pancreatic cancer that long. Nobody. Not even Steve Jobs with a liver transplant.

fb5c33 No.364139

File: a2b50945e085b2a⋯.gif (53.07 KB, 700x921, 700:921, 1470456191992.gif)

Thanks, baker.

b30eaf No.364140

File: 31f3e6d93434334⋯.jpg (84.86 KB, 625x500, 5:4, ebb1b1d0-a9fd-11e6-af01-95….jpg)

3934c2 No.364141


>Q is not telling us secrets but waking us up and teaching us how to think and research for ourselves.

82b2e3 No.364142


it was in 2015, old article i feel for this too..

092ec4 No.364143

File: 4644e597866abfc⋯.jpg (10.02 KB, 255x143, 255:143, Qresearch.jpg)

list of lists:



-owl & y head symbolism




what am i forgetting?

do we have threads for all these?

…why not?

ef058d No.364144



8dabfe No.364145


You can think that, a lot of us probably have some level of healthy scepticism, but for the sake of our task here you have to push on as if this is 100% legit. That’s the rule.

d74ea4 No.364147


Nope. FISA court is independent, afaik.

3c066f No.364148


Must have had that cancer cured since survival rates are slim for pancreatic cancer. Wonder what the trade off was?

https:// www.cancer.org/cancer/pancreatic-cancer/detection-diagnosis-staging/survival-rates.html

d74ea4 No.364149



^^^^^^^^^^ Exactly what I was thinking.

29380e No.364150


Rage inducing.

de809e No.364151

Thank you baker 👨‍🍳


Still get a copy of all his medals and awards… they can be passed down through your family

001592 No.364152

File: 0ed974dd8398880⋯.png (30.9 KB, 1386x195, 462:65, RBG Health.PNG)


Claim is the tumor was found early.

092ec4 No.364153


shit, yes

267264 No.364154


Kamala Harris Caught in Money Funneling Scheme with Maxine Waters. https:// youtu.be/2OsoRQCbN0o

fb5c33 No.364155


I am unaware of this, but what I am seeing is that we are unclear on some of the tasks.

Is there a Coordination Room?

General Operations?

163f34 No.364156

WikiLeaks: Conservative Pope Benedict Was Forced To Resign By ‘Deep State’

George Soros, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton orchestrated a coup in the Vatican to overthrow conservative Pope Benedict in February 2013, according to WikiLeaks emails.



3934c2 No.364157


>Notice they all live forever, they have the cures.

4ae96e No.364158


Dead holistic doctors

8315ab No.364159


Oh man, I was so excited, I didn't look at date! Dang it! Thank You! :)

c4db40 No.364160


read anon, I know there's a lot of stuff

>>169315 Notable Resignations Thread

>>337099, >>337407 10,000+ human traffickers arrested. 800 resignations. And more every day

thank you for the suggestions anon

03f7b7 No.364161

I am sorry!!! I can't string you good Patriots on any longer. This has been a bad joke I have continued for too long. Please forgive me.


29380e No.364162



068767 No.364163

File: a81dae44ad8dc42⋯.png (125.43 KB, 320x480, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Sabina Menschel

• Wife of E.W. “Bill” Priestap

• father is Richard L. Menschel, Senior Director at The Goldman Sachs Group.

• Nardello and Co, current head of the D.C. office of Nardello & Co the top private-eye firm in the Beltway.

• served as a Special Advisor in the Directorate of Intelligence at the FBI’s DC headquarters.

• K2 Global Partners LLC

• Kroll, Inc.

• daughter and niece of Goldman Sachs zillionaire brothers Richard and Robert Menshel, big-time Democrat donors.

http:// www.americanthinker.com/blog/2017/12/how_husbands_and_wives_figure_in_the_latest_government_scandal_revelations.html

Still digging….I believe this will prove to be more than we know at present. Think Priestap is currently "singing"

8dabfe No.364164

Q, are you implying that North Korea is a slave farm?

The children are born and grow (flower) and are picked when ripe by the cabal for nefarious purposes (deflowered).

Is it possible that North Korea is by design a mysterious country with very little information traveling in or out. To deter travel to NK foreigners are led to believe simply traveling there is potentially deadly. High profile cases, such as that of Otto Warmbier, are propagated to show Americans imprisoned and later dying for simply stealing posters. The leaders always appear unstable. They let dogs maul their uncles to death and are constantly threatening nuclear war against the US. Why would anyone want to travel to a place that risky? Is this a psychological barrier designed to keep people out?

Those that do travel to NK have heavily scripted, guided tours through towns that are little more than prop sets. We’ve all seen the pictures on that one town with the fake store fronts. Smoke and mirrors?

The DMZ creates a firm boundary, a “garden wall” if you may, that secures the secrets within the garden.

If all of this keeps people out, what do they do to keep people in? They brainwash the NK citizens. They kill their entire family if one member leaves. Every attempted escape I’ve scene on video involves gun fire. Nobody can leave without permission.

Who did POTUS invite to the SOTU? Otto’s parents. A North Korean defector. Coincidence?

Why is the media all of a suddenly highlighting, in positive light, the North Koreans? Is it because a NK that is attempting to reconcile with South Korea and the world sways public opinion positively and makes it harder for POTUS to get public support for any military action that could expose this people garden/cabal?

On a slightly related note, the Chinese red army withdrew from North Korea in October of 1958. This would have allowed other bad actors to assert their influence.


Forgive me if someone has already thrown this idea out there. It has been hard to keep up with the pace of the bread lately. This idea sounds insane but I thought I’d float it out there for those who want to investigate further.

bc82db No.364165


>yournewswire.com = fake source

try finding the actual emails and posting them

ef058d No.364166


Fuck off

4cbc25 No.364167


Go fuck yourself ..

81b3a1 No.364168

File: 4f283f3bf343d34⋯.jpg (527.06 KB, 1024x762, 512:381, ellendegenerate.jpg)

9573ae No.364169


Nixon signed his retirement papers lol

267264 No.364170

File: 41b63cc63e348b7⋯.jpg (66.94 KB, 460x353, 460:353, Hussein's official paintin….jpg)

092ec4 No.364171


+ wives/husbands

3934c2 No.364172

File: 5bbfe613bc9e561⋯.jpeg (36.46 KB, 399x600, 133:200, glow1.jpeg)

3af7d0 No.364174


Fuck you and your fake trip nigger.

163f34 No.364177



bc43cf No.364178


Glory hallelujah!






please add to the Resources Library section DoE Supercomputers + Cyber-Espionage Deep Dig thread >>328278 because we are starting to come up with major results.









Consider stickying DoE Supercomputers + Cyber-Espionage Deep Dig thread >>328278 please





Thanks, deepdiggerfag

d673bb No.364179


dont reply to shills

d0f65b No.364180

File: 95dd7d56fdcb189⋯.jpg (10.13 KB, 236x255, 236:255, 31b2f917739dd263252bd4ee2e….jpg)


shut up AS

6a947e No.364181


Well, if you get your name in the paper, you're kind of famous; just make it the obit section

e38301 No.364182


The unpardonable sin.

de809e No.364183


FAKE AS A $3 bill…💥🛑🚨

36f8b2 No.364184

Please critique problems with this theory:

[P] = Pyonyang

SlaveGarden = NorthKorea

New Leader/ "CHAIR-man" = BO

Implies we are not at war with Kim Jong Un, but the cabal nest and BO running NK. (DJT once tweeted that they could one day be friends)

Kim Jong Un's "sister" and Olympic meeting is yet another "charm offensive"/ black magick cabal play, but totally fake.

WorldWar would erupt, should this all be publically disclosed….so NK must be freed, and the cabal routed, without disclosing that a former US president is running the show/ran the show (Bill Clinton)…

5877c2 No.364185

Thinking RBG went there for a cure would not be a crime. I think it has something to do with pedo because of what she wrote on the subject

08944e No.364186


We do not. But we def should. I look for the resignations thread that ain’t there once a week.

902ffc No.364187

File: be60f7eb8ba1ab5⋯.png (180.32 KB, 850x400, 17:8, Ruth1.png)

File: 9db37bdf29fd38d⋯.png (801.96 KB, 940x752, 5:4, Ruth2.png)


de809e No.364188


That was posted 6 threads ago

0accff No.364189


Terrorist cells, not lymphocytes.

c4db40 No.364190

>>364155 (cheKeKed)

at the top, you'll find the BREAD posts

in that you'll find

>Focus Reminders / Tasks & Tasks Updates


>>>314348, >>336846 Justice Antonin Scalia task complete ← Someone find a place to archive please.


>>>222299 Tasks Not Yet Completed - To Work On 1.31.18


>>>222501 Ongoing Tasks List Consolidation

a0330c No.364191


Those who prey on the weak and the helpless will eventually get what's coming to them.

There's a man, going 'round, taking names…

c11c98 No.364192

Trust can also means The Trust accounts at the US TREASURY.

OUR Trust accounts, related to our bond paper at birth. The legal definitions of viable capital traded by the banks.

d74ea4 No.364193


More organized that it appears from those who don't look.

Just don't take it to the 'War Room'.

They are overwhelmed by hashtags, build ice cream cones, and ignore Qs directives.

e38301 No.364194


Don't worry about what other people do. Mind your own business.

6887fb No.364195


- loudest voices in front of the camera

- Indictments

a07357 No.364196

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Consider the following:

We need to wake people up from the MSM lies, and crack the surface.

Q says we already have more than we realize.


If we push this evidence then the crack in the glass will cause people to wonder

"If a fake president can be elected, what else have we been lied to about?"

Vid very related (archive - because if my idea is right, it won't be up for long!)

b1af48 No.364198

Q !UW.yye1fxo:

https:// remnantnewspaper.com/web/index.php/articles/item/3001-did-vatican-attempt-to-influence-u-s-election-catholics-ask-trump-administration-to-investigate

a07357 No.364199

File: 03a43bf2ad43848⋯.jpg (60.73 KB, 494x680, 247:340, Obamabirthcert.jpg)

092ec4 No.364200


getting good responses/suggestions for the moment, keep them coming and we can adjust the list of lists end of bread/next bread, maybe have a post for it in next breads or something

b1912e No.364201


funny name 'kamala' means 'terrible' in finnish… fitting

de809e No.364203


Wowsers! Now that’s a keeper, worth big $$ to collectors

c4db40 No.364204

578675 No.364205

Big news if it turns out true Deripaska was funding/helping with dossier:

https:// m.imgur.com/r/conspiracy/QzR1c1d

a40efa No.364206

While we look at flower picture real shit is happening.

http:// www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/syria-civil-war-assad-regime-rebels-eastern-ghouta-isis-killed-iran-israel-kurds-turkey-a8207286.html

https: //youtu.be/d2gkZyf6Wqk?t=20

https:// youtu.be/CJFVUR_9D3E?t=21

US Mil killing Russian "merc", Israel planning on a full scale invasion + the Turk that want to go genocidal on the Kurd.

Is the US the bad guy again? Why would the present administration be part of this?

Action speak louder than word. If the US is really going into Syria (They already are) to fuck thing up even more than they are already then Fuck this Great awakening. I will not spent my time on this shit anymore!

Talk is cheap!

c4ff38 No.364208


http:// www.redant.com/research/

His company is doing Big Data / AI-Human interface research. Sophisticated Chat Bots and content generation. Partnered with almost every major tech company globally.

c11c98 No.364209


recently need link- save us time if you find it link it

81b3a1 No.364210

File: cb83429d7c69ae9⋯.jpg (135.87 KB, 530x320, 53:32, BHO5050.jpg)

aaacf8 No.364211

Where is Malik?

>Malik Obama needs to help us fight another meme war!

8c5cf0 No.364212


Looks like P for pope had just been confirmed.

b1912e No.364213


wives, Q said follow wives info

5a9b18 No.364214

Crucial ambassadorship remains vacant. Senate rules allow a single Senator to halt process. Seems McConnell is slow walking. Fun fact: CIA station chief reports to country’s US ambassador.

Media reports and commentators cite Merkel weakened by Social Democrats (SDP) taking 3 major ministries. - finance, foreign & labor.


This week leader of SDP intended to take foreign minister spot but backed out over infighting within the party. At least he was a known factor. SDP has substantial political infighting similar to HRC-Bernie/Warren faction, only on steroids.


What are chances Soros isn’t involved with SDP and minister selections?

What does this mean to Trump’s agenda?

- Terrorism - SDP support expanded Syrian refugee policy.

- Germany was providing minimal military support in Middle East, SDP will limit that further

Without having ambassador to Germany confirmed, Trump doesn’t have any pathway for information. His efforts of gathering intel on possible bad dudes entering US is diminished. Tillerson’s job is difficult.

Does SDP overall influence in German politics strain NATO? Trump already stated Germany doesn’t pay fair share. SDP seizing finance and labor ministries is equivalent to BHO DoD money pit. Will German citizens protest when high taxes, failed immigration policies, and heightened terrorist attacks plague Germany as leaders negate correlation between unrestricted migration, high unemployment, and violence?

Add the potent ingredient: Turkey


How many fingers does Soros have in the EU pie?


bd142c No.364215

File: c6dd5b681037a2c⋯.jpg (106.92 KB, 634x605, 634:605, Prof A Clarke.jpg)

35842b No.364216

4cbc25 No.364217


CONVENIENTLY Strzok is also the guy at the FBI that fixed that little hiccup too

1baa3f No.364218

How many people do we know for sure are in the deep state? Who are they involved with? Maybe we should start investigating the players at all levels and see who's connected to who and how many are involved.

377bab No.364219



b1af48 No.364220


http:// yournewswire.com/wikileaks-pope-benedict-deep-state/

fb5c33 No.364221



a0330c No.364222


Anyone can post the trip… LOL

35842b No.364223


TDA's sorry

b1af48 No.364225


Yes. We wrote sent this over a year ago.

8c5cf0 No.364226

Pope is a Jesuit.

Look deep into the Jesuit order.

6a947e No.364227


at one time there was a thread for "suicides" and strange deaths - aviation crashes etc.

9298e4 No.364228


Such is life, anon

267264 No.364229



It was not a coincidence Reagan was the only former POTUS to get sick, imho!

b1af48 No.364230


I'm sorry - I didn't intend to confuse. Just trying to get his attention.

b13e27 No.364231

I have been out of town for a few days and haven't been on the board much and now feel like I missed a whirlhind. Been here since half chan in Oct(lurk more than post) but for the first time feel a little lost.

Do I need to fuck off to Reddit to feel like I am back in it?


Because that is the name field not trip code

e38301 No.364232


Trip code is in bold. That's the give away.

092ec4 No.364233


>Coordination Room?

>General Operations?

this is pretty much it, the General.

yup, including all that chaos & shills.

Separate threads are good for focus/tasks, not for "leadership" (eew). We don't want that.

But if anons feel the call for lists, resignations room seem to be the most organized, follow that example or lead another way, lots of work to be done

c20575 No.364234

File: 9fc5f415ad5f50c⋯.png (226.98 KB, 490x275, 98:55, Big Pharma Knew Patrick Sw….png)

c78cc8 No.364235


re archive issue from previous thread-

Clarification - I was momentarily confused and did not remember that this particular board was not created until 2018, so there would be no posts from 2017 here. Sorry about that! (moar coffee needed)

I did post in Meta to inform BO/BV of archive issue and asked for some threads to be stickied (also cleanup of all the idiotic obvious slide threads).

c4ff38 No.364236



Over Target?

3934c2 No.364237




Great. but why use the Q trip in the comment though?

9573ae No.364238


No. I bet you that is a stamp that made that signature.

bc82db No.364239

File: 139152e2213ef34⋯.png (159.22 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

377bab No.364240

da6841 No.364241

With regard to Q's words at the top of the page: At some point, we're just going to have to take that leap off the high dive. Waiting is dangerous for the people, too.

a96c0f No.364243



267264 No.364244


the faggot is putting Q's trip in the name field!! smdh

064430 No.364245


VERY good point!! I do hope POTUS is readying us for our access to our old straw man accounts

f15157 No.364246


http:// www.startstemcells.com/anti-aging-treatment-naturally.html

a0330c No.364248


Ding ding

df2a24 No.364249

File: bb57e27d80aefb1⋯.jpg (49.04 KB, 500x379, 500:379, bro-do-you-even-larp.jpg)

If Q is a LARP what would be the loss?

The only thing I can see is that we were fooled into believing a cure for cancer/aids is really available.

Otherwise the rest of the geopolitics will be continuing to play out. Some will stick with Q others back to Reddit or Twatter. Some will trust Dilley or others to be the insider now. Some will stay away from "leakers" because their heads got messed with.

Some of you are so into your conspiracy theories about flat earth, lizard people, aliens or whatever CERN Quantum time travel portal space tech that you will continue to live here until Q is doxxed or you are proven right.

< I'm comfy

10f606 No.364250


>Looks real, why you all say fake?

If you don't know you really shouldn't be in here.

e38301 No.364251

File: 20b2e86e72eb0f6⋯.jpg (48.93 KB, 384x498, 64:83, thauce.jpg)

092ec4 No.364252

File: e2a0f8b3e0719e4⋯.png (800.45 KB, 888x506, 444:253, DoNotFeedPelican.png)

>>364162 >>364166 >>364167 >>364172 >>364174 >>364180 >>364182 >>364183 >>364224

pfff, that old joke's been done to death already, the fakeboldtrip. stop falling for it/feeding it replies

c78cc8 No.364253

File: 5a89fdf2ca57259⋯.png (469.49 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Swayze chemo.png)


There is still a contingent of women who love this man. The side-by-side before & after will affect them.

08944e No.364254


I should know this by now, but how do we pull that thread up quickly from the catalog page? I always end up having to google one when I need to show it to someone…

(Phonefag here if that makes a difference)

b1af48 No.364255


I was just trying to get his attention. Sorry, apparently I fucked up.

6a947e No.364256


Maybe that's what Antarctica is, a retirement home for the Cabal after they "die"… bwa ha ha ha

128018 No.364257



256fbe No.364258

Q: PLEASE what happens with 10, [10-9]???

We were under the impression that he would finally leave, or already left London by your end of year posts:

''10, [10-9]



Floor is yours.

Twitter FW_

Twitter [kill_rogue]



Please feed crumbs

c20575 No.364259

f5a271 No.364260


OP = Original Poster? (of the image)

4cbc25 No.364261


But i miss pelican shit on muh boots

3934c2 No.364262


I agree with your opinion, (((they))) let it happen to him. Control. Meanwhile evil [41] still "lives"..

5d5e25 No.364264


this looks real, what am I missing? Has Q trip code been hacked?

267264 No.364265


this is GOOD!

bc43cf No.364266



Wanted to find out if FISA rulings are appealable to SCOTUS. Nothing in the article indicates that they are. FISA is a court of last resort, some call it a "secret parallel supreme court"?

The article is biased toward a liberal point of view (ACLU), but the content is informative nonetheless.

FISA Appointment process

The court's judges[28] are appointed solely by the Chief Justice of the United States without confirmation or oversight by the U.S. Congress.[29] This gives the chief justice the ability to appoint like-minded judges and create a court without diversity.[30][31] "The judges are hand-picked by someone who, through his votes on the Supreme Court, we have come to learn has a particular view on civil liberties and law enforcement", Theodore Ruger, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, said with respect to Chief Justice John Roberts. "The way the FISA is set up, it gives him unchecked authority to put judges on the court who feel the same way he does."

From this I conclude that RBG did not have the authority to sign FISA warrants. Unless Justice Roberts secretly appointed her to serve as a FISA judge in addition to her SCOTUS role. I don't know how we'd ascertain if that speculation has any merit. It would be secret.

97fc85 No.364267

File: 3a1a62e292fe377⋯.jpeg (27.82 KB, 438x190, 219:95, 3B6370AA-4A49-4AC7-89D5-6….jpeg)


Look at the font, the real trip isn’t the same. Pic related

df2a24 No.364268


Soros takes orders from P.

c5aa4e No.364269


P is Pharma as in Big Pharma. That is just a guy who posted the trip code.

56d837 No.364270

INSPECTOR GENERAL Probes $1.25 Million McCabe Received From Clinton Insiders During FBI’s Hillary Investigation

https:// truepundit.com/inspector-general-probes-1-25-million-mccabe-received-clinton-insiders-fbis-hillary-investigation/

a0330c No.364272

Bush family ties back to Queen of E.


Roth started in Germany, spread to UK, Austria, France, etc. etc.

41 faking incapacity right now?

fb5c33 No.364273

>>364233 Checked

Before deciding on the course, I have to lurk more.

c4db40 No.364274


much appreciated anon

82b2e3 No.364276


Inspector general is doing all sorts of good shit. When he finally reveals all he has been investigating its going to be Glorious.

f5a271 No.364277


The Q should be bolded, the rest of the code (trips) not (lighter green)

When all is bolded its copied and pasted in the name field.

a97d46 No.364278


I believe the Pope is just a puppet like the rest

377bab No.364279


because we have been here fool and you havent

36f8b2 No.364280


I keep getting cached versions of the catalog…

Missing 3-4 breads, then jumps ahead.

3934c2 No.364281


you're right, 'twas a knee-jerk reaction. if folks here can't tell the difference by now…

bc43cf No.364282


The NAME field if present appears in bold green.

The TRIPCODE field if present follows the name field and is non-bold green.

Oldfags here know this.

The bold and nonbold font decorations are significant.

de809e No.364283


There are ways to tell but would NOT want you to ruin it

29380e No.364284


Yeah 1 fake q trip in the name field spawns ~20 slide replies. What were we doing again?

c8732c No.364285


Lynn you cunt we see you

2bde39 No.364286


So dead links are in archive but offsite archive still needs to be ensured.

>mfw been on deepstate thing since 2016 but don’t keep calendar.

83041c No.364287


Nope..First, the trip is bpld..plus look farther right on that line and you can see a user ID

Not there on Q's posts

2c8010 No.364288


Jan 23 2018 17:36:34

Q ID: 384dbe


The light will reveal those on the team and those pretending to be.

This is not a game.

They want us divided.

Last posts [self destruction] will immediately show the world the TRUTH.

Instructions will be sent on how to preserve offline.

You didn’t think this was simply about words did you?

We have it all.

Coming soon to a theater near you.


>The light will reveal those on the team and those pretending to be.

>Disinformation is real.

>Disinformation is necessary.

>Silent war (some gets out).

Follow the crumbs anons.


c5aa4e No.364289

Hey mods, please next time just let war be messy. The clowns are running a muck all over again.

092ec4 No.364290

File: 7851f51372555b5⋯.png (851.8 KB, 999x594, 37:22, CyberGorillaWarfare.png)



list of lists:



-owl & y head symbolism


-Dead holistic doctors

-human traffickers arrested.

-the wives/husbands

-loudest voices in front of the camera


211a45 No.364291


Love what you did there! That's real catchy!!

c78cc8 No.364292


The goal is to manipulate the emotions, but for good (not evil). EVERYONE knows someone affected, it cuts across ALL lines, and anyone who knows someone who went through chemo/rad knows how awful & sickening & painful it is. To actually see a beautiful healthy-looking person before and after is harsh and stark.

To know that they didn't even need to go through that is infuriating!

Need more side-by-sides and suggestions for these.

40c035 No.364293

Just remember…. ALL presidents had RH Negative blood…

256fbe No.364294


Thanks fellow patriot

c11c98 No.364295


I'm researching this – It happened in 2015 The names are unclear to me right at this moment - the child's last name might be right. Needles to say. He should be 6 feet under or in a small glass jar.

052ba3 No.364296


Like I said. You didn't understand the reason why Q posted it the way he did.

"Email purportedly from John Podesta, spoofed to like like it was on Wikileaks (Wikileaks says it is not) specifically discussing tampering with Soros-owned electronic voting machines to commit electoral fraud.

NB: points Q was making -

1) nothing is ever deleted from the internet,

2) all electronic signals are captured by NSA/MI and can be called up at any time in the future,

3) difference between original faked email and the one Q posted was the addition of a hashtag: #prison, ERGO HRC/Podesta/Soros and others in the cabal and puppets' communications are in hand in a safe place, can (will) be used against them for their wrongdoing, and the message was directly related to electoral fraud (with re: Alabama election as a recent example)."

5877c2 No.364297

We all know Obama was ‘wiretapping’ a lot of people. RBG might have been one of them

1f88eb No.364298

Difficult to keep up. Some big picture spitballing

Now wondering if a part of the 16 year plan wasn't nukes missing cities ((they) say oh good there targeting was bad) and destroying/radiating our bountiful farmland here. Also the country folk tend to vote against their priorities. Food production down bigtime, prices up, and then monsatan just happens to come out with a resistant strain, for the right price. Also with backdoors into our tech hardware, probably have backdoor into our crops. Sitting on the flowers of our food supply. Bee populations… Control of the food, water, and narrative. Control of the people.

NK is a testing ground.

e38301 No.364299


Chemo is just a way to make people who are going to die to feel like they are doing something about it while they actually get sicker and spend more money in the process.

3934c2 No.364300


Q replies to what Q replies to, it's not a matter of what gets attention, it's a matter of what's relevant to the drop of the moment. Be careful not to discredit your info,just drop the links, etc, let anons figure our the veracity.

And, thanks for the link!

9396c8 No.364302


I think that's when the fight will actually start, unfortunately

Everything up to then is posturing for advantage, but not actual open warfare (not In the conventional sense, but maybe). But once the real drops drop, the only way the DS can respond is openly, and then it'll be a bloodbath

128018 No.364303



b30eaf No.364304

File: 42a8d1774164f81⋯.png (159.49 KB, 540x375, 36:25, 42a8d1774164f81fb05ac83c0c….png)

661ae3 No.364305

File: 227c944a7b5f69d⋯.jpg (228.72 KB, 1300x866, 650:433, 14380250-steamroller-as-hd….jpg)

File: 3a514095f80c059⋯.jpg (20.94 KB, 360x460, 18:23, Thompson_Mark-2-360x460.jpg)


BBC sent their top cover up man Mark Thompson (covered for Jimmy Saville raping children on BBC premises) to keep the lid on #pedogate etc. at the NY Times.

He should be returned to the 2'nd dimension.

"How do we return Mark Thompson to a 2D state without special technology?"

No problem anons. See pic attached. This analogue machine will return any pedo or reptoid promptly to native 2 D state.

2D pedos can be mounted on a board and sold to collectors on Ebay or used in most AAA tier frizbee competitions.

c4db40 No.364306


>that thread up quickly from the catalog page?

there are no direct links to the archival stuff on the catalog

the best you'll find is here at the top of the main bread

lists of lists

lists of links

links to important stuff etc…

30517c No.364307

File: a83c96cafd444e8⋯.jpg (145.32 KB, 783x521, 783:521, US Vietnam timeline 2015-2….jpg)

File: 4473cde5a04efec⋯.jpg (185.4 KB, 607x715, 607:715, Ginsberg crumbs.jpg)

File: 1375839e53cd97f⋯.jpg (181.34 KB, 659x583, 659:583, US Vietnam timeline 75-94.jpg)


>So what was she really doing in Hanoi?

I read somewhere else that it was sponsored by the State Dept, but curiously, her visit wasn't added to their historical US-Vietnam timeline and little has been written about it other than her officiating a gay marriage (revow) of the US Ambassador, whose house she actually stayed at.

But, someone should jump on that timeline which is a whole other rabbit hole to explore.

It reads like a Bush-Clinton tag team thru the years, with a strangely named first US consultancy company springing up there in 1993 with the name "Vatico"


That picture is gonna give me nightmares

064430 No.364308

6d0851 No.364309


>George Soros, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton orchestrated a coup in the Vatican to overthrow conservative Pope Benedict in February 2013, according to WikiLeaks emails.

What about separation of Church and State? They violated the Constitution, bring them up on charges for that if we can't get any traction on their real crimes, sedition, and treason.

bc43cf No.364310


The NAME field if present appears in bold green.

The TRIPCODE field if present appears in unbold green. There is no tripcode field on this post.

The person copypasted q's name "Q" and tripcode into the NAME field.

This post does not contain a tripcode.

df2a24 No.364311


Pharma makes no damn sense as P

b30eaf No.364312

could mean either.. or both

da6841 No.364313


All bold. Fake.

62f7ae No.364314

File: 617e08a52b63df1⋯.jpg (412.83 KB, 1280x1920, 2:3, gg7r04ttkaxx.jpg)

*Honey, John Podesta's Christmas presents from North Korea arrived…"

c11c98 No.364315

I'm going to save the most gruesome pictures and details for when the religious trolls come on.

10d390 No.364316


This is fake,or at least 2 years old. Probably some kind of online gaming dispute in the realm of sending the SWAT team to someones home. Disregard this garbage. Even if true, this asshole in the picture is no criminal mastermind that could evade capture for two years.

https: //trenchreynolds.com/2016/01/04/follow-up-to-the-cody-wright-picture-on-facebook/

de809e No.364317

File: 2e893a1ee580abc⋯.jpeg (184.28 KB, 1536x1023, 512:341, D00F4FC1-2BE6-4806-9F8E-A….jpeg)


c4db40 No.364318

File: 03de5263a019da2⋯.jpg (27.37 KB, 392x345, 392:345, trollScore.jpg)


6cf156 No.364319

hey infowars just had video of one of the cellphones at the SOTU but it was a visual of candy crush moving… kinda weird. it was a part of a compilation they had of people addicted to cellphones… strange they had the video tho

092ec4 No.364320


sure, why not

b30eaf No.364321


could mean either.. or both

10f606 No.364323


>Sorry for the LARP guys. It's over. Shut it down. Back to the Hentai porn for you all.

That you, Barack?

5a9b18 No.364324

Today’s news: remember male prostititue who allegedly OD”d at DNC doner’s house in WeHo?


Is there a Schiff connection? Of course there is.


Will tomorrow’s headline read “Schiff resigns amid sex/drug scandal”?

caf0f5 No.364325

File: be8d4bb1358a100⋯.jpg (113.55 KB, 840x619, 840:619, example.jpg)

>>363827 (from last bread)

This is an example of what I'm seeing in old archive bread. Don't think I can help too much, my apologies anon

4ae96e No.364326


That would explain also why the cabal basnt simply started ww3, they dont really want the world to know

da465b No.364327

Oxfam International chair held over Guatemala graft scandal

http:// www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-43046966?ocid=socialflow_twitter

3934c2 No.364328


If by some chance Q's trip is hacked, Q will find a way to let us know. Also, was that style of writing what you're used to from Q? Far from it. Don't be fooled by the shitty amateur imitators, that's what they want.

4cbc25 No.364329

File: 0b9a66838af738c⋯.jpg (9.76 KB, 299x168, 299:168, download.jpg)


82b2e3 No.364330


thats what all the EOs, taking out the funding, taking out the resources has been about. Keeping the blowback to a minimum. This is why patience is key. Agree completely.

a0330c No.364331


Strategy I can get behind!

df2a24 No.364333

Fake Q trip questions= find the newfags

c20575 No.364334

File: 99413b5c3621af3⋯.png (273.44 KB, 476x359, 476:359, screenshot_1212.png)

6b27b2 No.364335


Please remove trip code when posting Q posts.

6cf156 No.364336


go back a few minutes for the video of the SOTU phone…. disturbed is playing in the background https: //youtu.be/7J-nVvnhnD4

da6841 No.364337


They have tried mightily. Fortunately, we aren't the only ones who don't want them to succeed.

64e400 No.364338

File: d745214abd3a7a1⋯.jpg (40.86 KB, 640x447, 640:447, !PopeTits.jpg)


Here ya go!

(for the anon that wanted it)

c4db40 No.364339

File: 89314c91bd7295e⋯.gif (2.96 MB, 400x373, 400:373, schiffBeetlejuiceShrunkenH….gif)



>Is there a Schiff connection?

3b4bbd No.364340

File: e339908c6f5c9a1⋯.jpeg (125.79 KB, 1080x616, 135:77, 1518543413.jpeg)

001592 No.364341

File: e3b60ea78c3f3e4⋯.png (510.51 KB, 675x676, 675:676, Hannity re Zero portrait.PNG)

PORTRAIT PERVERSION: Obama Portrait Features ‘SECRET SPERM,’ Artist Joked About ‘Killing Whitey’


b30eaf No.364342

File: 42a8d1774164f81⋯.png (159.49 KB, 540x375, 36:25, 42a8d1774164f81fb05ac83c0c….png)

722bbc No.364346

FFS….the QQQQQQQQQ posting on this thread is NOT Q. Lurk moar. Know the difference.

fb5c33 No.364347


What are the implications for that?

82b2e3 No.364348

File: c457bb7183950d5⋯.jpg (104.84 KB, 734x925, 734:925, obamahead.jpg)

They snuck a sperm into the painting. These people are SICK….

3934c2 No.364349


it wasn't a Q post, was a dig.

anon said was trying to get Q's attn, explained to anon that that's not how it works

d0f65b No.364350

File: e0191721a552f59⋯.jpg (53.13 KB, 749x803, 749:803, DV3L6AOU8AA3RhF.jpg)

78a486 No.364351

Can't smile RBG is unable to smile. The mouth kind of half opens…

Think about that….severe internal mental issues going back decades. Lack of empathy.

1c0573 No.364352



This proves nothing other than this one fact.

The Vatican was being taken over, distorted and corrupted just like America was, by the same globalist conspiracy.

This is not Trump's problem to solve. If Roman Catholics are cool with this, then it will continue. It's kind of like the USA. If American citizens are cool with the repression of the Obama years, then it will continue and grow. Only the people who own the issue can fix it.

So if you are Roman Catholic, the church is your problem to fix.

And if you are American, the USA is your problem to fix.

c78cc8 No.364353


Well we do have a reliable off-site archive of all the threads on archive.fo which you can reach on

http:// qarchives.ml/

He also has all those threads (even ones Q didn't post in) available for download, as well as screenshots of all Q posts.

Also, using archived threads, every single Q post (on both chans, all boards) and those he responds to are directly linked in the spreadsheet - even the ones deleted off /cbts/, /thstorm/, etc and no longer in their archives. We have them all, and they are all always accessible to you and the public, so you can see them for yourselves.

I haven't see Master Archivist (his archive site linked above) lately, and a few of the newer Q drops had not been archived yet (they are now, that's how the links are in the spreadsheet :D ), but he is very good and dedicated and doing his thing.

As far as your project, you can archive any webpages at any time on archive.fo or archive.org, it's very easy and quick (and free, I love free).


My pleasure.

8dabfe No.364354


https:// tineye.com/search/show_all/ef447b0be9cf2ad81907d679c111857fedb1a047/852f328648d786fe35518b829a3ab0ff84028245f8e50d10673aefda75713616/thelede.blogs.nytimes.com/1

The 18th earliest use of the image I found

69489d No.364355


a0330c No.364356


>https:// www.nytimes.com/2017/10/06/us/politics/trump-calls-meeting-with-military-leaders-the-calm-before-the-storm.html

Look at the smirks on their faces when Trump starts this…

If I were LdR, I wouldn't be able to sleep either

c4ff38 No.364357


She had previously survived a not very dangerous cancer and was being screened annually. The early detection story is superficially credible. Pancreatic cancer is so deadly because it is completely asymptomatic until you're about to die.

6cf156 No.364358


ehhh looks like they may have animated the picture

6b27b2 No.364360


and then he said "follow the husbands." In other words, don't forget to look at the spouse.

b1af48 No.364361


It's just so important, even for non-Catholics. This man is wreaking havoc on Christianity, intentionally. He's doing it for a reason. I'm sure Q knows the reason.

de809e No.364362


Cali letting 10,000 sex predators free???

http:/ /www.independentsentinel.com/california-will-free-10000-sexual-predators/

4cbc25 No.364363


Gahhd Damn! Does he scrape his knuckles when he walks too

3934c2 No.364364

So is this bath of clowns the 12pm-8pm shift, or are some angry about working through lunch break?

a97d46 No.364365


Where is the secret sperm?

d0f65b No.364366


five o'clock shadow?

225624 No.364368


Speaks volumes, doesn't it?

da6841 No.364369


What???? Noooooooooo!!!!

e96050 No.364370

File: aeb3a46d010ec94⋯.jpg (29.32 KB, 500x375, 4:3, DATS-A-GOOD.jpg)

82b2e3 No.364371

File: c457bb7183950d5⋯.jpg (104.84 KB, 734x925, 734:925, obamahead.jpg)


look at right side of head at hair line

a0330c No.364372


Brockroaches typically calm down around 8 eastern

6cf156 No.364373

File: 0a83fc742737823⋯.png (188.47 KB, 652x331, 652:331, Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at ….png)

464de7 No.364374


RGB (Ruth Gainsburg) seeking TCells (terrorist cells or t-cell meaning immunotherapy)

2bde39 No.364375



Think stuff just gets filtered out of bread needs to be added back in right place.

People started freaking las bread about broken links, had to trace issue cause baker didn’t know.

6b27b2 No.364376


No P is not Pharma.

f834fe No.364377

File: 9b4d2df0165b4c9⋯.jpg (68.7 KB, 697x366, 697:366, Screenshot_3.jpg)

This douche thinks he's going to move /qresearch. Who gave him the authorita? Ego Maniac

1c0573 No.364379


If this is true then eviidence should be found in London because Kenya was a British colony & protectorate at the time

4cbc25 No.364380


Meaning Mike looks like a gorilla there

45c54a No.364381


I have found this to be curious since the inauguration of geotus.

The cruise missile attack that cause minor damage to an airfield that was evacuated.

The US protecting ISIS and Al Qaeda columns retreating to the US safe zones.

BHO fired over 380 military generals during his term in office.

Did he replace them with Patriots?

Does geotus have full control of all the military?

Sum of all fears?

There have been many contradictions in Syria.

fc3a54 No.364382

I think my trip got hacked guys. Can't access dump site.



30517c No.364383

File: 9e2afeafa1d9ae0⋯.jpg (114.38 KB, 645x442, 645:442, Project Popeye.jpg)

potential fodder for the chemtrailfags

Project Popeye was the first DOD weather mod experiments conducted in VietNAM

https:// history.state.gov/historicaldocuments/frus1964-68v28/d274

256fbe No.364384

it's got a beard and a man's jaw. And probably a massive one

e81288 No.364385

Wow, S.H. is now tweeting about Cum-Head Hussein portrait. Hussein is the guy who helped manufacture the "piss whores in his hotel bed" story too.

This official #ToiletHeadPrez scandal isn't going to end. This is Obama's legacy


9396c8 No.364386


Very true, /ourguys/ are posturing for keeps, it's actually incredibly impressive

All the EOs and executive actions are setting up a situation in which all guns are pointed at /them/ AND THEY KNOW IT, meaning a single "open" move will unleash the entire weight of the US executive (and military). Nothing we've seen is even 1% of what "could" be done if the DS actually upped the ante.

Same thing with the hints from Q about "being held hostage", "Red October" - it would give 99% people a heart attack if they realize how many guns were armed and loaded AT THEM THIS VERY MOMENT - literally the ONLY thing keeping those guns from being fired is /OUR/ guns are trained BACK at them, ready for the first shot to be unleashed. Mutally assured destruction, and the DS has quite a lot to lose.

a96c0f No.364387

File: 90269a63301293b⋯.jpg (121.47 KB, 490x731, 490:731, 23j0ja.jpg)

1da3a0 No.364389


Michelle got Obummer good with a cumshot eh?

bd89bc No.364390



site was just down for a good 20min

de2e4d No.364391


Could this possibly mean “we don’t say his name” sung our secrets in his cage back in Vietnam? That would be a good reason not to say his name!!!!

4cbc25 No.364392

File: e293d87b365915b⋯.png (401.85 KB, 680x466, 340:233, 945.png)


Nope your just trippin

b1af48 No.364394


That's an extraordinarily narrow view of what's at play here, given the human rights concerns, and the use of U.S. money, the Clintons, Podestas, Soros, and Obama.

Honestly, how can it be more relevant.

Also, don't fucking lecture me, bitch. I'll post what I want.

f15157 No.364395

Found something interesting.


In 1997, Bush and Todd Park, a colleague from Booz Allen, founded Athena Women’s Health, a women’s health and birthing clinic housed in San Diego for soon-to-be, new, and current mothers. After Park’s brother Ed Park helped develop its system, Athena Women’s Health transformed into athenahealth, a healthcare technology platform offering a suite of services to help hospital and ambulatory providers coordinate care and work at the tops of their licenses. In 2000, Bush raised more than $10 million in venture capital funding to support athenahealth,[9] which launched a successful IPO in 2007.[10] Bush is now athenahealth’s CEO"

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_S._Bush

da6841 No.364396


That isn't part of her job description, though. People are supposed to bring everything to her.

142125 No.364397


we r researchn u now! patriots will b payn u a visit! only need to b 1.5 mi close 2 u 2 b able 2 touch u

8ab7b6 No.364398


namefagging Q?

70b4cd No.364399


He's been the most active 'muh feelings r hurt, board must be comped' shill I've seen this week.

29380e No.364400


do not feed trolls

a07357 No.364401


kek! :)


Watch the video, the birth certificate Obama put on the Whitehouse website is a PROVEN fake.

The Kenyan copy was scanned from the official one, and all those involved in Kenya are on record confirming it.


a21712 No.364402


Medical anon here. You're right. Nobody survives pancreatic cancer…not even my mother.

Even those who catch it early/incidentally will succumb to it within 5 years in spite of treatment/surgical removal.

5518dd No.364403


Blame lies on a judge. Our courts and state/local govs need to be cleaned out.

a0330c No.364404


MALCHESKI such a fag

78a486 No.364405


P is for PRISON you fags

7a255f No.364406


When does a bird sing?

Pic of RBG in Vietnam. Songbird McC. Maybe RBG was emissary for McC. Song bird. Stool pigeon. Blackmailer sings when blackmail isn't paid. Cabal short on funds. Poppy fields bombed in Afganistan. Taxpayer slush funds defunded. Assets being seized. Human trafficking being shutdown. Cyber crime/identity theft arrested. They cannot pay hush money to Vietnam. POTUS goes there and gets all intel.

722bbc No.364407

Stop responding to this fucktard asshole!! IT. IS. NOT. Q.



092ec4 No.364408


isn't he talking about his archives?

not reading it as intending to change here.

it's always good to have others/parallel archives, so as long as he's not deluded enough to think he can control this space, best of luck to him

c4ff38 No.364409


Good callback, but might be too obscure.

5a9b18 No.364410


If the voters of CA read the referendum and noted there was not a stipulation for level 1 only…..

The whole sex offender registry system needs revamping. Don’t get me wrong the felony categories and levels are 100% valid.

There are situations where 15 yr old dates 14 yr old and gets tagged by system. Or peeing on private property near a school is a sex offense.

5ab8e4 No.364411


BO can we please ban these Q namefags automatically?

da6841 No.364412


Where are the mods? Last time someone tried to impersonate Q, he set the USSS on them.

c53328 No.364413

Breaking news on Fox - white powdery substance found at Obama's offices in DC

bb05cf No.364414


Your flower/deflower explanation seems spot on. I think NK serves several purposes as a black ops site; sex slavery being just one.

e38301 No.364415


Everyone with a brain here knows that.

4cbc25 No.364416


Or hes a greenhorn newfag whos butt hurt hes 5 months behind and we're gonna jump ship again … Little does he know.

3934c2 No.364417

And per fox news, an old office of BHO gets the white powder delivery. 3rd report.

We say #ReleaseTheCure, and they release the powder? Odd

464de7 No.364418


Resignations: https:// voat.co/v/ResignationsArchive

a6636a No.364419

File: e73ce7d9366b587⋯.jpg (184.11 KB, 900x900, 1:1, e73ce7d9366b587ab2495a5596….jpg)

7be085 No.364420

File: 051153521b954d9⋯.jpg (430.35 KB, 1951x1029, 1951:1029, latepost 431.jpg)


several breads ago, i saw a late post by anon that make me stop. i tried digging but i'm not proficient at it and i ended up all over the internet for hours and in the end had nothing i could post. here (pic related) is that Anon's post. Might be IMPORTANT, might help remove the badguy Pope.

1c0573 No.364421


We have access to lots of dead doctor photos. Each meme should not only have name and hashtag but also what the doctor was working on. Was it GCMaF or nagalase or naturopathy or megavitamin therapy. Find the facts first and then make the meme. This gives us a flood of different memes which will get more attention from people.

And the #BigPharmacided? message is what links them all and leads to people talking

092ec4 No.364423


no, no, no, no.

re-read crumbs, you're forgetting important episodes of the timeline. (migrations much?)

>Lost access to /cbts/

>No ability to enter trip code.


7b3059 No.364424


>>fake store fronts

How do you know they're fake?

3934c2 No.364425


I usually see an uptick around that time, different tactics usually. The fake trip codes started up again around that time (8p est) last night

b30eaf No.364426


no. this time P is for pfiltered

40c035 No.364427


Follow the bloodlines…. It's very important..

Red cross looking for 0 blood that can

supply transfusions to any blood type..


All those rich people living till their late 90,s..

never seem to even have a cold…

Think children… Red Cross,,, Stem cells

Blood, Organs, maybe food.. who knows

f15157 No.364428


Booz allen keeps popping up.

e81288 No.364429


There's Something About Michael's Husband

6d0851 No.364430

File: 026d90128203152⋯.png (46.56 KB, 737x685, 737:685, Usual_Suspects_Fisa_Leaks_….PNG)


>Sabina Menschel

Updated list. It's getting longer.

c53328 No.364431



5abf06 No.364434

Think image drop = RBG

Think O[riginal]P[ost]. = Oct 28 - HRC extradition and arrest.

Think United = RBG + HRC together coughing up tons of dirt while being detained?

When does a bird sing? = When caged?

Everything has meaning.

[I] = All seeing Eye of Horus [operatives/influence] targeted for elimination


142125 No.364435


2 bad u werent aborted and fed to hrc

a0330c No.364436


Alright, well, vigilance friends!

Remember why we are here and what we are trying to stop :(

f15157 No.364437


Hmmm, and guess where it's located? McLean, VA. Hmm, Mika connection?

0d63bf No.364438


confirmed he spied on all SCOTUS

6b27b2 No.364439


No worries, probably just cocaine.

29380e No.364441


Powder wars

da6841 No.364442


I'm guessing that some of those answers are found in classified documents, which would be beyond the scope of this forum.

64e400 No.364443


Perhaps there was sperm on Obamas head when the artist was painting him, it was probably just his wife's spooge that missed the mouth…

Total normal stuff…. Totally…


40c035 No.364444


why did you sign Q

3fee82 No.364445

I always thought Godfather 3 was Pope, but P could mean that as well…

06cebc No.364446


a0330c No.364447


Lets get Juan WIlliams on the list, fuck that guy big time

c53328 No.364448

225624 No.364450

File: dc61a0cdf9b09f4⋯.png (120.53 KB, 591x426, 197:142, Screenshot 2018-02-13 11.4….png)

https:// twitter.com/CMalcheski/status/963469944749948928

c78cc8 No.364451


Yeah no problem, we've dealt with this before and especially after the issues with the previous boards. Record-keepers work together to ensure the records are kept, for us and for posterity. One of the nice things is that the records are being kept OFF-SITE so that normies can see them and not have to come here.

I just noticed that MA hasn't keep his site updated (and still has old link for the spreadsheet too). Hope he comes back soon. In the meantime, I am positive that ALL /qresearch/ threads that Q has posted in have been archived (otherwise there would be no direct links on the spreadsheet!)

4cbc25 No.364452



377bab No.364453


the one joe arpaio had is the only real one - the kenyan copy is a fake and was made to muddy the water fool



5518dd No.364454


Booz Allen is a large defense contractor. It hires a lot of veterans and former gov employees.

e38301 No.364456


Studio nigger. Every network must have a least one.

858e07 No.364457


Morlocks/ Moloch


Q Rap my Nigga

467d2f No.364458

File: ae5c0a15c291244⋯.png (82.65 KB, 740x270, 74:27, Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at ….png)


Lots of info Booz over at Prison Planet forum

a40efa No.364459


While the US is under the Cabal the world has been suffering for a very long time.

Never forget to count the real victim of those wars. They are not the US military personnel that either died or got injured but the local in the middle east who have lost everything!

5abf06 No.364460


Answering his post line by line.

Q sig was not intended to be authoritative.

c11c98 No.364461


Pope Francis’s Capitulation To Communist China Betrays His People And Faith

Far from making life easier for Chinese Catholics, accepting Communist control of their bishops disheartens and oppresses them further.

http:// thefederalist.com/2018/02/13/pope-franciss-capitulation-communist-china-betrays-people-faith/

The gets on his knees for the new world order.

I have seen that the pentagon,

The chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences has heaped high and unexpected praise on China, insisting that the atheistic communist regime has created the best model for living out Catholic social teaching today.

… With forced abortions, slave labor, the rampant persecution of Christians, severely limited freedoms, and a church demolition campaign under China’s one-party system, it is hard to imagine how anyone—let alone a high ranking Catholic prelate—could put forward China as an example of Catholic social teaching done right, and social media has predictably lit up with commentors excoriating the apparently delusional bishop for descending into “self-parody.”

http:// www.breitbart.com/national-security/2018/02/07/top-vatican-official-proposes-communist-china-as-best-model-of-catholic-social-teaching-today/

092ec4 No.364463

File: 47f0cf9d5c29118⋯.png (5.61 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, E imagedrop.png)


>United Airlines to Guantanamo Bay?

>What airline check-in counter @ PVG [T2] is located @ [E]?

>What was the location of [E][pic posted other board]?

>Why is this relevant?


d61cba No.364465

File: bbd83a02ebfc09e⋯.jpg (110.74 KB, 727x319, 727:319, YyXX3535.jpg)

3934c2 No.364466


Indeed! It's ineffective attempts like this that almost make me feel sorry for them. Either paid operatives (what idiot trained them?), or unpaid ones with nothing better to do with life. The bots will be bots so whatever for them until shut down. Sad either way.

64e400 No.364467




46e884 No.364468

From Bloomberg:



Keep that list updated…

0c8993 No.364469


this is so true - many who had gf/bf "under age" are serving time as offenders, and will have to register for life. There is no path to redemption for those who actually intended no harm to others.

Why do SOs register for life, but murderers do not? I'd be interested in knowing if the person next door was a murderer, too -

da6841 No.364470


Just the fact that a Supreme Court judge is involved with anything overseas is problematic. It's beyond the scope of her work to travel. Cases are brought to judges. They don't go out seeking anything.

a0330c No.364471


Yeah but there's a difference between Paris @ CNN and Juan Williams @ Fox…

I honestly have no idea why CNN keeps Paris around, oh wait, nevermind, they don't want another retaliation/descrimination suit!

efb2f6 No.364472

please let there be a cure for alcoholism…I simply cannot bear to watch another life be destroyed..it also desrtoys the lives around them…my family is suffering as we speak as are so many others

0d0a84 No.364473


They are also major contractors for the CIA

b1af48 No.364474


Yes. This is the beginning of why it is relevant. Many Catholics are about to die. Again.

b4fa28 No.364475

File: 5f26e5b4f723e46⋯.jpeg (21.03 KB, 255x135, 17:9, 83036A18-64EB-4AA2-8F9C-E….jpeg)


So many roads lead to Nam. Wtf happened or did we find in those jungles?

a07357 No.364476


Evidence was found at the hospital he was born in.

a97d46 No.364477


The Pope is just a puppet more proof

7a255f No.364478


Holy Shit! Mainstream outing!

e38301 No.364479


Send Sheriff Joe down there to set up a tent city and dress all those traitors in pink underwear.

c4db40 No.364480










3934c2 No.364481


Decent interp, anon. I hadn't considered Original Post (duh, i should have)

4cbc25 No.364482


Military Has that already .. They use it on minors who keep getting busted drinking.

858e07 No.364483


needs to shave

fb5c33 No.364484


So…, because they are Rh-, they are universal receiving donors?

And the institutes they run, provides them with the blood & organ harvest?

Those bloodlines are crucial, yes.

Which families do you suggest I investigate?

f15157 No.364485


Yeah, and isn't Snowden connected with it?

77e09e No.364486


Look also at the ear on the right side (= female organ)…Just related to the sperm on same side. An anon showed it in previous bread

c78cc8 No.364487


fucking finally! I've been trying to get anons to realize this for months.

The "map" is not the graphic comp of Q's posts, it is a NETWORK MAP, like a mind map. (similar to Muckety maps)

Trying also to get people to use the resources available in the Free Research Resources post in the Resources Library to find their connections, and build their "web" of associations





>alma maters/fraternities/sororities



All that Q has mentioned wrt each of the NAMES

858e07 No.364488


Cali just being Cali

0851f8 No.364490

Susan Elizabeth Rice (born November 17, 1964)

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Susan_Rice

served on school boards with Madeleine Albright, a friend of hers

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madeleine_Albright

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Members_of_the_Council_on_Foreign_Relations

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madeleine_Albright

born May 15, 1937

aka Marie Jana Korbelová

Father Josef Korbel

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josef_Korbel

20 September 1909 – 18 July 1977

Czech-American diplomat and political scientist

of Jewish descent

served as Czechoslovakia's ambassador to

Yugoslavia, the chair of the United Nations

Commission for India and Pakistan, and then as

a professor of international politics at the University

of Denver, where he founded the Josef Korbel

School of International Studies.

press-attaché at the Czechoslovak Embassy in


Though he served as a diplomat in the government of

Czechoslovakia, Korbel's politics and Judaism forced

him to flee with his wife and baby Madeleine after the

Nazi invasion in 1939 and move to London. Korbel

served as an advisor to Edvard Beneš, in the Czech

government in exile

His daughter Madeleine Albright served as Secretary

of State under President Bill Clinton, and he was the

mentor of George W. Bush's Secretary of State,

Condoleezza Rice.

During their time in England the Korbels converted to


Korbel returned to Czechoslovakia after the war,

receiving a luxurious Prague apartment expropriated

from Karl Nebrich, a Bohemian German industrialist

expelled under the Beneš decrees

appointed as the Czechoslovak ambassador to

Yugoslavia, where he remained until the Communist

coup in May 1948

named a delegate to the United Nations Commission

for India and Pakistan to mediate on the Kashmir


1949 Korbel applied for political asylum in the United

States stating that he would be arrested in

Czechoslovakia for his "faithful adherence to the

ideals of democracy." He received asylum and also a

grant from the Rockefeller Foundation to teach

international politics at the University of Denver

1964, with the benefaction of Ben Cherrington, Korbel

established the Graduate School of International

Studies and became its founding Dean

One of his students was Condoleezza Rice, the

first woman appointed National Security Advisor

(2001) and the first African-American woman

appointed Secretary of State (2005). Korbel's

daughter Madeleine became the first female

Secretary of State in 1997. Both of them have

testified to his substantial influence on their careers

in foreign policy and international relations.

Czechoslovak-American politician and diplomat

1997 to 2001 under President Bill Clinton United States

Secretary of State

became a U.S. citizen in 1957

worked as an aide to Senator Edmund Muskie before taking a

position under Zbigniew Brzezinski on the National Security

Council. She served in that position until the end of President

Jimmy Carter's lone term.

After leaving the National Security Council, Albright joined the

academic staff of Georgetown University and advised

Democratic candidates regarding foreign policy

1992 she helped assemble Clinton's National Security Council

1993~1997 Clinton appointed her to the position of U.S.

Ambassador to the United Nations

1997~2001 served as Secretary of StateAlbright currently serves

as chair of Albright Stonebridge Group and as a professor of

International Relations at Georgetown University's School of

Foreign Service. In May 2012, she was awarded the Presidential

Medal of Freedom by U.S. President Barack Obama. Secretary

Albright also serves as a director on the board of the Council on

Foreign Relations

da6841 No.364491


That's my call to action. I'm going to go tag some posts.

e38301 No.364492


California: the land of stupid human dodo birds.

b1af48 No.364493

092ec4 No.364494


>fucking finally! I've been trying to get anons to realize this for months.

well he just went and did it. pretty good tactic, that is.

c11c98 No.364495

It is time to implement a forward offensive.



I JUST HEARD ON FOX THAT THE WWF IS IN THE NEWS.The World Wildlife Fund was mentioned in some of my research on child trafficking.

74034e No.364497

Glorious Planefags, had a thought for you all. I know everyone is watching GITMO, but have any of you looked at the other Pre-Confinement Facilities? (PCF - same designation as GITMO) Sub base in New London Connecticut, Great Lakes Naval Station in Northern Illinois and one in Yokosuka Japan. Another one that stands out if you want to hide it plain sight, especially with the Olympics ongoing: Camp Humphrey in Korea. Its the biggest post in Asia and serves as a regional detention center as well. Would be curious to see if United flights or unusual tracks end up en masse in any of these particular spots. Would also be curious if any odd activity is centered around certain USS warships since they are designated Brigs and several have operated in international waters as defacto black sites. (Think drug smugglers and coast guard cutters a few years back) God's love to each of you.

efb2f6 No.364498


omg I need it now

8170f0 No.364499


>keeping the double meanings in mind

858e07 No.364500


Dracunculiasis, also known as Guinea worm disease

c4ff38 No.364501


Very small tumor, body of pancreas rather than head or tail. The Robotic assist platforms are good enough now the perioperative risks are pretty much gone. 80-85 percent of cases are not detectable until the tumor becomes completely inoperable. If you have very early detection and the tumor is not on the head region of pancreas, outcomes are decent.

https:// www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4560737/

If RBG had access to a secret cure, why on earth would she have subjected herself to Chemo after the pancreatic cancer surgery?

http:// www.cnn.com/2009/POLITICS/03/17/ginsburg.chemo/

001592 No.364502


He has a history of inappropriate workplace behavior.

a07357 No.364503


Strzok is a lynchpin of the swamp

64e400 No.364504


I saw it last nite, talk about a clit ear.

If anon has up-resolution image of the sperm and ear together, it would be an attempt by the sperm to get at the ear.

These fucktards are sick as hell..

This is not a joke either. It's there - This anon saw it, just wrote it off as a bad and lame artist.

40c035 No.364505


Stay with the Bush's I would think…

But here is the link to BLOOD types

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-n5OAj8b5Y

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnDukGpjrPY

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRjLL2diick

5a9b18 No.364506


Valid point.

c20575 No.364507

File: 1b970da88677b8c⋯.png (211.8 KB, 489x275, 489:275, screenshot_1214.png)

e38301 No.364508



Also, we have so much more than we know.

4cbc25 No.364509


Its a daily pill .. Makes the smell of alcohol nauseating .. Even hand sanitizer /mouth wash will make you puke

b30eaf No.364510

File: ed135031e622800⋯.jpg (61.01 KB, 550x400, 11:8, 242oemf.jpg)

fb5c33 No.364511


Sometimes, you gotta call dem fags out for replying.

Let's not discuss this further.

8ab573 No.364513

Sen. Tom Carper admitted to striking his wife and giving her a black eye. Tweets demanding he resign:

@SenGillibrand - ZERO

@TedLieu - ZERO

@SenWarren - ZERO

@KamalaHarris - ZERO

@SenSchumer - ZERO

@SenFeinstein - ZERO

@RepAdamSchiff - ZERO

Liberal hypocrisy is a disease.

eb73cd No.364514


>Coming soon to a theater near you.

Makes me think there will be warfare. Theater is an area of battle.

cce3d7 No.364515

File: 3a08bddd4aaa006⋯.png (924.01 KB, 1920x998, 960:499, OlegDeripaska.png)

<pic related

8ab573 No.364516

File: 9cd4300f09f9624⋯.jpg (167.4 KB, 1200x1178, 600:589, DV4I4ndV4AEmVp3.jpg)

fb5c33 No.364517


Any European family lines to discover?

9298e4 No.364519


Agreed, I think the graphic compositions still serve a purpose though.

e38301 No.364520


Fair enough, I'm good with it. It's called freedom. We both have it. Cheers.

0f8bf5 No.364521


Sam Clois worked at Booz Allen

Sam Clovis hired Papadopoulos and Paige

Sam Clovis was Rick Perry's guy

Rick Perry was a never Trumper

Rick Perry now in Trump's House


052ba3 No.364522


Then GTFO and you're filtered

a07357 No.364523


If you had watched the video you'd know the one Arpaio had is FAKE and it is the one Obama put on the WhiteHouse website.

The one from Kenya was copied by an investigator who INVESTIGATED and got a copy by going TO KENYA, and the hospital Obama was born in, and the government records…you glownigger

1550a3 No.364524


Good one! Looks like he's actually saying it.


Winner of meme with that pic, ever!

c80c82 No.364526



dc95a7 No.364527


This needs memed!!

Any takers Meme-masters?

I need this for twatter

052ba3 No.364528



56ffed No.364529

File: cdd581bee83529e⋯.jpg (47.03 KB, 344x405, 344:405, axisofevil - Copy.jpg)

da0fd8 No.364530

Just a random thought in the shower today.

Q keeps saying

You have so much than you know

Q has also been referencing


quite a bit lately. POTUS declassified much of the JFK files and HAS READ even what wasn’t declassified.

Perhaps there’s information we’ve not yet explored IN the JFK drop. Has any pre-Q read them? Anything relevant noted?

0779fd No.364531

What was the name of the program the NAZI's had that had families of blonde blue eyed female teenagers allow SS officers to have sex with them so they would have pure Ariean babies?

Were the families paid in any way?

f25641 No.364534


Does the ground create a laurel wreath? Same as the ivy in the BHO painting?

A laurel wreath is a symbol of victory and honor. It is a circular wreath made of interlocking branches and leaves of the bay laurel (Laurus nobilis), an aromatic broadleaf evergreen, or later from spineless butcher's broom (Ruscus hypoglossum) or cherry laurel (Prunus laurocerasus).

1c0573 No.364535


You are not a man of God.

You are not a man of God.

You are NOT a man of God!!!

4cbc25 No.364537



efb2f6 No.364538


how do you go about getting this? and it doesn't sound like a cure but a deterrent

a67b34 No.364539

Q's image of RBG



"Think image drop."

30517c No.364540


OMG! and look where his right hand and fingers are!

2288da No.364541



9b9071 No.364542

File: 51e1756b27b626e⋯.png (2.39 MB, 1680x1010, 168:101, DECOY99.png)

This is interesting ….

C17 plane over W VA - "DECOY99"

Dropped to 1300 feet altitude, flying 500 knots - WTF?!?

bd8fde No.364543


Lebensborn - https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lebensborn

e81288 No.364544

File: a48bd4f12ff4355⋯.png (1.08 MB, 918x614, 459:307, semen.png)

File: 93649ecea0f107e⋯.jpg (96.67 KB, 854x616, 61:44, flies.jpg)


The left tried to avoid a President Santorum. KEK

092ec4 No.364545


asked same a few weeks ago, didn't hear of much. apparently a group on voat is looking into JFK files moar, don't have a link, sorry… would def be worth digging into/finding a TL;DR somewhere

43f887 No.364546


yeah that investigator who explains on the projector leaves no doubt if you watch.

a0330c No.364547


Strzk isn't even a real person I don't think.

Look at how many texts he and page sent to one another. It breaks down to like 10 texts per hour every waking hour of every day for like a year.

Factor in time Strozk spent w/his wife (aka can't text mistress time), and actually having his affair, as well as all his other esponsabilities, it seems really unlikely that Strozk is a person…

If you were McCabe or Comey, or anyone for that matter, and you wanted something done, but you didn't want to subject yourself to oversight, how would you do it?

85a0a5 No.364548

John Podesta

Verified account


14m14 minutes ago


What??? Trump White House didn’t tell the truth?


6f3325 No.364549

File: 3741a9a4d2adbb6⋯.png (3.62 MB, 4168x7168, 521:896, #1 MAP.png)

File: a00105a04d86cf3⋯.png (26.96 KB, 1119x815, 1119:815, map_proof_web_code.png)

File: 38565c9e876610d⋯.jpg (71.06 KB, 800x481, 800:481, map_solve.jpg)



(none of these are my creations, i won't take credit for the autism here)

i remember anons beginning on this note a while back, idk what ever came of it

092ec4 No.364550



ok then, where's the real one?

e38301 No.364551


That fly really knows his shit.

b30eaf No.364552

File: fd6c6cf126534ec⋯.jpg (67.75 KB, 500x500, 1:1, What-if-I-told-you-morpheu….jpg)

70b4cd No.364553


audible kek

64e400 No.364554


Has anyone identified that girl, or her parents?

What is the background info about this pic?

(not talking about the fireplace autists!)

3fee82 No.364555


now climbing

bd8fde No.364556


Been seeing a lot of strange activities right in that Harpers Ferry area. EP-3E and MC-12s circling, helicopters, etc..

052ba3 No.364557


Nope. He's a puppet not a puppet master

If anything P would be for Priestap

8170f0 No.364558

Looking for symbolism in the matrix and I found this

http:// www.sparknotes.com/film/matrix/themes/

Look at this breakdown of the Matrix:


The renegades and the Agents always wear sunglasses in the Matrix. Sunglasses hide the eyes and reflect those who are being looked at. The removal of sunglasses signals that a character is gaining a new or different perspective, or that he or she is vulnerable or exposed in some way. When Neo removes his glasses to kiss Persephone in The MatrixReloaded, he looks deeply into her eyes, indicating both the precariousness and gravity of the moment. When Morpheus offers Neo his crucial choice between the pills, the blue pill is reflected in one shade of his sunglasses, the red pill in the other, an overt reference to the two different ways of seeing that Neo must choose between. When Neo enters his new world, his sunglasses serve as protection for him, keeping him invulnerable to the dangers and surprises he encounters.

Mirrors reveal how we see the outside world, but also, crucially, how we see ourselves and our own world. When Neo takes the red pill, he enters the real world, and the mirror he touches infects him slowly with metallic goo, suggesting the fraying of all his illusions as he enters a new realm of perception. Other reflective materials are shattered throughout the trilogy. Skyscraper glass rains down, water rains from above and pools below, and anything transparent continually shifts forms and locations, transforming whatever it reflects."


"Technology threatens to become smarter than humans, but one larger point of the trilogy is that technology doesn’t have to be smarter than us to enslave us. As long as humans turn to technology to solve human problems, humans and technology are interdependent. In the trilogy, the machines are dependent on the humans for life, and they grow and harvest humans so they can continue to exist. Though the reverse doesn’t necessarily follow—humans don’t rely on the machines for their existence—the trilogy’s entire story hinges on the fact that at one point humans needed artificial intelligence for something, and so created A.I. to fulfill that need."

b9c80b No.364559


The plan has taken almost two centuries to

execute for these EVIL bastards. It will take more than a couple of months to destroy their plan.

In the end GOOD will defeat [evil] and Q is giving only what is needed to inform.

Wakee Wakee, Eggs & Bacee!!!

c923c7 No.364560

File: f1dfb9661862713⋯.png (213.64 KB, 740x851, 20:23, Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at ….png)

File: 03b00bfecc6562c⋯.png (2.68 MB, 1000x700, 10:7, Trump_Lion_Transparent.png)


Thank You!! I've been trying to tell people about this hag for decades, but you know, she's a woman, so she can't be at fault ever.

Fucking Mockingbird.


0779fd No.364561


Look up 4 tramps arrested nehind the grassy knoll.

Are they FBI agents?

Did one of the help Castro?

Were 3 of them Watergate Burglars?

4 shooters.

bd142c No.364562


ty. On it. Was waiting for a confirmation from Anons.

caf0f5 No.364563

5518dd No.364564


If we can set up a wiki somewhere, a bunch of us anons could work together to show all these connections. The network will be quite large.

e0dc5c No.364565

File: e17284cb1f18d2a⋯.png (3.11 MB, 811x1338, 811:1338, Q!.png)


fb5c33 No.364566


Cheers, anon.

This is why we are fighting

Also, you are fag. Suck my dick.

ee5061 No.364567

The Korean War interesting tidbit.

In South Korea, the war is usually referred to as "625" or the "6–2–5 Upheaval" (6.25 동란 (動亂), yook-i-o dongnan), reflecting the date of its commencement on 25 June.[48]

In North Korea, the war is officially referred to as the "Fatherland Liberation War" (Choguk haebang chǒnjaeng) or alternatively the "Chosǒn [Korean] War" (조선전쟁, Chosǒn chǒnjaeng).[49]

In China, the war is officially called the "War to Resist America and Aid Korea" (simplified Chinese: 抗美援朝战争; traditional Chinese: 抗美援朝戰爭; pinyin: Kàngměi Yuáncháo Zhànzhēng),[50][51] although the term "Chaoxian (Korean) War" (simplified Chinese: 朝鲜战争; traditional Chinese: 朝鮮戰爭; pinyin: Cháoxiǎn Zhànzhēng) is also used in unofficial contexts, along with the term "Han (Korean) War" (simplified Chinese: 韩战; traditional Chinese: 韓戰; pinyin: Hán Zhàn) more commonly used in regions such as Hong Kong and Macau.

**In the U.S., the war was initially described by President Harry S. Truman as a "police action" as it was an undeclared military action, conducted under the auspices of the United Nations.[52] *

It has been referred to in the English-speaking world as "The Forgotten War" or "The Unknown War" because of the lack of public attention it received both during and after the war, and in relation to the global scale of World War II, which preceded it, and the subsequent angst of the Vietnam War, which succeeded it.[53

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_War

c78cc8 No.364568

File: 944303baa0743d2⋯.png (5.54 MB, 5657x6542, 5657:6542, JPodesta.png)

File: 9915c80d5f6e971⋯.png (1.91 MB, 3244x2275, 3244:2275, dcoup.png)

File: ffbb91aaaa9508d⋯.png (72.12 KB, 1056x816, 22:17, SUSAN RICE MCKINSEY2.png)


I did some for pg that really illustrated how these people are connected, some still floating around (international child sextrafficking network, Laura Silsby). Here's J Podesta - all open source info, no "theories" or inferences, only solid connections

And that's the point - the web is the connections

Also one for S Rice and the D-attempted coup, in a web-type format.


>I think the graphic compositions still serve a purpose though.

Q said his compilation of posts is "critical" so yes, they are still invaluable for people here and normies out there.

d59784 No.364569

File: 5a8b629dbd72f65⋯.jpg (89.07 KB, 535x526, 535:526, nbw_united.JPG)

2/13/18 - 2/23/18

https:// flightaware.com/live/airport/MUGM/arrivals

b3e0b4 No.364570

File: 7305d6d4fbffcd9⋯.gif (1.64 MB, 409x600, 409:600, EraseObama.gif)

bb77ea No.364571

File: 75911df4574d55f⋯.jpg (46.26 KB, 600x450, 4:3, pope love.jpg)

IDK if [P] is ==POPE

do you?

>>do you?

do you?

>>do you?

a67b34 No.364572

"to sing like a bird"

To voluntarily confess your sins to the cops

To rat out other members of your criminal enterprise

If you are going sing like a bird you should probably cowboy up and go to jail , not get witness protection, since you don't want to sing like a bird,

ee5061 No.364573


Korea divided (1945–1949)

See also: Division of Korea

On 8 September 1945, U.S. Lt. Gen. John R. Hodge arrived in Incheon to accept the Japanese surrender south of the 38th parallel.[66] Appointed as military governor, General Hodge directly controlled South Korea as head of the United States Army Military Government in Korea (USAMGIK 1945–48).[69] He attempted to establish control by restoring Japanese colonial administrators to power, but in the face of Korean protests he quickly reversed this decision.[70] The USAMGIK refused to recognize the provisional government of the short-lived People's Republic of Korea (PRK) due to its suspected Communist sympathies.

In December 1945, Korea was administered by a U.S.-Soviet Union Joint Commission, as agreed at the Moscow Conference, with the aim of granting independence after a five-year trusteeship.[71][72] The idea was not popular among Koreans and riots broke out.[56] To contain them, the USAMGIK banned strikes on 8 December 1945 and outlawed the PRK Revolutionary Government and the PRK People's Committees on 12 December 1945. The right-wing Representative Democratic Council, led by Syngman Rhee, who had arrived with the U.S. military, opposed the trusteeship, arguing that Korea had already suffered from foreign occupation far too long.[73] Following further large-scale civilian unrest,[74] the USAMGIK declared martial law.

Citing the inability of the Joint Commission to make progress, the U.S. government decided to hold an election under United Nations auspices with the aim of creating an independent Korea. The Soviet authorities and the Korean Communists refused to co-operate on the grounds it would not be fair, and many South Korean politicians boycotted it.[75][76] A general election was held in the South on 10 May 1948.[77][78] North Korea held parliamentary elections three months later on 25 August.[79]

The resultant South Korean government promulgated a national political constitution on 17 July 1948, and elected Syngman Rhee as President on 20 July 1948. The Republic of Korea (South Korea) was established on 15 August 1948. In the Soviet Korean Zone of Occupation, the Soviet Union established a communist government[77] led by Kim Il-sung.[80]

The Soviet Union withdrew as agreed from Korea in 1948, and U.S. troops withdrew in 1949.

7a255f No.364574


FYI. AA works and an anon personality will very much feel at home. Mine does.

251eaf No.364575


the problem is that they don't matter to the public anymore. They don't understand how to make the connections. They don't understand how GHB lied to everyone when he said that he doesn't remember where he was that day or that he wasn't an agent at the time.

People think it's too long ago to be relevant any longer. Just like the info about MLK hanging out with Pimps and Hoes didn't matter to anyone.

We say we want to solve the mystery…we already know exactly who killed him. We know exactly why they killed him.

Even if there are secrets now revealed, the public just doesn't care about that anymore.

69876d No.364576


I don't believe mankind is going (forward) anywhere. I just enjoy the show for what it is. I watch very little tv, I barely watch movies, etc. Human behavior, this is my entertainment.

I'm infatuated with the fact that so many get mad at normies. For "keeping their heads buried in the sand". But this Q movement is becoming a cult. You can't question any of it without being ridiculed and insulted by followers.

Add to that

Obama at an art show last night looking at peace and happy as all get out. So much for the theory "he's cowering in a bunker/he's hiding in NK".

Even Huma Abedin was enjoying a vacation in Hawaii. After everyone claimed she had a boot.

No one wants to admit they've been had. I look forward to seeing how long Q can string them out. It's a heck of a data mine to see the true behavior and reactions of man.

And then the whole forced retirement of people. Teach evil people a lesson by forcing them into retirement and sending them off with a huge benefits package. Savage!!! What a lesson!

Notice Q never has a real answer for things like this. Every response is "soon". 6 months ago, "soon", tomorrow…"soon", 6 months from now, "soon".

I await a few arrests in about a year or so - when it's fresh on voters minds and Trump can use it for a reelection. Politics as usual.


e38301 No.364577


No. I only suck dicks longer than two inches.

0f8bf5 No.364578


More trouble the guy who painted BO, painted a photo beheading a white child in a garden. Sick

a07357 No.364579


Oh look ANOTHER glow nigger!

No nigger, the investigator who got the REAL birth certificate isn't in that video - but if you knew about Obama's birth certificate as you pretend to you would have known that!

Hey anons! Glow niggers are pissed off at me for this idea



064430 No.364580


You win the internet!!!


a0330c No.364581

Big companies - Fidelity, Blackrock, StateStreet, Vanguard

d8c021 No.364582

Any other Leafs here anxious about CBC's Racewar they're trying to cook up? Canada just had their own Trayvon Martain & Liberal idiots are lapping it up.

4cbc25 No.364583

If we bag killary doing satanic shit.. Can we institute a burn the witch campaign?

6f3325 No.364584


the information war is literally right in front of us, on this board and abroad

2335a6 No.364585


Someone twatter him back with a "We saw what you did last summer" please?

f15157 No.364586


You tell me.

092ec4 No.364587



if you feel this stuff gets lost, start a thread/consolidate the info somewhere - a lot does get lost in the chaos, because so much going on

fb5c33 No.364588


A well, crafted image is universal and understood by all. Vital for spreading the message of truth.

c5c3e4 No.364589

File: 497e6390e3a073d⋯.jpeg (161.72 KB, 724x502, 362:251, AE8D67CE-90CD-4612-A897-D….jpeg)

THis is the fucking mook that painted the muslim plant traitors portrait

https:// truepundit.com/obama-portrait-artist-likes-paint-african-american-women-holding-heads-decapitated-white-women/

5a9b18 No.364590

File: e02c755afe15d36⋯.png (1.45 MB, 5191x3799, 179:131, 5713F604-71E9-4236-BE5F-B8….png)

b1af48 No.364592

Seems everyone has forgotten about:

https:// 8ch.net/greatawakening/res/1.html#29


https:// 8ch.net//greatawakening/res/1.html#31

7300fd No.364593

>>364132 seconded

>>364094 HA been saying trick to healthy humans is playing in the dirt for decades.

>>364115 so old I saw it on fedbook filtered

>>364130 it's worse than that, key words: "The Network of Global Corporate Control" "swiss study"

>>364142 seconded

>>364145 best response i've seen yet.

>>364164 not insane, seconded

>>364194 seconded

>>364199 LOOK, why else would his HI one be fake

>>364245 #metoo mines still full

>>364249 seconded

>>364315 LOL, seconded

fb5c33 No.364594


Typical whore of Babylon.


64e400 No.364595

File: ee40ad1c0d66a26⋯.jpg (210.35 KB, 852x522, 142:87, fly.jpg)


You inspired me!

6f3325 No.364596


How would any other than God know that?

b3e0b4 No.364597


Like it never even happened.

78a486 No.364598

File: 0e15e7c882116b7⋯.jpg (53.29 KB, 736x598, 16:13, fe422855f2a3f697ea2308f2c3….jpg)

b9c80b No.364599


YardArm this SICK F__K!!!

1c0573 No.364601


Where is this evidence? Do you have a photograph of the hospital records? Or a video at the hospital with an official showing you the record?

Have you ever heard of the concept "corroborating evidence"? If we can find a record in the Colonial records archives in London, that corroborates the hospital record. A hospital record can be faked, but it is much harder to fake both records consistently.

And there are other types of records that a serious investigator could look at.

As far as I am concerned, the photocopy image looks too much like a limited hangout to discredit birthers. It is one thing, with no way to tell if it is genuine because a B&W photocopy has flattened the info. And it has no surrounding story.

Compare the Hawaii cert. There is Fuddy and her background and the possibility that her death was faked. There is the strange crash to begin with to draw attention away from other things. There is the certificate which has internal inconsistencies when compared to other certs. And I believe it was provided as a PDF which had internal artefacts of layers suggesting manipulation. In other words, the Hawaii cert had a rich amount of forensic evidence that could be mined and was mined to show it was fake.

But the Kenya cert has nothing. It stands alone. It is HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS and circumstantial. And yet, because there is a VACUUM surrounding it, this cert could really be genuine. It deserves a true investigation as if we were dealing with a serious crime.

0f8bf5 No.364602


Pence was the head of putting people in.

??? I am going to dig more on Pence

Something not right about him

c20575 No.364603

File: 23b22a29b922c25⋯.png (309.02 KB, 490x492, 245:246, Farrah Fawcett.png)

b3e0b4 No.364604

c880e9 No.364606



b1af48 No.364607


Ignore him. I know who/what I am.

5225df No.364608









Baker, please consider putting this in the batter.

926dc9 No.364609


Her daddy fucked it out of her by two or three years old. It is what they do. Ancient trick.

74a123 No.364610


Still searching for dots that connect T Cells to Operation Merlin. Here is what I found so far:

Merlin (also called Neurofibromin 2 or schwannomin) is a cytoskeletal protein. In humans, it is a tumor suppressor protein involved in Neurofibromatosis type II.[5][6] Sequence data reveal its similarity to the ERM protein family.

The name "merlin" is an acronym for "Moesin-Ezrin-Radixin-Like Protein".

source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merlin_(protein)

MERLIN is a four-year project (2014-2018) funded under the EU Framework 7 Programme in the Health Theme. The project will look at developing stem cell-based therapies for liver disease.

Source: fp7merlin.eu/project/

b132fe No.364611



>The bold and nonbold font decorations are significant.

Yup. And this:

Right clicking on the field in question and inspecting the element will tell you in black and white whether it's a name field or a tripcode field definitively, as well. Obvious lack of autism is so obvious. FFS.

a0330c No.364612

https:// www.theguardian.com/world/2004/sep/25/usa.secondworldwar

History of Bush Family -> Ties to Hitler.

Hitler was a stooge, sold his people out, a Rothschild.

c11c98 No.364613

File: c3b34f910e5862c⋯.jpg (187.54 KB, 710x594, 355:297, marketmap.jpg)

File: 050c6d1a0bfa3bd⋯.jpg (31.72 KB, 840x473, 840:473, blackrockstrategy.jpg)

It is time to go after the IMF World Bank and the controlling members.


HSBC CEDE-CONTROLLERS OF MOST 'fiat money' transfers in the US if not the world.

Back up your info with sauce. The news right now talked about un-creditable information.



BlackRock Select Government Institutional Fund

(each a “Fund” and collectively, the “Funds”)

Supplement dated March 2, 2016 to the

Prospectus of the Funds, dated January 4, 2016

The Board of Trustees of Funds For Institutions Series (the “Board”), on behalf of each Fund, recently approved certain changes to the principal investment strategies of the Funds in order to restrict each Fund’s eligible investments as described below. Each Fund would continue to meet the definition of a “government money market fund” under Rule 2a-7 under the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended. The Board has chosen not to subject the Funds to discretionary or default liquidity fees or temporary suspensions of redemptions due to declines in a Fund’s weekly liquid assets. In connection with such changes, the Board also approved a change in the name of each Fund and the master portfolio corresponding to each Fund. These changes will become effective May 2, 2016. Investors should review carefully the specific changes to the prospectus of the Funds, which are detailed below.

Accordingly, effective May 2, 2016, the Funds’ prospectus is amended as follows:

Changes in the Funds’ and Master Portfolio’s Names

BlackRock Government Institutional Fund is renamed “BlackRock Treasury Strategies Institutional Fund”

BlackRock Select Government Institutional Fund is renamed “BlackRock Select Treasury Strategies Institutional Fund”

Master Government Institutional Portfolio is renamed “Master Treasury Strategies Institutional Portfolio”

Changes in the Funds’ Strategies

The section of the prospectus entitled “Fund Overview—Key Facts About BlackRock Government Institutional Fund—Principal Investment Strategies of the Fund” is deleted in its entirety and replaced with the following:

Principal Investment Strategies of the Fund

BlackRock Treasury Strategies Institutional Fund (“Treasury Strategies Institutional Fund”) will invest 100% of its total assets in cash, U.S. Treasury bills, notes and other obligations issued or guaranteed as to principal and interest by the U.S. Treasury, and repurchase agreements with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York secured by U.S. Treasury obligations. The Fund invests in securities maturing in 397 days (13 months) or less (with certain exceptions) and the portfolio will have a dollar-weighted average maturity of 60 days or less and a dollar-weighted average life of 120 days or less. The Fund may invest in variable or floating rate instruments, and transact in securities on a when-issued, delayed delivery or forward commitment basis.

The securities purchased by the Fund are subject to the quality, diversification, and other requirements of Rule 2a-7 under the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended (the “Investment Company Act”), and other rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”). The Fund will only purchase securities that present minimal credit risk as determined by BlackRock Advisors, LLC (“BlackRock”), the Fund’s investment manager, pursuant to guidelines approved by the Trust’s Board of Trustees.

The Fund is a “feeder” fund that invests all of its assets in Master Treasury Strategies Institutional Portfolio (“Treasury Strategies Institutional Portfolio”), which has the same investment objectives and strategies as the Fund. All investments are made at the Treasury Strategies Institutional Portfolio level. This structure is

sometimes called a “master/feeder” structure. The Fund’s investment results will correspond directly to the investment results of Treasury Strategies Institutional Portfolio. Where applicable, “Treasury Strategies Institutional Fund” or the “Fund” refers also to Treasury Strategies Institutional Portfolio.

Who Owns America? CEDE & DTCC

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cede_and_Company

http:// www.dtcc.com/

A friend of mine states that BlackRock is so ruthless that they'll eat their young.

0851f8 No.364614


there appears to be a lot of people in power involved, removing all at once would cause a huge panic, letting them step down being replaced quietly, once enough have stepped down and are replaced so as not to cause a panic, then those who have stepped down will be prosecuted with the rest. If you go back and read the executive orders over the last year and the responses it will give you a view of the bigger picture

d59784 No.364615


Joan Rivers was right…

b68808 No.364616


she is getting desperate.

all channels closed in the US?

c78cc8 No.364617

File: c97566e5fe88f85⋯.png (126.95 KB, 983x1182, 983:1182, blank web - 6spokes 7rings.png)

File: 55e196615410e67⋯.png (121.2 KB, 1235x1232, 1235:1232, blank web - 7spokes 6rings.png)


Yes, I remember that too, and made some vectors of webs (svg)

7 spokes, 6 rings

https:// postimg.org/image/a8cixrs9l/

6 spokes, 7 rings

https:// postimg.org/image/yc3am230p/

for anons to use

(Vector are scaleable) pngs attached

211a45 No.364618


Unless he gets russian bots it's gonna be very lonely there!

128018 No.364619

Rumor Bill Clinton on Final

https:// www.disclosurenews.it/en/rumor-bill-clinton-on-final/

77e09e No.364620


Interesting, the side of the head concerned is the same as the "punched eye" of celebrities, may be related in their symbolism ?

6f3325 No.364621


And, if what the Vatican does, affects what happens world wide, it's ALL of our problem to fix, as in the entire world that is affected. As Q has stated, "The 'CURE' will spread WW", and it starts here in the US.

3f37a3 No.364623

File: 7b96cd96c73e6de⋯.png (323.73 KB, 638x475, 638:475, 2d62e8dcf05d1d5ed1832b406d….png)


Instant witchhunt, just add MS Paint,

a623bd No.364624

Has anyone ever thought that the original "11.3" is March 11, not Novever 3?

Lots of people bemoan how nothing showed up Nov. 3, but maybe we should be looking to March

d4c9d1 No.364625

File: 2b21efa1f48c9c2⋯.png (530.65 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Ruth_Bader_Ginsberg_Surviv….png)

7d310b No.364626


We're not your personal army. This could be fake set up to attack sum1's enemy for them. Ignore this

da465b No.364627

http:// www.fox5dc.com/news/report-white-powdery-substance-found-at-former-president-obamas-dcoffice

40c035 No.364628

All the way back to the Roths

Before WW1 even… the blood line

is said to be ppl of higher intelligence,,

better then us … that is why they look at us as sheep

Possilby go back to Jesus…

d59784 No.364629

COC Chain of Command

a6636a No.364630


fake and gay

97fc85 No.364631


I’ll go with 9 kekettes on the court. Talk about ruthless

b30eaf No.364632


I miss her

6f3325 No.364633


As we all should :)

Just wondering why 1c0573 got so triggered when the Pope got accused by this: https:// remnantnewspaper.com/web/index.php/articles/item/3001-did-vatican-attempt-to-influence-u-s-election-catholics-ask-trump-administration-to-investigate

3f37a3 No.364634

6a947e No.364635


notice also the "gold" appearance "skin of the gods"

fb5c33 No.364637



The name has always sounded ominous to me, especially with the Saturn hexagon connection.

They also have assets well over 6 trillion.

I also know that they use a computer algorithm for their investments.

Big players.

Likely dirty.

3ddc11 No.364638


sauce? How can you know blood type for all presidents?

ee5061 No.364639

Secretary of State during Korean War has an "interesting" background

Dean Gooderham Acheson was born in Middletown, Connecticut on April 11, 1893. His father, Edward Campion Acheson, was an English-born Canadian who, after serving in the Queens' Own Rifles, became a Church of England priest and moved to the U.S. eventually becoming an Episcopal Bishop of Connecticut. His mother, Eleanor Gertrude (Gooderham), was a Canadian-born descendant of William Gooderham, Sr. (1790–1881), a founder of the Gooderham and Worts Distillery. Like his father, Acheson was a staunch Democrat and opponent of prohibition.

Acheson attended Groton School and Yale College (1912–1915), where he joined Scroll and Key Society, was elected to Phi Beta Kappa[4] and was a brother of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity (Phi chapter). At Groton and Yale he had the reputation of a partier and prankster; he was somewhat aloof but still popular with his classmates. Acheson's well-known, reputed arrogance—he disdained the curriculum at Yale as focusing on memorizing subjects already known or not worth knowing more about—was apparent early. At Harvard Law School from 1915 to 1918, however, he was swept away by the intellect of professor Felix Frankfurter and finished fifth in his class.[5]

On May 15, 1917, while serving in the National Guard, Acheson married Alice Caroline Stanley (August 12, 1895 – January 20, 1996). She loved painting and politics and served as a stabilizing influence throughout their enduring marriage; they had three children: (David Campion Acheson, Jane Acheson Brown and Mary Eleanor Acheson Bundy).

On July 25, 1918, Acheson was commissioned as an ensign in the Naval Reserve and served with the Naval Overseas Transportation Service until he was released from active duty on December 31 of the same year.[6]

At that time, a new tradition of bright law students clerking for the U.S. Supreme Court had been begun by Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, for whom Acheson clerked for two terms from 1919 to 1921. Frankfurter and Brandeis were close associates, and future Supreme Court Justice Frankfurter suggested that Brandeis take on Acheson.[7]

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dean_Acheson

926dc9 No.364640


Trump is a genius. Or MI is. They are forcing the Luciferians to go so far off the charts they cannot hide and even the commie trannie lefties can see something is fucking insane. Good tactic to redpill fence sitters. Push politics used against "them"

b9c80b No.364641


YardArm for TRAITORS!!!

c934ee No.364643



Somebody posted this a few threads back in regards to prostate cancer. What say you medicalanon?

"Ok, I don't need a trip code.

I will post in every thread, and you will know me by the trail of deep state tears.

Someone posted earlier about prostate cancer.

3 grams of Taurine per day. Biological buffer with pKa 9.2. Absorbed rabidly by prostate cancer cells. Moves intracellular pH out of range of glycolysis. Starves certain types of cancer, especially prostate. Available from purebulk."

77e09e No.364644


This fly is a mini drone ahahah

57eb43 No.364645


(((Social Justice))) in a nutshell. It'll never be enough until they're in full, unchallenged control.

4cbc25 No.364646


That means i could be president?

8dabfe No.364647


I remember stumbling across photos of a tourist trip a few years back showing perfectly set storefronts that only extended a few yards deep from the window. The rest of the building was empty. I’ll look for the link. Peace village is a fake town on the border. Another example. See video:



fb5c33 No.364648


Oh shit, good call.

We are forgetting IMF

Let's not forget BIS (bank of international settlements)

b3e0b4 No.364649


When does a bird sing?

Depends on the bird.




Wild bird?

Captive bird

Large bird?

Small bird?

Solitary bird?

Flock bird?

Individual bird?

Family bird

Male bird?

Female bird?

251eaf No.364650


old news fuck face

c880e9 No.364651


we definitely need an explanation

c78cc8 No.364652

File: 7c427b6760d3b4a⋯.png (667.75 KB, 3292x2365, 3292:2365, child trafficking network.png)


Compare the positions of those in the US govt to the ones that are shown as necessary in pic related.

Look and compare

POTUS has a very big project to shut this down, a lot of house-cleaning to do.

Thankfully it's proceeding apace.

0e6f15 No.364653


Then it turned into Op. Popeye to flood the H.C.M. trail. Proof of weather mods. Agent Orange for the deforrestization by Monsantos. The warehouses are leaking into the S.V. water supply to this day causing widespread birth defects. I think with the hurricane tracks last fall, someone may have been trying to show us that weather can be controlled. Too many loop-de-loops for the hurricanes to re-gain strength. Cloud seeding can only be see through condensatsation (clouds) sat. images for a very short time. You can see grid patterns. Not meaning to distract. Back to lurk mode.

211a45 No.364654


Have gun, will travel

b30eaf No.364655

File: 863502a4b3ceed8⋯.jpg (180.19 KB, 1080x1205, 216:241, A16Y9In.jpg)

f114cc No.364656


Smart cookie…you pay attention and your logic skill's are at the top of the charts. Keeping perspective is not easy and I for one applaud your 40,000 foot view, to coin a phrase.

267264 No.364657


NO asshat!

001592 No.364658

File: ec8162aed2dcc2b⋯.png (766.92 KB, 814x470, 407:235, 0 office pic w rigs.PNG)

File: 3086d11c06f4d64⋯.png (23.56 KB, 802x371, 802:371, 0 office powder fox dc.PNG)

e38301 No.364659


"People ask me sometimes, 'When do you think we'll know when we have our country fully restored the way the Founding Fathers envisioned it?' And my answer is when there are no more life support systems for cunts on the Supreme Court." - anon

40c035 No.364660


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxjWI7TmFQI 1 of 4 parts….

Trump hNegative also genius…

64e400 No.364661

File: bae71b0993d509d⋯.jpg (209.02 KB, 749x803, 749:803, flotus-yukk.jpg)


Please notice the filename if you don't know sarcasm!


052ba3 No.364662

Pimping minors, incest, and child pornography is non-violent according to this judge. Their rights trump the victims.

“If the voters had intended to exclude all registered sex offenders from early parole consideration under Proposition 57, they presumably would have said so,” Sumner told reporters.

However, California is on top of the real crimes. They plan to put people using improper LGBT pronouns in nursing homes in prison. Waiters offering straws in restaurants without being asked are in danger of fines and prison.

Democrat Cali has their priorities straight.

No wonder so many people are fleeing the state.

bd142c No.364663

File: a7e36a2f11b2879⋯.jpg (61.01 KB, 620x350, 62:35, Bradstreet j.jpg)

486c3b No.364664


its the polpe

128018 No.364665


thank you too

78a486 No.364666


Still being prepped Q said, no flights yet.

I've reviewed the site mentioned, basically, not convinced any of them are 2nd prison site. Logistics do not work. Puzzling…

9f620e No.364667

560123 No.364668

So many Obvious clowns, I can't see.

56ffed No.364669

File: f33841990ec9bdf⋯.jpg (70.21 KB, 495x516, 165:172, axisofevil1 - Copy.jpg)

b3e0b4 No.364670

Where is David Hunt?

"Kill 'em. Just Kill 'em all!"

When asked about reformations and re-training or re-programming, Col. Hunt responded:

"Nope. Doesn't work. Just kill 'em. Just kill 'em all."

814f5a No.364671


If we don't put an end to SAI (stratospheric aerosol spraying), AI (artificial intelligence), CERN, geoengineering, weather warfare and especially the 5G NETWORK… this fight we are fighting… this world we are trying to save, won't be there anymore for us to save.

Once our minds are fully imprisoned.

Once nature and our bodies are poisoned.

Once the circle has shut around us..

There will be nowhere to escape.

No matter how hard we fight.

We will be ensnared like rabbits.

Fighting will be useless.

Think spiderweb.

Think frequencies.

Think mind control.

We can't let it happen.

This better not be a distraction.


da465b No.364672


I keep a bottle of d2K3, that stuff is amazing…

5518dd No.364673


Trump supporters typically lack expertise and clearance that's needed to run the gov at the highest levels. Trump knows how to use and control very corrupt and hateful people because he's had to do this throughout his entire life.

a6636a No.364674

File: 79cc16ee88fb026⋯.png (427.99 KB, 935x588, 935:588, ClipboardImage.png)

da fuck is happening hahaha


69489d No.364675


267264 No.364676

File: 3a70f12de82c392⋯.jpg (222.01 KB, 1170x1040, 9:8, Chemotherapy before and af….jpg)

File: 5e9530893d0b5da⋯.jpg (252.3 KB, 1212x1200, 101:100, Chemotherapy before and af….jpg)

File: 8af97b501c98a67⋯.jpg (223.33 KB, 1170x1040, 9:8, Chemotherapy before and af….jpg)

File: 5cdd90724adf82d⋯.jpg (233.38 KB, 1196x1200, 299:300, Chemotherapy before and af….jpg)

d4c9d1 No.364677

File: d3c41288d2e2f20⋯.png (397.84 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Ruth_Bader_Ginsberg_Surviv….png)

70b4cd No.364678

File: 6d0615a963b2583⋯.jpg (39 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 82c4771977b8ffd1a8b2b829c8….jpg)


We could make a target graphic for what Q strikes at.

c5c3e4 No.364679

>>364658 Answer was sent

4cbc25 No.364680


Wear a welders mask .. i do and it helps

9cdd2b No.364682


Ian Brzezinski was a Principal at Booz Allen.

052ba3 No.364683


Seen this long ago. We are doing this. Have to start with separate things to wake the left and then start connecting them together. We are on track.

56ffed No.364684


seconded and Amen

251eaf No.364685


I txt more than that at work with people. It's autistic. Page was his best friend whom he clearly shared everything with. It's very possible….and most likely real.

78a486 No.364686


This will be a very unpopular post.

As husband, you have God-given authority over wife and children. The male is the leader. Think of the bull who leads the herd and cuffs those who get out of line.

And yeah, if she gets out of line, you can "CUFF" - discipline her. In fact, the law demands it.

It's not abuse. That's what Satan has convinced many to believe.

5893ce No.364687


This is one of the best posts I have read all day.

74a123 No.364688



I don't have a medical background. Maybe an Anon with a medical background can help with this?


The neurofibromatosis-2 (NF2) gene encodes merlin, an ezrin-radixin-moesin-(ERM)-related protein that functions as a tumor suppressor. We found that merlin mediates contact inhibition of growth through signals from the extracellular matrix. At high cell density, merlin becomes hypo-phosphorylated and inhibits cell growth in response to hyaluronate (HA), a mucopolysaccharide that surrounds cells. Merlin's growth-inhibitory activity depends on specific interaction with the cytoplasmic tail of CD44, a transmembrane HA receptor. At low cell density, merlin is phosphorylated, growth permissive, and exists in a complex with ezrin, moesin, and CD44. These data indicate that merlin and CD44 form a molecular switch that specifies cell growth arrest or proliferation.

Source: genesdev.cshlp.org/content/15/8/968.long

6b27b2 No.364689

File: 88d6b88d72cbaef⋯.jpg (231.39 KB, 624x445, 624:445, mahan_pudong_tehran.jpg)


Let's assume that McCain was meeting those people in Tehran, Iran. Here is a possibility for an airline located at Tehran that flies from Shanghai.

079aea No.364690

File: aab0b4c26ced112⋯.png (140.96 KB, 1344x376, 168:47, ClipboardImage.png)

Posted in the wrong bread but here


RemoteViewer anon here getting huge signals today. Here's some evidence of how these signals come to me. You need to PRAY hard this week anons.

I keep getting something big and bad about Asia on 2/18.

Secret meetings in hospitals. A woman who escapes somewhere. I see doctors as bad actors, pretending to be good.

This Porter thing will have a new bombshell that will shake up stuff. There is a definite reason Q has changed the tone of the posts.

The Obama portrait was bait.

Unfortunately, spiritually and ethically, both sides are losing.

Not stating any of this as fact. But I am more often right than wrong when I get such strong messages.

Do what you want with the info. I didn't ask to be this way. I don't ask for the messages to come. I actually wish they never did. But it is what it is. I'm not crazy. I'm a stable jea nus. lol


a96472 No.364691

When does a bird sing?

After a Storm.

When does a bird sing?

When it feels safe.

When it has immunity.

caf0f5 No.364692


Thats mixing lines and you really shouldnt do that - Roths definitely aren't.

Put very, very simply one line feeds on agony and all things evil, the other grows with love.

722bbc No.364693

Good catch anon


001592 No.364694

File: f29b4ef25ea23a8⋯.png (580.66 KB, 634x504, 317:252, 0 office baby powder.PNG)



Baby powder.

052ba3 No.364695


Now this is a good idea.

c4ff38 No.364697

In addition to her trip to Vietnam, RBG also Traveled to South Korea in 2015. First time a SC justice had been to Korea since 1987.

https:// www.upi.com/Top_News/World-News/2015/08/05/Ruth-Bader-Ginsburg-promotes-rights-of-minorities-in-South-Korea/5341438797558/

She also Traveled to England in September 2015.

http:// pfds.opensecrets.org/N99999924_2015.pdf

(Sorry for PDF, search her name in open secrets->2015)

For a woman who's health and well being are essential to her political parties representation in the judicial branch this was is globe trotting. Spymaster?

9794ee No.364698


this doesn't prove shit. also old news.

3f37a3 No.364699





The contextless picture posting bot starts up at 9pm Eastern every night Must be cheaper to run a bot on the night shift.

b3e0b4 No.364700


Anons have been asked when does a bird sing.

943664 No.364701

File: e90d41ee55db696⋯.png (6.97 KB, 264x225, 88:75, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1b96bf4b62e6326⋯.png (9.46 KB, 233x385, 233:385, ClipboardImage.png)


BO - what happened to our dates???

Why are dates always being messed with???

MM-DD-YY - Isn't this the standard date format in America?? (as in pic #1).

DD-MM-YY - WTF!!!!! (pic #2)

e81288 No.364702


This looks more like a false cover op to make it look like everyone was threatened, when just the Trump family was

267264 No.364703


So now we have 'White Powder' sent to…

Don Trump, Jr

Julian Assange

Hussein Obama

and now

Westminister! hmmmm

57eb43 No.364704


Given that there are other Stzroks scattered throughout Obama's history, my view is, if the texts were by someone else (I believe it *can* be possible to text that much in a year, but it is difficult) either he's real and is being used as the "fall guy" or it's been a running code name.

82b2e3 No.364705


It is true the man is head of home. But you are to treat your wife as christ treats his church. that does not involve beating. This isn't islam so stop talking about biblical things untill you gain a better understanding.

d74c0f No.364706


i think this one is a hoax. maybe to make it seem like the original incident was not unique to trump.

3f37a3 No.364707


Just more (((eceleb))) faggotry.

c4ff38 No.364708


Also went to switzerland after london in 2015.

a67b34 No.364709


meant to distraction the heat of trump's revenge

b9c80b No.364710


Oh how times have been a changin'

Sad commentary anon.

In the end humanity will prevail and Men will

be Men again and Women wont be Men anymore!

c53328 No.364711


Maybe that is the batch of the white powder sent to Vanessa Trump? It came from Obummers office.

c20575 No.364712

File: 4041561df45190b⋯.png (147.55 KB, 491x485, 491:485, David Bowie.png)

b3e0b4 No.364714


Anons have been asked when does a bird sing.

Anons are aware of project Mockingbird.

The mockingbird in nature is different than other birds and has many unique characteristics.

Are any of these related?

a07357 No.364715

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Where is this evidence?

You're looking at the birth certificate saying "where is the evidence".

>But the Kenya cert has nothing

that (you) know about.

Multiple reliable sources have confirmed he was BORN IN KENYA..and if you glowniggers can't handle that then we can prove FRANK MARSHALL DAVIS Jnr was his real father.

ee5061 No.364716


Acheson daughter married skull and bones William Bundy

He had a son, David C. Acheson (father of Eleanor D. Acheson), and two daughters, Jane Acheson Brown and Mary Acheson Bundy, wife of William Bundy.[

Born in 1917 and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, he came from a family long involved in Republican politics. His father, Harvey Hollister Bundy, served as an assistant secretary of state to Colonel Henry L. Stimson beginning in 1931, and later as his special assistant on atomic matters when Stimson was Secretary of War under President Franklin D. Roosevelt.[1][2] Bundy as a diplomat also helped implement the Marshall Plan. Bill was raised in a highly accomplished, highly intellectual family, with a brother McGeorge Bundy who was two years younger.

After attending Groton School and Yale University (where he was one of the first presidents of the Yale Political Union and a member of Skull and Bones), Bundy entered Harvard Law School. During World War II, he left to join the Army Signal Corps. During this time he worked at Bletchley Park in Britain as part of the top secret ULTRA intelligence operation to break Nazi codes.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Bundy

caa5ab No.364717


I’ve wondered if HRC was one of those.

b30eaf No.364718

File: 72119d5174d9ce9⋯.jpg (86.85 KB, 719x463, 719:463, 5931e31f2300001900348928.jpg)

b132fe No.364719

9ea5bc No.364720

File: 01e816357c6e11a⋯.png (436.79 KB, 640x468, 160:117, ClipboardImage.png)

56ffed No.364721


[is] is that isreal?

943664 No.364722


Because they love and celebrate trannies.

They love to distort what God created - sort of a f-u to our Creator. Nice huh!

7b3afe No.364723


Q has dropped some absolute bombshells over the past 72 hours, and this one led me down the black hole of heroin production and child sex trafficking in North Korea, and the Clintons association with it. As Q has said, think children. Think slaves. When you put the pieces of the puzzle together, a horrifying picture emerge.

https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhnTx_XZosk

1c0573 No.364725


Anons really need to understand spy agency tactics more. What is a red herring and how do you create one? What is a limited hangout and how do you create one?

The Pope himself is a total red herring.

Where does the Pope come from? I don't mean the Jesuits which are also a worthy topic for digging. I mean the Cardinals. Remember the film Godfather III? You did watch it didn't you? Who are these guys really? Serious digging is needed there.

Next up is the Holy See. The uninitiated think that means Pope. WRONG! EVen Wikipedia gives a reasonable outline of the Holy See. It is the Papacy, the bureaucracy and organization that creates the Pope. Especially look into the Congregations. Try to get behind the religious sounding names into what they actually do. These are government ministries for a global empire. On the surface you might think that the global empire is merely the Roman Catholic church, but what if it is the Illuminati itself? The globalist conspiracy. What if the Holy See is like the DeepState inside the Vatican and the official head, the Pope, is only a meat puppet?

I can assure you that the DeepState in the USA considers the Presidency to be something like a meat puppet that they used to control.

And look at all the corrupt people in DC who have been outed. Which one is the most arrogant and imperious (like an emperor) and speaks the most like giving veiled orders. It is the Catholic, Comey. And if the Holy See really is the globalist conspiracy government, then their highest officer in the USA would be a Catholic, right?

We really need more digging on this. And at the same time, remember that there are many more bloodlines in the Illuminati. We may be dealing mostly with only the 3 that Q mentioned because these 3 may now be dominating the Illuminati, but these people do not sit still. They are deceitful and constantly battle among themselves and jostle for power. It is kill or be killed among them. We are just sheep and all the want from is is to be subservient to our masters. But among them, there is a game afoot and when investigating it can be difficult to separate a bloodlines planned takeover, to the actual takeover that is a threat and needs to be fought today.

092ec4 No.364726


because anons don't agree w formatting

because the dates are included in Q posts

because anons don't understand timezones

64e400 No.364727

File: 91c3f5060320d87⋯.jpg (127.51 KB, 620x310, 2:1, ruthless.jpg)

78a486 No.364728


Are you serious? My ex had similar issue, not as bad but there.

b68808 No.364729


threat or white flag?

b3e0b4 No.364730


Erase obama animated

c78cc8 No.364731

File: ef624554e51a91c⋯.png (69.86 KB, 1293x831, 431:277, 1495865084473.png)

File: 87414e0e66c1c10⋯.png (87.65 KB, 800x600, 4:3, circular flow example.png)

File: aa5afba68793492⋯.png (97.1 KB, 600x425, 24:17, example 4.png)

File: 1c2ea2fec44d102⋯.jpg (108.93 KB, 960x720, 4:3, example puzzle.jpg)

File: c4c85299fadcdd2⋯.png (251.22 KB, 1138x569, 2:1, M-intel in Q post 122 conf….png)


That's true, that's why there were some dedicated threads for specific topics. ). I've asked in the Meta thread for BO/BV to sticky some topic threads.

Some fell of the catalog due to low participation/being crowded out by generals & slide threads, but they are archived (just not the pics

Dedicated digging/topic threads are really helpful so info doesn't get lost. I'm not doing the digging on this op, but spreadsheet & memes/infographs. We have anons with all sorts of skillsets and together we're making a lot of progress, even if some don't see it.


>A well, crafted image is universal and understood by all. Vital for spreading the message of truth.

back on cuckchan, a MI anon explaned what he and his fellows who were observing noted, and what Q team wants us to do - make "circular flow" type diagrams. That's what got me started

6d0851 No.364732


>Lets get Juan WIlliams on the lis

Trying to keep this list FISA/Unmasking centric.

1db328 No.364733

File: be7b920bc1b4111⋯.png (1.4 MB, 2000x1124, 500:281, laugh.png)



c4ff38 No.364734


Also two trips it Italy in 2016, including one immediately after DJT inauguration.

b16991 No.364735

File: cd38618e2565bfc⋯.jpeg (889.21 KB, 1242x1959, 414:653, E1D2E9A6-7929-4BAE-8A6A-A….jpeg)

File: 71f4961a679846e⋯.jpeg (137.66 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 32586CE1-194D-4562-84F2-7….jpeg)

New plane fag here reporting for duty.

57eb43 No.364736


May this exact thing come true in the near future.

001592 No.364737

File: bd5e2f8718efda8⋯.png (359.63 KB, 663x519, 221:173, Mooch re Kelly.PNG)

Any insight on this? Mooch had seemed to be supportive of POTUS lately; the past few days, he is demanding Gen Kelly resign.

6a947e No.364738


what a great distraction to get "Our" guys in to look for more evidence? Maybe?

b1af48 No.364739


If you're anything like me (despite my bad language on 8chan), and I suspect that you are, then you are seeing much of this …

1c0573 No.364740


There was a clue in his message. The part about calling an anon a bitch. Would a man of God do that?

A HOLIER THAN THOU attitude is a sure sign that someone is not a man of God, i.e. an imposter.

d59784 No.364741


internet, ipads, cell phones

many elementary, middle, and high public school REQUIRE kids to have an electronic device.

many teachers have students WATCH lessons online in lieu of teaching in the CLASSROOM

classroom becomes place to do homework

get them all using the same SOURCE - easy to collectively BRAINWASH

making society DEPENDENT

079aea No.364742

File: b191e2200e463bd⋯.png (52 KB, 1329x129, 443:43, ClipboardImage.png)


RemoteViewer anon here getting huge signals today. Here's some evidence of how these signals come to me. You need to PRAY hard this week anons.

I keep getting something big and bad about Asia on 2/18.

Secret meetings in hospitals. A woman who escapes somewhere. I see doctors as bad actors, pretending to be good.

This Porter thing will have a new bombshell that will shake up stuff. There is a definite reason Q has changed the tone of the posts.

The Obama portrait was bait.

Unfortunately, spiritually and ethically, both sides are losing.

Not stating any of this as fact. But I am more often right than wrong when I get such strong messages.

Do what you want with the info. I didn't ask to be this way. I don't ask for the messages to come. I actually wish they never did. But it is what it is.


Focus on this question from Q - Who can you trust?



9ea5bc No.364743

File: 039ab776fc8e42d⋯.png (272.72 KB, 592x498, 296:249, ClipboardImage.png)


Somebody's been lurking… GOOD JOB!

052ba3 No.364744

BREAKING: Police Investigate White Powder Sent To Obama Office In D.C.


2d7375 No.364745


Agree, except for Klintoon. Slap the feathers on him and then let all his rape victims chase him down with prejudice. McStain is Pottery Man in this clip from The Naked Prey. https:// youtu. be/Br6L5Bcieas

79c4ef No.364746


California is being depopulated by Democrats who usurped power and haven't won elections in years. They should all be put to death.

b95e90 No.364747


its military standard, dont fret anon

https:// www. armystudyguide.com/content/Prep_For_Basic_Training/Prep_for_basic_general_information/making-sense-of-military–2.shtml

5abf06 No.364748


Really guy?! That's not DR and no that's not Kissinger in the background. Those are Holocaust survivors.

943664 No.364749


Not understanding time zones is one thing, but why keep changing the format??

Why keep going to a foriegn format? Are we now raising up foriegn flags?

6b27b2 No.364750

Emirates Airlines also flies between Shanghai Pudong and Tehran.

d4c9d1 No.364751

File: 0dd98e580aa1ee0⋯.png (594.25 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Ruth_Bader_Ginsberg_Surviv….png)

48af7c No.364752


Why are the 'hands' much too large relative to his face … and so much darker ?

bb77ea No.364753

File: 48e96e28519b846⋯.png (266.59 KB, 448x468, 112:117, buzz dick.png)

9bfee1 No.364754




4ae96e No.364755

File: c7b6b6ba06e5db8⋯.png (718.57 KB, 856x928, 107:116, coke.png)

http:// www.fox5dc.com/news/report-white-powdery-substance-found-at-former-president-obamas-dcoffice

3f37a3 No.364756



Always knew that purple fuckhead was evil. Created a generation of whiny soyboys too.

369ea0 No.364757

File: 259fe7bfb4ff6f7⋯.jpg (9.93 KB, 225x225, 1:1, pepepope.jpg)



Multiple meanings. Learn.

6f3325 No.364758


Some of us here retain our critical thinking skills intact, i for one don't believe any on earth to be infallible. In every large or relatively large grouping of humans, including this bunch of anons, there's usually a follower majority. There's always a smaller percentage that will milk them, mislead them, etc. And an even smaller percentage that is is critical. And then there's the fringe. Point being, the majority don't represent all, even when it "appears" to.

As to Obama, Huma, those who we've been told have a target on their backs, seemingly out and enjoying life, I don't take that on face value either. It could be what is appears to be, it could be that they are maintaining appearances. The safest answer for me is I DON'T KNOW, and I'm not afraid to say that, as some anons seem to be.

All of that said, there's a difference between a skeptic and a cynic. While I remain skeptical, I think that you, anon are more cynical. Admitting that you don't know, allows for answers as opposed to short-sighted conclusions. Fact it this has NOT concluded yet. Walking away from the table in the middle of an experiment is not looking for conclusions either. So, Allow this to play out, WITHOUT expectations, and don't infect the board with cynicism disguised as skepticism.

270206 No.364759


Holy sheeeeettttt!!!

7b3afe No.364760


she knows of AS 187'd.

f5a271 No.364761

File: bb82bf2042e3183⋯.png (319.28 KB, 634x349, 634:349, sleepGinsburg.png)

A bird sings when its awake …that's not often the case with Ginsburg

7a255f No.364763


Axis of Evil Iran,Iraq,NK.

is is the word "is" so it can & will & is returning fire.

c11c98 No.364764


This is a repeat - Skin of the Gods

Gold Head

means - they think they are GODS - and have the right of dominion of all the 'ANIMALS' and plants on this earth.

It is time. We must come up with a plan. Am I the only person who now feels confident enough to begin and plan our final push?

943664 No.364765


If that is the reason then the others should be changed as well. Also - STOP CHANGING BACK AND FORTH!!!!!!!!

c78cc8 No.364766




the hive (mind) is alive and humming

267264 No.364767


"inappropriate SEXUAL innuendo"?

Because of being in a bush? LOL

001592 No.364768


Could be. What stood out to me was the baby powder. If Q team orchestrated this, then that is really funny.

79c4ef No.364769


Cover-up of the letter sent to Vanessa Trump. There's always a real attack and then a fake attack to make the first seem like an accident to the normies. Such a tired play. Should be called out.

bb77ea No.364770



6cf156 No.364771

File: 5aa87069efa93a6⋯.png (71.93 KB, 625x288, 625:288, Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at ….png)

b30eaf No.364772

File: 79809fc589383b6⋯.jpg (58.92 KB, 500x333, 500:333, AIDS-People-Circle_sm.jpg)

dc95a7 No.364773



Thanks so much memefags!

Away to blast Twatter & text these to my dad. He had 2 brothers who passed away from pancreatic cancer.

Raging would be an understatement of how I feel right now!

079aea No.364774

File: a2d8dc841eeef42⋯.png (68.62 KB, 939x484, 939:484, ClipboardImage.png)


Forgot the Snowden thing was his tweet yesterday.

3f37a3 No.364775


Used to know a guy who I realize now set up internet wiretaps. This 15-20 years ago under Bill Clinton. Told me about SCIFs.

40c035 No.364776

>>364703 that was a Q drop on NOV 1

Would you believe a device was placed somewhere in the WH that could actually cause harm to anyone in the room and would in essence be undetected?

White powder may have been in white house

at a certain may have detonated the bag and poof..

Boss Trump and others dead…

My thinking

77e09e No.364777


Unbeleafable !

74034e No.364778


Wasnt implying permanent sites, just where people could be held. Assuming these people broke the law in violation of their security clearance obligations, they could be snatched up and detained in CONUS. A DOD fag buddy of mine was talking about some weirdly written building contracts being discussed in northern Pennsylvania a few months back. Works in logistics and wouldnt have thought anything of it were in not for everything discussed here. Several Pentagon exempt places like Raven Rock out there so who knows.

b1af48 No.364779


It's not old at all. Q asked us to look into it on January 18.



Why so triggered?

4ae96e No.364780

c5c3e4 No.364781

>>364686 sounds like some weakass muslim bullshit to me. A real man never has to beat a woman. If they follow, it’s because he is a real man, if they don’t, it’s because he is a weak leader.

7d1380 No.364782


I'm worried anon.

They don't seem to have their priorities straight.

bb77ea No.364783



d4c9d1 No.364784

File: ba66aaff96c52cc⋯.png (538.28 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Ruth_Bader_Ginsberg_Surviv….png)



369ea0 No.364785


Think Oxford comma or something is missing….the way he words it, sounds like predecessors all had innuendo

092ec4 No.364786


ohplease, foreign. this is WW, and you should know that by now.

also this discussion has no place here, but the american date format is really, really dumb, because easily ambiguous (when day is below 12, not clear what's the day/month).

56ffed No.364787


BAKER or BO this is important

should be in bread?

e70914 No.364788



369ea0 No.364789


That would be big. He's such a bolshy bastard

052ba3 No.364790


He got it because Trump was not president then.

78a486 No.364791


I'm Catholic. Who said anything about beating people?


e38301 No.364792

File: e8c052a3df8446a⋯.jpg (161.94 KB, 960x540, 16:9, rbginclub.jpg)

3f37a3 No.364793


>Why do SOs register for life, but murderers do not?

May the SO registry is really an occult membership recruiting list. "Say Bob, I can make that pissing in the school yard charge go away, just fuck this baby."

b132fe No.364794


Mockingbirds are songbirds.


Sing in the morning.

Sing to protect their turf.

Can mimic (mock) other birds (or even environmental sounds)

https:// academy.allaboutbirds.org/birdsong/

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Songbird

8dabfe No.364795


Apparently there is secret sperm on BOs forehead.

d4c9d1 No.364796

awwww…. I'll keep firing then… things around the house can wait… we deserve justice

5abf06 No.364797



The Catholic Church has been infiltrated with Satanic/Mason/Communist operatives in order to destroy the church from within.

It's the exact same thing that has happened to America.

Is America evil because of HRC and BO? No! Rather, those people are evil and have held legitimate positions of power.

c50c8f No.364798


Or maybe sent by the deep state to create confusion and a sense of balance after Don, Jr's episode. Assume nothing

e79c34 No.364799

File: f4869de03a4e4d9⋯.png (74.52 KB, 772x288, 193:72, Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at ….png)


Hey there one post faggot, how you doing gurl??

6f3325 No.364800


with a noted "I don't believe mankind is going (forward) anywhere", that POV has a slant built in. it's more like a 10 or 20,000 view, don't be deceived. Critical thinking and outright doubt are two different avenues

3f37a3 No.364801


12 step at the beginning, magic mushrooms once the cloud lifted.

943664 No.364802

File: 99ca51e4e7200d6⋯.png (234.24 KB, 352x267, 352:267, ClipboardImage.png)


I still don't get why his hand is deformed?? Six fingers?? Why would the artist do that?

What does it signify? Any anons found significance of this?

448619 No.364803

File: d76870970334162⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1356x2016, 113:168, NK_Nuclear_Weapons.png)

I went through Wikipedia and summarized what seemed to be key events in NK's nuclear weapons program.

I started with the Agreed Framework and then progressed through HRC's tenure as SOS and finally to the most recent advances.

I don't consider this an absolutely exhaustive timeline but it puts some of these events into perspective.

f893fb No.364804



Makes you wonder whether Adam Schiff obtains his drugs from Ed Buck…..

a67b34 No.364805


main suspects



thought they could intimidate the prez

now sending themselves envelope

'you got one too?..so did i'

673e45 No.364806


Obama……"Me Too!"

5190f2 No.364807


Read their texts. They type like we talk. Chatter, chatter between devices constantly. Its sickening and teen-age dumb.

6f3325 No.364808


"everyone "

pretty general term to use, don't ya think?

e38301 No.364809



b1af48 No.364810


Me, too.

It's certainly not in Ephesians 5 …

7b3afe No.364811

The mocking bird sings when they are arrested or caught at Epstein Island.

56ffed No.364812


i know i have researched chem trails to death

it is what woke me.

sitting in hottub one day as i never have before

always at night with my girl.

looking up, seen them turn it off turn around and turn back on.

i was so f pissed off, came in and started researching and havent stopped.

d99797 No.364813


[E] It's on the domestic side…?

Near as I can tell…

It is half & half international/domestic

No flight to Gitmo…

Still in China…?

97867d No.364814

Not a shill - just looking for some theories - is anyone talking about the fact that the two people that we thought were related to the crash and U1 were misidentified?


We don't actually know the right person?


I'm thinking 1 or 2.

82b2e3 No.364815


Nephilim, hybrid fallen angel and human. In the bible, Genesis 6. Will come again in the end times.

a96472 No.364816


California freeing 10,000 sexual predators and AT THE SAME TIME forcing homeschooling to end unless homeschooling parents allows the state via Child (not)Protective Services to come into their homes 4x a year… because they said Homeschooling (conservative) parents are Dangerous to their children. Plus forced vaccinations to be added in the mix. Homeschool children were the last to be exempt from forced Vaccines. No longer.

b1af48 No.364817


I get "shadow" explanations.

I don't see a shadow. I see 5 fingers and no thumb.

79c4ef No.364818


Do what the prophet Elijah did.

"If I am a man of God, then may fire come down and destroy the Deep State and its minions!"

Now wait.

ee5061 No.364819

"I keep getting something big and bad about Asia on 2/18.

Secret meetings in hospitals. A woman who escapes somewhere. I see doctors as bad actors, pretending to be good.

This Porter thing will have a new bombshell that will shake up stuff. There is a definite reason Q has changed the tone of the posts.

The Obama portrait was bait.

Unfortunately, spiritually and ethically, both sides are losing.

Not stating any of this as fact. But I am more often right than wrong when I get such strong messages.

Do what you want with the info. I didn't ask to be this way. I don't ask for the messages to come. I actually wish they never did. But it is what it is.


Focus on this question from Q - Who can you trust?



DEFINITELY NOT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

b1af48 No.364820


Yeah, it was. My apologies.

6887fb No.364821

File: 44ad3c7d57efef1⋯.png (57.84 KB, 538x200, 269:100, Selection_040.png)



"garden for the children"

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kindergarten

9794ee No.364822


False information is bad. Does nothing but destroy credibility. There's plenty of credible evidence.

5190f2 No.364823


How about Treatment keeps the money flowing.

Cures don't make Pharma rich.

7b3afe No.364824


pedo Supreme

e01b51 No.364825


You're right! And when you're right, you're right. And you, you're always right! Singing bird-solved! Bright anon. Kekekekek

c78cc8 No.364826




>We could make a target graphic for what Q strikes at.

Target graphics can be… fun heheheh


>Have to start with separate things to wake the left and then start connecting them together. We are on track.


c53328 No.364827


Islamic State (ISIS)

3f37a3 No.364828



6f3325 No.364829


you being triggered by a word used in a setting is not equal to being a good judge overall character. usually the most "holier than thou" people are the most judgmental. I saw judgement on both sides. be sure to take the mote out of your own eye as well.

a07357 No.364830

File: 75911df4574d55f⋯.jpg (46.26 KB, 600x450, 4:3, popekissedhandofrothschild….jpg)


This is what a glownigger looks like:

>We really need more digging on this.

>The Pope himself is a total red herring

Everyone kisses the hand of the pope, but the pope bows to a Rothschild - and is a red herring?

Sure bud. Anyone with a partial understanding of world history knows the papacy is NEVER a nothing burger.

>We really need more digging on this.

Go dig then! Share what you find when you're done digging. I'm not your mining company glow nigger.

f88d19 No.364831



He's named after the tribe of Benjamin, the evil tribe that God destroyed. No wonder.

7d1380 No.364832


We are being sprayed like cockroaches with heavy metals and viruses.

The sky is no longer blue.

It's white.

People walking around like it's normal.

People on chans distracted by puzzles ..

And here we are…



c934ee No.364833



a67b34 No.364834


also didn't help that he was smearing a cream

derived from aborted babies on his skin to look youthful

270206 No.364835


The Nephilim measure more that 9m., he must be a Clone/Hybrid, as Hillary

f24410 No.364836


They are "gang" signs of sorts, spelling words with fingers shaped to signify Greek letters. I do not know exactly what they intended in this one - yet.

P.S. I'm back.

b3e0b4 No.364838


They are also great deceivers. They do not behave the same as most birds.

Mother mockingbirds do not stay in the nest. She selects strategic locations in somewhat close proximity, close enough to sing to her babies to comfort and quiet them if they call, close enough to fight and distract predators…and strategic enough to deceive predators. Mockingbirds learn whom to trust and not to trust.

Amazing bird

70b4cd No.364839


I'm so disgusted by this blatant move towards farming our children in broad daylight.

233b2f No.364840

Put the hidden cures in the chemtrail sprayers. big Pharma is not embarrassed, everyone get cured and no worry about riots at the hospitals.

b30eaf No.364841

File: 2af14f154c12fa9⋯.jpg (71.68 KB, 750x500, 3:2, silence.jpg)

82b2e3 No.364842


They were actually way taller then that. I was referring to why they would put a 6th finger the symbolism. I don't think obama is one.

d4c9d1 No.364843

File: 381c935ced57fdc⋯.png (484.95 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, One_Does_Not_Simply_Meme__….png)

b1af48 No.364844

I think it's fascinating how many Anons bristle when someone makes a legitimate attempt to analyze the (false pope) Francis connection to the Clintons, Obamas, Podestas, and Soros.

Kinda weird….

8c93ca No.364845

File: a52f5ff8493b87a⋯.png (372.84 KB, 1800x1705, 360:341, I.png)


hidden geometry which render answers preconceived solitaire game patterns rhythm cadence dicate meanings within meanings multiple meanings combining to form overall impression solomon of babylon knowledge echoing hebrew philosophy n with power beast iam influence foundation sephirotic cross the twenty two paths magic triangle final six force six three is knowledge is power allah unto death posing as the holy queen vibration her sequence the manifestation the dove judgement judgement pattern holy triple six harvest of lifted knowledge two four the star triangle study of knowledge out of sin with throne bismillahirrahmanirrahiim dealing with supernatural contentions values object all light of the apostle emphasizes known holy triple six into babylon of kerubic archangel yhvh osaynu and thou knowest armageddon

bd142c No.364846

File: 26d0392a688111d⋯.jpg (101.97 KB, 650x450, 13:9, Royal R Rife j.jpg)

dc95a7 No.364847





Thank you

Suggestion. Sean Bean

You Don't just walk away from pancreatic cancer unless you're RBG?


b3e0b4 No.364848


an "extra digit" ???

f88d19 No.364849

Paul "Soros cocksleeve" Ryan funded abortion for 2 more years.

6f3325 No.364852


Yes, considered. "Think mirror"

c4db40 No.364853

File: 2e664776623f023⋯.png (42.23 KB, 690x120, 23:4, dateFormat.png)


c5c3e4 No.364854

>>364702 Q said that the reply to the Trump envelope had been sent. The muslim and now British Royals.

7b3afe No.364855



56d837 No.364856

Report of white powdery substance at former President Obama's DC office being investigated

http:// www.fox5dc.com/news/report-white-powdery-substance-found-at-former-president-obamas-dcoffice

269406 No.364857


Please, just fucking die already. I think it is bullshit. The skies look just the same asthey said 60 years ago. I remember. I have pictures.

I have proof that you are full of shit.

4ae96e No.364858

File: 19c8714ad281c53⋯.png (607.55 KB, 1106x812, 79:58, white powder.png)

File: c13fa618713270f⋯.png (1006.29 KB, 898x844, 449:422, white pw.png)

File: 79cc16ee88fb026⋯.png (427.99 KB, 935x588, 935:588, 79cc16ee88fb026f2197041f74….png)

File: c7b6b6ba06e5db8⋯.png (718.57 KB, 856x928, 107:116, coke.png)

just thought i should put them together

http:// www.fox5dc.com/news/report-white-powdery-substance-found-at-former-president-obamas-dcoffice

http:// www.foxnews.com/world/2018/02/13/palace-westminster-receives-letter-with-white-powder-officials-say.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+foxnews%2Fworld+%28Internal+-+World+Latest+-+Text%29

http:// time.com/5149517/vanessa-trump-hospitalized-white-powder/

http:// www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/julian-assange-latest-threat-package-white-powder-met-police-ecuador-embassy-arrest-warrant-a8197996.html

079aea No.364859


No. Do you realize how many people have TS clearance? Doesn't usually take long.

5abf06 No.364860


Not Rothschild, Holocaust survivor. Research good, disinfo bad.

a67b34 No.364861

spiritual warfare is everyone's job

no need to wait for the gov to activate you

b9e447 No.364862

>>364253 I want to post this but our family lost 4 people in 18 months to cancer, all in the late 50’s to early 60’s. I’m suspicious of the fact that their parents outlived them. What was done to them to cause this?

f88d19 No.364863


The Holocaust didn't happen

79c4ef No.364864


No you don't. You are proof that you are a shill. Compare weather maps to 30 years ago. Jackass.

7d1380 No.364865


You must be young.

a07357 No.364866



It probably means they didn't think he was enough of a warmongering Zionist tbh. I doubt they are trying to clean up corruption. They would accuse him of what they are doing to cover their even worse crimes.

6f3325 No.364867

File: 5c96c34e484dc2a⋯.jpg (65.88 KB, 736x482, 368:241, poltergeist-1.jpg)


seeing a LOT of it.

b132fe No.364869


I think this is a distraction.

It's a PAINTING, not a photograph.

3f37a3 No.364870


US Civil War = War of Northern Aggression

War of 1812 = French and Indian War

World War 2 = Jewish Banker War

Each side has a different name.

270206 No.364871


The reference of the 6th Finger is in The Chronicles of Akakor.. Erich Von Daniken speak that the 6 finger was with amazonian tribe in Brazil.

13088a No.364872


Example of disinfo.

b1af48 No.364874


We shouldn't be surprised. We're in the trenches.

We're few.

78a486 No.364875


Nice work.

And they launched a missile at Hawaii….

40c035 No.364876


Now Red Cross , Children, Adrenochrome, Children sacrifices , All the DNA research companies 23&me … Ancestry.ca

Operated by Mormons…

e81288 No.364877

File: dc67cf494438632⋯.jpg (120.81 KB, 1024x738, 512:369, HusseinErection.jpg)


Rush L. said that message from the artist was clearly to symbolize a big Obama cock in the face of Trump's America.

fb5c33 No.364878


I sense the resonance of truth in your post. I will pray.

What is the porter thing?

d4c9d1 No.364879

File: 6286094e5008f66⋯.png (351.42 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, ruth_Bader_Ginsberg_Pancre….png)

File: 1f89cab092bcc86⋯.png (2.03 MB, 1502x1500, 751:750, Ruth_Bader_Ginsberg_Surviv….png)

bb77ea No.364880

File: c0b6b00404eb2af⋯.jpg (38.28 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 2c7872f680d1247954eec42a3a….jpg)


Then why did Q post this?


0101e6 No.364881

c20575 No.364882

File: 30c69ac08b31713⋯.png (147 KB, 491x325, 491:325, screenshot_1221.png)

b1af48 No.364883


So few that I'm tempted to dox myself, just so I can meet another one like me … heh.

Don't worry, I won't.

079aea No.364884


Vatican owns the US. Always has. Look it up.

d99797 No.364885

402C a room mean anything…?

d4c9d1 No.364886

c78cc8 No.364887


>I’m suspicious of the fact that their parents outlived them. What was done to them to cause this?

Do you mean what was done to them to cause them to die so quickly? Sorry, your post wasn't clear…

b30eaf No.364888

File: d08becfc29d8f41⋯.jpg (57.41 KB, 500x357, 500:357, download.jpg)

6887fb No.364889


low skillz artist.

b1af48 No.364890



943664 No.364892



Every software program I've worked with has the date format of MM-DD-YY or now MM-DD-YYYY.

The only confusion/ambiguity is when a different format is used and it is not defined.

8dabfe No.364893

File: e2f6ec2edd44e37⋯.png (49.58 KB, 930x821, 930:821, C7DCEB29-1999-4D3C-955B-D4….png)

File: 11df627709003f7⋯.jpeg (74.87 KB, 719x1203, 719:1203, 40E37EA3-E9D6-4EA3-BC04-0….jpeg)


Explosion their back in 2016 (June 12). Sounded like fireworks. Similar to the way they described the NYC explosion. With that said, the stories might not be related to what Q is getting at.

f24410 No.364894



This is where @AMJoy becomes @ZzzJoy

Very nice

dc95a7 No.364895


Love you. No homo :)

269406 No.364896


Are there pics or video of Hussein? Digging.

b3e0b4 No.364897


Heard that. But the extra digit and symbols in rest of portrait must be considered as well.

092ec4 No.364898


>I think it's fascinating how many Anons

don't care, but you don't see them because they just move on/don't reply.

abe3af No.364899


If we know the airport and terminal then we can go and observe perp walks onto flights, for confirmation

2d7375 No.364900


The French and Indian War was from 1754-1763. In Europe from 1756-1763, called the Seven Years War.

270206 No.364901


it depends.., the actions define the Man..,not anyone is in the WH.., his past it say..

a67b34 No.364902


most powerful words in the universe JESUS

c5aa4e No.364903

File: 3685294d147daaf⋯.png (194.35 KB, 200x247, 200:247, 07e.png)

http:// www.jpost. com/Israel-News/Report-Police-to-recommend-Netanyahu-be-indicted-for-bribery-on-two-charges-542512

Oy vey!

079aea No.364904

File: 1ec5f9572779c93⋯.png (907.27 KB, 1452x708, 121:59, ClipboardImage.png)

ee5061 No.364905

In the NK photo Clinton and Kim were sitting on TOP of the flowers and greenery.

In Obama's portrait, he was being swallowed up by the greenery. It definitely looked like it was growing profusely and getting ready to overtake him. He did not have it under control.

Those portraits of them were so so so so bad they would not have approved them if they (the Obamas were in control)

Those portraits told me that the Obamas are jokes and have lost all power.

97867d No.364906


Oh yeah - tell that to my grandmother who lost most of her family or my father in law - who besides being a total piece of shit - was born in germany in an interment camp from survivor parents.

What's disgusting is that jews financed the war and store all the art - the same folks that have been selling us out and getting us kicked out of countries for generations.

Seriously - its not about religion, its about good vs evil.

82b2e3 No.364907


sorry bud, gensis predates the chronicles of whatever the fuck. And Eric Von Dickhead is a shill.

1c0573 No.364908


I watched the video. It does mention the one thing that we do not currently have, DNA. As for skin tags, they could have come from skin to skin contact transferring microorganisms. I grew up in the country on a farm and I noticed that city kids, who were not as isolated, had a lot of skin blemishes compared to farm kids.

But there is more. Any resemblance to Frank Marshal Davis could have come from Hussein's mother. Davis had a daughter who was 13 at the time Stanley Ann Dunham (a CIA agent) was in Indonesia with Subud. What if they offered this girl to Subud for sex, and she got pregnant with Hussein. That would explain Hussein's resemblance to Subud and Davis. DNA would tell us, if we had it.

Also, what if Hussein was actually born in Indonesia? And you wanted this young Senator to become president? And you were in the CIA? I know, let's issue a fake Kenya birth certificate, then we can discredit it that and the entire birther movement. At the same time we can have them chasing around Kenya looking for something that doesn't exist.

A good investigator looks into ALL the possibilities until they find evidence that allows them to eliminate that possibility from their enquiries. So why have people not been seriously checking out Indonesia for birth records? Of course, they may be under an assumed name and the Subuh cult did have a thing about using multiple names. It may not be easy.

A few pieces of circumstantial evidence and a theory do not PROVE anything. We need to have something that stands up in a court of law, not just opinions. We need evidence that will stand up under attack from the opposing TEAM of lawyers. This is no game but too many anons are treating it like one.

4a47f0 No.364910



c934ee No.364911

File: bf35ecd0563ced0⋯.png (474.68 KB, 927x454, 927:454, 5i's.png)

740168 No.364912


This Ignorance is what we are up against?


40c035 No.364913


t the date..good sauce

7300fd No.364914

File: 0709b7566774cfe⋯.png (113.69 KB, 761x856, 761:856, Screenshot-2018-2-13 Q Res….png)

>>364656 seconded

>>364680 LOL

>>364690 thank you RVAnon

"Welders mask" pic related>>364800

092ec4 No.364915


>If we know the airport

Shanghai Pudong Airport (PVG)

b9c80b No.364916


YarArm for "Bathhouse" Barry!!!

cd64b1 No.364917



Reading the texts and how they refer to everyone else involved, I'm pretty convinced they are real people and deeply involved in this.

But the idea Strzok was some kind of lone wolf is crazy. More likely he's just the fall buy. Someone promoted out of his depth to be the token leader of the investigation, sign all the sketchy paperwork, control the flow of information to DOJ, and 'fix' all the 302s.

7d1380 No.364918



a6abce No.364919


i was worried all the real anon had left the board

we stated friend

ea000f No.364920


>>306885 (Q) post

War Room here. War Room is discussing on taking this as call to arms/narrative change.

>did anons plan actions? if so, pls Pow Wow with War Room.

>>364873 link to war room

c20575 No.364921


Wait, I missed this news –– Ginsberg has had Pancreatic cancer since 2009?!?

b51031 No.364922

JA in the UK? who is fake news?

d4c9d1 No.364923

05252c No.364924


Kelly and Porter kept info like Sheriff Joe's conviction from POTUS. Fuck em both.

b1af48 No.364925


Strzok's a patsy who got played big time.

d6fc96 No.364926


maybe to help us to question and research for ourselves

Previously this photo was used to say he was kissing rothschilds

On closer inspection and research we learnt he was one of a group of holocaust survivors

Don't take others evidence for granted

b3e0b4 No.364927


RBG, Ruth Bader Ginsberg is also the color values

Another of the double meanings

3f37a3 No.364928


I ignore the CBC. Was always infiltrated by marxists but they took over after the lockout in 2005 and management started (((outsourcing))) to all their (((friends))) in private production.

Always found it interesting that Jian Ghomeshi's last show was a hit job on Gamergate with Brianna "John Walker Flynt" Wu. His antics were known for a long time but it took THAT for TPTB to finally get rid of him. Politics makes for strange bedfellows.

That indian that got killed is a symptom of the huge native gang problem on the prairies, many of whom imported Mexicans from MS-13. You never hear about this in the media but trust me, RCMP and CSIS are very aware.

6f3325 No.364929




fb5c33 No.364930


My God, this is really horrible.

c934ee No.364931

1da3a0 No.364932


Ya know, looking back at when I was in Kindergarten, I very clearly remember(I have a very good memory, w/e the Medfags wanna call it) being taught a curriculum that very heavily revolved around NON creative or constructive thinking things. And I grew up through the 80's…

56d837 No.364933

another E-bake coming up

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