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Pro Aris et Focis

File: a151a09d6620a32⋯.jpg (267.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, a151a09d6620a3229544b72446….jpg)

e12296 No.367244

"Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions."


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8f49f7 No.367284

„Then Q said to them, “Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Clowns and the Shills.”

‭‭1 Storm 14:88

replying to shills and clowns just puffs up, the thread with useless post.


97c13e No.367288

File: 542834cedf8a0a5⋯.png (91.85 KB, 625x372, 625:372, Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at ….png)

aab90f No.367292

https:// www.nytimes.com/2017/10/06/us/politics/trump-calls-meeting-with-military-leaders-the-calm-before-the-storm.html

75f525 No.367294

File: 992027063fa20c8⋯.png (16.13 KB, 565x134, 565:134, Capture.PNG)


Breaking news! Powder in School! Pic related.

8f49f7 No.367302


Another case of peanut allergy

fe5649 No.367304

10 students ill from unknown substance at middle school in San Francisco

http:// kron4.com/2018/02/13/10-students-treated-for-unknown-substance-at-middle-school-in-san-francisco/

de231d No.367306


This link is 404

e12296 No.367311


dough for #452


new baker beware I've had major problems posting the bread the last two bakes.

Posting locks up at 95% I've have to reload the catalog page to find my fresh bread posting and continue with pages 2 &3

a91da5 No.367312

File: 069889917abf30e⋯.jpg (506.51 KB, 1288x922, 644:461, Big Pharma.jpg)


75c351 No.367313



Keep getting the feeling that one of these is going to end up being the real thing.

b65302 No.367314

File: 2a56b1e908bc43c⋯.png (166.2 KB, 1496x314, 748:157, 1.png)

2ec23f No.367315


The Empire strikes back.

Not being silly here but it seems that terror is the weapon of choice of both the fictional and RL empire. Prepare accordingly.

8e66cf No.367317

All the powders, flu vaccine, chemtrails, FUCK!!! They going hard.

f1c9c2 No.367318

Can anyone say "Market Manipulation?

www. marketwatch.com/story/how-wall-streets-fear-gauge-is-being-rigged-according-to-one-whistleblower-2018-02-13

47221a No.367319



B is someone completely irrelevant. Imposter, who cooperates with InfoWars shills like Dr.Corsi. Forget about B.

Just think Q.

aab90f No.367320


Yah it's funny how this shit keeps happening the same areas

21cd11 No.367321


How much of this is MSM shill fear porn?

620d11 No.367322

File: 763729997d34f38⋯.png (13.86 KB, 383x174, 383:174, Q_NK.png)


1fd948 No.367323

Robocallers were ridiculous again today. They're seriously trying to shut down people posting from mobile phones. Fuck 'em.

fc6ff1 No.367324




The first thing I thought when I head a school was Fentanyl

b57d05 No.367325

File: 21de791e99c8db5⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1024x777, 1024:777, DeliciousBread41.png)


Delicious bread, Baker

Nice cleanup on dead Q links.

5aa61a No.367326

File: 4a5e51356269cd3⋯.png (448.57 KB, 1182x560, 591:280, Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at ….png)

cd2835 No.367327

>>366621 they baulk when you say satanic, I use IDOLATOR makes them think.

>>366662 seconded

>>366793 seconded on all counts

>>366855 Interdasting

>>366896 newfags shills and clowns yes, anons no.

>>366897 good dig, but we're not on reddit, single spaced please.


>>367044 Baruch you are one dumb nigger

>>367190 seconded

>>367289 screw that ignorant fuck.

>>367309 thats how many posts are deleted, i wish BV would confirm or deny ... i'm begining to suspect outside players.

HMMM seems like the shills get new IPs when post count hits 400

7f581c No.367328


A lot.

a958a9 No.367329


Odd you say that, I was unable to post for the last two threads. I shut it all down and ate. About to find out if this will post in one attempt.

47221a No.367330


Saw that one too. Someone played around with Vix. Definitely.

120698 No.367331

Help anons.. is Netanyahu a good or bad actor? Can't figure it out.

Obama wanted him gone. Trump is tight with him. But heard other info that he was involved with 9/11.

75f525 No.367332


October 6th. Old news.

c3263c No.367333

File: d6c2a73de7a3dec⋯.jpg (68.98 KB, 500x420, 25:21, bigpharma.jpg)

File: b1810818abb1c33⋯.jpg (120.23 KB, 900x600, 3:2, Child with cancer cure.jpg)

d264cf No.367334


Struggling posting as well.

cb47f2 No.367335


Face it if you like. You Anon, are the news now.

Treat your audience firmly, with great respect.

Herding Kittens here, make us LEGION!!!

99cdcd No.367336

World chess organization asset freeze. www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/02/13/world-chess-body-has-swiss-bank-accounts-frozen-president-accused/amp/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter&__twitter_impression=true

60e2a0 No.367337

P + \ (side of the triangle) = R


b57d05 No.367338


Chekt and kekt.

Fantastic work, anon!

426505 No.367339

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Part 5, Ronald Bernard(ex-banker), the local powers that be

1b8da1 No.367340

File: cb77a66369b2b3a⋯.jpg (68.59 KB, 1100x600, 11:6, 9-1200w-4chan.jpg)

File: 5f9ba79bfa0010c⋯.jpg (119.18 KB, 1200x840, 10:7, 12-1200w-4chan.jpg)

Has anyone seen this?

This is from halfchan in 2016 - tons of info and details pointing to Q questions.

https:// educate-yourself.org/cn/Full-Text-of-FBI-Anon-Q-and-A-on-4Chan-Blog-July-2-2016-22oct16.shtml

99cdcd No.367341

Slipped under media radar yesterday. Only known ISIS funded operation in US thwarted by rank and file FBI. Story posted yesterday on Justice.gov dated 2017 though.


75f525 No.367342


I find myself having a knee jerk reaction. Gotta watch myself.

47221a No.367343


That powdery substances have been occuring pretty often lately. I know a friend, who had similar cases in their schools. Is this related to the whole flu thing? CIA poisoning US citiziens?

d0ae66 No.367344


> Police are at former President Barack Obama's office in Washington DC where white powdery substance was reported.

People in hazmat suits are seen outside the building in the US capital's downtown. The incident occurred at 12:30 pm local time, according to Fox News.

The former president has been leasing the space at 1250 24th Street in Northwest, D.C. since leaving the office in January 2017. His house is located nearby. It's unclear if Obama was in the office.

On Monday an envelope with 'white powder' was delivered to the residence of Donald Trump Jr. in Manhattan. His wife was taken to hospital as a precaution.

65e4cf No.367345



e1e8c7 No.367346


got a few of those calls myself, blocked every #. relentless

e3de4c No.367347

Tick tock of Bibi.?

http:// www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-43053037

aab90f No.367348


We can hope :)

99cdcd No.367349

Iraq asked for $88 billion reparations www.nytimes.com/2018/02/13/world/middleeast/iraqi-donor-conference-abadi-tillerson.html#click=https:// t.co/VYPv8FBjIT

99cdcd No.367350

Trump supports MbS and his plan vision 2030 www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/news/global-opinions/wp/2018/02/12/america-should-get-behind-saudi-arabias-revolutionary-crown-prince/?__twitter_impression=true

99cdcd No.367351

Alwaleed paltry donation


120698 No.367352


For some reason I think "P" is Bush 41. Reference may be "President".

Former CIA director, involved when the CIA coup took place in '63, maybe he never relinquished control of the deep-state.

5aa61a No.367353

File: f6bbae8f93cc4ad⋯.png (203.04 KB, 860x484, 215:121, cropped-capa-860x484.png)

99cdcd No.367354

DNI worldwide threat assessment



cb47f2 No.367355

The map is your friend. Just look at it and meditate. Send curious souls to it, for we all wish to know what we are not allowed to ask. I have found great peace in the Qmap. Verification of sanity.

e12296 No.367356



ya, it don't feel normal, I don't know if they are flooding 8chan or something else

99cdcd No.367357

Funny how once someone maximizes own personal wealth through corruption, he orders it outlawed. Middle East Ponzi scheme version. (Note dig on US creating and “training” ISIS sentence).


2feaac No.367358

File: a426a6926089a72⋯.png (204.19 KB, 1891x915, 31:15, eEc45Ag2r65aI420mlCy3yHs1u….png)

6a57d1 No.367359

File: ea690615a44a5f8⋯.jpg (859.56 KB, 1484x2173, 28:41, barryosama.jpg)

a958a9 No.367360


Him, Corsi, Potter, et al. why?

If you follow here and keep up, you will be ahead of them anyway as far as confirmed good intel. If they look like they're ahead, they are fabricating a little and have been bit more than once. Evidently their audience isn't quite as sophisticated as those here. What does that tell ya? ha ha Another reason I got no use for a fame fag.

443232 No.367361


You bet ya!

(They) have never come this close to being taken down before!

They are going to do everything they can to push FEAR on the normies! (They) will try to drive them insane with panic and uncertainty!

They will promise that if only Trump is removed from office, it will all go back to normal…

The people must hold the Line!!

There is no going back!!

(they) want us enslaved or dead!

All ahead forward!!

Fight! Fight! Fight!

65e4cf No.367362


I am sick of getting calls telling me I have one last chance to lower the interest rates on my credit cards - I have no credit cards

Also - I have been getting 2-3 calls a day from some medicare provider that says my doctor told them I had joint pain and I could get some braces and other medical devices for free -

I havent been to a doctor in 11 years for anything

all robo calls

99cdcd No.367363

US exporting oil. Should help trade imbalance.


This is actually a huge deal, but you’ll not hear much from MSM

b57d05 No.367364



Good sauce, anon. Worthy of addition to dough.


e8ad45 No.367365


my sentiments exactly. You want a true "terror" event you use something like fentanyl or carfentanyl; not anthrax that could take weeks to kill you if exposed to it under the right conditions

afad52 No.367366


Yeah, i noted last month they took over mgmt of Halliburton from Roth Capital as well. Busy

db2ba3 No.367367


Oldie but a goodie.

5aa61a No.367368

The Inner Circle.

Mika Brzezinski.



McLean, Virginia.


74f6c8 No.367369


They're looking for someone, a certain anon poster

c75ec0 No.367370


Anyone know what the powders are?

Trump jr's wife news just says white powder… Do they know what it was? Some reports say vomiting was happening…

If it was anthrax they can trace that shit to the lab that created it… Think the first anthrax "attack" 2001 that came from an army base in maryland… These people are stupid

6f8b05 No.367371

http:// www.whatdoesitmean.com/index2488.htm

Wife of Bill Priestap is former FBI, heiress to Goldman Sachs fortune, and runs a private spy agency. This link suggests she arranged for protection for him. She should know if he needs it.

65e4cf No.367372

e1e8c7 No.367373


do not call lists be damned.

f1ebc4 No.367374

http:// www.dailymda.net/congressional-black-caucus-introduces-bill-tax-people-for-being-white/

394299 No.367375

Got an Elvis fan here I guess.

11-00265 AE58B4

United States Army ELVIS22

United States Military

Beech MC-12S EMARSS B350

e12296 No.367376


I need a dinner break

also see


603d7b No.367377


Triple KEK

b85097 No.367378


I’m hoping for Vendetta Style disclosure. That would be fun.

db2ba3 No.367379


Interesting idea, does this jive with the [41] type references Q drops?

74f6c8 No.367381


No one gets into high ranking political office without dirt. NO ONE. The world doesn't work that way. Never has.

c9a06d No.367382

File: 24c20ff751b1dd3⋯.png (401.49 KB, 838x546, 419:273, Alefantis_Pig_Farm.png)

8fd883 No.367383



I've connected SERCO to Loop Capital. SERCO's Chairman Sir Roy Gardner was once the Chairman of Compass Group plc. Remember the guy that died in the crash in Australia? He was the head of Compass. Compass were the company that built The Clinton Library. Sir Roy Gardner was also involved deeply in the sale of Manchester United to The Glazer Family, just to show the power this man has. He also had controversial spell as chairman of Plymouth Argyle, which resulted in the club entering administration with debts of over £17 million and accusations of financial mismanagement. Anyway here is the link that proves his ties to Loop Capital.

https:// www.annual.narucmeetings.org/registrants.html

We need to get people digging on SERCO - this company is owned by Prince William. They own Obamacare, the US Patent Office, The Islamic Centre in Virginia and the list goes on....

c61a60 No.367384

File: 9d973bb97ccabeb⋯.png (561.95 KB, 604x605, 604:605, Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at ….png)

File: f1dfb9661862713⋯.png (213.64 KB, 740x851, 20:23, Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at ….png)

File: 2e876015f330141⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1200x1399, 1200:1399, The_Crew.png)


Tick Tock Tick Tock...



16b1be No.367385

File: d58110fe7b759a0⋯.png (364.8 KB, 768x768, 1:1, c8a82e5433b0a66310a904bcc8….png)


The DNI are hearty folks and I STILL REMEMBER YOUR ONE POST.

Everyone forgets the DNI?


aab90f No.367386


was feeling nostalgic

e8ad45 No.367387


"friends close, enemies closer"

98f8f7 No.367389

http:// english.vietnamnet.vn/fms/government/138426/us-supreme-court-justice-visits-vietnam.html

At the meeting, Chief Justice Binh expressed his delight to welcome Justice Ginsburg to discuss issues pertaining to social equality, human rights and equal access to the courts— and the two chief justices agreed to strengthen cooperation in these areas.

Later during her visit, Chief Justice Ginsberg will officiate over a same-sex marriage ceremony as the US Ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius renews vows with husband Clayton Bond.

At 82, Ginsburg is currently the oldest justice on the Supreme Court bench. She was appointed in 1993 by President Clinton, becoming the second female justice in the history of the US Supreme Court.


d01bbe No.367390

Q i hope you get this msg.

to sum up your posts on 13.2.18 and


RBG has to go

WJK and pizza gate JP in picture with NK in chairs on flowers

Flowers =pedo and slaves

WJC and JP did a deal with NK for pedo and slaves in exchange for Nuke tec and protection.

1999 mike wallus was the man who knew to much.

1999 RBG gets cancer and is later cured

Operation Merlin

tec goes to iran and NK]

Iran deal funding-

is paid by iran with IsIs fighters (T cells)

is paid by NK with pedo and slaves(and clown puppet regime)

RGB is payed with T cells (double meaning) (cure 1999) goes to vietnam to make payment in 2015?

NK gets tec from iran via clowns with protection and time to develop tec

NK give WJC and JP pedo and slaves and gets protection

Iran gets nuke program and week BHO.



108c32 No.367391

Strzok and Page Discussed Classified Info in Unsecure Messages

https:// saraacarter.com/fbi-agents-texts-suggest-use-unsecured-messages-discuss-classified-information/

c9a06d No.367392

File: 030da8a8e9de974⋯.png (367.75 KB, 1144x536, 143:67, Serco_Shell_Game.png)

e1e8c7 No.367393



This works for me as a possibility

ae6295 No.367394


Thanks for this link.

Have seen the first two parts, and lost track.

Pretty freaking incredible story. He 'seems' pretty honest and sincere.

afad52 No.367395

File: d896ea121c55e31⋯.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x2061, 138:229, 7EDB0FC0-D67A-45BF-BB5C-9….jpeg)


Was late in last bread-Marie Harf Barf=CIA


c61a60 No.367396

File: 7f38dd536abb859⋯.png (173.05 KB, 481x332, 481:332, Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at ….png)

File: a83e97183c2acd6⋯.png (889.78 KB, 747x698, 747:698, Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at ….png)

File: 03b00bfecc6562c⋯.png (2.68 MB, 1000x700, 10:7, Trump_Lion_Transparent.png)

Don't forget ANONS…(((they))) are in your neighborhood.







e3de4c No.367397


that is a danger.., avoid at all coast.

75c351 No.367398

File: 132fb864ef60f73⋯.png (719.25 KB, 1677x981, 559:327, 8C187main.png)

File: 0824a010762bf42⋯.png (343.41 KB, 1615x886, 1615:886, gitmo.png)

File: 3be9fa3da0ec540⋯.png (546.27 KB, 1669x887, 1669:887, gitmo7.png)

Few more shots of flights, so running list of Gitmo air carriers is:


Miami Air International

Air Transport International

IBC Airways

Sun Country Airlines

fe5649 No.367399



https:// www.dni.gov/files/documents/Newsroom/Testimonies/2018-ATA—Unclassified-SSCI.pdf

569c62 No.367400


That's why Q said to be aware of your surroundings. I'd also add avoid large crowds.

21cd11 No.367401

File: d0bf1edbb572303⋯.jpg (78.52 KB, 465x496, 15:16, BibiN.jpg)


Any questions?

e1e8c7 No.367402


Loop has been BUSY!

7d6454 No.367403


seriously honestly not trying to derail

but does anyone else wonder if today's sec_test might have failed? its abnormal to the pattern to not post within the hour of a sec_test, as far as I can see on the git

aab90f No.367404



afad52 No.367405


Wonder if they did “background” checks for WH?

fe5649 No.367406


i think the board is replacing the triple - with a single long -

65e4cf No.367407

File: 9d556273365f562⋯.png (16.61 KB, 894x197, 894:197, ClipboardImage.png)


>https:// www.dni.gov/files/documents/Newsroom/Testimonies/2018-ATA—Unclassified-SSCI.pdf

3beaf7 No.367408

File: a6459079193f265⋯.png (22.77 KB, 577x80, 577:80, NBW-Flights-021317.png)

afad52 No.367410


I never worry about Q. Ever.

108c32 No.367411


https:// www.dni.gov/files/documents/Newsroom/Testimonies/ATA2018-asprepared.pdf

74f6c8 No.367412


Fear based trauma programming. Its coming from a 'cult'. anarchists.

34d7ab No.367413


Baker do NOT add this to dough. It is fake news.

05bbf1 No.367414


(((THEY))) have the AUDACITY to accuse POTUS of Russian Collusion? And grown adult people are actually INVESTIGATING such nonsense?


Podesta sat on the board of a tiny energy company named Joule Unlimited.

Two months after he joined the board, Rusnano, founded by Vladimir Putin in 2007, invested $35 million in the company.

Podesta sat on three separate boards of Joule-affiliated corporate entities, but only reported two.

Moreover, Podesta's own leftist think tank, the Center for American Progress, got $5.25 million from a group called the Sea Change Foundation in the four years ending in 2013. Sea Change, in return, had received what the authors call "a large infusion of funds from a mysterious Bermuda-based entity called 'Klein Ltd.,' " which appears to have Russian ties.

This puts Clinton's actions while in office under deep suspicion – including her enabling a " reset" with Russia that seems to have led to a resurgent Russia expanding its military, diplomatic and economic power in Eastern Europe and the Mideast.

Last May (2016), Clinton told MSNBC's Closing Bell that she had been the "most transparent public official in modern times."

https:// www.investors.com/politics/editorials/hillarys-biggest-scandal-russia-and-her-reset-pal-vladimir-putin/

120698 No.367416


Which references?

GHWB was still receiving Presidential Daily Briefings, well past leaving office. One of the few ex-POTUS's to do that.

fe5649 No.367417


yeah the long - character in the link needs to be triple -

I think the board replaces the three minus characters

93865d No.367418


Nah, he does that when he's bored

54f37c No.367419

Illuminati communicates with its soldiers via email. New email sent last night through spook network. Talked about national borders being necessary during time of chaos but eventually no borders will be needed once we get the globalist utopia we want. Read like an op mockingbird propaganda piece - don’t worry everything is fine (but it’s really not). Keep the faith. Inform as many as possible as delicately as necessary.

f633bd No.367420

Decoding Potter. There is a Pattern.

In the past he used a shitpost against him and ann coulter as a for him a convinced argument that q chan posters are evil ….while most love Ann Coulter, and she is not q related.

Now he claims some people are in posts against him and Mike Cernovich, and some others.

So he claims victomship along with people who are not relevant in this situation … AGAIN.

First time he could have been fooled by clowns ….getting fooled twice is suspicious tho.

https:// youtu.be/pODLc-ErxZk?t=4356

831704 No.367421


Thank for this!

93865d No.367422

Hey how's Agenda21 digs going?

f1c9c2 No.367423

Sidney R. Dillard Partner Loop Capital Markets IL

HMMM This fuck is on that list.

Interdasting >>367383

108c32 No.367424


https:// www.dni.gov/index.php/newsroom/congressional-testimonies/item/1845-statement-for-the-record-worldwide-threat-assessment-of-the-us-intelligence-community

afad52 No.367425


Why not block the number? Works good

1b8da1 No.367426


I don't answer the phone unless it is family - period.

If someone wants me they can leave a message and I *might* call them back.

I also do not answer the door for ANYONE. Family has keys and no one else needs to be knocking. USPS, UPS, FEDEX can leave call tags, anyone else is selling something or looking for a handout.

aa0166 No.367427


Hrm…I hadn't thought about the _ / \ in the stringers signifying the sides of the triangle..

b0ab5a No.367428


Yes, that was me, how can I help besides give the link to the archives?

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/archive/index.html

Is that what you were looking for?

(sorry, popped out for a bit)

3c9527 No.367429


I have no use for any of them but I will give Corsi a pass. I want to read his book about what we are doing later. He works hard to helping others understand what is going on. Yes, sometimes he misses the mark but meh…If you actually listen to him he gives credit where credit is due.

I am only stating my opinion.

f1c9c2 No.367430


www. loopcapital.com/sidney-dillard >>367383

93865d No.367431


The Cicada guys are suspect

They didn't stop there

They are Christian Conservative activists

They are totally capable of this

cb47f2 No.367432


>http:// www.whatdoesitmean.com/index2488.htm


65e4cf No.367433


different number every time

05bbf1 No.367435


could be…could be…they are guilty of terrible crimes.

7f581c No.367436


Why are you writing Q this "message"?

Do you believe, you know something, he didn't know in the first place, when he posted?

1fd948 No.367437


I do. There has been apparent emotion in some posts over the last several weeks. I'm praying for the entire Q team, that they are granted some measure of peace, that they can sleep at night, and that they are granted the strength to go on with this battle day after day after day. They need and deserve your prayers, as well. Pray for them, anons.

a91da5 No.367438

File: c2dccfb00a467bb⋯.jpg (122.99 KB, 626x766, 313:383, ReleaseTheCures.jpg)

File: 726a9873801d10d⋯.png (1.3 MB, 912x836, 12:11, ReleaseTheCures 2.png)

File: 6f91464325e2db5⋯.png (486.67 KB, 596x816, 149:204, ReleaseTheCures 3.png)

File: 6fb3a49d426d379⋯.png (687.36 KB, 690x588, 115:98, ReleaseTheCures 4.png)


58f01d No.367439


As for Potter, he cannot stand not being in charge. He is like a SJW in mentality, he would rather ignore Q and have us all follow him; as long as he is the center of attention. I think the namefags are all super pissed because they did not see Q as a beacon of hope, they saw it as a way they could be the leader and increase viewers.

Ego kills everything good.

f1ebc4 No.367440

http:// www.dailymda.net/gwyneth-paltrow-insulted-our-troops-so-a-green-beret-makes-her-cry-with-brutal-reality-check/

Soldiers replies to paltrow… worth reading on a break

b0ab5a No.367441

File: 3f7a7c9eee2f740⋯.jpg (196.38 KB, 1012x892, 253:223, ALERT high chance FFs TRUS….jpg)

8fd883 No.367442


Fuck!! Fuck!! and triple fuck!!

http:// www.abeldanger.org/kelly-152-eu-trumps-dial-a-yield-serco-games-paddocks-cai-8a-junket-wilbur-bezos-demon-greeks/

c3263c No.367443

File: e888fe25db9fb07⋯.jpg (343.02 KB, 1500x998, 750:499, 39cures.jpg)

d01bbe No.367445

need help bringing this bread to rise. dont have the ram to make it happen. please read and help.

>>350551 sitting on chairs on top of flowers

>>350504 sitting on chairs on top of flowers

>>350525 sitting on chairs on top of flowers

Find the link. "6 leaders are sitting on flowers"

Look around.

What does it signify "flowers are slaves, virgins, human livestock"



WJC is there to make a deal for a person, some reporter or something. standing right behind him is flesh peddler JP. knowing what we know now they prob made a side deal for some kids. the flowers are in place to let the others who can read the pic, know the deal went down.


>>350504 BHO is up to his neck in pedo dealings

1999 RBG gets cancer


in 1999 mike Wallace was played by actor Christopher Plummer in the 1999 feature film, The Insider. The screenplay was based on the Vanity Fair article, "The Man Who Knew Too Much" by Marie Brenner, which was about Wallace caving in to corporate pressure to kill a story about Jeffrey Wigand, a whistle-blower trying to expose Brown & Williamson's dangerous business practices. Wallace, for his part, disliked his on-screen portrayal and maintained he was in fact very eager to have Wigand's story aired in full.

>>360746 flowers and chairs all thru the pic. these 2 are making a deal that invloves children. RBG is there because she got the magic cancer treatment and has to pay for it buy "publicly" incriminating herself to those that can read the picture. Iran got T cells to blow shit up(isis?). RBG got "T"cells (C Cure) NK got Tec and protection to develop its nuke program. RBG left this meet and went to the financial district to arrange the payment.



members of our gov traded tec to NK and Iran in exchange for-


Slaves- asian cheep labor to steal manufacturing jobs from us and slaves for organs? via china?

Sheep- NK and iran acts like a threat to cause fear to keep the public of all countries involved including us in line.

If i'm right RBG is gonna get away with it in exchange for stepping down from SCOTUS.

I hate this game Q. It sucks but the bitch is 85 and half in the grave. you have to let her go, we need the seat. you should still take most of her money and add it to the pot. put that bitch on social security so she can be covered by the gov health insurance she likes so much.

Comments? pleace?

cf5dd2 No.367446


Can't post for 2 days if this posts it's a fluke for me. Never had issue I keep getting a window saying potential VPN issue. Never had issue with VPN before. Too bad valuable info to drop and can't.

98f8f7 No.367447

RBG was in Vietnam in Aug 2015. The supposed meeting with Vietnamese officials was part of the "Comprehensive Partnership" between US and Vietnam that was established in 2013.

But I noticed she brought her daughter along to discuss intellectual property rights law (strikes this anon as odd):

United States Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg today concluded an official visit to Hanoi, where she met with senior government officials, including Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung to discuss the rule of law. She was accompanied by her daughter, Dr. Jane Ginsburg, who met with judicial officers, legal scholars and representatives of the private sector to discuss the intellectual property rights law.

6cc605 No.367448

File: 298080f5c7861b4⋯.png (243.17 KB, 1242x682, 621:341, ClipboardImage.png)

Reposting this from last bread. (not my post)… thought this should get more attention.

dead and male….

c9a06d No.367449

Listening to Crowdsource the Truth live now…. They are Questioning Q and 8ch…. us

9f5b6c No.367450


Deep State Desperation

CVS run with change from HRC's purse

Baby Powder & Box of Envelopes

Changes the Narrative

Bastards love Fear Porn

e12296 No.367451


I told a teacher something similar once

>mfw At a parent teacher conference I was told "anon I've been trying to reach you". My replay was really how? To which the teach replied "I've been trying to reach you by phone, is this your correct number?" I said yes, but I do not answer strange numbers, I figure if it's important they'll leave a message. Teach said "I don't like voice mail". I said you do know how to mail a letter don't you?

54f37c No.367452

Spooks and ghosts are everywhere. They follow orders and don’t know what side they fight for. They just follow orders. Oh and they have backdoors into everything

e90b3e No.367453


do whaaaaaat?

7f581c No.367454



cde49f No.367455

File: 09fd00ad5b63fdc⋯.jpg (83.41 KB, 736x536, 92:67, Owl Meaning.JPG)

File: 910e8a12bf7bb73⋯.jpg (64.86 KB, 639x323, 639:323, owls.JPG)

File: 9432c895b85451d⋯.jpg (39.04 KB, 500x327, 500:327, bohemian owl.jpg)

File: 883c788eff3107a⋯.jpg (189.01 KB, 900x600, 3:2, bohemian-grove-owl-logo.jpg)

File: 6fd9834164852d2⋯.jpg (45.74 KB, 549x357, 183:119, Drake owl.JPG)

e67ed3 No.367456

File: 517f78e8e78add4⋯.png (1.23 MB, 541x800, 541:800, 07149C5B-2A91-47B5-955C-C8….png)


Why doesn’t Q talk about Israel?

Who controls Israel?

120698 No.367457




Yep.. assumed as much. One of the 8 countries to have leadership changeover (re his corruption charges).

POTUS is a wiley fox.

2f5305 No.367458


very powerful , good job .

f2023b No.367459

In my circle we have a saying…principles above personalities. We are living in the most incredible times and can help save our country. Nothing is more important. Q is here for us. Our duty and privilege is to be of service with principle. Research, dig and share.

6ea37f No.367460

Anons… Noticed on FoxNews that POTUS has a meeting with Kissinger tomorrow…

Q, why would POTUS meet with Kissinger? He is as deep state as the day is long… tell me this is just to pass along terms of surrender and we shouldn't be reading anything else into this…..

6f4528 No.367461


Things have definitely been cl0wn heavy.

Get a physical response when they try to engage. Fucks me up for a bit.

Not my forte. If the trip is truly compromised, and I think it is ... two words in that post called ... there needs to be some brain power devoted to the task.

Not sure life without kew is possible.

e1e8c7 No.367462


search /_\ on https:// qcodefag.github.io/, appears 6 times, once with a side removed

74f6c8 No.367463

File: c69a4712df0e887⋯.png (89.17 KB, 651x613, 651:613, ClipboardImage.png)

File: aa8319566b0340b⋯.png (26.48 KB, 574x207, 574:207, ClipboardImage.png)



574e69 No.367464


well done

e95df6 No.367465


SEC_TEST likely means somebody with responsibility for network security is testing something that Q team will use when they are ready to post. Testing filters, response time, server activity, i don't know what. I never assume that SEC_TEST is Q, just somebody with a security role making sure everything is ready for Q.

3beaf7 No.367466

File: 01ee8baad25a8de⋯.png (33.54 KB, 601x141, 601:141, NBW-Flights-Arrv-021318.png)

Guan B arrivals today

b94267 No.367467


>People in hazmat suits are seen outside the building in the US capital's downtown. The incident occurred at 12:30 pm local time, according to Fox News.

>The former president has been leasing the space at 1250 24th Street in Northwest, D.C. since leaving the office in January 2017. His house is located nearby. It's unclear if Obama was in the office.

>On Monday an envelope with 'white powder' was delivered to the residence of Donald Trump Jr. in Manhattan. His wife was taken to hospital as a precaution.

Our attack on big pharma came w/ a warning letter today.

Message received.

Response forthcoming.


443232 No.367468


To be expected.

Don't let it bother you.

As long as anons spread the intel to the masses, Q's name does not have to be attached for it to work.

5aa61a No.367469


ty, exactly!


Hells Angels + Canadian MS13 Trudeau Pig farms

>The Farm.

accef6 No.367470

I'm not seeing anyone follow up on "T Cell" and the Pharma connection. There is a growing "Arkancide" list of prominent researchers.

Several articles, two here: http://

www.whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/deadbiologists.html and http:// www.rense.com/general20/mic.htm

a91da5 No.367471


I haven't followed Corsi as pertains to Q post but I watched this short clip yesterday and he giving big props to 8ch and Anons and actually got teary-eyed talking about/thanking POTUS and had to take off his glasses and wipe his eyes, he almost made me cry too! haha

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZH8il7sJ0vI&t=589s

b8d889 No.367472


A great place to start reading to understand the nature of War is the book "The Shield of Achilles: War, Peace, and the Course of History" by Philip Bobbitt.

https:// www.amazon.com/gp/product/0385721382/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_?ie=UTF8&psc=1

His basic premise is that all 20th century conflicts were in fact part of one long running war that he calls the 'Long War' which started in 1914 and ended in 1991 with the collapse of the USSR. The Long War is an existential war to determine which form of economic organization is superior, Communism, Fascism, or Market states.

At the time the book was published (2003) it looked like Communism lost and future battles would be between free market states and fascist states. Unfortunately its starting to look like Communism didn't end, it went underground and is now resurfacing like parasites within free market states around the world.

9f5b6c No.367473

Really? Still

No discernment there

Can't think who is funding them & why


75c351 No.367474

File: 2c9397f79f88138⋯.png (108.01 KB, 835x641, 835:641, Gitmoarr.png)

File: b05a061a77d93fe⋯.png (133.84 KB, 886x829, 886:829, gitmodep.png)

Fellow Planefags… check this out and help me decipher. This data is from Radarbox. The one that has more entries are the departures from Gitmo, the other list are the arrivals. There are significant number of departures identified as Learjet 45s that are not on the arrivals at all. Bug with the website or have we been missing a ton of these??

003664 No.367475


He's a mormon. He never got his autism jab.

1c42c6 No.367476

Wouldn’t it be interesting research to reveal the causes of death for the cabal members? How many have actually died due to cancer vs. other diseases? May reveal what cures they have access to.

1b8da1 No.367477





page 2 https:// yuki.la/pol/79489525

Highlight id vMmUnwCH

7d6454 No.367478



>https:// www.dni.gov/index.php/newsroom/congressional-testimonies/item/1845-statement-for-the-record-worldwide-threat-assessment-of-the-us-intelligence-community

well that didnt take long to find

"Adversaries and malign actors will use all instruments of national power—including information

and cyber means—to shape societies and markets, international rules and institutions, and

international hot spots to their advantage."

6f4528 No.367479


may not be a popular idea, but don't bake for a couple of hours?

c3263c No.367480

File: 10e0d576c6fea19⋯.jpg (323.24 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, wethepeoplecures.jpg)

8fd883 No.367481

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncj9tg1WD1I

8d57c3 No.367482


I posted info on Sabina Menschel earlier today but was told this had already been gone over.

Thanks for this.

I believe she will play a bigger part in this mystery – many connections here.

aab90f No.367483



74f6c8 No.367484

File: d166788a71be8f4⋯.png (91.39 KB, 647x489, 647:489, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1edf1e30e4d5907⋯.png (48.95 KB, 609x250, 609:250, ClipboardImage.png)

8fd883 No.367485

File: 53605413e180289⋯.jpg (265.61 KB, 940x545, 188:109, damianomen.jpg)

fbda1d No.367486


It was cornstarch.

https:// www.nytimes.com/2018/02/12/nyregion/donald-trump-jrs-wife-white-powder.html

9f5b6c No.367487


2nd time in a week then

Something tells me Kissinger's last love letter to Trump was supposed to be turning of worm

Looks like DS didn't get the memo

Meeting #2 tomorrow

35c6a4 No.367488

File: fdc77e3fc5db4d7⋯.jpg (88.8 KB, 1002x829, 1002:829, 2ff4wd5567.jpg)

b57d05 No.367489


Anon, keep this up. This is over-the-top awesome! God bless.

a64a10 No.367490


I'm the OP on this. Another anon said this is date of death for a Harry Blackmun, Associate Justice. I'm assuming this is his funeral attendance and the way it is listed makes it look the info is regarding Ginsburg.

7f581c No.367491



35c6a4 No.367492


True that

6f4528 No.367493


Missed it, but yes.

And I bow to the bakers who label the bread.

c9a06d No.367494


Tom's Creek is near Frederick Maryland

98f8f7 No.367495



cb47f2 No.367496


Nice rundown.

6f4528 No.367497


Trouble for two days.

ae6295 No.367498



Send it.

ae212a No.367499


Yeah. Crazy how many times this has been gone over…

I'm glad you cited this though. Something stood out to me:

> /_\ - Rock (past)(auth over followers)

^^^^ What is this supposed to mean? Has this been a thing yet?

9f5b6c No.367500


FO with the Potter stuff

He's a $$$$hill

aab90f No.367501



>Philip Bobbitt

American author

Philip Chase Bobbitt is an American author, academic, and lawyer. He is best known for work on military strategy and constitutional law and theory, and as the author of several books: Constitutional … Wikipedia

Born: July 22, 1948 (age 69), Temple, TX

Spouse: Maya Ondalikoglu (m. 2011)

Field: Legal history

Education: Yale Law School, Princeton University, University of Oxford

8fd883 No.367502


How is this fake? All the proof is there in the links.

3c9527 No.367503


Yeah. I saw that too. I consider him a Patriot. I have no use for the other famefags though.

aab90f No.367504


Obvious clown is obvious

f9f2cf No.367505

If Wray is on Q team, Porter investigation is collateral damage to have him appear on deep state side.

ef2306 No.367506

File: 0064fa092e19861⋯.png (197.29 KB, 761x312, 761:312, Adam Yauch.png)

569c62 No.367507


When you are over the target you have to expect a lot of flak from many sources. They wouldn't waste the ammo if they weren't afraid of you.

003664 No.367508


You digits confirm you're an asshole.

ae212a No.367509





Supposed to be Rockefeller.

2f5305 No.367510


agreed potter is a drama queen .

0a15cf No.367511


prev the Pyramid (illuminati/cabal) was stable and in control. Now its weakened.

d07a78 No.367512


didn't pedosta work @ a viginian pig farm in his youth?

e95df6 No.367513


I'm currently leaning toward the meaning of the mirrored backgrounds in the storytelling images as follows:

Most(?) are mirrored TWICE along TWO vertical axes. So the mirror effect has, in effect, 3 panels.

This may be a depiction of the 3 deep underground nuclear bunker 'underground Pentagon' sites:

Cheneynne Mountain in the west

Raven Rock in Pennsylvania

Mount Weather EOC in Virginia

If you lay those out on a map, if the picture depicts some element of the story (the woman, the raven, Herzog…) in a particular panel, they are telling us which of the 3 sites it affected. So far I'm seeing Raven Rock over and over, and not the other sites.

This fits with the story I think I'm uncovering of cyberespionage malware MINI-DUKE having exfiltrated national security data from the Raven Rock site circa 2011-2013, resulting in North Korea suddenly accelerating the pace of its nuclear tests and eventually exploding a hydrogen bomb. The H bomb within 3 years of the data being exfiltrated.

That is the hypothesis I'm exploring on the Deep Dig. >>328278

The person who has posted the source info we're looking into will be back again later today IIRC and I expect they'll drop some more crumbs.

For now, just ignore the crypto strings appended to the bottom of each of his posts. Currently I suspect those are binary authentication strings that we will eventually be able to verify once we are given the correct crypto key.

A couple of anons wandered in there and offered their thoughts.

The OP told me last evening


>>360003 ( You )





e12296 No.367514


I'm in favor of BV's release of the banned circus of clowns, as some of those banned were simple misguided anons.

A little chaos is a good thing here.

BV has been wielding the delete and ban hammer quite effectively of late.

HOWEVER I'm afraid your suggestion would result in too much… I don't know… we'll see if anybody steps up

48f3ba No.367515

The United States Information Agency (USIA), which existed from 1953 to 1999, was a United States agency devoted to "public diplomacy". In 1999, USIA's broadcasting functions were moved to the newly created Broadcasting Board of Governors, and its exchange and non-broadcasting information functions were given to the newly created Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs at the U.S. Department of State. The agency was previously known overseas as the United States Information Service (USIS).

From the beginning, Dwight Eisenhower said, “audiences would be more receptive to the American message if they were kept from identifying it as propaganda. Avowedly propagandistic materials from the United States might convince few, but the same viewpoints presented by the seemingly independent voices would be more persuasive”.[6] According to the Kennedy memorandum, the USIA utilized various forms of media, including "personal contact, radio broadcasting, libraries, book publication and distribution, press motion pictures, television, exhibits, English-language instruction, and others”. Through these different forms, the United States government was able to distribute and disguise the propaganda more easily and engage a greater concentration of people.[5]

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Information_Agency

108c32 No.367516

According to this report, Sabina Menschel is the daughter of Richard Menschel and niece of Robert Menschel—both of whom are billionaire owner/directors of the powerful global investment bank Goldman Sachs—and that during the 1950’s, saw both of these Menschel Brothers create the “Wednesday 10” group whose exclusively Jewish members soon occupied the highest reaches of American news, banking, entertainment and political life.

https:// www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052748704779704574555862616828726

f72df2 No.367517


Pic Related.

Key words in the BO's Thread Title WTF IS GOING ON IN SYRIA?

Anyone else paying attention to the big world wide picture? Or is everyone just wrapped up in Q while Trump carries on taking us to WWIII. Say hello to the new boss, same as the old boss?

aa0166 No.367518


search each by itself on https:// qcodefag.github.io/

/ = 776

\ = 12

_ = 716

120698 No.367519


This is the most POWERFUL red pill.

People will see instant evidence (cures) and all know a loved one who was sacrificed by the cabal.

Q's post about letting big pharma "self-correct" was odd. This is the keystone to redpilling the entire planet.

5aa61a No.367520

File: d9e91902dbdfe21⋯.jpg (17.31 KB, 480x319, 480:319, b3ff7e3fc-1.jpg)

File: 381aedc6f91626e⋯.jpg (369.44 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 620102222.jpg)

File: fee0944a0a788a9⋯.jpg (115.36 KB, 1280x524, 320:131, sabina_parents.jpg)

File: 83a68533db1bbaf⋯.jpg (94 KB, 640x400, 8:5, mccabe-page-baker-w-strzok….jpg)

Jennifer Millstone, Bill Priestap, Sabina Menschel and Matthew Rothman attend Partnership for Public Service

3c9527 No.367521


Crowdsource = Soros

2f5305 No.367522


wtf is it with these pig farms …

e5f115 No.367523

File: 1fbba77348f7fc6⋯.jpg (81.32 KB, 525x468, 175:156, hill.jpg)



Check this out anons! Don't know if this is out there at all… but this is NUTS!

Q posted


Private: Clowns Clowns Clowns

Expand your thinking.



If this isn't the BIGGEST GLOBAL FRONT for CHILD TRAFFICKING, than I do not know what is. Read the WHOLE SITE, especially about David Rosenthal, President. (I am going to dig into the people next.)

Also, remember prior to the Election date of November 8th, 2016 -The Creepy Clown Terrorizing that was taking place.

Where and when exactly?

(Coincidentially) it starting taking place in 2016 at the end of September through October! GLOBALLY!

These PEOPLE are SICK!!!!!!!

https:// clownswithoutborders.org/about-us/

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_clown_sightings

THIS ARTICLE WAS POSTED TODAY!!! February 13th, 2018 7am

http:// www.nydailynews.com/news/world/clowns-fema-didn-p-spreading-cheer-article-1.3816169

98f8f7 No.367524


>>367508 No dude you are the biggest asshole…you afraid of something?

7fab70 No.367525

File: d9931ae34b89707⋯.png (762.17 KB, 864x574, 432:287, ClipboardImage.png)

Real good bread, Baker.

Real good.

3170f1 No.367526




Baking soda in Trump case.

Others await analysis

616c13 No.367527


Kevin Shipp said that he has been paying attention to Q and states that he is in a wait and see mode, and did not denounce it. He did mention that Corsi being on board with Q gives it major credibility in his opinion. Jason Goodman agreed.

f72df2 No.367528

File: 7083a06ef37a137⋯.png (168.69 KB, 1708x207, 1708:207, Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at ….png)



Pic Related.

Key words in the BO's Thread Title WTF IS GOING ON IN SYRIA?

Anyone else paying attention to the big world wide picture? Or is everyone just wrapped up in Q while Trump carries on taking us to WWIII. Say hello to the new boss, same as the old boss?

867988 No.367529


Cannot believe they are still opening their own mail. This is NOT a game. Vigilance.

569c62 No.367530


I would suspect Kissinger is a "message boy" in this situation.

65e4cf No.367531

File: c3f7a54cee73ae6⋯.png (40.08 KB, 180x143, 180:143, ClipboardImage.png)


the jewiest jew ever right here

omg hold muh shekels young man gotta suck some babuh dicks

e3de4c No.367533


let's see.., for Bill Priestap is that There is a lot of problems in the FBI.., If bill goes out.., the greek also?..,

6cc605 No.367534


Thanks for explaining… I was all ready to jump on this one.

Thank you Baker for the lovely bread.

d07a78 No.367535

// americandigitalnews.com/…/riddle-alefantis-pig-farms-podesta- common/

Very relevant

f63406 No.367537

BREAKING: A United Airlines flight has landed safely in Hawaii after one of its engines failed over the Pacific during a flight that began in San Francisco - KGO

https:// t.co/oeI7fY7BXD

65e4cf No.367538


trust potus

or kill yourself now

he is not taking us to WWIII

gtfo chelsea

044f32 No.367539


Hahahahaha. Wow.

"Mess with the best…"

I nearly soiled myself.


120698 No.367540


Are you trying impersonate Q?

This is the research board, speak in plain terms.

d7f71d No.367541


What leader wouldn't say that to a US being led by Hussein?

3beaf7 No.367542


strange – I posted a list of three arrivals at Git Mo here:


from flightaware .com and none are listed on your list of arrivals (your list has no Feb13 arrivals)

1fd948 No.367543


DJ Ad Rock, for the masses.

Beastie Boys

74f6c8 No.367544

File: a753d6065b20792⋯.png (28.72 KB, 489x200, 489:200, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 651a38d150c80d2⋯.png (60.26 KB, 616x293, 616:293, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0d097a333a95bcc⋯.png (55.93 KB, 635x264, 635:264, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 380e987f1480c4e⋯.png (34.51 KB, 646x147, 646:147, ClipboardImage.png)

6cc605 No.367545


For many years I have believed him a Khazarian.

75efb7 No.367546


Good find anon. Definitely an interesting read.

e95df6 No.367547


> the code I'm reading, looks to be the code on which the collective mind "computer" would opeprate.

You're a flake, anon. No Hadoop code was posted. What they posted were simple UNIX shell commands that print out when an AIX computer boots, with the date, time, and all the processes that are started at boot time, I/O devices, etc.

We were also given a console output of some encryption commands, which show us which encryption keys (by name) are associated with securing particular datasets.

Your thought about

< collective mind "computer"

is not technical and is simply incorrect. Factual information has been obtained from the posts and speculation about a

< collective mind "computer"

is not productive.

If you're a shill you'll assert your point of view again.

If you're not a shill, just a sane anon lacking in knowledge of the area you spoke about, you'll let it drop and let people with deep computer background continue the dig over there.

8cc3f4 No.367548

I just came home from work and started scrolling through the twitterverse and see people up in flames about Trump's new idea for food stamps/EBT. Instead of having a card to buy junk/whatever with, you'd get fresh food delivered to your home. Plus no one could sell off cards for cigs/liquor anymore. Anyone else see that?

003664 No.367549

File: b1a51ef0d75ec4f⋯.jpg (115.58 KB, 1220x858, 610:429, untitled-article-145902434….jpg)


Nice pic of your mother.

7d05e5 No.367550


Which post anon?

1b8da1 No.367552


Thinking these are benign TESTS to see what can get through. Hopefully they will stop opening their own mail.

I believe all mail is now processed in a way that kills living material but there are plenty of other ways to make people sick.

840952 No.367553


Heard about it on the radio on the way home

6bf1f3 No.367554

Anons, is it possible that the flu virus spiked this year as a warning? An elderly relative has been house-ridden for close to 3 months…

93865d No.367555

>>367448 Explains a lot

6cc605 No.367556


Papa Bush… Poppy Bush…. Preston Bush…

Yes this is on my P potential list.

7fab70 No.367557


>They are Questioning Q and 8ch…. us

Why would they bother with this little ole message board?

After all, lefty sites just call Q and 8chan a larp or conspiracy.

Why would they bother to spend time commenting on a larp or a conspiracy?


They're fucking nervous.

84d121 No.367558

File: d6bf011e9033a7d⋯.png (1.9 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 50588B2B-201A-447F-9BBA-97….png)

Another ploy by the Deep State. Won’t work. We continue to win.

a17f87 No.367559

https:// twitter.com/GarrisonToons/status/963556692234563584

Best Garrison EVER!! It's animated & he boots dems off the map lol

d01bbe No.367560


wow look at the time, i ve spent too much time here today. Vet here… Hope this helps. Noticed weirdness today. I hope being here hasn't made it that way. I just want to help. If your out there Q thanks for making me believe In my country again.

21bbc7 No.367562


Moving money moving money

21cd11 No.367563


Pigs eat meat…(like dead bodies perhaps)

6f4528 No.367564


Consider posting the bad kew in spoiler mode.

Need to know what they are deflecting.

3c9527 No.367565


Was rock stable until one family went down aka House of Saud in SA

>/_\ - Rock (past)(auth over followers)

This is now. Two more to go.

>_\ (present)

This will be the future. All gone


75c351 No.367566


Yeah don't know whats going on with the data, I have the right airport selected… but its showing a ton of additional departures of unknown/blocked planes which is impossible because if they were real they would have to be coming from somewhere.

93865d No.367567


Q didn't tell us shit bout the home delivered food thing. How come? We could have been out in front on that one don't you think?

f72df2 No.367568


I don't fucking trust anyone

f1c9c2 No.367569


Funny stuff here. The original link I had up with sidney dillard's name on it just went 404. The board of directors on this link is 404 hmmmm


e7bc68 No.367570



0a15cf No.367572

File: cbe563ed6379a16⋯.mp4 (7.64 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, KJltZ3fSXGS2UN-L.mp4)

Maxine Waters bragged about Obama spying organization being moved from where it was to his own 501.3c Non Profit Org.

You can’t make this up!!

c3263c No.367573

File: 42e9eedd5ada325⋯.jpg (93.63 KB, 634x423, 634:423, kidscure.jpg)

File: dd0e6601685b688⋯.jpg (65.96 KB, 685x392, 685:392, curekids.jpg)

1fd948 No.367574


Wife mentioned it over dinner tonight. I'm certain there are a LOT of people upset over this, precisely because it prevents fraud. Also because so many recipients are too damned stupid and too damned lazy and don't want to actually prepare a meal.

443232 No.367575


That's the second time I have heard that comment today.

"Trumps taking us to World War III!"

Its almost liked its a prepped MSM talking point.

Hey! Morons! How would our chances at avoiding WW III look if HRC would have won!?

Those were the only two options on the table!

The Cabal is trying to start WW III by putting the POTUS in a impossible position by sparking a international incident!

Even if they are successful, does not mean its Trumps fault!

Deprogram yourself!

b94267 No.367576


He seems to meet with Kissinger a lot…


The former gangster seeking to make up for past wrongs?

6eadff No.367577


Cool that it's flying again. The Mig-17 is from the Kissimmee Warbird Air Museum.

e67ed3 No.367578


>Are you trying impersonate Q?


>This is the research board, speak in plain terms.

I believe I was clear and concise.

8fd883 No.367579


This board has more influence than we know Q said ;)

8cc3f4 No.367580


It ties in with Pharma. Instead of EBT being spent on chips, soda, candy, junk… People will have fresh healthy food (I hope) delivered to them. Eat your peas and carrots or starve. Better than getting fatter on junk demanding more gibs. Or selling off the cards for liquor/cigs.

7fab70 No.367581


^ This.

98f8f7 No.367582


I hit a nerve…good to know.

34d7ab No.367583


Show me the part that says Prince William owns Serco.

I've been watching you try to peddle this shit for days.

Serco bad, fine.

Serco owned by prince william, DISINFO.

120698 No.367584


No, I believe "solid as a rock"

3beaf7 No.367586


definitely something screwed w data on that site - all adds up w flightaware data, however I assume there are flights not reflected as well

e7bc68 No.367587





f1a5eb No.367588

File: cbf99630b0271da⋯.png (1.05 MB, 935x897, 935:897, $140 mill contract for US ….PNG)

File: 4324189ad2d6f94⋯.png (1.28 MB, 990x910, 99:91, $101 million contract for ….PNG)

File: 3f9cccf9cdc8827⋯.png (981.81 KB, 933x789, 311:263, Huge Texas DOT contract aw….PNG)

File: f70885971e4829e⋯.png (1.06 MB, 925x900, 37:36, Serco award by US FEMA.PNG)


Lots of awards granted to Serco from US Government. They deal with crucial items too such as hazardous waste, kids, FEMA, etc.

f1c9c2 No.367589

I'm not a clown………..I was just reading it. what is an obvious clown? >>367502

f9f2cf No.367590


Think great idea. Could have points for each category of food and do online each month to have some choice. But basis being balanced good diet. Very cool idea.

7fab70 No.367591


It's San Francisco.

Probably an AIDS powder bomb.

8fd883 No.367592


Did you get a screenshot? Or on wayback machine?

b85097 No.367593


Awwwww I miss FBIAnon

94c0f2 No.367595


Worse than that

B is a girl

Her stalkers are just another sort of shill who do not care about the revolution if they can't fap to it

b57d05 No.367596



I'll massage the dough and bake if I'm able. I'll hand off updated dough if I'm called away.


48f3ba No.367597

Anybody got anything on this P2P Foundation.

It is an open society type crap promoter.

Its founder, Michael Bauwens, use to work for the United States Intelligence Agency and advocates for open states.

It has its own wikiP2p pages.

https:// www.kosmosjournal.org/contributor/michel-bauwens/

https:// p2pfoundation.net/

8cc3f4 No.367598

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





Related EBT culture video

For education

Put an end to THIS

6bb0d3 No.367599

File: ebddd79ab3c5bdf⋯.png (797.45 KB, 645x833, 645:833, UA1175.PNG)

File: 8869b52c90a6301⋯.png (47.64 KB, 575x856, 575:856, ABC UA1175.PNG)


Video in link.


b57d05 No.367600

NoName Consolidated Research

>>357852 NoName Inst. $100,000+ Donors List

>>343790 NoName Research

>>343323 NoName Ins. Board of Trustees List - Needs Digging

>>342719 NoName donor Chan-Soon Shiong is interesting character

05bbf1 No.367601


maybe he's singing like a canary…

f72df2 No.367602


Hey man thats EXACTLY my point…we WOULD be at war already if HRC had won. I just don't like seeing POTUS heading down the same road. He's doing good work with what Q is dropping, so far.

f1a5eb No.367603

File: 264578c00282de3⋯.png (928.41 KB, 893x820, 893:820, serco health dept.PNG)


Former Obamacare administrator recently hired as director of health services at Serco too.

f59cf6 No.367604

File: d1d40f31c41671e⋯.jpg (93.22 KB, 500x500, 1:1, caged_bird__hawkeye_fanmix….jpg)

When does a bird sing? When it's COVER is removed…NK/SK looking "united" right now….OP (Olympics in Pyeongchang)….NK's cover blown regarding sex-trafficking, i.e. HUB….also, just my opinion….it seems to me NK started "singing a new tune" right after Hawaii missile attack….the missile was "taken out" by our defense system (there is a video showing the missile being destroyed) and pretty basically, that would "neutralize" the nuclear threats from NK(notice, I didn't say NK did the actual launch) since they have witnessed FIRST HAND the fact that we can take out the missiles….I heard (via exCIA guy on youtube) that a ROGUE chinese sub fired the missile….if it's "rogue" most likely "bad actors" had control of it….

e7bc68 No.367605


Ahhhh…new insight! OLdfag thanks young grasshopper anon!

Sank you. Sank you berry mush!

72a05d No.367607


I don't know but something is strange with that whole group, defango, webb, goodman. I have been watching. I like webb but something strange with his brother…not sure what is up with this group

9ed07d No.367608


100% on board with that idea

044f32 No.367609



There are so many people selling EBT that now you can get $200 worth for $60 cash. Just a couple of years ago it was $50 cash for $100 EBT.

b85097 No.367610


Maybe they can “search” his office.

21bbc7 No.367611

File: 651c327ad001785⋯.jpg (803.11 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, E-6B_TACAMO_Climb.jpg)


Answering shills causes additional bot replies to be added to the thread!

Do not even reply with a filter! It is even a shill tactic to do so!

General strategy includes division of the herd and raising the noise level. Do not contribute to it! They will do it by triggering your emotions!

Finally, Q is the only person who determines if the board is comped! All other divisionfags can fuck off.

910485 No.367612


birds sing when theyre freed

aab90f No.367613


Not joking here, you think they sucking baby dicks?

What's the logic behind it? Genuinely curioues

84d121 No.367615


Wait, didn’t he have a meeting with him last week as well? So this would be a second meeting in less than two weeks???

74f6c8 No.367616

File: 6974433c5d04e5f⋯.png (393.02 KB, 637x443, 637:443, ClipboardImage.png)


My guess is this, Rockefeller was removed and that removed a control arm of the military. Finance and religion remained with Roth/Banks and religion remained with Vatican/(SA too)

Soros replaced Rockefeller and then shit gets messier and messier and out of control. Too many games.

2f5305 No.367617


i like poppy bush as a guess , i also think poppy has been in charge since he left .. until daddy trump came home kek

bdc7c7 No.367619


think trilateral commission

David Rockefeller

Zbigniew Brzezinski

Henry Kissinger

He would be the only surviving member

75c351 No.367620


I would call that an "uncontained" engine failure if there ever was one unless the fan cowl decided to just come off for no reason (sarc.)

c61a60 No.367621

File: f1dfb9661862713⋯.png (213.64 KB, 740x851, 20:23, Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at ….png)

File: e2c86652b4f96d6⋯.png (89.21 KB, 586x391, 586:391, Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at ….png)

File: 2e876015f330141⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1200x1399, 1200:1399, The_Crew.png)


I pray they will stand down. And they best not be on Sovereign US soil. Because that deadline passed and now there is NO mercy.


108c32 No.367623


Russia and Influence Campaigns

Influence operations, especially through cyber means, will remain a significant threat to US interests as they are low-cost, relatively low-risk, and deniable ways to retaliate against adversaries, to shape foreign perceptions, and to influence populations. Russia probably will be the most capable and aggressive source of this threat in 2018, although many countries and some nonstate actors are exploring ways to use influence operations, both domestically and abroad.

We assess that the Russian intelligence services will continue their efforts to disseminate false information via Russian state-controlled media and covert online personas about US activities to encourage anti-US political views. Moscow seeks to create wedges that reduce trust and confidence in democratic processes, degrade democratization efforts, weaken US partnerships with European allies,

undermine Western sanctions, encourage anti-US political views, and counter efforts to bring Ukraine and other former Soviet states into European institutions.

 Foreign elections are critical inflection points that offer opportunities for Russia to advance its interests both overtly and covertly. The 2018 US mid-term elections are a potential target for Russian influence operations.

 At a minimum, we expect Russia to continue using propaganda, social media, false-flag personas, sympathetic spokespeople, and other means of influence to try to exacerbate social and political fissures in the United States.

239641 No.367624


You will be shocked to hear the libs hate the idea.

9ed07d No.367625


P = big Pharma ,

my opinion though not fact

0a15cf No.367626


was thinking the same thing, wondering how the negotiating is going since there are NO DEALS lol

003664 No.367627


You just answered me with a second ip/id.

You tired or just stupid?!

6cc605 No.367628


Excellent find anon…

Why does David Rosenthal sound familiar… like from the board here.?

There was a creepy clown thing back in 2013-2014. if I recall correctly.

1a831f No.367629

File: 4af52c305031f8b⋯.jpg (268.41 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, cartoon1 - Copy.jpg)

cde49f No.367630


Something seems fishy with the flu virus this year. Maybe someone from CDC released/releasing viruses?

The goal to cause panic and divert attention to disrupt POTUS operations?

05bbf1 No.367631


Take away the incentive (using the cards for booze, etc).

They will go to work instead…

75f525 No.367632


Lads, i caught this on thejewtube. Don't know what to make of it.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOC7clogG6s

e95df6 No.367633


That one can redpill normies on its own. It's OBVIOUSLY better for people who need food aid to have their food delivered straight to their home – who could argue with that? Probably doesn't require memes to provoke a healthy reaction from society if the aid recipients put up a stink about being given higher quality food than they're getting now DELIVERED.

3c9527 No.367634


Why are you reposting these for no reason?

120698 No.367635


Here's my question.. where would the ultimate seat of power be? USA or Europe.

[P]ope makes sense, but has holes. US deep-state is incredibly powerful, why take orders from your "accountants".

538f81 No.367636

Anons, did we figure out who was in the plane at Shanghai airport posted by Q?

b659ad No.367637

Anyone catch NoName is the sponsor for the immigration push right now?

910485 No.367638


gotta learn to be RED

6406ad No.367639

File: 86d7953b9c3b53d⋯.jpg (121.1 KB, 750x680, 75:68, IMG_2355.JPG)


(Meme related)

e67ed3 No.367640

File: 7db160ed0c7cc15⋯.jpeg (560.72 KB, 1364x2048, 341:512, 959F0485-232D-49F2-9A5F-7….jpeg)


Kissinger is a survivor.

a64a10 No.367641


Lol…I was too

05bbf1 No.367642


which means they cannot make money off it.

569c62 No.367643


You have to look at the whole message – the context of it.

Operation Merlin (tech).



Iran Deal (funding).



>T cells


NK Nuclear (mini suc)(icbm suc)

>War engine



Reading the whole thing what would make more sense in the context of the whole? Funding for Terrorist cells or funding for medical research in Iran and North Korea?r

Get your nose off your favorite T-cell tree and see the forest for a change.

8fd883 No.367644

File: f7eb38e11cca2f5⋯.png (159.45 KB, 1018x594, 509:297, dillard.png)


Good work anon - keep digging!

Side note - Dillard not 404 for me - Pic Related

b9fab7 No.367645

Someone just did a massive thread on Serco on twitter…see if I can find it


5be221 No.367646


I think the UN is running NK. Clowns and UN both Rockafeller creations and Bushes have always for Rock

10a675 No.367647


Baker, add notable post to the next bread.

74f6c8 No.367648

File: 3cf0d3dc65ed1a4⋯.png (98.64 KB, 649x574, 649:574, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 62b506a97b31a43⋯.png (124.38 KB, 623x653, 623:653, ClipboardImage.png)

9ed07d No.367649


Possibly Ginsburg

e7bc68 No.367650


Your opinion worthwhile. Djt push in that direction seems to be spotlight.

67129c No.367651


how about a side by side of elite who beat cancer with 'the cure' vs public figures who died w/o it?

f1a5eb No.367652


I agree-high potential

74f6c8 No.367653


b/c you're too stupid to figure it out

f1c9c2 No.367654


Some one posted a link to some NARUC site. I checked it out ….lots of names for an anual meeting. I went back and it was 404. SO I went to NARUC sire……gave the link. but the original site with the meeting is 404. no screenshot, and it was a LONG list of names and organizations.

>I've connected SERCO to Loop Capital.

ef2306 No.367655

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


e90b3e No.367656

apparently a bunch of middle schoolers in cali got powdered?

b3c946 No.367657

File: 1346f6f6a9f8a4c⋯.jpg (35.58 KB, 594x248, 297:124, RED OCTOBER.JPG)

not satisfied that Red October refers 'only' to a cybersespionage virus. went searching and found that Red October can also mean "someone who has gone missing from a business deal, which seems to make more sense to me. I think we need to look at this in the context he is using it in. In posts 395 &396 he says show the world our power- maybe because we have gone missing as leaders on the world stage. In post 432 he uses it in the context of a missile that has splashed down and gone missing. in post 719 hes using it saying that we are not thinking broadly enough and we are missing in action. in post 721 he doesnt confirm that answer 1 or 2 or 3 in the post hes answering is correct. all references im making are to the numbers on the qcodefag github pg

5690f4 No.367658


Answer: God


Bush wouldn't talk bad about Obama, said some bull like not be critical of a sitting president, yet he did with Trump. Get the picture? Answer: Netanyahu = good

f1c9c2 No.367660

and I haven't looked into SERCO yet >>367654

0a15cf No.367661


I'm going to second that, which makes the next q posts seemed related.

34d7ab No.367662


Followed stuff yesterday and day before…no prince william.

Show me and I'll change my mind, until sauce, its disinfo.

f633bd No.367663

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d0538e No.367664


Puts Q's reference to UA in another light…

74f6c8 No.367665

File: c235153ff9748ee⋯.png (326.06 KB, 1080x739, 1080:739, ClipboardImage.png)

d01bbe No.367666


thanks anon. hold applause until Q conferms

436469 No.367667


Serco is CENTRAL to everything!

https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=szNLMtgI7hU

https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulP0QdvexFg

e12296 No.367668


godspeed anon, the current

dough is


please start with that base, the notable posts does need updating as I've been a bit busy.

do your thing. post confirmation hand off by post 650 so I'll know you're still here and standing by

thanks anon

6507f7 No.367669


I believe they own Northern Trust which owns the IRS and American Bar Assoc.–all info available thru Abel Danger.

f1a5eb No.367670


Also noted that Serco website for Americas is all in RED and 3 main contracts in 2017 are in Texas (where BUSH family lives)

e3de4c No.367671


He's a Khazarian.., Bad.., it's very evil…,

d7f71d No.367672


According to wiki:

Netanyahu and U.S. President Donald Trump have known each other for many years.[296] Netanyahu had been a friend of Donald Trump's father when Netanyahu lived in New York during the 1980s, serving as UN ambassador.[34] In 2013, Trump made a video endorsing Netanyahu during the Israeli elections saying, "vote for Benjamin - terrific guy, terrific leader, great for Israel.”

120698 No.367673


>Why doesn’t Q talk about Israel?

And the Answer?

60f856 No.367675

Froebel called for German women to come together and support the kindergarten. Because he described children as plants and teachers as gardeners, the term kindergartenemerged, kinder meaning child and garten meaning garden (Headley, 1965).


First kindergarten opened in late 18th century.

Since then, as the Family has disintegrated and teachers ranks have become predominately progressive, they have become proxy parents, instilling the values of those teachers vs those of parents.

The nefariousnous is in the banal acceptance in our society for that surrender of parental control. 

The red pill too few want to take and wake up from is the modern inconvenience of taking that control back.

f1c9c2 No.367676

Dillard wasn't 404 that Naruc meeting was……….and some stuff like board of directors on naruc site was 404


b9fab7 No.367677


Whoo buddy….someone on twat just did a huge thread on Serco….I didnt know the CEO is in Epsteins little black book

35994a No.367678


MasterMemeMakeranon, These particular memes are getting YOOOOOGE responses.

Please can you make the same ones but with black people so I can whack all the BET/Oprah/JayZ etc. twat followers.

2953dd No.367679


These photos are heartbreaking.

I regret that those bastards who sat back for profit over these peoples lives can only hang once.

4e7c88 No.367680


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Privy_council

47221a No.367681



If someone knows "BPEarthWatch": You should no longer watch his bullshit. He just said in one of his comments that Q is compromised (without evidence), because Q's wording has changed. I never liked this guy, and he's trying to change the narrative and divide us. I am sick of this.

What the fuck is about this "B" guy anyways? B is a fucking imposter, and I do not trust his shit at all. Q is the only one who provided legit info so far, nobody else did. So please quit talking about "B" or any other fake shill source. Thank you.

c4c1a5 No.367682

Lots of names linked to loop capital

http:// www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20080823/NEWS06/200030705/meet-obamas-bundlers?X-IgnoreUserAgent=1

05bbf1 No.367683

New Cancer Treatment? Vaccine Kills Tumors in Mice—and Human Tests are Starting Soon



Appearances…and more FUNDING

6f4528 No.367684


That is a big get. Thanks anon.

b85097 No.367685


This is definitely one of the “wives” Q mentioned

65e4cf No.367686


get rid of that shit we dont do satanic hand symbols here

db7b2f No.367687


He's a politician, there are so many different types of jews in Israel; therefore, so many different constituents… So, good and bad, but mostly good. The only people that had anything to do with 9/11 were the Saudis, Bush admin/Halliburton and the owner of WTC/insurance company.

b85097 No.367688


Sorry Fuckers

f633bd No.367689


Lurk Moar

2953dd No.367690


Horseshit.. I meant this one; >>>367573

b9fab7 No.367691

File: 96b03b08e4378c9⋯.jpg (65.96 KB, 579x444, 193:148, DV8egmrX0AITwuU.jpg)

a91da5 No.367692


>Trump made a video endorsing Netanyahu during the Israeli elections saying, "vote for Benjamin - terrific guy, terrific leader, great for Israel.”

Yeah, well that was before Trump was POTUS and he might just have proof Bibi is NOT what he pretends…just saying!

1a831f No.367693


i liked ol bp was surprised he jumped on q bandwagon.

hes all about quakes

108c32 No.367694


Kissinger explained how effective Trump’s policies are and predicted its success.

“Liberals and all those who favor Clinton will never admit it. They will never admit that he is the one true leader. The man is doing changes like never before and does all of it for the sake of this nation’s people. After eight years of tyranny, we finally see a difference,” the former Secretary of State said.

“Every country now has to consider two things: One, their perception that the previous president, or the outgoing president, basically withdrew America from international politics, so that they had to make their own assessments of their necessities.

And secondly, that there is a new president who’s asking a lot of unfamiliar questions. And because of the combination of the partial vacuum and the new questions, one could imagine that something remarkable and new emerges out of it,” he added.

https:// theuspoliticalnews.com/henry-kissinger-delivered-outstanding-compliment-to-trump/

6cc605 No.367695


The premise is that Roths have control over cults, church, and P… Pope is covered under church, The Bush/Clinton Crime family is a big thing for the Roths to have control over. I think Soros is with the Bush/Clinton crime family as well.

e1e8c7 No.367696

File: 5a4e7fd411f4dc1⋯.jpg (21.78 KB, 400x300, 4:3, government cheese.jpg)

File: 50fb919e46f3d0d⋯.jpg (29.33 KB, 500x396, 125:99, i-sure-miss-8vj76u.jpg)

File: 305e1ef02033e32⋯.jpg (24.68 KB, 474x343, 474:343, th.jpg)


It's not like the government hasn't done it before. Nothing new, seems a lot of people got spoiled with "reforms".

7f581c No.367697


B is a woman. Your post is not worth reading.

74f6c8 No.367698

File: 5096e46a78ca46a⋯.png (216.13 KB, 1054x621, 1054:621, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 513398b585f7230⋯.png (137.38 KB, 1084x424, 271:106, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2f430531c86a26c⋯.png (166.57 KB, 1175x536, 1175:536, ClipboardImage.png)

120698 No.367699


So why were Mossad agents filming and celebrating the towers that morning? ("Now you can experience what we experience"). Look it up.

f1c9c2 No.367700

this was all related to an anual meeting for naruc. The naruc site is about non-profit regulation which tingled my spidey scences something stinks. I don't know if it's real or not………….investigating


35994a No.367701


Snort. They'll get about as many pennies as the fucks I give.

e3de4c No.367702


for things as that.., Geotus is accused to be Zionist..

a64a10 No.367703


My grandma never missed getting her "commodities"

6c19fa No.367704

File: 941b37a5d74b541⋯.png (279.08 KB, 563x360, 563:360, ClipboardImage.png)


Yeah, uh, I just uh, yeah, well I just uh got an envelope too that had white powdery stuff on it! D'uh!

cb47f2 No.367705


Forthcoming response?

6507f7 No.367706


SERCO is a British owned company—youtube vid–the largest company you have never heard of.—Abel Danger has already solved this….but no one listens

a958a9 No.367707


That is VERY difficult to believe.

And if true, VERY difficult to believe Trump didn't stop that.


b0ab5a No.367708

File: c3af2ef4629d003⋯.jpg (424.88 KB, 900x993, 300:331, 1473007396878.jpg)

Muh Khazarian

JIDF pls go

5aa61a No.367709

As a little girl, Brice Taylor (a pseudonym) was subjected to ongoing traumas including multiple and continual rapes by her father, who also used her for child prostitution and child pornography.

"For years my father performed a variety of brutal ritual type physical and psychological abuses," she writes, "among them confinement in closets, cages and coffins, while I was being told I was left to die; near drowning; isolation; needles inserted in sensitive body areas, food and sleep deprivation; electroshock via electric wires, welding equipment and cattle prods; drugging; sophisticated hypnotic and electronic programming…"

She was also forced to participate in torturous rituals and orgies. Then she was "sold" in a slave auction.

"Elitists in the market for mind control slaves attend auctions that appear at first like children's fashion shows and then progress to striptease acts, "she writes. 'I made appearances at many shows before I was actually 'sponsored' or sold."

Her "owner"? World famous celebrity perp Bob Hope himself, according to Taylor.

She later discovered that her other "sponsor" whom she learned to call "Uncle Charlie" was Charles L. Horn, owner of the Federal Cartridge Company, which later funded Olin Foundation, where he sat as President.

Charlie physically introduced her to Henry Kissinger who continued her mind control programming in preparation for her later use as his "mind file," programmed with a photographic memory to act as a human personal computer with classified and other government files accessible to Kissinger only.

Taylor endured more intensive programming based on Wizard of Oz, Disneyland, and "The Parent Trap" twin-sister themes, as well as NASA-based advanced mind control techniques.

Besides being prostituted to the power elite, she was also taught to perform for them. She even recited a "mind control" standup comedy routine for these high- level perverts, her jokes written by Bob Hope himself.

This "personality" was called Sharon and this was her repertoire. Imagine a kid delivering this monologue for the amusement of an audience of celebrity perps:

"I told my owners it's enough that you c l o w n s expect me to work for free. You know that it was bad enough that they broke the child labor laws, and I told them that when I learned about it in school, they just laughed. But on top of that was slave labor and I recited the constitutional amendment that was causing a problem in my internal mind file legal system. I told Henry it kept getting thrown out and I pretended that it was repeatedly escaping and leaping out of my right ear. He thought I was funny and told me to refile it anyway. Then I was sent off for more reconditioning. I never thought they would stop with that stuff, and I was right. Zap. Zap. Zap."


309e8c No.367710


Learjets N44NJ & N99NJ are operated by a charter company inn Fort Lauderdale called National Jets. They have departure times around 07:30 CST so my guess is that they might be a semi-regular shuttle service around twice a week sometimes with one aircraft sometimes with two depending on numbers of gitmo personnel. Seems a bit too regular for 'guest' transport.

b9fab7 No.367711

A while back someone was asking for a transcribed list of Epsteins guests…here it is, but it is a little redacted Serco's CEO is a guest

https:// www.documentcloud.org/documents/1508273-jeffrey-epsteins-little-black-book-redacted.html#document/p1

8d57c3 No.367713


This is excellent Anon

It makes sense


a64a10 No.367714


well…considering Trump wasnt in office…

9ed07d No.367715


Tie in the following;

-Clinton offering Lynch Supreme Court position for covering up U1/Seth Rich etc.

-[187] targeted assassination.

-Antonin Scalia's [Supreme Court] death.

-Who was at Pudong Airport onboard United Airlines?

-Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg [Supreme Court Judge] appointed by Clinton ?

-Ginsburg discusses Supreme Court Scalia's death/speaks

-MSM Blows up today with Scalia related headlines.

88e1bd No.367716

Will this open up anything over Vince Foster?

http:// www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/02/13/judge-orders-release-sealed-bill-clinton-documents-from-ken-starr-probe.html

41e9ca No.367717


Thank you, VERY helpful

ae6295 No.367718


This one Keks me up.

With shivers…..

In fog…

fe5649 No.367720

Operation Merlin

https:// www.theguardian.com/environment/2006/jan/05/energy.g2

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/twisted-view-of-cias-operation-merlin/2015/01/26/dc107fd6-a3e7-11e4-9f89-561284a573f8_story.html?utm_term=.f6f9f28829c8

74f6c8 No.367721


Not just the meat. The bones.

94c0f2 No.367722


It certainly appears that Iran and NK are tangled and interconnected. So if NK is run by the CIA, what does that say about Iran? Are the mullahs also a CIA deepstate op?

Maybe the uranium enrichment they were doing was intended to make bomb material for NK and then some Iranians got greedy so Mossad/CIA had to shut them down with stuxnet. Then they got back on board with the plan because NK is the intended War Engine, not Iran. NK is supposed to be running the global protection racket, i.e. demanding money with menaces like the NY Mafia did in the 50s.

I'm still missing the search and destroy under Iran. Did the T-Cells of Iran hunt and destroy something outside of Iran? Or is it the other way, that T-cells belonging to Whitehats are operating in Iran hunting and destroying. That would be consistant with Wictor's analysis of GCC forces as T-cells and he even detected similar activities inside Iran on all those protest videos.

a3e07b No.367723

File: 492b6dc04772a43⋯.jpeg (104.63 KB, 1144x763, 1144:763, nocucks.jpeg)


Ur new here , learn chan, lurk moar, we do what we do and you dont speak for everyone

e1e8c7 No.367724


Terrorist cells. Context.

Yeah, double meanings and all, future may prove past re: white blood cells. For now though, context.

6507f7 No.367726


I believe all of the Senior Executive Service is hired thru SERCO too.

a64a10 No.367727


Have you been watching Scandalous on Fox News? Funny how it seems to mirror stuff coming out now.

b9fab7 No.367728


Sounds interesting…The War Economy handle on twit posts a lot of threads that are always eerily important and timely. He dropped this one this morning

6b171d No.367729


we used to love the peanut butter

and the cheese

b0ab5a No.367730


Would be a better idea to start a thread on SERCO and dump all the info in there instead of having to trawl back through all the General threads to find it, no?

That's the beauty of having an entire board, we can do that and keep info together so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle…

e2041a No.367731

File: 350bf45d680f26f⋯.jpg (110.55 KB, 889x500, 889:500, mattis boomer2.jpg)


Boomers were around centuries ago?

6bf1f3 No.367732



The reason why I don't think P is a Bush is because Soros went pretty strong on trying to stop W's reelection. Also, the Bushes seem closer aligned with Sauds, not Roths. Yea it could have all been just part of the script, but doubtful.

Agreed on P likely being Big Pharma. Anything religion related would fall under (church), imo. Also, Q alluded that Pharma sent a warning letter, meaning they are players, not just greedy.

75c351 No.367733


Interesting, I haven't noticed those flights at all. Odd they are not showing on the arrivals. Radarbox is also blocking any registration info for those planes.. Its not the best but it does show planes not found on the others every once in a while.

c815b7 No.367734

File: 096722676246652⋯.jpg (204.86 KB, 593x991, 593:991, IMG_20180213_200642.jpg)

My interpretation of the photo:

f4a88e No.367735

Patent Search Tools:

1. https:// www.uspto.gov/patents-application-process/search-patents

2. https:// patents.google.com/advanced

Note - Google has its own search for patents.

3. https:// www.epo.org/searching-for-patents.html

4. Tutorial

https:// www.epo.org/searching-for-patents.html

003664 No.367736


https:// wikispooks.com/wiki/9-11/Israel_did_it

f1a5eb No.367737


Paradise papers found Serco to be high risk

https: //www.theguardian.com/business/2017/nov/06/serco-a-high-risk-client-with-history-of-failures-offshore-law-firm-found

f72df2 No.367738


Anyone GOT the answer? Why doesn't Q talk about Israel? Anyone who thinks those fuckers are (((our guys))) is forgetting 9/11 and the last 40 years of control.

2a7b7c No.367739


Mirror? It's the same actors

120698 No.367740


Q did say it's a worldwide stalemate of blackmail and bribery. It's become a mess.

Eliminate the Roths & Usury and the whole thing unravels I suppose.

b9fab7 No.367741

File: 99e9564cb1c6e61⋯.jpg (90.28 KB, 658x458, 329:229, DV8cRRsX4AAW4g0.jpg)

Serco CEO also seems to run in fancy circles

db7b2f No.367742


They were probably working for Saudi. A small psyop to trick people like you and divide alliances. Also, could have been double agents.

a35574 No.367743


You're correct about the post count being less than full due to deletions. Those would be my doing, by a delete-all-by-ip action.

Please forgive me if I've stirred up doubt by doing so. <3

fdedf7 No.367744

ABEL Danger writes extensively (and does livestream)on truth about Serco. Most evil comoany only that has tentacles in everything. They are behind how the mass coordination, spying in hotels, etc. etc. can get done.

f4a88e No.367745

Opps I messed up 4. Tutorial

http:// www.ipwatchdog.com/2015/07/11/patent-searching-101-a-patent-search-tutorial-2/id=59308/

b9fab7 No.367747

I dont have the answer, but I've always wondered

I just always assume Israel has shit on everyone, so no one wants to rock the boat


a64a10 No.367748


No, I mean, those old headlines seem to be coming out again. I know it's the same people.

a958a9 No.367749


OK gotcha. No wonder the priors allowed that, they were were working for him more than for us.

7f581c No.367750


Boomers were around since the dinosaurs! They extinguished them, so be careful lashing out on boomers :))

35994a No.367751


As Q says, look at who's making the most noise about it?

Anyone who is using the EBt correctly, would not have a problem with getting fresh food delivered to them - especially if you have a transport deficiency to get to and from a supermarket.

I, for one, am sick of paying out dollars for welfare that other people get to enjoy. when it all crashed back in 2008/9, spouse and I both lost our jobs within 2 weeks of each other. We applied for financial help and were turned down because apparently we had earned too much money!

3c9527 No.367752


Then why are you here? Curious

21cd11 No.367753



Farrah Fawcett

Paul Newman

David Bowie

Alan Rickman

Dennis Hopper

John Wayne Dean Martin

Jack Lemon

Bob Marley

Steve Jobs

Fred Rogers

Patrick Swayze

Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis

Frank Sinatra

Yul Brenner

Andy Kaufman

Steve McQueen

Dr. Seuss

Babe Ruth

Dom DeLuise…and so many more

a974df No.367754



In the UK we have a saying. Never trust a pig farmer.

Link related.

https:// youtu.be/u3qy4Zv4snI?t=24

cb47f2 No.367756

It just seems so hard to believe that everyone making a decent living is a fraud.

0a15cf No.367757


there were several bombs and ops going on that day. Each Intel Arm had a part to play, check out the companies that did the security construction on 9/11 - Mossad connections

a3e07b No.367758


thanks BV

75efb7 No.367759


Very good find. Creepy as shit. Explains the "it" horror movie coming out too recently. Unreal.

c9a06d No.367760

File: d14b69ab5785b02⋯.jpg (76.68 KB, 900x506, 450:253, addiction-incorporated-1_w….jpg)


The Insider was good documentary about the story of Big Tobacco and their lies. Documentary "Addiction Incorporated" tells the same story, but from the viewpoint of Victor DeNoble

In the late 1970s, a young researcher was hired by a major tobacco company to help create a cigarette that posed fewer health risks to smokers, but was just as addictive as the company's current products. At the same time, the firm was insisting publicly that there was no evidence that smoking caused chemical dependence.

If this premise sounds familiar, that might be because it resembles the setup of 1999's The Insider, the docudrama based on revelations by former Brown & Williamson scientist Jeffrey Wigand. Addiction Incorporated is about a different whistle-blower, who worked for a different tobacco company. And it's engrossing, even if it does lack the element of surprise.

Although he drops out of the story at times, Addiction Incorporated mostly follows Victor DeNoble, who grew up expecting to follow his father into the plumbing trade. Despite struggling as a student, he managed to get into college, where an introductory psychology class led to the discovery that he had dyslexia. That condition bested, he pursued a career as a research psychologist.

DeNoble's work with rats attracted the attention of Philip Morris, which was looking for a substitute for nicotine. The company craved a substance that, like nicotine, created a hard-to-shake habit — but which was less likely to cause heart attacks and strokes.

Using animation that depicts both rats and rat-like humans, director Charles Evans Jr. visualizes the progress of DeNoble's research; in one scene, people with rat-like tails smoke and dance to Latin jazz, apparently blissful.

Philip Morris' top executives were eventually pretty happy, too: DeNoble and his colleagues, who included Paul Mele, found a version of nicotine that was easier on the heart but just as difficult to kick.

6bb0d3 No.367761


Why is a celebrity that died from cancer relevant?

108c32 No.367762

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Chapter Jackson - It's Free Swipe Yo EBT

3c9527 No.367763


I am wondering why would Q tell us about this? We have other work to do. He treats us like the adults we are and who can listen to the news just like other adults.

dae640 No.367764

[Next week]

[Next week]

[Next week]

st valentines day massacre?

e2041a No.367765


Tread lightly, T Rex!!


120698 No.367766


I like it. They control who lives and dies. Much power. Globalist scum are the walking dead - life extension.

4e7c88 No.367767


What do they not own!!

ef2306 No.367768


That government cheese was a giant chunk of asshole putty!!! My grandma used to bring that stuff home KEk

ae212a No.367769


Oh, well put, anon

93865d No.367770

Let people filter on their own.

If someone can't filter

They don't belong anyways.

Dumping these guys is hurting credibility like them or hate them.

That's part of the 8 chan culture.

If if someone can't keep on focus, well they probably didn't have focus in the first place.

Last - it's the random shit made this worth it in the first place. We all know the story lines. But let some of these weirdos say their part and be done. Xcept the Pelican guy. That's dudes seriously mental.

d45216 No.367771


Listening to him now as I reaad this- he gives lots of thumbs up to the work of this board. Don't know why you feel the need to dis him.

6507f7 No.367772


SERCO is in everything…


7f581c No.367773


Will do!

74f6c8 No.367774

108c32 No.367775

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The Notorious Banned FOX 9-11-2001 News Footage Israeli/Mossad Links

f1a5eb No.367776


Sexual allegations of Serco at a female detention facility

http:// www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-30181961

09320e No.367777


I'm paying attention and I don't like what I'm seeing.

But this still giving me a little bit of hope

Fresh news from this whole cluster fuck. It look like the US is standing up to Turkey…. but is it just a ruse?

https:// youtu.be/0Ej2E4K_D5E?t=20

Until I see something positive I will reserve my judgment.

0ebeb6 No.367778


American doing his job/duty! Thanks. MAGA

e3de4c No.367779

a61dc0 No.367780


Trump is just a man….when he frees the internet and media it is up to us to meme our problems with Israel into view. IF he can not PROVE Netanyahu is a secret real Jew and not an insane fucking Khazar retard….then we cross that bridge. If Trump fixes America we can take on Israel next if Trump fails us.

6bf1f3 No.367781


was it a suicide weeked?

cb47f2 No.367782

Chicago Police Commander dead.


f72df2 No.367784


I'm here because I agree with everything Q is doing. Thing is I'm not as blinkered as a lot of fags seem to be. I'm not sure Q has ever mentioned anything about Israel but has touched on just about every other subject that most of us have been bangin on about for years. Thats whats curious to me.

c75ec0 No.367785


haha my friends used to use me as the white powder analyst.. Sometimes baking soda.. sometimes laundry powder…. Most time goodies :)

93865d No.367786

>>367763 Yeah - but just like release the memo, we showed we can pull a campaign out of our ass.

This place is a hellavu asset to him if used.

Otherwise, fawning over north Korean photos all day and night isn't doing much anything worthwhile.

b0ab5a No.367787


You gotta bunch of jidf in here recently all muh khazar, jews are so greht, israel's are bud, etc. No one calls them out cause what is the point, but it's obvious as hell.

meh more funny than anything

Got bigger fish to fry right now I guess

b57d05 No.367788

Added to dough:

>>367772, >>367383, >>367383, >>366948 SERCO Digs

2f5305 No.367789


its just a big circle jerk over there (youtube)

there are very few good ones

0089b5 No.367790

possible connection regarding Q's post on Feb 5,

>BLUNT statement.

We think that it has to do with this Posting by Senator Roy Blunt https:// www. blunt.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/2015/11/missouri-members-demand-action-on-west-lake-landfill There is a link that WILL BLOW YOUR MIND http:// www. stlradwastelegacy.com/secrets-buried-beneath-westlake-landfill/ The St Louis Archdiocese is connected to this, the EPA Head under Obama Lisa Jackson aka Richard Windsor.

is this where the bodies are buried

or at least some of it?

at least we know EPA doin the dirty work.

props to the good folks from voat/pg for finding this.

0ebeb6 No.367791

108c32 No.367792


I expect (((they))) can/will lash out at some point.

225905 No.367793


Who knows?

Maybe they cancelled iFR and flew it in visual. But if you have side numbers, N12345 then something like flight aware might have their origin if not blocked.

7f581c No.367794


Like here.

74f6c8 No.367795


Panic panic. Curveballs.

d45216 No.367796


Grey hat. Trump and team do work with him, but it seems like corruption dirt is sticking. Perhaps presently better than alternatives. He is an ally in the fight against ISIS et al

727980 No.367797


this is a bad idea…people have to have the right to choose which foods they eat,,,and you cannot deliver food to everyones door and stay cost effective…what about the homeless?

2e709a No.367798

File: bc318f49eb1693e⋯.png (80.89 KB, 450x190, 45:19, ClipboardImage.png)

Club Obama? In Shanghai? Wtf?!

https:// www.huffingtonpost.com/charles-eveslage/inside-the-obama-club-in_b_563518.html

"You could get a clue of what the inside was like from the Obama Club logo, which has a pink woman’s leg coming through the ‘O’ in Obama. Once inside we found similar sexual themes like the large golden engraved naked female bodies in the walls (wow that was a lot of adjectives)."

0089b5 No.367799


ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. (KSDK) – For more than 30 years, a former worker has kept a secret.

It is a secret he says is buried beneath the landfill and one that has haunted him for decades. But because of all the recent public health concerns surrounding the landfill, he wanted to share his story.

He says he is fearful about going public but agreed if we protected his identity.

In the 1970s thousands of tons of radioactive uranium and thorium was dumped in the Westlake landfill.

Bob, as we’ll call him, hauled big rock to the crusher and says no one wore gear, they were just happy to have jobs.

The radioactive secrets of Westlake have yet to fully be unearthed, but in 1980 or 81, Bob says he saw something he has never forgotten.

“I seen a large ditch being dug on the field. And then later that evening, right before dark, those two tractor trailers pulled in,” he said.

It took all day he says for workers to dig a ditch about 50 feet deep complete with a dirt ramp.

“Right before dark, they drove two tractor trailers down in the trench,” said Bob. “They pulled in the ground. The drivers got out. They closed the doors and walked out.”

The tractors had no markings. By 11 p.m. the trucks and ditch were covered as if nothing ever happened.

“Whatever it was, it wasn’t good. They wouldn’t have done it that time of day and cover it up so nobody would find it,” Bob said.

Reporter: “How do we know you’re not just making this story up?”

“I worked there and I seen it firsthand, and it wouldn’t benefit me no way to lie about anything,” said Bob.

He never said anything before because he was scared for his safety. But if anyone wants to check out his story, just follow his map.

“This was the landfill office, if you went to the construction field, you made a left turn and went up and approximately in this area is where the trucks and the trailers are buried,” he explained.


b57d05 No.367801

Added to dough:

>>367341 ISIS-funded operation in US thwarted by FBI

6f4528 No.367802


PLANEFAG was there a United flight around this time stamp?

Feb 13 2018 01:56:38

6507f7 No.367803


I posted this about SERCO back in 4chan and no one listened

31364e No.367804


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulP0QdvexFg

4cccbc No.367805

File: bbaa3b63e0a7d36⋯.jpeg (140.86 KB, 750x747, 250:249, SERCO.jpeg)












FUCK this was so long ago!!!!!

cb47f2 No.367806

watching MSM show about crickets.

93865d No.367807

>>367798 What's the cover charge?

2f5305 No.367808

e1e8c7 No.367809


Read it once, came back and read it again. Lines up perfectly.

a17f87 No.367810


Man's a legend! We need him in N.I.

727980 No.367811


I saw a few political suicides yesterday..Obama, Ruth

623540 No.367813



Good find. President will probably resign to resolve

e95df6 No.367814

File: a6006b6a1155b9a⋯.png (506.34 KB, 900x506, 450:253, ClipboardImage.png)

6f4528 No.367815


Unless they were testing the fake trip

2fd0b1 No.367816


>Feb 13 2018 01:56:38


4cccbc No.367817


Happy Valley Goose Bay is the END OF THE ROAD. To get to all native communities you need either by air or by water!

47221a No.367818


I don't care who B is or what gender he/she has. Fact is, that Q provides legit info while others did not and the direct connection to Trump was given, ALWAYS (either by Tweet or by other signals). B is not important, except for support to the Trump Administration and the Q Team and THAT'S IT.

BPEarthWatch is a fraud and he's continously trying to divide the community because his paranoia on Q is fucking crazy. Seeing him now saying that Q is compromised (without providing any evidence) does not surprise me at all, while he's secretly pushing B.

7f581c No.367819

b9fab7 No.367820

Serco CEO Soames was close friends with this

fella, Shale, who died mysteriously in a port-a-potty

https:// www.theguardian.com/politics/2011/jun/26/christopher-shale-glastonbury-festival-memo

Shale was also suspected to be one of Steele's sources and close with Cameron

61e6be No.367821


Serco Heard they ran the US Patent office any sauce ?

09320e No.367822


Don't be a naive faggot!

Talk is cheap! Let see what actually happen then we will see who is on the good side of history.

I want to trust potus by I'M old enough to have been lie to many time before.

e1e8c7 No.367823


KEK one of my aunts kept loads of the stuff. Had no peanut allergy with this oddly, the cheese was great for grilled cheese sandwiches

4e7c88 No.367824


There is only one reliable source on youtube if you rather watch there. Anti School. Just tells it straight as it is. Never makes claims or famefags. He's rather easy to watch and listen to because of this. My 2 cents just, but worth a watch because he's one of /ourguys/ 1000%

e3de4c No.367825


Wait?.., what will happen if Netanyahu resigned or i'ts fired?.., Would be good or bad?

aab90f No.367826

https:// upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/ad/NguyenMinhTriet_%26_GeorgeWBush_2006-Nov-17.jpg

74f6c8 No.367827


Seems like you already know the answer.

120698 No.367828


Flakey sauce.. but sounds legit:

https:// www.quora.com/Do-former-US-presidents-get-NSC-CIA-briefings

4e1178 No.367829

COMPLETELY and TOTALLY off topic anons but I hope I can help get you all get ahead of the the curve. Nobody here belongs working in The Corporate World and many need jobs. Don't be afraid to start up a small business on your own or from your home. The Trump proposal for food stamps outrage should show you all that Trump is going to promote small biz while he revamps our entitlements. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of being the Captains of your own ship. POTUS is repatriating off shore money and companies will have some to spend. We need to get the attention of POTUS and have him get companies to buy American goods for charitable donations and have them shipped to the charity rather than cut checks to corrupt 501c3's like Red Cross. If you all look into what charities provide and get in on some of theses pell grants to start up your home based businesses, your patriotism could be rewarded in a bright future for yourselves personally and not the Country as a whole. I have one myself and I am willing to coach/guide any anon who has questions. Please start a board. Sorry for off topic but it hurts my heart to see so many talk about being out of work while knowing the Corporate World is not for them.

75c351 No.367830



SCX8991 B738 Jacksonville (KNIP) Tue 01:53PM CST Tue 04:01PM EST Tue 03:59PM EST

ATN306 B752 Norfolk Ns (Chambers Fld) (KNGU) Tue 12:20PM CST Tue 03:06PM EST Tue 03:05PM EST

EGS992 LJ45 Fort Lauderdale Intl (KFLL) Tue 09:26AM CST Tue 10:57AM EST Tue 10:56AM EST


SCX8990 B738 Jacksonville (KNIP) Tue 10:03AM EST Tue 11:59AM CST

ATN305 B752 Norfolk Ns (Chambers Fld) (KNGU) Tue 07:32AM EST Tue 10:08AM CST

EGS991 LJ45 Fort Lauderdale Intl (KFLL) Tue 07:15AM EST Tue 08:45AM CST

b57d05 No.367831

Notable Posts Consolidation 2.13.18

>>344901, >>345027 Scientists & Doctors who have died: Lists

>>339701 How the Russian Inquiry Began: George Papadopoulous Timline

>>338470 40,000 Foot view of Asia Foundation Federal Funds in 2016 and then they stopped tracking

>>338366 Loop Capital AND Asia Foundation connections

>>338286 Suicide and Death List

>>337864 New IBOR Petition: petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/internet-bill-rights

>>337428 13,600 Sealed Indictments

>>337099, >>337407 10,000+ human traffickers arrested. 800 resignations. And more every day

a64a10 No.367832


this is brilliant.

632ebc No.367833


He said q emailed him. Seriously?

b9fab7 No.367834

Serco CEO was a frequent guest of Epsteins!


a9a0fb No.367835

Back when Q posted the pic of the airplanes on the runway, anons id'ed the airport as No Bai Int. in Hanoi and the blue and white markings on the airplane matched Vietnam Airlines . The time of the Q post would have been 10:49AM in Hanoi. Sure enough, on 2/10 just one flight, VN 530, flew from Hanoi to Shanghai (PVG, location of E pic). It was scheduled to depart at 10:20AM (close to Q pic post) and arrive at 2:15PM local time:


About 2 hours after arrival, from 4:33- 5:00PM Shanghai time, Q posted a series (Secret socities missing e, [e], [5], [-], pic of E in Terminal 2 of PVG).

Looking at the last few Q posts, it seems to me an additional key player from Hanoi was rounded up with the key player from the King Tower op in Shanghai and taken to GITMO via United Airlines. I can't put my finger on whether [I] has to do with MISSLE/Iridium or something else, but an anon did point out the Iridium connection to McClean, VA (via Mika post).

Help autists! How can we connect King Tower, Snowden/Clown black ops, No Name, RBG, Clinton/NK/OpMerlin, and Hussein/Iran Deal?

f1c9c2 No.367836

Who is on the plane? >>367599

f1a5eb No.367837


Looks to me like Trump administration is now involved in US Patent office….Wilbur Ross appoints new interim director of Patent Office in June 2017. Draining swamp - good news!

https:// www.ipwatchdog.com/2017/06/08/meet-joe-matal-profile-uspto-interim-director-joseph-matal/id=84243/

3c9527 No.367838


(icbm suc)

Situation Under Control for the InterContinental Ballistic Missile

6bf1f3 No.367839


Maybe you should ask /pol/

ac047e No.367840

Dan coats: “United sates is under attack by entities using cyber to penetrat vertically every major action within the US”

Is he referring to us??

b57d05 No.367841


Ask a SERCO digger. I'm baking and cannot dig.

d7f71d No.367842


Seems like a blanket statement on Israel. What's the point? We could equally say the same thing about the United States or any other nation. Every nation likely has some good, some bad. And apparently they are fewer than we think. We are united to root out the wicked, that is certain.

6b171d No.367843


no, he received an e-mail he was led to believe was from Q- got that straightened out by Q.

f4a88e No.367845

File: 9549d05da559be6⋯.png (110.49 KB, 1280x842, 640:421, emfieldpatent1.png)

my first search patents

50 per page

this is 'EM Field'

4e7c88 No.367847

File: ad99658942c03dd⋯.jpg (142.15 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, Elvis Presley Hairstyle 6.jpg)


Nice work anon. He died like a King.

ae212a No.367848


Yeah, it was. I remember.

7f581c No.367849



You and your post(s) are only a distraction. And as you said: You don't even care to know the basic things about people you are rambling about. You are gossiping, nothing more.

How banal, how sad, how dumb.

a91da5 No.367850

File: a4fe358fb4f00ca⋯.png (696.28 KB, 1170x1040, 9:8, Chemotherapy before and af….png)

File: b86f6aff950c7b9⋯.png (880.65 KB, 1196x1200, 299:300, Chemotherapy before and af….png)

File: 55c9e9fdc1abbc7⋯.png (767.64 KB, 1212x1200, 101:100, Chemotherapy before and af….png)

File: ced30683118064f⋯.png (818.66 KB, 1170x1040, 9:8, Chemotherapy before and af….png)

2e709a No.367851


It's what it costs to leave…What building is that? A hotel?

b9fab7 No.367852

Serco CEO was also in a secret Oxford club with the Rothschilds

https:// www.thedailybeast.com/breaking-the-bullingdon-club-omerta-secret-lives-of-the-men-who-run-britain

c9a06d No.367853

47221a No.367854



Remember, Q clarified that he has no priv comms outside of the board. The best you can do is to avoid YouTubers covering Q discussions completely. Focus on the research, anons. And forget about fake shills and frauds like BPEarthWatch, Dr. Corsi, B, Alex Jones, etc. all just distraction.

b7c7ff No.367856


Maybe C is running low on henchmen and allies they can trust. I hope!

b9fab7 No.367857

440144 No.367858

File: e5c502705bd48b3⋯.jpeg (760.67 KB, 1936x1936, 1:1, DC04E2DA-1E36-4404-B96C-4….jpeg)

7f581c No.367859

74f6c8 No.367860


Then you would have been told to wait a month and re-apply. If you had zero income you would have been approved. What makes you think you are better than other people getting the assitance? That is what it's for. Shit happens. Any one of you can lose a job, get hit by a bus, have a sick kid and need to quit your job, have a sudden death in the family.

But everyone else is just mooching off you when its for them right?

This reminds me of the people who say to not have kids if you can't afford them. Like anyone has a kid and thinks their company will lay them off in 5 years, or they will get cancer and die and leave their spouse a single parent.

fe5649 No.367861

Oxfam's deputy CEO resigns over sex crimes scandal

http:// cnnphilippines.com/world/2018/02/13/Oxfam-deputy-CEO-resigns-over-sex-crimes-scandal.html

e12296 No.367862


lookin good

godspeed anon

f72df2 No.367863


Ha, fair point, I guess you're right.

b9fab7 No.367864

Anon is right….this Serco thing is a big link

008bce No.367865

Q…. any hints on the Flynn 302 regarding McCabe & Strzok?

74f6c8 No.367867


Why do you trust someone you have never met? That's crazy.

3170f1 No.367868



Looks like Henry K is switching teams. Always was a pragmatist.

b57d05 No.367869

File: e1f19335b5a0900⋯.jpg (67.6 KB, 865x627, 865:627, kneading-dough.jpg)





aab90f No.367870

1a831f No.367871


that top one should be called

"the happy camper club"

aa0166 No.367872

File: f0d484ddc8a8991⋯.jpg (75.43 KB, 859x483, 859:483, Balanced Budget.JPG)

This is what we need to meme


Jan 7 2018 03:10:11



ID: 05b846


>US taxpayers are paying for it all.

Paris accord = scam (trillions)

Red Cross = scam (billions)

Foreign Aid = scam (trillions)

WAR = scam (trillions)


Who audits where the money actually goes?

Who actually receives the money?

The US taxpayer is funding the very people we are engaged in taking down.

Slush funds everywhere.

Think GS pays for Antifa out of his own pocket?

The hole is deep.

Feel sick yet?


65e4cf No.367873


then you should not fucking be here old timer I am old too and there has never been a TRUMP in office - he will deliver

the people here trust Q and trust POTUS

like I said

bye chelsea

48ec7c No.367874




Private investigations in Vancouver, BC, revealed the Police (a coterie of detectives) were involved with the snuff filming and murder taking place on Pickton's ranch.

Vancouver police chief was involved in cover up.

4e7c88 No.367875


Some info is public knowledge. Only 2 companies in the UK that get away without disclosing their shareholders.



Got anything to add to the dig but pessimism?

d0546a No.367876

632ebc No.367877


Thats what i am sain, we dont like namefags, here they are anons and are welcome to dig. Outside just namefags

120698 No.367878


Speaking in general terms, but any memes related to #ReleaseTheCures are kill shots to a normie mind.

6f4528 No.367879


If it's important put the content to the board.

No clicky FAMEFAG shill.

f72df2 No.367880


Agreed. Judgement also reserved.

74f6c8 No.367881


remote viewer anon earlier said 2/18 and other stuff that spooked me.

259bed No.367883


>Serco CEO was a frequent guest of Epsteins!

Aha! Pedos are Unlawful Enemy Combatants and a threat to our national security. Seize all assets and send to Gitmo!

e464eb No.367884

File: 05c4a59d0e3e49b⋯.jpg (13.38 KB, 203x312, 203:312, white powder.jpg)

Might be poor taste, but kinda tipsy, but relevant.

632ebc No.367885


I believe he is godfather 111

48ec7c No.367886


Additionally, it is a lie that only prostitutes were used.

Look into Highway of Tears. Many missing girls, mostly native.

e12296 No.367887

File: 5f0e6a0e59f8189⋯.jpg (66.08 KB, 480x270, 16:9, QbannerSmall2.jpg)


I've reduced the size of the 1st page graphic from 500+ to 65Kb, it may load faster

fe5649 No.367888

Newfoundland's Central Health CEO Rosemarie Goodyear steps down amid growing upheaval in health

http:// www.longwoods.com/newsdetail/11771

e1e8c7 No.367889


May fall under the 60%.

>60% must remain private [at least] - for humanity.

Can't clean up that w/o cleaning up the UN first, I would think. Plus, it would stir up the pot with MANY Christians that support Israel, because, well, long 4000 year story. There's ONE single mention of Israel by Q, which should be sufficient for now:

>Israel: Bank of Israel

Says it all. As the story goes, when Jesus went after the moneychangers…It didn't end well for him.

d45216 No.367892


Thats it? Baby powder? I doubt that is the response Q mentions-

108c32 No.367893


i think it's this,,,

(mini suc) = miniaturization success

d0546a No.367894



b9fab7 No.367895

ac047e No.367896

File: 461d1f18a2afa74⋯.jpeg (41.24 KB, 500x396, 125:99, 418FBD2B-038B-420E-ACC0-7….jpeg)


Is it bad as a kid I actually enjoyed government grilled cheese’? Would also use the boxes to build stuff when we were done with it. Kek

4e7c88 No.367897


If it's in the bread it's fine. There are enough connections there to merit it.

47221a No.367898


Keep watching BPEarthWatch's crappy videos. I however do not tolerate people claiming that Q is compromised without any legitimate evidence. Period. It's these exact people that try to divide us because of their high amount of viewers who are active here also.

bbc105 No.367899

File: fae5fdf9e05a4df⋯.jpeg (291.89 KB, 2200x1467, 2200:1467, mike.jpeg)

File: 187e1d55abaaacc⋯.jpeg (566.33 KB, 2200x1467, 2200:1467, joan_rivers_tribute.jpeg)

This is what I see under the covers, the shape of a child's head.

It's a tribute to Michael… These People Are Sick

caff3e No.367900


Fuck off Shlomo.

e95df6 No.367901


Can anyone ID the stone hanging around her neck?

638723 No.367902

I love how you anons have fooled the shills. Headed over to your real thread now. Shills, enjoy the playground. ;)

1a831f No.367903


that was the best cheese ever

c3e654 No.367904


Best exemplified in the movie Snatch.

b57d05 No.367905


Thanks, anon. I may need it. So far, no trouble posting for me. God bless!

94c0f2 No.367906


In other words China has a DeepState problem too. There is so much Chinese money pouring into the West coast of the USA and Canada that locals know this is the proceeds of crime. Why else are there so many teenagers driving $100,000 sports cars. Mothers getting into fender benders and waving a fistfull of cash because they have no drivers licence.

It is all connected WW, and the CIA are probably the needle and thread that sewed it all together

31364e No.367907


http:// www.cbc.ca/nl/features/natuashish/

682192 No.367908


Yep, THIS!

b9fab7 No.367909


I never knew there were so many pedos. Its alarming. It has to stop, somehow

5690f4 No.367911


Bless you

0ebeb6 No.367912


Egg zactly

34d7ab No.367913



We are supposed to add a claim that a clearly heinous company is owned by prince of England with…

absolutely no proof.

Yeah, uh…no.

05bbf1 No.367915

File: ad09c9eb0bab187⋯.jpg (58.25 KB, 520x347, 520:347, bush_Nguyễn Minh Triết_200….JPG)


GW Bush, Nguyen Minh Triet: Nov 2006

president of Vietnam from 2006 to 2011

7f581c No.367916


I don't watch videos and you are not able to think or make sensible posts. That's sad.

48ec7c No.367918



“Pickton was the straw man set up for everyone to gawk at and hate while the real killers got away. The arrangement was vast and orchestrated from the very top”. – Grant Wakefield, former CSIS agent and undercover operative at the “Piggy’s Palace” killing site, August 4, 2011

http: //kevinannett.com/2016/02/22/let-willie-pickton-speak-revealing-the-bigger-picture-of-canada%e2%80%99s-genocide/

e08b0b No.367919


That’s referring to suitcase Nuke. Miniaturized Nuke…

c9a06d No.367920

File: 9f9bcbd1814185f⋯.png (197.95 KB, 1290x702, 215:117, Podesta_Pig_Farm.png)


As Podesta explains it, with a Greek mother and Italian father, speaking your mind was a core value of his childhood. “We were a blue-collar Chicago family,” he said. “The kitchen table was not a model of decorum. It was all right to yell.”

His heritage, he once told an interviewer, also explains his hot temper and accounts for the occasional appearance of Skippy, his sarcastic and ill-humored alter ego.

Flashing a touch of his well-known wit, he said it also explains “why I can’t understand why Obama doesn’t hold grudges.”

The meal began with the risotto, topped with chopped fresh radicchio and basil and served with a 2004 Fonterutoli Chianti Classico. Podesta put the tilapia on to cook while the guests finished the risotto. It was served with all of the vegetable dishes and a 2006 Kistler Carneros chardonnay.

He wondered aloud if he should serve the salad and then disappeared into the basement for the mandoline to slice the fennel and red peppers, which he dressed with olive oil and lemon juice.

His wife, Mary, arrived home from her book club just in time for the dessert of berries in prosecco, which was served with Perrier Jouet rosé. She confirmed that he did most of the cooking and the dishes.

“Having a husband who does all the cooking is pretty great,” said Mary Podesta, who is also a lawyer. Asked if she had a say in what is served, there was a pause: “We negotiate.”

Podesta cooks dinner every night he is in town, as he did when his three children lived at home, and thought nothing of introducing them to exotic foods like frogs’ legs, sweetbreads and squid. He and his wife seldom eat out and entertain about once a week. They even cooked their own wedding supper for 80 ­— with the help of a few relatives.

Talk of pig roasting and slaughter kept popping up during dinner and was the last tale Podesta told before the guests left. To earn money while attending law school at Georgetown, he spent two years working at Turkey Run Farm in McLean, now called the Claude Moore Colonial Farm, an 18th-century re-creation.

He dressed in britches, a blousy linen shirt, floppy hat and homemade shoes and learned how to butcher and roast a pig.

Standing in the kitchen and acting out his role, Podesta explained: “It’s best to do the butchering at 4 a.m., “because pigs should be slaughtered when it is cool, and it takes a long time to roast them. The pig is hauled on a front-end loader in order to split and gut it. It’s most important to slow the pig down by shooting it between the eyes so you can cut its throat. It makes the pig less ornery and a whole lot more cooperative than if you just stick a knife in its throat.”

In homage to these skills, Podesta used to have a picture of a pig on a spit as his screen saver, but his staffers made him get rid of it, because he said: “They couldn’t stand looking into the pig’s eyes during meetings.”

The powerful John Podesta does not always get his way.

Marian Burros is a POLITICO contributor.

ae6295 No.367921

File: 1278dbacb9665e5⋯.jpg (36.69 KB, 620x388, 155:97, shopping-basket_1868430b.jpg)


This COULD be a really great idea. It depends upon the details. Who are the suppliers? What contracts are granted? Is it all variations on Monsanto gmo "food-like substances" and heat and serve packaged foods?

Wholesome whole healthy foods would be great. A boost to small local producers if done well. And maybe put some semi-disabled or unemployed to work doing processing and delivery.

440144 No.367922



5ccf9f No.367923

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rex_Tillerson

>>talks shit on Russia, Must have forgotten

<In 1998, he became a vice president of Exxon Ventures (CIS) and president of Exxon Neftegas Limited with responsibility for Exxon's holdings in Russia and the Caspian Sea. He then entered Exxon into the Sakhalin-I consortium with Rosneft.

ac047e No.367924

File: ccbd646fe75314f⋯.jpeg (62.52 KB, 750x387, 250:129, 8E2B0458-EE98-452F-B890-3….jpeg)

File: 3cf580ea81564ec⋯.jpeg (64.65 KB, 750x387, 250:129, 485A983C-4E20-44CA-99E2-4….jpeg)

db7b2f No.367925


Sure, sure all intelligence agents had something in on it. there was even a CIA agent that reported, on his deathbed, he planted the bombs in building 7. I'm just saying Israel isn't the top dog in all of this and wasn't calling the shots for 9/11. 9/11 was done for insurance money, oil money and to destabilize the middle east for easier conquer. It mainly leads to Bloodline Illuminati which is obviously based out of Bavaria… and it's ideology stems from Babylon and Sumeria. They believe their bloodline comes from Sumeria, hence why we invaded Iraq for no reason. That part of the Earth holds magical powers, in their opinion. The secret is they're really a bunch of Germanic assclowns pretending to be of Sumerian blood to steal the power from the proper heirs. Aaaannnd why we are seeing conflict with Iran is because in the ancient world The Magian Order was split between the evil sumerians and the simple mages of Urmian plateau in Iran. They plan to take over both countries and practice rituals there…

f4a88e No.367926

File: 2cd07d74ac0a6ea⋯.png (107.09 KB, 1280x873, 1280:873, patent2.png)

There is stuff like this in the Patent Office:

Galvanotaxis assay for quantitative assessment of the metastatic potential of cancer cells


An apparatus and method for accelerating and/or inhibiting the migration of cells by applying a time-varying magnetic field to induce eddy currents that promote electrotaxis (galvanotaxis) of cells without the need for chemokines or glucose. The present invention can also be used to study and quantify the metastatic potential of different cell lines.

d0546a No.367928


Flowers again

259bed No.367930


Abel Danger's website is gonna crash now that a Q drop is tied to his stuff lol

ac047e No.367931

File: 9a4964265ee36ce⋯.jpeg (54.33 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 7A16D69C-CDF0-44F4-9ABE-F….jpeg)

File: ecf962e09a242ab⋯.jpeg (44.81 KB, 590x393, 590:393, 6113D981-35C8-4A3E-A343-B….jpeg)

File: 219e5391ad0698d⋯.jpeg (55.31 KB, 800x592, 50:37, D579050D-F834-42B4-9A1A-F….jpeg)

6f4528 No.367932


Not kew but

Re read the crumbs. It's bound to be in there.

ef7536 No.367934


Man, I kinda miss the debut Sarah Palin scaring the hell out of the cabal until the one who can't be named sabotaged her. "WTF is a community organizer anyhow?"

c9a06d No.367935

File: 186d5efc0e5ca5c⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1372x1006, 686:503, Podesta_guy_with_fork_tabl….png)

632ebc No.367937


I remember that connection being established on cbts, can find it right away.

74f6c8 No.367938


I see legal issues in shipping food to people. they should be able to choose their own food. Allergies, spoilage, special diets…too many factors to consider. Not a good idea.

a61dc0 No.367939

Maybe we should start a anti Israel meme blitz and see if Q will accept it or if Q can give a plausible reason for not taking measures against Israel for 9/11 and the many other issues we have. If we are free men then Q cant get mad. He must answer.

I still think we should wait however. Maybe Trump is running a deep trick on the Jews? If any of this stuff about Trump planning this stuff many many years ago is correct I can think of no better cover than to cover yourself with Jews as you planned to destroy them….what is Trumps favorite book? Art of War…Trump family true believing Patriots? Could WE marry for power and alliances also? Are the Trump kids running their lives like military operation?

3c9527 No.367940


Israel? Q is trying to get us up to speed and has a plan on how to do it. So many are wanting to dictate to Q what to do instead of going along the plan they have.

Thanks for answering though. I to just don't follow along blindly but I do understand the plan.

108c32 No.367941


no, you need to mini the warhead for an icbm

b57d05 No.367943

File: cafeb40a318e230⋯.png (653.42 KB, 800x450, 16:9, Oven1.png)


1589f1 No.367944


IMO, this is clearly the Antifa MO. A bunch of chicken shits terrorizing innocent people.

5b7904 No.367946


Excellent idea, do you know that Walmart throws away tons of food that is fresh and ready to eat because it cost less to throw it away than give it away….

5ccf9f No.367947



https:// www.angelachao.com/biography.html

Angela is a board member of many international organizations, including the American Bureau of Shipping Council, China Advisory Council of Lincoln Center Global, Harvard Business School’s Dean’s Advisors, International Maritime Business Department Advisory Board of Massachusetts Maritime Acadamy, The Metropolitan Opera, Metroploitan Museum of Art, MOMA PS1, and the Shanghai Mulan Education Foundation. She is also on the board of Lincoln Center’s Global China Advisory Council and the American Bureau of Shipping Council. She holds membership in the Young Leader’s Forum of the National Committee on US-China Relations, the Chairman’s Council of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and on the Council on Foreign Relations. In 2011, Angela was invited to take part in the Wall Street Journal’s Task Force on Women in the Economy as a Founding Member.

1a5d28 No.367948

File: d5213ea8b1bfff0⋯.jpg (42.75 KB, 612x474, 102:79, DV7E_kwU0AAUYOr.jpg)

4e7c88 No.367949

File: 0090f315f49988e⋯.png (320.81 KB, 467x507, 467:507, stone.png)

551591 No.367950


Made the best grilled cheese sandwiches

0d7f16 No.367952


Netenyahu doesn't use the Fallout 3 alignment system of good/evil. Think Fallout New Vegas.

6f4528 No.367953


HARD NUDGE. Let's get on it.

47221a No.367954


Indeed. Most namefags are here to divide anyways (including BPEarthWatch, B, Corsi, Alex Jones, etc.). Look out. Keep your eyes only focused on this board here and to Q posts and research, anon. Best thing we can all do.

e6d6ab No.367955

>>366759 (last bread)

this was not the flu, the entire pop was attacked!,

my friend died from collapsed lungs,

another of my friends ex-wife was in the hospital for 2 months and seams she will live but still recovering,

i had it, and it attacked near every organ in my body at once, and lights like led lights and the computer screen made it real bad! (frequency of the light) and add, my lungs were on the verge of collapse, i stopped breathing twice mid stream of coughing and asked Jesus to live when i stopped breathing...

b57d05 No.367956


Just by the color, a Black Onyx.

6507f7 No.367957


Abel Danger–Field Mcconnell And David Hawkins have a unique way of putting the info out there, but if you pay attention you hear it all. They have to do some of their goofy stuff to be able to even talk about it. Just give them a listen for a whole show and you will learn A LOT. I LOVE THEM…They tell it all.

d0546a No.367958


At his level he doesn't feel the need to hide much.

d16bbf No.367960


>Awwwww I miss FBIAnon

I wonder if we'll ever know what happened to him?

619e46 No.367961

We're going to need to take the gloves off at this point folks.

1a831f No.367962


was just talking to my girl other night about it, lol

34d7ab No.367963


All I have asked for for THREE DAYS is SAUCE.

show prince william connection to Serco and I won't say another fucking word.

Until then it is DISINFO.

72047d No.367964

File: 884cd8a3dcfa7cb⋯.jpg (225.38 KB, 783x475, 783:475, ErasingAMistake(d).jpg)

File: ee40ad1c0d66a26⋯.jpg (210.35 KB, 852x522, 142:87, fly(d).jpg)

File: 91c3f5060320d87⋯.jpg (127.51 KB, 620x310, 2:1, ruthless(d).jpg)

File: 593a707dfb129bd⋯.jpg (36.76 KB, 180x192, 15:16, temp.jpg)

I thought anons would appreciate these before I slap them in meme thread!

68df50 No.367965


here here! i know it exists, too, but choose to stay on the surface of it. my heart's too tender from stuff in my past

b880f8 No.367966


It's a simple question.

If Q is heavily opposed to our views on jews, would he have started on /pol/?

caff3e No.367967


Q will not answer the JQ.

b0ab5a No.367968


Very good analysis - deserves more attention, anons.

aab90f No.367970


yah i spazzed out cuz I downloaded it and tried to strip properties… and got an error

me quoting myself was a helpless gasp lol

a3364e No.367971


She doesn't like voicemail? She thinks she has a right to the element of surprise on the phone?

5ccf9f No.367972

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gonzalo_P._Curiel

https:// web.archive.org/web/20110330121913/http:// www.nclr.org/index.php/about_us/faqs/general_faqs_and_requested_resources/

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Janet_Murgu%C3%ADa

Worked with bill Clinton ^^^*

Murguía served seven years as legislative counsel to former Kansas Congressman Jim Slattery before working at the White House from 1994 to 2000. She eventually served as deputy assistant to President Bill Clinton, providing strategic and legislative advice to the president. She also served as deputy director of legislative affairs where she was in charge of the legislative staff and acted as a senior White House liaison to Congress.


https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_H._Murguia

On March 14, 2011, Murguia acquitted Elton Simpson of making a false statement to federal agents involving terrorism, and released him on probation with a minor fine for lesser charges.[7] Simpson had allegedly lied to FBI agents about his intent to travel to Somalia to join up with terrorist groups to kill non-Muslims, but Murguia declined to enhance his sentence based on the government's evidence. Four years later, Simpson was one of two terrorists who attacked a free speech event in Texas, injuring an unarmed security guard and being killed in the process. Evidence indicated that after Murguia released him, Simpson became involved with the terrorist organization Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, who immediately after the attack claimed Simpson was a "soldier for the caliphate".[8]


https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlos_Murguia

2513ca No.367973



Not much of a secret anymore. Also, there’s been an underground fire burning there for years.

http:// www.stltoday.com/business/local/barrier-between-fire-and-nuclear-waste-at-west-lake-landfill/article_3ecf5c1b-a441-5985-85d8-b89cf95975e2.html

ce696b No.367974


Excellent work and very effective. This can appeal to anyone and very simple.

619e46 No.367975

Why do you fags talk so much about jews it only discredits us and gives our enemies a way to paint any and all of us as anti-semites

082ee9 No.367976

File: 8a39074a72cd631⋯.jpg (291.33 KB, 1280x571, 1280:571, 20180213_192826.jpg)

We have 5 Navy Posiden P8 planes out, East of the Mississippi showing their call signs as 00000000 (8) of them, instead of leaving it blank.

7f581c No.367977


Q doesn't have an "opinion" on "jews". He has an opinion on individual people, like Trump has.

e12296 No.367978

File: f4a869ccd4cb8f8⋯.webm (962.38 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, trumpBebe.webm)

6f6a00 No.367979


IGnore them.

a61dc0 No.367980


Likely no. He must by this reasoning be running some kind of operation on the Jews….what it is exactly I dont know.

34d7ab No.367981


If you mean /pol/ style


6b171d No.367982



bbc105 No.367983



Github deserves a second look.

Social media for your code. Microsoft suddenly jumps on board... Deep State Program to get your code, possiblity

0089b5 No.367984

Breaking today - Israel PM facing corruption charges

Not too knowledgable in this area, but maybe Israel was comp'd and we gotta make it great again?

We know there are fake jews, "zionists?" and they use Israel as their ultimate facade to rule the world because they know it's "biblical" and thus the most capable of instilling fear?

And that's why DT directly claimed Jerusalem?

Why would true Israel lead Jews be against that?

Dunno, end is near might have something to do with this?

https:// www. nbcnews.com/news/world/police-recommend-israeli-pm-benjamin-netanyahu-be-indicted-corruption-bribery-n847616

http:// www. bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-43051249

bca374 No.367985

Something that keeps coming to mind that bothers me. It may or not be related. Do you remember back in the early o reign of terror when Boehner got up to call a vote or something and he was crying? He kept repeating, "The children, the children". It was weird. We knew some of the evil back then and have always wondered. Oh, and HRC mocked him. Does anyone else remember this?

f72df2 No.367986



I hope you're right. One cult at a time huh? Could be. Its a good start as things stand and better than any of us could ever have hoped for but we'll see…

47221a No.367987


I say, waiting is the best option. Trump is pro-israel in public, but his actions speak different words. So far Trump has been holding back on Syria on purpose and did a lot of things that go against the interests of Israel, which is also Israel is horny on attacking Syria themselves.

77dd97 No.367988



b880f8 No.367989


It's people like you that make me doubt the actual force of this movement.

35994a No.367990


Listen up you dumb faggot, I never said I was more deserving than anyone else and I also never said that everyone else is mooching so fuck you for even saying that.

619e46 No.367991

File: f3e7255deb4dd4c⋯.jpeg (68.57 KB, 720x503, 720:503, 58c954a11400001f0006f9b0.jpeg)

108c32 No.367992


if you want PC, stick to FB.

7f581c No.367993


It's people like you that make me doubt mankind.

5ccf9f No.367994

Frank White, Jr.

Founder & CEO

White is the Founder and CEO of DuSable Capital Management and oversees all investments, investor relations, and operations at DuSable. Prior to founding DuSable, Mr. White founded and served as Chairman and CEO of Advanced Concepts, Inc. Under his leadership, the technology company evolved into a leading supplier of engineering and information technology support services to the Federal Government, primarily the National Security Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Department of Homeland Security.

John Guthrie

Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer

Emmanuel Guyot

Senior Vice President

Mr. Guyot started his career at Electricité de France (EDF) and then worked for the leading French engineering company, B.C.E.O.M., on global energy and environmental policy reform as Director of the Energy Department. Following this experience, Mr. Guyot joined Theolia and Ecolutions to develop wind, biomass and solar plants in North Africa, India and China.

3c9527 No.367995


Q/Trump have their plan and we are here to carry it out. I was surprised as anyone about the food boxes. Should be interesting to see how it goes.

619e46 No.367996


fucking jew bitch

9b5bac No.367998


Maybe Q doesn't want to make YHWH mad as Israel is His portion. He will deal with Israel when He is ready …

We have enough to worry about and clean up ourselves before worrying about Israel.

Q is probably WISE to let Israel lie.

a64a10 No.367999


I disagree. If I'm paying for it, they shouldnt be able to choose. Thats what causes fraud. Cant tell you how many people Ive seen buying chips and coke with their ebt card. Maybe choices like hamburger or chicken or apples or oranges, ok, but the days of them being able to take their card and buy want they want needs to end. Watched a young able bodied man but chips and coke with ebt then pull out cash and buy cigs. The welfare state needs to end. We should not make welfare easier than working.

443232 No.368000



True my ass!

Lied to my ass!

I am a oldfag as well!

Lied too so much I gave up on politics!

I have NEVER in my long life, EVER seen the MSM, nor a entire political party, Hollywood, the FBI and DOJ; Scream as loudly with ONE voice; "REMOVE HIM!!!"

I did not vote for Trump in the election, because I figured it was business as usual.

I will now join a militia and take part in a civil war, if that man is removed!

Why? Because when the entire establishment goes this far to remove a single man from office…

Trump is the greatest threat that has ever existed to the deep state!

Even more…the can't seem to REMOVE HIM, unlike JFK!

We are in uncharted waters here anons! All the lying and political posturing we have seen for decades, is no long relevant to the situation, because we have never been we were are now!!

61c2ed No.368001


She sorta resembles Mike Obama.

619e46 No.368003


6cc605 No.368004




b57d05 No.368005


Nice trips.

God bless you, anon.

569c62 No.368006


Too low on the food chain.

e6d6ab No.368007


btw, the heart attack i was having also i used cayenne extract to stop them over the days, and i also used MMS after i stopped breathing for a day, and i recovered quickly, about a week uphill then

d45216 No.368008


Trump and team talk about Israel a lot- and favorably.

4e1178 No.368009


My point in my post was not about food but to use the new concept Trump is floating for food stamps and expand it to other issues. EX: Red Cross is corrupt and sucks all of the money up so CEO's and such get multi million dollar bonuses. When disasters strike on a large scale, people need basic hygiene items like toothbrush/paste, soap, deodorant, shampoo,ect. Rather than give a check to Red Cross ( or 501c3) give bags of those items( Hotel size) So Corporations who shell out money to Red Cross would instead purchase from anons the pre bagged item with 501c3 giving receipt for amount of goods. I don't want to dox myself so I can't say too much but I do this with items already and considered expanding into disaster relief because it is a passion of mine

05bbf1 No.368010


https:// flightaware.com/live/airport/MUGM/arrivals

b9fab7 No.368011

Serco is insane….they run all the air traffic in UAE, parking meters in Chicago, and got a major healthcare contract here in the US

https:// www.theguardian.com/business/2013/jul/29/serco-biggest-company-never-heard-of

aa0166 No.368012


pedophiles….sexual harassment…domestic violence! OH MY!

47221a No.368013


You are very, very late, anon.

b880f8 No.368014


As if you didn't already.

e12296 No.368015

File: 6497d2543397793⋯.jpg (85.44 KB, 879x583, 879:583, twainNewsPapers.jpg)

File: b642096924a3b62⋯.jpg (24.23 KB, 640x300, 32:15, twainMajority.jpg)

File: f31fe6c33524a82⋯.jpg (585.67 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, TwainFoolPeople.jpg)

>>368000 (cheKeKed) trips o truth

053d34 No.368016


Even the Atlantic?

94c0f2 No.368018



This reminds me of Jamie Oliver's campaign in England to get all of the schools preparing healthy meals from scratch with healthy ingredients. No more turkey twizzlers made from mechanically recovered protein scraped off the bones, ground up and fried in palm oil.

In England the goal was achieved in that they not only improved the health of the children but taught them about better quality food choices which made its way back into their homes. This too is part of a nation's infrastructure.

And in the USA, if those delivery trucks run into problems in certain neighborhoods you can bet it will be a top police priority which will also flow benefits back to the families who then have safer neighborhoods making parents more likely to leave the home and find jobs.

Absolutely brilliant move. And liberals will love it too when their sons and daughters get jobs teaching healthy food preparation to the EBT food recipients, thus moving out of the basements.

e3de4c No.368019


WoW…, so Geotus at least isn't zionist, thanks Anon.

b03750 No.368020


This was the 666th reply

623540 No.368021


Tremendous. Regular flights to Gitmo by larger aircraft confirm everything.

It's happening.

443232 No.368022


Its brilliant!

POTUS needs to wean people off being dependent on the government by giving them jobs and makes it necessary to work to support themselves.

However, he can''t just yank the bottle away without being vilified. This food box idea is genius!

9c00f3 No.368023


Anyone remember those Anon's claiming they got empty/open envelopes in the mail?

I know they assumed it was Q related–perhaps foreshadowing all this?

Don't think a consensus was made if fake and gay?

e3de4c No.368024


So Geotus at least isn't zionist, thanks Anon.

3c9527 No.368025

Is it just me or does it seem there has been a big campaign started to tear everyone apart? All the famefags are in a tizzy, we have more shills then usual etc. Powder being sent

All this started after Q wanted us to start digging into big pharma.

47221a No.368026


I think that gives a very clear sign.

5e2a21 No.368027


Run our public bus service in South Australia and god knows what else.

bca374 No.368028


Israel and the Pope: two things they have spent centuries programming people to not look at objectively. Triggers for sure. Not even worth going there.

aab90f No.368029

120698 No.368031



Israel had backdoor to US wiretapping systems

Talking about it would be "career suicide"

Congress halted investigations

Robert Mueller, as FBI director, was warned

FOX footage gets buried

72047d No.368032


Hard facts are undeniable, I do not see it as hate.

As long as it is not hate then it is in-line with the directive…

623540 No.368033



Protected by GOD. That's why he is hated, like Trump.

72047d No.368034


If the facts are undeniable, it cannot be seen as hate. (by SANE people - others don't count).

As long as it is not hate then it is in-line with the directive…

f6a4af No.368035


I feel it too. Poppy.

If Stew Webb, Tom H. even remotely correct than the 2 Trillion missing from Pentagon(Rumsfeld 9/10 before 911) that was than used to buy puts could have been turned into a fortune. Putting them in the elite level globally.

94c0f2 No.368036


It's not a warning. The warning was broadcast on TV in the latest season f X-Files. (((They))) want us dead. Now, Later. Just dead.

d108a6 No.368037


>Have EBT

>Love this idea

Do you have to be a nigger to be up in arms about this?

e12296 No.368038


ya, I think you call that look disdain or disgust, I love the way he snubs that sunny beach

0d7f16 No.368039


I'm with the other anon. Please stop posting, and go back to playing videogames. Come back in a few years.

f4a88e No.368040

File: 2decd6e443a8660⋯.png (109.98 KB, 1280x859, 1280:859, patmed1.png)

File: 67a8854dd477e26⋯.png (95.57 KB, 1280x871, 1280:871, patentmed2.png)

Very interesting a Robot Surgeon?

Automatic identification of tracked surgical devices using an electromagnetic localization system


A method and apparatus for identifying a member used in a navigation system. The navigation system can determine the identification of an instrument via an input. The input can be substantially automatic when an instrument is introduced into the navigation system field or assembly.

47221a No.368041


Not bad, anon. Really good. I do, actually. I never could find the footage about it again.

b9fab7 No.368042

Really? Its weird…they run all kinds of random shit all over the world


623540 No.368043


>McLean, Virginia.


7fb21e No.368044


Good point. Could not that missing flight that Rothschild was involved in was a business patent deal that went poof when rest of partners died on plane.

72047d No.368045


Posting delayed! Are we being attacked again?

(or is it just the storm affecting my wireless link)

1a5d28 No.368046

File: aa92447d8f7ac09⋯.jpg (72.32 KB, 825x694, 825:694, DV5OhQMVAAApxRN.jpg)

215154 No.368047

File: 7e3e3340cdefe07⋯.png (124.01 KB, 1300x1057, 1300:1057, hands.png)

ultimately none of this matters, opinions of the sheep don't matter, opinions of the various governments and their shills don't matter.. the end game is upon us and has been in the works for thousands of years.. every country is controlled, every country bows down to the money, every country thus doesn't matter.

the hidden that are in charge were warned but inequity was called.

q - you know as well as i.

it is time.

f72df2 No.368048


I don't like blindly following either, nor anyone putting Q on an untouchable pedestal and trashing anyone who dares question Q's own narrative, because everybody has one.

ac047e No.368049

Anybody else get the emergency broadcast on the radio today around 3:30ish pm?

5604b3 No.368051


You just switched out one Clown asset for another!

623540 No.368052


You trust the NY Times? Come on man. Maybe it was, maybe not.

1a831f No.368053

all nations must come together and fix or try anyways fixing the leak in japan to try to save the ocean.

stop spraying our sky's, planet dimming my ass.

stop altering our fucking food and adding fluoride to our water.

without that happening, we are doomed no matter who is in the white house.

94c0f2 No.368054


Neither. The capital has already been built in Astana Kazakhstan not far from the Pamir Mountain ski area. The new cities for the elite families are empty and waiting in Northern China and North Korea.

But why do you care anyway? Dead sheep don't get to play.

5b7904 No.368055


Great stuff :)

7f581c No.368056


There are no hard facts about groups of people like THE Americans, THE Jews, THE Russians. These groups consist of individuals. Individuals are different from each other.

47221a No.368057


>"The children, the children"

Would be interesting if there was any recording of Boehner saying this.

3a73e5 No.368058


That was the best cheese ever!

5e2a21 No.368059


Everything is connected?

3c9527 No.368060


suc could have double meaning like many things. I had thought miniaturization success too.

b0ab5a No.368061


you have no idea where you are, do you?

b07728 No.368062


He is implying they are the same person, there are tangible theories of this on youtube.

6cc605 No.368063



f1ebc4 No.368064


The white powder thing about obama getting one ..

1- they sent one to bummer , Dems say they want him dead.

2- I didn't do it see I got one too.

3- Never happened… bullshit MSM

6507f7 No.368065


what do you think 23 &me and ancestry DNA sites are for.? Its for finding the perfect match for their organ transplants—JMO

cb47f2 No.368066


have u seen the Qmap?

b9fab7 No.368067


Seems that way…The CEO was also involved in a secret society with Jacob Rothschild at Oxford

4e1178 No.368068


You speak for many older people. I did vote Trump and I did attend rallies. I saw him and I heard him! He knew this was our last chance and said so at rallies

b0ab5a No.368071


It's just that others don't agree with your assessment. Welcome to h8chan lady, enjoy your stay.

259bed No.368072


LOL great smile for this

and poof! the pedos vanished into thin air

6bb0d3 No.368073


And persons with disabilities? Persons with cancer? Vegetarians with cancer? Persons who made obscene amounts of money and paid taxes in their life and now have cancer and get EBT? You get to choose their food?

76c0da No.368074

File: fa205575c1048db⋯.jpg (122.75 KB, 662x500, 331:250, 27867253_10208617829443339….jpg)

77e940 No.368076

File: d0e28007c4ffe1f⋯.png (141.22 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-02-13-19-4….png)

Did we ever definitively figure out the

—→P_ Papers ←-


Stumbled on this….

—→ The Poison Papers ←–

a9a0fb No.368077


Thank you for noticing and thanks for keeping tabs on images. Maybe I already talked to you about archiving sensitive images offline (Q No. 33)?

ef7536 No.368078


Fill that fucking place up and the bread too

4e7c88 No.368079


Their shit runs deep! They have their fingers in every pie!

ad15b2 No.368080


you can't make this shit up…

1a5d28 No.368081

File: ba365b99f044d5b⋯.jpg (63.7 KB, 600x314, 300:157, BS3oGewk.jpg)

"#ISIS threatens to invade Paris 'in the near future' in new video showing an attack on the Eiffel Tower"

Uh, in case #Bataclan didn't convince you, the invasion has already begun…

ISIS warns of Paris invasion ‘in the near future’

Paris is described as the 'capital of degeneracy' by jihadists who warn of a siege by militants and a surprise raid launched from 'ground tunnels'.


72047d No.368082


There are about the Khazars…

plenty of evidence.

That's the only group we should attack by name.

(also known as Ashkenazi's)

1a831f No.368083


no shit, get your nazi ass out of here

108c32 No.368084

Israel was created to fulfill biblical prophecy

7f581c No.368085



5590d5 No.368086


Might be taking Bibi off the stage since he was blackmailing Congress and others via Epstein Island videos.

6f4528 No.368087


She was on the 9/11 commission.

623540 No.368088

File: 71b32d6680a86de⋯.png (365.98 KB, 899x618, 899:618, back.png)


He came back 5 seconds later. You must be a clown

74f6c8 No.368089


The facts are things are not what they seem. Define proxy.

aab90f No.368090


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Obama-thein-sein.jpg

b57d05 No.368091

Patriots, fill this bread to ~751, then move on.

All others, stay back. Word on the street is that Kim Jong Un's "sister" will be showing up shortly. Hang back and tell us all about it afterward.








Fill this bread, anons.








I won't be here for the handoff.

New bread looks terrible. Dunno what happened. My first bad bake of many. My apologies.

BO/BV, can you fix?

61c2ed No.368092


If I'm not mistaken, Ken Starr and Killary are very close. I seem to remember something about a connection between Hillary and Starr through Baylor. Not sure.

120698 No.368093


That's their escape plan, not the existing seat of power.

dbed9a No.370322

You guys need to realize that there's no point in dropping the #ReleaseTheCures memes or anything having to do with the symbolism of flowers until a fat WL drop happens. This shit that's being discussed now couldn't be less normie friendly. They simply won't believe it until proof is in their faces and maybe not even then.

Also when the fucking Christ is the MSM going to be taken out. HOW FUCKING TIRING it must be for Trump to have this constant 50mph wind right in his face. If there are docs that show the MSM on the Clowns' payroll. that shit needs to drop NOW! The road ahead would be so much easier once they are crushed and crushed hard.

065d57 No.370724


Is the pope a Rothschild? Compairing their faces is unnerving. HOLY FUCK THE POPE IS A ROTHSCHILD LOOK UP THEIR FACES

065d57 No.370732


Please someone upload side by side photo of phillipine Rothschild and pope benedict. I feel sick. These are not people, these are demons.

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