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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 5f0e6a0e59f8189⋯.jpg (66.08 KB, 480x270, 16:9, QbannerSmall2.jpg)

fba771 No.375730

"Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions."


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fba771 No.375753

dough for #462


31292f No.375784


Nice job ANON you found the shooter's pic!

2e9e16 No.375785

Shooters first name is Nick or Nicholas

275c4e No.375786


Half nigger?

ecac3b No.375787

File: b0335d2e7ed6c1f⋯.jpg (19.18 KB, 400x225, 16:9, 5a82f1cadda4c83b618b45ad.jpg)


New antibiotic unearthed from the dirt

https:// www.rt.com/news/418723-new-antibiotic-found-dirt/

27e81f No.375788

Can anyone confirm a student saying "active shooter Drill" at school today?

fba771 No.375789


08811a No.375790


They had just had a fire drill.

f3fd65 No.375791

File: d074c569cc8937e⋯.png (2.9 MB, 2032x1139, 2032:1139, parkland22.png)

Superintendent says there are numerous fatalities.

2e9e16 No.375793


On Fox, a student in alternative school there did they they had a drill earlier, but not sure he said active shooter drill

b8e822 No.375794


also said FORMER student.

fb386f No.375795


What do you think our grandparents always had us go play in the dirt?

08811a No.375796


NOOOOO!!!! Ugh!!!!!!! Fucking A what is going on!?

a663e3 No.375797

File: 03582b5717e5d36⋯.png (628.64 KB, 1145x845, 229:169, nicholas cruz.png)

This is who Bill O'reilly says he is. He's probably verified this from friends still at Fox.

746fa4 No.375800

File: 1d1422899a7509e⋯.jpg (55.9 KB, 750x793, 750:793, DWBLIhcVMAE4xQo.jpg)

💥USA v FLYNN Case Update💥

Today, a Stipulated Motion was filed for Protective Order “Governing Discovery” by USA as to Michael Flynn.

This is a big deal. The Flynn Team is gathering new evidence to fight the charges & prove Flynn was framed.

33d047 No.375801

File: 546d8e80fbfc54d⋯.jpg (101.6 KB, 1424x542, 712:271, 9bded84b28a6be4183c7e199f5….jpg)


why are so easy to see?

d54858 No.375802



6d67f8 No.375804

I heard it too….and some black chick said something about a drill but stopped mid-sentence


08811a No.375805


That guy is not 20 or a red head WTF?!

8700b5 No.375806

We are under attack these days, every legal citizen should be allowed to carry arms.

f3fd65 No.375807


Fairly early on, I watched FOX news where a student said they had just had a shooting drill earlier so he and several other students just thought the bangs were blanks…like before… (not making this shit up.) It should still be in the fox live streams if you scroll back. (they go back 3 hours.)

7b9753 No.375808

putting him on stretcher not sure if right side live or not

https:// .pscp.tv/w/1RDGldXDymzGL

71a14e No.375810

Anyone who thinks you can't be light skinned and a Hispanic is wrong. Or black and light skinned. Is Blake Griffin the NBA player black or white. Answer: black.

f3fd65 No.375811


FOX reporting he was in class earlier today.

6c50f3 No.375812


Hope he wins BIGGLY!

08811a No.375813


Thank God!!!

ffd889 No.375814


I wasn't talking about the glove. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a snap shot on the white object, but it could have been a receipt or something.

2574d1 No.375816


same with the medicals, laughing and such

a5df11 No.375817

Delta of POTUS Tweets [5]

According to Timedeltaanon marker [5] is connected to acutal happenings.

Content of POTUS Tweets signals connection between shooting and Governor Rick Scott.

Or am i using the manual wrong?

f3fd65 No.375818


This is NOT the guy I just saw put into the squad car.

7790ce No.375819

To the Anon telling me I was WRONG about Broward County being DWS District….

Florida's 23rd congressional district is an electoral district for the U.S. Congress, located outside Miami, Florida. The district stretches from Weston to the City of Miami Beach.[5][6]

In 2016, it covers parts of BROWARD and Miami-Dade,[7] including Miami Beach

>>The district is currently represented by Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz.<<<


d54858 No.375820

43b1e5 No.375822

Watchdog's report faults VA chief over Europe trip expenses

https:// www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/watchdogs-report-faults-va-chief-over-europe-trip-expenses/ar-BBJ8Aew

Veterans Affairs chief, staff misled ethics officials about European trip, report finds

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/politics/veterans-affairs-chief-shulkin-staff-misled-ethics-officials-about-european-trip-report-finds/2018/02/14/f7fbc020-0c3a-11e8-8b0d-891602206fb7_story.html

332bc4 No.375824



The Police scanner is reporting there are swat teams going through the area now.

1e24d2 No.375825


they only do this to get damaging shit out of the news cycle…these people are sick as I'm sure you know

27e81f No.375827

Florida IS a "Sunshine Law" state.

22cdb4 No.375828


lol I love Sam Hyde. #1 school shooter NA.

6d67f8 No.375829

already starting with the gun control/mental illness narrative

d532a0 No.375830


And the sheriff is a corrupt Dem who was FBI trained.

f3bbd0 No.375832


There was definitely a fire drill today.

However, I do believe that one of the students made mention to an active-shooter drill that was held earlier in the school year.

5d749d No.375834

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Another video i think from the same room

39a938 No.375835


He just said there are multiple cop cars on campus on a daily basis. So how the fuck didn't they get to this guy earlier.

b8e822 No.375836


i know

332bc4 No.375840

There are two officers taking the suspect to boward hospital with officers following now


75512a No.375841


Thats a red flag pointing to False flag. Sherriff will help cover it up then

275c4e No.375842

>>375829 LEAD with mental health….so he's already figured out the motive?

Left MONARCH high school..plugging Toyota.

59cc5a No.375843

Change of Narrative? You guys think this is false flag ahead of Qs [Next Week]?

Weiners Laptop drop is just the beginning

a36296 No.375845


This guy is Houdini-Responsible for all mass casualties in USA yet never gets caught…didn’t he do Vegas too

12ca1c No.375846

File: 212949e1f2d3c64⋯.jpg (53.9 KB, 705x481, 705:481, f6553sd.jpg)

The suspect is white.

5d749d No.375847

File: 5d843cef93fed15⋯.png (429.04 KB, 884x624, 17:12, 1518643429135.png)

2e9e16 No.375848


It is also NOT a current tweet of Bill O.

0bf4e6 No.375851

Broward County Law Enforcement - Live Audio Feed Web Player

Active shooting scene at Stoneman Douglas High School

http:// www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/3010/web

cfe060 No.375852


This is Fucked… sorry.

5c6459 No.375854

File: c1f6964250020b6⋯.png (82.35 KB, 215x211, 215:211, FB_NC3.PNG)

Is this Nicholas Cruz???


7b9753 No.375856


OMG, so scary!

275c4e No.375857


fake and gay

33d047 No.375858

Jacob Zuma (South Africa) Resigned?

59cc5a No.375859


Activate sleeper cells

Isn't he JROTC

8700b5 No.375860



cfe060 No.375862


Looks like brown or dark red head.

aa0dc3 No.375863



FYI from personal knowledge, Parkland is home to several members of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan's family who own/work at Ryan, Inc Eastern just a few miles away. This area is actually pretty exclusive for that area.

Don't ask for sauce on the Ryan family info. My sauce is my life. I personally have worked for this family in that area. Take it or leave it.

But here is the obit for Richard Ryan when he died, pinpointing one part of the family in Parkland.


Coincidence, or a shot across the bow?

74dc9c No.375864

332bc4 No.375868

They are transporting the suspect to North Boward Hospital now. The police are requesting back up there…They are just now leaving the apprehension site now with suspect.


d532a0 No.375870


that sounded legit to me.

f3fd65 No.375873

File: 699aa5a75109a41⋯.png (3.98 MB, 2030x1142, 1015:571, parkland20.png)

File: e0fbfe99b671114⋯.png (3.98 MB, 2031x1143, 677:381, parkland19.png)

File: ff3012058b1061b⋯.png (3.86 MB, 2021x1135, 2021:1135, parkland18.png)

perp caps. This guy is scrawny and white as fuck.

6d67f8 No.375874


Always have registered and unregistered

62db12 No.375875


19 shots

7790ce No.375877


>sheriff is a corrupt Dem who was FBI trained

'sick, evil bastards'!!

d532a0 No.375879

#GunControlNow Trending bigtime

fd89d7 No.375880

File: 05631d05d57cd63⋯.png (288 KB, 647x614, 647:614, CBS room video.PNG)


Also on CBS


Sounds real to me as well

275c4e No.375881


what would you do? Fight? Flee or Film w/cam?

f2f8fd No.375882

Who ever the remote viewer is, what else do you see? Dont placate me like im a scared little bitch, give it to me straight.

4b24d8 No.375883

love the Sam Hyde newfag lures. Very useful/telling…

Ackbar approves!

cb38a5 No.375884

Hmmmm. Fuckery with the shooter. A ginger! No! A spic! No! ROTC! He is 19! No! 20! No! 21!

Fuckery with the students: very calm; strange statements. At Parkland (think JFK). In Debbie Wasserman Schultz's district >>375781.

Allegedly an active shooter drill going on today at the school.

FBI is on the scene handling things.

Any questions?

33d047 No.375885


it's good or bad?

f7eb99 No.375886

Kid looks like he is od'ing

ba379d No.375887


Likely a gun free zone. Sad.

d532a0 No.375888






05f060 No.375889


Or another interpretation is that Debate Hillary was supposed to be President, strong and healthy (and justified because that's who people saw in the debates, they have their ethics after all …) But when she lost the old Hillary reappeared (and maybe for her failure Debate Hillary was terminated) because old Hillary is the right character for the resistance.

c3dee1 No.375891

Good afternoon Anon's.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz apparently called up a MKUlta person to create chaos in Parkland Florida High School in her Feb 13th tweet:

"The #TrumpBudget makes room to give handouts to giant corporations, while making it harder for students to pursue higher education."

There must have been a coded message in that tweet.

https:// twitter.com/DWStweets/status/963463539745837064

8700b5 No.375892


Return Fire

45e1b6 No.375893


This is a request by Mueller and Flynn to ask that discovery requests of either of them be suppressed. They are trying to keep a lid on the case.

5d749d No.375894

This is possibly the shooters instagram

https:// www.instagram.com/cruz_nikolas/

4ba8fc No.375896


Did he have life-threatening injuries?

746fa4 No.375898

File: 5d704f41baf0c49⋯.jpg (58.83 KB, 910x719, 910:719, DWBh3BIX4AEhG1A.jpg)

Parkland shooter

https:// twitter.com/oreilIyfactor/status/963878339814592512

39a938 No.375902


>Hmmmm. Fuckery with the shooter. A ginger! No! A spic! No! ROTC! He is 19! No! 20! No! 21!

He was in class…..hes a former student..

fba771 No.375903


I saw it, and it may be 100% true but

>Don't ask for sauce on the Ryan family info. My sauce is my life.

kind of disQualifies it for inclusion in the bread

f2f8fd No.375905

Shooter suspect stated it was purge day.

74dc9c No.375906


good start but anc sold out to rotch in 1994 so yeah just new puppet sad to say…

4a3ef9 No.375907

Wasn't this week supposed to be a massive week with all of that "ha ha ha ha ha" jazz?

96c166 No.375909

File: 9d77f8e3133c935⋯.jpeg (295.07 KB, 1242x701, 1242:701, B999E86E-5AD5-43FB-827A-6….jpeg)

File: 7e739e122c69722⋯.jpeg (427.84 KB, 1238x2187, 1238:2187, 3FAC8A7C-997F-484F-93FF-0….jpeg)

Coincidence the Matrix (movie) grew people as a crop, used for energy, and controlled their mind?

Think children

Think slaves

Think sheep

8700b5 No.375911


Wouldn't have happened if teachers and staff were armed.

6a2ce8 No.375912

File: b79ed45cf478bc2⋯.png (70.62 KB, 763x463, 763:463, Runcie.PNG)

Broward County Supterintendent with strong ties to OBAMA

fd89d7 No.375914

File: de2bccf1b18bae0⋯.png (21.62 KB, 625x205, 125:41, Concha - retweet federal a….PNG)

POTUS offers federal assistance

43b1e5 No.375915

Shawn White Abuse Claims

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-partisan/wp/2018/02/14/the-olympics-make-us-all-blind-the-shaun-white-abuse-allegations-prove-it/?utm_term=.8f7c9cc9ccfb

746fa4 No.375917


this is so Flynn's team gets 'all' of Mueller's evidence used against him.

a6d093 No.375920

File: d77f16f5d22638a⋯.png (68.23 KB, 1373x249, 1373:249, ClipboardImage.png)

Posts being deleted in last bread. Very odd!!!

>>375801 haha funny they tried to recruit me past 10 years. I said no deal.

>>375825 See pic. It's very complex. The chans are used for this programming heavily. Twitter too in a very similar way. The short anonymous messages are perfect for hypnosis implanting triggers. MKULTRA is real and has been perfected by AI anons.

Stay vigilant. Never forget who you really are.

f3fd65 No.375921


clearly bullshit. look at the perp photos with the squad car. not the same guy.

332bc4 No.375922

Just listening to the cops talking back and forth on their radio's. They aren't mentioning the shooter is life threatening injuries. You can listen to them on: www.broadcastify.com/listen/ctid/321/web

6d67f8 No.375923


I wonder myself…in Texas, lots of 18 yr old high school students have guns. Its illegal to register under 21, but you can have one on your personal premises (car)

08811a No.375924


Smart move!

8e0cfb No.375926


975004 No.375928

where does CNN get these fucking weirdos from? do these people call news networks to tell them they were involved in tragedies and try to get on the air?

33d047 No.375929


it's time for a Martial Law?

a663e3 No.375930

they are no longer saying he is a student. Not sure where he is from

0bf4e6 No.375931


as this happens, I'm wondering whether Q was repeating (((their))) chatter, letting (((them))) know that he's aware that they had something planned for "next week"

6c50f3 No.375932


Your forgetting one thing.

The machines required "The One" as a sacrifice.

4ba8fc No.375934


Then why the trip to the hospital?

f3fd65 No.375935


shooter didn't look injured while being put in the squad car.

614fdb No.375936

File: 88f95d9d6ceea75⋯.png (140.86 KB, 765x657, 85:73, Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at ….png)

Does anybody have the twats sent out by CC? the one with the heart? Wasn't the heart tweeted out by multiple persons we're watching? Almonds = activated

a6d093 No.375937

16e0c2 No.375938


You're using the manual correctly.

The [5] Delta conveys information about what is happening now.

Previous example:

8:32 AM - re: illegal killed Edwin Jackson

8:37 AM - re: Prayers to family of Edwin Jackson

** Note the [5] which signifies “TODAY”

Trump is saying this is a current habbenings of the cabal striking out against Patriots.

a663e3 No.375939


It will be if they try to take our guns

60cdce No.375942


https:// twitter.com/CBSEveningNews/status/963883348035817473

6b8715 No.375943

File: dd86b57abfc1691⋯.png (15.41 KB, 720x561, 240:187, ClipboardImage.png)

Link provided in prior bread is not working…

I've never seen this message before!

Anyone else?

I'm watching on the Phoenix 10 FOX live.

aa0dc3 No.375945


Included link of funeral of Richard Ryan's family - Wills Ryan is the CEO/COO of Ryan Inc Eastern, plus several members of family of Paul Ryan from Janesville WI.

33d047 No.375946


Take head by head.

45e1b6 No.375947


Read the order.

fba771 No.375948


Is there another baker ITT?

332bc4 No.375949

Transporting to Boward North Hospital the shooter. No information on physical condition of the shooter. But he must be hurt or else they would just take him to the station one would think.


16a518 No.375950




>Fuck the remote viewers!!!!!! Why post it on Twitter instead of calling anonymous tips to the FBI or local police. Remote viewers are fucking useless attention whores!!!!

let me ask you something...how is it even POSSIBLE "they" already know what chat groups he was in and what videos he made?' Actually...think even harder...who is control of the "gov" and those info sources at this moment...ya'll really need to get real about this shit. BLACK HATS are everywhere....let it happen, trigger it to happen...shift the narrative? FUCKINA the "other side" could just as well say Trump's team let it happen to shift the narrative away from Stormie...always look at both sides, if you do you will almost always end up in the middle...wondering which witch is which.

THINK... if all communication is monitored, and key words set off alarms...fucking think.


>>>375463 (You)


>There were two High Schools in my area that were notified on the 8th of possible school shootings on V-Day. No iduea why, but those were found to be incredible.

I believe you....I'm thinking about students claming shooter was 21 student and people already spreading the ginger did it...but Ginger was ROTC they are usually academically advanced...just sayin'


I'm psychic. I hate it.

I don't hate it,...it's part of me...and not once, not ever would I try to make a living...this is how you tell wheat from chaff...fakers $$$ born that way=...nope...born that way is the hunted.

eb4cc6 No.375951


Just a fire drill

f3fd65 No.375952


News is putting those videos online? Wow….

08811a No.375953

Paul Ryan and the Ryan company are from WISCONSIN! NOT FLORIDA!

0bf4e6 No.375954


sounds like live rounds being fired in both videos i've seen so far

12ca1c No.375955

File: 6aa870af192663d⋯.jpg (236.78 KB, 858x642, 143:107, u2npxHBq1sjc974o1_1280.jpg)

6d67f8 No.375956

Sometimes they block the link bcs its being pirated >>375943

fd89d7 No.375957

File: c05c43cee6dbbbd⋯.png (10.14 KB, 589x111, 589:111, AP 14 shooting victims.PNG)

f86f0d No.375958

File: da2e23abb575860⋯.jpg (98.36 KB, 500x733, 500:733, index.jpg)


my feeling is that you may be right..

74dc9c No.375959


can hope but its about gettin the snakes heads first and thats what q nd team would hopefully do then can start locally

05f060 No.375960


So I can't just watch the guy do tricks on his snowboard without worrying about his relations with girlfriends, wives, employees, etc?

#metoo is going too far. If the guy had a drunk driving conviction they wouldn't make this big a deal of it, but that's far worse than what's alleged here.

39a938 No.375961


>But he must be hurt or else they would just take him to the station one would think.

I doubt we ever see him again. "His injuries were too severe!"

16a518 No.375962


>>>375531 (You)


>Google Canelo Alvarez. He's a ginger hispanic boxer. Nearly fell outta my chair the first time I ever saw him. It happens.

Having lived South of the border...of course it happens...lol Colonialist sperm left their mark...as did...the Cloud People.

d234ef No.375963


Sauce or get rek'd

5d749d No.375964

Shooter may have posted on halfchan before shooting

http:// boards.4chan.org/r9k/thread/43204710#p43204710

45e1b6 No.375965


I'm not an attorney. I hope it means that.

8700b5 No.375966


Yeah that's why he shot up a school, oh yeah makes sense…duh

db3721 No.375967


Nobody understands the problem.

It's the Cabal creating and inciting fear and violence.

We can spin this for Truth, just need good ideas.

It's NOT about "control control control". It's about "develop in a way that doesn't lead to kids shooting up schools".

f3fd65 No.375968


Latest I've heard on MSM re: sherriff is 20-50.

4d8c84 No.375970


Why don't they just lock Sam Hyde up? I mean after so many school shootings, he's old news.

324cb5 No.375971


I heard a kid (boy) say that they heard "shots" and thought it was a drill, were told to evacuate via intercom and heard more shots.

94a140 No.375972

Florida is one of the Top Most Corrupt States in this country.

Why am I not surprised they did the FF here.

a5bcb7 No.375973

File: c672ea86950f2d5⋯.jpg (52.7 KB, 550x364, 275:182, c672ea86950f2d5a8555f3052e….jpg)


>https:// www.rt.com/news/418723-new-antibiotic-found-dirt/

Does it cure Cancer?

4ba8fc No.375974


Time to visit big pharma for deprogramming.

ffd889 No.375975



08811a No.375976


Why would you evacuate on a shooter scenario?

795401 No.375977

File: 3752caffc90f686⋯.png (15.58 KB, 529x388, 529:388, wtferror.PNG)

why am I getting this when I try to post?

Im also getting redirected to a philosophy page.

Its wacky today.

Anybody else?

5d749d No.375978

File: 2244edc6d838ba3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 3.49 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 1518643727478.png)

Pic of body

16a518 No.375980


doesn't look like a fuzzy headed ginger to me...and cops wear gloves when touching anyone...just sayin'

(old bread pic related)

498777 No.375981

Do you anons remember a movie titled “the village” by M. Knight Shamalyan?? Where people thought they were living inside a forest in the 1700’s and when one of them escaped it turned out they were living in modern day times trapped inside of a huge park….. maybe we are trapped within a realm someone else created for us and didn’t want us to see the truth?? And Q is opening our eyes? I’m like a little waiting for Santa… come on Q, the wait for our freedom is torturing me lol

aa0dc3 No.375982



Ryan Inc Eastern in Deerfield Bch Fla is their companty too, based in Janesville WI

I worked for them and know them personally shit for brains.

If you don't know what the fuck you're talking about, KYS and STFO

f2f8fd No.375983

I thought Q could see and hear everything? Appearently not.

And why do they hate florida so much?

fd794e No.375984

File: f966d95129c1874⋯.jpg (53.15 KB, 717x535, 717:535, 1513528368172.jpg)

Ask Yourself

What are they distracting you from with this MKUltra-tier school shooting?

My guess is on the NSA gate shooting, but there must be more going on today.

When these sick fucks start getting exposed at the higher levels, they will lash out in any way they can. Surely they will attempt more school schootings, white powder scares, etc.. I pray for those who have been victimized here- but this discourse here has been reduced to sea-level speculation instead of keeping a 40k view.

Would it be a wise idea to separate thread for those who want to dig this FF?

27e81f No.375985

File: 371ea6fbb38216f⋯.png (520.37 KB, 1033x838, 1033:838, Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at ….png)

https:// truepundit. com/gunmaker-remington-file-bankruptcy/

Pic related

8700b5 No.375986

Counter gun control narrative with ARM EVERY LEGAL CITIZEN!

33d047 No.375987


South Africa is from BRICS.., important is.., Now the problem is in Brazil.., Temer doesn't want resign.

332bc4 No.375988

Parents are starting to call police station, calling N.Broward Hospital, looking for their children according to the police radios

7c8983 No.375989

Anyone hear the FL school had a school shooting drill earlier in the day?

No one thought it was gun fire because of all of the balloons at the school

941597 No.375991


Course he's white. Next he'll be an 'autist' too.

cb0408 No.375992

File: 0d670ebfa5e6150⋯.png (938.26 KB, 1338x603, 446:201, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 92bcfde88c1ef9d⋯.png (473.28 KB, 604x982, 302:491, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fe2b545e47e68bc⋯.png (190.1 KB, 708x740, 177:185, ClipboardImage.png)

Someone posted Philippine de Rothschild

Strange connections to weird people of course…:

Baroness Philippine de Rothschild, with Jeff Koons (pro-weirdo and pedo) who is also friend of Marina Abramovich …

They really know how (not?) to choose friends .

"Qatar pays big money for his art"

art, is the best way to launder money since you can price any shit to millions…

What are they actually paying for? Funneling sex slave money??

60cdce No.375993

File: cd80e2c1a80d8b7⋯.png (595.84 KB, 872x502, 436:251, screenshot_1259.png)

Suspect on the way to hospital….

fb386f No.375994


I heard you. Filtered

33d047 No.375995

File: 55042635ae2eed5⋯.jpg (43.05 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 7f0a8516d4826b69f76187c6cd….jpg)

08811a No.375996



975004 No.375997


that's required by the rules of procedure in the first place - convictions can be overturned if it winds up that prosecutorial evidence was not presented to the defense, particularly evidence exculpatory in nature

1dc4cc No.375998


>https:// twitter.com/oreilIyfactor/status/963878339814592512

Will probably die in hospital

858aa0 No.375999


when the shooter is still at large and you take a picture of a dead person you apparently know and you have the time to think of and use a fucking hashtag



16a518 No.376000




>Not white enough andhis head is wider. Video I saw - guys head is pretty narrow. Scrawny guy.

Pics of arrest do not show a red head..

See pics at old bread here...


5d749d No.376001


Notice rifle casings

4d8c84 No.376002


Film and scream so the shooter gets annoyed

c70e70 No.376003




its just a meme yall everybody calm down

523f9b No.376004


It's also how we found Vanc.

a5bcb7 No.376005


>This is a request by Mueller and Flynn to ask that discovery requests of either of them be suppressed. They are trying to keep a lid on the case.

More evidence Muellar MAY BE /ourguy/

ce4664 No.376006

what are we being distracted from observing today during this 'shooting', I wonder? There is always that aspect.

db6e8d No.376007



Different guy.

Shooter in ambulance not squad car.

e25bc0 No.376008

File: 5eea14ce07b9376⋯.jpeg (486.23 KB, 1550x907, 1550:907, B30B5B79-3060-4439-A495-D….jpeg)

Turn around or fleeing from inside?

aa0dc3 No.376009


Big fucking deal…

They teach you to dig and read there?

Start hear fuck face before you call me a liar

http:// www.ryanfl.com

When you're done, you can suck my dick.

f3fd65 No.376010



Looks brownish - could be red. Not sure.

12ca1c No.376011


These are markers.

6c50f3 No.376012

Didn't see loads of meat wagons being loaded with these supposedly victims.

3ca4bd No.376013

T cells activated

FL school could be non-involved

There may be more incidents.

2574d1 No.376014

there we go: guncontrol… figures

6d67f8 No.376015


I thought those were pens

Wouldn't you say that gunfire sounded exactly like a 9mm?

c3dee1 No.376016


That's a very good point Anon. MKUltra shooter will be taken out in hospital. I think you spot on.

74dc9c No.376017


problem is new president wealthy and known to move in money filled circles…including knowns like rothch…but yeah time will tell

403e72 No.376018


Maybe you need to pay attention to what the fuck he said then. He worked for them ffs

12ca1c No.376019

File: 14f3b686107e604⋯.jpg (92.99 KB, 900x639, 100:71, d8d62jqg7dbn.jpg)

60cdce No.376020

File: d08e31110ed6a45⋯.png (615.29 KB, 870x496, 435:248, screenshot_1260.png)

Here we go with gun control!!!

fb386f No.376021


I did when I first tuned in. At least a few and them putting people on stretchers in them.

43b1e5 No.376022

SpaceX news

https:// www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/fcc-chair-backs-spacex-plan-to-provide-broadband-by-satellite/ar-BBJ8BnX?ocid=sf

ab3222 No.376023

I thought this was supposed to be a good week; maybe seeing something positive. Another FF/shooting? Time to hold the perps accountable.

39a938 No.376024


L is for LARP

c894b2 No.376025

File: dd2f8cb27c052de⋯.png (172.18 KB, 461x606, 461:606, RBG Rockefeller scholarshi….PNG)

File: ccb2861019180cd⋯.png (8.82 KB, 317x173, 317:173, Q738.PNG)

File: fe7a29cb63af823⋯.png (4.32 KB, 320x297, 320:297, Q749.PNG)

File: c7a9857ce2d68e7⋯.png (4.11 KB, 312x123, 104:41, Q750.PNG)

File: b2e89318ea413c9⋯.png (64.05 KB, 221x610, 221:610, Bossie Godfather Daily KOS.PNG)

Anons & Baker

Please consider this interpretation of the

"Think United" in Q drop

Q posts 738, 749 and 750 in codefag.


McCain Feingold law (no corporate donations for commercials within 30 days of elections) >>Citizens United>> David Bossie>>Attorneys wife was in plane that crashed into Pentagon 9/11>> Movie "Hillary">>contentious Supreme Court case re: campaign contributions/ commercials/etc…>>RBG Scalia (187)?>

Six days after the Court’s decision, President Obama gave his State of the Union address. Picking up on the issue that Ginsburg had raised in the oral argument—the possibility of foreigners buying influence in American elections—the President declared, “With all due deference to separation of powers, last week the Supreme Court reversed a century of law that I believe will open the floodgates for special interests—including foreign corporations—to spend without limit in our elections.” The Democrats in the chamber rose in a standing ovation as Obama continued, “I don’t think American elections should be bankrolled by America’s most powerful interests or, worse, by foreign entities.” Cameras caught Alito mouthing the words “not true” when Obama mentioned foreign corporations. Alito had a point. Kennedy’s opinion expressly reserved the question of whether the ruling applied to foreign corporations. But, as Olson had argued before the Justices, the logic of the Court’s prior decisions suggested that foreign corporations had equal rights to spend in American elections.

In any event, the implications of Citizens United were quickly apparent. In March, 2010, the D.C. Circuit ruled that individuals could make unlimited contributions to so-called Super PACs, which supported individual candidates. This opened the door for Presidential campaigns in 2012 that were essentially underwritten by single individuals.


1dc4cc No.376026


>https:// twitter.com/oreilIyfactor/status/963878339814592512

Just realised this Bill O'Reilly account isn't the official one

f8478f No.376027

Senator Nelson not looking too sad but wants our guns, didn't this happen at the end of the school day, that girl on tv said it happened during fire drill, what school has a fire drill at the end of the day?none

f2f8fd No.376028


Legit statement

dcf373 No.376029



cb0408 No.376030


Something is going on…. so narrative change is NEEDED.

-> gun control, Trump supporter did it?

6c50f3 No.376031


Faces covered up?

068a35 No.376032

Meaning of Numbers in the Bible

The Number 22

http:// www.biblestudy.org/bibleref/meaning-of-numbers-in-bible/22.html

332bc4 No.376033

File: cd80e2c1a80d8b7⋯.png (595.84 KB, 872x502, 436:251, HOSPPITAL.png)


This is sad, parents calling the police station whose children were not at the Marriot for pick up. I assume these are the children that were shot at the school and at the hospital or in the morgue now.

Police are trying to make sure there are officers at the hospital to talk with parents

08811a No.376034


That's not verifiable sauce and a lot of people in WI work for them too.

c70e70 No.376035



4ba8fc No.376036

523f9b No.376037


The black chick who was visiting a teacher said they had a fire drill earlier.

ba379d No.376038


Kinda shilly in here ain't it

858aa0 No.376039


not looking too sad but definitely not looking any less like i'd imagine a demonically possessed person to look

bff9e8 No.376040


Why yes because the best thing to do when you see a corrupt system which exploits children and kills them, is to kill children. If this is a false flag on their part then it only proves they are as sick as Q says they are.

5d749d No.376041


They could be idk just trying to keep up on info for diggers

sounded like a lower caliber than a rifle to me

d234ef No.376042


Protip: Try and remove the (Ewe) From your copy pastas.

You've probably been filtered by more than not.

a6d093 No.376043


I'm here and I'm being bombarded and distracted.


I don't get paid and I don't usually like to draw atttention to my 'gift' because it usually only causes a bunch of assholes to attack me. I definitly don't make money off it. Shit just comes to me. I don't ask for it. Sure its cool sometimes but when its stuff like this I wish it never happened. Because there's nothing I can do about it. If I called up the authorities and told them they would have me locked in the mental hospital and pumped full of drugs or just laugh and hang up (that has happened before).

33d047 No.376044

File: 0cbea0696e1bca0⋯.png (84.23 KB, 861x575, 861:575, Cyril.png)


The replacement is Cyril Ramaphosa?

ffd889 No.376045



probably just a clown…that ID only posted once in this thread and none in the prior 2 going back to 1 PM

7c8983 No.376047

Baker can we please use the Q be my valentine meme for the general thread for the rest of the day?

e074b8 No.376048


Nice distraction from what Hannity was talking about last night. Looked like another fake event to this Anon.

cb38a5 No.376049


Whole thing reeks. Seen this all before. Same fucking script, different day.

db3721 No.376050



On one side watch the situation closely, then again look for what they are trying to hide.

Sad event, might be very relevant too.

a151c5 No.376051




My question is, who the hell is Zainab N. Ahmad?

db6e8d No.376052



Different guy.

Shooter in ambulance not squad car.


Don’t be a fuckwad.

This was posted after shooting.

2532ef No.376053


How far away is this hospital? Its like watching the White Bronco…

fb386f No.376054


No. Saw face and them tightening the straps before putting in.Picture was from helicopter

3dd9ad No.376055




a663e3 No.376056


OMG – I'll bet that was him!

ed45b3 No.376057

Man, this is absolutely unreal..the fucking children. Why? STOP THE FUCKING KILLING!

6c50f3 No.376058


See what I mean?

1c6d83 No.376059


well done should be added to future breads


cb38a5 No.376060


Shut up with your "special" bullshit.

858aa0 No.376062


they pulled the guy out of the cop car to put him on a stretcher and load him into the firetruckbulance

0391d6 No.376063

File: fcbb13ab1e03238⋯.jpeg (80.88 KB, 520x597, 520:597, B7EBB3EC-18A1-41E6-94E7-C….jpeg)

Don’t forget who controls the AMA. what’s the symbol of the AMA?? Anyone see serpents??? Look at the Greek symbology

Pic related.

Fuck these guys. I work in the alternative healthcare industry !! I have been fighting against vaccines. I have known about Nagalase/Cancer/vaccines for a while. big Pharma is on a death mission. There is no wonder why they have 30 seconds of side effects to include death or thoughts of suicide in EVERY DRUG THERE IS.

Time to get fucked!!!!!!!

c3dee1 No.376064

New DWS tweet. 2 hours after shooting:

"I am closely monitoring the developing situation at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Broward County. The victims are weighing heavy in my heart as is the courage of the first responders on the scene. This senseless violence must end."

https:// twitter.com/DWStweets

6d67f8 No.376065


No worries, anon

Def sounded like a 9mm to me….or I have a Glock 30 thats a .45…sounded like it

068a35 No.376066

dems…. WANT DACA




5d749d No.376067

Closer video of shooter being arrested

https:// twitter.com/twitter/statuses/963890360618545153

3a30da No.376068

File: bbcdae1fb29e0a2⋯.jpg (111.74 KB, 600x452, 150:113, rothschild12.jpg)

Can someone identify this person for me please?

74dc9c No.376069

File: e1e39f0e8601c8a⋯.jpg (82.5 KB, 878x403, 878:403, ramap.JPG)


yes…but this back in 1996

9c66a7 No.376070


Ok… so, living in Atlanta for 19 yrs. I've lived thru 3 c-store robberies. Now, it depends on who you are and what your made of, and I'm a Fight my way out. But that does sound like real gun shots, been there done that!

f3fd65 No.376071


Fox reported it as the perp as he was being put into the squad car live. Also matches earlier description of maroon shirt and black pants. Not convinced it is a different guy. One suspect. More than one arrested? I think not.

0bf4e6 No.376072




21ef63 No.376073


Lurk moar faggot

a5df11 No.376074


Good to know. And now lets draw a red circle around it so everyone takes notice.

1dc4cc No.376075

File: 385e442ecf7d8a3⋯.png (47.98 KB, 438x152, 219:76, wtf.png)


This is NOT the shooter this image appears in numerous other chans by the looks of it from a google img search

7790ce No.376076


Didn't you say yesterday you 'saw something' and that it was Asia related??

b41732 No.376077


>shooter posting on /r9k/

>not /b/

have their standards fallen so low?

c70e70 No.376078




332bc4 No.376079


Not sure how far the hospital is away from the school… Not hearing if they have arrived or not arrived with the shooter. I would think they would be there by now. It's been 20 minutes since they left the school

a6d093 No.376080


That's not too far from the truth.

31734f No.376081



It’s deleted now. What did it say?

8700b5 No.376082


They should have loaded victims first and his ass last like in the NH bank shooting

fb386f No.376083


That there were real kids put on the stretcher? There were. Don't know if they were really hurt though. Was close enough to see their faces but they had blankets strapped across their bodies.

6d67f8 No.376084


I saw a dude on a stretcher being loaded in the ambulance…couldnt see much

Then a white. chick hobbling towards the ambulance

543688 No.376085


Now I see why Q says these people are stupid!

403e72 No.376086


Verifiable sauce? Wtf are you talking about? Anon just wanted to add a bit. Said himself he wasn’t going to provide it. Take for what it’s worth and move the fuck on

43b1e5 No.376087


>http:// boards.4chan.org/r9k/thread/43204710#p43204710

Anyone got a screen cap? Link is 404'd

add45f No.376088


quite suspect. fucking cia.

3ca4bd No.376089


Have you seen Saul Alvarez? He's not nick-named Canelo for nothing.

3a30da No.376090



4d8c84 No.376091


DWS sounds just like the "senseless Q" heavy heart shill from last night

5bc4b6 No.376092

Hillary, Killery, Shillery

Should be hanging in a pillory,

For covering the tracks,

Of her treasonous acts,

And other things ancillary.

462f03 No.376093

File: a82001c5234558c⋯.png (5.02 KB, 283x178, 283:178, falseFlag.png)

Q said they're gonna wait for resignations instead of actually dropping The Hammer cuz they're worried about Leftist chimpouts. Today's false flag with kids dead, rapid assault rifle fire reported, and an uncanny amount of camera phone footage of the carnage is an absolute disaster. So in the wake of that, I say to Q:

"Any other bright ideas?"

580594 No.376094


(((they))) need to get the adrenochrome some where

these people are sick

732268 No.376095


The NSA shooting was a distraction!

Now they will try more shootings to push their Gun Control agenda!

ed45b3 No.376096

they'll label him as a white supremacist, trump supporter, who hangs out and spends his time on 4chan and 8chan with people who call themselves AUTISTS and make memes of conspiracies.

6c50f3 No.376097



But no bodies being loaded up.

29e001 No.376098

Q posted yesterday that "Hanoi is educational."

7342b0 No.376099



And this is??

4ba8fc No.376100


Truth seeker nature

f3fd65 No.376101


GOOD. More than one video he was put in a squad car. Media reporting he's in an ambulance. They're gonna try to spin this and say he died at the hospital from wounds sustained when shot by police. This is some mkultra bullshit.

6d67f8 No.376102


No…didnt see any bodies

a7ee7b No.376103

they put him in cop car then 10 -15 min later put in amb

b41732 No.376104


because false flags mean they're desperate to change narrative and we can discuss responding to that.

c5ce7a No.376105


taking him to the same hospital as victims??

c894b2 No.376106


Couple these connections with McNoName campaign donations (Institute)

>>373669 MCStain Foundation *another anons work

>>371087 Vietnam YSEAL SEED *another anons work

>>373801 *another anons work

c75fe0 No.376107


has anyone figured out what this means yet?

754e2e No.376108

Took him (suspect) to SAME hospital as 4 other people taken to

523f9b No.376109


this seems meme worthy.

02383c No.376110

File: cacf0f0f4d52199⋯.png (231.09 KB, 1253x695, 1253:695, Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at ….png)


all i managed to get

068a35 No.376111


Do you really understand what a FF is ??

f3fd65 No.376112


False flag doesn't mean people weren't killed. This could be a real shooter planted in a school to cause a narrative shift.

8700b5 No.376113


Cuz they are killing our children

96aaa2 No.376114

File: 11e3df89271280a⋯.jpg (113.73 KB, 974x432, 487:216, ahole.jpg)


Not sure if same jackass, regardless, this is fvcked up /www.instagram.com /p/_p7Iqjrcig/?taken-by=cruz_nikolas

0ae4d8 No.376115


Sad thing is, I could see the Dems pulling that shit. Twisted little monkeys, the lot of them.

45e1b6 No.376116


Killing children is apparently what these people do.

83f64a No.376117

Shooter put in piloce car, then moved to ambulance, now being 'taken to hospital'

fb386f No.376118


I don't think they said anyone was dead. I may have heard about one but not sure.

b41732 No.376119


>blame Q for what the Cabal does

any other leaps of logic?

3ca4bd No.376120


Quite the opposite. Evidence can be shared with all directly connected.

614fdb No.376121

File: bcdfadf33c0acdf⋯.png (630.34 KB, 469x666, 469:666, Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at ….png)

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marc_Dutroux

First off, sorry if this feels slide-y. Not trying to slide. A post in the previous bread got me reading the Wiki page for Marc Dutroix. Now, I know it is nearly impossible to red pill via google, but this case is something else. I recommend it to those who want to gain some insight as to the level injustice happening in the EU, namely Belgium.

This guy is a convicted serial murderer and child rapist. He had accomplices. Most of them are walking free (according to Wiki). They've gone so far as to lodge complaints (for compensation) about their moral rights being infringed because of lapses in due process of law over there.

So, Belgium, you're telling me that if I am an amoral sociopath with homicidal tendencies and I live in a country with a broken system, then I can be compensated and the people who helped me carry out crimes can walk free.

Jesus, it'd be sad if it wasn't so infuriating.

6d67f8 No.376122

They said shooter just pulling up to the hospital

f8478f No.376124

male at gunpoint right now, cop out of breath

7790ce No.376125

File: e0c752f7778816d⋯.jpg (159.88 KB, 644x674, 322:337, Roths freak show.jpg)

db6e8d No.376126


No…more like mid day. Started between 1 and 130

Obviously, you aren’t in US.

eeb529 No.376127

File: ad6770d67adc0e2⋯.png (399.78 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180214-163611.png)

File: 4d4a611ad34bdb0⋯.png (556.34 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180214-164222.png)

4d6f7d No.376128



possible archive found over on half-chan:

https:// desuarchive.org/r9k/thread/43204710/

858aa0 No.376129


excellent work. i am surprised i didnt think of this one. excellent.

f3fd65 No.376130


where's the sauce? there was nothing about the behavior of the arresting officers that suggests the perp had any injuries at all. they took their sweet fucking time.

a663e3 No.376131


He posted his first rant on half chan at 12:58. Looking at it now. Shooting less than an hour later. You lurk moar, faggot

29e001 No.376132


No, just thought it was interesting.

068a35 No.376133


Sorry I didn't mean DEMS,,,

It's more .. NWO asshats

GOD v Satan

332bc4 No.376134

Westbound policeman on foot yelling about subject around the University…Same cop has another male at gunpoint. Both males are black and another officer is chasing the other male at the university, he's behind some bushes

08811a No.376135

This sounds like more than one shooter in this incident

33d047 No.376136


New Puppet.., right.., for that I said "Take head by head".., the resignations won´t finish..

eb63e8 No.376137

File: 0a64fc212114385⋯.jpeg (231.06 KB, 1536x1062, 256:177, 4F7B1F75-5E96-4FAF-98FA-7….jpeg)


>Hillary, Killery, Shillery

>Should be hanging in a pillory,

>For covering the tracks,

>Of her treasonous acts,

>And other things ancillary.

6c50f3 No.376138


But you have a senator stating many are dead.

It's a FF trying once again to get gun control in place.

This is how the dems are going to fire back at GOP and POTUS because of DACA.

f7b95c No.376139


Saved offline.

8700b5 No.376140


That's a different call

6f6bc1 No.376141

The superintendent told CBS Miami he had just been at the Broward County teacher of the year award ceremony. He said he was at Monarch HS for a teach of the year award when he got alerted.

http:// www.gflalliance.org/news/2018/02/09/education-news/monarch-high-teacher-named-broward-s-2018-teacher-of-the-year/

795354 No.376142

File: f9aad967776168c⋯.png (213.17 KB, 476x479, 476:479, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 21353a3044c3518⋯.png (139.86 KB, 725x578, 725:578, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 501f973b1a00ba4⋯.png (205.56 KB, 513x495, 57:55, ClipboardImage.png)

6b8715 No.376143


These people are evil!

Prayerful Anons please pray!

I pray that any programming that's been done on children or on adults be null and void! God please do not allow them to trigger anyone with key words or pictures or symbols!

dd894a No.376144


Oh yeah, I would scream and shit my pants - but at the same time I would hold my mobile still and take a video…

71a14e No.376145

DWS just posted about how this senseless violence must end on her twitter. Go to her twitter and respond you agree with "who shot Seth Rich and Beranton Wisenant."

ba379d No.376146


Wake up before posting. Ugh

a5bcb7 No.376147


Some idiots stole a car and got trapped at NSA. Guard pulls you over for ""trespassing"" and guess what? PANIC.

Was told they use this honeypot to catch ILLEGALS all the time….

Those who think this was some kind of clown attack, HA!

It's a fucking disgrace to trap people this way.

fb386f No.376148


Didn't hear about any Senator

83f64a No.376149

7 dead

0bf4e6 No.376150



Think intel

someone's talking,, could be the ex-PM in the pic with Ginsburg

b495c1 No.376151


Looks like Helene de Rothschild

5d749d No.376152

File: 21594cc20317eb4⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1319x768, 1319:768, 1518644874140.png)

58e4b5 No.376153

This is for the person disturbed by the syria foreign policy the other day. I too have been a bit upset over how this is playing out. When I read this today, all i thought was, "disinfo is real and necessary".

https:// www.rt.com/news/418819-distorted-data-peskov-syria/

Some of the numbers could very well be Russians who are isis sympathizers. Or, like most news, just made up from thin air.

31292f No.376154



http:// archive.is/A4JSf

332bc4 No.376155


The Cops at the University are broadcasting LIVE…this is a live situation happening now. They have multiple units there now.

12ca1c No.376156

File: 6aa870af192663d⋯.jpg (236.78 KB, 858x642, 143:107, u2npxHBq1sjc974o1_1280.jpg)

ba379d No.376157

9c66a7 No.376158

Did anyone post? They have the kid in custody now

31292f No.376159


http:// archive.is/A4JSf

4d8c84 No.376160


False tits or GTFO

db6e8d No.376161


Missed that watching live but didn’t see.

dd894a No.376162

Is that Laptop glued to the table?

f8478f No.376163


that's near the end of the school day, school gets out around 2:30 an hour later

16a518 No.376164


wait…didn't they say suspect taken in ambulance…did they stick this guy in ambulance later? pic shows him being put in car…wtf? other's claim suspect taken away in ambulance.

08811a No.376165

23290f No.376166


Correction: THIS shooting was a distraction from the NSA shooting.

f8478f No.376167


He was on all the channels

6c50f3 No.376168


He was put into a patrol vehicle.

16eea3 No.376169

File: 370200e014b5419⋯.jpeg (337.66 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, colloidal silver.jpeg)

74dc9c No.376170


hope so yeah

eb63e8 No.376171


Good, didn’t like him. He was cutting Vietnam nam vets their disability,

45edde No.376172


CHECK. And all hose those Blue Lodge boys he supports will never turn against the Lodge(s) that support the FF.

b5a281 No.376173

If this was a FF this needs to end now, Qteam, NOW. Change the plan and annihilate these people NOW once and for all. From the top to the bottom.

064282 No.376174

File: 72f4159d4acd149⋯.jpg (150.59 KB, 719x607, 719:607, scjpm - Copy.jpg)


dug a bit into there schooling system

f3fd65 No.376176


I think media misreporting - trying to change narrative. Fox is saying the perp doesn't look injured now and is replaying the same video!

6d67f8 No.376177

Fox reporting dude was obsessed with guns and resistance groups…like in syria

60cdce No.376178


Thank You –– anons do not lose focus on the NSA shooting….

12ca1c No.376179


And then in an ambulance.

2574d1 No.376180


fact there was that one of the accomplices said that people in high places were involved…. child-abduction, people in government & judges was said…. that was swept under te carpet and people here in belgium weren't allowed to know more… suddenly it became a crazy pervert on his own… but was much more to it… cover-up!

d234ef No.376181



In the bin witchoo

858aa0 No.376182


>not putting your head all the way on the floor (or through it if you could) to save your own life so that you can fulfill your crisis role as "crouching flower dress woman #3"

5d749d No.376183

interview with witness

https:// twitter.com/Brandon_Odoi/status/963884573884108805


c75fe0 No.376184

Just got home, wanted to come here and figure out the NSA shoot out story from this morning, Now this FF will be spammed in here all fucking night.

c70e70 No.376186

File: 6c3d23da3c0ccc7⋯.png (424.37 KB, 610x399, 610:399, ClipboardImage.png)

83f64a No.376187

Perp first put in police car, then put in ambulance.

db3721 No.376188


Do you know the 100% Truth?

Can you act based on the partial information that you have?

f3fd65 No.376189


Also, the perp is standing on his own calmly (cuffed.) I see NO indication of any injuries. They had him pinned on the ground pretty stiffly earlier on the lawn.

754e2e No.376190

While being arrested he looks DRUGGED or DRUNK. His head keeps bobbing around.

6d67f8 No.376191


Sen Nelson, I believe

08811a No.376192


It's got to be more than one.

b41732 No.376193


>what was Las Vegas and why only now am I pooper-peeved at another FF

concern shills are so obvious

29914c No.376195

File: a3702a732bcfcaa⋯.png (233.14 KB, 523x321, 523:321, ClipboardImage.png)

332bc4 No.376196

Not sure if the two suspects at the University are a separate shooting starting to develop or where being chased from the school to the University. One cop has one of the suspects at gun point and in cuffs. They other suspect is still hiding behind a bush at the University. There are backup cars there now also. This is happening live folks…just click on link above and listen for yourself

16a518 No.376197


>Shooter suspect stated it was purge day.

for a ROTC guy he sucked at targets…that classroom video was just shooting at computers? Weird as fuck.

60cdce No.376198

I have now turned off Fox News and am going back to digging on the NSA caper….

33d047 No.376199

Now guys.., with this NSA and Florida Shooting, do you think that it´s time for a Martial Law?..

fb386f No.376200


never paid attention. All news that first comes out is mostly wrong. I wait until things calm down especially now.

08811a No.376201


HILARIOUS!! I'm keeping it!

6c50f3 No.376202



Does this look like a meat wagon?

The po-po are taking him to hospital.

7790ce No.376203


>Didn't hear about any Senator

Shep said Florida Sen. told him "many have been killed" before they even had the shooter in custody!!

16eea3 No.376204

File: 809f2cd96d6aacb⋯.jpg (242.24 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, colloidal silver j.jpg)

feck sry - earlier meme without text

db3721 No.376205


No, we won't lose focus on anything

This is time we need to ASSESS EVERYTHING and see what's what

fd89d7 No.376206

File: 0ec7b3a0d8a8032⋯.png (8.1 KB, 606x81, 202:27, Shooting update.PNG)

Seven reported dead

732268 No.376207



Its not a distraction.

Well they both arent.


6283f8 No.376208


um whaaaa

1dc4cc No.376209


Totally agree with this

db6e8d No.376210


There are literally thousands of people with that name.

9c66a7 No.376211


Hahahahaha!! love it!! heh heh

64ca22 No.376212


Wow. Thanks to DeltaAnon. I'm sorry to say it took us more than a month to figure out what Q/POTUS were trying to teach us about the deltas between POTUS tweets. I'm looking forward to DeltaAnon's analysis of how deltas between Q/POTUS tie into this.

cc5c6b No.376213

Fire all public school employees. Sell all the buildings. Reduce property taxes. Let parents raise their children. Biggest welfare system in the country. It would also be the biggest job program. Little schools everywhere.

064282 No.376214


nov 12th interesing, has anyone looked into a gofund page yet

ed45b3 No.376215


yes, I know. It's their specialty! I'm just sick of it.

f3fd65 No.376217


So they say. Not convinced. I haven't seen anything with this guy being put in an ambulance.

6d67f8 No.376218


Didi you notice how that kid came up and tapped his shoulder and he stopped talking?

60cdce No.376220


The NSA caper wasn't about guns, period end of story….

cfe060 No.376221

File: e6f57c70ee1c124⋯.png (732.69 KB, 1670x927, 1670:927, 2auerrich.png)

2-AUER is back in the air AGAIN leaving Richmond. Very busy little plane.

c75fe0 No.376222

Prolly 30 killed in Chicago last night and no news.

45e1b6 No.376223


Keep in mind this could be about an education RBG received while visiting Vietnam. Something she learned.

332bc4 No.376225

Some parents showed up at Marriot complaining their children are not there for pick up. Want to know where their children are. Cops are advising they may be at the hospital.

fe0c09 No.376226

Pound to South African Rand Rate Forecasts + News 2018 | 2019

Pound-to-South African Rand Rate Forecast For the Week Ahead. Monday, 12 February 2018 13:43; Written by Joaquin Monfort. south african rand exchange rate 1. South African politics is likely to be the main driver of the pair with an appreciation of the Rand likely if president Zuma is ousted from power.

https:// www.poundsterlinglive.com/zar

16a518 No.376227


>they are no longer saying he is a student. Not sure where he is from

rapid narrative shift…because the ginger ROTC is clearly a student…and one is not a tard to get into ROTC…this is very odd.

33d047 No.376228


The problem is with Brazil and the India.., those dumbass don't end to fall..,

6c50f3 No.376229


Tracking north so far.

08811a No.376230

1e2ac2 No.376231


Wrong. Look at the parking entrance in upper right hand corner. Those are people leaving.

fb386f No.376232


Yes it is when it comes to the Dems. They will push it showing this and the school shooting

ea56ab No.376233


When visiting cali when I was a kid I met a white mexican girl. I got home and told my mexican friends back home that I'd met a white mexican. They laughed and laughed…..until later in life I sent them the pic of Alvarez. They were shocked when they went to verify his heritage. They said I fucked up their mind with that. IDK how the hell they never saw a white mexican before. I always joke with them "Now who's the gringo now?"

08811a No.376234


This wreaks of Sandy Hook all over again.

b41732 No.376236


A 100% classic hallmark of a FF - news rapidly changing their narrative. It's going to be a Trump-supporting neo-nazi soon.

3c033b No.376237

File: 39515b845ba82b3⋯.jpg (58.63 KB, 634x634, 1:1, mundae mirror.jpg)

File: db51e4ff4587d11⋯.jpg (53.05 KB, 720x960, 3:4, jaspal barha.jpg)

Q, I've been looking hard at Mike Green again and while typing this the school shootings popped up.

From what I can see, the op was either an insertion or an extraction or both. When the gardner got to the scene he encountered two men who were already there. Beth Rothschild, who lives in the manor, stated she heard the explosion. A woman who did not want to give her family name stated she had just been in the woods gathering a plant 5 minutes prior to the crash. Is it possible that Beth Rothschild was outside gathering plants and she was the target for extraction in order to gain control over her father?

Beth Rothschild is a well-known gardener.

Regardless of the nature of the op, notably it was compromised and counteraction taken.. The helicopter was flying at just over 1000 feet, the plane came in on an intercept course flying at 2800 feet and one minute before impact the plane increased altitude to over 3700 feet before diving onto the helicopter, resulting in a crash that killed all.

In other words, whoever had control of the plane choose to kill himself in order to stop the operation, assuming the pilot had control of the aircraft. A Cessna 152 is about as dirt-simple of a plane as they come, so remote control would require extensive modifications.

That leaves mind control Programming of some variety, because I'm not sure that even a Sikh would self-suicide in order to protect his masters.

Saavan Mundae, was the student and the instructor was Jaspal Barha. One of them deliberately crashed the plane into the chopper. In thinking about this in conjunction with the school shootings today, is this part of what would send almost everyone to the hospital if it were known?

Would this be classic ritual/hypnosis/programming or is this an example of brain entrainment and control from a distance by electronic means?

The rabbit hole goes deep here, but the point is either Mundae or Barha had control of the Cessna and deliberately crashed it into the chopper, kamikaze style. Is this related to the school shootings in terms of how it is done?

Pics relevant

60cdce No.376238


MK Ultra via ROYC = narrative shift when needed….

d532a0 No.376239


This was a real shooting IMO, now was it a planned attack. Not sure but its in DWS district, with a corrupt FBI trained sherriff, a puppet Dem mayor and I think they were having a "drill"

2a7b02 No.376240


NOTICE the CIA faggot and filter him

e074b8 No.376241

The school is being controlled for sure. This looks like the fake ass Sandy hoak event. Same vauge camera views fromt he sky. Those cops didn't look out of breath or stressed at all. If it really happened they would have slammed that kid in the car. My brother is a cop they don't play fucking games with violent criminals. This stinks. Why not show the rest of the girls body in the school? Why just blood and legs? She looked alive anyway posing. Fake shit. Get em Q crush these commies if this is a ff it needs exposed! It's ok you said time is almost up for the media. I will hold strong ! MAGA !!!!!!!!!!!!!

60cdce No.376242

ced1c4 No.376243


What else is going on? Both have to be a distraction from U1 testimony. Seems like they are doing anything to distract from the truth ever coming out which will lock them all up in jail. Now narrative switch to gun control. The NSA thing is just a hit on the truth, but while everyone talks about it, U1 goes by the wayside.

f9bf81 No.376244


I went to public school in Los Angeles. Complete garbage. I had to relearn everything when I went to college. The biggest education was reading for myself.

b5a281 No.376245


not a concern shill. Dead serious. We have the technology to cause their demise today. They need to do it.

2a941a No.376246


The cover story is that Ginsburg was there to advise the Vietnamese on setting up a new training school for Vietnamese judges. The have schools/universities of law in Vietnam just like in America, though the two legal systems are somewhat different in terms of how trials proceed, how bar associations are organized, etc.

803bc7 No.376247

The fox video of him getting in the car shows hes white but his hair is black. That fat ginger isn't him either.

d234ef No.376248


How did you make it this far in life?

Get rek'd

523f9b No.376249


Faaawkin Saveeedd!

Wife's team too. Hahahahaha

fba771 No.376250

>>376222 (cheKeKed)

just the cop that got shot

they do NOT report on the 50 or 60 citizens killed each week in Chicago,

It's the new norm


b643d8 No.376251

I found the post I saw earlier from remote viewer anon. Sorry if already posted I've been busy digging. There were more tho! He reposted screenshots of the post that said US THREAT THIS WEEK too



>>364690 BHO portrait b8?



>>344302 Snowden

>>344373 Water

>>344377 11:11


>>364774 11:11

>>324564 Asia happenings predicted!

eb63e8 No.376252

File: aaecf93110df4f5⋯.jpeg (171.55 KB, 981x415, 981:415, 4442132C-8E72-4000-AF45-5….jpeg)

Anon who has the code

It’s from a russian fishing trawler…. talking about their catch for day..

3c27f2 No.376253

St. Valentine's Day Massacre in a FLORIDA school?! Warning from CIA? Hey Planeflag—where was that plane at in Florida this morning that we were discussing earlier when Anon talked about the planes call signs being a wink/nod to planeflags.

332bc4 No.376254

They are having a hard time containing the students. Not sure where. At Marriott or Hospital?

a36296 No.376255


Hmm very interesting…

f3fd65 No.376256


Hmmmmm….actor or legit? This kinda reeks of staged video. Hm….

16a518 No.376257


>hooter may have posted on halfchan before shooting


>http:// boards.4chan.org/r9k/thread/43204710#p43204710

caps? sauce? we know there are caps.

068a35 No.376258

Cabal screwed up this time … Shooter is still alive

I hope MS13 doesn't get to him

Sessions is right on top of this one I heard at the

white house channel

dd894a No.376259



Name of the Shooters according to this kid: Nicholas Cruz in JROTC

74dc9c No.376260


sa strategic for the fkers…coastal tip and in to africa and strong indian population as well and then the gold etc ofc

766bf4 No.376261


Anybody got any details on whatever was happening earlier today (before Parkland shooting) at Fort Meade Maryland?

eb63e8 No.376262


That’s got to be bull! Never had a school shooter that was from Roth.

ced1c4 No.376263


Just a way to invoke fear everywhere. this is infuriating.

eb63e8 No.376264


**jrotc…. not roth

a151c5 No.376265


cfe060 No.376266



Looks like they are using FLTplan.com to file their flight plans… going back to Frederick, MD again.

9c66a7 No.376267


I'm right here… are you jerkin me? rofl

b643d8 No.376268


I hear you anon. You know much. I could use a swig of that right now.

803bc7 No.376269


>Cabal screwed up this time … Shooter is still alive

>I hope MS13 doesn't get to him

We'll never hear from him again.

d234ef No.376270


Font color isn't contrast enough.

I suggest red.

2a941a No.376271


My take is that the Vietnamese PM was "educating" Ginsburg on secret/classified matters between the two countries in previous administrations. Maybe POW or human trafficking related.

cfe060 No.376272

File: 3f3dc5c8f87d135⋯.png (380.94 KB, 1350x806, 675:403, 2auerfltplan.png)


Heres the snap…FLTplan.com

9f067f No.376273

Interesting article about Le Cercle and the struggle for the European Continent: CIA, MI6 and OPUS DEI covert politics

https:// isgp-studies.com/le-cercle-pinay

5d749d No.376274


Someone posted an archive link, i don't have any caps

f3fd65 No.376275

File: ff3012058b1061b⋯.png (3.86 MB, 2021x1135, 2021:1135, parkland18.png)

File: 699aa5a75109a41⋯.png (3.98 MB, 2030x1142, 1015:571, parkland20.png)

File: e0fbfe99b671114⋯.png (3.98 MB, 2031x1143, 677:381, parkland19.png)


disagree - not black hair. brownish, maybe even reddish.


7790ce No.376276

File: 38370100dcb1a23⋯.png (212.89 KB, 668x622, 334:311, Fuckery Afoot.png)


What kind of Clown fuckery is afoot?!?

f3c13a No.376277



Totally agree.

Where is the bright light shining through the bullet holes coming from?

I seem to recall that there was a screen-saver that left 'bullet holes' on your screen like that.

f9bf81 No.376278

Wtf is Betsy devos doing about the education system? She should fire all these cnts.

3ca4bd No.376279


Don't be so fucking childish.

b643d8 No.376280


Its always a mess of misinformation during things like this .

eb63e8 No.376281


There ya go!!! Their spin for morning!!!! Chan… we are physics on Chan,……. I can see the headlines now…

6b8715 No.376282


I was watching fox live. they arrived at the hospital, the camera was panning over to one of the police cars that came with the ambulance. I swear I thought I saw a kid coming out of the police car that was parked in front of the hospital entrance, then the camera moved quickly away and back to the ambulance which was parked on the street by the sidewalk???? What???? Did anyone see that?

eb63e8 No.376283


**Psychos not physics. Stupid freaking auto correct

d54858 No.376284


any of them

ba379d No.376285


Typo likely, unless corroborated. Research please.

bc7e71 No.376286

CNN interviewed a teacher at the school, who said that all the faculty had been trained 6 weeks earlier on how to handle a shooting.

8645f2 No.376287



ROTC not Roth…

Understand MOAR

LURK moar

b41732 No.376288


You need to be 100% sure you got everyone on the list. You need to be 100% sure normalfag life is untouched by your ops.

"Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions."


c75fe0 No.376289


What ever happened to that "Nazi" that ran over that crowd in the fake Nazi protest in Virginia.

8700b5 No.376290


She should put her bro on security for schools, eh

83f64a No.376291


>we'll never hear from him again

Sudden heart attack inside the 'special' ambulance

d532a0 No.376292

im pretty sure the sherrif just said shooter was not a student

ed45b3 No.376293



45e1b6 No.376294


That makes sense, and supports the suggestion that RBG might not be in her role much longer.

eb63e8 No.376296


Good catch

d234ef No.376297


some of them look unspent.

16a518 No.376298




>Protip: Try and remove the (Ewe) From your copy pastas.


>You've probably been filtered by more than not.

LOL fuck off you took time to respond..I don't always catch that in C&P…I'm struggling to sort out why that hurts your fee fees.

4a3ef9 No.376299


Q said we would be safe

d532a0 No.376300

He was a former student!!!! not current student!! this just went full false flag in seconds

83f64a No.376301

'suspect known to authorities'

'19 years old'

'not allowed on campus with a backpack'

45edde No.376302


Shaun Lucas - EVERYONE forgets SHAUN LUCAS - the guy who filed against the DNC

db6e8d No.376303



4a3ef9 No.376304


Are we sure? Q said we would be safe

228894 No.376305


HARD to read the green.

2fc543 No.376306

File: ba957abb9727ab4⋯.png (53.9 KB, 297x377, 297:377, ECYY5PJ.png)

fe0c09 No.376308

Datd but informational:

The New “Water Barons”: Wall Street Mega-Banks are Buying up the World’s Water

https:// www.globalresearch.ca/the-new-water-barons-wall-street-mega-banks-are-buying-up-the-worlds-water/5383274

Am looking for 'water baron' ownership of SA water supply

33d047 No.376309


All depends of that The scandal of odebrecht…, Temer is very dirty.., but doesn't resign.., Lula is fucked.., even, foreign countries is marshy with Odebrecht.., but doesn't resign, corruption everywhere.

fba771 No.376310


see last 2 threads



there is plenty of data there about the indident

62dded No.376311

sheriff scott israel


f8478f No.376312


Did they postpone their talking points for 2 days or typo?

eb4cc6 No.376314


it's something with the search engines. happened with sandy hook and LV too…

7790ce No.376315


I looked it up, check this out —→> >>376276

b8e822 No.376316

shep confirmed a drill in the morning

580594 No.376317


sheriff "isreal" da joos

4a3ef9 No.376318

Quick anons, are there any other headlines/happenings going on that this shooting may be trying to cover up?

e074b8 No.376319

Fox news "They had a drill in the morning then we heard those same sounds again"

db3721 No.376320


NSA shooting comes to mind first.

754e2e No.376322

False Flags can be with real deaths, but the bad actor clowns find someone on social media who loves guns

and get to know them and brainwash/mind fuck them to do things like this.

I believe this is a REAL EVENT caused by bad actors using this kid to do it.

16a518 No.376323


Are you tagging in on Japan? earth related? Just wondering. LOL Used to halp murder shit….only thing I'll halp with. cops ask. but…radar…lowest possible. Cops happened b/c found body "accidentally" actually more than one.

f3fd65 No.376324

File: 8dd5700c883c991⋯.png (2.75 MB, 2034x1145, 2034:1145, parkland8.png)


worse, this guy lied - he said he was a current student and that he stayed away from him because he kept showing him pictures of guns via text messages.

this whole thing was intentional - ciafuckery.

e00b25 No.376325

File: d42eacdfcae2530⋯.png (445.39 KB, 625x309, 625:309, fire-for-effect.png)


Nice - she's getting trolled big time. One supporter trying to deflect… Anons on target!

bc7e71 No.376326


just a fire drill though, nothing out of the ordinary

74dc9c No.376327


what did you enter for search?

fd89d7 No.376328

File: 3a733fe54f5ab6e⋯.png (13.28 KB, 570x97, 570:97, Same story dated 14th.PNG)


I found the same story dated today not the 12th

5d749d No.376329


This is another Sandy Hook

60cdce No.376330


Erm, the NSA chicanery going on….

c75fe0 No.376331


That's how you know its a FF, every fucking time a drill before hand.

08811a No.376332


I have never heard of schools using fake shots fired audio to prepare for a drill!





2fc543 No.376333

File: 61877af4359476b⋯.png (36.36 KB, 296x250, 148:125, KaYLOQ8.png)

5bc4b6 No.376334


Well, it's not a pillory, but it will work. Perhaps a pillory first.

As barbaric as it might seem, it might remind them of the power of a people united. Although, I think they already know that and that's why they constantly try to keep us divided.

2e3bc4 No.376336

UK Court Hears of Plot To Rape, Dissolve in Acid Children For Pleasure of Unnamed ‘Top Politicians’

Gihan Muthukumarana told undercover police they could make £10 million raping children on video for “top political people”, a court has heard.

The 28-year-old, who appeared in court this week accused of plotting to kidnap, rape, and beat young girls, allegedly claimed that footage of the abuse could be sold for “ridiculously big” sums of money if they “got rid” of the victims by dissolving their bodies in a vat of acid afterwards, Court News UK reports.

http: //www.breitbart.com/london/2018/02/14/plot-rape-dissolve-girls-acid-court/

db3721 No.376337

DO NOT fall into disarray/fear.

Yes, people die, but soon enough - they won't die like that anymore.

4a3ef9 No.376338


When did that start?

33d047 No.376339


e074b8 No.376341

This little black kid seems like reading a script. she does not look scared after seeing dead bodys in the hall

5d749d No.376342

Girls on fox don't seem to concerned talking about seeing a bunch of dead people they probably knew

3de999 No.376343

f3fd65 No.376344



a151c5 No.376345


egg zachley

e23113 No.376346

#Releasethememo and one week later we have Stormy on every major news outlet and a school shooter, AND they are now John Kelly is a goner.

NOT looking real promising just now.


d532a0 No.376347


meme this guy….

7790ce No.376348

b41732 No.376349


Q also said things were getting dangerous with Cabal activating rogue actors through blackmail etc. This looks like a rogue actor, if the FF is actually true and not faked/Sandy Hooked.

edad57 No.376350


Can't get the FL shooting to archive with that date but the NSA shooting did.

archive. is/hAjEF#selection-1073.0-1073.11

eb63e8 No.376351


But the last few shootings they didn’t say a word…. weird??? No coincidences.

16a518 No.376352


clean your room.

b643d8 No.376353


what the fuck this was the Q post remote view anon posted yesterday. he posted a bunch of screenshots of Q posts that made no sense to me at the time.

so fucking creepy. I need to dig for them.

Nov 12 2017 14:52:34



ID: /jAm9Qi+


Patriots don’t sleep.

40,000ft. v. necessary to understand [US]/SA/global events.

Paint the picture.

Decrease altitude (we will not fly that high again).

Higher the altitude greater the [risk] of conspiracy ST.

Many cannot/will not swallow.

What is No Such Agency - Q group?

Who has clearance to full picture?


SIS is good.

+++Adm R+++

What agency is at war w/ Clowns In America?

How does POTUS shift narrative?

(New) Age of Enlightenment.

80% covert.

20% public.

What has occurred over [th]e last several months?

C-info leaks?

Operations (think SA + ???)?

CNN sale?

What co’s rec large cash injections by Clowns In America (public)?


Who does [i]t hurt?

Who control[s] the MSM?

Primary objective from beginning: POTUS discredit MSM.

[W]hy is this relevant?

How is information transmitted?

How are people inform[e]d?

Why was Sarah A. C. attacked (hack-attempt)?

Why was Op[e]ration Mockingbird repeated?

Why was Jason Bourne (CIA/Dream) repeated?

Think social media platforms.

Who are the Wizards & Warloc[k]s?

What council do the Wizards & Warlocks control?

Think Snowden (inside terms dropped).

Alice & Wonderland – understood.

Snow White – understood.

Iron Eagle?

Godfather III?


Everything has meaning.

Disney is a distraction.

Senate & Congress = puppets (not all)(power shift).





d234ef No.376354


Proofread your posts you illiterate fuck-boi.

Hear's uh filtur fore ewe, air-o-gant fagit

f8478f No.376355

Kid on fox says she saw blood and possible dead teacher and the girl next to her says she saw blood and laugh it was everywhere? no tears or fears, I call FF for this bullshit

6b8715 No.376356


F'g shep - every time a kid was speaking he'd cut away. also when a parent was speaking and talking about getting pics from his daughter with people dead on the floor.

e074b8 No.376357

This is bullshit

754e2e No.376358


Some said he was attending the ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL which is often on school sites. There was on my kids high school.

766bf4 No.376359

Miami Herald reporting suspect's name as NICOLAS DE JESUS CRUZ

2fc543 No.376360

File: 414c5764ca30a43⋯.png (19.46 KB, 291x124, 291:124, SO2JPhM.png)

9c66a7 No.376361


are you shitting me.??? troll

83f64a No.376362


The kid has probably been under control of cabal ever since

858aa0 No.376363


if you think this could be remotely possible to real, you probably should go back to facebokk

f3fd65 No.376364


I cannot archive here. Go to fox news live stream and rewind. You'll find him in there (3 hours of reverse footage.)

I would if I could! I have screen grabs.

b5a281 No.376365


Did I say anything about arresting? I dont think I stuttered. I said take them out, as in kill. We have tolerated them too long. This may be some crazed kid, but if it's not,

if (((they))) are behind it then enough is enough. NSA sees all, hears all. They know where they are, they know what they are doing. Kill them.

eb63e8 No.376366


Saw that

332bc4 No.376367

Police Station is radioing out they are receiving updates of multiple patients from hospital. Cop radio's back to we have a number on the shootings?

fba771 No.376368


ya, the fact the perps were stopped 'leaving will be caused to softly fade into the memory hole

08811a No.376369


Soon enough needs to become very soon.

b643d8 No.376370


nov 12th? it says feb 12th where did you get november from and why is this so creepy?


8700b5 No.376371

Any Marines in Parkland want to go the scene and film behind the scenes, what the news crews are doing, the cops, etc

c6c501 No.376372

how did non-student know that the fire alarm went off early in the day?

d234ef No.376373


Ok then.


d532a0 No.376374

I think this is a real shooting, but a planned false flag. We got a DRILL, Former student, fake interviews, DWS district, FBI trained corrupt dem sherrif…this is bad

6b8715 No.376375


Can we get his social media?

2e3bc4 No.376376


Need some FF to take over the narrative. The Queen cannot be seen on us tv of putting kids in a vat of acid.

Queen orders shooting in Florida of kids.

ea56ab No.376377


Worth noting that the officer shot yesterday, his last name was Bauer.

0bf4e6 No.376378


What would be the intended and unintended consequences of doing that?

f3fd65 No.376379

File: 4a5800bcadd51ff⋯.png (3.77 MB, 2034x1105, 2034:1105, parkland23.png)

File: 2a9bf91659f042c⋯.png (3.47 MB, 2038x1100, 1019:550, parkland24.png)

Witnesses describing blood, bodies, how loud it was.

e074b8 No.376380


Thank God it was a beaner and not a white boy

0ed4dd No.376381


http:// dailycaller .com/2017/06/19/exclusive-soros-clinton-linked-teneo-among-donors-to-mccain-institute/

McCain has already been tied to Soros.

In addition to Soros was Teneo.

This Teneo connection was meaningless to us until Q photo of Clinton's NK visit.

Teneo was co-founded by Doug Band.

Doug Band is in the Bill Clinton NK photo with Kim Jong Il.

Doug Band was Clinton's "bag man".

The McCain institute has already been alleged on here to have received money from foreign countries, Soros, and Teneo.

Q wanted us to look at who else was in the Clinton NK photo and expand our web to connect the conspirators.

Any Teneo Russian connection?

What about to uranium companies?

Basically, is Teneo wrapped up in arms deals, uranium, russian oligarchs, trafficking or a mix of the above.

Expand the web.

29914c No.376382

File: 6a6986f414b9b31⋯.png (247.75 KB, 663x609, 221:203, ClipboardImage.png)

6b8715 No.376383






b41732 No.376384


>sheriff Israel

can it get more fucking blatant, jesus

eb63e8 No.376385


NOW they say former… guess they’re monitoring this site to change their story

b474b1 No.376386

File: 964f1cbb75046d7⋯.jpg (32.63 KB, 188x252, 47:63, 83edb44f084550a59f2d00b763….jpg)

e074b8 No.376387

No way we are doing this Twice in 1 day he said !!!!!

83f64a No.376388


>Nicolas De Jesus Cruz


eb63e8 No.376389


I saved both pics offline

8700b5 No.376390

525525 sounds like case number for Parkland school shooting

727900 No.376391

Trump Tweet Marker Message

Tweet times: 12.50 and 12.55. 2x5=10min.

Count back 10 min. in EST = 12.40pm


Anonymous 02/14/18 (Wed) 18:39:56 ID: d8e272 No.373927

Russian troll data released by NBC

https:// www.nbcnews.com/tech/social-media/now-available-more-200-000-deleted-russian-troll-tweets-n844731?cid=sm_npd_nn_tw_ma


754e2e No.376392


Use your brain.

It is MUCH easier to have a REAL EVENT and just compromise a patsy to pull it off for you.

Expand your thinking.

And don't go for the obvious.

29914c No.376393

File: 6a6986f414b9b31⋯.png (247.75 KB, 663x609, 221:203, ClipboardImage.png)


hows that for research

858aa0 No.376394


"their need for symbolism will be their downfall"

eb63e8 No.376395

4f3a9b No.376396

Math teacher said they had a drill earlier and he told the students to remain calm, that is might be part of the drill. Children interviewed are not crying, one just laughed. Something feels very wrong here!

f8478f No.376397

Every kid says they saw dead bodies and smile , really, don't fuckin think so, if your school was just shot up and you see dead bodies you would be traumatized not fucking laughing or smiling like it's no big deal, something smells like shit. And they usually don't let the kids talk about dead bodies on tv, their really pushing it

eb63e8 No.376398

Ahhh, I get it!!!! This is a distraction for the IG report due out…….

c2606a No.376399


If this is the shooter, he has a pic of Anton LaVey on his FB. Satanic!

29e001 No.376400


It is actually normal. I escaped a car fire once and the first reaction is euphoria. Reality sets in later.

f7b95c No.376401

They know it's going to reach a critical mass of consciousness, they are pushing hard on gun control because they fear the consequences of an awakening of the silent majority.

One more attempt to push the gun control agenda + a direct threat to the NSA. They are getting desperate.

In case you missed it :

Mattis just told the press there was no proof of chemical weapon use in Syria.

This guy alone just KILLED two pentagone/deep-state's objectives in Syria (a new milicia project in order to control a vast corridor at the northern border that got thwarted by the turkish army with the blessing of Syria/Russia/WH, and the chemical weapon mainstream narrative. Epic lulz : French president had to backpedal on his own words following Mattis statement on chemical weapons)

It is a big Game-Over for Petraeus, McGurk, Barnett and Votel.

As they are going to force the pentagon out of the middle east, and disengage from an illegitimate war, it will turn in ruins many plans and investments in this conflict.

So be prepared for more desperate ops and obvious threats.

16a518 No.376402


thanks for the sauce…time stamp..is off ??

e074b8 No.376403

Staged managed event !!! -AJ-

b643d8 No.376404


which means he has known behavioral and learning disabilities. perfect mkultra puppet material. this reaks. remote view anon just said last thread the chans and twitter are used the most for this shit and now people are saying he was a chan fag trump supporter. wew lads. i need a cig

33d047 No.376405


With all this FF, it's in possibilities.

29914c No.376406

i just got active intel from a source in orlando about Oviedo Medical center in orlando had a mass casualty and active shooter drill this week

look for another shooting in orlando soon

29e001 No.376407


Today is Ash Wednesday.

614fdb No.376408

File: 8ce329a05128d0f⋯.png (722.97 KB, 578x765, 34:45, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at ….png)

Think image drop.

Think OP.

Think United.

>When does a bird sing?<

Everything has meaning.



Birds use songs for a variety of purposes depending on the season and each individual bird's needs. The most common reasons for birds to sing include:

>Claiming and Defending Territory

>Attracting a Mate

>Courtship Duets

>General Communication

Just sharing, stay frosty Anons

c61652 No.376409

File: 91f69b92887c5e9⋯.png (145.86 KB, 350x351, 350:351, valentine.png)

858aa0 No.376410


The whole point of the "shooting" is for people to use their brain on it. It's called "distraction"

b8e822 No.376411

http:// www.pacificpundit.com/2018/02/14/nicolas-de-jesus-cruz-florida-shooter-instagram-page-scrubbed/

instagram scrubbed.

1dc4cc No.376412



This guy is from Cali

2574d1 No.376413

because the students laugh with death bodies, shep has to bring the drama himself… figures

0bf4e6 No.376414


from all-out war leading up to WWIII, yes we are safe. From individuals acting on whatever their own motives are or on whatever own impulses are, no one is ever "safe" from that. Human nature, the good and bad of it, can't be contained to that degree without controlling human beings 100%. Think logically.

fd89d7 No.376415


Photo shopped? If not show the article with the date


f8478f No.376416


Dude, car fire and bloody dead bodies are 2 diff things

ba379d No.376417


Go purchase a spine please.

7780c5 No.376418

File: 228787190fa4c6a⋯.jpg (70.85 KB, 811x474, 811:474, Capture.JPG)

2e3bc4 No.376419


The Queen says its DACA DACA DACA. Change the narrative quickly. cannot have news of kids be placed in a vat of acide after being rape. Its guns not acide that kills kids.

d54858 No.376420


also spells out [th] [i] [s] [W] [e] [e] [k] in brackets.

f3fd65 No.376421


I went through some of these. Lots of patriot messages contained within. Anything against the left narrative was deleted.

b8e822 No.376422

suspected antifa jerk

52c1bf No.376423

File: d40bf82db008082⋯.png (108.47 KB, 413x307, 413:307, Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at ….png)

e074b8 No.376425

Perfect timing for Shep Dildoheds show hmmmm

aa0dc3 No.376426


Anon, ignore this shill

He has contributed nothing to this thread except GrammarShill criticism and telling MemeAnons to change color/font.

410008 No.376427


True. People might be quick to suspect an event like this is a hoax/fabrication with crisis acting, but it's just as likely this was a clown-directed retaliation with an intended body count. But as of right now it's still much too early to tell what scenario this was, unless Q pays a visit later tonight to clarify if it was indeed a cabal countermeasure.

f3fd65 No.376428


Everything is wrong with this. False flag R US.

29e001 No.376429


No, I did not understand at the time why I was euphoric. So, I looked it up. It's chemical. Then the PTSD sets in.

29914c No.376430

File: 7d923f22fa9723b⋯.png (42.92 KB, 492x515, 492:515, ClipboardImage.png)



not likely

california to florida ????? come one quit muddying the water fool

947513 No.376431


We need to find out the (((cabal))) meanings of Valentines Day & Ash Wednesday

97740f No.376432


Nice dig, anon!

f3fd65 No.376433


If it drops today, then yes. :-)

But that won't stop the courts. Or the rope.

08811a No.376434

1ca883 No.376435

Was a PlaneFag psychic today? They mentioned Palm Beach earlier in morning

16a518 No.376436


thanks for the sauce…Anon said "tonight"..posted at 2pmish…not sure time frame matches…but half is known for such things…creepiest one was LV John…poor sod.

2fc543 No.376437



Prepare to lol

db6e8d No.376438


He needs to shout or something.

Not making enough noise.

Maybe should have own thread?

29914c No.376439


just talked to someone on the scene - her daughter saw her teacher shot in front of her

aa0dc3 No.376440


LURK MOAR and DIG you grammar faggot

Try to contribute something more to the breads than your worthless opinions.

2e3bc4 No.376441


Queen involved in filming the rape of kids and putting them in acid for kicks and giggles.

f3fd65 No.376442


happy VD, anon.

b8e822 No.376444

https:// twitter.com/chevyboy271/status/963890816296079361/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.pacificpundit.com%2F2018%2F02%2F14%2Fnicolas-de-jesus-cruz-florida-shooter-instagram-page-scrubbed%2F

shows text from him saying alla akbar

fd89d7 No.376445


The Amtrak accident in WA had a drill just prior to derailment. I think this is a real shooting after a real drill

404144 No.376446


Congrats shit stain, no one cares about muh wifes team

4a3ef9 No.376447


Thank you geniusfag

fe0c09 No.376448

South Africa needs good water management - not new water laws

https:// theconversation.com/south-africa-needs-good-water-management-not-new-water-laws-91253

do big organizations own the water suppy. I'm having problems getting exact names. But it'll come to light soon enough

332bc4 No.376449

File: 66ed5a7e548bda9⋯.jpg (85.19 KB, 1000x943, 1000:943, broward map school shoot.jpg)

Not sure if you want a record of the photo's taken School Shooting Broward but here are a few.

A shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, has left at least 14 people injured, according to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. Multiple people are reportedly dead.

A male suspect is now in custody. Officials identified him as a former student.

The story is still developing. Details, including the casualty count and extent of injuries, could change with more information. Here’s what we know — and don’t.

What we know

At least 14 people were injured during a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office said.

Multiple people were killed, Sheriff Scott Israel said at a press conference.

Around 2:30 pm, a fire alarm went off, then shooting began, a student told CBS News.

A suspect is now in custody, according to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

The suspect was identified as 19-year-old Nicolas de Jesus Cruz, according to the Miami Herald.

Investigators believe there was only one shooter, CBS News reported.

Police previously told people to avoid the area, and asked students to remain barricaded.

At least some students were evacuated from the school.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School has around 3,000 students. It’s located in Parkland, Florida, a bit north of Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

b41732 No.376450


And are you 100% certain you got them all? You NEED them alive. You NEED them to sing,.

e23113 No.376451

When does a bird sing

This is solved

It refers to the 4am Clown controlled media narrative released every morning at 4am EST.

Birds sing at just before sunrise. Mockingbird.

29e001 No.376452



Baja, California, Mexico. It is the other one.

a151c5 No.376453


Very good find.

45edde No.376454



And as soon as this guy started giving detail Shep "the guardian" Smith cut him off - Smith is their faggot

74dc9c No.376455


agree…dont get same results

9f067f No.376456

File: 024003e13c118af⋯.png (306.67 KB, 1002x454, 501:227, ClipboardImage.png)


The crash of the Russian plane was also very fast on wikipedia (on 05:32 - 11 feb. 2018)

16a518 No.376457


sauce on first rant? saw the sauce on second rant…time stamp 2pmish (13:58)

975004 No.376458

CNN just asked why FBI is leading. Senator Bill Nelson said that's what happens when there's an act of terror.

e074b8 No.376459

Audio now. easier to fake emotion

4ee339 No.376460


get his social media before it "disappears"

2ab462 No.376461

File: 330adc1bbc8628e⋯.png (75.92 KB, 707x640, 707:640, Screenshot.png)

File: 73e05feff0a0152⋯.png (110.19 KB, 621x630, 69:70, Screenshot1.png)

File: 26c6d460ab65aaa⋯.png (141.02 KB, 624x640, 39:40, Screenshot2.png)

Not current baker but a baker here

could a few people pls post a screeny of the Q posts?

Pic 1 is firefox Quantum 58.0.2

Pic 2 is midori 0.5.11

Pic 3 is Arora 0.11.0

All running on ubuntu 16.04

The reason I'm asking is if I bake in firefox does it gets presented to you guys all fucked and too many of spaces?

Current dough has spaces in it so it renders to the screen all lined up.


ff158e No.376462


>My guess is on the NSA gate shooting, but there must be more going on today.

-House Oversight investigation into "Porter" (will show fuckery with office in charge of WH security clearance = bad for DS

-Horrific revelations in court in the UK, foreign fucker detailed being paid to do inhuman things to kids FOR POLITICIANS

-DACA back & forth

-Susan Rice email to herself and what that really means for COMEY and OBAMA (treason)

What else?

-some CEOs resigning - saw at least 5 last night/today so far

-Another Amtrak wreck

Which of these is the worst news for the cabal?

0bf4e6 No.376463


quite welcome concernfag

33d047 No.376464


Maybe Mueller want to avoid Gitmo Saving Flynn.

b8e822 No.376465


https:// twitter.com/chevyboy271/status/963890816296079361/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.pacificpundit.com%2F2018%2F02%2F14%2Fnicolas-de-jesus-cruz-florida-shooter-instagram-page-scrubbed%2F

b643d8 No.376466


even weirder b/c he seemed to be focusing hard on Snowden and Snowden was NSA.

523f9b No.376468


Somehow I missed that while this FF was occurring.

29e001 No.376469

https:// www.facebook.com/nicholas.cruz.3367

It's this guy.. Lots of frustrated gang stuff on his page. Weird creepy sense of humor.

410008 No.376470


I was the one who asked Q that day about the derailment and who was responsible for it. In all likelihood, this is the same deal.

f3fd65 No.376471


Are you not aware of mkultra programming? I never said people weren't killed. False flag just means the attacker isn't genuine as described.

4b24d8 No.376472

File: b4640a36fc11ce3⋯.jpg (32.5 KB, 621x350, 621:350, VDay.jpg)

Happy Veteran's day, vets.

Sorry you gave the ultimate sacrifice to be pawns of the cabal. Hopefully that ends soon. Real soon.

have a good one

90735e No.376473


all connected

29e001 No.376474


That is the wrong guy.

b064fb No.376475


Hey, Qanon! Why not "leak" some of these phone calls. Hearing voices of their politicians begging for deals will definitely get people red pilled.

547cbf No.376476

https:// m.liveleak.com/view?i=9ff_1518644376

9f067f No.376477


4 minutes after RT shared the first life footage of the crash site. (05:28 - 11 feb. 2018)

4a3ef9 No.376478

16a518 No.376479


THAT is not a ginger…pic related…or could be shadows..he looks drugged…WTF with droppy head?

332bc4 No.376480

File: faa4120fe289172⋯.png (939.04 KB, 920x613, 920:613, ClipboardImage.png)

Broward Mother and Child?

e0e405 No.376481

File: 5a394df70f72dc9⋯.jpg (120.98 KB, 749x720, 749:720, Screenshot (17h 13m 55s).jpg)



5d749d No.376482

Cops at school before shooting (standard for high schools)

https:// twitter.com/igorvolsky/status/963887993026220032?s=20

29e001 No.376483


https:// www.facebook.com/nicholas.cruz.3367

cd59fb No.376484


You missed some of it:


[risk] [th] [i] [s] [W] [e] [e] [k] [GOD & COUNTRY]

27e81f No.376485

NOW is the time to watch CLOWN NEWS NETWORK for crisis ACTORS.

74dc9c No.376486


no problem is infrastructure not maintained…and money doesnt get past corruption in system ..goes to bogus companies linked to leaders etc

f3fd65 No.376487


welp, at least they're not trying to pin this guy on us.

b41732 No.376488


Awesome find, anon! Good job! This is a great connection to dig, bet Doug is tied into a shitton of other activities that are Cabal-related and would give further new connections.

f3fd65 No.376489


likely, yes.

ab4d4c No.376490

Q silent?

Problem with comms?

Attack on No Such Agency?



5c8d07 No.376491

Our attack on big pharma came w/ a warning letter today.

Message received.

Response forthcoming.


— so I guess obama and trump were warned?

Who else got white powder. Can’t jump to conclusions.

d234ef No.376492



7fdc4f No.376493


Unless you have lived through a situation, you cannot know. I am not busting your balls, people, but you just… there are stages you go through. It's total shock at first, and you feel guilty for living. With Kids, are we supposed to be happy or sad that they aren't falling apart? I have no idea. But I do know they picked the worst guy ever to convince/program/whatever if that is what they did. His instagram is MAGA and disturbed…

So much wrong with all this right now. I hate that we even have to doubt whether someone's babies aren't coming home tonight or not. May it never be you that finds out the person you said goodbye to this morning… isn't here anymore. And for such an unknown and senseless reason.

We needed armed guards in the schools. And I know we talk about internet freedom of speech and spying, etc, but his instagram is a freaking mess. I would have had someone that overt on a watch list like no body's business.

c2606a No.376494

File: d3b340b48c609ef⋯.png (264.57 KB, 652x1049, 652:1049, Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at ….png)

File: 359f7c3f8bb415b⋯.png (49.5 KB, 412x498, 206:249, Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at ….png)


Brave browser

6b8715 No.376495


there was a LOT in that live footage!!!!!

please if someone knows how to save the entire live footage WITHOUT EDITS, please ARCHIVE & SAVE OFFLINE AS WELL.!!!


cd59fb No.376496


@Snowden was BOTH C_A and N_A.

975004 No.376497


Jul Ass claimed to receive one

2ab462 No.376498


Don't worry, found it

It's the theme which causes spacing fuckery.

16a518 No.376499


>This is for the person disturbed by the syria foreign policy the other day. I too have been a bit upset over how this is playing out.

I was…disturbed..this shit that's happening is unreal..complete opposite of what we were promised..once ISIS funding ended Israel gets desperate…the whole thing is about getting that land back they lost fair and square to Syria…greater Israel narrative…that's what the ENTIRE op was about…ISIS ends..now look what's happening. This is disgusting…Russia is ally of Syria like US is ally of Canada..we go to their aid if attacked? THIS narrative is bullshit…MERCHANT puppetmasters still holding the strings.

33d047 No.376500


it will depend that Who is the next…

15eaba No.376501


That is a typo. The post date is visible in the url above. Somebody just fucked up.

0ed4a2 No.376502


>Carter meets with Kim II Sung, weeks later he dies.

>Clinton sets up a deal with incoming Kim Jong Il with a sweet $4b package that is distributed over 10 years. Includes oil and nuclear power plants.

>Kim Jong Il dies in 2011, and out of nowhere he apparently has a son, Kim Jong Un

> Kim Jong Un was educated in Switzerland, CIA land.

> Kim Jong Un is NOT Kim Jong Il's son. This is a long game by the CIA to take control over the NK government.

> Kim Jong Un proceeds to purge literally all generals and any "family" that would dare notice that he's not legit.

This is why Q had "sister" in quotes.

27831e No.376503


It doesn't work like the movies. Stuff doesn't fly when it gets hit by a bullet. A bullet would go through a thin laptop screen without moving the laptop much at all.

f3fd65 No.376504


That looks like it could be the guy.

7fdc4f No.376505


A kid passed us some vid from inside I am not going to share them, but it was real.

fba771 No.376507

File: ec5c4a92ea86f9f⋯.jpg (230.23 KB, 1017x603, 113:67, formatting.jpg)


thank you baker anon.

I can correct the current dough for next bake

here's my view from Pale Moon

if different browsers display this page differently … just remove the spaces and to hell with column justification?

766bf4 No.376508


"injuries not caused by gunfire"


NSA Fort Meade story getting absolutely buried anons.

Got to be a damn good reason why.

Off to go dig on Fort Meade, assistance from other anons appreciated

Plenty of people already digging on Parkland situation, whatever it is

It feels JUST like Sandy Hook.

Q, would be good to hear from you today. Stay safe, stay successful.

db3721 No.376509


Not here.

I doubt too that /ourguys/ would shoot fleeing people without a proper good reason to do so.

This may just be the negative NSA faction's doing.

71a14e No.376510

Sorry I don't know how to respond to a specific comment . But to the anon wanting stories for what has happened this week, don't forget the Mike Flynn filing for dismissal and Mueller agreeing he should get all evidence.

1dc4cc No.376511

File: 6a0a32ce6a32584⋯.png (529.45 KB, 749x720, 749:720, CNN Report.png)

CNN Report

858aa0 No.376512


ash on forehead? check

flowers on blouse? check

heart and swirly symbolism? check

a major actor name contains "Jesus"? check

a major actor name contains "Israel"? check

using blue/purple solo cup swishy colors? check

but it's not fake! i swear!

dd894a No.376513

File: 9a0e162f8f3d66b⋯.jpg (27.62 KB, 334x302, 167:151, what-if-i-told-you-that-th….jpg)

What if I told you….

f8478f No.376514

1st FF's begin with crisis actors, then they know we know so next ff goes with crisis actors roped off from real people, real people hurt, they know we know it's still set up, next ff is real people only, still an event they perpetrated. If this event was planned, it's still 'fake', if it wasn't ,than we have a sick person who killed innocents. Can't wait to see what Q says. Some stuff is way fishy so far though.

45e1b6 No.376515


as in [next week]?

Which is now this week. US risk this week?

f3fd65 No.376516


been screen grabbing them as I can.

e074b8 No.376517


This is War of course !

d234ef No.376518


Share them.

08811a No.376519

File: a01982d21df7e10⋯.png (980.25 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180214-161844.png)



Not so much red head.

ff158e No.376520

975004 No.376521


so only a few ppl realized KJU was not KJI's son? he just mosied his way into not-daddy's seat?

c70e70 No.376522



2e9e16 No.376523

They need to arm teachers.

278122 No.376524


http:// www.romans322.com/daily-death-rate-statistics.php

2nd amend not negotiable

543688 No.376525



In full it says: US risk this week GOD & COUNTRY

f8478f No.376526


Paying attention, CHECK

db6e8d No.376527

File: de72f1327db27c3⋯.png (567.39 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 461F21B1-C3AB-4E53-A846-A5….png)



Safari here

4f3a9b No.376528

>>376379 I just watched them and the second girl didn’t describe anything but said “it happened like she said” ..like I said in my post, this feels set up by the deep state for sure. They probably gave the guns to that boy. Why aren’t they releasing the number of deceased?

ced1c4 No.376529


He looks creepy. MK Ultra? LOL

f3fd65 No.376530


agree - if you can archive video from youtube, get the live footage off of the fox news streams!

332bc4 No.376531

File: 6bc53e841e951a6⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1164x873, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

This photo came with this story about the shooting earlier today.

d1bdhkmqqz901h.cloudfront.net/1164x873/smart/http:// s3.amazonaws.com/new-smedia/49734418df1e477681cf36b29faca7da/e91c5533c90c43fdbdbd14773f4d6ac2.jpg

e074b8 No.376532

No service to cell phones reported during event !!!

0bf4e6 No.376533


That's a Q post from November 12th. Must be new here to not recognize it.

29e001 No.376534

His last post on FB was "WAS NOT EXPECTING HIM TO DO THAT LMAO" with a video of kids raising their hands in a classroom.

https:// www.facebook.com/nicholas.cruz.3367


It is this guy.

ec8180 No.376536

2-AUER just about to land at Frederick.

cfe060 No.376537

File: b9efef2e2d4f5a0⋯.png (437.04 KB, 1207x806, 1207:806, 2auerstuart.png)


The 2-AUER plane we have been tracking was in STUART, FL overnight which is just an hr north of Parkland!


d8288f No.376538


Absolutely. These kids live among us. They aren't in some cave somewhere. Conditioning happens elsewhere

858aa0 No.376539

File: f28eacdbd1b87bc⋯.jpg (107.5 KB, 400x339, 400:339, Nosferatu2.jpg)


you gotta be kidding me.

so overt.

cd59fb No.376541


DACA recipient?

ced1c4 No.376544


Sorry if humor is inappropriate here, but could he be an "alien" as in the alien sightings? Hahahaha

7790ce No.376545


Search "shooting florida school post-gazette" see what you get!

0ed4a2 No.376546


Look it up. KJU came out of nowhere. The CIA even claimed to be blindsided by this.

754e2e No.376547

False Flags can be with real deaths, but the bad actor clowns find someone on social media who loves guns

>and get to know them and brainwash/mind fuck them to do things like this.

>I believe this is a REAL EVENT caused by bad actors using this kid to do it.

It's much easier to pull off this way - just brain-fuck a patsy to do it.

b5a281 No.376548


they've already removed all posts on his instagram as far as I can tell

ced1c4 No.376549


good point!

f3fd65 No.376550


not the right cruz.

471dda No.376551



b643d8 No.376552



looks like there are several extremist types with that name. wtf

0bf4e6 No.376553


https:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/149139896/#149140639

e0e405 No.376554

https:// www.facebook.com/nicholas.cruz.3367

aa0dc3 No.376555


Took a while, but here is the best sauce I can give you without doxxing myself with a W-2

“By 1985 the three principals of Ryan Incorporated Wisconsin had 20 children and decided to create two separate fourth generation companies. The children of William J. Ryan took over the Florida operation, and their cousins took over the Chicago and Wisconsin offices.

Since 1985 and the eventual consolidation of entities into The Ryan Companies, the organization has had offices in Deerfield Beach, Naples, and Orlando, Florida; Manassas, Virginia; Fort Collins, Colorado; and Naperville, Illinois.”


“Richard was a principal in the Ryan Family Heavy Construction business, headquartered in Florida and managed projects in Florida, Virginia and Maryland.

He was an avid outdoorsman and an enthusiastic Green Bay Packer fan. He and his family were active members of the Mary Help of Christians Catholic Church, Parkland, FL. He will be remembered for his positive and caring personality. Richard was loving and devoted to his wife and children, everyone that knew him loved him.

He is survived by his wife, Amy Ryan; 4 children: Emily, Kimberly, Caroline and Richard, Jr.; parents, Mr. and Mrs. William J. Ryan of Janesville; 2 sisters, Shirley (Edward) Arendt and Tina (Joseph) Pregont both of Janesville; his brother, Wills (Judy) Ryan of Parkland, FL; many aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins.”


Also, this links Paul Ryan to this family …


29914c No.376556


its not photoshopped fool do your own checking

33d047 No.376557


But the "Sister" is who controls NK, right?

29e001 No.376558


No, Jesus is not the guy. THIS GUY https:// www.facebook.com/nicholas.cruz.3367

b8e822 No.376559

ok guys, the gateway pundit has a maga hat on the profile pic, but the other link doesnt. fuckery afoot, same pics


http:// thegatewaypundit.com/2018/02/breaking-instagram-account-fl-shooter-nicholas-cruz/

twitter guy

https:// twitter.com/chevyboy271/status/963890816296079361/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.pacificpundit.com%2F2018%2F02%2F14%2Fnicolas-de-jesus-cruz-florida-shooter-instagram-page-scrubbed%2F

can someone who knows hot to archive and screencap please get this difference?????

ec1df1 No.376560


You act as if there aren't precondition individuals ready to be thrown into action at any moment.

cd59fb No.376561



Dammit, I missed that!

Nice, anon! ;)

6c01cb No.376562



He's wearing a MAGA hat in the fucking profile picture.

God dammit.

f3fd65 No.376563


Look at the same picture above (scroll up.) The picture you linked is shit.

f3fd65 No.376565


hahaha….it just keeps getting stupider and stupider…

b41732 No.376566


Wasn't he supposed to be a redhead?

6283f8 No.376567

hey anons… I was reading a post that was trying together mcnoname and someone in the NK line up photo… then I got the sad face "something went wrong" white screen in chrome and poof, that post is GONE. It was right after >>376430

543688 No.376568


I see you have a photo of a Rothschild there!

90e46e No.376569

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHss3fPwXgQ

417a44 No.376570




fd89d7 No.376571

File: e77504e3673292b⋯.png (22.06 KB, 633x202, 633:202, Nolte re Concha.PNG)

523f9b No.376572


to archive

http:// archive.is/

to save videos

http:// www.clipconverter.cc/

cb38a5 No.376573


It fucking reeks.

f8478f No.376574


He wasn't talking about the shooter being jesus

16eea3 No.376575

File: 75c34dabfc4cc5a⋯.jpg (51.42 KB, 461x657, 461:657, Nsa trans.jpg)

6b8715 No.376576


Exactly why I was questioning his last post in the last thread!!


29e001 No.376577





https:// www.facebook.com/nicholas.cruz.3367

f3fd65 No.376578


that's why they brainfuck them. then they use them as the patsy (or shooter or whatever.)

9c66a7 No.376579



754e2e No.376580


That too.

543688 No.376581


Another one before it said "CIA is here PRAY"

b8e822 No.376582







https:// twitter.com/chevyboy271/status/963890816296079361/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.pacificpundit.com%2F2018%2F02%2F14%2Fnicolas-de-jesus-cruz-florida-shooter-instagram-page-scrubbed%2F


ec0e20 No.376583


Not sawing off the Purdy m8. Guess I'll die.

83f64a No.376584


hahahaha CNN has 'whited him out'

78b0c2 No.376585

HLN news said they talked with one of the students that said there was a big event 2 weeks ago where they went over all the different dangers such as active shooters etc.

332bc4 No.376586

File: ee3b1a9b12fe269⋯.png (1.16 MB, 900x1200, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 50f542e867619c6⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1200x900, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1962d3ba2ba8ad9⋯.png (1.8 MB, 1200x900, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ff8c72045287b41⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1200x900, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

This parent is tweeting out the story and taking pictures like these.


29e001 No.376587



https:// www.facebook.com/nicholas.cruz.3367

ec8180 No.376588

File: 828bdcd2abf22bd⋯.jpg (223.29 KB, 1237x735, 1237:735, 2AUER_11.jpg)

File: e80ea06f8624770⋯.jpg (96.96 KB, 551x550, 551:550, Red Arrow.jpg)


That was on Sunday and George Soros was in Naples having dinner on Sunday, according to another Anon. We might just have found our passenger for this plane..

We need some proof that GS was in Naples on Sunday.

16a518 No.376589


NOT a ginger…there goes that…but creepy eyes are creepy…just reminds me of Lanza..

fba771 No.376590






74dc9c No.376591

File: a359f9118ff1165⋯.jpg (105.54 KB, 642x542, 321:271, g01.JPG)


>"shooting florida school post-gazette

c90141 No.376592


Geez, it appears to be an ingestion error. Technical incompetence likely. Need more research, go do the work please.

f0af8f No.376593


https:// mysticalnumbers.com/number-14/

62db12 No.376594


anon posted dilly source saying there were f16s over wpb ~2 hours before shooting.

b41732 No.376595


fuck off back to reddit you shit-tasting cumguzzling faggot nigger

fd89d7 No.376596


NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING is funny about this. Children are dead.

29e001 No.376597



https:// www.facebook.com/nicholas.cruz.3367

fe0c09 No.376598

American Water Works Company, Inc.

American Water Works Company, Inc., known as American Water, is a publicly traded (NYSE: AWK) water utilities and sewage

Most of American Water's services are locally managed utility subsidiaries that are regulated by the U.S. state in which each operates. American Water also owns subsidiaries that manage municipal drinking water and wastewater systems under contract and others that supply businesses and residential communities with water management products and services. In 2003, American Water established the American Water Military Services Group, which serves as contracted water utility for several military bases in the United States. Military Services Group works with the United States Military to treat and supply water and to collect and treat wastewater for military installations all over the country. Most recently American Water Military Services Group provides services to 11 military bases.

With headquarters in Voorhees, New Jersey, American Water has about 6,800 employees and provides services to approximately 15 million people in 47 U.S. states and Ontario, Canada.[6]

As of 2017 American Water shares are mainly held by institutional investors (Vanguard group, BlackRock, State Street Corporation and others[7])



BlackRock https://


d7156b No.376599


Q can post at any time on his own board

BO/BV have no ability to touch


get back to work

543688 No.376600


Or Adam Schiff!

83f64a No.376601

Find the genesis of the 'ginger' posts, and you will find a cabal member

ced1c4 No.376602


ok I looked at the real picture. He does look vulnerable/scared/shy/abused. Maybe they picked him out. it is really sad.

b8e822 No.376603

File: aee60acee7cdfbf⋯.jpg (100.13 KB, 960x1026, 160:171, cruz.jpg)

no maga

4b24d8 No.376604


but muh concernfags

2a7b02 No.376606


this isn't even close to right, re-read the crumbs, and read the delta-anon posts

74dc9c No.376607


>"shooting florida school post-gazette

maybe fixed now or differs in area

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