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Pro Aris et Focis

File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, qresearch.jpg)

9c0e62 No.389872

"Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions."


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9c0e62 No.389938

Current Dough

https:// pastebin.com/3XWB5haG

d95de7 No.389939

File: f625537485f6d2e⋯.png (178.36 KB, 510x490, 51:49, ClipboardImage.png)

You have no idea how

SICK !!!

a10481 No.389950

This is a link to a recent report about the connection btw mass shootings and drugs.

This article links anti-depressant drugs and other types to mass shootings.

https:// www.naturalnews.com/039752_mass_shootings_psychiatric_drugs_antidepressants.html

1dbcf7 No.389951

File: 0870e5d6aa0c960⋯.jpg (68.18 KB, 659x449, 659:449, MatrixPunch.JPG)

b0631f No.389958


These people are sick!

42b16f No.389959

Concern "knockout" in the MKUltra paper we are suppose to read carefully. Just looked this up two days ago. Link => https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knockout_mouse

They are doing research on human as well, stated as human who "naturally" have a gene knocked out. Yeah… right.

Way worse than 1984

33eb2a No.389963

Are blackberry phones more secure then your average Samsung or Apple device?

42b16f No.389966


A knockout mouse or knock-out mouse is a genetically modified mouse (Mus musculus) in which researchers have inactivated, or "knocked out", an existing gene by replacing it or disrupting it with an artificial piece of DNA. They are important animal models for studying the role of genes which have been sequenced but whose functions have not been determined. By causing a specific gene to be inactive in the mouse, and observing any differences from normal behaviour or physiology, researchers can infer its probable function.

3c5834 No.389972

someone mentioned tsunami in the last bread. i knew i had seen something much earlier than the mistaken warnings that went out this month on the eastern seaboard.https:// www.intellihub.com/just-another-accident-false-east-coast-tsunami-warning-broadcast-for-ny-ct-and-ma/

sept, 2015 - a warning went out and was retracted as a mistake. made me wonder at the time if it was something in the planning or really a mistake. guess i may have a suspicious mind or something.

9c0e62 No.389985


058a02 No.389986


This is NOT the shooter's registration. The name is spelled incorrectly

432f9e No.389987


Well what happens is they give you a small amount of truth and mix it with crazy stuff

once the two are connected then anyone that investigates said truths is labeled crazy because they are forever entwined

Example Nasa fake cgi is now connected to flat earth shit

Secret military progams/crafts are UFO

51cfaf No.389988

Spiritual development is your biggest power and the key to all good things ever.

Or you can watch TV and stay stubborn.

You will ALWAYS have free will - at least a spark of it - where you won't be controlled. So build on that spark! Most of us have lost a lot of our free will and are acting on NEGATIVE PROGRAMMING.

9d2aa1 No.389989

I sure wish I could hack the 4 am news feed and replace it with truth for once.

0e9b58 No.389990


Interesting: didn’t we learn that Hillary and much of congress uses blackberries during the Wikileaks drop?

825864 No.389991

File: 84afb5fd06cec11⋯.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1242x1338, 207:223, F665F03D-FF34-4FDC-96CF-9….jpeg)

Think about it. … what’s with the Q … oh that’s that guy on the internet saving the country with the patriots . Why are they trying to stop him… just say it a plan

891070 No.389992


CFPB is a slush fund for democrats.

They go around shaking down businesses, then take the money they get from the shakedown and distribute it to Democrat causes.

How have we gotten so complicit in how we run our government to allow shit this blatant to happen?

Fake mainstream media is how.

5c7527 No.389993

Here is one angle

Father of both Shooters (Lanza and Batmann Shooter) linked to LIBOR Scandal

http:// beforeitsnews.com/economics-a…r-2447738.html

23272f No.389994

Just a thought,

If we are going to have a normie invasion here, how can we steer them to the meme threads?

They may not dig, or even comprehend, but they LOVE being the first to post an edgy meme for their buds!

8f419e No.389996

What's the frequency, Kenneth?

c4370a No.389997

Another Train Bites the Dust!!!


Verified account



4 minutes ago


BREAKING: Train Derails, Catches Fire In Attica, New York - http:// breaking911.com/breaking-train-derails-catches-fire-attica-new-york/ …

ef19fc No.389998


Of course they were/are, why do you think they were ridiculed out of popularity despite high profile people still using them

d8c80d No.389999



There are people who are using CRISPR on themselves to edit their own genes and control things like Lactose Intolerance in this instance… how long til something like this backfires??

https:// www.popularmechanics.com/science/health/a17804128/scientist-painstakingly-documents-his-own-diy-gene-therapy/

742a6b No.390000

File: d9aa8e16a67e64e⋯.png (251.5 KB, 532x367, 532:367, Deep_State_at_it_Again.PNG)

Deep State is BUSY, BUSY, BUSY

Getting desperate!

6367a7 No.390001


With an app store, the black hats can add code to an independent app before it is downloaded to your phone. Total control.

They don't even have to hack the app store, just get their people hired to run it. If there is no vacancy, it is easy to MAKE ONE!!!

00d32f No.390002

We might have it wrong; maybe it's not about who owns/controls Apache.

Anons, I think Q's been screaming at us this whole time: a flaw in Apache is key to breaking the news cycle.

Clowns use SecureDrop to deliver their morning talking points. If Apache is the underlying architecture, what's to stop a hackanon from exploiting a flaw and rustling clown jimmies?

a10481 No.390003

Here is a link to scopopamine drug. It was used by CIA for truth serum. Now legally marketed under the brand names Sopace & Maldemar to treat nausea

https:// www.theguardian.com/society/shortcuts/2015/sep/02/devils-breath-aka-scopolamine-can-it-really-zombify-you

dab9b2 No.390004

File: 795ecdf5663c9ed⋯.jpeg (6.86 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 96AB0E14-A180-43B6-8D4D-2….jpeg)


I agree this area should be careful

ac0d3e No.390005


I thought I remembered this… It doesn't stop with them either. I seem to recall many recent shooters may have family connections to Clown-tainted industries (banking, defense contracting, etc)

5e9cd1 No.390006




de1b55 No.390007


Q asked why med researchers(particularly holistic ones, as I recall) were killed in large quantities. Were they on the WRONG(right) track???

2c16be No.390008

File: 68f47c0cb48a69f⋯.png (25.08 KB, 780x375, 52:25, trainsagain.png)



1af5ee No.390009

the programming all started with organized religion…sorry to burst some bubbles.

jesus never said to build a church with 4 walls that requires a tax to be paid every week. jesus said your body is the temple and the kingdom of heaven is inside you. each person is a church of god.

he also said to pray in private.

447050 No.390010

File: 2f27b0de4f71d13⋯.jpg (41.89 KB, 889x246, 889:246, Q_96.JPG)

File: 838f4108fe2d5b3⋯.jpg (50.31 KB, 983x339, 983:339, CAR.JPG)

CAR: Chief of the Army Reserve

e7273d No.390011

I don't like where this is going to end, I can accept it as truth but that doesn't mean I don't have to like where this will lead to. I hope you all are ready to ask yourselves what it means to be a human, and if we are that.

ecd167 No.390012

File: 3bc2990ce33f6d6⋯.jpg (54.66 KB, 640x653, 640:653, conspiracytheoristn.jpg)


Nothing wrong with a working theory. It's how you move toward figuring stuff out.

They made that word "radioactive"

and it's unjustified. Time to own it.

25c373 No.390013


Wait?.., Remember that When.., D Rockefeller died.., he controlled South-Korea.., Now.., Who Now controls S.Korea?.., Samsung is a public company.

28f880 No.390014

>>389859 (last bread)

Conspiracy theorists are always depicted as crazy, paranoid fanatics in the media and movies. Can we get memes of smart people, normal average joes putting 2+2 together? Normalize intelligent people and conspiracy (non) theories. Maybe with debunked conspiacies like JFKs murder

8263d6 No.390015


I think you have the right idea

4af1b3 No.390016

File: 06312fe82a0e750⋯.jpg (96.09 KB, 620x550, 62:55, Capture.JPG)


Donald J Trump's nephew is a psychologist.

d8c80d No.390017

File: a6891d741198b8f⋯.jpg (46.79 KB, 940x295, 188:59, KanyonSide940.jpg)


This is the deep sea canyon that the Russian "Kanyon" torpedo was designed to exploit. There is a reason they named it Kanyon.

935d97 No.390018

Fine I had this on my mind last couple days but seems now it has to be posted

Somehow got the feeling of late they are getting to Anons

Too many still on about topics that divides – blaming jews, democrats, leftist, the rich, the Catholics blah blah blah

It clearly is now entering the end game

Our biggest test is coming. Divided we WILL FAIL

Learn – no more of this sheat. Focus on the subject and the enemy – not the tools they use – we were all being used somehow and are all to blame some way

Rant over….thanks for listening

7811de No.390019

File: b273d693c7b2fac⋯.png (86.92 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20180215-223125.png)

File: 4b4696dc635b2db⋯.png (62.69 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20180215-223109.png)

I found Adam lanzas doctor. http:// www.childstudycenter.yale.edu/faculty/heather_smith-jackson-3.profile

Adolescents and children. Doesn't accept patients or do referrals just does in-house work. I think this is the right direction

0e9b58 No.390020


For instance Hillary assumes someone’s use of a blackberry in this email. (He doesn’t have one)

https: //wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/30324

d32f8a No.390021

This is a weird video. I don't see how it shows a remote control vehicle.

WTF was it doing in the woods?

Why would someone attempt to RC a Ford Taurus (or whatever) through the woods, over a storm drain, and into a presidential motorcade? That doesn't seem to be a very effective strategy …

Anybody find the driver's statement yet?

8ad781 No.390022

File: 5b067f9e6f5f22f⋯.jpg (2.32 MB, 4032x2268, 16:9, 20180210_235151.jpg)

Thanks Q! Another sleepless night! better stick the kettle on.

ce0278 No.390023


Most Mass Shootings Linked to SSRIs, But MSM Ignores in Vegas Coverage »

https:// www. infowars.com/most-mass-shootings-linked-to-ssris-but-msm-ignores-in-vegas-coverage/

891070 No.390024

Ok, so what is MK ULTRA actually called today?

Qs MK ULTRA post relates back to the post about Silicon Valley heads:

@Jack, MZ, ES, JB, EM, SH, MSM, etc.

Do you know that we know?

Do you know that we see all?

Do you know that we hear all?





850e71 No.390025

Repost from last thread

US Patent Description Inventor Filed Issued

US3014477 Hypnotic Inducer (Mind Control Machine) Carlin 1956 1961

US3060795 Apparatus For Producing Visual Stimulation Corrigan et al 1958 1962

(Subconscious Transmission via Movie Film) Becker 1958 1966

US3278676 Apparatus For Producing Visual and Auditory

Stimulation (Subconscious Transmission via


US3393279 Nervous System Excitation Device Flanagan 1962 1968

US3563246 Method and Apparatus For Improving Neural Puharich 1967 1971

Performance In Human Subjects By


US3629521 Hearing Systems (RF/Microwave) Puharich 1970 1971

US3712292 Method Of and Apparatus For Producing Zentmayer, Jr. 1971 1973

Swept Frequency Modulated Audio Signal

Patterns For Inducing Sleep (Brain

Frequencies Broadcast)

US3884218 Method of Inducing and Maintaining Monroe 1970 1975

Stages Of Sleep in the Human Being

(FFR - Frequency Following Response


US3951134 Apparatus and Method For Remotely Malech 1974 1976

Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves

(RF/Electromagnetic Waves)

US4395600 Auditory Subliminal Message System and Lundy 1980 1983

Method (Subliminal Brainwash via Music

or Other Sound)

US4717343 Method Of Changing A Person’s Behavior Densky 1986 1988

(Subconscious Brainwash via Video)

US4777529 Auditory Subliminal Programming System Schultz/Dolejs 1987 1988

(Silent Brainwash Via Music or Other


US4834701 Apparatus For Inducing Frequency Masaki 1985 1989

Reduction In Brain Wave (FFR - Brain

Frequencies Transmission)

US4858612 Hearing Device (Microwave Hearing) Stocklin 1983 1989

US4877027 Hearing System (Microwave Hearing Brunkan 1988 1989

via open air Broadcast)

US5159703 Silent Subliminal Presentation Lowery 1989 1992

System (aka Silent Sound - Microwave)

US5356368 Method Of and Apparatus For Inducing Monroe 1991 1994

Desired States Of Consciousness

(FFR/EEG Waveforms By Broadcast)

US5774088 Method and System For Warning Birds Kreithen 1997 1998

Of Hazards (Microwave Hearing)

US5889870 Acoustic Heterodyne Device and Norris 1996 1999

Method (Ultrasound. Ventriloquist


US6011991 Communication System and Method Including Mardirossian 1998 2000

Brain Wave Analysis and/or Use of Brain

Activity (Remote Viewing)

US6052336 Apparatus and Method Of Broadcasting Lowery 1998 2000

Audible Sound Using Ultrasonic Sound

As A Carrier (Ultrasound)

US6470214 Method and device For Implementing The O’Loughlin/Loree 1992 2002

Radio Frequency Hearing Effect (Microwave


US6587729 Apparatus For Audibly Communicating O’Loughlin/Loree 2002 2003

Speech Using The Radio Frequency Hearing

Effect (Microwave Hearing)

http:// www.usa-anti-communist.com/ard/US_PatentedMindControl.php

ac0d3e No.390026


Quads confirm!

ef19fc No.390027


Thank you for posting this anon

2c16be No.390028


quads confirmed

8ffdce No.390029


>Some cannot be hacked.

Tried it on me for YEARS.

Getting body tingles today… guess we're over the target, eh Q?

7da235 No.390031


This music video is about mind control via cell phones.

462e88 No.390032


You know what Attica is right?

Google it.

74821f No.390033

File: 61c9add083b4f8d⋯.jpg (59.88 KB, 696x392, 87:49, TRAIN.jpg)

Train Derails, Catches Fire In Attica, New York


00d32f No.390034




I'm front-end, not backend; any hackanons willing to exploit?

03a017 No.390035



>>389771 WE

is already in the bread as the last post:

Inspirational post for fringe dwelling outcast Anons


d95de7 No.390036


Because they synced automatically.

58bb68 No.390037


well… we could .. .you know. make our own talking points ;-) If hackanon would want to plant a few talking points… just sayin.. :-)

4af1b3 No.390038


Peter Thiel denounced Sillicon Valley today.


5c7527 No.390039

From wiki, Big Pharma participated in CIA's MKULtra program

Project MKUltra, also called the CIA mind control program, is the code name given to a program of experiments on human subjects, at times illegal, designed and undertaken by the United States Central Intelligence Agency.[1] Experiments on humans were intended to identify and develop drugs and procedures to be used in interrogations and torture in order to weaken the individual to force confessions through mind control. Organized through the Scientific Intelligence Division of the CIA, the project coordinated with the Special Operations Division of the U.S. Army's Chemical Corps.[2]

The operation began in the early 1950s, was officially sanctioned in 1953, was reduced in scope in 1964, further curtailed in 1967, and officially halted in 1973.[3] The program engaged in many illegal activities,[4][5][6] including the use of unwitting U.S. and Canadian citizens as its test subjects, which led to controversy regarding its legitimacy.[4](p74)[7][8][9] MKUltra used numerous methods to manipulate people's mental states and alter brain functions, including the surreptitious administration of drugs (especially LSD) and other chemicals, hypnosis,[10][11] sensory deprivation, isolation and verbal abuse, as well as other forms of psychological torture.[12][13]

The scope of Project MKUltra was broad, with research undertaken at 80 institutions, including 44 colleges and universities, as well as hospitals, prisons, and pharmaceutical companies.[14] The CIA operated through these institutions using front organizations, although sometimes top officials at these institutions were aware of the CIA's involvement.[15] As the US Supreme Court later noted in CIA v. Sims 471 U.S. 159 (1985), MKULTRA was:

concerned with "the research and development of chemical, biological, and radiological materials capable of employment in clandestine operations to control human behavior." The program consisted of some 149 subprojects which the Agency contracted out to various universities, research foundations, and similar institutions. At least 80 institutions and 185 private researchers participated. Because the Agency funded MKUltra indirectly, many of the participating individuals were unaware that they were dealing with the Agency.[16]

Although the Supreme Court sided with the CIA that sources' names could be redacted for their protection, it nonetheless validated the existence of MKULTRA to be used in future court cases and confirmed that the CIA for 14 years performed clandestine experiments on human behavior.

Between 1953 and 1966, the Central Intelligence Agency financed a wide-ranging project, code-named MKULTRA, concerned with the research and development of chemical, biological, and radiological materials capable of employment in clandestine operations to control human behavior.[16]

Project MKUltra was first brought to public attention in 1975 by the Church Committee of the U.S. Congress, and a Gerald Ford commission to investigate CIA activities within the United States. Investigative efforts were hampered by the fact that CIA Director Richard Helms ordered all MKUltra files destroyed in 1973; the Church Committee and Rockefeller Commission investigations relied on the sworn testimony of direct participants and on the relatively small number of documents that survived Helms's destruction order.[17]

In 1977, a Freedom of Information Act request uncovered a cache of 20,000 documents relating to project MKUltra, which led to Senate hearings later that same year.[4][18] In July 2001, some surviving information regarding MKUltra was declassified.

Forty-four American colleges or universities, 15 research foundations or chemical or pharmaceutical companies including Sandoz (now Novartis) and Eli Lilly and Company, 12 hospitals or clinics (in addition to those associated with universities), and three prisons are known to have participated in MKUltra.[19][20]

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKUltra

9d2aa1 No.390040

Odd line from Q in his post earlier.



58393b No.390041

Tried to find evidence, but this sort of thing is hard to look up. I'd heard a while ago that quite a bit of America's infrastructure is rigged with explosives. Like, we get invaded and want to cut off travel sort of explosives. Like the Swiss. If that were true and the deep state was in control of that, I'd say that's a good reason to "fix" our infrastructure. It's definitely crumbling and needs fixed, but there's always a shadow war reason for any of this stuff.

42b16f No.390042


It's way deeper than that. Hard to modify adult genome. There are (news wise) about 20 kids with three parents though. They messed with the genes in the eggs, mixed in two different women's genes, they inseminated them (in the dish), then implanted them.

2bfc54 No.390043

File: ea93c46f38d8da7⋯.jpg (546.76 KB, 1739x959, 1739:959, Choppers.jpg)

WTF?!! How many helicopters do you need in one place at one time..?

447050 No.390044

File: 4a6d65a1d5ec158⋯.jpg (40.72 KB, 891x235, 891:235, Q_96_2.JPG)

File: 28830f5b188ab66⋯.jpg (59.39 KB, 822x421, 822:421, driver.JPG)

Statement by the driver:

"it was terrifying," said Samantha Morris, the driver.

Samantha Morris, 17, and Nikia Hicks, 18 were in that car on their way to work when their brakes suddenly went out.

"I was pumping my brakes hard, they were smoking and i couldn't stop at all" said Morris.

That's when she swerved to avoid hitting a gaurd at the entrance of her work and ended up feet from a pond.

"i just thought we'd hit a fence," said Morris. "I thought there was a fence. We were crazy close to that pond. we could have drowned."

http:// www.ky3.com/content/news/Driver-of-car-crashing-near-presidential-motorcade-is-talking-It-was-terrifying–442415653.html

13e7d8 No.390045


Yeah….and not just CPA…

Consumer Protection Agency.

Sen Warren.




I was thinking about this the other day after reading the post about a whistleblower "winning" a case against a big company (don't know the exact specifics cuz trying to find the post would take forever ;-)

Anyways, he rec'd @105 million and I think the company was fined @750 million…

The first thing that caught my attention: Where did the approximately 645 million go?

There's always these cases against HUGE companies….they get fined by the GOVERNMENT….and you never where the money goes….

Sound likes a "slush fund" to me

0dffc6 No.390046



Why is everything made in China?

Because as >>388958 mentions the Consumer Protection Agency, there’s no one doing oversight of the manufacture of electronics in China that use Hendricus Loos technology. Who? READ ON & WATCH THE VID LINKS!!!!!!

Take a minute and educate yourself on these topics, copy/paste this into a word doc to save & share with friends & family – watch with friends and family:

This Creepy Patent Proves They Can Remotely Hijack Your Nervous System

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=yf_EdKxfDiY


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=15GtRc7ViBk


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqtWomHSwok

Forcing a Total, Saturated 5G Future… Without Safety Checks

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRhISwY42nQ

Do We Have a "Right" to Mental Privacy and "Cognitive Liberty"?

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxd0iQKooIk

If you still have a HuLu sub after watching this – you just fell onto the later side side of this quote:

"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." - Martin Luther King, Jr

You know, like reading the Surgeon General’s warning on the coffin nails and lighting one up anyway

This will be put into every bread to cover the shifts and get the word out

0e9b58 No.390047


Is that the ONLY reason? Expand our thinking.

28f880 No.390048


Just brewed a new pot myself, anon

00d32f No.390049


My thoughts exactly! Let's slip in some fun stuff!

d32f8a No.390050


Well, yeah. I thought we already had people looking into this.

341fc1 No.390051

Since we're talking MK Ultra,

Anons are you familiar with the alledged Catholic Church version of MK Ultra?

I have no idea how legit this is but it ties in with catholic sex abuse.

It's called the sandwich boy program.

I recommend looking into it.

8ffdce No.390052

File: 6e4cb725603d1df⋯.jpg (125.88 KB, 1600x1098, 800:549, BlackBerry 9900 Bold 1.jpg)


>Why was Blackberry destroyed?

Exactly. You can't even run them on many networks in Canada now even.

447050 No.390053


Mk_Ultra victims and triggered?

5c7527 No.390054


MKDelta ???


The Church Committee report in 1976 described the MKDELTA program as follows: "A special procedure, designated MKDELTA, was established to govern the use of MKULTRA materials abroad. Such materials were used on a number of occasions. Because MKULTRA records were destroyed, it is impossible to reconstruct the operational use of MKULTRA materials by the CIA overseas; it has been determined that the use of these materials abroad began in 1953, and possibly as early as 1950. Drugs were used primarily as an aid to interrogations, but MKULTRA/MKDELTA materials were also used for harassment, discrediting, or disabling purposes."[33][34][35]


In 1964, MKSEARCH was the name given to the continuation of the MKULTRA program. The MKSEARCH program was divided into two projects dubbed MKOFTEN/CHICKWIT. Funding for MKSEARCH commenced in 1965, and ended in 1971.[36] The project was a joint project between The U.S. Army Chemical Corps and the Central Intelligence Agency's Office of Research and Development to find new offensive-use agents with a focus on incapacitating agents. The purpose of the project was to develop, test, and evaluate capabilities in the covert use of biological, chemical, and radioactive material systems and techniques for producing predictable human behavioral and/or physiological changes in support of highly sensitive operational requirements.[36]

By March 1971 over 26,000 potential agents had been acquired for future screening.[37] The CIA were interested in bird migration patterns for CBW research under MK/ULTRA where, a Subproject 139 designated "Bird Disease Studies" at Penn State.[38]


MKOFTEN was to deal with testing and toxicological, transmissivity and behavioral effects of drugs in animals and, ultimately, humans.[36]


MKCHICKWIT was concerned with acquiring information on new drug developments in Europe and the Orient, and with acquiring samples.[36]


a88268 No.390055


Yes they are sick and it's not their fault, they have all been brainwashed by the MSM News our job is to red pill them….

7f3b3e No.390056


>Q is here because we are the Breakaway Civilization.

REALLY? Because the complete opposite is often visible here…DO NOT QUESTION

>"Those who cannot understand… should not be participating in discussions."

WTF is that eh? Directive, comply, agree or GTFO? OH NOES Q, wez believin' SRSLY ANON question everything…


>Say what you will about Scientology - however if you tweet at Kirstie Alley with this info, she will be all over it. She has been so outspoken regarding pharma drugs in general and specifically as they relate to shootings.

yes, because of clam history of psych hate due to LRON being literally insane..asking for mental help (research) from Navy, gets refused….goes postal on shrinks…yes of course they will be all over it..we do not need to halp a cult that has a whole website and traveling exhibit to "prove" shrinks started WWII….are these drugs dangerous? ABSOLUTELY especially SSRIs…


>I figured out how he's going to accomplish that.


>Will wait for confirmation before I reveal.

I do sincerely hope you're right. Honestly.




>Great, thanks!

YW after watching and digesting the process by which things are "infiltrated" and "whistleblowers" lauded…do spread the word….

266550 No.390057

Had a chance to read better the new Q posts

>Why is everything 'really' made in China?

>Cost savings?

>Why is POTUS focused on >SA/CHINA/RUSSIA?















Sounds like China had goods on DEMS so our jobs/prosperity/dollars went to China

Manufacturing back bc they got NOTHING on POTUS

SA the housing crash, maybe it wouldn't have been so bad if GAS wasn't $5+ a gallon driving up the cost of everything, you only could fill up 1/2 a grocery cart for the cost of a full one, remember?

Russia, again goods on DEMS there goes 20% of our uranium.

73c299 No.390058

Just wondering. So many of the shooters were either bipolar, autistic, etc. They were most likely made that way by a combination of big pharma/vaccinations and drugs and then therapeutic programming on top of that.

I wouldn't be surprised if movies and video games and popular music are also a part of that programming and if many in this industry are agents.

Advertising agencies are complicit also because they promote the same images and conditioning.

Connecting the dots.

But a question–when it comes out time and again that these people are emotionally/mentally disturbed or autistic, will that in time cause ostracization and worse against people with those diagnoses?

Is it a double-pronged attack? Use them to carry out their attacks/disrupt society/promote the need for NWO, but also eugenics/population reduction?

b7d219 No.390059


tsunami bombs?


samsungs are great if they support the discontinued replicant OS. >>>/tech/

black berry is fine I guess but I'm not expert. don't know if they're still available


nice find, synchronicity confirms


president's day is coming

c4370a No.390060


Ugly fat ass cunts make the best assassins or Patsies :-)

9c0e62 No.390061


Doh' fixed

8c6786 No.390062


Seems that way. And why it was inevitably discontinued (see: forced off the market.) Not to mention the Hillbeast and her associates still used them up to that point.

40e537 No.390063

boardfags needed


Trips confirmed? If not scrub it.

f7443a No.390064

File: ae5df4ce64c03a1⋯.png (299.52 KB, 758x640, 379:320, Malaysia.png)

What [3] scientists were killed who were researching the SAT relay of mobile phone signals to end users?

Why was the research deemed CLASSIFIED?



Could THIS be it???

'Was Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 made to disappear so one party could gain control of a multiply-owned patent?'

25c373 No.390065



9d2aa1 No.390066


Have you ever heard a democrat criticize china? Ever?

ac0d3e No.390067


The area of Greece where Athens is located?

42b16f No.390068


Right as rain. Read this post.

432f9e No.390069



8c6786 No.390070


Quads AND another train derailment. Hell of a red-letter day we're having today, ain't it?

d8c80d No.390071


The area around Pensacola has been INSANE for months… VERY busy constantly with helis and aircraft training.

6d2c59 No.390072

File: b04c0d41e361e00⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1437x1661, 1437:1661, Capture _2018-02-15-17-34-….png)

File: 93ad588f7b408db⋯.png (479.5 KB, 1117x1388, 1117:1388, Capture _2018-02-15-17-31-….png)

de1b55 No.390073


True, but Paul admonished us not to forsake the gathering of ourselves together, "as the manner of some is…"

9c0e62 No.390074




I'd like to go outside for a little bit today

58bb68 No.390076


IF we did this. What we planted would be something to blow the lid off of a few things with credible backup, of course. We could totally blow the lid off of a few issues. :-)

f7443a No.390077


"This was posted on facebook in a discussion of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight:


Here’s what you all need to know. Spread this information everywhere:

Four days after the missing flight MH370 a patent is approved by the Patent Office

4 of the 5 Patent holders are Chinese employees of Freescale Semiconductor of Austin TX.

Patent is divided up on 20% increments to 5 holders:

Peidong Wang, Suzhou, China, (20%)

Zhijun Chen, Suzhou, China, (20%)

Zhihong Cheng, Suzhou, China, (20%)

Li Ying, Suzhou, China, (20%)

Freescale Semiconductor (20%)

If a patent holder dies, then the remaining holders equally share the dividends of the deceased if not disputed in a will.

If 4 of the 5 dies, then the remaining 1 Patent holder gets 100% of the wealth of the patent.

That remaining live Patent holder is Freescale Semiconductor.

Who owns Freescale Semiconductor?

Jacob Rothschild through Blackstone (what an interesting name for a company) who owns Freescale.

Here is your motive for the missing plane. As all 4 Chinese members of the Patent were passengers on the missing plane, and that patent was the breakthrough. We have entered the future proper, and four men was just murdered so that the last, still living member can keep this for himself to either hide or profit from."

6291d9 No.390078

https:// www.indiatimes.com/technology/gadgets/control-devices-with-brain-sensor-64311.html

This device looks like it performs the opposite effect transmitting brain waves from the mind instead of into it

bc78ae No.390079

Mind control tech being used on civilians in California. https:// youtu.be/r6dk0MCOur8

6de2f7 No.390080

478ad1 No.390081


Helicopter training base.

10e70e No.390082


Nothing to scrub, that's an anon and their take on each line of what Q posted.

Keep digging lads.

d8c80d No.390083


They have James Holme's hair style… coincidence? Is there a reason these people's personal style changes… maybe because who they are changes?

547b98 No.390084


The GEC-Marconi scientist deaths conspiracy theory states that between 1982 and 1990 twenty-five British-based GEC-Marconi scientists and engineers who worked on the Sting Ray torpedo project and other United States Strategic Defense Initiative related projects (better known as Star Wars) died under mysterious circumstances.

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/GEC-Marconi_scientist_deaths_conspiracy_theory

https:// theunredacted.com/dead-scientists-the-marconi-murders/

Likely not related to the 3 scientists - but the government(s) appear to have some history in killing scientists doing(done) work they want to keep classified

b41cae No.390085

File: a712e97bce95593⋯.png (109.4 KB, 735x578, 735:578, ClipboardImage.png)

df5d55 No.390086

Done by 3 Chinese researchers.

https:// www.google.co.uk/amp/www.zdnet.com/google-amp/article/encryption-satellite-phones-unscramble-attack-


Here is a link to it.

https:// eprint.iacr.org/2017/655


Linking Snowdon, Inmarsat (MH370), Iridium (Soros) and Five Eyes.

https:// www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.deepdotweb.com/2017/07/21/researchers-crack-satellite-phone-encryption-with-new-attack/amp/

089a5c No.390088


Do you have a full link?


There was an episode of The Outer Limits once where a bunch of college students were on some project with their professor, accidentally opened a starship door and got trapped in, after harrowing journey, landed. They were on a devastated Earth (with a bunch of babies inside the ship all in incubators). When they looked at the graveyards and newspapers/magazines flying around, that is what had happened. The people on Earth had messed with their genes so much - designer bat wings so they could fly, etc. That they fucked themselves up into oblivion (became sterile I guess). So the students and all the babies were there to repopulate earth.

And speaking of media/pop culture references - with all the humanoid robots & AI, sometimes I just want to strap these people down into a chair and give them the Alex treatment from A Clockwork Orange and force them to watch Battlestar Galactica over and over until they get it. (same with the transhumanists)

de1b55 No.390089


Still wondering if that plane was "remote" flown to safe location for nuke installation. Thought that from the very 1st.

777017 No.390090

Anybody remember the rash of dead cows that were found in various fields with tongue and organs cut with lasers? Sounds like part of this MKUltra program

f7443a No.390091


Fox did a segment last week about how google tracks every step you take whether your phone is off or on, SIM card installed or out!

deff04 No.390092

They are drugging the water! Everyone is susceptible. They can control anyone.

1af5ee No.390093


the truth shall set you free.

for me, taking a nice walk outside and getting some fresh air is wonderful medicine for mind body and soul.

d32f8a No.390094

b7d219 No.390095


If they're using older version of Apache they're probably trying to exploit documented CVEs.

8bdad6 No.390096


It was a threat of mutual destruction.

8c6786 No.390097


I do think back frequently to the major video game companies and their parent organizations like Sony, Microsoft, Ninty, and so on. It wouldn't surprise me if there was cabal involvement into that industry of entertainment despite how many of us have surely been avid video gamers at points in our lives.

I mean, the only one we can deduce so far that may have some fuckery going on is Microsoft because of Bill Gates, obviously. As to what degree that MS and the Xbox franchise are pozzed by deep state shenanigans, well… At this point it's probably not relevant to dig into but it would certainly interest some people such as myself. But we have bigger cabal fish to fry.

e520fd No.390098

Q keeps saying


Project CHATTER?


d50af3 No.390099


Year, just like Trump did with the JFK files, start with something from the release that proves the wrongdoings of the FBI and then hit them with something similar that is more recent!

8f419e No.390100


Yes, I remember the zombie cows that attacked us

d8c80d No.390101


Are they dead now? Remember we are looking for 3 scientists who died…. preferably mysteriously.

b41cae No.390102

File: 1097bd111739dbe⋯.png (109.53 KB, 735x578, 735:578, ClipboardImage.png)

From earlier


7358a3 No.390103


There was also MK Often and MK Search

These both play roles into what Q mentions.

What you really want to look for is Monarch and the symbolism involved.

The real catch is that Monarch was largely based on trauma and breaking the target in to alters.

What we're describing now is a more fluid and convenient means of "breaking" someone.

So, it's sort of like this:

(((they))) have discovered a way to create and influence alters in targets. Unfortunately, I always used to write off the 5G, voice to skull, etc. kind of theories as a little over-exposed. What Q is talking about is freaky as fuck. The phones really are nodes, aren't they?

a45dfb No.390104


Sorry lads, phonefagging…. anyway somebody can find a list of train/ plane accidents over last 6 months compared to past 5 years?

060650 No.390105

BlackBerry pin had peer to peer encryption.

c92807 No.390106


Peter Thiel has privately discussed resigning from the Facebook board.

https:// www.cnbc.com/2018/02/15/peter-thiel-is-reportedly-exiting-silicon-valley.html

df5d55 No.390107


I can't find any information other than that. Searching their names comes up with nothing for me.

8ffdce No.390108

File: afd88b86f6fa3f3⋯.jpg (24.71 KB, 349x355, 349:355, Unisys_Icon_System_s1.jpg)



My first *ix.

Government computer with an 80186.

58393b No.390109

As far as the Blackberry issue, I don't know much, but while looking I saw them mentioning that it was easier to wipe all the data. I understand that no data is lost forever, but did the Blackberry make it easier to hide things from all the spook stuff? Easier to destroy evidence? Like HRC's cell hammer.

462e88 No.390110

f7443a No.390111


Especially after…

Dec 4 2017


RED RED 9/11.

Funds raised vs distributed?


>7/10 plane crashes are targeted kills.

Those in the know never sleep.


550c23 No.390112


Naked body scanners used by TSA can destroy DNA and cells.

HRC renegade Bill clinton ride private planes and do not have to do thru them. They dont even have a pate down.

Do you think people riding private planes should have the same experience of a naked body scanner and a pat down?

443c53 No.390113

File: 764c41b9cc4d4a2⋯.jpg (160.16 KB, 500x500, 1:1, member-berries-sq__41362.1….jpg)


My working theory is it was SRA Satanic Ritual Abuse - to traumatize children and execute blood sacrifice rituals.

6e6cdd No.390114


Use the phrase "Conspiracy Analyst" versus Theorist, or something similar as well to throw a more positive spin on it

d8c80d No.390115


I remember that episode clearly… weren't they taken by aliens specifically to repopulate the earth after it was devastated by gene manipulation… I remember them looking at the plaque that explained what happened.

7811de No.390116


https:// www.linkedin.com/in/heather-smith-jackson-85b928111/

https:// www.nhregister.com/news/article/After-50-years-Yale-New-Haven-Child-Abuse-12332471.php

73c299 No.390117

But what if it is all part of the spiderweb?


40e537 No.390118


Thank you. Missed that. Except I didn't.

Go >>386845 Thanks for the message.

28f880 No.390119


I like that!!

9c0e62 No.390120


Current Dough

https:// pastebin.com/Ks1T7PGb

d8c80d No.390121


Same with the inventors of Iridium… can't find any information regarding whether they are really alive or dead.

5ed48e No.390122

2. In view of these circumstances the project engineer. with

verbal approval from his chief, authorized the contractor to pay the

hospitals expenses of certain persons suffering from incurable cancer for the privilege of studying the effects of these chemicals during

their terminal illnesses. The total funds expended in this fashion

amounted to $658.05 and full value was received.

3. It is requested that the Chief, TSS indicate his knowledge

and approval of this particular expenditure for audit purposes.


these people were paying hospitals to take away their terminally ill patients to try out chemicals on them

ecd167 No.390123

File: 600eb251686b825⋯.jpg (41.74 KB, 618x452, 309:226, lanza.jpg)


"Adam Lanza" was old pictures of his older brother, Ryan. The alleged Mother is still alive. She had two ID's and no doubt a clown.

There's some connection with the weird hospital in the neighborhood where O B ama got his SS #

When the news first came out the shooter was ID'd as Ryan.

There is massive research done on this already. No need to re-invent the wheel.

The creeps use their own children as patsies. It happens often. So the financial scandal. liber? Somehow involved? The children of insiders are used - by their own parents? dunno. .

c6383e No.390124


Hate to tell you all but your bias is equally revolting. There are days I wan't to scream at the idiotic Left/Right division. It's intentional to divide us. Please wake the fuck up!!!

13e7d8 No.390125

File: 5ef6973db528b5e⋯.jpg (21.4 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

Why is everything made in China?

So the products can BY-PASS safety oversight within our government!!

VACCINES are a perfect example of this!! Most made overseas in China!! Who knows what kind of CRAP they have in them….they get around any "testing" that would be done if manufactured HERE….

d50af3 No.390126


I need to use this with my husband, he has one tough nut to crack with this stuff…

266550 No.390127


That explains a lot.


Nope, never.

547b98 No.390128


anon I have a feeling these scientists did not die recently and this was more likely toward me the advent of cellular technology. Just a hunch. Our cellphones do not relay off a satellites these days & I have a feeling these scientists were studying the foundational science of how cellular tech works.

again just a hunch.

7f3b3e No.390129


Not sayin' you're right, not sayin' you're wrong…sayin' narrative shifts like a planefag's plane flying circles or crazy zigzaggs…also saying that the fucktards at v/pg FINALLY discovered MOD was besties with Alefantes…I left that shithole MONTHS ago when it was clearly being controlled…massive drops being deleted fake shit left to stay…literally MONTHS ago and they're just now figuring it out. KEK.

I always listen / read other perspectives. I did give the Rpotter video Skullduggery a fair listen…and Bscribe chance to explain. Info stored…no decisions made either way….always good to listen to everyone..filterfags and deleters / banners…should ALWAYS be of curiousity..not ANON tradition to do so…this does not include CP obviously…I KEK at anal prolapse distraction, scroll right on by…we're supposed to be intelligent adults…discernment, unbiased…brilliant researchers…feel there needs to be a bit more trust.

Hopefully you were just caught in VPN IP ban?

d40fba No.390130

I loved my black berry, never had that high pitched ring. Alot of phones/chargers emit such a high frequency I can't sleep until its unplugged

2424bf No.390131

Had to step out for a bit, sorry for late replies. Hope anons are still present.


He started at the Navy Clinic in Ft Worth. The JRB there is very small and so they send people out to civilian care for more extensive stuff, but it is not uncommon for their first prescription to come from the clinic, or even the behavioral health Nurse. Who would have recommended his medication through another doctor. Don't quote me entirely on that, but eventually they actually all end out in town. The docs they see are part of a network, and there is no guarantee they are worth a shit or not. I transferred right as he was just not making it well, and didn't really give it a lot more thought. There is more dirty laundry regarding why a lot of those "kids" were not fitting in that is too long to get into here and what a certain sub-segment of the Navy felt was their duty to weed out the weak.

The NY Times square driver and he had some stuff in common for any one that wants to run that rabbit trail. And… oddly enough I had contact with HIM too. Didn't know crap about him other than he was not sticking around and was headed through the out processing. At that time I had my hands full with a host of broken sailors and we farmed them out to all over the place to fill holes in unimportant jobs that were were no longer really manned for thanks to the recent cuts in personnel that may or may not get reversed.


Now. Lots of things are what we call rules written in blood. Look up when that changed and you may find him as a causation.

>>389981 Thanks Anon! Let's break it all down.

de1b55 No.390132


https:// www.express.co.uk/news/world/465557/Malaysian-plane-20-on-board-worked-for-ELECTRONIC-WARFARE-and-radar-defence-company

"A US technology company which had 20 senior staff on board Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 had just launched a new electronic warfare gadget for military radar systems in the days before the Boeing 777 went missing.

Freescale Semiconductor, which makes powerful microchips for industries including defence, released the powerful new products to the American market on March 3.

Five days later, Flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing with 239 people on board including 20 working for Freescale.

Twelve were from Malaysia, while eight were Chinese nationals.

Freescale’s spokesman Mitch Haws has said: “These were all people with a lot of experience and technical background and they were very important people.

“It’s definitely a loss for the company.”

Freescale’s shareholders include the Carlyle Group of private equity investors whose past advisers have included ex-US president George Bush Sr and former British Prime Minister John Major.


"Carlyle’s previous heavyweight clients include the Saudi Binladin Group, the construction firm owned by the family of Osama bin Laden.

The fact that Freescale had so many highly qualified staff on board the Boeing 777 had already prompted wild conspiracy theories about what might have happened.

The company says they were flying to China to improve its consumer products operations, but Freescale’s fresh links to electronic warfare technology is likely to trigger more speculation and deepen the mystery."

Post last edited at

060650 No.390134

http:// support.blackberry.com/kb/articleDetail?articleNumber=000010498

e520fd No.390135

d3fbb6 No.390138







How is the narrative really communicate re: drops on @snowden and Apache

74821f No.390139

File: ff4795e0058ec84⋯.png (6.38 KB, 350x194, 175:97, 4am.PNG)


What about this post then. Here Q is talking about private emails. I had thought that certain reports were sent emails at 4am for their talking points.

2bfc54 No.390140

Posted for Q reference and epic lyrics content, related to what we are about in here..It activates my almonds.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2zV0q7TTaw

The Fast Romantics - This Is Why We Fight

891070 No.390141



These Silicon Valley companies are intentionally programming their technology to be addictive, making us more prone to other types of addiction, and specifically targeting kids.

I wouldn't be surprised if the tech is being used to identify susceptible people to the mind control. I think the tech itself is part of the break down mechanism. And this is what Q mean by nobody playing this game gets a pass. They're involved in the mind control games, as well as a host of negative outcomes thru this tech.

Per Q. Therapy takes [x] to break the mind down into a functional/programmable device:



[too long by itself]


ce00a7 No.390142

Serious question with background info here.

Ever since 5G really began to come online in earnest I have had the absolute worst case of Tinnitus.

One night while having dinner with friends I was telling someone next to me how much trouble Tinnitus has been giving me.

I had my IPhone 6 in my shirt pocket.

The next day I began getting e-mails and seeing adds on web pages i opened about Tinnitus therapy.

They all claim to have the major breakthrough medication to cure Tinnitus.

Q>> Is anything a coincidence?

am I one of the "rare ones" who can actually sense the 5G system all around me?

Also, whenever I get within 5 feet of an operating Microwave Oven I get a buzzing sensation in my head.

This has happened as long as I can remember.

7f3b3e No.390143


>https:// www.theblaze.com/news/2018/02/15/former-un-official-says-united-nations-aid-workers-have-raped-tens-of-thousands


>Holy Shit! Not sure if this was posted yet!

during PG a Haiti insider (IT contractor) said the UN AFRICAN PEACEKEEPING TROOPS were raping like madmen…aka worst offenders…also confirmed a few things re CF but was NOT CF insider…

glad to see confirmation, it's always a good thing.

8c6786 No.390144


I don't really play video games much these days aside from occasional PC-platform stuff like sandboxes or TBS/RTSes, but it certainly wouldn't surprise me with the circumstances of Gamergate from years back. That whole debacle was the onset of SJWdom into the industry, but as of right now it's probably not that high on the cabal's totem pole as say Hollywood is. That industry is arguably worse and much more influential in our daily lives.

8ffdce No.390145


>Is there any chance that Blackberry can come back after all this shit dies down?

There is a yuuuuuuge market for the tactile keyboard.

0dffc6 No.390146

File: f18608ded4f2d48⋯.jpg (203.8 KB, 589x805, 589:805, CIA.jpg)


Use of the term "conspiracy theory" is proof positive of the psyop directive contained within CIA Dispatch Memo document 1035_960

6e6cdd No.390147


so all those suicides during the '80's that were related to "Heavy Metal" or "satanic" music were probably mind control experimentation. Unbelievable

2424bf No.390148


I use this one, and to be honest, be fair to yourself when you find something that is actually debunkable. It 1.) adds weight to your abilities to discern and 2.) will help you sleep at night.

1c1518 No.390149


couldn't they figure that out, without someone stepping over the line? they have more advanced hack systems. Your ass would be vanned in no time.

a6cbed No.390150


https:// isgp-studies.com/psychedelics-and-elites

c6383e No.390151


Most of my normie friends won't even consider some of what WE basically know to be fact. They literally shut down and just repeat the lies they have been sold. SMFH

547b98 No.390153


attention jimmy rustlers to kekstations

550c23 No.390154


Snopes employees have a pedo problem?

Founder Owner?

ES Googe loves snopes ?

e520fd No.390155



Just listen in right now. It's unreal, kek!

341fc1 No.390156

The Sandwich Boy Program: you have heard of the MK-Ultra program. The reason you have heard of it is because Richard Helms the CIA Director at the time destroyed all the records…except a few line itemized references to the program in budget documents. It was in 1975 when the Church Committee in Congress began to look in on this and investigate the CIA. What became revealed about the MK-Ultra program, which stands for mind kontrol was the large scale infrastucture behind the research and development then the subsequent deployment of this program. What is less known is that the Roman Catholic Church had its own mind control program called the Sandwich Boy Program and it was vastly superior to anything the CIA had. The Sandwich Boy Program created mind control sex slaves with self erasing amnesia barriers. This allowed the victims to be used on multple occasions over the course of their lives. These boys were used for sex shows and child pornography by the Church and have made the Church a very large amount of money. As far as I know there is nothing in the literature about them and how this is accomplished, but the closest I have been able to find is mention of sodomic mind control. At puberty when the ability to produce an orgasm is formed in the young male there is some condition which becomes present in the chosen victim which can be influenced by fashing light symbols. Thes symbols look like Egyptian heiroglyphs and can be subliminally embedded in movies. This turns one into a Sandwich Boy all in a matter of minutes. Just like that. The Sandwich Boy must do what the handler asks so that he can have his orgasm with another Sandwich Boy, but only after his task is complete. He becomes a slave for this fix and will take instructions from his handler such as perform in films or deliver this cargo. The craving instilled in the victim is far greater than a heroin addiction. Now I will tell you how I learned this.

https:// rapevictimsofthecatholicchurch.wordpress.com/2016/01/27/roman-catholic-churches-sandwich-boy-program-as-told-to-me-by-allan-j-rodzinski/amp/

57b48e No.390157

File: d0dc3b5ebcbd98c⋯.png (370.85 KB, 639x481, 639:481, POA4.png)

File: 5a414b81fa69fdf⋯.png (370.22 KB, 640x482, 320:241, POA3.png)

File: 7f50e8ff2265637⋯.png (364.82 KB, 639x483, 213:161, POA2.png)

File: b21498cf3c838cd⋯.png (371.12 KB, 639x482, 639:482, POA1.png)

Frame by Frame Analysis Of the Pledge Of Allegiance Video.

Definately some wave / distortion and noise confusion in this video when going through it fbf. It hits on every sense. Flowing waves become overlapped then cross hit with straight lines at an angle. The stars then become very flashy. Next a fade and zoom out to Statue of Liberty which ends up like it gets vaporized and blown away in the wind, covered in blood. Ends with a fade to black and credits.

I've stripped the audio and will analyse that prompto.

462e88 No.390158


Atticus institute

40e537 No.390159

25c373 No.390160


Mmmm, Good Point.., the problem is in How to suppress the Chinese products?.., For that.., US has to do his own products.., Phones, Computers, Toys, As in the 20's Years.

547b98 No.390161


some sauce for no-TV anons?

d50af3 No.390162


Yes, I used this with my sister and she got it finally!

2c16be No.390163

File: 3af4addba2c6b09⋯.png (7.32 KB, 461x177, 461:177, returningserve.png)

7f3b3e No.390164





DO NOT TELL PEOPLE THAT without cautioning them on HOW to fucking do it…there needs to be CAREFUL withdrawal…not just stopping.

38ac26 No.390165

File: 32f999481736184⋯.jpeg (689.41 KB, 1033x1414, 1033:1414, 73505C31-037F-4005-8B76-9….jpeg)

File: cd28c42d3217d7f⋯.jpeg (934.14 KB, 1010x1538, 505:769, DB31E52F-D00D-4738-B794-5….jpeg)

File: fd390c72e2626fd⋯.jpeg (563.96 KB, 1536x1965, 512:655, 30552536-C19D-4D27-AC4F-F….jpeg)

File: 57d793269a49ebf⋯.jpeg (466.41 KB, 1536x1922, 768:961, C0AC25CA-5350-4795-B261-8….jpeg)

Trying to look for who treated Nikolas Cruz for mental illness. Broward County Public School District has a very large mental health health program. Lots of gibs. Most likely corrupt to the core.

Broward mental health portal

>http: //www.bcps-mentalhealth.com/

Threat Assessment Manual (2017 edition)

>http: //www.bcps-mentalhealth.com/downloads/Threat_Assessment_Manual_Update_2017.pdf

1106e7 No.390166



My bad …. I was looking at an old post on my phone somehow.

▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/09/18 (Tue) 04:39:35 No.5

57b48e No.390167

File: 0c1bfb43ab53f73⋯.png (306.34 KB, 640x482, 320:241, POA8.png)

File: cb028f869076da0⋯.png (318.07 KB, 639x481, 639:481, POA7.png)

File: 5d7e18acb62c286⋯.png (327.28 KB, 639x481, 639:481, POA6.png)

File: 57fa2e787ca88c8⋯.png (362.41 KB, 640x482, 320:241, POA5.png)

b7d219 No.390168




If he sides with us, we'll have more edge against cabals but doubt. He's probably microchiped if truly clown.

d8c80d No.390169


No joke… symptoms of an implant.

8f419e No.390170

40,000 feet

Rashes of MKUltra mass shootings could not occur unless the FBI was compromised.

Haven't most of them occurred during Mueller/Comey reign?

58393b No.390171

Someone pointed out Operation CHATTER. I'd never heard of it. It has to do with things like truth serums and interrogations with LSD and the like. I'd never heard of it and I don't see many other anons mentioning it. Sorry to add filler, but I think the anon is onto Q's mention of CHATTER and think it deserves more attention

42b16f No.390172


I don't fly because of those scanners. Yes, DNA damage is real. But then again, fast food does immense damage as well. As does public drinking water. We basically live in a chemical cesspool.

777017 No.390173


If the research was classified would the info of who they were even be out there?

de1b55 No.390174



"Experts have been baffled how a large passenger jet seems to have flown undetected and possibly beaten military radar systems for up to six hours.

Avoiding radar via “cloaking technology” has long been one of the objectives of the defence industry and Freescale has been active developing chips for military radar.

On its website, the company says its radio frequency products meet the requirements for applications in 'avionics, radar, communications, missile guidance, electronic warfare and identification friend or foe.'

Last June it announced it was creating a team of specialists dedicated to producing 'radio frequency power products' for the defence industry.

And on March 3, it announced it was releasing 11 of these new gadgets for use in “high frequency, VHF and low-band UHF radar and radio communications.' ”

Freescale was working on RADAR AVOIDANCE. That plane didn't crash, it was taken somewhere. It did fly ABOVE 40000', right? Wasn't that conjectured to have been to deoxydize the cabin and knock out/suffocate passengers to maintain control?

aedd04 No.390175


Available in SBIB is access to Apache.be: a bilingual (Dutch/French) Belgian news site for independent research journalism. Articles are both national and international orientated.

How to get access

To access most articles you need a login and password. You will find these in LIMO by searching ‘Apache.be’ and scrolling down in the tab ‘Details’.

https:// bib.kuleuven.be/english/sbib/new-in-sbib-access-to-news-site-apache.be

ac0d3e No.390176


Interesting photo of Adam Lanza, not sure I've ever seen that one. Every pic of him shared with the public showed bug eyes and a very bony facial structure.

58bb68 No.390177

I have tried with co-workers. now I'm that raging idiot conspiracy theorist. despite my red pilling efforts. I live in a libtard state. it's complicated.


10e70e No.390178


Siri, and Google Play Services are always on.

Always recording what you say. (Your targeted ads)

Always tracking your every movement.

Gives us 'pleasant' data like what traffic is like, at the cost of every private moment in your life.

0de5ea No.390179


Expand your thinking.

How could China sell products all over America ?

At the same time destroy independent businesses, Mom & Pop shops ?

Destroy US manufacturing by dumping prices ? What happened to Mastercraft ?

Where (state) was this China storefront founded ? What else happened in that state ? Who else happened in that state ?

Who was been in board of storefront ? AG, HRC ?

How did it expand to all US so quickly ? How do they destroy local manufacturers ?

57b48e No.390180

File: e7bb3ebb3597436⋯.png (49.38 KB, 641x481, 641:481, POA12.png)

File: 35c0b70f4db427e⋯.png (257.65 KB, 641x481, 641:481, POA11.png)

File: e70a4113ad2221d⋯.png (365.63 KB, 638x480, 319:240, POA10.png)

File: c525d17db7fc93b⋯.png (360.11 KB, 639x479, 639:479, POA9.png)

acdb95 No.390181

fox news has been 2 days of school shootings/gun control coverage now after hitting the memos/obama corruption hard before that

using false flags as a narrative shift sure does work and it sickens me

6bae5e No.390182


Look up, which cell phones have worst EMFs

5ed48e No.390183

In January 1955 approval was given by the DCI to Subproject 35 of Project

MAKULTRA. The documents which lead to this approval (including comments

of the OGC) are attached herewith as Tabs 2, A and 3.

Project MKULTRA is the framework of procedures and controls under which

research projects in certain highly sensitive fields are carried out by TSS.

A description of the background of Project MKULTRA may be found on

page 1 of Tab A.

Subproject 35 establishes cover 'under which the Chemical Division of

DD/P/TSS would conduct certain sensitive projects in the fields of biological

and chemical warfare and consists of a proposed arrangement whereby the

Agency covertly contributes funds to assist th

in the construction of a new research wing. Contribution of these

funds is to be made through the - B

4 s cut-out so that the would remain -

unwitting of Agency participation in the building program. Projects would

later be carried out by the Chemical Division using the facilities of the

new research wing, and Agency employees would be able to participate

in the work without the University or the Hospital authorities being aware

of Agency interest. Subproject 35 contemplated the contribution of Agency

funds to assist in the construction of facilities. Future research work

would be carried out through the. as cut-out and would be -

separately funded under existing procedures and controls.

6de2f7 No.390184



What if this is a shill trying to convince someone to not only commit a crime, but give a red carpet advantage to the MSM to destroy the mission by showing us all as a collective to be evil and criminal. Don't violate our Justice system looking for Justice! Stay above the fray. Steady and true will win

e520fd No.390185







e71536 No.390186

File: bce8af2a5b975c2⋯.png (220.84 KB, 1303x665, 1303:665, Feb 15 cia mkultra concuss….png)

So I dug through the MKULTRA pdf. Of significance to me was things other than the actual drugging of unknowing people. Areas of interest were:

1.) Funding important. Limited funds. CIA had to jump through hoops go pay for their scheme including private donors. [How long before they got sick of this begging and started getting money 'on their own' for their projects?]

2.) Public facilities (a hospital in this case) would willingly partner with the CIA. Significant is that alternative explanations would be set up ('cancer research' in this case.)

3.) Cutouts, Cover and Deniability were important considerations and things were structured to provide all. Cover and deniability applied to both CIA operators and public people who worked with the CIA on the project.

4. There were OTHER projects related to MKULTRA. The one specified in the pdf was a project designed to develop ways to concuss a human brain without physical impact. Purpose was so victim would have loss of memory. Best ideas brought forward was a horn tuned to the resonant frequency of the head (pic related.)

Conclusion: MKULTRA was kindergarten for the CIA. They found out how to effectively fund, plan, partner and run a covert operation under the noses of politicians and Americans.

This all begs the questions:

a.) if the US government failed to fund their pet projects, where did they then get their funding? [drug running / arms dealing / wars / blackmail / deep state ?]

b.) if they strived so hard to work on mind control of a human, starting a project to develop physical control of a plane/train/automobile seems like a logical short step.

4af1b3 No.390187


I caught this as well.

It's a very common misspelling. I am guilty of it myself at times, even working with judgments on a daily basis (lawfag)

0de5ea No.390188

File: 7aafcaec46aeae2⋯.png (391.93 KB, 882x210, 21:5, mkul.PNG)

d4fde9 No.390189

Damn.. I leave for a couple of hrs and come back to this..

>>388588 rt >>388528

>>388363 rt >>388315

So we have a literal mixture of the Matrix.. And the Minority report.. And Animal Farm.. With a entree of Satanic evil.

And you can't make this shit up. Next up: Angels are real. Bet me.

478ad1 No.390191


Check the Project_CHATTER wiki and the link beneath is to a page on unethical human experiments in the US.

First thing that grabbed my eye was the entry about Uranium?

fe2405 No.390192

A few weeks back Q said we'd laugh or wouldn't believe the chain of command in big pharma. What if the Clowns In America control it?

550c23 No.390193


Shouldn't TSA pat down the Gloablists that fly on private airplanes? Currently they don't.

d3fbb6 No.390194


I certainly couldn't get away with it.

643763 No.390195

File: a31dfa5e20ab2fb⋯.jpg (104.71 KB, 500x666, 250:333, 28117303_1950621318588665_….jpg)


Requesting BO unban for patriot anon.

Offending post:


Anon appreciates that a ban may have been appropriate for some duration, less than a month.

7da235 No.390196


I showed it to my daughter when JA posted it on twitter and she said an expletive that desires soap in mouth. Yup, mind control. She understands.

ddf7ba No.390197


I think we are missing a bigger issue.

Sure, it doesn't have govt oversight. But it also doesn't have basic oversight by normal Americans. Your peers, neighbors, family members working on the assembly lines… people who wouldn't want to do harm to you.

People that would question things.

What new ingredients are being added, what new chips are being put in, or what code mods are accepted.

By doing this overseas, they have more control to slip things in without people in the factories asking uncomfortable questions.

e7273d No.390198


Christ… well he does have the "look".

8ffdce No.390199


A girl I used to smoke weed with saved my life. Now I don't need the weed anymore, but I sure miss her…

b7d219 No.390200



d55883 No.390201

Does this guy from Russia, Alexi Navalny have anything to do with a FF Very odd Putin is “SICK with a cold” so hasn’t been seen in public appearances where he’s scheduled to appear! Anyway the guys name and symbolism NAVAL NY

c6383e No.390202


Republitards are just as bad. Just different points of view. The division is intentional. Hope you can escape it.

e520fd No.390203

2424bf No.390204


Get on Twitter and there are a couple that might point you in the right direction on how to com and then actually talk it out. Proton mail or some such. If you have a favorite, go to them. Commander X or another such of same caliber. Plus he is in Mexico so …

742a6b No.390205

File: 268feaddedee1f6⋯.png (14.89 KB, 645x135, 43:9, Blackberry_Phone_Mfg.PNG)


No China (Clown?) content.

Vault 7.

dba50e No.390207


http:// www.ky3.com/content/news/Driver-of-car-crashing-near-presidential-motorcade-is-talking-It-was-terrifying–442415653.html

You can see how close it came to the motorcade.

"it was terrifying," said Samantha Morris, the driver.

Samantha Morris, 17, and Nikia Hicks, 18 were in that car on their way to work when their brakes suddenly went out.

"I was pumping my brakes hard, they were smoking and i couldn't stop at all" said Morris.

2bfc54 No.390208


Hence my interest in 2-AUER. It's a military jet that shouldn't be one. It's that for a reason..

f9e1e5 No.390209

Anon in previous thread mentioned wanting better search tools.

If we could filter the sub-companies owned by Newscorp - Viacom - etc. It would probably be a big step forward in stringing together the narratives.

Whenever they need something hid, a parent company releases an SEO optimized article for the various search phrases that need hidden - and their dozens of sub companies repeat that article with those SEO phrases and backlink to each other.

Essentially this stuffs the first 4 pages of search results with their fluff. It's incredibly effective against redpilling because we drop the information - then they google it for verification and are hit with 62 articles of the counter argument from 'tons' of 'various sources' despite it originating from one source.

7e7da9 No.390210


It seems like China has made psychotherapy prohibitively expensive and limited in availability, while pushing funding for proliferating the pharmaceutical treatment of depression (a massive growth market) - along with being quick to incarcerate (and often mistreat) and employ electroshock "therapy". Turning it into a vast testing ground for MK Ultra techniques, upon civilians who were previously deemed (under Mao) "traitors" to the prevailing societal norms and officially-designated zeitgeist.

1999 Article: (excerpt below, *emphasis added*)

More than 300,000 suicides occur annually in China, nearly 10 times the number of suicides in the United States.

"While China has the world's largest number of suicides, this is not just due to its large population. It also has a very high suicide rate, two to three times higher than that of the U.S.," said Arthur Kleinman, M.D., chair of the department of social medicine at Harvard University and professor of psychiatry at Cambridge Hospital. "What's surprising is that many researchers do not point to depression as the major cause of suicide.

Sauce: http:// www.psychiatrictimes.com/articles/chinas-suicide-patterns-challenge-depression-theory

2013 Article: (excerpt below)

Awareness of the disorder, once stigmatised as a mark of weakness, is rising. Depression-related websites are proliferating, and antidepressant sales have risen sharply.

Yet according to experts, the country's public health system is struggling to keep up with the demand. "Looking at the international incidence of the disorder – the percentage of people who have depression – China has very, very few psychiatrists," said Jian Lili, a psychological counsellor in Beijing. Many Chinese people find psychotherapy prohibitively expensive, Jian said, so they turn to eastern remedies such as acupuncture and herbs; some refuse treatment entirely.

They're also turning to drugs. China may be home to more than 30 million depression patients, according to a 2012 report by the market data company Research and Markets, and the country's antidepressant market is booming. About £326m of the drugs were sold in 2012 – a small portion of China's pharmaceuticals market as a whole, but growing quickly, with a 22.6% increase on 2011.

2014 Article: (excerpt below)

This spring, a close friend of mine, Chen, went through a few months of therapy in Beijing. A 30-year-old journalist, Chen had the open mind to seek professional help after suffering with anxiety and depression for a long time. And, given the alarming rates of suicides amongst media workers (within 10 days this May, four had committed suicide), the media outlet Chen works for showed enough sensitivity to give her months off to receive proper treatment.

In his book Where Does Chinese People’s Anxiety Come From, Mao Yushi, one of China’s most celebrated economists, looks at issues—inequality, low income, environmental issues, wealth gap, food safety among others—that have resulted in increasing anxiety in China.

As Mao Yushi argues, a lack of social justice is at the root of China’s public discontent. He writes: “The government uses lies to maintain the social order; when lying becomes the habit, the public won’t believe the government even when the officials are telling the truth.”

Trial and error, in the form of various medicines, is still the most common treatment advised by psychiatrists.

Sauce: https:// qz.com/261953/to-tackle-its-rampant-depression-china-must-deal-with-its-recent-history/

2017 Article: (excerpt below)

The psychiatric system, such as it was, was largely dismantled after the Communists seized power in 1949. Under Mao, those who displayed symptoms of depression risked being viewed as traitors to the socialist cause, which was supposed to fill everyone with enthusiasm.

New mental hospitals have opened and care has improved at some existing ones. But many such facilities still treat their patients as prisoners. A person familiar with them describes them as “unspeakable”. Others describe clanging metal doors, patients strapped to beds and staff who humiliate inmates. In Hangzhou, Ms Li endured repeated bouts of electric shock therapy for postnatal depression during her three-month stay at the city’s Number 7 People’s Hospital.

Officials often round up people with mental disorders before important political events. Mental hospitals are also sometimes used to detain political dissidents who have no diagnosis of mental-health problems.

Sauce: https:// www.economist.com/news/china/21715701-sufferers-are-routinely-treated-danger-society-china-wakes-up-its-mental-health

1c1518 No.390211


i couldn't either, just saying before anyone gets any 'bright ideas' think about what you are doing.

e520fd No.390212


Back in your cage, sheep!


e11593 No.390213


watch fox live news on YT

6bae5e No.390214


https:// www.rfsafe.com/samsung-cell-phones-rated-lowest-r adiation-cell-phones/

8ffdce No.390215


The new Blackberries are pretty much chinese androids. Had one for a few months, ditched it. No tactile keyboard either.

089a5c No.390216


Yeah. That was a lot shorter than my explanation kek



That is what I gleaned from the last few threads, maybe helpful

SAT relay of mobile phone signals to end users

https:// www.scientificamerican.com/article/mind-control-by-cell/

Deemed classified because by simply bumping any phone user connection, during access, to a satellite "tower" missile coordinates (GPS) are immediately obtained.

Also, no need for gulag links - and archived for ya

https:// archive.fo/4vwDy


https:// archive.fo/ztdYL

600ce7 No.390217

File: 5a3f59c1ed2c42e⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1600x2800, 4:7, ayyywheresmymapitsblink182….png)

think i deciphered one of tom delonges gay love letters to john podesta

not intended to derail, wanted some eyes on this, will post in its own when i work on it next if its not solved

2424bf No.390218


Melamine, etc. they blame the factory owners but who knows…?

a8a169 No.390219


This phrase needs to be at the forefront of everyone's vocabulary for the next several years.

The purpose of MKULTRA was to study human behavior in response to particular stimuli and chemicals for the purpose of destroying their impulse control and making them susceptible to programmed influences as designated by the deep state.

MKU was the pre-development phase.

Its research and findings have been implemented by the deep state to every facet of modern society.


Chemical compounds are added to foodstuffs, water supplies, and other common goods to destabilize healthy chemical brain activity and reduce the impulse control of the consumer.

- addicts become more addicted, fat folks get fatter, individuals with suicidal/homicidal/pedophilic tendencies have those illnesses exacerbated, etc.


The production of viruses and their subsequent vaccines ensures rapid spreading of disease and further testing of new impulse control chemicals on a wider population.

- part of this is psychological; as more people get sick, more people get flu shots, resulting in faster spreading of the virus and more people getting sick - a vicious cycle ensuring a high data set for study and targeting.


Advertisement techniques and the inclusion of subliminal messaging/frequencies allow the manipulation of targets once their impulse control has been adequately destroyed.

- moreover, the encouragement of instant gratification and worship of celebrity swings the most susceptible of the populace to accepting the crazy/wrong as normal, as their impulses/instincts can no longer tell them otherwise.


Improvements in data storage, collection, and analysis allow deep state organizations to target individuals most susceptible to the machinations of the above manipulation/impulse control techniques.

- with a citizenry that lacks the impetus to learn truths or question authority, the deep state has the pick of the litter when it comes to the most malleable targets. Inducing trauma to ensure complete subjugation appears to be necessary for crafting the ultimate puppet/asset, though mass numbers of assets nationwide aren't bad for them either.

Why do you think all the communist dumbasses have pink hair, shitty lifestyles, no self-esteem?

Their impulses are under deep state control.

The above techniques are working in concert to destroy the populace.

This post only discusses a fraction of what's going on worldwide.

We need to find as many connections/studies as possible to meme this horrific program to light and show folks the truth of how the government has been using impulse control to slowly destroy America.

547b98 No.390220


i’m having no luck. I’m guessing it would be very hard to find. lexus-nexus level digging probably required

6bae5e No.390221


The newer one has a tactile keyboard I think? Which model did you have

00d32f No.390222


It's no more illegal than what Seth Rich did.


I'm sure they use both private emails as well as SecureDrop.

8ffdce No.390223


He grew up in a house decorated by Raggedy Ann. Have a bit of sympathy.

0e9b58 No.390224


Agreed. Neighborly care… a huge lose.

550c23 No.390225

Anyone notice that the shooter is from Wasserman shultz area of DNC fame?

6dfd54 No.390226

https:// ssristories.org/

a88268 No.390227



e520fd No.390228

4af1b3 No.390230


>Osama Bin Laden had a Blackberry Playbook at his compound.

I remember, because I owned a Blackberry Playbook.

Since I don't believe the fable of Osama's capture/kill day, I wonder now why they told us he had a Blackberry Playbook.

f3a8b8 No.390231

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/news/business/wp/2018/02/15/mnuchin-calls-on-congress-to-look-into-gun-violence-issue-after-school-shooting-breaking-with-rest-of-white-house/?utm_term=.18e84261761c

Not sure who this guy thinks he is that anyone would care what he has to spout on this subject.

Stuff it Mnuchin. Why don't you do something useful and really set yourself a part as a good man an patriot. Something like uhm, I dunno. END THE FUCKING FED??!

d5485a No.390232

Guess someone needs to let Q know to break their links.

1af5ee No.390233

File: a6a5c0dd0863d1e⋯.png (126.16 KB, 484x353, 484:353, ClipboardImage.png)


we've come a loooooong way since october. >>390025

0de5ea No.390234


Nokia. destroyed on purpose. https://


payoff: https:/ /www.cnbc.com/2013/09/25/nokia-chairman-admits-mistake-over-25-million-elop-payoff.html

C Bio ? very fast climbing Elop was a director of consulting for Lotus Development Corporation before becoming CIO for Boston Chicken in 1992,[4][13] which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1998.[14] In the same year, he joined Macromedia's Web/IT department[13] and worked at the company for seven years,[15] where he held several senior positions, including CEO from January 2005[16] for three months before their acquisition by Adobe Systems was announced in April 2005.[17][18]

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Elop

now in New Zealand

ef667c No.390235

Counterfeit Goods Are a $460 Billion Industry, and Most Are Bought and Sold Online

Footwear, electronics and eyeglasses top the knocked-off product list

Using data generated by its custom-built web crawlers that search for fake merchandise on behalf of its 200 clients, Red Points compiled a Top 10 list of sites where counterfeit goods are most frequently bought and sold. Leading the list is Aliexpress, Chinese etailer Alibaba’s marketplace aimed at international shoppers.

In fact, six of the 10 sites on the list are headquartered in the Far East—China in particular, which has a long-standing reputation for counterfeit production and what you might call a relaxed attitude toward intellectual property. Even so, according to Red Points CEO Laura Urquizu, things are better than they used to be. “In the old days in the Far East, there were no rules, and anyone could do anything,” she said. Today, Asia-based etailers are “cooperating more and more” in the fight against fakes, though the problem’s far from solved.

http:// www.adweek.com/brand-marketing/counterfeit-goods-are-a-460-billion-industry-and-most-are-bought-and-sold-online/

341fc1 No.390236

Anons I also recommend you look into what the Chinese did to American troops during the Korean War. Not quite MK Ultra but fucked up and will breaking shit.

They're really good at mass mind control for a reason. Also makes you wonder how much control china has over the worst Korea.

9a05e0 No.390237


Peter Thiel is a patriot.

Always has been.

0b6d04 No.390238

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Jackson_Games,_Inc._v._United_States_Secret_Service

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Sundevil

Was John Perry Barlow going to testify?


3a772e No.390239

File: ea233b7800f2bed⋯.jpg (19.86 KB, 720x304, 45:19, Big Trouble in Little Chin….jpg)


==caught it, taking over=

b83400 No.390241


addiction comes in many forms, anyone here addicted to qanon posts, can't wait for the next fix?

f7443a No.390242

File: cfcc9bca216c876⋯.jpg (168.13 KB, 650x598, 25:23, 125 SCIENTISTS, 75 HIGH-LE….jpg)



"A SHEEP NO MORE – One only has to consider the large number of highly suspicious deaths surrounding scientists, bankers and journalists to feel that something strange is afoot.

A Denver banker that supposedly shot himself 8 times in his head and torso with a nail gun, the infectious disease scientist who was stabbed 196 times, 3 investigative journalists who all work in explosive areas die within 24 hours…the list goes on and on."

http:// secretsofthefed.com/dead-125-scientists-75-high-level-bankers-and-within-24-hours-3-investigative-journalists/

6afe56 No.390243

Short history of the universe:

>God creates a beautiful universe with free will

>Lucifer uses free will to oppose God, becomes Satan

>God puts humans on earth to fight Satan

>Satanic beings intermingle with humans

>Satan tricks beta males to pursue science, not life

>Humans vie for control of the earth

>God enters humanity through Jesus Christ

>Jesus tells us to choose life and love one another

>Satan uses Jews and Romans to kill Jesus

>God uses followers of Jesus to spread love

>Satan uses elites to plot takeover of humanity

>Satan uses religious elites to spoil Christianity

>God uses USA to preserve freedom

>Satanic elites hack nature to control humanity

>Satan uses elites to inflict suffering on humanity

>God raises up Trump to give the world some respite

We are here

4a2290 No.390244

File: 063cd70a33e8bcf⋯.png (139.62 KB, 665x663, 665:663, ClipboardImage.png)


> sandwich boy program


8ffdce No.390245



Where I come from that means she has a boyfriend.

d4fde9 No.390246


God bless the bakers!

089a5c No.390247


Put it in the Meta thread, BO/BV will see it there.

8c6786 No.390248


Damn. That pic makes him look so much less inhuman than the bug-eyed ones the media intentionally put out there to cement the insanity angle. Didn't hear the one about his mother possibly being a CIAnigger though, but at this point I wouldn't doubt it one bit.

74821f No.390249


I remember when the red paint on children toys from China had lead in it. Thousands of toys had to be taken off the shelves.

6de2f7 No.390250


False! Seth Rich had company authorization to access info. He violated company policy by accessing it for improper reasons or use. A fire able offense. He didn't hack

5c7527 No.390251


https:// www.tfmetalsreport.com/forum/4052/aurora-shooters-father-supposed-testify-libor

Robert Holmes is known throughout the global banking community as the creator of one of the most sophisticated computer algorithms ever developed. He developed predictive models for financial credit and fraud risks and internet/online banking fraud models.

Educated at the University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University, Robert Holmes is currently the senior lead scientist with the American credit score company FICO. Every American citizen is beholden to FICO if they need to borrow money.

The massive banking fraud crime that the US Senate is investigating is called the LIBOR Scandal . It involves UK banks who illegally fixed borrowing rates with the compliance of the Bank of England, the US Federal Reserve (which knew about this crime for 4 years and didn’t report it) and other major Western banks.

Robert Holmes, the shooting suspect's father, not only uncovered the true intent of this massive fraud, but has also traced the "hidden" trillions of dollars to the exact bank accounts of the elite classes who have stolen it. In other words, Robert Holmes could NAME NAMES! Those names WOULD AWAKEN THE WORLD to the depth of government and corporate corruption which could include members of Congress, Wall Street, Federal Reserve and EU executives and could even include US Presidential candidates and the British Royal family.

What kind of a "shut up" deal has been worked out with Robert Holmes to save his son from the death penalty?

Here is the link:http:// www.helpfreetheearth.com/news616_batmanwhy.html


ddf1cf No.390252


Also, isn't Weiner tied into the store that's actually in Congress that sells the blackberries?

Or was that misinfo?

1af5ee No.390253

File: c1b623919b29fec⋯.png (78.37 KB, 879x233, 879:233, ClipboardImage.png)



2424bf No.390254


>He grew up in a house decorated by Raggedy Ann from the upside down maybe… Fuck.

8da563 No.390255


Remember playing records backwards?

dab9b2 No.390256


The apps which gather intel and health info.

180318 No.390257

Now I see why 23 and me is always pushing for us to "find out where we came from". It's to see who's got the dna that can be manipulated the easiest. I've been wary of them from the start. My dna is probably stored somewhere but not willingly.

e5cb49 No.390258


I would add to your list of questions:

c.) How many assets might they have deployed nationwide in a ready-state, capable of short-term activation for an op like say, an active shooter event?

0b6d04 No.390259


Both of these super connected to:


Secret Service

Aaron schwartz

James Dolan




Lex Luthor???

Legion of Doom

1af5ee No.390260


just reminded me of the movie Gattaca tho. spoopy.

5c7527 No.390261


The father of Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza, Peter Lanza, was the tax director for General Electric, a corporation that paid -0- taxes on 14.2 billion dollars in profits last year. According to Fabian4Liberty, Peter Lanza was scheduled to testify in the ongoing global LIBOR scandal.

LIBOR Scandal – Fathers of Shooters Adam Lanza & James Holmes


2c41f0 No.390262


Wait 'till the autists figure out:

1) how easy electronics is

2) how easy it is to build your own phone

3) how cheap it is to build your own phone

4) how secure you can make a homemade phone

Fun times ahead, anons.

4ad5b5 No.390263


His Hollywood slut wife is making him act like a lib so she can get invited to the right parties. He is the Sec of Tres and she still wants to be a famous actress. Famewhore

7f3b3e No.390264


>The thing that truly confuses me is why the secret service was at the school just a couple of weeks ago teahing about what to do in case of a situation like this. I want to know if they knew something but didn't say anything. I call on President Trump and Governor Scott to work to establish safety protocols that allow security on school campuses (K-12) to have guns. Things like this don't need to happen. I am still shaken and continue to replay the moments of the incident in my head. I am proud to be and Eagle and I am proud to be an American, where I know we will come together to support one another."

THIS….WHY did Q keep saying "we are safe"? With all coms tracked..stored…KEY WORDS…filters…FBI KNEW about…"we can hear you breath"…OH REALLY Q

FAIL…why not just admit you can't stop this shit…that the SS and FBI are carrying on distraction OPS while your lot is posting on message boards? HOW was this allowed to happen..either you can hear us breath…all coms are comped…or you can't.

QUESTION EVERYTHING….including video maker.

SO Q why did you say…

>"Those who cannot understand…should not be participating in discussions."

snipped for PINPOINT message.

432f9e No.390265


I wonder if those seed vaults have human seeds as well Im betting they do

10e70e No.390266


Could you get the timestamp of the ban? Or the contents of the post?

266550 No.390267

23a13c No.390268

File: 592fef1442f3e11⋯.jpg (293.63 KB, 1232x822, 616:411, IMG_2900.JPG)

File: 7412329937fa000⋯.jpg (391.62 KB, 1232x822, 616:411, IMG_2901.JPG)

0e17a2 No.390269

The shooting happen in the district of a democrat, with a democrat politician's blessing?

0dffc6 No.390270

File: 62e5725ae243783⋯.png (72.71 KB, 220x166, 110:83, untitled1.png)

File: 29fe178f39c51a1⋯.png (37.98 KB, 225x225, 1:1, untitled2.png)

File: 471b86235f7fbef⋯.png (89.52 KB, 225x225, 1:1, untitled3.png)


Anon, can you drive the point home and tac these three into the string?

2e779d No.390271

File: 997e6db30ebbf82⋯.png (869.53 KB, 947x874, 947:874, the song grows.png)

Just a reminder for all us Anons that the 3301 puzzle runs parallel to all Q events. The countdown on the website is currently set to expire on Pi day. 3/14/2018.

The spectograph of the song shows a fingerprint (which may be related to the gold certificates recently recovered). And the phrase "and so it begins"

6976d8 No.390272

Not sure if this is one of the 3 dead satellite communications scientists we are looking for, but this is all I could find so far. Nothing suspicious about his death, it seems.

http:// www.latimes.com/local/obituaries/la-me-harold-rosen-20170130-story.html

5ed48e No.390273







hes right you know





7bb3f2 No.390274


Big pharma helps make people unstable -> then seek therapy for programming.

Anons probably should sleep with their phones 20-30 ft away – get better sleep that way

8ffdce No.390275


Phone Induced Trump Derangement Syndrome.


a45dfb No.390276


>if classified

I may be wrong, but I doubt q would lead us to a dead end

00d32f No.390277


Guccifer then? Either way, it's a vector.

Getting back to the subject at hand – Apache exploits to get into SecureDrop?

de1b55 No.390278

I'm sure someone posted this a while ago, but I found this a few days ago:

https:// www.thedailybeast.com/inside-the-q-group-the-directorate-hunting-down-edward-snowden

So Q is part of Q Group, whose only intital raison d'etre was hunting down Snowden. Snowden was a KNOWN CIA employee contracted to NSA. Was he a mole sent by the Clowns(again, sorry if this is redundant)?

0e9b58 No.390280


I hadn’t heard that…

d4fde9 No.390281


ProReveal: This is why Tandy/Radio Shack was killed. It was done by buying it and turning it from an electronics parts/DIY store into a cellphone store with shitty options.

(GenX electronics fag)

42b16f No.390282


If they don't have a file on you then you're not doing it right. Of course they have a file on "us". Duh.

d95de7 No.390283



HRC, BHO, ETC - They are the puppets of those really in control.

+++, ++, +



Q - Is that what you are telling us?


Except it is going on WW and using the SHEEP for the HITS!

547b98 No.390284


if there’s a bustle in your hedgerow…

a45dfb No.390285



Was a cover to push muh Russia narrative

de1b55 No.390286


I meant to finish that last sentence with "to infiltrate NSA?"

86b8c7 No.390287


I'm going to go out on a limb and say [x] = SRA or Satanic Ritual Abuse. See everything Ted Gunderson.

8ffdce No.390288


Not really.

https:// www.theverge.com/2016/4/14/11434926/blackberry-encryption-master-key-broken-canada-rcmp-surveillance

>Canadian police have been in possession of a BlackBerry master encryption key since 2010

7af610 No.390289


If black hats can do stuff like this then I'd expect a much better attempt. This was pitiful and it makes me wonder about Q.

e6c00a No.390290


I say hack away… if you have skills to pay the bills…. at least get us out in front of the news cycle. Just Sayin

9490e6 No.390291

Where's Huma update:

https:// pagesix.com/2018/02/14/black-panther-after-party-gets-special-deliveries/

5f7488 No.390292




3a772e No.390293

File: d1ebd1c3d06b873⋯.jpg (48.01 KB, 533x400, 533:400, 1f806375b7878599354516b1d5….jpg)


Everybody relax, I'm here

df5d55 No.390294



https:// www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.deepdotweb.com/2017/07/21/researchers-crack-satellite-phone-encryption-with-new-attack/amp/

Linking back to the article, it talks about Five Eyes Countries using ECHELON surveillence program.

Snowdon leaked information pertaining to ECHELON and how Five Eyes use it to hack into our phones.

Digging into it wouldn't be a bad idea.

23a13c No.390295

File: 7412329937fa000⋯.jpg (391.62 KB, 1232x822, 616:411, IMG_2901.JPG)

Fox News radio says… Cruz took UBER to school.

< working on graphic for new info

(Pic related)

fe8554 No.390296


Get rid of this BS unconstitutional bureau. A 2013 press release from the United States House Financial Services Committee criticized the CFPB for what was described as a "radical structure" that "is controlled by a single individual who cannot be fired for poor performance and who exercises sole control over the agency, its hiring and its budget." Moreover, the committee alleged a lack of financial transparency and a lack of accountability to Congress or the President. Committee Vice Chairman Patrick McHenry, expressed particular concern about travel costs and a $55 million renovation of CFPB headquarters, stating "$55 million is more than the entire annual construction and acquisition budget for GSA for the totality of federal buildings."In 2012, the majority of GSA's Federal Buildings Fund went to rental costs, totaling $5.2 billion. $50 million was budgeted for construction and acquisition of facilities. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consumer_Financial_Protection_Bureau


57b48e No.390298


The audio seems pretty inocculous to me. Both forwards and backwards.

7bb3f2 No.390299


"Why is everything 'really' made in China?

Cost savings?"


1) Too build up an enemy. War is good business for the elite. China got help after Rockefellars visited China in the 70's.

2) Potentially can rig cell phones and other electronics for control/spying outside of US jurisdiction/eyes.

ffd4d1 No.390300

Not far into the MK Ultra doc pg 3. Possible connection from recent drops between heroin, boys "black ops" schools in Connecticut/Thailand? Pizzagaters explored system of schools in the UK connected to govt through SRA: think Hampstead coverup.

Would the schools these shooters came from, "therapists," revealed heroin community hotbeds, provide another traceable network if x-ref?

Is there discoverable govt funding to schools for therapy and drugs through school programs?

b3e6c6 No.390301


Maybe look for apache sigs on msms webpages

e04ca2 No.390302



this came out 3 days before theater shooting

look for yourself of the pre-knowledge and also the sickness. it shows the skeletons in theater.

these people are sick.

ecd167 No.390303

File: 32ef9059cb06f55⋯.jpg (59.1 KB, 451x267, 451:267, orangeredhair.jpg)

File: a28a3114ba4dc10⋯.jpg (60.54 KB, 620x387, 620:387, orangeaurorajoker1_2283969….jpg)


likely shopped.

They do it on purpose to make them look scary?

a6cbed No.390304


Gunna reserve judgment on that one

5c7527 No.390305

Hussein has a scar on his head.

Prob has implant.

HIs portrait . . .


e5cb49 No.390306

6de2f7 No.390307

>>390277 Guccifer and Guccifer 2.0 are most likely clowns creating a false hacker to scare the public. You put your criminal suggestion out there already. No need to push it. If you think it's such a great idea then let's hear how you plan to go rogue and risk prison. TRUST THE MISSION or go find something else to do with yourself

d3fbb6 No.390309

File: 624bae61a49a032⋯.gif (295.22 KB, 499x665, 499:665, giphy.gif)

58393b No.390310

Need some research help. I remember learning many years ago that the Westerners in the Golden Triangle eventually got kicked out after hooking China on opium. They then came to America and created the major medical and psychiatric universities and hospitals. Which allowed them to continue to sell their drugs, but legally. As us anons know, the intel orgs get a lot of their black money from the drug trade. So, for some reason, we have drug dealers and spooks in charge of our treatment. It's pretty easy to see how the medical industry could be so corrupt. And as other anons have pointed out the MKUltra tests involved these companies like Eli Lilly. The same companies hiding the cures and healing tech. Drugs, the medical industry, intel orgs, and mind control all seem to be linked very closely.

1af5ee No.390311


yep. its called television "programming"

a3a3a2 No.390312

Lad's coming home from a cruise last year, our taxi driver took us by Windsor Castle. Couple miles before we came to it driver said, "Look over there! See anything?" We didn't but he said yeah that's Richard's Academy for underprivileged kids, he has them everywhere god love him" Branson

Don't mean to slide but I think Branson's a Saville cunt X(

e11593 No.390313



Mnuchin uses his money to be "popular". Very very insecure, just like his plastic wife. Desperately trying to be included in the LA/Hellyweird crowd.

c34bac No.390314


Zoloft is SRI technically - not selective

Same net effect though

a45dfb No.390315


Considering EVERY electronic transmission of data is mined and logged, simply coming here has you on a list boomers

bd2902 No.390316


Obvious satanic influence here. Shill much?

5ed48e No.390317

What is the deal with Pink Floyd? Are they occultists? Were they part of an elaborate scheme during the psychadelic 60s to forge new ground in mind control? Why do their songs/lyrics seem to lay out a NWO type of conspiracy? Welcome to the Machine, I am looking for out-there theories that could tie one of the biggest rock bands of all time into the bigger picture. I have always had this nagging feeling that there is "more" to this band than meets the eye. Has anyone already researched this subject. If so, please post material here!

af1777 No.390318

File: 282569e572e5933⋯.jpeg (169.38 KB, 551x665, 29:35, WRAYorRAY.jpeg)



Since there are no coincidences, I thought I would put this out there.

pic related. Concerning the MKULTRA program on Page 23. Mysterious person named Ray. Admiral Turner asks for clarification from Senator Huddleston about whether this individual that Huddleston is inquiring about is WRAY or RAY. Why would he ask that? He then directs his response towards the former employee Ray, and not WRAY. Was there also a WRAY?

Also, looking up FBI Director Christoper Wray's family, his father C E Wray worked for prestigious law firm Debevoise that represented Alger Hiss. This dig reveals the release of the Pumpkin Papers in 1975, which seems to support that Alger Hiss was set-up. Alger Hiss went to his grave proclaiming his innocence.

Q, was he set up by the FBI/CIA?

00d32f No.390319


Well, alrighty!

Let's see about hacking in!

7f3b3e No.390320


>someone mentioned tsunami in the last bread.

The water IS coming. Nature will have her due. That's why it's vital to get things lined up before hand so mistakes not repeated in reset. It is what it is.

74821f No.390321


Don't slide my post. I was talking at the 4am email address and never said anything about the E in the word Judgement. Why did you slide with my post? Something here about email address vs SecureDrop ?

8ffdce No.390322


It happened to a friend. Rabbit sacrifice, candles, rape. It's all real. I think she was five or six. Parents were university teachers, probably SRAed themselves.

Makes them super-intelligent autists as a side effect, though.

d67a67 No.390323


3. To remove the means of industrial production of war material out of territorial American hands.

57b48e No.390324


I just listened to the Pledge of Allegiance backwards a few times looking for a message but nothing. It's the video thats freaky!

d95de7 No.390325


Why did they take him to the HOSPITAL???

Was it to administer a DRUG???

2c41f0 No.390326


^ This guy gets it.

I learned enough electronics in 6 months to be able to build my own computers, and I'm not talking about silly Arduino crap. I'm talking about everything.

Computers are insecure by design.. I could prove it, but it would be a slide. Knowing how to get perfect security is not very difficult. The 'schools' teach people that it is difficult in order to make sure nobody has any privacy.

The internet is a cat that cannot be put back into a bag. There's no way to stop what has happened.

Have a nice day.

2822ec No.390327

Blackberry still exists. They make secure phones.

e6c00a No.390328


I just did a nice once over of self defense apparatus. dot some i's, cross some t's. ready2rock.

00d32f No.390329


I thought Q screaming Apache might've been a suggestion.

6c06bf No.390330

I got this from my friend Lionel. There are too many conspiracies to merely theorize about. We have to analyze them.

a45dfb No.390331


Back to plebbit cunt you are not welcomed here

6d79dd No.390332

US Economy

~~ China's Economy Facts and Effect on the U.S. EconomyHow Much Does China Really Affect the U.S. Economy?

~~ How China Affects the U.S. Economy

China is the largest foreign holder of U.S. Treasury bills, bonds, and notes. As of November 2017, China owned $1.2 trillion in Treasurys. That's 19 percent of the public debt held by foreign countries. The U.S. debt to China is lower than the record-high of $1.3 trillion held in November 2013.

China buys U.S. debt to support the value of the dollar. This is because China pegs its currency (the yuan) to the U.S. dollar. It devalues the currency when needed to keep its export prices competitive.

China's role as America's largest banker gives it leverage. For example, China threatens to sell part of its holdings whenever the United States pressures it to raise the yuan's value. Since 2005, China raised the yuan's value by 33 percent against the dollar. Between 2014 and 2015, the dollar's strength increased by 25 percent. China allowed the value of the yuan to decline. This was so its exports could remain competitive with Asian countries that hadn't tied their currency to the dollar.

The U.S. trade deficit with China was $347 billion in 2016. The trade deficit exists because U.S. exports to China were only $116 billion while imports from China were $463 billion.

The United States imports consumer electronics, clothing and machinery from China. A lot of the imports are from U.S. manufacturers that send raw materials to China for low-cost assembly. Once shipped back to the United States, they are considered imports.

c2a4c6 No.390333

Don't be mean Anons..Can someone please explain to me what the Q map is? I have lurked from the beginning,but I still do not understand what the Q map is! I have been to the map page.

Can someone explain.

8f6f02 No.390334


He does say these people are “sick” a lot.

7f3b3e No.390335


>Well what happens is they give you a small amount of truth and mix it with crazy stuff

Truth mixed with fiction is how truth movements are derailed..see what happened to 9/11 when the "there were no planes" operatives started…everyone who saw and heard…etc…well what happened to 9/11 truth after that?

6afe56 No.390336

5c7527 No.390337

Voat pizzate was all over this mind control months ago.

There is even a wiki page which states the CIA provided children to adult pols for sex abuse

1af5ee No.390338


and MK Naomi

e6803c No.390339


pronouns, the downfall of humanity. "the song" is from the pledge of allegiance vid?

de1b55 No.390340



Witches do everything backwards; it's one of their calling cards(symbols). When you look in a mirror, everything is reversed, right?

This was why Rush, which uses the pentagram as its symbol(Geddy Lee being a confessed witch), ran their extremely anti-Christian trilogy "FEAR" backwords, starting with Part III(Witch Hunt), Part II on "Signals", "The Weapon", Part I, "Grace Undre Pressure(they love DOUBLE, even TRIPLE, meanings.

And also, FWIW, W is the 23rd letter of the Alphabet, 23 being a number EXTREMELY IMPORTANT in Illuminati symbolism.

23a13c No.390341

File: 4b335f6f235e191⋯.jpg (137.37 KB, 750x562, 375:281, IMG_2736.JPG)

e5cb49 No.390342

aedd04 No.390343

Remember this headline

Guccifer: Hacked emails from Sid Blumenthal

3b3d4e No.390344

Minds must be prepared for TRUTH"

Not gifted to make MEME

Pic of Uncle SAM on we want you posters with POTUS (Trump) imposed …pointing fingertowards you/us …






'Q' logo

( the way to an INFORMED way of life = FREEDOM)

e04ca2 No.390345


also in the batman movie, he puts his hand on sandy hook on the map, all planned

8ffdce No.390346


Here's another. Lots of cannabis money moved through here.

http:// www.atg.wa.gov/ago-opinions/liquor-control-board-liquor-revolving-fund-county-distributionstate-treasurer-liquor

7f3b3e No.390347


>Here is a link to scopopamine drug.

don't need drug..see Vice document on Devil's Breath…organic origin of scopo….

6c06bf No.390348

A playlist that will enlighten you, make you pissed off and is sure to be a hit at any party.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=qM287j463g8&list=PLD2aFsB7mDO27IrArQYdY5OcmI1IcJVHZ

59ccba No.390349


Lots of stuff to look at for Project Chatter. Tied to big Pharma -who/what else? Gotta go do life stuff can’t dig more right now. Def seems to fit the Chatter from Q post. Needs more eyes!

d4fde9 No.390351

File: da311d1fcc1bb8c⋯.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, 1:1, .jpg)


kek they scared bro.. Shadilay!

952056 No.390352

File: 9196a7b47735b25⋯.jpg (84.72 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, 24nt4l.jpg)

File: 717963746afdc1b⋯.jpg (61.51 KB, 859x500, 859:500, 24nte9.jpg)

File: c35fc9e17102f88⋯.png (2.81 MB, 1179x831, 393:277, applereligion.png)

File: ec206e1f1e3ef63⋯.jpg (91.5 KB, 1000x525, 40:21, allyourincomearebelong.jpg)


I'm going to enjoy having my own satisfactory smirk if it turns out to be proven that

<Applefags were literally brainwashed by Apple products & marketing into worshipping the brand and paying 50% more than competing products.

If you try to point out the specific flaws and disadvantages of an Apple product to one of those programmed people, they actually freak out like you are attacking their religious beliefs.

The cult of Apple is real, according to neuroscientists:


d67a67 No.390353


Quick question: if we were in a state of war with China, would we be obligated to repay those debts? Or could we repudiate them?

bd2902 No.390354


Please go wonder about that somewhere else.

643763 No.390355


Posted to meta:




9a05e0 No.390356


Mitrokin archive said Hiss was RU spy.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitrokhin_Archive

57b48e No.390357

I'm thinking the TV Licensing people in the UK are black hats. No TV or licence then they target you. They are quite aggressive and seem to be the type of cunts that would be undercover operatives.

d40fba No.390358

If Nick Cruz was wearing a gas-mask when he was shooting, then how did an officer identify him in a neighborhood away from the school??

51da9d No.390359


Cosmetics, food, toys, maybe everything (!!) imported from China is toxic. By design methinks.

d95de7 No.390360


Why "GUCCIFER" of all names??

G + Luccifer = GUCCIFER

No coincidences!!!!

What does G stand for - Google?

2c16be No.390361


was not a slide. it was a contribution.

and we already know [E]dward Snowden

and Secure Drop are used for 4am [when the birds sing]

media talking points.

d5485a No.390362

Do we know what the countdown is for yet?

T-minus [12:34]


8ffdce No.390363


102.1 MHz

ac0d3e No.390364


It's funny because many Applefags are leftist and anti-capitalist, yet they worship a corporation. Really makes me think.

d2a8a6 No.390365

Apologies if already posted, still trying to catch up on all of the days drops.

Did we all notice that Joe Biden was listed in the MKUltra doc that Q dropped?

Also Trump spoke at Davos about Apple coming back to the US and making a huge investment and building there, also lots of chatter on here that Apple are bad guys.

Have we considered that on the other hand apple have ensured that their software, while annoyingly restrictive might be so to prevent the black hat software? They also refused to work with the FBI in regards to unlocking a phone of a terrorist i seem to remember?

Android is much more open source but as such is more exposed to backdoor infiltrations such as those Q might be speaking of.

d8c80d No.390366


He supposedly left the gas mask and the gun behind at the school. Also, the officer identified him by his clothing..

d67a67 No.390367


Sigh. You really don't know much about witchcraft.

6afe56 No.390368


precisely what is going on

6c06bf No.390369

Moving to FreeBSD as soon as I can. Latest updates break many things.

5ed48e No.390370

Welcome my son, welcome to the machine.

(Where have you been?) (It's alright we know where you've been.)

You've been in the pipeline, filling in time,

provided with toys and Scouting for Boys.

You bought a guitar to punish your ma,

And you didn't like school, and you know you're nobody's fool,

So welcome to the machine.

Welcome my son, welcome to the machine.

(What did you dream?) It's alright (we told you what to dream.)

You dreamed of a big star, he played a mean guitar,

He always ate in the Steak Bar. He loved to drive in his Jaguar.

So welcome to the machine.

089a5c No.390371

File: 28495830955c40f⋯.png (29.17 KB, 383x297, 383:297, fuck ms.png)

File: 66cc1adf2a30e3f⋯.png (72.06 KB, 1440x325, 288:65, zo - free speech died.png)

File: a940e72eb00f3eb⋯.jpg (102.87 KB, 618x569, 618:569, Zo-q.jpg)



Thank you, will archive and add to the spreadsheet.

The first one was 404, 2nd link was good though: https:// archive.fo/yRqic


Your surrogate talks with the surrogate of your "friends" = "social interaction"

Imagine millions of Zo's having stilted, stifled, PC "conversations" about superficial bs.

8f419e No.390372


'when he was shooting'

dd770f No.390373

Q has been teaching us The Art Of The Proof, and gave us clear direction in this last post:


While many of us have been researching, learning, and even fighting in our own ways for decades, the difficulty has always been with proving the truth to normies.

Q has taught us how to draw the map of specific details and specific connections (though we have still not learned how to entirely do so, but some amazing Autists are helping us along). We cannot change this thousands of years virus on the world without first proving it in Austist detail, yet expressible in meme(o) simplicity for normies. Q is teaching us how to prove, starting with things we can indeed prove, starting with the children that need saving the most, and the cult that wants to destroy the man enabling this justice and cleansing to finally occur.

Just a thought from an anon who wants to go further, yet is infinitely grateful that this improbable chance can become certainty if this constitution and connection are maintained (i.e. patriots, this board, this movement).

ac0d3e No.390374


Could it be a long-form delta? Expect a POTUS tweet or something similar 12 hours and 34 minutes from the time of that post? That'd be 3:02AM

266550 No.390375

Research not really my area, any research fags here, some really good questions in post below.


cc0c55 No.390376


see ‘Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon,’ the dark heart of the hippie dream for US ops.

Very likely/certain there was something similar ongoing w Beatles/Floyd etc

https:// dangerousminds.net/comments/classic_rock_conspiracy_theory_weird_scenes_inside_the_canyon

d1a7f0 No.390377


>what's to stop a hackanon from exploiting a flaw and rustling clown jimmies?

prosecution in both the judicial system and the press, with the former taking everyone here down with it


aedd04 No.390378



Available in SBIB is access to Apache.be: a bilingual (Dutch/French) Belgian news site for independent research journalism. Articles are both national and international orientated.

How to get access

To access most articles you need a login and password. You will find these in LIMO by searching ‘Apache.be’ and scrolling down in the tab ‘Details’.

https:// bib.kuleuven.be/english/sbib/new-in-sbib-access-to-news-site-apache.be

57b48e No.390379


They are taking a long time releasing the names of the victims!

de1b55 No.390381


Needs to be "MAP"ped. ;-)

ac0d3e No.390383


3:02AM Eastern Time, that is.

91174a No.390384

File: 2147fcb08f0ef18⋯.png (94.06 KB, 583x544, 583:544, QK.PNG)

File: f095562cb70a92f⋯.png (43.59 KB, 592x355, 592:355, Qk2.PNG)

Right off the bat - did anyone notice this??

d0e259 No.390385

The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is a membership-based 501(c)(3) organization working to raise awareness and understanding of psychedelic substances. MAPS was founded in 1986 by Rick Doblin, and is now based in Santa Cruz, California.

MAPS helps scientists design, fund, and obtain regulatory approval for studies of the safety and effectiveness of a number of controlled substances. MAPS works closely with government regulatory authorities worldwide such as the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) to ensure that all of its sponsored research protocols conform to ethical and procedural guidelines for clinical drug research. Included in MAPS’ research efforts are MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine) for the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD); LSD and psilocybin for the treatment of anxiety, cluster headaches, and depression associated with end-of-life issues; ibogaine for the treatment of opiate addiction, ayahuasca for the treatment of drug addiction and PTSD; medical marijuana for PTSD; and alternative delivery systems for medical marijuana such as vaporizers and water pipes. MAPS officials say the organization's ultimate goal is to establish a network of clinics where these and other treatments can be provided together with other therapies under the guidance of trained, licensed physicians and therapists.[1]

In addition to sponsoring scientific research, MAPS organizes continuing medical education (CME) conferences, sponsors and presents lectures and seminars on the state of psychedelic and medical marijuana research, provides psychedelic harm reduction services through the Zendo Project at events such as music festivals and Burning Man, and publishes a triannual magazine-style publication, the MAPS Bulletin, with updates about its ongoing research efforts, legal struggles, and educational initiatives. MAPS also publishes books dealing with the science, history, and culture of psychedelic research and psychedelic therapy.

MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD

MAPS has a primary focus in researching the effectiveness of using 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) to assist psychotherapy in the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). MAPS is the only organisation in the world funding clinical trials of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy, as it is of little interest to commercial pharmaceutical companies[citation needed]. Ultimately, MAPS seeks to achieve FDA approval for the use of MDMA as a prescription medicine.[25]

https:// www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3122379/#!po=56.8182

Clinical response was defined as >30% reduction from baseline in CAPS total severity score. In Stage 1, the clinical response was 83.3% (10/12) in the MDMA group versus 25% (2/8) in the placebo group. Likewise, 10 of the MDMA group no longer met DSM-IV criteria for PTSD compared with two of the placebo group. In Stage 2, the clinical response rate was 100% in the seven subjects, six of whom had failed to respond to placebo and one of whom had relapsed after an initial placebo response. An unplanned observation was that all three subjects who reported being unable to work due to PTSD were able to return to work.

cc0c55 No.390386


you're 3 months late buddy

shoulda tried that on 4chan when it was still time

23a13c No.390387

File: 38bb6a589d3758c⋯.jpg (255.45 KB, 1200x850, 24:17, IMG_2793.JPG)


cf16b8 No.390388

A thought, the sonic attacks against dips in Cuba…perhaps a little redpill for the masses ..make it easier for people to accept some of this cell phone stuff?

c34bac No.390389


He has his own opinions

I’m greatful for expanded thinking due to his many books.

Rotten to The Common Core ties in to today’s storyline nicely

d95de7 No.390390


"Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Who's the fairest of them all?"

820908 No.390391

Not a Dillyfag, but his source did tell him the Ny coast needs to be alert


d5485a No.390392



Go figure, I'll be asleep then.

32a6ae No.390393


Flooding our market with products from China puts our factories out of business and makes us dependent and weak. POTUS is trying to bring manufacturing back to strengthen our country and make us more independent.

d213e4 No.390394

How odd is it that the NEWSWEAK publisher/editor/writer actually put in completely unnecessary info like:

The hashtags, the content of Q's post from early beginning, "debunked" theories, etc.

Seems to me that it's less about normies reading it/searching the hashtags, and more about documenting what they may have thought was classified/highly secret info.

I mean look at the word count:

Conspiracies - 26 times

Fake - 11

Debunked - 1

False - 5

c95d27 No.390395


CT is pretty bad. Here is one of many articles about Whiting/Connecticut Valley where 31 mental health hospital staff were actually fired and/or arrested for abusing clients.

Also there have been a unusually high number of small plane crashes in CT in the past few years some involved doctors.

https:// www.middletownpress.com/middletown/article/Family-member-charges-Middletown-s-Whiting-12357462.php

7f3b3e No.390396


>They have James Holme's hair style

The red hair is a signal..but much to deep a hole to even get started on.

6c06bf No.390397

video related

https:// youtu.be/g6j8dFgZNXk

f3a8b8 No.390398

Uhm Q, say, can we chat for a minute..?

Say, so, I was looking around at what your friends in congress have been doing and I stumbled across this…

https:// www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/4918/text?r=3

So, here's the deal. Everything in that bill, we already have. A dedicated section of an existing known corrupt agency is that defines a domestic terrorist as a right wing extremest concerns me greatly. I suspect 99.999999999% of THIS BOARD would be considered to be Right Wing Extremests by those currently in FBI and congress that get to decide what a Right Wing Extremest is today.

If you seriously need our help here……help us out. fix this. I'll be damned if I'm going to be called a right wing extremest because i want to follow the damn Constitution for the united States of America, and i certainly won't go to jail for that either.

0b8086 No.390399

File: 0cf88d87a888889⋯.jpg (40.55 KB, 464x342, 232:171, 543432ft5s.JPG)

3a772e No.390400

File: c09a5f036df9a2f⋯.jpg (3.92 KB, 345x146, 345:146, images (1).jpg)


don't you mean POTUS Time?

7e5521 No.390401

While listening to Sheriff Israel from Florida he said 12 34 in a stairway ….. 12 34 hmmm…. Then I would like to add that our brainwaves are 840 MHz …. Our phones are 840 MHz …. Think that’s a coincidence ? All of the aerosols being sprayed in atmosphere are Nano and wind up going into our bodies thru food air and water …Filled with Metals that get past certain barriers God gave us ….. Think of your body like one big circuit board able to conduct different waves ….. Aluminum oxide is a great Conductor … We are being wired up ……..Sick and Evil

6c06bf No.390402



b45598 No.390403

The video Q posted of the pledge of allegiance.

It was uploaded by "rstreeter711"

It says produced by "Richard c streeter III"

Found a comment from this guy , saying he's the visionary and founder of "the interfaith forum" in Rochester.

Looking into what that is, it's apparently some church of England ran, multirelgious "church" group if you will.

Still digging, but I keep getting banned and this is getting super annoying, so I'm posting as I dig.

And seriously, fuck this BO. He keeps deleting all my posts, banning me, and saying I'm "dividing"

679d4e No.390405



ef667c No.390406

And in Asia we find a large part of production for the Western market.

Consumers are mistaken if they think that synthetic fibers and colors in clothing they buy are medically safe.

Unfortunately, this is not the case.

For over half a century, people have suffered consequences of harmful chemicals that are coming into contact with their skin.

The more synthetic clothes you wear, the higher the risk of exposing yourselves to toxic chemicals and related diseases.

Among them are contact dermatitis, respiratory diseases, infertility and even cancer.

Danger called formaldehyde

Preservative formaldehyde is applied to many clothes after the production process is over. The role of formaldehyde is to prevent clothes from wrinkling and to prevent the formation of molds on clothes.

In clothes manufactured in China and Southeast Asia, the investigators found 100 to 500 times higher levels of formaldehyde than the level which is considered to be medically safe.

Users of such clothing suffer allergic reactions.

It is also known that formaldehyde is a carcinogen and that prolonged exposure to this chemical may cause cancer.

Textile toxins are difficult to avoid even when you do not wear clothes.

Caution - harmful chemicals come from China via the clothes you buy

Formaldehyde and other toxic substances are used in the production of synthetic fibers for towels and linens.

Retardants – compounds that prevent burning – can be found in linen and pajamas.

Nonylphenol - poison for the hormonal system

Nonylphenol ethoxylate (NPE) is another chemical commonly used in clothes manufacturing process as a detergent.

It is banned in most developed countries, but not in countries where clothes destined for the Western market are produced.

Fourteen major brands produce their clothes in plants which use nonylphenol ethoxylate.

It breaks down into nonylphenol, a poison that can disrupt hormone function.

It is important to know

The skin is our largest organ, and whatever touches the skin, enters the body

Toxins that our skin absorbs pass into the lymphatic system and the blood. Finally they end up in the liver, a center for the removal of toxins

The skin expels a part of toxins, but synthetic fibers suffocate the skin and block the expulsion of toxins, so they remain in the body

The combination of a large number of chemicals can be more toxic for us than each chemical separately

full article here: http:// alternativa-za-vas.com/en/index.php/clanak/article/poisoning-china

74821f No.390409


Again…I was NOT talking about Snowden or Secure Drop but emails as email sent to each report to their private email. As in emails sent and not through Secure Drop

b45598 No.390410

File: b63e93c36c37867⋯.png (531.25 KB, 1440x2880, 1:2, Screenshot_20180215-164050.png)

File: 2cca6cf6a5ef5c5⋯.png (545.05 KB, 1440x2880, 1:2, Screenshot_20180215-180605.png)

File: b23f5c34cd4ead8⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1440x2880, 1:2, Screenshot_20180215-164953.png)

File: 55c783a6fd302b7⋯.png (1 MB, 1440x2880, 1:2, Screenshot_20180215-180611.png)

File: e5fa426252fef87⋯.png (1003.11 KB, 1440x2880, 1:2, Screenshot_20180215-170727.png)

c34bac No.390411


And they killed him too (McGowan)

d95de7 No.390412


Get off here potter!!

5f7488 No.390413


BREAKING NEWS: two brothers have been arrested by the NYPD / FBI for making bombs inside a Bronx apartment, NYPD FBI and the mayor to brief the public soon

f7443a No.390414

File: f1bcfd8db06d1d5⋯.jpg (775.65 KB, 1380x1324, 345:331, Amy Bishop shooter.jpg)

Remember THIS incident…

Typical looking 'MKU' type!

Amy Bishop, 45, Neurobiologist – murdered three fellow scientists February 13 after being denied tenure. Dead biology professors are: G. K. Podila, the department’s chairman, a native of India; Maria Ragland Davis; and Adriel D. Johnson Sr.

57cd81 No.390415

MKULTRA = Hollywood, Nashville


981cff No.390416

File: b07d10ffef2aee7⋯.jpg (526.85 KB, 2000x1312, 125:82, B2_Spirit_closeup.jpg)


Assuming there is a hackeranon that will do this and take the risk.

This is a python / bash package that depends on redis. The package seems a little immature to me.

You will need to pull the securedrop code.

Documentation is here

https:// docs.securedrop.org/en/stable/index.htm

Source is here

https:// github.com/freedomofpress/securedrop

Redis CVEs

https:// www.cvedetails.com/product/31837/Pivotal-Software-Redis.html?vendor_id=15183

Read the open issues

https:// github.com/freedomofpress/securedrop/issues

Look for vulnerabilities.

https:// securedrop.org/news/we-found-vulnerability-securedrop-installation-process-here%E2%80%99s-how-we%E2%80%99re-fixing-it

5ed48e No.390417

File: ddcfb76b58ce587⋯.jpg (92.72 KB, 500x401, 500:401, oz.jpg)

The close relationship between Dorothy and her dog is a very subtle connection between the satanic cults use of animals (familiars).

A Monarch slave as a child will be allowed to bond with a pet. The child will want to bond with a pet anyway because people are terrifying by this point. Then the pet is killed to traumatize the child.

Rainbow–with its seven colors have long had an occult significance of being a great spiritual hypnotic device.

Dorothy is looking for a place where there is no trouble which is a place “over the rainbow.” To escape pain, alters go over the rainbow.

(This is a.k.a. in Alice In Wonderland Programming as “going through the looking glass”.

Monarch slaves are taught to “follow the yellow brick road.” No matter what fearful things lie ahead, the Monarch slave must follow the Yellow Brick Road which is set out before them by their master.

MONARCH programming is a trauma-based form of controlling human behavior without the subject’s knowledge. As a result of ritualistic sexual abuse, human and animal sacrifice participation (blood rituals), electro-shock, and other more technologically modern techniques, the mind splits off (or dissociates) into programmable personalities separate from the core. Further conditioning involves pleasure/pain reversals, food/water/sensory deprivation, hypnotism, double-bind coercion, and the administration of drugs to the subject. The victims of this form of mind control are deployed as assassins, drug mules, prostitutes, serial murders, or agent provocateurs.

Trauma-based mind control dates back at least to the ancient Egyptians. Ritualistic methods were employed to induce trauma through torture, hypnotism, and the use of drugs to as a way to fracture the initiate’s mind creating alters (or multiple personalities). This occult practice migrated to the West and was utilized by the British Tavistock Institute and the NAZIs. This knowledge of this practice landed in the hands of the U.S. intelligence community in the 1940’s through the importation of NAZI scientists after WWII (See Operation Paperclip and the ODDESSA rat lines)







73378c No.390418

archived posts last night but only had anonfile and many was scared, don't blame anyone.

So how about this one.

Collected lost of deleted posts in the process.

https:// www.docdroid.net/8eKcAG0/recentfindings02-13-18.pdf

1af5ee No.390419


thats why they run drugs all over the world. funding you can't trace.

cad62f No.390420


Maxine Waters is a good lyricist

c92807 No.390421

File: 2db302192b4994e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 167.72 KB, 431x369, 431:369, ConspiracyAnal-yst.png)


Conspiracy Anal-ytics…

Not sure about that, anons. ;)

b83400 No.390422

most people who buy apple products have more (luxury) money to spend, if it costs more it must be better

d3fbb6 No.390423

File: 1881a4d97a1a886⋯.png (279.41 KB, 620x465, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

5af41c No.390424


"Muddy the waters"

169a43 No.390425


Is all this tech designed to FORCEFULLY make us depressed, self conscious, upset, angry, all the time? in short - at war with ourselves

550c23 No.390426


People taking SSRI's use the bathroom. This gets back into the water supply. SSRI'S are not filtered.

Everyone gets the SSRI through the water supply.

Besides phones the new bulbs can flicker at a certain rate and change the mood of the room. If the new phones break call Hazmat.

d67a67 No.390427


Yeah, no. You must go back.

a10481 No.390428

I wonder if Q post #750 refers to Twitter control over top 10 trending topics? Twitter CEO is @Jack

6afe56 No.390429


We haven't landed on the right concept yet, anon. Q keeps telling us to build it. We are trying. Pitch in. It is some graphical arrangement of Q's messages, possibly linked together in some way with Trump tweets, news articles, etc…

f2ae59 No.390430

Just heard that people who work for fema are calling friends and family and telling them to make bugout bags. They wont tell why. All non essential personnel are told to go inland.

51da9d No.390431











Memes12 is sticked.

Now Memes13 ought to be sticked as the current memes bread.


cc0c55 No.390432


such a shame, he'd have been great to have around, these days…

(also his book on the moon is amazing, all available online:

http:// centerforaninformedamerica.com/moondoggie-1/

2424bf No.390433

File: cc5c79b7e12bb61⋯.png (85.75 KB, 1243x704, 113:64, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 658e81ebd59dcaf⋯.png (247.99 KB, 1815x858, 55:26, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 615a4fe2d6144c5⋯.png (54.3 KB, 243x259, 243:259, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2a20f2f8570f789⋯.png (296.88 KB, 1160x581, 1160:581, ClipboardImage.png)


He has nine comments, but I haven't gotten that far yet. … Just pointing out he is find-able. So if he is a spook photographer we'll figure it out.

a88268 No.390434


It's a known fact that Apple uses the highest quality parts in all of their computers. So much so that Windows Corporate headquarters in Washington uses all (((Apple))) computers for their workstations. It's not a cult it's just quality….

550c23 No.390435


CBS news?

e5cb49 No.390436



To steal all the American IP

fe2405 No.390437


Is that Dave and Steve from Iron Maiden?

5c7527 No.390438

In another lawsuit, Wayne Ritchie, a former United States Marshal, after hearing about the project's existence in 1990, alleged the CIA laced his food or drink with LSD at a 1957 Christmas party which resulted in his attempting to commit a robbery at a bar and his subsequent arrest. While the government admitted it was, at that time, drugging people without their consent, U.S. District Judge Marilyn Hall Patel found Ritchie could not prove he was one of the victims of MKUltra or that LSD caused his robbery attempt and dismissed the case in 2007.[81]

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKUltra

51cfaf No.390439

6afe56 No.390440


post in Meta

23a13c No.390441

File: 1917e1290eaa5af⋯.jpg (113.61 KB, 750x619, 750:619, IMG_2483.JPG)


Your missing an [i] in your ID...

> just sayin'


d1a7f0 No.390442


same as anyone else in Hollywood/DC/music industry – controlled, compromised, degenerates useful for audience reach, drug running, and cultural degradation, most are child rapists

28f880 No.390444


I don't know about that, I've been here digging and learning sonce day 2, I'm a normie.

00d32f No.390445


Wow, just sharing a possibility. In fact, I wonder if that's how Q'll do it.


This could be fun.

85ea34 No.390446

File: 1247bd3073035b6⋯.jpg (205.77 KB, 634x658, 317:329, snowden glowfag.jpg)


> 2-3 hrs old, no idea that would be 5000 breads ago, but this is important and I don't shop fast. I can code. Enough to know what NOT to use, though we use it. Some ppl tryna work way around issues, but got a floppy disk or a non-glowing rubik's cube? Hard. Beware what you execute on computers no joke.


Manning got solitary + torture for years, went batshit, 'became woman', now supports deep state. Hmm.

Assange …no idea but "not free" to walk streets. But where Kerry goes, death follows. I'll keep open mind for now. But real hero too.

Snowden gets Hollywood hero edit movie made about him.

One of these doesn't fit. It glows.

8ffdce No.390447


Oh, Rick Doblin! Met him at a conference one time. Soros money is awash in MAPS and most of the drug law reform movement. Or was… I left years ago due to mission creep (stuff like prostitution and pizza…)

57b48e No.390448


>only a complete moron would belive the tripe being peddled on these forums

Can't spell believe? What a moron!

4ad5b5 No.390449



c34bac No.390450


Rense Radio archive

5ed48e No.390451

File: adf4e38f6e39781⋯.jpg (27.94 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images.jpg)

File: a1155f3b686074b⋯.jpg (12.29 KB, 280x180, 14:9, images (1).jpg)

It is unfathomable to think that Frank Baum (or Lewis Carroll) consciously created works that would later play a central role in the abusive psychological programming of unwitting individuals.

Instead, these author’s knowledge of the occult allowed them to incorporate esoteric concepts, archtypes, and symbols that are generally hidden from most, yet are prevalent in the universal psyche. The fact that their works were used for incredibly nefarious purposes should not indict the authors, or their great literary contributions to humanity.

"It [The Wizard of Oz] was pure inspiration….It came to me right out of the blue. I think that sometimes the Great Author has a message to get across and He has to use the instrument at hand. I happened to be that medium, and I believe the magic key was given me to open the doors to sympathy and understanding, joy, peace and happiness "~ Frank Baum

73378c No.390452


oops wrong file stay tuned for 2-14-18… Sorry.

dd770f No.390453


Great introduction on mind control 101 for newbies.

6cb7fe No.390454

I think (((they've))) edited the mk-ultra wikipedia again, I can:t find the mention of one of the scientists blackmailing people for more funding by taping them raping child subjects

57cd81 No.390455

679d4e No.390456



de1b55 No.390458


I posted that last page earlier.

777017 No.390459


Wondered that myself

8ad781 No.390460

A couple of first impressions of the report (only on page 8)

CIA Director Richard Helms ordered all files destroyed even after the select comittee requested them several times.

CIA were using their projects on "unwitting" people in universities/ institutions and afterwards used an intermediary to direct funds to them.

The report says they don't believe institutes were aware, but if that was the case who were they paying? I highly doubt it was guilt money!

It says also that new legislation was brought in shortly after the project had come to public attention to make sure something like this didnt happen again and also confirms that the projects no longer exist.

We know it never stopped, so whatever that legislation was or is never had the desired effect.

2c21f9 No.390461



d26bc8 No.390462


The local news did a story last week, on "FOMO." How people are addicted to their devices, because of the FEAR OF MISSING OUT. When fear is an addiction.

http:// www.bbc.com/news/technology-39129228

http:// fomofearofmissingout.com/fomo

b5dc23 No.390463


I heard people are being told it's Godzilla

8ee262 No.390464

File: eb86d14798a80f2⋯.png (543.05 KB, 595x479, 595:479, 1-TimeMachine-1st.png)

File: 59d6901f45cd57e⋯.png (404.76 KB, 353x465, 353:465, 1-TimeMachine-closeup.png)

File: 45ca0672ad6d284⋯.png (194.36 KB, 461x349, 461:349, NWO-HGWells.png)

H.G. Wells wrote a treatise named "The New World Order" which was published in 1940.

https:// en.wikipedia.


http:// gutenberg.


First published by Secker & Warburg, London, 1940

The New World Order is a book written by H. G. Wells, originally published in January 1940. Wells expressed the idea that a 'new world order' should be formed to unite the nations of the world in order to bring peace and end war. The New World Order also advocates a legal system that would protect the Rights of Man.

Wells was a socialist.

His most familiar work is "The Time Machine"

The story reflects Wells's own socialist political views, his view on life and abundance, and the contemporary angst about industrial relations.

— It is also influenced by Ray Lankester's theories about social degeneration

— and shares many elements with Edward Bulwer-Lytton's novel Vril, the Power of the Coming Race (1871).

— Other science fiction works of the period, including Edward Bellamy's novel Looking Backward: 2000-1887 (1888)

— and the later film Metropolis (1927), dealt with similar themes.

9. (x) This work is an early example of the Dying Earth subgenre. The portion of the novella that sees the Time Traveller in a distant future where the sun is huge and red also places The Time Machine within the realm of eschatology, i.e. the study of the end times, the end of the world, and the ultimate destiny of humankind.

https:// en.wikipedia.


0b8086 No.390465


HaHa..yeah. UP THE IRONS!

e11593 No.390466

This was called an "accident", never questioned where a 12yr girl got a SEMI AUTOMATIC GUN in guncontrol city.

12-Year-Old Girl Arrested After Middle School Shooting In Los Angeles, Shooting ‘Not Intentional’: LAPD


e7dbff No.390467


He said he hates the 1 party system as we all do

7cfdf8 No.390468


Or memes of confirmed conspiracies.

Conspiracy to commit a crime is an official legal term. Give the word its original meaning back. Need a list of convicted conspirators that people recognize.

57b48e No.390469


Look at the Clinton Foundation donations page. All records removed.

777017 No.390470

So MKUltra link released to prove to doubters that "yes, your gov really would do this to you", in preparation for later releases of info?

432f9e No.390471

File: 990897ada5b2b89⋯.png (32.38 KB, 251x201, 251:201, ClipboardImage.png)

195abe No.390472

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Is Richarc C. Streeter III relevant? Is this him?

The Pledge of Allegiance

Published by rstreeter711 on Tue, 17 Apr 2007 02:23:26 GMT

narrated by Don LaFontaine

Music by The US Army Band

Produced by

Richard C. Streeter III

Full Name:

Richard C Streeter

Birth Date:

27 May 1928

Death Date:

23 Jan 2008

Last Residence:

Horton, KS

Richard Cole "RC" Streeter


Guest Book

3 entries

"Tracy, I am very sorry to hear of your fathers passing. …"

- Kent Askren

The Guest Book is expired.

Restore the Guest Book

'''Richard Cole "RC" Streeter


HORTON - Richard Cole RC Streeter, 79, of Horton, passed away Wednesday, January 23, 2008 at the Horton Community Hospital. Mr. Streeter was born on May 27, 1928 at Everest, Kansas the son of Herbert and Sarah Sawyer Streeter. R.C. graduated from Everest High School in 1946 and married Joan Willis Streeter on October 4, 1947 in Willis, KS. Mr. Streeter lived his entire life in Brown County and was a farmer and cattleman. He also worked for Sunflower Creamery in Everest and operated a milk transport business. Mr. Streeter was an owner of Hutchison Implement, Co., an Allis Chalmers farm machinery dealership in Everest and Nortonville. He retired from farming in 1991. R.C. served on the Everest City Council, was a member of the Everest Christian Church, Hiawatha Elks Lodge and the Hiawatha Masonic Lodge #35. Survivors include his wife; Jody Streeter of the home, sons; Rick and wife Sandy, Casa Grande, AZ, Jim and wife Gail, Everest and Tracy and wife Denise, Valley Falls; daughters Sara and husband Dan Knudson, Horton, and Nancy Streeter and Ray Smith, Topeka. R.C. is also survived by 9 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren; sisters Pauline Bruning, Everest and Evelyn Lewis, Holton; and numerous nieces and nephews. His parents and a sister, Norma Pudas, preceded his death. Funeral services will be at 10:00 A.M. on Saturday, January 26, 2008 at the Dishon-Maple-Chaney Mortuary in Horton, Kansas where the family will greet friends on Friday evening from 7:00 to 8:30 P.M. Burial will be in the Miller Cemetery, Everest, Kansas. Memorials may be sent to the R.C. Streeter memorial fund to be designated later and may be sent in care of the mortuary. Online condolences may be sent to the family at www.dishon-maple-chaney.com"

Published in Topeka Capital-Journal on Jan. 25, 2008

http:// www.legacy.com/obituaries/cjonline/obituary.aspx?page=lifestory&pid=101851664

db6bd1 No.390473


THANK YOU, so very much appreciated.

089a5c No.390474


There are multiple reasons, not just that one.

>race-based weapons

>who can leave the planet & pass through the barrier

>who can operate certain tech

Last 2 are a little above the 40k ft, sorry.

4af1b3 No.390475

File: ee9f9b5f9eecae1⋯.jpg (46.61 KB, 327x544, 327:544, Capture.JPG)


Plato's Republic? Who remembers this?

It's been a long time for me, Anons.

D,E,F - are all of these individuals in Republic?

694afa No.390476


Microsoft is Apple's largest customer….shhhh no one is supposed to know that :)

820908 No.390477

Hmmm…Dilley also said his source said that the east coast is in some kind of danger

And that Trump is about to drop an EO that will take away any immunity Obama might have

Interesting times


d4fde9 No.390478


Word. I recall *looking at* the ham radio kits you could purchase and build. The PC kits.. The Packet radio shit (read: precursor to TCP/IP using Ham+PC)… Couldn't afford it cause I was a teen but dayum man…

If they were the same now as they were back then, you'd literally be able to purchase exactly what you just described.. as a DIY kit, with options.

Aaaand back to the dig…

33e044 No.390479

File: 19e3605c8267bd6⋯.jpg (403.03 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, thelist.jpg)

f2ae59 No.390480


Hell yeah, the mighty sexual tiranasorus!

4a7779 No.390481


Stephen Paddock

c2a4c6 No.390482

>>390373 Thank you Anon. This helps..

c79a0a No.390483


TRUTH is stranger than FICTION

2c21f9 No.390484

Did anyone link the Watch the Water yet?

d67a67 No.390485


That was just the first wave. Check out the John W. Campbell crowd in the 1950s-1960s, concurrent with MKULTRA.

1af5ee No.390486

really makes me wonder….


7cfdf8 No.390487


>Peter Thiel

Is he good or bad? Supports Potus. Like kids' blood. Confused…

547b98 No.390488


I don’t think it’s a dead end. I think it’s just old hard digging that we aren’t going to locate with some cursory duck searches

c92807 No.390489


He's one of us. Real autist fag. :)

7f3b3e No.390490


Read his book. Which parts are true which parts are fiction..was particularly curious about the fake alien abductions the gov. was involved in….(there are real ones…think MIRAGE MEN)…how do you discredit truth? By infiltrating it with fantastical insane stories.

ed2004 No.390491

Future proves past

So the question is not 'is this true' or 'will this be revealed'

The answer to that yes, and on us it depends exactly what can be revealed

This is the purpose

We know what is coming


Thank you for proving my point you magnificent bastard

Joe Biden?

4eb277 No.390492







And do not forget this one : https:// patents.justia.com/inventor/hendricus-g-loos

Hendricus G. Loos, probably his "clown" name.

https:// www .quora.com/Who-is-Hendricus-G-Loos

03a017 No.390493


Up the Irons!

d26bc8 No.390494


Awesome tree and cookies btw.

2161ba No.390495


Nope. Temp here reached 60. Snow melted, culvert flooded. Collapsed under train weight.

Sometimes , it is just an Accident.

Don't offer your advice, I can see the train with my own eyes

0c7bd8 No.390496

File: 6da1108f813d8a7⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Saturn The Lord Of The Rin….jpg)

c053b5 No.390497





Vatican II turned the Church into a masonic lodge.

089a5c No.390498



>Republic of the United States of America

>People's Republic of China

>Democratic People's Republic of Korea


6f94d6 No.390499

>>390430 which coast

4af1b3 No.390500


I'm unsure. "Peter thiel" Is an anagram of "The Reptile"

a6cbed No.390501

File: 1c26ec05acf15c7⋯.jpg (111.46 KB, 820x489, 820:489, 7.jpg)


Q has said twice that ANONS are safe.


Further, if you live in America, you should have a gun, and learn how to use it.

Carry on

10e70e No.390502

File: dacc0191ec35e81⋯.jpg (202.1 KB, 1190x595, 2:1, 11a42ed979d4ae52f0f777dec5….jpg)


Thank you for reaching out like you did.

We got a Patriot back <3

Sorry for the troubles lad.

571491 No.390504


Feb 15 2018 14:47:34



ID: 6d0fd8



Why is Big Pharma essential?

>>Big Pharma is not essential, they make themselves essential by poisoning is through monsanto gmo and creating and spreading disease. Witholdong cures focus only on treatment and profit.

Expand your thinking past cures.

>> If Pharma can create disease that can linger indefinitely with expensive treatments = profit

Think Google [new Pixel phone].

Think Apple [vs. Samsung].

Why was Blackberry destroyed?

>>Encryption, google and apple give the keys to the spooks, no privacy, no fourth amendment

We can guide but you must organically uncover the TRUTH.

THEY are watching.

>>Hello overlords!!



Feb 15 2018 15:01:38



ID: 6d0fd8



Why is everything 'really' made in China?

>>Slave Labor, profit, control

Cost savings?

>> As well as supply control

Why is POTUS focused on SA/CHINA/RUSSIA?

>> US Dollar/Petrodollar?


>>They wish to trade in different currency than the dollar, which would weaken the US So Trump cant have that


>> Democrats projecting, accuse POTUS of doing what they indeed have done to take eyes away from their crimes


>> Dems colluded with russia in the Uranium 1 sale to get enriched uranium to north korea through Iran and china


>> they have the proofs of the real collusion with russia + dems


>> Hell didnt the cinese own Bill Clinton back in the day? U1? Im sure theres more




>> U1, Clowns, enemy for the MIC to use to keep the money flowing. Control.

>> We were always at war with eurasia


>> Hasnt been in US much since POTUS


??He's on the run always on the move looking over his shoulder never knowint when they are going to nab him but always knowing they ARE. HRC probably doing the same



>> Control. POTUS talked about it in the meeting with congressmen about jobs yesterday. Control. Who would we get our manufacturing from if we are at was with the supplier? Make our own, depend on noone.


Think back doors in computer parts from china, they can see everything too


blackmail, supply lines, money


>> If America does not have to depend on any other countries for resources or manufacturing it will be self sufficient indebted to none, master of its own destiny


>> You cant trust anybody.





















>> I been a long time lurker and havent posted here before but when I saw this lastest Q post as I read it to my son I realized I was answering all of the questions as I read it. I knew the answers. Simple. Then I was overcome with a compulsion to share. Q inspired me. I hope someone can take these answers and run with them. Go on to find more answers.

Q said in the past the we have had the power all along we have just forgot. What I believe he was talking about there was the power to stand up for whats right. If there is something terribly wrong going on, lately it seems to be just swept under the rug and everybody just agrees to ignore it. Like the corrput gpvernment. Everybody in america knows its corrupt, but they just ignore it because they think its too big to fight. If we all stood up and called bullshit out for the bullshit it is, then we could change things. Everybody has been afraid of being the one to stand up and say thats not fucking right! Well, if one of us do it, and stick to our guns, guess what, others are going to see that they are standing up for what is right and when they get attacked for standing up for what is right and good, other people who are not evil will see the attack for what it is and they too will stand up and fight for what is right and what is good. Its time to pull out head out of the sand and have the courage to hold ourselves and others to the standards of justice good vs evil.

fc7c9a No.390506



Here's an article that explains it, good for folks who won't read that document.


5ed48e No.390507

File: f8d36249069ff30⋯.jpg (10.21 KB, 200x165, 40:33, The Wizard Of Oz.jpg)

File: 890a5bb4d37b692⋯.jpeg (27.48 KB, 421x261, 421:261, oz.jpeg)

The history behind the Wizard of Oz programming is interesting. It suggests that the Wizard of Oz has had an important part in the occult world all along. One of the secrets of the Mystery Religions, especially the Egyptian Isis mystery religion was the ability to use drugs and torture to create multiple personalities. The word Oz is known to have been used by its author as an abbreviation for Osirus. Monarch victims have the “golden penis of Osirus” placed into them. The Grimm brothers, who were cabalistic jews, gathered the folk occult stories together. Their stories are full of spells, trances, and drugs. Sleeping Beauty is put to sleep, and the trigger to wake her is a kiss on the lips. These are serious hints that the occult world didn’t stop programming people with dissociative states and triggers when the ancient Egyptian empires fell. Instead of using modern lingo such as “hypnotize”, they would say “cast a spell.” Later in Freemasonry, the Right Worshipful Master would “charge” (meaning hypnotize) an initiate. The occultist Baum, a member of the Theosophical Society, was inspired by some spirit who gave him the “magic key” to write the Wizard of Oz book, which came out in 1900. The book’s story is full of satanic activity and satanic thinking. The story was chosen in the late 1940s to be the basis for the Illuminati/Intelligence community’s trauma-based total mind control programming. As a way of enhancing the effect of the programming, Monarch slaves are conditioned to place trigger items into their lives. When the movie was made, Judy Garland, who had lived a life touched by the occult world’s abuse, was chosen to act as Dorothy. Judy’s later husband, Mickey De Vinko was a satanist and the chief assistant to Roy Radin, a rich satanist who worked with the Illuminati, and who controlled the “Process church” covens which had as members mass murderers Berkowitz and Monarch slave Charlie Manson. There are several members of the Carr family, who are also tied into both De Vinko and Radin’s Process Church and the Illuminati. With the numerous long term connections between the Wizard of Oz books, and movie to the highest levels of the occult world, it is not without reason that one can theorize that the original series of 14 Oz books had an ulterior motive behind them

d8c80d No.390508


POTUS wanted to offer him a position on a top intel committee and he is behind Palantir which is firmly in the White Hat hands now… Im guessing he is #OURGUY.

35b3db No.390509

Why is Big Pharma essential?

Expand your thinking past cures.

Think Google [new Pixel phone].

Think Apple [vs. Samsung].

Why was Blackberry destroyed?

We can guide but you must organically uncover the TRUTH.

THEY are watching.


Big Pharma is essential because it controls the medical industry in virtually every way and can destroy the career of anyone who "blows the whistle" on what is really happening.

They view us as sheep to be sheared and managed, controlled and if necessary culled. They fear the people waking up. Mind control is necessary in order to cause events (FF's) that order and shape the public narrative.

Through the control of the medical industry, everything from what doctors are taught, what acceptable treatments are, what medical research is "approved and acceptable", the population can be experimented on and means of control developed in plain sight. Doctors are trained to ignore obvious signs of mind control. Standard treatments exacerbate the issues. Depression is now considered an illness to be managed with psychotropic drugs that predispose individuals to mind control.

Doctors and other medical health professionals also have an enormous amount of respect and trust. Their statements are believed by most without question.


Blackberry had to be destroyed, I'm guessing because of both it's encryption and the fact that all messaging and emails went through RIM's servers in Canada. Which means the IP address always came up in Canada and there was no way to locate the sender. Apple and Samsung phones all give the local IP address of whoever is using the phone and Google collects that information even when no apps are running (pretty sure that's built into the OS and can't be turned off).

As a security feature, the GPS location information could definitely be turned off with a Blackberry. That and the encryption was one of the reasons governments and high-value targets used them. Finally, as I recall, the Blackberries had a feature that prevented them from being remotely turned on after they'd been shut down. No sauce on that, just something I heard, in terms of security.

In short, the Blackberry was a professional tool for communication. The iPhones and Androids are primarily for entertainment, meaning FB… which gathers more information on the people. They're tracking devices tied to individual identity and enormous amounts of information.

Years ago the major competition on the upper end of phones was between the iPhone and the Blackberry. Then Samsung jumped in and the competition between the iPhone and Samsungs essentially drove the Blackberry out of the market. Now Google is competing directly head to head with Samsung to drive the iPhone out of the market, leaving the Android operating system as the default OS. Google controls the Android OS.

This works in conjunction with anyone who might cause problems for the narrative, such as a whistleblower. With control of individuals' cell phones, combined with the information Google has about individual browsing habits and their FB profiles, they're bringing control of individuals into the 21st Century.

The problem has always been the anthill view. Kick over an anthill and see the ants come boiling out. You can see them, but how do you drill down and identify individuals? With Google in charge of the Android OS and that holding a major market share, Apple could be put out of business. Weaponized private intelligence collection on everyone, not under the control of the government but directly under the control of the cabal.

c92807 No.390510


Why you think he likes kids blood?

c8d5fc No.390511


Energy manipulation and perception

195abe No.390512

File: eb97863dcac50bc⋯.png (24.53 KB, 200x200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5dee1e96af1248f⋯.png (37.39 KB, 200x200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0b24add1fa1f31d⋯.png (24.73 KB, 200x200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7bc0068f0c8d241⋯.png (76.88 KB, 200x200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f7ff3f8d48547a9⋯.png (19.27 KB, 120x138, 20:23, ClipboardImage.png)


Not sure who Richard C. Streeter III is, but these people have Obituaries.

b40b65 No.390513


Here's a pastebin of the latest QPostTwitterSmash

https:// pastebin.com/MrNFpJZD

Here's the last 2 days

QPostID: 354139, QPostDate: 2/12/2018 3:15:20 PM

https:// 8ch.net//qresearch/res/353580.html#354139

DELTA: [33], DJTweetID: 963152799486828544, DJTweetPostDate: 2/12/2018 3:48:16 PM

https:// twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/963152799486828544

QPostID: 387462, QPostDate: 2/15/2018 2:12:42 PM

https:// 8ch.net//qresearch/res/386768.html#387462

DELTA: [10], DJTweetID: 964218319783055360, DJTweetPostDate: 2/15/2018 2:22:16 PM

https:// twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/964218319783055360

DELTA: [13], DJTweetID: 964219102683377665, DJTweetPostDate: 2/15/2018 2:25:23 PM

https:// twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/964219102683377665

DELTA: [13], DJTweetID: 964219299211735040, DJTweetPostDate: 2/15/2018 2:26:09 PM

https:// twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/964219299211735040

QPostID: 95, QPostDate: 2/15/2018 2:28:16 PM

https:// 8ch.net//greatawakening/res/1.html#95

DELTA: [51], DJTweetID: 964232645495459840, DJTweetPostDate: 2/15/2018 3:19:11 PM

https:// twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/964232645495459840

6cb7fe No.390514

File: c501c12299d949e⋯.jpeg (203.34 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_20180215-23202….jpeg)


Ah here it is

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unethical_human_experimentation_in_the_United_States#Founding

d0e259 No.390515

Rick Doblin of Maps.org is a John Perry Barlow type. Old hippie, deadhead. These guys are exactly the type Big Pharma would take out. Anti-anxiety and antidepressants and CBT don’t typically make a dent in PTSD. MDMA assisted therapy has a 83% efficacy rate in reducing or eliminating DSM-IV criteria. They’re pretty much breezing through FDA trials. It sort of doesn’t add up. I was hoping they were legit, but I wonder.

faaca2 No.390517

THEY are watching.



Many archiving OFF-LINE????????????

c8d5fc No.390518


https:// www. cnbc.com/2017/05/31/blood-transfusions-from-teenagers-start-up-charging-8000-apiece.html

6de2f7 No.390519

Q says be safe this week after telling us (( They )) are here and looking to discredit or label here a conspiracy. I have seen 2 hard attempts to engage anons in a conspiracy to hack. It would make an awesome screen grab for MSM to show the conspiracy after they had a FF/lie of hacking. Showing us as Trump supporters, criminals, hackers, and nut cases would wrap up their narrative and completely discredit us, Q POTUS. BE SAFE THIS WEEK

f2ae59 No.390520


Dont know. But there isnt just one thing or event going on, several.

deff04 No.390521


It's not meant as observe, it's meant as beware.

7ccd32 No.390522


CIA ran a movie production facility in that very same area. Many early rock legends came through Laurel Canyon as the hippies were coming about.

266550 No.390523


Don't think that's just any ANON, Q team?

432f9e No.390524

File: e3feebc21af77ed⋯.png (6.21 KB, 341x148, 341:148, ClipboardImage.png)

4af1b3 No.390525

>Why is POTUS focused on SA/CHINA/RUSSIA?

Because these 3 along with the US, if they decided to, could END THE CROOKED REIGN OF CROOKED BANKS?

795d3a No.390527


I had a friend who did phone support at Apple. He said the customers were the most easily ripped-off people he'd ever dealt with.

>Hi, how much is a new iphone battery and how do I install it?

<Um, you can't do it yourself - you must drive the phone to an Apple store. And it costs $85 plus tax for them to put it in.

>Can I go there now? How long will that take?

<Uh, the soonest available appointment is 5 days from now. And we can never guess how long something will take.

>Ok. Well I love Apple! Maybe I'll also buy another iPad for $1200 while I'm there!

1af5ee No.390528


i feel like i need to rent a warehouse and cut ut newspaper clippings and have a bunch of red tacks all over with strings attached to clippings of posts and shit . i dont know wtf to do! theres soooo much

981cff No.390529


When did you last look anon.

8ee262 No.390530


does the owl cover print remind anyone of Obama's portrait???

7f3b3e No.390531


>It's to see who's got the dna that can be manipulated the easiest.

NOPE it's to target those who CANNOT be reset…so they can be either used or targeted another way. (what's that movie with the precogs in a tank? think….you think they volunteered?)

5f7488 No.390532


BREAKING: FBI, NYPD to announce tonight 2 arrests as part of an ongoing terrorism plot investigation in New York City after bomb making materials found in Bronx apartment

c92807 No.390533


Yeah, well, an open mind is fine, and needed. But some people see a demonic face in every picture… Keep it rational, plz.

f3c233 No.390534

51da9d No.390535

Let's mentally combine the DoE's massive supercomputing capability with the NSA's massive databases of minimum 2000 fields of data x 220 million Americans, sufficient to predict and influence voting behavior on an individual level,

- with -

the ability to target individuals through cellphones etc. and potentially implant or influence emotions (or manipulate higher cognitive functions).

The capability was developed for benign purposes of identifying terrorists and those likely to become radicalized . . .

Then it got into the hands of a cadre of dedicated Communists (Obama, Jarrett, etc.) who turned it AGAINST the American people's core values and beliefs.

Does that hypothesis hold water?

I think maybe it does. . . . .

5c7527 No.390536


They all answer to the Puppet masters

dab9b2 No.390537


Do you trust this source?? NYC? Where did you hear? Got loved one living on water

5ed48e No.390539


Auntie Em -

represents HP Blavastsky’s “Mulaprakriti” and Uncle Henry represents HPB’s “Unmanifested Logos”.

The carnival huckster-

(later seen as the Wizard) is advertised as being connected to the royal families of Europe. The Royal families of Europe are secret Satanists, from powerful occult bloodlines.

Dorothy is brought to Oz by a cyclone. The word cyclone originally was the greek word cyclone which means both a circle or the coil of a snake. In other words, the snake takes Dorothy to Oz.

Dorothy’s three companions represent the mental, emotional, and physical bodies that HPB wrote about. Dorothy acquired these three companions just as Theosophy says we will when we come into incarnation. To quote HPB “There is no danger that dauntless courage cannot conquer; there is not trial that spotless purity cannot pass through; there is no difficulty that strong intellect cannot surmount.”

In the book, the Tin Woodsman was an ordinary being of flesh, but a wicked witch casts a spell on him. He kept chopping off parts of his body, which were then replaced by a tinsmith, until he became the first bionic man, with a completely mechanic body. Boy, hasn’t the Illuminati been trying to do this one!?

In step with Wizard of Oz mind-control programming, the wicked witch & naughty children cannot stand water but dissolve. Robotic clones are created in the minds of Monarch slaves which can only be mentally dissolved by mentally placing water on them.

Dorothy goes questing in Oz. Theosophists (New Agers, Satanists, etc.) go on quests.

Oz is shaped like a Mandala with Emerald City in the center, an impassable barrier, four-sidedness, 4 symbolic colors, the circle and the center. The colors and directions given in Oz may also have other symbolic meanings in the occult. For instance, Emerald City is green and green is the fourth point of the Eastern Star (women’s Freemasonry) & Satan’s color. A The route that Dorothy follows in Oz has the shape of a T with its 3 points defining an inverted triangle.

The Yellow Brick Road suggests gold, the perfect metal. Gold is considered to be divine & the source of wisdom by the Illuminati. HPB had written “There is a Road, steep and thorny, beset with perils of every kind, but yet a Road, and it leads to the very heart of the universe.” This was the yellow brick road that Baum the Theosophist sought to portray in his fairy tale. The book contains a great deal more perils and adventures on the road than the movie.

cad62f No.390540


For those who don't have a gun, or much money, consider getting a shotgun.

The Maverick 88 is a fine gun, only 200 bucks and is made by Mossberg. 12 gauge pump action. Good for home defense or hunting if you use slugs

bb94ad No.390541


Where (state) was this China storefront founded ? What else happened in that state ? Who else happened in that state ?

Walmart was the first to pump cheap Chinese shit across the country. Arkansas… Bill Clinton is a rapist. Inforwars.com.

Now Amazon does the same directly via web.

China has 0 regulation and a culture of people that do whatever the fuck they want. Millions of people that'll work like slaves. No Regs. No Integrity.

US Companies operating over there can get away with shit they couldnt in the US.

fc7c9a No.390542



True dat. Learned the hard way.

2c21f9 No.390543

>>check ,thanks

d55111 No.390544


Primer on "mind control".

This is an excellent example.

"Mind control" is an intentional misnomer.

"Behavioral control" is most accurate.

Mind-body are connected in such a way that action undertaken without conscious control are rationalized by the ego as being of one's own personal volition.

Radiation and various other means can be used to create localized areas of discomfort within a person who then reacts in order to alleviate the stress.

The opposite can also be done: stress can be alleviated in a targeted, localized manner resulting in positive affinity.

Taken further, this can result in a temp loss of consciousness as BP drops. (This extreme case can also be reversed, to produce the weaponized "heart attack" modality to which Q previously alluded.)

And, of course, the two effects can be combined. Net result is that the subject can be precisely controlled via their non-conscious efforts to alleviate physiological stress they are not consciously aware of. Attention can be focused, diverted, or shut-off completely.

Again: understand that humans (YOU!) rationalize your behavior AFTER it has been observed. The above can be used in an intermediate way to control people like marionettes. The feeling is akin to light, wispy strings tugging at your nape.

And yes, women/cucks–being highly reactive–are more susceptible to this sort of abuse. Testosterone inoculates.

Proof: the driver indicates temp loss of consciousness after which she found herself being steered towards her course.

Bonus: MKULTRA docs indicate [Chinese] mind control methods are far more advanced. Better would've been to say ASIAN mind control is advanced. We interned those Jappo-"civilians" for damn good reason. Cylons. Human weapons. All of them.

Shit is real.

d2a8a6 No.390545


Page 3, senate select committee on intelligence. I assume it’s the same Joesph Biden? Apologies if not EUFag so not fully clued up on US Political

979836 No.390546

File: 69d8a540236d23e⋯.jpeg (169.82 KB, 750x493, 750:493, 58B8FCBC-85E0-4503-AF78-C….jpeg)

981cff No.390547


sorry, wrong id

1af5ee No.390548


that might be true but we're talking about how people act towards the company and worship it like they are in a cult. its like sports. people have been murdered for wearing the wrong jersey.

d1a7f0 No.390549

Disturbing truths regarding contemporary mind kontrol, as related to the latest Q drops.

<Google "chainless slaves" for an alleged manual. It reads as true, there are several pdfs online

<sites such as warpmymind dot com, check the forums and postings from members. some provide very detailed information about DID/Satanism programming

<sites such as fetlife dot com, check the mind control/Satanism groups. these people are stupid

2c21f9 No.390550

d1a7f0 No.390551


since november

de1b55 No.390552


PF were major illuminati. "Another Brick in the Wall" was a specific reference to Genesis, re"Go to, let us make brick", vis a vis the Tower of Babel.

They wanted to build a tower unto heaven. God said "I don't think so, Scooters", and came down from Heaven, scattering the people AND their language, so that their "project" was put on hold for centuries They've been trying to get back to that One World System ever since, Satan being the chief architect.

After all, where do you think many of these "inventors" get their ideas?

Spiritual influence/enlightenment, anyone???

" And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light." 2 Cor. 11:14

Ted Cruz: "Two Corinthians walk into a bar…"

f3a8b8 No.390553


I have 5 AR's. After they ban them, who wants them?

4eb277 No.390554




I do.

180 363 files / 23 305 folders and an entire 2TO HDD (+ the backup HDD of the same size) dedicated to this part of our History.

I have everything.

7e5521 No.390556


Quick we need to ban Apartments in the Bronx …That should solve the problem

e04ca2 No.390557


yea and get very defensive of it if you say anything against it. weird

981cff No.390558


When did you look anon?

ef667c No.390559

Consumer Product Safety Commission

This one is a spiderweb of overlap semantics. For instance - It regulates product packaging in relation of toxic material but doesn't address the product itself - example the clothing fabric treated with chemicals.

It'll take hours to cross check this site. It's web cross overs with the FDA, EPA, United States DEPARTMENT OF LABOR and United States Department of Transportation just to name a few

https:// www.cpsc.gov/Regulations-Laws–Standards/Products-Outside-CPSCs-Jurisdiction/

c053b5 No.390560

File: 6b2cd21ef0d454a⋯.png (200.83 KB, 634x640, 317:320, Screen-Shot-2015-09-03-at-….png)

File: 7e53da4b075f533⋯.png (82.71 KB, 646x220, 323:110, 0ff4d4d.png)





They taught us to etch boards and make 555 circuits in shop class in 1989.

You can still buy electronic parts online and there are still stores.

aeea18 No.390561

Maybe so much money is being poured into Big Pharma to allow further experimentation with mind control drugs for MK Ultra. Q said expand thinking beyond cure.

db6bd1 No.390562


Thank you, it was work, driven by extreme inspiration and dedication,kek

462e88 No.390563


MDMA is ecstasy

2424bf No.390564


Did you run it through Adobe or anything that can actually do sound print analysis? Not looking for what you can hear but what you CAN hear. If you get my drift.

d8c80d No.390565


Surprised they haven't banned 80% ARs already…

5ed48e No.390566

File: a5b8dd389dd64f3⋯.jpeg (21.1 KB, 200x321, 200:321, AIice1.jpeg)

File: adaf9b00630985f⋯.jpg (33.27 KB, 487x389, 487:389, Alice2.jpeg.jpg)

“So, either I’ve been dreaming about life or I only dream that life is but a dream.’’ As a slave breaks away from the programming, life becomes a bewildering confusion as the slave is pulled between two worlds. The internal world has everything the alter needs, the external world is a harsh cold reality that doesn’t have much to offer. People in the external world can help make it real for a slave. The handlers will never do this. Alters will need a reason to want to come out of the internal reality which they are programmed to. believe in. For so long much of life was seen as a dream. It will be hard to get a grasp on what was real and what was the lie. Many of the lies are more real than the truth. Life was sometimes like the parallel dreams of the Red King and Alice, like two mirrors facing each other.

8d7bbd No.390567


Is WalMart the Chinese storefront? WalMart destroyed US manufacturing and independent businesses. The Chinese storefront WalMart founded in the state of ARKANSAS, home state of WJC and HRC.

cad62f No.390568


I hear ARs are good, but not many people can with precision. A shotgun, when using buck shot has a wide "Fuck off" radius.

bb5272 No.390569


Why is Big Pharma essential?

Because they can put anything they want into the drugs. We rely on them to cure us, instead they enslave us. The same thing with vitamins and supplements, too. Many of the small, family companies have been bought out and consolidated into a network of companies. Many names, one umbrella. For instance, look up Solgar and follow the story. (Alphabet Holding Co. and Carlyle Group?)

Expand your thinking past cures.

Think Google [new Pixel phone].

Think Apple [vs. Samsung].

Why was Blackberry destroyed? Because it went through the internet and couldn't control people with the low frequency triggers?

We can guide but you must organically uncover the TRUTH.

THEY are watching.



c053b5 No.390570


>Hollywood slut wife


0c1333 No.390571


Weird, anyone else remember this? Always found it odd.

https:// usatoday.com/story/sports/nba/thunder/2016/03/02/aubrey-mcclendon-killed-auto-accident-thunder-part-owner/81224200/

6d79dd No.390572


Crime committed amongst the chaos. Thats why we need to simplify government.

1af5ee No.390573


baby steps.

de1b55 No.390574


I know more than I want to, thank you very much.

6291d9 No.390575

Could the compromising of SecureDrop by the clowns implicate them in the murder of Seth Rich? Did SR use secure drop to give WL DNC info?

e9525d No.390576


I vote for #2

And don't forget they use slave labor and slaves won't say anything about it

547b98 No.390577

File: 4669381bb36efc8⋯.jpeg (417.67 KB, 1216x2101, 1216:2101, EF58FEC5-D624-487D-BB11-9….jpeg)

2c41f0 No.390578


ProTip: Don't trust anything with access to RAM. Don't trust built-in peripherals. Don't trust any peripheral chips with any form of automation/CPU in them. Assume any chip with 'smarts' is compromised. Assume all open source is compromised. Go from there.


c053b5 No.390579


They are very finicky if you let the battery run down. I have one too.. somewhere.

6296fe No.390580


Minority Report

3e720c No.390581

25c373 No.390582



Mmmm.., Myanmar?.., although the "E" doesn't match…,

MIL= Military

MAR=Sea.., Sea of Pacific or Atlantic?

0dffc6 No.390583

File: c7b0b39011c1431⋯.png (30.31 KB, 120x183, 40:61, untitled4.png)

File: d179d06625cda11⋯.png (38.71 KB, 120x183, 40:61, untitled6.png)

File: 6734867dc5410f8⋯.png (33.25 KB, 120x183, 40:61, untitled7.png)

File: aa0d293e23e99f5⋯.png (30.06 KB, 120x183, 40:61, untitled8.png)

File: 6326068270e9dfa⋯.png (15.59 KB, 120x183, 40:61, untitled9.png)


Eustace Mullins - the original conspiracy researcher, protégé of Ezra Pound - United States Political Prisoner declared insane and caged at St. Elizabeth's - same place Hinckley was kept. G. Edward Griffen plagiarized Mullins in The Creature From Jekyll Island

d0e259 No.390584


No ecstasy is cut MDMA. MDMA is pure.

cc0c55 No.390585


well hiring killers and then killing them didn't help

f3a8b8 No.390586


They are good, but guns are tools, A cresent wrench fits all nuts, but its not really a good wrench.

Go get some 00 buck and fire it into some ply wood from 3', 10' and 30'. Typically home defense ranges. You'll see how wide your fuck off spread isn't.

f2ae59 No.390587


Well technically i dont trust anyone. Everyone is an actor, from the blackhats to the local gas station cashier, everybody hides behind a mask. But alot of people are getting itchy about the coastlines. When deception is the norm its hard to know for sure. I just thought id through it out there do to watch the water statement.

1af5ee No.390588


me thinks this is somewhere on Q's list.

bb94ad No.390589


Who just left some gov't position to take a VP position at Walmart?

1af5ee No.390590


he also said no one is safe….just saying

c2a4c6 No.390591

>>390528 I feel the same way. I have learned so much,but everyday more formation comes in and I am overwhelmed. I have started rereading all the Q drops and trying to fill in what I do know. LOL My brain hurts. Thanks for being so kind. God Bless

c92807 No.390592


As Q stated before… Not all are bad. Some don't even know what they are working on. The article states that Thiel himself is not a customer.

If he is, you need proof. It's that simple. That's what we are doing here. Show proof, not suggestions.

d4fde9 No.390593


>ProTip: Don't trust anything with access to RAM.

Buy an EPROM burner.

They used to sell those at Radio Shack. ;)

195abe No.390594



He might be dead. Hard to find anything about him other than Obit.



86b8c7 No.390595

Also, a couple of Q's posts today were definitely in relation to the Jason Bourne sigs.

981cff No.390596


They can't delete everything anon. They aren't smart enough.

https:// archive.fo/eBVTo

18de77 No.390597


THIS. Also explains why doctors get pissy if you refuse the drugs they push.

31f6a4 No.390598


Why is everything 'really' made in China?

Cost savings?

Why is POTUS focused on SA/CHINA/RUSSIA?





































Ok, people who have been following conspiracy theories for over a decade know that the major answer is that there is one big conspiracy and everyone is in on it. Not all humans on the planet, but all conspirators.

I put Rothschild at the top, because owns all banks, has been richest on planet for centuries.

And Q wants us to name every human that is involved. Everything Q wants out of us can be summarized as "more of that". Or, "that's another detail." They suck. Kill them and take all their money.

There's very little that's interesting except whether Trump is with them or against them.

33e044 No.390599


I assume the opposite. Open Source regular has code reviews and audits. Closed source, like Windows, has no such public scrutiny.

2c21f9 No.390600


Crazy right, i'm on 2 externals almost full, always keep your externals unplugged from computer people who don't know, can't hack something not connected, when you download to external unplug net from computer first,than download, can't see what i'm uploading if i'm not connected,lol, PARANOID MODE ENGAGED!

6e6cdd No.390601


Sounds like David Berkowitz - Son of Sam Killer…Jesus how many experiments have these fucking tools done…

d95de7 No.390603


Not hating or dividing - sorry, that was not the intent here.

I am merely stating that Q is always telling us that "they are sick".

Now we know why. So many attacks on US, not just "them" or "they". But on ALL OF US!!!!

Including our past and hopeful presidents.

They are SICK.


The only reason there is an US, is because for whatever reason, it didn't work on US.

e71536 No.390604


Yeah, teenage girl who said brakes failed. Like you, I also failed to see the [non-existent] ramp that would have propelled the car over the ditch to be able to collide with the President's vehicle.

d67a67 No.390605


.Now please explain the occult significance of L. Frank Baum's first work, Tales of Father Goose . . .

Looking forward to that.

cad62f No.390606

Here's something to consider:

Hasn't the rise of antidepressant, SSRIs, etc risen pretty much in line with mass production/marketing of sugar/carboyhydrates?

Anybody with mental health issues should consider a ketogenic diet or severely reducing their carb intake if they aren't lifting or taxing their muscles.

they should be weightlifting or running.

Meditation/breathing exercises.

These help mental disorders.

Stop eating candy and drinking sugar water. Eat steak, eat eggs

95d8ab No.390607

File: 00911c7f534f762⋯.jpg (54.57 KB, 660x371, 660:371, 24nvnl.jpg)

1af5ee No.390608



they were here earlier with the antifa guy pic trying to get everyone to tweet it til it was trending so they could then label us all as a bunch of dangerous idiots.

tsk tsk tsk

6d79dd No.390609


Dutch Foreign Minister Halbe Zijlstra resigned

due to lying about Russia.

2c41f0 No.390610


Well said.

6f94d6 No.390611


Q said we are safe here. So stay here this week.

a6cbed No.390612

don't listen to the haters, can you go on about this though?

> Robotic clones are created in the minds of Monarch slaves which can only be mentally dissolved by mentally placing water on them.

Seems particularly relevant

6d79dd No.390613


He resigned on Monday.

Source - RT on YT

7cfdf8 No.390614


>you're totally safe

>make sure you have a gun and can use it

LOL! way to go, anon, that should quell the fears of all the concernfags

b45598 No.390615


The video Q posted of the pledge of allegiance.

It was uploaded by "rstreeter711"

It says produced by "Richard c streeter III"

Found a comment from this guy , saying he's the visionary and founder of "the interfaith forum" in Rochester.

Looking into what that is, it's apparently some church of England ran, multirelgious "church" group if you will.

Still digging, but I keep getting banned and this is getting super annoying, so I'm posting as I dig.


14df80 No.390616


What if one of the killed was a big fan of Q? They were not safe. Just saying……He can not ever be 100% sure anons are safe. I mean, me personally, I don't care what happens to me. Not like anything would, but Q saying anons are safe is the farthest thing that keeps me calm. Because he can't truly believe that. Disinfo is necessary

d95de7 No.390617


(fogot this part)…

The attacks come from our/their:









All of it! Designed to destroy our free thinking minds. That is the enemy of a NWO!!!!!

5ed48e No.390618

File: 00b7f894abb3c16⋯.jpg (29.13 KB, 207x200, 207:200, Lord of the Rings button.jpg)

Some Illuminati survivors are always looking for a ring. Rings play a significant part in the lives and programming of slaves. One section that is coding/programming found in J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings is "One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them."

2424bf No.390619


How did he comment on the hot nude model in 2011 if he croaked in 2008? Just asking for a friend. LOL

6c06bf No.390620


That's still a thing, but the speeds are limited. 1200bps at VHF and 9600bps at UHF. Darned laws of physics things. Fine for text.

f5e6aa No.390621



I know kids that volunteer for studies at Yale Child Study Center. Usually language studies that entail answering reading comprehension type questions while hooked up to a fMRI or EEG. Mostly Grad students doing the work.

2c41f0 No.390622


^^ THIS. Control of money is the KEY of all KEYS here.

4d152d No.390623

They really want to and push you into the Google AND Apple phones and systems.

"But in taking this route, Google is not so much taking on Apple, but more challenging its partners such as Samsung, LG and Sony, something that could be potentially troublesome.

"Google's relationship with OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) like Samsung has always been complicated, but today's (Tuesday) announcements made it even more so, especially given that Google appears to be aiming both at the premium smartphone and VR headset spaces which Samsung currently dominates when it comes to Android," Jan Dawson, an analyst at Jackdaw Research, wrote in a blog post on Tuesday.

https:// www.cnbc.com/2016/10/05/android-is-not-invincible-what-google-is-risking-by-releasing-its-pixel-smartphone.html

de1b55 No.390624


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=msDcShv_r20

Thank you, Q!

Just trying to do my part, however tiny it might be. :-)

God bless! Stay safe! Praying for my compatriots.

1af5ee No.390625


they create the illnesses they 'cure'. like aids and countless other diseases/disorders.

bb94ad No.390626


If/when we do go to war we need to be able to make our own shit. Not wait for shipments of arms from around the globe.

d67a67 No.390627


They don't need more drugs. The ones they have are sufficient for control. They pour money into Big Pharma so that they can do off-books experiments of dubious ethical merit in an attempt to establish direct chemical control over the population.

See: Brave New World, soma.

5ed48e No.390628



e04ca2 No.390629

do yall remember when prozac hit the market?

seams like every week you was hearing about a mother killing their children or husband.

b57cfe No.390630


sooo – the idea is to plant the truth on their own talking points platform. We need some amazing truths with proof! Images, vids etc. Let (((them))) broadcast their own demise.

fbbb4c No.390631

Blackberries are more secure because of its encryption… to which the US law enforcement wishes, through Court orders, to break its ENCRYPTION and CARRY OUT WIRETAPS ON SPECIFIED TARGETS

https:// www


d8c80d No.390632


Mentioning Jason Bourne got me thinking that maybe the new name for MKUltra is Deep Dream, maybe thats what Q was trying to say with that.

5c7527 No.390634



Operation Merlin was a United States covert operation under the Clinton Administration to provide Iran with a flawed design for a component of a nuclear weapon ostensibly in order to delay the alleged Iranian nuclear weapons program, or to frame Iran.[1]

Operation Merlin backfired when the CIA's Russian contact/messenger noticed flaws in the schematics and told the Iranian nuclear scientists.[5] Instead of crippling Iran's nuclear program, the book alleges, Operation Merlin may have accelerated it by providing useful information: once the flaws were identified, the plans could be compared with other sources, such as those presumed to have been provided to the Iranians by A. Q. Khan.[5]

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Merlin

0dffc6 No.390635

File: 6756f2473d6c207⋯.png (6.74 KB, 325x155, 65:31, untitled1a.png)


There are no coincidences - wise up

d67a67 No.390636


Which means I know more than you do. Your data is wrong.

14df80 No.390637


He's moving out of Silicon Valley to LA. He said that SV has gotten too political & left leaning. Anyone on the right gets treatd like shit so he's packing up his toys & leaving. HAHA Silicon Valley! you suck

03a017 No.390638


At the time Snowden was working for Booz Allen Hamilton and leaked classified intel, all of BAHs computers were bought from Lenovo, a Chinese company. Lenovo (China) had built backdoors into these systems.

Here's some sauce. There are many more to be found for anyone who wishes to dig.



We had a dig on a lady (term used very loosely) with ties to chipmaking and backdoors. This is likely what Q team wanted us to find.

4d152d No.390639

981cff No.390641


Thought about it, but I already have an UTAS

e9525d No.390643

File: d68a47219610975⋯.png (215.33 KB, 260x395, 52:79, ClipboardImage.png)

If you're interested in mind control and the MKUltra program, read this book.

195abe No.390644

File: a205fbfd676c635⋯.jpg (225.83 KB, 585x799, 585:799, frequency.jpg)


From that .pdf (pic)

1af5ee No.390645


yea. mkultra just seems to be the common catch all term everyone agrees on and recognizes.

6e6cdd No.390646


Pumpkin Papers P_Papers?

7e5521 No.390647

So let’s see …Let the countries I might go to war with do my Manufacturing ….especially the electronics in my War machines ,planes,etc…NOT SMART

a6cbed No.390648


define ego

e520fd No.390649

7f3b3e No.390650









See the book (search free PDF) ONE SECOND AFTER….manufacturing replacement parts in CHINA not even possible..whether sun or something else…this guy has tried to tell Congress harden the grid…ignored so he wrote a book…instant stone age.

d8c80d No.390651


Most people don't realize that all newer Samsung Android devices have Samsung Knox built which give them FULL control over the phone and cant be turned off all the way.

fc7c9a No.390652



In-Q-Tel (IQT), the clown's venture capital arm.



"the firm has also attracted interest and funding from In-Q-Tel, the venture capital arm of the Central Intelligence Agency"

In-Q-Tel: A Glimpse Inside the CIA’s Venture-Capital Arm



In-Q-Tel (IQT), formerly Peleus and known as In-Q-It, is an American not-for-profit venture capital firm based in Arlington, Virginia. It invests in high-tech companies for the sole purpose of keeping the Central Intelligence Agency, and other intelligence agencies, equipped with the latest in information technology in support of United States intelligence capability. The name, "In-Q-Tel" is an intentional reference to Q, the fictional inventor who supplies technology to James Bond.

In-Q-Tel is one of the 55 Most Active Corporate VC Firms Globally


de1b55 No.390653


OR…the plan all along was to ACTUALLY nuclear arm Iran under the guise of the premise of the movie "Detente", which was about giving Arabs a "FAKE nuke. #NotSoFakeNukes

c053b5 No.390654

File: 26e1012272b0bbc⋯.jpg (244.09 KB, 480x640, 3:4, Hydro_Québec,_building_in_….JPG)

bb94ad No.390655


Doctors get pissy because the get commission kickbacks on the drugs sold.

d9a68a No.390656


Assuming the implication is that the Blackberry doesn't work to "their" ends, I think it's interesting that HRC and BO both use Blackberry according to this article.

https:// www.wired.com/2016/09/actually-clinton-destroyed-phones-better/

"FOLLOWING FRIDAY AFTERNOON'S FBI release of documents about Hillary Clinton’s private email servers, Julian Assange, CNN, and Donald Trump have all railed against the revelation that her aide smashed two of her 13 private BlackBerrys with a hammer in an attempt to destroy them."

"If Clinton had in fact used a federally-issued Blackberry like President Obama does, it might well have been destroyed after she used it, too."

Not sure is this is something or nothing but it seems odd that leadership is using "outdated" tech?

2c41f0 No.390657


Make sure you put a scope on it… kidding - shooter had this on his page

6d79dd No.390658


And to Export MORE of our products to lower our Trade Deficit with other countries like China.

When there is a deficit, China buys up US Treasuries. China is the biggest foreign bank to US. We need to stop the deficit with them and even it out.

74821f No.390659

2 Brothers Arrested In NYC Terror Plot


2c21f9 No.390661

File: 42c1cb313fb9088⋯.png (352.26 KB, 1202x692, 601:346, Evil.PNG)

d4fde9 No.390662


>Control of money is the KEY of all KEYS here.

including whether it is a debt based system, or a store of value and actual currency.

That is what fucks us every time. Ask Andrew Jackson.

d1a7f0 No.390663


the cyclone is a structure somewhat critical to several schools, notably the Martinists. Cf. Mouni Sadhu or G.O.M.s work in St. Petersburg before the Bolsheviks

31f6a4 No.390664


>The only reason there is an US, is because for whatever reason, it didn't work on US.

The US aren't good guys at all. Endless wars. The only wars have the US involved in some way. Often funding both sides. These companies making things in China. Apple. That's a US company.

Trump is elected and we're choosing to believe that he's a good guy, because we want him to be a good guy. And because we have some Qanon that makes us think that good things are going to happen and we'll get the bad guys. Of course, it could turn out that we all get rounded up, because Trump is actually a bad guy. We'll find out later.

You can take the top management of every large company and kill em and take all their money. The people at the top of everything big all suck all criminals all evil. Why did Myspace just collapse, to be replaced by a much shittier Facebook. CIA? Tom was not hand picked.

33e044 No.390665

File: 5751ee5bc4903c6⋯.jpg (181.21 KB, 825x464, 825:464, ego.jpg)

195abe No.390667


Good question. The DA art guy looks old.

bb94ad No.390668


The enterprise server architecture for supporting blackberries was also different from windows/android/apple. Something there might be a key too.

0022ad No.390669


Did they shift into neutral? Did they turn the key off?

2c21f9 No.390670

Evil people suck

4d152d No.390671

>>390501 I very much doubt anyone here is NOT prepared for everything. In fact, that is WHY we are here.

Concernfags = schills?

5ed48e No.390672


1. The following information is an overview of one area of NSA

Intelligence Technology and Applications. A Technology Title,

Applications, Technology Description, case history summaries and the

NSA's Behavioral Modification Procedure Outline documented for the

non-technical person.


1. Subliminal Implanted Posthypnotic Suggestions and Scripts Using

Acoustically Delivered and Phonetically Accelerated Posthypnotic

Commands without Somnambulistic Preparation in the Subject for

Intelligence and Counterintelligence Applications by the United

States National Security Agency. "Computer Simulated Subconscious

Speech Language".


1. Intelligence:

1. Used on foreign and domestic diplomats, spies, and citizens to

gather intelligence, steal advanced technology for US Defense

applications. Surveys of citizen's opinions to government events and

propaganda. Heavy survey use during times of war, economic strife and

political elections. War against drugs. Used to identify investments

that have high yield to support clandestine operations. Used to

direct field agents without the agents having to carry communications

hardware and encryption devices.

f7443a No.390674

File: 01fd51c4cb1a341⋯.png (40.17 KB, 562x390, 281:195, TP.png)

e04ca2 No.390675


agree, i hate the world the way it is

1dc753 No.390676

File: f8856ddef72b77c⋯.jpg (135.07 KB, 505x549, 505:549, true secret of NIMH.jpg)

Okay I made some connections and then made this. I'm totally an amateur with meme making so any critique is appreciated.

447050 No.390677


What [3] scientists were killed who were researching the SAT relay of mobile phone signals to end users?

Why was the research deemed CLASSIFIED?



Excerpt from: Scores of Scientists Raise Alarm About the Long-Term Health Effects of Cellphones

He found that low-quality and industry-funded studies tended not to associate cellphone use with a heightened risk of tumors, while high-quality and foundation- or public-funded studies usually found the opposite result. “This is very much like studying tobacco back in the 1950s,” he says. “The industry has co-opted many researchers.”

“We are really all part of a large biological experiment without our informed consent…"

https:// www.motherjones.com/environment/2015/05/cellphone-emf-wifi-health-risks-scientists-Q talking about cell phone use health risks?letter/

ef667c No.390678

Exposed: Senator Elizabeth Warren’s CFPB Slush Fund Stole $5 BILLION From US Taxpayers

The signature achievement of Elizabeth Warren while in the Senate has been the creation of the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau

CFPB = Rogue Agency Slush Fund to Enrich Democrat Campaign Donations

Thief of the first order – http://


5ed48e No.390679


2. Counterintelligence:

1. Used on foreign and domestic diplomats, spies, and citizens to

identify intelligence operations; scope, participants, communication

methods, and weaknesses in individuals, systems, equipment, or

signals that can be exploited. Additional applications include

misinformation dissemination, confusing and confounding leaders

during critical decision moments, distorting significance of various

facts to sway decisions and actions in US favor, behavioral

modification of foreign spies to betray their loyalties, self

initiated executions (suicides).

3. Behavior Modification and Accelerated Resocialization:

1. This technology is used to develop and control spies, political

candidates, and other public figures through psychological

intimidation, fear and extortion.

2. The NSA uses this technology to resocialize (brainwash) the US

civilian voting population into "Giving their lives to Christ"

(giving up their personal will and civil rights to the NSA).


subject is required to maintain a "Personal Relationship with Jesus

Christ" (following the precepts of the Bible and doing what is

ordered by the NSA).

The technology is also used to monitor and

optimize NSA employee performance and loyalty.

c053b5 No.390680


About 15 years ago I wore a pager and used to get muscle spasms in my leg. RF does funky stuff to skin.

d32f8a No.390681


Me too. Spellcheck has made me stoopid.

0e17a2 No.390682


At really close range, like talking distance, a concealed pistol. For 20 feet to 100 feet, a shotgun. Over that, an AR with a red dot sight.

Join the NRA, go find a gun club.

d4fde9 No.390683


> Calling Mr Hastings to the Pearly Gates Courtesy Phone..

d1a7f0 No.390684


Cotton Mather did nothing wrong

31f6a4 No.390685



To tell those people that everything is the same, the same people are still in charge, the same plans are still in effect, don't listen to Trump, Trump will gone soon enough, and everything will go back to normal.

6d79dd No.390686


Nice. I like that you asked questions, which make people think instead of telling them what to think.

d8c80d No.390687


Yes! WTG bringing up N.I.M.H… the movie wasn't about rats being experimented on people!

a3443e No.390688

this is awesome. Im a recovering addict and identify with this 100%. We're born leaders that mind fuck ourselves out of leading. All out of fear. No more. >>389771

195abe No.390689



"ORIG outside of US. CAR control? "

Is CAR (Carver & Dinsley)?

4f7ea2 No.390691

File: b9cbefb7632f82b⋯.png (488.71 KB, 654x654, 1:1, cus3.png)

File: 3afe56e330447f2⋯.png (183.51 KB, 628x616, 157:154, cus2.png)

File: 3fc1d7c73cfbb35⋯.png (519.94 KB, 511x628, 511:628, cus1.png)

File: 9adf3cee6022838⋯.png (598.3 KB, 1006x590, 503:295, eagg.png)

Lots of weird art and eagles in John Cusack instagram

Appears HE is the eagle.

Do the eagles mean he's somehow mean mind controlled?

4b850e No.390692

e7dbff No.390693

Now bomber school teacher brothers, this is suicide week, it's all or nothing for the cabal

5ed48e No.390694

11 Terrorism [Terrorism False flags]

9/11: 911 (11 years after Pres. GHW Bush’s New World Order speech of 9/11/1990)

7/11, 2006: Mumbai

3/11, 2004: Madrid

9/11/05: opening the Transylvania holocaust museum

9/9/01: opening of me Berlin holocaust museum

9/11/97: dedication of the New York holocaust museum

74821f No.390695

File: 092ecc776cd6f61⋯.png (396.57 KB, 593x274, 593:274, Ohr.PNG)

BUSTED: DOJ Official Bruce Ohr Caught Hiding Wife’s Payments From Fusion GPS


51da9d No.390696


quite → quiet

spelling nazi

58393b No.390697

I was doing a little looking into the Opium trade, since the war on opiates is a big push right now. It involves the British East India Company, the Astors, it started Opium wars (Hong Kong), and Bayer the pharma company actually created heroin. I feel that a vast trove of shady dealings went on in the Golden Triangle. Worth a glance for those who like to connect names and companies to each other. I'm still trying to get the evidence that these people then created America's medical industry

228204 No.390698

Charles Whitman 25yrs old - University of Texas massacre

First MK Ultra School Shooter?

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Whitman

Whitman began typing his suicide note, a portion of which read:

I do not quite understand what it is that compels me to type this letter. Perhaps it is to leave some vague reason for the actions I have recently performed. I do not really understand myself these days. I am supposed to be an average reasonable and intelligent young man. However, lately (I cannot recall when it started) I have been a victim of many unusual and irrational thoughts. These thoughts constantly recur, and it requires a tremendous mental effort to concentrate on useful and progressive tasks.

In his note, he went on to request an autopsy be performed on his remains after he was dead to determine if there had been a discernible biological contributory cause for his actions and for his continuing and increasingly intense headaches. He also wrote that he had decided to kill both his mother and wife. Expressing uncertainty about his reasons, he nonetheless stated he did not believe his mother had "ever enjoyed life as she is entitled to," and that his wife had "been as fine a wife to me as any man could ever hope to have."

5ed48e No.390699

"11. Ishumi Na Nye- 'It is ten and one'. A very evil number; the number of demons and all manner of evil. The ancient Bantu considered it as so evil that it was never mentioned aloud; when they had to indicate this number they spoke instead of 'the second ten'. A father often sent the eleventh child with its mother away from him, for the child to be reared elsewhere."

8ba23e No.390701


So, another FBI created situation. I hope GEOTUS sees through this shit. And it is always SHIT. They find, encourage, and provide material support in order to create the public perception they are effective. Most of these guys turn out to be mentally deficient.

Sound familiar.

f2ae59 No.390702

Why do these shooters use ar15's? Both 223 and 556 are rounds meant to wound. Yes they kill but if they used regular hunting rifles youd have higher death ratios apposed to high wounded ratios. Slow cycle rates but a 45-70 is a one hitter quitter. Hell, even a 30-30 has far more power than an ar-15. With enough training one could learn to cycle a lever action pretty fast. These people confuse me in their planning.

6d79dd No.390703



THIS - we need memes of this!

850e71 No.390704

File: b2c93e2c1b918d8⋯.png (55.71 KB, 865x415, 173:83, resonant.png)

https:// www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8176050

2c21f9 No.390705


We should send Pence in after Barry leaves, good ole backdoor barry, can't wait to see his hemp necktie

d1a7f0 No.390706


Looks like he's dabbling in Anthroposophy

fc7c9a No.390707


Broward is swamp south. Anon last night posted the names of the reps from there. The doozies.

Alcee L. Hastings

Ted Deutch

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Frederica Wilson


d95de7 No.390709


Building the MAPS and distributing them to normies, exposes those that are participating in this.

Maps point out place, persons and businesses.

Everything in our world is connected and there for a reason, but it is propped up with $$$$$.

Maybe building a MAP is almost like actually showing a map of all of these participants and connecting the lines (streets, highways are really NGOs, INC's, LLC's, sick clubs, cabals, trafficking rings, etc) show how these people are connected.

When entering a new city, you immediatly want to know the layout. Why? So you can live better and more efficiently. Each town can be thought of here as an entire network providing all they need to keep us under control. We see it now through IC, cops, schools, hospitals, judges, etc.

This is what we need to show them!!! With absolute irrefutable evidence - using their own websites to gather the information we need.

c930b9 No.390710



Dizzy already from spin production!

d1794a No.390711


China was buying classified intell from Bill Clinton (actual reason for his impeachment process) as well as hacking all of our intellectual property/military programs/ our fucking entire security clearance packets. You know the usual.

3a772e No.390712

File: 5fa9edf2767a881⋯.jpg (6.19 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


frist pic with "glow" facemask confirmed for CIA NIGGER

03a017 No.390714

File: d92c283a1fadaea⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1024x777, 1024:777, LAYB47.png)

Looking at you, Baker

bb94ad No.390715


SCAR 17 to really reach out and touch someone.

e943ae No.390717


Every Anon should have their own copy of the crumbs. Thumb drives are cheap.

Those who can afford to print the crumbs out should keep physical copies as well.