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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 6fdb92be7b98fc9⋯.jpg (263.45 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 35322b91637379ff0ce865112c….jpg)

cc3aca No.51117






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fa619d No.51305


Rocket go boom?

"Musk has repeatedly warned there's a good chance the new rocket could blow up, thus his own personal property will be aboard."

37d21d No.51307

Ugggh this bread feels so goooood

ffe66f No.51320


I have all Q posts and do not see such.

4d495b No.51321


Shareblue said it's okay with them if you take the rest of the afternoon off. With pay!!!

4e1a9b No.51322




Looking back, it was obvious to some, but Will Smith dressing his boys in skirts and other fag shilluminati niggers promoting all this....people eat it up, media repeats repeats repeats

b5613b No.51323


Someone's still butthurt about being called out by Q for being a fame fag. back to /thestorm/ with you

e7840b No.51324


There is a thread on 4 chan and the other 8 chans missing you. :D

92d139 No.51325

File: 28529f55b2466a5⋯.jpeg (71.64 KB, 600x314, 300:157, B8D9EFE7-851F-4F4C-8F4D-A….jpeg)


8c441b No.51326


Jesus Campos? He wasnt murdered.

98cb98 No.51327

File: f8a86e5e0acab4f⋯.jpeg (313.73 KB, 1154x1992, 577:996, 35FD1CE3-8087-41D1-BE7B-D….jpeg)


389c8e No.51328


what does 8239 have to do with vandenberg?

461aa2 No.51329

Did anyone put together the missing EOs?

[CLAS_EO_ ][2]

>Missing 1

>Missing 2

>Missing 3

0cf19d No.51330


>② Fake Q saying to trust Wray.

>Wray slow-footed the Enron case and as a result, many died. How can someone like that be trusted?

Who died due to timing of the Enron case? Enron was playing games with electricity pricing, trying to control the Bolivian water supply ... but how would people die?

This also took down the former big accounting firm Arthur Andersen.

0d80d7 No.51331



>Missing 3

(third EO listed in red)

DJT EO 13786 [section2]

Section 2. Report.

“Within 90 days of the date of this order, the Secretary of Commerce and the United States Trade Representative (USTR), in consultation with the Secretaries of State, the Treasury, Defense, Agriculture, and Homeland Security, and the heads of any other executive departments or agencies with relevant expertise, as determined by the Secretary of Commerce and the USTR, shall prepare and submit to the President an Omnibus Report on Significant Trade Deficits (Report). To aid in preparing the Report, the Secretary of Commerce and the USTR may hold public meetings and seek comments from relevant State, local, and non-governmental stakeholders, including manufacturers, workers, consumers, service providers, farmers, and ranchers. The Report shall identify those foreign trading partners with which the United States had a significant trade deficit in goods in 2016. For each identified trading partner, the Report shall

(a) assess the major causes of the trade deficit, including, as applicable, differential tariffs, non-tariff barriers, injurious dumping, injurious government subsidization, intellectual property theft, forced technology transfer, denial of worker rights and labor standards, and any other form of discrimination against the commerce of the United States or other factors contributing to the deficit;

(b) assess whether the trading partner is, directly or indirectly, imposing unequal burdens on, or unfairly discriminating in fact against, the commerce of the United States by law, regulation, or practice and thereby placing the commerce of the United States at an unfair disadvantage;

(c) assess the effects of the trade relationship on the production capacity and strength of the manufacturing and defense industrial bases of the United States;

(d) assess the effects of the trade relationship on employment and wage growth in the United States; and

(e) identify imports and trade practices that may be impairing the national security of the United States.“

HRC -U1 movement of uranium for...

>PLANNED for [3] years.


e91c25 No.51332


They could easily swap out his car for a real payload at the last minute… something BIG. We will have to see if they actually show the car being released from the rocket on camera.

83473c No.51333

0c73af No.51336


TG departure [HEC].

NOT to testify.

NOT needed to testify.

Think logically.

NO NEED to step down if needed to TESTIFY.


What ROLE might TG be walking into? >taking over for Rod Rosenstein or Andrew McCabe

Who can WE TRUST? >Sessions

82b570 No.51337

Thanks baker!

520d27 No.51338


Fuck off more, shit for brains. How's that? Tell your mother I said hi. Crawl back under your shithole and stay there. The only SHILLS around are asshole shit for brains like you who feel so inferior, they have to cowardly hide behind the shadow of anonymity to insult people who they deem as superior, so I take your comment as a compliment, shit for brains.

4e1a9b No.51339


He was paid off, switched out with a look a like, or silenced somehow and sequestered after Ellen. IF that was even the real Jesus. I don't think it was. If he was shot in the fucking leg, he wouldn't be driving to Mexico and walking on to TV sets.

302cf0 No.51341

File: b480a426351c125⋯.png (75.81 KB, 865x382, 865:382, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at ….png)


>K, so we have 4 theories for "SC":

>1. Sarah Carter (Pretty safe to say this is ruled out now. )

>2. Safe Comms (Possible)

>3. Space Command (Possible, given Falcon X and UA reference.)

>4. Security Concern (Very Possible, fits all SC stringers).

>Adding 2 more:

>5. Special Council (Relevant to Gowdy, not so much to the stringers).

>6. Supreme Court (Not being the relevance).

Now we have:

7. Silent Communications

AND, see graphic for more:

Poll it. (Q, how bout a hand?... This kind of shit hangs us up.)

3438aa No.51342

File: f3cfc86437d69b1⋯.jpg (93.13 KB, 1235x871, 95:67, Capture21.JPG)



912d76 No.51343


Don't think that is true. I looked up his net worth and it's only $4.5m, that's nothing compared to say Maxine Waters $45m and others. I've had my doubts about Gowdy simply because no one was ever indicted from their investigations and that he originally was backing Marco Rubio right, then went to Trump. So, not sure, time will tell.

e91c25 No.51344



SC: Seek immediate [F9-Sx_VB8239].

cc3aca No.51345


3 EOs Trump signed this year.

Veteran mental health, Broadband in rural areas, & Presidential Advisory Committee.

a42651 No.51346


Would be my reading too. $5 says the writing is arabic.

83473c No.51347


Additionally, simply add 3 apostrophes before and after Latest Q-posts:

05c37e No.51350

File: f7522aefea3ca39⋯.jpg (92.22 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, FakeNews_AMMO_whitehouse-p….jpg)

File: 96684b0f2a640e8⋯.jpg (108.32 KB, 1200x628, 300:157, FakeNews_AMMO_whitehouse-b….jpg)

File: 9c60dedd812e942⋯.jpg (70.43 KB, 960x684, 80:57, FakeNews_AMMO_YOUAREFAKENE….jpg)

File: 9131232339244bb⋯.png (324.82 KB, 1111x624, 1111:624, FakeNewsNominees_blank.png)

File: 04cd5341b1b9a03⋯.png (698.6 KB, 1111x624, 1111:624, FakeNewsNominees_panel).png)



Ideas for Fake News Categories:


Best Election Night Meltdown

Best Gotcha Oops No We Don’t Story

Best Hypocritical Male Host

Best “Sources Say” / “Anonymous Sources” Headline

Best Big Name Sexual Harrasment Takedown

Best Malfunction Technique (cnn … we seemed to have lost satellite connection)



2be94e No.51351


Heard and thanks. Makes sense.

520d27 No.51352

Sorry… reached my tolerance level. Thank you Baker.

01b5e2 No.51353

Every stand alone SC in the map is clearly referencing the Supreme Court.

12575b No.51354

File: 199b3cced75e799⋯.jpg (255.93 KB, 2048x1075, 2048:1075, RedCrossUrgent.jpg)

8c5163 No.51355


Can anyone ID the creepy looking chick?

e02b73 No.51356


awesome anon. saved.

7fa2e4 No.51357

Serious questions … why push to normalize deviant behavior by hollywood & media & education & etc. if that's how they blackmail & control people

6a8ccc No.51358

FWIW - SC cannot be special counsel unless TG resigns form congress all together.

b02db2 No.51359

File: 76322ea740a522c⋯.jpg (14.5 KB, 225x225, 1:1, IMG_8221.JPG)


show dem de wey anons

05c37e No.51360

File: c49acbfd6df2973⋯.png (556.02 KB, 1111x624, 1111:624, FakeNewsNominees_CNNglitch….png)

File: 4c7b301edd85187⋯.png (558.88 KB, 1111x624, 1111:624, FakeNewsNominees_CNNglitch….png)

File: 68ee7f546b80ddf⋯.png (652.43 KB, 1111x624, 1111:624, FakeNewsNominees_CNNlie-Wi….png)

File: eb9b2573fe0a967⋯.png (653.87 KB, 1111x624, 1111:624, FakeNewsNominees_CNNlie-Wi….png)

File: fd2d9519919f33a⋯.png (726.67 KB, 1111x624, 1111:624, FakeNewsNominees_KoiFish).png)




Ideas for Fake News Categories:


Best Election Night Meltdown

Best Gotcha Oops No We Don’t Story

Best Hypocritical Male Host

Best “Sources Say” / “Anonymous Sources” Headline

Best Big Name Sexual Harrasment Takedown

Best Malfunction Technique (cnn … we seemed to have lost satellite connection)



260e8a No.51365


SC = Safe COmms cuz 1) he JUST said it previously and 2) it pertains to Falcon 9 Spacex Vandenberg 8239 NOW Lets Move on

389c8e No.51366


yeas, but what does 8239 have to do with vandenberg? don't see the connect

05c37e No.51368

File: 654aa7425b9bc10⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1111x628, 1111:628, FakeNewsNominees_CNNglitch….png)

File: 9e8153ed7549163⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1111x624, 1111:624, FakeNewsNominees_CNNlie-Wi….PNG)

File: b1dae4b79ce6fec⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1111x625, 1111:625, FakeNewsNominees_KoiFish)c….png)

File: 9131232339244bb⋯.png (324.82 KB, 1111x624, 1111:624, FakeNewsNominees_blank.png)





Ideas for Fake News Categories:


Best Election Night Meltdown

Best Gotcha Oops No We Don’t Story

Best Hypocritical Male Host

Best “Sources Say” / “Anonymous Sources” Headline

Best Big Name Sexual Harrasment Takedown

Best Malfunction Technique (cnn … we seemed to have lost satellite connection)



83473c No.51369


I nominate Lyan Bryan Helter Stelter as the Kingsnake of all media.

912d76 No.51370


There were 2 that he signed for rural areas - the other had to do with water rights for farms.

cc3aca No.51371

01b5e2 No.51372


Every stand alone SC in the map clearly references the Supreme Court.

332139 No.51373


Sublime tune with reference. 1:54

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=gh5ogOH82Aw

4d495b No.51374


>(e) identify imports and trade practices that may be impairing the national security of the United States.“


8c441b No.51375

Nice but what is "officision"?

98cb98 No.51376


My first thought was Arabic

e7840b No.51378

File: 92cacf1940aed0d⋯.jpg (66.85 KB, 645x344, 15:8, bonochildren.jpg)

File: 33e05f8cf9e7106⋯.jpg (126.11 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, bonobaby.jpg)

File: cea49e846ffe254⋯.jpg (72.66 KB, 468x516, 39:43, 2BonoNoGlassesBIG_468x516.jpg)

File: 3cd6c9a57f7f4ec⋯.jpg (10.47 KB, 257x196, 257:196, bonobab.jpg)

More Bono with children for memes

4e1a9b No.51379


GTFO, you don't belong here if you don't know what 187 is at this point, shiltting up the board with stupid questions

My mothers dead cocksucker. Nice try fag. Weak shilling

520d27 No.51380


It's arabic for sure. Saudi I think. Can't read it, but I recognize it.

6b1d0c No.51381


Excellent, Anon.

Short, sweet, powerful.

c1f9b3 No.51382


Basically to bastardize the 60s movement completely while instilling their own deviant version of culture. End game is to have slaves who are willing to play the game too.. as slaves

cc3aca No.51384

Vegas/Paddock memes needed!!

efb6ee No.51385




(I screwed up the link there. Doh.)

83473c No.51386

Thanks baker.

e02b73 No.51387


because Satan.

ccb4ca No.51388

SC = Security Clearance

7ec69f No.51389

File: 298dbb0e66ea292⋯.jpg (214.13 KB, 718x1003, 718:1003, AliceInLampshadeLand.jpg)

Anyone remember the Kike Lampshade when the great migration to fullchan happened?

Well, who would have thought there is an actual link to Alice in Lampshadeland!

A little holocaust humor for Kike leather loving Anons I suppose…

164fe7 No.51390


He looks like he's masturbating before he does his show.

e91c25 No.51391


If you can figure it out you get a cookie. 8239 is the part we don't have a tie-in to SpaceX or VAFB yet. Not rocket serial numbers, not building numbers(as far as we can tell)…

c7c32c No.51392


Hmm.. Aid to Somalia? http:// www.cnn.com/2011/WORLD/africa/07/25/somalia.famine/index.html

1666dd No.51393

fuck. ok. maybe this has been mentioned but if not listen up. I am probably wrong here (wife says I usually am) but I feel I am not.

Q said in his last drop

SC: Seek immediate [F9-Sx_VB8239].

on my keyboard I have the key F9 which by default is also {STOP} the square symbol.

now, if I search the next part


in google I get a direct link to the great awakening on 8ch.net

try it if you don't believe me.

6b1d0c No.51396


>because Satan.


01b5e2 No.51398


Q used SC a few times in the map. Always referred to the Supreme Court.

0cf19d No.51399


It would be pretty funny if he put an impulse drive on there and the car can climb to higher orbit or eventually escape the earth.

520d27 No.51400


YOU don't belong here! I was working all day, pinhead. Some of us have a life, unlike you, who sit home stuffing nachos in your face while your mom is out working to pay bills and keep your sorry ass dressed and clothed. Get off your fat ass and take a walk, take out the trash, wash dishes for your mom! Try being a solution, not a burden!

0564e6 No.51401

File: 1c427238aac001b⋯.png (925.6 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, bcc1.png)

File: 4bd45ad90f516ef⋯.png (1019.61 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, bho1.png)

File: f5bf41acda19e72⋯.png (725.2 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, np1.png)

File: 9e74f7c5b80845d⋯.png (930.67 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, ghwb1.png)

like this?

7c7a66 No.51402

File: df515a339dc114f⋯.jpg (55.5 KB, 600x376, 75:47, Attention-woke.jpg)

1666dd No.51404


sorry. didn't get to finish. came off a bit wrong. either way am I on to something? what does the SC mean?

ee8c1a No.51405

File: b924a09adf83843⋯.jpg (2.4 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, the fakers awards.jpg)

efb6ee No.51406

For the anon who asked if I thought most of the sealed indictments were for MS-13, see >>>/qresearch/51334


bebd7d No.51407

Posting this from: https:// www.anonymousconservative.com/blog/q-anon-implies-the-hawaiian-missile-warning-was-necessary-to-steal-nsa-databases/ for anons to peruse.

Do you WAs think it's a possibility?

>DEFCON 1 [non-nuke FALSE]





Where did POTUS stop [post] ASIA?





:[AGAIN] direct pre-knowledge.

:[AGAIN] warning ALERT.

Think BDT.

What could this mean?

First he says NSA. One thing we know about NSA is that Edward Snowden was in Hawaii overseeing a massive transfer of secret NSA surveillance databases to a new secure facility in Hawaii that would keep the databases out of CONUS. I thought at the time that somebody was preparing to lose large parts of the US mainland, perhaps in a revolution, and they wished to maintain control of their data on a secure island redoubt that rebels from CONUS would have great difficulty reaching.

I thought at the time this was a bad move, as if I were China and war were about to break out the first thing I would do is push to take Hawaii so I could get physical control of the servers. Then I’d transfer them back to China and begin trying to crack them with Quantum computers if they were encrypted, and I couldn’t get in another way. Instantly I would have an intelligence bonanza, and one which might just turn the American people against their own government in the middle of a war, if it revealed the government spying on citizens too deeply.

As I think about it, I will bet NSA was prepared for that possibility with an attack protocol, which would immediately, at first sign of an attack begin a database transfer, or Bulk Data Transfer, a BDT, as google points out is the term, of all databases back to CONUS.

That would be pretty crazy, if the only way the President could grab the NSA databases was by triggering an attack alarm that set into motion a bulk data transfer that gave him access to the databases at their destination in CONUS.

It does seem strange that the attack alarm was set off and it took 30 minutes for the people in charge (who should get all such intel routed to them immediately as part of their constant overwatch of all channels of potential intel), to realize it had been released and straighten out the issue.

It is tough to tell with Q, though he does appear to be connected to Trump. Whatever the story, as we come up on Jan 20 and Mueller seems to be turning on the Clinton Foundation and the Uranium scandal, Q implies the swamp is about to be drained suddenly of foreign agents at the highest levels, there are false ballistic missile warnings to gain access to the NSA, the dems are shutting down the military to try and protect the swamp, and Trump continues with his tweet storm, I am quite certain there has never been a more entertaining Presidency in the past, nor will there ever be another in our lifetimes, and maybe ever.

And this all may just happen to restore American freedom and our Constitutional government in the process.

Be sure you drink in every day of this Presidency, because as Americans, we are truly lucky to be alive in this time, to take in this spectacle.

4e1a9b No.51408


187 goes back months dickbag. You're probably the same asshole who didn't know LV Pure loser shill. Why don't you help instead of asking dumb fucking questions that have been answered 100s of times.

01b5e2 No.51410


If you use the map for the answer it is Supreme Court.

5279ac No.51411


Wonderful! Great Work!

e91c25 No.51412


Doesn't need any pulse drive… It is leaving Earth orbit… Falcon Heavy is providing enough Delta-V for Mars orbit where it will supposedly stay for the next few thousand years.

302cf0 No.51413

Fox News: "Turkish plane blows off runway and dangles on cliff"

389c8e No.51414


don't let loose of that because it is on the line with spacex. good find

we do have two airplaneflights to watch tonight dialing back the VB to UA

we can keep two or more theories going at the same time

7c7a66 No.51415

File: d8c7c72092c6d3f⋯.jpg (25.17 KB, 450x300, 3:2, DTEDU6UVoAA9vGD.jpg)

16b6a1 No.51416


*click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click*

8c441b No.51417

File: 94e1a2e179517b5⋯.jpg (6.27 KB, 259x194, 259:194, download.jpg)


Good memes anon.


"We dont say his name" is Not GHWB (pic related)

7212cc No.51418

File: 0dd6bf69c6b05b6⋯.jpg (668.87 KB, 1110x1469, 1110:1469, CF HAITI- laws are for lit….jpg)

File: 74db9264ab6c845⋯.jpg (340.43 KB, 1121x904, 1121:904, HRC calls MS13 Bribe.jpg)

95a4fa No.51419

My summary of Q posts today:

SA Prince Alwaleed was involved in an attempted assassination in LV.

FBI knows the truth and has witnesses.

The Axis of Evil is/has returned fire.

Requesting support. This is vital. We must MEME.

Also- Supreme Court will strike down something based on false information this week.

Just my two cents…..

ba4062 No.51420

Meme makers please consider using the following text:



0176de No.51421


https:// giphy.com/gifs/uuLmvjbrilbqM/html5

cedf26 No.51423


There is a home video of campos. It does look like he is really who they say he is. But i do not believe he was security. Maybe a room service worker coming to get the cart. That is why he used his cell phone. He didnt have a radio

98cb98 No.51424


Yes but I thought it was McCain that was nameless.

5279ac No.51425



775bcd No.51426

File: d1b45e9fe1e5307⋯.jpg (130.71 KB, 500x741, 500:741, PATRIOTS-DAY.jpg)



Q might (again) be referring to a movie…

Patriots Day is a new movie about the Boston Bombings.


The movie director is Peter Berg.


Peter Berg attended the Chappaqua School System. (Bill and Hillary Clinton live in Chappaqua, where a smokeless fire recently broke out)

The big star and co-producer in the movie is coke sniffer and aggressive suckerpuncher Mark Wahlberg.

Wahlberg was almost aboard a hijacked plane on 9/11, but canceled the day before… because of changed plans. (Or was he warned off beforehand?)

"He had been booked on Flight 11, but his plans changed the day before the scheduled flight and he cancelled his reservation."


Maybe it's me, but I don't feel like these Hollywood guys are real patriots… Putting distortions in the minds of the public with false flag bombings. It has to stop, right now!

7291b2 No.51428


Fantastic work Anon!!!

498202 No.51429


what democrat isn't going to dismiss that

c7de6c No.51430

If SC is Special Counsel, and Mueller is indeed /ourguy/, could Q be talking to him directly?

520d27 No.51431


I think you're closer than most are.

efb6ee No.51432

a2cfd2 No.51433


How about an award to the host who’s said offensive words the most often?



>retard Don Lemon

>super edit vid clips

28f544 No.51434


hat if this money coming here, instead of going from here.

Think SA

4e1a9b No.51435

0391a5 No.51436



01b5e2 No.51437


Real nice Anon.

7c7a66 No.51438

File: 0570979856ea68b⋯.jpg (90.22 KB, 480x449, 480:449, 9c1c1c5cc3220e2c99caa4d68b….jpg)

76024b No.51439


Secure Comms

0d80d7 No.51440


The EO ordered an immediate internatK investigation/report on all international trade through the State adept that affected National Security. U1 is just the tip of the iceberg.

498202 No.51441


another shit meme

302cf0 No.51442


No name = McCain… But, for shits and giggles, what was GHWB's SS nickname?

df86f8 No.51443


The KEK is strong with this one

6a8ccc No.51444


FWIW - SC cannot be special counsel unless TG resigns form congress all together.

7291b2 No.51445

e91c25 No.51446


THIS…. The State Dept + Clinton Foundation + NGOs = One Hell of a Ballgame

0564e6 No.51447

File: a6186ec81d0776d⋯.png (845.77 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, jm1.png)

beb87e No.51448



My comments all related to the post where someone tried to say that 187 was related to SETH RICH. The Q drop had NOTHING to do with SR, it was RE Las Vegas - clear?

01b5e2 No.51449


Search the map. Every use of SC clearly refers to the Supreme Court.

3438aa No.51450

File: 2bbde1d00c2c280⋯.jpg (381.44 KB, 1071x777, 51:37, SmartSelectImage_2018-01-1….jpg)








ad6d8c No.51451


>Be sure you drink in every day of this Presidency, because as Americans, we are truly lucky to be alive in this time, to take in this spectacle.

It's deadly serious, I know. At the same time this whole thing is far more entertaining than any Bourne movie.

c9c1d0 No.51452

File: 0b429ce85a805a2⋯.png (170.84 KB, 500x400, 5:4, 0b429ce85a805a29254dafad44….png)

0e35d3 No.51453

File: 2082ed48710468a⋯.png (26.89 KB, 829x330, 829:330, Capture.PNG)


I'll do you one better.

Just highlight the VB8239 copy/paste.

I did this on DDG and first result = /greatawakening/


498202 No.51454


concern fag

7291b2 No.51455

31a518 No.51456

File: 5ee973f48c809e7⋯.png (196.57 KB, 415x267, 415:267, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at ….png)

efb6ee No.51459



6a8ccc No.51460


So - we need to wait for him to resign from every committee and congress?

0cf19d No.51461


I'd say Kek if I didn't have a thing about false deities …

a2cfd2 No.51462


Lurk more. Learn the culture.

Don’t ask. Lurk and figure it out.


Q is confirmed.

Q’s comms are secured.

Godspeed faggot.

260e8a No.51463


>>50501 #8249

for what its worth flightstats.com/v2/flight-tracker/AC/8239/2018/1/14

85ebef No.51464


It’s special

332139 No.51465


4th pic. Please Mommy don't let him eat me!

01b5e2 No.51466


187 always shows up with MS-13

7ec69f No.51467


Got me thinking…

Has anyone ever found out WHY they don't say his name?

Could it be because of the ship named after him?

(which needs a name change I agree)

???? Thoughts ????

1666dd No.51468


yes! I think Q is simplifying things, or we are over thinking them.

260e8a No.51469


oops 8239 mybad

efb6ee No.51470


Sadly, no longer funny.

332139 No.51471


Because they are hit teams. They are flat out loco.

fb958d No.51474

>#BREAKING: #US Cobra Ball Ballistic Missile Detection Platform plane has just launched from Kadena Airbase #Okinawa #Japan, likely tracking #DPRK #NorthKorea movements, a US Rivet Joint Surveillance plane went up not long ago as well - No Intelligence on upcoming launch

twitter. com/NewsBreaker101/status/952675618545651713

4d6abc No.51476


Wasn’t the same man on ellen

0d80d7 No.51477


Yes, indeed. All foundations and NGO’s, all trade that went through the State Dept…think big. The BHO admin was funneling everything through State. Overthrow of Libya, $ to Iran, ISIS arms and funding…U1 is just the tip of the iceberg.

498202 No.51478



389c8e No.51479



9ea1a3 No.51480


I cannot even do it. Too horrific, not enough info.

I am wondering if the email conversations to himself regarding try before you buy guns tht was working two people, but obviously not himself... was not a sale. It was a heads up he had all the guns and stuff needed.

The whole two rooms, locked doors. cameras, and toss on locked cell phone AND missing harddrive and its got all the hallmarks of other people. Was he involved? Dunno.


too short. Mine ins't strong enough to guess at the fuzzy shots. looks more farsi. length of words.


Sacramento California. (Just because I hate the government of the state, I am not serious even if it fits as part of an axis of evil.

>>51298 But someone has to "administrate" and oversee, and audit, and comptrol and pack the sandwiches and do the advertising. In reality it should cost about twenty five grand per person, and have a nice day. GTFO.

Second thought: Huge way to slush off the people's funds for more shit no one wants. Depending on how it's budgeted and supervised. think DoJ and those stupid programs Dems were siphoning off of to their fav groups.

4e1a9b No.51481


Because he's a fucking taitor and liar and has deaths to his name (Friendly). Google Wet Start incident + his name

61da41 No.51483

File: 1f95e12898b9364⋯.jpg (68.79 KB, 1420x946, 710:473, stephanopolous-stock-2.jpg)

We need to carpet-bomb this Fake News maestro, immediately. Help me, anons!!

4d6abc No.51484

File: dc2ba9b71d634a3⋯.jpeg (24.28 KB, 255x213, 85:71, 294FA3AD-3E94-451A-846E-6….jpeg)

95a4fa No.51485



a42651 No.51486


Boko Haram? From Riyadh with Love?

6a8ccc No.51487

Come on guys

Vb8239! What is it??

3c5e3c No.51488


Iran refused US dollars. Try again

16b6a1 No.51489

File: d5008c6bde93780⋯.jpg (24.41 KB, 282x226, 141:113, SearchString.JPG)


That's normal. It found the string "VB8239" on the /greatawakening/ index page.

cc3aca No.51490


Not enough info is a reason for memes. Memes about FBI "no video footage of paddock" etc.

6508e8 No.51491


McCain, CAIN

Never call a demon by his name

ec7ab2 No.51492

▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/14/18 (Sun) 12:18:16 No.23

BEWARE of MAJOR FALSE FLAG attempts this week.

KNOW your surroundings.



Tactics shift to threats and hostages to obtain rogue_ops.

SILENCE [187] - no risk [no capture - dead on arrival].


SILENCE [LV witnesses]?





My read is there are deep staters working as white supremacist groups. These agents will be activated tomorrow and do some sort of attack to get the Trump is a racist and has caused these groups to do this narrative out.

302cf0 No.51493


Wew lad… Spicy!

0e35d3 No.51494


If so, that just 100% CONFIRMS Q as LEGIT!

How the F would anyone else hack the Interwebs that fast to get this outcome unless they No Such Agency / MI assist!?

e91c25 No.51495


Q's tripcodes have generally been verified by POTUS posting to Twatter shortly after Q posts with the trip.

cd74a6 No.51496

File: c6dddfd495b23e1⋯.jpeg (437.87 KB, 1656x1242, 4:3, FF132C25-1AE6-4739-B590-E….jpeg)

File: 31e7cbf0de3387a⋯.jpeg (461.74 KB, 1656x1242, 4:3, F51BFD35-F73A-4385-BA9A-C….jpeg)

95a4fa No.51497


Supreme Court will reverse a decision based on false information.

4e1a9b No.51498

File: 0dd0befcde4d7c8⋯.jpg (33.36 KB, 231x244, 231:244, topkek.jpg)

260e8a No.51500


8239 = cancelled flight

efb6ee No.51502


So much emotional content. Deeeeep. Good job!

84d4b1 No.51503


498202 No.51504


pretty solid theory, considering conditions around here

7c7a66 No.51505

File: 55aeb33285b6ff8⋯.jpg (25.13 KB, 179x281, 179:281, imagesL3UGHOUK.jpg)

ccb4ca No.51506


Too bad in this context Supreme Court makes no fucking sense

302cf0 No.51507


Ding, ding, ding, ding… Charlottesville Part Deux

164fe7 No.51508

File: f58251dec5bba06⋯.jpg (78.89 KB, 931x524, 931:524, Casino on Fire.jpg)

I wonder what happened to the missing person on this burning ship. Nothing is as it seems.

Casino boat catches fire off Florida with 50 passengers aboard; 1 reported missing


7ec69f No.51509


>Google Wet Start incident

Good lord, they still named a ship after an asshat that killed nearly 150 servicemen!?!

(thx- I sadly never knew that.)

17f5fe No.51510



Bill Clinton claims that no Clinton Foundation "funds" were used to pay for Chelsea Clinton's wedding. However, the leaked email from then top Bill Clinton aide Doug Band doesn't say "funds" it says "resources": https: //twitter.com/wikileaks/status/795284806510714881 … https: //twitter.com/BillClinton/status/9…2756553728 …

9:47 PM - Jan 13, 2018

1,142 1,142 Replies 11,225 11,225 Retweets 16,419 16,419 likes


So Bill thinks he is TECHNICALLY not lying because he framed it as not using 'funds' when the documents describing their heist used the word 'resources'. And therefore bubba wants us to accept his denial, not to think about it anymore, nor ask him what the word "resources" means….because him saying it was not funds has him covered.

The fact that whether it is word-literal 'funds' or word-literal 'resources', it is MONEY THEY TOOK FROM HAITI. But for an accomplished liar like bubba, well "not so fast! You said funds and we did not use 'funds', I am not lying."

Why are the Clintons not in jail????!

f*#k throw Chelsea in jail with them. Just for being raised by them.

05c37e No.51511

File: c374c55d4843112⋯.png (1014.55 KB, 827x589, 827:589, YouAreFakeNews_YouGetAnAwa….PNG)

File: f03eaabbe11be4a⋯.png (590.76 KB, 827x463, 827:463, FakeNewsNominees_CNNglitch….png)

File: c4f3da2dc256fd3⋯.png (601.63 KB, 826x463, 826:463, FakeNewsNominees_KoiFish)c….png)

File: 3b20df9a6fd4e0f⋯.png (611.83 KB, 829x466, 829:466, FakeNewsNominees_CNNlie-Wi….PNG)






Ideas for Fake News Categories:


Best Election Night Meltdown

Best Gotcha Oops No We Don’t Story

Best Hypocritical Male Host

Best “Sources Say” / “Anonymous Sources” Headline

Best Big Name Sexual Harrasment Takedown

Best Malfunction Technique (cnn … we seemed to have lost satellite connection)



997d88 No.51512


Good call anon, it will definitely be blamed on white guys, how else would they keep up the divisiveness?

389c8e No.51515


united air 8239 and 7128

5af6a1 No.51517


This is fucking hilarious, don't listen to that fuck

a45c56 No.51518



a satellite from vandenberg? spacex did launch iridium com sats from there. maybe its that simple?

6508e8 No.51519


Hes also posted between tripcode changes to show hes both. its all there in the older files, Go lurk, Godspeed.

0391a5 No.51520



4e1a9b No.51522


Yeah it's a disgrace. He sold out his buddies when POW too I believe. "Maverick" indeed.

4d6abc No.51523


True, most earth people Do not call the evil by its name thus not giving it any power .If you use its name it gives power

6b5d31 No.51524


So did I - someone on the board last night said - it applies to traitors. Said that Patriots don't say their names.

498202 No.51525

yes hillarious … but completely unefective

7c7a66 No.51526

File: 205a1bac61b3e7f⋯.png (227.48 KB, 500x435, 100:87, green.png)

95a4fa No.51527

SC ruling on Gay Marriage maybe overturned?

efb6ee No.51528


Idea - meme against the white supremecists and encourage everyone to find out who they really are. (Ie: CIA, paid provacateurs, etc.)

4d6abc No.51529

83876c No.51530


> I see several major scenarios, including one that this whole thing is the unbelievably bad scenario.

What is this unbelievably bad scenario?

458100 No.51531

If D's shutdown the gov't - what happens to the US MILITARY?

What specifically occurs?

Think budget.

>During a government shutdown, all non-essential employees are furloughed, meaning they are told not to report to work. The military is considered essential to the function of the United States, and therefore those servicemembers who are on active duty are still expected to report to work.

>The Defense Finance and Accounting Surface, the Department of Defense agency responsible for military pay, states, "in case of a potential government shutdown, the Department of Defense has no legal authority to pay any personnel—military or civilian—for the days during which the government is shut down."

>In 2013, when the government shut down, Congress passed legislation which ensured that members of the military who worked during the shutdown received paychecks. However, the legislation was only applicable to the 2013 fiscal year and as such, if Congress wanted to ensure that those on active duty are paid during a potential 2018 government shutdown, they would need to pass similar legislation.

38848e No.51532







Also, is it a fake name based on Cain (and Abel)?

302cf0 No.51533


He's legit… POTUS broke his links in his tweets last night. Only we do that.

3c6043 No.51534


Absolutely anon. Well stated, thank you.

1ad82f No.51535

File: 0cf1e559e4a0e19⋯.png (11.28 KB, 631x238, 631:238, Screenshot-2018-1-14 grea….png)

File: 9c220489ccd5522⋯.png (5.81 KB, 424x191, 424:191, Screenshot-2018-1-14 Q(2).png)

File: 0136d2ec3d4d392⋯.png (5.37 KB, 406x182, 29:13, Screenshot-2018-1-14 Q(3).png)

File: aa40f304a1d177f⋯.png (5.86 KB, 411x179, 411:179, Screenshot-2018-1-14 Q(4).png)

File: f6ce4b7896a7e68⋯.png (11.25 KB, 283x341, 283:341, Screenshot-2018-1-14 Q.png)

Took these ss if anyone can make a graphic with them to verify for Q with Blunt Direct Time on 10th with Bomb on 11th along with Hawaii "attack" on 13th with prev. DEFCON drop by Q on 7th (?)

57f346 No.51536

File: 36d17231d29f243⋯.jpg (58.75 KB, 560x467, 560:467, 22p0ui.jpg)

e91c25 No.51537


A satellite that is 8,239lbs would be well within the Falcon 9's lifting capability… could be the serial or program number for Zuma or some other payload… too many possibilities.

4d6abc No.51539


Filtered for being a distracting annoying shrill

302cf0 No.51540


See, I didn't wanna say it… But, also thought it may have something to do with the biblical "Cain".

1666dd No.51541


I read it as "SC seeks to immediately STOP the GREAT AWAKENING.

IF SC=Supreme Court the we will see this next week in the MSM

beb87e No.51542



More data - tracking

260e8a No.51543


stated waaaayyy earlier… its cuz theres a good guy with same last name.. dont wanna stain the good guy

95a4fa No.51544


Change of News Cycle will be needed= False flag is needed to deter viewers from the #GreatAwakening

0e35d3 No.51546


I don't think so b/c I searched for it a minute or so after it dropped and this didn't happen.

I know DDG pulls from G but the rankings can't be THAT fast… :/

0c73af No.51547


Best Verbal Diarrhea by a Correspondent

Best Sarah Sanders "Oh No You Didn't" Moment

dacb92 No.51548

File: 5640c08d4712700⋯.png (163.3 KB, 1059x593, 1059:593, POTUS.png)

Trump's Speech to the New World Order!


ee8c1a No.51549


Lol !

I thought it was DOMINOES…..on Cheese or Pasta

cc3aca No.51551


Raised by the wolves and know their ways.

12575b No.51552

File: 3b0d27c0337f255⋯.jpg (264.3 KB, 2048x1075, 2048:1075, RedCrossH.jpg)

9ea1a3 No.51554


Could only be made relevant with something like, holy shit they really were all puppets! ( of the global elitists to drive force migration and siphon money.

6a8ccc No.51555


So who leaves? Ginsburg?

efb6ee No.51556


Also, stay the fuck away from right vs. left here - this isn't about ideology; it is about truth and justice.

4d6abc No.51557


Any plane fags find this???

172b32 No.51560


Senator No Name is McCain! smfh

83473c No.51561


Yes. I asked this and it was answered last night. McCain = grandson of Cain.

1666dd No.51563


AAaaahhhh. I see. It is indexing that string via a search engine. damn. I thought I was on to something.

95a4fa No.51564


Supreme court reverses ruling based on false info?

7ec69f No.51566


Tortured is the proper spelling.

0cf19d No.51567

Q #21:

Side_by_Side (graphic form):

BDT/False Flag posts vs actual news of bomb attempt (NYC)_

DEFCON 1 posts vs H scare_

[2] above represent PRIMARY indicators.

SEC indicators = Posts:Tweets:Time





BDT is "Bomb Disposal Technician". I saw an apparently wrong guess earlier, not sure if this is known already.

a2cfd2 No.51568


The IP is secured.

Wizards and warlocks.


What is it?

IDEN? How does it occur?

Learn to read.

Learn to read the map.

Ask smart questions if you want answers.


e7840b No.51569


the thread he posts on is LOCKED and only can be unlocked by him. He is the BO. So he controls the posts. We don't have to worry about trips as he has his own place now compared to posting in public threads as this one where he needed a code, so we knew it was him.

efb6ee No.51570


Keep an open mind and focus on facts/evidence.

0391a5 No.51571


That you, Hillary?

4d495b No.51573

File: 8085cc7f0e49f0c⋯.jpg (78.13 KB, 700x327, 700:327, Dari Text Afghanistan.jpg)

File: ceba8d9f86c8f0d⋯.jpg (21.56 KB, 286x196, 143:98, Hindi.jpg)

File: ae05ea4c5cf9e69⋯.png (13.08 KB, 473x228, 473:228, Pashto Text Afghanistan.png)

File: 8858a4c6c2a2111⋯.png (51.82 KB, 456x273, 152:91, Urdu -Pakistan.png)


These middle eastern languages are quite similar. Does it stand out to you from these others?

0e35d3 No.51574


Wait, what broken links?

I was here last night, what did I just completely miss!?

498202 No.51575

File: c7282f2cc7d7fcb⋯.png (18.86 KB, 831x283, 831:283, Screenshot-2018-1-14 VB823….png)

61da41 No.51576

File: ff725192d194542⋯.jpg (113.67 KB, 750x499, 750:499, Stephanopolous Filthy Dirt….jpg)

File: 341ef5974156a2a⋯.jpg (109.66 KB, 750x499, 750:499, Stephanopolous Americans D….jpg)

File: c5565dec99df6d7⋯.jpg (106.68 KB, 750x499, 750:499, Stephanopolous Shillin for….jpg)

01b5e2 No.51577

SC from the Map:

October 29th: What SC decision opened the door for a sitting President to activate - what must be showed?

October 29th: State Secrets upheld under SC

October 31st: What is 'State Secrets' and how upheld in the SC?

November 20th: What previous SC ruling provided protection to reporters from having to reveal their ‘confidential’ source(s)?

How many people are unaware of the ‘truth’ due to the stranglehold?

6508e8 No.51578

File: 99a305e63f5808d⋯.jpg (49.31 KB, 529x413, 529:413, the-messages-of-water-masa….jpg)


i hope this stuff gets disclosed at the end of it all, if only people knew the damage/good we can do with language only. Masaru Emotos work is amazing.

b02db2 No.51579

File: 5170098625c62cf⋯.jpg (372.46 KB, 1424x903, 1424:903, Untitled_Artwork 2.jpg)

infographics are fine, but memes are supposed to co-opt pop imagery,

I will show you de wey my bruddas

389c8e No.51581


8,239 lbs is close to or may be the carry capacity some calcs anon was doing when dropping iridium theory. I'll look into that and report back.

Let's stay on those planes as well.

UA 8239 and 7128

7291b2 No.51582

Hey Anons, if you need a break from the board this is a good one.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-qBnWI-Qts


95a4fa No.51583


but I thought it was Bangladesh currency?

a005b3 No.51584


Kennedy is most logical to next retire. Rbg will try and keep breathing till Dems have presidency

6a8ccc No.51585


So who leaves? Ginsberg?

phonefagging atm

12575b No.51586

File: 61fe07fdbf85c77⋯.jpg (265.58 KB, 2048x1075, 2048:1075, RedCrossH.jpg)


Good catch. Typo.

e91c25 No.51587


Think it's landed, can't locate it.

0564e6 No.51588


cool no apostrophe in VETS

98cb98 No.51589

File: 16bb2d9cc2b453f⋯.jpeg (135.62 KB, 1864x448, 233:56, 7F031917-6A1B-4D3E-A335-9….jpeg)


Guess who…

Not Q.

3c2a54 No.51590


haha first pic needs a meme.

"Who wants me to find your shithole"

a7a626 No.51592

>>51070 ←These are good (recent additions from War Room memes bread), *especially* the first one. We need more like this.

Strategically, these type of memes are VERY important. We need to preemptively defuse the false flag narratives before they start -

1) Because it shows foreknowledge and validates Q/POTUS intel if they *do* roll them out

2) Because it may save innocent lives if (((they))) are forced to discard the strategy

3) Because forewarning the people (and comforting them that the military, intel and law enforcement are on the job) will truly offer calm if that part of deep state's strategy *is*employed in the storm.

b02db2 No.51593

File: 5170098625c62cf⋯.jpg (372.46 KB, 1424x903, 1424:903, Untitled_Artwork 2.jpg)

infographics are fine, but memes are supposed to co-opt and redirect using pop imagery.

I will show you de wey my bruddas

260e8a No.51594


AC8239 = cancelled flight

498202 No.51595

>>51586 still shit concept

0cf19d No.51596


So primary indicator is the actual news of bomb attempt (NYC) and H scare, secondary indicators are Post Tweets: Time for the BDT/False Flag posts or the DEFCON 1 posts, respectively.

beb87e No.51598

Someone just put this out on Twat:

18 U.S. Code § 1038 - False information and hoaxes (RE weapons of mass destruction)


01b5e2 No.51600


Now I know why POTUS is always making a big deal out of unnamed sources.

4d6abc No.51601

File: e96ae52a40be4f4⋯.png (293.92 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 3AD3F65D-30B2-44E0-ACA5-0E….png)

164fe7 No.51602


I like this but for later. Do need to look at spelling.

3c2a54 No.51603


Have faith Anon and it will manifest.

83876c No.51605


Dude you're not Q. Just tell me or link me or summarize what this unbelievably bad scenario would be?

389c8e No.51606


united air vb backed1 to ua

c29ad5 No.51607


https:// mega.nz/#!x6oRyaJQ!ZxLg_bKAp6ko8ayzRP_9HPHjnq-LjhFZEiLeSRs8u2o

57f346 No.51608

File: 5a71eebd1ccecb1⋯.jpg (58.53 KB, 560x467, 560:467, 000.jpg)


correct version.

598869 No.51609


Or…you could try your search bar.

The answer will literally be the top hit…a movie called 187…about the criminal code for murder.

95a4fa No.51610


clearing the swamp in so many ways.

520d27 No.51612


6a8ccc No.51613


I got the impression from the crumbs something wouldn’t happen fast though.

Bigger week. I wait.

38848e No.51614


>theres a good guy with same last name

oh really? i missed that - do you know who?

0564e6 No.51617


AWESOME & spooky i like

1ad82f No.51618

File: 9dfc0abccc2b9e5⋯.png (16.64 KB, 853x177, 853:177, Screenshot-2018-1-14 2017 ….png)

File: e6b998d1cb540bf⋯.png (85.4 KB, 266x251, 266:251, Screenshot-2018-1-14 Bangl….png)

File: 9c220489ccd5522⋯.png (5.81 KB, 424x191, 424:191, Screenshot-2018-1-14 Q(2).png)

File: 6b4178df49102b4⋯.png (3.83 KB, 415x113, 415:113, Screenshot-2018-1-14 Q(5).png)

File: 0136d2ec3d4d392⋯.png (5.37 KB, 406x182, 29:13, Screenshot-2018-1-14 Q(3).png)


Scrap that, let me try again…..

Part 1-BDT

Took these ss if anyone can make a graphic with them to verify for Q with Blunt Direct Time on 10th with Bomb on 11th along with Hawaii "attack" on 13th with prev. DEFCON drop by Q on 7th (?)

dc0a06 No.51619


He didn't.

7c8295 No.51621

File: 8202073de4f7367⋯.png (17.93 KB, 443x423, 443:423, stop.png)

File: 092b3496fd4126d⋯.jpg (104.18 KB, 500x610, 50:61, TNs 2.jpg)

Lot of traffic, couldn't find the thread but somebody requested something like this a couple threads ago.

6a8ccc No.51622


Yes. I believe it relates to her. Not Supreme Court

4d495b No.51623

File: 436021f9a448651⋯.jpg (11.51 KB, 259x152, 259:152, Arabic.jpg)

59b809 No.51625

File: b8d33823503ff3b⋯.png (199.84 KB, 1288x797, 1288:797, screenshot_152.png)


Someone's going down for Hawaii

4e1a9b No.51626

File: 369e2e7bd89d78f⋯.png (159.8 KB, 600x337, 600:337, jack rip.png)

File: 749d72233af08dd⋯.png (185.8 KB, 600x334, 300:167, jackshadow.png)

File: 6cd22f9f194283f⋯.png (191.81 KB, 600x334, 300:167, jd1.png)


Good riddance. Twitter doing it's best to ruin the English language. Big shit's don't read your tweets and pay others to tweet for them.

76024b No.51627


F9 turns off the monitor.

6b5d31 No.51628

File: d8d91d0f446a48d⋯.jpg (72.39 KB, 640x480, 4:3, a8d7g6a098fg7as90dfg7usd.jpg)

File: 7788fb1b526e33e⋯.jpg (33.87 KB, 640x360, 16:9, das987f6a8g76gf9a.jpg)

4d6abc No.51629


Super kek !

498202 No.51633

389c8e No.51636


Falcon 9 stats

Technical Overview


70m229.6 ft


549,054kg1,207,920 lb

Payload to LEO

22,800kg50,265 lb

Payload to Mars



3.7m12 ft



Payload to GTO

8,300kg18,300 lb

4d6abc No.51638

6508e8 No.51639


>future proves past.

somethings going to happen, eyes peeled

193ff1 No.51640

File: f6fbe8d12cc406b⋯.png (765.46 KB, 834x563, 834:563, Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at ….png)

70dece No.51642


The answer is his father and grandfather were honorable Navy officers, unfortunately with the same name. He is a stain on their reputation, and needs to be soon forgotten.

c7de6c No.51643

Um, was anyone just watching FOX?

Two law guys were talking potential Trump interview with Mueller, and one brought up something called QUEEN FOR A DAY. Chess anyone?

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proffer_letter

61da41 No.51644

File: d8613f5a8914bbf⋯.jpg (107.53 KB, 750x499, 750:499, Stephanopolous Just Anothe….jpg)

16b6a1 No.51645


I think you are underestimating the search engine.

e1f977 No.51646

File: fecf59da4a25177⋯.jpg (54.6 KB, 800x398, 400:199, putting-justice-back-5a5be….jpg)

a9f5e6 No.51647

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Begun, the 2018 meme war has.

232d10 No.51648

File: d07593a8030f3fc⋯.png (871.02 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, test.png)

File: 1b00f619b2578ae⋯.png (874.05 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, testnewark.png)

File: 4545cdec25f46d5⋯.png (868.44 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, testrr.png)

what is going on here? interesting?

military test newark airport and test reagan airport?

pics related

efb6ee No.51650


This anon found a gem. I'll bump it. This clip really hits a nerve.

youtube. com/watch?v=EYozWHBIf8g

0cf19d No.51651


And protected by whom? Now I am thinking she's a black hat, so ... protected so she'll have to testify?

193ff1 No.51652

File: be2384ec59f9f8f⋯.png (498.08 KB, 856x474, 428:237, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at ….png)

6b5d31 No.51655

File: e5ff21617b54325⋯.jpg (24.35 KB, 414x347, 414:347, 5732509.jpg)

4e1a9b No.51658

Returned flights.

Does anyone have a good reason they are turning them around halfway instead of arresting them on the ground? Do they runners have to cross airspace to be considered fleeing? or is getting on the plane with intent enough? Other theory?

912d76 No.51659


Same here - I got the same result!

76024b No.51660



i remember a while ago while decoding stringers on CBTS another anon found at least 20 of them linked to this site, turns out it was Ukranian and very odd how many sstringers linked to it…now here is another one. wtf.

Login start SXVB8 - Loginella.com


01b5e2 No.51661


Did not refer to her as SC. All stand alone "SC''s clearly refer to Supreme Court.

389c8e No.51662

dc0a06 No.51663


They been there all day

164fe7 No.51665


Keep this one for when we have to start telling the masses about how evil the cabal is and what they do.

6cf7e4 No.51666

Are you sure this board isn't c0mpr0mised?

https:// 8ch.net/cbts/res/258430.html#258430

1bac31 No.51667


498202 No.51668

File: 357936a91b80b6b⋯.png (17.41 KB, 727x268, 727:268, Screenshot-2018-1-14 VB823….png)

0e35d3 No.51669


Herd /= Heard

12575b No.51670

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Here you go.

1ad82f No.51672

File: 672779a5306ee81⋯.png (47.82 KB, 251x266, 251:266, Screenshot-2018-1-14 2018 ….png)

File: f6ce4b7896a7e68⋯.png (11.25 KB, 283x341, 283:341, Screenshot-2018-1-14 Q.png)

File: aa40f304a1d177f⋯.png (5.86 KB, 411x179, 411:179, Screenshot-2018-1-14 Q(4).png)


Part 2

00bf63 No.51674

>BDT/False Flag posts vs actual news of bomb attempt (NYC)_

Akayed Ullah Indicted on Terrorism and Explosives Charges in Connection With the Detonation of a Bomb in New York City


260e8a No.51676


went looking back after.. maybe STeve but not 100% klgates.com/steven-a-mccain/

19768b No.51678


Gowdy is NOT



6508e8 No.51679


Is he telling Sara to watch out for old sources and get seek out the info for this flight to report on it later??

dc0a06 No.51681


Indeed. It's being blasted out of proportion.

98cb98 No.51682


They are technically still in the U.S. until a flight lands.

be5119 No.51684

>>51618 BDT

You know that those notes are printed in philly..

those and many more countries.

7c8295 No.51685


Reminds me of 'those other people who are SO STUPID"

5103b8 No.51686

Anons, was digging Loop CEOs and BODs earlier but RL took over. Catching up on breads. Continue focus on them? Or move on?

e91c25 No.51687

File: 47077240f256936⋯.jpg (116.08 KB, 800x600, 4:3, dumbass3.jpg)

57f346 No.51688

File: 8879576891a73cb⋯.jpg (52.76 KB, 474x316, 3:2, 22p1jw.jpg)

172b32 No.51690

File: 753a4fde663d2b2⋯.png (928.3 KB, 923x499, 923:499, Brown vs Clinton.png)

38848e No.51691


>his father and grandfather were honorable Navy officers

thanks. didn't know that

5af6a1 No.51692

File: 6d54c22a187b379⋯.jpg (126.49 KB, 606x432, 101:72, 6d54c22a187b379aafcc228e5f….jpg)


> out Q info… we don't talk about him outside of he

b30ff3 No.51693

File: f5bfaeca9790932⋯.png (38.99 KB, 700x183, 700:183, F9iridium vanderberg.png)

File: 8065923af1b4f3b⋯.png (54.81 KB, 705x217, 705:217, falcon9vanderberg.png)


Falcon 9 at Vanderberg on January 30

Falcon 9 at Vanderberg - IRIDIUM on February

"Seek immediate… (shelter)"?

01b5e2 No.51694

302cf0 No.51696

File: bd8cdb84fc8ee42⋯.png (55.79 KB, 993x109, 993:109, Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at ….png)


Just went back to look for it and it doesn't look broken now… Wtf? (Broken as in, a space between some spot in the link). Hmmm… looks like I was mistaken. Took a screen-shot last night. I must have thought the break was between ": https" and ": Fusion", at a glance. My mistake.

4e1a9b No.51699


Shills asking about 187 and LV too, saying they were asleep…lol They don't even know the timeline. Rowdy bunch.

9b375d No.51700


He's certainly telling Sara to be careful with her sources that were once trustworthy. Not sure about the flight.

520d27 No.51701

f510a2 No.51702

[HEC] [is] [F9-VB8239]

[ISIS on LIFE SUPPORT] [187] [LV] [LV witnesses] [LV-FBI]

1ad82f No.51704

File: 06b8add9ae0df57⋯.png (7.13 KB, 410x180, 41:18, Screenshot-2018-1-14 Q(6).png)



00bf63 No.51705


Judge Theodore Chuang needs digging

19768b No.51706

File: 3955e2316aa1376⋯.png (61.43 KB, 225x225, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


john solomon from the Hill

is our other news guy

4d495b No.51709


Excellent, red pill.

e60d3b No.51710

File: 083c494347ceede⋯.png (299.86 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180114-235629.png)

57f346 No.51711

File: a2e1606270cde41⋯.jpg (52.28 KB, 474x316, 3:2, 0022p1lf (1).jpg)



57af7b No.51713

File: 7fa7b97176da261⋯.png (90.72 KB, 445x292, 445:292, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f6cd817bb2de855⋯.png (32.03 KB, 241x157, 241:157, ClipboardImage.png)

labels on money boxes

e1f977 No.51714

File: 4c0b0307f5233d0⋯.jpg (55.07 KB, 614x355, 614:355, what-is-obamas-5a5bee.jpg)

302cf0 No.51715


No, this is overthinking. The House Ethics Committee is not Falcon X.

7c0c44 No.51717

File: f1dec276b647685⋯.jpg (40.74 KB, 445x465, 89:93, Mockingbird.JPG)

Operation Mockingbird

c47b47 No.51718

File: 2b5ddd8cdbfb1ba⋯.png (834.34 KB, 1050x700, 3:2, VEGAS1.png)

01b5e2 No.51719


If you use the map SC is clearly the Supreme Court.

2c7047 No.51720


>John Adams' 4 volumes on the Jesuit order and the various Roman Catolic knighthoods

Where do i find it? Searched google. Lots of things referencing it, but no primary sources for text

d26ad1 No.51721


The Fed is an independent contractor; they don't care whose money they're printing, as long as they're printing money and get a cut. Most people do not know this

e91c25 No.51722



They have lowered themselves to using one of the most basic yet effective shilling methods: to ask questions so dumb they are bound to illicit a response.

498202 No.51723

4485f9 No.51724


>6. Supreme Court

The Supreme Court was the kabal's "CROWN JEWEL" I remember reading.

It would seem to me once JS(Justice Scalia) died the tides turned. Maybe that was the last straw, and there IS EVIDENCE that he was murdered ? just my .02

4d6abc No.51725



efb6ee No.51727


>plane with intent enough?

I've thought about this a bit and one reason I can think of is that it is undeniable in court that they actually tried to leave. Pretty hard to argue that you were going to get off of a plane when the plane already took off. Another reason could be that they want to listen to the comms of related people for a while after the flight has left to see what they say - may lead to more incriminating evidence.

045c25 No.51728

Sooo deep into an Awan dig…need some air. Huge intel leak in congress to either Pakistan or Iran or both…probably to help ISIS and AQ….trying to track the $$ back to congres…keep getting sucked into new rabbit holes…2 full days now.

POTUS ends AID to PAK because they're using our leaked intel from Awans to outmanuever us and aid bad guys. US tax money used to fight our own military in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Anyone have any SIGNIFICANT nuggets related?

2be94e No.51729



0da309 No.51730


I liked Gowdy, but when I believe it was Elise Stefanik asked a very relevant question to Comey ,he whipped around and looked at her like what in the hell are you doin? That made me raise an eyebrow.

84d4b1 No.51731

File: 32babbde839c42e⋯.png (659.6 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180114-175844.png)

1c745b No.51732


Instead of an ID number, maybe it's the weight of the payload ?

6cf7e4 No.51733



123608 No.51734


I like the colors. Would be good to use that background for some more for #VegasStrong

>that will get all the twits using that #hashtag to retweet


7af20e No.51735

I wonder if theyre really gonna crank the MKULTRA charades up on the CNN this week

dacb92 No.51736

File: a7f5bbb9f90135f⋯.jpg (85.86 KB, 900x600, 3:2, QQQQQQQ.jpg)

just saw this one on twitt er, lots of likes and retwts! pretty basic and might get normies interest?

c9c1d0 No.51737


Go back to sleep, solved like a month ago

b1d2c8 No.51739

FCC has completed its investigation on false alert message.


d0a7a8 No.51740


he writes the daily talking points

e7840b No.51741


So Gowdy is a Bad guy?

I still don't know if Mueller is a white or black hate guy…

So Gowdy show boating for the cameras and base… all bark and no bite?

0c73af No.51742



498202 No.51743

File: 9f641739cfe0eab⋯.png (17.33 KB, 700x266, 50:19, Screenshot-2018-1-14 VB823….png)

804ded No.51745


Misinformation from previously reliable sources.

That's what this looks like

598869 No.51746



Uhhh, is this a trick question or a joke?

It’s been indexed by ddg…so it show up.

602ad9 No.51748


I think this is the "door" that POTUS opened..

he opened the can of worms hiding in the graves of American soldiers who are DEAD because of senator noname

he is a traitor to our country and has been for a long ass time

ec2590 No.51749

File: b33d40052768d7d⋯.png (982.54 KB, 1718x964, 859:482, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at ….png)




4e1a9b No.51752


THat's a good meme right there.

e7840b No.51753


should say white hat or black hat guy for Mueller NOT hate guy

efb6ee No.51754


I'm not saying this is not true, but that's not my understanding. I believe they're under maritime law after they are above a certain elevation above ground and/or a certain distance from the coast (2 miles?) They're essentially a ship - an airship.

74bcaa No.51755


I'm the one that asked about LV. I was coming up to speed you dildo. Not everyone is a goddamned shill. Your being paranoid.

70dece No.51756


Just to be clear, the word iridium was just a marketing point for the phone system; no iridium, the element, is used. Tungsten was a suggested material, but any details of design or construction is purely speculative. Velocity is the primary factor; and other design parameters like an aerospike for the RV may totally alter its capabilities.

4aeccf No.51757

File: 80d6c932d95c7da⋯.jpeg (387 KB, 1499x1620, 1499:1620, 62F59761-652A-4D65-ADA6-5….jpeg)


602ad9 No.51759


simple and clean!

498202 No.51760


approaching shit but ok

4d6abc No.51762



4d495b No.51763


What language?

>>51573 Urdu? Dari? Pashto?

>>51623 Arabic?


9ea1a3 No.51765


Based on my time there, it could be Dari. In 2011 we were still handing out truckloads of cash ( did it, got the T shirt) The pashto is close, but Dari is the "official" language.

If I had to chose from the blurry imagery I would go with Dari, and every body and there brother was in there on NGO/contract work. It probably saved the world from a great depression in created jobs. The labeling though, means it was not us handing out the money. We didn't hide our money in Red Cross shit. The Eurofags there on the other hand, went to different places and did a lot of civilian work that we did not.

912d76 No.51768

File: 220baaf82839e19⋯.png (7.69 KB, 411x125, 411:125, ClipboardImage.png)

Anybody know what this is?…

(I don't wanna click in there)…

0d80d7 No.51769



1bac31 No.51770


Not believing Gowdy bad guy. Disinfo necessary, remember? I will have to see proof before I will accept that.

9b566a No.51771

File: eb0c5bc817a7c0a⋯.png (1.1 MB, 979x813, 979:813, nominees_fake_news_proptec….png)


kek on C u o m o

a647c3 No.51772



No, it is named after his grandfather / father - both were admirals with the same name.

997d88 No.51773

Since the media doesn't know and can't know the truth, wouldn't the best thing for everyone be to shut it all down for awhile?

Lies are flying in from all angles, making it worse for everyone.

A few weeks of media darkness would be nice.

598869 No.51774


It was named after his grandfather, an admiral.

His father was also an admiral by same name.

Senator noname is the iii.

4d6abc No.51776


Rex tillerson tweeted that also

4dbc65 No.51777


Will hv the vid done b4 u guys r awake.

Used ur given narrative

Used animated catarcter standing in storm that does the intro of about a minute.

See >>51311

After that will post a collection of your best memes while voice explains in background.

Catacter will b visisble again to speak last few lines. After that, will fill whole 15 mins with every great memes u fags made. Will be linked in here tomorrow, so pls help me share it. Newbies want to help out and this makes it really easy, even for old farts.

Oh dont give me shit bout my caracter. I made him and i like him.

Background music: Marines Hymn??

Any other suggestions?

c273eb No.51778


This EO will be the gift that keeps on giving.

State Dept has ALWAYS been a den of thieves and traitors - someone should write a book.

602ad9 No.51779


stop falling for obvious shill tactics anon..ignore it bruh

172b32 No.51780

File: b05694e81c01fa6⋯.png (935.92 KB, 923x499, 923:499, Brown Clinton.png)

389c8e No.51782


i checked that here


775bcd No.51783

File: ce6cd2ef0733f9d⋯.png (937.58 KB, 1113x626, 1113:626, nasamickeykim.png)


Kim Yong Un likes Disney… just as much as NASA?

123608 No.51784

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Now we just need Video anon…to use that, edit the "The Q[funk] Phenomenon" track with some more visual aids…video clips > no more than 2 minutes.

6a8ccc No.51785


It cant be it’s something faster than that.

602ad9 No.51786



498202 No.51787

d2f3ff No.51789


Satan?? Daddy Demon?? I've got to be close here…

e91c25 No.51790


This and repeating things that have been repeated multiple times already just a few posts up... they aren't just biting, they are eating it up....probably all shills

efb6ee No.51791


Hm…..misinfo from previously reliable sources. Nads.

0cf19d No.51792


A lot of indictments are sealed. When one of those people tries to leave the country, the airline doesn't know to stop them. Maybe they buy their ticket at the airport and quickly use it.

But when they buy the ticket and/or board the flight, I am sure the information can go to a fusion center of some sort that will flag anyone under sealed indictment. Then the airline is given an order, maybe by National Security Letter (which they cannot hint at publicly), to turn the plane around.

I don't know why they go to the original airport rather than going to the nearest US airport at th time, though. Maybe so other passengers can be given the opportunity to go home and wait for a later flight.

0da309 No.51793


No idea, it's really hard to tell on some of them. You see them do an awesome job and the they don't follow through. I don't know if that is by design or not. It's easy to be couch quarterback when you're not in the game. So that may just be me having hindsight

1bac31 No.51794


Thats not april ryan, that is Alveda King

76024b No.51795


the post seems cryptic the more i analyze it. like they are telling someone to btfo of the storm… F9 is a key, why the fuck didnt anon just push it and see what it happens rather he says derp derp this button has {STOP} and a square…like is this person retarded or trying to tell someone something?

c68369 No.51796


It's about a video game, don't worry.


7ec69f No.51797


Thanks for clarify. That explains why no one wants to say the name too. - It was firstly honorable.

389c8e No.51798



6b5d31 No.51799

File: 7b3749b23726f68⋯.jpg (34.16 KB, 300x450, 2:3, a897sdf5fas987dfs60f98.jpg)

File: 84f8b43c687ce98⋯.jpg (27.13 KB, 300x450, 2:3, a897sdf5gfa9sfg67a0jpg.jpg)

9b566a No.51801

File: cb43ad4dcb401b3⋯.jpg (318.94 KB, 979x980, 979:980, caged_bird_sings.jpg)

2be94e No.51803

File: 1eda298fc00bc9c⋯.jpg (43.18 KB, 400x392, 50:49, ktel.jpg)


Reminds me of a k-tel record ad from the 70's.

92d139 No.51804

File: d79d518a960b902⋯.jpeg (131.91 KB, 699x499, 699:499, 70E8C914-74A9-4C7E-856A-6….jpeg)

581897 No.51805


This is not April Ryan, this is MLK niece, who is a POUTS fan. Wrong lady in pic

76024b No.51807



omg now i am the retard i linked the wrong post…fml haha


cedf26 No.51808


Pay attention and stop asking stupid questions or go back to Reddit

b1d2c8 No.51810


HEC +1 or -1 could be initials. F9 "fine" or toggle in computing. VB-1 is UA which happens to have flight #8239 daily departures from LGA

f0b5c0 No.51811


I actually wonder about that post. Are they that stupid/ignorant or are they just trying to sidetrack us?

57af7b No.51812


I'd say Arabic or Pashto

389c8e No.51813


yes. ty

i'm doing all of this in my head with little documentation

e1f977 No.51814

File: aa003179bbc81c7⋯.jpg (111.44 KB, 800x577, 800:577, conspiracy-theory-or-5a5be….jpg)

6b5d31 No.51816

File: f5fb5e9f29b049b⋯.jpg (69.12 KB, 700x525, 4:3, 2695943-ren.jpg)

19768b No.51817


POWs like

John "songbird" McCain

have been known to sing

172b32 No.51818


Tell me you KNOW that is NOT April Ryan but MLK's neice? smfh bloody hell!

7c8295 No.51819


John be cool. :thumbsup: kek

dbf973 No.51820


Yeah I'm thinking we have a winner. Good job guys.


997d88 No.51821


If you're coming in these waters you better know how to swim.

Keep Yourself Safe

ed57cb No.51822


I love these but they need to be smaller for twitter please.

More like 5 or 6 inches long and wide.

0cf19d No.51823


Gowdy is a member of a House committee (or more than one.) They don't indict.

57f346 No.51824

File: 7d3e1bb6d0fc904⋯.jpg (89.87 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 022p22s.jpg)

fd3a08 No.51825

File: 2e1f77beff3a632⋯.png (512.26 KB, 746x688, 373:344, Why_I_Lie_Mika.png)


181a30 No.51826


Military tradition is any traitor is "dead to me" & the name is never spoken aloud again in the unit.

32e967 No.51827


Well, Is that not how we got this?

[C][I][A] [is] [here]


(s)(in full) (1)

1bac31 No.51828


Paine has posted stuff before that was blatant disinfo. Not sure why. Maybe testing the level of "woke"? Idk.

0c73af No.51829

File: 77462a42164cc39⋯.png (403 KB, 1195x540, 239:108, POTUSDELTA copy.png)

e91c25 No.51831


Fuck Dopamine, its all about the Adrenochrome Bruh

c47b47 No.51832

File: 2e0f1e2c96d4898⋯.jpg (43.7 KB, 599x338, 599:338, cnn-news-team.jpg)

File: 738aa398b1b2a96⋯.jpg (67.77 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, someloser.jpg)

File: 71834a268e21816⋯.jpg (63.99 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, anderson1.jpg)

File: 381c90b709848e4⋯.jpg (94.49 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, wolf.jpg)

Hey faggots get ready for the big night with some fresh templates. Memers have fun, gonna drop some originals tonight

0cf19d No.51835


That is a very weird dress. Looks almost like a leg going up the left side to her shoulder.

172b32 No.51836

Great interview!

Charles Ortel - The Clinton Foundation - Disaster Enrichment in Haiti - The Hagmann Report


6b5d31 No.51837

File: 654bb0b5f1791a7⋯.jpg (104.72 KB, 866x1280, 433:640, tfW8Vma.jpg)

35340e No.51838

Started watching this back on halfchan and lurk every once in a while to keep up to date. Will offer something if I think it can help (which is rare).

>The memes

Yes, the memes. Some of them are really good and too many of them won't have any effect. They'll be laughed out or invalidated right out of the gate; at first glance. Someone mentioned some good techniques in the last thread.

* Do not directly attack Hussein, HC, CF, etc. if your intended audience includes their followers. Even using their images may be too much. You need to reach people on common ground. 'Progressives' have a high level of cognitive dissonance. Think of young kids and Santa Claus or people with strong religious beliefs.

* Keep the memes simple. You have a few seconds of their attention. May not get much more than that.

* Common ground..is everywhere. Corrupt politicians are one. Instead of mentioning the politician by name…generalize. Corporations writing our laws to their benefit via lobbying and other backdoor tactics.

* Try to use some lighthearted humor if possible.

Had a family member once accuse me of being a racist for wanting legal migration vs undocumented. I mentioned what some of them do since I lived in an area that is effected. Family member then asks "Well, who is letting them in?" and it would be impossible to explain that willy-kneely free for all undocumented immigration is letting them in. They go unchecked. To them, the thought of illegal immigration does not include bad apples coming here. No way, no how.

ec2590 No.51839


Yea! i was gonna include this but I ran out of room and wanted to connect the OIG via tweeter

any other good tweets you've found using the method?

74bcaa No.51840


No shit it was part of the original drop. I read the fucking drop. That's why i asked the fucking question.

Your being a pretentious faggot with your everyone is a shill bullshit. This isn't your personal fucking tree fort.

598869 No.51841


Select Committee.

9b375d No.51842


I like Paine and I believe he missed the Q Train so he's relying on his sources and methods which are being circumvented by the Q team. He's just ignorant right now, but definitely on the right side of history.

b1d2c8 No.51843


message was for us. todays stringer is meant for another party. if we figured it out, we'd interfere with an ongoing ops. Q is above board no leaking.

05c37e No.51844

File: c19a936bc085912⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1111x739, 1111:739, FakeNewsAwards_CNN_TiredOf….png)

File: 9043b3b0dedbb63⋯.png (853.25 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, CNN_TiredOfWinning.png)

File: 0260c72e3505c68⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1111x740, 1111:740, FakeNewsAwards_CNN_Breakin….png)

File: 90f04f0b6304450⋯.png (842.69 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, CNN_BreakingNewsBlank.png)

498202 No.51845

cedf26 No.51846


I think most of us have come to the conclusion that Q is actually more than one person …a team, so it would stand to reason that Q might not always use the same abbreviations all the time. Lets just figure out what it means in the current post and move on

4dbc65 No.51847


Supreme council IMO

Trey deserves a BIG reward

0391a5 No.51848


Fuck off. So tired of seeing you. Filtered. Damn.

df86f8 No.51850

File: d4436fb64079a06⋯.jpg (103.34 KB, 848x401, 848:401, rahm-emanuel-8-91-00.jpg)

a14f08 No.51851

LV sheriff expects to have a press conference in about a week. Doesn't expect it to include motive.

https:// theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/01/14/update-mandalay-bay-massacre-federal-judge-releases-fbi-search-warrant-documents-sheriff-announces-press-conference/#more-144554

575cd1 No.51853

It's been said before, but a lot of you are asking about McCain and why they don't say his name

Did you know that the 'Mc' means "son of"?

Mc Cain? Son of Cain?

0176de No.51854

File: 0c462b60179762b⋯.jpg (46.35 KB, 534x401, 534:401, 636515240577847341-EPA-epa….jpg)


a2cfd2 No.51855

File: c930347319478c0⋯.jpeg (1.79 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 487B1766-2E64-4055-A83D-1….jpeg)


Total mis/dis.


498202 No.51856


i don''t care if the shills filter me

e7840b No.51857

Here is a something for memes in the way of getting some red pills across


or something to that affect.

All the money spent on bribes, embezzlement or presidents and corruption we wouldn't have a deficit nor would we have a crumbling infrastructure. Yet they don't want to appropriate money for infrastructure. All those Congress critters who get millions…. want it for themselves and not for the people.

0cf19d No.51858


It doesn't look like April Ryan.

92d139 No.51859



e91c25 No.51861


Unless the finally come out and admit that the shooter was running guns and the FBI went to each hospital to round up bullet fragments from the victims these "Press Conferences" are BULLSHIT.

4dbc65 No.51862


Best timed "commercial break"

Best cameraman played witness

dbf973 No.51863


That's normal. Any given day you'll see a few ground tests. Also, learn to filter. It'll make your life a lot easier.

181a30 No.51864

>>51710 I'm with Paine on this one. Sara Carter is the one misleading. Trial balloon last night that perhaps Clinton so tricked by Russians that she broke laws to protect USA from DJT.

38848e No.51865


if normies liked it, they probably assumed it was about potus being corrupt

d0dad5 No.51866


Do you know da wey….to gitmo?

b1d2c8 No.51867

notable news- Chelsea in the spotlight


b1a906 No.51868

File: 95e558fd005e7ac⋯.png (297.11 KB, 600x340, 30:17, aprilclin.png)

delta vector

968e6f No.51869



inb4 'muh kinetic bombardment slide'.

Reason Tungsten is the speculated substance is that's what previous research reports speculated would be used. Likely due to the Surviability/cost ratio versus other metals.

Stupid question, could a MOAB survive re-entry? It doesn't quallify as a WMD, and you could get one or two of those up there easily.

d145dc No.51870


My thoughts exactly.

9ea1a3 No.51871


His Grandfather and father were NOT. They each had their nose up someone s ass. Research one of the ultimate false flags, the USS Liberty. Come back when you are done. YOu will never look at that entire family the same gain.

1bac31 No.51872


I like him too and follow him. They are on target on majority of stuff, so it puzzles me when they post something "out there". As Q said, disinfo is necessary.

498202 No.51873


yes must convince the newfags to ignore the truth

00bf63 No.51874

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e7840b No.51875

File: 00bada55220afab⋯.jpg (12.2 KB, 273x184, 273:184, b.jpg)

57f346 No.51877

Interesting read.

Big Donors Warren Buffett, Bill Gates Should Worry As FBI Investigates Clintons’ “Charity”

https:// truepundit.com/clawback-big-donors-warren-buffett-bill-gates-worry-fbi-investigates-clintons-charity/

efb6ee No.51878


NSA knows all. The passports could easily be tagged so those people wouldn't get through security. This looks to me like something else. Intelligence reason for this is my best guess. For some reason they're willing to take the consequences for doing it this way.

One reason could be that if family members saw them off, the family and friends would likely not be aware that they were nabbed.

18afa8 No.51879

File: 841a7fd7e4ef32f⋯.png (203.8 KB, 622x412, 311:206, Rudest Press Reporter Meme.PNG)

172b32 No.51880


Because it's NOT April Ryan!

389c8e No.51881

e1f977 No.51882

File: c040b680d8c04e2⋯.jpg (41.2 KB, 800x428, 200:107, i-would-never-5a5bf1.jpg)

9b566a No.51883

File: 16dee8792a5543f⋯.jpg (135.02 KB, 475x466, 475:466, MLK_Darkness_Light.jpg)

2d1f00 No.51884

File: d6a7a958c015b15⋯.png (52.12 KB, 956x396, 239:99, pepe_bareback_maga_drive.png)


catching up on earlier threads and saw this. anon, i fucking LOVE this gif and the text you made. so i preserved it forever. pic related. bless you for uploading it. here's my tribute.

123608 No.51885






I'm not too sure that @Thomas1774Paine > @true_pundit was ever really reliable. However I see that many other feel so. That site is a making money of ADs. Even if you click text, a background pops up. Anyhow…I would say don't trust any news source as EVERYONE is getting disinfo.

I usually go to …





www.reuters.com (mostly for late verification)

181a30 No.51886

Shill Alert!! Must call out HRC, BHO, etc. Great Awakening.

7c8295 No.51888



you have "cutting of Chis Collins"

you wnat "cutting OFF Chris Collins"

85972f No.51889

Smartsheet link ist kaput.

6a8ccc No.51890


We have to wait until he resigns from all other committees. Maybe that’s the bigger week we are looking forward to at this point?

302cf0 No.51891

File: 9f7ea201b206d09⋯.png (656.66 KB, 1142x642, 571:321, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at ….png)

b30ff3 No.51893


Yes it was POTUS posting here as an Anonymous.

It was the most extraordinary thing I've ever seen on da web

402237 No.51894



4dbc65 No.51895


"Dumbest question asked at wh presser"

"Worst treasonous insult"

4aeccf No.51896

File: 486d533f799f663⋯.jpeg (347.1 KB, 1511x1310, 1511:1310, F0D2A52A-8BDE-4811-893E-5….jpeg)

For God and Country

0cf19d No.51897


No, we cannot fight the evil if we cannot say its name.

b1a906 No.51898


fucking images…can't hit a home run every at bat

2be94e No.51899


What is this chicanery?


498202 No.51900

9b566a No.51901

12575b No.51902

File: 790ae46b6788aaa⋯.jpg (63.17 KB, 1123x375, 1123:375, WhatHappensVegas.JPG)

7c7a66 No.51903


Super KEK!!

7c8295 No.51904


Excellent Meme, to man. Sorry about that!

98cb98 No.51905


It appears to be the money laundering branch of the Roths based in Geneva.

883095 No.51906


I'm not sure there's evidence (those wikileaks messages?), but JS death deserves investigation.

>>SC: Seek immediate [F9-Sx_VB8239].

After anons decoded this bit, it became less likely to me that SC would mean Supreme Court. Special Council… more likely.

9b566a No.51907

File: ada3255615c390b⋯.jpg (374.12 KB, 979x980, 979:980, BDT_Bangledesh_DMP.jpg)

9ea1a3 No.51908


After the other day, tie between the first two, for sure. I wanted to punch her in the mouff at the MLK proclamation.

123608 No.51910


>I'm not too sure that @Thomas1774Paine > @true_pundit was ever really reliable.

MEANING…MOST articles link out to another MAIN SOURCE. Seems more like an aggregator, so they are getting NEWS a bit faster than others > then link out to where they found it. There is NO investigative reporting going on.

dbf973 No.51911


Lol ok. Come talk to me after you've spent months watching ADSB. I want a full report on how many ground-test-coded transponders you see every day.

172b32 No.51912


Chelsea Manning 'running for Senate' one week after tweeting 'Disarm police'? gotcha!!

302cf0 No.51914



0176de No.51916


A Boeing 737-800 passenger plane of Pegasus Airlines sits on a cliff after going off the runway at Trabzon Airport in Trabzon, Turkey, on Jan. 14, 2018.

efb6ee No.51917


Turkey. Been reporting it on FOX periodically all day.

fa5d2b No.51918

don't know how to screen shot on pc.

GOWDY IS NOT /OUR GUY/ according to this….

Thomas Paine‏


Following Following @Thomas1774Paine

More Thomas Paine Retweeted Thomas Paine

This is how you find out who can be trusted in D.C. We have to treat Congress like running an Op, work these guys behind scenes to see who is White Hat.

Many patriots helping each other. Proud to work with them.

We've crossed Gowdy off the 'Good Guy' list.Thomas Paine added,

Thomas Paine


We filtered actionable Intel to Gowdy about FBI/DOJ crimes and it never flushed out, meaning he is either sitting on it or he gave it to Black Hats.

No intention of cleaning up The Swamp. He is part of it. Worth millions now.…

4:03 PM - 14 Jan 2018

d26ad1 No.51919


It's almost as if God is forcing us to pray and ask Him for the truth, as He is Truth

498202 No.51920


being a vet doesn't make your actions correct

35340e No.51921


Want to add a few more things that I believe were mentioned a thread or two ago..

Avoid words like pizzagate, fakenews, and all the other 'trendy' argumentative political buzzwords. Use human trafficking or incorrect news.

4a18f2 No.51922


All these reference LV shooting.

>SILENCE [187] - no risk [no capture - dead on arrival].



Dropped off the radar. Wait a year for answers.

>SILENCE [LV witnesses]?

No coverage of LV witness's being killed


FBI cover up. Throw a blanket over it because it's an active investigation being slow walked into oblivion. But it's not going away, is it?




0391a5 No.51923



a2cfd2 No.51924


1000 keks

57af7b No.51925

File: aad67a17dd9daeb⋯.png (661.83 KB, 1076x605, 1076:605, ClipboardImage.png)


The Socratic method says we should make memes that just simply ask, "Is Cuomo a pedo?

30d531 No.51926


Do you read the map with Long/Lat?

Are trip codes/timestamps involved in the sequence?

What format is the sequence?

b1a906 No.51927


and big thanks to the anon that directed me to this image in the midst of my april ryan rampage

a005b3 No.51928


Flight in turkey. Ice slid off runway.


6319b3 No.51929

So Trey will head the special counsel for investigations into prior false flags and audit all the missing money? I hope all findings will be made public.

ffe66f No.51930


In addition to his other manifest crimes, JM fought relentlessly to prevent investigations into missing Vietnam POWs. You know…..the ones who honorably fulfilled their duty, unlike himself.

http:// www.vvof. org/mccain_hides.htm

"Over the years, he has regularly vilified any group or person who keeps trying to pry out more evidence about MIAs. He calls them “hoaxers” and “charlatans ” and “conspiracy theorists.” He decries the “bizarre rantings of the MIA hobbyists” and describes them as “individuals primarily who make their living off of keeping the issue alive.” Before he died last year of leukemia, retired Col. Ted Guy, a highly admired POW and one of the most dogged resisters in the camps, wrote an angry open letter to the senator in an MIA newsletter. In it, he said of McCain’s stream of insults: “John, does this include Senator Bob Smith and other concerned elected officials? Does this include the families of the missing where there is overwhelming evidence that their loved ones were ‘last known alive? ’ Does this include some of your fellow POWs?”

19768b No.51931


that is if True Pundit is in fact


which i sure hope it is…

and tend to think it is

efb6ee No.51932

File: 500d842c930eaa8⋯.png (2.16 MB, 1550x870, 155:87, trurkey.png)

Everyone got off the plane safely. Slid off runway. This may not be related to anything. Looks like an idiot mistake to me.

9b566a No.51933

File: 37cc5537c3ab727⋯.jpg (396.79 KB, 979x980, 979:980, THWARTED_false_flag_BDT.jpg)


posted wrong version before

35340e No.51934


Good point anon.

0c73af No.51935


not yet but the formula seems to work so I thought I'd get some more eyes on it jic

4aeccf No.51936



e91c25 No.51939


Now that Trey Gowdy is no longer on the House Ethics Committee does that mean he is going to be investigated by the House Ethics Committee?

61da41 No.51940



We said NO.

9ea1a3 No.51941


Wow. It's like he's reading here too… but has way better sources. Is that perhaps though that he is getting bad intel himself. Maybe no longer a trusted source. Some day will be able to trust anyone? I'm holding out on TG a little longer.

3a7086 No.51942




Biblically, Cain killed his BROTHER Abel. When God questioned him about it, he said, "Am I my brother's keeper?"

God doesn't strike him dead but marks him so that anyone who sees him are reminded of what he's done.

2be94e No.51943



Ha. Thanks.

76024b No.51944


seems kinda odd to post something that isn't meant to be solved to a group of autists who have been concentrating on solving every little damn thing this whole time. doesn't it?

a647c3 No.51945


Trey Gowdy steps down from House Ethics Committee, citing 'workload'

By Veronica Stracqualursi, CNN

Updated 10:07 PM ET, Sat January 13, 201851336

e40eec No.51946


I think it's named after his dad.

dbf973 No.51947


I didn't tell him to ignore it. I just told him it appears "normal." It's on that anon to verify (that it's normal) or continue watching.


>That's normal.

8c441b No.51948


Nice job. I wonder if he posed like that on purpose or he just naturally looks evil?

32e967 No.51949

POTUS is talking on FN

602ad9 No.51950


lol ok one person asking the question, i get..two people asking the question..ok

three people asking the same question after its been answered ..alright maybe they didnt see it

8 people asking the same stupid ass fucking question even though its been answered 20 times by 20 different people…shill taktix

ec2590 No.51951


gowdy moving off the ethnics commission makes him ungodly because with issues say with clinton he ran into issues such as security of the state and clearances etc

stepping off that now he is super gowdy

could even sit in on presidential intel briefs if he wanted to….. thats what I read on the board here yesterday anyway…

b6649a No.51952

These losers are such a gift


Rombo "dead fish Emam


For him and Him

66480a No.51953


Had a good friend that grew up in Dublin. I asked him one time, "What are your thoughts on Bono"? His immediate response - "Fuck Bono!"

He went on to tell me about the time his girlfriend was working as a waitress in an exclusive club in Dublin. Bono and his entourage came into the VIP section, and the girlfriend went over to take their order. (My friend was sitting along the rope of the VIP section.) After the girlfriend took Bono's drink order, she turned around and the scumbag put his hand up the front of her miniskirt and he grabbed her crotch full palm.

My friend reacted by jumping over the rope. He said, "I had my hands around that son-of-a-bitch's neck for a secod" before Bono's security detail grabbed my friend and threw him out the front door of the club. The girlfriend was also fired on the spot. My friend also said it was well known by the local population in Dublin that Bono like the "young girls," and not just 18-year-olds if you catch my drift.

Believe it or not, there it is.

0ac607 No.51954



Boards changed due to statements re: private comms - FALSE.

Boards changed due to failure to IDEN accurately.

Boards changed due to MISINFO.

Targeted approach to direct flow of info created.




MAJOR players here to distract, create doubt, and alter the direction.

SC: MISINFO everywhere.

SC: MISINFO from past reliable sources.

SC: AXIS OF EVIL can & will return FIRE [is].

SC: Seek immediate [F9-Sx_VB8239].


This was all in one message: a message about us. This particular message is all about Safe Comms. With a confirm Y at the end. I'm good leaving it there.

Now on to Mevinsky for me.

9c94d6 No.51955



This site has the 488 pages of previously sealed documents about Las Vegas Incident - for when we are ready to dig into it. Not the priority now.

For your library

https ://www.blackstoneintel.com/

a9f5e6 No.51956



b30ff3 No.51957


Yes I've noticed it too.

I think it's an OP.

Catch attention of patriots with good info, then once you got their trust, feed them false shit.

302cf0 No.51958

File: 29eec38d4a1ea0d⋯.jpg (116.89 KB, 976x665, 976:665, ChelseaScreenShot2018-01-0….jpg)

File: a3a2d3eef040f3f⋯.jpg (236.19 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Chelseamaxresdefault-53_23….jpg)

File: d26813892b18046⋯.png (420.94 KB, 1175x804, 1175:804, 18d8e66c95050f59fdaa48dcf8….png)

File: 752a0dfe0c2e688⋯.jpg (30.37 KB, 591x276, 197:92, 07974f1aa222a7d28ffcff4763….jpg)

e7840b No.51959

For those who are familiar with Madeleine McCann and her disappearance and how the Podesta brothers look just like the suspects and how the Podesta brothers happen to be in Portugal at the time.

The investigator for the parents just died… unknown cause at this time.

https:// news.sky.com/story/madeleine-mccann-investigator-kevin-halligen-found-dead-11206829

c7de6c No.51960

498202 No.51961


wasn't talking about your info …. your directive to filter is a shill tactic

57af7b No.51963



Also It works wonders to start a question with a command.


wait, stop, listen, look, go, help

4dbc65 No.51964

File: ae11d1f0a06801c⋯.jpg (620.9 KB, 1600x1319, 1600:1319, image.jpg)


There is this letter, ronald reagan left to bush. In which he doesnt use his name. He calls him every weird name, but not his name. Someone screamed at me that the letter was fake but is it a COINCIDENCE?? Here r the letters. C 4 urself.

602ad9 No.51965


aint no mistake in todays climate

0ac607 No.51966



Dead Fish. Now, those were good times….

7ec69f No.51967

File: e541ed025b6330d⋯.jpg (55.31 KB, 548x365, 548:365, Chertoff really does trans….jpg)

Whatever happened to this bastard?

I hope he goes down too…

6b5d31 No.51968

File: 11d86c9f88c160a⋯.jpg (122.84 KB, 908x620, 227:155, f51ec497ca7d2b71117af6a39a….jpg)

9b566a No.51969



also consider Phoenician written backwards - it's a thing with them

38848e No.51970


>His Grandfather and father were NOT. They each had their nose up someone s ass.

damn, this mccain name thing…

seems like it would be more specific than just "cain" referring to evil, there must be something more

helper anons, if you're there, can you just tell us what the deal is with not saying his name? it's not exactly easy to google

186dec No.51971

I see amature hour for memes is over. I therefore humbly report back to being a mere meme dropping fag and leave the memes to the Sr memefags.

232d10 No.51973

File: e5e24f3bb47d273⋯.png (775.21 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, filter.png)


>Also, learn to filter. It'll make your life a lot easier.

yes, im trying but nothing happens. pic related.

70dece No.51974


MOAB Would need a heat shield, impractical. The orbital advantage is velocity. At EV, the atmosphere is almost negligible.

Read "Lucifer's Hammer" for cometary impact horror. Written by the same people who conceived SDI and this lancet thing.

I think we are looking at an advanced atmospheric penetrator, designed for stationary targets and, maybe, really maybe, hemispheric interception of ballistic targets in space.

1b30df No.51975

SC: MISINFO everywhere.

SC: MISINFO from past reliable sources.

SC: AXIS OF EVIL can & will return FIRE [is].

SC: Seek immediate [F9-Sx_VB8239].



Southern Command_SC

6a8ccc No.51976


Ctl+ print screen

05c37e No.51978

File: 9131232339244bb⋯.png (324.82 KB, 1111x624, 1111:624, FakeNewsNominees_blank.png)

File: 9c60dedd812e942⋯.jpg (70.43 KB, 960x684, 80:57, FakeNews_AMMO_YOUAREFAKENE….jpg)

File: 0260c72e3505c68⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1111x740, 1111:740, FakeNewsAwards_CNN_Breakin….png)

File: 0260c72e3505c68⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1111x740, 1111:740, FakeNewsAwards_CNN_Breakin….png)

File: c3fc048e32221e5⋯.jpg (131.55 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DO IT.jpg)












https:// imgflip.com/memegenerator





<Ideas for Fake News Categories:


Best Election Night Meltdown

Best Gotcha Oops No We Don’t Story

Best Hypocritical Male Host

Best “Sources Say” / “Anonymous Sources” Headline

Best Big Name Sexual Harrasment Takedown


Best Malfunction Technique (cnn … we seemed to have lost satellite connection)


Lyan Bryan Helter Stelter nominated for the Kingsnake of all media.


Best Verbal Diarrhea by a Correspondent

Best Sarah Sanders "Oh No You Didn't" Moment


Best timed "commercial break"

Best cameraman played witness


"Dumbest question asked at wh presser"

"Worst treasonous insult"


How about an award to the host who’s said offensive words the most often?



>retard Don Lemon

>super edit vid clips



beb87e No.51979


Wow, finished it less that 36 hours after it happened on a HOLIDAY WEEKEND. Hmmm, yeah, that makes sense.

832207 No.51980

File: 0add82631c6593f⋯.jpg (182.31 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, gowdy.jpg)

File: 5a1eefaf4c8752c⋯.jpg (9.22 KB, 120x120, 1:1, noobie.jpg)


7c7a66 No.51981

CNN reporting on Live TV about casino fire!!!


e91c25 No.51982


Hit +Add filter next to military

dbf973 No.51983


Ugh. I mean filter the plane traffic on ADSB exchange. If you're looking at MIL traffic, filter out everything else so you don't have 1000 icons shitting up your screen. Trying to help him planefag.

302cf0 No.51984


Can you please explain the CONF_y

9c94d6 No.51986


or for a MAC


7ec69f No.51987


I have those also, never heard it was fake.

91e946 No.51988


idiot mistake? not on a official airport, thoose things (airplanes) dont miss the runway intentionally. someone had to mess with the controls inside/remotly to put that plane in that position.

its like .. oh nevermind we just stopped lets turn left and go of the cliff … why ? dont ask

498202 No.51989


my apologies

193ff1 No.51990


Nice one!

9b566a No.51991

File: 4a8c004977a242b⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 1800x1500, 6:5, fakenewsawares_cuomo.jpg)


kek….. here is the template for my other image if you want to re-caption

also… his brother is NY guv

8c441b No.51992

File: 94e1a2e179517b5⋯.jpg (6.27 KB, 259x194, 259:194, download.jpg)

…just noticed something

WTF is up with his left eye?

824a38 No.51993

File: 738c3d651080d54⋯.jpg (29.63 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ABC Block.jpg)




I live in the northeast, regular programming is Americans funniest home videos right now on ABC - 7:00 pm start time

30-60 seconds in to show start this message popped up - and is STILL there now at 7:18 pm

Service provider - Comast XFinity

Station: ABC

Anything else weird going on elsewhere???

e9fa82 No.51994

Trey Gowdy

Dir of FBI or CIA

You heard it from me first - anon

00bf63 No.51995


Gowdy is a former prosecutor, he might not want to make this info public and jeopardize any potential investigations.

I'll wait and see what happens after this week before saying not /ourguy/

602ad9 No.51996

remember that Hawaiian judge who blocked POTUS travel ban?

Was he in Hawaii during this whole missile thing?

Is he in Hawaii now?

9b375d No.51997


False. Although TruePundit does often link to other material, they do PLENTY of original content. Particularly with regards to FBI-involved cases.

193ff1 No.51998


It's a scarf – confusing visually

232d10 No.51999


yes! THANK YOU!! :)

76024b No.52000


yea i don't see how i can effectively participate in the twitter storm. i have had three accounts suspended already. stuff gets reported and i end up having to 'verify' myself before i can login again or get outright suspended.

if we have good and bad actors here im sure it's easy for them both to track down who is who and what twitter account belongs to who…im very wary of the whole thing. not concern trolling either just wondering how this will logistically pan out for me.

i'm thinking this is why Q said to focus on just the posts+news that can be easily memed and linked together. then maybe just point people to Q posts with the qustions. they are just questions. people will be curious and seek the answers themselves. i don't think its up to us to post memes of HRC eating babies, first of all b/c there is no proof and secondly, its going to attract the WRONG attention from the WRONG people.

7c8295 No.52001


Take our stuff out there. Do not bring their shit in here. Lurk… Learn…

This is a work space. You all bringing that shit in here just clogs up the threads.

9c94d6 No.52002


Second that.

302cf0 No.52003

"We are at WAR [@]." - Q

Thoughts on the "[@]"?

57af7b No.52004



e91c25 No.52005


Since Q said "who do we trust" (sessions) my guess is head of the newly combined FBI+CIA.

0cf19d No.52006


Good! I didn't know this one was cracked to be the Bangladeshi bomber.

9b375d No.52008


Cyber war. Hence the "@"

3d094f No.52009

File: d7a623ff8d780b1⋯.png (610.13 KB, 752x940, 4:5, b7eba22f4ae535685b8d943821….png)


Needs more info. Can't debunk someone on a single twitter post.

5cb036 No.52010

I'm thinking SC is Sara Carter and she has flipped. My reasoning is based on her most recent comments relating to HRC being duped by f,b,i into thinking pee pee paper was legit. Q stating sources that were previously good are no longer reliable.

3c6043 No.52011



59b809 No.52012


The letter to bush is real the letter to Jelly Belly is fake….

letter to Bush

www.clickhole. com/article/oval-office-tradition-here-letter-advice-president-4477

Fake letter to Jelly Belly


dbf973 No.52013


No worries anon. Equal apologies from me - I should have been clearer.

0391a5 No.52014


That is one psychopathic scumbag.

c7c32c No.52016


War Within - [@]

@ - at war


57af7b No.52017


I'd Like him to answer that on twitter or maybe on live TV

eedfa2 No.52018


Always thought it was King for a day. Fed's let you rat but do not note/record/tape.

bd8363 No.52019


glad you mentioned mevinsky….just did some search and found that marjorie's staffer in st senate was constance h wiliams (Hess corporation family(oil)).

Constance's husband is Sankey v. Williams MD of Penn, professor of internal medicine.

9ea1a3 No.52020


I figured he'd link it out. He is the one guy never dropped the ball on Vegas.

9b375d No.52021



I think you are both WAY exaggerating the position. It's likely for a federal judge position which would be huge in it's own right for all the indictments coming.

92d139 No.52022


Use social media?

14664c No.52023


@War: The Rise of the Military-Internet Complex by Shane Harris

"A surprising, page-turning account of how the wars of the future are already being fought todayThe United States military currently views cyberspace as the “fifth domain” of warfare (alongside land, air, sea, and space), and the Department of Defense, the National Security Agency, and the CIA all field teams of hackers who can, and do, launch computer virus strikes against enemy targets. In fact, as @WAR shows, U.S. hackers were crucial to our victory in Iraq. Shane Harris delves into the frontlines of America’s new cyber war. As recent revelations have shown, government agencies are joining with tech giants like Google and Facebook to collect vast amounts of information. The military has also formed a new alliance with tech and finance companies to patrol cyberspace, and Harris offers a deeper glimpse into this partnership than we have ever seen before. Finally, Harris explains what the new cybersecurity regime means for all of us, who spend our daily lives bound to the Internet — and are vulnerable to its dangers."

e9fa82 No.52024


you think session in charge of fbi/cia? Or TG?

0cf19d No.52025


Or just as likely that "actionable info" didn't work.

I know I trust Gowdy. He made the bad guys' positions untenable. The bad guys were most scared of him when testifying before the House Select Committee on Investigations.

He couldn't indict or prosecute. House or Senate committees don't do that.

4d495b No.52026


Test it by seeing if you can make sense of the sentences with Supreme Court in mind.

8c441b No.52027


Broken windows.


This is going to backfire if you use it.

61da41 No.52029


Disinformation is entirely necessary.

6b5d31 No.52030


Wondered myself. twatter accts usually begin with @ but I'm no codefag..

6fa16e No.52031


looks like some higher up illumanti person punched him in the face…Lynn de Rothschild?

9b566a No.52032

pussibly the earth's magnetic phield is relevant

35340e No.52033


Kek. I don't use my twitter account for anything political. Loving some of the #fakenews award memes. Pretty harmless.

7c7a66 No.52034

File: 4004c149d031e25⋯.jpg (30.95 KB, 586x440, 293:220, DTifaOPVAAA4FqW.jpg)

Fox News‏

Verified account



Follow @FoxNews


Casino boat catches fire off Florida with 50 passengers aboard; 1 reported missing

8c441b No.52035


What youre seeing is the curtains being blown out the window due to the draft.

d0dad5 No.52036

memes will NEVER reach the snowflakes. The would deny all even if it was caught on video.

Our focus should be on INFORMING AND COMFORTING middle of road people and conservatives so they understand what's going on.

Media and Left will be going berserk and calling for impeachment. We have to help counteract it.

Can you imagine the rioting if Obama gets arrested?

This is a HOT war so prepare everyone you know.

458100 No.52037


What’s the deal with Wray.

Is he a placeholder.

0cf19d No.52038


I know I don't care and this seems like a distraction. Trump will handle personnel matters in a good way.

181a30 No.52039

>>51918 Paine has been solid throughout last 2 years. Former FBI. Does lots of investigative work. Has yet to retract anything I have seen. Think Q's message could be read as TG is a rat & is not resigning to testify. But where is he going??

92d139 No.52040

File: 633f3a9ce615be8⋯.jpeg (98.22 KB, 750x500, 3:2, A7FD42AF-6AAF-4EC1-91BC-A….jpeg)

9b375d No.52041



9d83e3 No.52042

Your posting your browser info

c647d9 No.52043


Could Q be teaching us future coms? To recognize out of place @ symbols in the future as relating to being in this covert war?

e9fa82 No.52044


FUCK every time we settle on going somewhere for a vacation. Something happens there! I'm never going to get to go anywhere again.

832207 No.52045

I don't think Gowdy likes Trump. He's in love with that blindfolded lady holding scales. Maybe if he stopped talking tuff and took of his and her blindfold he could see who has been sodomizing her since 1913

76024b No.52046


dafuq you know the lingo of /ourguy/ but don't know how to screenshot on a pc?

4dbc65 No.52047


Meme it: I love the smell of burning nwo trash in the morning or sumthing

efb6ee No.52048


I've watched a lot of the 'travel anomalies' - tons of them. Yes, there are tons of ways to do this. This one looks way to ham-fisted to me to be planned unless they were willing to kill everyone on board. Derive your own conclusion. I never said I knew what it was.

49d4c7 No.52049

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Newsbud/Sibel Edmonds: "Sources Reveal Imminent False-Flag Terror Attacks in China"

>This is an urgent news announcement by Newsbud, based on information received from carefully vetted sources both inside and outside the United States. Radical Cleric Gulen’s Network, CIA’s long-term proxy for Gladio B false flag terror operations, has issued an action order to its top operatives (aka senior lieutenants) in Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Latvia. These operatives are to act as agent provocateurs- to create violence and terror incidents to be blamed on Uyghurs, an ethnic minority in China’s Xinjiang region, and by doing so, incite the Chinese government to respond with force. As a leading independent media organization Newsbud is releasing and disseminating this urgent announcement now in an attempt to help prevent further terror incidents and carnage. Please do your share and help us disseminate this information.

dbf973 No.52050


Lol WTF? Any other channels? Can you capture a vid? Datestamp with a newspaper or something?

aa5778 No.52051


>"We are at WAR [@]." - Q

>Thoughts on the "[@]"?

Social media warfare. Probably twitter and Gab specifically.

b65df6 No.52052

File: 6a73b4d4a769ca0⋯.jpg (124.11 KB, 500x701, 500:701, 1510280815140.jpg)

File: 8ce6e314a62fc61⋯.jpg (81.72 KB, 434x424, 217:212, 1510813538064.jpg)

Don't forget about the classics.

Memeball would like to play too.

0391a5 No.52053


Yeah, that IS weird.

0cf19d No.52054


This seems like the right mindset. Those with a vested interest in our defeat, either actual or imagined by themselves, are not to be bothered with particularly. But that leaves a broad middle ground, and enough to hold thru the 2018 midterms too.

d216b7 No.52055


I heard this last night but could not find POTUS post with broken links

anyone have screen shot

832207 No.52056



a42651 No.52057


Could also be a conditional marker. Maybe DJT is gonna make a tweet containing "war" combined with some number.

On another note, @ is ascii val 64, one before the A-Z starts.

181a30 No.52058


What is this reddit??? Sauce??

260e8a No.52059


twiiter cuz bye comment..

a63fd1 No.52060

File: ba8192c6adfe428⋯.jpg (20.89 KB, 72x96, 3:4, 148.jpg)

So, who is are the treasonous bastards on the boards? would love a list of IP addresses for raiding for USMC (hint hint BO and crew) set thinthread loose on them Q! lets trace and track them and hunt them to the ends of the unknown universe forever…

beb87e No.52061



e91c25 No.52062


TG… CIA doesn't have a charter or real oversight… roll it into FBI and get oversight from the Justice Department.

00bf63 No.52063





How the Clinton Charity Crime Syndicate

Exploited Desperately Poor Victims

And Likely Diverted Government and Private Donations

For Personal Gain and Other Purposes

14 January 2018


57f346 No.52064

File: 54fb62a699a9ef0⋯.jpg (118.96 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, 022p33s.jpg)

0cf19d No.52065


Or they just didn't pay the fee for that show.

6a8ccc No.52066


Ctl+ print screen

644c0a No.52067


>you're a newfag

>you missed important transfers/shifts

>namefags/famefags tried to become more important than they are

Either trust the masses and dig or move the fuck on. Don't clog up the boards with bullshit.

f0a340 No.52068

Uh hey guys, an anon mentioned there was a rundown on the Argentina Sub in a previous thread. Anyone know what # it was?

cc3aca No.52069


91e946 No.52070


someone passed this to me some time ago;

if you were on the titanic and know it was doomed,

would you waste your time convincing the non believers ? Or would you rush to the lifeboats coordinating efforts with thoose in the know ?

6b5d31 No.52071



Thanks anons

402237 No.52072



6b1d0c No.52073

File: fa59483b8bc632f⋯.jpg (102.71 KB, 862x649, 862:649, Lose.JPG)

66480a No.52074

File: ff1dc8d3882de94⋯.jpg (59.87 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, satan.JPG)

File: 60ab6e6ceb6e4ac⋯.jpg (65.81 KB, 604x835, 604:835, gloria14.jpg)


Anderson Pooper

e40eec No.52075


Sounds like POTUS

a2cfd2 No.52076


>being this retarded


76024b No.52077


…and that was likely just a parable written by men…

05c37e No.52078

File: 7851f51372555b5⋯.png (851.8 KB, 999x594, 37:22, CyberGorillaWarfare.png)










full of noise and shilling and filler

full of anons and anons and heroes


598869 No.52079


No a select committee is formed in legislature to deal with special issues.

Scope of each committee is highly variable.

Just look it up on Wikipedia for past examples.

4dbc65 No.52080


So.. Thats why we get a BIG FF and. Geotus can call in emergency measures.

cd74a6 No.52081

File: e1f1369f237e786⋯.jpeg (325.82 KB, 1242x1656, 3:4, 563C9F03-DD4D-485E-86B9-9….jpeg)

e9fa82 No.52082


No sauce needed

I'm just smart

Done figure me out several these damn strings

Best mark it down as d. u. n.

fa5d2b No.52083


LOL, MATURE woman here, not tech savvy. Been here for months lurking and digging

e43e8f No.52084


I'm getting normal program… AFV. Comcast too.

6b1d0c No.52085




>Slush Fund

>>Hussein [1] $29,000,000 SINGAPORE

>>We don't say his name [2] $19,000,000 SINGAPORE

(Why don't we say his name?)

>>HRC/BC [3] $15,000,000 Banco de MEXICO

>>NP [4] $8,000,000 Deutsche Bank USA



FOCUS on loudest voices in WASH.

Net Worth?


7481ea No.52087


Love this one…good work anon!

7212cc No.52088

File: ae8ac533608ceb0⋯.jpg (510.9 KB, 1576x833, 1576:833, FAKE NEWS - way off 1.jpg)

File: 0ce47ddaed0e2f2⋯.jpg (484.86 KB, 1576x833, 1576:833, FAKE NEWS - way off 2.jpg)


Made to order

4 incoming - same theme, different demographics - have tried 6 times to post, not working (((for some reason)))


I'll make more



3c5e3c No.52089


HEC = House Ethics Committee

F9 = Shutdown

3c6043 No.52090


Possible that TG didn’t pass on intentionally? If he’s a WH then maybe TP’s info wasn’t supposed to be acted upon?

d26ad1 No.52091


I look at it as good thing you didn't go today; something screwed up is bound to happen at some timeline in the space that you occupy at any given time, and that screwed up thing just got out of the way in Florida! Now you're safe to go!!

123608 No.52093


try making the text bigger so it goes across the bottom. No need to break it in 4 lines. Or break up the text top and bottom - but make bigger. Then u should be good to go.


>we have been praying. the answer is empower yourself with knowledge, and just don't believe everything you read. For example: "I read it on the internet, so it must be true."

I've personally only been able to find through by digging into alternately media and hashing it out here on with this lovely growing group of peeps.

bd8363 No.52094


this is perfect.

824a38 No.52095


wish i had a vid of when it happened!

1c5ed0 No.52096


Ctl+ print screen

a2cfd2 No.52097


>not your personal army

namefag, BE GONE!

2be94e No.52098


Wasn't he pimpin' new security scanners after the vegas shooting?

8ee132 No.52100


Twitter always uses @.

Did anyone see this? Remember what Q wrote in one of his last posts about @Jack?

Laura Loomer‏ 



Follow @LauraLoomer


Tomorrow's @Project_Veritas @JamesOKeefeIII video is SO egregious, @jack will have to address it, or else his users, both liberal and conservative will not feel comfortable on the platform.

When you see what PV caught @Twitter doing w/ your information, you will be outraged!

12:55 PM - 14 Jan 2018 from New York, USA

ec2590 No.52101

Think xkeysc on steroids.


644c0a No.52102


Can't believe it took this long for someone to get it.

c7de6c No.52103


King if the witness is male maybe? ;)

0cf19d No.52104


If he were a bad guy they'd make him testify anyway. I don't actually understand why membership on a committee would have an effect on whether he would testify in any particular matter.

Unless it gets him off the committee before hearings where he would be asking questions, then be asked to testify about his preparation or involvement in those hearings … only logical story I can put together but very farfetched.

I don't get from this at all the TG is a bad guy. He's still on several other committees.

27a52b No.52105

WHERE the hell can I find the FOX THREE SPLASH q post? It’s not on the github or the graphics

98cb98 No.52106


He specifically asked us to prep the normies for a tweetstorm

123608 No.52109



>maybe try darker text?

9ea1a3 No.52110


She was awesome today again, as usual. Dignity. Knows her uncle's true message, and not the bastardization. I have read all the crazy stuff in the JFK files about him, alot of hearsay to make him look nuts, but he didn't want welfare, and he didn't want supremacy.

43c6cf No.52111

Can any anon here post me the info graphic for Q posts when he was posting on HALF CHAN? I am trying to red pill a family member.

1c5ed0 No.52112

R. E. A. D.


a63fd1 No.52113


hmm…oh yeah the dude that there is a picture of him giving a hummer to GWB…I would if he is:

Novice = spits

professional = swallows

show-off= gargles ???

7212cc No.52114

File: 7269b7d0e603862⋯.jpg (289.7 KB, 1577x827, 1577:827, FAKE NEWS - way off 3.jpg)

File: 4a9eeb15ae5ad78⋯.jpg (310.24 KB, 1577x827, 1577:827, FAKE NEWS - way off 4.jpg)

File: 810e6226b1d7ca1⋯.jpg (321.79 KB, 816x1056, 17:22, FEAR NOT 1.jpg)



>You are not alone


As requested

57af7b No.52115



8c441b No.52117


She has mean right hook.

0ac607 No.52119



I take it as Safe Comms? Yes. i.e. we are safe in communication. the boards are monitored. We go through major neurosis every 12-18 hours…more frequently if there are no new drops. I take it that we are being reassured. Up to you.

d26ad1 No.52120


Exactly: we have a God-given BS filter, it's just a matter of using it effectively

0da309 No.52121


Don't dox yourself. Don't need to know anything but that yonu're an ano

7ec69f No.52122


I think he is involved…

Strong links to Israel (citizen) plus everything evil…

The Honorable Michael Chertoff is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of BAE Systems, Inc., the U.S.-based subsidiary of BAE Systems plc. The U.S. headquartered business employs approximately 32,000 employees in the U.S., UK, Sweden, and Israel, and generated 2016 sales of approximately $10 billion.

Chertoff is Chairman and Founder of the Chertoff Group, a security and risk management advisory firm with offices in Washington, D.C., New York and London. Chertoff is also senior of counsel at Covington & Burling LLP's Washington, D.C. office and a member of the White Collar Defense and Investigations practice group.

fa5d2b No.52123

Gowdy, a Republican, tendered his resignation Jan. 11 from the powerful ethics committee. His new position as Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee prompted the resignation, according to a letter Gowdy sent to House Majority Leader Rep. Paul Ryan. per the daily caller

efb6ee No.52125


Good question. But would it be worth that missile event to get him or could they just roll in and arrest him? I suspect not worth it (but there could be multiple goals.)

09bb7b No.52127


It's there, dec 18

e9fa82 No.52128

File: 07ed46c9f5b6d62⋯.jpg (17.83 KB, 275x183, 275:183, tor_pedo.jpg)


you can also blame me for this theory

I call it the S.S. Tor_Pedo

Cause I suggest it was hijacked by the Clowns

who work for the Pedos

Hence Tor_Pedo

1c5ed0 No.52129

There’s that random period again… 52107

bae319 No.52130

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZAQNo9bXwI&ab_channel=StayingFocusedForJesus

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOqiorNCMFU&ab_channel=ronjohnson

ec2590 No.52131

0ac607 No.52135



want me to dig on Sankey for a while?

76024b No.52136


i literally use it for shitposting memes and random bullshit when im bored at work. and just clicking around looking at shit bc you need an account now to read into comment sections, which you didn't used to need. i don't have connections to anyone i know in real life on there. but i got suspended really fucking easily. had plenty of times where i needed to verify my phone or email or told i violated TOS.

18afa8 No.52137

File: b59fbfe2bb34ee4⋯.jpg (75.31 KB, 700x366, 350:183, allwereextremelycriminal.jpg)

ec2590 No.52138



e91c25 No.52141



Good Summary!

70dece No.52142

We need some TWITTER LIES memes.

123608 No.52144


>what's your device?

Depends if you are pc/mac or tablet/mobile

8c441b No.52145


Awesome. We will have plenty of ammo Wed. Keep up the great work, anon.

2037e5 No.52146

File: 01807e27a1f4d28⋯.png (348.5 KB, 661x500, 661:500, TheBestTimeline.png)

7c8295 No.52147


not boomers.

newfags, simplefags, can't/don't readfags, and mentally-deficientfags.

36fa19 No.52148


gwb needs to be in it

92d139 No.52150

File: cf001bdd41cf0b5⋯.jpeg (97.93 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 434210B9-7FEF-40B7-BA1E-8….jpeg)

c7de6c No.52151


Maybe hoping for too much, but t'would make sense given his recent tweets and the CHECKMATE thing from Q.

e9fa82 No.52153


On Gowdy - I've seen him long enough

Seems like he's tore into bad guys lot longer than the rest. he's stood up for what was right many times.

He don't seem like party/bribe kind of guy. But who knows.

Shit you never know anything.

Anyone who gets on here and says they "KNOW" anything is usually famefagging or just looking for TLC. How can we know anything.

We just make guesses about everyone/everything.

So my guess is Gowdy good guy.

4d495b No.52154


Are you meaning "Security" Council or is there a "Supreme" Council that I need to be aware of?

3a7086 No.52155


Q says:


>Disinformation is necessary

Trey Gowdy is /ourguy/ don't lose focus.

832207 No.52156


that's a possibility….i always liked trey but YA NEVER know till they prove it one way or the other

123608 No.52157


> Excellent! This can target many. The main big font gets the normies - Qbox draws in others.


ba4062 No.52158



8bb10c No.52159


Baker, Just noticed my text dump of DJT tweets in Zulu time is no longer in the batter, Was there something wrong with it or is it no longer needed. https:// pastebin.com/vR2SukEC

76024b No.52161


github.io search is tempermental. type fox without a space after the word.

598869 No.52163


Geezus I’m glad someone finally said this.

I love TPaine but he’s kinda throwing a tantrum.

8decad No.52164



Thank you! I was looking for that.

8c441b No.52165

File: 94e1a2e179517b5⋯.jpg (6.27 KB, 259x194, 259:194, download.jpg)


Thanks anon. Good info, however /here/

"We dont like to say his name" = (pic related)

It's beyond confirmed.

0213f0 No.52166


would love to see a count on how many times the supposed comment has been repeated on the different "news" stations. maybe the "leaker" could present the "golden toilet", "incontinence award" ? seriously, a count would be awesome, online, on tv, public airways….it's an alter-reality where we have "sh*thole" on every front page….hahaha, what a show :)

ec2590 No.52170


what is it they say?

no coincidences?

0da309 No.52171


And then you stil don't know… Sucks..

8c441b No.52172



260e8a No.52173


49d4c7 No.52175

File: 2fb10e79565c914⋯.jpg (332.76 KB, 1024x1017, 1024:1017, DThyuzsX4AAtmF_.jpg)


He's the Pooper Scooper

Light is gonna find him

Like it always does…

0970ef No.52176


Agreed. SC /= Special Consul

I like SC = Security Concern more also.

3c2a54 No.52178


Funniest home video's should be censored kek

6b1d0c No.52180

File: 9916dc7cf9adf7c⋯.jpg (51.03 KB, 355x505, 71:101, TruthLeader.JPG)

0da309 No.52181

Trust. Hard to earn. Easy to lose.

498202 No.52182

somebody is deleting posts again

3c2a54 No.52183


That is what nightmares are made from!

6fa16e No.52184




4227ae No.52185



76024b No.52188


exactly. people are always calling so and so a traitor and 'he needs to hang' but even Q said many good guys were basically forced to do bad bc their lives and their families and possibly other innocent americans were threatened. put yourself into that place. do this or i murder your whole family…freaking tough choice m8s. and then all we 'know' is what we hear on the news. fucking fake news! we don't know any damn thing that happens behind closed doors. up could be down and right could be left. we have been epic-ly lied to.

c411fd No.52189


I had black commercials this morning too

3c2a54 No.52190


I mean strips pyjamas with check wall paper!!! these people are animals!! KEK

cedf26 No.52191


KNOW your surroundings = know how to get out

Tactics shift to threats and hostages = self explanatory

IMO Q is saying will be a hostage type situation as a FF to shift the news away from the storm. Know your surroundings so you can get out and keep safe. Maybe in LV since its mentioned in the same post

9c94d6 No.52192

Does this make any sense?

https //www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?SID=6c116171e1e6ce19f432b37b56c77d70&mc=true&node=pt8.1.239&rgn=div5

SC: Seek immediate (F9-Sx_VB8239)

Seek immediate

F9–Sx = Falcon 9 SpaceX

V = Visa

B8 = Title/Bulletin 8 CFR Aliens and Nationality (and Visas)

239 = Part 239 Initiation of Removal proceedings

d26ad1 No.52193


He's too annoying to them to be one of theirs; by annoying I mean raking them over the coals every chance he gets in a committee hearing

5275ab No.52196

I have always loved Paine's work, but I see a lot of ppl questioning it now on twitter. Not sure what to think…and he is very irritable most of the time. He rips a lot of ass in the comments >>52163


c7de6c No.52198


Soft disclosure for normies maybe.

1c5ed0 No.52199



91e946 No.52203



91e946 No.52206

4dbc65 No.52207


Ive been working my fucking ass of making a vid an d u faggs dont even reply. Fuck this.

4d495b No.52209


Would be nice to see a passenger list.

76024b No.52212


this smells like project blue beam to me…

1c5ed0 No.52214


Either that or Sarah Carter. I can’t give up on that fir some reason

598869 No.52217



Someone keeping track of what has been reviewed, like a bookmark.



e394c9 No.52218

File: ca64defe1f09744⋯.png (87.51 KB, 196x256, 49:64, GlowingClown_1b.png)

00bf63 No.52220

bb0736 No.52464

Seek for similarities

Jan 14 2018 20:49:27

SC: MISINFO everywhere. >all media broadcast same shit

SC: MISINFO from past reliable sources. >not reliable anymore

SC: AXIS OF EVIL can & will return FIRE [is]. >bad actors

SC: Seek immediate [F9-Sx_VB8239]. >command

SC: CONF_y >Confirmed

Jan 14 2018 21:18:16

SILENCE [187] - no risk [no capture - dead on arrival]. >the shit


SILENCE [LV witnesses]? >IS bad actors

SILENCE [LV-FBI]? >Command


bae319 No.52465

This is about clocks and time in luciferian cermonial use ie demonic invocation.

They may be using time as Q is. Starting at 30:31 on this YT video of CERN ceremony (diabolic) w Merkel and othersa in attendance https:// youtu.be/dZAQNo9bXwI?t=30m31s

96f1f3 No.52470


Because we have not yet reached the depths of depravity. They have more to come.

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