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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 077ab1e7aaf2fbf⋯.jpg (521.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 077ab1e7aaf2fbfea054d57ecf….jpg)

4d6d34 No.572648

READ THIS FIRST! (we mean it!)

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Sunday 3.04.18


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Saturday 3.03.18

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>>475441 Coincidences

>>475991 Its always about the $$$$$

>>472426 rt >>472314 Confirms BHO-Hezbollah link

Thursday, 2.22.18

>>466606 People Kill People

>>466308 DIVIDED

>>466142 This should scare you (deep state/others)

>>466048 rt >>465930 Breaking up something this big?

>>465919 Clowns in China/other

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>>544304 A demonstration was made today in front of the WH...



2018 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States

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f321b6 No.572723

File: 4043681a111ced7⋯.jpg (48.79 KB, 471x255, 157:85, df.jpg)

File: 58ce80270c0153b⋯.jpg (62.68 KB, 473x284, 473:284, df2.jpg)

This is how you countermeme.

Deep Fake means Clinton tapes are fake? Well, guess the moon landing was faked too.

b7d9cb No.572741

Prayer I repeat several times a day

Good Lord God Almighty

Your Will be done

Bless our Bread and Bakers, Sauce providers and Eaters

Forgive us when we slam each other, as we want them to forgive us when we get pissy

Lead us not into the dark side

Deliver us from the Evil that has overcome the world around us

Your kingdom come, your Will be done, here in the USA

335f8f No.572742


Twitter up the sticky note campaign.

We need to find sources of cheap ways to buy from a business online and also by cash at a local store. Avery makes plenty of printer friendly sticker templates as an idea. Don't necessarily use as main if better found OBVIOUSLY, just a starter option.

b6e085 No.572743


Some asswipe put a sticker on my truck one day and got a beatdown for it. Go ahead.........I think its a bad idea

0620f0 No.572744

[Insert post about Psychological Momentum here because I'm phonefagging and we're already on fucking FIRE]

c0e6da No.572745

File: 28174d51cdc8d66⋯.png (330.87 KB, 635x357, 635:357, Screenshot-2018-3-6 Kill y….png)

ae32e2 No.572746

File: 95eab34e8625814⋯.jpg (299.97 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, NKtalks1.jpg)

86ee5e No.572747

File: c47077e14003bec⋯.jpeg (90.8 KB, 561x499, 561:499, 70279CCF-9F89-4646-8D25-0….jpeg)

335f8f No.572748


place on concrete buildings and telephone poles =P

c83b1b No.572749

File: 89a973964dd8dfe⋯.png (34.43 KB, 751x308, 751:308, Donald J. Trump on Twitter….png)

747363 No.572750


Italy (Begin)

Germany (Super Swamp)

Sweden (Crisis)

France (Swamp)

Poland (????)

Spain (Swamp, and also deals with SpaceX)

Austria (?????)

7d6019 No.572751

>>571657 "Watch the WATER" @ GRAPHIC

>>571767 Clean Action/Next Stage

>>566049 Steel/ Get Angry

d5ea17 No.572752

802692 No.572753

Well… Savage is going on about the environment and rebuking POTUS on the extraction of our mineral resources.

Strike three.

a628c6 No.572754


maybe hes inducing the roommate dies in college clause? lol

0620f0 No.572755

053949 No.572756

File: 1322416ae9bc9d9⋯.jpg (159.76 KB, 977x545, 977:545, # ShrinersHospitalMap.jpg)

File: 1edbf54fc1752ef⋯.jpg (129.56 KB, 967x493, 967:493, # ShrinersHospitalsMap2.jpg)

>Local 'staging' ports friendly to CF?

Shriners Children's Hospitals have a network of hospitals covering the US and one near Mexico City (pic related - see hearts). The Shriners are a masonic order closely connected to the Royal Order of Jesters and The Order of Q.

The Order of Quetzalcoatl, colloquially known as the "Q", is a Masonic invitational body. It is heavily involved in philanthropy, and its main contribution is towards transportation funds for Shriners hospitals.

"You can expect to see the Jesters marching in the local Halloween parades, or working with local Shepherds Units to transport children to area Shriner's Hospitals."

Research into the Royal Order of Jesters brings up reports of prostitution, trafficking and of members enjoying underage girls as 'trip companions'. A number of the Shriner Hospitals BOD's and top Shriners have national freight and 'removals' businesses.

Could this be the network?

0dd91e No.572757


The fucked up thing is that dead cats really do bounce. Don't ask me how I learned this, it was gross enough watching it happen.

dc4eb0 No.572758


poland woke af

Austria too

ba8599 No.572759

And another hit pc.

BREAKING: Stormy Daniels sues Donald Trump, says "hush agreement" invalid because he never signed.

006ee8 No.572760

File: 369034e46ace2ab⋯.png (513.07 KB, 550x978, 275:489, Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at ….png)

There is a third book. It has 5 acts.

2e556f No.572761


Economic. (Paul Craig Roberts) Patriot

747363 No.572762



d94d91 No.572763

File: 708e24a44627651⋯.jpg (65.42 KB, 740x457, 740:457, Dead cat bounce MSM.jpg)


Thanks to this anon for the words.

ba8599 No.572764


https:// twitter.com/NBCPolitics/status/971187465208958976

b7d9cb No.572765


Lord God Almighty,

Thy Will be done.


b43943 No.572766


If Mnuchin stepped down, i would be worried. Chief Economic Advisor is philosophical and has very limited power. Easy to swap.

20ea9a No.572767

File: 1f54a467b079895⋯.jpg (110.08 KB, 1097x921, 1097:921, Pro_Hillary_map.jpg)

Since we're going after Clinton for child trafficking out of Haiti, recall the Haitian childrens' charity funded by the Clinton Foundation, across the street from Comet Ping Pong.

a45c24 No.572769


Like the old "Who is John Galt?"

"Who is Q?"

b2aaaa No.572771


never forgotten…

0336b3 No.572772

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Thomas Paine does an EXCELLENT job explaining the new annex EO from 3/1/18!

Must watch!

f321b6 No.572774

File: 2707d3a8a917a70⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1400x5552, 175:694, steelgate.png)

Here's a classic cap that someone just reposted about how bad the Chinese steel industry is.

9afb07 No.572775


hitting a 99999 on any game is considered a max hit. so think Q means their about to do maximum damage.

a62cee No.572776

Found something on Haiti and staging.

http:// www.portstoragedelivery.com/

3c6ae4 No.572777


Yeah, never place on "private property".

b1bfb1 No.572778

File: 6cb984bc5e819e9⋯.jpeg (33.45 KB, 340x270, 34:27, 13E8DED5-0D12-4F4D-AA2E-8….jpeg)

File: a6d232de90a5ed6⋯.jpeg (36.14 KB, 340x270, 34:27, 9386EFB8-06F7-4803-96A2-6….jpeg)

File: dcf53f8c67676a0⋯.jpeg (62.68 KB, 590x393, 590:393, 1A966233-78F4-4E59-B4F5-5….jpeg)

File: 341d63cef98f275⋯.jpeg (23.05 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 7A528071-5BDC-4917-88E7-8….jpeg)

File: 208ca1e1f8a6047⋯.jpeg (94.99 KB, 425x417, 425:417, E714D9E3-4EB7-4B4E-9E7F-2….jpeg)

7b4b72 No.572779

11/11/18 Armistice Day

Remembering the day the War to End all Wars finally ended

41ff3c No.572780

File: 28d20408caac051⋯.png (232.08 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Coming_to_a_theater_soon.png)

0dd91e No.572781


Oh NBC? They're as bad as CNN. Probably worse.

b2aaaa No.572782


also connection to pegasus museum and underground tunnels

747363 No.572783


#Koreareunification? hashtag?

f1f20b No.572784


Sergei Skripal, 66, who was part of the 2010 US-Russian swap for sexy secret agent Anne Chapman, are hospitalized in critical condition after being found unconscious Sunday in Salisbury, the BBC reported.

https:// nypost.com/2018/03/06/woman-found-unconscious-with-ex-russian-spy-is-his-daughter/

https:// www.theguardian.com/world/2010/jul/09/russian-spies-swap-us

Moscow and Washington orchestrated the biggest and least secret spy swap in decades today, a face-saving handover that transferred 10 Russian "sleepers" arrested in America last week to Russia in return for four alleged double agents.


Anna Chapman, a 28-year-old former Barclays Bank employee who spent several years working in London.


Britain has a direct interest in Skripal, a former Russian army colonel convicted of passing the identities of Russian agents working undercover in Europe to MI6.


The discovery of the Skripals raised comparisons to the death of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko, who died of radioactive poisoning in a London hospital in November 2006.


Murdered with polonium, Litvinenko was.

https:// www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/russian-spy-poisoned-polonium-chilling-12133755

^Mentions another death, Alexander Perepilichnyy, who was helping Hermitage Capital Management, which brings us right back to Magnitsky Act and the Fusion GPS via Bill Browder.

b1bfb1 No.572785


No Bodies Cogitating

2fc1a8 No.572788


It was a kid saying we should secure schools before talking about gun control... said he was very angry at Hogg

b2aaaa No.572789


makes sense why search came up all COD games etc

779831 No.572790

File: 365a38d50de7052⋯.jpg (62.78 KB, 867x492, 289:164, YogiBomb.jpg)

be2f23 No.572791

File: 0eb894ba4871b51⋯.jpg (116.76 KB, 736x1104, 2:3, f40909cf7dccced0028445f046….jpg)

File: 7a921563892d588⋯.png (615.4 KB, 467x686, 467:686, 7a921563892d58819fe02687f9….png)

File: 051b4d3a8ba799a⋯.jpg (25.91 KB, 360x360, 1:1, raf,360x360,075,t,fafafa_c….jpg)

File: 47ff3fb1fe0bb8a⋯.jpg (87.92 KB, 1152x897, 384:299, CunvgdvXYAAD1tm.jpg)


Thank you Baker

4d6d34 No.572792


ae32e2 No.572793

SAE Steel Grades.


7ec8fc No.572794

File: 9f9f21070afa7d1⋯.jpeg (234.57 KB, 1200x883, 1200:883, 074E70B1-8A4C-48CA-A2DA-A….jpeg)

File: ff3248035c321a3⋯.jpeg (282.5 KB, 1125x1315, 225:263, 15064E17-FD0D-4A0D-B3C8-5….jpeg)

File: 8a53c300a238ead⋯.jpeg (358.22 KB, 1125x1536, 375:512, 411F461D-5865-4EC6-A162-6….jpeg)

Between Q, Wikileaks, the news/MSM and historical public record, we have ALL the pieces we need to put the puzzle together, anons!

WE MUST dig dig dig into ALL the Wikileaks archives and previous Q posts that tie all irrefutable AND circumstantial evidence together regarding HRC, Haiti and alleged human trafficking.

Our PROOFS and MAP are imperative because MSM will claim any video capturing HRC in the most unethical deplorable position as a fake digital fabrication.


We Are The Line That Lies Can’t Cross. Stay relentless and unmerciful!


a8712f No.572795

About "Q" sticker the world idea from last bread. I don't want to slide, just help. Let me know if I should STFU about it, but I think it might work! >>572719

It's mindless. Takes zero time out of your day, almost free. It would stick out. If enough of us do it, people would start to question and start digging all on their own. And we anons would know that there are fellow anons in our communities. You know, like Q said, Unite... and it would happen organically.kek.... keep them in your glovebox, pocket, purse, whatever. ... When at the movies, work, restaurant, grocery store, intersection ( lamp posts) ...anywhere! Just slap one on as you're passing by and keep it moving! .... What do anons think?

b7d9cb No.572796

ed6169 No.572797

Learn double meanings!

Steet= Steel as in Dosier

b61eaa No.572798

File: 08818d3766e7c63⋯.png (8.26 KB, 264x191, 264:191, masonlogo2.png)

We are everywhere.



You have more than you know


779831 No.572799

File: a642fdb2c2ef276⋯.jpg (183.42 KB, 945x711, 105:79, USAID.jpg)

bc5c73 No.572800



So basically it's any that start with a C end in a C or have a C in them.

b1bfb1 No.572801



(His Will, Always Done!)

04c4a7 No.572802


Anon mentioned sticky notes. That would be the fastest and easiest thing to do.

1647fa No.572803


and all around the world.


747363 No.572804



it needs more countries…, Campaigns…

4f74a8 No.572805


Spain is going to break apart. Fight another Civil War.

779831 No.572806

File: 88a1061c4cffb7a⋯.jpg (49.66 KB, 516x335, 516:335, Mason Goat Fuckers.JPG)

File: dfc9bcae59501ed⋯.jpg (46.04 KB, 501x321, 167:107, Masonic Goats.JPG)

File: daff41fd20fa9aa⋯.jpg (54.94 KB, 556x475, 556:475, MasonicGoat.JPG)

File: 92f21143bdaa432⋯.jpg (35.43 KB, 778x404, 389:202, MasonicTempleBoys.JPG)

0336b3 No.572807


Okay anons stop reading my mind!

48d851 No.572808


This is all about gentics and bloodlines. Epigenetic memory.

7cf7d3 No.572809

File: f518baf89640d07⋯.png (863.43 KB, 610x934, 305:467, bVjo8sh.png)

>slide, but funny

335f8f No.572810


just the LETTER Q. Any font/size, but just a Q. NO PERSONAL PROPERTY.

The who or what is will be implied and add to intrigue.

We need to recognize each other without doxxing first. Build the army. The internet is strong, but hard to find real world human connections on local scale.

747363 No.572811


Catalonia.., Guilty of Soros…

e4341d No.572812

>>572151 (last bread)

words of wisdom

4ecc93 No.572813

File: 80a543d2d95b2f8⋯.png (818.66 KB, 951x606, 317:202, ClipboardImage.png)

Beautiful bread, Baker.

5486cb No.572814

Remember Erik Prince:

http:// www.breitbart.com/radio/2016/11/04/erik-prince-nypd-ready-make-arrests-weiner-case/

"(raw vid 5:5)


Astounding claims from Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater on Clinton & NYPD

5:02 PM Nov 4, 2016 "

EX-rvid5574 = Exhibit raw video 5:5 … 74 (?)

4f74a8 No.572815


Q Knows

747363 No.572816



52990c No.572817

>>572674 - from last bread

My favorite tactic is post it notes in bathroom stalls. Easy to do secretly and doesn’t mar a surface.

Just get some and write Q in black sharpie. All it takes is a person seeing it, puzzled and they google it. It spreads from there.

ba8599 No.572818


That's not the point.

The point is the MSM is working overtime tonight to trash trump.

The Sheeple are getting riled up & distracted so whatever big news that is about to drop, will be ignored.

Are you new?!

Or just stupid?


b1bfb1 No.572819


Believe China produced superior steel for enemy…fool!

ba0ba4 No.572822

File: 6877d130d7b8122⋯.png (51.29 KB, 859x140, 859:140, Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at ….png)

File: 21566cd4fd9e00e⋯.png (32.51 KB, 766x143, 766:143, Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at ….png)

7c4b97 No.572823

Now with less funding for clowns.

arstechnica. com/information-technology/2018/03/dod-napalms-950m-aws-buy-burning-it-back-by-90-percent/

41ff3c No.572824

File: 4f094d5995ae790⋯.png (200.7 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Unmasking_the_Cults.png)

04c4a7 No.572825


hive mind

hive mind

hive mind

embrace the hive mind

c83b1b No.572826


The Foundation's should be priority, following the money always leads to crimes.

b1bfb1 No.572827


They know the end is nigh.

2ec43f No.572828


is not mine. Was "13013 NOVA BLUE CORP" first, went "AI" yesterday and is now called "17" while changing all content. I honestly have no truck with it and I am truly sorry to have led you to think I was promoting anything whatsoever. Dismiss this if you please, no offense. It was a spook channel prolly, can't say which side for sure. They know an awful lot on Q methods and comms, go read their subtexts in the last two vids and judge for yerself.

TY for responding anyway, I'm still curious, but it's very shilly and hostile here today.

2fc1a8 No.572829

Why Haiti? 4 things strike me.

1. location.. very close to usa

2. very poor… can get kids easily without anyone looking for them

3. only black kids… why would this matter? Are they all into black kids? They couldn't all be?

4. Gov't VERY corrupt and could easily be bought and convinced to turn a blind eye or even help

a077cb No.572830

File: bc6c881d98c258a⋯.jpg (191.65 KB, 1200x669, 400:223, IMG_1052.JPG)


Way underrated

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moonwalkers_(film)

a8712f No.572831


I'm a polishamericanfag with family over the pond. I'm here to tell you that you are absolutely correct anon. Woke AF. We have deep history with the cabal and Islam. Poland will die protecting herself. Bog, honor, ojczyzna. God, honor, motherland. In that order. Poland strong! Never again

4ecc93 No.572832


Your overly emotional concern is duly noted.


598ca1 No.572833


Phone fag? Are you that guy that keeps offering me a better rate on a credit card I do not have?

[insert phone in caller's Whoops! meme]

Kidding. Good work anon.

397963 No.572834

Interesting….All I know is Prince isn't the guy to mess with. He is everywhere


ba8599 No.572835


Apparently! It is Following tonight on Twitter. All the MSM dirtbag accounts are throwing out anything they can. It's amusing.

b1bfb1 No.572836


Best leave manure in stall.

94266e No.572838


Austria is gtg

2fc1a8 No.572839


Erik Prince's sister is Betsy DeVos

747363 No.572840


FLOTUS is Slovenian.., hmm., Maybe FLOTUS do something with ancient countries of Yugoslavia?

ba8599 No.572841


You being a retarded asshole is noted as well.



b2aaaa No.572843


steel as in steal

397963 No.572844


The videos of Polish patriots give me the misty eyes…..

aa62e4 No.572845

File: 4efec5645ce5738⋯.jpg (51.38 KB, 1105x821, 1105:821, GorkaTweet.jpg)


ba8599 No.572846



7d6019 No.572847

Thirsty? >>571657

Stick until carrot. Hunt those connections @ people.

b1bfb1 No.572848


Msm morning shows

forced friendly banter

seamless flow absent



972b20 No.572849

File: eb6fe18ede761a4⋯.jpg (5.71 KB, 218x232, 109:116, images.jpg)

7f3834 No.572850


So then an average Tuesday night, gotcha.

88269d No.572851


That's definitely a possibility anon.

b7d9cb No.572853


oh yea, and God - PLEASE keep surrounding our POTUS with your angels, asking in the name of our Savior Jesus, Amen.

ac938e No.572856

File: fa75a09d11fe8e1⋯.jpg (108.3 KB, 820x609, 820:609, cf_donors.JPG)

https:// www.clintonfoundation.org/contributors

ae32e2 No.572857

File: 28b8c4d5a1a1d5f⋯.jpg (309.44 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, NKtalks2.jpg)



I'd like the person tweeting it to apply the appropriate hashtag – not on the graphic but in their tweet. My approach is to make less ephemeral memes that might last through several hashtag changes.

0dd91e No.572858

File: 3abe01819930e8d⋯.png (55.17 KB, 600x510, 20:17, 3abe01819930e8d0ce816b954c….png)

>ba8599 No.572818

Thou art protesting too much.

Kill thine self, O ass pounded faggot!

cbc989 No.572859


And train tracks sabotaged. Did someone (Trump) invent new high strength rails? Lol. World is a mixture of 1984 and atlas shrugged. Hopefully we won't see Red Dawn.

ab4c91 No.572860

File: 84e455e644a2ae0⋯.png (676.89 KB, 1211x805, 173:115, ClipboardImage.png)

Tucker Carlson on Fox atm.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDlNbOAAEAE

waiting on hannity.

598ca1 No.572861


that Toight

be2f23 No.572862


I was thinking of stickers earlier too, bumper stickers. Guess we all must be on the same wave length, WHERE WE GO ONE WE GO ALL. Excellent idea anon,, I thought before about fliers, and putting them on cars , maybe 4 x8 size,, not a big sheet of paper.

Also in 2016 they did Bernie bridges . Have some anons in different major cities, go hang a banner off a bridge over interstate.. ( they got alot of notice, they were on local news) Maybe an idea for the future, or more in the spring.)

5bed1d No.572863

MSM near dead

ba8599 No.572865


I posted in the last thread about it too, but there has been a lot more negative stories in the past 2 hours than usual.

I need to go buy popcorn

c83b1b No.572866


The poorest country's have NO Documentation, So therefore no one can prove any MISSING person.

evil fukk's

b1bfb1 No.572867


Anon agrees amen.

1647fa No.572868

File: dc53f0b87f3f43e⋯.jpg (94.55 KB, 740x457, 740:457, catbounce.jpg)

Think circle

Holy Holy Holy is the Lord

Everything hidden shall be brought into the light

0336b3 No.572869

2e556f No.572870

Why did President Abraham Lincoln cut ties with the Vatican?

Why did President Reagan restore ties to the Vatican in 1984? The first time since Lincoln.

a077cb No.572871

File: f46b2327c1d891f⋯.jpg (123.02 KB, 660x582, 110:97, IMG_1012.JPG)



a8712f No.572872


I think sticky notes would fly away in the wind, and too easy to remove. You can just buy printer ready sticker paper, and even if you don't have a printer, get a sharpie and slap that beautiful Q on it! Bam!

b1bfb1 No.572873



easy prey

7affe0 No.572874

>>572002 (previous bread)

I've been thinking on how this might play out. With all the muh Russia shit being used against Trump in the MSM, wouldn't it be ironic and especially devastating if the KO info came FROM Russia? Putin comes out in WORLD media (starts in Russian media which CAN'T censor him) and says "USA? Yeah we did it." MSM: "collusion?" Putin: "nah, didn't want USA meddling in Russian affairs, took steps to make sure it never happens again." MSM: "what did that entail?" BOOM: Putin drops everything (U1, Pedo shit, money theft, ect...), outs every one of these evil fucks, Trump stays squeaky clean and the USA and Russia move forward together to destroy them all: completely united behind this world wide mission of good for the first time in history. Trump and Putin mic drop together, 2018 instantly becomes glorious.

9b9f8e No.572875


Good ole boys planning how they gonna fuck them niggers right up the ass, whoo boy!!

747363 No.572876


End of MSM?

598ca1 No.572877


click show post options and insert vid

bc83fe No.572878

File: 20f1a3ddc5b80b5⋯.jpg (966.21 KB, 1602x1125, 178:125, Timothy_Geithner_with_Hill….jpg)

Anyone dig into this guy yet? Timmy Geithner, a Bush/Hussein lackey from back in the day. He left the Treasury and went to head up a $40 billion firm named Warburg Pincus. Strangely, he claims not to be Jewish but I'd bet money that he is. He was heavily mixed up with the Clinton Global Initiative and also sits on the board of the Council on Foreign Relations which has already been identified (and confirmed by Q) as one of the cabal's more powerful fronts.

https:// www.treasury.gov/press-center/news/Pages/06302011-clinton-global-initiative.aspx



04c4a7 No.572880


Oh shit, they fixed the 4am after it was comped….hahahahahaha

c83b1b No.572881


kek kek BOOM !

0dd91e No.572882

File: db1cddca05fad16⋯.png (45.15 KB, 600x518, 300:259, db1cddca05fad160814eabdd64….png)

>a077cb No.572871

> Has micropenis. Thinks the world doesn't know.

4349e0 No.572883

File: 5c4f9a1fdd46034⋯.png (2.39 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 5fea24081421240546ff0c33b8….png)

Posted near end of last bread.


Fetal brain $3,340




9e82a6 No.572884


this cracked me up so much! i sure needed the laugh! thank you anony.

I had to leave a thank you.

4d6d34 No.572885


This chick has nothing new to say. Same things that have been said for 13 months.

ba8599 No.572886


Pay more attention one hit wonder.

What is with the complete morons on here tonight?! lol

f321b6 No.572887


Mirth is king, but the emperor hates pedos and are having them dethroned.

9e82a6 No.572888



a8712f No.572889


Hive mind baby ( maybe) kek. So what do we think. Should we just start, and drag others along against their will? Hey anon, you could be my next door neighbor. Patriots are EVERYWHERE damn it!

04c4a7 No.572890


sticky notes would be indoors only…. use stickers outdoors.

b1bfb1 No.572891



Power vacuums dangerous, politically.

0aa985 No.572892

Why is the military parade going to be given on the 11th of November?

End of WWI? Is there another significance to that date?

aa88cf No.572893

File: d4a94b893222197⋯.png (600.76 KB, 836x1117, 836:1117, Police_ Teen attempted to ….png)

Teen attempted to detonate explosive device at Pine View High School in Utah

http:// kutv.com/news/local/juvenile-arrested-admits-to-replacing-us-flag-with-isis-flag-at-hurricane-school

d94d91 No.572895

File: 55b5a7d17e2440c⋯.png (38.51 KB, 487x329, 487:329, ClipboardImage.png)


Strike 99999999

It's a game cheat code. For UNLIMITED GOLD!

2fc1a8 No.572896


Mexico is close too and very poor… brown skin kids vs black kids… maybe mexico govt not cooperative

a077cb No.572897

File: 0016c2bac67a446⋯.jpg (758.76 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, IMG_1008.JPG)

All that base




ab4c91 No.572900

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>>572877 <<Thank you. ever gave it a thought, if this works lol.

9e82a6 No.572901


the shriners? my god. ok

i only contribute to one organization anymore. st. jude's children hospital. do NOT tell me they are corrupt either.

i use to donate a lot to save the children. i think they screwed up as well.

04c4a7 No.572902


100 years of cabal over?

a62cee No.572903



just shipping them over like walnuts….

0bbbab No.572904

bbbfe1 No.572905


Here's a sample sticker for the campaign. Very simple, has a QR code.


We would be putting them on lamp posts and those kinds of places. Nothing on property of private individuals. That's a recipe for disaster.

b1bfb1 No.572906

f321b6 No.572907


The G stands for gay.

46794d No.572909


Thanks your globalist satan worshiping immigrant pimping church elders bruh!

bbbfe1 No.572910

File: 127197a238ee8b0⋯.png (4.46 KB, 200x280, 5:7, QSticker-samplepn.png)



didn't attach it

here I am looking like a newfag

2dbba0 No.572911


Veterans day

c189a1 No.572912


maybe we should all have dead drops , both online and real

7f3834 No.572913


You're snapping at your own tail, man.

OK, the media is attacking POTUS. No one is arguing with you.

Is it just PMS or you got something else going on that has you so sensitive?

779831 No.572914

File: e68d668379e4257⋯.jpg (52.17 KB, 296x624, 37:78, FishBrain.jpg)

2fc1a8 No.572915

Maybe Haiti is CIA controlled?

8aabd5 No.572916


This complex they built has warehouses and port access:

https:// www.wsj.com/articles/mary-anastasia-ogrady-hillarys-half-baked-haiti-project-1421018329

This site drops some interesting facts about the Korbel School in Denver:

https:// miningawareness.wordpress.com/2016/11/23/monica-petersen-condolezza-rice-korbel-school-and-the-haitian-elections-monica-dead-or-us-gov-agent/

0dd91e No.572917

File: c03889c5cd4fd36⋯.png (47.75 KB, 600x670, 60:67, fakandgayclowns.png)

>a077cb No.572897

Dude, you're really insecure, aren't you? Chicks shy away from self esteem problems you know.. It's kryptonite.

Just get a penis extension if its that small ffs.

ba8599 No.572918


Honestly, I laugh at it every time I post it. It kills me every time.

b1bfb1 No.572919


“I want the Light! Fuck me in my cornholio!”


9b9f8e No.572920

Wouldn't it be interesting if Trump invites world leaders to come to the Nov 11th parade.

And Putin accepts the invitation and invites Trump in return for the May 9th parade in Moscow and asks him to show off some of the troops that were in the Nov 11th parade.

Russia's May 9th VE day parade in Moscow has featured troops of several other countries in recent years, because it is being positioned as a celebration of military might, not a saber rattling. And if that sounds almost like a military Olympic parade, they actually have a military games where crews from different armies compete in field exercises.

3c6ae4 No.572921


Bwaaahaaahaaahaa! Stop it. Me too.

4f74a8 No.572922

https:// www.nationaljournal.com/s/664776?unlock=8AE9X4M288STTFFK

Another story on how the Republican party will not win this November.

cbc989 No.572923


Yep everywhere. Cops Lawyers Judges Just -Us system. Engineers used to move up in ranks. Not today's masons.

a077cb No.572924

File: 2de35a40a5e19e2⋯.jpg (68.21 KB, 680x425, 8:5, IMG_1021.JPG)

Out liberating a memo

4e3310 No.572925



Opinions - Are Trump/Cohen/Stormy trolling the media?

f54d3d No.572926

Have you anons noticed how pelican free it's been lately? Q & Co, were here and were posting up a storm yesterday and today and there was no overwhelming surge of pelicans like there has been in the past. Perhaps the purse strings have been cut??

1fc20c No.572927

I sure hope this video/message/drop is accessible online, preferably through this board/4chan/8chan. I'm digital, analog and cable ain't my bag.

9afb07 No.572928

File: 2aff3efb4952ac7⋯.jpg (8.59 KB, 247x204, 247:204, download.jpg)


oh exciting! what game is that in anon?

bbbfe1 No.572929


or some throats.. kek

3f1466 No.572930


You get it made I can print about 45 to a sheet of stickers , we have tons of free bulletin boards all over town

4d6d34 No.572931

b6e085 No.572932

3c6ae4 No.572934


Australia is up to it's neck in the CF & child trafficking.

04c4a7 No.572935


>dead drop

Kinda like I was suggesting, 3x5 notecards, front says "are you a qanon" back says "write your first name" or something like that? give people an idea of who the anons are in their area?

f54d3d No.572936

779831 No.572938

File: d237a55b2a3f65a⋯.png (506.01 KB, 502x629, 502:629, ClipboardImage.png)

Not GatorAid


bbbfe1 No.572939


What do you mean get it made?

Do you mean if I do it IRL first, you will too? o_o

1fc20c No.572941



kek aside, I pray shills are accounted for

0bf5f2 No.572942

89e98b No.572943


No. Used.

7b4b72 No.572944


11/11/18 Armistice Day

Remembering the day the War to End all Wars finally ended

2fc1a8 No.572946


any particular reason that you don't think so?

f321b6 No.572947


All charities are corrupt. The Salvation Army are Rothschilds.

>symbolism will be their downfall

a077cb No.572948

File: 373fc9d0705b720⋯.jpg (14.97 KB, 511x288, 511:288, IMG_0986.JPG)

Trust memo

4e3310 No.572949


>November 11, 2018

Maybe we will finally call an end to the Korean War?

466b1a No.572951

We need a secret Q handshake.

2dbba0 No.572953


Been very quiet and productive today.

3f1466 No.572954


The q code thing….. if they make one to lead people to a site, I’ll print them and get them out, I can even send them to my craft teams to print and put out everywhere

780c4c No.572955

I was chastised earlier in the day for pointing out that these tweets hit http:// twitter.com/qanon76 BEFORE they hit Q's board on 8 chan. I understand the skepticism about only wanting to stick to what's only on "official" boards, but I just wanted to point out that it looks like qanon76 is Q.

598ca1 No.572956

2e556f No.572957




f321b6 No.572958

File: dc119455b8328e0⋯.jpg (32.44 KB, 474x632, 3:4, bud light.jpg)


Here's your light.

5486cb No.572959

File: ec1c203e14d08a6⋯.png (451.01 KB, 898x1016, 449:508, ClipboardImage.png)

reddit removing the Lithuanian pedoprotector video thread

04c4a7 No.572960

File: 64d90d9fb9fd4a8⋯.png (17.83 KB, 732x294, 122:49, 569131 IMAGINE 1 post.PNG)

a077cb No.572961

File: 6fc3f60304373de⋯.png (518.15 KB, 417x525, 139:175, IMG_1020.PNG)

Too much sauce

Before bed

0dd91e No.572962

>a077cb No.572948

> Hi I'm a clownfag and I love being fake and gay. I suck my mom's cock everynight. AND THEN STICK HER DILDO UP MY ASS.










747363 No.572963


Archive offline.

4ecc93 No.572964


BREAKING: David Brock's paid online workers required to felate him before receiving their paychecks 99% of those workers are elated at the requirement, even though finding Brock's micro-penis takes an average of 30 minutes.

bc83fe No.572965


They really are near dead. Look at the numbers,. CNN pulling less than 1 million viewers per night, and only a few million between the rest of them. This is out of a nation of 320 million people. More and more people are turning off TV and are getting their news from nontraditional sources. MSM influence really is nowhere near as much as they want us to believe.

828e92 No.572966


Alright, that one is funny!


b1bfb1 No.572967



On sympathies if masses for personal gain



04c4a7 No.572968


where do you find those numbers? Ridiculous.

747363 No.572969

The congress.., how is the thing?

1647fa No.572970

File: 7a0fb577cd1890d⋯.jpg (129.82 KB, 660x582, 110:97, trickshot.jpg)

Can you see?


ba8599 No.572971


Yes, he's always getting attacked, but the reason I posted about it tonight is because there has been a HUGE up tick over the past 2 hours.

Reason I'm snippy about it is because some people are not paying attention & think it's a normal evening. People like that NEED TO GO BACK

Thanks for caring.

2fc1a8 No.572972

Why isn't the trial of Omar Marteen (Orlando club shooter)'s wife all over the news?

a077cb No.572973

File: 4663ae024b2e471⋯.jpg (47.08 KB, 438x336, 73:56, IMG_0980.JPG)

Milkshake in the yard

Is not the memo FYI

46794d No.572974


Commies don't have creativity, this one must have been outsourced.

8d979a No.572975

Stormy Daniels sues Trump, says ‘hush agreement’ invalid because he never signed

https:// www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/stormy-daniels-sues-trump-says-hush-agreement-invalid-because-he-n854246

f0c4d8 No.572976


The flak is always heaviest with over target anon

e0ba85 No.572978

File: d89568ea9c9ea9a⋯.png (534.79 KB, 940x752, 5:4, HRCvideoSAH.png)

b1bfb1 No.572979


Cabal narrative not supported by her story.

f4c0ca No.572980


you get it done and I'll print stickers for around town. Also maybe one for just the Internet Bill of Rights aka IBR

828e92 No.572981


True words Anon.

4d6d34 No.572982


Haiti hates our govt. bc we (HRC specifically) raped their country and kids.

f7fd3b No.572983


No they don’t.

76 runs about 80 minutes behind.

bbbfe1 No.572984


Oh, the QR. Sure. You can also make your own really easily. Just search 'qr code maker' and there are lots of sites. You just enter a URL and it generates the image.

Anyway, I can do it once we have a site to lead them to. No point doing it until that point in time. I can provide hosting. We just need someone with graphic design skills and someone to, well, curate the information. We need to keep it to stuff that wil l introduce them to the concept and redpill them without overloading their lil normie brains.

8d979a No.572986

Police: Teen attempted to detonate explosive device at Pine View, researched ISIS

http:// kutv.com/news/local/juvenile-arrested-admits-to-replacing-us-flag-with-isis-flag-at-hurricane-school

ba8599 No.572987


Something is off about her, that's for sure. Something far greater than being an attention whore, whore. I don't know enough about her to know for sure. But she had my bullshit radar ping the moment her saggy tits smacked the MSM

b7d9cb No.572988


hang on tight and PRAY like hell

598ca1 No.572990


Their deep in your colon. Get a flashlight and start digging.

6bf4ce No.572991


dude all these small trump memes are fucking gold. I fucking love them. SO much.

335f8f No.572992


Broke AF until Friday, then the printer is hot!!!

News will eventually be forced to address local and then national stages. then some ppl who discounted them would get caught up in the interest. bring it to the reality

be2f23 No.572993

BREAKING NEWS: US State Department finds North Korea DID assassinate Kim Jong-un's half-brother with chemical agent warfare VX at airport in Malaysia last year

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5470835/Kim-Jong-uns-half-brother-killed-chemical-weapons.html

3f1466 No.572994


Ok let me know when you do! I got about 1000 men and women who will get it out all over the world

f0c4d8 No.572995


I must have missed something because I am not getting what value they have

bc83fe No.572997


Eric Trump's Twitter.

https:// twitter.com/EricTrump/status/970632483502002176

9e82a6 No.572998

but st judes…. helping kids with cancer….

cdea88 No.572999

File: c0883fc15ba9dd0⋯.png (935.58 KB, 1181x800, 1181:800, 645892740f38bd8a0fd2748c5d….png)

b1e2b1 No.573000

Sorry if an obvious repost, but have seen nothing posted here (or in the General Flynn bread)…probably staring me in the face. Day has been too l-o-n-g.

Anyway, just noticed on the Fox website - article about General Flynn listing his house to help offset his ongoing legal fees. Shit makes my blood boil.

http:// www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/03/06/michael-flynn-selling-home-to-pay-for-legal-fees-after-pleading-guilty-in-trump-probe.html

747363 No.573001


Another FF?

a077cb No.573002

File: 3947c901899c885⋯.jpg (123.43 KB, 627x960, 209:320, IMG_0350.JPG)

Y'all know plenty

Do something

En excelsior

a62cee No.573003

more on missing kids in Haiti

interesting note "several foreign nationals, involved in the trafficking arrangement, were detained but released by sunrise the following day".


http:// sentinel.ht/2017/11/18/four-prosecutors-fired-bungled-child-sex-trafficking-probe/

420b68 No.573004

I just met an Aussie father and his adukt son traveling here in the states and hung out with them the past couple of days. Over beers and a bonfire a couple of nights ago, talking about 2A and the Aussie gun grab and global state of affairs, the son asks me if I've heard of "the chans". Kek! What a late night that one turned out to be. MAGAMEGA!

1027c8 No.573005



To date: I have NOT received any takedown notice from github, bitbucket, or keybase. All mirrors are OK.

I added a post reverser for printouts, since I notice others requested that.

Feel free to make other requests as desired.

780c4c No.573006


"Watch the Water" =

Watch what happens in Fiji this week?

ba8599 No.573007


Isn't Haiti where Hillarys brother had some shady gold mine deal? There is a lot of slavery in that area too. Working in the mines there

783a26 No.573008


How much $ did you sell your soul for? If you keep sticking around the truth of our digging will end up red pulling you. I dare you to stick around & read what we post.

6bf4ce No.573009


feel good, laughter, joy. Embrace the little things that make you laugh anon. it makes life easier. and makes this mission easier.

0dd91e No.573010

>6bf4ce No.572991


But you're so fucking transparent about it that your wrangler should be fucking fired for being the dumbass that he is.

b1bfb1 No.573011


“Too much light!”

Secret societies are SUCKERS (penis) for TRUTH (cum)!


Elitist wannabe.

Luciferian fucktoy.

a077cb No.573012

3f1466 No.573013

1fc20c No.573014


they have the value of being shit

just look at the guy's posts. nonsensical bait.

9e5ed2 No.573015


You mean like the one in the (OP)?


be2f23 No.573016


The US has decided North Korea used the nerve gas VX to assassinate the half-brother of leader Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-Nam died after two women smeared VX nerve agent on his face at an airport last yea

Siti Aisyah, 25, and Doan Thi Huong, 29, accosted Nam in a crowded airport terminal in Kuala Lumpur on February 13, 2017

State Department officials have said that additional sanctions will be imposed on North Korea as a result

Kim was carrying four diplomatic passports and eight different international currencies when he was attacked

An autopsy showed the banned VX nerve agent was found on Kim's face and in his eyes, blood, urine, clothing and bag

State Department says it has imposed additional sanctions on North Korea over the assassination.

b61eaa No.573018



no - that just means you are NOT over the target

fb121d No.573019


Where does the QR code go?

b1bfb1 No.573020



b7d9cb No.573021


That one and denver Rescue Mission….great

2fc1a8 No.573022


did they tell you who really runs AUS?

04c4a7 No.573023


>but st judes…. helping kids with cancer….

Cures for cancer cost pennies……………..

f4c0ca No.573024


if I had the money I'd create a simple domain to explain everything but I don't have a server or computer good enough to capably handle a domain for something like that. Maybe have a QR made that links direct to the IBR White House page and another to a newbie forum on VOAT or something

a077cb No.573025


Is that a dare

966716 No.573026


The water looks calm now.

3f1466 No.573028


Yea!!! Awesome idea!!!

cbc989 No.573029


The very word secrecy society is repugnant in a open society JFK

Need for secrecy is only needed because anons fear C_A.

4f74a8 No.573030


I think a Lie Detector Test is in order. Before anyone is allowed to ruin your reputation, the person who makes the accusation should have to take one.

8d979a No.573031

Oh lordy

Man becomes first person convicted of sexism under new Belgian law

http:// www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/belgium-sexism-law-public-place-man-first-convicted-brussels-fined-police-gender-a8242706.html

04c4a7 No.573033


do you have

The Book of Q yet?

I don't have the link but i have it on my computer

780c4c No.573034


>No they don’t.

>76 runs about 80 minutes behind.

This morning, I went to the Qanonmap board after reading the new Qanon posts on twitter. Nothing was there. I thought it updated in real time.

3f1466 No.573035

are too easy to pass…. not admissible in court


4e3310 No.573036



Plot twist - the cabal/clowns did it.

Maybe Kim-un sent him to request help.

d0e69e No.573037


comes in waves man

a5941c No.573038

http:// www.latimes .com/science/sciencenow/la-sci-sn-opioid-painkillers-no-better-20180306-story.html

>For all their risks, opioids had no pain-relieving advantage in a yearlong clinical trial

http:// kutv .com/news/local/juvenile-arrested-admits-to-replacing-us-flag-with-isis-flag-at-hurricane-school


>Police: Teen attempted to detonate explosive device at Pine View, researched ISIS

http:// www.foxnews .com/politics/2018/03/06/gowdy-goodlatte-demand-appointment-special-counsel-citing-fisa-abuses.html

>House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte and Rep. Trey Gowdy on Tuesday demanded the appointment of a special counsel to investigate “conflicts of interest” and decisions “made and not made” by current and former Justice Department officials in 2016 and 2017, noting that “the public interest requires” the action.

828e92 No.573039


No. It's guns they are after. Dictators always want a monopoly on power.

686966 No.573040

File: 8b3eb2eeda02964⋯.png (76.43 KB, 182x193, 182:193, raiderknight.png)


"Choose wisely" reminds me of Raiders movie

2e556f No.573041


stroke f_i would not do the assessment sice klapper did not do it. Both klapper and Stroke protecting HRC and renegade.

Meanwhile mentioning 17 intell orgs say it was the Russians. Klapper protecting clinton and lying to congress.

breaking fox

ad7513 No.573042


But go thou way till the end be: for thou shalt rest, and stand in thy lot at the end of the days.

0dd91e No.573043

>a077cb No.573025


Stupid clowns are so transparently stupid.

f503cd No.573044


When I was researching Knights of Malta stuff last nighylt, I read that Trump is (allegedly) a Freemason.

Not sure if it's true, or how I feel about that.

54ca00 No.573045

File: 45fe5c177d4eb96⋯.png (3.33 MB, 2208x1242, 16:9, IMG_0354.PNG)


Are you and the Q group expecting a False Flag opn to divert attention from the forthcoming HRC video? If so, we're ready, able and willing to help thwart whatever the satanist have planned. Let us know what you need, Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere///


God bless you and your group.

Luke 10:19

2fc1a8 No.573046

The cabal must have the gov'ts in some countries like haiti and north korea so locked down that they can carry out their ops to traffick humans out of the country in relative secrecy.

be2f23 No.573047

ANOTHER special counsel? Republicans demand new probe of 'biased' surveillance abuses targeting former Trump adviser Carter Page

GOP House committee chairs Trey Gowdy and Bob Goodlatte want Attorney General Jeff Sessions to appoint a new special counsel

They say it's needed to probe surveillance abuses that allegedly targeted a Trump campaign adviser named Carter Page

Republicans have contended that the FBI obtained snooping warrants on Page by relying, in part, on a discredited anti-Trump opposition research memo

The infamous 'dirty dossier' was paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party

Gowdy says Congress can't be trusted to run a new investigation because 'we leak like the Gossip Girls' and they can't assemble a grand jury

Sessions has put the new probe in the hands of the DOJ's inspector general, a plan that President Trump has called 'disgraceful'

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5470725/Republicans-want-new-special-counsel-probe-surveillance-abuses.html

04c4a7 No.573048


thank you anon…. pretty crazy that fox owns the top half of that except for the rachel maddow show. Don't know a damn thing about that woman.

a8712f No.573049




Great idea! We need to spread Q like wildfire. Make it rain!

3d50c8 No.573050


SAUCE DiGenova on Tucker

460899 No.573051


Probably. Trump is King of the Trolls; It'll be fun to see how this one unfolds

ba8599 No.573052


They need to come up with something better tho. The Lie detector tests they use now can be beaten pretty easily.

But otherwise, yes. I agree with you.

1647fa No.573054

File: 749233c1cbaa14d⋯.jpg (171.06 KB, 627x960, 209:320, YodaFake.jpg)

b61eaa No.573055


trump ran with the NWO cabal for years and acted like he was one of them - but he was acting

ae32e2 No.573056

File: 6c737b9216c8959⋯.jpg (273.35 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, KerryScandal1.jpg)

466b1a No.573057


I think our mission is to uncover the facts to the treason that will be charged and spread those like wildfire.

Spreading Q ain't gonna get much work done.

2e556f No.573058


no money in peace. Money only in war.

f7fd3b No.573059


Need to be using ONLY qanonposts.com.

It is and has been in bread all day.

Other github sites are no longer scraping.

Not sure but site may only auto retrieve every 10 minutes or so.

b7d9cb No.573060


Dictators can't dictate if the populous has guns

f503cd No.573061


Godfather 3?

bbbfe1 No.573062


I have servers I use for other things anyway, so it's no problem for me to offer the hosting for this. One thing I do need help with though, is finding someone to design effective graphics (we have plenty of memes, but we need site graphics) and someone to decide what info will be included on the site. Those areas are where my skill set is lacking. Would really appreciate if you could help track down some help!

a8712f No.573063


You don't have enough zeros anon

fb121d No.573064


Was just thinking the same.

Large font Q. With the words. Where we go one we go all.

Simple as that.

cacc65 No.573066

File: f694dfefe4b80bf⋯.png (213.15 KB, 812x730, 406:365, Paper.png)

Why has POTUS endured the Russian Investigation?

POTUS 3/6/18

"It's old fashion, but it's always good to have a paper backup system - it's called Paper"

2fc1a8 No.573067


he found out what they were really doing around 2012 when the clinton tweets changed

64875c No.573068

File: 8dfaa1f5dbcbf2b⋯.png (1.18 MB, 705x887, 705:887, Washington Mason.png)


GW was a mason….

fa697c No.573069

>>572757 ok tell us how do you know

f0c4d8 No.573070


Agree, now spreading a QR code that goes to a website that red pills is a GREAT idea

41ff3c No.573071

File: 1b600f2b5f08458⋯.jpg (44.08 KB, 478x387, 478:387, Kloman_Habitat_for_Humanit….jpg)

File: b40effa7e29f9a9⋯.png (216.4 KB, 1200x1223, 1200:1223, Kloman_IMF.png)

File: 9a769078111654f⋯.jpeg (36.98 KB, 704x936, 88:117, Habitat_for_Humanity_Logo….jpeg)


I played a game with my spouse last night.

Name a corporation, and I bet their logo was either:


teal blue/green

periwinkle blue

I'll post 3 examples

8 of our 10 companies he gave me followed the pattern….

then we drove down the street and looked at local business logos

there is something about cabal logos that is just similar - like kolor koding

the funniest examples he gave me were Charles Schwab, BBDO, State Farm, Cigna, Prudential, MetLife, CNA, AARP, Alzheimer's Society

It's not scientific, nor does every logo follow the pattern, but those that do… boy oh boy is it obvious

5486cb No.573072

ba8599 No.573073


1st thing I thought of. I'm waiting for his next post to say

"You have chosen….wisely"

0aa985 No.573074


Welcome to China.

Border crossing -3.

Spartans in Darkness.



Spartans in Darkness is a reference to a book:

Spartans in Darkness: American SIGINT and the Indochina War, 1945-1975

USS Carl Vincent in Danang

3 border crossings from china into Laos(?) then into Vietnam and then the US.

988edf No.573075


manjaw O_O

4d6d34 No.573076


Very good! Most people don't know that!

b61eaa No.573077


doesnt fit the script

my guess is george soros

466b1a No.573078

Who is up to hunting a list of traitors?




Eric Schmidt

Elon Musk

A couple of corporations:



Apache Corp

Noble Energy

How many do you think in total?

3c6ae4 No.573079


Stoneman Douglas Survivor’s Father Dinged with Trafficking (Republic of Congo – Haiti)

https ://digitalempire.wordpress.com/2018/02/25/oy-gevalt-stoneman-douglas-survivors-father-dinged-with-trafficking-republic-of-congo-haiti/

f503cd No.573080


Good point.

I mean, either way I trust Trump.

828e92 No.573081


Everyone who was anyone back then was a Mason.

747363 No.573082

How goes the things for November.., Nervous…

3f1466 No.573085

http:// thegoldwater.com/news/13819-Former-Massachusetts-Senator-Democrat-Brian-Joyce-now-Facing-113-Count-Federal-Indictment

686966 No.573086

f59438 No.573087


And the rest of the people in the world that You made and love.

f503cd No.573088


Yea I'm not sure. I haven't watched it but believe part of the plot was loosely about the main guy trying to "go clean" or get out of the business and go legit or whatever.

Time will tell, I suppose.

2dbba0 No.573089

File: 439ff7a46dabbec⋯.png (43.41 KB, 652x478, 326:239, Bongino re Russia Hoax -3-….PNG)

3c898f No.573090


Washington was menially masonic. He shunned the masonic later on in his life. He's toted as their hero, because he was a mason, for like, a second, but he's hardly top tear society.

8e554b No.573091


Don't be. Enjoy the show.

3c6ae4 No.573092


Strength & prayers being sent to Poland, my brother!

b7d9cb No.573093


repost top of next bread for more visibility

1027c8 No.573094


Yeah, that's my fault. Server went down for 12hrs and I wasn't aware of it. It's up now (all posts showing).

a077cb No.573095

File: 67ee8915dc36614⋯.jpg (96.03 KB, 540x540, 1:1, IMG_0981.JPG)

Teh plane

Teh plane

60d916 No.573096

Just studying up

Sir Chris Hohn. Founded The Children's Investment Fund Foundation.

The Children's Investment Fund Foundation is a Shareholder of Mittal Steel and Arcelor(steel producer)

The Children Investment Fund Foundation donated more than $25 million to the Clinton Foundation.

Lakshmi Mittal, president of Arcelor Mittal donated $1million to 5$ million to Clinton Foundation. Also donated to Dr's without borders in Haiti.

16f17a No.573097


Anon, lots of good, honest, decent folks are masons. Look at the scum that ran our country under Hussein, that doesnt make all our citizens scum. Doesnt bother me a bit that DJT is/was a mason. I know many.

2e556f No.573098


Y heads. Symbols will bring them down.

924056 No.573099

File: 7c7e2ff799ca9c6⋯.jpeg (222.08 KB, 750x1293, 250:431, FC11D70E-2F58-4DBE-A63E-7….jpeg)

File: 1f244248312d415⋯.jpeg (128.61 KB, 750x760, 75:76, 6E2D5A4C-C1E4-4655-AD01-5….jpeg)

File: 977ac56f6388223⋯.jpeg (117.37 KB, 750x467, 750:467, ECA80909-A8EF-46A7-B0B6-E….jpeg)

File: 6f3fce255fbdc2a⋯.jpeg (319.16 KB, 750x1119, 250:373, 15940031-6A72-4C24-A13B-3….jpeg)

File: bf9dcde1238b3fa⋯.jpeg (155.77 KB, 750x542, 375:271, 37284188-29B0-4EA2-A909-2….jpeg)

I can’t let this Miami thing go in regards to Haiti. Maybe I’m way off but here’s what I found

https:// www. westerndredging.org/phocadownload/Eastern/2012Conference/Port-Everglades-Overview.pdf

https:// www.sunny.org/press-releases/post/ port-everglades-welcomes-steven-cernak-as-its-new-chief-executive/

And guess what just was announced today about said port:

https:// www. marinelink.com/news/maritime/steven-m-cernak

And the final piece that took me a minute to find this fucking gem under the previous director

http:// porteverglades. blogspot.com/2010/01/port-waives-tariff-for-hatian-relief.html

c189a1 No.573100


Back in the day when Ron Paul was running there was a lot of “RP is a mason!” shills. Even if he was, meh.

I look at masonry as the local good ole boys club that most dudes join …. to be in the good ole boys club. meet with local dudes, drink beer. BUT of course, it is part of the cult… for the initiated. It’s like a recruiting ground for selecting people to move into .. further circles ..

4d6d34 No.573101

File: 0900ad563723ec7⋯.png (558.32 KB, 675x383, 675:383, Capture.PNG)

Tell your doctor about your guns so they can make sure you are not a risk to others, bc you know, doctors are trained in fire arms……

ab4c91 No.573102

On radio this morning I heard something on opiods, that marijauna actually combets the nuerons that give opiod user pleasure and might very well be a treatment for opiod addict.

I wish I paid more attention, but was driving and just background noise.


http:// www.latimes .com/science/sciencenow/la-sci-sn-opioid-painkillers-no-better-20180306-story.html

>For all their risks, opioids had no pain-relieving advantage in a yearlong clinical trial

fb3e9c No.573103


http:// www. factsarestubbornthings.us/2016/07/04/vetting-george-washington-2/

e278ee No.573104


Thomas Pain ans Betsy are good people.

04c4a7 No.573105


what happens when Google starts censoring results for Q where we go one we go all?

Pretty much need to link directly to this site or another agreed on normie site. storyofq.com would be good, if they click through they'll get here eventually but roundabout.

Something with plain language that isn't too long as an intremim such as anon suggested would be good as well.

The question is… CAN WE TRUST ANON? StoryofQ has been up for awhile, so not going to get fucked with I don't think but anything that is JUST done would be suspect IMHO.

0dd91e No.573106


Let's just say the cityworkers that do the snowblowing in the winter don't give a shit whats in front of them sometimes…

b1bfb1 No.573107


Lower the



7d6019 No.573108





Perhaps in hindsight this wasn't made clear.

I thought anons had solved/dismissed already.

(Null/None) point the way.

Spelling it out:

Water on graphics posted by Q point at people involved with holding NK hostage by trading/bribing them with power/fear. @ tech

MOTIVE is NOT powerful NK; its NOT powerful anyone. It is the philosophy of equilibrium in world power, and threats. Neutralize American Advantage, Destroy within. Embrace One World.

If you sell out your country, or make money its okay, because you are ensuring a one-world-management system. Because you have to help those hopeless innummerable bastards.

THOSE SHEEP: "Baaaaaa"

Not going to happen. Whatever they told themselves to sleep at night, isnt real. They are going to lose.


'What' "Water" IS is solved. Next Identify connections of Clintons and Podesta(fall guy) with NK; Identify person in 2nd picture of Q and follow-up. I.E. "Watch" the water.


Shipping containers.

Pacific Fleet/Asia ops also important.

We watch planes, we then watch ships @ ports of interest.

WATER>Q's GRAPHIC>Clear as Day against Dark as night.

Wrong? prove and show

Late? TY anons, show the way.


972b20 No.573109

File: 799bd8adf101a8c⋯.jpg (2.54 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, M4.jpg)

































THIS IS THE WAR WE FIGHT!! This is one of many spiritual battles gripping the whole heart of humanity and crushing it under a Satanic System.

No action IS action. To see this video and NOT:

1) Sign the petition

2) Go to your inbox and verify the signature (e-mail)

3) Send this to as many people as you can asking them to do the same as THIS IS how we fight this war

4) Pray furiously for these people and all people suffering under this Satanic system.

To do nothing is not only to be complicit with the madness, but a spiritual failure.

Here’s video link: https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=limyIHxyQLU


(NOTE: Video had 6000 views @ noon, now @213,000!!! Keep going!)

Here’s the petition link: https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/thank-you/2633651

(13,743 signatures - Way out of proportion with video views – how can anyone watch and not sign the petition? – but great progress in one day!!)

NOTE: See those “police officers” in the video? There isn’t a “police department” on the face of the earth that isn’t connected to a Blue Lodge where they worship Lucifer. Don’t think so, take a good look at the accompanying photo from Morals & Dogma by Albert Pike – Grand Sovereign Commander of the Scottish Rite. THIS IS WHAT THEY DO – THEY FOLLOW ORDERS.

May your conscience be your guide.


NOTE: This will be posted again in the 12PM breads to catch the shifts – it’s the least I can do.

924056 No.573110

File: 4b961962d3c8577⋯.jpeg (147.96 KB, 750x602, 375:301, E69DF3CA-B281-4166-BDCB-9….jpeg)

File: 33ae2e87473ca30⋯.jpeg (232.27 KB, 750x1248, 125:208, 7FCB69BB-054D-48B0-AA6C-4….jpeg)

File: e408577dd927ae0⋯.jpeg (213.43 KB, 750x922, 375:461, 11A1F366-BFE4-4604-8E8E-3….jpeg)

File: b296d59c7acce84⋯.jpeg (231.83 KB, 750x1101, 250:367, 45A58796-80F4-4998-BA51-8….jpeg)


More photos

b61eaa No.573111


the cabal - inc masons - all compete and hate each other - But their common enemy is WE THE PEOPLE - GW had it all

2fc1a8 No.573112


i have uncles who are masons. like you said.. they are very much upstanding and respected citizens… leaders in work/community… but they will not talk about masonry at all.

4f74a8 No.573113


They should all be made to play the Hunger Games.

a506d7 No.573114


Shriners.Near Chicago location. 100yds from unfenced train tracks in fairly quiet out of place neighborhood…jus sayin…

08e7fc No.573115

File: 2a096ea0b40b7d4⋯.jpg (212.99 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, why-are-dems-silent-not-ou….jpg)

b7d9cb No.573116

3c898f No.573117


Yeah, 33 known degrees, and more "unknown" degrees, and supposed 360.

In any case, you have varying levels of secrecy exactly to keep those less dedicated (sold out) at bay.

d5ea17 No.573119


Watched and signed, Anon.

397963 No.573120

Notice how the DiGenova guy on Tucker while ago said that we need to know more about how they let Hilary off and "how they were going to frame Trump after he lost"?

Not talked about much, but they had a plan to completely ruin and imprison Trump after the election

8021c1 No.573121


the very exists of never trumpers prove

Trump is no freemason

f4c0ca No.573122


the graphics and web design I'm lacking in myself but I'm usually pretty good at breaking things down for people. Only problem for me at the moment is I'm full-time student and full-time work so my time is eaten up. I could maybe do an half hour to an hour a day on info gathering and putting in coherent order. Using a highly policed voat type sight might do it with stickied beginner threads and it would also allow people the chance to ask questions.

b61eaa No.573123


99% foot soldiers

need to know only

747363 No.573124


would so irresponsible not be.., For the Goods or the Bad.

57c9ee No.573125

File: 5d7d490ed4cbb24⋯.png (267.53 KB, 640x456, 80:57, ClipboardImage.png)



>532 signed

How many signatures did the last one get?

6bf4ce No.573126

File: 50fb44ea7440140⋯.png (5.97 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 8E7E0899-74C1-4597-AE6E-79….png)

3f1466 No.573127

https:/ /www.newsbusters.org/blogs/business/aly-nielsen/2017/12/21/soros-funded-media-exec-suspended-alleged-sexual-harassment

8e554b No.573128


For the most part, no one who knows the truth will talk about it publicly. Too dangerous to give that kind of power to random people.

db0235 No.573129


Brain dead zombies have no interest. Dat's why.

b1e2b1 No.573130

File: c19e780ae4989eb⋯.jpeg (101.76 KB, 600x429, 200:143, image.jpeg)

File: ba7b4820d7f7518⋯.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1500x1143, 500:381, image.jpeg)

File: a68d7d333c57d9b⋯.jpeg (72.33 KB, 470x352, 235:176, image.jpeg)


Good meme. Asked myself the same question, though I already know the answer.

Because the fake 'mainstream' news is roughly the same as North Korean State 'news' - and Central Programming hasn't released the 'ok' to report said story…maybe in tomorrow's 4am Gannet 'talking points' though…don't hold your breath though, for now official story is still:

Trump = Insane = WWIII

bc83fe No.573131

Somebody here just called me a liar because I said that CNN was pulling in an average on well under a million viewers a night. Out of a nation of 320,000,000 people that makes CNN a grain of sand on the beach.

Here is the evidence. Most people who watch MSM are not watching CNN. Hannity and Tucker are at the top of the ratings as #1 and #2. CNN's highest watched show is

#24 out of the 79 ranked cable news shows.



http:// www.adweek.com/tvnewser/the-top-cable-news-programs-of-february-2018-are/358502

39edb8 No.573132


Tens of thousands already did not live with their parents and had been 'loaned' out to other Haitan or Dominican families as servants & workers with no ID. Sadly, they were ripe for the taking.

d94d91 No.573134



>I think our mission is to uncover the facts to the treason that will be charged and spread those like wildfire.

>Spreading Q ain't gonna get much work done.

Yes. Don't focus on the messenger, focus on the message. Don't make a cult out of Q.

8e554b No.573135



0dd91e No.573136

RE: [insert og Patriot here] was a freemason

1) what if the og's were merely playing the game to get in position (like Trump's done)?

2) what if mason =/= freemason?

Either way, it is division fagging.

466b1a No.573137

Such nothing. I might as well go watch HGTV.

Still working Benghazi. May try to make a map with all the HRC has wrought, and then start breaking those down.

Can't do the pedo stuff, though. My heart won't let me.

08e7fc No.573138

File: 2076ad80a2b5c4a⋯.jpg (174.26 KB, 800x1073, 800:1073, 1guiltyparty.jpg)

File: 4365e5902b994c1⋯.jpg (35.81 KB, 670x468, 335:234, that-feeling-you-get-when-….jpg)

6bf4ce No.573139

File: 050e240e6a34601⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, A2A44014-0ABA-4998-A556-1C….png)

Another boom coming tomorrow?

a077cb No.573140

File: eacc2c832ffd313⋯.jpg (105.19 KB, 1086x712, 543:356, IMG_0991.JPG)

Chronic is yuuuuuge

77217d No.573141

so Q is saying he wont release Clinton Email until MSM is controlled and google, twitter and facebook are regulated. That could take a real long time. Drop the damn video. This world is so messed up its time for a dose of reality!!!

ab4c91 No.573142

File: 8b25f27185acd80⋯.png (2.22 MB, 2500x2500, 1:1, Document-1-page001.png)


Q posts alone do not but in an infographic it does.

f4c0ca No.573143


Though our on site would be optimal.

f54d3d No.573144

Another one for the resignation list.

Megan Barry, Nashville Mayor, Pleads Guilty to Theft and Agrees to Resign

https:// www.nytimes.com/2018/03/06/us/megan-barry-nashville.html

3b32c0 No.573145

b7d9cb No.573146



Disagree - not ALL - just most. Get involved, Know your charity.

db0235 No.573147


Vanessa Kerry scandal?

Is Heinz ketchup red?

b61eaa No.573148


cover of economist 2016 proves it too

2e556f No.573150

Was was Renegade doing in Cuba?

Wasnt the Godfather wanting to do business in Cuba?

Godfather III . Begin of movie recapping I II

now ||| -> /_\

In cuba at a strange sex show. Michael and his brother Fredo. Freado says:

"Old man [roth]Child would never come here. But [Johnny] Podesta knows these places like the back of his hand"

Remember the photo of Podesta and the back of his hands? What was Barrack doing in Cuba?

46794d No.573151

File: 05a492edc32ae06⋯.png (859.33 KB, 641x637, 641:637, serve.PNG)

File: 02a0043902b9dc5⋯.png (2.32 MB, 1150x1415, 230:283, chelsi.PNG)

File: a4c7cbf12b19979⋯.png (532.54 KB, 726x449, 726:449, kissinger.PNG)

File: 4e294f8012364f4⋯.png (561.36 KB, 499x445, 499:445, hole.PNG)

466b1a No.573152


Still think we're supposed to put meaning to the clues, not just disseminate the raw feed.

b1bfb1 No.573153



They’ve none when falling for lies of Lucifer

They can no longer stand for any truth

a8712f No.573154


Just a simple Q would do. Ease normies into it. Stick it in their mind. Awaken their almonds. Be in their face with it. Normalize it. Shove the truth down their throats. Show numbers of anons. So when they hear a story on the news or other platforms ( as Q pointed out) it would be easier for newbies to look into it. Us. The truth . Familiar visuals.

828e92 No.573156


Quit posting jewtube links you spaz. Hooktube it. Anyway, signed it.

397963 No.573157


Courts just ruled that funds and grants can be legally withheld from these cities…maybe thats it?

8aabd5 No.573158


I posted earlier today:

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Forces_Korea

Over 23K troops there. We’re going to have a HUGE parade I think.

b7d9cb No.573159


>Sauce on DRM?

876576 No.573160


There is no linking to 8chan. They wouldn’t be able to follow it anyway. Start a blog, write a summary, list articles and post capped drops.

e0e076 No.573161


My ancestral homeland… makes me proud. I hope to visit one day.

3eeaef No.573162


Tim Geithner. Got the FED job, then it came out he had not filed taxes for a while. He claimed he forgot, if I remember correctly.

If you or I had forgotten to file taxes, I bet oops my bad wouldnt work.

https:// www.forbes.com/2009/01/13/treasury-geithner-obama-biz-beltway-cx_bw_0113geithner2.html#7cac85e64817

a62cee No.573163


Probably very book smart…but just looked like an idiot!

17b12e No.573164


Hmm… tried to decode..






04c4a7 No.573165


Agreed. Can a blog be crowdsourced?


Good points.

02f4d4 No.573166

Clown phyop trying to belittle and demean the president using imagery . This is meant to unconsciously get people think less of him.

Clowns are trying to minimise the status of the President to get ahead of what’s coming.

Just ignore the images.

1647fa No.573167

The enemy will attempt to drag you into a pit

a pit that he has dug especially for you

But that pit shall be his own doom

For what we seek for others shall come upon ourselves (so says the word of the Lord, Amen).

For wisdom is more valuable than gold and

silver shall not save you


51f5fc No.573168


Thank you for addressing this. It's one major hitch I see to organization. Everyone afraid of famefagging or expanding tools of organization through external channels.

0dd91e No.573169


OMG the second one is fucking GOLD

4d6d34 No.573170


Too much book, not enough brain.

3c6ae4 No.573172


St.Judes & Samaritans Purse are the only ones I trust.

4e578e No.573173

File: 7d4b45c73c1c9d3⋯.jpg (164.38 KB, 1347x696, 449:232, doj h.JPG)

54ca00 No.573174

File: 8cb07bb86280b78⋯.png (5.62 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_0357.PNG)

dc1853 No.573175


Can you make one with black letter Q on white background? Less ink

4f74a8 No.573176


Didn't he work at Goldman Sachs too ?? Most everyone at Treasury use to work there. That's how come Goldman Sachs got a bailout way back when.

fb121d No.573177



< See attached. Is this the site you meant?

8chan is NOT the link for random distribution.

Thinking more subtle. Any one have other ideas for links?

f54d3d No.573178


tucker's face says it all.

876576 No.573179


arresting the mayors, hopefully

f503cd No.573180


My grandfather was also a Mason, and as far as I know, a good man.

Just some of my other research led me to believe that he, and most Mason were low level (degree) masons and IF there was evil stuff going down, it was likely at the higher ranks.

Not trying to be a concernfag, but there is a decent amount of info out there to be worried about higher level masons.

I believe a week or so ago, we had a similiar discussion on here and an Anon posted pictures from a 33 degree Mason that showed that they worshipped Lucifer.

With that said, I still trust POTUS/Q/The Plan.


ae32e2 No.573182

File: 1644e508a3180aa⋯.jpg (241.88 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, KerryScandal2.jpg)

File: 364d788e5414074⋯.png (214.43 KB, 470x270, 47:27, ClipboardImage.png)


Manjaw you better believe it.

Manbrowridges too.

0dd91e No.573183

>077cb No.573140

>Chronic is yuuuuuge

Unlike your penis

779831 No.573184

File: 97a62737aadf45c⋯.png (110.21 KB, 333x216, 37:24, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bd9915e6fe2773e⋯.png (162.05 KB, 327x223, 327:223, ClipboardImage.png)

File: be37b9a11eb07aa⋯.png (588.13 KB, 790x436, 395:218, ClipboardImage.png)


Masons are Luciferians.

Fuck the masons.

fb121d No.573185

File: b1022924734910c⋯.png (704.6 KB, 915x765, 61:51, Selection_065.png)

8e554b No.573186


Pllease dont post your name or email here

053949 No.573187

I think Q is telling us exactly where to look for the Haiti juice: Wikileaks. We have in the past however there must be more.


>https:// wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/629

>So much is open source.

>So much left to be connected.

2fc1a8 No.573188

If we assume the 2010 Haiti earthquake was 100% natural, then they just jumped on an an easy target that was close by… maybe they take advantage of natural disasters in poor places where the gov't can be bought or has already been subverted to the point that no questions are asked… gov'ts might even assist

b61eaa No.573189


just like the fbi and the doj etc - the higher ups are corrupt - mostly thats how they got there

f0c4d8 No.573190


Trump is not a mason. I know this for a fact as up until October when I became involved in this movement I was one. The secretary at the lodge I was a member of looked it up for several of us who were asking. There is no record in any grand lodge in the USA of Trump even petitioning for membership.

That said most of the wild shit people say about the masons is laughable to anyone that has actually been involved. Maybe in the past but these days it is fat old men half of which can barely fucking move. They show up once a month and eat a free meal. Most of them could not even pass an inspection if their membership was ever called in to question because they don't fucking remember the grips or secret words.

Now before you say a damn thing about the inner circle nonsense, I was the master of my lodge and have performed degree rituals for the grand lodge of 12 different states. I know what the fuck I am talking about here. I was involved in the knights templar, york rite and the Scottish rite where I also held high level officer chairs in all of those organizations.

I am struggling with my conscience regarding breaking the obligation of silence I swore on my honor to uphold. I took an obligation to keep their secrets but to be honest I feel like the obligation is invalid because they lied to me. If I do break it, I have in my possession the complete ritual book that outlines every word of every Freemason ritual there is. That said some of it is encoded and you have to be taught the words by a mentor.

Don't fucking freak out anons, the BO or BV can tell you that I have been involved with this shit and have contributed since the beginning. Well they can at least say that for this board but I was on half chan as well. Remember Bill Binney? That was me who brought him up originally and entered it in to the spreadsheet. It is you autistic faggots that helped free my mind from the mason way and for that I am eternally grateful.

f59438 No.573191

File: b5098bfd9501cc3⋯.jpeg (419.69 KB, 1136x1358, 568:679, C9AA232D-673D-43AB-9103-8….jpeg)

File: 3fea76558066e14⋯.jpeg (312.79 KB, 1090x1066, 545:533, 09A7EA47-1C6E-469C-B000-2….jpeg)


Watch the Water.

04c4a7 No.573192


Yes, that's what I meant.

c44db3 No.573193


scumbags–is that all they got?

6b33ad No.573195

File: 7d6a9fa201e9aac⋯.jpg (10.07 KB, 237x356, 237:356, Jessie_K._Liu_official_pho….jpg)


Jessie Liu has hammers too

8550a8 No.573196


Wow. Just wow. Taking money from innocent trusting people then donating it to yourself. LET THEM HANG.

d94d91 No.573197


>Still think we're supposed to put meaning to the clues, not just disseminate the raw feed.

Even more than this. The clues are to lead to the truth. We look stuff up and disseminate what we find. We don't just babble inanely about our cult leader, ze mysterious Q.

This is not a game!

2e556f No.573199

Roths in Steel business? Red October?

RothChild = Red Shield as in the Salvation army? What is the logo of the Salvation Army?

b1bfb1 No.573200


Oath to any other then yeshuah hamaschiach…l o s t. Repent.

2fc2fd No.573201

File: da38ff8665ef5bb⋯.png (573.38 KB, 851x1506, 851:1506, Brave_2018-03-06_20-14-42.png)

File: b1d7799ede4304f⋯.jpg (183.37 KB, 2289x1068, 763:356, Brave_2018-03-06_20-35-04.jpg)

File: c5e73b772ab986c⋯.jpg (388.55 KB, 1145x1366, 1145:1366, Brave_2018-03-06_20-42-30.jpg)

File: 6bb18ded5df3a4b⋯.jpg (402.19 KB, 1126x1324, 563:662, Brave_2018-03-06_20-39-19.jpg)


IROJ HQ in indianapolis is within 20 minutes of two children's hospitals.

51f5fc No.573202

designfag reporting for duty.

8021c1 No.573203

File: ff4985b70958e5d⋯.jpg (6.95 KB, 163x183, 163:183, trudeau trump.jpg)

460899 No.573204


That and the left can't meme. It's pathetic.

053949 No.573206


Adding that to the Shriners file anon. TY.

a62cee No.573207





04c4a7 No.573208


>fat old men half of which can barely fucking move

I've wondered if they stopped recruiting because they saw the end coming?

876576 No.573209

b7d9cb No.573210

b61eaa No.573211


i got this mason Q started on this thread - really touched a nerve

the org. at the top is definitely 100% globalist NWO cabal

0bf5f2 No.573213


Nice! Thanks for putting into a nice graphic! :)

d73158 No.573214

Haitian voodoo…warning this content is disturbing.

"To find the truth behind Narcisse’s astonishing story, Davis needed to watch a voodoo priest prepare a concoction, which locals called 'zombie powder', which was said to turn people into 'mindless slaves'.

He approached Beauvoir, who introduced him to a black magic-practising witchdoctor named Marcel Pierre.

Pierre gave Davis the recipe to the mystical potion which occupied the grey no man’s land between magic and science.

He discovered the potion was made from the crushed skull of a deceased baby, freshly-killed blue lizards, a dead toad wrapped in a dried sea worm and an 'itching pea' - an exotic type of vine.

But the powder’s most noxious ingredient came from a poisonous puffer fish whose liver and reproductive organs contain tetrodotoxin, a powerful nerve poison thousands of times more toxic than deadly cyanide.

Davis sent a sample of the 'zombie powder' to Professor Leon Roizin at the Columbia Presbyterian College, New York, who carried out some quick tests.

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article3233729/The-witch-doctor-proved-zombies-REAL-spine-tingling-story-Haitian-Voodoo-leader-revealed-secrets-zombie-powder-given-West-nightmares-since.html#ixzz591VihX8u

504f8f No.573215

File: f57c545678d6454⋯.jpg (2.37 MB, 4288x2848, 134:89, 1.JPG)

File: 719bafc26efa18f⋯.jpg (2.05 MB, 4288x2848, 134:89, 3.JPG)

already all over it. SHowing up at gas stations, eateries, stores, shops, everywhere I go. Need easy to print short Q phrase memes sized for good reproduction on a business card. I need MOAR of them. >>572742

f0c4d8 No.573216


Did I say oath? I said obligation, details are important

5fd2aa No.573217

File: 0121af5692fa453⋯.png (20.34 KB, 438x359, 438:359, 2.PNG)

File: 894a2943cb60c53⋯.png (29.44 KB, 342x576, 19:32, 22.PNG)

File: 76cf344e626d041⋯.png (404.39 KB, 655x570, 131:114, 222.PNG)

File: 306cecebf78dd7e⋯.png (13.52 KB, 625x146, 625:146, 2222.PNG)

File: d94a79b6db71bbd⋯.png (11.14 KB, 402x407, 402:407, 22222.PNG)

Where did the kids go so fast? I'm thinking Dominican Republic or Brazil, These two are some of the Biggest donors to Clinton foundation

b1e2b1 No.573218


On the right of the picture…she looks like his 'sister' of recent Seoul Olympics/Pence fame. Guessing fatboy's circle of trusted 'advisors' is rather lean these days.

8550a8 No.573219


That would be GLORIOUS

41ff3c No.573220


wait… wut are you saying anon?

fb121d No.573221


This. Predictive programming. Simple Q. Or Simple Q with something to look up. Messages could increase in specificity over time and News Unlocks The Map for normies.

f4c0ca No.573222




maybe you could help out with this idea

e5d19f No.573223


Oh sweet BV now has an excuse to jump on his high horse with his ban hammer and start banning bc of well his hurt muh feelz


8e554b No.573224


>join a secret gnostic organization

>learn nothing about gnosticism

51f5fc No.573226




got so excited, I didn't wait for the post no to transfer over into the comment form.

designfag reporting for duty.

27bf26 No.573227

File: f3e65e8a861f520⋯.jpg (69.08 KB, 1024x624, 64:39, 1509356699439m.jpg)


Here's really good one for you. Take drumpff right apart!

f503cd No.573228


Thank you for sharing your perspective and experience.

It sounds like you made the right decision.

b7d9cb No.573229


yes - refreshing interlude!

f0c4d8 No.573230


They still try to recruit very heavily but the organization does not appeal to men anymore for many apparent reasons. What young person wants to spend all night eating shitty cafeteria food with a bunch of old men?

a8712f No.573231


Yes. Polish people love their land and are extremely close to God. We may be a small country , but we are over 1000 years old, and we are mighty! Poland knows how to love their Homeland. I love Poland, but America is my home now. She took me in when i was hurting, broke, and suffering under a communist regime . I would give my life protecting this great land. My home. … WWG1WGA

dc3975 No.573232

File: 3e1ba823771a366⋯.png (75.57 KB, 1130x500, 113:50, Screenshot 2018-03-06 at 5….png)

Could use a little more of that hivemind

0620f0 No.573233


That Oath is for your own Integrity.

And you know that.

Silence is Golden.

0dd91e No.573234


It's shameful actually. If I were their boos they would be fired due to stupidity.

Sometimes one does something new, but I haven't had to update the clown/bot dough in a short while.. They have a limited playbook, because any legit plays would red pill them by default.

b1bfb1 No.573235


Obligate your eternal soul to Jesus the Christ. Peace

504f8f No.573236

never had my ass beat for dropping off a business card. good luck to the fucker that attempts it too >>572743

fd327c No.573238


That bitch looks like she could chew through a steel chain.

a077cb No.573239

File: 2b5ea8f0a5972b5⋯.jpg (79.37 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, IMG_0946.JPG)





ae32e2 No.573240

File: de37216261571e8⋯.jpg (229.26 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, KerryScandal3.jpg)


OK that's enough on Kerry.

What next?

f4c0ca No.573241


for making a site for Q newbies and the IRB

b61eaa No.573242


comey is that you again?

a62cee No.573243


http:// kutv.com/news/local/juvenile-arrested-admits-to-replacing-us-flag-with-isis-flag-at-hurricane-school

b7d9cb No.573244

b1bfb1 No.573245


“Hey lover, you want a blo… No!”

41ff3c No.573246

File: 988fbfa52bebe30⋯.png (839.93 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, America_Sold_Highest_Bidde….png)

File: 28d20408caac051⋯.png (232.08 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Coming_to_a_theater_soon.png)

File: 74dd829e9edd86c⋯.png (587.01 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Unite_Truth_Q.png)

File: 80af51daf566004⋯.png (388.44 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Parade_Never_Forgotten.png)

File: b7ed545b3ca9128⋯.png (368.08 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Flood_is_coming.png)

397963 No.573247


Right in the feels, anon

Proud to have you as an American!


747363 No.573248


Finally!, someone speak of this.., Haiti is Pure EVIL.., Between Vodoo and Santeria.., spooky.., yes.., Zombies used as Slaves and more..

661088 No.573249


Haiti was also where Columbus landed when he first discovered "America". I wonder if spanish sailors were left behind and left their DNA.

88269d No.573250

The horrors are so profound, it boggles the mind. Hence the reason the Truth is not believed, among other notable reasons.

I pray to God this mission succeeds. I have complete faith it will. I pray for humanity – that these principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness, and spiritual wickedness in high places be dealt with once and for all.

This is the moment we have all be waiting and praying for, whether religious or not. We are moral beings who have been under the yolk for far too long. We are taking our just place.

Bless POTUS, the Q team, the Military, and patriots all around the world in bringing this fight to a noble and just end. It is OUR time to shine. Humanity depends on every one of us. The Truth shall prevail. Godspeed everyone. Love you (no homo).

f0c4d8 No.573251


Gnostic? hardly…you don't know jack shit but I can see it does not stop your mouth from breaking wind.

04c4a7 No.573252


https:// 8ch.net/bans.html

stop squealing about sa ge until you see bans showing up on that list. search for Qresearch. No bans up right now. Silly.

fb121d No.573253


What the hell does that site have to do with this? Gave a brief look, and don't get it.

a077cb No.573254

File: 8f31ca83847d2a5⋯.jpg (39.67 KB, 315x400, 63:80, IMG_1028.JPG)

Decades of training

504f8f No.573255

File: 7285cda1dcbf81e⋯.jpg (89.13 KB, 675x442, 675:442, Pamplets.jpg)

File: f7c8f0033a1f9e5⋯.jpg (76.29 KB, 341x461, 341:461, Pamplets2.jpg)

b1bfb1 No.573256


Christ compels Truth. Baphomet subject to Creator!

04c4a7 No.573257


Prophecy wills it.

a8712f No.573258


Hey polishfag brother! Yes, go. Go home at least once. Feel your bloodline under your feet. With open arms, we welcome you


Thank you anon. Poland will be ok. They always are

335f8f No.573260

File: 45e0055191a605a⋯.jpg (182.59 KB, 476x637, 68:91, qpole.jpg)

358fc9 No.573261

What is in the HRC video?

a62cee No.573262


Young boys were brought over on the first ships to "help" settle the colonies with the men. NO women.

8e554b No.573263


I know quite a bit more than you, goofball. I can't believe they don't actually teach you the truth. That's hilarious.

27bf26 No.573264


Whose the blonde with Hillary holding her hole?

8021c1 No.573265


that sounds like a threat, fat old man.

2e556f No.573266


The crest of the Salvation Army

Blood and fire

fb121d No.573267


#GreatAwakening seems good for stickers and the like.

446f8e No.573268


Probably worthwhile to mention that they would be the experts

db0235 No.573269

File: 386d3d13c6e6616⋯.jpg (289.23 KB, 960x540, 16:9, hrclethalinj.jpg)

053949 No.573270

File: cdfb6313ca0e87d⋯.jpg (44.1 KB, 533x468, 41:36, ScreenShot_067.jpg)

File: 5822aae4c2cae49⋯.jpg (58.85 KB, 557x475, 557:475, ScreenShot_060.jpg)

File: b2a84fd1732ee9e⋯.jpg (36.03 KB, 574x476, 41:34, ScreenShot_054.jpg)

File: cb6758561d44ea6⋯.jpg (41.7 KB, 621x478, 621:478, ScreenShot_051.jpg)



Saved anon. Inderrrasding.

Here are some Royal Order of Jesters lodge badges. Nothing to see here.

f0c4d8 No.573271


Yeah you know more than me about an organization that you have never belonged to. If you had you would not be saying such stupid shit

2fc1a8 No.573272


They left their DNA everywhere they went

04c4a7 No.573273

File: ac986043882c080⋯.png (9.48 KB, 216x283, 216:283, book of Q.PNG)


Just shows Q posts.

have you seen this pdf yet

a2fcdb No.573274


Chloe Moretz, actress

8550a8 No.573275



cbc989 No.573276


So was Geoege Washington allegedly.

6bf4ce No.573277

File: e8d3d7200b40d89⋯.png (237.03 KB, 382x402, 191:201, ClipboardImage.png)

fb121d No.573279



Would definitely be random morale boost for anons if nothing else.

b7d9cb No.573280



These will be great if we ever have to protect ourselves from her insanity shit again

b1bfb1 No.573281






04d7ad No.573282

Thank you for the verification.

Do it was you.

What do you think should be done .

What would you say would be the proper reward?

Please do tell I am all ears . You do realize what this mean right?

You do realize she/he has just proven her self to be a lie from the time I had met her until this very night. The People she I’m sorry he has drug into. If you think that it started with you clowns ok. Do you want me to list the dudes by name on here ? Do you want me to show you common denominators? Stay tuned

504f8f No.573283

I copied one. The thing is easy to read, short and to the point for a business card. Complicated images and many colors are hard to see at a glance. Keep them coming! >>573246

506cdd No.573284


What game? I'm a pretty avid gamer havn't seen that one or don't remember it.

783a26 No.573285

File: 5f8948f042ea29e⋯.png (57.35 KB, 750x396, 125:66, IMG_2349.PNG)

Why won't this woman GO AWAY?!! Damn, how much is the Cabal paying her!!!

4f2353 No.573287

So much is open source.

So much left to be connected.

Why are the children in Haiti in high demand?

How are they smuggled out?

‘Adoption’ process.

Local ‘staging’ ports friendly to CF?

Track donations.

Cross against location relative to Haiti.

Think logically.

The choice, to KNOW, will be yours.


anyone mentioned that with the MIRROR ————-KNOW BECOMES——–MONK—– PETER MUNK? or a reference to CLERGY?

1d1ec6 No.573288


What's the ultimate goal?

8550a8 No.573289


Must have been a shill who called you out. Hahahaha

828e92 No.573290


When you swore that oath, were you standing in the presence of truth, or lies? You have sworn an oath of silence, but to whom? Were you told the truth before you swore? Is your oath valid. That's the question only you can answer. But do remember, only truth is honor.

2fc1a8 No.573291

You can't go into most countries and just take a bunch of kids out without anyone saying anything

04c4a7 No.573292


Ridiculous thinking about that. But… men stuck on a ship for months that aren't Christians have one thing on their minds once they land.

dc3975 No.573293


digits confirm that it doesn't matter

18ea99 No.573294


tell us some juicy stuff about the rites and words they make you remember

04d7ad No.573295


Wait you see all . You have the list already.

fb121d No.573296

File: b1022924734910c⋯.png (704.6 KB, 915x765, 61:51, Selection_065.png)


that looks good.

THIS is what I saw at the link you orginally posted. Kinda creeped me out.

04c4a7 No.573297

6bf4ce No.573298

File: f015865fc93ba41⋯.png (58.8 KB, 210x230, 21:23, ClipboardImage.png)

0620f0 No.573299


It is. How dare someone who took that oath violate their own Heart and Integrity.

4e3310 No.573300

Going out on a limb here, but this Stormy/Cohen/Trump story seems like a massive troll operation.

You can read it here - www.dropbox.com/s/ocvnkwprbs7enje/Filed%20Complaint.pdf?dl=0

Why would Trump start an affair with Stormy in 2006 after getting married in 2005?

Why would Trump so obviously never sign the agreement (except to keep his signature off the paperwork)?

Why would Stormy redact his name from side agreement, while putting it into the new legal filing?

The hush agreement is mostly about surrendering materials in exchange for $130k.

Are they trying to get some other unrelated pictures/video entered into the court system using this 'lawsuit' as cover?

Getting the media to BEG for its release?

Only to have it be about something totally unrelated?

8e554b No.573302


I have seen what you can only imagine. Unlike you I'm free to speak. Ty for confirming my suspicions. You are ht that you aren't a Gnostic, but the G does stand for Gnosis. Have a nice rest of your day, Mr. Not-A-Gnostic.

2dbba0 No.573303


Was the code many years ago for Sims $$$$. Not sure of other games as I am not a "gamer".

6c79f3 No.573304

That Jew Cohen is finally quitting.

Looks like steel and aluminum got too close to him.

Any facts associated with this?

3a3a10 No.573305


anon doesn't understand the symbolism hence useless in understanding post. Will wait for others to decode.

2e556f No.573306

Red Shield

The Red Shield has its origins in Salvation Army work during wartime. At the end of the 19th century, Staff-Captain Mary Murray was sent by William Booth to support British troops serving in the Boer War in South Africa. Then, in 1901, this same officer was given the task of establishing the Naval and Military League, the forerunner of the Red Shield Service

https ://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Salvation_Army

Blood and Fire the crest of Salvation army.

Rothchilds like red cross and blood.

9e82a6 No.573307


good to know. thank you

1d1ec6 No.573308


With a web page?

26dbb8 No.573309

File: 3cbbfe927de7078⋯.jpg (93.88 KB, 874x874, 1:1, e2ed6ee5-9.jpg)

b522ae No.573310


That is awesome! Love it!

f0c4d8 No.573311


I <name> of my own free will and accord

in the presence of almighty God and this worshipful lodge

dedicated to his glory

and held forth in memory of holy Saint John

04d7ad No.573312


Have a great life .

04c4a7 No.573313

There seems to be clowns in here.

b61eaa No.573315


shows you are anti christ who said never swear an oath

51f5fc No.573316


Thanks for the lookout, mean to respond to it.


/qresearch/ is great, but we don't link here. So what we have to give is /greatawkening/ and no central space for the in-between.

It's a good thing that there isn't a central space, because it can't be shut down, so something to keep in mind.

But, we're also just birds chirping on a wire trying to connect qresearch to greatawakening through memes, which are useful, but don't offer enough info.

Not sure exactly what the solution is, but obviously Q thinks we need better organization. Not sure what that would look like.

I've thought about setting up something quick and marketable to the normies using WP to organize/rate links, but the usual concerns like anonymity, security, server integrity, etc.

Which are resolvable here. Maybe create a new distributable board? I have no idea.



9e5ed2 No.573317


Porn Stars /= Endowed with Credibility

7bbb04 No.573318

I don’t know if anything has been brought recently about Clinton Foundation. Charles Ortel is all over CF. Here is something from Ortel’s website. http:// charlesortel.com/

1300cb No.573319


I'm so late right now, but it's missionaries. We trust religion. We trust priests, and ministers, and representatives of God.

The Vatican has been usurped by Satanists. It is the home of the serpent, and they PRAY on us. They sacrifice us, the SHEEP.

Godfather III

Are church donations to/from the various foundations being dug into????

f1f20b No.573320



Maybe it's more due to no meaningful recourse as they are immune from being sued! Consider the cholera outbreak caused by the UN and their response.

"The Secretary-General has made it very clear, that while the claims have been deemed not receivable under Section 29 of the General Convention and that the immunity of the United Nations before national courts should be upheld, this does not in any way diminish the commitment of the United Nations to do all that it can to help the people of the Haiti overcome the cholera epidemic."

One article I read mentioned due to the crisis state of Haiti, even if international laws could be waived here, nobody was likely to take a Haitian trial seriously…

Which makes this statement pretty interesting:

Ms Mordaunt said: "My message to those who have sought to exploit this sector and the human tragedy in which it operates, is this - we will all share information we have with law enforcement.

"We will find you. We will bring you to justice. Your time is up."

https:// news.sky.com/story/charity-commission-receives-80-cases-in-wake-of-oxfam-sex-scandal-11277172

And reminds one of Operation Blue M&M

https:// vets4childrescue.org/blog/7-arrests-veterans-for-child-rescue-joint-ngo-leo-pedophile-sting/

https:// steemit.com/life/@idraintheswamp/former-seal-team-6-operator-creates-charity-to-combat-child-trafficking

And for a tidy DEVGRU tie, Zinke.

https:// sofrep.com/70574/congressman-former-navy-seal-ryan-zinkes-character-attacked-little-merit/

Now I missed out on Trump's tour where he went to Saudi. Thought about it reading this article:

http:// www.catholicworldreport.com/2017/05/24/ivanka-trump-meets-with-human-trafficking-survivors-in-rome/

When everybody was digging into Trump's reception in Saudi and specifically the sword dance being Nejd, I thought it was interesting that the British encouraged and supported the "pan-Arab revolt against the Ottomon Empire."

I've seen Palestine referred to as "Ottoman Palestine" and then of course Israel and the Balfour Declaration. I find it all very interesting…

2e556f No.573321


Red Shield

The Red Shield has its origins in Salvation Army work during wartime. At the end of the 19th century, Staff-Captain Mary Murray was sent by William Booth to support British troops serving in the Boer War in South Africa. Then, in 1901, this same officer was given the task of establishing the Naval and Military League, the forerunner of the Red Shield Service

https ://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Salvation_Army

Blood and Fire the crest of Salvation army.

Rothchilds like red cross and blood.

2ed859 No.573322

Shall we play a game?

Which do you prefer?

Eternal life? Or controll over this board and what is loaded onto it?


446f8e No.573323


The biggest mission is to convince people to question. Don;t try to force your view, simply use the methods outlined here and let the person discover or not. It is a function of free will. Some will choose to not see the truth.

84a664 No.573324

Little help perhaps? An anon posted a flight map from Haiti to Tampa, did a small post about being abused in basement at Tampa Hosptial with other kids. I cant find it again. Any idea which thread it may have been in?

a077cb No.573325

File: 760195b6624f733⋯.jpg (82.47 KB, 700x929, 700:929, IMG_0543.JPG)


1300cb No.573326


I'm so late right now, but it's missionaries. We trust religion. We trust priests, and ministers, and representatives of God.

The Vatican has been usurped by Satanists. It is the home of the serpent, and they PRAY on us. They sacrifice us, the SHEEP.

Godfather III

Are church donations to/from the various foundations being dug into????

a8712f No.573327


Thank you anon. Im so honored to be an American. To this day, I will take out my citizenship from my safe, look at it, thank God, kiss it and grin from ear to ear for the rest of the day. … It's my most prized possession…. I feel so much love from America, I no longer even feel adopted! She's in my DANA baby!

0620f0 No.573328


I never took it.

I'm just aware of what it stands for because I've seen Men who live by it.

440072 No.573329



Tell 'em Stormy Daniels is suing Trump for not signing the nondisclosure agreement. Give then a bone to chase.

b7d9cb No.573330


https:// www.denverrescuemission.org/

We've been involved for years. GREAT org, God Based

686966 No.573331

https:// www.alibaba.com/showroom/port-au-prince-haiti.html

f503cd No.573332


Sounds like black mail.

b61eaa No.573333


only fact is you are a moron like all who somehow believe jews have more power than goyim - absurd

48d851 No.573334

Why the demand for Haitian children? Restavek system. 300,000 children, due to displacement, are used for and called domestic servants. Easy access due to curruption. They even trick the parents under the guise that they will be taken care of.

1fc20c No.573335

File: cee342ae1422eae⋯.jpg (8.29 KB, 238x212, 119:106, 1459479558380.jpg)

0551c8 No.573336

File: dde6244df37f03e⋯.jpg (269.8 KB, 840x420, 2:1, youarenotaslave.jpg)


Little idea. Just change to Q with any Q quote. Sorted. Distributed far and wide and written on a piece of paper that no one will destroy. Kek.

924056 No.573337

966716 No.573338

File: 0a87425b36504d4⋯.jpeg (9.49 KB, 218x179, 218:179, c05d310e9edf92d809928f777….jpeg)


The Clowns are always here, same as Q Team.

aafcfe No.573339


Very Interesting! Also of interest..many drones About 30 miles NE of Dallas - 12 or more flying in a strange pattern…for lack of a better description, they looked like they were flying some kind of grid pattern with…guessing about 5 miles between them. Tried to take a pic but street lights washed it out

779831 No.573340

File: 0cef65b2c85e347⋯.jpg (18.34 KB, 320x233, 320:233, Sandusky.jpg)


Sure bud

f90c98 No.573341


There is no value. They are trying to get unwitting anons to allow their retarded graphics to remain and even get circulated.

f0c4d8 No.573342


They tell you that the penalty of the obligation of the degree is of ancient origin and symbolic only

2fc1a8 No.573343

What keeps standing out is that it would be all black kids from Haiti… why would that matter.. or would it? Any reason in particular they would want/need black kids instead of or more than kids of other races? Maybe it's where they can get black kids easiest without having to go all the way to africa

a077cb No.573344

File: 0c19aa09cd65e95⋯.jpg (119.62 KB, 660x495, 4:3, IMG_1014.JPG)


Soon a yellow belt

2ed859 No.573345

The government and the power of those who controll computers is much greatness over those below them.

Buy they are below God and He shall have much greatness over all.

b353e6 No.573346





8e554b No.573347


How does one load a board?

9e82a6 No.573348


what knowledge of Q gives people is a place to learn about what is going on.

If the search for Q all the information is there. It is something to peak their interest.

b61eaa No.573349


or maybe oaths are just another tool to control your mind

0d3928 No.573350


kek, nice work, anon

747363 No.573351


Don't forget the Archives of the Vatican..

d77663 No.573352

Good time to drop some shit? Or we shilly?

41ff3c No.573353

File: c083c9443df2348⋯.png (839.46 KB, 1450x532, 725:266, 2Q18_Truman_Show_g00gle_Am….png)

File: 8f5eba172610d4a⋯.png (2.92 MB, 1944x1426, 972:713, Truman_Show_Hows_It_Going_….png)

File: dbcd564a2befb71⋯.png (2.21 MB, 1808x1204, 452:301, Power_Planting_Seeds.png)

File: e602103ce985a4b⋯.png (428.4 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Sharyl_Attkisson.png)

686966 No.573354


Haiti port recovery key to aid, rebuilding, economy

Published: 25 Jan 2010 17:36:36 PST

* Earthquake relief has priority over trade

* Equipment must be brought in to rebuild Haiti port

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Jan 25 - An international task force hoped to repair the main seaport in Haiti's quake-stricken capital enough to handle 700 shipping containers a day by mid-February, the group's leader said on Monday.

But meeting that target will depend on the delivery of equipment to supplement the damaged pier, U.S. Navy Admiral Sam Perez said in an interview at the port.

"We have to bring everything from the bulldozers to the people to the showers to the tents," he said.

Cargo would continue to be unloaded onto the remaining, but extensively damaged, pier while repair work continues, probably for the next 10 to 12 weeks, he said.

"Damages … were more extensive that we had thought," Perez said.

The pier is now handling about 30 percent of its pre-quake capacity. If pushed, it could unload 200 to 250 containers a day, but debris is limiting the size of the ships that can enter the port.

Repairing the port is essential for both delivery of aid needed to help earthquake survivors and rebuild the country, but also for the resumption of commerce necessary to get Haiti's earthquake-stalled economy moving again.

The magnitude-7 quake that hit Haiti on Jan. 12 left the impoverished country with little wherewithal to rebuild and equipment must be brought in. Few stores are in any condition to reopen and most business is conducted streetside as vendors sell fruits and vegetables, charcoal, shoes and clothing obtained locally.

On Monday, a dripping container was pulled out of the port, just part of the debris that blocks shipping and which divers are attempting to find. U.S. Coast Guard and Haitian pilots are working to install new buoys to mark shipping channels as they are cleared.

Two Improved Navy Lighterage Systems, floating platforms used to transfer cargo from ships to the shore, will be installed at the port, with one before February that could handle 150 containers and a second by mid-February that could handle 300, Perez said.

"We are collaborating with port owners," he added, in order to send ships to other Haitian ports if Port-au-Prince wait times are too long. The Haitian government is in charge of the port recovery operations.

Aid coming into Haiti takes priority now, but soon commercial imports and exports will begin to flow as slots at the port are available, he said.

On Monday, the south pier contained several hundred boxes of aid from the Colombian Red Cross.

http:// news.alibaba.com/article/detail/markets/100238427-1-haiti-port-recovery-key-aid%252C.html

ab4c91 No.573355


There is a Vice video on youtube before they became looney left, the Most angerous drug, and it turns people into zombies…

e0b1c8 No.573356

Maybe we are the key.

The map brought us.

The truth is the evidence.

The rouges have been brought to light.

Trying to hide it.

Maybe this is a clean sweep.

They have it all, right?

Not so anon after all.

If so, chasing moles not rabbits.

That's how they roll.

ebdf8b No.573357

File: 2f2326b69fce87c⋯.jpg (65.17 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 039a3be0ca96130f4915c5ba79….jpg)


I see Trudeau uses a tear stick. Unless he's been crying for hours in that pic, the redness is from menthol irritation

4ecc93 No.573358


Last ditch desperation play by the libtards/msm.

The American people have already ignored it as same-ole-same-ole Trump bashing.

Libtards and their cocksucking msm propagandists never learn.

Your concern over this non story, however, is quite revealing.

Especially since I've already filtered one of your asspacking buddies for spamming this board with the same story.

Lil-dick Davey's got you losers working in teams the past 3 days, does he?

Obvious concern shill fucktards are obvious.

04c4a7 No.573359


Yeah trying to organize something with telling normies about Q and I get responded to by some dumb fuck who thinks we should link to a child's fairytale.

2e556f No.573360


What was old man Roth doing in Cuba in the movie GodFather III? old man roth never dies was the complaint of Michael the Godfather. He will liver over 100.

What is Barracks intentions in Cuba?

9b9f8e No.573361


It's not evil. They justy have a similar genetic disposition to mind control techniques, i.e. Dissociative Identity Disorder, as the Illuminati. I know the Illuminati are European and that Haitians are Africans but they can still have DNA in common.

The Illuminati used this susceptibility to create slave laborers called the golem at least as early as the Middle Ages, and I believe even as early as Sumerian civilization. In Haiti, voodoo practitioners used this susceptibility, in conjunction with a drug from a certain marine organism that simulates death, to create slave laborers.

This is one of the reasons why Haiti is attractive to sex traffickers. It is easy to make the kids compliant slaves. And when they are used up and you harvest the bodies for organ sales, you get a nice bonus by extracting the melanin from the skin.

Not to mention chaos and confusion makes it easy to kidnap people without repercussions, and the cost of business on the ground is low due to depressed economy.

3a3a10 No.573363


just launch and recover. In range of a air refueled seahawk

f503cd No.573364


This is the idea of America that I think we all love, and hopefully are returning to.

You are every much as American as those born here.


59d214 No.573365


That would be too kind of a way to die.

7aafb5 No.573366

Is Hannity the only place the HRC video could drop?

9e5ed2 No.573367


Anon should write #FindQ on every dollar bill they encounter.

deefb4 No.573368

2fc1a8 No.573369


They've sent those missionaries out for centuries scouting the entire world

84a664 No.573370


Thank you kindly that was fast!

747363 No.573371


The Communist invasion of America?

41ff3c No.573372

File: d82a7a45c364a12⋯.png (1.4 MB, 3264x1632, 2:1, 1__Our_Movement_is_About.png)

File: a5250a93956b599⋯.png (1015.26 KB, 3264x1632, 2:1, 2__To_Protect_and_Enrich_I….png)

File: a8e4ab762c6a6e7⋯.png (969.92 KB, 3264x1632, 2:1, 3__The_Washington_Establis….png)

ba8599 No.573373

File: 9dee315cda3beed⋯.jpg (122.09 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, DXpoxrTXUAAwzvO.jpg large.jpg)

506cdd No.573374


Interesting if true could be a possible reference to a financial reset?

8021c1 No.573375


you are deluded, fat old man.

Jesus will overtake you and you will be empty with your pretend honor

db0235 No.573376




>old man roth never dies was the complaint of Michael the Godfather.

Then Michael had him killed. Problem solved.

1300cb No.573377


Are there any special travel laws for people from the Vatican? Do they get to pass customs like government/military planes?

Anything along those lines, too?

ed952d No.573378


Unfortunately I don't believe this is the last of their efforts……


40c443 No.573379


"Trust Sessions" to do nothing.

"Trust Wray" to do nothing.

Trump is much deeper trouble than he realizes, and he is surrounded by those who are out to defeat him hell or high water. Q-Team has told us to 'Trust the Plan,' but we don't really know what it is. We've been gaining some ground, but expecting any change in MSM coverage is not going to happen unless Trump drops the sword and lops of a few of the figureheads off, and the sooner the better, for all our sakes.

Certainly Q-Team must know this, but predictability goes out the window when the unexpected happens and that is what Q needs to shake up the status quo by taking the offensive.

0620f0 No.573380


There's a stark difference between control and mastery through discipline.

dc4eb0 No.573381


attention whore, what more can you say. she has no credibility. don't worry

41ff3c No.573382

File: f2ce42d1de46431⋯.png (760.2 KB, 3264x1632, 2:1, 9__Media_as_a_Weapon.png)

File: bca116ed2661af8⋯.png (886.93 KB, 3264x1632, 2:1, 8__Honestly_She_Should_be_….png)

File: 62723763146168b⋯.png (1.22 MB, 3264x1632, 2:1, 10__Clintons_are_Criminals.png)

a077cb No.573383


Look a bird

7b4b72 No.573384


biggest thing thats stands out to me is no education, pliable minds

db9842 No.573385


I like it.

1d1ec6 No.573386


What is the goal of this new site? Why is it necessary to move from 8chan?

The goal would determine the content and set up of the new site.

Would only board owner post or would others post?

2ed859 No.573387

Do you feel powerful?

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."

and what you did to them, you did to me also

0620f0 No.573388


Well done!

04c4a7 No.573389

File: 98d4e5e555abd0b⋯.png (2.85 MB, 1200x3873, 400:1291, we will fight in the shade.png)


see graphic….. I would like to know the original origin of spartans in darkness.

0d3928 No.573390


The majority of Haitians are poor to the point of destitute. I imagine their children would be cheap, untrackable/untraceable. Literally a dime a dozen.

16f17a No.573391


Remember way back when when Q, or Qteam, said one question answers the following question? Q asked "Why are the children in Haiti in high demand?" Then he asked, "How are they smuggled out?" Maybe smuggle answers the first question

Maybe they are in high demand because they are easy to smuggle out

504f8f No.573392

I like it a lot >>573336

1300cb No.573393


We're talking NOW. What's the relationship between the foundations, and religious institutions, and the Vatican? Like Laura Silsby. Donations? We need to follow their money.

f503cd No.573395


Of course he didn't sign it, because had nothing to do with it and it is all made up.

If only the Trump haters had any type of critical thinking.

It's such a tragedy what Trump has to go through. I hope he one day gets the credit he deserves.

b43943 No.573396

BREAKING NEWS: WASHINGTON (AP)–Following China's lead in censorship banning the letter "N" in response to public protests over the repeal of term limits; Google, a subsidiary of Palo Alto based Alphabet (Goog) has implemented changes to user searches which deprecate all search results containing the letter "Q". When asked for comment PR representatives for the firm explained "The 17th letter of the english alphabet has been adopted by extremist groups who are advocating for free speech which is not consistent with our globalist corporate vision. We are fortunate that our status as a private corporation gives us the freedom to do whatever we write in our Terms of Service with our users ideas. We feel that this policy will ultimately hasten adoption of a new universal alphabet, binary, that only our new Transhuman AI masters can use to efficiently to create meaningful thoughts and communication." Chinese censors, Twitter, and Facebook all applauded the move while representatives from the Queen, Qualcom, and JK Rowling witchcraft linked international Quidditch association could not be reached for comment on their affiliation with extremism.

https:// www.cnn.com/2018/03/01/asia/china-letter-ban-trnd/index.html

c8ffea No.573397


and collecting info? maybe recording?

The stone-cold sober Donald drinking his diet coke while everyone else is getting tipsy and loose-lipped? kek

b80d30 No.573398

File: 7cc5f3a47abf3fc⋯.png (224.21 KB, 698x678, 349:339, FacebookPedo Fucks.png)

File: 16225c57d6fd765⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1442x1238, 721:619, Facebook.png)

File: 2d7759067fde935⋯.png (1.8 MB, 1886x1052, 943:526, Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at ….png)

a077cb No.573401

File: dd0c59d912d47cc⋯.jpg (82.35 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, IMG_1033.JPG)

I don't shave ladies

9c5880 No.573402

747363 No.573403


it say that the Niggers was created for be Slaves of the ET'S.., That has any more sense.., the Zulu and the Dogon has a lot of similarities with the Sumerians (Enlil especially)

49f758 No.573404


I was thinking about just getting this

Q !UW.yye1fxo

And then I looked into it.. $100 for $50 stickers on stickermule ~ depending on your style/options. I'm sure there's cheaper places. I'd spend a coupla bucks on one if I saw one I liked.

446f8e No.573405


Will it enlighten?

Will it spread TRUTH?

Do what you feel you should anon. The inner voice is the wisest.


2fc1a8 No.573406


no reprecussions, gov't easily bought, haiti doesn't have much of a voice even if they wanted to complain

b39d69 No.573407

last boom is king?

661088 No.573408


Q always talks about bloodlines so I am wondering if there is a bloodline connection here. More digging to do.

cf77f8 No.573409


You owe them nothing. They LIED to you. Never forget that. They lied to me as well, and I am breaking the oath, it was never real, it was a trick.

b353e6 No.573410


>>We need to follow their money.

25d88f No.573411

You really are a dumb fucking Virginian .

2e556f No.573412



Then Michael found more Roth in the Vatican!!!

Many red shoes in the Vatican. Ever see a podesta in red shoes?

Roths seem to multiply and change names.

They multiply like rabbits.

Kubricks, Magic circle, eyes wide shut. Roth is wearing red and is known as red cloak. The circle of wman will bear the child of a roth from the magic circle.

0dd91e No.573413


It's actually kinda fun to harvest the (you)'s from the shills, without giving them the (you)… That's the only part that I see that could improve.. Don't give (((them))) the (you)…

Makes them look extra fucking stupid, considering they're supposed to be getting ours…

828e92 No.573414


If the Trump haters could think dude, they'd be supporters.

a8712f No.573415


Thank you from the bottom of my crying heart right now. Thank you for including me on this journey of truth and we kick evils ass.Thank you for making me feel like I belong and seeing me as your equal. As a fellow American! Damn I love this country!

966716 No.573416


My take on "Spartans in Darkness" is a spec-ops team.

40ced2 No.573417


https:// twitter.com/NSAGov/status/969280039450763270

0620f0 No.573418


All talk no action.

A hollow wannabe.

48d851 No.573419

Did you know that high stress levels in a pregnant woman is one of the reasons for autism? After the 2010 haiti earthquake autism shot through the roof.

504f8f No.573420

Good. Light colors though. need easy to print Must be easy to read on a card or sticker >>573353

04c4a7 No.573421


Yes… that's the definition that I posted as well.

2bd8c6 No.573423

File: dafae763ed38868⋯.jpg (118.16 KB, 1028x675, 1028:675, evil.jpg)

>>568909 Might be wrong here but I'm pretty sure Q is hinting at the Vatican… Hence the 40 gay priests who were just outed by a gay escort. "Hard to swallow"

http:// abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/allegations-40-gay-priests-italy-vatican-53500542

44ee06 No.573424

https:// www.investing.com/currencies/usd-iqd

Guys….. Did the Iraqi Dinar seriously just jump from 1 dinar = $0.0084 USD to 1 dinar = $11.74??? investing.com is showing this…..

b353e6 No.573425


Allegiance to The Savior, only binding, eternal oath! Jesus

440072 No.573426


So it looks like they made up their mind to roll out pedophilia BEFORE they asked the public for permission….

2dbba0 No.573427


Sean would likely not show any part of the video if it is sexual abuse of a child by HRC. If the video is that, I suspect it will be dropped anonymously overseas where there are different regulations and then picked up by US media and filter for viewing in the US.

23a403 No.573428

File: c9361ae51a5e334⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1364x705, 1364:705, ClipboardImage.png)


I have been pounding this drum since the beginning. Is Q using Bill Binney's Thin Thread to find these "confirmed connections"?

Pic Related

Is from Bill Binney's website for his Amsterdan Company - Pretty Good Knowledge

Binney's wikipedia has an interesting quote that was just updated Feb. 10, 2018:

>Kirk Wiebe and William Binney "have started a company (Pretty Good Knowledge[10]) with partners in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, to resurrect and do the kinds of smart things we thought we do with data back in the 1990s, because this government and the Deep State as well as the shadow government didn't want us doing that here. So we're over there doing this."[11]

Look at this pic…..notice




==x_== which is in the Freedom Stringer and found 27 times in Q's posts

Q mentions Bill Binney:


2fc1a8 No.573430


they are CHEAP… they are in high demand because they are cheap… they are cheap because transportation costs kept down and because children are black

25d88f No.573431


Every FC I ever New was a bitch just as you act. I wish you would be cause you have no doubt that I would .

9b9f8e No.573432


Even harder to swallow is that they use one and two year old babies as sex toys because they have strong sucking muscles.

5225e6 No.573433

Need help. Is the following a viable picture working backwards?:

Post 863: “Trust the PLAN”

PLAN has two meanings: the overarching plan & Personal Localized Alerting Network?

(an Emergency Broadcast System able to send messages directly from the President)

Post 862: “Stage set?”

It is made clear that public communication via MSM and Goog, Facebook, and TWTR

is not how the “stuff” (Hillary Vid, etc.) is going to be made available. Is there is a different “stage”

as logic would decree?

Post 841: ATT Internet Bill of Rights Link

Whatever the “stage” is, it probably needs the internet to be unblockable, hence the importance of an

Internet Bill Of Rights.

Post 803: “SAT_SEC_1_X_GOOD” and many similar checks

Making sure all “Comms Paths” for bypassing the MSM/Evil Social Tech to reach the public

might explain all the cryptic post like this. It is very important the comms checks show up at the

intended destination (us). Is that why we see these posts?

Post 801: “US Cyber Task Force” “Important”

US Cyber Task Force - Much more important in this “staging” context. This Task Force might have

cells devoted to ensuring the key internet nodes, EMS, PLAN stay working when really needed.

Is that protection a Military mission even if the attack is coming from inside the US?

Post 777: “Think Google [new Pixel phone]”

Can Goog, Samsung, or Apple stop incoming data at the handset? It is one thing to be spied upon,

but expanded thinking would also consider direct control of phones to be a possibility. Look

at what is in the kill boxes. Are they kill boxes? (Why not Apple in the kill box?)

Post 768: “This board in the coming months will be spread & discussed across ALL PLATFORMS”

This really only can occur if this board is explicitly identified to the larger public.

Who else is the known keeper of the archived (offline) MAPS….with advanced shill rejection training?

Post 764: “Continue to build the MAP”, etc.

Why being the MAP keeper is important. They are ‘Raw Intel’ for the public at some point.

Post 696: “Emergency messaging sys test more frequent past month?”

EMS tests sure make sense if a new “stage” is be setup and checked out. An unavoidable side

effect is freaking out some folks. Are these messages white hat or black hat?

Post 626: “Public to awaken [mass-start].”

A [mass-start] may mean the opening of the ‘stage’ (new comm path) with a big unstoppable drop.

Could the mass-start be advising folks to get a MAP?

Post 605: “AT&T>No Such Agency [contract].”

Is AT&T part of the PLAN? Are they part of the new ‘stage’?

Post 576: “The flood is coming” (Emails, videos, etc.)

…but through what path that cannot be stopped? (Notice all the effort into making this board

hardened—Thanks to CodeMonkey and all other Anons needing sleep!!!)

Post 568: “Fake incoming missile alert [Defcon 1]”

Might be necessary for white hat comms validation?

Post 537: “SAFE COMMS - VITAL.”

Explains why all the Comms Check posts occur but why they sometimes do not make sense.


Is the ‘scare’ the the wide-ranging EMS validations occurring? These must be known good comms

for future use if used to bypass MSM/evil Tech.

Post 507: “This will be the AUTH tool you use when all of this becomes public to provide friends,

family, others.” (Have those MAPS ready!)

Bottom Line is re-reading crumbs changes my thinking about all the EMS alerts and raises the

question of how the MSM/Evil Tech is going to be completely bypassed. No doubt the MAPS

must be ready for instant deployment. Feedback?

7ec153 No.573434


Faggot shill. Filter

b353e6 No.573436


It has been floated that betting on Iraqi valuation is investment worthy. Thank Bush Cheney Rumsfeld et al. True story.

f62d07 No.573437


https: //www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/2-stoneman-douglas-shooting-survivors-take-first-steps-to-sue/ar-BBJXoSA?ocid=spartanntp&ffid=gz

b80d30 No.573438

File: 69ed9d0691e15e6⋯.png (78.84 KB, 842x460, 421:230, Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at ….png)

File: 1d63af8ae7c3a24⋯.png (15.45 KB, 456x86, 228:43, Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at ….png)

51f5fc No.573439



I'm not suggesting moving at all.

We stay put unless Q says otherwise.

Just looking for ideas to do the interim between Q posts and qresearch to present more coordinated data to the public outside of just memery.

Maybe that's another shareable board here on 8ch. Or maybe we just create another thread here where we organize specific content/verbiage/etc. outside of just memes.

Maybe anons working on an external project for mass sharing/public posting/moderation. I don't know. Just shooting off ideas.

0bf5f2 No.573441

File: 62e9ef69f3c9849⋯.jpg (488.96 KB, 1830x638, 915:319, blom.jpg)

File: 8f90f296794e3c6⋯.jpg (138.15 KB, 1807x866, 1807:866, blom2.jpg)

File: 35960ad28bc8890⋯.jpg (197.73 KB, 1807x866, 1807:866, blom3.jpg)

8e554b No.573442



8021c1 No.573443


pure pr stunt when lead singer of the hip died

he is after all a failed drama teacher by trade

857a6b No.573445

>>567502 has been bugging me.

>These peo>>567493

>ple are stupid.

>Wait for Russia/China reports.



>Strike 99999999.

What does the formatting error mean? Inactive link; breaking up word into two lines. Obviously it is intentional.

<there are no coincidences

466b1a No.573446


No, it's that Haitian children are trafficked for organ harvesting to get melanin for aging Hollywood types. That's hard to swallow.

A bunch of circle jerking priests are no big deal.

3d50c8 No.573447


^^ That

fb121d No.573448


Printing stickers at home with Avery or similar sticker blanks is really cheap.

78973c No.573449

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Why doesn't anybody talk about the council for national policy here? Many don't know about the it, the CFR of the right, that has a more secretive membership. Many in the CNp are also CFR strangely enough.

f4c0ca No.573450


It wouldn't be a move but a more tame version of here and a way to break in newbies or normies especially when shit hits the fan. Linking people to here causes a lot of unwanted idiots and turns off the little old ladies because well 8ch. So it would be a place for easily digestible info for people out of the loop or those trying to catch up to the goings on.

bbbfe1 No.573451


What? on the chan?

Using a proper website removes the restrictions in format that the chans have. We can make some really simplistic, but hard hitting, graphic layouts to present the facts

e5d19f No.573452


Glad you are no longer fucking little kids m8

2ed859 No.573453

"I will not leave you comortless: I will come to you."

Seek and you will find

0d193f No.573454


anon know who had the alias Cassia van der Hoof Holstein?

that's a new one to me.

a077cb No.573455

File: 73dc97bcb9d11e6⋯.jpg (37.82 KB, 548x555, 548:555, IMG_1022.JPG)

Feel a memo coming

ef2911 No.573456

File: 2736e367e73b0b6⋯.jpg (13.14 KB, 259x194, 259:194, divided.jpg)


Pray too for the house of the enemy to be divided against itself- e.g. the MSM against each another.

ac938e No.573457

File: 797b6092616e5ef⋯.jpg (15.47 KB, 522x98, 261:49, steel_international relati….JPG)

File: 700f14d63f6b47d⋯.jpg (32.69 KB, 600x178, 300:89, q_steel.JPG)

Operation Steel Box, also known as Operation Golden Python, was a 1990 joint U.S.-West German operation which moved 100,000 U.S. chemical weapons from Germany to Johnston Atoll.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Steel_Box

http:// www.military-dictionary.org/STEEL

b61eaa No.573458


self-discipline is the key to everything

2ece1e No.573459

File: caacd1f9adc4e89⋯.png (205.32 KB, 468x354, 78:59, ClipboardImage.png)

2fc1a8 No.573460

It's got to be a lot more expensive to procure oneself a blonde haired blue eyed child as opposed to one from Haiti who are literally a dime a dozen

5fd2aa No.573461


I remember when info wars just started and there were stickers on poles,signs,and everything that didn't move. I don't know who was doing it ,but it worked, I had to check it out that site years ago because I was curious.Think i'll make some stickers tonight.

c0e6da No.573462

1300cb No.573463


What if it's real estate deals? Are the foundations involved with real estate at all? Could real estate deals be laundering operations for child trafficking with the Vatican?

27bf26 No.573464


That story was a worthless crap pile when it broke and now it's worn out bar rag. Our shill bust be hired off street corners these day. Their memes a shit too, as always.

f4c0ca No.573465


I wouldn't recommend a new board hear but like a voat site or something easily made through a go daddy or annons with hosting ability

df0fd3 No.573466



https:// www.xe.com/currencycharts/?from=USD&to=IQD&view=1Y

64875c No.573467

File: b5682d35a122f35⋯.png (145.18 KB, 844x897, 844:897, screenshot_134.png)

File: de956d0fd571f86⋯.png (23.61 KB, 369x165, 123:55, screenshot_135.png)




https:// wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/3672

d4f702 No.573468





>>> ??? <<<

440072 No.573469


That's kinda why there's an entire Memology section in the OP header. Take control over social media.

a89279 No.573470

Wondering what other Anons think of the Earthquake in Haiti… was it a Natural occurrence or could it have been something else?

bbbfe1 No.573471

Also for anyone who thinks my idea was to link them to qresearch..


The idea was to have a dedicated normie-redpilling site. I have plenty of spare hosting, so I need someone who is good at graphic design to make a simple, effective design to present the facts.. and someone to decide which info would be most effective for redpilling normies.

Need to recruit two people. Anyone here able to do those things? otherwise help find someone? :)

0551c8 No.573472

>>573402 I have been doing it for years since I read it in a rage against the machine booklet about 15 years or so ago. "Research 9/11" or 7/7. Loads of notes. Never wrote on my £50's though lol. Lets work on the ultimate Q slogans and get them in circulation. Kek

b353e6 No.573473



It has been floated that betting on Iraqi valuation is investment worthy. Thank Bush Cheney Rumsfeld et al. True story. >>573377

0620f0 No.573474



0dd91e No.573475

>a077cb No.573455

>Feel a memo coming

Don't get a papercut while you're jerking off. Your dick is short enough.. you've already made that quite apparent.

42bb64 No.573476


How many elite douchebags own private islands in the Caribbean? Those would make wonderful safe harbors for child stealers

52990c No.573477


http:// people.equilar.com/bio/cassia-van-der-hoof-holstein-new-senior/salary/937573

It’s an actual name? Hmm. Lol.

f0c4d8 No.573478


That is a pretty ridiculous statement. Even though I am no fan of the organization do you really think it an enlightened point of view to make a baseless claim about every member of a group because of something few if any have ever done?

There are cops and politicians who are fucking children as we speak. By your logic all cops and politicians are pedo's. I expect better from an anon SMH

2e556f No.573479



Cuba is close to Haiti

924056 No.573480

File: 921b521a7d1ea7e⋯.png (424.19 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 08F32068-FB29-4021-AFA4-89….png)

File: 76dcd633625f18e⋯.jpeg (117.07 KB, 750x1101, 250:367, 02D01815-E8F3-4D79-8F55-5….jpeg)

File: dc708199451807d⋯.jpeg (180.84 KB, 750x726, 125:121, 7AE17A0C-9485-4F60-8EF7-D….jpeg)

File: ae726bd6ee1deb9⋯.jpeg (436.67 KB, 750x778, 375:389, D17E2574-AC8D-4DD5-81F5-F….jpeg)


https:// www.uship.com/ shipment/Haiti-relief-goods/414488416/

504f8f No.573481

It is cheap. Dark colors for backgrounds use ink and don't read well. Need card sized memes with light background and dark big letters. Make them easy to see. This is print, not screens or monitors. >>573448

dd68a2 No.573482

https:// www .washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2015/03/20/that-time-bill-and-hillary-clinton-went-to-a-voodoo-ceremony-in-haiti/?utm_term=.8acd330f98b6

2ece1e No.573483


Hence the call for stricter immigration vetting. Cut off cabal supply of trafficked children in the U.S.

2ed859 No.573484


466b1a No.573485


Dug around enough to know that I opt out of this one.

2ece1e No.573486


Also, the need for the wall

d1bdee No.573487

3a3a10 No.573488


is that Jaws' girlfriend?

(bond reference)

dc9256 No.573489


it's all the same when you are going to cut them up for parts.

bbbfe1 No.573490

Also, the thought behind the sticker thing was this: our social media campaigns and other online stuff may not even be SEEN by certain groups. Those who don't use twat/faceberg or those who just happen to not see them, perhaps because of algorithm fuckery etc. No algorithm's gonna stop you seeing this on a fucking bus stop or toilet cubicle, kek

Our message will saturate the online and offline world, with some luck!

0d193f No.573492


yeah. trigger happy and shocked me. thx anon.

4e3310 No.573495



You can get a wordpress site going pretty cheaply…


f503cd No.573496



Well said.

I do agree but at the same time, we need to find a way to open their eyes. We need to get them to unite with us. Q has asked us to, and it's the right thing to do.

Some are hopeless, and are using Trump as a target for their own short comings and frustrations. However we need to remember how many systems are working against them. Most notably the fake news. What would you think if you weren't wise enough to know the news was fake? With all the lies printed about POTUS every day.

I truly believe a lot of them are good people who are just doing what they think is right, based on wrong information.

924056 No.573498

File: 6d48620d73b3eae⋯.jpeg (324.94 KB, 750x973, 750:973, F0604E7E-3412-46C8-B668-B….jpeg)

a077cb No.573499

File: 6620b4dd072409f⋯.jpg (53.92 KB, 420x534, 70:89, IMG_1046.JPG)

I bet insecurity is expensive

2fc1a8 No.573500


at least some of this is for sex and everyone has their racial preferences

49f758 No.573501


I'm behind since I was working on my scraper but theres https:// qanonnews.wordpress.com/

I've been doing straight q drops and twitter posts for a while.

f4c0ca No.573502


didn't even think about that thanks.

828e92 No.573503


No. "Foundations" turned up with Vaxes and shot up all the kids…. for their health.

c8ffea No.573504


something else

8021c1 No.573505

File: 7aa6b723867fb6e⋯.jpg (9.73 KB, 215x234, 215:234, hillary4.jpg)

File: b31677965e5094f⋯.jpg (4.63 KB, 150x150, 1:1, 16e287.jpg)

File: 31222a715748672⋯.jpg (74.63 KB, 750x776, 375:388, DThn_pCUQAANZ8A.jpg)

27bf26 No.573506


(((They))) infiltrate every op just as they have this one.

bc5c73 No.573508


It's the same for many in other organizations I've seen bandied about here. Have an "X Mormon" friend who never heard of any of the membership delving into any type of sacrificial behavior or trafficking of humans in his church.

So if there is some type of inner cult it is so small even the Bishop's and missionary students are clueless.

His work consisted of Sunday school classes, going out among the people of the congregation and helping them fix up their homes, or bringing food, and care if they were sick.

And for reasons of his own, he left the church, because he saw no harm in having a cigar now and then or a beer, and believe it or not, there are rules you are not suppose to do this and consider yourself a member.

He may have also disagreed with them on a few points of gospel that the church did not take kindly to.

0dd91e No.573509

>a077cb No.573499

>I bet insecurity is expensive

Tell us all about it Mr. Pindick.

42bb64 No.573510


Most entities which are publicly helping children are harming them, behind the scenes

504f8f No.573511

File: f9bb2c32879ea0e⋯.jpg (35.84 KB, 497x497, 1:1, Q TRUST.jpg)

File: 7285cda1dcbf81e⋯.jpg (89.13 KB, 675x442, 675:442, Pamplets.jpg)

File: f7c8f0033a1f9e5⋯.jpg (76.29 KB, 341x461, 341:461, Pamplets2.jpg)

Correct Idea! >>573490

440072 No.573512


If your gonna go that route, make sure you do two sided business cards with a question one one side that catches attention, follow with an answer and a web link or site that even a normie can get to. Pre-internet viral marketing.

9e82a6 No.573514


Also, think about the kids who have grown up in our horrible, indoctrinating schools. the message is all they have heard, their entire lives.

we have to make them wan to learn. they certainly have not been taught critical thinking.

d049c2 No.573515


There has to be some genetic abnormality with Haitian's the cabal is after. I'm serious. DIG.

7378a6 No.573516


codefag was in earlier and explained it

github is getting tired of the traffic load

qanonpost was set up to be able to handle the extra traffic

that's why both

793301 No.573518


Am I reading a guy openly communicating with HRC about their human trafficking, or is he just talking about getting involved with a "charity" to tackle it?

f90c98 No.573519


Huh. Masons.

2ed859 No.573520


Yes, yes. But only for a short time. The circle isn't quite as full yet as they think it is.

Then end will come?

Define the end.

2fc2fd No.573521


Spread this over to the reddit page.

https:// www.reddit.com/r/CBTS_Stream/

Those normies love this kind of stuff.

a077cb No.573522

File: 86f0c54b89ced5e⋯.jpg (35.33 KB, 443x332, 443:332, IMG_0988.JPG)


Soft spots

466b1a No.573523

Y'all missed something big while you chatted away about your printing and blogging potential.

Do try. If you are going to show up, do try.

bbbfe1 No.573524


I'm gonna host it. I have plenty spare in that department. No problem

d73158 No.573525


"Joined today by Haiti President Michel Martelly and former U.S. President Bill Clinton at a celebration ceremony, Digicel Group Chairman and Founder Denis O’Brien and Marriott International (NASDAQ: MAR) President – Caribbean & Latin America Region Craig S. Smith thanked the Kier Construction Company workers, sub-contractors and skilled Haitian construction workers who built the hotel and the Marriott associates who will host its guests. The hotel officially opens March 1st. A formal grand opening event is planned for June."

https:// hotel-development.marriott.com/2015/02/digicel-and-marriott-open-haiti-hotel/

828e92 No.573526


That sounds….. a wee bitty gay.

a8712f No.573527



Yup. …. Make it rain,Q. Shower the world. World wide. We have anons from all over the world. The cure will spread ( perQ) but we can help. By the time Q topic is on MSM, avrage Joe would have seen thousands of Q stickers everywhere. It's about red pilling people? Well, let's shove it down their throats

4f74a8 No.573528

http:/ /katehon.com/article/rothschilds-have-lost-control-over-world-economy

This article statess that the Rothschilds lost control of the world economy in 2016.

51f5fc No.573529


ideally, side-by-side graphics, embeddable tweets and news links. WE could do something akin to that in a new publicly linkable board here or I guess, just use reddit. But I think the Reddit/8ch format isn't very mass appealable and gets cluttered up. qcodefag had a nice open source aggregator, but would need someone to develop further. Or maybe what we have is fine now, but it just needs better organization to put it all together. Thoughts?

50a380 No.573530


I worked in the yard this afternoon and had several hours to not think of anything other than the menial task at hand (which is usually when I have the most ideas) and your post is right on with my thoughts.

I heard the Trump pressed with the Swede where POTUS referenced paper ballots, etc.

I made a connection with the Drudge headline (Dems turning Texas blue) and I wondered if one of the next BOOMs is going to be uncovering the local, state and national election fraud that is and has been going on. Texas had primary voting today.

As an aside, when it is all said and done, everyone will realize that Drudge is a JEDI knight of Qanon order extraordinaire.

POTUS hand signal headline

Dems turn Texas blue headline

He has been fighting the Clinton's since before Monica's blue dress.

9e82a6 No.573531

16f17a No.573532

Whatever their reason for wanting Haitian children, it doesnt matter, what they've done to the ppl of Haiti is beyond mitigation. They, and anyone who facilitated them, including media, need a good dose of potassium chloride. This is the third week before suicide week, yes? Maybe the scum will save us the tax dollars and do it themselves.

0dd91e No.573533

>a077cb No.573522

>Soft spots

we don't care how your asshole feels after it gets pounded.

466b1a No.573534



2fc1a8 No.573535

sounds like Q's post is implying that the 2010 earthquake may have provided the perfect opportunity to swoop into a poor country with a gov't that can be bought… it's conveniently close to DWS Broward County Port Everglades to get kids into usa. It's close to be able to get kids to other islands and onto private planes all over the world. It sounds like they've really streamlined the process of taking these kids out of Haiti

23a403 No.573536

File: a7f8581bdc96baa⋯.png (512.36 KB, 1073x655, 1073:655, ClipboardImage.png)


Thin Thread x_ found 27 times in Q's posts such as freedom stringer












































_FREEDOM-_vGER_US_yes_000BVx_LO_yes_[… + 1]_Conf_y



8e554b No.573537

2ed859 No.573538

9e5ed2 No.573539


>re; 'staging ports'

Just look for any of (((them))) that own islands.

Branson and Epstein come to mind.

ab4c91 No.573541

time for a new concept..

This whole shit show is wrong..

The Special Counsel Law expired in 1999, DOJ can't investigate itself.

Time to Fire Mueller and call in a Military Tribunal and start investigation, it removes cronies and SJW judges and let the Military restore the Constitution. To Defend from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC!!

a8712f No.573542


Exactly my point. Thank you anon! Hive. Mind.

0fbd52 No.573543


It has to be genetics and their isolation. Maybe the are water supply? So many poor blacks, why those poor blacks?

686966 No.573544

Smuggling route?

As chief of staff and counselor to Hillary Clinton at the State Department, Cheryl D. Mills worked ceaselessly to help a South Korean garment maker open a factory in Haiti, the centerpiece of United States government efforts to jump-start the island nation’s economy after the 2010 earthquake.

Ms. Mills took the lead on smoothing the way for the company, Sae-A Trading, which secured millions of dollars in incentives to make its Haiti investment more attractive, despite criticism of its labor record elsewhere. When she presided over the project’s unveiling in September 2010, she introduced Sae-A’s chairman, Woong-ki Kim, as the most important person at the ceremony, which included Mrs. Clinton and the Haitian prime minister.

Mr. Kim would later become important to Ms. Mills in a far more personal way — as a financial backer of a company she started after leaving the State Department in 2013. The company, BlackIvy Group, is pursuing infrastructure projects in Tanzania and Ghana, the only African nations in the “Partnership for Growth,” an Obama administration initiative that Mrs. Clinton helped introduce that promotes investment in developing countries.

The partnership with Mr. Kim sheds light on the business activities of Ms. Mills — a longtime Clinton loyalist who is likely to play a significant role in any future Clinton White House — as well as the interlocking public and private relationships that have long characterized the Clintons’ inner circle. A lawyer, Ms. Mills has been a target of Republican critics for her central role in determining which emails from Mrs. Clinton’s private server would be publicly disclosed, and for sharing information about Africa — later designated as classified — with the Clinton Foundation while working at the State Department.

During Ms. Mills’s tenure at the department, Mr. Kim’s company, Sae-A, became a donor to the Clinton Foundation, through its Clinton Global Initiative, and Ms. Mills remained involved in foundation matters. According to emails hacked from the accounts of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, and released by WikiLeaks, Ms. Mills helped draft memos and consulted on internal organizational issues at the foundation, though she used her personal Gmail account and not her government email.

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Another close Clinton aide at the State Department, Huma Abedin, was for a time permitted to work for the foundation and an outside consulting firm while serving as a “special government employee.” Ms. Mills was also granted the same special designation after leaving the department

https:// www.nytimes.com/2016/10/17/us/hillary-clinton-cheryl-mills.html

a077cb No.573545

File: a8ec5c9bdc1f586⋯.jpg (56.19 KB, 600x555, 40:37, IMG_1047.JPG)

4f74a8 No.573546


>http:/ /katehon.com/article/rothschilds-have-lost-control-over-world-economy

That should say 2013 when Obama did not have anyone from Goldman Sachs in is administration.

2ed859 No.573547

Ye have heard how I said unto you I go away, and come again unto you. If ye loved me, ye would rejoice, because I said, I go unto the Father; for my Father is greater than I""

and he shall return to take us home

4d6d34 No.573548

File: 1ad43bd7c667617⋯.jpg (34.82 KB, 677x485, 677:485, 1ad43bd7c66761771d6615f71b….jpg)



0dd91e No.573549

>a077cb No.573545

Well, at least you're admitting your a dumb fuck now.. Admission is the first step of healing you know.

f4c0ca No.573550


Something simple at a place like >www.dreamhost.com/promo/wpbeginner/?

972b20 No.573551

File: 3654ce58f8935a3⋯.jpg (2.52 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, M1.jpg)

File: c08b184027aa9a1⋯.jpg (1.86 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, M2.jpg)

File: 7e5f6c42bed0ce5⋯.jpg (2.04 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, M3.jpg)

File: 799bd8adf101a8c⋯.jpg (2.54 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, M4.jpg)

f503cd No.573552



It can be frustrating, but we must remind ourseleves that the whole fucking deck is stacked against them and under different circumstances we could easily have been them.

The Great Awakening is coming and we have an important role to play.

This isn't the time for "I told you so" and "your are stupid" (that's not directed at you anon). It's the time to be the bigger people, know matter how frustrating, and remind ourselves that we all generally want the same things.



Live a decent life.

Spend time with our families.


fb121d No.573553


Exactly. This is not an overnight process, and some guerrilla IRL priming of the public sub-conscious might ease shock of the revelations we expect.

b353e6 No.573554



‘cause children.

04c4a7 No.573555


Four blood moons?

440072 No.573556


Then once your happy with the product, drop it off at Bus Stops, Truck Stops and Airports. Truckers alone should suffice, the HATE the clintons.

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