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Pro Aris et Focis

File: bb7d59c7b6197c0⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1795x1017, 1795:1017, Q.png)

5f3421 No.671982

Welcome Faggots. The earth is not flat, and fake Q is fake.



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5f3421 No.671989


https:// pastebin.com/ZviTauYg

5f3421 No.671990

File: 180131505c8c2f4⋯.jpg (136.02 KB, 736x552, 4:3, 1521057313805.jpg)

4945cb No.672057

Thanks Baker

fb5ec1 No.672058


Through much heavier indoctrination and propaganda than most in the States realize. For example, they have more surveillance cameras in the UK in once city than many states in the US.

Of course to tie this together you have to understand they didn't used to be so powerful due to pushback from the EU monarchies/aristocrats, etc.

Which is why they killed those who resisted in various revolutions (Tsar and the Bolsheviks for example) (king edwards the 7ths nephew the kaiser) (et al) and consolidated monarchical power to the island.

Then shift from empire to commonwealth (in name only for the most part), and then a plan of subversion and infiltration.

To give another example. Brexit is the post currency-entanglement stop loss to protect the UK from the rapidly nosediving economies of the EU nations.

Just as with the first world war (and the second), it's all about the entanglements (read: alliances)

4de4e6 No.672059

If you ask me (nobody is), the last bread is the most important and productive one we've had in three months, compared to the state we were in collectively.

I'm keeping it open for a bit and I'm studying it. I'll only close it when I'm sure I've taken all I'm likely to from it. It was a gift.

8db6e7 No.672060

>>672036 (last bread)

somewhat related, EU Business Figures discuss about the euro, happened yesterday

https:// www.esmt.org/euro-sustainable-and-what-if-not

e7e0b4 No.672061


RIP Mr. Ambassador Stevens.

TY for your Service.

02395a No.672062


>>>671947 (You)


>Corporations didn't exist until then (ish). The DutchEIC too. Those who created them are above/control the corporatocracy. Who are (((they)))?

The Lords Seventeen or Assembly of Seventeen.

There's that number again!

fb5ec1 No.672063


Oh and don't forget how closely that all ties in (EU-Brussels=political center of EU/Luxembourg=financial center of EU)

Now where was Dutroux again?

4de4e6 No.672064


If England is in control, why did they allow those EU economies to degrade as they have? They all seemed to be running under massive delusion that you can vacation 366 days a year and still keep an economy intact. Why was the ounce of prevention not applied vs. the pound of cure? Why were the EU economies not pulled back on track long before things went critical like they are today?

ca21d1 No.672065

Good night anons. Kek up the good work.

308b5d No.672066

Anons what did we make out of the March Madness charts?

4de4e6 No.672067


Was Trump's jersey photo directly mocking that concept?

308b5d No.672068

I noticed UK. was on Comeys

0e3bd0 No.672069

TY Baker!

From the previous loaf and to the "golden spiral" as proof of a flat earth folks...


Wow..you just killed your own argument fella...the golden spiral is 3D..it can be described as a 2D object in mathematics and it certainly can be drawn in 2D...BUT..golden spiral is 3D!

Watch your toilet flush for an example :-)

4de4e6 No.672070


That we should be freaking embarrassed that we sank to the depths we did and still never thought to reframe the mission as we perceived it vs. our carrying out of a wholly delusional aim overall. Make sense?

4945cb No.672071


Trying to figure this shit out is like playing Rochambeau. Everything beats everything else and can lose to everything else and I feel like I'm getting kicked in the nutz.

a841cd No.672072

Learn The Hidden Truth

Oil is not a fossil fuel

Oil is a mineral

Everything you thought you knew about the world

is a lie. Accept the Truth of Holy Jesus.

8db6e7 No.672073


because it is a way to control states, if you control the money by giving out loans.

look at how they turned Greek into a german protectorate (germany dictated social system reforms to free up money to pay ger back [who did borrow it from the EU-central bank for low interest and lend it to greek at higher interest])

e7e0b4 No.672074

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Exorcism of one of the most infamous killers in Iran!

Satan should learn from the Turbins!

b643d4 No.672075

GMA talking about SR's assassination this morning. These people really ARE stupid.

02395a No.672077


>>>672062 (You)


>Was Trump's jersey photo directly mocking that concept?

You bet!

Wonder if there is any connection with this outfit:

https:// www.insuranceage.co.uk/broker/3273391/seventeen-group-buys-rupert-burgoyne

"Seventeen Group has bought East Sussex-based Rupert Burgoyne for an undisclosed sum.

The business was founded in 1994 and has grown to £2.6m of gross written premium.

It specialises in high net worth clients which accounts for 70% of premium with commercial lines making up the remainder."

3b03a9 No.672078

POS shill made this fucking bread, go f urself baker

fb5ec1 No.672079


There once was a city called __.

Who advised a man who played tennis

His temper was short

His wives left the court

And then they transplanted their menace.

863162 No.672080

Any word on Pa-18 special election. Is it still being challenged due to the fuckery afoot?

02395a No.672081


Ah! The Venetians. Is that where it began?

5f3421 No.672083


? whats pos?

fb5ec1 No.672084


Because they never wanted to save them that much in the first place. Because they modus operandi has always been about making the other have less instead of us all have more (do you get the distinction?) Because from the chaos they can impliment something else they've had on the draft table for 100 years now? Plenty of reasons.

602fbb No.672085



What it it?

4de4e6 No.672086


If you look at this from a high vantage point, it's the most dangerous and effective system there is: debt. The levels of control are staggering and most never see it. How many things do how many people adjust, hour by hour, to avoid dropping that credit score? THAT is the control: the threat of a low credit score. It keeps everybody on a very narrow, controlled path and they walk it willingly like they're somehow superior to the common man. Just mind-blowing, all of it.

0e3bd0 No.672087

Gannet publication…more concerned with news…anyone concerned about this?

ANY outbreak we need to pay close attention to as another distraction and another tool in the cabal bag of tricks…

https:// www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2018/03/14/detroit-traveler-measles/425446002/

5f3421 No.672088

8a8e72 No.672089

>>672036 (previous)

Artisan breadworthy

602fbb No.672090

a841cd No.672092


Don't be silly.

3D - 2D it's all double talk

whater D your talking about it reflects the truth

of our world. It all revolves around the movement

of our sun.

e7359f No.672093


TY very much for your caution and peptalk.

Nice cartoon btw.

Nicely put about that 6000 Y old death cult too.

What bothers me (and has for a while now) is the weak link in the parallel investigation construction:

who is going to take this chaotic pile of dirt and take it to court (make a case out of it)? Seems like a huge leap of fate right there.

Correct me if I'm wrong, it is one of these instances I'd just love to be proven wrong.

Anyway, I'm not a concernfag, but thought it wise to fess up all the same (haven't been keeping up with thread lately with RL kicking in and post-post-600000-fatigue I guess).

I will say that I will stop digging for a while and start the rereading of crumbs for now. Might just be the good time for that: have everything fresh in mind when(/if) new crumbs come AND combat 5h1ll irritation all the same.

591c4b No.672094





Mar 6 2018 00:05:18 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 5bf34e 562875


WATCH the water.



Why is this event BIG?

What does it signify?

Why is NK out of the news?

As The World Turns.



Nestle and other Companies is buying the first reverse of Water of the World, In SouthAmerica.., (Brazil and Paraguay especially)

Top bottled water brands contaminated with plastic particles: report

https:// www.


Plastic was identified in 93 percent of the samples, which included major name brands such as Aqua, Aquafina, Dasani, Evian, Nestle Pure Life and San Pellegrino.

The plastic debris included polypropylene, nylon, and polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is used to make bottle caps.

"In this study, 65 percent of the particles we found were actually fragments and not fibers," Mason told AFP.

"I think it is coming through the process of bottling the water. I think that most of the plastic that we are seeing is coming from the bottle itself, it is coming from the cap, it is coming from the industrial process of bottling the water."

Particle concentration ranged from "zero to more than 10,000 likely plastic particles in a single bottle," said the report.

On average, plastic particles in the 100 micron (0.10 millimeter) size range – considered "microplastics," – were found at an average rate of 10.4 plastic particles per liter.

Even smaller particles were more common – averaging about 325 per liter.

Other brands that were found to contain plastic contaminated included Bisleri, Epura, Gerolsteiner, Minalba and Wahaha.

Experts cautioned that the extent of the risk to human health posed by such contamination remains unclear.

"There are connections to increases in certain kinds of cancer to lower sperm count to increases in conditions like ADHD and autism," said Mason.

abbdd3 No.672095

So we have a continuation of the Nazis vs Communists false dichotomy - Rome vs Judea. With the bankster puppet masters pulling the strings and their idiot marionettes dancing the Hegelian dialectic. They don't care who 'wins' … either way they get their Satanic Totalitarianism. The only 'genuine alternative' to their pathological dystopian nightmare is a political/economic system based on a philosophy of individualism (individual rights and corresponding responsibilities) rather than collectivism … that is, a system not unlike that of the original United States. No wonder they want to destroy America … it's very existence and success is a standing reproach and powerful repudiation of every putrid dogma they ever spewed … FUCK 'EM! FUCK THE LOT OF THEM!

09830b No.672096

File: 8559951247f5db3⋯.jpg (71.71 KB, 500x668, 125:167, 87a402691e3041361e44834261….jpg)

For the baker and the few left with testosterone

4de4e6 No.672097


Denny-something pushed this concept heavily and it even went public - oil is probiotic - or isn't, whatever said it't not fossil fuel. The guy was suicided in the middle of the Deepwater Horizon scandal, why can I not remember his name?

0e3bd0 No.672098

When you are a print newspaper owned by a company call "Digital Media First" shouldn't this be expected?

http:// thehill.com/homenews/media/378473-denver-post-cutting-a-third-of-its-newsroom-positions-reports

c33fd2 No.672099



in EU they want to establish an european 'general' assurance getting rid of nations. Deutsche Bank is advertising for this. No nations!!! they call. Which will mean you are asked where are you from and then you name your assurance company??? Those people are stupid. And we all are shaking our heads here…

02395a No.672100


https:// books.google.co.uk/books?id=BgGVCgAAQBAJ&pg=PA38&lpg=PA38&dq=Venice+the+Assembly+of+Seventeen&source=bl&ots=PIF4bhXvIp&sig=g-z6XWp1T17rRSNDvVZvbSMZjrw&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjC49eso-7ZAhWFF8AKHcVpC4IQ6AEIJzAA#v=onepage&q&f=false

ddd1a9 No.672101

Too funny.

People come in here and ask about things like the election in PA.

Why? Your on the biggest source of information on the planet, and you ask a question that would be answered in mere seconds by opening another tab and doing a quick and easy search.

I guess people really are that fucking lazy, or to fucking stupid to see what they have in front of them.

224f19 No.672102

8d364b No.672103


Trump has 2 1/2 yrs left. No arrest yet. All his EO will be overturned by next President.

Q: They act like they have forever! Nope 2 1/2 yrs. Trump can't get people elected to help him/us. It's over!!!! I hate to say that I love Trump, but the writing is on the wall.

adee78 No.672105

File: f1a6a74d7446b0e⋯.png (234.46 KB, 1354x466, 677:233, cumey.png)

018ffd No.672106



You do not know Shit clown . Go back to you're video games

4945cb No.672107


and your inhere beeecaaauuussseee??????

4de4e6 No.672108


That opens an entirely different can of worms: none of this plays out in a standard human timeline and is in itself very telling for that aspect alone. It could be humans living to 800 years old from baby blood or it could be something non-human running the show. Whatever the case, the timeline playing out is not conducive to a normal human lifespan.

fb5ec1 No.672109


Key fact here. Multiple groups over time, sometimes at parity sometimes not.

As far as the Venetians, it goes as far back as is useful for practical purposes. Beyond that you get to Tyre and Canaan and Templars and much speculation with little archealogical evidence. I don't think it's worth going that far back given our current state.

The banking power came from Venice indeed though. Bankers are at the heart of everything. That said, do not underestimate the power of entrenched monarchy and aristocracy. Even Rothschilds have said despite their money they were never part of the "aristocrats".

There are many threads to be pulled by drawing lines around those people though.

I would emphasize the past is useful to assist in investigatory moves in the present, which is the main purpose of my crumbs.

a841cd No.672110


The day I die is the day that God has planned for me

long ago. Recognozing that oil is a mineral helps

to defeat the lie that earth is millions of years old.

How can I not speak the truth. I know that powerful

people are watching these threads, but thankfully

none are more powerful that God.

8d364b No.672111


I hope you are right. I hope I am wrong..

I want TRUMP to win, expose everything arrest all of the criminal. BUT….

a9350b No.672112



>oil is probiotic

The correct term is Abiotic which means not associated with or derived from living organisms.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abiogenic_petroleum_origin

cc04d9 No.672113

File: 21bab9b0ace8710⋯.jpeg (126.02 KB, 1169x508, 1169:508, DAA58ED5-5C21-4363-9D2A-4….jpeg)

Is this linked to the Russian spy poisoning, the expelling of 23 Russian diplomats, the escalation in tensions between UK & Russia ?

MI6 flipped

CIA shelled out

So who’s causing chaos?

EU Cabal?

Donald J. Trump


Great bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Theresa May of the United Kingdom, affirming the special relationship and our commitment to work together on key national security challenges and economic opportunities. #WEF18 pic.twitter.com/FPP8aRDAyt

January 25, 2018

a841cd No.672114

ddd1a9 No.672115


There's not going to be any arrests made, after all, Q said Killery's passport was revoked a few months ago, but yet here she is in India with A. Huma, if that doesn't let the cat out the bag, then people really are more fucking stupid than giving them credit for!

c0c4cb No.672117


The story about Greece in that archive document that Q linked to is exemplary of the kind of game that's been played between USA & UK. They basically deferred all their direct control and application of force to America, but still wanted to maintain decisional control. Exactly like the fucking Rothschilds and the British monarchy tend to do. They keep a good distance from the implementation of their schemes and pretend they know nothing about it.

09830b No.672118


I will have the take a look at that last loaf. Things have really gone to shit 9 to 5. I find myself searchng where the original Anons have gone to.

4de4e6 No.672119


Sterilization by design.

8d364b No.672120


I want the truth. You guys are doing the work. USA needs you guys. I WANT TRUMP to expose everything. But DHS hasn't expose the voter fraud and the elections that were changed because of it.. PA now??? where is the evidence already? Alabama should be enough to expose.

fb5ec1 No.672121


They are masters of plausible deniability and use of proxy. Hell, who do you think the CIA (OSS) learned it from?

09830b No.672122


Like all of us. For the weekly paycheck right!

cc04d9 No.672123

File: ceafcce7f77eab5⋯.jpeg (347.05 KB, 1242x1531, 1242:1531, FBAC0CF5-723C-440B-84EA-4….jpeg)


Just happening

4945cb No.672124


I don't think she's there, it's "a movie" fake news. you call it

4de4e6 No.672125


Somebody after my own heart … I have shouted it from the mountain top for millennia … it's about the individual, collectives don't work!

Hah! Garlic don't work, boys!

Nobody is going to remember that movie line.

018ffd No.672126


They are all trapped in an aquarium. 45 is watching them scramble around commiting more crimes. it will get cleaned up by Q the Mil and us down at the street level. Do not give up hope . NO FEAR !

e7e0b4 No.672127

File: d0160209fad951c⋯.jpg (23.39 KB, 640x427, 640:427, MCC.jpg)

Do it Mr. AG Sessions. => FIRE!

adee78 No.672128


The Lost Boys - duh!

ddd1a9 No.672129


Fucking stupider than I gave credit for.

059250 No.672130

File: 7d34307e897e9f1⋯.jpg (7.9 KB, 255x137, 255:137, a395ee3b30ab51f89d8de47d8e….jpg)

The practice of Detain and Release damages my lust for vengeance, but my attempts to "Make the best of any situation" has shown me the bright side:

When a person is in custody, We have to feed them and provide medical care, not to mention the manpower and cost of security and staffing. Facilities are not easy or cheap!

02395a No.672132


>As far as the Venetians, it goes as far back as is useful for practical purposes. Beyond that you get to Tyre and Canaan and Templars and much speculation with little archealogical evidence. I don't think it's worth going that far back given our current state.


Tyre seems apposite to me. Immediately brought to mind Isaiah's prophecy against Tyre.

Isaiah 23 New International Version (NIV)

A Prophecy Against Tyre

23 A prophecy against Tyre:

Wail, you ships of Tarshish!

For Tyre is destroyed

and left without house or harbor.

From the land of Cyprus

word has come to them.


Be silent, you people of the island

and you merchants of Sidon,

whom the seafarers have enriched.


On the great waters

came the grain of the Shihor;

the harvest of the Nile[a] was the revenue of Tyre,

and she became the marketplace of the nations.


Be ashamed, Sidon, and you fortress of the sea,

for the sea has spoken:

“I have neither been in labor nor given birth;

I have neither reared sons nor brought up daughters.”


When word comes to Egypt,

they will be in anguish at the report from Tyre.


Cross over to Tarshish;

wail, you people of the island.


Is this your city of revelry,

the old, old city,

whose feet have taken her

to settle in far-off lands?


Who planned this against Tyre,

the bestower of crowns,

whose merchants are princes,

whose traders are renowned in the earth?


The Lord Almighty planned it,

to bring down her pride in all her splendor

and to humble all who are renowned on the earth.


Till[b] your land as they do along the Nile,

Daughter Tarshish,

for you no longer have a harbor.


The Lord has stretched out his hand over the sea

and made its kingdoms tremble.

He has given an order concerning Phoenicia

that her fortresses be destroyed.


He said, “No more of your reveling,

Virgin Daughter Sidon, now crushed!

“Up, cross over to Cyprus;

even there you will find no rest.”


Look at the land of the Babylonians,[c]

this people that is now of no account!

The Assyrians have made it

a place for desert creatures;

they raised up their siege towers,

they stripped its fortresses bare

and turned it into a ruin.


Wail, you ships of Tarshish;

your fortress is destroyed!

15 At that time Tyre will be forgotten for seventy years, the span of a king’s life. But at the end of these seventy years, it will happen to Tyre as in the song of the prostitute:


“Take up a harp, walk through the city,

you forgotten prostitute;

play the harp well, sing many a song,

so that you will be remembered.”

17 At the end of seventy years, the Lord will deal with Tyre. She will return to her lucrative prostitution and will ply her trade with all the kingdoms on the face of the earth. 18 Yet her profit and her earnings will be set apart for the Lord; they will not be stored up or hoarded. Her profits will go to those who live before the Lord, for abundant food and fine clothes.

c0c4cb No.672133


Mossad for that matter too. There'd be no Mossad if the Brits didn't make certain decisions back then.

4de4e6 No.672134


Ding ding ding!!!! "Burn rubber!! Does not mean!!! Warp speed!!!"

fb5ec1 No.672135


I dropped this one a long time ago, but here it is again, to show you how right you are.

Cambridge-5? (nope cambridge-6).

Russian spies right? Wrong. Triple agents leaking info to Mao for the third phase offensive who were triples so they could pin it on da ruskies. They were always loyal to the crown.

English people put on a good show about not liking the Monarchy, but I don't know about yall but when I swear an oath (to the constitution) I mean it.

They swear oaths to the queen.

4945cb No.672136


Seriously Anon, He's got Alabama and now Pa in his pocket. When this starts going your all gonna start complaining that its going too fast, can't keep up. too much whining I mean winning.

fb5ec1 No.672137


The entire state of Israel is a British/Rothschild puppet.

8d364b No.672138


No. AMERICA needs you, and this cabal to be exposed, but we are losing seats.

They act like it's a shoe in already for 2020. Don't put the cart before the horse. Stop acting like you have until 2024. expose it already and give us red meat! All you guys doing the work. Needs to pay off, so you get more energized and the public sees a bit of the curtain being pulled back.

57e7fd No.672139

File: d3a8982349ca5f7⋯.png (63.33 KB, 640x470, 64:47, 2018-3-15 @rDT Larry Kudlo….png)

Morning covfefe & scrabble with @realDonaldTrump.

CAPS in tweet:

>LK CEA D NEC OC GE FS (also an & may be in play)


CF & CG ENCODE LEAKS (CG would = Clinton Global)




308b5d No.672140

Already shaping up to be a mad day

57e7fd No.672141


Not happy with any of these yet. Still working. Any ideas anons.?

4945cb No.672142


It's ALL fake, the D's, Killary, their all overacting!!!!

4de4e6 No.672143

We still haven't figured out / been told why POTUS chose Gina???

92be53 No.672144


You are living a lie, the ultimate LARP. You will learn nothing from your death, because no thoughts happen in a dead brain.

If you cannot stop spending dissent by preaching your version of religious bullshit, please leave and never come back.

018ffd No.672145

File: d57f3935985b05e⋯.jpg (18.53 KB, 255x191, 255:191, 1ce7797294994f48621c15de17….jpg)


Morning President Trump!!!! We battleFrogs are here for you today ! MAGA /MEGA for the Win !!

adee78 No.672146


Real anons are not here for recognition. We have patience, we see the big plan, we are steadfast and united.

You need prayers anon.

3b5c51 No.672147

File: da4e695ad82c46e⋯.jpg (61.86 KB, 526x578, 263:289, the-moment-trump-realizes-….jpg)

File: 911a16031f7164f⋯.jpg (58.22 KB, 526x578, 263:289, bray-like-a-jackass-i-chea….jpg)

File: 6891d1baf1fc56f⋯.jpg (56.74 KB, 526x578, 263:289, losers-cheat-winners-win-t….jpg)

abbdd3 No.672148


The Lost Boys … 'Try the Holy Water, dead breath!'

0e3bd0 No.672149


perhaps to close up shop…speculative, but we are headed toward 1 single spying agency with tight citizen controls…

4945cb No.672150


To piss off the Libs! Optics!!!

4de4e6 No.672151


I normally don't bitch openly but I really am getting tired of these extended forays into religion. Q can get away with it because Q is Q and the forays are very short, and relatively few and far between.

8d364b No.672152


I pray you are right!!

I would take 1 or 2 high profile indictments already. I have red pilled several people who are waiting for something.

I tell them what Q says and people coming and going, but they too want to see indictments.

McCabe firing would be great if Sessions fires him. Not holding my breath, because I don't look good in blue ;-)

48bbfd No.672153


UniParty At Work – Paul Ryan SuperPac Campaigned to Elect Democrat Conor Lamb… https:// theconservativetreehouse.com/

4945cb No.672154


TY Anon, I have my moments but they pass and then as you say…..

4de4e6 No.672155

There has to be more to it than that. From what's been posted here and in the last bread, she is not a nice lady and fits right into the CIA scheme of things. Is the intent to simply send her down to Davy Jones' Locker with the ship? It's what any good captain does, after all.

e25622 No.672156


Words have more than one meaning. Q used "organically" to mean we have to come to conclusions based on our own research, not be TOLD what to think, thus the use of questions, hints, clues. See the 4th definition below.

From the Oxford dictionary:

From or in connection with living matter.

‘organically enriched soil’

More example sentences

2Without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals.

‘organically grown crops’

‘incentives offered to farmers to farm organically’

More example sentences


In a way that relates to a bodily organ or organs.

‘it's not a definable illness; there is nothing organically wrong’

More example sentences

4As elements of an organized whole.

‘workers in both parts of the new economy are organically connected’

‘little subplots which fit organically into the overall picture’

More example sentences

4.1 In the course of gradual or natural development.

‘the market grew organically from its modest beginnings’

‘national identity develops organically’

a841cd No.672157

File: 6a3c22541bb1dc8⋯.jpg (18.15 KB, 179x368, 179:368, giantskeleton.jpg)

File: 0e8825ff4a6cf8c⋯.jpg (640.31 KB, 730x1955, 146:391, Giant found.jpg)

File: c810404ab16a9be⋯.jpg (187.55 KB, 1024x523, 1024:523, giant skull.jpg)





Their decendants are the statanists who rule the physical world.


018ffd No.672158

2 scoops ,2 terms, 2 genders. DEAL WITH IT !!! KeKles !

e4185a No.672159

So BRIDGE drop was connected to poisoning in UK and the other guy who invented poison living in US, Haley suggestion that russians will use the same poison in US is a hint there. Any thoughts?

4de4e6 No.672160


Sorry, that was about >>672150

308b5d No.672161

>>672153 RINO traitor

c7bdee No.672162


The Soul Lives On After Death: Scientific Research Confirms

December 22, 2017 Just Breathe Blogger Leave a comment

The soul does, in fact, live on after death and returns to the universe.

https:// justbreatheonline.wordpress.com/2017/12/22/the-soul-lives-on-after-death-scientific-research-confirms/

4945cb No.672163


Kek, me too, all of the above >_<

8d364b No.672164


Please pray for me. I do need patience. I am getting depressed.

I read here all day long, off and on, and I see you guys are depressed too from time to time.

Just win a congress seat!!!! expose the voter fraud already!

I am afraid.

a841cd No.672165



Jacobs Ladder

Stairway to Heaven

9387ba No.672166

File: f61ca12839346c1⋯.jpg (4.49 MB, 1534x2100, 767:1050, 2361165-nes_battletoads.jpg)


>tfw the chans have been groomed for these coming events for a lot longer than you realize

adee78 No.672167

File: a3d9eb58f7a54fb⋯.png (266.66 KB, 581x451, 581:451, portondown2.png)

File: c36c626389af89f⋯.jpg (349.44 KB, 1400x1399, 1400:1399, portondown1.jpg)


Wasn't the Ruskies.

4de4e6 No.672168


Reframe what you think the mission is. Read the last bread. It is not boring. My suspicion is that a LOT of insiders were posting in that bread and it carried over into this one.

4945cb No.672169


WWGOWGA and Pray also!!!

018ffd No.672170


Hang in there Anon. OLD DUDE here . Been a deplorable since 1998. Been in the game a long time . Everything is going A1 perfect .

7e5ea2 No.672171

File: 10eff5cb7391a2a⋯.png (805.01 KB, 826x1023, 826:1023, ClipboardImage.png)

Cui bono?

Russian envoy to UN asks about Salisbury case, says Moscow ready for open probe

Published time: 14 Mar, 2018 20:15

Russia's envoy to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya, has demanded “hard evidence” of Russia's involvement in the incident in Salisbury. He also asked members of UNSC to think who would benefit from accusations against Russia.

Establishing truth in the case of the poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal is actually “the last thing” that the British government is interested in, Nebenzya said during a UN Security Council (UNSC) meeting called on the initiative of the UK. He went on to say that the UK is, in fact, waging a “propagandist war” against Russia by throwing “baseless accusations” at Moscow.

"We were given 24 hours to confess to a crime," the Russian envoy to the UN said. "We do not speak the language of ultimatums,” he said, adding that Russia would not allow anyone to treat them in such a way.

Why global deep state is so scared that they must produce this false flag accusation?

Deep State crumbling too hard in US? global deception being exposed? Let's try WW III?

e4185a No.672172

f55bd6 No.672173


Q did not say her passport was revoked - lurk moar and re read crumbs


go read what a FLAGGED passport means

Here let me help you

It means that a person may travel but every move is monitored and if they ARE WANTED they are taken into custody upon trying to enter or leave a country

92be53 No.672174


Exactly my point. Everyone should keep their religious opinions to themselves. This is a place to discuss Q with others who trust Q.

Q quotes bible to make a point , not to proselytize.

adee78 No.672175


May God bless you, protect you and guide you to the truth anon. You are in my prayers.

e2515e No.672176


I agree - the flipside is the extended foray into mysticism and ET crap. Or everyone banging on people who are religious because muh atheism or muh agnosticism, etc… There are disputes that go back and forth on every topic just about - religion is no exception - unless you take exception (in which case makes it all about your feels). I'm not calling you out, but it's something that needs to be said.

This board is a research board and everything gets pulled in all sorts of directions. Religion should be no exception, is all I'm saying. We shouldn't have to be shunned when we've got FEtard in here for the last three nights changing IPs every ten minutes.

8d364b No.672177


Can we have some crumbs fall from the table.

A few indictments. An arrest of an American citizen connected to the cabal?

Trump is awesome and getting things done, but the people who care about LOCK HER UP. want arrest!

adee78 No.672178


https:// www.gov.uk/government/organisations/defence-science-and-technology-laboratory

716557 No.672179


been through that. comes and goes. have patience and faith because we never want this to ever happen again. if you take a step back and look at the arrests and news coming every week, you can see a pattern of moves being made.

02395a No.672180

If a learning AI has free access to the internet and all the world's books stored on it and maybe even books that aren't yet freely available on the net (Vatican Library and/or other private libraries) could such an AI with all that info come to some kind of understanding of the truth about everything?

0171a7 No.672181

New OIG report about DOJ: Procedural Reform Recommendation for the Federal Bureau of Investigation

https:// www.oversight.gov/node/15143

57e7fd No.672182

File: 5ba1c58e1529726⋯.jpg (595.85 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, Q_Initials_AlPHABETICAL.jpg)



Current abbreviation list here.

4de4e6 No.672183


I have no quarrel with religious topics that have relevance to a given argument and are short and to the point. There's a world of difference between that and run-on zealous preaching that's relative to nothing going on here.

1db2c3 No.672184

>>671254 prev bread

A PATRIOT does not require payment. He operates through LOYALTY.

A PATRIOT is not constrained by time. His LOYALTY is life long.

A PATRIOT doesn't quit when his CO isn't in the room because his obligations aren't mandated by other people. His perseverence to the task at hand is founded on the LOYALTY which springs forth from his concience. It's from the heart.

A PATRIOT doesn't cry when things don't go his way. He CRIES OUT when he charges into the battle.


Do not glorify us.

WE are ALL Patriots.

Honor those who serve.


Where we go one, we go all.



This is not a suggestion.

This is not a command.

This is not some platitude.

This is our BATTLE CRY.

You're either in, or you're out. The choice is yours.

d3e253 No.672185

If we cannot stop the voter fraud then any win for us is only temporary. We've waited long enough. Do something! This is it.

62c672 No.672186


Correction, he has 6 1/2 years left ;)

adee78 No.672187

File: f1a6a74d7446b0e⋯.png (234.46 KB, 1354x466, 677:233, cumey.png)

173ad0 No.672188

Conor Lamb = dead cat bounce?

308b5d No.672189

>>672182 Q is delta?

7dd02f No.672190

Anons would help AG Sessions make the correct decision with memes directed at FIRING McCabe. Please meme this into reality. This is the only time he got caught, imagine what he has done for the past 8 years.

48bbfd No.672191


https:// theconservativetreehouse.com/ We need to get this out there. People have to know what is going on

92be53 No.672192


Get a sign and stand on a street corner.

This is not the place for spreading religious PROPAGANDA.

YOU are driving good anons away

0171a7 No.672193


Is everyone asleep?

This is important!!!

8d364b No.672194


I hope, but you have to WIN elections, and so far, he can't get people elected, let alone himself elected again.

Lets not act like he has already won, that would be stupid, like Hillary stupid.

e2515e No.672195

If we are going to discourage religious debate - all topics associated that inevitably LEAD to such discussion should also be taboo:

Elite Occultism, Pindarfagging and Jews would be the biggest two to scratch right off the list along with religious discussion. js…


Wiith this, I completely agree.

Apologies in advance if my words go too far for some - it's not my intention.

53d232 No.672196


Putin is VERY anti-globalist. Of course anyone who is hell bent on world domination is going to attempt to take down Putin one way or another. Putin also sees straight through the 'muh multi-multiculturalism' bullshit. As long as he is President, Russia will remain Russia.

249283 No.672197

If you take an "above" view of Drudge right now, it's mostly dealing with betrayal in various forms.

Ides of March.

bb4607 No.672198


There are cycles where everything is allowed to flourish, then other people's successes / assets are stolen, which serves two purposes, it keeps the population powerless and it ensures that the system is brought down before outsiders can gain control. The system requires an educated subset of slaves, but that subset can become problematic if it gets too close to the inside.

This looks like a grand cycle that includes major depopulation, which has been done before. The ones running the game make sure they're quite comfy themseles when they pull the plug on money, housing, and food, and release the kraken.

e2515e No.672199


biggest *three* lulz - added Pindarfagging in after the fact for keks

e4185a No.672200

New nominations pompeo and gina have small chance with congress, then why is potus doing that. Lets say cia has no head, would it be easy to absorb?

c7bdee No.672201


can you not read … that is science I quoted … not religion

get off yer high horse … go eat a tide pod

e2515e No.672202




You have my undivided attn, anon! Thanks!

adee78 No.672203

File: 03a4c23665e9c74⋯.jpg (455.4 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, RobertDePedo4.jpg)

File: bec58e268f5cd73⋯.jpg (382.77 KB, 762x1024, 381:512, RobertDePedo3.jpg)

File: 58082c47b6ac4b7⋯.jpg (244.36 KB, 1024x769, 1024:769, RobertDePedo2.jpg)

File: 5a0ab1ab431a4ba⋯.jpg (298.55 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, RobertDePedo1.jpg)

cb0bb6 No.672204

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson stressed how the "chemical threat does not just come from Russia", as he announced a multimillion-pound investment in a new specialist centre.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson reveals British troops will be vaccinated against anthrax

http:// www.itv.com/news/2018-03-15/british-troops-anthrax-gavin-williamson/

a841cd No.672205

File: d07b397903c2256⋯.png (663.92 KB, 810x798, 135:133, images.duckduckgo.com.png)

File: 66e31ef99a03460⋯.jpg (261.2 KB, 978x739, 978:739, satellite-bs.jpg)

File: 8aaff4214729232⋯.jpg (330.46 KB, 963x641, 963:641, Suez-canal.jpg)

File: 51cd3fcea7803d8⋯.jpg (282.02 KB, 804x1190, 402:595, Light House.jpg)

File: cdb0968f4a88b3a⋯.jpg (137.25 KB, 600x504, 25:21, bedford-rowbotham.jpg)


Who is living the lie?

I have MUCHO MUCH scientific evidence for my beliefs.

Not to mention a living Holy Spirit that interacts with my soul.

All you guys seem to do is deny, deny, deny.

All you have are come backs like "shut up you dumb fag."

Insults do bear the fruits of evidence.

I have evidence.

Sorry guy.

Truly I hope you are able to expand your thinking

and escape the psyop you are trapped in.

018ffd No.672206


Q said they cannot move too fast , think thousands of years these people have been setting up this trap for us. The poet writing to Cesar about the Novus ordo seclorum coming into fruition. This is a huge battle. We need nothing but to help president and Q , pray hard and watch the battle unfold. Q keeps us all spinning . Its amazing actually. Loving every second of this . 45 FTW !

02395a No.672207


Hear, hear.

Patriotism is an internal response born of conviction not an external response extracted by force/societal pressures.

As is (or should be) morality and all other virtues if they are not mere sanctimony.

4945cb No.672208


Intentional, KEKKING the Libs!!

92be53 No.672209


Lol. Sundance has millions of followers on his blog and twatter. He already Is out there. Has been out there for years.

I found out about Q from Sundance

09830b No.672210

File: eae53462bfdb6c8⋯.jpeg (64 KB, 1080x1393, 1080:1393, 1521116842.jpeg)

018ffd No.672211

Only Hardcore warriors of God and clowns are left here and Im lovin it . I will never surrender to evil. I will support Trump until I drop.

7e5ea2 No.672212


yep, I know.

This incident just proves deep state and that MSM is deep state propaganda arm

f55bd6 No.672213

It is comical the FE crew is hitting the anons so hard. The most skeptical of all creatures on the planet who see through propaganda and psyops easily.

Take that shit to Reddit - no listens to your bullshit here

Conversion rate of anons to FE thinking -


48bbfd No.672214


I know, talking about the story he just put up. UniParty At Work – Paul Ryan SuperPac Campaigned to Elect Democrat Conor Lamb…

546e46 No.672215

File: 7fdd4ac23b00c24⋯.jpeg (100.16 KB, 1020x572, 255:143, 7fdd4ac23b00c24e1f406a93e….jpeg)

84c159 No.672216

>>672164 You just need more active involvement. Got a FB or twatter account? Go (nicely no threat) troll Paul Ryan. Demand he release the names of the elected officials on sex payola they granted themselves. Call up your republican rep and complain about Ryan. Go to the GOP and complain about Ryan. One complaint per communication Promote the NRA, or join. Sign IBOR and spread it using emails. I did. Troll liberals on huffpo articles posted at yahoo. Send out a meme. I love the huffpo diversity one for trolling huffpo. I'm 55 and haven't found a job since it got offshored. There are other anons in tough situations. But you will feel better if you do something to make your voice heard. Because we are all yelling now. Add your voice.

cc04d9 No.672217

File: b1a2c74dd5a33a7⋯.jpeg (262.79 KB, 1242x1482, 207:247, 65FD3D37-BFFD-4B22-9689-F….jpeg)

546e46 No.672218

File: cbbc403d0f8f162⋯.jpg (16.41 KB, 300x241, 300:241, ;;1111.jpg)

92be53 No.672219


If destroying Q is your goal, you are going about it correctly.

Leave, and never come back.. stop infiltrating other ppls blogs and discussions . You did the same shit on gab#science.

Just leave.

3b5c51 No.672221

If Sessions doesn't fire McCabe very soon he's gone. So is RR.

There's no way Trump allows deputy RR

to succeed Sessions. It'll be a two-fer.

Tillerson Boom 1

McCabe Boom 2?

Sessions. Boom 3?

R. Rosenstein Boom 4?

53d232 No.672222


Looking at it now, anon.

f2df1f No.672223

5ccd1f No.672224

If the religion, anti-jew and flat earth bullshit that doesn't belong here, continues, I will be leaving and getting my Q posts from a pastebin. Enough is enough. Go start your own board, stop hijacking Q's.

4ee78e No.672225


Pretty sure this was the article she was referring too.

https:// www.nytimes.com/2017/11/12/us/nsa-shadow-brokers.html

4945cb No.672226


Don't waste my Booms, I want BIGGER Booms!

92be53 No.672227


I read it. Sundance is always on target.

02395a No.672228


The Bible is true and flat earth is a lie. Noweher does the Bible speak of a flat earth. And don't bother to foist on me a literal interpretation of obviously figurative language.

Stop bringing discredit to Christians with your nonsensical FE beliefs. You've been had.

And I have no unity of spirit with you so I suggest you examine where you picked up this spirit from that you think is the Holy Spirit. There are many false spirits in the world. The spirit that came out of Toronto and energised the false charismatic movement is one such false spirit.

Begone with your FE nonsense.

d3e253 No.672229

Our voice doesn't matter if they can steal it.

e7e0b4 No.672231


These type distracting people, are everywhere around the world to distract from any awakening and they speak many languages! Coincidence?

48bbfd No.672232


We should add this to the top and start an all out war against PR and MM

3b5c51 No.672233


Lol…me too! They're coming.

f55bd6 No.672234












059250 No.672235


…and one of the books I read about the NEPHILIM said that Enoch was instructed to tell them that they would die by the sword, and that their soul would experience hunger and thirst until End of Days. (These spirits are confined to the earth and are our demons.)

268dfc No.672236


I'm Christian and I agree with you. We do not need to spill religious stuff over the board. But you have to admit than Q quoting John3:16 is far from innocent.

e2515e No.672237

File: 028166aaaa9b71e⋯.jpg (25.22 KB, 600x369, 200:123, 051513-goodtime.jpg)

Here's a rare pikachu for FEfaggot

Sorry, no (you) for (you), loser.

7e5ea2 No.672238

YouTube Will Link Directly to Wikipedia to Fight Conspiracy Theories

After the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, in February, the top trending video on YouTube wasn’t a news clip about the tragedy, but a conspiracy theory video suggesting survivor David Hogg was an actor. The video garnered 200,000 views before YouTube removed it from its platform. Until now, the company hasn’t said much about how it plans to handle the spread of that sort of misinformation moving forward. On Tuesday, however, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki detailed a potential solution. YouTube will now begin displaying links to fact-based content alongside conspiracy theory videos.

Wojcicki announced the new feature, which she called "information cues," during a talk with WIRED editor-in-chief Nicholas Thompson at the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas. Here’s how it will work: If you search and click on a conspiracy theory video about, say, chemtrails, YouTube will now link to a Wikipedia page that debunks the hoax alongside the video. A video calling into question whether humans have ever landed on the moon might be accompanied by the official Wikipedia page about the Apollo Moon landing in 1969. Wojcicki says the feature will only include conspiracy theories right now that have "significant debate" on the platform.

https:// www.wired.com/story/youtube-will-link-directly-to-wikipedia-to-fight-conspiracies/


& The Verge

https:// www.theverge.com/2018/3/13/17117344/youtube-information-cues-conspiracy-theories-susan-wojcicki-sxsw

YouTube will add information from Wikipedia to videos about conspiracies

YouTube will add information from Wikipedia to videos about popular conspiracy theories to provide alternative viewpoints on controversial subjects, its CEO said today. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said that these text boxes, which the company is calling “information cues,” would begin appearing on conspiracy-related videos within the next couple of weeks.

ceb46d No.672239


Not to be a simpleton, but it's part of the act to scare or terrorize them. She was supposedly in favor of water boarding.

f55bd6 No.672240

30bf1c No.672241


‏Verified account @RT_com

9m9 minutes ago

BREAKING: Defense secretary’s reaction shows UK is worrying, has something to hide – Moscow https:// on.rt.com/9158

a841cd No.672242

File: a00ea2bf6104d34⋯.jpg (117.89 KB, 1080x1393, 1080:1393, not a shill.jpg)

e4185a No.672243


Q said IF YOU ARE RELIGIOUS PRAY meaning religion is respected but not a key issue

e2515e No.672244


Trips confirm!

9387ba No.672245

File: d3cc947bd66c98b⋯.png (102.46 KB, 868x581, 124:83, Screenshot-2018-3-15 UNRES….png)


So, which FBI agents would have been penalized by this whistleblowing that we should have eyes on?

57e7fd No.672246


Not sure, didn't compile list, was worked on by Anons. a few days ago in bread.

e4185a No.672247


Sure they do

ff308d No.672248


It's the Ides of March

Something is going to happen



453e95 No.672249


fuckign LUL

5ccd1f No.672250


Then you will lose one of the top memer's, emergency baker and a deep digger with resources that few others have… be warned.

7dd02f No.672251


That may not be related to what is going on.

ddd1a9 No.672252


Ignore the atheist, for they know not that they work for satan.

1db2c3 No.672253


Only one thing more effective than buying loyalty.

Coersion through blackmail.

7485d5 No.672254

Theme song for today

https:// youtu.be/oEaGTaTWJ2s

adee78 No.672255

File: c111b5a2f4cbf38⋯.png (261.12 KB, 1024x630, 512:315, FlatulentEarth.png)

09830b No.672256

Well crap now we've gone and done it. Woke up fake Q.

Shills need that $7 an hour

76ce23 No.672257


who are you perpetrating?

ddd1a9 No.672258


Shootings at all the protest marches, and parents suing schools for allowing the kids to participate in something that could have life threatening consequences.

57e7fd No.672259


Anagrams : GoldMan Sacks edition.

G ELF SACK CONCEDE (Gary Cohn is G Elf Sack?)

GOLD SACK CE FENCE (CE would = Chief Executive)

ELF ONCE GC SACKED (ELF = Kudlow who looks like an elf?)


(favorite so far)

There's also "CLOCK" in the CAPS. Will try one more stab around that keyword.

e2515e No.672261

File: 2a8c0c1c0a089d0⋯.jpg (25.45 KB, 318x426, 53:71, 897rf6gsd987f6gs8d97g6fdg.jpg)


Eat a bag of dicks. Choke on the last one and die.

97ce86 No.672262

Just got up.

Hats off to FLAT EARTH ANON.

You're kickin ass.

Thank you.



It would certainly behave as a KEYSTONE.

It would certainly change EVERYTHING.

Everything would be questioned after the REVELATION.


2bfb4b No.672263


retarded because false

ddd1a9 No.672264


Flat earth has not one god damned thing to do with what the subject matter in here is.

Fuck off!

e2515e No.672265


Time to earn that $4.25, nigger.

a841cd No.672266


Are you not familiar with the Biblical story of THE DAY THE SUN STOOD STILL?

The SUN stood still. Not the Earth.

Who was it that went to the "third" heaven?

1. Air above 2. place of stars 3. most high heaven (throne of God.

I could go on and on and on with Biblical evidence.

But why don't you start

==here== >>672205

5ccd1f No.672267


Yeah, you're a fag, prefer male farm animals and your mom says hi from under my desk.

76ce23 No.672268



what about the bible is true

and from what perspective?

97ce86 No.672269



Shills trying to impede progress.

e4185a No.672270


Ok i personally knew a guy who was in space, his story will disappoint you

02395a No.672271




>I'm Christian and I agree with you. We do not need to spill religious stuff over the board. But you have to admit than Q quoting John3:16 is far from innocent.

Any true Christian knows that his faith is integral to his existence. He can no more deny or hide his spiritual faith than his fleshly humanity.

The concept of separation of church and state has gone to such ridiculous extremes that people think it is impossible to publicly live a Christian life in a (largely) secular state as it equates to some kind of offence against the constitution. What a load of baloney! Christianity is NOTHING if it is not as integral to one's life as one's humanity.

453e95 No.672272


So like, why havnt you been banned yet?

Its like… You're allowed to be here.

Its like… You're here to test the faith of those who understand Q.

Its like… You're Strengthening the faith in Q.

Its like… Your'e doing a service to us all.

d3e253 No.672273

If they can steal elections they can negate all the work we/Q have done. I'm not a shill or a clown guys… I'm out of faith…

546e46 No.672274


The N of NWO?

b0109a No.672275

Good Morning Anons…have a blessed day … enjoy life ..God Bless!!

5ccd1f No.672276

Is it true that to become a CIA agent, you have to be open to wearing woman's clothing and sex with small farm animals? Asking for a friend interested in joining the agency.

92be53 No.672277


Don't filter them, choose report and give spamming as reason.

Eventually the BO will ban them

f55bd6 No.672278



please don't leave quitter -

then another just as bright anon would not have a place at the table

go the fuck on

no one here does this for credit…..

plenty of bakers

more than enough memers

i can say with 100% confidence no one will miss you

you are taking yourself out

all of your accolades what you lack is

mental toughness

so move along weakmindedfag

make room for another person who has the brass to go the distance


ddd1a9 No.672279


Ohhh…we have a very high intellect on this one!

He's using the brains of a human that lived over 2000 years ago, no advancement what so ever.

Bet that anon still believes in Zues and all the other many fabled gods as well!

ceb46d No.672280

I think they thought the MSM would be broke by now, I don't think they realized the depth and that they believe the lies and that's all they know how to do.

2bfb4b No.672281


retard. FE has nothing to do with what we are doing here, this is geopolitical, talking about FE is slide attempt, reported to be banned

48bbfd No.672282

File: 973c35a73a7a2e7⋯.png (539.52 KB, 729x521, 729:521, pr.png)


We need to start a war with Paul Ryan, NOW

5ccd1f No.672283

How many CIA agents does it take to lick the semen off a bull elephant's balls after elephant intercourse?

97ce86 No.672284


Notice the anger and hatred against flat earth. Reminds me of cnn responses to the TRUTH.

53d232 No.672285


Looks to me like some of the rank and file were attempting to stop some fuckery and got punished for it. When the full OIG report drops, I think we'll find that McCabe was the one persecuting the whistle blowers.

a10061 No.672286


See I am trying to de-bunk flat earth.

Some things are easy to prove and others are not.

But what gets me in GENERAL, about this board, is this..

We have drilled it into ANONS to not respond to shills.

We have been here for MONTHS.

So why so many attacks on your post. It makes me question it, and question why it's attacked if we, the anons, know not to attack posts/shills.


btw canadian government sprayed agent orange, white and purple on it's people in the province of New Brunswick. in the 50s

e2515e No.672287


BO said he couldn't ban them the other night - anon last night explained it to me. They are hiding behind VPN's and can change their IPs so banning them does no good - they just come right back.

5af064 No.672288


Have to say it's a bit suspect.

5ccd1f No.672289


Funny, your mom said the same thing after sucking me off. She was wrong too, as I exploded with force upon her freshly painted face.

a10061 No.672290


Man I just said this too..

Why so many attacks?

And then I was on /pol/ and I noticed the google whistleblower (groupthink) he was proving how shills and bots were attacking his posts and even calling them out ahead of time.

Why do people attack posts on this board?

Why do they attack Flat earth so fast and so hostile..

d3e253 No.672291


I feel it's too late…

f55bd6 No.672292



Hope lots of anons get all pissed off with you today

Could you switch up the script today - maybe dont rehash the same shit

I really enjoy your presence here

Maybe talk about some politicians

Or Barack Obama and Larry Sinclair that would be nice…

Have a good day and tell David Brock I am going to stab him to death one day with the rotten decayed penis of James Alefantis….

a841cd No.672293

File: 8324a98e943cc9e⋯.jpg (367.44 KB, 1000x713, 1000:713, map-pic.jpg)

File: ac90c0a5352d3b4⋯.jpg (105.81 KB, 738x360, 41:20, olbers.jpg)

File: f708eaca44a19bb⋯.jpg (165.8 KB, 798x540, 133:90, Rainbow.jpg)

File: fe8e12326ba6493⋯.jpg (343.32 KB, 858x960, 143:160, SACRED GEOM.jpg)

File: 579f4a670511ab2⋯.jpg (114.95 KB, 480x622, 240:311, They Lie.jpg)




Lets Play Connect The Dots

546e46 No.672294



02395a No.672295



English grammar.

Figurative speech: metaphor, simile, allusion, allegory, parable.

Church history.

You have much to learn.

I have nothing more to contribute on the FE nonsense.

e4185a No.672296


Anger cuz you/ they can go back to FE forum and discuss it there to oblivion

4945cb No.672297


After reading this I agree. which makes them more likely to help once they figure out it's safe.

f55bd6 No.672298


bet you had to use a backhoe to dig her up

she died elven years ago

but I am sure her rotting corpse laughed at you

adee78 No.672299


Anon can you remember the email Q posted and removed about 30 seconds later on GA? The one about the voting machines humming?

Q team are watching and collecting data on even more vote crimes to substantiate the rigged voting in 2016.

Don't lose faith anon, pray harder.

c8a01a No.672300


It's not like someone is shilling it in here 24 hours a day, regardless of what is being discussed.

Oh wait, it is like that.

3b5c51 No.672301

File: 54dce7c44a34ec4⋯.jpg (310.64 KB, 1412x1774, 706:887, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: ae3cd2318fa0bbf⋯.jpg (48.9 KB, 492x328, 3:2, they-placed-their-hands-on….jpg)

File: 56857de051442d6⋯.jpg (41.33 KB, 564x564, 1:1, 8cd3866d2cb09fec136fbe1eab….jpg)

File: 2a096ea0b40b7d4⋯.jpg (212.99 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, why-are-dems-silent-not-ou….jpg)

afb837 No.672302

File: 534808c62f13923⋯.jpg (109.86 KB, 612x816, 3:4, deniroclst.jpg)


"Find the loudest voices." Q

e2515e No.672303


Nah - we just need to remind how Paul Ryan was during the 2016 election. Once a cuck, always a cuck. He's a hair on Bill Kristol's ballsack, that one.

09830b No.672304

File: 1cca8a7b2a11c62⋯.jpeg (60.5 KB, 1001x493, 1001:493, 1521117996.jpeg)

5b64a8 No.672306

Flat Earth idiots. The Earth is Cube shaped. We know this because the ISS feed and Elon's car cam use fish-eye filters. Get with the program and don't you dare deny it, lest you sound like cnn and willingly admit you like to suck dick.

f55bd6 No.672307


thanks for letting me know you have the brain of a teenager…

Wilmer Valderama has an idea for a great TV show - check him out on (((Fakebook))) on your way out the door little man…..

97ce86 No.672308


You're right.

Here is what Q thinks:

Nov 9 2017 23:07:15 (EST) Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: Dx5TPc5d 148779656

Trip added.

[C]oordinated effort to misdirect.

Guide to reading the crumbs necessary to cont[I]nue.

Attached gr[A]phic is correct.

Linked graphics are incorrect and false.

Graphic is necessary and vital.

Time stamp(s) and order [is] critical.

Re-review graphic (in full) each day post news release.

Learn to distinguish between relevant/non-relevant news.

Disinformation is real.

Disinformation is necessary.

Ex: US ML NG (1) False SA True

Why was this necessary?

What questions were asked re: SA prior to SA events?

Why is this relevant?

Think mirror.

Look there, or [here], or there, truth is behind you.

What is a map?

Why is a map useful?

What is a legend?

Why is a legend useful?

What is a sequence?

Why is this relevant?

When does a map become a guide?

What is a keystone?

Everything stated is relevant.


Future provides past.

Map provides picture.

Picture provides 40,000ft. v.

40,000ft. v. is classified.

Why is a map useful?

Think direction.

Think full picture.

Who controls the narrative?

Why is this relevant?

What is a spell?

Who is asleep?


Attention on deck.

There is an active war on your mind.

Be [p]repared.

Ope[r]ations underway.

Operators [a]ctive.

Graphic is essential.

Find the ke[y]stone.

Moves and countermoves.

They never thought she would lose.

Snow white.

Godfather III.

Iron Eagle.


9716ea No.672309


More like, look how much Trump has already done in one year and a few months. I can smell the shilldo juice on u from here.

e4185a No.672310


Lamb is not a real democrat, also voter fraud if investigated will undo. However, i agree paul ryan needs to go regardless, too many anti MAGA moves

5b64a8 No.672311

I've noticed the majority of flat earthers are tranny's and support feminism. Why do you think this is? A connection perhaps? Is this what Q meant when he said, "expand your thinking?"

97ce86 No.672312


It's because we're OVER THE TARGET!!!

92be53 No.672313





Please do not respond to fake Q. Just report for dissing Q/POTUS and move on

76ce23 No.672314

fair to say that SIN (THE MOON)

has played a trick on all of you

from the orbit to the sky itself

you live an illusion conducted by

an "out of this world" intelligence

flat earth?

How is this an argument when Earth's revolution is perverted by SIN?

84c159 No.672315


no, YOU (We) have to win them. It's not all on POTUS. Go help Omar Navarro boot Mad Maxine. What MAGA candidates are in your area? HELP THEM. Volunteer to become an election official. learn how election fraud is done. See what was done to fight it. (e.g. in TX they went to paper ballots)

afb837 No.672316


With friends like Paul Ryan, who needs enemies?

a841cd No.672317

File: 1642bdc35345f01⋯.png (446.05 KB, 672x672, 1:1, Biblical World.png)


Nope. Literal

The only thing I need to learn is how to wake you people up.

Try an experiment. Apply Bible verses to FE and

see if they start making a little more sense.

Here is a little help to get you started.

d3e253 No.672318



I'm out of faith…good luck guys

e2515e No.672319

File: 611b3071a38ea6c⋯.jpg (86.17 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, fsd7g896dsf8g97df68g76df.jpg)

3ad6cf No.672320

I've been wondering what Q meant by this part….

Future provides past.

Map provides picture.

Picture provides 40,000ft. v.

40,000ft. v. is classified.

Why is a map useful?

Think direction.

Think full picture.

Who controls the narrative?

4de4e6 No.672321


If you really want to get woo-woo, there are limited reports that during the Black Plague, people were seen standing around pouring some kind of weird dust into the air.

4945cb No.672322



If we weren't doing something real and important they wouldn't give a shit.

e4185a No.672323


I agree faith is not what we need, we need facts

53d232 No.672324


Precisely. You know the rank and file most likely hate what's happened to the F_I, and most of them, I'd wager, are patriots like us. Their higher ups were appointed by globalist assholes, and so if they didn't share the group think, were stymied in their climb up the ladder within the Bureau. I hope the patriots of the Bureau get to extract their pound of flesh for all this fuckery.

97ce86 No.672325


Anyone care to argue with Q?

5b64a8 No.672326

What is the connection between flat earthers and feminism? Why do they correlate so parallel?

76ce23 No.672327

Riddle me this…

How was Yeshua the Messiah born without "SIN" ( influence of the Moon)?

48bbfd No.672328


What if it is the Ryan plan to elect dems to out Trump in 2020. Could be a big problem…these people are sick

5af064 No.672329


I get it, and I question the reason to push it so hard given that we are such an early stage of discovery. No matter how hard it's pushed very few normies would ever accept as fact (regardless of proofs). These people still worship HRC, and think she is a saint, there is no way they could possibly accept whatever shape you tell them the earth is.

The plan is probably to slow feed red pills until they question just about everything. You couldn't possibly feed them a potential giant pill and say here swallow this.

'Secret Society' is probably too big as it stands, but that's coming soonish.

249283 No.672330


This is precisely it.

Accept the good and bad - it makes the whole. Each define the other.

becfaa No.672331

Allowing dual Citizenship Congressmen and Senators. Nope, that's not asking for trouble.

76ce23 No.672332

File: 1ae66cb33a0a9c2⋯.png (350.32 KB, 1070x662, 535:331, BLR - Moon1.png)


it's already started…


7d7e65 No.672333

File: 5ab1935e2dda1b5⋯.png (141.44 KB, 800x1038, 400:519, Screenshot_2018-03-15-07-3….png)

File: af42f4f95f79f69⋯.png (105.41 KB, 800x1076, 200:269, Screenshot_2018-03-15-07-3….png)

Trying to push IBOR this morning. Including @POTUS and @realDonaldTrump in my tweet.

@jack appears to be up to his no good deeds again. Could not tweet after trying multiple times. Decided to try REMOVING the http to see if that helped. After removing characters, my character count went from +2 to -9.

It'll come back to ya, @jack. We reap what we sow.

97ce86 No.672335

4de4e6 No.672336


Don't be so quick to judge who and what is a shill and who/what is not. The only input you have for such judgment is your own personal emotions. How it makes you feel. Plenty posted here is off topic but you don't rail against it. Your resistance is very selective. This is not something that makes you evil or useless but it IS something to recognize.

All these things may well tie into where we are ultimately going to end up. A peripheral understanding of these subjects is not necessarily a waste of time.

041e6b No.672337


>If England is in control, why did they allow those EU economies to degrade as they have?

Question is based on a false assumption. England was/is not in control of EU economies, even less than their own. They are a (((player))) and Brexit threw a monkey wrench in (((their))) plans. The people woke up, albeit a little late.

As a player. they were doing their part of the plan to bring down the EU all at once, instead of one country at a time.

With Merkle's re-election it's difficult for me to see a bunch of optimism for that situation when she is/had been the one so PRO-take-in-every-refugee/terrorist (((we))) can generate.

All of the brain dead sheeple in the US, only need watch what has and is going on in Europe

to see that importing refugees to get votes is the road to nowhere. Alas, the MSM media concerns them with Hollywood inclusiveness riders, instead of reporting the suffering the same choices have created across the pond.

The MSM media can NOT be buried quick enough.

f55bd6 No.672338

File: 7f1db34f2ac901e⋯.png (534.38 KB, 774x595, 774:595, ClipboardImage.png)

Someone with a sock account should drop the awesome photo of Drizzy with the Jizzy all over his face on Kims feed

c33fd2 No.672339


this is nonsense. It's like putting facts and religious believers in the same basket.

84c159 No.672340


I see FE it hink iron! LOL…What does iron have to do with this?..then I think steel, tariffs and MAGA…and iron

3ad6cf No.672341


They do?


308b5d No.672342

>>672331. Agreed but we do allow it

6a571d No.672343

File: cd386401eba4afb⋯.jpg (70.18 KB, 753x727, 753:727, Capture.JPG)

https:// twitter.com/USNavy/status/974265830388224000

ddd1a9 No.672345


So the fact that others think your being a fucking moron by being here gives them no reason to screw with you? Kinda like the FE'ers are, people think they are full of shit, people also think this is full of shit too, so they will fuck with you just for the fact that your being a fucking retard in their eyes.

You have led a sheltered life if you think otherwise.

453e95 No.672346


in reference to SSP and Underground?

afb837 No.672347


A map shows your where you are and the paths or routes to get to where you want to go.

e4185a No.672348


I do believe (means cant prove) but timewise its confirmed. FE movement started to discredit any research on pedos. So basically ALL research which doesnt support official narrative could be debunked just by pointing at tin foil hats flatearthers, done no more discusdion

97ce86 No.672349



Nov 9 2017 23:07:15 (EST) Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: Dx5TPc5d 148779656

Trip added.

[C]oordinated effort to misdirect.

Guide to reading the crumbs necessary to cont[I]nue.

Attached gr[A]phic is correct.

Linked graphics are incorrect and false.

Graphic is necessary and vital.

Time stamp(s) and order [is] critical.

Re-review graphic (in full) each day post news release.

Learn to distinguish between relevant/non-relevant news.

Disinformation is real.

Disinformation is necessary.

Ex: US ML NG (1) False SA True

Why was this necessary?

What questions were asked re: SA prior to SA events?

Why is this relevant?

Think mirror.

Look there, or [here], or there, truth is behind you.

What is a map?

Why is a map useful?

What is a legend?

Why is a legend useful?

What is a sequence?

Why is this relevant?

When does a map become a guide?

What is a keystone?

Everything stated is relevant.


Future provides past.

Map provides picture.

Picture provides 40,000ft. v.

40,000ft. v. is classified.

Why is a map useful?

Think direction.

Think full picture.

Who controls the narrative?

Why is this relevant?

What is a spell?

Who is asleep?


Attention on deck.

There is an active war on your mind.

Be [p]repared.

Ope[r]ations underway.

Operators [a]ctive.

Graphic is essential.

Find the ke[y]stone.

Moves and countermoves.

They never thought she would lose.

Snow white.

Godfather III.

Iron Eagle.


becfaa No.672350


POTUS spoke about the F-18 at length yesterday at his speech. Coincidence?

d251d2 No.672351

File: 8ca41b5692815f3⋯.jpg (81.82 KB, 564x802, 282:401, the_root_of_all_wealth.jpg)

I have always said "the fact that we hear his name so much PROVES that Soros is not the top guy". I have long believed the TRUE top baddie will be someone obscure, someone boring and un-sexy, who simply has their power because they sit on tons and tons of gold. I always pictured some fat, old, Indian dude, and now hearing HRC is hanging out in India after New Zealand turned her down makes me think this may be where we should be looking.

If nothing else, I KNOW that gold is crucial to all this. I believe Barrick Gold (Peter Munk) was a way to launder gold from this guy's stores, into regular currency so he can buy influence with whoever it's needed. If the "Pindar" is indeed someone like I'm thinking, it would also easily explain seamless control over the Arabic world.

Hitler was obsessed with India, he considered them Aryans (which technically they are).

Who are some of the first names that come to mind when you think of India and the NWO?

What are some connections between India and corrupt Saudis?

Any connections between India and corrupt American politicians or more likely, Koch Brother / Podesta type power brokers. I think Saudis and Roths were a cutout so we may not hear of many, but still worth a look.

0a2379 No.672352

How are we suppose to “trust sessions” with stories like this…

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/03/stunning-jeff-sessions-cited-wrong-law-recused-russian-witch-hunt-took-advice-obama-lawyers/

e2515e No.672353

File: e93201f425bac0e⋯.jpg (23.43 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 10593179_770925556293276_3….jpg)


Here's the facts:

An unprecedented number of Sealed Indictments are all over the country

An unprecedented numbers of CEOs have left their jobs

An unprecedented number of politicians are not sitting in their seats after the break

Hollywood is fucked

The media's numbers are way deeper in the shitter than they were when it was just Alex Jones sucking up all their viewership

Trump has just done more in a year than probably any President has in EIGHT.

There's some FACTS.

a841cd No.672354


Isn't it funny how the Skull and Bones secret society

worship Thor?

These people rule the world and they worship Thor.

A legend? Hmmm.

Perhaps Nephilim

Oh yeah, they also worship the saturn and venus, ect.

Silly men. They are worshiping human legends

thousands of years old. Silly people. The couldn't

possibly understand the truth… or do they?

WAKE UP. These are only fables to people like you.

People who are not part of their secret societies.



I have evidence. You have silly uneducated insults.

b8bac8 No.672355


SSP, yes

from the beginning

adee78 No.672356


Oh you trust gwpundit over Jeff Sessions. That's very telling!

a79561 No.672357

File: ab6c7c7392c654d⋯.png (194.3 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_2769.PNG)

Pay Attention Anons

Do NOT FALL for these nigger faggot schill tactics! They are trying to throw everything at this board….all for a LARP right?!

3d3b2b No.672358


Government works slow every i has to be doted perfectly or it can be thown out

3b5c51 No.672359


Yep, start digging.

Expressing a repeated desire to punch/assault GEOTUS will backfire.

Approving of Clinton's sexcapades?

DiNero-Political activism

In 1998, he lobbied Congress against impeaching President Bill Clinton.[67]

While promoting the film The Good Shepherd with co-star Matt Damon on the December 8, 2006, episode of Hardball with Chris Matthews at George Mason University, De Niro was asked whom he would like to see as President of the United States. De Niro responded, "Well, I think of two people: Hillary Clinton and Obama."[68] On February 4, 2008, De Niro supported Obama at a rally at the Izod Center in New Jersey before Super Tuesday.[69]

In 2012, De Niro joined the anti-fracking campaign Artists Against Fracking.[70]

During the 2016 presidential campaign, De Niro was an outspoken critic of candidate Donald Trump, calling him "so blatantly stupid" and stating, "He wants to punch people in the face?! I'd like to punch him in the face." This was in reference to the similar desire Trump expressed towards the DNC speakers at one of his rallies.[71]

453e95 No.672360


Good(e) ?

0a2379 No.672361

What are the chances a HRC video is dropping today?

e7e0b4 No.672362

This is wonderful! Please do so Q!

We have a special place picked out for GS.

Really special.


9b754d No.672363


On the other hand, I hear that Conor Lamb is really a DINO. There is nothing wrong with having principled and honest Democrats in Congress. They will vote for their constituents, not for the Democratic Party.

84c159 No.672364

>>672343 RIP. POTUS always said the planes were in terrible shape. (after the muslim imposter gutted our military…I just cant go there right now…needs to…be gone)

becfaa No.672365


That sounds like POTUS speaking in that Q post.

1b4ce5 No.672366

File: 137a9f1621f1ecb⋯.jpeg (80.64 KB, 897x485, 897:485, DYTIGpdXkAAjepd.jpeg)

Is Ireland technically part of EU?

57e7fd No.672367



Clock Anagrams:

FAG SEC NEED CLOCK (funny but no)


CF & ES CLOCK. NEED AG! (final guess, meaning Statute of Limitations close to running out on something?)

ddd1a9 No.672368


LARPs have to have road bumps as well.


97ce86 No.672369

What is a spell?

Who is asleep?


Attention on deck


e7e0b4 No.672370


Yes ;) our No. 17=Q

b8bac8 No.672371

File: 44f87938513b816⋯.png (305.82 KB, 610x709, 610:709, 4g Moon.png)


not really…

why put 4G on the Moon? [PIC]

Who's up there?

Why all the satellites?

Why point them at Earth?

becfaa No.672372


I think they hacked it and crashed it.

542a70 No.672374

Local news just showed the school walkouts to DC. One kid was interviewed and said something like: 'We will be able to vote in at least 4 years". Showed Pelosi and Schumer leading a chant of "We will win". A really pathetic display.

4d602f No.672375

Flat Earth is just Pelican BO from CBTS being his usual attention seeking butthurt self.

Report and ignore.

02395a No.672376



The Bible contains all types of linguistic devices including metaphor. Hermeneutics is about the correct understanding of Scripture so that, for instance, when Jesus is referred to as the Lamb of God we do not interpret that to mean that Jesus is a little, woolly, animal that makes a delicious Sunday roast.

The Bible should be taken literally when it is not obviously speaking figuratively.

I'm wondering whether your IQ has ever peeped over the 50 parapet never mind 100.

Are you, perchance, related to Maxine Waters?

7bb888 No.672377


Tired of that coat-tail and dick riding fat faggot.

f6c9b4 No.672378


You are stupid

Shut up

48bbfd No.672379


Why would Paul Ryan help him…You are not paying attention.

5b64a8 No.672380



You are an idiot. Common sense, scientific evidence and intelligence earned through the perseverance of academic transitions are my input, dipshit, while it's plainly evident that YOUR response is founded only in emotion. You selectively choose your battles based on emotion and gut instinct, which has been manipulated by dissinformation, conspiracies and those who you choose to believe on a whim. Peripheral as you say, is used far from context, which would indicate your vocabulary is too large for your understanding of it. Get out of mommy's basement, but down the xbox, get off of YouTube and read some information from credible authorities.

4d602f No.672381


Ireland is part of the EU

6a571d No.672382

https:// www. theguardian.com/environment/2018/mar/15/privatized-rivers-us-public-lands-waterways

"Who owns water? The US landowners putting barbed wire across rivers"

8db6e7 No.672383


yes… they tried to get out of it and id a vote on it.

that vote was countered by a second one that forced them to stay in the union… few years ago

97ce86 No.672384


Another ANGRY shill..

4945cb No.672385


Hahaha crawl out of mommy's basement and wipe her tit before you go. I don't give a shit what you or others think. I'm here for MY reasons as most of us are. My life has been is faaaaar from sheltered. Enjoy your life im enjoying mine.

ddd1a9 No.672386


Goes to show our educational system has lost control of the kids now!

62c672 No.672387


You guys are very tough on the flat earthers, are they harming anyone? We believe POTUS and crew are crushing deep state, but Flat earth is too much to handle? Stop being divided.

Come together, let everyone have their own opinions, because if we all thought the same, what good would it do?

6a571d No.672388


Watch the water???

f55bd6 No.672389


that is why I am saying whoever has the shot of Drake with a load all over his face should spam the shit out of Kim with it

He is playing some fucking bullshit game with a cabal controlled dick sucker

97ce86 No.672390


Wise man.


308b5d No.672391

>>672379. Maybe PR helped in a setup to catch voter fraud!

b8bac8 No.672392


You are witnessing a transition power

the eye is in the sky

perhaps it is a transition to good


becfaa No.672393


They are sliding the boards, they can make a flat earth board, this is Q research.

e4185a No.672394


If they research Q i have no problem with them but if they are here to pollute the board, i have no patients.

7bb888 No.672395


They've been running that FE crap 24H/day for the last 4 days. I think they've earned it.

4945cb No.672396


PR is one of them. That;s why he got the shit beat out of him.

a841cd No.672397

File: 89a6919ca427c91⋯.jpg (464.38 KB, 1311x665, 69:35, long railway no curve.jpg)

File: c167c40384964f5⋯.png (651.77 KB, 800x496, 50:31, dusk.png)

File: 363474d0362265e⋯.jpg (86.84 KB, 512x491, 512:491, spinny.jpg)

File: 3ad57cd4d820bdc⋯.jpeg (92.28 KB, 400x600, 2:3, bazinga.jpeg)

File: 9a6ead917a51a46⋯.jpeg (24.02 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Even I know.jpeg)


Connect the dots



92be53 No.672398


Actually, decks are tilted, or even slightly curved to facilitate water roll off

cc04d9 No.672399

File: 4b17b96a1555e8a⋯.jpeg (411.67 KB, 1233x1811, 1233:1811, 47DA5655-CABA-4533-889B-0….jpeg)


More drama

Propaganda -Fake News- coming to a theatre near you?

f55bd6 No.672400


sorry - reporting someone with multiple IPs is pretty useless they just keep coming back

different IP every five minutes yesterday

48bbfd No.672401


Ok, lets look at all the voter fraud that is being investigated….oh, there is none…who will go to jail…oh no one….

453e95 No.672402


Human tech on the Moon… For Humans ;)

A few old friends and Freunds

Many Uses

Turn to face the person whos talking when they speak

d3e253 No.672403

They steal our vote. How does our voice matter if they can steal it?

02395a No.672404


Indeed. I hope you're right.

They never thought she would lose.

3ad6cf No.672405


Not all are ready yet.

Cognitive dissonance has

a very tight hold.

There is also a layer

of Stockholm syndrome.

Many will become hostile

and fight to defend the

lies and the liars.

You've gotta understand that.

Brush it off. And just be

easy with what you share.

Many people will act

like you are forcing them

to think about it.

f6c9b4 No.672406


Not angry and STILL not a shill

Nice try but thanks for playing we have some beautiful parting gifts for you backstage

4a7257 No.672407


Ok now here are some other facts

Evidence Q is legit

>obscure complex connections with POTUS tweets that might be interpreted under a high amount of parameters as synchronized

>a mobile pic of a WH pen somewhere on a table

Evidence Q is not legit

>countless happenings-to-be and BIG weeks and WE ARE WINNING that result on the exact opposite

>Reps keep losing seats across the board

>no indictments so far, not a single normie-tier happening

>the more we wait while nothing happens, the more LARPy it sounds to keep the hype rolling, peaking last week-end with ludicrous posts about Hitler the puppet and the NWO

>Trump and Sessions have to be engaged in the greatest LARP in the history of the country for Q's stance to be legit

> #IBOR remains confidential while fake petitions made by leftist students reach 300k in weeks

Shall I throw more? Midterms are coming. Delivery now or GTFO, Q.

afb837 No.672408


I think this board is hard on anything that is demonstrably stupid.

53d232 No.672409


Boy, the cabal is working overtime to start WWIII aren't they??

422e17 No.672410


Knowing how much Trump loves Pompeo you’d think she was his hand picked successor.

09830b No.672411

File: b5919fd163381b4⋯.jpeg (108.92 KB, 1080x1085, 216:217, 1519697997.jpeg)

97ce86 No.672412


How is Q a slide?????

Nov 9 2017 23:07:15 (EST) Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: Dx5TPc5d 148779656

Trip added.

[C]oordinated effort to misdirect.

Guide to reading the crumbs necessary to cont[I]nue.

Attached gr[A]phic is correct.

Linked graphics are incorrect and false.

Graphic is necessary and vital.

Time stamp(s) and order [is] critical.

Re-review graphic (in full) each day post news release.

Learn to distinguish between relevant/non-relevant news.

Disinformation is real.

Disinformation is necessary.

Ex: US ML NG (1) False SA True

Why was this necessary?

What questions were asked re: SA prior to SA events?

Why is this relevant?

Think mirror.

Look there, or [here], or there, truth is behind you.

What is a map?

Why is a map useful?

What is a legend?

Why is a legend useful?

What is a sequence?

Why is this relevant?

When does a map become a guide?

What is a keystone?

Everything stated is relevant.


Future provides past.

Map provides picture.

Picture provides 40,000ft. v.

40,000ft. v. is classified.

Why is a map useful?

Think direction.

Think full picture.

Who controls the narrative?

Why is this relevant?

What is a spell?

Who is asleep?


Attention on deck.

There is an active war on your mind.

Be [p]repared.

Ope[r]ations underway.

Operators [a]ctive.

Graphic is essential.

Find the ke[y]stone.

Moves and countermoves.

They never thought she would lose.

Snow white.

Godfather III.

Iron Eagle.


306e61 No.672413

File: a70a9e08e18f403⋯.jpg (140.25 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, 29186752_10211348970135127….jpg)

any memefags think they can correct the font on this

this is were are effort needs to be

this is ((their)) new plan

453e95 No.672414

File: e71d9abd72dbccb⋯.jpg (2.46 KB, 278x288, 139:144, gsdfgsdfgsdfgsdfgsdfgsdfg.jpg)

3880a9 No.672415

File: 72244b619ec9efe⋯.jpeg (9.65 MB, 5000x8000, 5:8, Qanon04_LockHerUp.jpeg)


His name was taken & written in the book. Justice shall come.

02395a No.672416

e4185a No.672417


Ok, lets say i am a tranny and will come here every day to tell this board how wonderful it is to be like me and offer videos and articles about transition, how that would br different from FE

becfaa No.672418


Where does it mention flat earth in that fucking stringer?

ddd1a9 No.672419


>>I don't give a shit what you or others think.

Not what you conveyed in this, and I provided the reasons other than something according to YOUR train of thought is important is not important to others, just like the FE'ers, this is a LARP in most people's eyes, and they will give you shit over it.

Seeing how as you mentioned basements and sucking your mommies tits, we'll leave that to you.


97ce86 No.672420


I'll take curtain number 3.

92be53 No.672422


FE ers have not done anything for Q. They just slide and shit up the bread and cause dissension. They have no reason to post their shit, other than PROPAGANDA and you are facilitating them with your snowflake, can't we all just get along pablum.

cc04d9 No.672423



These peo>>567493

ple are stupid.

Wait for Russia/China reports.



Strike 99999999.

5b64a8 No.672424


Yes, they are harming everything. No one asked them to come here, they have no business being here, they're not helping a single thing and the only reason they're here is to distract and create disarray. I doubt a single one of them even believes in flat earth themselves, they just lead such miserable lives that the only joy they have left is to attempt to spread their misery. That's right out of Psy 101.. so is the reverse psy they try to use as their first line of defense.

97ce86 No.672425


Clearly you don't know Q.

Work on your anger. Not healthy.

62c672 No.672426


I get what you are saying, does the fact that everyone pointing it out is doing anything? If anything they will DUMP more! Because they know it is triggering ppl. Just filter and move on. We got a cabal to crush!

becfaa No.672427


Fuck off Shill

a841cd No.672428


Flat Earth exposes the deepest of all lies that we have been sold

It exposes the meaning of all THEIR secret symbols.

It exposes how they have conspired to hide the truth of God.

It exposes the truth of why they worship the stars (the stars are alive)

In short, it exposes everything. Why do you think they come at us so hard?

The enemy is here and they are attempting to

steer the conversation.

They are hearding you like sheep.

Don't let them… think for yourself.

Resarch - think - learn

249283 No.672429

File: 527c78045ac0719⋯.png (148.38 KB, 318x320, 159:160, ying_yang.png)


DO not give them your (YOU)s.

do you LOOK at the symbol FOR Tao? DARK and LIGHT is necessary. It is a balance. It is Necessary.

/ Truthlegion/ Parallel construction occurring.

PLEASE LOOK. It's all WE can Ask.

(Pic related)

f6c9b4 No.672430

File: c6193b68815abcc⋯.jpg (14.62 KB, 220x147, 220:147, 2009lmadzonkgoat.jpg)

e2515e No.672431

File: ef94e764ec704cb⋯.jpg (23.09 KB, 585x400, 117:80, you_made_Glenn_Beck_cry.jpg)


Welp, it's obvious you're in the wrong fucking board, clown. Go back to twatter and leave this shit to the real men if you can't handle it.

308b5d No.672432

I’m having trouble identifying the players in this game and which side they are on. Imagine how the cabal feels.

ddd1a9 No.672433


Yet, the same can NOT be said about the topic of this board by others?

84c159 No.672434


There already is a FE board

97ce86 No.672435


Ha ha. I won shill.

60ea5b No.672436


Ignore shill disinfo faggots like this

97ce86 No.672437



4de4e6 No.672438


False assumption. England is in control of EU economies.

7bb888 No.672439



<"Won't you be surprised when you find out the truth about how the Earth is flat. Hurpity derp."

2bfb4b No.672440


it doesn't of course, only a FEtard could think it does

3ad6cf No.672441



97ce86 No.672442


FE is Q. DIG

a841cd No.672443


You will soon find out friend.

They are coming.

5b64a8 No.672444


We have, and we've decided you're an idiot, do not possess the IQ to play here and we are asking kindly that you return to your YouTube conspiracy forums before they're removed for being so fucking stupid.

53d232 No.672445




The FE's, concernfags, and all the others are just stopping us from doing what we're here to do. Filter and move on. Come on, anons! We have work to do!

8db6e7 No.672446

post something useful or go digging, no need to discuss muh FE ..

All you newbornfag´s gotta get that into your damn brains.

if something (e.g. FE) is triggering you emotionally, take a moment and back of the keyboard.

giving them (you´s) will just encourage them.

and no i don´t believe them all to be paid shills.

there are anon´s who cincerly believe in FE and you newfag´s arguing with them won´t change their view.

ask yourself how you can contribute, and only post if necessary, not when you want to.

Learn to control your emotions.

rant off

4de4e6 No.672447


Keep all options open and get a basic education on all potential directions. Direction changes without notice.

ddd1a9 No.672448


How is it dis info, Q clearly states in a drop her passport is no good for traveling abroad, but yet, there she and Huma A. are, in India!

e4185a No.672449

Ok, question what are we expecting tomorrow?

OIG report, what else?

57e7fd No.672450

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=aoYXihwcp8c

4de4e6 No.672451


What some consider useless, others consider useful. Everything posted is useful to somebody. Who gets the final word? And why them?

2bfb4b No.672452


checked. I'd sooner believe Nephilim World Order than flat earth by 1000x

a10061 No.672453


is the white dot the sun

and the black dot, the moon?

b6a9d8 No.672454

File: f7f8e0055f0e023⋯.jpg (227.22 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, IMG-20180315-WA0022.jpg)

News from Pooland.

Now that ES is gone, why this Mr Good King?

3b5c51 No.672455

File: 62a0ab3521039ad⋯.jpg (147.88 KB, 1024x688, 64:43, was-this-acting-or-just-pr….jpg)

"Robert De Niro Was Client Of Prostitution Ring That Used Children"

https:// www.google.com/amp/yournewswire.com/robert-de-niro-prostitution-ring-children/amp/

02395a No.672456



Yesterday the distraction was false Q.

Today the distraction is FE.

I noticed that the board got noticeably shiller a couple of breads ago when PALANTIR was being discussed.

4945cb No.672457


Here Here,

75% of these posts are shilling and reposes. Ignore move on I'm done with them!

cb0bb6 No.672458

File: 508a6a86112150f⋯.png (263.97 KB, 612x588, 51:49, ClipboardImage.png)


Kim recently retweeted referring to an 2013 article about the Q group

https:// www.thedailybeast.com/inside-the-q-group-the-directorate-hunting-down-edward-snowden

e2515e No.672459


Q said it was flagged - that's all the fuck it means. Did Q say she'd be arrested if she used it? NO.

e7e0b4 No.672460

People still buying Snake Oil Salesman Tricks, FE. Amazing!

2bfb4b No.672461


flagged=/=stopped, back to grade school to learn vocabulary for you

5b64a8 No.672462



Won't you be surprised when you find out I've been high enough to see the curvature of the Earth and you're a brainwashed idiot, subscribing to conspiracies based on emotion, rather than intelligence lol. Enjoy the psy-op brainwashing. It seems to be working.

a10061 No.672463


the FE bastards got me..

I trust the plan.


ee068a No.672464


maybe the black is the central "sun"

black hole sun

giant toilet swirl

ddd1a9 No.672465


The elitist get the final word, and because you and the rest of us are nothing more than PEE-ONS.

a10061 No.672466

File: d145c46a2bd4cec⋯.png (3.38 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, potus pope q 6666666.png)


PALANTIR is wrong

Board has spoken

b6a9d8 No.672467

File: f161ec7f0077971⋯.jpg (1.8 MB, 1879x3442, 1879:3442, IMG_20180315_115331_01.jpg)


Please excuse me, phonephagging. Attached wrong pic.

09830b No.672468

File: 78c3bd45a91dd61⋯.jpg (1.81 MB, 1814x1657, 1814:1657, 2018-02-18 08.22.11-1.jpg)



a80a66 No.672469


Right on, nice digits brother

53d232 No.672470


McCabe's firing has to happen before Sunday or he gets his fucking pension. I hope that fuck doesn't get to live off my tax dollars!

840f5e No.672471


Nigger, do you know what inb4 and pink text means?

adee78 No.672472






Use Codemonkey's enhanced filter script anons ;)

http:// anonsw.github.io/8chjs/

ddd1a9 No.672473


For what purpose does flagging a passport do?

Your a smart one, come on and answer it!

e7e0b4 No.672474





Maybe today, will see!

02395a No.672475



>>>672456 (You)


>PALANTIR is wrong


>Board has spoken

No it isn't and no it hasn't.

Dig Palantir, anons.

3b5c51 No.672476

File: bb4cb2371daab93⋯.jpg (27.51 KB, 300x277, 300:277, no-matter-what-i-do-or-wha….jpg)

File: a8a16097ac1711b⋯.jpg (239.05 KB, 484x644, 121:161, obedience.jpg)

c8df88 No.672477


Let's say I want to build a radio for the military. I select hardware from Newark, methods of multiplexing and encryption cited in open papers, then program it using an open source standard with some custom routines modified from a gethub project.

None of the individual parts are classified. The end product is, and my manual on its construction/capabilities are. The big picture of what a $50M purchase of microcontrollers from Newark is classified while said purchase is public record.

Just an example, you would normally want to leave vague traces of what hardware is in your secret squirrel stuff as smart people can then project capability from engineering pubs. But you get the idea.

The true nature of trade deals, the true goals of individuals leading nations, the financial sourcing and organizational leadership for various political/military groups… All of the big picture is classified… Fog. You can't see the big picture through the fog, but if you can plant your survey markers correctly, you can still picture the geography.

9abdd5 No.672479


"special" is often used in Q drops in a negative way, like ridding the short bus sort of special

a10061 No.672480

File: 3ae72d91efac5cd⋯.png (4.55 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, DONALD TRUMP Q 666666.png)


The board hasn't spoken?

Are you kidding me?

422e17 No.672481

File: 02b2acc6ad5c8d5⋯.jpeg (68.64 KB, 300x272, 75:68, FE2C7E4E-01D6-48C1-BAD0-5….jpeg)


Earth is a pyramid faggot. What do you think //\\ means. So that’s settled time to mo e on.

adee78 No.672482


Sauce on (their))) plan please and I'll see.

e2515e No.672483


If you were Q, wouldn't you want to know whenever HRC enters or leaves the country? Also, detained =/= arrest.

09830b No.672484



d251d2 No.672485


Palantir is over-rated. As is the role of super-computing in general. It can track trends, big, general, societal movements. It can't like, predict someone who's going to commit a crime.

Some of the people here are so desperate to believe in super-sweet secret tech that they throw reason out the window. Kinda cringey.

60ea5b No.672486


Fuck off lunatic

7d15c4 No.672487

Dubai "princess' goes missing

Says father is major criminal- last video

https: //nypost.com/2018/03/14/dubai-princess-disappears-after-posting-chilling-last-video/

7e5ea2 No.672488

File: 5b7b55462cc8c8b⋯.jpeg (62.15 KB, 690x504, 115:84, Normalizing pedophilia on….jpeg)

Normalizing pedophilia one magazine cover at a time

The meaning of cadeaux is evidently "a present, or gift." The kid looks like a boy, dressed as a woman. What is with these people, and rabbits?!? Go look at Alex Podesta's rabbit living "art." It's all creepster.

It does seem awfully odd to be sexualizing children with situations and appearances that would normally be attributed to a sex symbol. Drag is often played for comic effect, Is this supposed to be a comical situation for this kid?

a841cd No.672489

File: fd9de1724ccf1d0⋯.png (170.2 KB, 413x546, 59:78, ying yang.png)



4a7257 No.672490



See the thing you faithful zealots have not considered is that if Q isn't legit, then this becomes a containment board for a lot of awake people who get purposefully misled by some elaborate LARP.

Blind faith is fanatism. Trust has to be tested by proof regularly. The fact is, Q isn't delivering - anything else than cryptic messages that lead us nowhere in concrete terms. I'm getting fed up with that. So send the memes all you want, but the facts are stubborn.

adee78 No.672491

File: 03a4c23665e9c74⋯.jpg (455.4 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, RobertDePedo4.jpg)

File: bec58e268f5cd73⋯.jpg (382.77 KB, 762x1024, 381:512, RobertDePedo3.jpg)

File: 58082c47b6ac4b7⋯.jpg (244.36 KB, 1024x769, 1024:769, RobertDePedo2.jpg)

File: 5a0ab1ab431a4ba⋯.jpg (298.55 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, RobertDePedo1.jpg)

32279d No.672492


Nope. Just shit starters like you.

Q said it wasn't religious, shill. Get fucked!

62c672 No.672493

Guys, take a look at a spook run operation


https:// www.linkedin.com/pulse/20140829173243-29817943-details-of-covert-cia-airlines-described-by-head-of-the-airline-chapter-in-book-defrauding-america

02395a No.672494


>>>672475 (You)


>The board hasn't spoken?


>Are you kidding me?

Assembly of Seventeen.

94d1b1 No.672495


I am going to be looking into GE great economy bit and FS

GE and Syria

GE financed syria

1d1b3f No.672496


Funny, I actually know a Chilean who flies from Australia to Santiago to see his family and it takes them past the south pole. They say you can see the land mass from the plane. Have you ever booked a flight from Santiago or Buenos Aires to Australia? You should try this, then it will prove flat, verses globe earth.

e2515e No.672497


Goes missing in India, no less…

1b4ce5 No.672498

No Q after I left last night. Dang.

e5e2cb No.672499


oh shit dude

your graphic explains the conch shell

"conch" is the translation (loosely) of "concrete"

546e46 No.672500

Why do bubbles always form a sphere?


e73804 No.672501

>>672147 Nice!

e2515e No.672502

File: d7037d64bcc9c54⋯.jpg (84.98 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, a789dsf6s78df6s78fs6d.jpg)

4a7257 No.672503



Palantir is experimental monitoring technology and Minority Report-tier speculation is misdirection.

94d1b1 No.672504


GE Foundation Announces Support for International Rescue Committee Relief Efforts in Syrian Refugee Crisis

• GE Foundation provides $1 million grant to the International Rescue Committee (IRC) to help displaced children and families in Europe

• IRC teams are providing essential aid to vulnerable populations and rebuild lives

September 24, 2015 01:10 PM Eastern Daylight Time

https:// www.businesswire.com/news/home/20150924006199/en/GE-Foundation-Announces-Support-International-Rescue-Committee

546e46 No.672505

File: b6395b1874204f2⋯.jpg (35.29 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 11078225_1031893203505937_….jpg)

dd23fd No.672506

File: cf77916dc45dc16⋯.png (621.79 KB, 900x506, 450:253, ClipboardImage.png)

Police respond to another ‘suspicious package’ sent to parliament

Published time: 15 Mar, 2018 12:57

https:// www.rt.com/uk/421394-westminster-package-suspicious-parliament

53d232 No.672507


They're trying to normalize all manner of debauchery. From pedos to goat fuckers to dumbass bitches that think they have sex with trees FFS. They're trying so hard to bring about the fall of civilization just like (((they've))) done for thousands of years. When a civilization allows debauchery to overtake it, that's when it falls!

02395a No.672508


>>>672475 (You)


>Palantir is over-rated. As is the role of super-computing in general. It can track trends, big, general, societal movements. It can't like, predict someone who's going to commit a crime.

Methinks you are approx ten years behind the times. Your prerogative. I know where I'm digging, though.

1b4ce5 No.672509


These people are sick. If she goes along and sleeps with her handlers she will be a big star. If she doesn't she will be a washed up drug addict by 16.

69b190 No.672510


Wow, through the bullshit grammar , and misspelled words, I believe you're asking what does a flagged passport mean, and what does it do… Allow me to answer. A flagged passport means that the individual can still travel but his or her moves are monitored . As in, who they travel with, when and where and for how long. It does not mean that they are not allowed to travel …….

e4185a No.672511


Here is an easier experiment .FLUSH THE TOILET at home, note the direction it swirls in, the go to Australia repeat the experiment. Note the opposite direction. Lets not give them any more satisfaction. Ignore, filter whatever

a841cd No.672512

File: 6fb525dadeca878⋯.jpg (38.3 KB, 500x341, 500:341, red pill.jpg)

File: 0f639a1466783df⋯.jpg (236.4 KB, 960x768, 5:4, Fly through spac.jpg)

File: 80a734295be6033⋯.jpg (161.37 KB, 700x600, 7:6, bazinga BANG.jpg)

File: 8fa114969e78e1d⋯.jpg (130.15 KB, 600x518, 300:259, bedford-experiment2.jpg)

File: 21b88c024ece4fe⋯.jpg (179.65 KB, 801x675, 89:75, truth telling.jpg)

68c962 No.672513

File: 55b39094b06952a⋯.jpg (6.67 KB, 236x183, 236:183, earthhead.jpg)

File: 7ff0ce5180e3d5f⋯.jpg (224.27 KB, 1400x900, 14:9, FE.jpg)

File: 500f198f3a1627d⋯.jpg (94.43 KB, 450x300, 3:2, FERETARDS.jpg)

File: 61da8d8a16e84fd⋯.jpg (230.89 KB, 550x531, 550:531, FERETARDS0.jpg)

File: 967cb851c771127⋯.jpg (273.62 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, FERETARDS1.jpg)



A FE Board was created, they/he refuse to meet me there for debunking. Only mission is to slide the board and distract, and anons are giving him credit.

It's a pelican tactic…

Here is all you need to know about FLACID EARTH Theory…

1b4ce5 No.672514

Baker, are you still good?

a841cd No.672515


That is soooo funy!

a07600 No.672516


Hilary Clinton slipping down the stairs.

No ankle monitor.

We need to start calling this stuff out.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFCjjHUiYRc

3ad6cf No.672517


Thanks Anon!

And this might also show

strange expenditures.

Like a $1500 toothbrush

means that money went to

something other than just

a toothbrush.

94d1b1 No.672518


General Electric (GE) is an American multinational conglomerate incorporated in New York[5] and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.[2] As of 2016, the company operates through the following segments: aviation, current, digital, energy connections, global research, healthcare, lighting, oil and gas, power, renewable energy, transportation, and capital which cater to the needs of financial services, medical devices, life sciences, pharmaceutical, automotive, software development and engineering industries.[6]

In 2017, GE ranked among the Fortune 500 as the thirteenth-largest firm in the U.S. by gross revenue,.[7] In 2011, GE ranked as the 14th most profitable.[8] As of 2012, the company was listed the fourth-largest in the world among the Forbes Global 2000, further metrics being taken into account.[9] The Nobel Prize has twice been awarded to employees of General Electric: Irving Langmuir in 1932 and Ivar Giaever in 1973.[10]

On January 13, 2016, it was announced that GE will be moving its corporate headquarters from Fairfield, Connecticut (where it had been since 1974) to the South Boston Waterfront neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. The first group of workers arrived in the summer of 2016, and the full move will be completed by 2018

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Electric

adee78 No.672519


>"conch" is the translation (loosely) of "concrete"

No it isn't. Show your proof of this.

e7e0b4 No.672520


Mr. Burns of Simpsons: "Excellentttttt" KEK! TY

041e6b No.672521


Getting rid of National Sovereignty and Ancestral Customs is the top of (((their))) list. This is why the EU. This is why all the refugees (they dilute anything remaining of BOTH and/or EITHER of those attributes).

This decreases/eliminates a 'sense of self' and subsequently feeds the 'herd mentality' that is so important for them to attain to retain control.

The US better wake up.

d251d2 No.672522


Clearly SOME people are very worried that Q in fact IS about to "deliver."

They're still spending precious resources paying people to shill here 24-7. So if he hasn't "delivered" enough already…

the Clowns certainly think he will.


57e7fd No.672523




>I am going to be looking into GE great economy bit and FS

Nice. Keep diggin.

ddd1a9 No.672524


They won't believe you.

This bunch thinks they are god's gift to the world.

Pride comes first, and then they fall.

84c159 No.672525

Interesting. This is a source. Also nice work if you can get it.

a841cd No.672526


Be careful… people might wonder why the illuminati

symbo is a pyramid.

Soon they might begin to see how it relates to our world.

Careful or I just might tell them.

f5830f No.672527

File: 9c4eae1055cf292⋯.jpeg (86.31 KB, 831x412, 831:412, 85AA5A5E-9A54-4FD7-B8EC-B….jpeg)

dd23fd No.672528

File: 4a9ae44c9a56813⋯.png (425.57 KB, 591x1280, 591:1280, ClipboardImage.png)

94d1b1 No.672529


>GE will be moving its corporate headquarters from Fairfield, Connecticut (where it had been since 1974) to the South Boston Waterfront neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts

Mr. Immelt and GE adopted a more aggressive political posture during the past year, lobbying members of Congress to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank, and later publicly removing from its headquarters search some of the districts whose representatives opposed GE’s position.

https:// www.wsj.com/articles/general-electric-plans-to-move-headquarters-to-boston-1452703676

d34da5 No.672530

Question I don't expect an exact answer to. More a thought I guess. And one I hope I can get real replies to and not just called names for.

Everyone says we have been lied to. Everything we know is a lie. Trust the Bible and Jesus. How do we not know the Bible is a lie?

It just seems contradicting to tell people to wake up and that everything is a lie…..except the Bible, which to me, seems the most obvious tool for enslavement.

60ea5b No.672532

File: e0a8d7688552a21⋯.png (573.95 KB, 660x662, 330:331, ClipboardImage.png)

How is this possible??

02395a No.672533

There is a Commonwealth FOUNDATION that may be worth a dig for any finance/auditor anons.

https:// commonwealthfoundation.com/

Q has intimated that FOUNDATIONS are the key to understanding how money is circulated within the cabal.

68c962 No.672534


Oldfags remember the $500 hammer when the CIA was hiding from accountant audits 20-25 years ago.

Soon after they silenced audits that could reveal the scope of the CIA.

0e3bd0 No.672535


That is called singularity…

I believe I was on a timeline where this had NOT occurred…

In my timeline there were no sex robots and AI was not as advanced as it is now..for ME..these advancements have only happened in the last 6 months…wonder how common this is?

I am now on a timeline where this HAS occurred…

126803 No.672536


If you believe an ankle monitor is necessary for tracking someone, I have a bridge in Arizona I can sell you.

It's quality stuff, built yesterday, crossed once. You'd love it.

Asking price of $399.

ddd1a9 No.672537


Where is the fucking proof of people getting paid here?

FUCK! I want some extra money as well!

You can't prove people are getting paid, then shut the fuck up about shills getting paid!

30bf1c No.672538


I am not in this, but I keep getting tagged. I never replied to any anon today, so someone has the wrong #

9abdd5 No.672539

File: b60304013b4c449⋯.png (127.93 KB, 536x480, 67:60, Screenshot 2018-03-15 at 9….png)

Has someone been playing pretend for a year?

306e61 No.672540

File: 1b0edb830c97697⋯.jpg (76.29 KB, 736x481, 736:481, 1b0edb830c97697c5f80721d77….jpg)


can we add a FE board to stop shittin the general board up?

Its been 3 days of this shit now


224f19 No.672541

File: 3659376d2590f2f⋯.jpeg (216.5 KB, 750x626, 375:313, AB163491-734F-4F56-BCE6-6….jpeg)

353ecc No.672542


Isn't the problem that you've used too many capitals?


coast guard expeditionary fighter squadron

http:// www.mybaseguide.com/News/21-37305/ns_great_lakes_336th_efs_sets_tone_for_new_phase_of_oir

4de4e6 No.672543


ROFL you mean it's not that bacteria that runs around in our intestines???????

YES "abiotic" is what I was looking for.

e4185a No.672544


If he cited the wrong law, could his recusal be considered invalid? Lawfags???

17fe41 No.672545


Whoopsy! My bad. Silly Obama lawyers!

ee068a No.672546


always poison the bread

e5e2cb No.672547


kappa-omicron-nu-chi transliterated to english would be "kah-nk"

f5830f No.672548

The sad part is Flat Earthers are able to vote and make decisions….the scope and depth of their delusions is great

30bf1c No.672549


the bible was base on other ancient books…lurk oar anon…

28fa12 No.672550


yep and there was more on that list . . . and not just toilets

a07600 No.672551


Cinton, Mcain, walking around with BOOTS on the feet.

Everyone claiming they were hiding their tracking monitors.

Now they don't need anything? Come on.

d34da5 No.672552


Dude, I hate to break it to you, but 8Chan isn't the end all be all. The CIA doesn't give a flying fuck about you or this board. If Q is real and all this stuff is really happening, do you think the bad guys are taking time to argue with users on a forum to "break their spirit". Get fucking real. They're out there doing what none of you should be, making real moves in the world to hey things done.

041e6b No.672553


>Too funny.

Retaining a sense of humor is very important in a situation such as we are in. You are doing a little better than I am. There is no question that part of my reason for being born was to learn patience, as I was born with none. Another reason my path led me here, I am more than sure.

53d232 No.672554


I agree with you completely anon, but this board isn't the place for that discussion. Please take it elsewhere. This board is for Q research…and that's not a topic Q has pointed us to as of yet.

14e69c No.672555


Thanks for the tip - I could use a good bread, pickin's have been slim lately . . . .

a841cd No.672556


That's cool. See if you can fly OVER the south pole. You can't do it. Those flights do not exists

becaue it is not possible. Truly!

800881 No.672557


Do we know that the number of CEO who have resigned is record high and not within the normal range? Has anyone investigated this?

68c962 No.672558

File: 0a4287024ab10c5⋯.jpg (103.32 KB, 879x348, 293:116, IBOR_Google.jpg)

File: 228309cce5ff2bb⋯.jpg (143.72 KB, 683x299, 683:299, Illiniois Nazi.jpg)

New IBOR concept.

I am untwittingly posting it here for twit-ammo.

Suggestions ok, ask fast- leaving for work in a few.

e02897 No.672559

File: c38a405374a84ba⋯.jpg (35.19 KB, 470x448, 235:224, earthbag.jpg)

File: 4ebe77b9ec72f06⋯.jpg (64.39 KB, 800x800, 1:1, moonsack.jpg)

3807bc No.672560



75b904 No.672561

Just want to say to the baker. You cant say that the Earth is not flat, unless you are sitting on information that millions of People dont have. What the hell do you think you are? I dont know the shape of the world, and you dont either

4becd6 No.672562

File: 5f21f248cd51a09⋯.png (871.74 KB, 963x699, 321:233, hrcSk8.png)


353ecc No.672563


Crazy like a fox. No recusal now. So what's on deck?

28fa12 No.672564


how far out into space did he allegedly go?

d34da5 No.672566


Fair enough. Didn't mean to take you guys off-topic. I'll do some research :)

e2515e No.672567


A tool is just a tool - depends on who's hands it is in - that wass the sole purpose for the invention of the Gutenberg Printing Press. Don't blame the good book - blame evil men who wield it to their own ends. It was given to the whole world so that the Catholic church couldn't keep a monopoly on its truth anymore. But with that, comes a need for careful study and discernment - much like everything that flies by on this board…

546e46 No.672568


Why does a bubble always form into a sphere?

53d232 No.672569


Why the FUCK do we have so many Congressmen with dual citizenships?!?!? No fucking wonder we can't get AMERICA FIRST! So many of these fuckers have no fucking loyalty to America!

041e6b No.672570


Thank-you Anon. Saved me typing a less hospitable response.

afb837 No.672571


I read somewhere a while back how it's almost impossible to communicate with someone if your IQ is about 30 pts higher than the person you are talking with. They simply are unable to grasp what it is you are saying. You have to get down on their level, like speaking to a child. When I perceive I'm talking to somebody with an average-to-below average IQ, I don't waste time on them. Especially if they stubbornly cling to fantasies.

f5830f No.672573


Ok, you’re right….flat as hell….no one cares! Not pertinent to the conversation


adee78 No.672574


Retarded twat!

800881 No.672575

Don’t mesn to slide the thread but I have an obvious question for flat earthers that I haven’t sern addressed: how come we can fly or sail in two opposite directions and arrive at the same place?

4de4e6 No.672576


Listen! Just you know! If you try to stop us … or vamp out in any way … then I'll stake you without even thinking twice about it.

6cc17e No.672577


and what do you know, theyre all anti-trumpers

224f19 No.672578

File: e01f2fd35fa294b⋯.jpeg (264.6 KB, 750x748, 375:374, FF6A55A7-E983-4555-ADFB-D….jpeg)

53d232 No.672579


I second the motion.

7e5ea2 No.672580


probably HE, not she…

75b904 No.672581


Why dont the pilot dip the nose Down, going Mach 2 over the surface?

3ad6cf No.672582


Actually, it's the deep state

and the glowing nigger shills

who are obsessed with globes,

outer space, aliens, cars in space,

star wars, star trek, big bang,

evolution, hocus pocus faggotry.

e2515e No.672583


What's the number up to now, anons? I don't have the link to the list… But - yeah - it's a YUGE number.

1d1b3f No.672584

In my opinion….

We are getting ready to surprise and surpass the world with our suppressed technologies. And the rest of the world will not be able to keep up unless they pay for it… How could any country compete? Think like a business man that Trump is. It's about the competition, the race to win. Win big.

When Trump stated going to mars, flying in hyper sonic jets (possibly commercial airlines), fighting battles with weapons the world has never seen before, and even a space fighting force. I think he will do it. If he's already seen these suppressed technologies, I believe he was making it clear things to come, meaning already possible. He never mentioned development, only actually doing it. This is VERY telling.

7d15c4 No.672585


Kek. T D S

28fa12 No.672586


UK has everything to hide, from pedo royalty and politicians and police to MI clown antics to Diana to rampant collusion to you name it . . . AND (((they))) know it's all about to be revealed.

-→ EU

e5e2cb No.672587


go back to defago's live chat

f5830f No.672588


Don’t even try it anon,…you won’t break through!

5b64a8 No.672589


Kek, you're 100% right, however, it does feel good to vent and qualify them once in a while. Especially when things are slow.

02395a No.672590


>It just seems contradicting to tell people to wake up and that everything is a lie…..except the Bible, which to me, seems the most obvious tool for enslavement.

The Bible is revealed truth.

The truth will set you free.

Remember that freedom is not the same as licence to do what you will. If my freedom detracts from yours it is not true freedom.

Therefore true freedom exists within the minimum of rules that allow all to live without impinging on another's freedom.

Seems to me that the Ten Commandments have yet to be surpassed in terms of concision and completeness.

e4185a No.672591


Religion maybe a way to explain natural occurences and basic logic to primitive people. For example, jewish people are not allowed to eat meet with dairy products, thats how religion dictates. In reality if you mix milk with raw meet in a hot weather, you have a good chance to get botulism , which is deadly. Try to explain bacterias to someone who has no knowledge of molecular biology. Just forbid and goal is achieved. Thats my 2c

17fe41 No.672592



30bf1c No.672593

The Associated Press

‏Verified account @AP

BREAKING: In joint statement, US, UK, French and German leaders agree Russia was behind nerve agent attack on former spy.

afb837 No.672595


The science is settled! Now we can move on!

546e46 No.672596


>Why does a bubble always form into a sphere?

3ad6cf No.672597


I remember that.

126803 No.672598


I never claimed shit, so calm your tits.

Everyone losing their minds over ankle monitor tracking was silly to begin with - if military intel wants to find you, they will, regardless of whether they've tagged you before.

53d232 No.672599


That's the spirit anon!

28fa12 No.672600


meaning . . . prayers are needed, appreciated, and respected, but we understand that not everyone is a prayer warrior.

cb0bb6 No.672602

File: 338c6ea98c9bb3f⋯.png (117.45 KB, 556x665, 556:665, ClipboardImage.png)

Snowden is active today

e4185a No.672603


Which leaders exactly?

f0bc8e No.672604


I hope that this is part of the show. Its looking like the cabal may get their war with Russia after all.

0e8eb9 No.672605

What's with the "I'm done waiting" shill thread in the catalog?

68c962 No.672606


>How is this possible??

The real question is why is it NOT POSSIBLE to be in a powerful position unless it IS.

Been that way since before Bush….

And Pentagon is estimated to have 70% dual citiZionist with some country in the middle east that is controlled by the Roths…

a841cd No.672607

File: 69c93cb6ef66a1b⋯.jpg (250.94 KB, 850x656, 425:328, squareearthrevealed.jpg)

File: db36696d02b9a42⋯.jpg (99.93 KB, 616x471, 616:471, spinning air.jpg)

File: 0c5f9c8fd348039⋯.jpg (326.99 KB, 1023x738, 341:246, se.jpg)

File: 7d40164b95967ff⋯.jpg (1 MB, 1936x1296, 121:81, What do the stars SAY.jpg)

File: 5bcfe22a7ca1ea7⋯.jpg (149.56 KB, 1366x566, 683:283, elba.jpg)








4de4e6 No.672608


There is much about Palintir that anons have not read up on.

30bf1c No.672609


could this be the stage being set?? or MSM distraction??

28fa12 No.672610

File: 0bb19c1df956279⋯.png (146.27 KB, 309x306, 103:102, THEYRE.DOING.IT.ANONS.CLOW….png)

041e6b No.672611


Don't forget your expectations will create YOUR reality. If you want to end up in a Fema Camp when Oprah is president, just maintain that process. Many more of us here, will see this through and suffer no such fate.

If you feel like you can't control anything, always remember you can (and need to) control your thought process. Not always easy, but always necessary.

Leaning to recognize & identify, and then alter stinkin' thinkin' is the single best thing you can for your own well being.

4a7257 No.672612


Not exactly. Here is what happened

1) UKistan throws a tantrum and howls muh Russia Russia

2) WH and France start reacting with caution, guys let's not get ahead of ourselves etc

3) UKistan throws a second tantrum behind the scenes "MUH ALLIES"

4) US and France comply and express a righteous indignation

UKistan diplomacy 101

0ed709 No.672613

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Water takes on a spherical shape in zero gravity.

Flattard BTFO

02395a No.672614


>>>672180 (You)


>That is called singularity…


>I believe I was on a timeline where this had NOT occurred…


>In my timeline there were no sex robots and AI was not as advanced as it is now..for ME..these advancements have only happened in the last 6 months…wonder how common this is?


>I am now on a timeline where this HAS occurred…

Last November, I believe.

Where were you when this occurred?

30bf1c No.672615


me too…. Kek!

308b5d No.672616

>>672539 oops!

28fa12 No.672617


nice try, clown.

not gonna work here.

5dde20 No.672618

Nikki Haley?

Jumping on the blame Russia bandwagon?

Or just doing her job as UN ambassador?

3583a2 No.672619

File: 79d3d8382750e48⋯.png (139.16 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Frank_Teri_Murphy_CASA_bee….png)

Took the time to write a letter for McLean, Virginia convicted child molester Christopher Kloman… cited his work at the Claude Moore - Podesta Pig Slaughtering - Colonia Farm

Court appointed special advocate CASA

bee logo (think hivite)

800881 No.672620


Is this the question of consensus or proof based on evidence?

d34da5 No.672621


I have a hard time believing a perfect 10 commandments came from a hill with no proof but from one man. This story was then passed down verbally as people in Biblical times didn't know how to read or write for the most part. About 400 years later someone started the process of writing it down and recording it. It was then pushed through how many kingdoms and edited how many times? How many books were burned? How much truth was changed?

Seems like the first place to look when being duped. Now. I do believe in God. Let me get that out of the way. To me, all these elite worship the devil…that automatically tells me there is a God. So I don't question as an atheist, I question as someone brought up catholic with years of guilt and still hesitating to ask these sorts of things. But they need be asked.

f5830f No.672622

Not even biblefags have the entire truth.

They can’t argue that. There is science they can’t answer. There are events that science cannot answer. That’s why Christ said that all there is, the only law, is Love! Through Him we are saved and Love.

The truth is sometimes in the middle of Muhscience and muhbible

adee78 No.672623

File: bc8f0f7a43f5384⋯.png (425.05 KB, 588x539, 12:11, CockSuckerOnTheMove.png)

Cock sucker in Korea

88c345 No.672624


It is interesting that when someone calls out the overly hostile scoffers, they suddenly tone down their mockery to a more stable level. To appear less hateful and more reasonable.

With all the outrageous theories on this board, only those that make anons look, inwardly, at their own mortality, are denied; with flaming arrows.

Angry anons, instead of admiring you own, more stable, course correction posts; look back at your previous unhinged, hateful, previous posts.

No double downing.

All appearances aside, this is NOT CNN.

Btw…how far away IS the nearest star?

60ea5b No.672625


Seems like this "special" relationship with Israel is a bit too special.

Adam Schiff and DW Schultz on that list.

e4185a No.672626


Putin just announced his new weapons, if they are poking the bear its exactly to start a war, what else?

1d1b3f No.672627


Sounds like @Snowden doth protest too much. You know like when the douchebag needs a cover so everyone doesn't think he's Clown, when he actually is. Nice try @Snowden, but we have your number, little too late to CYOB.

30bf1c No.672628


still lurking for moar sauce…

224f19 No.672629

File: 92e63ab4d87c3a7⋯.jpeg (400.02 KB, 750x999, 250:333, D5A80169-A710-4AE4-816B-C….jpeg)


Why would POTUS schedule retweet this?

ee068a No.672630


All is love

025e51 No.672631

How long till netspeed is normal again?

Germans have a hard time fighting if there Internet is slowed like this :D

Breads need to load 30 min till i see everything

WAN? or i did not pay my bills

ohh and other providers are effected to like Vodafone,Telekom,O2 ….

cant count how many times i try to post this here please dont stop @ 58%

e5e2cb No.672632


an air bubble takes the shape of a sphere when it's in water

pressure differential

not gravity

prove to everyone that outer space isn't water and that it is weightless

4945cb No.672633


But it's all scripted….. May is flipped as are the rest of these Demagogue fags

f5830f No.672634


Have you ever done something wrong snd felt guilt/remorse?

That is the commandment…how do you have such feelings and where does that come from…

e0ea4f No.672635

File: 9f84136150ee058⋯.jpg (455.14 KB, 1200x668, 300:167, distraction.jpg)


Do you really think the UK is going to go to war with Russia over an MI6 asset (not even a spy, just an asset)?

https:// archive.fo/4i2wc

Interesting that the headlines and internet keywords are dominated by 'Russia' and 'Ukraine' when this news about Privatbank in Ukraine is being released. Don't you think Anons?

>Ukrainian oligarchs Ihor Kolomoisky and Gennadiy Boholyubov lose access to $2.5 billion in assets after a global asset freeze.

>Refilling the bank’s coffers has cost the Ukrainian government $5.6 billion to date, in the form of t-bills issued to recapitalize the bank.

>In addition to Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov, PrivatBank sued six companies, alleging that they entered into fraudulent loan agreements with the bank as a means of siphoning cash out of the lender. They are Treamtrend Limited, Trade Point Agro Limited, Collyer Limited, Rossyn Investing Corp, Milbert Ventures Inc, and ZAO Ukrtransitservice Ltd.

If you want to find the cabal I'd dig into those companies.

6a8c64 No.672636

File: e2cd09aa90ecbcb⋯.png (889.87 KB, 769x461, 769:461, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8507b1c0b9b34d2⋯.png (554.36 KB, 549x543, 183:181, space hallary.PNG)

File: a87c7659c74bc5b⋯.png (423.62 KB, 686x437, 686:437, hrcjackass.PNG)

e2515e No.672637

KEK - does anyone remember Magellan crossing TWO FE poles? Me neither…

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ferdinand_Magellan

17fe41 No.672638

e4185a No.672639


Haley is a loose cannon, like the best person to orchestrate hysteria

75b904 No.672640


There is so many evidence on both sides, and that is why i said that baker have no right to claim what he does in the headline of this bread. Unless he wants this to be discussed

a671a3 No.672641


Missing "t"

68c962 No.672642

File: 25fdc4f8ef39eea⋯.png (505.11 KB, 1065x1017, 355:339, Ted Kaczynski portriat.png)

Seems true anon, no matter how much cash the ADL spends to rebuke the truth.

A trip down memory lane: (PIC RELATED)

This guy had dual citizenship too, if I remember correctly!

Think Mirror (re: Austin)


4945cb No.672643


No lag here

041e6b No.672644


I too, am not convinced that is our least favorite Clinton.

She does fall and stagger quite similarly though.

d251d2 No.672645

File: ce586ef987a8f0e⋯.png (10.27 KB, 454x159, 454:159, filterTrollsChan.PNG)


Flat earth.

Religion arguments.

Cringey obvious "durr Q-is a LARP" shilling.

This is getting out of hand. If whatever protections that were being provided before by Q and co. are gone, we need to take steps on our own to mitigate the influx of Clowns and Brockbots.

Maybe just make a simple meme showing how to filter and a stock phrase to use everytime. Something catchy and memeworthy, something like the "Checked" phenomenon. It will help newbies and get everyone in the habit of actually filtering.

a841cd No.672646



How do you know if the Bible is true?

Well (aside from God personally revealing it to you) I can think

of one way. Expose the truth of the world that you

live in and you will see and know the truth.

Flat Earth exposes God - This is why they hide it.

3b5c51 No.672647

File: cc29fdccc370ff1⋯.jpg (68.77 KB, 704x508, 176:127, Schiff-Thinks-Americans-Ar….jpg)

File: 57fa80fe722d351⋯.jpg (115.8 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, 4bb4beaac7f7529de0708d657f….jpg)

224f19 No.672648

File: 7472f0feb426454⋯.jpeg (509.13 KB, 750x916, 375:458, E74116BF-5855-406B-8534-1….jpeg)

File: 376181f08c3981b⋯.jpeg (351.08 KB, 750x552, 125:92, 350E4236-95B3-4876-BB0C-3….jpeg)

File: cf3153efa002236⋯.jpeg (332.75 KB, 750x364, 375:182, E53ECDCC-48C2-48F8-87C9-9….jpeg)


And why do this from a post they made yesterday

e5e2cb No.672649


doing her job

UN will be BTFO

raising the issue in the UN makes any moves subject to the security council

russia can veto (any one member of SC can veto)

will demonstrate weakness of UN

among other things

i trust the plan

e2515e No.672650




Interdasting - good eye…

02395a No.672651


Christianity is about what God has done to rescue man and not what man can/must do to please God..

Check out a man called Ray Comfort on YT. He makes a very simple but good case. Maybe it will help you onto the next rung of the ladder. God bless you, bro. Seek and you WILL find - but do it with an honest heart.

126803 No.672652


Good find, Anon.

Any kind of asset freeze should be big on our radar.

Will start digging.

d251d2 No.672653


Found another one.

Click the triangle in the corner!

d34da5 No.672654


I would just flip a switch and shut down the site :shrug:

30bf1c No.672655


Lurk…I never said I believed it was true, only that it had been based upon ancient texts, that are true…imo

95a855 No.672656


No lag here at all. Usual speeds.

6b60ef No.672657


yes! Change your THINKING, change your REALITY. Once you know, you KNOW, ya know? hehe

a841cd No.672658


"getting out of hand" is code for….

"we are losing controll of the conversation"

"We gotta stop these guys or everyone will know the truth."

c23942 No.672660


Pompeo has a good chance. Already done once.

5dde20 No.672661


Good assessment. I was leaning this way too. Sort of like she is just going through the motions that she has to do. We know the truth will come out in time

4a7257 No.672662


my bet is on the entire UK elite, minus a shortlist of happy few, being compromised to the last degree and having decided to burn it all down rather than being caught in the next blast

4de4e6 No.672663

There is a long, detailed dive into Palintir and super computing in general in QR2 starting with thread #1.

d251d2 No.672664


It sounds like Pompeo may be one of Trump's most trusted guys. He's like the new Bannon.

ae84cc No.672665



You assume they will stay in their dedicated thread and that FE isn't shillspam specifically designed to derail.

4de4e6 No.672666


Well we know how THAT ended up.

30bf1c No.672667

Donald J. Trump

‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

12m12 minutes ago

We do have a Trade Deficit with Canada, as we do with almost all countries (some of them massive). P.M. Justin Trudeau of Canada, a very good guy, doesn’t like saying that Canada has a Surplus vs. the U.S.(negotiating), but they do…they almost all do…and that’s how I know!

e7e0b4 No.672668

This is before election of our POTUS -> /_\

This is After //\\ , "_" us Peasants.

OH Boy!



224f19 No.672669


I’m with ya on the distraction part

d34da5 No.672670


Thanks Anon! I'll look into him.

e5e2cb No.672671


numbers confirm that we know how that ended up

bannon in europe dismantling EU now

ddd1a9 No.672672


Another excuse to cover for a LARP.

4945cb No.672673


I think they are self righteous enough to do that but not smart enough to have caught on in time. Three steps behind at least.

28fa12 No.672675


we discussed that article last week.

old news.

1d1b3f No.672676


Sometimes hard to change your thinking or reality when someone is hitting you on the back of the head with a riffle stock…just saying.

30bf1c No.672677


agreed anon, this is too easy to spot… I wonder what they r really up 2?

e5bdef No.672678

Im about to take up a lot of pixels so faggot anons go complain on rebbit. My 74 year old dad is sick of this shit. Army vet and 35 years in law enforcement and in his words "I have to listen to 16 year olds with $200 sneakers and $800 phones tell me what my rights are? The rights I fought for are being shitted on." He doesn't trust "the plan" he doesn't know what the fuck Q is. I know he is not alone he attends FOP meetings and they feel the same way. So Q let the administration know that Patriots are being neglected, shunned, and are becoming very onery. Unless something dramatically changes Patriots will begin giving out their own form of citizen justice. Since the government cannot do it's job.

WE the people demand a more perfect union

WE the people demand justice

WE the people demand domestic tranquility

WE the people demand a common defence

WE the people demand liberty and Justice FOR ALL

The current establishment in DC whoever it is has until July 4th before we play the greatest game on earth. Give us liberty or give us death.

0597ac No.672679


I've been on the search board and others are pleased with the Pavuk application. They have been helpful in locating the other sources.

The issue is that my Linode is for a lot of bandwidth and not a lot of disk. I'm 72% full with just the Q research general since Feb and this is without all of the attachments - only images.

I can get a bigger Linode, but I cannot fund it personally.

75b904 No.672680


We could begin With not putting more Wood on the fire. The headline incourage discussion

4a7257 No.672681


just point me out 2 or 3 posts that establish beyond any doubt the non-LARP nature of Q and I'll stop "shilling", promise.

Right now we are losing seats and POTUS can't even get proper support from his own Congress, just a kind reminder.

4de4e6 No.672682


Really? I have not followed nor heard of Bannon since right after he was "fired."

be655a No.672683


Is that the imminent car attack in the uk ?

No wonder people doubt Q

d251d2 No.672684


Lol if you buy the Bannon pys-op you are just like the media who think Trump is a clumbsy ninkempoop who doesn't know what he's doing.

2bfb4b No.672685


I am the proof. I am being paid to be here. All you have to do is look in the classifieds, the jobs are out there. Pretty easy money really

68c962 No.672686


If only dem dumbs would have "let it goooo". ← singing…

TRUST SESSIONS = silent but ruthless (like Hillary's cabbage-urine fart cloud, but more pleasant.)

afb837 No.672687


If I could, I would relabel that triangle "Low IQ" or perhaps "Maxine."

bdec58 No.672689


Missing "o" …. TOO often, not TO often

3ad6cf No.672690


Or he is forcing them to

expose themselves.

Did you see the look

on Buzz Aldrin's face

at the press conf?

Looks like POTUS is

trying to put them in

the hot seat and expose it all.

ddd1a9 No.672691


>All appearances aside, this is NOT CNN.

Am starting to wonder.

478bf7 No.672692

why does a BV baker feel a need to DIVIDE WE THE PEOPLE with the title of the bread? Many sincere anons have their own opinion about what secret may be greater than we can imagine - doing this is no better than a nazi libtard telling all of us here we are crazy

94d1b1 No.672693

https:// www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2011/04/04/the_real_ge_scandal_109435.html

The Real GE Scandal

By Robert Samuelson - April 4, 2011

Just in case you missed it, The New York Times recently ran a blockbuster story reporting that General Electric – with $14.2 billion in worldwide operating profits in 2010 – owed no U.S. corporate taxes for the year. Gulp. The story must have given heartburn to some in the White House, because Barack Obama has named GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt to head the President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Well, GE seems plenty competitive in tax avoidance


GE's Jeffrey Immelt roped into Clinton cash scandal

CEO won't explain timing of donation to company contract

Published: 04/23/2015 at 1:32 PM

Justin Danhof, general counsel for the National Center for Public Policy Research, asked Immelt at the Oklahoma City gathering: “While Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton lobbied foreign governments on behalf of companies including General Electric at a time when those companies were making donations to the Clinton Foundation. In late 2012, for example, Clinton urged the Algerian government to award a power plant contract to GE. GE contributed to the Clinton Foundation. Then in 2013, Algeria awarded the power plant contract to GE. By donating to the Clinton Foundation while receiving a huge favor from the secretary of state … [was GE exposed] to the risk of being charged with honest services fraud?”

Danhof then asked Immelt if he would make public all of GE’s written communications with the State Department during that time frame. And Immelt’s reply?

No, he said, NCPPR reported.

“That’s not something we would do,” he said.

Read more at http:// www.wnd.com/2015/04/ges-jeffrey-immelt-roped-into-clinton-cash-scandal/#bmw27yPiXoiS6yEj.99

422e17 No.672694


Not a lot of interior space in the beast. The doors must be a foot thick.

28fa12 No.672695


that's why we speculated that Q group's hunt for Snowden = Hunt for Red Ocotober.

We found him, the "Hunt" was dropped. Just left w/ the Red October → Snowden chose smartly, etc.

Q has not confirmed (yet?)

e5e2cb No.672696


russia probably has empirical data showing someone else did it

impossible to disprove a negative (russia can't prove they didn't do it)

possible to prove a truth (with data)


russia can say "we have evidence showing that GCHQ (or whoever) poisoned our guy, and here's the video"

224f19 No.672697

File: e1c80bf97cfd3a5⋯.jpeg (131.93 KB, 750x756, 125:126, 0ABF3FF8-12A6-4C53-A000-B….jpeg)

White House just put this out. Title is 2?

https:// youtu.be/. 6P8tiSLKFzc

4de4e6 No.672698


No, I never bought the official Bannon story, nor did I ever buy that there was actually friction between him and Trump. I just didn't know where he got to after the WH.

041e6b No.672699


While this should be obvious to a casual observer, where sheeple are concerned,

seeing the forest through the trees not something they are seem to be very good at.

02395a No.672700


>How do you know if the Bible is true?

You learn and practise its precepts beginning with repentance and regeneration and then applying its principles to real life. Been doing it for decades. They work. But you have to do it for yourself. There are no short-cuts and no vicarious, you-do-it-for-me cop-outs a la RC priestly interventions in the form of penances and priestly absolution and indulgences and confessions and the rest of that kind of man-made religious tripe. It's just between you and your Creator.

422e17 No.672701


Can you give me the cutout of hildog

4de4e6 No.672702


Make sure you do the honest thing and report the income on your tax return.

1d1b3f No.672703


Our chatter kind of overwhelmed the Clowns I think and they either halted ops or postponed. Even Britfags got in on this and WOW, what could the Clowns do? Hopefully it was thwarted for good.

f55bd6 No.672704


What made you think there was an ankle monitor to begin with?

28fa12 No.672705


no doubt.

every time this scumbag rags on POTUS we should send out the pedo memes.

bet he's one of the worst.

e5e2cb No.672706


checking truth here

it's very very easy to see once you walk in faith

God shows himself every hour of every day

126803 No.672707


Ukraine's PrivatBank was nationalized in December 2016, shortly after the US election.

What are the implications of this? How does this work in favor/against the cabalist-controlled banks?

I'm not an econ/finance fag, any help would be appreciated.

353ecc No.672708

Used to love the morning crowd. Q team was often here. Lots of lovely leads.

Now you all argue about stupid shit.

So just in case there's free beer instead of coffee this morning, do I need to need to verify CS role in UI in addition to his knowing about the gun running to the ME?

d34da5 No.672710


How's that work? Paid per post, per day? Decent scratch?

546e46 No.672711


+++ + +++++


becfaa No.672712

Can we talk time lines?

We must be on a 8 year time line for completion that would mean that things will appear to go slow and that would mean POTUS must win in 2020.

It seems if we were on a 4 year time line then things would have to be moving faster than what we are currently seeing?

Any thoughts?

c7bdee No.672713

SECRET EMPIRES: Joe Biden and John Kerry’s Sons Struck Billion-Dollar Deal with the Chinese Government 10 Days After Biden Trip to China

> Former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden inked a billion-dollar deal with a subsidiary of the Chinese government’s Bank of China just 10 days after the father and son flew to China in 2013.

http:// www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/03/15/secret-empire-joe-biden-john-kerry-billion-dollar-deal-chinese-government/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social

not quite a BOOM! … but it is interesting

28fa12 No.672714


yep, and American patriots are watching. decision is up to "trust Sessions."

75b904 No.672715


You must be new

0597ac No.672716

BO, could you reactivate the JSON for the old breads? The parser is written for JSON.

Asking for a friend (LOL)

e4185a No.672717


We concluded car attack based on RV, maybe different meaning?

4a7257 No.672718


so what is Steve Bannon doing right now according to you?

I'm all game for the "it was all a LARP" but I have yet to be convinced with a credible plan for him

62c672 No.672719


Or is it a keep your friends close, your enemies CLOSER?

4945cb No.672720


Missing a T in event to(o)

a841cd No.672721

File: 8695d50ee79b94b⋯.jpg (33.23 KB, 397x432, 397:432, Flat Earth Logos.jpg)

File: e2d850a1672cb99⋯.jpg (48.76 KB, 784x720, 49:45, planes flies flat.jpg)

File: a4607ef4f433af5⋯.jpg (20.63 KB, 320x312, 40:39, Which Earth Is Real.jpg)

File: 5f6c41509b30ad9⋯.jpeg (51.03 KB, 500x375, 4:3, images.duckduckgo.com.jpeg)

File: 28f6c7f11127b64⋯.jpg (277.36 KB, 636x1171, 636:1171, moon rocks (2).jpg)




Skull and Bones Secret Society worship Thor


You have to wonder why?

Research Flat Earth

308b5d No.672722

>>672689 So missing T and o

b1a4f6 No.672723

Mueller has requested to "talk" to Trump,

This can turn real bad fast.

https:// apnews.com/872c20f6b2e648218cfdbf72b5421fd2/Trump-lawyers-have-no-easy-options-on-interview-request

e5e2cb No.672724


oh boy

that's one that fully makes sense

not pornographic

would be very revealing

and Q mentioned that they had the goods on that meeting

feff01 No.672725


He is posting still, as of minutes ago

https:// twitter.com/Snowden

f55bd6 No.672726


no been here a long long time

since gamergate anon

no picture has ever been shown with an ankle monitor on Hillary

orthopedic boots dont count

shopped photos on the beach in hawaii dont count

no one has ever seen an ankle monitor

no one

been on the chans for over six years…

d251d2 No.672727



But why isn't that what the church fathers believed?

Why didn't the one's who knew the actual apostles practice this way?

And why are you injecting this unrelated distraction into the thread? Found another one. – Click the triangle.

28fa12 No.672728


there was a media push to lower the voting age when these annoying junior clowns were activated post-Parkland.

4de4e6 No.672729


Or you are.

afb837 No.672730


>This can turn real bad fast.

Or alternatively, it can turn good real fast.

ddd1a9 No.672731


Show me a link to go to where we can sign up!

7e5ea2 No.672732


what if they talked openly let's kill Scalia.

There is no defending… that's what Q said

469c72 No.672733


Bannon out is a good thing.

Bannon does NOT work for the Light and the matter is in essence so simple a child could see why.

Next stop please: E. Prince & co. Also only a tad more complicated.

e7e0b4 No.672734


If We set the Stage, it will come!

75b904 No.672735

Strongly advice the novice baker shill, not to mention the FE in the headline on the NeXT bread. And you Wonder why People are discussing it?? Stupid

09830b No.672736


Good point. Q never said that. The board invented that idea and ran with it. I am a guilty party in that. Same with all the bad actors already in Gitmo. Q never stated that happened yet.

5af064 No.672737

File: c7e63afea24d7b7⋯.gif (607.44 KB, 4209x2169, 1403:723, USA-print.gif)

adee78 No.672738

File: 14e24a3b1bfa350⋯.webm (15 MB, 510x346, 255:173, Ellen.webm)

Ellen the Degenerate

4de4e6 No.672739


JSON … it's a high-overhead, low-yield convenience for lazy developers who end up doing far more work dealing with the sheer verbosity of it all than the would ever do just using massively inefficient Javascript to begin with.

469c72 No.672740


Misquoted due to phonefagging. Whatever

f55bd6 No.672741




sorry replied too fast

you seem like you are the newfag kek

02395a No.672742


>>>672700 (You)


>checking truth here


>it's very very easy to see once you walk in faith


>God shows himself every hour of every day

Indeed He does. And what a "joy unspeakable and full of glory." Once had it can never be taken since we are kept by the power of God Himself. There is nothing on this earth more glorious.

e0ea4f No.672744





The whole circus in the UK is really smart anons. It is good news.

1. It distracts everyone from the corruption of Privatbank in Ukraine. London as a financial capital has it's reputation to keep so it's important the clean up of the dodgy money is hidden from public view. This is more valuable than any war to the economy of UK.

2. Chemical weapons have been fast tracked as an important issue with the UN. Russia will play the bad guy and have monitors sent to the Country and this is a great chess move as the cabal can not inflict any chemical attacks on the public. It is stopping them from using a false flag to start war. Russia is already a bad guy in the MSM so use this against them.

28fa12 No.672745


UK version of "response is forthcoming"??

546e46 No.672746

File: 57fa80fe722d351⋯.jpg (115.8 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, 57fa80fe722d3512b61c7f8bce….jpg)

ddd1a9 No.672747


Because some in here considered a boot that is used for broken bones, were suppose to be tracking devices.

Show just how large this LARP really is.

d251d2 No.672748


The people questioning Trump's choices as though they know more than him are cringey.

But the people question Trump's PERSONEL decisions is BEYOND cringey.

He knows what he's doing. Absolutely MOST in his personnel choices.

75b904 No.672749


This was the main subject in the beginning of December.

041e6b No.672750


She was a C_A insider. She knows their games.

She is pro-torture and happy to admit it. It is optics, but it is functional optics. Plus, don't forget Q said it will be disbanded. Her position (there) will not be permanent, but after that she will have needed clout to move anywhere he can use her.

Don't forget the other attribute . . .the first woman . . . now the Dems can be hypocritical again and show their ass. They're already doing it. He just keeps winning!

422e17 No.672751

File: 044a54a82de552b⋯.jpeg (112.68 KB, 730x1095, 2:3, 0E017738-4DF3-4D90-9863-5….jpeg)


The earth is Shaped like a banana. We live on the earths peel. Case closed.

546e46 No.672752

File: 7b39da02a83c848⋯.jpg (50.24 KB, 480x478, 240:239, CxAJY8-UcAAQ0Og.jpg)

f55bd6 No.672753


that would be really cool

talking about a Judge who was already dead

do you do one bit of fucking thinking

before you post?


d251d2 No.672754


Found another one!

Click the TRIANGLE.

94d1b1 No.672755

From the 90s

u.s. business and money laundering by Oriana Zill and Lowell Bergman

The companies become involved when international money brokers, working in league with drug traffickers, sell cheap American dollars, proceeds of the drug trade, to Colombian importers of appliances, cigarettes, liquor and other products. They use those dollars to buy legitimate goods in the United States from top US companies and their distributors. The money brokers often pay for the goods in strange ways, like wire transfers from unrelated third parties, which should set off some kind of alarm among the legitimate companies, according to the US Department of Treasury.

The government has undertaken hundreds of civil actions to seize portions of bank accounts of US companies because money in those accounts was linked to the laundering of drug proceeds. In some instances the government has been successful in holding on to the money; in others, the companies have been able to get their money back after arguing in court that they couldn't have known about the source of the funds.

Some companies insist that they are helpless to stop the payments, which often come through a distributor. When the problem came to the attention of General Electric, however, it began actively negotiating with the government about ways to address the problem.

28fa12 No.672756

File: 44cd749e1ac18bb⋯.png (366 KB, 618x499, 618:499, Qknowsall.png)

e2515e No.672757

File: 66de77dad9523e6⋯.jpg (39.36 KB, 436x400, 109:100, s7df986g7s9d8f6gf76g54.jpg)



e5e2cb No.672758

File: ed2ac1014424d1c⋯.gif (1.69 MB, 444x250, 222:125, incoming.gif)


epic af

9abdd5 No.672759


Trump is a builder. Builders hire contractors to do a specific job on a specific project. They don't keep them on parole for years after. If another project comes up that they may be good at, they may get another contract. Politicians reward swamp friends with positions. Trump is not a politician he is a builder.

5dde20 No.672760


Naw, Bannon is one of Trump's secret weapons. Bannon is very much a white hat, always has been

f55bd6 No.672761

File: f988fa2b4820b07⋯.png (91.4 KB, 663x329, 663:329, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7822aeda89839b6⋯.png (48.97 KB, 663x274, 663:274, ClipboardImage.png)

57e7fd No.672762

File: 70d896dccdb9405⋯.jpg (29.32 KB, 300x162, 50:27, 300-170227-G-ZZ999-002.jpg)


Could be the problem, yes possible. Nice one!

Speaking of CG expeditions, recall this?

>http:// coastguardnews.com/ coast-guard-offloads-125-million-worth-of-seized-cocaine-in-puerto-rico/2017/02/27/

"The crew of the Joseph Napier seized the contraband, apprehended the detainees, and towed the fishing vessel until relieved by the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Vigilant. Vigilant then towed the fishing vessel to the island of St. Vincent, where the Lady Michelle is registered, and transferred the seized vessel to the custody of the St. Vincent Coast Guard.

The contraband was transported to Puerto Rico, where it was disembarked and placed in the custody of DEA, Caribbean Division special agents for processing and disposition."

041e6b No.672763


Hope you're not holding your breath for that to pan out.

32eafc No.672764


First, we need a shock to wake the masses. Think back to ray rice. No body gave a shit he knocked out his wife until there was video.

We need the damn HRC Video!!

Second, the first being true, which I suspect POTUS and Q know, who could release it? Answer: Snowden? Snowden agreed to help, why it was public, he had been bashing trump on twitter to create separation. Then he could release video. Use the clowns own weapon( they idolized in the movie) against them.


6cc17e No.672765

File: 694b1dec04aeafe⋯.png (267.26 KB, 571x659, 571:659, 1519699889707.png)

File: cfac86a6e81c5f8⋯.png (555.71 KB, 937x716, 937:716, trump signal.png)

28fa12 No.672766


right, i was remembering the toothbrushes as well. it could have been money laundering, feeding cronies, or who knows – been going on for a very long time.

469c72 No.672767


I have a right to call out people that pray to satan and people that run fucking private armies

9da01f No.672769


If the earth is flat why can’t I see San Francisco from LA? lol

e7e0b4 No.672770


LOVE you Mr. President, Once again I am proud of My President!

5dde20 No.672771


Great job on Graphic

94d1b1 No.672772

GE: Decades of Misdeeds and Wrongdoing

GE has a lengthy record of criminal, civil, political and ethical transgressions, some of them shocking in disregard for the integrity of human beings. Here are a few examples:

In 1995, with the establishment of a Presidential Advisory Commission, the full extent of GE’s human experiments with nuclear radiation were revealed. General Electric ran the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Richland, Washington as part of the U.S. weapons program. Beginning in 1949, General Electric deliberately released radioactive material to see how far downwind it would travel. One cloud drifted 400 miles, all the way down to the California-Oregon border, carrying perhaps thousands of times more radiation than that emitted at Three Mile Island.

In 1986, Representative Edward Markey, D-Massachusetts, held hearings in which it was disclosed that the United States and General Electric had conducted experiments on hundreds of United States citizens who became “nuclear calibration devices for experimenters run amok.” According to Markey: “Too many of these experiments used human subjects that were captive audiences or populations … considered ‘expendable’ … the elderly, prisoners and hospital patients who might not have retained their full faculties for informed consent.”

One of GE’s most gruesome experiments — disclosed in the Markey hearings — was performed on inmates at a prison in Walla Walla, Washington, near Hanford. Starting in 1963, 64 prisoners had their scrotums and testes irradiated to determine the effects of radiation on human reproductive organs. Although the inmates were warned about the possibility of sterility and radiation burns, the forms said nothing about the risk of testicular cancer. Markey’s committee heard allegations that, at the time of the experiments, General Electric violated both civil and criminal laws.

GE’s nuclear testing is merely one example of a lengthy corporate history of malfeasance that includes conviction of criminal price-fixing in the 1960s and many equivalent deeds. This article highlights only General Electric’s recently adjudicated or settled criminal or civil violations.


http:// www.multinationalmonitor.org/mm2001/01july-august/julyaug01corp4.html

a841cd No.672773

File: b97a149bdbc4363⋯.jpg (175.84 KB, 789x457, 789:457, Whats Dat dare.jpg)

File: 7a8e173df29ad01⋯.jpg (163.23 KB, 801x434, 801:434, midnight-sun.jpg)

File: c5d8b6e465d5ca1⋯.jpg (165.86 KB, 682x659, 682:659, combustion2.jpg)

File: 78ea9c9ea355158⋯.jpg (108.09 KB, 989x550, 989:550, The Clock is activated.jpg)

















How May Dots Does It Take To Complete The Picture?

Check out the web page (200 proofs of Flat Earth)

Check out the Bible verses


f55bd6 No.672774


Yes it was

and no ankle bracelet was ever mentioned by Q

anons ASSUMED that orthopedic boots are tracking devices

and thus the interwebs go crazy

its called ASSUMPTION


041e6b No.672775


?? Fucking Bill 'the needle man' Gates ??

d251d2 No.672776


Found another.

Click the triangle.

4de4e6 No.672778

Time for sleep. It is SO good to see these boards rocking and rolling again.

I hope something big breaks today just to have the icing on the cake.

ddd1a9 No.672779


If earth is flat, we should be able to see all those rocket launches!

b442ec No.672780

Big Stock Sales: GE, P&G, Pfizer, Bristol-Myers.

GE shares tumbled 43%, excluding dividends, in 2017, and have lost another 17% so far in 2018 through midday trading Wednesday. (Sauce: Barron's)

4945cb No.672781


Too many illegal aliens dumbass

60ea5b No.672782


Too much of this.

Unfortunately, this fringe of the net attracts a lot of idiots that jump at anything.

For example the idea of a vid of hillary eating kids, stupid shit like that

2bfb4b No.672783


https:// www.mediamatters.org/jobs

https:// www.mediamatters.org/jobs

75b904 No.672784


Your right anon, only speculation

422e17 No.672785

File: b0f9fa7b0bd6739⋯.jpeg (45.58 KB, 501x506, 501:506, D3B6B624-1A7B-4B87-8C13-7….jpeg)

File: d138867323189eb⋯.jpeg (112.45 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, CC51BC37-9126-4D97-A212-B….jpeg)

File: 9c44ce50676db2c⋯.jpeg (205.54 KB, 1021x687, 1021:687, BC6F3247-5335-4508-9308-1….jpeg)

File: bfba5e6caed4706⋯.jpeg (25.74 KB, 590x495, 118:99, 5C40430B-6AF4-4A51-8871-8….jpeg)

File: c968ae0a5015a97⋯.jpeg (133.46 KB, 600x590, 60:59, 8EF51537-457A-43A7-A863-7….jpeg)


There seems to be many conflicting theories to the shape of the earth. Flat seems the least plausible.

4945cb No.672786



Sorry slipped

94d1b1 No.672787


Defense Contracting Fraud

+ On July 23, 1992, GE pled guilty in federal court to civil and criminal charges of defrauding the Pentagon and agreed to pay $69 million to the U.S. government in fines — one of the largest defense contracting fines ever.

General Electric said in a statement that it took responsibility for the actions of a former marketing employee who, along with an Israeli Air Force General, diverted Pentagon funds to their own bank accounts and to fund Israeli military programs not authorized by the United States.

Under the settlement with the Justice Department over violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, GE paid $59.5 million in civil fraud claims and $9.5 million in criminal fines.

+ GE’s civil and criminal transgressions stemming from the Israeli military program are by no means isolated. GE is a repeat offender when it comes to Defense Department fraud. The company has repeatedly violated the False Claims Act — a measure originally proposed by Lincoln to protect federal coffers. When the Project on Government Oversight surveyed defense contractors, it found that General Electric was responsible for 15 instances of fraudulent activity in just a four year period (1990-1994) — more than any other defense contractor. GE:

1. Paid $7.1 million to settle a qui tam suit alleging that the company failed to satisfy electrical bonding requirements for its jet engine contracts, thereby creating a safety risk.

2. Paid $5.87 million (along with Martin Marietta) to settle a qui tam suit associated with improper sales of radar systems to Egypt.

3. Paid fines between 1990 and 1994 ranging from a $20,000 criminal fine to a $24.6 million civil fine for a variety of defense contracting frauds, including: misrepresentation, money laundering, defective pricing (2 incidents), cost mischarging (3 incidents), false claims, product substitution, conspiracy/conversion of classified documents, procurement fraud and mail fraud.

4. Was convicted on February 3, 1990 in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia of defrauding the government out of $10 million for a battlefield computer system.

5. Pled guilty on May 19, 1985 to charges of fraud and falsifying 108 claims on a missile contract.

6. Was convicted of defrauding the Air Force out of $800,000 on the Minuteman Missile Project.

7. Was convicted of bribing the Puerto Rico Water Resources Authority.

c06b38 No.672788



Jesus fuck you dumb whores post a lot. Way to shit up the breads.

Fucking cucks. Eat a faggot sandwich.

02395a No.672789




>>>672700 (You)


>But why isn't that what the church fathers believed?

Yes and know. Tares have always grown with the wheat. The more you walk with God and know his voice (think in terms of poetry voice) the more discerning you become so that you recognise the counterfeit from the real.

For the counterfeit to have any worth it has to be very close to the real thing. Satan is a master counterfeiter and it takes experience of God and knowing His voice through reading the Scripture illuminated by the Holy Spirit to learn how to discern between the true and the counterfeit.

e2515e No.672790

File: bb5da87a7ddbfe8⋯.png (276.81 KB, 640x480, 4:3, s7f9d8g6d78f9g6d8f7sfg.png)


Fugggggggg Almost spilled my covfefe

308b5d No.672791

>>672761 Remember the whole fiasco with Obama wanting to appoint another SCOTUS but it was blocked because it was close to election? If HRC had won, she would have been in the position to appoint LL as Scalia replacement

d7e70e No.672792


Stupid and does not belong in notables.

7983ed No.672793


I can't agree more. Good solid words, Anon.

5dde20 No.672794

File: daf253e23028094⋯.jpg (18.85 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 7a03354235b3877d1df78feb85….jpg)

60ea5b No.672795


install the script, you life will improve

ddd1a9 No.672796


Hammer, meet nailhead!

Nice job, anon.

02395a No.672797


Typo know/no

6cc17e No.672798


If anything, I would believe its "hollow" over "flat" any day.

0597ac No.672800


What is your point - if any? I have an already-developed JSON object parser that is fast and efficient.

If you wish to complain about verbosity, parsing HTML is much worse.

I'm far from lazy.

28fa12 No.672801


what is really stunning is that no one called this out – we have to check EVERYTHING. there are so many "games" being played.

75b904 No.672802


Hehe. The Earth is a Dick, case closed

5af064 No.672803


I didn't make it, it was found on a website by someone last night.

469c72 No.672804


Why are these people still allowed to post?

Why is therefore knowledge of basic math and science shunned here?

Report this shit and DELETE IT. It's useless and serves nobody least of all our purpose. Go back to the containment thread please.

ddd1a9 No.672805


Good to see we are not the only ones shitting it up with worthless posts!

9da01f No.672806


If the earth is flat why can’t I see San Francisco from LA? Portland from LA OR Seattle from LA? Or New York from LA?

57e7fd No.672807

File: 8e8e1cc1e01c8d7⋯.png (29.35 KB, 500x527, 500:527, 007-M-Grannyfag-DameJudy.png)


Tellin ya, Gina's a Grannyfag.

Wait until we start hearing from "M" (kek)

28fa12 No.672808


was thinking the exact same thing - time for a FE thread

5dde20 No.672809


Thanks for sharing

f0bc8e No.672811

Flat earth BS aside, I'm still wondering about the part of the plan that deals with these refugees who have flooded into Europe and the USA and are destroying the place. When do they get sent back? Will they be sent back? How does all this happen with all these crooked cabal politicians still at the helm? Are we going to be stuck with these people? No one is talking about this.

f55bd6 No.672812


Sorry - no way

Lynch recused herself from consideration.


http:// www.ibtimes.com/why-did-loretta-lynch-remove-herself-supreme-court-consideration-2332835

MARCH - one month after SCALIA DEATH



75b904 No.672814


What do you expect, when the Baker makes claims in the headline of the bread??

e5e2cb No.672816


yes, scalia died prior to the meeting

video fade in

wjc: "thanks for making good on the deal to nerf that constitutionalist on the SC - Barack can now appoint another liberal to the court"

lynch: "it took us 8 hours to calm down our asset! that's why i had Comey send him to NY afterward"

wjc: "glad we could help tie up the loose ends with that pussy operator"

ddd1a9 No.672818


Not finding anything related to your claim of paid shills.

61f52a No.672820

Mar 10 2018 18:07:05 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 4d8e72 618129


>>The Nazi order.

>>NWO [N does not refer to “New”]. <<<<<<←—

>>The Sum of All Fears.






>>Stage SET.



Is 'N' = 'Nizari' (Aga Khan IV?)

One of the 3 remaining 'families'?

Aim = Islamicisation of the West towards their extended agenda?

b5f177 No.672821

File: f32694e1085be6b⋯.jpg (110.97 KB, 959x548, 7:4, Screenshot_20180315-085825.jpg)

why is this news?

28fa12 No.672822


questionable logic, at best, but hey, it's POTUS!

e7e0b4 No.672824


007 can learn a thing or two from OUR Q!

4945cb No.672825

MCCabe gottogo!!!

adee78 No.672826


I've been saying this for days kek

126803 No.672827






a841cd No.672828


Yes. Very insightful.

I do try. I will not give up.


a841cd No.672829

File: 05177ef72f27442⋯.jpg (201.79 KB, 782x518, 391:259, 5.jpg)

becfaa No.672830

There is no "earth". We are in some 13 year old's Sims video game with technology a million times more advanced that we know. A sims game a million years from now.

Some people really believe this BTW.

478bf7 No.672831


research the nature and capabilities of a LENS for all answers

remember the eye is a lens too

a841cd No.672832

File: 0ecf028e21e4ad3⋯.jpg (61.06 KB, 480x360, 4:3, combustion.jpg)

File: b8c982e2d3228d3⋯.gif (114.55 KB, 480x480, 1:1, how possible.gif)

a841cd No.672835

File: 7290a8cf7b29ca3⋯.jpg (264.14 KB, 960x540, 16:9, Why lie.jpg)

e2515e No.672837

File: ee64e5078fc68bd⋯.gif (469.16 KB, 500x300, 5:3, giphy.gif)

126803 No.672841

Filling and killing.

30bf1c No.672844

In yet another strange twist of events and attempt to suppress the flow of information to the media and public, Judge Richard Scotti, who has been the judge at the center of the #LasVegasShooting investigation handling orders to release evidence, is now trying to RECUSE HIMSELF.

bc7042 No.672845


Insist on paper ballots. Observe the count.

Boom! The end of voter fraud.

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