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File: 287f24712f58e22⋯.jpg (9.5 KB, 255x143, 255:143, de36960c04495bd843cd005a70….jpg)

e8ba25  No.6951210

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and don't need the use of force in our work.




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Sunday 05.26.2019

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>>6950509, >>6950611, >>6950612 Epstein Presser w/ screencap

>>6950514, >>6950515 U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman will hold an 11 a.m. press conference today (Mon Jul 8) to discuss the Epstein indictment. Epstein to appear before a judge at 2 p.m. today.

>>6950529 Epstein SDNY Press Release

>>6950551 pf report 'Open Skies Treaty Observation' aircraft aloft

>>6950561 POTUS' Approval Rating Hits Highest Point Of Presidency, New Poll Reveals

>>6950578 “Totally unsuitable”: Farage demands ‘globalist’ UK ambassador to US be sacked over Trump memos

>>6950596 US Army Europe Tweet-He lifts Bro!

>>6950611 Epstein presser vid1, >>6950678 Epstein presser vid2, >>6950777 Epstein presser vid3

>>6950664 Clinton's library has refused to hand over Epstein related docs

>>6950943 Flash flood ER in DC

>>6950965 FBI and State of Florida agreed that no federal prosecution will occur if Epstein stuck to his agreement with the state of Florida, including no “further” forfeiture assistance will be required for this case

>>6951018 "All the QAnon people are going to be freaking out over this morning" vid

>>6951182 #8892

#8891 backup baker assisted

>>6950085, >>6950130, >>6950228, >>6950293, >>6950313 Planefag reports

>>6950246, >>6950131, >>6950292, >>6950295, >>6950334, >>6950335, >>6950371 President Trump Tweets and info

>>6950266, >>6949753, >>6949880 US Mil Tweets and info

>>6949750, >>6950093 Epstein livestream with commentary

>>6949820 Media await Epstein arraignment

>>6949781 Jeffrey Epstein’s East Side mansion houses Russian playmates (from 2016)

>>6949831 Clinton Library REFUSES to Hand Over Information on Bill Clinton’s Ties to Jeffrey Epstein

>>6949839 Bloomberg fear porn: "Epstein Arrest Is a Worry for Donald Trump"

>>6949869 Challenge to CA Ban on Guns for Young Adults Filed in Federal Court

>>6949886 Jeffrey Epstein Is Accused of Luring Girls to His Manhattan Mansion and Abusing Them - NYT (see also >>6947548 pb)

>>6949901, >>6949914, >>6949934, >>6949937 Unsealed Epstein indictment

>>6949920 Moar on 2020 census investigation team

>>6949927 Epstein press conference at 11 am EDT

>>6949946 Jeffrey Epstein victims recall abuses

>>6949947, >>6949974 Ghislaine Maxwell and Ray Chandler DIGG, con't. (from Epstein indictment)

>>6949960 Charlie Kirk on census and why Dems want illegals to be counted

>>6949989, >>6950038, >>6950055, >>6950101 Epstein forfeitures; call for a DIGG on Maple, Inc.

>>6949997 Lani Davis tries to protect Bill Clinton

>>6949998 All 2020 Senate Dems Absent for Vote to Send Humanitarian Relief to Border

>>6949999 FLOTUS on the way to W VA to talk with officials about opioid epidemic

>>6950012 Report on seismic activity on 7/7 around 17:00

>>6950074 US DoD: "Up close & personal" (Blue Angels)

>>6950211, >>6950223 [marina abramovic] institute list of supporters

>>6950101, >>6950255, >>6950308 The indictment said his home was owned by Maple Inc.

>>6950271 Trump to Get Another 9th Cir. Appointment, Jay Bybee Seat Opening

>>6950373 [Cuomo] Signs a Bill to Allow Release of Trump’s State Tax Returns

>>6950427 #8891

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File: c491aa8f0e584ef⋯.png (1.13 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, 5e0a55a5252b36bea7e903d2ce….png)

File: 8cccd336c36ded3⋯.png (58.16 KB, 248x199, 248:199, 8cccd336c36ded324f6f3b47f7….png)



'Baker Gud

5fcb34  No.6951268

File: 75c714dcdcede12⋯.jpg (55.26 KB, 661x500, 661:500, BearWithMeLucy.jpg)

US Attorney for the Southern District of New York Geoffrey Berman said his office is "not bound" by the plea deal Epstein struck years ago with federal prosecutors in Florida who were investigating him for similar crimes.

“Jeffrey Epstein entered into a non-prosecution agreement with the Southern District of Florida," Berman said. "That agreement only binds, by its terms, only binds the Southern District of Florida. The Southern District of New York is not bound by that agreement and is not a signatory to that agreement.”


Berman was handpicked by Trump. Even Ghouliani didn't want Berman in there, they know he's a straight shooter.

Next, Clinton Foundation



452085  No.6951269

File: 75ce64c0b8b7a7f⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1199x974, 1199:974, Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at ….png)


TY Baker!

bd2a8c  No.6951270



a69582  No.6951271

File: 1a1d524082362fb⋯.png (350.11 KB, 599x639, 599:639, DoD 7-8-19 9 am PDT.PNG)

File: 3a4ee4b0882e323⋯.mp4 (4.35 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Video DoD 7-8-19 9 am PDT.mp4)

Staying combat-ready is key.


3f5348  No.6951272

File: 097b2c49cb7a97e⋯.png (353.9 KB, 500x611, 500:611, image.png)

2f768a  No.6951273

File: 325607dc7ab8792⋯.jpg (38.61 KB, 640x360, 16:9, cbsn-fusion-trump-asks-in-….jpg)

File: 0583aee81062ecf⋯.jpg (86.3 KB, 600x338, 300:169, RTS2K8T6[1].jpg)


b84186  No.6951274

File: 221fcc35c071eae⋯.jpeg (564.36 KB, 1125x1083, 375:361, 87B02EF1-4B51-4085-9E22-6….jpeg)


Thank you baker!! Great week ahead.

23b961  No.6951275

>>6951218 LB


Who "built" Ghislaine?

Robert Maxwell (MOS) acquired from who?



3d656d  No.6951276

File: 93e42c685101c3e⋯.jpg (95.48 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, ep1.jpg)


bcdda4  No.6951277

So is this the part where the elite mock us and dangle epstein being charged only to let him off again

I wonder what its like being a normal person who doesnt know any of this shit

And who isnt on the tech/demonic torture list

0e576f  No.6951278

File: d6c575292208748⋯.jpg (24.48 KB, 280x280, 1:1, pepe-the-frog-meme-10.jpg)


This patriot keks

0e722b  No.6951279

File: d489dc9541dd0e5⋯.jpg (29.66 KB, 233x320, 233:320, fitz11.jpg)

If this was Bill Clinton and HIS daughter, you'd have some choice words for him…


2b4e64  No.6951280

File: 072c8d2fce72a82⋯.png (895.43 KB, 1068x884, 267:221, Screenshot_20190708-084228….png)

File: 6144189647b59ef⋯.png (402.72 KB, 651x700, 93:100, Screenshot_20190708-084228….png)

File: 57ce802b8e7434e⋯.jpg (74.62 KB, 751x478, 751:478, 356lid_1.jpg)

49044c  No.6951281

I don't know what anons think about the presser but I was disgusted.

They arrested him BECAUSE journalists succeeded in getting the sealed civil case unsealed.

They arrested him because they are exposed for covering up for him and powerful elites.

They arrested him because a Judge ruled the NPA was illegal, after 12 years of being hidden.

If I were a recent or current victim, I would not come forward. There is no reason to believe anything has changed. This was all old info previously known and not acted on.

12a193  No.6951282

File: 72df5cfe6b94f87⋯.png (305.63 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bb2f1804af68436⋯.png (592.96 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Pair of KC-135R(RT) over Roswell

Receiver-capable KC-135R Stratotanker; eight modified with either a Boeing or LTV receiver system and a secure voice SATCOM radio. Three of the aircraft (60-0356, -0357, and -0362) were converted to tankers from RC-135Ds, from which they retained their added equipment.

'' KC-135D

All four RC-135As (Pacer Swan) were modified to partial KC-135A configuration in 1979.[48][49] The four aircraft (serial numbers 63-8058, 63-8059, 63-8060 and 63-8061) were given a unique designation KC-135D as they differed from the KC-135A in that they were built with a flight engineer's position on the flight deck.[50] The flight engineer's position was removed when the aircraft were modified to KC-135 standards but they retained their electrically powered wing flap secondary (emergency) drive mechanism and second air conditioning pack which had been used to cool the RC-135As on-board photo-mapping systems.[51] Later re-engined with Pratt & Whitney TF33 engines and a cockpit update to KC-135E standards in 1990 and were retired to the 309th AMARG at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ in 2007.''

1880d0  No.6951283

File: 4fa75cad186b313⋯.jpg (245.92 KB, 1023x767, 1023:767, SatanicRoyals.jpg)

The satanic Royals are going down.

5b1a48  No.6951284


That Epstein got arrested proves Q?…BS!

DeClass are start the arrests and then you might have something

fb7a5a  No.6951285


On “Ready”!

923a2c  No.6951286

File: 5e1a472bbba2776⋯.png (458.18 KB, 492x523, 492:523, gt.PNG)

bcdda4  No.6951287

File: 1e7ed6521ead082⋯.jpeg (22.64 KB, 247x266, 13:14, 23F0C691-D2C4-4C0C-833F-A….jpeg)


Nothing to see here move along

Part of me wonders if donald is the bad guy and the law enforcement and millitary just started arresting pedos on their own

ddfe98  No.6951288

File: 6a083c860aee78f⋯.jpeg (204.69 KB, 1125x714, 375:238, CD6717BA-64F4-4787-B999-1….jpeg)

Remember Anons…FISA works both ways

Comey - surveilled

First HOP

Comey’s daughter - surveilled

Second Hop

Entire SDNY legal team - surveilled

I think this one better be handled by the book, otherwise…

The Barr will be raised.

Good Luck Epstein.

But not really.

(Captcha confirms) pic related

b21c96  No.6951289

File: d2c9ac8cd2eb406⋯.jpg (602.69 KB, 1080x1731, 360:577, 20190408_123317.jpg)

File: 11827176075880e⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 1080x2032, 135:254, 20190408_123847.jpg)

947de1  No.6951290

Can planefags trace Episteins flights before he arrived back on US soil Sat?

5ba7c9  No.6951291

The SDNY with Comey's daughter in the Prosecution is another attempt at a coup. It's great JE was arrested, but the players involved in the prosecution is highly suspect. I wouldn't get all excited over this. They will protect their own.

4b4aa0  No.6951292


Nup. Only 4 important people. I failed the tests.

Camera monitor keyboard chair. Something like that.

0101c3  No.6951293

File: 7fab10d1f035f1f⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 4012x2675, 4012:2675, 181119-F-WJ663-0025C.JPG)


Flight leader…

Thank you baker.

1782c9  No.6951294

File: e72e7966a307c64⋯.jpeg (632.99 KB, 729x747, 81:83, 83356D51-B38E-4B4E-9C64-E….jpeg)

Im ret ta go.

1d46f2  No.6951295

File: 896ef2627582e24⋯.jpg (10.53 MB, 4608x3456, 4:3, _0001_17.jpg)

>>6951063 pb


fadfc7  No.6951296

File: 33b21ced79b01b2⋯.mp4 (2.55 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 33b21ced79b01b2648ba7ef96b….mp4)

>>6951018 [LB]

>"All the QAnon people are going to be freaking out over this morning"

heres the video

Question, why does she care if this was just a larp?

why is it funny for her?

what does she know?

0e722b  No.6951297


Trump needing things to help his reelection campaign seems more likely.

8cba0f  No.6951298

File: 26b815141243f94⋯.png (56.1 KB, 1049x943, 1049:943, pepe weight lifter.png)

b47252  No.6951299

File: 7bd930b3220344d⋯.jpg (67.04 KB, 736x1321, 736:1321, cbfb85f18886be9f24cc32941e….jpg)

Thank You Baker

1a4713  No.6951300










dc9675  No.6951301

>>6950965 (LB) FBI and State of Florida agreed that no federal prosecution will occur if Epstein stuck to his agreement with the state of Florida, including no “further” forfeiture assistance will be required for this case

well obviously he didn't keep to that agreement, if there are indictments on new crimes that are also human trafficking/underage sexual abuse etc...

here's to hoping he's the battering ram used to take down the scumbags in DC and beyond

90c40e  No.6951302

File: aa093a11cb7cbb5⋯.png (251.75 KB, 488x305, 8:5, anons are...png)

File: f0445d1620acb10⋯.png (610.45 KB, 1289x1129, 1289:1129, (you) chain reaction.png)

>>6951062 (lb)

Be nice guys, you never no. That seemed like a bone they threw to us. We've probably turned some the purplest of purple hair cat ladies to the truth.

09784e  No.6951303

>>6951218 last bread



12a193  No.6951304

File: 62ce1ebf9fe8cca⋯.png (716.97 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4f2034455f75697⋯.png (602.12 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Late last bread:


>Boeing RC-135W Rivet Joint somewhere over CONUS…

>Found it, over OMAHA…

8e0ffd  No.6951305

File: 6d85d0e9e61a1f3⋯.png (259.33 KB, 610x566, 305:283, ClipboardImage.png)

78aebb  No.6951306

File: 05125e5153b52ce⋯.jpg (697.78 KB, 1717x1145, 1717:1145, tyb_green.jpg)


Thank you, baker!

3f5348  No.6951307


Yeah, you're right, nothing to see here.

douche nozzle.

8f1b02  No.6951308

File: 55f0dd96248aaa5⋯.png (1.19 MB, 630x755, 126:151, ClipboardImage.png)


>If this was Bill Clinton and HIS daughter, you'd have some choice words for him…

What's that you say, (((schmendrick)))?

1732ba  No.6951309


Chelsea is so homely bill wont even tap it…

Its a pic with some chick and her dad, its not like she's grabbing his cock or he's got 3 fingers in her. GTFO KYS

a33924  No.6951310

File: bdf9f5b40c6a7f1⋯.png (132.16 KB, 621x471, 207:157, ClipboardImage.png)

The July 4th, 2019 EQ in S. Cali was exactly 1776 days from the August 24, 2014 EQ in N. Cali. EQ exactly 1776 days apart? On the 4th of July? Coincidence?


3d89e3  No.6951311


Need one with Biden the sniffer

7a1b0b  No.6951312

File: d1db08363e8d6e4⋯.png (149.47 KB, 270x666, 15:37, Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at ….png)

File: 94cb8055778a3f5⋯.png (33.13 KB, 277x239, 277:239, Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at ….png)


So I guess "who owns the boat" is solved today.

Lady Ghislaine

Dancing Hare






How many 'girls' were waiting for their return to the boat?

Who owned the boat?

What does a 'handler' procure?

Is the 'handler' [one of many] connected to Epstein?

Flight logs reveal many hidden artifacts.



ea6004  No.6951313


yep, they dismantled the dome, why?

20b028  No.6951314

File: 3ba46f5049342fb⋯.png (79.02 KB, 1019x662, 1019:662, Subject: DAILY GUIDANCE AN….png)

POTUS Schedule item of note?




452085  No.6951315

File: 64e1cc6c964b75f⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1178x990, 589:495, Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at ….png)



It gon' wish it never doxed itself…

5b1a48  No.6951316


> I wouldn't get all excited over this. They will protect their own.

Exactly, this is Another DS move…this is Not our side

dc21b0  No.6951317


My concern is that this might play out as a damage limitation exercise. Take down JE, but go no further. This will be the test of justice. Today’s indictment was ancient history and extremely limited in the scope of its allegations.

be49a7  No.6951318

File: 1caa85a6524d5dc⋯.png (97.15 KB, 218x231, 218:231, ClipboardImage.png)

>>6951252 /pb

TY, Anon.

571a60  No.6951319

File: 0a699164ded4ca5⋯.png (233.81 KB, 492x248, 123:62, MemeRequest.png)

Can any of you GraphicsFags shop up a decent Epstein on this stale meme?

bcdda4  No.6951320


Id rather be dead than vote for that piece of shit again

Can i have my life back now Q

Or do you have to torture me with technology for another year

For daring to think for myself

Thank god for weed and videogames or id have blown my brain out months ago

9061f9  No.6951321

>>6951161 pb

We'll see what happens.

In theory there are a lot of different investigations going forward, and best case scenario all the dominos fall and we get everybody. There are scenarios where that doesn't happen. But what do we end up getting? It's mid 2019, Nov 2020, we better at least be past the part where the media pretends it doesn't know who Christopher Steele is and that what he did is bad for Hillary Clinton. And the questions at that time are what Democrats and maybe some Never Trump GOP go to jail.

4 years then of having the votes you need everywhere to solve all the problems that are not Democrats spying on the new GOP President and which politicians has sex with which kids, but the general state of shittiness.

23b961  No.6951322



Not solved.

Who paid to build the boat?

b84186  No.6951323

File: 2d0432e87ac0622⋯.jpeg (681.92 KB, 1125x908, 1125:908, 7C1C3FA0-ABB9-424D-B700-B….jpeg)


Hopefully bigger and bigger…

5fcb34  No.6951324

File: 60a312e5085235c⋯.png (161.43 KB, 522x516, 87:86, Interesting.PNG)



bd2a8c  No.6951325



3c11b0  No.6951326

>>6951204 (pb)

>>6951222 (pb)

>>6951239 (pb)

>>6951246 (pb)

>>6951230 (pb)



Found her TITIES anon!

a80ed1  No.6951327


Just the fact she acknowledged us proves this is bigger than people think, also looks like a lefty with that dumb hair, act professional bitch. Can't wait to find her twat feed

2f768a  No.6951328






0e722b  No.6951329


I have some choice words about that.

Looks a bit weird.

Point proven, albeit unintentionally.

Thanks for fucking yourself, cuck.

947ace  No.6951330


like water that can pound like a wall of pain, like rain that can drown the guilty, like a fog to blind the enemy.

1782c9  No.6951331

File: 31f12a27444f7e0⋯.jpeg (14.38 KB, 218x231, 218:231, FAB5E23E-76A2-49A1-BB24-A….jpeg)

3c11b0  No.6951332

File: 7a2c8855e4a0678⋯.png (165.87 KB, 438x248, 219:124, ClipboardImage.png)


>>>6951204 (pb)


>>>6951222 (pb)


>>>6951239 (pb)


>>>6951246 (pb)


>>>6951230 (pb)






>Found her TITIES anon!

12a193  No.6951333



Ivanka trusts her daddy. Stoopid fucking people thinking everyone is a pedovore.

8e0ffd  No.6951334

Look. If the public was mad about dumbass smollett getting off the hook. No way pedoepstein is even getting out on bail.

0e576f  No.6951335

File: 15abb37a853ba73⋯.jpg (94.29 KB, 477x268, 477:268, kekarmy300.jpg)



Kek. 10 to 1 she hasn't bathed in a month and has hairy pits.

107b8a  No.6951336

File: 46141e02d4768a4⋯.jpg (15.76 KB, 255x170, 3:2, caps.jpg)

23b961  No.6951337



There's more.

From the start.

Map it.

Built where?

By who?

Paid for by who?

Sold to who?

Renamed renamed renamed.

bcdda4  No.6951338


Im going to wait and see what happens

Trump has proven hes not to be trusted same with jewish anonymous

But some fairly high level people have been arrested

Clintons friends

Save the children guy


And now epstein

What do we have to lose

Im not voting again tho

Also if someone good is reading this please make them leave me alone

I want my life back

It mightve been shit but it was my life

d0330d  No.6951339

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Press conference regarding Jeff the fiddler.

Asking for witnesses to come forward, LIVE.

Fucker is going to jail, FBI asking for whiteness for additional charges.

8cba0f  No.6951340

File: 85e74bc4005a008⋯.png (960.32 KB, 1049x1200, 1049:1200, captcha fridge.png)

d7868a  No.6951341

File: 786764391b7b26a⋯.png (502.3 KB, 588x554, 294:277, maxwells-yacht.PNG)


"Revolutionary superyacht at the time of her build, she was originally designed and built by Amels in 1986 for the now disgraced press baron Robert Maxwell who named her after his youngest child: Ghislaine. Maxwell, an experienced owner, was, at the time of the build, looking for the most spectacular yacht to cruise the seas, and it came as a shock to those who knew him when his body was found floating in the sea off the coast of the Canary Islands in 1991. Few believed he had fallen overboard despite a verdict of death by accidental drowning being recorded."


bd2a8c  No.6951342


I'll take that bet

f6b8e9  No.6951343

File: 9c9936bde3d54bd⋯.png (546.32 KB, 700x952, 25:34, ap_epstein_charged_080719.png)

File: d1210cf5f644235⋯.png (621.68 KB, 700x525, 4:3, epstein_island_visiters_w_….png)

AP ==> Wealthy financier charged with molesting dozens of girls



An unsealed, sealed indictment which may signal a move.

We'll see…?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

See related image No. 2.

cd5d68  No.6951344

File: a39dd4ddf0e56b0⋯.png (541.58 KB, 663x679, 663:679, Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at ….png)

File: 61d1e1b200b2c55⋯.png (2.52 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at ….png)

File: fd3ab96bb220f2b⋯.jpg (190.28 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, D-9xG3iXoAAUwAs.jpg)

Did Reuters Photoshop Trump into this picture posted on Twitter???

I saw the girl with an Epstein poster. In the Reuters pic she has a picture of Trump?

See the video on Youtube: https://youtu.be/8sEZW9FidwI?t=2706

At ~45:06

Reuters article: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-people-jeffrey-epstein

fadfc7  No.6951345

so, if she is aware this Q thing is real, and she is reading this right now, as much as all their employees in here, and with all the awarness surrounding this pedo shit, does this actually mean,…

all of them let this pedo shit happen? i mean, think about, you work with people together who are ok with a world full of people who fuck little kids to their death. Destroy live and shit.

i hope they snap one day and comite suicide.

0e722b  No.6951346



You from Alabama, guys?

Hate to make a stereotypical Trump joke, but I did anyway.

3cdec6  No.6951347

File: e962b8e2b12a9c8⋯.jpg (19.22 KB, 237x255, 79:85, 6144189647b59efafae75a979a….jpg)

girl if u have some guts u know what to do

3d656d  No.6951348


Agreeing with ya more and more man.

3f5348  No.6951349

File: 81aa29f4ec0a2a2⋯.png (354.36 KB, 500x611, 500:611, image.png)

315e4c  No.6951350


You’re going to see yourself all over these breads.

You have a huge opportunity.

Ask the question!

23b961  No.6951351


Lady Mona K

f20fd5  No.6951352

>>6949997 (PB)

I wouldn't consider flight logs to be "fact free". Especially not since they are contemporaneous records created over a span of time and prior to any allegation of wrong-doing. Any prosecutor worth their salt would make certain that they are brought to the attention of a jury or judge.

045726  No.6951353

File: 6dfea96ab97b9c1⋯.jpg (126.71 KB, 538x772, 269:386, IMG_7224.jpg)

theyyyyyyyy're heeeeerrrrreeeee

the faggotry is delicious this morning

8286b6  No.6951354

exciting habbs, anons

epstain has been in the celeb blinds for so long

people have been watching his thanos-looking ass, along with g. maxwell

this kind of shit may finally touch my 6%er parents

they are getting mid-70s and i can see time getting shorter

i literally wrote them emails several years back, laying out what was going to happen re: dual msm narratives and people being split between "realities"

then i watched it happen and they chose to disappear into libnutt fake news and entertainment

i told them it was going to be all about "human trafficking"

my mistake was in thinking any big perps could be publicly rounded up in the months directly after trump's election

i figured it might take a year to see something "major"

and trump started shitting on fake news pretty quickly

then we got Q just as people were starting to fear the worst

i may have trolled a bit, but my mind has truly been a mess some days

trying to negotiate a life full of illness and backup plans

i had a bright future before my health failed

so many of us did

(buckles up)

bcdda4  No.6951355

Also if theres anyone here who isnt a spambot and sees thru Qs shit

Even the fucking donald is getting tired of trump larping about how hes gonna do shit

While continuing the neocon


Good luck in 2020 donald

The nwo might replace you if too many goyim wake up

e8ba25  No.6951356


plz repost for the record

1a4713  No.6951357






52e211  No.6951358

File: 43c6ee4cf1599e2⋯.png (136.04 KB, 630x565, 126:113, 43c6ee4cf1599e21dfd515abac….png)

>>6951192 (lb)

>If we are the "news" now, we are also essentially the government, as well, since we are doing the job of government.

What did you think "Of the People, by the People, for the People" meant?

23b961  No.6951359


Lady Mona K

6b57b6  No.6951360

>>6951018 (lb)

I see a drowned rat like her, it makes me think her pussy stinks. Cant keep her appearance nice what else is she not keeping nice? gross.

69fa14  No.6951361

File: 3f877cb44050c61⋯.png (86.77 KB, 495x418, 45:38, Screen-Shot-2019-04-25-at-….png)

File: ca0f2220753289b⋯.png (43.49 KB, 900x620, 45:31, Epstein_&_AI.PNG)

EPstein & AI



8a395a  No.6951362


High anxiety and scratches?

0e722b  No.6951363




1785c0  No.6951364

File: 3cf3d75f29b05d2⋯.jpg (32.88 KB, 625x256, 625:256, melania-twat.jpg)

Not sure whether is was already brought up.

Melania Trump congratulated the Women's Soccer Team via twat but linked to the twitter account of the Olympic team (@TeamUSA) instead of the soccer team (@USWNT)


09784e  No.6951365

File: 885a5f303fadfae⋯.png (323.1 KB, 981x551, 981:551, dancing hair yacht marshal….PNG)



DANCING HARE current position is 18.212 S / 178.34765 E on Jun 27, 2019 00:58 UTC. Vessel DANCING HARE (IMO: 1002378, MMSI: 538071262) is a Yacht built in 1986 and currently sailing under the flag of Marshall Islands. Current destination of DANCING HARE is GOA and the estimated time of arrival (ETA) is Jul 5, 08:30.

c37d46  No.6951366

Late last bread. Possibly notable?


92b473  No.6951367

File: d0bbd108ba60853⋯.jpg (19.21 KB, 336x190, 168:95, terramar.jpg)

Founded by Ghislaine Maxwell

452085  No.6951368

File: 4cbd27a59582832⋯.png (463.94 KB, 702x642, 117:107, Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at ….png)

1a4713  No.6951369





6b57b6  No.6951370



We need to do something about local gov over-reach in power.

7c5083  No.6951371


>Comey's daughter in the Prosecution

Too obvious. Too many people paying attention.

0e576f  No.6951372

File: f8ecbf0bbc159e8⋯.jpg (360.26 KB, 1162x850, 581:425, jewmoney.jpg)


Well hey there, purple.

Sorry..no shekels for you.

bcdda4  No.6951373


I doubt your health failing is a coincidence

Anyone actually awake who had the misfortune of finding this board and not being a useful idiot got driven insane or was killed

Notice how many Q followers go insane


Not a coincidence

Mind control tech


ff0f0f  No.6951374

File: 5882e010a04a4f3⋯.png (433.65 KB, 708x631, 708:631, QanonPeople.png)

3f5348  No.6951375

File: 120a95bfec4dce6⋯.png (360.96 KB, 500x611, 500:611, image.png)

bf2a95  No.6951376


The white boat's name is Dancing Hare.

Follow the white rabbit

c2a310  No.6951377

File: cdbf7c9e686c7b3⋯.png (156.63 KB, 760x829, 760:829, Selection_0160.png)


>Robert Maxwell (MOS) acquired from who?


Emad Khashoggi

3c11b0  No.6951378

File: c67115be01fb95b⋯.png (605.65 KB, 640x427, 640:427, ClipboardImage.png)






Yur nigz got caps the fuck out! Lol kek….

0c4c1c  No.6951379

File: b94f8c8476bcb7d⋯.jpg (63.44 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, D-Wfe9uWkAIWoq7.jpg)

947ace  No.6951380

Did the old shills get busted? Seems like todays batch don't quite have the hang of things around kek … definitely less red text than usual still tripped up on the caps lock. Do they get paid per capitalized characters posted here?


23b961  No.6951381


Top anon

571a60  No.6951382

File: 2f50a6569aa8347⋯.png (359.56 KB, 654x346, 327:173, HarcoreKeyboardWarriorNotF….png)

7c5083  No.6951383



Perhaps she's not as bad as we assume.

cd9df7  No.6951384

File: 198a0f9b1ffaf7a⋯.jpg (555.53 KB, 1921x915, 1921:915, QanonPeople.jpg)

107b8a  No.6951385

File: 8b9e82a1e341730⋯.jpeg (66.32 KB, 600x315, 40:21, speak.jpeg)

a69582  No.6951386


>Not sure whether is was already brought up.

8881 Notable

b75a3e  No.6951387


You don't think the "special" council would have found that after two years and $40 million if it was there to find?

Use your damn brain.

The haters are going to cry through another four year term.

b0f681  No.6951388


if hillary had been elected president, none of this would have happened, anon

in fact, likley that the child sex trafficking, ritual satanic murder and pedovorism would be increasing under the satanic high priestess

a4651d  No.6951389

Since Russia crap is over Barr is out?

If Barr is out who comes in?

Senate confirmations can be deadly

459c72  No.6951390

File: 746d668c9a67135⋯.png (7.92 KB, 603x145, 603:145, Capture.PNG)

bcdda4  No.6951391


Full blown demonic entity manipulating everything in my life

Weird shit happening over and over that coulsnt be a coincidence

Gangstalked when i come here

Saw a ufo

Last year my skin burned every day

Its not as bad as the last few months but




1a4713  No.6951392



452085  No.6951393

File: 2089da7cd265626⋯.png (994.01 KB, 1201x906, 1201:906, Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at ….png)

045726  No.6951394

File: 441df9972e58e40⋯.png (374.07 KB, 780x439, 780:439, ClipboardImage.png)

everyone using their phone today


maybe spaceforce is literally about spacing

this entire bread should be dedicated to the fine men and women pretending to be journalists this morning

2b4e64  No.6951395

File: bd7b8ebf830edf6⋯.jpg (33.01 KB, 364x377, 28:29, 356myp_1.jpg)






Who is this reporter anyone know?

1782c9  No.6951396

File: cb66f6a9b0d300d⋯.jpeg (455.27 KB, 750x847, 750:847, 46934DBD-B16B-46AD-83B5-3….jpeg)

File: 99ae02602ee27a4⋯.jpeg (290.47 KB, 750x820, 75:82, 8DA5C935-BE33-42D1-9874-5….jpeg)

File: a2afe0ca4c21226⋯.jpeg (88.32 KB, 500x666, 250:333, 84F2D32E-B071-43EB-83C1-3….jpeg)


Top Kek

bcdda4  No.6951397


She was never going to win

0c4c1c  No.6951398

File: 5da19bb9cf13b05⋯.jpg (48.17 KB, 800x450, 16:9, c_scale,fl_progressive,q_8….jpg)

File: 83093a70cf8a555⋯.jpg (24.12 KB, 408x352, 51:44, DCoh5niXcAElDYz.jpg)


Chelsea is not his daughter, but he does have a son

52e211  No.6951399


Apply to intel agency.


America needs you.

92b473  No.6951400

File: 8d2b4c5837c3984⋯.png (531.74 KB, 834x603, 278:201, light.png)

File: cf1fff4b5312f2e⋯.png (742.05 KB, 1437x907, 1437:907, newsheriff.png)

465083  No.6951401

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>6951266 lb


bd2a8c  No.6951402


Perhaps if she leaked it.. she would lose critical access…

b2bf0e  No.6951403


Not seeing a laugh while she does this.

She looks at another person right after saying that and gives the double raised eyebrow. Seemed something akin to a wink.

30b3cb  No.6951404

Comey's Daughter is NOT in charge of case ! So retards stop shitting your underroos

6b57b6  No.6951405


She is a dirty know it all liberal.. you never see her type before?!

fadfc7  No.6951406

so, to consider they lurk here is actually a fact!

so, what's up journo guys? Just listening or shitposting too?

I would like to know why you guys help those pedos to stay in the shadow?

why do you work for these pedos?`

why do you help these pedos?

why do you help them to destroy the live of innocent kids?

i know you are not going to answer, i know you are just going to continue to hide in your fucked up media castle, maybe bomb the society with more shit clickbait opinion pieces and force your opinion on everyone.

just so you know, i am here since gamer gate fucked your little tabloit journos in the ass, i am still here, and i will remain until i see you fucking guys killing yourself for the sin you have done to humanity.

laugh all you want about my autism and bullcrap grammar, i couldn't care less, at least i didn't support evil people who kill and fuck little kids.

you monsters.

dc21b0  No.6951407


Call on Jesus.

09784e  No.6951408

File: 26d8a5980a8c845⋯.png (426.67 KB, 1425x711, 475:237, marshall islands.PNG)

File: 9d959565fe9d3a6⋯.png (336.4 KB, 1004x675, 1004:675, marshall islands map.PNG)


>currently sailing under the flag of Marshall Islands.


452085  No.6951409

File: 08e64fd23de18ef⋯.png (801.13 KB, 947x1027, 947:1027, Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at ….png)

3f5348  No.6951410

File: 2d3f09815fd613f⋯.png (368.54 KB, 500x611, 500:611, image.png)

90c40e  No.6951411

File: 08727a6be878de7⋯.jpg (36.06 KB, 736x718, 368:359, barf.jpg)


Please say it ain't so. Then again, why am I surprised. Explains a lot tbh.

e8ba25  No.6951412


plz repost in jpg/png

49044c  No.6951413


We'll see what happens this afternoon. If he is given bail, the fix is in.

4b4aa0  No.6951414


You're the problem parasite. World wide

23b961  No.6951415

File: 7cc48defa28daa1⋯.jpg (117.94 KB, 2694x1584, 449:264, a-whole-new-world.jpg)


Pen to paper time.

Emad Kashoggi

Robert Maxwell > MOS

Ghislaine Maxwell

Jeffery Epstein

I call that a good start for a network MAP.

Care to embellish beyond emad?

Al Fayed?



Starting to look like a circus

d0330d  No.6951416





Giving out FBI number for any witnesses to come forward and telling who to ask for.

The good guys at the FBI righting wrongs?

8cba0f  No.6951417

File: cb1335619ce79d2⋯.png (368.89 KB, 681x546, 227:182, POTUS two terms.PNG)

File: 7761bb12a9b21d0⋯.jpg (173.8 KB, 888x499, 888:499, zombie banks.jpg)

Wall Street: Big Banks on Deutsche Bank: Restructuring plan may be too ‘radical’ and too ‘optimistic’

One of the risks that market analysts perceived of Deutsche’s restructuring plan was its impact on the larger banking sector.

Big players on the Wall Street have termed Deutsche Bank’s major restructuring drive as “very deep,” “radical” as well as “challenging.”

Deutsche Bank announced Sunday that it will pull out of its global equities sales and trading operations, scale back its investment banking and slash thousands of jobs as part of a sweeping restructuring plan to improve profitability.

Deutsche will cut 18,000 jobs for a global headcount of around 74,000 employees by 2022. The bank aims to reduce adjusted costs by a quarter to 17 billion euros ($19 billion) over the next several years. The shares were down more than 6% in U.S. trading Monday.

While the embattled lender may have gone through a number of strategy overhauls in recent years, its CEO James von Moltke told CNBC Sunday that the bank is determined this new round of restructuring will be its last.

One of the risks that market analysts perceived of Deutsche’s restructuring plan was its impact on the larger banking sector. CNBC takes a look at what the analysts from major banks have to say about Deutsche Bank’s biggest ever restructuring plan.

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs in a note on Monday called the restructuring as “very deep” but warned of challenges.

“A very deep restructuring, by any measure. Media reporting ahead of Sunday’s board meeting was intense, yet the announcements still surprised in terms of their scope and scale, Goldman Sachs noted.

“DBK’s structural challenges, as we see them, fall into three categories: the absence of a high-return platform, elevated funding costs, and uncertainty around the scope of its IB business,” the note stated.

On the big job cuts and exit from global equities sales, Goldman notes that it is bigger than what was expected.

“Whilst we did expect DBK to substantially scale back its equities operation, we did not expect a wholesale exit across geographies - including in its home market of European / German equities - and business lines.”


Citi, in a research note, termed the restructuring plan as setting “optimistic targets.”

“In a well-telegraphed announcement after two weeks of media headlines Deutsche Bank has confirmed a significant restructuring,” the note said.

“Restructuring charges of €7.4 billion (c12% of tangible equity) are heavier than anticipated, but spread out over 4 years. Management intends to fund this from existing resources, so there is no capital raise. This may yet prove optimistic.”

Citi has set a price target of 6 euros for the German lender and rates it as “high risk” for exposure to a number of outstanding litigation issues.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Bank of America Merrill Lynch called the plan “ambitious” but said a number if questions still remain unanswered.

“This is an ambitious plan for sure, with larger cost cuts and a higher targeted RoTE than expected. Capital elements were largely anticipated by the market, but in our view leave the bank’s strategy in the hands of the regulators, BofAML analysts Andrew Stimpson and Alastair Ryan said in a research note Monday.

“Without a reduction in capital requirements or the ECB (European Central Bank) agreeing to allow operational RWA (risk-weighted assets) to reduce faster, then DBK may have little capital to deploy into the higher multiple businesses it wishes to grow,” the note added.

J.P. Morgan

JP Morgan termed it as a “bold restructuring” but also said “execution remains key”

“DB restructuring in our view is bold and for the first time not half-baked but a real strategic shift giving up its Tier I IB ambitions. DB is rightsizing to where it came from originally, a corporate bank with the addition of a large Fixed Income footprint.”

“We believe further questions need to be answered such as: i) credibility around execution, ii) revenue growth details and rationale, where DB has disappointed in the past, iii) employee motivation post the restructuring to go for regaining market share in Fixed Income and around DB’s ability to operate a corporate franchise without a European equity business.”

J.P. Morgan in its note further stated that there are a number of upside and downside risks. These could include global economy undergoing a slowdown with a corresponding deterioration in credit quality and weaker revenues, which could affect DB’s profitability. Execution risk on the latest strategy announced could pose as both upside and downside headwind, according to JPM.

rest at link


they know that they have to do this next, DB is the canary for ALL of them.

The FRB passed ALL of these in the stress test, including DB.

c7c27f  No.6951418

>>6951296 My theory

Q was designed in 16 years plan = it was a bait for conservative people

New Q plan include (you)= some people know old Q plan(imagine bad actors) and others like (you) and (me) are playing in new Q plan

think mirror : 2 identical plans/plots : in parallel : simultaneously

just thinking…

bcdda4  No.6951419

I take comfort in knowing that more and more people are getting woke to both sides

And trumps bullshit

You cant censor us forever

Youre going to have to kill millions of us

12c854  No.6951420


If she's not in charge of the case, what are the chances those in charge have been feeding her fake news to send back to her handlers? "The leaks are real, the info is fake!"

ef92cc  No.6951421

Dems are technically ratting themselves out Re: Illegal Southern Border crossings

Dems call it a "manufactured crisis". They are the manufacturers that created it. Reverse Psychology

But there's no denying though there is a crisis.

35a042  No.6951422






(((those that speak the loudest)))

950e3f  No.6951423

purple haired "reporter" is a slide fags

qtards chasing squirrels again

stoopid morans

12a193  No.6951424

File: 6882539889a744d⋯.png (618.01 KB, 631x558, 631:558, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4de4a5ab6e2bc3b⋯.png (541.54 KB, 640x564, 160:141, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 846c3690c729cc6⋯.png (239.77 KB, 525x349, 525:349, ClipboardImage.png)


Direct copy paste.

201c2d  No.6951425

File: 11470e016ca0452⋯.jpeg (171.2 KB, 828x613, 828:613, 25B90A48-B477-4765-9A28-D….jpeg)

File: e79d18c8028e93f⋯.jpeg (145.26 KB, 828x781, 828:781, 983EEB1F-B81E-4B78-A009-9….jpeg)

704f7d  No.6951426


The same dribbling idiot is here, threatening suicide and posting utter nonsense, like always. Apparently it won't go away until it's locked up.

b0f681  No.6951427


only logical conclusion is that they enjoy sex with children, as well

mockingbird media worships at altar of satanic high priestess, hillary

6f4971  No.6951428

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This might help.

d31c62  No.6951429

File: abd3024bcc399e4⋯.png (642.45 KB, 549x681, 183:227, f22_6655.png)

File: 20887355430ab99⋯.png (10.92 KB, 468x160, 117:40, yMarker55.png)

File: 5f674cf387f1d6f⋯.png (21.07 KB, 755x210, 151:42, Screenshot from 2019-07-08….png)

File: 7196cd7fdbd7638⋯.png (198.58 KB, 370x525, 74:105, Screenshot from 2019-07-08….png)

File: 343d6375a15b425⋯.png (83.69 KB, 392x441, 8:9, Screenshot from 2019-07-08….png)

Anyone mention the tail number on the F22 Air Force retweet? With a Q in the shot on the ground, you can see the tail number had FF, 55 and a couple characters I can't make out.

Looks like 5:5 comms

FF = 66


There's also the mention of the P51 Mustang. Potus twatted a 51 on the same day as the F22 twats.

Jul 7, 2019 08:13:05 AM Last year was the first in 51 years where prescription drug prices actually went down, but things have been, and are being, put in place that will drive them down substantially. If Dems would work with us in a bipartisan fashion, we would get big results very fast!

With the extra Y and the 5:5, guessing it could connect to Q963

Q !xowAT4Z3VQ No.461 📁

Mar 23 2018 12:14:06 (EST)

Clock activated.





Anyone located where the Raptor was?

Is that tail number countdown still happenin?

6b9f94  No.6951430




bcdda4  No.6951431


You try being targeted for over a year when you couldnt even handle normal life due to aspergers

Youd be dead

f6b8e9  No.6951432

File: 40f18d326380378⋯.png (143.12 KB, 700x602, 50:43, reuters_epstein.png)


Your link would seem to say that they have negated that one…?

452085  No.6951433

File: e8d1915e4a48129⋯.png (764.01 KB, 938x907, 938:907, Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at ….png)

a80ed1  No.6951434

File: ea52b6d22cba982⋯.png (632.28 KB, 766x433, 766:433, eprun.PNG)

8e0ffd  No.6951435

File: 5b3571b5c7b0f64⋯.png (1.13 KB, 457x295, 457:295, ClipboardImage.png)

1a4713  No.6951436







3f5348  No.6951437


Your theory is faggot.

bcdda4  No.6951438


Im sure its just a coincidence that that video wont load…

7a1b0b  No.6951439

File: cd1a20978a19e71⋯.png (259.75 KB, 640x608, 20:19, Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at ….png)

File: 2749991fcecb76e⋯.png (54.14 KB, 647x132, 647:132, Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at ….png)



Emad Khashoggi


Saudi Arabia

Alice & Wonderland?

a33924  No.6951440

File: 141b381bad87fc0⋯.png (359.08 KB, 1559x603, 1559:603, ClipboardImage.png)




very interesting in light of PF who spotted MONA46 yesterday…

>6947711 (pb) dubdubs pic rel

88ee40  No.6951441

File: 7cca84cffdd98ae⋯.png (53.69 KB, 670x1053, 670:1053, grammar nazi not.png)


>whiteness for additional charges

That be witness, nigger

c2a310  No.6951442

File: 6eb4bfb562870f0⋯.png (343.81 KB, 700x674, 350:337, Smoke.png)



Would consider it, but copious weed smoking and flannel pajamas are crucial factors in my process….

35a042  No.6951443

File: 943a9a7fcc6377c⋯.png (492.2 KB, 640x427, 640:427, ClipboardImage.png)

Politics by Maria SalazarJuly 8, 20197:24 am

Trump Continues to Defy and Embarrass Critics

The president continues to defy critics and the critics deserve to be defied. The president is politicizing the 4th of July, critics howled. Worse than that, a talking head said a military parade with tanks would make us look more like the Soviet Union and North Korea.

One would think that the president requesting what turned out to be a very modest showcase of our military would the first step towards militarism—two stationary light tanks and a salute by a few Airforce jets. Not quite the anticipated endless row of heavy tanks, artillery, and missiles rumbling through the streets of Washington; and far from the “excess” and “divisiveness” expected from the liberal pundits.

To their deep disappointment, the president gave the nation a lesson in civility and patriotism. Far from the expected display of political theater and narcissistic self-adulation, the focus of his speech was the United States of America. In a reverent and almost solemn tone, the president recapped major events in our history and paid due respect and tribute to the men and women of the armed services that since the founding of the nation have protected our freedom—and still guarantee the freedom and security of many other nations throughout the world.

We should never be ashamed of our military, and we must not refrain from honoring their role in preserving our nation from the foes that seek our destruction…

We must never forget that had it not been for the role of our armed forces in World War II, we would be speaking German here and in Europe; and Fascism, not Democracy, would have been the post-war world order. Who can forget the Marshall Plan that helped rebuild Europe and stave off control of Europe by Stalin and the Communist Soviet Union.

That same military occupied Japan in 1945, yet it helped a defeated enemy to become free and great again, and since then one of our great allies. It was that same military that liberated Iraq and Kuwait and provided the muscle that has defeated ISIS, a military continues to be a source of stability throughout the region and the world.

Unlike the Soviet tanks squashing the hope of freedom in Hungary in 1956 and in Prague in 1968, our tanks have been welcomed beacons of hope and freedom for millions of oppressed people throughout the world.

The president’s tribute was subdued, but his message was clear. We should never be ashamed of our military, and we must not refrain from honoring their role in preserving our nation from the foes that seek our destruction.

It is often the symbolic display of our military prowess that has kept many an enemy from treading on America.

Well done, Mr. President, mission accomplished.


045726  No.6951444

File: d497a8502216989⋯.png (251.16 KB, 366x592, 183:296, ClipboardImage.png)


you might have Lyme disease

What are the symptoms of Lyme disease?

Severe headache or neck stiffness.

Rashes on other areas of the body.

Arthritis with severe joint pain and swelling, particularly in the knees.

Loss of muscle tone or “drooping” on one or both sides of the face.

Heart palpitation or an irregular heartbeat.

8cba0f  No.6951445

File: 98b5a6a3850ad21⋯.jpeg (12.66 KB, 255x170, 3:2, Patriot salute for you.jpeg)


it's frustrating but meh…life.

efd628  No.6951446


disable the 5G on your router you will feel better.

c7c27f  No.6951447

>>6951390 "B before C"

a33924  No.6951448

>>6951440 whoops

>>6947711 (pb)

465083  No.6951449

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Sailboat docked in South Boston struck by lightning

sauce: https://youtu.be/RlMlG0RKfZQ

571a60  No.6951450


>And trumps bullshit

Anon talks of getting woke. Tries to slip in this bullshit. You fucking glow.

8495b3  No.6951451

73e5b5  No.6951452


what kind of scratches?

8dead5  No.6951453


If what you are postulating is a 100% accurate and plays out exactly as you are saying you are still acting like a pussy. Pull yourself together.

bb684c  No.6951454

b47252  No.6951455

3c74c0  No.6951456

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

CLINTON & COMEY within 1km of each other on DUBLIN trip

Well well well…

f6b8e9  No.6951457

File: d1210cf5f644235⋯.png (621.68 KB, 700x525, 4:3, epstein_island_visiters_w_….png)

c7c27f  No.6951458

>>6951437 sauce?

0e722b  No.6951459




Psalm 118:8-9

It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man. It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in princes.

The sheep on this board trust Trump more than the Lord.

Some even go as far as saying God is working through him.

You don't need a pHD in religious education to know how fucked up this ideology is.

Stay safe and God bless my troubled brother.

bcdda4  No.6951460

File: d2308c7f908e8b0⋯.jpg (11.43 KB, 408x431, 408:431, th.jpg)

Q is legit guys

All these people calling Q out and wondering why their life turned into a nightmare over a internet larp

Are just shills

Youre like the people who shout down the rape victims of hollywood and dc

Kill yourselves

Because youre all terrible people

12a193  No.6951461

File: c7cda28a2638ee4⋯.png (733.16 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

GITMO flight showed up out of nowhere…

e69e09  No.6951462


gotta play it on a separate tab/browser.

think i was visited the other night while in the midway point between awake and sleep. could feel something on top of me and as soon as i truly thought there could be something in the room I got the buzzing in my ear.

this shit is real and not to be messed around with.

0c4c1c  No.6951463

File: f286bba682e07ff⋯.png (59.13 KB, 602x349, 602:349, twitter_com_JackPosobiec_s….png)

Jack Pussydick: Epstein wants another plea deal


fa4136  No.6951464



Good link here:


1bc8b2  No.6951465

File: e3bc7723aa85c6a⋯.png (478.07 KB, 670x421, 670:421, ClipboardImage.png)

Whoops some illegal stood up and ruined the whole photo.

No drowning illegals.

cd9df7  No.6951466


She said it you simple fuck. Video has been posted several times already. It was caught live on Fox stream. Dumbass.

dc21b0  No.6951467


And Trump bought his yacht, the Trump Princess, from Adnan Khashoggi. It’s a very small circle…

b847ad  No.6951468


Kate Briquelet?


Daily Beasts

201c2d  No.6951469


My Grandpa was in the CIA for 30 years, worked on Op Paperclip told me everything, needless to say I have been fucked with all of my life. I say “bring it on Motherfuckers” I look into their eyes and vanquish their souls, grow up and fight them.

829479  No.6951470

File: 388fbdd26551997⋯.png (8.25 KB, 805x88, 805:88, Screenshot_2019-07-08 The ….png)

File: 1289b4252b4c9d2⋯.jpg (6.28 MB, 3887x6431, 3887:6431, Screenshot_2019-07-06 Q Re….jpg)

File: 0afaa327e8ee28d⋯.png (654.72 KB, 656x479, 656:479, Screenshot_2019-07-08 1337….png)

>>6951207 (lb)

>>6951252 (lb)

man I love this place. thanks for posting both of them.

lets see what habbens if i cut out the middle man from the long url, thus:



quelle suprise

checked eclipse data; there was a big solar on August 26th 1337, but as you can see the upper limit itself is south of Epstein's island.

a80ed1  No.6951471


Had, son mysteriously dies after he said billy was his dad

947ace  No.6951472



e9b16a  No.6951473

File: 7650d5580cd49eb⋯.png (100.65 KB, 1189x758, 1189:758, 18_USC_§_1591.PNG)

Anons READ THIS, the punishments for the shit Epstein and his "Employee 1" "Employee 2" etc did are extremely severe, 10 years to life if the victim is aged 14-18 and 15 years to life if they are under 14. That's for EACH count.

His actions count as coercion (because he lured them to his home(s)) to commit commercial sex acts (because he paid them) and his recruiters and associates could eat shit too because they received monetary compensation to set him up with the girls.

18 US Code § 1591 - Sex trafficking of children by force, fraud, or coercion


(a) Whoever knowingly—

(1) in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce, or within the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States, recruits, entices, harbors, transports, provides, obtains, advertises, maintains, patronizes, or solicits by any means a person; or

(2) benefits, financially or by receiving anything of value, from participation in a venture which has engaged in an act described in violation of paragraph (1),

knowing, or, except where the act constituting the violation of paragraph (1) is advertising, in reckless disregard of the fact, that means of force, threats of force, fraud, coercion described in subsection (e)(2), or any combination of such means will be used to cause the person to engage in a commercial sex act, or that the person has not attained the age of 18 years and will be caused to engage in a commercial sex act, shall be punished as provided in subsection (b).

(b) The punishment for an offense under subsection (a) is—

(1) if the offense was effected by means of force, threats of force, fraud, or coercion described in subsection (e)(2), or by any combination of such means, or if the person recruited, enticed, harbored, transported, provided, obtained, advertised, patronized, or solicited had not attained the age of 14 years at the time of such offense, by a fine under this title and imprisonment for any term of years not less than 15 or for life; or

(2) if the offense was not so effected, and the person recruited, enticed, harbored, transported, provided, obtained, advertised, patronized, or solicited had attained the age of 14 years but had not attained the age of 18 years at the time of such offense, by a fine under this title and imprisonment for not less than 10 years or for life.

(c) In a prosecution under subsection (a)(1) in which the defendant had a reasonable opportunity to observe the person so recruited, enticed, harbored, transported, provided, obtained, maintained, patronized, or solicited, the Government need not prove that the defendant knew, or recklessly disregarded the fact, that the person had not attained the age of 18 years.

(d) Whoever obstructs, attempts to obstruct, or in any way interferes with or prevents the enforcement of this section, shall be fined under this title, imprisoned for a term not to exceed 25 years, or both.

(e) In this section:

(1) The term “abuse or threatened abuse of law or legal process” means the use or threatened use of a law or legal process, whether administrative, civil, or criminal, in any manner or for any purpose for which the law was not designed, in order to exert pressure on another person to cause that person to take some action or refrain from taking some action.

(2) The term “coercion” means—

(A) threats of serious harm to or physical restraint against any person;

(B) any scheme, plan, or pattern intended to cause a person to believe that failure to perform an act would result in serious harm to or physical restraint against any person; or

(C) the abuse or threatened abuse of law or the legal process.

(3) The term “commercial sex act” means any sex act, on account of which anything of value is given to or received by any person.

(4) The term “participation in a venture” means knowingly assisting, supporting, or facilitating a violation of subsection (a)(1).

(5) The term “serious harm” means any harm, whether physical or nonphysical, including psychological, financial, or reputational harm, that is sufficiently serious, under all the surrounding circumstances, to compel a reasonable person of the same background and in the same circumstances to perform or to continue performing commercial sexual activity in order to avoid incurring that harm.

(6) The term “venture” means any group of two or more individuals associated in fact, whether or not a legal entity.

3f5348  No.6951474




2b4e64  No.6951475

File: 14a05230c677dd5⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20190708-084228.png)

File: 0b5b1af12fe8813⋯.png (1.68 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20190708-084215.png)

File: 122d943b921c032⋯.png (1.67 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20190708-084113.png)

File: 5dff4ac333f296e⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20190708-084202.png)

File: 63ab5f3dd126378⋯.png (406.56 KB, 1009x614, 1009:614, Screenshot_20190708-082008….png)

8286b6  No.6951476


nah, my body broke wayyyy back in the mid-90s

when i suspect certain… food and sky programs were really ramping up

bb684c  No.6951477


>And trumps bullshit

be careful predictions, rumors, lying shills

bcdda4  No.6951478


I dont trust God to be honest with you

God sees all this and lets it happen which makes God guilty

Trump is so fucking obvious with his evil that even the morons on the donald are starting to realize whats going on

All i can really do is pray and hope that god cares for once in my life

Its not as bad when im around other people but the second im alone they come back

848a62  No.6951479


Only the People who are willing to speak up. Bake for victory.

252467  No.6951480

File: cd86aa28ee60e48⋯.png (1.17 MB, 936x525, 312:175, ClipboardImage.png)

Eric Swalwell becomes first 2020 hopeful to drop out

Eric Swalwell is ending his presidential bid, becoming the first of the nearly two dozen Democratic presidential hopefuls to exit the race. The Los Angeles Times reported Swalwell's pending campaign departure announcement ahead of an afternoon press conference by Swalwell, 38. Swalwell struggled to gain traction in a crowded Democratic primary field packed with senators, governors and former Vice President Joe Biden since announcing his candidacy in early April. He had openly mulled over a presidential run through the 2018 midterm election season, visiting many early primary states. A staple of cable news shows, as a member of the House Intelligence Committee Swalwell is a frequent critic of President Trump over the Mueller report, and recently called for his impeachment.

Last week, Swalwell abruptly canceled a New Hampshire campaign swing that was scheduled for July 3 and 4. He hinted in June that he would drop out of the presidential race to focus on his congressional reelection bid if support flagged. “I hope to be part of the field as it shrinks. If I don’t, I’m going to be realistic about my options,” he Swalell said. Swalwall faces a primary challenger for his Northern California congressional seat: Aisha Wahab, a progressive Afghan-American and Hayward city council member.

Fundraising totals since Swalwell's April launch are not yet public, but his campaign had not announced passing the Democratic National Committee's 64,000 donor threshold to secure his spot in the second round of Democratic primary debates at the end of July. He took the stage in the first round of June presidential primary debates through securing 1% support in three qualifying polls, but tie-breaking qualification procedures mean that Montana Gov. Steve Bullock is likely to bump Swalell from the July debates after securing more 1% qualifying polls following the first debates. Qualifying for debates in the fall seemed unlikely to make the October debates, which has much higher qualification thresholds of 130,000 voters plus 2% support in four polls. Swalwell has not earned another single qualifying poll since late April, according to a Politico analysis. Swalwell's signature issue was his $ 15 billion plan to ban and buy back assault-style weapons. In a November 2018 tweet, Swalwell warned that "the government has nukes" if gun owners went to war against the U.S. over gun control.

During the first round of Democratic presidential primary debates, Swalwell attacked top-tier candidates former Vice President Joe Biden, 76, and South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, 37. "I was six years old when a presidential candidate came to the California Democratic Convention and said it’s time to pass the torch to a new generation of Americans," Swalwell, the third-youngest Democratic presidential primary candidate, said. "That candidate was then-Sen. Joe Biden." Swalwell told Buttigieg that in the wake of a South Bend police officer shooting and killing a black man earlier in June, "if the camera wasn't on and that was the policy, then you should fire the chief." The California congressman faced teasing online for some of his campaign rhetoric. "To my fellow candidates, I consider us all a part of being 'The Avengers.' The Republicans in 2016, that was 'The Hunger Games,'" Swalwell said in June. Later in that speech, an applause line where he pledged to "be bold without the bull" was met with no applause. A video posted to Twitter in June soliciting campaign donations showed Swalwell changing his daughter's diaper. "If Eric can clean s#*% up at home… he can clean it up in Washington,” the video text read.

With one 2020 hopeful down, another is expected to enter the fray. Billionaire investor Tom Steyer will reportedly announce a Democratic presidential bid on Tuesday after ruling out a run in January.


5ba7c9  No.6951481


It's never affected them in the past. Smollett is just one example. They are brazen and bold and don't care who is paying attention. Where have YOU been?

8cba0f  No.6951482

File: ae80198831c424d⋯.jpg (217.93 KB, 1806x941, 1806:941, Mattis plans.jpg)

0e722b  No.6951483

File: c9746233241fa00⋯.jpg (43.2 KB, 500x500, 1:1, download (1).jpg)

0e576f  No.6951484


jews always spell 'stupid' as 'stoopid'

every single time.

3f5348  No.6951485


swallows-well drops out. ahhhhh….

7095d5  No.6951486

>>6950517 lb

Concern Fag? Or DS is powerful & predictable...not falling for this again?

What I'm watching for over the next few months re: Deep State Strategy wrt Epstein

1. Get all Americans riled up / enraged over sex trafficking / abuse of children by Rich Elites

-- [repetition of nobody is above the law, nobody ]

2. American people (D&Rs) join together and demand justice

3. Suspects start implicating POTUS (even in smallest /tangential way)

4. Epstein, (and cohorts) get immunity deals for testifying against POTUS

5. Congress or (new) SC or SDNY demands to interview POTUS under oath

6. Perjury trap is set...if he doesn't testify, then POTUS will look guilty

7. Regardless of outcome, it's a smear campaign during the Presidential campaign

and Dems control Epstein and who he does / does not implicate

My reasons for distrust: timing (kickoff of 2020 election cycle), MSM onboard,

don't trust SDNY, don't trust Maurene Comey, etc

52e211  No.6951487

File: cfc72e2203ed377⋯.jpg (128.55 KB, 900x573, 300:191, d347c50a85a98b9bc41901933c….jpg)

bcdda4  No.6951488


Then youve been on the list forever

Enough weird shit has happened to me that i think theyve had an eye on me since birth

And to be honest with you my great grandpa was the head of one of the major international unions

So im probably part bloodline

So they got some plans for me

Maybe i should just jump

9c72e2  No.6951489

Comey's daughter followed in her father's footsteps while he was being promoted as a paragon of virtue. I'd bet that she's honest and a bulldog.

8a395a  No.6951490


Had a few. Latest one was on my arm, it's a scar now. Nothing on my arm was scratched, much less to the point of leaving a scar. I'd of felt that. Woke up with it. Always wake up with them when they happen.

Anxiety through the roof lately as well. Cant control it. Now, I'm not saying I'm being manipulated by MKUltra or whatever other anon states in every bread. But, I will say what he says sometimes has credibility to me. I think he's just blaming the wrong people for his/her issues.

Latest scratch is about 2 inches long, left arm, finally starting to scar. Stays red.

ff0f0f  No.6951491

File: 78946e0bf6d1a68⋯.png (432.26 KB, 708x631, 708:631, QanonPeople1.png)

950e3f  No.6951492


>She said it you simple fuck. Video has been posted several times already.

who fucking cares

like I said

morans chasing squirrels

fags are so easy

cd9df7  No.6951493

File: 0796121ac58fcec⋯.jpg (590.4 KB, 1290x810, 43:27, ES_History.jpg)

5763f0  No.6951494

File: 3c29261d94bcad0⋯.png (26.04 KB, 1365x282, 455:94, gggggg.PNG)

0c4c1c  No.6951495


Danny is still alive, and Slick Willie a grandpa


49044c  No.6951496

The prosecutor walked over to the picture of Epstein and told victims 'If you were a victim of THIS GUY" they don't want victims of the other people Epstein supplied these girls to at his locations.

That's enough to tell me the fix is in and nobody else is going to be prosecuted

bb684c  No.6951497

Newbies, learn to filter

846f10  No.6951498


His cooperation is neither required nor requested. In fact he can plead Guilty or STFU.

We have everything.

Thank you for the offer.



bcdda4  No.6951499


No no i swear anon

The 300 bot posts saying trust the plan are all real humans

And the people who come in from time to time wondering what happened to the plan are all shills

Yall better learn spanish

fadfc7  No.6951500

just thinking about it, since journos lurk here, we can insult them all day long and they have to read it.


d0330d  No.6951501


I'll give you that one Mr. Flaccid Grammar.

But when you are teaching school and some kid mentions your flabby ass, I will laugh at the cosmic karma that is KEK.

e9b16a  No.6951502


Also, just for clarity, here's the part that might have Robert Mueller browning his shorts:

(d) Whoever obstructs, attempts to obstruct, or in any way interferes with or prevents the enforcement of this section, shall be fined under this title, imprisoned for a term not to exceed 25 years, or both.

b84186  No.6951503


Who’s brackets got filled out? Almost to the next round

92b473  No.6951504

File: 8eee6e8a53c4779⋯.jpg (154.72 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, kimhill.jpg)

da72b4  No.6951505

File: fd52365248d30c0⋯.jpg (170.19 KB, 523x720, 523:720, ep_credentials.jpg)


>Nobody has ever heard of me

Sounds true enough. Kek!

She does have some credentials though. Not sharp enough to read though.

If the white letters on that blue stripe are her name, then she has quite a long name (8-12 chars or so).

c5306a  No.6951506





c7c27f  No.6951507

File: 4a1eee12350ba08⋯.png (24.08 KB, 628x336, 157:84, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5d634075eb1e9de⋯.png (27.49 KB, 703x296, 19:8, ClipboardImage.png)

Another media revelation, another miraculous coincidence, but still no transparency of the official investigation. #Salisbury

Russian Embassy, UK added,

The Guardian

Verified account @guardian

Revealed: anti-nerve agent drug was used for first time in UK to save novichok victim https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/jul/08/revealed-anti-nerve-agent-drug-was-used-for-first-time-in-uk-to-save-novichok-victim


9:11 AM - 8 Jul 2019





452085  No.6951508

File: d61ddb0248f947b⋯.jpg (378.2 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, AP_18092670476310.jpg)

File: a11f20087fd3d27⋯.png (1.28 MB, 748x976, 187:244, Screen Shot 2019-06-15 at ….png)

045726  No.6951509

File: 5ce565d822b453b⋯.png (511.91 KB, 700x450, 14:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f0b5003b1b5be00⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1425x800, 57:32, ClipboardImage.png)

no hat

no hat

3c11b0  No.6951510

File: 99f4e49afb8e266⋯.png (429.41 KB, 712x373, 712:373, ClipboardImage.png)


>>Robert Maxwell (MOS) acquired from who?




>Emad Khashoggi

6216c8  No.6951511

Comets daughter leaks causing a mistrial. Then they buy time and start all over again.

db5684  No.6951512


I was watching this stream live, They all had Epstein pictures

I didn't see any POTUS ones

92b473  No.6951513

File: e99788ab67919e5⋯.jpg (439.77 KB, 1273x1600, 1273:1600, wwg1wga.jpg)

73e5b5  No.6951514


this is very commonly reported in the UFO/ETI research community as well - which for many people served as a gateway to Qresearch.

59e588  No.6951515


Who else does this? :)

12a193  No.6951516

File: de7672ec1c238fd⋯.jpg (7.39 KB, 255x166, 255:166, PepeWhat.jpg)


>Last week, Swalwell abruptly canceled a New Hampshire campaign swing that was scheduled for July 3 and 4.

Wait, wut? Pence and Swalwell?

09dd53  No.6951517


This is such a disappointment. I hope he continues to appear on cable news shows. I quite enjoy watching this idiot try to talk.

d7868a  No.6951518

File: 69a00c29a7366cd⋯.png (282.82 KB, 593x542, 593:542, lettherebelight.PNG)

201c2d  No.6951519

File: 72881cb85fc7635⋯.jpeg (164.26 KB, 828x896, 207:224, 50FFC981-5E36-47E5-B174-4….jpeg)

File: 8aa225076f4f4e2⋯.jpeg (250.34 KB, 751x896, 751:896, 5379AC38-BD36-4D91-B854-1….jpeg)

File: bbce0607874ebda⋯.jpeg (673.34 KB, 828x1176, 69:98, E10D7398-F034-478D-8AED-9….jpeg)

File: f6e00917a52f731⋯.jpeg (365.25 KB, 828x1222, 414:611, D7E17701-4BD1-4AAB-A5EB-2….jpeg)

File: 5f3780dd82161db⋯.jpeg (287.82 KB, 828x1327, 828:1327, 10777252-8140-4326-9191-7….jpeg)

The Masonlilith Cabal is doomed.

dc21b0  No.6951520


That’s an age-old theological-philosophical problem.

You have freewill. And yet you want God to so control the cosmos that nothing evil ever occurs. The two are mutually exclusive.

6bef84  No.6951521

File: 111b0adc73eb0ed⋯.jpeg (48 KB, 548x540, 137:135, 1chel.jpeg)


Even if you were Bill you would have to be pretty damn desperate to ever want to pork this

cd9df7  No.6951522


Fuckin' glow worm. Nothing you try here is going to work. NEVER does. Just sit in a corner and await your demise. If it will make you feel better, call it your safe space corner.

950e3f  No.6951523



oh you got me Qikachu faggot



bcdda4  No.6951524



Im so fucking jaded that i believe you

But him going to jail at all moves the overton window

Even if is Legit

What kind of pussy piece of shit lets people die cuz a couple brainwashed assholes would go insane cuz of the truth

What kind of douchebag priotizes the most evils mental state over all the good people whove had their lives ruined or worse

Q and trump are chickenshit cowards who are more interest in their own wealth and power than our well being

I think they should be charged too if this planet ever gets freed

b47252  No.6951525

File: 1a7aeeb366402a9⋯.jpeg (135.44 KB, 1048x1048, 1:1, 1537828958.jpeg)

923a2c  No.6951526

File: 2284ecfdb62931d⋯.png (384.6 KB, 651x700, 93:100, 6144189647b59efafae75a979a….png)


- MSM knows about Q

- Acknowledges that we are REAL

- They KNOW and STILL won't ask the Q


3f5348  No.6951527

File: 0ff09ec3e26ab67⋯.png (223.18 KB, 429x525, 143:175, purplehairreporter.png)

Tin Eye comes up with nothing on this girl.

Can someone identify?

a9725e  No.6951528

File: 94e10d7fd2d78d2⋯.jpg (60.56 KB, 500x612, 125:153, KAF.jpg)

8ff1a9  No.6951529


Didn't an anon profer that the guy in 1st pic was Chelsea's hubby?

4e45ce  No.6951530


That's not Tony Podesta. It's Haim Saban.

947ace  No.6951531



2cc87a  No.6951532


What about his (bill clintons) son?

b75a3e  No.6951533


You are wrong.

Impeachment isn't even a possibility in the R majority Senate.

Trump is not Epstein's "buddy" but guess who is?

44fd0e  No.6951534

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

A Brief History of Slavery

Antinomianism Any view which rejects laws or legalism and is against moral, religious or social norms, or is at least considered to do so.

8e0ffd  No.6951535

File: 87eacf9e9a62886⋯.png (208.06 KB, 630x630, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

7c8d78  No.6951536

>>6951257 (pb)



Telephone conversation with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu conveyed his condolences on the tragic death of Russian sailors in the Barents Sea.

Current issues related to bilateral cooperation in trade, the economy and humanitarian sphere were discussed.

Vladimir Putin invited the Israeli Prime Minister to visit Moscow next year to take part in the celebrations marking the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

They also discussed matters related to Russian-Israeli cooperation in the Syrian settlement process considering the results of the trilateral meeting between the Russian, Israeli and US security council secretaries held on June 25, 2019. In particular, they emphasised the importance of further cooperation between military agencies.

The two leaders also agreed to continue personal contacts.

12a193  No.6951537


Top line says "U.S. Attorney's"

d31c62  No.6951538

File: 6b486be616bcc02⋯.png (131.47 KB, 848x698, 424:349, dougBandF22MergedNotables.png)



When I saw F22 notable, I was confused by the USAF tweet with extra "y" (re Epstein property in France)

Investigated a bit and it looks like there was a notables mix up with the Doug Band DIGGS accidentally getting merged with the F22 notable. Baker tried to correct in the following bread. But I don't think the notable Doug Band dig ever made the notables.


>>6946492 DIGG on Doug Band (re Epstein property in France)


>from the baker in bread #8887


Screwed up the #8886 notables post at the very end, please use this bun instead:

>>6946676 (pb)

c2a310  No.6951539



Doug Brennan?

Fleet Aviation, headed by Chief Executive Officer Doug Brennan, has moved from hangar space provided by fixed-base operator Million Air to space once occupied by the U.S. base of Fayair, owned by Mohamed al-Fayed, the former owner of Britain's Harrods department store, whose son, Ali, lives in Greenwich. Fayair has moved to a smaller space next door, sharing it with International Paper."


6b57b6  No.6951540

0c4c1c  No.6951541

File: 0d66586c89979a3⋯.pdf (155.06 KB, 7-8-19-US-Bail-Memo-Epstei….pdf)

Here's the govt's memo opposing bail for Jeffrey Epstein. They argue he poses an "extraordinary risk of flight" given the charges and his wealth, and say they have "real concerns" based on past experience w/ Epstein that he could try to pressure witnesses

8a395a  No.6951542


No shit? That's weird. I'll have to look into that. Isn't there a UFO group on the board?

045726  No.6951543

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


can't stand on his own head? fucking loser

who broke his thumbs this time?

Swalwell attended Campbell University in North Carolina on a soccer scholarship from 1999 to 2001. He broke both of his thumbs in 2001, his sophomore year, ending the scholarship.

ba5905  No.6951544

Anons, its Very Important IMO -and I know great minds think alike- that each and every one of us seize the moment of MSM reporting on Epstein to TALK to friends, family, neighbors, strangers at the checkout, EVERYONE and Anyone you can about the seriousness of this and how there's much more to come. Help Q in softening the blow to the public on just how bad the sex trafficking business and SRA that has been going on for decades is, the EO 12/21, the BORDER incidents and how POTUS won't rest until they are all brought down. We have so much information- Use It!!

f6b8e9  No.6951545

File: e1c636753a50b3b⋯.jpeg (76.53 KB, 700x467, 700:467, yum_yum.jpeg)



Yum, Yum.

Eat 'em up!

3f5348  No.6951546


everything habbens for a reason. we need to know who this is.

8cba0f  No.6951547

File: 83a012f657657e0⋯.jpg (80.88 KB, 666x374, 333:187, health insurance innovatio….jpg)

File: a379ed6428eb9ce⋯.png (865.85 KB, 725x555, 145:111, insurance 1.PNG)

10% owner sold Health Insurance Innovations Inc.:$2.02m-June 24-July 5

Health Insurance Innovations, Inc. is a developer, distributor and cloud-based administrator of individual and family health insurance plans (IFPs) and supplemental products, which include short-term medical (STM) insurance plans, and guaranteed-issue and underwritten hospital indemnity plans. The Company also develops, distributes and administers supplemental products, which include a range of additional insurance and non-insurance products, such as pharmacy benefit cards, dental plans, vision plans, cancer/critical illness plans, deductible and gap protection plans, and life insurance policies that are purchased as supplements to IFP. The Company's STM plans are provided up to six months, 11 months, or 364 days of health

insurance coverage with a range of deductible and copay levels. Individual major medical (IMM) plans cover prescription drugs, pre-existing conditions and preventive care, while STM plans provide optional coverage for prescription drugs.

Number of employees : 199 people.


Mr. Michael W. Kosloske, also known as Mike, served as a Director of Health Insurance Innovations, Inc. until May 14, 2019. Mr. Kosloske is the Founder of Health Insurance Innovations, Inc., and served as its Chief of Product Innovation since November 2015 until June 7, 2018. Prior to that, Mr. Kosloske served as the Chief Executive Officer of Health Insurance Innovations since 2008.

Mr. Kosloske has served as Chairman of Health Insurance Innovations since 2012, and was appointed Executive Chairman in November, 2015. Prior to founding the Company, from 1987 to 2007, Mr. Kosloske

was president of Health Plan Administrators, Inc. In 2005, Mr. Kosloske sold HPA to Independence Holding Company and he remained president of HPA until 2007. Previously, from 1986 to 1987, Mr. Kosloske

was a Marketing Manager for Dun & Bradstreet Plan Services, Inc., a third-party administrator in Tampa, Florida. Mr. Kosloske holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Risk Management and Insurance from Florida State University.



Health Insurance Innovations, Inc. (HIIQ) Sued for Misleading Investors

Shareholder rights law firm Robbins Arroyo LLP announces that a purchaser of Health Insurance Innovations, Inc. (NASDAQ: HIIQ) filed a derivative complaint against the company's officers and directors for alleged breaches of

fiduciary duties and gross mismanagement. Health Insurance Innovations, Inc. operates a cloud-based technology platform and distributor of individual and family health insurance plans.

View this information on the law firm's Shareholder Rights Blog:


Health Insurance Innovations Accused of Misleading Investors

According to the complaint, HIIQ filed its Florida third-party administrator ("TPA") application in July 2016, which HIIQ needed to operate its core business. While HIIQ was in its application process, the company was under

investigation for allegedly fraudulent business practices in 42 states. HIIQ's Florida TPA application was denied in June 2017, due to material errors and omissions, including the omission that two of its officers had been named in lawsuits

"involving dishonesty, breach of trust or a financial dispute." HIIQ concealed the denial until it filed its August 4, 2017 Form 10-Q, which failed to disclose the necessity of obtaining a TPA license and deliberately understated the potentially

devastating consequences the denial would have on company operations. Then, in September 2017, Seeking Alpha released an article revealing the disastrous "domino effect" the TPA denial caused, including loss of additional licenses.

On this news, the share price declined by 37%, closing at $19.75, and has yet to recover.


1782c9  No.6951548

File: 3a93a24b58b66a8⋯.jpeg (359.31 KB, 1600x1064, 200:133, E364FA9F-435A-4238-ADDA-A….jpeg)


I don’t care bro. This JE thing is yuuuuge.

I have my days, and i’m not proud of them, but even if all this was only (its not but still) to take out some elite fucks that thought poor marginalized underaged white girls were his personalized play things, and the evil ass women who sold their soul and helped him get them brought to justice…. It was all worth it.

Aaaaand even femnazi libtard journalists know that Q followers have been the ones fighting hardest not to let this go.

Worth it.

23b961  No.6951549

File: 64d8adb75efb592⋯.png (168.53 KB, 826x737, 826:737, basic.png)

Graphics are Key.

What is a MAP?

Pic related

Network MAP

Will their connections tell a story?

What is 'Rome' without the roads feeding it?

What is the center of the map without the connections?

New connections brought to light.

Epstein to Kashoggi (clown) through r.maxwell (MOS).


Who are the Wizards and Warlocks?


Pen to paper time.

Literally. Do it.

Digfags map it

Meme fags graph it

Newfags spread it


More than Epstein.

Too much data for one person.

Group effort.


Consensus Omnium


bcdda4  No.6951550


No i want God to give a shit

How the fuck is free will honored when the most evil are the only ones exercising it

How the fuck do i have free will or a choice ?

They just do what they want to me with 0 consequences

God has some serious explaining to do

My only real choice is how i react to what they do

And its not really a choice because its 24 7

So they just get to break me then blame,me for it

Im calling out your shit god

c5306a  No.6951551


Not only are you down, but MELTING!

Poor lil snowflake…go back home and suck mommies tets.

You'll feel better.

768612  No.6951552

File: 0d66586c89979a3⋯.pdf (155.06 KB, 7-8-19-US-Bail-Memo-Epstei….pdf)



references evidence uncovered in the raid

fadfc7  No.6951554


yes, indeed, anons really need to consider this fact.

These people paying attention for a reason!

If this was a nothing burger, she wouldn't be all over it in that video.

This speaks volumen!

Get this in your head anons, right now, this is the one thing they do not want you to acknowledge.

And as this is said, many, fucktons of these dickhead wannabe journos reading this too.

c2a310  No.6951555


correct link: https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/business/article/Fleet-Aviation-lands-at-new-home-at-Westchester-485899.php

107f55  No.6951556

File: f3f018876a654a5⋯.png (411.66 KB, 898x506, 449:253, Gaslighting.PNG)


Are they f-ing serious? Gaslighting!!

b47252  No.6951557

File: 5f5201ebc76a148⋯.jpeg (89.44 KB, 1020x636, 85:53, 1554574566.jpeg)

034c54  No.6951558


Very telling.

fb6595  No.6951559


Maxwell was pushed overboard by the kid he was diddling…

90c40e  No.6951560


we can't even imagine what her parents did to her, only difference is that because they are connected they left no obvious physical marks

3f5348  No.6951561

File: 0ff09ec3e26ab67⋯.png (223.18 KB, 429x525, 143:175, purplehairreporter.png)

Where are the autists?

Who is this girl? Who does she work for?

6b57b6  No.6951562


Are there walki talki like devices that can go that distance wo an actual network? NSA pick up those also?

571a60  No.6951563


Agree. I heard on stream the hosts talking to each other about why the protestors brought pictures of Epstein. Host on scene had no idea why the protestors had pics of the EP and nothing else.

I wonder if the protestors were paid to be there and didn't want to talk to the media because they were just there to provide a canvas for future photoshopping (like reuters)? Who knows?

Journalists could be heard in the background trying to pry answers from the protestors:

"Why are you here and what is your message?" I'll try to sauce it now. BRB

8286b6  No.6951564


sheeeit, crohn's disease/IBS will also fuck an anon right up

mind-gut connection

gut distress = clouded mind

inability to use natural "gut instinct" to discern things

add toxic processed food into an ailing gut and you are fucked

but i've been working to avoid becoming ostomy boy, for so long now

please let me avoid that

please give all ailing anons the strength to see The Storm at full intensity

f174c1  No.6951565

Ok so Epstein literally has one - two charges against him and only for sex trafficking a minor…

Apparently he used handlers to displace himself from chargeable crimes ?

Noticing Epstein’s coverage is quite different than A. Mack’s and rainiere.

Talked about cult and sex rings, where Epstein just gets “billionaire alleged sex crime”.

Normies don’t know that Epstein > rainiere on the evil scale

848a62  No.6951566


anons in similar situation could use PGP and form a decentralized intelligence agency, remaining anon. get paid in bitcoin or something.

or just make cannabis legal everywhere and quit sidelining all the geniuses.

3c11b0  No.6951567

File: dec2d28335aa627⋯.png (410.61 KB, 696x308, 174:77, ClipboardImage.png)


>Jack Pussydick: Epstein wants another plea deal



Sorry anons forget to add this too

50709c  No.6951568


>My only real choice is how i react to what they do

With compassion, you’re mind is cracked. Seek the Healer.

bcdda4  No.6951569

Regardless of the truth there is a coordinated effort here to delegtimize epstein being arrested

Thats very interesting

Im really starting to think that there is a white hat faction

And this boards and the Q ops goal is to black pill as many people as possible

Provide unrealistic promises

Target individuals who could be a problem

There needs to be charges for whoever is behind Q

Possibly death penalty

bb684c  No.6951570


GOOD game theory

'work together'

b7b2db  No.6951571



anon suggested Kate Briquelet. She was def at the presser today

dc9675  No.6951572


anybody think that MAYBE, POSSIBLY this reporter KNEW the Faux News camera was setup and running RIGHT BEHIND HER SEAT?

I mean, don't they all know each other? they certainly can see the branding on the cameras and mics, etc…

worth considering, at least…

92b473  No.6951573

File: 5ea62759eb4b79e⋯.jpg (79.16 KB, 620x424, 155:106, rodofgod.jpg)


Trust this god

315e4c  No.6951574

File: 5d7e6306f348dca⋯.jpeg (355.19 KB, 384x1252, 96:313, 2BCEDCA3-4B85-468A-9D84-1….jpeg)


I nominate Hot Mic.

Now the q anon people are freaking out about ME!

2656b9  No.6951575

File: e368aded7969048⋯.jpg (3.67 MB, 2475x3300, 3:4, e368aded796904871114dfc37b….jpg)

8a395a  No.6951576


She looks like the kind of bitch that would be an ultra feminist, showing up naked with paint circles around her tits whilst claiming Trump is the devil at public rallies that effectively do nothing..

90c40e  No.6951577

File: db6767fc1a89ef8⋯.jpeg (195.94 KB, 1938x1340, 969:670, QNN_We_Are_The_News_Now.jpeg)


probably QNN tbh

7c8d78  No.6951578

File: 932eece15b9a350⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1400x700, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>Who is this girl? Who does she work for?

a80ed1  No.6951579

File: ca9056f6f2539a0⋯.png (710.65 KB, 740x471, 740:471, dwbc.PNG)



bcdda4  No.6951580


>oy vey goyim have compassion for the entities or persons torturing,you with tech you couldnt even dream of

Id like to see you try to be me for a single day

1bc8b2  No.6951581

File: 374fc1327b4d21f⋯.png (70.15 KB, 255x143, 255:143, ClipboardImage.png)

Sad to see CUMSWALLOWER go.

73e5b5  No.6951582

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


there is. I can say that many people in the UFO studies community who get these 'scratches' which emerge from inside the skin have had doctors diagnose infection from 'novel' forms of mycoplasma… which many people think are man-made.

efd628  No.6951583


fake ass word created to avoid accountability.

0c4c1c  No.6951584


Jack Pussydick is the CLIT Commander

5bcc83  No.6951585

File: bdec92111013950⋯.png (1.55 MB, 2262x734, 1131:367, ClipboardImage.png)

>>6950344 PB

Mueller’s New Star Witness Against Trump Caught Partying at Exclusive Island Resort with Bill Clinton


Clinton is seen here kicking back at a beach day in Jan. 2017 in Palmilla, Bayahibe, an exclusive haven of warm waters and refuge, near the so-called Paso de Catuano, very close to Isla Saona. This resort is only in accessible by private boat.


465083  No.6951586

File: ca938aceb90731d⋯.png (2.57 MB, 1563x769, 1563:769, ClipboardImage.png)

bcdda4  No.6951587


Which would make her exactly like trump

Lots of hot air and doing nothing

452085  No.6951588




Honorable Henry Pitman

United States Magistrate Judge

July 8, 2019

Page 3

As has been widely reported, the defendant is extraordinarily wealthy, and he owns and

maintains luxury properties and residences around the world, including in Manhattan, New York;

Palm Beach, Florida; Stanley, New Mexico; and Paris, France. Additionally, Epstein owns a

private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands which, as noted above, is believed to be his primary

residence in the United States. His mansion in Manhattan alone—a multi-story townhouse

reported to be one of the largest single residences in all of Manhattan, which previously housed a

school and which he owns through an LLC—has been valued at approximately $77 million.

Entities controlled by the defendant also own at least two private jets in active service, at least one

of which is capable of intercontinental travel.

As described further below, the defendant possesses three active United States passports,

and his international connections and travels are extensive. For example, in addition to

maintaining a residence in Paris, France, as described above, in the past 18 months alone, the

defendant has traveled abroad, via private jet, either into or out of the country on approximately

more than 20 occasions.

Accordingly, the Government respectfully submits that the defendant cannot and will not

be able to meet his burden of overcoming the strong presumption in favor of detention, that there

are no conditions of bail that would assure the defendant’s presence in court proceedings in this

case or protect the safety of the community,

and that any application for bail should be denied.

Very truly yours,


United States Attorney

dc21b0  No.6951589


God does give a shit. That’s why he offers you his hand. You just have to reach out and take it. And stop looking for a life raft when you’ve airborne rescue to winch you aboard.

23b961  No.6951590




Where did AK wealth come from?

Where did it REALLY come from?

Define handler.


e8ba25  No.6951591


>>6951282, >>6951304, >>6951440, >>6951461 Planefag update

>>6951365, >>6951408 Boatfag update

>>6951552 BAIL MEMO/Epstein

>>6951480 Eric Swalwell becomes first 2020 hopeful to drop out

>>6951463 Epstein wants another plea deal

>>6951417 Wall Street: Big Banks on Deutsche Bank: Restructuring plan may be too ‘radical’ and too ‘optimistic’

>>6951424, >>6951457 BC and pedo frenz

>>6951341, >>6951377 Robert Maxwell who named her after his youngest child: Ghislaine. Yacht

>>6951271 @DeptofDefense Staying combat-ready is key.


f174c1  No.6951592



950e3f  No.6951593


>Not only are you down, but MELTING!

ok sparky

come back when you reach adulthood

we'll learn you about plants

stoopid fucks

a33924  No.6951594






>>6951381 rt >>6951377

>>6951415 rt >>6951377


>id 23b961


Suggestion on what tool to use for the mind map that's not comp'd by DS?

8a395a  No.6951595


I say with with all due respect. You need to find a therapist and a psychologist.

f20fd5  No.6951596


Uh, we were told to learn Russian. I already learned enough Spanish when I learned the word "NO".

50709c  No.6951597


Didn’t mean you should have compassion on (them). I meant I’m saying what I say with compassion for (you). Sorry that wasn’t clear.

As for your invitation, I would carry your cross for a spell.

b7b2db  No.6951598

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Watching the Fox10 Phoenix feed. The Fox moderator just posted "The News is Here. Q is Here" Feed went to fast to get a screenshot

fed9e7  No.6951599


The only way to know FOR SURE which way this will go, is to observe and see what happens as it plays out… You know the old saying, only time will tell…

09dd53  No.6951600


I saw it as well. Really, really odd. Especially the kid who got kind of shitty when he was asked whether he was supporting JE or protesting against him - their demo was so weird one couldn't really tell. Kids were super tight-lipped and, if I recall, they closed up shop and moved locations once reporters were asking them questions.

bcdda4  No.6951601


I only come here every 3 days

So if someone else is posting similar shit its either someone else whos a victim of Q

Or a shill bot copying me to,make me look insane so the lemmings dont leave the reservation

Idk why they care 90% of the anons are already gone

And im pretty sure most of them are probably no longer trump supporters since trump gave legitmacy to this op

cd5d68  No.6951602

File: 9a6f38ad6ed7fe5⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, ReutersFNarr.png)


Reuters Fotoshop Fuckery?

73e5b5  No.6951603


the purple hair is a lesbo 'pride' thing.

452085  No.6951604

File: a45545e4e5da777⋯.png (973.62 KB, 1150x963, 1150:963, Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at ….png)

8cba0f  No.6951605

File: 604be3b84daf817⋯.jpeg (143.62 KB, 800x800, 1:1, pepe volcano pissed.jpeg)


was speaking about captcha and only that.

Know the JE thing was huge years ago, it was frustrating watching nothing being done about it-and then the judge letting him walk last time. People talk so some of this stuff, although new to some is not new to me. I even lost my relationship to my mother over this stuff because she refused to believe anything I said about it, that was several years ago. Did not want that but in the end it was not my choice was her's.

With ya Bro…it's all worth it.

pic is me over the last several years about this stuff and wall street too.

8e0ffd  No.6951606

File: 5bead46e6dc87e1⋯.png (495.24 KB, 1008x849, 336:283, ClipboardImage.png)

252467  No.6951607

File: ece57d1e902d822⋯.png (484.1 KB, 385x546, 55:78, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0f876003053b5d0⋯.png (488.48 KB, 436x546, 218:273, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8fbd7af34561265⋯.png (21.02 KB, 346x177, 346:177, ClipboardImage.png)

'Former NYPD cops sue New York Post over article detailing flight with prostitute'

Two former New York City police officers are suing the New York Post for $5 million over a 2016 article alleging that they had group sex with a prostitute on a plane. The article centered around a plane ride from Las Vegas to New York on Super Bowl weekend in 2013. On the private flight were Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg, both donors of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. Also onboard was Reichberg’s friend, Marco Franco, a prostitute named Gabi Grecko, former NYPD Deputy Inspector James Grant, and former NYPD detective Mike Milici.

Prosecutors said that Grant and the others “took advantage of (Grecko’s) services during the trip,” alleging that it was an example of the bribes Rechnitz and Reichberg would offer. Grecko was featured in an interview with the New York Post, with the story containing explicit details about the flight. In a photo from the trip, Grecko is seen wearing skimpy stewardess costume. She said that she performed oral sex on the men and had sex with some of them at the same time.

The defamation lawsuit, filed Sunday in federal court, alleges that the New York Post was incorrect about the facts of the flight, with both Milici and Grant claiming to the New York Daily News that they didn’t have group sex aboard the flight. “Never did Jimmy and me get naked on a plane and have group sex in front of other men,” Milici said. “Does it make sense two guys like Mike and me would get naked and do these crazy things?” Grant said. Grant was acquitted of bribery charges in a 2018 trial. Milici was never charged but was fired from the NYPD. Both former officers have previously filed lawsuits over being let go by the NYPD. They claim that the New York Post article was a factor in them being fired. Grant said the flight was more akin to a bachelor party, with crass jokes and booze flowing, but no public sex. “There were no sexual acts,” Grant said. “When we got into Vegas she stayed in the room with Marco Franco.”

Grecko herself said the New York Post article was shoddy, with details inserted she claimed were not truthful and that the author was “pushy.” “I know what sexually happened. But I didn’t know all those details that they threw in there. None of those were true,” Grecko said.


bbef97  No.6951608


To the perverse, all things are perverse.

3e60c8  No.6951609

File: 82c342bd0500497⋯.jpg (93.92 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, you1.jpg)






What is a rectum?

Blue Velvet.

eef79e  No.6951610


You could have an autoimmune disease anon. Go see a doctor. Not something to let go.

Also learn how to protect yourself spiritually.

b2bf0e  No.6951611


> Then they buy time and start all over again.


>Accordingly, the Government respectfully submits that the defendant cannot and will not

be able to meet his burden of overcoming the strong presumption in favor of detention, that there are no conditions of bail that would assure the defendant’s presence in court proceedings in this case or protect the safety of the community,

and that any application for bail should be denied.

If they do that, he gets to sit in a cell longer.

1d46f2  No.6951612

File: b17421621570a1f⋯.jpg (10.47 MB, 4608x3456, 4:3, _0001_29.jpg)

ab08f6  No.6951613

File: 94faa51f1667e12⋯.jpeg (221.47 KB, 631x558, 631:558, 94faa51f1667e126446f75bbc….jpeg)

File: 754ef0bae9351e2⋯.jpg (20.97 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 7400273b29254b6da6bbbfdaab….jpg)

File: 73654b50f80d42b⋯.jpg (166.85 KB, 960x540, 16:9, trudeau.jpg)

File: 33ba9f2bf91038e⋯.jpg (34.7 KB, 380x536, 95:134, df6748a5d5345c8bdae91fd359….jpg)

File: 739bf71b511f2a3⋯.jpg (247.33 KB, 1733x975, 1733:975, Screenshot_2019-07-08 3094….jpg)



To me, this guy looks like Justin Tradeau

are we sure it's not?

bcdda4  No.6951614



Do not make assumptions about 4d chess

Do not count on imaginary happens

Look at donald trumps actual actions

If youre ok with them

Then vote for him

Im not ok with george bush 2.0

So i will not be

This is a free country so youre free to vote for him

2656b9  No.6951615


you can't bullshit a long term lurker!

44d8b7  No.6951616

File: 5f613be518f6688⋯.png (644.25 KB, 571x374, 571:374, ClipboardImage.png)


Also means they know what we know AND HAVE DONE NOTHING!!!!!!!

Are there not laws that say you then are just a guilty?

465083  No.6951617

File: f3bd8a1821750f8⋯.png (176.32 KB, 667x375, 667:375, rapinoe_.png)

c2a310  No.6951618



JB certainly was vicious after J Khashoggi death…

"Former Director of the CIA, John O. Brennan, stated that that the reasons for the Saudi leadership’s denials of involvement in the case of Jamal Khashoggi is meaningless.

Brennan added in an interview with the American NBC network on Sunday evening: “If Khashoggi had disappeared in Turkey at a hotel or private residence, I think there is plausible deniability in the part of the Saudi government. But he disappeared when there is video evidence of him being at the Saudi consulate. So, their denials very much ring hollow.”


On to AK…

bbef97  No.6951619


Ready for Robert Hannigan to become a household name

8495b3  No.6951620

File: 5316a4c6eac832c⋯.jpg (375.24 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, IMG_20190708_103738.jpg)

Does anybody have the template?

459c72  No.6951621


<think morror

was this the "mirror" all along?!

Maxwell rose from poverty to build an extensive publishing empire. After his death, huge discrepancies in his companies' finances were revealed, including his fraudulent misappropriation of the Mirror Group pension fund.

Maxwell's death triggered a flood of instability, with banks frantically calling in their massive loans. His sons, Kevin and Ian, struggled to hold the empire together, but were unable to prevent its collapse. It emerged that without adequate prior authorization, Maxwell had used hundreds of millions of pounds from his companies' pension funds to shore up the shares of the Mirror Group to save his companies from bankruptcy.[51] Eventually, the pension funds were replenished with money from investment banks Shearson Lehman and Goldman Sachs, as well as the British government. This replenishment was limited and also supported by a surplus in the printers' fund, which was taken by the government in part payment of £100 million required to support the workers' state pensions. The rest of the £100 million was waived. Maxwell's theft of pension funds was therefore partly repaid from public funds. The result was that in general pensioners received about 50 percent of their company pension entitlement.

The Maxwell companies filed for bankruptcy protection in 1992. Kevin Maxwell was declared bankrupt with debts of £400 million. In 1995, Kevin and Ian and two other former directors went on trial for conspiracy to defraud, but were unanimously acquitted by a twelve-man jury in 1996.


452085  No.6951622

File: fdf33a556b269f9⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1791x520, 1791:520, Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at ….png)


Seeing eye Adawgs

b7b2db  No.6951623


Details from what FBI found inside Epstein’s $77 Million Manhattan mansion:

Extraordinary volume of photographs of nude underage girls

Hundreds perhaps thousands of sexually suggestive photographs of fully or partially nude females.

Safe containing compact disks with labels

cd5d68  No.6951624

File: 38f395aee8c0f55⋯.png (2.93 MB, 1657x2008, 1657:2008, ReutersFNarr.png)




8a395a  No.6951625


Thanks for the info. Honestly wasn't a path I realized. Assumed if anything it was more spiritual. But as I've learned here, anything is possible. Thanks again for the info.

e8ba25  No.6951626

>>6951252 lb PDF Epstein flight logs

107b8a  No.6951627

File: 8efc19c2c1e0ec7⋯.jpg (34.59 KB, 348x385, 348:385, vb.jpg)



4e45ce  No.6951628


Baker the graphic in


is mislabeled Tony Podesta. The correct name is Haim Saban.

12a193  No.6951629


Not Trudeau. Scroll up.

f6b8e9  No.6951630

File: 537b809442003f8⋯.png (620.43 KB, 700x525, 4:3, epstein_island_visiters_w_….png)



Old Discord image from buried archives used.

Good to correct.


Is it Lefcourt & who's in the background?

ed52ad  No.6951631

File: dc17575013ce50e⋯.jpg (111.61 KB, 750x500, 3:2, Trump Epstein Prosecution.jpg)

File: 639b61a260f3764⋯.jpg (301.77 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Trump Pointing.jpg)


Here is a better meme with meme batter.

2d131b  No.6951632

File: 572206d3c1981b3⋯.png (859.35 KB, 1004x572, 251:143, Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at ….png)

this is so great

f174c1  No.6951633


I wonder if putting associations in a relational DB and using db mapping software would work

Using sql or something

85097b  No.6951634

File: 321542797567fba⋯.jpg (20.55 KB, 220x307, 220:307, 220px-Alexander_Acosta_hea….jpg)

File: 8cacbb4ac5b8d32⋯.png (260.05 KB, 631x558, 631:558, 6882539889a744d733e06bc071….png)

What do your eyes tell you, anons?

How did Epstein get such a sweet deal, anone?


947ace  No.6951635


yes not him .. at least in that pix

8f1b02  No.6951636


>To me, this guy looks like Justin Tradeau


>are we sure it's not?

Trudeau's a faggot, Bill Clinton and his pals are abusing young girls. Different scene.

dc21b0  No.6951637


Nah, bro. Seen the size of Fat Captain Bob? That job was either voluntary or needed a couple of heavies from you know where

37bce4  No.6951638

File: 62e21f74b70cfd3⋯.png (713.84 KB, 1086x610, 543:305, David-hogg.png)

497948  No.6951639

They aren't letting him out because he's a flight risk… AWESOME

b43da5  No.6951640

File: cf42b14d5738aa2⋯.png (14.48 KB, 593x253, 593:253, CDAnAndrew.PNG)


This morning's CDAN

Re: Kevin Spacey's interview with Scotland Yard was really about Prince Andrew….





8cba0f  No.6951641

File: 1c1d22eb367a1a8⋯.png (487.71 KB, 721x400, 721:400, Da Banker's.png)


yea, knew they would do that. They know 'dey next and can't do shit about it. Wait until fall, if DB even gets that far. DB goes poof and it all ends. All it takes is one counter-party to pull collateral and it's BOMBS AWAY baby.

bcdda4  No.6951642


Yeah probably

Lymes doesnt explain seeing ufos

The capcha saying my last name and shit like gl skum

And gl prey

And every piece of tech seeming being abel to read my mind

And the other worse stuff i dont want to talk about

Nobody would even believe me

27b25c  No.6951643

Woe to my worthless shepherd,

who deserts the flock!

May the sword strike his arm

and his right eye!

Let his arm be wholly withered,

his right eye utterly blinded!

Zechariah 11:17

This is why they punch their left eyes. It's opposite the right eye In Zechariah.

8e0ffd  No.6951644

need one more arrest and i could be pretty content.

829479  No.6951645


here's my deal:

spill and die painlessly.

do not spill and suffer really badly.



bbef97  No.6951646


Seeing a Rachel Chandler the Handler hint here

71cb1b  No.6951647


Cat lover kek

c7c27f  No.6951648

File: 787bfc278651f61⋯.png (24.08 KB, 640x299, 640:299, ClipboardImage.png)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke today by telephone with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The leaders discussed Iran, Syria and bilateral relations.


4:23 AM - 8 Jul 2019

>>6951536 Baker´s comped, so, we repost

bcdda4  No.6951649


Please be real justice please be real justice please be real justice

f496aa  No.6951650

File: 4e22b6dcb0124b0⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1200x1231, 1200:1231, ClipboardImage.png)

Feels good to see normies come onto the board concernfagging that Epstein will bring GEOTUS down.

They have no idea how deep our understanding of this plan goes and how much patiently we have waited to see Sessions' pick, Berman stand up in front of an audience and state that justice will be served.

They have no clue that we have read the flight manifests. That we know that sex trafficking wasn't the only crimes committed on that island.

They have no clue that we know that Q Team has everything. That fools took phones into the temple.

We understand the overton window and the process we're going through in order to bring light to darkness.

We know that POTUS is clean and that's why he was selected by MI white hats to run for office back in 2011.

It's all happening. So all of you faggots raising concerns can fuck right off back to wherever you came from.

It's all good here.

92b473  No.6951651

File: a829d1c2ef070cb⋯.jpg (89.56 KB, 640x550, 64:55, billep.jpg)

fed9e7  No.6951652


not aa fucking clue what you're saying…. kek

23b961  No.6951653


Freemind is local and open source.

bbef97  No.6951654


He was moving his operations to his other island. I would imagine construction is halted now.

c2a310  No.6951655


Quick glance…

Brennan and AK lead to "the 28 pages" and 9/11.

Circus Cirlce.

8286b6  No.6951656


i was typically a "smart" kid in alternative schooling, alongside rich kids

shitty (but not abusive) childhood

no health problems and none in family

then i remember my gut breaking the night i drank a large carton of nestle iced tea (early GMO sugar), horrid cramps all night

then the real fun started

my left eye even failed in college as i was summa/PBK

i wish i could have my health back

just to travel and eat something new

i'm a fucking hermit

7c8d78  No.6951657

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b43da5  No.6951658

>>6951640 CDAN Kevin Spacey's interview with Scotland Yard was really about Prince Andrew…

notable if I do say so myself…




fa4136  No.6951659

File: f766e523a8fffde⋯.png (193.55 KB, 416x348, 104:87, 2019-07-08_1237.png)

File: 58de0f68391cea4⋯.png (771.79 KB, 1217x899, 1217:899, 2019-07-08_1236.png)

File: d6d037f7a91987f⋯.png (812.45 KB, 1764x888, 147:74, 2019-07-08_1233.png)



Photog: Shannon Stapleton

Protester shown holding Trump pic in the Reuters Photo archive - for sale w/ Trump picture included


I saw the live stream earlier, and woman in white shirt was holding EPSTEIN poster.

DATE IMPORTED:July 08, 2019Demonstrators hold signs aloft protesting Jeffrey Epstein, as he awaits arraignment in the Southern District of New York on charges of sex trafficking of minors and conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of minors, in New York, U.S., July 8, 2019. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

I can't tell if it's shopped or not, or if the protester switched posters when this photo was taken. But it's an ORIGINAL photo in the REUTERS store, as-is.

08f590  No.6951660

File: 102ed1f7c05ef76⋯.png (463.28 KB, 634x687, 634:687, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3543790d726ca5d⋯.mp4 (1.38 MB, 480x270, 16:9, Special Prosecutor.mp4)



7a1b0b  No.6951661

File: c34508af89583d5⋯.png (375.78 KB, 1036x508, 259:127, Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at ….png)


All in the family.

(((They))) killed him because he was going to unwind the family secrets?

Uncle owned the boat before Maxwell.

e8ba25  No.6951662


noted, ty anon

66cf62  No.6951663

Since he is in jail does that make his island accessible? Or easier to get close ups?

3c11b0  No.6951664

File: 03df8aad05f1a3d⋯.png (377.53 KB, 409x450, 409:450, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fbb9119d5b7df00⋯.png (761.02 KB, 666x500, 333:250, ClipboardImage.png)


>Jack Pussydick is the CLIT Commander

b75a3e  No.6951665

New PDJT tweet!

Donald J. Trump

Verified account


1m1 minute ago


Brilliant Constitutional Lawyer, Dr. John Eastman, said the Special Prosecutor (Mueller) should have NEVER been appointed in the first place. The entire exercise was fundamentally illegal. The Witch Hunt should never happen to another President of the U.S. again. A TOTAL SCAM!



15 replies 22 retweets 78 likes

Reply 15 Retweet 22 Like 78

8dead5  No.6951666


you going in?

8d3290  No.6951667

Rosa Monckton was a long time friend of Jeffrey Epstien according to this article from Vanity fair. There is another article that says she was a good friend of Princess Diana as well, Diana helped her bury her stillborn child in the Palace garden. Sick. She is still tweating about down syndrome, which her daughter has. Seems she was also involved in Special Olympics with Maria Shriver.




90c40e  No.6951668


chin and ugly fucking ears check out - need more picks from same time period to be sure

8e0ffd  No.6951669

File: 4d624dbe75ab7e3⋯.png (941.36 KB, 724x465, 724:465, ClipboardImage.png)

bcdda4  No.6951670


Be me

Be "God"

Be a total dick and constantly violate free will

Why does anyone believe the old testament

I like what jesus had to say and i assume hes the real deal cuz the demonic entities go away when i say his name over and over

But whatever did all the shit in the old testament

Thats not god

b2bf0e  No.6951671



seems like a good fit too, anon.

going through her videos she has one of allison mack walking out of court… if she's a court nerd covering NXIVM there is NO WAY she doesn't know all about QR

ed52ad  No.6951672


>>6949638 (pb)

c3442d  No.6951673

File: 716987afdf74a01⋯.jpg (52.32 KB, 602x349, 602:349, Screenshot 2019-07-08_12-4….jpg)


52580b  No.6951674

I’m a really the only Anon who thinks is bulllshit that Trump rewarded Alex Acosta with the Secretary of Labor job after illegally making sure Epstein skated the first time?

Seriously? Nobody is even willing to look at that objectively?

92b473  No.6951675


Epstein case opens the Door of all Doors?

f6b8e9  No.6951676


Also, dude in image is already imaged as someone (Gerold Lefcourt?) older than Trudeau is today & the image is far from new.

Ages don't match up, end of story, yeah?

1782c9  No.6951677

File: 1394c22d6e91792⋯.jpeg (21.69 KB, 255x157, 255:157, CB9D196F-1AFF-479B-A7CD-0….jpeg)

File: c37b89eba51e736⋯.jpeg (25.55 KB, 255x212, 255:212, C51C7CC0-D305-4140-A768-F….jpeg)

File: 8cf9ebe2e605159⋯.jpeg (18.63 KB, 255x248, 255:248, BC875447-3E18-4454-B227-7….jpeg)


No, I knew what you meant.

100% agreed.

I was just expanding it to other frustrations that have come during this journey.

Wasn’t trying to speak for you too fren.

Gotta go patriots Irl stuff.

Keep on keepin on!

It’s habbening!

4e45ce  No.6951678


Not sure, could be but not provable imo.. I do know that someone keeps pushing the Tony Podesta thing for some reason. The shilling of It has been very cyclical.

3c74c0  No.6951679

BOOM → Epstein arrest




35a042  No.6951680


Donald J. Trump

‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

1m1 minute ago

Brilliant Constitutional Lawyer, Dr. John Eastman, said the Special Prosecutor (Mueller) should have NEVER been appointed in the first place. The entire exercise was fundamentally illegal. The Witch Hunt should never happen to another President of the U.S. again. A TOTAL SCAM!



c3442d  No.6951681

File: 8a5ed0de81ac882⋯.jpg (79.56 KB, 641x474, 641:474, Screenshot 2019-07-08_12-4….jpg)


bbef97  No.6951682

File: 481241909b24be5⋯.png (702.35 KB, 634x694, 317:347, ClipboardImage.png)


I think the tall dude is Chelsea's husband.

7c8d78  No.6951683

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a33924  No.6951684



The linked graphic uses Vister


I attempted this a year ago, and it was utterly time consuming doing it by hand. Not a codefag.

Vister mentions SQL, perhaps possible and faster to do it that way?

But ideally would be nice to have an online, non-comped, collaborative solution with an export option for archiving.

73e5b5  No.6951685


to make a long story short, a lot of people in alt-research circles come to suspect they have been purpopsely infected with a weaponized form of mycoplasma which causes autoimmune-type symptoms. Good news is that it isn't HIV - that test always comes back negative. it's generally thought to be contracted by inhalation.

not that there is no spiritual component… the people developing and deploying such bioweapons may well be under some kind of demonic control.

many sufferers have had a reduction in symptoms using the 'blood electrification' box designed by Robert Beck.

c7c27f  No.6951686

File: d764589c18b9bbb⋯.png (43.57 KB, 640x406, 320:203, ClipboardImage.png)

Federal Government Conducts Unprecedented Seizure of Massive Cargo Ship After Finding Almost 20 Tons of Cocaine on Board.


8:59 AM - 8 Jul 2019

20 Tons of Cocaine on Board

bcdda4  No.6951687


I have a picture of me as a baby in,my,house

In the photo i have my left eye covered like the cabal do in their photos

I assume ive been a target for someone,or,something forever

8a395a  No.6951688


Have you tried praying or getting an exorcism rather than just complain about stuff on here? God helps those who help themselves…

44fd0e  No.6951689

File: ebcba7a374c1912⋯.png (387.89 KB, 492x350, 246:175, ClipboardImage.png)


"Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically, you know, call it the ‘stupidity of the American voter’ or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical to getting the thing to pass."

Jonathan Gruber, a swamp thing who thought Obamacare was a theft of wealth from the young to the elderly, whose SSI checks now go to cover Obamacare for their replacements.

"We have to vote on it to see what's in it."

Crime Boss Pelosi

b75a3e  No.6951690


99% sure that's Mezvinsky in the photo. Makes more sense in context than any other name.

f174c1  No.6951691


Now we know why Q kept saying these people are STUPID.

For TWO and a half years !!!! Epstein has been under scrutiny by anons here and he had to know people were digging into ray chandler!

And the dumb ass motherfucker still kept shit in his house.

I guess these stupid fucks get all the money to make up for a lack of brains

7c8d78  No.6951692

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

459c72  No.6951693


AK = adnan kashoggi

from his wikipedia:

In the 1960s and 1970s, Khashoggi helped bring together Western companies and the Saudi Arabian Government to satisfy the needs of the young Kingdom for its infrastructure and defense needs.[10][11] Between 1970 and 1975, Lockheed paid Khashoggi $106 million in commissions. His commissions started at 2.5% and eventually rose to as much as 15%. Khashoggi "became for all practical purposes a marketing arm of Lockheed. Khashoggi would provide not only an entrée but strategy, constant advice, and analysis", according to Max Helzel, then vice president of Lockheed's international marketing.[12]

A commercial pioneer, he established companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein to handle his commissions as well as developing contacts with notables such as CIA officers James H. Critchfield and Kim Roosevelt and United States businessman Bebe Rebozo, a close associate of U.S. President Richard Nixon. His yacht, the Nabila, was the largest in the world at the time and was used in the James Bond film Never Say Never Again.[10][11] After Khashoggi ran into financial problems he sold the yacht to the Sultan of Brunei, who in turn sold it for $29 million to Donald Trump, who sold it for $20 million[13] to Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal as part of a deal to keep his Taj Mahal casino out of bankruptcy.

Khashoggi headed a company called Triad International Holding Company, which among other things built the Triad Center in Salt Lake City, which later went bankrupt.[14] He was famed as an arms dealer, brokering deals between US firms and the Saudi government, most actively in the 1960s and 1970s. In the documentary series The Mayfair Set, Saudi author Said Aburish states that one of Khashoggi's first weapons deals was providing David Stirling with weapons for a covert mission in Yemen during the Aden Emergency in 1963. Among his overseas clients were defense contractors Lockheed Corporation (now Lockheed Martin Corporation), Raytheon, Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation and Northrop Corporation (the last two of which have now merged into Northrop Grumman).[11][2]

involvement in the iran-contra affair:

Khashoggi was implicated in the Iran–Contra affair as a key middleman in the arms-for-hostages exchange along with Iranian arms dealer Manucher Ghorbanifar and, in a complex series of events, was found to have borrowed money for these arms purchases from the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) with Saudi and United States backing.[2] His role in the affair created a related controversy when Khashoggi donated millions to the American University in Washington, DC to build a sports arena which would bear his name.[16] Khashoggi was a member of the university's board of trustees from 1983 until his indictment on fraud and other charges in May 1989.[17]


b43da5  No.6951694


my eyes tell me you are an idiot

that isn't acosta…not even close

Acosta went along with sweetheart deal because of pressure, death threats to staff and other reasons…

565ae5  No.6951695

File: fba877f206f0e41⋯.jpg (144.96 KB, 1166x776, 583:388, QshipAlerts.jpg)

Choppy Seas, But Fantastic Sailing Today!


107b8a  No.6951696


Victoria Bekiempis


92b473  No.6951697

File: a4cf5483ca69cdc⋯.jpg (64.5 KB, 650x433, 650:433, trainlightheymaggie.jpg)

9c72e2  No.6951698

File: db4e6cb74253a9e⋯.jpg (49.1 KB, 780x438, 130:73, starr.jpg)

Can't wait for this piece of shit to be exposed as the fraud that he is.

fc4509  No.6951699

PELOSI'S DAUGHTER sounding the alarm?

Christine Pelosi: ‘Quite Likely That Some Of Our Faves’ Involved In Epstein Sex Trafficking Case


b43da5  No.6951700


it is…

85097b  No.6951701

File: f4e97fc952076bf⋯.jpg (38.35 KB, 600x389, 600:389, Alexander Acosta Labor Sec….jpg)

File: 8cacbb4ac5b8d32⋯.png (260.05 KB, 631x558, 631:558, 6882539889a744d733e06bc071….png)


Christ is Lord.

452085  No.6951702

File: 8d47de4963043c4⋯.png (731.78 KB, 1377x603, 153:67, Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at ….png)

File: eb6269f2b43d470⋯.png (469.43 KB, 1096x525, 1096:525, Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at ….png)


methinks zero on the final for weiner and acosta

unless youngerAcosta…

ed52ad  No.6951703

File: 557a40915a03692⋯.jpg (98.76 KB, 750x500, 3:2, Lolita Express.jpg)

bb684c  No.6951704

File: c92e97f32420d8f⋯.jpg (85.69 KB, 800x449, 800:449, Night Shift POTUS.jpg)

4e45ce  No.6951705


Ty baker.

7c8d78  No.6951706




Federal Government Conducts Unprecedented Seizure of Massive Cargo Ship After Finding Almost 20 Tons of Cocaine on Board

PHILADELPHIA – United States Attorney William M. McSwain announced today that, on July 4, 2019, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) executed a seizure warrant obtained by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, and seized the cargo vessel MSC Gayane as being subject to possible forfeiture to the United States.

On June 17, 2019, federal, state, and local law enforcement agents boarded the MSC Gayane when it arrived at Packer Marine Terminal in Philadelphia and seized 19.76 tons of cocaine. Since that time, crew members of the MSC Gayane have been charged with knowingly and intentionally conspiring with each other and others to possess more than five kilograms of cocaine on board a vessel subject to the jurisdiction of the United States. The federal criminal investigation is ongoing.

As a result of this seizure, the MSC Gayane – a ship built in 2018 and measuring approximately two city blocks in length – has been placed under the custody of CBP and shall remain so until further proceedings or Order of the Court.

“A seizure of a vessel this massive is complicated and unprecedented – but it is appropriate because the circumstances here are also unprecedented. We found nearly 20 tons of cocaine hidden on this ship,” said U.S. Attorney McSwain. “When a vessel brings such an outrageous amount of deadly drugs into Philadelphia waters, my Office and our agency partners will pursue the most severe consequences possible against all involved parties in order to protect our district – and our country.”

“The MSC Gayane is the largest vessel seized in U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s 230-year history and follows the record seizure of almost 20-tons of cocaine discovered on the vessel,” said Casey Durst, CBP’s Director of Field Operations in Baltimore. “Seizing a vessel of this size is an unusual enforcement action for CBP, but is indicative of the serious consequences associated with an alleged conspiracy by crewmembers and others to smuggle a record load of dangerous drugs through the United States. This action serves as a reminder for all shipping lines and vessel masters of their responsibilities under U.S. and international law to implement and enforce stringent security measures to prevent smuggling attempts such as this.”

“The seizure of the MSC Gayane is another significant step toward holding accountable those who perpetuate drug smuggling crimes both here in Philadelphia and around the world,” said Marlon Miller, Special Agent in Charge of HSI Philadelphia. “HSI, in collaboration with CBP, the Coast Guard, and our state and local law enforcement partners continue to aggressively work with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania to comprehensively investigate this case and bring to justice those who had roles in this drug smuggling venture.”

The case is being investigated by the United States Customs and Border Protection and Homeland Security Investigations, together with a multi-agency team of federal, state, and local partners.

37bce4  No.6951707



b2bf0e  No.6951708


comma space bot is back!!

fed9e7  No.6951709


The "Starr" of the 90's? kek

7a1b0b  No.6951710


Are we keeping a list of these? Have to have completely shut the market down by now.

The REAL war on drugs.

83dd1e  No.6951711


This. The Great Awakening is for everyone to discover the truth and wake up. Even those whom you or I may not have much else in common with. We need everyone to wake up so this never happens again.

fb6595  No.6951712


Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

1a4713  No.6951713


actually, he did

d69f67  No.6951714

File: d25eb9c81abb2f1⋯.png (562.79 KB, 615x615, 1:1, 8 research Andrew Lightwoo….png)

Queen's Welsh butler jailed for sexually abusing a young child

ByLiz DayCourts Reporter

13:54, 5 JUL 2019UPDATED15:58, 5 JUL 2019

Andrew Lightwood, 57, was a butler to the Queen and to Princess Anne

A former butler to the Queen left a young child distressed and unable to sleep after sexually abusing him.

Andrew Lightwood, 57, who used to work in the royal household, unbuttoned his trousers and exposed himself to the boy before touching him sexually during the prolonged incident.

Sentencing him at Cardiff Crown Court, Judge Niclas Parry said: “To the outside world, you were an upstanding moral person, but that hid a dark reality."

The court heard the incident happened in the Bridgend area on February 4.

Nigel Fryer, prosecuting, said the defendant unbuttoned his trousers and performed a sexual act on himself.

The victim, who cannot be named for legal reason, described Lightwood exposing “his privates”.

Prosecutors said the defendant then put his hand down the child’s trousers and touched him sexually.

The victim later described the incident lasting for more than eight minutes, until he told Lightwood he needed to go to the bathroom and managed to get away.

Mr Fryer said the boy told his mother what happened and she called the police straight away.

In a victim personal statement, she said he cannot sleep and gets “angry and frustrated”.

She said: “What [Lightwood] did to him will stay with him for the rest of his life.”

The mother said her son is now “very insecure” and has had counselling. She added: “I want my old son back.”

In another statement, his school teacher said he has been “subdued” since the incident, which is out of character.

The boy was examined by a paediatrician, who found he was sore and swollen, suggesting the defendant had been “rough” with him.

Mr Fryer told the court the child was “disturbed” by what happened.

Lightwood, who used to work as a verger – or caretaker – in a monastery, was arrested and denied everything.

His LinkedIn account shows he was a butler in the Royal Household at Buckingham Palace from 1978 to 1984 in which time he is understood to have worked for the Queen and Princess Anne.

The prosecutor said: “He worked within the Queen’s household as a butler. He was seen as an extremely respectable, upstanding member of society.”

Lightwood, from Cefn Glas in Bridgend, admitted engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child and assaulting a boy by sexual touching.

Andrew Evans, defending, stressed his client had no previous convictions or cautions, adding: “He understands the impact of his behaviour on his victim.”

In his sentencing remarks, Judge Parry said: “You abused him for your own sexual gratification.”

Lightwood was jailed for 28 months and the judge imposed a 10-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order. He will also have to register as a sex offender for that time.

Deborah Rogers, deputy chief crown prosecutor, said: "Andrew Lightwood took advantage of the situation he was in to carry out this assault.

“His own selfish actions have resulted in today’s sentence.”


315e4c  No.6951715


Shire does.

Change the perspective knowing he would be charged.

He collected voluntary blackmail on any powerful criminal for years just to hand it over to FBI under trump administration.

Why do you need a clean house.

This is why patient anons are important.

a33924  No.6951716


GHWB is rolling over in his grave

or in his bed on his private Japanese island

or in his private cell in GITMO

ya know, we'll probably never know what really happened to him

f6b8e9  No.6951717


Not even close.

Ears & hair don't match.

b8cece  No.6951718


And here comes the PANIC

dc9675  No.6951719

File: 89be421bbfad6ca⋯.png (2.01 MB, 1391x994, 1391:994, Feministaisle.PNG)


I knew it…

bcdda4  No.6951720


I pray constantly

I dont,trust catholics

It didnt start with demonic shit

It started with gangstalking

Weird shit i thought was God

But the thing is nothing ever happened until i found this board and Qs posts

The second i did all the insane shit happened

Then Q gave me a you for some random bs seemingly indicating that they know who i am

Well a year later im alone and miserable

Thanks for ruining my life Q

I hope you and donald enjoy hell

Also how the hell ami supposed to help myself against the entire federal government

Religion and the bible are a load of horseshit

If thats really the way God does things hes worse than satan

4d6329  No.6951722


comey on left.. 6 ft 8 in

clinton 6 ft 2 in

fc4509  No.6951723

File: e91411155cb3176⋯.png (143.51 KB, 508x538, 254:269, ClipboardImage.png)


>Christine Pelosi: ‘Quite Likely That Some Of Our Faves’ Involved In Epstein Sex Trafficking Case

3c74c0  No.6951724

Watch out for news of Rachel Chandler following Epstein. She is connected to Hannah Bronfman who also has ties with MM.

85097b  No.6951725


Jaw matches. Control for head tilt and the profile is perfect.

09784e  No.6951726

File: aa1acac46cd1c99⋯.png (300.86 KB, 1319x798, 1319:798, saban wiki 1.PNG)

File: 9ad0c995be43a58⋯.png (265.73 KB, 1324x794, 662:397, saban wiki 2.PNG)


> Haim Saban.

Well this guy checks all the boxes for DS cabal

452085  No.6951727

File: aef5c37a1d085de⋯.png (1.06 MB, 727x1153, 727:1153, Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at ….png)


That dog done had its day…

8e0ffd  No.6951728

File: 9ce1c2c07e6937a⋯.png (161.2 KB, 627x465, 209:155, ClipboardImage.png)

seriously, why are they not going all in on this dude?

3764cc  No.6951729

>>6951141 (lb)

>Mueller testifies before Congress, July 17.

>Think those good in Congress will have

>questions regarding the Epstein deal he cut?

Ohhh, yeah! Mueller said he didn't have anything more to say about the report outside of what's already in print there. But that leaves him open to other questions.

f20fd5  No.6951730


Nope, want the names of the "freebies," too. Names, date(s), location(s), victim names and ages and any records, whether physical or electronic, without exception or redaction.

Then, we can think about it.

Minimum sentence not less than 5 years, maximum not to exceed 10 years IF the evidence results in significant arrests. (There is no need to bust the cleaning service part-time housekeeper.)

27b25c  No.6951731


Not a mystery. Chelsea Clinton's husband.

cb4659  No.6951732




They kept pushing that posterboard and contact number. How much u wanna bet some new “tip” comes along that ropes Trump into this bs.

SDNY is madly corrupt. They are handling it thru their political corruption unit and thats not normal for this type of case (easier to manipulate). They are only investigating a 3 year point (same timeframe when Trump madr hia infamous quote about Epstein liking young women. No lolita express. No pedo island. No other names for coconspirators.

This JE shit is total fuckery. Me no likey.

950e3f  No.6951733


>I’m a really the only Anon who thinks is bulllshit that Trump rewarded Alex Acosta with the Secretary of Labor job after illegally making sure Epstein skated the first time?

in the presser they said the case in florida

was a placeholder case (something like that)

dig here and learn


c3442d  No.6951734

File: e2e79be1c8e85db⋯.jpg (66.47 KB, 633x687, 211:229, Screenshot 2019-07-08_12-4….jpg)

File: 19d2c78f2c884d7⋯.jpg (243.7 KB, 640x1032, 80:129, Screenshot 2019-07-08_12-4….jpg)

File: f7f150d212fafd9⋯.jpg (62.72 KB, 634x298, 317:149, Screenshot 2019-07-08_12-4….jpg)



2f7c15  No.6951735



Yes, placeholder. Think Secretary of Hard Labor.

c5306a  No.6951736


Rats are running for border crossings already I bet.

459c72  No.6951737


notable baker

Call for a MAP creation on all Epstein - khashoggi - maxell connections

This is definitely not a larp or a wild goose chase.

565ae5  No.6951738

File: 54f293714105951⋯.jpg (29.71 KB, 491x491, 1:1, AnonsKnowWhoDidIt.jpg)

File: 134b509d71951dc⋯.jpg (32.3 KB, 654x558, 109:93, ShitgettingReal.jpg)

File: 4bf7c87b5815ca5⋯.jpg (95.66 KB, 584x585, 584:585, CiaAnonfilepic44.jpg)

What else was a commodity besides the basest of pleasures?

8cba0f  No.6951739

File: 900bf34f5f7f114⋯.png (242.72 KB, 731x565, 731:565, pepe muh fren.PNG)


yes sometimes the medium we use fails to transmit an entire feeling or meaning, what we have and thankful for it. Would have probably lost my mind if not for all you nigga's too

>Keep on keepin on!

ty anon, you too, o7


4e45ce  No.6951740


THIS. It makes the most sense.

7a1b0b  No.6951741


Hoping she's today's second (promised?) takedown today.

975da6  No.6951742



Also a safe containing compact disks with labels.

Blackmail pics and video?

With the Epstein search we don't even need the Weiner laptop?


8e0ffd  No.6951743

File: b031a3fd433082e⋯.png (160.17 KB, 627x465, 209:155, ClipboardImage.png)

bcdda4  No.6951744


Hey look if we call the guy we target a bot the 5 people who still believe in Q will vote donald and spread chaos

Im in the majority you cia piece of shit

Kiss your kids goodbye cuz i doubt the public will spare them

c7c27f  No.6951745

File: 53476b673246e86⋯.png (269.64 KB, 640x584, 80:73, ClipboardImage.png)

If you believe you are a victim of Jeffrey Epstein, or have information about the conduct alleged in the Indictment unsealed today, please call 1-800-CALL FBI


8:58 AM - 8 Jul 2019

SDNY: If you believe you are a victim of Jeffrey Epstein, call 1-800-CALL FBI

1a4713  No.6951746


Epstein will implicate Trump in exchange for 5 year sentence

Epstein will be a hero like Polanski

Biden will then be the next President.

This is the cabal's playbook.

283903  No.6951747


b75a3e  No.6951748


It's also the name the shills seem to want to steer clear of above all. Look at the ridiculous suggestions being made.

461aaa  No.6951750

flash flood in DC

water bucket time it is

565ae5  No.6951751

File: 38d53b776905347⋯.jpg (20.78 KB, 420x419, 420:419, 2019-06-02 08.04.16 www.go….jpg)


Stronger each day as one

dc9675  No.6951752


does it give DOL or DOJ any additional rights to monitor him?

cd5d68  No.6951753

File: 38f395aee8c0f55⋯.png (2.93 MB, 1657x2008, 1657:2008, ReutersFNarr.png)


Possible that the poster was switched but not likely.

92b473  No.6951754

File: f060ba28c0e700d⋯.jpg (290.47 KB, 1026x1680, 171:280, notgonna.jpg)

f174c1  No.6951755


When you finally realize the 90s were 20+ years ago… the only photo they have of trump and Epstein was developed film and scanned in to computer.

85097b  No.6951756


Anons, take note of the condescention shills.

Over target. Digs and facial recognition assessment recommended.

Wait until I start naming the club they're all in.

b2bf0e  No.6951757


No mistaking that, it's her.


purple reporter id'd

074304  No.6951758


Congrats on winning the title of world champion checkers player.

315e4c  No.6951759


They have to make plays or else they are not playing.

It’s only important who wins.

bbef97  No.6951760


Used to be the Jet Set. Now it's the Super Yacht Set.

1ffcea  No.6951761

File: 39d63348e23a002⋯.png (411.37 KB, 467x933, 467:933, Lactobacillus_Reuteri.png)

File: a3a6cdf37eb4be5⋯.jpg (113 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 6104HmeIsmL._SL1000_.jpg)

>>6949508 PB Bun For Lactobacillus Reuteri Gut Bacteria research Anon.

Intentionally polluted food/Gut/AutoImmune/Inflamation/research subjects

This probiotic is expensive with special delivery system to get into the small bowels, and it has Lactobacillus Reuteri that you mentioned. (Pic Related)

Article here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5206500/

Gut reset Lactobacillus Reuteri

I might try to cultivate it in milk as you say. Can only get healthy strains of all listed instead of reuteri in isolation, but, read your research on the autoimmune inflammatory issue, and this could be key. Hoping it is the right Reuteri




>small mistake in post >>6949508

>DSM17938 is correct

>culture in milk to achieve effective dosage

>originally found in a Peruvian mother's milk, that particular strain of L. Reuteri is capable of performing a 'factory reset to default settings' for the human immune system

Anon, I am hoping pic related is the right one. It is available on Amazon. Expensive, but guinea pig tested and works really well, better than most probiotics for some reason. I think its the food they send in the capsule for the little critters, and the protection they get all the way to the small intestines. Makes for a tough culture tho.


>I was convinced by the data 3 years ago that an Organic Whole Food Plant Based was the most optimal Human diet using the best available evidence, everything I've practiced and learned since then has only reinforced that decision. Ultimately we all need to reclaim personal responsibility and sovereignty over our bodies and what we put in them. Self education is what we are all here doing, but the disinformation and malignant intent of the agri-chemical and sick-care industries has made it very challenging for us.

>We are in a fight for our lives on all fronts.

Agree anon. Life or death is pretty much depending on how willing we are to read and how fast we can apply it. What pisses me off is how they presume the right to keep us ignorant.






OP bun:










31346c  No.6951762

File: 50e2ead7ae6e760⋯.jpg (25.82 KB, 612x408, 3:2, gettyimages-609172320-612x….jpg)


Pretty sure it's Doug Band

He went to E Island ALOT

4e45ce  No.6951763


Oh yes he does.

252467  No.6951764

File: 649a48ab9d32745⋯.png (656.31 KB, 770x435, 154:87, ClipboardImage.png)

Prosecutors: Nude photos of apparently underage girls found in Jeffrey Epstein’s NYC mansion

Law enforcement seized “nude photographs of what appear to be underage girls” from Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion in Manhattan during the execution of a search warrant on Saturday, prosecutors said at a Monday morning press conference. The raid was conducted as Epstein was arrested at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey after he arrived back in the U.S. from a trip to Paris. A detention memo filed by the prosecution further alleges "an extraordinary volume of photographs of nude and partially-nude young women or girls" were seized in the raid on Epstein's New York City home.

Geoffrey Berman, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, said that prosecutors would tell the court later this afternoon that “Epstein should be detained pending trial” because he poses a significant flight risk following the unsealing of an indictment charging him with conspiracy and the sex trafficking of underage girls. “When you have two planes and live much of the year abroad, we think that’s a real threat,” Berman said. Berman said that Epstein faces up to 45 years in jail, which he described as essentially a life sentence for the 66-year-old Epstein. Epstein will appear in court this afternoon. Berman said that Epstein created “an ever-expanding web of new victims” over the course of years, even though Epstein was well aware that many of his victims were minors. “They deserve their day in court, and we are proud to stand up for them by bringing this indictment,” Berman said. And he urged any other victims of Epstein who might be listening to contact authorities at 1-800-CALL-FBI.

Bill Sweeney, assistant director-in-charge of the FBI's New York field office, said that neither money nor political pressure would stop them from pursuing this case. Epstein, a well-connected and wealthy financier, pleaded guilty in 2008 to two state-level prostitution solicitation charges, for which he served 13 months. His attorneys, former independent counsel Ken Starr and Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz, reached the agreement with federal prosecutors, including then-U.S. Attorney for Southern Florida and now-Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta. Both Berman and Sweeney pointed to investigative journalism that helped them bring these charges, likely pointing to work done by the Miami Herald in 2018 and 2019.

The 14-page charging document alleges that Epstein “sexually exploited and abused dozens of minor girls at his homes in Manhattan, New York and Palm Beach, Florida, among other locations” between 2002 and 2005 and perhaps beyond. The indictment further stated that Epstein “enticed and recruited, and caused to be enticed and recruited, minor girls… to engage in sex acts with him” and that he would then “give the victims hundreds of dollars in cash.” Some of the victims were as young as 14 at the time the alleged crimes occurred, and Epstein was often aware of their ages. The indictment also claimed that Epstein paid some of his victims to recruit other underage girls to be abused, alleging that Epstein “created a vast network of underage victims for him to sexually exploit in locations including New York and Palm Beach” and that he “maintained a steady supply of new victims to exploit,” and that at least three employees helped him. A federal judge found in February the plea deal struck by Acosta, who has been harshly criticized for his handling of the case, infringed upon the rights of the victims and ordered that the records be unsealed.

Berman said Monday that that 2008 plea agreement only applies to Florida, not New York.


7a1b0b  No.6951765


The MSM has to be squirming by now. Look how good you are.


bcdda4  No.6951766

I bet if someone exposed who every poste here was

All the morons that still believe in this would be surprised to find out that all the pro Q people,are bots

dc9675  No.6951767



1d46f2  No.6951768

File: d88daefded5498e⋯.jpg (9.94 MB, 4608x3456, 4:3, _0001_28.jpg)


getting tempting.

We may or may not have put boots on ground on one of his islands recently…

137450  No.6951769


Everyone I don't like is a bot or Hitler.

571a60  No.6951770

File: ec7c4cdfcd246c8⋯.png (3.31 MB, 1915x1080, 383:216, 1hr13min17sec_LiveStream.png)



Looks like the protestors had multiple signs. At ~45 mins it was all Epstein. Later, as the streamer was being harassed he turns the camera at the 1:13:17 mark and the protestors aren't all holding Epstein pics.


Screenshot of the 1:13:17 mark

bbef97  No.6951771


Ah, but he was doing so good

0edb0a  No.6951772

Pompeo will be VP

Screenshot this

c7c27f  No.6951773

File: d9af4eb274ff488⋯.png (353.72 KB, 521x582, 521:582, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4e33709ab179347⋯.png (5.68 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

The U.S. Attorney’s Office was honored to host United States Attorney General William Barr in Columbia this morning. Attorney General Barr attended a breakfast with federal, state, and local law enforcement at @UofSCLaw

Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney Sherri Lydon meet with law enforcement officials


8:35 AM - 8 Jul 2019

AG William Barr in Columbia this morning

31346c  No.6951774


I think Ghislaine will come first

She was Epstein's "partner" and procurer and pilot, etc


6b9f94  No.6951775

File: afc9a09e3bc5f2b⋯.jpeg (354.62 KB, 2278x1067, 2278:1067, 895CA513-F63D-444D-94AE-0….jpeg)

POTUS Just revealed Russian submarine event…undersea cable…anagram from A TOTAL SCAM.




ab08f6  No.6951776


i thought tradeau but looking at Chelsea's husband marc mezinsky….I'm thinking that matches more closely and makes more sense to be included in the trip

6bef84  No.6951777

File: e1188c773d21c87⋯.jpg (11.09 KB, 255x201, 85:67, ana.jpg)

596e8d  No.6951778

File: 19313ae6d15e5b6⋯.jpg (12.33 KB, 225x225, 1:1, Victoriacatlady.jpg)


> Victoria… Yup loves her CAT

265b47  No.6951779

File: 797503f3dcd1085⋯.png (495.55 KB, 529x1136, 529:1136, ClipboardImage.png)

27b25c  No.6951780


Looks like bait to kill off Anyone claiming to be a victim.

4c0bbb  No.6951781

Report: Epstein to Name Individuals Involved in Underage Sex in Return For 5 Year Maximum Sentence


4e45ce  No.6951782

File: 4e7394c63e30861⋯.png (345.36 KB, 450x450, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

315e4c  No.6951783

File: d6d9a93122ebff1⋯.jpeg (277.35 KB, 678x611, 678:611, B208974E-1EE9-448F-B019-0….jpeg)


Maybe. But, maybe not.

bcdda4  No.6951784


Pompeo needs to be in jail along with bolton

f174c1  No.6951785


God that’s a recipe that would take awhile without employing a framework or two.

Maybe Laravel and it’s Eloquent engine would work

92b473  No.6951786

File: 4a53edf5ab71985⋯.png (160.68 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at ….png)

31346c  No.6951787

File: b20781810720a79⋯.jpg (26.94 KB, 408x612, 2:3, gettyimages-620824266-612x….jpg)

e4862d  No.6951788


I don't think it's gonn happen that way this time.

452085  No.6951789

File: bf034e02a76a0ce⋯.png (1.86 MB, 1384x1030, 692:515, Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at ….png)


Enjoy the Show!

1a4713  No.6951790




73e5b5  No.6951791



she wrote for Bitch Magazine.

no, really. she did.

6f4971  No.6951792

File: 9fc20843c16579c⋯.png (153.18 KB, 318x438, 53:73, face1.png)

File: 730c8349dbecca2⋯.png (173.5 KB, 1031x106, 1031:106, face2.png)

File: 1cac05d537f92f7⋯.png (393.65 KB, 878x801, 878:801, face3.png)


No idea. This thing sucks apparently

923a2c  No.6951793

File: 19414a5154796c6⋯.png (931.37 KB, 975x726, 325:242, vic.PNG)


bbef97  No.6951794

Few photos exist of Trump and Epstein together, but a 2000 photo shows the pair with Trump's then-girlfriend, Melania, and Epstein's then-girlfriend, the British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

And we're back at the yacht

bd2a8c  No.6951795


Well.. i think her inbox just got flooded after this post KeK

e33be3  No.6951796


You're definitely not the only one. I've been all-in on this thing since the beginning, but this year it's become clear that Trump might actually not be our guy. Now sure what to do about it …

848a62  No.6951797


will a copy of the weiner laptop be found in epstein's safe?

what if epstein the mad hatter cabal island steward was owed blackmail material by a slave? what if he was the respository for other co-conspirators' blackmail material, either given or received?

565ae5  No.6951798

File: e3f76a1533edbe8⋯.jpg (156.31 KB, 1248x623, 1248:623, anon_pirate_image_ (3).jpg)

File: 761e3ed85529dfe⋯.jpg (69.82 KB, 1016x461, 1016:461, harrySTrumanStrikeGoupAnon….jpg)


Watching The waters

NORFOLK — The aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman and elements of Carrier Strike Group 8 got underway from here on Friday to take part in a composite unit training exercise and prep for an upcoming “double pump” deployment.

Navy officials say this will be the second COMPTUEX over the past two years and it was scheduled two years ago. The strike group has deployed three times during the past four years.

The COMPTUEX will be an “intensive, month-long exercise designed to fully integrate units,” said Truman Carrier Strike Group spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Jason S. Fisher, in a prepared statement released as the flattop left port.

“Ships, squadrons and staffs will be tested across every core warfare area within their mission sets through a variety of simulated and live events, including air warfare, strait transits, and responses to surface and subsurface contacts and electronic attacks," he added.

As with previous COMPTUEX drills, Fisher said that the strike group will face training scenarios designed to “further build competencies to face whatever a carrier strike group could see on its next deployment.”

Strike group commander Rear Adm. Andrew J. Loiselle added in the release that the warships will confront “real-world scenarios combining live and synthetic training” but did not specify what those tests will mimic.

How very timely indeed.

Are you watching the waters?


cd5d68  No.6951799

File: b093c0a478a2c3f⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1329x798, 443:266, Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at ….png)


I'm wrong…

Look at the black girl with the other posters. POTUS in on the bottom of the stack…

884d54  No.6951800

3c74c0  No.6951801

Adam Schiff is in a Panic.

ff0f0f  No.6951802

File: 7768272263cb61d⋯.jpg (148.53 KB, 1024x1001, 1024:1001, mama papa.jpg)


more time for the family…

8d8a4a  No.6951803


Victim? Does this include any US taxpayer

who gave aid to Israel so (((THEY))) could create

a fake billionaire with the sole purpose of

blackmailing US politicians to keep control of

OUR Congress?

Yeah…I'm a victim

6bef84  No.6951804

File: 14243e5d3f1dab3⋯.jpg (19.36 KB, 355x312, 355:312, beer.jpg)


Purple haired cat lady?

452085  No.6951805

File: 16e54479a4d3b0f⋯.jpg (28.87 KB, 491x593, 491:593, b1828068a57b0845df9773c528….jpg)


You such a tease mate!


01df02  No.6951806


Brown to purple. SJW upgrade 2.0 downloaded and complete

704f7d  No.6951807


Should be no need for any deal with recovery of blackmail materials.

829479  No.6951808

File: e43af0a6163ee6e⋯.png (249.07 KB, 470x400, 47:40, Screenshot_2019-03-16 Dann….png)

File: dab29c8bc37dffa⋯.jpg (22.57 KB, 360x360, 1:1, DB_mjQXWsAAn6Cq.jpg large.jpg)


member Danney and his cousin and a friend in Vegas? the hostility of the media?

those three have more guts than I do. top men regardless of what you all say.

09dd53  No.6951809


I have an edited version of the video but for some reason can't upload. Trying to figure out who the person is on the top of the stack, in front of the Israeli flag.

ba0931  No.6951810

File: cd917c8954ed96a⋯.png (1.63 MB, 753x1016, 753:1016, 5478908912907863443.png)

23b961  No.6951811

Pen the paper

Graph the Map and share for all to see.

AK to EK to r.maxwell to g.maxwell to j.epstein

AK and Munk?

That would be an interesting connection to add to this ever growing map.

AK to FF. Cappola?

Cappola to Getty?

Jacqui Getty to Rachel Chandler the child handler?

Starting to look like a usable map.

Graphic is Key.

The graphic IS THE KEY

Build it together. Keep going until you find Rome.


8cba0f  No.6951812

File: f12836020937eae⋯.jpg (267.27 KB, 768x768, 1:1, Tarp heist.jpg)

File: 0f1704002437d01⋯.png (916.14 KB, 543x790, 543:790, hank paulson creature from….PNG)

File: a606c4e73262ede⋯.png (1.47 MB, 737x833, 737:833, pelosi crab.PNG)


yes she and they have a history of this.

8a395a  No.6951813

ed52ad  No.6951814

File: c990a64374963b2⋯.jpg (43.07 KB, 600x450, 4:3, theres-a-caps.jpg)

950e3f  No.6951816

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2656b9  No.6951817

File: 5a9b860b7633264⋯.jpg (232.07 KB, 489x863, 489:863, Gorillian_zilla_ime_.jpg)


maybe Gorillian_zilla_ime, who was peeking into the windows, is going to testify about what he saw!

picture related . . .

enjoy the popcorn!

6f4971  No.6951818

File: f2b09f181fa9c67⋯.png (30.89 KB, 592x221, 592:221, waiting.png)


Nice job anon

771607  No.6951819

File: 7725e4f0c6773d4⋯.png (6.24 KB, 300x300, 1:1, NPCcat.png)

3764cc  No.6951820


Reply intended for:

>>6950517 (lb)

Incorrect. Little St James is in the U.S. Virgin Islands, a territory.


6b9f94  No.6951821

File: 05581805aa096a4⋯.jpeg (425.94 KB, 1288x2462, 644:1231, DC504262-0B50-4A43-80BE-B….jpeg)

>>6951775 repost Puc related

>POTUS Just revealed Russian submarine event…undersea cable…anagram from A TOTAL SCAM.




81fa57  No.6951822


Good work anon


e4862d  No.6951823



848a62  No.6951824


University of South Florida

452085  No.6951825

File: 3920d1f6c0d5b59⋯.png (812.4 KB, 1112x1003, 1112:1003, Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at ….png)




252467  No.6951826

File: 989a914a9cdeb93⋯.png (138.5 KB, 569x742, 569:742, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ab84e303d8819fd⋯.png (152.85 KB, 575x742, 575:742, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a30c8d5d0cc8297⋯.png (156.83 KB, 575x742, 575:742, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e245b9d28533d99⋯.png (162.21 KB, 575x742, 575:742, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ddd34751b4b6251⋯.png (157.4 KB, 575x742, 575:742, ClipboardImage.png)


Here's one Indictment

Epstein Indictment (1) 14pgs


fcb5b6  No.6951827

the purple hair reporter is just a lurker SJW possibly one of them she went to a Blood rave like the movie Blade that seems like the place we would find Rachel chandler type people


a33924  No.6951828

File: 3aab66b761d7a75⋯.png (17.33 KB, 414x487, 414:487, ClipboardImage.png)


There's a lot of double agents out there, which is why Q told us "they don't know" who is playing for which team. Brilliant.

fa4136  No.6951829



Nice work Anons

31346c  No.6951830

File: 2ae91c4f261500d⋯.jpg (12.73 KB, 255x170, 3:2, 58a852d09a0e3eb162c47e67c6….jpg)


E most likely double agent

Clown M_S

By the time this is over, the American public will be screaming this

e33be3  No.6951831

d3deeb  No.6951832


Send SDNY Rachel's accounts

2656b9  No.6951833

File: 0815fb145ca1f5c⋯.jpg (31.06 KB, 400x400, 1:1, jack_Posobiec_001.jpg)

704f7d  No.6951834


I know what you will do about it. You will keep posting the same 'Trump might be our guy' crapola like you have been.

e4d493  No.6951835

File: 43a7cd9db7fcb15⋯.png (287.53 KB, 400x418, 200:209, 43a7cd9db7fcb1590576ad3482….png)

REMINDER: Q team is a (((JEW))) team and the (((Q))) "psyop" is (was?) actually targeted at someone who (((JEWS))) think is literally Satan. Me. 🤣🤣🤣😈😈😈

This isn't about politics and all political news (if not all news) should be considered "fake news".

You are living in a (((JEW))) World Order in case you didn't already know. Those "larping" as (((Q))) themselves said that the "N" in NWO doesn't stand for "New" but it seems they failed to mention that the "N" is supposed to be a "J". 🤣

Anyway, it seems (((they))) have been watching me since I was a kid similar to what was shown in the movie The Truman Show. 🤷‍♂️


b19a1e  No.6951836



Gun raid in LA comes to mind.

92b473  No.6951837

File: 36673446194ad17⋯.jpg (121.39 KB, 702x536, 351:268, terramar.jpg)

23b961  No.6951838


Q crumbs guide us.

They bound us in a world of infinite connections.

They will guide the map.

Reread while building the network map.

For now, put a Q at the center.

A variable. An unknown.

Pen to paper.

Literally write this down to refer back to.

Build the map.

Graphic is key.

Share it all here.

Consensus on which is most complete and accurate.

Keep building.

Keep digging.

Keep sharing.

Rome will begin to appear on the horizon.

The closer we get, the higher the resolution.

Statistically impossible to deny.

ab08f6  No.6951839


yeah I now think so too

12232b  No.6951840

File: 91e9f6bdfc799e8⋯.png (7.35 MB, 3700x1853, 3700:1853, VB on MGA.png)


In her article, Victoria says, “Post-experience, I wonder if people are needlessly freaking out over a tourist trap, or are they right to worry about the trivialization of guns? Shooting at MGA was sometimes uncomfortable, yes, but also positive, enlightening even. I write often about violence, much of it gun-related. Learning about firearms firsthand seems not only appropriate but necessary.”

bb684c  No.6951841

File: 3804df4a6115010⋯.png (228.89 KB, 554x525, 554:525, face off_2.png)

a33924  No.6951842


one way or another, yes

1ffcea  No.6951843


Does he have any ties to CPS? You gotta wonder. Evil Creep.

Can we just take all the perverts in Hollywood and around the nation and stick them on the island, no food, no water. No boats. No way to get off.

Let them create their own isolated hell on earth to live and die in.

They don't even deserve an execution.

e4d493  No.6951844

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

REMINDER: (((Q))) team has access to remote mind "surveillance/control" tech

(((Q))) team has a secret system. A machine that spies on you every hour of every day. Maybe they designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees EVERYTHING. Violent crimes involving ordinary people. (((Q))) team and anyone else that has similar machines probably consider these people irrelevant, that's why they continue to keep it a secret.

They can see what you see, hear what you hear, etc. They can even make you dream like in the movie "Inception". The tech has most likely existed even before the movie "The Matrix" was created. They can probably take control of people remotely similar to how people in the movie turn into agents.

Some capabilities of their tech can also be found in the lyrics of the song "Sleeping Awake" by POD. It's from the soundtrack of the movie "The Matrix Reloaded".

"Do you see what I see?

Can you hear what I hear?

Do you feel like I feel?

Do you dream like I dream?"


More capabilities listed in this image: https://imgoat.com/uploads/79d472a848/212992.gif

The tech has most likely also been used on the Wachowski brothers to turn them into "sisters" now (idiots probably don't know about the tech). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wachowskis

Edward Snowden most likely knows about this tech and gave information about it to China and Russia. That's why (((Q))) likes to threaten Snowden regularly.

Quote from edwardsnowden.com

“I don't want to live in a world where everything I say, everything I do, everyone I talk to, every expression of creativity and love or friendship is recorded.”

What do you think he meant by "everything I do"?

Possible effects of REMOTE MIND CONTROL tech




565ae5  No.6951845

File: ca1a5c5d7b57b18⋯.jpg (47.02 KB, 818x506, 409:253, anon_pirate_image_ (1).jpg)


Not true

571a60  No.6951846


Agree. I REALLY wanted to nail reuters for image shopping but unfortunately doesn't seem to be the case.

I bet they were paid to be there. They had no message, didn't want to talk to the media. This was an exercise in optics. Probably all college kids or high schoolers out for summer that needed a quick benjamin just to stand and hold signs.

Pics mounted to foam board? That is pro work, not some dormitory shit. And blowing up pics to that size and printing/mounting is more than a couple of bucks.

704f7d  No.6951847

f2af13  No.6951848

File: d2301982c8c0e65⋯.png (246.67 KB, 382x370, 191:185, ClipboardImage.png)

Quick anons, can someone copypasta me the write up of how we can battle the MSM of Trump being connected to Epstein?

Photo related, don't want to retype, and i think additional notes were added

bbef97  No.6951849

File: aa63f04736c469f⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1160x629, 1160:629, ClipboardImage.png)

The one weird court case linking Trump, Clinton, and a billionaire pedophile

A woman suing in connection with Jeffrey Epstein’s underage sex ring claims she was first approached while working as a towel girl at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

By JOSH GERSTEIN 05/04/2017 12:03 PM EDT

NEW YORK—A woman who claims in a lawsuit that she was lured into a sex-trafficking ring run by billionaire Jeffrey Epstein contends that the depravity began at a Florida resort now known as the winter White House: Mar-a-Lago.

Virginia Giuffre’s civil suit, scheduled to go to trial here later this month, threatens to expose new details of a long-running saga tying together President Donald Trump, former President Bill Clinton, Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta, and other prominent figures, including Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz.

Epstein, a well-connected Manhattan money manager and philanthropist, was once a regular at Mar-a-Lago and an active supporter of the Clinton Foundation—repeatedly lending his 727 jet to Clinton for trips overseas. Dershowitz defended Epstein amid an investigation into his involvement with underage girls more than a decade ago, and it was Acosta—then the U.S. attorney overseeing south Florida—who allowed Epstein’s case to be resolved in state court in 2008.

The scandal has spawned a series of drawn-out civil suits, including Giuffre’s.

Giuffre, formerly Roberts, claims she was 15 and working as a towel girl at Trump’s posh Palm Beach club when she was recruited nearly two decades ago into sexual slavery by socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, then Epstein’s girlfriend.

A lawyer for Trump says the president was unaware of any wrongdoing by Epstein.

Giuffre asserts in her complaint that Maxwell, the sole defendant in the suit and the daughter of late publishing magnate Robert Maxwell, routinely recruited underaged girls for Epstein and was doing so when she approached the $9-an-hour locker room attendant at Mar-a-Lago in 1999 about giving massages to the wealthy investment banker.


e8ba25  No.6951850


>>6951282, >>6951304, >>6951440, >>6951461 Planefag update

>>6951365, >>6951408 Boatfag update

>>6951627 Victoria Bekiempis "Qanon" reporter

>>6951745 SDNY: If you believe you are a victim of Jeffrey Epstein, call 1-800-CALL FBI

>>6951734 @Defense_blog

>>6951686 Federal Government Conducts Unprecedented Seizure of Massive Cargo Ship After Finding Almost 20 Tons of Cocaine on Board.

>>6951660, >>6951680 New PDJT w/vid

>>6951626 PDF Epstein flight logs

>>6951594 Epstein Map creation called

>>6951552, >>6951588 BAIL MEMO/Epstein

>>6951480 Eric Swalwell becomes first 2020 hopeful to drop out

>>6951463 Epstein wants another plea deal

>>6951417 Wall Street: Big Banks on Deutsche Bank: Restructuring plan may be too ‘radical’ and too ‘optimistic’

>>6951424, >>6951457, >>6951628,