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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 649fc34523f4e25⋯.jpg (232.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, # QResearch.jpg)

dd64ee No.784795


Let's Show Them What We Are . Bombs Away

The creation of the internet and ‘connecting’ platforms is bringing about their downfall.

Failure to control.

MSM is dead.




https:// www.congress.gov/115/bills/hr1625/BILLS-115hr1625eah.pdf

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>>739281 The FBI opened a case on “Q” today re: ‘Boom’

Sunday 3.18.18

>>705264 Whitelist.

>>705183 Panic Mode.

Saturday 3.17.18

>>702000 USMC Activated

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Thursday 3.15.18

>>680795 [John Perry Barlow]

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https:// www.congress.gov/115/bills/hr1625/BILLS-115hr1625eah.pdf

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>>778405 Pages 600-700

>>774078 Page 609

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dd64ee No.784828

#974 Dough pastebin.com/22PKcQzJ

dd64ee No.784855

File: 3d207a853954408⋯.jpg (118.75 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 1510671006988.jpg)

new baker from last bread

Please shout. TY!

dd64ee No.784879

Who gives af about Tracy? Anyone mentioning her is a slidefag. She has nothing to do without our ops here.

ea1b69 No.784887

File: 7f80e4855b888b8⋯.jpeg (56.8 KB, 600x459, 200:153, image.jpeg)

28e9d3 No.784900



Oh right.


372001 No.784904

File: 51d32d35d15dc1b⋯.jpg (79.78 KB, 869x633, 869:633, eggnip.jpg)

digging on those weird videos

wtf is this place, is that a runway on it?

(bing map has better res that google)

NOTABLE: this video was up BEFORE the Q post

>> 680795

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=84tiS8tEd28

28e9d3 No.784908

File: 4e76153d5333e1c⋯.png (217.3 KB, 1311x442, 1311:442, Bloodlines.png)

File: 33c9ee73e2b5568⋯.png (217.43 KB, 595x874, 595:874, Bloodlines2.png)

File: 394ce236a7da072⋯.png (613.58 KB, 1518x805, 66:35, Bloodlines3.png)

File: 560cd6dedf5484a⋯.png (304.62 KB, 1515x606, 5:2, Bloodlines4.png)

956ecc No.784909


Here here

5293cd No.784910

File: c44067e0b636aaa⋯.jpg (27.59 KB, 776x300, 194:75, IMG_20180325_090853.jpg)

File: 2856b1ff9b0097d⋯.jpg (25.32 KB, 788x268, 197:67, IMG_20180325_090849.jpg)

Saw those on twatter.


28e9d3 No.784911

File: e3a950751686dd0⋯.png (305.43 KB, 1553x885, 1553:885, Bloodlines5.png)

File: 0843ed5b1212899⋯.png (187.5 KB, 1512x458, 756:229, Bloodlines6.png)

File: 31aad411d67cee5⋯.png (439.79 KB, 1542x892, 771:446, Bloodlines7.png)

File: 8743e51305ab0a7⋯.png (374 KB, 1480x892, 370:223, Bloodlines8.png)

1c0c1b No.784912


>Why are we calling everyone niggers?

we're not calling them niggers, nigger.

28e9d3 No.784913

File: cd25bf46e57725e⋯.png (289.7 KB, 1513x897, 1513:897, Bloodlines9.png)

File: 9f70ace70b8949f⋯.png (166.16 KB, 1558x848, 779:424, Bloodlines10.png)

f8c89e No.784914


From Nov 30:

Does POTUS control all matters classified?


Have faith.

These people are losers!


and from Jan 14: (Trump signature)






4, 10, 20

So here is proof that Trump HAS in fact posted a Q crumb, which means he is capable of it. Both of these crumbs I've referenced used the word "loser" and who do we know that likes to use that word? :D Possible that Trump made the top crumb also (Nov 30)

3ff8f4 No.784915

File: 4c16d6f1abb8420⋯.png (493.73 KB, 1781x809, 1781:809, MysteryGiantQFred.png)

File: 00abf61f00e352c⋯.png (23.16 KB, 846x152, 423:76, GiantQFredTweetReQ.png)

File: 72dbbb486baef74⋯.png (536.63 KB, 952x824, 119:103, FredGiantQTweet.png)

dd64ee No.784916

Hey Bakerbro, thanks. Are you ok to take over?

6de250 No.784917


Let's start working on disproving/discrediting immediately so our counter narrative hits fast and we stay in front.


ca0400 No.784918

File: 26f05a4d4038144⋯.jpg (56.24 KB, 575x327, 575:327, beanz-larp.jpg)

99ac32 No.784919

Information she is NOT TRUTHFUL

guise we can do it


d7dea2 No.784920


Gawd no. These fuckers should be hung.

992175 No.784921


May God Bless You as well

a4eeb1 No.784922



d92681 No.784923

File: e20c6b90b4836d1⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1248x748, 312:187, Screenshot_24.png)

3ff8f4 No.784924


They are both the same post number, so no.

d1efa5 No.784925

e45881 No.784926


Fake bro

956ecc No.784927


Yep. Thanks baker.

df21d9 No.784928



Notice they both have the same post #s.


28e9d3 No.784929

File: c9e8272b642fb7d⋯.png (233.29 KB, 469x885, 469:885, AmericaFirst.png)

File: 392ca6340b86af5⋯.png (250.24 KB, 409x816, 409:816, AmericaFirst2.png)

d92681 No.784930

File: df5ef2aaa28e3c3⋯.png (178.25 KB, 1315x372, 1315:372, Screenshot_50.png)

(Y) vs [y]? Then why is ke[y]stone match Stage-5:5[y] in brackets??

This from last bread:

28e9d3 No.784931

File: 2635e7f793cd38a⋯.png (550.87 KB, 558x853, 558:853, AmericanFirst3.png)

File: 5a6bc67153d72a2⋯.png (203.55 KB, 1520x712, 190:89, AmericanFirst4.png)

5293cd No.784932


Same fagging.

Not legit. == Not legit ==

Post numbers are same.

They are doing this this.

Why did Q change tripcode?

81f258 No.784933

File: 90699cad48e5d0f⋯.jpg (120.64 KB, 604x430, 302:215, Mary Magdalene.jpg)

File: 6bf8762795d5d9d⋯.jpg (128.55 KB, 742x479, 742:479, Paul.jpg)

File: af6aba8297dcc6a⋯.jpg (138.5 KB, 630x630, 1:1, jesus-christ-superstar-300….jpg)



Mary 3/16

Paul 3/23

Jesus 4/1


3ff8f4 No.784934

File: cd8e8e602f46742⋯.png (179.59 KB, 1400x480, 35:12, 152190188462029934-1.png)

28e9d3 No.784935

File: 03532d6b491ad00⋯.png (144.6 KB, 1589x758, 1589:758, AmericaFirst5.png)

File: 80679110501c9c5⋯.png (122.63 KB, 1279x750, 1279:750, AmericaFirst6.png)

33ed03 No.784936

File: 0905d8b5c5ff876⋯.jpg (574.93 KB, 1252x1686, 626:843, IMG_1415.JPG)


My homies are ninjas or occasional nigga

The er is derogatory imho

But I caught some many clowns fucking up

The CIA is called nigger in Indian tribe locally

With rice

dd64ee No.784937


New Baker confirmed

Godspeed Anon! <3

ce4fc9 No.784939


its both slidefagging and divisionfagging.

a31970 No.784940

File: 58de38fe87218b2⋯.jpg (93.33 KB, 996x929, 996:929, DZFCaTSU8AAtNij.jpg large.jpg)

This is basically a letter to Congress telling them that under the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985, @POTUS is going to move the appropriations around as he sees fit. = 4D Chess

28e9d3 No.784941

File: 8fc4c5e21fbef5b⋯.png (1.36 MB, 832x587, 832:587, ALISHTCyearslater.png)

71b48f No.784942

Well the cabal put up a pretty big show today. Wonder how much it cost them?

d7dea2 No.784943


Wtf was that all about?

af1072 No.784944

File: e9c204369ce7039⋯.jpeg (49.29 KB, 320x349, 320:349, 524DC5E0-ACE9-46FB-83AE-0….jpeg)

File: 4c7a0f1fc025113⋯.jpeg (511.08 KB, 2448x2448, 1:1, 7886F7C6-8F20-48FB-9E3F-1….jpeg)

File: c431ca4549c0af4⋯.jpeg (511.22 KB, 2448x2448, 1:1, 53EB09B0-701D-44BE-BE17-0….jpeg)

2 memes to post on hypocrites walls.

33ed03 No.784945

File: 607b886039e329f⋯.jpg (271.23 KB, 1333x2000, 1333:2000, IMG_1213.JPG)

b9f8da No.784946


Fuk off asshole

3ff8f4 No.784947


No one knows.

df21d9 No.784948


The fakes are getting more sophisticated the past week or two, though. A normie seeing them on twatter and not bothering to check qanonposts.com probably wouldn't notice the difference.

076b87 No.784949


q also changed tripcode

bc6617 No.784950

File: b58d205f0a7be15⋯.png (83.16 KB, 1006x925, 1006:925, Terrorism funds.png)

This one is interesting.

Dear Mr. Speaker: (Dear Mr. President:)

In accordance with section 6 of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2018 (H.R. 1625; the “Act”), I hereby designate for Overseas Contingency Operations/Global War on Terrorism all funding (including the rescission of funds) and contributions from foreign governments so designated by the Congress in the Act pursuant to section 251(b)(2)(A) of the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985, as outlined in the enclosed list of accounts.

The details of this action are set forth in the enclosed memorandum from the Director of the Office of Management and Budget.



571853 No.784951

File: b714aa251819e63⋯.jpg (2.61 MB, 1488x5793, 496:1931, TimeBarron.jpg)


Check the date on the Amazon page.

Then the bottom of pic related.

"See you in September…"

28e9d3 No.784952

File: 774084e66fd7c9d⋯.png (1.72 MB, 971x706, 971:706, CommunistJewsInGermanyAlie….png)

File: 712297a4828ff0a⋯.png (1.59 MB, 941x712, 941:712, CommunistJewsInGermanyAlie….png)

File: e7dbf904a66be30⋯.png (1.78 MB, 946x729, 946:729, CommunistJewsInGermanyBomb….png)

File: b16bda17b1a2968⋯.png (721.4 KB, 458x646, 229:323, CommunistJewsInGermanyCons….png)

914aaa No.784953


Any digging directions for preemptive compilation of information that would disprove.

Which rocks should we look under?

99ac32 No.784954


Stormy daniels law suit

https:// www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2018/03/06/read-stormy-daniels-lawsuit-against-donald-trump/401930002/

d92681 No.784955

File: e20c6b90b4836d1⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1248x748, 312:187, Screenshot_24.png)

>>784943 That was confirmation that Fred Brennan was in the chat last night.

b9f8da No.784956


Why does this fukin bitch want to talk about it now?? She had 12years to talk about it and didn't. Fukin disgrace for a woman.

2a77a0 No.784957

File: 3d12bc0f62a7735⋯.jpeg (33.36 KB, 600x545, 120:109, 3d12bc0f62a7735da2f861f8f….jpeg)

28e9d3 No.784958

File: be1c9cf068bbe7c⋯.png (1.72 MB, 956x724, 239:181, CommunistJewsInGermanyCons….png)

File: 759c065ea3733e2⋯.png (1.62 MB, 942x705, 314:235, CommunistJewsInGermanyCons….png)

File: db11dffa50bd3cb⋯.png (1.79 MB, 971x729, 971:729, CommunistJewsInGermanyCons….png)

File: 8a977e96ca9ed87⋯.png (1.59 MB, 963x720, 107:80, CommunistJewsInGermanyCons….png)

a5ae12 No.784959

File: 5eb7ef58c1fcc15⋯.jpg (484.05 KB, 818x1024, 409:512, Chick on Little Bird2.jpg)

Night night anonfags. Sleep tight. Good shift baker…

5293cd No.784960

File: 0f2f3dcfaf00668⋯.png (600.6 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180325-091509.png)



Let them hear our voice. Let them know who we are.

99ac32 No.784961


Sorry replied in error

28e9d3 No.784962

File: 7c1cfe491eaf9b7⋯.png (1.65 MB, 958x714, 479:357, CommunistJewsInGermanyCons….png)

File: d6883735260fe73⋯.png (1.77 MB, 965x710, 193:142, CommunistJewsInGermanyCons….png)

File: d292bfa3ceec8ce⋯.png (1.6 MB, 945x713, 945:713, CommunistJewsInGermanyCons….png)

File: 4bf02efedb22c2d⋯.png (1.63 MB, 951x710, 951:710, CommunistJewsInGermanySovi….png)

df21d9 No.784963


A really easy game of Where's Waldo?

bf5e06 No.784964

File: 2b91e79dacd41e2⋯.png (226.8 KB, 1291x1157, 1291:1157, infinity omnibus chess.png)

this was on halfchan. not sure if its been posted here or not. any truth to this?

b9f8da No.784965


Sweet dreams

64a659 No.784966


What countries and banks SES controls?

Don´t know but I imagine the U.S. Britain, Australian, New Zealond, the 5 Is coutries….

Can you tell me?

279c88 No.784967



it's all about the narrative. the MSM is desperately trying to pass this as a major story. but nobody gives a shit (re: Clinton)…"holy shit a billionaire is getting top shelf pussy…I'll never vote for this POS?!?

a31970 No.784968


bernie going to get his 4th free house

28e9d3 No.784969

File: 491d05abf06f77c⋯.png (1.8 MB, 961x729, 961:729, CommunistsJewsInGermany.png)

File: f94f65c7c538b07⋯.png (1.71 MB, 978x710, 489:355, CommunistsJewsInGermany2.png)

File: c27f41f03b50486⋯.png (1.7 MB, 968x714, 484:357, CommunistsJewsInGermany666.png)

33ed03 No.784970

File: e79ba363b615b30⋯.jpg (34.3 KB, 1136x471, 1136:471, IMG_1298.JPG)

5d6cb2 No.784971


That was my thought too.

1ff31d No.784972

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Possibly DCFAG is referring to this technology and I would not put it past the cabal to make a fake video of Trump giving a fake speech saying some outrageous stuff!

Face2Face: Real-time Face Capture and Reenactment of RGB Videos (CVPR 2016 Oral)

https:// youtu.be/ohmajJTcpNk

bc5194 No.784973


I don't know if I'm right, but this reminds me of a set of coords we looked at months ago

99ac32 No.784974


I think law suit, who paid her, and motives to come out now

ce4fc9 No.784975


Q probably has to change tripcode if comp is even remotely suspected

2a77a0 No.784977

File: 03809882b234e06⋯.jpeg (17.87 KB, 320x230, 32:23, download (1).jpeg)


Dec 25 2017 15:57:38 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 70edc0 173382

10, [10-9]



Floor is yours.

Twitter FW_

Twitter [kill_rogue]




e45881 No.784978

File: 5245fa2464d265e⋯.jpg (48.14 KB, 845x609, 845:609, $$001.jpg)

992175 No.784979

G-night all….God Bless

0d4562 No.784980

File: aa7b00b2ef74500⋯.jpg (5.28 KB, 265x190, 53:38, images-10.jpg)

File: 2bb10c1f13821e3⋯.jpg (5.54 KB, 246x205, 6:5, images-12.jpg)

76eabc No.784981

File: 49d259c514af5fb⋯.png (2.97 MB, 2545x1299, 2545:1299, HOGGS 1.png)

File: 9c38ab06e959507⋯.png (2.98 MB, 2545x1299, 2545:1299, HOGGS 2.png)

here you go

279c88 No.784982


my nigga

3ff8f4 No.784983

File: 5fd82c0d686bdb4⋯.jpg (22.2 KB, 540x280, 27:14, 1336327.jpg)

28e9d3 No.784984

File: 9aa27a6325e8c58⋯.png (76.73 KB, 605x901, 605:901, Hood4.png)

File: cb56e1f6401be15⋯.png (75.01 KB, 595x902, 595:902, Hood3.png)

File: ede4ecb848b12a4⋯.png (78.92 KB, 609x888, 203:296, Hood2.png)

File: 16759cb1b4de26d⋯.png (183.77 KB, 612x830, 306:415, Hood.png)

d026a7 No.784985

Really interesting thread from Wictor on Twatter.

Here is threadreader version:

https:// threadreaderapp.com/thread/977675042753470465.html


(11) One of the bombardments killed Kim's entire nuclear-weapons unit.

Up to 200 killed at North Korea's nuclear test site: report

Japanese broadcaster TV Asahi said the unfinished tunnel collapsed at the mountainous Punggye-ri site.

https:// www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2017/10/31/up-200-killed-north-koreas-nuclear-test-site-report/816276001/

(12) So North Korea has surrendered.

McMaster resigned, because he won.

Now he goes back to the army.

(13) Enter John Bolton, a guy who has balls of steel.

Regime change in Iran will require balls of steel.

Ergo, John Bolton.

(14) Trump wrote this.

(15) That means the mullahs will be gone by September.

Also Hezbollah.

(16) There's talk that Trump will use funds from the omnibus to build the border wall.

Well, I suppose it's possible, but the wall pales into nonexistence compared to everything else that Trump is accomplishing.

9aaa17 No.784986



We are not here to please anyone.

This is R&D. It's the construction site. It's primordial soup. It's the womb.

Our product is what others find here and can use elsewhere.

No apologies for the mess. And no insult taken for it.

372001 No.784987


further digging; the videos on this channel https:// www.youtube.com/channel/UC6OUS6lhiDaDrL9qINsjZAg/videos

there is a set released on mar5, this is when Q only post was BOOM x4 - perhaps connected?

28e9d3 No.784988

File: f6b0815fbe5df7a⋯.png (82.14 KB, 592x902, 296:451, Hood5.png)

File: 13acec4c03880a4⋯.png (67.2 KB, 594x903, 198:301, Hood6.png)

File: f2ea65687f311cb⋯.png (68.58 KB, 603x902, 603:902, Hood7.png)

File: 5c6f5999898e7e7⋯.png (8.54 KB, 592x146, 296:73, Hood8.png)

33ed03 No.784989

File: 795ef241e9878c8⋯.jpg (111.84 KB, 1492x640, 373:160, IMG_1394.JPG)

1c0c1b No.784990


not a lawfag or barristerfag or judicialfag, but I do have some experience with legalese. This guy's analysis seems spot on to me.

06501d No.784991

File: 5fd1ffa62130b5a⋯.png (675.27 KB, 654x826, 327:413, Gervais re Ollie the Cat.PNG)

84e23d No.784992


I think Q wanted his first trip to be cracked. Maybe to see if any real computers where working the crack.

Matlock must have been easy of a super computer, but it took a while, so some computers could be counted out of the hunt. like the seven dwarves.

Changing Trips could be a calculation of estimated time to crack new trips.

64a659 No.784993


>Q, if you are around, can you let us know what the political plan is?

A complex question.

7d3387 No.784994


Fake Q gone mainstream.

Oh well…

Disinformation is necessary, but that's fucked up.

28e9d3 No.784995

File: c6e9bfaaff67b23⋯.png (180.84 KB, 682x614, 341:307, Illuminati.png)

File: 50a166092d1dd87⋯.png (364.76 KB, 606x839, 606:839, Illuminati2.png)

File: bb7da2199153f9c⋯.png (77.79 KB, 723x798, 241:266, Illuminati3.png)

File: 5a42397fa50269e⋯.png (762.29 KB, 707x707, 1:1, Illuminati4.png)

953ed2 No.784996


Wictor is not /ourguy/

c4888e No.784997

File: d4ba7f904948ec6⋯.png (208.58 KB, 767x861, 767:861, ClipboardImage.png)

ce4fc9 No.784998


I want you to imagine, that every time you respond to a shill. They cum on your face. Think about that image for a second.

1c0c1b No.784999

File: da292739935dcec⋯.jpg (110.13 KB, 1600x903, 1600:903, da292739935dceca717d001d22….jpg)


fuk yah homie! I'd hug this motherfucker in a heartbeat.

c4888e No.785000


agreed but he has some interesting posts.

2a77a0 No.785001

File: a53d36d85a6dbbf⋯.jpg (76.96 KB, 753x500, 753:500, vq6sm.jpg)

File: 1e1db76f7367a31⋯.jpg (925.1 KB, 1104x1380, 4:5, 9c42708cce311e08ff94159163….jpg)

File: 0c66a595f1d5b08⋯.jpg (19.65 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1511631349305.jpg)

File: 4d30212e64b118b⋯.jpg (16.83 KB, 187x262, 187:262, fiji water.jpg)

File: 9bee2398543d88e⋯.jpg (93.04 KB, 640x407, 640:407, AHHAHAHAA.jpg)

28e9d3 No.785002

File: c1539e0568248bf⋯.png (174.92 KB, 1515x891, 505:297, WhoWantedWWII.png)

File: aac6c14afa84c1c⋯.png (152.58 KB, 1512x863, 1512:863, WhoWantedWWII2.png)

b3cfba No.785003


WRWY is "Trust the Plan and the Plan is Geotus - Potus President Trump! My Hero.

WRWY translates to "Wan Roslina Wan Yusof"

WRWY has a life path of 8 and means:

With a fortunate life way of 8, the arrangement of numbers (8, 17/8, 26/8, 35/8) are Geotus character numbers. He has 8 Positive components: Official character and aptitudes, political abilities, skillful managing force and specialist, which is a cause to accomplish the acknowledgment, practical insight, conclusive and charge.

953ed2 No.785004


Fuck off to reddit

1a9649 No.785005


>Over 40 House primaries have no Republican candidates.

Where do find this kind of breakout?

5b2f40 No.785006


Yep, for something a lot of people see this board than The News of the MSM. This board now is very powerful, maybe for to influence the future of the world,

Maybe it's wrong.


Hm.., There more people that It's following this. Not only in the US or Europe. Although I know that The Americans hate to the people of the Backyard for Our Cultures, form to think, Envy for his Culture and Lifestyle. But The US are responsible to destroy those Countries, for that and our errors for not improving Our quality of Life, We are considered the Disaster of the World. For something a lot of people Emigrate to the US. Why the Countries There Crime, death, Corruption, Dictatorship, almost as Africa.

Emm. Just search my retaliation.., Some day, We will be Free.

5d6cb2 No.785007


Maybe we should also flood social media with this before tapes are released.

b9f8da No.785009


This is where I come to get my news re the R&D on Q drops and share with my friends elsewhere to redpill them. Godspeed Anons…y'all have my respect. Ty

e45881 No.785010


KEK! lmao lolololololol

fb18ce No.785011


i bet he thinks his credibility and "intelligence" would be ruined if he touches anything considered "conspiracy"

33e139 No.785012

File: d00a9e0fce773fb⋯.jpg (117.56 KB, 1024x340, 256:85, wantarev.jpg)


From CTH:

7d3387 No.785013


Whats up with the dented grill?

f8c89e No.785014

I want to debate Da\/id H0gg on cable Tv. How do we make this happen?!

28e9d3 No.785015

File: afa41790340f7f7⋯.png (317.71 KB, 620x244, 155:61, CrisisActorsAllStars.png)

1ff31d No.785016



1c0c1b No.785017


i see you failed to see the mockery in my generous contribution, but reddit would be an egregious punishment that is not warranted.

a31970 No.785018


d92681 No.785019


I think you have to donate $500,000 to some type of liberal movement group.

33e139 No.785020

File: 1fa9b59a4d5a8fe⋯.jpg (56.82 KB, 575x329, 575:329, purdybean.jpg)

81f18f No.785021

File: c5b405c6bbf3f05⋯.jpeg (54.71 KB, 599x337, 599:337, A0D599C5-B2D5-4C62-BF9C-A….jpeg)

File: adf0bc3a76158d2⋯.jpeg (101.69 KB, 1024x575, 1024:575, CE8F512A-77CE-433F-AF2A-1….jpeg)

File: 028ab8cf1634de4⋯.jpeg (110.03 KB, 736x632, 92:79, F8970F15-8F6D-4255-B60C-F….jpeg)

File: 6be29a092e01cc1⋯.png (302.19 KB, 694x587, 694:587, 29B3725C-5D65-4936-9249-EA….png)

914aaa No.785022



Not yet.. could be a ploy to discredit hillary tapes that are up and coming…

Sit tight for now

a31970 No.785023



28e9d3 No.785024

File: c004531fcadb8da⋯.png (321.61 KB, 639x913, 639:913, DresdenOHIO1.png)

File: 2d7ff689f4544c4⋯.png (448.69 KB, 636x906, 106:151, DresdenOHIO2.png)

File: 7cab02cfaf97719⋯.png (578.3 KB, 583x896, 583:896, DresdenOHIO3.png)

File: 12e8077f5ef6708⋯.png (408.93 KB, 573x828, 191:276, DresdenOHIO4.png)

e45881 No.785025


don't know. didn't touch it.

efc482 No.785026

Can someone tell me the real Jesus story? I may have fell for some bad fake Jesus memes. Would like the real sauce. Thank you.

06501d No.785027

File: 155fec59890c74f⋯.png (79.41 KB, 653x437, 653:437, Malkin re the 6%.PNG)

59733d No.785028

File: 9ce9feaf6760c9b⋯.jpg (22.13 KB, 266x189, 38:27, IMG_1410.JPG)

https:// youtu.be/0ULhQL-vGoU

With rice ninja

https:// soundcloud.com/ninuca-vachiberidze-1/notorious-b-i-g-come-on-remix

956ecc No.785029

File: bbfa60762636e8e⋯.jpg (50.19 KB, 640x427, 640:427, bbfa60762636e8ec2ffcf78c5a….jpg)

7d3387 No.785030


Good idea…

At least to have a point of reference established, I think it is a good idea.

Not required to reach the masses, just a tweet that you can reference dated prior to the fake video.

4b8ae5 No.785031


if that were even close to the truth, that would blow the lid off the entire scheme.

That is exactly what is needed now.

Please, dear God, please whatever information you have. if it is the podesta torture tape release it far and wide.

4a57e5 No.785032



bc6617 No.785033

28e9d3 No.785034

File: 7a6d0306f0821dd⋯.png (398.68 KB, 571x873, 571:873, DresdenOHIO5.png)

File: f53c728dc68aaa0⋯.png (405.01 KB, 564x911, 564:911, DresdenOHIO6.png)

File: d83771426ff0fb6⋯.png (114.74 KB, 621x278, 621:278, DresdenOHIO7.png)

d94e32 No.785035

Hahahaha I get it!!!

"March" madness!

2a77a0 No.785036

File: 047f976ebbf6d47⋯.jpeg (904.32 KB, 3024x4032, 3:4, b8448b638f34042e85e835c28….jpeg)

File: 16a8c298a607f85⋯.jpg (200.69 KB, 1000x804, 250:201, ROC.jpg)

File: def2c972525f3e1⋯.jpg (53.29 KB, 702x315, 78:35, MB.jpg)

File: ee08daa3975c6e7⋯.jpg (11.13 KB, 190x250, 19:25, Norman Hsu.jpg)

File: daf174a38947f51⋯.jpeg (65.6 KB, 500x518, 250:259, d77573aedc2a51869cea83a94….jpeg)

81f18f No.785037

File: 49338a83c37ec9a⋯.jpeg (222.28 KB, 901x904, 901:904, 21899D87-62B2-478A-8B89-A….jpeg)

File: 386b66fed60ac7c⋯.jpeg (69.14 KB, 480x480, 1:1, B8DC2860-FD17-46BE-9CF9-6….jpeg)

File: d7bcf71be608d4e⋯.jpeg (92.09 KB, 557x474, 557:474, 9C256FC0-104E-4208-99FA-4….jpeg)

File: f12ccc5264bef3e⋯.jpeg (219.14 KB, 1210x652, 605:326, 7C71E3DD-B083-42BC-B6BF-5….jpeg)

File: 8a894491fa7716c⋯.jpeg (36.54 KB, 500x213, 500:213, 906378CC-E93B-4011-8CE1-3….jpeg)

279c88 No.785038


why do you say that? he has some pretty interesting posts… just doesn't agree with the q drops from what I have seen.

99ac32 No.785039

https:// www.mercurynews.com/2018/02/15/stormy-daniels-has-a-monica-lewinsky-dress-to-test-for-trumps-dna-report-says/

dd2b10 No.785040


seems like bs. fake.

bc6617 No.785041



dd2b10 No.785042

64a659 No.785043


Banks such as Amalgamated Bank, Loop Capital Bank, HSBC and the like, most likely.

914aaa No.785044


I could support this.. Just don't want to spread doubt about video authenticity when they are already planting news stories about that anyway..

59733d No.785045

don't blamefag hogg

cap dat fag got

2a77a0 No.785046

File: 0138a2ed068bac2⋯.jpg (104.85 KB, 696x474, 116:79, IMG_0871.jpg)

File: a0330a7fc88edf5⋯.jpg (43.07 KB, 531x471, 177:157, HALAL.jpg)

File: 2065092f66c3417⋯.jpg (922.81 KB, 739x807, 739:807, LOOKINGGLASS.jpg)

653586 No.785047

>>784753 (last bread)

>>784745 (last bread)

Any idea why this video could have been included in this playlist:


5d6cb2 No.785048


What about "how to manipulate videos"? At least get normies aware it can be done.

28e9d3 No.785049

File: 28c998bbfb33ac6⋯.png (125.51 KB, 1101x826, 1101:826, Holocaust.png)

File: db4ef35ae58bafd⋯.png (80.81 KB, 1089x570, 363:190, Holocaust2.png)

File: ed4033b4015fe15⋯.png (557.63 KB, 1097x843, 1097:843, Holocaust3.png)

File: f5cc9fe81795e19⋯.png (805.74 KB, 1088x813, 1088:813, Holocaust4.png)

a31970 No.785050

the more i understand this omnibill it sounds really good for the fight

24ebdf No.785051


>When the time is right we need to hit back with memes on consenting adults

>>784866 Noice.>>784892

1c0c1b No.785052


^ NICE. Q knew about the march.

64a659 No.785053

bf5e06 No.785054



do you really think she would keep a 10yr old cum covered dress?

1ff31d No.785055



68e5f3 No.785056

File: 06cb6403bf18a40⋯.png (149.85 KB, 607x696, 607:696, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)

File: 7086cd3c0025931⋯.png (155.17 KB, 620x693, 620:693, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)

File: c22b1f6edab9e62⋯.png (124.45 KB, 560x570, 56:57, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)

File: b4674712c2477d4⋯.png (336.45 KB, 601x693, 601:693, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)

File: 2a4f1be2014bd45⋯.png (68.34 KB, 610x314, 305:157, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)

f8c89e No.785057

Whatever the reason for Trump signing the Omnibus Bill, there are stuff in it that ARE part of the plan. This was necessary, and future will prove past

81f18f No.785058

File: b995ed3d230b883⋯.png (1022.76 KB, 1024x777, 1024:777, E550799B-1BD2-408A-A936-DB….png)

d7dea2 No.785059


We don't hate our southern fags, we just do not like illegal immigration.

a4eeb1 No.785060

Corsi asked for some memes showing Bill Clinton with stormy and some of the girls of his scandals.

Remind the media hypocrites they covered for Bill.

d92681 No.785061

File: 8453a87ac7df89a⋯.png (338.42 KB, 964x539, 964:539, Screenshot_48.png)

YouTube will finally put a ring on this finger!












2a77a0 No.785062

File: 1fd98f4135440a4⋯.jpg (21.85 KB, 640x360, 16:9, bushgeorgehw_gettyimages_1….jpg)

File: 049a16714a8894e⋯.jpg (45.86 KB, 1042x586, 521:293, a_ov_Pepe_160928.today-vid….jpg)

372001 No.785063


All of these show a lot of the same building; some have messages in video and many have GPS coordinates.

Many have a similar format encoded message but I'm not sure the format - it almost looks like RGB colors, some looks like hex, and one almost-binary string.

Several titles are in Q messages BEFORE they were posted by Q. Something is related here.


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuYMAivsRPw

35 32 20 34 35 20 34 31 20 34 34 20 35 39 20 35 33 20 34 39 20 34 37 20 34 45 20 34 31 20 34 43 20 33 37 20 35 32 20 34 35 20 34 31 20 34 34 20 35 39 20 35 33 20 34 39 20 34 37 20 34 45 20 34 31 20 34 43 20 33 35 20 34 46 20 35 30 20 34 35 20 34 45 20 35 33 20 34 31 20 35 34 20 33 38 20 34 45 20 34 46 20 35 32 20 34 33 20 34 46 20 34 44 20 33 39 20 32 44 20 33 31 20 33 36 20 35 30 20 35 32 20 34 35 20 35 30 20 34 31 20 35 32 20 34 35 20 34 35 20 34 44 20 35 30 20 33 32 20 33 39 20 32 44 20 33 30 20 33 39 20 32 44 20 33 31 20 33 38 20 34 31 20 34 43 20 34 43 20 34 36 20 34 31 20 34 39 20 34 43 20 35 33 20 34 31 20 34 36 20 34 35 20 34 46 20 34 36 20 34 36 20 34 31 20 34 43 20 34 43 20 35 33 20 34 39 20 34 37 20 34 45 20 34 31 20 34 43 20 34 39 20 35 33 20 34 37 20 34 46 20 34 46 20 34 34 20 34 34 20 34 46 20 33 35 20 34 46 20 34 43 20 34 38 20 33 39 20 34 33 20 34 46 20 34 44 20 34 44


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zoR9qvYfFA



https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXQCujNV-Ek

50 52 4F 4A 45 43 54 4C 49 54 54 4C 45 46 4F 4F 54 32 55 4E 44 45 52 53 54 41 54 45 33 35 2D 31 39 4F 50 45 4E 54 52 41 43 4B 37 37 2D 43 4F 4E 44 49 54 49 4F 4E 33 4F 4C 48 4E 45 57 43 4F 50 59 4E 45 57 43 4F 50 59 4F 56 45 52 57 41 54 43 48 39 39


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=84tiS8tEd28

FDO-135 OPERATION EGGNIP CHINA 61.049059,97.741991



https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDmCCB37zfU

34 46 20 34 34 20 34 46 20 34 31 20 35 34 20 34 38 20 35 33 20 35 34 20 34 31 20 34 45 20 34 34 20 35 32 20 34 35 20 34 31 20 34 34 20 35 39 20 34 46 20 35 30 20 35 30 20 34 35 20 35 32 20 34 31 20 35 32 20 34 31 20 35 34 20 34 39 20 34 46 20 34 45 20 34 32 20 34 31 20 34 43 20 35 34 20 34 39 20 34 33 20 35 33 20 34 31 20 34 45 20 34 34 20 34 39 20 35 33 20 34 37 20 34 46 20 34 31 20 35 34 20 34 38 20 34 33 20 34 46 20 34 34 20 34 35 20 33 38 20 33 38 20 33 38 20 32 45 20 35 36 20 33 39 20 33 37



https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ngyohU5ES8

Syria location 7 NK=NOT


interesting messages

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=PblOTUR-JWU

34 46 20 35 30 20 34 35 20 35 32 20 34 31 20 35 34 20 34 39 20 34 46 20 34 45 20 35 30 20 34 32 20 34 41 20 34 46 20 34 39 20 34 45 20 35 34 20 34 43 20 35 39 20 33 34 20 35 34 20 35 35 20 34 45 20 34 45 20 34 35 20 34 43 20 34 33 20 34 46 20 34 44 20 35 30 20 34 43 20 34 35 20 35 34 20


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOHBeeznjKc

A Special hello to the two Big Ugly Fat Fellows who are Dashing north. Stay above the Cherubs. GOD speed and God bless us all.


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghw5y5c7l_k

(no text)


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iq37qQXTsWM

(text is URL: https:// www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-03-06/u-s-said-to-consider-broad-curbs-on-chinese-imports-takeovers)


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=-slPmlSmlgs

(no text)


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQLyQdhDJic



https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zj_sNKsd1h4

33 37 20 33 37 20 33 35 20 32 44 20 33 33 20 34 44 20 34 46 20 35 36 20 34 35 20 34 31 20 34 43 20 34 43 20 34 46 20 35 30 20 34 39 20 34 31 20 34 33 20 34 33 20 34 46 20 35 35 20 34 45 20 35 34 20 35 34 20 34 46 20 34 37 20 34 46 20 34 43 20 34 34 20 34 38 20 34 46 20 34 43 20 34 34 20 34 39 20 34 45 20 34 37 20 35 33 20 34 45 20 34 46 20 35 37 20 34 31 20 35 35 20 35 34 20 34 38 20 34 33 20 34 46 20 34 34 20 34 35 20 33 39 20 33 32 20 33 32 20 32 45 20 33 33 20 33 34 20 33 34 20 32 44 20 33 30 20 33 30 20 33 39

5b2f40 No.785064


You have to read it.

914aaa No.785065


There has already been at least 5 mainstream media articles on the ability to manipulate videos. They call them deep fakes.. close to deep state.. ;)

I don't think it's necessary… maybe soon but not now the groundwork is already set to point back and reference the past articles.

c4888e No.785066

File: 455d77646b60be8⋯.png (257.5 KB, 991x787, 991:787, ClipboardImage.png)

28e9d3 No.785067

File: 40b1db79802f481⋯.png (117.15 KB, 959x862, 959:862, SovietCIA.png)

File: e91cfa4a2e5b047⋯.png (125.16 KB, 961x882, 961:882, SovietCIA2.png)

File: 31d3a2251992d63⋯.png (113.67 KB, 960x836, 240:209, SovietCIA3.png)

File: 0c4097322982ea8⋯.png (147.25 KB, 963x888, 321:296, SovietCIA4.png)

1c0c1b No.785068


Probably because it is relevant to whatever the person who was putting together those videos were thinking. There appears to be no relation between the music and the videos of Black Trump (IMO).

28e9d3 No.785069

File: a210d2bcbed2d67⋯.png (54.46 KB, 956x367, 956:367, SovietCIA5.png)

File: 4895a8e809a003c⋯.png (124.3 KB, 960x853, 960:853, SovietCIA6.png)

File: 9803461e37bb9de⋯.png (121.73 KB, 960x772, 240:193, SovietCIA7.png)

File: 3900a2d2ad31e17⋯.png (128.92 KB, 969x849, 323:283, SovietCIA8.png)

5d6cb2 No.785070


OK…thanks anon

914aaa No.785071


Double checked

64a659 No.785072


Omar Naseef captured in the window picture? Funds Loop Capital? SES funding?

28e9d3 No.785073

File: 8d318e3e31ea23b⋯.png (132.66 KB, 964x868, 241:217, SovietCIA9.png)

File: 3d1559b1e69aec6⋯.png (145.82 KB, 956x889, 956:889, SovietCIA10.png)

File: f57cda09003e322⋯.png (93.55 KB, 962x577, 962:577, SovietCIA11.png)

9aaa17 No.785074


See the doc on the Snow White AI thread.

a1893e No.785075

just a few weeks ago, Q posted to us that the articles about them faking video in regards to his video drop.

Now DC anon is telling us to get ahead of the narrative of the Trump video being faked….

Smells like just what the MSM was doing a few weeks ago after Q dropped about the video.

Is DC anon trying to get us to do the work for the MSM????

d92681 No.785076

File: 163ba8af94959d2⋯.png (1018.83 KB, 719x716, 719:716, Screenshot_35.png)

f8c89e No.785077


Yes and I've already caught some interesting things in it

e45881 No.785078


Please do not add this crap. Gawd.

1c0c1b No.785079


You have to rely on the fact that these people are stupid. Don't worry - they won't let you down this time. They have an addiction of shooting themselves in the foot every…single…time…

2a77a0 No.785080

File: 98de611bf5f78e0⋯.png (272.7 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 98de611bf5f78e0c713e7bf848….png)

File: 6b51d9a6b142db9⋯.png (247.9 KB, 589x532, 31:28, Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at ….png)

File: 4fc4ed53673b02e⋯.png (74.68 KB, 202x304, 101:152, Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at ….png)

File: 66a42e7be9819ab⋯.png (20.6 KB, 112x91, 16:13, Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at ….png)

50ee0d No.785081


Maybe we should meme HW degenerates and known Dem Pervs ask

Who slept with YOU 12 years ago?

d7dea2 No.785082


I want to meet him in the octagon. How do we make THIS happen?

bdfb39 No.785083


Why? So they can call HRC tape a fake???


956ecc No.785084


I think the fuck not!

bf5e06 No.785085


not corsi's personal army

4ea7e2 No.785086


what's up with the dildos?

5d6cb2 No.785087


you put 2 + 2 together and came up with 5

7d3387 No.785088


Not that girl, she goes thru gallons of it in a week..

(er, vice versa)

… Ordinary stuff in her biz.

30a0d7 No.785089


except in reality they didn't keep the dog for some reason, the woman who offered it took it back.

97f4db No.785090


fuck off

2a77a0 No.785091

File: 7e79985d87e62b7⋯.gif (32.3 KB, 603x383, 603:383, trump.gif)

956ecc No.785092

f8c89e No.785093

Has Q ever talked about the Rothschilds directly, other than 1-2 references to LdR? I remember him saying she looks tired and I remember a #FLYROTHFLY# tag once. I don't remember anything ever about Jacob

0dd3c3 No.785094


They changed the titles after the posts.

I think it's very likely that this is some group attempting a troll. The messages are very easy to decode.

77d315 No.785095


Go read Matthew, Mark, luke and John. Then read Acts and Romans.

5d6cb2 No.785096


Kek…you're so right.

f8c89e No.785097


I'm going to call him out on Twitter and ask for a debate. If I dont get a Twitter ban….

d95e48 No.785098


You want her. you know it.

look at those eyes. You know she wants you

914aaa No.785099


DCanon never recommended taking any preemptive action

c4888e No.785100


my thought too.

plus Bill is OLD news i don't think tide pod generation would care, most of these twats wasn't a twinkle when he was potus.

1c0c1b No.785101


You should probably read Q's posts. Scroll to the top.

956ecc No.785102


No nothing about Jacob but lots about Roths in early crumbs.

a1893e No.785103


dont you find it strange that we would be spamming about the fake video technology, just the same as the MSM?

I dont think this is the right way to go about it

9cfcd7 No.785104


I'm not listening to that fag. Like you said, if we do, we could be sabotaging Q's drop. I'll push against Stormy if it happens and necessary.

5bd4c0 No.785105

File: 5aff8464835bb5c⋯.jpeg (237.64 KB, 1105x985, 221:197, 99806919-948E-4E23-ACE3-E….jpeg)

File: dbc3142d35ae490⋯.jpeg (325.77 KB, 1125x1558, 1125:1558, 9649BE96-BC18-4F68-B88A-3….jpeg)

Watch the water

914aaa No.785106



7d3387 No.785107


Busted up grille and looks like a cum drizzle in her nose too.


f604d3 No.785108

Who gave liberals the moral authority platform?

Trump was not a saint.

The KNOCKERS just want their payday.

The sun only shines for so long.

dd2b10 No.785109

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbTtffrPbeQ

Alex Jones Off the Trump Train - SATIRE

People mentioned this in last bread.

He's showing how ridiculous it sounds to say you are off the trump train just because he signed the Omnibus.


a1893e No.785110



This is the right approach anons, dont sabotage Q drop

9f354e No.785111


We do not now have control of the narrative. The MSM still does. Its still gun control, and they are working overtime to drum up this Stormy Daniels crap too. It is being done to embarrass POTUS and Melania and Baron. Really important things that POTUS is doing like the breakthrough with North Korea, and the bringing jobs back into the USA are purposefully ignored by the fake media. How will we ever control the narrative again now that so many of us have been banned from the social media platforms. The talking heads on the fake news outlets talk about whatever they want to talk about. POTUS is the one who has the power to drive the narrative. Unfortunately, he keeps giving them press conferences and hanging out with them at their black tie events. He needs to cut them off. Completely. Whatever news he wants to release to the public can be done on the WH website or his Twatter account.

I'm not sure that I understand why the onus is on us to defend the honor of the POTUS from CNN and this washed out whore. Where are the white hats? I was under the impression that the POTUS was well insulated from Deep State bullshit. He has important work to do. He doesn't have time for this. The white hats should have gotten rid of Stormy Daniels a long time ago. She had a legal agreement with Trump. She's not supposed to be talking to the press about her relationship with him. Where is his attorney in all this? And why does CNN still even have press credentials, and are being allowed into the WH press room?

I don't know. It just seems to me like a lot of the foolishness that's going on could have been avoided.

f8c89e No.785112


I'll go check it out. What about Morgan family and/or Du Pont family? I dont ever remember references to them

99ac32 No.785113


Guise i am just collecting whatever is available, just in case we need it. Another contradiction in a story here

https:// 70news.wordpress.com/2018/01/13/porn-star-stormy-daniels-denies-trump-paid-money-in-2016/

97f4db No.785114


He said don't fucking act on anything yet

2a77a0 No.785115

John Bolton’s First Order Of Business: Shred Disastrous Obama Iran Nuke Deal

Posted on March 24, 2018 by DCWhispers

Read more at http:// dcwhispers.com/john-boltons-first-order-of-business-shred-disastrous-obama-iran-nuke-deal/#h25dhwRoDk0M73e4.99

In the short term, newly-appointed Trump National Security Advisor John Bolton’s most important job is to navigate the dismantling of the disastrous Obama-era Iran nuke deal that was so strongly supported by Russia. (Isn’t it interesting how Democrats claim to be anti-Russia but enacted policies time and time again that were favored Russia?)

Bolton appears to be both up to that task and quite willing to carry it out – much to the dismay of the Establishment Media who are increasingly desperate to protect the Obama legacy.

The Russian reaction to Bolton’s appointment was both swift and negative:

Trump has replaced McMaster, a “hawk,” with “super-hawk and neocon John Bolton,” said Alexey Pushkov, who is also active on Russian foreign policy matters. “McMaster is a general. Bolton is the ideologue of a new cold war, a convinced opponent of Russia.”

The Russians didn’t fear Bolton’s predecessor, General McMaster. McMaster was a longtime D.C. military fixture with a decidedly globalist worldview bent that often clashed with President Trump’s “America-first” outlook. Some believe General Michael Flynn, Trump’s first choice as National Security Adviser, was intentionally eliminated from that position by Deep State operatives intent on replacing him with McMaster who many inside the Trump inner-circle feel was the source of numerous anti-Trump leaks to the media.

Bolton shares the President’s views on the Obama Iran nuke deal – namely that it is a disaster for America, the Middle East, and the world at large. It gave billions to the world’s #1 state sponsor of terrorism, strengthened Russian influence upon the region, bolstered Assad in Syria, and provided a financial link/incentive to the North Korean regime. In short, it was perhaps the single worst international agreement by any U.S. administration in the last one hundred years.

McMaster (who is said to be an Obama supporter) defended the agreement. Donald Trump wants it dismantled.

It’s now John Bolton’s job to help make that happen.

e7a785 No.785116


One thing he didn't mention was that this is an Omnibus bill, not a Budget. There's a difference. If it were a budget, even with the declared emergency, Trump would be forced to spend it as Congress has mandated, though he could use DoD funds to build the wall for nat'l sec purposes.

But, this is an Omnibus. That means Congress's intent is mostly a set of suggestions. Trump is NOT obligated to spend the money as stated in the omnibus, but has wide lattitude. The declared emergency just reinforces that lattitude.

Passing omnibus bills is how Hussein got away with spending as he wanted during his entire term. So Trump is using their own tool against them.

d92681 No.785117

24ebdf No.785118


Dig into who her lawyer sleeps with. Release tiny hints and all of it if they hit Trump.

28e9d3 No.785119

File: c2173fe7553968f⋯.png (383.1 KB, 592x546, 296:273, DadSonScaring.png)

File: cf4294ae5ecbc9e⋯.png (367.62 KB, 586x632, 293:316, DadSonShitless.png)

File: 7a4ad62698e1149⋯.png (517.19 KB, 588x776, 147:194, DadSonTendies.png)

File: d231d852ba3563a⋯.png (434.97 KB, 587x554, 587:554, DadSonZog.png)

14bef9 No.785120


I think that's coke, kek. Sounds about right.

59e6c4 No.785121


Tortuous zionist nonsense. Can't wait to see SA, JewSA, and kikestan get BTFO.

06501d No.785123

File: f63f22f76b9c964⋯.png (389.32 KB, 654x634, 327:317, DoD 3-24-18 9 pm PST.PNG)

28e9d3 No.785124

File: e788b8dad86e45d⋯.png (428.71 KB, 604x646, 302:323, DadSonItsJooz.png)

File: bccf7c6e39fe06a⋯.png (449.85 KB, 583x459, 583:459, DadSonOverthro.png)

File: 48eb99f4961e367⋯.png (166.31 KB, 594x395, 594:395, DadSonPepe.png)

File: 15c10faa50b1e46⋯.png (175.99 KB, 584x436, 146:109, DadSonRick.png)

f92b8c No.785125

File: 8a3b9dea09b591d⋯.jpg (42.59 KB, 882x540, 49:30, IMG_1404.JPG)

Someone tell hairu

Hot water makes the

Wasabi moar spicy

https:// youtu.be/FBPhOeQh8uU

2a77a0 No.785126

Mar 15 2018 19:36:51 (EDT) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 26e3a8 678119

Iran next [].

RT days after.

RT Kenya.

No coincidences.






c4888e No.785127


i was working like heck to spead useful idiots and got banned this eve, twatter, wants me to verify a phone number, not willing to do that.

posted one on a thread that people end up dead on RR tracks etc.

so f'em started a new twatter account. :)

d92681 No.785128


Supposed to be cocaine nose, me thinks.

a1893e No.785129


then what the fuck was his reason to post, just to moralefag?

take his words with same credence as any anon i would say

28e9d3 No.785130

File: 87ccb47ba4f3934⋯.png (348.37 KB, 591x563, 591:563, DadSonDeadLift.png)

File: c88fe2c53afc9eb⋯.png (198.35 KB, 602x438, 301:219, DadSonCNN.png)

File: f6bed9c8719477b⋯.png (156.26 KB, 587x429, 587:429, DadSonCuck.png)

File: 2a1cb44306aff73⋯.png (431.27 KB, 588x562, 294:281, DadSonGasThem.png)

956ecc No.785131


No nothing on them specifically.

bf5e06 No.785132


it says omnibus in his first tweet. did you read it? not that i disagree with you but seriously…

5d6cb2 No.785133


you're right, it's not. As another anon pointed out, if we use the "fake tape" narrative during this time, that could bite us in the ass when HRC tapes are released. Best to wait until they come out then prove she is a liar and discredit her.

64a659 No.785135

The head of the swamp and of the Uranium Crime Syndicate is Mueller!



All these scumbags are most likely part of this Deep State SES: (Senior Executive Service, Obama´s private army to impede Trump).

Gowdy, Mueller, Comey, Jeff Sessions, Rosenstein, DWS, Obama, the Clintons, the Bushes, etc etc


They think they are un-touchable and are mocking our Republic!

Show us you can do it Trump, get rid of this scumbag Obama army now!

bd5e59 No.785136



7d3387 No.785137

File: 35b8ccfc0341cb7⋯.jpg (99.35 KB, 467x463, 467:463, temp-winker.jpg)

914aaa No.785138



Yup, wait and see approach but keep it somewhere in our minds

5b2f40 No.785139


>Bolton appears to be both up to that task and quite willing to carry it out – much to the dismay of the Establishment Media who are increasingly desperate to protect the Obama legacy.

Excellent point., the MSM give support to the Iran Deal.

50ee0d No.785140


2nd one, KEK!

d92681 No.785141

What we need in this country is a good WAR DRAFT!

64a659 No.785142

During the years of the Bushes, Hillary, (The Clintons) and Obama, the C-I-A, via these President agents, set all this up:

① The Bitcoin scam at Diego Garcia.

② The seizure of the collateral accounts, as mentioned in this thread.

③ The fake new Treasury gold-backed dollar → another scam, since the Fed has merged with the Treasury.

(Thus, the new Trump executive order to seize all assets is only helping the banking cartel and not the American people, since the Ronald Reagon Grace Commission Report has revealed to us that 100% of the taxes American´s pay goes to service the interest on the debt. Thus, all money seized by the Treasury, which has merged with the banking cartel, will only go to the banking cartel itself and the principal on the debt is NEVER REDUCED! ALL OF THIS IS ONE HUGE BIG SCAM!)

④ The Shadow Government scam of THE SENIOR EXECUTIVE SERVICE!






956ecc No.785143

Can some of you go drunk post on FB instead of here please?

f8c89e No.785144

Why the fuck can't the SES be fired?

a1893e No.785145


i did see an anon post a nice dig into her(stormy) incarceration/arrest record and some other findings

did anyone save that by chance?

64a659 No.785147


Wray is SES = See American Intel Media Videos and learn.

f8c89e No.785148


>Gowdy, Mueller, Comey, Jeff Sessions, Rosenstein, DWS, Obama, the Clintons, the Bushes, etc etc

Not Sessions

f9929b No.785149


Wictor is a deep state spook, ignore him. He's constantly trashed this board and is never right.

2a77a0 No.785150

File: ca7fc5e0c251c58⋯.png (280.05 KB, 981x714, 327:238, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)

64a659 No.785152


A scam set-up this way by scammers and scumbag presidents.

b38800 No.785153

File: 7b201a3530402da⋯.jpg (234.19 KB, 869x1017, 869:1017, 2018-02-25-14:28:36-4528.jpg)

File: ba3b617535a73ef⋯.jpg (39.91 KB, 950x164, 475:82, 2018-02-28-00:14:16-02c2.jpg)

File: 5ff9bb4ffe95982⋯.jpg (182.88 KB, 1735x496, 1735:496, 2018-03-01-16:24:42-c37f.jpg)


Here's what you do according to other anons (not a twatter myself):

f8c89e No.785154


There's gotta be a way around it

5b2f40 No.785155

Who is the New Chief of DARPA?

81f18f No.785156

File: 215c2bec99b36d8⋯.jpeg (49.67 KB, 640x512, 5:4, 322B3978-A1BE-4079-B99C-7….jpeg)

File: 5e4fab1cebebdb1⋯.jpeg (150.21 KB, 821x941, 821:941, 0076B69E-5696-4B5E-BC73-0….jpeg)

5d6cb2 No.785157


I think it was more of a "head's up" kind of thing. We can do more research and get the meme's ready before hand. If it doesn't happen, no harm done.

5293cd No.785158

File: 312c00949fb1a19⋯.jpg (12.85 KB, 243x255, 81:85, IMG_20180325_093637.jpg)

c84ab4 No.785159

File: 3627ecae3f6499f⋯.jpg (334.36 KB, 823x978, 823:978, Screenshot_20180324-221953.jpg)


Interesting. Refueling for the next fight. Thousands of feet in the air (40,000 ft view) with 3 suns behind it. Dark to Light. Resilience anons.

64a659 No.785160

The swamp rats keep promoting this idea that Trey Gowdy is to replace Jeff Sessions when he is fired.


Both Jeff Sessions and Trey Gowdy are swamp rats and BOTH NEED TO GO!


Jeff Sessions claims he has appointed someone outside of D.C. to "investigate the FISA ABUSES".

O.k. so we need to ask JEFF SESSIONS:





914aaa No.785161


I didn't catch it.. any anons know where in the archive this would/could be???

af049d No.785162


The US plays a huge role globally, they are but one country contrary to the belief of some.

The questions I asked were very simple, should of turned up in our months of research yet it has not.

No matter what anyone states, this is happening WW, not simply in the US, especially when one looks to the financial aspect to all of this.

The SES is the US Shadow Government.

Now it seems the SES is being equated with having control globally. That the SES is in control of the UN, Vatican, Roths, SA, Soros, every country, corporations etc.

We can only take us where the research leads. To assume anything greater would be an error on our part.

eb69a6 No.785163

File: cd413b05091a101⋯.png (739.48 KB, 619x448, 619:448, ClipboardImage.png)

2a77a0 No.785164

File: c9dae7fb472929c⋯.jpg (68.79 KB, 500x354, 250:177, wn_MichelleObamaGuns_04121….jpg)

File: 97b4965ac68f5c5⋯.jpg (58.55 KB, 618x410, 309:205, emanuel.jpg)

File: 221ead51b7ae10c⋯.jpg (475.72 KB, 1500x2000, 3:4, 20140221_Rahm_Emanuel.JPG)

24ebdf No.785165

File: 7366a98b11c74c3⋯.jpg (54.72 KB, 582x792, 97:132, sexychic.jpg)

461f6c No.785166


Can't refuel in the air without a BOOM operator.

489b90 No.785167

Another possible Red Castle/ Green Castle connection


Red Castle: St. Agatha’s Tower

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Agatha's_Tower

Green Castle: Verdala Palace

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Verdala_Palace

History of Malta:

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sovereign_Military_Order_of_Malta

Notice the Maltese Cross- also worn by House of Windsor as well as Vanderbilt and probably more- just haven’t looked yet.

Take notice to connections to pope in link above

Current info on Malta:

"Malta's regulators have imposed a freeze on the business of Pilatus Bank after its chairman's arrest on charges of breaking U.S. sanctions prompted a fresh wave of criticism of the island's authorities.”

https: //m.investing.com/news/economy-news/malta-freezes-pilatus-banks-operations-after-chairmans-arrest-1353820?ampMode=1

This is the bank: http:// www.pilatusbank.com/about-us/governance

^^^^ This could be much larger than it appears.

It’s tied to the corruption and death of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia

https:// www.yahoo.com/news/banker-center-malta-corruption-scandal-164536809.html

https:// www.abqjournal.com/1101768/malta-announces-10-arrests-in-journalists-car-bomb-killing.html?utm_source=amp&utm_medium=more%20link&utm_campaign=amp

https:// www.rferl.org/a/russian-whistle-blower-efimova-linked-slain-maltese-jouralist-caruana-galizia-turns-self-in-athens-greece-azerbaijan-aliyev-family-/29112519.html

28e9d3 No.785168



fe71bc No.785169

File: 8b51aff69d6a580⋯.png (426.88 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Stand up.png)

5b2f40 No.785170


Sexy KEK!

f92b8c No.785171

File: 65767a01c9f1831⋯.jpg (208 KB, 1141x1141, 1:1, IMG_0320.JPG)

File: dd287ffad05a04e⋯.jpg (58.54 KB, 480x646, 240:323, IMG_0656.JPG)

File: a567605963bc27f⋯.jpg (24.24 KB, 406x362, 203:181, IMG_0976.JPG)

https:// youtu.be/7EA_40Hj05I

https:// youtu.be/5FeyDm4vrFo

https:// youtu.be/7BChNIS8HWs

https:// youtu.be/HyY-4MakMc0



c94050 No.785172

Think I figured out the second part of that posts with 2 castles.

If Red Castle = US Army Engineer Corps, then Green Castle is refering to a city in Indianna called Greencastle…..which has a US Army Engineers Corps base in it.

ea1b69 No.785173


Renegade is Australia?

9aaa17 No.785174


These are awesome.

df38ea No.785175


Can't fool me, I know she's playing the cello.

14bef9 No.785176


Personally, I'd dig into her too and I couldn't possibly fault the prez if he did too. In fact, I'd high five him… when Melania isn't looking.

ca19bd No.785177


It's spot on. The spending during national emergency alone gives certain options, but caring up the Balanced budget and Emergency deficit control act give him complete control. He talked veto, talked them right into panicking and adding more last ditch efforts to stop him, and he'll use it against them.

But it goes beyond the wall. Yes, this can fund it, but it also funds everything he needs to take them down. Tribunals, OIG, Military and vets. Hell, my disability check might actually see a bump that it hasn't had in 8 years.

5b2f40 No.785178


Extradiction US-AUS…, remember..

33e139 No.785179

File: dc8de724034426f⋯.jpg (115.21 KB, 600x800, 3:4, djtgenius1.jpg)

b9f8da No.785180


Distraction, distraction, it is just distraction. No one gives a chit about that washed up whore, except the MSM and that for a purpose.

388c3b No.785181


That would be one way to get some of you out of mommy's basement

64a659 No.785182


>The SES is the US Shadow Government.


>Now it seems the SES is being equated with having control globally. That the SES is in control of the UN, Vatican, Roths, SA, Soros, every country, corporations etc.


>We can only take us where the research leads. To assume anything greater would be an error on our part.

You seemed to suggest the SES has control in many countries, but the research seems to indicate it has control over the U.S. only ….

99ac32 No.785183


Found this about arrest for domestic violence

https:// m.huffpost.com/us/entry/247098

956ecc No.785184


He was just in aus, NZ, Singapore, and Japan this week.

dd2b10 No.785185


I have a video you need to watch.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJRpeq0s9Ls

American Intelligence Media

Thomas Paine.

372001 No.785186


Ah, I didn't think of that, disregard in that case. Thanks for mentioning.

f92b8c No.785187

File: e6dc0b3721404a1⋯.jpg (148.35 KB, 682x1024, 341:512, IMG_1356.JPG)

a31970 No.785188

File: 245a16798d5a59e⋯.png (77.95 KB, 600x480, 5:4, boom-hi.png)

d92681 No.785189

File: 5fc762abd138248⋯.png (1012.18 KB, 1016x574, 508:287, Screenshot_51.png)


Usually I go play Skyrim.

a1893e No.785190

File: 1e93890ad3dffda⋯.png (224.93 KB, 1085x617, 1085:617, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b398b0323f619aa⋯.png (11.93 KB, 809x186, 809:186, ClipboardImage.png)




https:// arrestfacts.com/Stephanie-Clifford-7e7=54

https:// www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/politics/Politico-Porn-Stars–52082182.html

af049d No.785191


What does the SES control in China?

1e6b00 No.785192

https:// benjaminfulford.net/ :

#2017-4-10 and #2017-9-25(->!)

Mary (fake)

Stage set: HRC vid (~real)

Fake video technology appears in MSM

= 5:5

BF = HW? 5D?

b38800 No.785193


If a shocking HRC video is broadcast nationwide soon, anything Stormy will be instantly moot.

Timing's critical.

d026a7 No.785194


He doesn't have to be /ourguy/ to have some valid commentary. I thought his take on NK was a new way of looking at what might have happened.

Expand your thinking. I don't have to agree with someone on everything to agree with them on something.

33e139 No.785195


And it will happen when least expected…

2a77a0 No.785196

File: 221ead51b7ae10c⋯.jpg (475.72 KB, 1500x2000, 3:4, 20140221_Rahm_Emanuel-2.JPG)

File: f3de94330c600aa⋯.png (280.82 KB, 1026x703, 54:37, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)

Rahm Emanuel seated with James Reynolds, Jr. at the 2014 w:Chicago Public High School League championship game

14bef9 No.785197


Do you REALLY believe there's going to be a devastating HRC video?

fe71bc No.785198


Isn't SERCO the SES' connect ww?

279dac No.785199

File: fba978dfebe6670⋯.jpg (279.77 KB, 1024x681, 1024:681, Fairdinkum.jpg)


its time

9aaa17 No.785200


And where would you have fun then?

2bc32a No.785201



Some recent news items to get started. Create memes with links to the news articles

Fake Hurricane Irma videos are getting tens of millions of views on Facebook

https:// www. cnn.com/2017/09/06/weather/fake-news-hurricane-irma-facebook-trnd/index.html

Fake videos are on the rise. As they become more realistic, seeing shouldn't always be believe

http:// www. latimes.com/business/technology/la-fi-tn-fake-videos-20180219-story.html

Fake Celebrity Porn Videos Are Being Created Using Artificial Intelligence

http:// www. breitbart.com/tech/2017/12/12/fake-celebrity-porn-videos-created-using-ai/

Personalized Fake Porn Videos Are Now for Sale on Reddit

https:// motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/7x799b/selling-ai-generated-fake-porn-is-probably-a-good-way-to-get-sued

Here Come the Fake Videos, Too

Artificial intelligence video tools make it relatively easy to put one person’s face on another person’s body with few traces of manipulation. I tried it on myself. What could go wrong?

https:// www.nytimes.com/2018/03/04/technology/fake-videos-deepfakes.html

d92681 No.785202


If I was Stormy I would be shitting my pants, because helping the Deep State can only end one way…and Stormy likes it more than one way!

64a659 No.785203


That would be a good question for us to ask Thomas Paine and his team to research….

9cfcd7 No.785204

7d3387 No.785205

File: 0ff415ac143cf5f⋯.jpg (246.23 KB, 619x448, 619:448, temp-natgeo.jpg)

dd2b10 No.785206


Behind the scenes:

No wars will be happening.

It's what the media wants everyone to think: war could break out any minute. not gonna happen.

So we are safe.

I believe the military money is partially to build up military but also to fund the wall.

33e139 No.785208


Much of what has happened in the past year I never believed…

914aaa No.785209




HODL. Watch, wait, and see.

df38ea No.785210


I think the concept is great, but personally I'd rather see ordinary-looking people rather than those boiled-body looking victims.

99ac32 No.785212

File: 8a964024f6cd482⋯.png (293.77 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 63F543FA-C7C7-4188-A643-88….png)


Also found a weird twat, idk looks like legit, you decide creepy

ea003d No.785213


Exactly. Q intercepted their comms coordinating the March media madness.

64a659 No.785214



0dd3c3 No.785215


b38800 No.785216




archived at http:// archive.is/pT1hm


cannot archive

"network error"

prob because it contains the word p~rn

bbbb71 No.785217


Do something productive or get the fuck out faggot.

bd5e59 No.785219


First off WRAY is different from WRWY….

Second, Q has told us to TRUST WRAY, TRUST SESSIONS….

So I'm going with that….

Your theory about Sessions trying to overthrow Trump is OFF BASE…considering that POTUS has directly confirmed Q's drops….

So….back at ya….LEARN….

9f1284 No.785220


Oh my God, TOO FUNNY Anon !!

388c3b No.785221


Nah like fresh air and Congo with people i can see.

24ebdf No.785222


Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 25b191 >> 563806 (Qresearch #694) 03.06.18 GMT+1: 07:09:09

Is the stage set for a drop of HRC +++ + +++++(raw vid 5:5). EX-rvid5774.

We have it all.

Re_read re: stage.

The nail in many coffins [liberal undo].

[Impossible to defend].

[Toxic to those connected].

WE must work TOGETHER.

WE are only as strong as your VOICE.

YOU must organize and BE HEARD.

THIS is why they keep you DIVIDED and in the DARK.


We are here to UNITE and provide TRUTH.

Dark to LIGHT.

EVIL surrounds us.

WE are FIGHTING for you.

Where we go one, we go ALL.

The choice, to KNOW, will be yours [end].


df0eeb No.785223


What's up with the chopped off nose

c84ab4 No.785224


That second link is 404ed tried way back machine too and nothing

eb69a6 No.785225

File: e56b5e54cf637f9⋯.png (504.14 KB, 576x576, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

dd2b10 No.785226


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJRpeq0s9Ls

Here is one Thomas Paine Video.

I just listened to three of his.

He mentions china in one of them.

I cannot remember which one, sorry.

Possibly this one: https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=wS1IxtAI7hM

He covers many topics in each video so you have to listen to the whole thing.

9f354e No.785227


The point of the post is not about pleasing anyone. It is about focusing on MAGA and on what Q said about how division is used as a tactic to weaken the movement. Insulting people isn't necessary for accomplishing this research. In fact it has exactly the opposite effect. I see that you don't understand this, and that is ok.

388c3b No.785228

bb73e3 No.785229



image is mirrored. look at the type its forward and backward its a mirrored lens

and sorry if that was already pointed out. just got back in the breads today

fc5270 No.785230

File: fd81ccfb51e9928⋯.png (637.79 KB, 710x8292, 355:4146, FireShot Capture 002 - Gre….PNG)

372001 No.785231


another anon pointed out that they changed the titles after Q post so it's just trash and unrelated

7d3387 No.785232





af049d No.785233


It appears I have made my point.

24ebdf No.785234



Poor Tracy.

64a659 No.785235




CONNECTED TO SES - TO THE TAKE-OVER OF THE NSA, THE CIA, JTTF, ETC…5 I agencies…so any country where SERCO has taken-over would probably have some version of it´s own of SES. Like GW says, the ancient protectors of the Kings or something like that he says…protectors of the nobility…in the U.S. they protect the thugs the Queen and the Vatican - Jesuits put into power….

f92b8c No.785236

File: 6c0cd62be8c650d⋯.jpg (162.31 KB, 727x1098, 727:1098, IMG_1412.JPG)

https:// youtu.be/vZnlz-b2NnY

https:// youtu.be/HQUJpxdzQPo

https:// youtu.be/5oLvuRIIz_w

The one where cheech and Chong had to catch the tweaker backstage from way back got taken down I think

Rice muh ninjas

9cfcd7 No.785237


I really believe such videos exist.

bdfb39 No.785238


Yes, noted several days ago.

5bd4c0 No.785239

File: 2bac234121b89dc⋯.jpeg (100.8 KB, 694x727, 694:727, 088C4F0B-1CE1-4429-AD8D-F….jpeg)

5d6cb2 No.785240


Contrast that with the one where she says she never had sex with him.

b38800 No.785241

File: efc3525febdaaae⋯.jpg (147.83 KB, 1574x396, 787:198, 2018-03-24-19:28:36.jpg)

File: 6d2803bea3cf46a⋯.jpg (139.51 KB, 787x650, 787:650, 2018-03-24-19:28:14.jpg)

File: d7beed1b5d2ce09⋯.jpg (264.82 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, HillaryPoisonRing1.jpg)

File: d8e6e19447ee2b5⋯.jpg (147.19 KB, 1023x513, 341:171, DrainTheSwamp19Hillary.jpg)

File: 933ac50ef13c668⋯.jpg (188.67 KB, 1023x512, 1023:512, DrainTheSwamp47HillaryClin….jpg)


Yeah. I do. Hoping and praying for that infernal bitch to be taken down and her crimes made manifest for all the world to see for as long as I can remember…

cad151 No.785242

Q deleted another post?

What a LARP

64a659 No.785243


Your point is that you cannot go very far with the research because nobody knows how SERCO - the SES connects to China?

5b2f40 No.785244


Good Point. the way to resolve this is that The countries aren't the corruption, dictatorship, Crime, Guerrillas, etc. Very difficult to see for see more sincere

Here, the Mayority of the people is brainwashed by the Neo-Liberals/Neo-Cons. When a person say that it's nationalist/libertarian thought. it's accused to be Yankee/ imperialist.

This Cabal did a good work with the Brainwash here., it's a sad reality. I hope that The Storm arrive here soon. but for Now. We will bear this.

a1893e No.785245



http:// www.foxnews.com/politics/2009/07/30/porn-star-mulling-senate-bid-arrested-battery-charge-advisers-car-blows.html

bc6617 No.785246

File: 51e65becfc9e639⋯.jpg (40.26 KB, 306x362, 153:181, 4A8755F500000578-0-image-m….jpg)

This guy looks like a real special elite Fruit Loop.

WTF, kek

Anheuser-Busch heir, 58, is charged after 'beating up a sixth-grade boy' during a youth basketball practice at his son's private Catholic school

The heir to the Anheuser-Busch beer fortune has been accused of assaulting a sixth-grade boy in a school gym.

William K 'Billy' Busch, 58, the great-grandson of beer baron Adolphus Busch, is charged with simple assault in the incident during a youth basketball practice in Creve Coeur, Missouri.

Busch bloodied the boy's nose, dragged him by the front of his shirt and pinned him against a wall before the boy's father pulled him off, according to police reports reported by the Riverfront Times.

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5541019/Anheuser-Busch-heir-Billy-Busch-allegedly-beats-sixth-grade-boy-school-gym.html

b26b36 No.785247


I dont get it who arent we allowed to criticize?? Satanist Cabal and Pope?

914aaa No.785248



Has this been connected or pointed out yet???

461f6c No.785249


And when the HRC vid drops what will ppl say to those same ppl who just moments ago posted that videos going around are fake?

Wait. We have bigger fish to fry , this might be

a set up to try to help imply that the HRC vid is also fake.

bb73e3 No.785250


oh, thanks for letting me know.

71b48f No.785251

File: 99fc51d773113fb⋯.jpg (142.76 KB, 553x369, 553:369, IMG_3396.JPG)

af4537 No.785252

File: 6e8783922ffdd78⋯.jpeg (154.2 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 8AD6A94B-D6B0-4235-9B22-C….jpeg)

Got a bit carried away on this hahah…

64a659 No.785253



b38800 No.785254


Hard no.

Doing this would leave open the possibility for MSM to try and discredit real HRC vids when released by Q team.

Absolutely NO.

d92681 No.785255



GOD! Can someone please tell these people that those videos are crap! Crap from a Crap YouTube "artist" that is using Q as a way to draw viewers to look at his crappy "artwork"! He waits for Q to post, and then he goes back in his video stash and changes the titles of the videos! FUCK!

5b2f40 No.785256


Are you of Australia?

64a659 No.785257

1eec7c No.785258

File: 6f318910b00235c⋯.png (12.46 KB, 255x216, 85:72, 6be29a092e01cc169624f0b4f3….png)


I don't have twatter and someone posted this meme in here earlier…..this meme should be posted on her twatter……LoL

64a659 No.785259


Give-up your guns so the UN and the NWO can take-over America with the help of Soros.

956ecc No.785260


That's not stormy daniels, idiot.

af049d No.785261


No. It's being assumed that a relatively young country, the US, has a Shadow Government that controls much older, well established ones. That no other country would in effect have its' own Shadow Government, whether that is the Commonwealth, the EU etc.

bb73e3 No.785262

File: c563b31887cca4d⋯.png (89.44 KB, 1328x1140, 332:285, pepe_black_lol.png)


dont rupture your spleen dude.

bdfb39 No.785263


Notice all the clowns suggesting we push

how fake videos are made????

64a659 No.785264


Another Clinton sex doll?

7d3387 No.785265


This dorky liddle kidtard was being mk'd by Podesta in 2015…

GREAT find anon!

2a77a0 No.785266

File: f6bbae8f93cc4ad⋯.png (203.04 KB, 860x484, 215:121, cropped-capa-860x484.png)

File: b365742a455e87e⋯.jpg (75.73 KB, 957x960, 319:320, Clowns_In_America.jpg)

d92681 No.785267

File: 163ba8af94959d2⋯.png (1018.83 KB, 719x716, 719:716, Screenshot_35.png)


He never said it was, Twat! The meme says "STORMY WHO?" Jesus!

956ecc No.785268

f9aceb No.785269

File: f86007c43d4ab00⋯.png (288.3 KB, 1459x875, 1459:875, IMG_3609.PNG)

044ea5 No.785270

Sorry if this was discussed already… Remember when Q deleted all of him posts, and we moved onto phase 2? So we completed phase 1. He just deleted one of his posts. Could it mean that it was completed?

ca19bd No.785271


The stage isn't set for the video release. We've seen multiple stages for multiple events, but the video requires Mockingbird to be neutralized. It's embedded in every press room around the world. Until a few of the major networks are cleansed, there's no way to release the video to the people that wouldn't be stopped. Even a direct release via video would be censored or they'd refuse to cover and the visibility of it would be minimal.

Q mentioned 2 media companies and 1 print (after Newsweek) so we know its coming, the question is when. That has to happen before we'll see any video.

cb7f55 No.785272



9cfcd7 No.785273


What makes you think scopolamine is in the ring?

fecdb0 No.785274


No, we are not here to please anyone. We should be cognizant, however, that we are limiting our R&D by our behavior.

Did you know that our government's rogue CIA had a "breeder program" which targeted women in the 90s in Los Angeles? I know one of the victims of the program. She was recently told of it when her file came to light when she became aware of some her tormentors being named in the sealed indictments.

I've spoken with her about coming here to tell her story, but she refused given my own experiences here. Sad, because it's time the anons learned more about what has really happened and who was involved.

956ecc No.785275


I don't think so anon. We don't know what it means.

2bc32a No.785276



It’s settled.. time to wait and be Riders on the Storm http:// hooktube.com/watch?v=lS-af9Q-zvQ&feature=youtu.be

33e139 No.785277

[ Reference: John Salisbury https:// twitter.com/5Strat/status/977677766668636160 ]

Let's talk about what the President can and can't do for this Omnibus Bill. There's a lot of discussion both ways so let's examine how money gets allocated & spent in the US Government:

1. Congress allocates money to be spent. The President spends the allocated money.

2. Once Congress allocates money, their job is oversight of the money being spent. They don't spend the money and have no say HOW it gets spent as long as it's spent legally. That's their job to monitor with oversight.

3. Once the President is given the money with the instructions to spend it, he has a number of choices to make in spending it. There are some rules he has to follow & some of the money is fungible and some isn't.

4. However there are some other factors that are in play here. One of them is that the President has declared a Human Rights Emergency AND has notified Congress that he's invoking the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985.

5. This opens up new options.

6. By making these two declarations President Trump has just communicated that he has the authority to NOT spend any funds he doesn't deem necessary and will return them to the US Treasury. So, funds for Planned Parenthood? He can simply not allocate the funds.

7. Also, these declarations make some funds fungible. For instance if he determines that building a Wall on the Southern Border is a defense against Human Trafficking? He can move funds from anywhere else in the Defense Dept. Allocation & simply build the Wall.

8. Congress is powerless to stop cash reallocations on an omnibus bill AND cannot stop the DOD from taking measures under a declared Emergency.

9. Despite their language in the Omnibus Bill about the Border Wall, it is trumped by the State of Emergency that Trump declared.

10. So in summary - This will go to the Courts. Congress will sue the President over the Border Wall. But here's how it will play out - Congress and the President are co-equal branches with different functions. Congress allocates. The President spends.

11.The President has National Security as his Primary Responsibility and it's his job to use whatever funds and declarations he needs to for that job. No Court in this Nation (except corrupt on the take Judges) would EVER rule against a President for exercising that authority.

John. You've really done your homework on this one. Thanks for the REASSURANCE. Maybe I OVERREACTED. My mind is at ease.

We all did. I was very upset till I saw the moves he was making under the table. I've worked for Government for 30 years and I've never seen ANYONE making the moves he's making right now. He's a Genius.

14bef9 No.785278


I think someone meant for her to look like she was snorting cocaine.

914aaa No.785279



Roger that.

64a659 No.785280


No, no, the point is that the U.S. is being controlled by The British Crown and that SERCO and the Swiss CIA control the MSM and via the SES control the Shadow Government in the U.S. The U.S. SES does not control the planet. It is a type of a British Crown colony still…

c4888e No.785281

File: b30e41603a0ff91⋯.png (122.87 KB, 928x705, 928:705, ClipboardImage.png)



We need to sidetrack the #MSM.

Need to find more sauce on this and create tag and push it to the front of the news.

Obama fag lovers should be interesting to the masses of useful idiots.

https:// madworldnews.com/obama-alleged-gay-lover/

28e9d3 No.785282


America's diversity agenda…

Nobody likes it…

Totally in line with communism…

People don't like it…

Blame nazis…

Fuck you clown niggers…

Hope the money was worth it.

14bef9 No.785283


Actually, I think everyone has filtered you for being a name fag. They do that ya know.

30219c No.785284

File: b19c5c8d78dea15⋯.jpg (58.33 KB, 559x527, 559:527, IMG_0879.JPG)


I look forward to someone setting up a LEGIT Social Media sight. I've always understood that they're wicked, but at the same time, I have alway optimized my lists and used the platforms to red-pill and learn and share with good people.

Somebody will figure it out and is going to win HUGE. Keep it under $10 a month, do it right, incorporate the best of the best, find GOOD Sponsers out there that have been vetted and are good for the American Economy, and we have a Big Win.


Tesla, Jesus & Melania are my 3 favorite wild card guesses.

At this point, THOSE aren't even the craziest guesses. What are they?? Hillary?? Bill?? Obama?? Q from the show "Star Trek The Next Generation" and through our efforts and prayers and work for a better Humanity and World we helped to save our world??


c84ab4 No.785285

File: 3ea4a1c7c2dc544⋯.jpg (319.18 KB, 1065x1561, 1065:1561, Screenshot_20180324-232159.jpg)

File: f5e3039760cf535⋯.jpg (482.61 KB, 1062x1841, 1062:1841, Screenshot_20180324-232218.jpg)

File: 769ca83d1444427⋯.jpg (468.51 KB, 1064x1713, 1064:1713, Screenshot_20180324-232232.jpg)

File: f00dca3e8a0b828⋯.jpg (384.9 KB, 1070x1682, 535:841, Screenshot_20180324-232250.jpg)

File: afd0de804e3ac39⋯.jpg (255.9 KB, 1072x1124, 268:281, Screenshot_20180324-232307.jpg)


Thank you. Posting caps so others can save

9aaa17 No.785286


Oh, I do understand this. But it takes many years on the chans to get there.

A lot of technical and personal issues have to combatively and mutually coexist.

It's the nature of the beast. Newcomers always think they can improve on it.

Sometimes saying something helps. But in reality, there is no simple solution.

24ebdf No.785287


I think their is a Hogg pic on Pedosta's wall.

914aaa No.785288


Great list of links though.

Keep em around.

956ecc No.785289


Remember Q said they have the code from Snowden, so they should be able to uncensor the internet soon. IDK what steps it will take to take down the MSM though.

5bd4c0 No.785290

File: 903d557a44a9cd4⋯.jpeg (311.37 KB, 1125x1228, 1125:1228, 499B9485-F7EA-47A7-963D-8….jpeg)

14bef9 No.785291


Maybe not, but I'd hit it.

f9aceb No.785292

File: af17fb9c3f15376⋯.png (271.3 KB, 1224x1085, 1224:1085, IMG_3385.PNG)

Anons we need help with IBOR, get everyone you no to sign the petition

9aaa17 No.785293


This is why I pointed out our part in it all is very limited.

64a659 No.785294


See this also:


49f4f4 No.785295


I imagine any drop of that video would also instantly coincide with her arrest. Pretty hard to refute it if she is in custody and about to undergo military tribunal proceedings.

d7dea2 No.785296


Ha! They wouldn't cover Sinclair or the dead organist for all the money in the world. SAD. Barry's scandals would've been the highest ratings TV news ever got if they had just decided to be ACTUAL journalists.

1eec7c No.785297


Did anyone find a porn that this stormy image may have been from, CNN was using it…..and Anons were talking about if this image was from a porn, it would cause CNN to basically implode

914aaa No.785298


Not sure if there is any good sauce for this one though… Anons?

257b90 No.785299


>Remember Q said they have the code from Snowden, so they should be able to uncensor the internet soon. IDK what steps it will take to take down the MSM though.

They have the algorithm, but Q didn't say what it controls. It could be to the MSM dropbox, secure phones, or something else.

b38800 No.785300



Archived here → http:// archive.is/YTxjR

It's real easy to do.

1. Navigate to archive.is

2. Paste the URL you want to archive

3. Wait until the archive page is generated

4. Get the archive page's URL from your browser's URL bar

(5. Optional - click Download Zip link and take a local copy of the archive page)

64a659 No.785301


Everyone you speak only of yourself clown fag agent.

af049d No.785302


Yes it is still British. Again though you have not answered my questions. It would be wise to look towards Britain, Switzerland, the Jesuits. It is being stated that the SES is the key. I don't believe it is. I believe it is a string.

30219c No.785303

File: 35244c0da6aad58⋯.jpg (22.24 KB, 255x242, 255:242, 3e2be5d751bce8c962accb7bd9….jpg)


Here we go. Politics flows DOWN STREAM from "culture", not vice versa. This would mean he cheated on Mike right?? Because the left won't give much of a shit if he's gay, but if he cheated on their powerful black "woman"…

It's getting spicy Anons…

a1893e No.785304

File: aaf8dfc71c4f5f5⋯.png (59.18 KB, 541x288, 541:288, ClipboardImage.png)



gay lover was Donald young

01e920 No.785305

BONO and "hall of fame" musicians are the current "exhibit" at the Clinton library (there today)

Trump's name made it onto a single column in the exhibit at the very end. Pic with him and bret michels.

POTUS made it into the clinton library

that place is a DISGRACE

7d3387 No.785306


BAKER: IMHO This is a noteworthy addition candidate to the bread….

9f354e No.785307


I'm also wondering where that came from all of a sudden. I seriously doubt that MSM will publish fake videos of POTUS and Stormy Daniels. They were the ones that went whole hog on exposing the technology that is used to make these fake videos a couple weeks ago after Q mentioned possible HRC tapes.

It is easy to use forensic technology to debunk digitally altered videos. Would be very stupid of MSM to try to use this against POTUS. He could sue them into non-existence…although given this Stormy Daniels bullshit I think he might do well to get himself some better lawyers. A non disclosure agreement means that neither party is supposed to disclose. But the bitch is talking on national television to Anderson Cooper…yet not one word from Trump's attorney. That is very strange.

ca19bd No.785308


It can alter what's given precedence in the online sphere, but for the majority of people still watching TV, they'd be in the dark. It's definitely a good first step, and can help push the messages we want, but only when they have control of FB, Google and Twitter. If the Algorithm leaks though, everyone will see what they're doing and it neutralizes all of them at once.

a1893e No.785309


sorry, sauce: https ://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2010/07/25/mom-of-murdered-obama-gay-lover-speaks-up/

14bef9 No.785310


Yes, we saw it. We also saw him say the Alabama election was going to have voting fraud exposed and a lot of big name high ranking people were going to be arrested and children are being rescued all over the world, but not one story of any single child being returned to their broken parents. So, again I ask. Do you REALLY believe there is a video that's going to be released?

956ecc No.785311


True. I am looking forward to it. We are in such a lull right now. Need something to change to break things open.

914aaa No.785312


Is Hogg just a means to their donation quota's end?

1ff31d No.785313

File: aa9bca014811f88⋯.png (378.92 KB, 831x491, 831:491, screenshot_391.png)

File: 1f4f150bbbb8079⋯.png (37.41 KB, 853x478, 853:478, Keystone SeS.png)


Great Video!!!

28e9d3 No.785314

File: b8c83051cb96918⋯.png (140.96 KB, 749x855, 749:855, MonsterOfBabylonII.png)

File: 49a40d513e81f9c⋯.png (65.42 KB, 364x868, 13:31, MonsterOfBabylonII2.png)

File: 435abba2f8b8b5a⋯.png (74.18 KB, 361x917, 361:917, MonsterOfBabylonII3.png)

File: 8fb63971296ad6c⋯.png (135.21 KB, 663x869, 663:869, MonsterOfBabylonII4.png)

28e9d3 No.785315

File: 7647148f80c8f0a⋯.png (396.37 KB, 679x882, 97:126, MonsterOfBabylonII5.png)

File: 438bfe9f17c05dd⋯.png (292.33 KB, 665x878, 665:878, MonsterOfBabylonII6.png)

File: 28dc807d43b4f98⋯.png (128.79 KB, 659x881, 659:881, MonsterOfBabylonII7.png)

461f6c No.785316


My theory is that when Q deletes a drop such as



It implies that that mission or task has been started…its a go , no longer coming but is happening or has passed.

I think the last drop he deleted is in fact telling us that the funding has needed has already been given to the Army of Engineers … etc. Wall is on its way.

24ebdf No.785317


That's a powerful image.

956ecc No.785318

64a659 No.785319

File: d04a2e3451eeaa6⋯.jpg (754.59 KB, 2743x2021, 2743:2021, Pyramid_7.jpg)


The Pyramid diagram I created explains it all.

The SES is not the head of the snake globally. That would be the Swiss Octogon Pharanonic bloodline families, which go further back in time before Sumeria and connected to The Nephilin, perhaps.

fecdb0 No.785320


Well, that was an interesting find! The grin on Sessions face was priceless! LOL!

14bef9 No.785321


Enlighten us then please.

28e9d3 No.785322


Obviously fake image but whatever

2a77a0 No.785323

File: c478f9d9a34094d⋯.png (760.7 KB, 1242x1152, 69:64, db98e42a1b4fd9dd5d2dab0ca5….png)

64a659 No.785324




14bef9 No.785325


Well, that was stupid.

28e9d3 No.785326


Shill for Jews. You.

bdfb39 No.785327


Elaborate then. Why is this wrong?

d026a7 No.785328

File: 1394c9e8ef06afd⋯.png (539.42 KB, 774x549, 86:61, screenshotAtUploadCC_15219….png)

File: 31a5dd3b7a54387⋯.png (408.31 KB, 783x624, 261:208, screenshotAtUploadCC_15219….png)

19 pages of deep state people. Maybe a few we can dig on we havent looked at before.

https:// www.fbcoverup.com/docs/library/deep-state.pdf

57c54c No.785329


stop linking to the picture with chemtrails on it. geez.

ca19bd No.785330


SES is a distraction. If the clowns are pushing it, it's obvious. Robyn Gritz herself said it was a distraction and it's not as devious as it sounds. Some of the individuals might be wrapped up in things, but the focus is astroturf.

5bd4c0 No.785331

File: b0c3c8ae509ee8a⋯.png (722.97 KB, 1058x762, 529:381, E060EBE6-2255-4A56-AD57-DA….png)

File: 03e6dd04dbf5ad9⋯.png (618.25 KB, 1057x732, 1057:732, 46BE1A35-4D3E-478A-BB85-5B….png)


A means to this:

914aaa No.785333

af049d No.785334


No. You have people stating the SES is the KEY. This is not valid. You are attempting to shift the goal posts.

99ac32 No.785335

I was diging on stormy, we can save findings to be handy but i wouldnt do anything till Q tells or situation becomes clear. The problem here is we are reinventing the wheel since different shifts work. I am sure we are doing doublework, since nobody can be here 24/7

64a659 No.785336


Our Plan to save the planet is outlined here also:

The Solution to Free The Planet!


For sure they will not go down without a fight, but an alliance of scammed and broke countries is key.

dd2b10 No.785337


C'ept he doesn't mention q

ex intelligence

28e9d3 No.785338


So gas chambers? Jew soap? Shrunken jew heads? Roller coasters of death? Electrocuting floors?

You are a traitor to the truth.

Jew bag man.

fc5270 No.785339

File: 9f70c0d868cbc5a⋯.png (1.21 MB, 658x2383, 658:2383, DC FAG POWER POWER.png)

DC FAG for posterity.

914aaa No.785340


Nice graphics!

02f827 No.785341

https:// youtu.be/5LCd2ba1rJ4


fecdb0 No.785342


Thank you for the clarification. I've been wondering. God bless.

a1893e No.785343

File: fb8c43198ab29c9⋯.png (180.83 KB, 958x265, 958:265, ClipboardImage.png)



http:// larrysinclair.com/books/barack-obama-larry-sinclair/

larry sinclair is the former lover speaking out,

he has his own website, publishing company, and book about this affair

2a77a0 No.785344

File: 140023ec221f476⋯.jpg (77.36 KB, 640x674, 320:337, 140023ec221f476340959a868f….jpg)

64a659 No.785345


Well, others stated that SES is the keystone Q refers to.. but now, taking-down SES is key to taking out a key piece of power of the Shadow Government. The CIA and other agencies are part of the Shadow Gov. also.

CIA Agent Whistleblower Risks All To Expose The Shadow Government

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHbrOg092GA

28e9d3 No.785346


Shilling for jews usually needs a stupid story that includeds jews being called nazis.

Really dumb. Octo-Gone!


6c6e0d No.785347

File: 7915f0ec6f2ca8b⋯.jpg (105.08 KB, 768x954, 128:159, gayasscorn.JPG)

Come come come on come come on!!

30219c No.785348

File: 966daa82fdd44cb⋯.png (100.4 KB, 660x371, 660:371, _99636100_trump2_976getty.png)

File: 045c9a33970215a⋯.jpg (49.06 KB, 962x566, 481:283, DVtJwPTXcAA0VvU.jpg)

File: 25e7277a2d5469d⋯.jpeg (67.44 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, DXy3dGVVQAEVMJ4.jpeg)

File: cfdda9325216392⋯.jpeg (45.03 KB, 500x456, 125:114, ff56f1dea6073a566a6419783….jpeg)


Great write up. And I want to make sure that it's recognized that not "ALL" of us overreacted or doubted. Some of us had even done our work in advance and looked into what the spending bill was versus a genuine budget. TRUST THE PLAN.

I hope that a LOT of "our side" has looked inside themselves and now been alerted to maybe deceiving themselves a bit as to how confident they were. Let that hidden doubt and fear wash out of you, and then rebuild with even more strength and courage. It's a process for all of us. We've all been fooled and deceived so much, but this is Donald Trump now…TRUST THE PLAN.

I told my groups that Trump was going to fuck them, in advance, and he DID. Of course he DID. THESE PEOPLE ARE REALLY DUMB.

I just didn't realize that he was going to fuck them this bad. KEK!! I think it very much behooves us to look at POTUS as our CinC and not as a president. This is war.

Shadilay Anons. NOTHING but winning.

cad151 No.785349

Q is such a pussy for deleting his posts

It's LARPy

914aaa No.785350


Can you add one of the posts on this thread about not doing anything yet regarding memes or going public with fake videos incoming?

And then lets add it to the dough.. for posterity.

956ecc No.785351



This theory has been circulating all day and it is not based on any of Q's past communication patterns. We don't have enough information to make a proper speculation as to what Red and green castle means. Nothing else in that Q post had ANYTHING to do with building the wall. It was a stringer which means it was an operation code for their people that receive orders here.

9aaa17 No.785352


If she wants it to be productive, she could give her story here.

But that is between her and her own will to better the world with what she has.

Only she can choose that.

Cast your bread upon the water - Proverbs

db0309 No.785353


No one even knows what type of video it is

bdfb39 No.785354


Exactly. Anyone working so hard pushing the SES is a distraction. It was/is non-stop. Sure, there are some problems with SES, and some people.

But, gotta wonder why it's being shoved down our throats lately.

90309c No.785355

File: 8e6eb6fe39f6638⋯.jpg (305.12 KB, 921x855, 307:285, Bible 1.jpg)

File: b10fcb74d53dd28⋯.jpg (308.68 KB, 1199x701, 1199:701, Bible 2.jpg)

5b2f40 No.785356


that's old.., Why posted that?

64a659 No.785357

File: 1b35b306b725fd0⋯.jpg (92.39 KB, 366x513, 122:171, ANGRY_CLOWN_MASK_WHITE_BLU….jpg)



You clown agent you.

02f827 No.785358


Ses was private club

They all evil Faggots

914aaa No.785359


Roger that.

30219c No.785360

File: 58623c6d2d1a2f9⋯.jpg (136.24 KB, 877x799, 877:799, 599936_5149692535235818_25….jpg)


You an Q in a steel cage wrestling match on 11/11??

71b48f No.785361


Nice work!

6cccd1 No.785362

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

044ea5 No.785363


Oh for fucks sake… It means " we are with you" … Lurk moar newfag

7d3387 No.785364


>https:// www.fbcoverup.com/docs/library/deep-state.pdf

That is a nice crumb anon, rarely will you see any crumb remain available online for longer than 30seconds that fingers In-Q-Tel…

28e9d3 No.785365


You are such a rebel by believing the MSM and pushing the super secret nazi conspiracy…


Edgy as fuck dude…

Enjoy the shekels

64a659 No.785366


>Ses was private club.

Was? They still are and members get it via sex rituals which are used to black-mail them into submission… use of Phentanol to get them to sleep, them film them in comped activities..and threaten to release it if they get out of line…

fc5270 No.785367


He said it himself? It'll happen soon enough and then it'd look outdated?

af049d No.785368


Agree. When valid questions cannot be answered or someone attempts to shift from the original narrative they were pushing being that the SES is the KEY, then I must question their position.

cad151 No.785369

When was the last time Q had a decent drop?

There hasn't even been one of those retarded tweet confirmations in a long time

914aaa No.785370

64a659 No.785371

File: c8716990eb9f8ff⋯.jpg (121.98 KB, 900x900, 1:1, cia-nazi.jpg)


You clown agent Nazi you.

914aaa No.785372


Must have missed that part. Disregard recent post.

eb69a6 No.785373

File: 8e2c2db173807d2⋯.png (470.41 KB, 584x462, 292:231, flat7.PNG)

File: bfc87a529dd213a⋯.png (335.71 KB, 695x736, 695:736, FLATTUMORY.PNG)

File: e1a832a56363a6b⋯.png (393.75 KB, 688x416, 43:26, flathellary.PNG)

File: c40d08ed8752691⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1007x858, 1007:858, flattexe.PNG)

File: 00ff3d8b6514a5c⋯.png (744.76 KB, 844x545, 844:545, flatex.PNG)

>> 785355

a31970 No.785375

File: 088ae3eea0838db⋯.jpg (87.76 KB, 540x540, 1:1, FAG.jpg)

7d3387 No.785376

File: 7882b3b48d6e18c⋯.jpg (44.71 KB, 226x223, 226:223, TempFEfc.jpg)


Here we go again…

28e9d3 No.785377


So the only thing in this world you can not be is a "nazi"…

The one thing that has to be protected at all times is "jews"…

And it is a super secret nazi conspiracy that is flooding super secret nazi countries with non super secret nazis…


Got it.

Fuck you CIA.

cb7f55 No.785378

The second the beanz slide died, the flat earph stuff started. This place is magical.

956ecc No.785379

Does anyone happen to have the date of Q's last tripcode change? Was it when his password was cracked?

90309c No.785380

File: 4cb6117ff900858⋯.jpg (121.83 KB, 584x533, 584:533, 1a.jpg)

File: 0ff03ae3f5a487f⋯.jpg (102.89 KB, 688x500, 172:125, 2a.jpg)

File: 486c694d4165a26⋯.jpg (160.59 KB, 844x625, 844:625, 3a.jpg)

File: 18ed98015e8c054⋯.jpg (187.79 KB, 806x816, 403:408, 4a.jpg)

4ac0e5 No.785381

File: aa44770b5985ade⋯.jpg (109.31 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, polish_polska_eagle_emblem….jpg)

Polish agents also gathered detailed information about the morale of German soldiers in the East. After uncovering a sample of the information the Poles had reported, Gestapo officials concluded that Polish intelligence activity represented a very serious danger to Germany

ea13da No.785382

File: 1f7de45814bba05⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 85.05 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, creamed corn lol.jpg)


>creamed corn

594410 No.785383

File: 1dc39ef17391d31⋯.jpg (98.91 KB, 1050x600, 7:4, john-bolton-famously-abras….jpg)

White House Official on John Bolton: “Everyone Who Was There During Obama Years Should Start Packing Their Shit.”

https:// thegoldwater.com/news/21412-WH-Official-on-Bolton-Everyone-Here-Under-Obama-Can-Pack-Their-Sh-t

https:// twitter.com/IWillRedPillU/status/977763165009338368?s=19

914aaa No.785384


Magical indeed

f7ebdb No.785385

MSM is dead? No, they're still normies' main source of info and they're currently pushing all kinds of BS to spin Trump's staff reshuffles etc.. what are we actually going to *do* about it?

64a659 No.785386



I picked that up of SES being the keystone from what others were saying, not from Q nor from American Intel Media. Anyone who questions the SES control of the Shadow Gov. are clown shills, as Thomas Paine has explained. Are you a clown shill?

bdfb39 No.785387

What time do the clowns get off work tonight?

Sunday nights are usually bad, but this is ridiculous.

I'll come back when their shift ends later.

bf5e06 No.785388



why even wast the reply to it. they havent gone away and i dont think they are going to. just filter and move on.

fc5270 No.785389

File: 0bc16cf1d22ab7d⋯.png (58.35 KB, 346x484, 173:242, ClipboardImage.png)


added to bottom?

914aaa No.785390



96952d No.785391


>Tribunals, OIG

^^This^^ is the real win

$$ for 18,000+ indictments

9aaa17 No.785392


Like the flick of a switch … or a control node.

1ff31d No.785393

File: 113ba675599762a⋯.png (32.15 KB, 460x224, 115:56, Holman Rule.png)

File: 50c5964fc8fb391⋯.png (378.77 KB, 1391x834, 1391:834, screenshot_281.png)

File: aa9bca014811f88⋯.png (378.92 KB, 831x491, 831:491, screenshot_391.png)

GEOTUS please enact the Holman Act $1.00 dollar a year get the lawyer stench out of the swamp!!!

2a77a0 No.785394

File: 1810dd3626c1a3c⋯.jpg (15.51 KB, 600x312, 25:13, AAA186.jpg)

47310d No.785395



5d6cb2 No.785396


Didn't Potus just sign an order that you can now sue for libel?

953ed2 No.785397


Bans anyone that disagrees… makes it easy to push narratives

64a659 No.785398


Clowns work hard to blue-pill you 24-7 and they have now moved to Western Europe, since they cannot do this effectively in the U.S. any longer now with Trump and new admin.

90309c No.785399



Then follow up with some research and your entire

world will change. Reallity is not what you have

been taught.

75d973 No.785400

How to play the game:

When you start to understand the nature of the problems we face as humanity the more it awakens your soul's connection to that reality.

This part is you waking up, necessary step so you can play the game!

The next move in the game is to understand that when you are thinking positive and connecting the dots to the truth and seeing the way the controllers can be stopped you become a contributor to the likelihood of that reality coming true.

You are now playing the game.

This is why they attack us, why programmed normies, shills/blackhats cause doubt, fear and anger to knock you off course.

The sleeping masses aren't playing!

Stay on task, we will succeed we just have to understand the enemy and resist their attacks.

We just forgot how to play the game.

84e23d No.785401

File: 9d0421b1c112224⋯.jpg (510.79 KB, 2076x2082, 346:347, Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at ….jpg)


FE be like

64a659 No.785402




075a8c No.785403

White Castle == US, White House

Red Castle == Argentina, Casa Rosada Presidential Palace

Green Castle == Iraq, Green Zone Republican Palace

953ed2 No.785404


Anyone that bans the most minor disagreement at the drop of a hat can't be trusted.

fc5270 No.785405

File: 450068921683ced⋯.png (1.17 MB, 800x3383, 800:3383, DC FAG POWER POWER.png)

257b90 No.785406

File: 4ce2a33cb9ad1e7⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 35.24 KB, 281x468, 281:468, 4p5JXQ.jpg)


>What time do the clowns get off work tonight?

>Sunday nights are usually bad, but this is ridiculous.

>I'll come back when their shift ends later.

Distract them with clown porn.

98b547 No.785407

It's as real as everything else we dig up, why doesn't anyone want to discuss Chemtrails? I don't get it

914aaa No.785408


good reminder

fc5270 No.785409


also posted you know where.

changed font.

90309c No.785410


Oh yeah I'm really scared… FOR YOU.

Without Christ eternity is lost.

f7ebdb No.785411


cos they don't fucking exist

bf5e06 No.785412


because it isnt relevant to Q

5b2f40 No.785413


hmm, Could have something to see with the hack to the Germans Computers in the DDoS attack?, Merkel complained a lot for that

http:// www.dw.com/en/hack-of-german-foreign-ministry-part-of-everyday-spying/a-42801219

eb69a6 No.785414


I didn't give it a (You) I was testing it to see if it's a useful idiot or a bot slider. I think this one is a particularly retarded useful idiot.

af049d No.785415


Go back read the posts last thread this thread. You simply prove my point that you are pushing talking points nothing else.

b00a3e No.785416


Put the lotion in the basket

84e23d No.785417


It has nothing to do with Q at this point, but they have stopped on the Gulf Coast.

90309c No.785418

File: 51cd3fcea7803d8⋯.jpg (282.02 KB, 804x1190, 402:595, Light House.jpg)

File: ad13bf9b5b0d0be⋯.gif (152.27 KB, 770x550, 7:5, LADY_LIBERTY_AT_NIGHT.gif)

File: ea8c8a58555e676⋯.jpg (289.27 KB, 852x942, 142:157, see far.jpg)

File: 6130d9dad4e54d0⋯.jpg (189.59 KB, 1004x546, 502:273, ny-bear.jpg)

File: 731b04a3dc09809⋯.jpg (237.12 KB, 1592x566, 796:283, elba.jpg)

2a77a0 No.785419

File: 1af0e9a4fabac32⋯.jpg (94.26 KB, 1155x1155, 1:1, 1af0e9a4fabac320313016d46b….jpg)

914aaa No.785420


BAKER (DCFAG + wait & see approach)

28e9d3 No.785421

File: 28c093fe28727f4⋯.png (443.72 KB, 848x393, 848:393, SixHundredMillion.png)

File: 12e5c1169ccf02d⋯.png (625.41 KB, 808x398, 404:199, SixMillion.png)

File: d80fb18ffd5fbc4⋯.png (465.86 KB, 698x396, 349:198, SixtyMillion.png)

It's the Swiss Nazis!!!

- You are not allowed to support the "swiss nazis" as is punishable by prison terms but it totally makes sense as long as you never think or say the word jew (get it?)

64a659 No.785422


You are so stupid you clown agent. I never worked for any Intel agency you retard.

0dd3c3 No.785423

File: f0757a9d92540a4⋯.jpeg (38.6 KB, 329x427, 47:61, fe.jpeg)

6a91bc No.785424

File: 242d659351b10fa⋯.jpg (45.32 KB, 598x803, 598:803, IMG_0007.JPG)

Did you know

Tacos exist 🌮

4ac0e5 No.785425

>Months ago

>Trump tweets MAGAPILL

>This has direct connection with Q/seth rich

>4 chan cbts gets flooded with abuse pics (dick torture etc)

>cbst starts anew on 8chan pol

>8chan pol says fuck off

>then qresearch begins

956ecc No.785426


>quoting DC fag in the Q research notable posts


84e23d No.785427

File: 40b3a1e88ecd853⋯.jpg (416.57 KB, 1602x1620, 89:90, Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at ….jpg)


FE be like

bf5e06 No.785428


it was a fucking one poster with the same shit that is always posted here, your an useful idiot

64a659 No.785429


You are too stupid to realize that I do not protect any Jews either retard.

7d3387 No.785430


Stopped in Texas (they DID exist.)

ea13da No.785431

File: f3d53835f8212dd⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 611.42 KB, 659x954, 659:954, 1521944213124.png)

https:// www.timesofisrael.com/israel-slams-sham-un-human-rights-council-after-5-new-anti-israel-resolutions/

https:// archive.is/okNvK

b38800 No.785432

File: eb1359a5cc91ec7⋯.jpg (203.54 KB, 512x1024, 1:2, GreatAwakening709.jpg)

File: 73e2884d35f384f⋯.jpg (165.91 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening535.jpg)

File: fa30493e38c7709⋯.jpg (147.16 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening521.jpg)

File: 126aee729ef31fe⋯.jpg (235.67 KB, 1025x512, 1025:512, GreatAwakening503.jpg)

File: 1bec6e8731a7bd6⋯.jpg (151.45 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening730.jpg)

28e9d3 No.785433


So you are just a dumbass that lives in Switzerland and believes a bunch of things. Swiss bankers are jews you dumb fuck. Soros is a jew you dumb fuck. Get it through your head you dumb fuck.

6a91bc No.785434

Ask em y face on moon 🌙

fc5270 No.785435


They have basically stopped in Iowa as well. Saw them maybe a couple days in the past month but that's it. Used to be a minimum of several days a week. First time I've seen "normal" weather here in years. Rain/snow every few days now.

49adc1 No.785436


SES is perhaps an issue, since gov is so big to seem to need it.

But if there is an organize part, it's in the SEA.

https:// seniorexecs.org/

ea13da No.785437

File: f3d53835f8212dd⋯.png (611.42 KB, 659x954, 659:954, 1521944213124.png)



64a659 No.785439


You say that anyone who does not know everything proves that what he says is not true.

You say that anyone that does not read 1500 posts does not know what is going-on.

I can only assume you are siding with the clown shills.

0d4562 No.785440

File: 826c4076fc9d439⋯.jpg (4.48 KB, 261x193, 261:193, images-3.jpg)

914aaa No.785441


O, ok. Carry on, anons.

d017c1 No.785442


I tried really hard to not read this in her voice. I tried.

4ac0e5 No.785443

File: 1f95068bf90ff39⋯.jpeg (24.43 KB, 400x400, 1:1, a921387e1d2702bd52c442566….jpeg)

bbbb71 No.785444

Clock Activated




Think Olympics

Why are they important?

Think distraction.

Tonya Harding

What really happened to Tonya Harding?



Record [1-11]

Charlie Weis




6a91bc No.785445

File: 049063aacf68b0b⋯.jpg (30.77 KB, 747x960, 249:320, IMG_1171.JPG)


https:// youtu.be/LsSuVrLQ9s0

https:// youtu.be/8VGgLOLMs3A

4be0b2 No.785446

File: 5747379af24b220⋯.png (235.1 KB, 720x319, 720:319, whereAreTheTraitorsBoom.png)

33e139 No.785447


>Great write up. And I want to make sure that it's recognized that not "ALL" of us overreacted or doubted.

Thank you.

I wholeheartedly believe that the faithful anons here were ALWAYS solid.

It's just that we so often get drowned out by the noisy pretenders—those who are quick to jump off the Trump Train when they can't understand something immediately(!).

And then they jump back on with a vengeance and unbridled enthusiasm with the next big victory, pretending they never doubted at all, praise the Lord.

Oh, well. As long as we're moving forward and winning, it doesn't matter.

bb73e3 No.785448

File: 983fb6b8736b350⋯.jpg (146.82 KB, 500x375, 4:3, snoop-meme.jpg)

28e9d3 No.785449


Yes you do. You beLIEve in the holohoax that has been proven to be false in every possible way.

So if you side with that lie you are a liar.


64a659 No.785450


When did Q post that?

90309c No.785451

File: b3607045618e6f4⋯.jpg (95.13 KB, 500x707, 500:707, truth puzzle.jpg)

File: 66e31ef99a03460⋯.jpg (261.2 KB, 978x739, 978:739, satellite-bs.jpg)

File: 0e1f796f2270124⋯.jpg (198.44 KB, 1057x607, 1057:607, rocket thrust.jpg)

File: 373ce112f80e5a0⋯.jpg (290.07 KB, 1458x1099, 1458:1099, troot.jpg)

If you don't like puzzles, let play…



the dots


and find the truth of your reality.

395481 No.785452

File: 4116626015280ef⋯.jpg (81.43 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 26suxo.jpg)

89f4b9 No.785453

File: deeb1e2609044de⋯.png (139.08 KB, 260x366, 130:183, A DOLLAR A YEAR.png)

bb73e3 No.785454


he didn't

2a77a0 No.785455

File: c8953e8908c4c89⋯.png (212.42 KB, 1073x510, 1073:510, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)

File: a30adc7a91cad24⋯.png (146.55 KB, 693x541, 693:541, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)

File: d7d857e80702dca⋯.png (147.4 KB, 690x496, 345:248, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)

Mar 10 2018 14:34:54 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: ff7ea4 614610

They made many current/former enslaved children famous.

Hollywood is filled w/ them.


>Find the loudest voices.


Who was adopted?

Who was born in?

They thought the SHEEP would follow the STARS.


64a659 No.785456


I do not believe in the holo-hoax nor do I side with the Jews. You are stupid. You are blind. You do not know what you are talking about clown agent. Stop responding to me idiot.

eb69a6 No.785457

File: 23164864f6a22ca⋯.jpg (14.91 KB, 255x143, 255:143, shillresponse.jpg)


You're you stupid fucking asshole Are you MAD ? Do you Trigger easily? Go fuck yourself violently in your asshole with a spiked baseball bat

ea13da No.785458


Do Jews even consider lying to be a sin? I really don't think they do. I think it's the opposite. It's a holy pilpul.

fc5270 No.785459

Headed to bed. 12 hour day here on the chan. 1 decent graphic dropped in this bread. Nothing else worth making graphics from. Disappointing day, but was very happy to see that DC Anon post when I got back tonight for an hour.

If anything else comes up worth making a graphic out of please post the post number at >>>/villageidiots/150

I think most of you know what I'm looking for. And you are too.

TY for all you do and I'll try to play my part.

be4240 No.785460


that would just discredit the HRC video, stop doing the deep states job for them

df21d9 No.785461

File: 65908408b6a5d70⋯.png (79.59 KB, 694x540, 347:270, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 32b333b17d09f71⋯.png (71.5 KB, 779x579, 779:579, ClipboardImage.png)


What would a shocking HRC video be?

Note "rvid".

Several breads back, another anon found out what "rvid" refers to.

https:// fileinfo.com/extension/rvid

>Video file created by Snapz Pro X, a screen capture and recording program; saves a screen recording video in a proprietary format; can be exported to standard video formats in the software so that it can be shared with others and online.

The speculation was that it wasn't just WJC and LL on the tarmac – they also had a video call with HRC, and white hats intercepted it.

900720 No.785462


Those videos supposedly have no relation to Q, according to user 71. heres his comms from the comments in on video. just take the set of numbers and covert from hex to ascii to read the messages in the video descriptions and comments.

"We don't change videos to relate to Q posts, we change titles for communication reasons, many times we are using similar methods of comms that Q seems to use, this is by chance and most are commonly used in many places and for many reasons. Our channel(s) are used for sending and receiving information from the field and coordination and verification of operations having to do with the collective we are a part of. Hope that answers your questions, of note is that we never had any issues before Q started posting comms and now we get loads of "Q devotes" who actually get angry we use similar com-signs… As if he Q owns the com-signs or something, anyway so that's the long and short of it. Have a great day."

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhUBnhODaxQ

4ac0e5 No.785463

File: 7e8f3ec1311dc4c⋯.png (52.45 KB, 662x453, 662:453, 4564547777.PNG)

64a659 No.785464


That is what I suspected…a fake Q post…

90309c No.785465


The satanic shills want to keep everyone focused

on certain issues.

Chemtrails and FE are to important. To much


Too dangerous for them.

5fef67 No.785466

File: 9293d183d130470⋯.jpg (20.72 KB, 400x400, 1:1, rocky dennis.jpg)

5b2f40 No.785467

File: e5bd82f88480299⋯.jpg (13.3 KB, 451x300, 451:300, Soros 9.jpg)

98b547 No.785468


They exist where I'm at



Yeah I get that, I posted my petition and it had the link for c-trails below the IBOR and someone told me to stop, I just thought maybe if someone was signing IBOR, maybe they might take the time for it to. But I don't usually bring it up

0d4562 No.785469

File: 7d1f1e7bb5efc4d⋯.png (1.62 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, Screenshot_2018-03-19-20-4….png)

2a77a0 No.785470

File: c8953e8908c4c89⋯.png (212.42 KB, 1073x510, 1073:510, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)

File: d7d857e80702dca⋯.png (147.4 KB, 690x496, 345:248, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)

File: a30adc7a91cad24⋯.png (146.55 KB, 693x541, 693:541, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)

b60b1d No.785471


was Delano involved in the slave trade?

1c0c1b No.785472


Which POTUS?

28e9d3 No.785473

File: 383f9e15f5088b4⋯.jpg (87.34 KB, 500x707, 500:707, JewPuzzle.jpg)

File: 70ddce446d766bd⋯.jpg (56.53 KB, 705x500, 141:100, JewResponsible.jpg)

File: 610a4300136b31f⋯.jpg (52.54 KB, 580x447, 580:447, JewTarget.jpg)

File: e4e61c0ae2c902b⋯.jpg (108.05 KB, 752x499, 752:499, JewWorld.jpg)


You stole my shit

6a91bc No.785474

File: fbf3a5bc69a5f8c⋯.jpg (130.89 KB, 1083x737, 1083:737, IMG_0404.JPG)

File: 6c8bf899ec91407⋯.jpg (126.89 KB, 950x1200, 19:24, IMG_0934.JPG)

File: b8eb414d7abdae9⋯.jpg (27.75 KB, 723x356, 723:356, IMG_0951.JPG)

5b2f40 No.785475

File: e5bd82f88480299⋯.jpg (13.3 KB, 451x300, 451:300, Soros 9.jpg)



900720 No.785476


Those videos supposedly have no relation to Q, according to user 71. heres his comms from the comments in on video. just take the set of numbers and covert from hex to ascii to read the messages in the video descriptions and comments.

"We don't change videos to relate to Q posts, we change titles for communication reasons, many times we are using similar methods of comms that Q seems to use, this is by chance and most are commonly used in many places and for many reasons. Our channel(s) are used for sending and receiving information from the field and coordination and verification of operations having to do with the collective we are a part of. Hope that answers your questions, of note is that we never had any issues before Q started posting comms and now we get loads of "Q devotes" who actually get angry we use similar com-signs… As if he Q owns the com-signs or something, anyway so that's the long and short of it. Have a great day."

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhUBnhODaxQ>>785063

84e23d No.785477

File: 62e7e2b328d5d1a⋯.jpg (801.94 KB, 1590x3298, 795:1649, Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at ….jpg)

File: 0fad6f1af8884a2⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 1610x3126, 805:1563, Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at ….jpg)

File: 5b319f842c9cfa8⋯.jpg (64.94 KB, 613x497, 613:497, Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at ….jpg)

64a659 No.785478


Let him who has never committed any sin be the first to throw the stone. You hypocrites, you try to remove the speck from your bother´s eye when you have a log in your own! Your condemanation is long merited…quote of Jesus The Christ.

be4240 No.785479


get the fuck off this board forever

90309c No.785480

File: 4ce9ffc4c71f7e2⋯.jpg (179.15 KB, 670x612, 335:306, math.jpg)

File: 4b8d7ade1f95dd1⋯.jpg (261.27 KB, 1248x848, 78:53, FLAT COOKY.jpg)

File: b6633f9d729c603⋯.jpg (63.17 KB, 405x443, 405:443, VegetablesGirl.jpg)

File: 493377375ea5a29⋯.jpg (157.21 KB, 639x590, 639:590, duck2.jpg)

File: 02f47c74b11c7b1⋯.jpg (87.35 KB, 638x636, 319:318, gd.jpg)

4ac0e5 No.785481

File: 752c64908776ef0⋯.png (785.3 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 1521789191321.png)

900720 No.785482

Those videos supposedly have no relation to Q, according to user 71. heres his comms from the comments in on video. just take the set of numbers and covert from hex to ascii to read the messages in the video descriptions and comments.

"We don't change videos to relate to Q posts, we change titles for communication reasons, many times we are using similar methods of comms that Q seems to use, this is by chance and most are commonly used in many places and for many reasons. Our channel(s) are used for sending and receiving information from the field and coordination and verification of operations having to do with the collective we are a part of. Hope that answers your questions, of note is that we never had any issues before Q started posting comms and now we get loads of "Q devotes" who actually get angry we use similar com-signs… As if he Q owns the com-signs or something, anyway so that's the long and short of it. Have a great day."

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhUBnhODaxQ

313c88 No.785483

Anons, we are failing in our efforts to control the narrative. MSM still controls narrative, but only b/c our efforts are premature. To control the narrative, the masses must be aware of the power structure. The focus must be shifted from the meaningless gossip and drama pushed by MSM, onto the crime cabal. But that requires laying the groundwork necessary to redpill normies and leftists. The crime cabal must be named, and their identities must be thrown into the mainstream. 95% of normies + leftists know who Nancy Pelosi is, but probably under 5% know about the CFR or Bilderberg Group. We need a plan to lay the groundwork, if we are going to redpill the masses on the crime cabal. I propose that we create short, effective messages that we spread in numerous different formats on social media outlets. Create an effective, clear-cut message and spam it relentlessly. The key is repetition. If we can create widespread name recognition of crime cabal organizations and individuals in the mainstream, that’s the first step to victory. That’s how we lay the groundwork for our efforts to control the narrative. Until they see past the deception of the MSM, normies will keep spitting up the redpill. But once they acknowledge their real enemy, the propaganda work. Then we can begin our efforts to retake the narrative.

5b2f40 No.785484


Someone like a lot the Football. Kek.

bf5e06 No.785485

File: aacd6314409fda2⋯.jpg (58.85 KB, 640x640, 1:1, kys pepe.jpg)

2a77a0 No.785486

File: ec1868d3fd92044⋯.png (228.96 KB, 1078x675, 1078:675, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)

File: 1561f7930dae7d3⋯.png (111.52 KB, 676x397, 676:397, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)

Mar 10 2018 14:34:54 (EST) Q

They made many current/former enslaved children famous.

Hollywood is filled w/ them.


>Find the loudest voices.


Who was adopted?

Who was born in?

They thought the SHEEP would follow the STARS.


28e9d3 No.785487


Good comment. They think nothing of it. No morality. Telling the truth and it hurting the jews is way bigger a sin than lying to help the jews. Hitler and MANY OTHERS have explained this.

914aaa No.785488


Don't worry, Anon.. well intentioned but misguided.



64a659 No.785489

It is me!!

24ebdf No.785490

File: 49881661b397954⋯.jpg (6.49 KB, 299x168, 299:168, sexychic2.jpg)

File: 8edaea8e446c161⋯.jpg (7.7 KB, 266x190, 7:5, sexychic3.jpg)


I am self filtering very much right now. So much funny speculation.

d017c1 No.785491


He either has a significant mental illness, or he's a shill who uses mental illness as part of his cover story. I'm trying to think of why I would want any part of either possibility. At best he's entertainment.

a1893e No.785492


relevant point about figuring out a tweetcampaign to launch along side the stormy narrative to confuse the media once the gun control dies down.

unfortunately i dont think the larry sinclair/gayobamalover will work well. he came out many times before and wrote a book about this affair, and it never scuffed obama. we can come up with a better one probably.

anon's, any thoughts of a narrative we can side-track media that would work along side the 'sex-scandal' narrative?

im up and ready to dig for material/findings

279c88 No.785493


is that christie? kek

bb73e3 No.785494

File: c4b556841c576dd⋯.jpg (61.1 KB, 500x366, 250:183, spongebob_nobody_cares.jpg)

2a77a0 No.785495

File: 87e9e7a9bacd8ad⋯.png (146.8 KB, 793x688, 793:688, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)

File: d76b3976bbb3d01⋯.png (152.63 KB, 794x690, 397:345, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)

914aaa No.785496


Troll em with a rumored "lewinsky video" which would obviously be fake too…


90309c No.785497

File: 56df016df9dea8c⋯.jpg (124.68 KB, 705x500, 141:100, look into it.jpg)




28e9d3 No.785498


Fair enough. But you still push the ridiculous NAZI SUPER SECRET CONSPIRACY and that deserves abject ridicule. Whether you know it or not you are doing the work of those we seek to dethrone for free. Good night.

bb73e3 No.785499


not meant for >>785464


7d3387 No.785500

File: b395946696f8aeb⋯.jpg (36.34 KB, 521x389, 521:389, Bacchus.jpg)


What you mean sin? ..

"Zionist definition of lying" is required before answer is to be given…

(no they don't)

fe71bc No.785501

File: e45d7f0455a24a5⋯.png (595.28 KB, 500x500, 1:1, boom bitch.png)

fecdb0 No.785502


That's an interesting thought, anon. I'll take your post over to the delta board and note it to be looked at over there. Thanks again.

bdfb39 No.785503

2a77a0 No.785504

File: 49974d2a190f285⋯.png (305.71 KB, 1086x707, 1086:707, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)

6a91bc No.785505

File: 83b6b624a083468⋯.jpg (39.28 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, IMG_1339.JPG)

https:// youtu.be/0tOie2i65xo

WHere is the stone

64a659 No.785506


Thomas Paine has explained that there are maybe 10 or 12 variations of names of the SES…but it is all the Shadow Government.

0b4168 No.785507

File: c72162784235a5b⋯.png (612.82 KB, 756x425, 756:425, Screenshot 2018-03-24 at 9….png)

File: 986613ff9c2a205⋯.png (630.16 KB, 607x588, 607:588, Screenshot 2018-03-24 at 9….png)


This is the playbook -

…and because we are not taught REAL history we repeat our errors…

6ff050 No.785508


Images were mirrored. If you read the paused and read the screen it said fatal exception error, Ctl alt Dlt. Couldn't make out the rest and have no idea what it's about.

64a659 No.785509


The Nazis still have control, they came to the U.S and are used by the Clowns. Soros is Nazi. The Nazis have a secret base in Antarctica and work in partnership with the Octogon slave masters. Do not be blind. Wake-up. Goodnight.

c4888e No.785510



HoggWash didn't need MkUltra his daddy is a FBI manager, so he was indoctrinated from birth.

Really is a brainwashed useful idiot.

The whole can't touch the kids scenario dates back to Clintons its for the Children.

914aaa No.785511



If successful they'd be forced to say "any lewinsky video would definitely be fake but this one is real"

Idk, just my first thought

a1893e No.785512


i was thinking maybe along the lines of targeting prominent MSM fake news anchors and finding sex-scandal material to bomb away.

like cuomo, cooper, lemon, ect.

get some of their sex scandals out in front, so they lose credibility while talking about trumps. side by side memes, ect

5b2f40 No.785513


HolasoyGerman/Juega German



Ok.., at least for now, it isn't DrossRotzank.

LoganPaul.., a lot of Anons has a fresh memories of him..,

90309c No.785514


You see they can't even admit that they exist!

It's been proven and everyone can see plainly see

them. The enemy will never stop lying. NEVER.

Because if they do… it's all over for them.

Of course chem trails exist. Everyone knows it.

28e9d3 No.785515


Your boy was throwing stones buddy.

Without any evidence.

The evidence he supposedly relied on…

Nazis gassed MILLION OF JEWS he backed away from…

Even worse for his supposed case of FIGHTING FOR TRUTH…

So in his case…

He thinks the holohoax is lies but he still wants to make the conspiracy about NAZI and not JEWS.

Wow. What a guy.

a1893e No.785516


i do like that train of thought though, lewinsky video could be pushed by info wars at least kek

2a77a0 No.785517

File: 0586b25ef1975e8⋯.png (119.63 KB, 443x666, 443:666, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)

File: 4932657d70c227e⋯.png (128.22 KB, 442x727, 442:727, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)

File: e649574298d76a4⋯.png (51.61 KB, 445x258, 445:258, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)

5b2f40 No.785518



Check out this

Sorry Anon.

4ac0e5 No.785519

File: c6ff4c5bb1a1810⋯.png (460.26 KB, 946x371, 946:371, hjgkghjg77.PNG)


Just the next to wear the ring

efab11 No.785520


This tw thread connects well, solid and confident analysis + sauce

https:// twitter.com/ThomasWictor/status/977675042753470465

6a91bc No.785521

https:// youtu.be/zGaqQiKYOF4

f9e423 No.785522

File: b178572207af6fc⋯.png (64.36 KB, 699x822, 233:274, Pages 100-200-1.PNG)

File: 664504078f8287c⋯.png (71.7 KB, 755x814, 755:814, Pages 100-200-2.PNG)

File: 4d16bb19e628ad2⋯.png (25.67 KB, 602x324, 301:162, Pages 100-200-3.PNG)


Omnibus Notables

Pages 100-200

*Something big is going to happen in space

*Opioid expenditures

*No TV in federal prisons

*Human trafficking crackdown by the looks

*Capital projects must use US Steel & Iron

*Something wrong with poultry from China?

*Periodic censuses might be to locate illegals

*All imported poultry to be tested for pathogens & residues


6ff050 No.785523


I guess I should have scrolled down further before posting. Thanks for the info.. ;)

5b2f40 No.785524


HolasoyGerman/Juega German



Ok.., at least for now, it isn't DrossRotzank.


A lot of Anons has a fresh memories of him..

64a659 No.785525



Thanks for explaining bb73e3 that your reply was not for me.

eb69a6 No.785526


Your only contribution in this thread was garbage from pol & when you got called on it you've been butthurt since & harrasing Anons you absolute ass rimming queer faggot so (You) should KYS in the most painful way possible you fucking POS

914aaa No.785527


I like it.

98b547 No.785528


I'm tryin, maybe you can get those who go off on the newbies to stop and give them a chance. Please, I know how they feel. I don't mean to complain but jeez. I'm sure I'll get again, like clock work

Peace ✌🏼

c84ab4 No.785529

https:// youtube.com/watch?v=kpoI2tN4yuE

Bill Binney starts are group of whistleblowers from 3 letter agencies and the DOJ that are pro Trump. Calling themselves JTFMAGA. Def worth a watch. Remember there are more good guys than bad.

9aaa17 No.785530

And the streets of the city shall be full of boys and girls playing in the streets thereof - Zech 8:5

(streets represent "ways of progress" - politics)

Sound familiar?

64a659 No.785531


What ring?

bf5e06 No.785532


KEK, look who is triggered now!!!

6a91bc No.785533

File: 366ff2bfd7947dd⋯.jpg (221.02 KB, 1180x770, 118:77, IMG_1409.JPG)

https:// youtu.be/euu1topuEv0

5b2f40 No.785534


Ugh, Spooky.

7a0209 No.785535

File: 5b080ff20b3d4d5⋯.jpeg (208.67 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 5a161ffa5c004.jpeg)

6a91bc No.785536


Shallow gubmint

64a659 No.785537


Stop trying to put words in my mouth…things I did not say..

fecdb0 No.785538

File: adbee5f144bd88b⋯.png (356.83 KB, 950x343, 950:343, 755946 Busch Rockefellers ….png)


Looks like he's of this family line, yes? So, do you know if these Busch families are related to the Bush family?

9f354e No.785539


I'm gonna to out on a limb and suggest something bizarre. I believe that McStain's tumor surgery is possibly fake. These days, skilled surgeons don't make those types of big, ugly incisions anymore—especially not on the patient's face. They also used crude sutures rather than surgical glue and steri strips. That incision looks like it was deliberately made for dramatic effect.

I am also wondering where on his brain he had that glioblastoma that they would cut into that particular part of his face to get to it. Frontal or temporal involvement— with no neuro alterations at all?? These types of tumors also spread very rapidly, and after they remove the main body of the tumor its standard protocol to put the patient on some type of chemo and radiation regimen. I've worked with oncology patients for a long time, and McCain didn't look to me like a person who had actually been through that mill. I'm calling bullshit.

Did Q ever mention anything about this dude and this surgery being fake?

7a0209 No.785540


It is really obvious you don't know this boards culture fyi

e0a3a9 No.785541


Yes he has alluded to it

bdfb39 No.785542


Yes, I agree.

We need to push that the power structure/cabal is a threat

to ALL of us, and leave the division between parties out.

We are ALL slaves to the cabal.

Division is the cabal's best weapon.

3adf9b No.785543

starting to feel like /pol/and in here. keep up the good work.

>remove kebab

https:// www.reuters.com/article/us-sri-lanka-clashes-insight/police-politicians-accused-of-joining-sri-lankas-anti-muslim-riots-idUSKBN1H102Q

>Jose Abreu, the award-winning founder of a program that pulled thousands of Venezuelan children from crime and poverty through music, died on Saturday, aged 78.


>Fuck The (((Zuck)))


>Diplomacy For Peace Or Preparations For War?


^ people catching on Peace Through Strength

>The Death Of Democracy


2a77a0 No.785544

File: 8705f6827e1c3fd⋯.png (118.33 KB, 441x669, 147:223, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)

File: c6c8acf03457980⋯.png (127.13 KB, 445x724, 445:724, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)

File: 38dcbceb6b1ef4a⋯.png (51.8 KB, 441x257, 441:257, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at ….png)

956ecc No.785545


This is not out on a limb. This is dead on.

9aaa17 No.785546


Yeah, we know.

It's background for an insanity defense.

5bd4c0 No.785547


How sick and twisted is Pedosta to launch ‘It’s on Us’ with Hogg (apparently his trained pied piper and groomer) to target kids.

Hogg’s dad is FBI.

This reeks of a trafficking/exploitation trap and cover operation.

Now, Hogg is being used for another op.

More than anti-2nd Anendment,

transporting massive kids across state lines to ‘march for their lives’ in the cesspool of DC?

60c680 No.785548


No surgery for cancer. There is a cure for cancer available to very important people. They used that and the eye surgery was just for show, only skin deep.

64a659 No.785549


How many people lye to themselves 1000 times a day? Is that sin?

7d3387 No.785550


The absence of chemtrails have been the single most effective redpill tool I have used to prove the CIA is shattered.

But you may consider anon that says they don't exist could be living in mother's basement and never ventures outside of his bubble-boy apparatus. In such case, he would only know what MSM told him. (or he is a shill ←- easier to believe).

bd4934 No.785551


Hope you are feeling ok.

64a659 No.785552

How many times do people on MSM lie to you everyday? How many times does the government lie to you everyday? So they are all sinners and going to hell.

f34954 No.785553

Bob Marley Lyrics

"400 Years"

400 years (400 years, 400 years. Wo-o-o-o)

And it's the same -

The same (wo-o-o-o) philosophy

I've said it's four hundred years;

(400 years, 400 years. Wo-o-o-o, wo-o-o-o)

Look, how long (wo-o-o-o)

And the people they (wo-o-o-o) still can't see.

Why do they fight against the poor youth of today?

And without these youths, they would be gone -

All gone astray

Come on, let's make a move:

(make a move, make a move. Wo-o-o-o, wo-o-o-o)

I can (wo-o-o-o) see time (wo-o-o-o) - time has come,

And if-a fools don't see

(fools don't see, fools don't see. Wo-o-o-o)

I can't save the youth:

The youth (wo-o-o-o) is gonna be strong.

So, won't you come with me;

I'll take you to a land of liberty

Where we can live - live a good, good life

And be free.

Look how long: 400 years, (400 years, 400 years) -

Way too long! (wo-o-o-o)

That's the reason my people (wo-o-o-o) - my people can't see.

Said, it's four hundred long years - (400 years, 400 years. Wo-o-o-o)

Give me patience (wo-o-o-o) - same philosophy.

It's been 400 years, (400 years, 400 years)

Wait so long! Wo-o-o-o, wo-o-o-o.

How long? 400 long, long years. [fadeout]

Bob Marley knew…

Biggest lie in History….

http:// convexearth.org/

98b547 No.785554


I no it ridiculous, there was a thread in the catalog, we were discussing them and everytime they get deleted, were not bothering Q with. Just talking, I can't deny all with them anymore we get it 4 or 5 times a week, then haarp ontop of that this week or 4 days. Who ever put the thread up today, I Stop post in

e0a3a9 No.785555


2 Nov

Where did John M obtain his surgery?

Why is that relevant?

What surgery did he supposedly have?

How many days until he was back in Congress and sitting on the OS comm?

b66fb8 No.785556


"What if John M’s surgery was fake?

Why would this occur?

What could this prevent potentially?

What is the Mayo Clinic?

Who sits on the BOD there?"

https:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/147433975/#147441378

8f75f3 No.785557


Has nobody memed WAPO's byline, Democracy Dies In Darkness, yet?

"Democracy Dies In Darkness, While the Republic Shines the Light" would be very apt.

ad7130 No.785558

File: 60e0954a946a026⋯.jpg (50.71 KB, 600x375, 8:5, The Sun.jpg)

64a659 No.785559


If you are a POL Nazi then you have your own Nazi clown culture but this board has no culture…

24ebdf No.785560


So if you killed millions of your enemies (regardless of source), you wouldn't make use of them?

Hell, I make soap from bacon grease, and I love bacon. Pig leather makes really nice shoes.

Seriously not justifying this. Illustrating my point: thinking that this could never happen is very naive.

4ac0e5 No.785561

“This world demands the qualities of youth; not a time of life but a state of mind, a temper of the will, a quality of the imagination, a predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over the love of ease.”

914aaa No.785562



47310d No.785563

David Hogg is an actor…he is playing his part briliiantly…as BAIT for the MSM

smoke and mirrors my friends….it will be MAGICAL

28e9d3 No.785564

File: 49e65a382e00881⋯.jpg (22.31 KB, 255x255, 1:1, RetardSandwich.jpg)

File: 02ac2a07ca48029⋯.jpg (754.57 KB, 2743x2021, 2743:2021, RetardedSandwich.jpg)

The Nazis still have control, they came to the U.S and are used by the Clowns. Soros is Nazi. The Nazis have a secret base in Antarctica and work in partnership with the Octogon slave masters. Do not be blind. Wake-up. Goodnight.


Sharing of retard sandwich image…

Sharing of retarded sandwich image…

Its not the swiss…Its not the germans…Its not who Alex Jones says it is…

Its the Jews. Not all Jews if that makes you feel better. But those that are behind this thousands year long war are lying murdering gangster JEWS.

Period. Get over it and stop watching TV.

5b2f40 No.785565


>>Jose Abreu, the award-winning founder of a program that pulled thousands of Venezuelan children from crime and poverty through music, died on Saturday, aged 78.


<Heart Attack can be deadly

VeneAnon Here.