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Pro Aris et Focis

File: d0c609391f03aa5⋯.jpg (58.22 KB, 763x433, 763:433, Connor.jpg)

f67f52 No.84212

I have no money.

I know no secrets.

I lack any power.

But I’m being targeted right now by the Deep State, and. I have already been poisoned but survived.

You have the power to track me and so know who I am.

I fear I don’t have much time left so I thought I would share my perspectives to contribute to the cause. It was my ideas that got me in trouble, so I guess it’s my ideas that is what I have to offer.

‘’’The Cause of the Storm.’’’

About all conflicts in history can be summed up in one word; money. The American Revolution was about rich Americans versus the British crown. The American Civil War was about capitalists versus plantation owners. Likewise, World War I was about arms manufacturers, World War 2 banking conflicts, and the Cold War economic systems. And this conflict too is about money, although it is extremely unobvious given the opaque nature of 21st century America.

There are two entities that are about to enter a conflict with each other. Although most people think of them as being part of the same institution, in reality, they have successfully diverged from each other because the foundation of their financial interests are as divergent as Capitalist America versus Soviet Russia.

The first faction is the ‘Deep State’ or, in reality, the militarized arm of the secret societies that are undermining the nation-state in favor of a global governance. Their source of revenue comes from private interests, hostile governments, and the financial cabal. They want supreme power to do as they wish, and because of their financial independence, they are capable of doing so.

The second faction is the ‘Military-Industrial complex.’ A naïve man might think of them as nearly interchangeable with the Deep State, but then again, Americans and Brits were once interchangeable and Yankee and Southerners were also once interchangeable. The Military-Industrial Complex is the arm of the nation-state of America and its primary source of revenue is taxation from a stable government, not Soros bucks. Anything that therefore undermines the nation-state of America also undermines the military-industrial complex’s ability to finance its $600 billion dollar warmachine.

Overtime, the Deep State has begun to diverge away from the nation-state and into global governance. This means that the Rothschilds, Masons, BIS, and other groups pay the bills for the Deep State. It’s why Clinton was so invested into corruption. She is literally in a separate class of people representing entirely different interest other than the Nation-State. It’s also why MI began to feel outraged and betrayed by the Clintons, even though Clinton herself felt no betrayal, because her money comes from globalized donors not the Nation-State of America. MI needs tax dollars. Clintons need Soros dollars.

Therefore a conflict is going to escalate overtime when the Military-Industrial complex becomes increasingly undermined by the Deep State, as the two have irrevocable interests.

One group needs to dismantle the Nation-State to have total power to serve globalized institutions, while the other group is completely dependent on American government in order to function. If American government was to be absorbed, then the Military-Industrial Complex would no longer exist. This means that all the Military branches, the NSA, and the MI, would cease to exist.

Unless the Deep State’s becomes financially redependent on the American taxpayer, then the Deep State will work to undermine the American taxbase, in favor of serving global interests. That’s how this conflict started, but not intentionally.

f67f52 No.84214

‘’’Revenge of the Eurasian Neo-Conquistadors’’’

However, power does not exist in a vacuum. As the nation-states of the West weaken overtime to global governance, there is a unforeseen collapse of military capabilities as nobody wants to bleed and die for a multicultural hellhole. In about a decade, the demoralization of Western Europe will have been completed as Germany, then the UK, and then France will all fall from demoralization until the nation-state armies themselves become practically impotent.

Ibn Khaldin, perhaps the greatest Arab thinker alive, noted a concept that a military force is only as strong as its asabiyyah or its unity/solidarity for a cause to fight for. Diversity is then the opposite of asabiyyah, or having many divergent interests competing against each other over a limited pool of resources. As a result, Global governance is undermining the West’s ability to maintain a defense system against foreign invaders, as nobody wants to fight for a Globalist-led regime.

Cortez conqured Mexico because Mexico lacked the asabiyyah to resist. Britain conquered India because India lacked the asabiyyah to resist. The third reich conquered France in a span of merely weeks due to poor asabiyyah. And Americans conquered the Soviet Union because the Soviet Union lacked the asabiyyah to believe in Communism. Despite the conquered having superior numbers and superior strength, without asabiyyah, a government cannot resist foreign incursion before breaking apart and losing its capacity to wage war. Paradoxically, as the Deep State gets a stronger grip on America, Russia then gains potentially an even stronger grip on America. Soon, all the nations of the West will lose their capacity to resist against Eurasia, and the 21st century will become a Sino-Slavic century.

Even under the conditions that a president Harris or Kimmel opens the borders and invites the third world in, the entire military willingness to fight for a cohesive nation will be gone, and, like the Spanish Conquistadors of the past, a few Russian, Mexican, or Chinese agents can effectively conquer America and Europe without even landing an army. Groups like the Masons have an incomparable grasp of secret and valuable knowledge, but there understanding of civics and history is child-like. They are always unaware of repeating the mistakes of past regimes, for reasons I don’t know why. Nevertheless, they are repeating the mistakes of the Western Roman Empire. Fitting though, in a sense there lack of Christian belief causes them to repeat the mistakes of the last Non-Christian Western Empire.

And so Nation-states are paradoxically weak institutions that are vulnerable to destabilization and subversion. But there greatest strength is that they are the greatest forces of warfare known to mankind. They generate tremendous asabiyyah which allows a people to fight to their full potential. Meaning, although nation-states can be undermined, if they are, then still standing nation-states will eventually conquer ‘globalized’ nations through the intervention of Neo-Conquistadors. The conquest of a Chinese conquest of California will play out exactly as Pizarro’s conquest of Inca. A small organized group of foreigners will pit all the diverse coalitions against each other until they alone are the strongest group, and therefore will obtain victory. If the Chinese convince the Blue State whites to kill the Red State whites, then the American blacks to kill the Blue State Whites, and then the Mexicans to kill both the Blacks and Blue State whites, the nation will become so utterly crippled and backward that a token force would be necessary to subjugate the entire North American continent.

Therefore, the Deep State needs the Military-Industrial complex, but the Deep State is also destroying the nation-state and therefore the Military-Industrial complex. Once the nation-state is crippled to the point where it cannot function anymore with a military due to lack of asabiyyah, the Deep State will then become conquered by the Russian and Chinese Military-Industrial complexes which have yet to be undermined by globalist forces, through Neo-Conquistadors. The only victory therefore possible is to maintain the American nation-state or else the era of Western Civilization will come to an end.

f67f52 No.84221

‘’’What the Patriots should consider next.’’’

The Military-Industrial complex has allies among the nationalist community. However, the Military-Industrial complex potentially has an entire possibility of new allies if it is willing to extend outside of its comfort zone.

The progressive movement of America, aka the “Bernie Sanders faction,” is a left-wing faction that shares key traits with the nationalist faction that could make for extremely unlikely allies. Both of them oppose the rule of globalist multi-national corporations. Both of them require a nation-state in order for their ideologies to function. And the progressives, while out of power, could be bargained with to align with the nation-state so that at least the Nationalists get half of what they want.

The fifth column among the Globalist community is the progressive community, and right now, patriots should consider bolstering and nurturing progressives to take over the Democratic party so that the nation-state still manages to survive against the Deep State rule. If the elections therefore become a contest between Progressives and Nationalists, then the Globalists will have permanently lost control of the executive, thus delivering a forlorn defeat. Regardless who wins in a contest between Progressives and Nationalists, Globalists, and therefore globalist multinational corporations and secret societies, lose.

It may be a hard pill to swallow for some to consider backing a progressive movement.

But the globalists are literally Satanists with a strong penchant for slaughter. The progressives, even at their worst, would still look after the interests of the poor, and wouldn’t tear down the existing nation-state machinery that exists. A compromise on immigration can be made with progressives, in exchange for backing.

f67f52 No.84225


Overall, things look bleak in the sense that escalation is inevitable. The fact that the Deep State is literally going after me, means that they are escalating the game to now go after supporters of the Trump regime rather than the Trump regime itself.

But escalation is paradoxically the downfall of the Deep State. I know no secrets, and I am but a lowly NEET. Yet escalation is exactly what the Nationalists need in order to triumph in their cause. The Deep State works on subversion and informal methods of control. Both features entirely useless in an all out war. And a multicultural diverse force stands as much chance fighting a singular unified force as a four cats fighting off a Lion.

Escalation therefore should be the number one priority of Patriots, because Patriots have assibiyah while the Deep State lack the assibiyah to maintain a fighting force.

If conflict where to emerge, the Deep State would effectively have to control FOUR separate agendas each with radically different and irreconcilable goals.

Neoliberals who want globalized government ruled under secret societies and multinational corporations.

Socialists who want to end Capitalism in favor of a Venezuela-style government.

Mexican nationalists who want to rejoin Mexico and conquer Aztlan for the Southwest.

Black nationalists who also want a nation for their own under their own rule.

The divisions of the globalist left are seriously underestimated because the people who follow the Deep State agenda have to be blind to the fact that they are undoing themselves. In a hypothetical conflict between the first half and the second year of any direct conflict, about a third to a half of ‘white’ Deep State foot soldiers would actually defect as their ‘puppets’ would begin to usurp them in positions of leadership and authority, and ultimately turn the white Deep State soldiers into second-class citizens that they thought was only reserved for rural and suburban retards. Put another way, the white foot soldiers of the Left believe they are ‘immune’ to the Progressive Stacking, and like Occupy Wall Street, will become the very victims of the subversion tactics that they thought masters of.

Nevertheless, escalation or direct conflict is what will enable the Military-Industrial complex to victory. How specifically escalation goes, I am unaware of. I don’t have enough information to make a call about specifics. But it is something to consider.

There are other, further advantages that the Nationalists have, one of them being superior wealth and military prowess. But that can be discussed later.

f67f52 No.84229

‘’’2020 election’’’

Another thing to consider is that if Trump looks like he is going to lose the 2020 election, then I suggest that all secrets should be released without discretion until the nation is thrown into chaos. In a campaign where Trump looks like he is going to lose, it is better to engage in a scorched earth policy by causing the Semmelweis reflex (which I was the one who brought up), and drive the American public into hysteria so that the nation becomes ungovernable and therefore gives no edge to either faction. From there, it is up to decide what to consider to next, but doing this option effectively turns a strategic defeat into a victory.


I am desperately trying to do what is necessary to survive. I have extreme situational awareness and financially supported. Unfortunately I don’t know how long that will last for me. I am willing to do nearly anything to ensure my survival and contribution to the Great Awakening. But unless I get some kind of protection, I’m afraid my time may be limited. Nevertheless, I hope these thoughts were of value to you, and that they can help you formulate new plans and opportunities to protect the Constitution of America and to keep the Nation-State alive.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

adae08 No.84658


First my condolences for your current predicament. I hope you possess the resources to navigate the situation.

I cannot refute you 40,000 ft view of the battle/political map. While I agree there is a potential for a alliance with progressives, it will take some time to see if that is possible.

The conservative movement has tradition and a well established value structure to fall back on while only a fraction of the progressive movement has begun to realize that their beliefs were inserted/co-opted by a much more powerful/insidious force.

Thus it has still left them wondering in a wilderness of confusion while try try to sort themselves out.

Until whatever was introduced to make the white/western race birthrate plummet immigration from south america is a necessary compromised but only under the banner of assimilation and the rule of law.

I cannot endorse however throwing the country into anarchy however (at least not on purpose). I think it is that nature of most people to reach for a Utopian moral society (based on their own perspective), where in fact, no such thing will ever exist.

The best humanity can hope for is a stable society that benefits the whole while dealing behind the curtain remain at a minimum and do not largely interfere with a nation state.

If a conflict is coming for the US, it will be Civil war and if that means the country will resemble more of a nation with a much more militant government, then so be it. Its not my choice but it is better than the alternative.

Good Luck [Conor]. May God be with you.

f67f52 No.84744


Thanks anon.

Anarchy would be awful and if there is a legitimate way to do things that involves a peaceful transfer of power, then I would prefer that. I just wanted to share the nuclear card because knowing it means not needing it, so to speak. It isn't necessarily obvious that the table can be flipped, but once you are aware of it, you can put it in the back of your opponent's mind, so to speak.

I agree that progressives have been co-opted and admittedly things may not turn out the way they intend to. Starting in 2018 though gives enough time compared to starting in 2019. For a progressive candidate, I would find a "Black Bernie Sanders" who has a strong religious background to unite the White Bernouts with the Religious Black Community (aka MLK) Clinton only won the primaries in the south because the preachers went on board with her (through bribery) If you get the Black Southern preachers on your side, and then get the White progressives on your side, there isn't enough of a Democratic party left to oppose both of those forces combined. If I was as powerful as Q anon, I would begin compromising black preachers to prepare the DNC primary while looking for that black preacher who wants to be president of the US.

Immigration has been done all wrong because the wrong people are managing it and the educational system is ruining the possibility of assimilation. In my opinion, though it isn't my opinion to make, shutting down immigration now and then sorting out the immigration from the ground up makes more sense then letting your opponent utilize the current immigration system to prevent further immigration system. Also, it's geopolitically dangerous to allow for Mexican immigration, rather than necessarily South American or Asian immigration. And even still, raising birth rates will be a net positive.

At this point, I want to share as many ideas as I can and do what I need to do for protection. Whatever happens, happens, I'm just glad to contribute my part.

6a2658 No.84803

File: f5e336290406375⋯.jpg (110.65 KB, 664x772, 166:193, nancy-kerrigan-attack-2.jpg)

6a2658 No.84805

File: f0d5780d15298b9⋯.jpg (396.22 KB, 570x758, 285:379, is_your_baby_racist.jpg)

6a2658 No.84808

File: c4ae1a03c93b92a⋯.png (188.82 KB, 500x804, 125:201, did-somebody-say-special-m….png)

f67f52 No.84864

>In my opinion, though it isn't my opinion to make, shutting down immigration now and then sorting out the immigration from the ground up makes more sense then letting your opponent utilize the current immigration system to prevent further immigration REFORM.

f67f52 No.84941




https:// nypost.com/2018/01/18/nypd-officers-raid-newsweek-headquarters/

f67f52 No.85131

Everything is like a spiderweb these days.

>Newsweek is bought by IBT.

>IBT is built by David Jang.

>Who is behind David Jang?

Also. If Newsweek has a tax lien against it, it means there is unreported income. What is the source of that unreported income? Pay-to-play?

I may be speculating, but it seems that many media companies can't survive on their own due to declining membership from serving as propaganda fronts. In theory, they could be getting cash under the table to sustain their efforts to compensate for the fact that their Fake News isn't selling. Only if they admit that they are taking cash under the table, it compromises their integrity, and I believe is a violation of the FCC.

adae08 No.85441


I was thinking the exact same thing. If fact I have suspected this for quite awhile.

There is no way this many media outlets can be this unhinged and this divisive, without being artificially supported by shadow political groups.

What they promote is beyond any outside norm for human biology or desire and can only be presented (without seeming outright insane) with propaganda by supposedly "respected" sources and institutions (Media/Schools)

If these outlets can be brought down… what little is propping out the artificial PC culture will quickly collapse.

Then it will act like a domino effect for the American culture, which is how the NWO wages war now. Without culture, they can only resort to an actual war, which they cannot currently win.


Pardon [Conor] if this is considered, Hijacking your thread.

f67f52 No.85899


Well. If I had Trump-level power one of the first thing I'd strongly consider is say fuck you to the NWO and immediately suspend down the Student Loan guarantees. It would throw the Illumanti foot soldiers into a tailspan as they would scramble for resources to try and adjust.

f67f52 No.85939

File: ca440fa454d2a05⋯.jpg (99.43 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, white-sup-pyramid-feat-ima….jpg)

Well. If I had Trump-level power one of the first thing I'd strongly consider is say fuck you to the NWO and immediately suspend down the Student Loan guarantees. It would throw the Illumanti foot soldiers into a tailspan as they would scramble for resources to try and adjust. It would so utterly decimate the ranks and be so demoralizing that there would no recovery from the mass shutdown of (((higher education.)))

If that is too extreme, then I'd start finding other ways to fuck with universities, though it depends on what resources I'd have to do so. I'm sure there is something that can be done from the White House.

Shutting down the money of the media is what I told the CIA to do to shut down ISIS. It's how I got on their radar in the first place. Of course, you might not have legislative power to do this, but through creative application of laws that already exist, like the FTC and IRS, I could squeeze the money out of media.

The FTC is arguable one of the most underrated tools the White House has. It does nothing, but it can do so much.

But honestly anon, the universities are more dangerous than the mass media. The Deep State hasn't figured out the two-step model, but perhaps you can.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opinion_leadership

If you can actually understand Opinion Leadership model, you'll understand how the media works and why the media doesn't work.

f67f52 No.85994

I'm in Tampa by the way, awfully close to some Jarheads. If anyone knows anyone who can help, I'd love to share my crayons and we can eat them together.

183609 No.91945

Question: what’s the MI complex’ final objective? With the deep state, we know they want to kill off the majority of us humans eventually. But what’s the objective of their opposition?

ab3255 No.92728


Well, one thing is absolutely certain. You are not alone. That matters more than money ever will. You mattered. You fought the good fight. No regrets.

f67f52 No.93049


Thank you.

I just hope I'll be able to find others like me IRL in a safe place.

d7f725 No.93215


This would certainly explain the infighting between the clowns and ns; clowns have a globalist agenda. Proof of this can be traced back to Paper Clip and the OSS.

d7f725 No.93471


ISIS is already a clown asset, why would the clowns compromise their own asset?

I can get on board with the extension of an olive branch to the lefties (9/11 brought us all together as patriots, it's not an impossibility), but throwing the nation in to chaos will hamper just and unjust infrastructure and institutions alike.

We are the majority in this country, regardless of how much noise the left makes; why would we disarm ourselves and take up banners with lefties when we still have our own to foist? I am all for giving peace a chance, but dropping our cause to back the vocal minority on the left seems counterproductive at best, and heretical at worst.

As far as your personal safety is concerned, I feel for you brother, but the fact alone that you say you would "do whatever it takes to remain safe" speaks volumes to the possibility of a dormant or unspoken maleficence. There are safe heavens and straight arrows remaining in our great state; as you mention in your earlier post, having strange bedfellows can certainly bolster your strength and provide safe haven during a passing storm. If I were you, I would seek shelter with a local militia group, or try to gain favor with and sympathy from a local religious institution.

Godspeed, brother.

f67f52 No.93827


>ISIS is already a clown asset, why would the clowns compromise their own asset?

ISIS became independent when the oil money started coming in and decided to wage war against all its neighbors full Reich style. Bataclan was the last straw because it alienated the French government, and the West was looking for a way to take down ISIS. Originally, Rand suggested airpower be used in conjunction with proxy armies, but the far more effective usage was to bomb the economy and let ISIS choke on itself through excessive taxation.

I didn't suggest 'dropping the cause' when I said working with Left, because the cause still is the continuation of the American government. If there are other important causes to you that the progressives violate, that's different and fair. But from a big picture and strategic element, it makes sense.

a69c70 No.95242


>What info would put 99% in hospital?

A: AI is already creating databases on every individual and categorizes them.

Deep state uses info to target/poison people opposed/aware of their program, but not kill because there is a huge amount of money to be made off of disease!

5f8aea No.95799




>probably a virgin too

>and yet being targeted by the Deep State

what did you fucking do to be in that kind of shitty situation?

793827 No.95952


Nice manifesto, Anon. But I have a quibble:

No compromise with progressives. At their first opportunity, they will betray us by cucking to their false gods of socialism and diversity. Both lead to disaster, especially when worshipped together. So why should we deal with them at all if we are already in an escalation scenario? This would make us stronger and weaken them greatly, as you have correctly noted. They will never outgun us. They will never control the real resources. Their economy would be doomed regardless. It would be easy for us to win simply by cutting off the welfare in our areas so all the leeches and crimminals go to Diversetopia, while the progressives desperately try to simultaneously bleed, brainwash, and marginalize an ever-dwindling population of skilled whites. Set up border posts offering food in exchange for scrap copper and it's lights out for them. Then we can do what we want. Maybe the best way to redpill neoliberal sheeple is to render their investments and real estate worthless. Maybe the best way to redpill progressive sheeple is to let them get eaten by their own pets.

Good luck with the clowns. Thanks for putting this out there instead of hiding innawoods.

1085c5 No.96495


Don't ever get too good at posting on pol, anon.

2e628b No.100414


Made me kek. Anon had some good points regarding OP.

4062b2 No.115556

Read Mark Taylor prophecies. Enough said.

America is going to look extremely different in less than a year. For the better.

4b03c1 No.116963

I think I've od'd on redpill but am coming around after digging into those photos and seeing the latest from Q.

It would stand to reason why Comedian Brand made a deal about the Queen being Saxe-Coburg a few years back. But was her mum a product of in breeding or a union with a Rothschild? I'd say more about the con but it's in a pdf that can be googled with saxe coburg queen rothschild.

If the Vatican is in default to the Rothschild for a loan from way back then it would stand to reason how the Rothschilds came to be the guardians of the vatican treasury.

Did Putin really call the Pope an agent of Satan along with all his other anti NWO speech and then get labelled an enemy of the NWO by none other than Jacob Rothschild? No wonder Russia is the target for distraction. It goes against the plan.

I would throw the links but sometimes it's easier to let people find it on their own. I'm stunned at how seemingly easy it all fits together now but at the seeming disbelief behind it all. It would appear that the simplest answer may always the one.

4b03c1 No.120576

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-01-21/chilean-catholics-stunned-pope-accuses-child-sex-abuse-victims-slander

How tone deaf can the head of an institution get?

Appears he was steeped in the Alinsky method too.

Commonality of pedophilia which has been known but now attacking the victim…yep, maybe Putin had Francis pegged as an agent of Satan.

b3191f No.128037

File: 4507ef235caa954⋯.jpg (82.73 KB, 520x520, 1:1, 11591115.jpg)

Op here. I'm current on the move. When I can I write down more good ideas to help Q. There is probably a Company's worth of people on me. I will be in St. Augustine. Could really use the help. The longer I live, the more I can do.

Harambe may not be the only ape who died in this fight.

b3191f No.128204

OP here again.

My car has been compromised. I can't make it to St. Augustine.

If anything happens at 2XX Rippling Lane, Winter Park, VA, whether it's a home invasion, a suicide, or a murder-suicide, then the Deep State got me, and it's the end.

Furthermore, if/when they claim mental illness, know that it was a lie just like Russia was with Seth Rich.

In Christ's name. Amen.

b3191f No.135045

File: 99730bc0ff0fbcc⋯.jpg (42.62 KB, 620x412, 155:103, bernie_sanders_debate5.jpg)

File: 247fc4bf4f0f417⋯.jpg (26.69 KB, 768x453, 256:151, Enzyme_action_1280-56a09bb….jpg)


I've survived the night, thank God, and for some reason, by which I don't understand, the Deep State hasn't barged in even though it has me cornered.

I want to add that my car is still compromised, and it's likely that my death would involve a sudden outage of sabotage while driving on the highway.

https:// www.benzinga.com/fintech/17/03/9141527/journalist-who-died-in-car-accident-feared-government-was-tracking-him-before-

Nevertheless, since I am still alive, I thought I would continue shitposting and contributing to Q with every breath in my body.

One of the things that Q wants is a peaceful rather than a disruptive transition of power. They want to 'redpill' the masses but they don't want an outright brutal civil war to do so. As gratitude for my life, I will explain how Q could accomplish a peaceful redpilling.

The masses want leadership and they want to know that things are 'in control.' This is why they have such a hard time dealing with 'conspiracy theories.' The masses want to believe that their leadership is just and sane because if it isn't, then they feel a tremendous amount of anxiety and desperately look for leadership that can calmly reassure them that things are OK.

So when a leader is discredited, the people need to immediately look for another leader, or a switcharoo if you will. People won't panic if one of their leaders goes down only IF there is another leader or institution who can immediately take that place.

Here's the problem for Q. Never in a hundred years will most Liberals get behind the leadership of Trump. I love Trump, the people love Trump, but it's just Liberals don't love Trump. As a result, if Q destroys Liberal Leadership, the Liberals will then become 'leaderless' and will immediately start to panic and become agents of chaos.

I was the pol poster who originally coined Semelweiss Reflex, and, rather than knell before Trump and admit he was right, Liberals would instead prefer to deny reality, still back HRC, and fight for Civil War.

Here is the solution to all your Redpill worries Q so that you can have a peaceful transition of power.

>First, make an alliance with a Liberal who will agree to inherit power.

>Then, take away power from Liberals who are aligned with the Deep State

>Finally, have the leader you made an alliance with assume power and control to fill the void that Liberals will feel when their leadership is destroyed.

>However, as things stand, having Trump fill the void that will come from the vacuum will lead to some troubles.

Q therefore needs to cultivate an alliance with a Liberal who will then 'inherit' all followers of HRC and calmly lead them as they become confused about reality.

>By having a LIBERAL redpill the masses, the masses can be redpilled.

I'm still in Winter Park at the same address. If there is anyway I can be more secure, let me know and I'll take the risk. Don't feel like you have to waste alot of resources on me. If there is a cheap way that I can be protected, I'll make a way! (Like I'm willing to live in a Barracks.)

b3191f No.135104

File: 247fc4bf4f0f417⋯.jpg (26.69 KB, 768x453, 256:151, Enzyme_action_1280-56a09bb….jpg)

And now for something completely different.

Here's a theory that could help Western influence in Israel.

https:// www.economist.com/news/middle-east-and-africa/21656207-israel-cannot-afford-keep-paying-ultra-orthodox-men-shun-employment-eat

https:// www.economist.com/news/special-report/21722037-dazzling-high-tech-firms-divert-attention-serious-productivity-problem-israels

There is a specific religious group in Israel, known as the Haredi, who want to shun all secular society and refuse to work. They want to collect welfare and have children, and vote based on their traditions.

However, the Israeli government cannot necessarily afford to keep paying welfare to these populations, as they are too numerous and populate too greatly to be a population that can live off of welfare.

That's where a Western-Haredi alliance comes in. The West agrees to pay the welfare for the Haredi that the Israeli government cannot afford, and the Haredi then begin to protect the West's interests in response for such patronage.

The Haredi will gladly take this deal, as it would mean there way of life can be restored to back to what it was, and, through NGOs from cooperating charities, there may be a way to get tight influence on Israeli politics without the Israelis being capable of responding. Best of all, if the Israelis 'deny' access, you can just fund Haredi dissident groups with the money instead, forcing a wedge in the system allowing for control and domination regardless.

This is just a thought though. Not an expert on Israeli politics. Someone will have to check this idea.

b3191f No.136352

File: 3d595ba7257a606⋯.jpg (8.45 MB, 2832x3577, 2832:3577, gene_5-kopia.jpg)

File: 247fc4bf4f0f417⋯.jpg (26.69 KB, 768x453, 256:151, Enzyme_action_1280-56a09bb….jpg)

File: cfab35af3fb804d⋯.png (551.8 KB, 655x469, 655:469, 20151223100543539.png)

Q, if I can make a suggestion while I'm still alive. I am unsure if this is already the case, I am ignorant and lowly. But I'd rather give a good idea out and have it be redundant than to keep a good idea to myself and have it to have been essential.

Patriots need to ensure a full disclosure campaign with enlisted men, if that hasn't already been done. I understand that it's important to keep most of the information off of the chans and the masses and all that. But the Enlisted REALLY need to know what's exactly is going on if they are going to stand with us. Because the Enlisted will be hit with tremendous psy-ops to undermine their ability to maintain moral cohesion.

People only commit violence and fight when they are motivated. Without motivation, they are vulnerable to subversion. This is what enables Gene Sharp to triumph. Soviet Soldiers stopped believing in Communism, they didn't fight for the Communist regime, then the Communist regime collapsed.

On the other hand, Thomas Paine gave motivation to the enlisted soldiers to fight, even without PAY. Thomas Paine is the opposite of Gene Sharp and the Color revolutions. Paine gives motivation for people to do what is necessary and then follow through with what they are fighting for and WHY they are fighting it.

But you can't do it…directly. Doing it directly would lead to provocation which isn't opportune at this stage.

So if I was in charge, I would begin just stating everything down the grapevine of military chain of Command. Start with the higher levels NCOs, tell them everything, then have those NCOs tell the lower NCOs, and through diffusion the truth comes out.

That way, when things escalate, people will already be primed to fight for our cause. It will be extremely easy to get these patriots to fight for our cause if they 'suspect' all the sedition and treachery that goes on.

So raising the suspicion of the Enlisted is what is necessary at this stage. Once the suspicion has been raised, then it becomes time to write a Manifesto, See: Oliver Cromwell, Thomas Paine.

So although I don't need to know what's going on, the NCOs sure as fuck need to be informed as permissible, so that when shit hits the fan, they know Why we Fight.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Why_We_Fight

b3191f No.136377


but again, this could be redundant and they already know. In which case this comment is useless.

9af9b5 No.136770

File: 788b816e6c1fd5f⋯.jpg (145.03 KB, 499x651, 499:651, Thomas Paine.jpg)


I agree and am reminded of the words of Thomas Paine …

"[I]t is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and, having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it."


I agree and thank you for posting (ignore the shills - they often end their comments with nihilism)

7bf247 No.136890


The Haredi are pedophiles at even vastly greater rates than the mainline rabbinicals, let's not do this

b3191f No.136949

File: 63737c38b281827⋯.jpg (150.65 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 104ac9d7958c0a4bef2e1cb710….jpg)


Alrighty. I'm just throwing ideas out there and seeing what sticks.

b3191f No.137822

Going out for a ride with a friend.

b3191f No.139285

File: 829577462e7bf37⋯.jpg (18.2 KB, 220x326, 110:163, 220px-Mighty_joe_young98.jpg)

I'm back. There was another poisoning attempt. The scope is unbelievable.

If anything happens to my car, or there is a murder or a murder-suicide at 2XX Rippling Lane, Winter Park, the Deep State got me.

God speed bros. I hope to make it out as long as I can.

f8c927 No.140628


Not a lot of houses on that street, anon.


b3191f No.145830

File: 247fc4bf4f0f417⋯.jpg (26.69 KB, 768x453, 256:151, Enzyme_action_1280-56a09bb….jpg)

My car was recently inspected at http:// www.magicmechanic.net/ 1432 Lee Road Orlando Fl. If a Car accident or malfunction were to happen, these people were paid to have investigated my car before hand, and therefore responsible either for


>Failing to find the Sabotage.

Now, I want to talk about Q's post in a minute and the Russians, and how Operation Mockingbird is creating a backfire effect similar to Gamergate.

When the Leftist media began to slander people as racist, despite the fact that people weren't racist, it created a very strange reaction in people. Average americans, whom had little interest in Racism or wasn't Racist, started gaining Racist sympathies despite the fact that they lacked any previous motivation to remain racist. Why? How did the media create its own monster?

When you slander someone of an identity, people then accept the identity as part of their own. Meaning, people own up to how other's see themselves. As a result, the rise of 'Alt-Right' was entirely created by Leftist media slandering normies as racist and then convincing them that they were Racist, and as such there was a sudden rise in Racism.

Well guess what? That's about to true with the Russian Collaborator angle. People, who normally had no ties to Russia or lacked any love for Russia, will begin to identify with and accept Russia because Twitter and Facebook are slandering them as Russian collaborators. Paradoxically, the Media is doing tremendous damage to the Deep State war effort against Russia. By shaming millions of people as Russian collaborators because they support Trump, they paradoxically ensure that Russia will have American collaborators in the nation. As further Russia shaming increases, this will only drive the Right further and further in arms of Putin just because they support Trump. In effect, the CIA destroyed their effort to wage war against Russia to help fight their war against Trump.

This is something the US Mil should keep in mind that the IC is creating Russia sympathies in the American population.

b3191f No.146222

In the event of a cataclysmic nuclear device detonated on the Pacific ocean and is framed a comet, consider the following.

>Initially, admit it is a Comet to conform to the expectations of the Normies.

>However, announce a public investigation into the comet conducted by NASA, which should be still controlled by the Executive.

>From this public investigation, then have NASA claim that it wasn't a comet, and that it was something else.

>Have a further investigation and use damning evidence to force the powers who conducted this attack to RESIGN and flee the nation, or reveal the true nature of the attack as it was.

>Thus, you turn a defeat into a victory. By turning this 'comet' into a piece of extremely powerful blackmail and by capturing NASA to conduct the investigation so that the Normies will believe, you can effectively destroy this group by utilizing the truth against them.

If it's an 'earthquake' instead of 'Comet' do the same fucking thing. Admit first it is a natural disaster, announce a further investigation, then claim it wasn't a natural disaster, take names, use it as blackmail, then defeat them once and for all.

b3191f No.146252

Also, if something happens to me in a Tesla, it was a hack.

b3191f No.146451

My car is probably rigged so that the accelerator is turned on and doesn't stop accelerating while the brakes will also cease to work, leading to an accident.

b3191f No.146608

https:// www.thesun.co.uk/news/3038085/michael-hastings-crash-wikileaks/

b3191f No.146766

http:// boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/157831361

b3191f No.152117

Q, if you have any ideas on what I should do, I'm all ears.

9cc423 No.152555

Q there has to be a permanent solution.

I was thinking about enlisting. That way, I could be under your direct supervision. Let me know if this works.

f20c7f No.213789


I've spoken to three friends who are enlisted because I had this thought about two weeks ago, none of them knew anything. They were also not aware of key events such as the failed NYC bombing (firecracker kid) and of other ongoing training ops.

one of the three did say that he was briefed about potential upcoming riots and civil unrest domestically. They had a training exercise about it also.

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