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Who or what is Q?

A small group of unnamed individuals within POTUS's inner circle, known as Q, have been dropping highly classified intel - first on 4chan, now on 8chan - on a semi-regular basis since 10/31/17. Q-level clearance is believed to be the highest level of clearance among all US governmental departments.

Why would Q do this?

1. The world cannot handle the truth; the stage must be set, in part via soft disclosure. Chans - a form of social media, alt-tech - are anonymous image boards with a unique culture, and a talent for memetics that played an important role in POTUS's election - particularly /pol/, a board infamous for its alternative views. You might say the denizens of /pol/, where Q originally began posting, were already primed for Q's information; thus they were better able to handle it.

2. For plausible deniability, in case that's needed in the future. It's impossible to prove Q's legitimacy, by design, because doing so hinges upon the question: do you believe in coincidences? Just like signs from God usually don't involve Jesus materializing before your eyes, Q's confirmations are subtle. That's just the way it has to be.

3. To circumvent the deeply corrupt and deeply biased MSM. Also, as the truth gradually becomes more mainstream, families will be more willing to accept it in spite of the MSM's propaganda if it's corroborated by one of their own personal family members. And if the view counts on some of the Q-related videos on YT are any indication, there may be 100's of 1,000's of family members ready to do so.

4. To direct operators in the field, and misdirect the opposition, as both good and bad actors monitor Q's posts (according to Q).

What has Q revealed so far?

Basically that the NWO/Illuminati is (or was) real and is being (or has been) dismantled by POTUS + NSA + US Military. At the very least, for the first time in history serious blows to their cult have been dealt.

Think of the cult as being composed of one of their own favorite symbols, the triangle: the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Rothschild banking dynasty, and multi-billionaire George Soros each forming one of the sides. Below them are puppets - many of whom's strings are now cut - including but not limited to government officials throughout the world and numerous persons in the entertainment industry. The higher-ups, with the help of their assets within the CIA, the "seeing eye" agency, have long relied upon bribery (think 6+ figures, NDAs) and sexual blackmail (think suspected CIA asset Hugh Hefner - his private parties). Members have a self-preserving interest in keeping their mouths shut.

HRC was an elite member in their global Satanic, pedophilic, even cannibalistic cult and had she won the election - which they were certain she would, because it was secretly rigged - a "red line" would have been crossed, and their century (or more) old plans would have been virtually fulfilled as their dominance would have been secured permanently, for the corruption throughout all levels of society would have become insurmountable. Q has suggested Patriots in the NSA secretly prevented the rigging, and Admiral Mike Rogers, director of the NSA, may have personally asked Trump to run for president with that assurance. If anyone could conclusively prove the Illuminati's existence, it would be the NSA with their information collection technology.

Other key details mentioned by Q include: Ackbar Hussein Osama Obama was groomed by, and a puppet of, SA, which also picked his cabinet members; North Korea is/was run by bad actors within the CIA; the Pope is likely an elite cultist; Queen Elizabeth II is likely an elite cultist; Hitler may have been an elite cultist, along with his possibly illegitimate daughter with an ambiguous past, Angela Merkel; both world wars, and probably many other wars, were orchestrated for and by the cult; Anderson Vanderbilt "Cooper" and, as already mentioned, Hugh Hefner are CIA assets; many foundations and charities, such as the Red Cross, are not only scams but serve a much darker purpose; and more.

In the interest of readability, no further specifics will be mentioned here. Please see the general thread for more information, as well as Q confirmations/proofs, and consider reading Q's posts for yourself and coming to your own conclusions.


Is there any evidence of all of this, of Q's legitimacy?

Yes. Again, please see the general thread. But, here is an overview.

-Timestamps/keywords of certain Q-posts and POTUS-tweets coincide. This is the most common kind of confirmation.

-There are other kinds. On Christmas 2017, the US DoD tweeted an image of Washington crossing the Deleware, which Q had posted previously. Some of Q's posts seem to have predicted news stories, such as: the arrestment of 11 SA princes, including one of the world's richest men, Alwaleed bin Talal; the plane crash above the Rothschild estate at Buckinghamshire; the power outages at Atlanta airport and Disney Land; and probably more I'm forgetting.

-Additionally, some news corresponds to what is hypothetically happening in the world now based on Q's posts. For example, since Q started posting more than 42 CEOs of such corporations as Pepsico, Samsung, and Podesta Group have seemingly inexplicably resigned; their resignations become explicable, however, given Q's posts.

What is our role?

The chans the media outlet of choice for Q's drops for a variety of reasons, perhaps as a thankful nod from POTUS for helping get him elected; regardless, as mentioned we here have two strengths: a receptiveness to the information in question, and a talent for memetics. Our role is to process and disseminate Q's information to the masses (eg, through memes - the likes of which helped get Trump elected). If not in advance to the mainstream-ization of the information, then as a recourse thereof; to counteract the harmful effects of MSM propaganda, which is sure to follow the widespread public release of what details are indeed made public. Q has stated this information warfare will be 80% private, 20% public, and 4-6% of the US population (12m to 18m) are considered lost and hopelessly brainwashed. Presumably, that includes what Q has shared with us. So even we only know 20% of what is happening.

How can I help?

-Be courteous. Anonymity isn't a license to act like a dick, it's a license to let your ideas outshine your identity. Remember: we're researchers collaborating in an online workspace. Be professional.

-Be quiet. No, I don't just mean "lurk more," although newcomers should be wise to do that too; I mean, be aware of what's happening in a thread, and if you see a lot of significant discussion is taking place, please use your discretion and disengage from unrelated or casual discourse - such posts, at such times, amount to distracting "noise," making it harder important information to spread.

-Be genuine. Feel free to ask questions you've tried to solve but can't. Try digging on your own even if it seems unrelated - part of digging is pursuing what leads come to you personally, in pursuit of greater goals. Consider your personal strengths and weaknesses - are you a writer, a researcher, a photoshopper or memeticist - and think about how you could apply your abilities.

-Share on social media information obtained here, but DO NOT link back to this website. This will disseminate information without compromising research.

-Become a baker. See the general for more details.

How to deal with shills?

1. Ignore them (primary).

2. Expose them (secondary).

Shills are a dynamic problem. There is no all-purpose solution. If you must respond, do so in such a way that it will become clear to lurkers that the "person" you're responding to is fundamentally disingenuous. This is an advanced technique and requires discipline and/or intelligence on your part.

Telltale signs of shills include:

>1 post by this ID

>Contrary in some way to our efforts, especially if in a way that is somehow disruptive/distracting/derailing.

With experience you'll develop a sixth sense for identifying them. Trust your instincts; when you encounter one, do a barrel roll.

How to spread redpills?

Carefully. If you suggest to someone you know who thinks HRC is just another Democratic candidate for president, for example, that HRC eats her pedophilic victims in Satan's name, they will immediately write you off as a kook to be ignored. You've got to bait, lure, goad them into discovering the information for themselves. You've got to open the Overton Window, so to speak, before you throw their worldview out of it. You've got to know your audience. For more information, see the general.

Any other advice?

Be a based anon, a based Patriot.

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