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File: 52007a759274a35⋯.jpg (138.08 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 45302322_300859813853261_3….jpg)

d90a55  No.10889[Reply]

I've seen pics of her before, would love to find more.

648e5c  No.10884[Reply]

The show looks great, I wanna watch.

Bu fuck netflix.

I found a few torrents from extra-shady russian sites. Anyone know one one can trust?

91d1a0  No.10885

Found some trustworthy-lookin' ones on btdb.to, with dual English and Ruski audio. Mkv files also often contain multiple optional subtitles.

File: 33340ea5aa27d0c⋯.jpeg (82.02 KB, 768x512, 3:2, 8104E4C5-8F3F-4A7B-968A-1….jpeg)

ea342f  No.10882[Reply]

Please photoshop Sam Hyde’s face on this guy who kind of looks like Sam Hyde.

ea342f  No.10883

Sorry, I meant to post this in the photoshop thread

File: a9cbe2d60e93c86⋯.jpg (120.44 KB, 630x1199, 630:1199, a9cbe2d60e93c866e05c827685….jpg)

File: 24766fc6958b9df⋯.jpg (237.35 KB, 810x1059, 270:353, c03399a47c5aee4a73f270966f….jpg)

File: 444860ba37a1ccf⋯.webm (4.31 MB, 608x1080, 76:135, Melody and Friend BBC Par….webm)

File: 88ce1bca426d46d⋯.mp4 (4 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, Sucking BBC POV.mp4)

File: 241d50136b748bf⋯.mp4 (3.79 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, Waiting For Cum.mp4)

bc0fd5  No.10879[Reply]

Anyone have more of this girl?

Pictures, videos, torrents, whatever

a7893f  No.10878[Reply]

File: 6063197b50ddc6c⋯.jpg (166.35 KB, 688x840, 86:105, 14732215_988739011237426_1….jpg)

0f0496  No.10876[Reply]

im looking for a song

its a recent song sung by this bitch looking boy with really long hair

he plays a guitar

i think its kind of popular

he sings about brushing his teeth and then looking in the mirror and seeing himself

think the song is about Introspection

in the video he starts out alone but is joined by other versions of himself

pic unrelated

File: d86af4d3902f0c6⋯.mp4 (1.88 MB, 640x640, 1:1, 1512162359891.mp4)

0b8bcc  No.10874[Reply]

Dear anons, can anyone help me find out where is this short video from? Who is the girl?

b3eb3b  No.10875

>back in black

>2 nigger posters


File: eef36f92ae02f66⋯.gif (485.42 KB, 339x240, 113:80, 1901080522.gif)

ba53e2  No.10868[Reply]

reverse search was not successful.

9fbb2e  No.10869

Yandex reverse image search came through: Jessica Moore in Prime Cups #8 from Evil Angel.

9fbb2e  No.10870

ba53e2  No.10872


>Thank you so much!

File: 3fa3a9482dce6af⋯.png (25.68 KB, 462x463, 462:463, ClipboardImage.png)

4ddcd8  No.10862[Reply]

Are there any porns where the woman looks like Marina Abramovic?

6c31ba  No.10867

File: 113fe57b148ba24⋯.jpg (1007.45 KB, 920x1095, 184:219, crying.jpg)

9574e9  No.10813[Reply]

I had a dream last night that I think might be taken from a book I read long ago, but I don't remember it. Here's some things that happen in it, and these memories might not be entirely correct:

>there is a group of at least 4 children, aged from 10 to 14 I think

>they go into the forbidden caves to have an adventure

>they get attacked by trolls and retreat

>(not sure if this happens before or after the trolls) the habitat of the subterranean mice gets invaded by the cats, who in turn get invaded by some larger animal. However, the group of kids manage to set everything right

>they go into the caves again, but get separated. The story follows each one separately from now on

>one of the boys is driven deep underground, where he encounters some blue ant-like creatures. They challenge him to walk through the following passage without stepping on any of them. They are arranged in complex patterns. He steps on some and receives psychological torture

>another one of the boys goes even further underground where he hallucinates. The narrator says something like 'the boy [who met the ants] wouldn't even begin to understand'

Does anyone know what book this is?

c4d1ce  No.10866

bump for interest

File: ce04214d5d1f0ce⋯.png (157.26 KB, 651x378, 31:18, ce04214d5d1f0ce78e31da83e7….png)

6df78d  No.10860[Reply]

Anybody know where I can download an HD version of the T.I. rapper video, for research purposes only.

File: 3849bdc6bdd7943⋯.png (312.76 KB, 692x409, 692:409, Italian Video.png)

8f262e  No.10859[Reply]

File: 029deb3f7b48b58⋯.webm (3.89 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 029deb3f7b48b58568827a687….webm)

bfec50  No.10317[Reply]

Anyone have sauce on this? Her name would be fine too

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

8f5428  No.10418

Damn, noone? :(

fbee1a  No.10432


ade289  No.10597


e23155  No.10648

85aafc  No.10858


File: 179304a0324a9ae⋯.jpg (598.9 KB, 935x1417, 935:1417, 1455010891231.jpg)

File: 5df9142957f1170⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 1481x1373, 1481:1373, 1455012603242-1.jpg)

c8a9fd  No.10672[Reply]

Anyone know the sauce of these pics? No matches on TinEye/Yandex.

305a2e  No.10856

File: fa8dff581660789⋯.jpg (108.19 KB, 637x900, 637:900, fa8dff5816607892fe77770410….jpg)

1 Up!

000000  No.10595[Reply]

looking for her images from hutt.co/lioness

122d18  No.10596

File: 3a7542d8a41dd23⋯.jpg (42.9 KB, 636x900, 53:75, 2lCjM0D.jpg)

000000  No.10855


interesting how all her threads are getting deleted

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