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1. Obey 8chan's global rules.

2. You must be a male virgin to post on this board. Exceptions to the second part may apply in very unique circumstances, such as in cases of rape, child abuse, etc.

3. You must be at least 18 years old to post on this board. If you admit to being underage you're retarded enough to deserve a ban.

4. Refrain from posting low quality threads. Spam, roll threads, obvious bait, normalfag/cyborg shit, etc. will be deleted.

5. Posts made with the intention of derailing a rule abiding thread will be deleted.

6. Check the catalog for similar topics before posting a new thread. Repetitive threads will be deleted.

7. Keep blogposts in the FTDDTOT thread unless they're interesting enough to stand on their own and generate real discussion.

8. Keep meta discussion and feedback in the sticky. This is for convenience more than anything.

9. Namefagging, tripfagging, and avatarfagging is prohibited unless necessary for a specific thread. This also applies to moderator capcodes, which shouldn't be used outside of meta discussions.

Kindly report any posts that seem to violate these rules.

Contact info: tyronemuhdick@cock.li

Now cyclical because I don't want to make any more of these threads.

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Fuck you retard

File: b30605feb8d8af7⋯.jpg (14.33 KB, 474x353, 474:353, ellie.jpg)


You know the drill, just dump those feels that don't deserve their own thread here.

>go have lunch and eat whatever mom has cooked

>it's ok

>mom berates me about how my hair smells like shit

>told her that I bathed yesterday and that she left the shampoo in the kitchen

>she berates me for that and that I should've known that a thing that belongs in the bathroom was in the kitchen anyways

>end up with frustration since I can't bitch at the one who cooks me lunch

I also really need to cut my hair short though

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File: 01fcc3b3ecb343e⋯.jpg (117.02 KB, 753x707, 753:707, 51acc842904d1e80e1e749319d….jpg)

Been sober for four months now and I've found there's not a single cope that comes close to the numbing effect that is man's best friend in the bottle. Christ. Is it even worth it?

I'm at the end of my fucking rope anons. If I talked to someone I knew (no one irl would really give a shit if I went back to drinking) they would just give the typical normalfag scripted responses

>dude get a mindless mcwagie job to keep you busy and take your mind off things

>if you've gotta drink just a beer on the weekends. everything in moderation bro

>dude you need a gf lol have sex incel

So I'm asking you anons. The only people I can relate to on some level. What the fuck should I do. Any boozeanons experience with similar situations would be nice.



The drop in IQ is completely a result of immigration. White kids today aren't dumber than previous generations, the generational IQ is just going down because there are fewer whites relative to other races.


File: 9aba9dda07095bd⋯.jpg (179.86 KB, 608x838, 304:419, 64888556_p4.jpg)


I feel like I've actually gotten worse into my mid-twenties. Unlike them it doesn't drain me or otherwise bother me most of the time, but on occasion I wish I spent the time doing other things. I consider playing eroge a hobby of mine that I'm not interested in dropping, but it does eat up more time from my other hobbies than I'd like it to. Maybe it'll let up a little bit in a couple years but no real signs of slowing down yet.


File: f9128f21e50dc26⋯.jpg (62.41 KB, 712x478, 356:239, 14381952973630.jpg)


I drink a lot and I have a similar problem. If there was some kind of meaning in life I could probably stop but it's hard when everything just feels so pointless to me. I'd say if there is anything you look forward to in life it's better not to drink.


File: dbf9a638b3413cd⋯.jpg (41.77 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DBcOByKV0AAfdbV.jpg)


The only way I've been able to not regularly drink to excess is by having something which I will prioritize over drinking. For example, if I drink too much every night then I can't write effectively the following morning, so I end up moderating my behavior so that I can still write. Beyond my own writing, whether it comes to wageslaving, yardwork, and other things I generally care less about (when compared to drinking), as long as it doesn't adversely affect me as much if I'm drinking, I will drink since I have little to no reason not to. I'll wake up in the morning and think about what I'll be drinking later in the day, but when I start depends on whether or not any of my few priorities (which supersede drinking) will be interfered with or not. Or in other words: the priority is drinking over most other things–barring a few exceptions. Just like the canned normalfag responses, the priorities for them aren't neccesarily just drinking:

>dude get a mindless mcwagie job to keep you busy and take your mind off things

Priority: earn money

>if you've gotta drink just a beer on the weekends. everything in moderation bro

Priority: I would guess socializing since this sounds like some social drinking, muh I only drink when I go out bullshit

>dude you need a gf lol have sex incel

Priority: sex

In the end, most people simply don't enjoy drinking on its own; rather, drinking only tags along with their other, overriding desires. In that way, I think >>314638 has a point: why bother to not drink when you think there is nothing else worth caring about? I suppose I'd just say then that it might help you cope with your desire if you find something to care about beyond drinking, or maybe that is just how to become a "functioning alcoholic".

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


So my shit is quite in the shitter, mom already sees that I don't give a shit about college it's public education so nothing is lost except time and already wants to put me in a job with something that will not bring me any skills that I could use later, either for a CV or for the SHTF. I also wanted to get into something guns and prepping in a cunt with gun control is not an easy thing to do, even with an airsoft gun. And I cannot get into making IEDs or buying tools to work independently because I have no money, so I've been struck in a wall and think there is only one alternative.

Is it worthy getting in the military? I've seen a thread on wizchan debating about this, but wizzies are way less testosterone induced than robots. I've seen them suggest getting into intel on the airforce since there is less retards but even then, that I should expect to be with the lowest of the low. Even then, the prospect doesn't seem quite horrible

>no more following rules of someone who contradicts itself at every step

>get to sleep there from monday to friday

>get payed minimum wage for existing there for a month

>teaches culture of getting /fit/

>can practice with guns without any school teacher belittling

>may save enough from it to start being independent from my parents and doing shit without having to worry about their consensus

>perhaps even learning some discipline and consistency, since I start many things but I never finish them

The only thing that I see worrying is that I lurk on imageboards quite a lot and that this may break me out of them, even though there are many anons that wish they could do this, you niggers are the only people I can get along with. That and the idea that I may get brainwashed and lose all my original ideas, but if I never placed them on paper maybe they weren't that important anyway.

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fuck off /pol/ faggot. hope you live long alone like the piece of dog shit you are



calm down m8, anon only wants to die by conflict since he probably can't kill himself

>muh /pol/

I don't see where's the /pol/ in his post



What did I say that you took offense to? And what's wrong with living alone? I greatly prefer it to the alternative.


Another bot here, but is military college a viable place to learn mechanical autism? Like avionics or aircraft maintenance. With the extremely far off goal of owning and tinkering and flying ones own aircraft. College deadlines are closing in and i should have made a choice a month ago of what i want to attempt to do with my life. It'll probably just end with me heroing in the middle of the semester anyways but still



Or is learning agriculture a good idea to try and get a neet farm. I don't know what to do

File: 641a0fc68dd6fc4⋯.jpg (39.29 KB, 500x499, 500:499, MI0000032015.jpg)


what prevents you from offing yourself?

for me it's seeing this till the very end and a love for music.

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My curiosity for what will happen next and my personal self improvement goals are what is stopping me.

I have no plans to die till i at least have 3 kids and a massive debt that will never be paid when i die just as a final fuck you on my way out :^)


File: f0521dc43c3069d⋯.jpg (166.83 KB, 720x865, 144:173, Amane.Suzuha.full.443857.jpg)

File: 45b3b66fec54a66⋯.jpg (51.13 KB, 500x652, 125:163, cato.jpg)

my desire to run away form civilization get myself a land plot and live off-the-grid while becoming a ultraviolent evolian version of cato the younger and marriying to a wholesome gal like suzuha burns harder and brighter than the dispair in my heart

fortvna avdaces ivbat, niggers



Whenever i try i think about the afterlife


File: 54822c0ad220b5f⋯.png (376.01 KB, 525x786, 175:262, Yunyun.png)


i'm tired of being alone, is not like i can not have friends is that i can't find them appealing anymore. All of them do drugs now or listen shitty music. I got literally nobody to share also women are fucking cunts i just wanted a shy qt who smile at me and who wants to cuddle, i don't even want to have sex with her and i will marry her in the future.


Honestly cowardice, but then again, cowardice dictates every decision that I take in my life, if I even take any.

File: ca0754bd9200efb⋯.png (33.86 KB, 966x497, 138:71, suicide.PNG)



Male Societal Dysphoria is an extremely negative mental state caused by the ongoing feminization/dehumanization of society. It is a vague set of experiences, symptoms, and disorders caused by the male psyche's incompatibility with postmodern society.



>suicidal thoughts

>sexual perversion (especially autogynophilia)

>body dysmorphia

>""""gender"""" dysphoria and trasngenderism/transsexuality

>extreme social anxiety/lack of social drive

>antisocial behavior

This is a new phrase I'm developing that I think will really hit hard with normalfags.

Questions to think about:

<Why do all young boys seem to go through a phase of "depression" that lasts to or even after adolescence?

<Why do men commit suicide and become transsexuals at rates much higher then women?

<Why do you still have intrusive, often misogynistic, thoughts when looking at the behavior of postmodern women despite being a politically-correct "progressive"-type?

<Why do you fetishize times and eras that you've never lived in?

<Why do you feel a deep, empty hole, where something either feels like it's gone missing or terribly wrong?

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Does anyone have a more accurate graph than the one in the op? I remember seeing one from 2008 and it didn't go by age groups, but by single years (or 5 years). It showed that that rise that accompanies teaching the 15-24 year old group is actually a spike that starts right at 15 years



seems weird, in russia we had a really tough non-official equivalent of this

my "teacher" was an old fart and i did nothing but crunch old soviet physics and anal exercise books (and by the time i was halfway done with highschool, he had me doing homological algebra), no explanations or lectures given, just a problem sheet, couple reference textbooks and "either solve these by friday, or don't bother coming again"

but thanks to that fucker i was able to escape that shithole



>Homological algebra while being only halfway done with HS

What the fuck anon, that's hardcore as fuck



Difficulty of those topics is overrated, it felt much easier than model theory autism which i got btfo by. It's easier when you have experienced various relevant structures, i'm sure it wouldn't make any sense to me if i jumped to it right after anal.

Best thing is, i ended up wageslaving for the fintech jew after BSc so i never even used half of what i've grinded.



Most if not all post-soviet countries have a much higher level of education than amerimutts. Our high school stuff is on the same level as first 2 years of college in the US and the only difference is that our classes are purely theoretical, there's no lab work involved. Doesn't mean slavs are so smart though, good short-term memory is enough to score decent grades and shortly after graduation nobody remembers any of this stuff. The people who would qualify for GATE are usually just pushed into extra-curricular classes and it's like the Russian said, the teachers just bring in several exercise books for college students. It's all about tedious busywork. I knew of one guy in my middle school who was given a different treatment. He had individual classes and didn't mingle with any other students. In several subjects he was several grades ahead but they held him back in grade 8 because he wasn't any good with natural sciences, he was only good with abstract things. Instead of helping someone graduate faster and pursue their interests on academic level, they hold everyone back because they consider that everyone should have a certain level of mostly outdated knowledge on all topics. Which is bullshit because average HS grad is an illiterate chimp, but hey, at least they scored well on exams ;^)

File: b3918457264ba0c⋯.jpg (391.86 KB, 650x1976, 25:76, 93d9c3dbf7a0130e638e882239….jpg)


A normalfag linked this comic. Anyone here want to analyze whether they think it's true or not as well as any holes in the logic? Wanting something and going for it does not guarantee results, whether you are attempting to discover how to do it or not, but then again I have no strong arguments because my intelligence has atrophied.

48 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



The whole "tabula rasa" ideal has fucked up all kinds of things about the way humanity thinks about and understands its own abilities and innate traits. Now, if you don't believe that people can just change their personalities on a whim and rapidly adopt new habits and beliefs, then you're just a lazy whiner.



>on a whim and rapidly adopt new habits and beliefs

No one's saying that. It is possible though, and whining about it is the exact opposite thing you should do if you actually want a change. It demonstrates that you prefer being a victim to working to fix your problem.



Well he dose say there’s no point in being upset about what you can’t control, so wouldn’t the short fighter and non aryan pollack fall under that category? Rather than saying desires will get you anything I think he is saying desires will get you anything that is possible to have and to just give up on the impossible because it is a waste of time and effort.



This. However, I believe the message of this comic is more applicable toward people of at least above-average intelligence and who have or can develop a sound mind. There are 130+ IQ faggots who waste their entire lives on pointless shit and squander their entire potential because they can't get over themselves. They end up useless and unhappy despite their high intelligence and clear capacity to fix themselves if they genuinely put every ounce of their mental capacity toward their goals.



But that's exactly what this comic is saying: If you don't believe that you can just convince yourself to magically become a different person and adopt a whole new set of skills and ideas, then you must just not want something bad enough to just become a wholly different person.

File: 72da32d50f30899⋯.jpg (93.91 KB, 944x443, 944:443, maxresdefault.jpg)


>Swedish Feminists Demand State Ban on 'Dangerous' Sex Robots

>Sex robots and sex dolls reinforce the view that women are objects and normalise men's violence against women, three feminist Swedish organisations claim. They're demanding legislation targeting technology that "reproduces ideas about exploiting women's bodies".

>The three organisations demanded that an inquiry be made to produce proposals on "how technology and activities that normalise abuse can be restricted and prohibited".

Make no mistake, under all that hypocrisy you can be sure that "feminism" means just authority over men, via the vagina. Women are actually very afraid we could go to robots and make them totally irrelevant in time. Artificial wombs will be the last nail in the coffin. They'll do everything in their power, and god knows they have plenty now, to ban any possibility of men's sexual independance. And to think we've had 40 years of "sexual freedom", listening to them brag about their fucking dildos…


128 posts and 23 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


As a NEET I'll keep voting for the left if I lose my bux I have nothing to live for



>in all societies, a good number of women actually think this way

I corrected it for you friend.


Niggers talking about sex they had and arent banned , fuck these turboretard jannies>>304895


File: c844e640479c94f⋯.jpg (54.34 KB, 521x581, 521:581, richard FACEAPP.jpg)






These fucking cuckchan niggers. Where do they keep come from? I'll never understand it, why do you come here and yet make no attempts to fit in or to find a community that you fit in to that isn't here? Stop encroaching on our privacy.

File: 76d26224cb2cc94⋯.jpg (30.04 KB, 329x303, 329:303, hfh.jpg)


I think there was a lot more to Dylan Klebold than people like Dave Cullen and Columbine fan girls would like to believe. He wasn't this sad little child under Eric's control, he was easily just as explosive as Eric. During the shooting Eric had Luvox (zoloft) in his system, and didn't really say that much. Dylan on the other hand had no drugs in him, not even any alcohol. And you know what? The entire time he was taunting and screaming at the people he was shooting at.

>"GET UP!"


He clearly didn't go through with NBK just so he could commit suicide. He was indeed depressed, but just like Eric he went through with the attack because he wanted to kill.

Why do Columbine "researchers" constantly try to paint Dylan as some innocent little lamb who's under Eric's control?

53 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>So much this

You even talk like a faggot.



>There was likely a lot more damning evidence for him on the hard-drive he wiped before Columbine.

I know that faggot couldn't have done much more than just popping in a DOS boot disk and running "format c:". Did FAT recovery tools just not exist back then or were the police just that lazy?



I've been thinking about this for a year or two now,

has anyone else realized that history has been obsessed and idolized over more than at any other point in the past. We subconsciously know that we have nothing left so we look to the past for glory, and it shows up in culture i.e. 50s diners and neo-80s.



Why is Doomguy wearing a sombrero?



Dylan was jewish and many mass shoters are jewish so it could be bad for their chosen reputation.

File: c0f270409d1fe50⋯.jpg (2.25 MB, 2011x2000, 2011:2000, women will never understan….jpg)

File: c8ea56fc83aabbd⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1280x1024, 5:4, aoi.png)


Seeing as we've had threads on both literature and music, I propose a thread on films, documentaries, TV series and anime which could be considered "robot-tier" either because of the subject matter or the main character. Some films I'd recommend to all robots:

>Falling Down

An American man who has lost all meaning in his life takes a walk through his city to be confronted with all the negative aspects of modern-day western society.

>Taxi Driver

A young Vietnam veteran who suffers from insomnia takes up a job as a taxi driver in New York. He is disgusted by the degeneracy he encounters throughout his work and eventually snaps and decides to "clean up" the streets.

>There Will Be Blood

I haven't seen this just yet but was hoping to do it soon. Based off the trailer, it seems great though. It seems to be about a 19th century oilman who despises the people around him and makes sure to destroy everyone who gets in the way of him reaching his goals.

As for anime:

>Ping Pong the Animation

The stoic main character, who is mockingly nicknamed "smile" due to him never smiling, is in a ping pong club at his school. While he isn't very ambitious about the activity and is implied to hate most people around him, the one thing that keeps him going are the memories of better days.

>Ihatov Gensou - Kenji no Haru

Pretty obscure little OVA from the 90s, it is based off the life of Japanese poet Kenji Miyazawa, who was a wizard, something which cannot be said about a lot of anime main characters. Kenji wanted to be a writer but as his works never sold during his lifetime, he had no other choice but to become a teacher. After getting sick of this job, he decided to isolate himself from society and become a simple farmer who lived off the land.

>Aoi Bungaku

This is an anthology series that adapts five of Japan's most notable literary works. One of which being the famous No Longer Human which is often mentioned in literay threads. But I think the adaption of Kokoro is also a good robot sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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>Am I the only one who gets enough of robot in my life and prefers the opposite in film?



File: 5dbe12159e0a979⋯.png (544.38 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, comfy feels.png)

File: 6201a6bc322bf3d⋯.png (307.66 KB, 576x360, 8:5, dont sit.png)

File: b06ebc05b415499⋯.png (139.56 KB, 415x476, 415:476, zizek.png)


Anon, I really like your prose. Most people—even when trying to write grammatically—make baffling errors like using commas to make run-ons, etc. In an extemporaneous movie review, you wrote (nearly: I see one unnecessary comma between a compound subject) flawlessly. I also appreciate how you separated >>301533 anon's garbled post into disparate ideas and addressed them directly and logically. I've been thinking of making a board like >>>/grammarnazi/ or something to talk about language while keeping undeserving interlopers at bay with politically incorrect examples. Drop a link in the Creative Robot >>286034 thread if you write and are looking for feedback.


>interesting documentary

Inside Job (2010)

>Takes a closer look at what brought about the 2008 financial meltdown.


This is so fucking good. I recommend it all the time, and no one ever watches it. They interview Soros, Bernanke, Greenspan, and one economist that gets so triggered he flees the interview. It has tons of infographics about the derivatives market, the bailout, and how it was only papered over and worse crash is around the corner. Please watch it so we can discuss.

Pop Odyssee 1 - Die Beach Boys und der Satan (1997)

>superficial look into The Beach Boys' relationship with Terry Melcher and by extension Charles Manson.


Maybe you have to like The Beach Boys already, but I watch it all the time like an autistic child.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.




>The Lobster

I had never heard of this, thanks. I liked it a lot, but I'm a sucker for anything original or unconventional.

>Every character delivers their dialogue like a fucking robot.

It didn't annoy me either, and, looking back, I can't imagine them delivering lines normally. It also made the deadpan humor good, like

>You should use surprise instead of speed

>That's a good idea. I'll do that.


>We have to dance alone.

>That's why we only listen to electronic music.

I didn't think it was particularly profound as a metaphor, but it had a dark feel while being actually laugh out loud funny more than a few times.

I'd like recommendations of other unusual movies, sort of in the vein of Being John Malkovich, I guess. I'm going to check out the director's other stuff, and IMDB says Pop. 1280 is in pre-production, which is my favorite Jim Thompson book and really good in general. (The Killer Inside Me with Casey Affleck was shit despite being a pretty good book too.)




more documentaries

Exit Through the Gift Shop







File: b371a4e6651f782⋯.png (89.52 KB, 271x501, 271:501, pizza man.png)


>The Last American Virgin


I'm gonna have to disagree with you there.

>written by (((Boaz Davidson)))

>remake of his 1978 "Lemon Popsicle"


>starring Brian Peck, convicted of sexually abusing Nickelodeon child stars "by anesthesia or controlled substance" and friend/colleague of Dan "hide it inside her" Schneider


>starring (((Steve Antin))) brother of Pussycat Dolls founder and "den mother" Robin Antin

>iirc has prominent scenes with "handkerchief code"


that's how they signal that a child actor is being pimped out and for what

>takes place predominantly in a pizza parlor

>has a scene of a girl getting an abortion, then quickly cuts to someone slicing a pizza

This is the most degenerate semitic trash ever made. If this is a "robot" film, it's only to slip on the (((fellow whites))) mask and promote deviance so the goyim muh dick and abort more.

NoFunAnon is right about this one.

File: 687b5a1f263ab20⋯.jpg (1.8 MB, 6010x979, 6010:979, High Scores.jpg)


Since old one has managed to hit the bump limit in just over a year, not sure how I feel about that.

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Toronto incel finally getting a trial. jews only, no jury, final destination


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

anyone watch this yet?

james holmes aurora, pysch eval in prison.

its long but good

talks abt prior psych tests, value scoring, and internet


File: 77f65116cc098bd⋯.jpg (105.88 KB, 615x807, 205:269, dunblanee.jpg)


Yeah. He wished he could kill again. The bloodthirst is strong in this one. He also listened to Techno(I think it was Skrillex) while he gunned down people at the cinema so he did'n have to hear them scream. Something like that


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You also forgot to mention that he literally pissed his pants. (vid related, you can see it clear as day around 1:33)



That’s because he was dead

File: e5b955f0996dfd0⋯.jpg (76.56 KB, 730x731, 730:731, 1500163594471.jpg)


>Grandpa found the poop pillowcase

280 posts and 165 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>grandma found the cookie jar filled with shit


File: dc87d3bcd8e6883⋯.png (299.3 KB, 784x623, 112:89, 1541614179070.png)

>sneed found the feed and seed


File: 53c505d58d73136⋯.png (803.46 KB, 847x800, 847:800, ererererererer.png)

>The peepee finds the poopoo


File: f7e18f4a4b1321c⋯.jpg (60.57 KB, 600x456, 25:19, 1507725664965.jpg)

>elder erased the ejaculation equation


File: fca566ff6deee91⋯.webm (1.38 MB, 400x225, 16:9, YoureShittingYourself.webm)

>mom smelled the poop pants

File: 17cfd9330a180db⋯.jpg (22.1 KB, 668x280, 167:70, set-man-hoodie-isolated-ov….jpg)


what are some of the ways in which you avoid normals? I always wear a hoodie so I can avoid eye contact and take unpopular paths to places. I make it a game to see if I can go on a walk without running into a single normalfag.

27 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Nightwalks would be the most obvious. The whole "wear a hoodie and look at the ground with earbuds in" doesn't really work anymore.


How do you guys stop yourselves from reacting to people making calls out loud? Like if someone behind me says "HEY", even if its not directed at me, i always flinch a and turn around a bit



What else do cops know



Autismstaring, autismpokerface, autismwaddle all keep normalfags mostly away for some reason.


File: eb0fd165c2c7547⋯.jpg (310.93 KB, 969x969, 1:1, f26345856.jpg)


Basic way to avoid normals is to not leave your house anon it is that simple.

File: 95814cf5d5ae1a8⋯.jpg (12.21 KB, 318x159, 2:1, decay.jpg)


Making large quantities of sugary "food" readily available to children is a crime against humanity. Highly processed sugary food and drink is the deadliest silent killer in the first world.

113 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: b77408b4e3a5350⋯.jpg (125.59 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, neemstick.jpg)


It is a common Jewish practice to shove neem sticks up your dickhole in order to cleanse your testicles.


File: f830a3c9099f577⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.61 MB, 2080x3010, 208:301, 36_036.png)

File: 1c411e5c72384d7⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.47 MB, 2080x3010, 208:301, 37_037.png)

File: 1f781ed3bb831b6⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.39 MB, 2080x3010, 208:301, 38_038.png)


No, that's an s&m fetish



Sucralose is a sugar, it tastes sweet but cannot be metabolized by the body therefore they allow it to be labelled as sugar free. New research shows that it actually is metabolized and stored in the fat. It also affects your gut microbiome which can affect your mental state believe it or not. Many sugar free products contain sucralose, aspertame or other chemicals that cannot be processed by the human body. Never consume these products because they cause more harm than they solve.



>just ignore ZOG lol



>Sugar doesn't make people fat.

tfw you will never be this retarded

File: cc15768670d5671⋯.png (144.89 KB, 302x279, 302:279, infuriating_picture.PNG)

File: 6e9bdbe60c21bf8⋯.jpg (90.86 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, pol.jpg)


Pictures that infuriate you or make you lose hope for the world and humanity.

It is frustrating and saddening to see normalniggers stealing and fermenting the memes and culture we have created. That normalniggers are pretending to have created our culture or think themselves a part of us. That, even now, they shit on 4chan, our home, the website that we used to call ours, and claim to be us. That they believe themselves to be the true robots. The transexuals on /r9k/ and the Trumpgoyim on /pol/ who truly believe that they are part of the original chan community and pretend to be an oldfag; that they are so thin-skinned they cannot admit to be new on an anonymous board.

All cuckchan is now is a porn website.

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trying to watch TNA makes me want to puke, not just RVD's op "the whole effing show" (the audience even chants "Effing", they're not even based enough to curse) and Moose says "effing" when threatening rVD. if you're not going to fucking say fuck then just admit you're a cuck and find some classier vocab



this gives me an idea, can we convince some Japanese mangaka to start doing a manga alleging that there were actually 7 million japs living in the US but were wiped out by Americans?



I do hate the meme you're referring to, but the picture you posted made me chuckle. Something about the "Heh, heh. Just turn the page." right above Oscar's head poking out makes me laugh. He always looked like a smug fucker. If the actual "I'm gonna say the N-word" had anything like that it wouldn't be as nigger-tier.


Was there ever any manga about that time that Japs were put in essentially concentration camps in WWII America? I don't know about the history but it's any realer than the holocaust then it's a great example of how the Bill of Rights doesn't guarantee shit.



There were camps in all nations for anyone who they would consider a possible hindrance to their war effort. This included people of the country (and thus race) they were fighting against, because national pride and doing something lone wolf uprising style was apparently something people had the guts to do back then. I heard the american camps were pretty bad to the kraut and the japs, but i have no proof for that statement


File: dda2bd7c2ce2c21⋯.png (58.09 KB, 675x319, 675:319, 2019-06-19-171028_675x319_….png)



I found it at http://theplacetorant.com/ugly-creepy-guys/ but it was taken down. It's still here at https://web.archive.org/web/20181014153302/http://theplacetorant.com/ugly-creepy-guys/ though.

The comments are a massive shitstorm. It's mostly anonymous, including the author of the post, so unfortunately there's no picture of her.

I suspect the post is a troll to act like a stereotypical roastie. Only the first part seems pretty genuine, but a lot of the rest of it seems fake because of how extreme it is. This paragraph in particular seems fake because she mentioned it is so definitely not satire, and the last two sentences seem a bit unrealistic. She also claims to have an advanced degree and good living, but she types like a 16-year-old.

File: fb2b26e83a2157b⋯.jpeg (2.12 MB, 1458x2232, 81:124, growthofthesoil.jpeg)


Hello robots what books have you been reading?

For me, I'm reading Growth of the Soil by Knut Hamsun. It's extremely comfy. I get the desire to leave everything behind and carve out a legacy out of the hinterlands. I wish I could just ask the villagers around for a woman to work the house and raise children like Isak does. There is a contentedness towards life, and naivety with industrial society that no one is capable of having now.

" They had the good fortune at Sellanraa that every spring and autumn they could see the grey geese sailing in fleets above that wilderness, and hear their chatter up in the air–delirious talk it was. And as if the world stood still for a moment, till the train of them had passed. And the human souls beneath, did they not feel a weakness gliding through them now? They went to their work again, but drawing breath first, for something had spoken to them, something from beyond."

276 posts and 87 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


i was wondering if any of you guys glanced at the books made by this man. i was looking around for information on the differences between humans and girls and found this guy and his books



> read through thread again to pick up some pdf files

are any of you guys still here? you seem pretty smart, and id suck if you guys were replaced by the cuckchanners




It was his handwriting? I thought that his brother had just recognized his writing-style. It's sad that Ted's going to be locked up for the rest of his life, when all he probably wants now is to escape the artificial regimented hellhole he's stuck in now.


File: aed8136bbdaf7e5⋯.png (594.33 KB, 750x502, 375:251, tfw roastie.png)


I was posting in this >>305061 book thread until it died. There are some pdfs there. I recently read the short stories of Cheever, Faulkner, and Borges and might re-read Breakfast at Tiffany's after I finish Cheever's Falconer.

You should revive that thread if you want a more focused group read of fiction since this thread has everything from Greek classics to Evola to graphic novels.. We had some nice discussions on Stoner and Ivan Ilyich,




>After reading the manifesto, David Kaczynski realized the writing style was similar to that of his brother, Theodore Kaczynski, and notified the F.B.I.


Pretty sure I also read his brother's wife convinced his brother to report him considering I made shitty oc related a few years ago.


>Le Bon

Nice, anon. Thanks for the summary too. I have it but haven't read it. In my "Crowds" folder I also have

>Crowds and Power by Elias Canetti

>Instinct of the Herd in Peace and War by W. Trotter

It's baffling and revealing how the most elite institutions, universities, thinktanks, etc have all dumped endless resources into studying crowd psychology. I'm sure you've read or know of Bernays too.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I'm currently reading the Rig Veda after gaining a strong interest in Hinduism. It's quite interesting how cryptic it is and also how parts of it are agnostic in nature, something you wouldn't expect from religious texts. It pretty much states that it is impossible to know who or what created the universe and when it happened. It also states that the gods came after the creation of the universe which seems almost like an acknowledgement that they were created by mankind and are just different manifestations of the one highest power in the universe.

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