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We will make our board great again

File: d91616e0a2bdbe7⋯.png (363.34 KB, 5000x5000, 1:1, tmp_21982-1486977218288100….png)


I hate life, I want to die, I can't even gather the courage to do that.

Life is the worst meme of them all, being alive sucks, being concious sucks, this entire existence is cancer, fuck living, why was I ever cursed with this bullshit.

Fuck everyone and everything, how is it even logical for people to have children

>haha let's just make a life because everyone else is doing it and subject it to all the horrible shit that exist in this world and everyone is aware of

Seriously if you're considering having kids kill yourself you piece of shit.

Why did concious even evolve? fuck this existence REEE nope I don't want this I hate everything I hate thinking I hate being aware I just want this to end quickly notnmy life but everything, this earth needs to fucking explode.



I can't even spell fuck you I'm drunk.




Those digits are telling you to quit your bitching and get control of your life.

Or maybe kek agrees and is just shitting with you. It's honestly hard to tell.


So you realized the futility of life but you can't kill yourself, what are you gonna do now anon, what's left for you?


Do you realize, that it's not simply that you suicide and job is done?

You were created by someone else. Someone born you. And even if you kill yourself there will be millions or billions of people born like you, who will suffer and then suicide too.

So your suicide won't solve problem at all. The only solution is the ultimate solution, the elimination of all life. And we won't achieve that if people like you will simply suicide.


When you realise that life is cancer yet you're too much of a pussy to kill yourself you're finally set free and can do whatever the fuck you want because it doesn't matter anyway.


That's the most retarded thing I've ever read.

>suicide is bad because other people will still be alive

Those millions of Africans and Indians probably don't view life like we do as they just shit, eat and rape all day.



> swallows propaganda about american dream or some shit

> real life knocks on the door

> does not accept truth and wants out

it is sad, but for reasons you did not get.



You did GET

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