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File: d3455f88cc31eb7⋯.png (504.21 KB, 908x883, 908:883, 532645654632.png)


Where do I get a depressed suicidal virgin gf





I know, I honest to God DO know where you can find one, but I'm not telling you because I don't want you or your ilk shitting the place up.


File: 5809f77e85dc089⋯.jpg (156.07 KB, 746x982, 373:491, 5809f77e85dc089d7bb2741a34….jpg)


The only girl that ever liked me was a qt from the psych ward, but she left me on my first day and I was too anxious to really talk to her or get her info. It still hurts knowing I will probably never see her again



Try talking to landwhales.


File: d68bb78f381f2bc⋯.jpg (10.17 KB, 228x221, 228:221, 444.jpg)

I get alot of people find it attractive to have an emotionally unstable gf, a fixer upper kind of deal. Don't. Get a girl who is mentally stable.


File: 4b7db3bff09078a⋯.gif (1.02 MB, 445x255, 89:51, 4b7db3bff09078a6ed1b6f8602….gif)


But I want her to be a mess and emotionally dependent on me



You think that is a blessing, at first it might seem like it, but you are wrong. It is a curse.


Why would you want a depressed and suicidal girlfriend? Girls who aren't depressed or suicidal are already fucked up, imagine how much worst suicidal and depressed ones are.


File: 00bf56f452adeb0⋯.jpg (151.94 KB, 1280x1261, 1280:1261, 00bf56f452adeb05d0713fc974….jpg)


The fucking halfway house man, this isn't difficult.

The real question here is: why would you ever want to live out your saviour complex? To quel your insecurity? Honestly shits like you make me sick, and that's says a lot considering where we are.



Who said I want to save her? I want to be depressed together with her, and maybe end our lives in each others arms.



Full stop anon, take it from someone who was in that position that a couple weeks into it you will want to slit your wrists.

Trust me that cutsie "building up" shit gets real old real fucking fast and you will have to do it for years because as much as you'd like to think otherwise these people are like that because they have a problem with themselves and no person coming into their life will actually be able to solve that for them.

Don't turn it to eleven and just go for a regular shy grill, shared pain is not half the pain it's double.

Unless you are some psycho who wants someone under their foot but in that case you'd be socially proficient enough to not need anybodies advice on stuff like that


>wanting a depressed gf thinking you'll be perfect for each other

>when in reality you'll just end up pulling enough emotional baggage to fill an airport

Depression isn't always caused by loneliness, chances are they're like this because of other problems. Parental issues, addictions, coexisting mental disorders, all sorts of things. They're probably not even lonely in the first place unless their personality is worse than a stereotypical robot's.


File: ba76e4921d432b0⋯.jpg (33.94 KB, 500x425, 20:17, a7d85f04a79aa70015d3e41a5d….jpg)

File: 3e54be5b09ea563⋯.jpg (41.25 KB, 500x668, 125:167, 0f9b31ac9c8578f6eea98c39a6….jpg)


>just go for a regular shy grill

I might just be an extremist, but girls without problems are not relatable, emotionally cold, and won't really care too much if you leave while suicidal girls are clingy and dependent on you. It would be bliss to have someone so broken that they will threaten to kill themselves if you leave

I don't want to be some sort of savior, but I would be, only by taking the relationship to its logical conclusion. Total dependence. Trying to "fix" her would only destroy the qualities that I found so desirable within her, and if she became normal and no longer needs emotional support she would devalue me and seek someone else (Chad). So while I would comfort and love her, I want her to stay broken. Maybe even coerce her into locking a chastity belt on herself so she cannot be anything but loyal and sexually dependent on top of being emotionally dependent. I want to be the absolute in her life, from which everything else is relative. I don't want to take advantage of her for sex like a Chad would, that I don't really care too much for. I just want someone that is totally devoted to me, that needs cuddling, love, emotional support and who emits a infinite ray of affection that I can reciprocate


File: e4e044493f38808⋯.jpg (13.35 KB, 300x240, 5:4, th.jpg)


Fucking this. I just want a serious, depressed girl that is extremely clingy and entirely devoted to me




People will call you a monster but I understand the logic.

Going for someone like yourself sounds natural. You could, at least, understand the expectations and responsibility that comes with it.

Most find it abhorrent because they've been conditioned to view any sort of attachment and dependency as wrong, even if one enjoys it. They'll call it immature, irony lost on them. Caring about anything and anyone is taboo in the modern world.

It's never an abuser's fault for taking advantage of someone dependent, but always the latter's for not treating their partner as disposable like everyone else does.

They don't get the dilemma of not wanting to deal with people and still having some needs, so they don't realize how well a close partner fills this gap.

Even if you did manage to secure your shy qt and had no major problems between you, I think people would be really spiteful towards you two if they knew. How dare you be dependent on one person and not a bunch of friends and relatives you didn't choose? I think that's what creeps them out the most.


File: 211664fa9fbdb12⋯.png (564.15 KB, 453x668, 453:668, 1984.png)


>depressed suicidal female


>interested in you

In a better world, you could have had a qt, introverted outcast gf. Not anymore. They're all either degenerate dykes or SJWs by now, or both



Sheep Village?


File: 70c5df10b64f6eb⋯.jpg (58.05 KB, 602x731, 14:17, 70c5df10b64f6eb354f2eeb4c7….jpg)


>I think that's what creeps them out the most.

Nothing you said is reflected in reality whatsoever.

The real reason people will be bugged out by freaks like OP is because it's quite transparent that he and people like him are closet psychopaths with a latent fetish for control. They're scary because they have the desire to worm their way into a pivotal role in the life of a literal mental defective person by 'loving/helping' them. It's disingenuous and egocentric. It seems as if the personality of a person doesn't matter- as long as they fulfill one specific criteria, any girl will do… How romantic.

Helping someone isn't bad if it happens via random happenstance, of course, but actively desiring or even pursuing a relationship with someone who is mentally ill just so you can fulfill your own desire of being depended on is truly psychotic.



True. It takes two to tango, however, and there are probably millions of chicks who have a fetish for being controlled by a man. I go on Fetlife and the amount of women seeking or are in a sub/dom relationship is sickening. If women want to be treated better, they should not use their abusive past as an example for future relationships.

I had a mentally unstable gf for years. Short, virgin, the whole nine yards. It's not a picnic. Imagine her crying so easily over something benign you said that it feels like walking on eggshells around her. She would routinely treat me as the enemy during arguments and bring up old shit to use as ammo. Instead of leaving to let her cool off she insisted on me staying so she could whine and argue until she was satisfied. The truth is that her bipolar mother erased any capacity for trust inside her and she took it out on me. Eventually she wanted kids and marriage and I didn't. She's not mother material and she never will be regardless of how many kids she has. As you can guess we haven't spoken in years and I wish her luck finding someone else that can tolerate her attitude. Oh and she thinks psychology is a scam so there's no hope there.

Tl; dr: there's a reason mentally unstable girls are single, it's because they're a fucking pain to be around and will eventually wear your patience thin no matter how much you love them. You want someone to compliment you, not reflect you.



You don't even know what a psychopath is.


File: 2d90082cdebfe2d⋯.jpg (77.65 KB, 540x514, 270:257, aeefc34e23163a961c494ff965….jpg)


>tfw knew a qt introverted outcast

>tfw had a massive crush on her

>tfw she turned into a degenerate

>tfw she's full SJW dyke with a girlfriend now



I had a reply to your trite shit, but you can have this instead. Go back to tumblr whore, you hadn't even considered they want a woman like that because they could understand each other, it has to be about domination because you assumed OP is a he. You cunts don't even practice what you preach, neck yourself, normalfaggot.



>she thinks psychology is a scam

you got a woman who could actually form her own opinion instead of following the herd, and you left her

kill yourself



>I had a reply to your trite shit

Well why didn't you go ahead and post it then, big boy? Something tells me you have nothing more than kneejerk reactions and namecalling.

> you assumed OP is a he

Oh dear oh dear did I misgender someone? If either of us has to die it's you mate.

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