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File: befc86f94e2f0e0⋯.png (143.37 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Thinking_Face_Emoji_grande.png)


If love as a concept doesn't exist and is merely a biological process meant to get us to reproduce, like hunger compelling us to eat, why aren't there government funded centers that virgin men can go to to fuck a woman of their choosing?


Because the Government isn't exactly where correct decisions are made?


Because you don't need sex to survive but you need food. That's the PC answer. The real answer is people kill and plot revolutions when there's hunger on the streets. No one has thrown a revolution for lack of sex.



>no one has thrown a revolution for lack of sex

What about Elliot Rodger? An argument can be made that the formation of these centers could stop all murderous rampages, therefore saving lives.



Women's rights, misogyny, etc. Back in the day, prostitutes were legal, your marriage arranged and you could beat your wife because you owned her. This is the result of Marxism.



>No one has thrown a revolution for lack of sex

That is true, but before porn was easily accesable like it is today, it was probably more common for people to become rapists when they couldn't get any.

I don't think many people realise the huge influence online porn has had on modern society.


>making it easier for genetic filth to multiply

you think a criminal record ruining a person's chances of making it in life is just a happy coincidence?



Who said anything about multiplying? The only thing I proposed is a center which has women that you can fuck whenever you feel like it. Government funded so it's completely free. This would be beneficial in two major ways. 1) It would allow men to relax and be stress free, reducing mass killings and the like 2) it would take away the power that women currently have. It would make them stop being such insufferable cunts if they want any hope of a relationship and/or marriage.


File: 616596fa24d4871⋯.png (22.25 KB, 212x229, 212:229, julia lego.png)


oh right, i forgot whores are illegal in america


because the government isn't your nanny, they don't owe you anything.

they keep "peace" and thats it, everything else is so that you won't plot a revolt, ie: giving you medical facilities, providing you with easy access to food and shelter, et c.



It's not about being a nanny, you dumbfuck normie. It's about keeping the male populace content with a way to get rid of pent up testosterone. It would prevent mass murder/lashing out due to lack of sex. Not that normies would know what complete isolation and rejection by the opposite sex feels like.


File: d53f8b5af280616⋯.png (40.11 KB, 392x200, 49:25, d53f8b5af2806167feac7daca4….png)


bump and fuck the unoriginal content filter


File: 810655de88f566f⋯.jpg (32.74 KB, 485x226, 485:226, the real master race.jpg)


It's not about sex. It's about being accepted by another human being to such an extent that they would commit the most intimate act there is with you. It's not so much sex I care for, but unadulterated affection, which has nothing in common with the disgusting hook-up culture pie that you just want a slice out of. I will not have Chad feed himself warm bread while I feast on the cold breadcrumbs. I want nigger tier Chads that defile virgins to be put to death, and I want natural sexual selection to end, so that we can go back to arranged marriages (or state-arranged marriages) and have a more normal and equal sexual partner distribution. Perhaps even one that prioritizes autists and thus allocates the best women to us, INTP and INTJ superhumans




Please don't perpetuate this psyop.



thanks for that anon, you made me feel better about myself.

sauce of chart and data pls?



>waaa if you tell me the truth you must be a normie

fuck off redditor


File: 02cf945d8116d53⋯.jpg (14.47 KB, 308x459, 308:459, 1351024645743.jpg)

> get us to reproduce

The government, society, and nature at large doesn't believe you should reproduce. This is natural selection in action. Your virginity does humankind a service by filtering out your useless genes.



Higher mental faculties are the opposite of useless. Get fucked, normalfag.



>No one has thrown a revolution for lack of sex.

Now there's an Idea



>it would take away the power that women currently have

That right there is exactly the reason why the scenario OP thought of would never happen. The reason most men go to work, participate in society, try to climb up the ladder and so on is because they hope to get rewarded with a woman who loves them, fucks them, etc. If guys can just go fuck government funded hookers, then they most likely wouldn't try as hard when it comes to careers, society and so on, probably creating more NEETs, the government wouldn't want that to happen as theres a need for cogs in the machine.


File: a8752ac6d210fa9⋯.gif (792.97 KB, 200x168, 25:21, 1376412445663.gif)


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>implying that there isn't a single person who is attractive and smart

>muh normies are dumb

>r-r-robots are smart right? i-intj hahah

You're retarded. Virgins stay that way because they are

1. uglier than sin

2. unable to socially interact with anyone

Yet somehow you can delude yourself into thinking you're superior and deserve to reproduce.



I could give you a lengthy rant about why your 'just world' mentality is wrong. But a simple trip to your local walmart will objectively prove that your retarded outlook is false.


File: b3f1f99895175b4⋯.png (16.08 KB, 714x368, 357:184, 4lPmR.png)


File: 97491f570faa68a⋯.jpg (56.82 KB, 287x425, 287:425, kacz_027.jpg)

File: 9038014280a658c⋯.jpg (602.44 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 1439764483614.jpg)


>implying that there isn't a single person who is attractive and smart

>Implying anyone implied that

Nice strawman. Speak for yourself, no one even said anything about attractiveness, so that's just projection on your part

>Virgins are uglier than sin

Is that all you have? Pathetic. For one, how can ugly poorfag fuck Egg-man not be a virgin and have relationship experience with women while someone handsome like Ted Kaczynski has been a kissless, isolated autist his entire life and got to the point where he wanted to slaughter college students for being brainless, indulgent bonobo normal-fags? Ugly normalniggers are still favored by cunts over handsome autists. Attractiveness is irrelevant and I don't see the correlation you're trying to make, sorry brainlet

>unable to socially interact with anyone

The only reason your dumb ass even has Internet and a computer screen where you can type verbal diarrhea is all owed to higher elements like us. Without INTP/INTJ autists, you would still be stuck in the dark ages pal

Is being a small-talking mouth-blabbing normalshit supposed to be your criteria for "fitness to reproduce"? Natural sexual selection is a primitive, shit tier niggerized, dysgenic system brought about by women's liberation and the destruction of monogamy, and it hasn't been the norm anywhere in any civilization (at least any civilization that wasn't already dying, that is)

>Believing in a shit tier system where women (who are addicted to base feelings like drug addicts) are fit to make serious decisions like who should reproduce

Male feminist/cunt detected

>Using virgin as an insult

Fuck off back to where you came from



I've always wondered. What sets intp's apart from the rest? What makes their IQ's much higher than other personality types?



that might because much of them are unsocial what gives them the free time to focus on study scince and take courses on internet, instead of going to party or some shit like most of the normalscum, they found much of things that normaltrash love meaningless and that probably the reason behind their intelligent


File: b8bd29d99bfba80⋯.jpg (125.93 KB, 480x608, 15:19, hypocrite_that_you_are.jpg)




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