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File: 7162b2aad8ef4bf⋯.jpg (296.05 KB, 849x565, 849:565, Adverse-Pshycological-Effe….jpg)


Be honest, were you ever unironically bullied in HS?


Not in high school. I went to a High School for "Gifted" students so we were all basically nerds. 80% of the students were Asian. We only had 2 black people in our entire school. The Asians could get pretty mean verbally but it was usually directed at the other Asian kids (i.e. like the Chinese kids making fun of a Japanese student). No physical fights ever happened on campus during my whole 4 years there.

There was an incident where a couple of boys held down another boy in the gym showers and took turns raping him and then forced another boy to suck their dicks but I don't think that counts as bullying per se. More like forced rape.

>But me?

Never bullied or anything in high school. I was an outcast which turned me into a loner. So nobody ever even remembered my name. I was always referred to as

>That guy

Even the majority of my teachers didn't know my name which made me even more sad for some reason than my peers not knowing my name.

I was bullied in middle school though. Not bad enough where I wanted to shoot up my school but enough where I didn't want to go to school on most days.


File: 4469b3d358da61d⋯.jpg (32.81 KB, 800x384, 25:12, smile.jpg)


Neat quints.

>unironically bullied

What does that even mean?


>No physical fights ever happened, just mean verbal ones


There was an incident where a couple of boys held down another boy in the gym showers and took turns raping him and then forced another boy to suck their dicks but I don't think that counts as bullying per se. More like forced rape.

Holy cow what the fuck



No, I was ironically bullied in highschool



I`m impressed at the fact that a gang rape took place in what you say is an elite school.



also, another bully thread if




I was considered and called retarded for my awkward mannerisms.


File: af7ad65b3cea27e⋯.png (43.36 KB, 288x302, 144:151, af7.png)


>There was an incident where a couple of boys held down another boy in the gym showers and took turns raping him and then forced another boy to suck their dicks but I don't think that counts as bullying per se. More like forced rape.

nigger, what?


Maybe twice. Otherwise I basically didn't exist.



>boys raping a boy

I'm glad I avoided locker rooms like the plague.


Not high school, just ignored/excluded. Elementary school was my hell. Mobbed by the entire non-hispanic side of the grade-level for pretty much all 5 years. Fucked me up beyond belief, but that wasn't the root problem. Had I been socialized properly and not been exposed to traumas at home prenatally and as an infant, I'd have probably done OK.

Who here is parentcel?


File: cbcd2dabfed8046⋯.jpg (53.95 KB, 416x416, 1:1, u wot m8.jpg)


>No physical fights ever happened on campus during my whole 4 years there.

Man, I missed out on my chance to go to the gifted school, you lucky ba-

>There was an incident where a couple of boys held down another boy in the gym showers and took turns raping him and then forced another boy to suck their dicks



Yeah and it was pretty bad. Chad found out and told the spic faggot that if he ever touched me again he would regret every day he went to school after that.

inb4 rage at the Chad apologist. Not every Chad was like ours, he was a genuinely good dude.


File: 09cae962bd60879⋯.jpg (117.74 KB, 1000x823, 1000:823, 390a8ece18d0aa5ca2d8d3e1e2….jpg)

Some people gave it an honest try but I was literally too autistic for them and didn't react the way they wanted. Never lasted more than a day or two because it was like trying to bully a robot. You ever try to bully a robot? Like an actual literal plastic and AA battery robot? I makes you look like a fucking idiot. They all gave up.


File: 229eb3306d473fd⋯.png (66.04 KB, 199x328, 199:328, 124557567929367490.png)


Nah, was pretty much not bothered by people as they were possibly intimidated by me being tall and a pretty big guy.


File: 2bb5aba6270b901⋯.jpg (83.33 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, condemned.jpg)


>forced rape



You're school seems like a neat time

A look into my school

>hmongs and blacks were constantly fighting

>furries and weeaboos in the halls

>lesbians all around


You can guess that their was bullying but it was more subtle. Human pet bullshit. I fell for that but soon learned.

>saw them doing the human pet thing to 2 autistic kids

>teach both of them how to fight

>when one of the normals tried any bullshit with them I said sic em

>one slapped his ass and jumped on backs

>the other snarled and bit people

>mfw we were besties

>never got in trouble

I hope they're doing ok



*guess that "'there"' was



Kill me

pls no mute I'm autistic








not in high school, but in grade school (US 6th grade.) An older kid told me to my face "why the fuck do you talk like that." It instantly cured my lisp. Bullying works.



>bullying fixes lisps

>had a friend who I was close with in school, 60% of the time I couldn't hear what he saying and just went "yeah yeah".

It's good I don't feel bad anymore when I ask people about the weird physical handicap or speech thingy they have.


File: e0d84e6f39e15aa⋯.jpg (132.11 KB, 652x869, 652:869, e0d84e6f39e15aab9aed3e9e9e….jpg)


>were you ever bullied in HS?

Thankfully not. In high school I used to hang out with two other social outcasts - not really as friends, but rather as "those guys that nobody else liked so they stuck together" - and were closer to bullying others than being bullied. Or that's at least how I saw it, because juniors would usually avoid us out of fear, normalfags kept their distance and teachers would often overlook our stunts, which we were cool with. I think we were seen as potential schoolshooters.


>There was an incident where a couple of boys held down another boy in the gym showers and took turns raping him and then forced another boy to suck their dicks but I don't think that counts as bullying per se. More like forced rape.

Oh, did your school only tolerate consensual rape?


>>211111 (Checked)

not in High School, it went all right. I spent most of the time sitting in a corner trying to avoid the noise. All bullying happened before HS


File: 6d6d624aa4de429⋯.png (598.72 KB, 605x453, 605:453, 1a1.png)


>What happened Jimmy?

<tho-the boys at school raped me mom

>was it forced or consensual

Screencap this story



No, most people were too scared to talk to me



Funnily enough I was the bully.


File: 1da13db590751cf⋯.jpg (824.23 KB, 1113x1808, 1113:1808, 1da13db590751cf6e4ea1602e6….jpg)

Was not bullied to my face but I was known as "that awkward kid". First year on my first presentation ever in a class with kids from all grades I choked and stood there for the full five min quite. People recorded I got cut out of the senior portrait I was in a corner not wearing the same color as everyone had the school shooter face. Teachers asked if I was okay. Everyone knew I didn't have friends. Basically I was outcasted but not in a mean way.


File: c2329256aab9a2d⋯.jpg (74.41 KB, 692x960, 173:240, c2329256aab9a2d87443b0fcfa….jpg)


>Somehow made a bunch of friends in high school because I was the new kid and they were trying to help me get settled in

>Being an autistic robot who only ever had two real friends back in elementary school, I didn't know how to socialize at all

>Tried to emulate the kind of funny guy who gives his friends shit and partakes in bantz that I'd seen in movies

>Turns out my idea of bantz was just being a fucking unlikable asshole

>Knew I was being an asshole but once I started flapping my lips all I could do was keep going and make it worse

>Most people start to drift away from me, couldn't make any new friends since lightning doesn't strike twice

>One day somehow managed to drop the fake-ass forced facade I had on 24/7 and talk like a normal human being long enough to make a new friend, only to make him into a new enemy in maybe half an hour after meeting him

I was a bully to everyone that tried to be nice to me, and I think the only reason nobody ever really kicked my ass is because they felt sorry for me.


I was beta Chad, very muscular build, used to be a BMX guy, spend hours every day on bike pedaling around town. Constantly approached by members of the football team trying to recruit me, "I don't even know the rules to your stupid game," - "Oh, it's easy, we'll teach you!" In hindsight now, I realize I could have probably run over most of those guys on the field and stole their cheerleaders hotties for myself. Fuck, why doesn't real life give you respawns?


Elementary and middle school. Nobody gave a shit about me, and those that did were never around enough, so I was socially underdeveloped. People took advantage of me. I had no real friends. They would just put me down at any opportunity to make themselves look good. Even school staff would get upset with how socially inept I was, or make fun of me for it.

I moved to a different city in HS, and found better people. My life improved. I became laidback, and just coasted through HS without facing any adversity. Now I just try to live my life being the opposite of what those people were to me in middle school.

One thing I've learned though, is that cruel people are like wasps, or ants. Once you're targeted, you're marked for life. They see it in you, an open wound, a soft spot, and try to prey upon it. You can get shit from these people just for being nice. One of the most disheartening experiences I've had was in my first year of college, where someone confronted me about how I was treating the black sheep of the class. "You know anon, you've got to start ignoring that guy because I can't stand him when he's around" and I fucking lost it. I told him, "What the fuck do you people want him to do? Curl up and die? Because that's exactly what he'll do if you keep treating him like that!" but that's the reality. They won't admit it to themselves, but that's their intention.



only middle school and elementary school

never could interact with people normally and I guess they thought it was funny to see me fly off the handle when provoked.


File: bfad7510672a8ec⋯.png (981.97 KB, 2192x1944, 274:243, forcedrape.PNG)

hope it looks good



You could cut out the parts where it's just people greentexting what he said


File: b183b23939bea9f⋯.png (44.13 KB, 1778x386, 889:193, ClipboardImage.png)


Fucking horrible, go back to cuckchan.


File: eaff8171edfd4ef⋯.jpg (46.67 KB, 907x718, 907:718, eaff8171edfd4ef701b008a12e….jpg)

>high fucking quality thread



I can't beat that rape story, but I got bullied pretty hard



similar situation at my HS after I graduated, heard of it from my little brother. Some kid got pinned down and had his asshole fingered in the locker room. Fucking locker rooms man.



tell us some more. threads about telling some bully stories, not just forced rape



Story time?



I was the one bullying, I'm a big motherfucker never had any friends tho



>nic equints

I was in sixth grade I think?

Was excluded and ridiclued by people I tought "friends".

Later on they would simply leave my alone thanks to me reaching over 6' tough sometimes I could her them talking behind my back, just never in my face again.

Was at least some improvment.


I always whispered the answers of the tests to Chad so we were "" friends"". I didn't get invited to any parties and didn't even hang out with him, but at least nobody tried to fuck me because of it.


Yeah. It became a running joke for people to come up to me and say "You look like (some actor)"

It always upset me because the actor they were saying I looked like was ugly and I always took it as them saying I was ugly (which they of course were) Upon seeing how much it upset me more and more people did it.


One time I was walking down the hall and some jock I didn't know came up and slapped my ass really hard while two girls walking with him giggled. I didn't know what to do so I did nothing.


I was home schooled K-12, stupid normalfag.


i heard too many stories about bullying and shit way early on, didnt want to sort out good people from people who will kill me so i just live scared of the daytime


File: f6e5545252b343b⋯.gif (412.22 KB, 417x200, 417:200, cry.gif)


Not really in high school but elementary and junior high

When I used to be a kid I was smaller than others by genetics so that was the main reason I got bullied. When high school started I had a growth spurt so no one from my old schools recognized me and I went to a high school no one else from that area applied to.

So yeah didn't get bullied in high school but the aftermath (nighmares and paranoia etc) still continue to this day


File: 18b5e8624167e0c⋯.jpg (8.16 KB, 275x183, 275:183, 18b5e8624167e0ce87e9e7e533….jpg)


>be me, first year of secondary school

>social outcast

>played skyrim nearly every day after school, it was the best shit and was better than having no friends

>getting changed after a P.E lesson

>one of the roadmen in the class comes up to me

>"oi mate you play that skyrim game don't you"

>"yeah, why?"

>"that game's for faggots hurr hurr"

>this was a normal thing at this point, i just ignored it and got on with my day

>turn around to go and pick up my bag

>the kid punches me really hard in the back

>do nothing since i was weak and chubby

>don't cry but visibly in a lot of pain

>him and some other kids are laughing as i leave the changing rooms

>same day

>lining up in the dinner hall

>same kid is right behind me

>kid starts discretely hitting the same spot as he did before

>fucking hurts more and more because it's bruised and tender

>still do nothing, no teachers around

>eventually move up into the actual kitchen area to get food

>visible tears rolling down my face, but i'm not making any sound at all

>dinner lady looks at me, and then the kid behind me and instantly knows what's up

>gives me extra portions for the rest of the week

>go and sit alone and eat my food as usual


File: 4bd69c110d7fda7⋯.png (205.37 KB, 540x304, 135:76, DK51MP3VoAAN1F-.png)

>there are people here who didn't get bullied in high school

I hate that shithole. Worst years of my life.

>get into a decent hs

>class is filled with cute girls and only 3 guys

>being a total autist with no social skills I sperg out and make mommy take me to another one

>this one is shitty

>I get into the worst class with worst people in the whole hs

>normies smell my weakness

>soon bullying starts

>made fun off

>"jokingly" mocked

>sometimes physically

>like this almost every day

>pretend that I'm sleeping all the time so trash would stop bothering me doesn't help

>good thing there was this autistic moba playing fat kid who attracted more attention

>after first year (if I remember right) he leaves

>I am the top loser again

>teachers disrespecting me, ignoring bullying, while adoring and helping the trouble causing bullies

>teachers looking at you with a disgusted face worst one was the russian teacher and I was one of the if not the best in class at russian. I still hate that fucking cunt

>school psychologist calls me(second year) and tells that it's my fault that I'm getting bullied

>never provoked anyone so I get redpilled on psycho jews

>last year of hs kids from younger classes start to make fun of me too

>I don't even care I'm just suicidal

>fighting and tension at home

And I didn't learn shit from it too, except of the fact that normies are animals of course.



I wonder why there aren't more school shootings.



>school psychologist calls me(second year) and tells that it's my fault that I'm getting bullied

fucking bitch did this to me too, absolute cunts. I got sent to her a second time after cursing out my classmates for being dicks and she actually refused to speak to me.



>never provoked anyone so I get redpilled on psycho jews

Could you explain this to me?

I mean

>school psychologist calls me(second year) and tells that it's my fault that I'm getting bullied

sounds pretty fucked up but is psychology in general fucked?

I am thinking about going to therapy for my social anxiety bc it got almost unbearable during the last year and i desperatly need a job.



>you moved from a class with no boys and lots of girls to a class of lots of dumb boys

<got bullied

It is 100% your fault that you got bullied. Your psychologist was right.


Gonna take a name for this thread


Of corse she wouldn't go against the group. Making everyone guilty vs making one person guilty.

Also, normies (even psych ones) don't want to understand why someone is getting bullied. They don't want to accept the fact that we are living in a animalistic social hierarchy. Although, to speak the truth, I could theoretically stop the bullying if I was big and strong or knew a lot of people that would protect me or say was as normal as others etc. But that wasn't the case.


Yeah, they were cute too.

I literally moved to a different school.

But I had zero social skills at the time and was very shy around girls (still am, it's just that now I get aggressive) so I got scared and decided to escape that embarrassing situation. I stayed there only for like 2-3 weeks I think.



Psychologist is just there to calm you down so you become a good goy. They don't care about you at all, just doing their job. I've been to 2 payed psychologists, one in psyc ward, one at hospital and the school one. All of them were women following the same shit methods and approach they learned from books he said this - do this and ask this, make him talk about this, he said that - do that, ask about that..

You wouldn't learn anything new from them, neither they're going to fix all your problems. It's costy too. I would never recommend to visit one.

In your case they're gonna tell you to slowly try to get out of your comfort zone by doing small things (saying hello to someone for instance) and gradually raising the difficulty (to full on conversation). Maximum they can do is give you an advice. And again, remember, this is their job. They earn money this way so you're gonna get this advice after couple sessions.

In case of some trauma they're gonna tell you to move on, man up, after fully going through it.

In case of some difficult situation that is out of your control and you can't do anything about it (house problems for instance) they're gonna tell you to just cope with it.

Also, on the note, there is no magic pill that can help you. That's what I was thinking when I got antidepressants. They just fucked me up more. Although this is just my experience.

You can join this shitty r9k (((discord))) if you want to talk about something specific gg/VXjcmsu



What does this even mean, why would I not be honest, and what is ironic bullying?



>I was shy

>it was embarrassing

It doesn't sound bad. Literally nothing happened there. You just wanted to be surrounded by bad boys. You got what you wanted and now you try to blame them, wtf.


here we go…


File: 7a46863a3dbda34⋯.png (1.92 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 7a46863a3dbda344668fbf40be….png)


Well, not HS, quints anon, but in elementary school.

>take (((standardized tests)))

>do well enough to be eligible to be transferred to one of those gifted schools

>outed as a social reject there, with little to no redeeming qualities

>only friends are kids in similar situations

>autistic kids always making fun of me every opportunity they get

>school forced me to join the school band, which was so full of jerks that I quickly lost interest in wasting time there

>deal with this crap for 3 years

Fuck gifted school, it wastes your fucking time with stupid time-wasters and (((holistic activities))). If I could have, I would have definitely stayed at the school I was already in.



>You just wanted to be surrounded by bad boys

Don't project your gay fantasies on me.



Can't say I've experienced any bullying, but I have had some bullshit happen to me on numerous occasions throughout it.

During my first week some classmates approach me and start talking to me and I was nervous as fuck and unable to come up with anything to talk about aside from school.

Flash forward a week later and just about everyone stops talking to me or even acknowledge me for pretty much for the rest of high school except for group assignments.

During group assignments, reviews of classmates essays and so on one of two things always happen:

1. They wouldn't even attempt to argue against anything I said, come up with anything themselves or do any work and just sit there like braindead zombies and I had to do everything.

2. The entire class, including my own team during certain assignments such as debates where we were divided up into teams, would gang up on me and this didn't happen to anyone else.

Flash forward again to graduation and all of the sudden people start approaching me left and right acting like my best friend despite the fact that I didn't have any friends nor did I speak to any of them before that day outside of assignments and class. It was probably the most baffling day of my life.

Outside of this I can't say high school was too bad. It had a library with computers where I would sit during the breaks, browse the internet and do my homework. I even had breaks that were around 2 hours long twice a week during two years of school and I got a lot of shit done so I could just go home and play video games all day. Not like I had anything better to do anyway.


File: 244b04b427778c3⋯.png (130.86 KB, 350x254, 175:127, villante.png)

Not me, but a guy that used to bully my brother is now a UFC fighter.

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